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File: Steven Armstrong.png (566 KB, 867x766)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
Double Cash Event - January 27th to February 3rd - Celebrate with the chance to earn loads of solid cash!

The Weapon Update - January 22nd, 2017
+26 new pistols.
+68 new assault weapons.
+30 new attachments for all weapons.
+10 new types of grenades.
+15 new LMGs.
+14 new melee weapons.
+33 new rifles.
+5 new rocket launchers.
+11 new shotguns.
+18 new SMGs.
+Armor is buffed.
+68 new sets of clothing. Yes, I'm serious.
+11 new pieces of eyewear, decorative and useful combined.
+74 new hats.
+10 new vests, rare drops with random items inside of them.

New Players:
Choose a name.
Choose a gender.
Get a spare Notepad or .txt file for your stats.
Join the discord at https://discord.gg/34YQ5eU
-The discord is where you can see all the perks, keep track of your stats more efficiently, and also talk with other players!

Old Players:
All hail the almighty force of bullshit and magic.

Vote for the thread on sup/tg/.
Quuuuick errors before we get ROIGHT INTO THE NEWS:
>There were actually 5 Stone Spears and 5 Flak Jackets. My bad~!
>Aleera and Azkeroth's perk was missing, but I gave it to them in #discussion already.
>Jack got a nat 100 for saltiness, so ta-da, he's going to be meeting his rival early.

Now, where were we...

Azkeroth digs around for the Alchemist's Cookbook, but it seems like it isn't in the Dome. Come to think of it, the safest place to keep it would be right...with...the leader...oh.

Jack swings again!
The first horn hits! (170/200)
The second horn crits! (150/200)

Blacker Baron decides to look for some fights in the School...
-2 Armed Bullies (Easy)
-3 Armed Thugs (Medium)
-2 Armed Thugs, 1 Armed Bully (Hard)

Aleera finds her remaining notebooks empty, except for her notes in the Red Notebook, but her Black Notebook with the Necronomicon notes was taken by Mr. Brown. Safety and all that.

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Gang Leader B finally manages to eliminate Jack with nat 20 aim. To be honest, it's a miracle Jack lived that long.
>Jack has lost $31, and now has $274.
Jack spawns outside of his House, with his wings fluffed up. Surprisingly, Frank/Nous is right next to him.
"Good fight. Maybe try bringing some buddies along next time; otherwise, you CAN fly, as long as you have enough luck for it."
Rolled 19 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Find a place in the dome to hide.
After putting the spears in my inventory.
And also putting 4 of the jackets in.
Put one on tho.
Loot whatever is lootable
Rolled 7 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>Approach the three armed thugs and talk to them.
"Now what are you doing, standing around? There's hoards of money to be made out here. Come with me and I'll see to it that you get your pay."
Rolled 3, 6, 6 = 15 (3d10)

Run over to the RLD and look for that fucker who killed me. If that doesn't work, just find some enemies period.
Rolled 16 (1d20)


The books I had in the library...
Those had missing pages.
Search for those.

Additionally, any notes the Greenhouse-boys might have, related to agriculture, finances and the such. Also magic, alchemy and the such.

> Call Mary, I need her at the Greenhouse, quick.
Glimmer and Aleera pick up everything, and Aleera just hides in a corner.

All three of them shrug and join up with Baron, showing off their weapons.
>Colt M1908 - An evenly sized pistol with a good kick to it.
>Revolver - A tiny weapon with decent power. Fires twice on crits.
>M1 Carbine - An old rifle, but aged like wine. Deals double damage on crits.

Jack and Frank/Nous decide to search around in the RLD again...
-3 Gangbangers (Hard)
-1 Gang Leader, 2 Gangbangers (V. Hard)
-2 Gang Leaders (Extreme)
-??? (Insane)

Aleera finds the guards had no notes, and after successful interrogation...
>"We don't know anything about pages being torn out of books; nobody looks through supernatural stuff anymore. You could try asking someone else, though."
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Time to wait.
While I do mess with some cloth and my shoes to make padding and up my stealth factor.
Rolled 3, 12, 12 + 17 = 44 (3d20 + 17)

Avoid the plot device(?) and hop into the two gangleader battle with a shit ton of lead and some antlers directed towards Gang Leader A.
(gun in question is the Desert Eagle)
Rolled 2, 8, 3 = 13 (3d10)

>Look for more people to recruit.
Rolled 19 (1d20)


Ok then.

Guess I'll have to wait for Mary now.
> try stabalizing the spearguards
Mary, I really need you, don't leave me hanging

Never mind that though.

> Convince Guards to follow me to the nurse.
> Carry the dead guard
Azkeroth uses more Clothing to make his shoes silent.
>Padded Shoes - This memory foam makes it good to go. Gives a +1 to all stealth rolls.

Jack fires his Desert Eagle and swings his antlers!
The bullet misses.
The first horn hits! (190/200)
The second horn hits! (180/200)

Blacker Baron does another search in the School:
-2 Armed Bullies (Easy)
-3 Armed Bullies (Medium)
-2 Armed Thugs (Hard)

Aleera leads all the guards to Mary.
(Critical Inspect) Mary sighs, healing the still alive guards back up. It appears that something is wrong.

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Gang Leader A pulls out a Fire Axe, a melee weapon!
Gang Leader B pulls out the rare M60, an LMG!

Frank/Nous socks Gang Leader A. (170/200)
Rolled 19 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>Recruit the two armed thugs.
Go back to studying history
Rolled 10 + 7 (1d20 + 7)

Pick up the man with the Fire Axe and chuck him at Gangleader B.
Equip padded shoes.
And stand in the middle of the dome.
Rolled 9 (1d20)


I feel sick. I just killed that guy.
His parents... I cannot fathom how they will react to the news.
I can't think of how - I - would react the news of one of the boys dieing.
Soooo, what's eating you?

> Play a little bit with the kids, while waiting for an answer.
Maybe I should nurse them. Babys need that kind of stuff, right?
Ooookay then, bud, let's take a sec to breathe. The two thugs walk alongside you easily, bringing their weapons with them.
>Five-Seven - Easily one of the greatest pistols ever made, the Five-Seven almost matches the Desert Eagle in power and accuracy.
>M1 Carbine - An old rifle, but aged like wine. Deals double damage on crits.

Glimmer decides to go for it. (So. History, 1/4 until Mastery)

Jack stuns Gang Leader B! (A, 160/200) (B, 190/200, Stun)

Azkeroth equips his Padded Shoes as Silvie barges through the door.
>"Swear to Joshua, if I get preg--"
Silvie stops after finding a dead body on the ground, with Azkeroth being in the center of the Dome.
>"...What's your name?"

Aleera takes care of the baby needs while Mary finishes patching up the guards. After they leave, you and her are sitting in the office alone, blinds shut and room dark, with tints of sunlight making a pattern on the tiled floor. Mary stands up and locks the door.
>"I need you to do something for me."

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Gang Leader A recovers and swings the Fire Axe down on Frank/Nous! It chops off his other arm, making him nothing but a walking cone now. (???/???)
Gang Leader B is stunned!

Frank/Nous can't really do much, since no arms, so he just kinda waddles back.
>"No one important. The dead guy wasn't me by the way. That person already left. Hey did you hear the news? The One can be so troublesome..."
Rolled 19 + 9 (1d20 + 9)

Try to rip the M60 out of the Gang Leader B's hands.

Ahh, it really depends.
I could have used your help earlier too, so let's agree on something.
I will not commit any major crimes. I killed one innocent to many already.

Other than that, I'd be glad to help.
Though I'd like to know...
Do you know who tore out all these pages out of the occult section of the library? I'd like to learn more about magic, just so I'm prepared.

You too know something is wrong with everyone, right?
You, me, everyone.

... So, mind giving me the details?
It's not a yes yet, do keep that in mind please.
>"Yeah, yeah, this is...great, actually. What did you come here for, exactly?"
Silvie glances back at you.
>"Shshshshsh, are you a Nomad or something? Don't go throwing that name out everywhere, you'll get shot down by some of the worse-tempered people."

Jack manages to knock the M60 right out of Gang Leader B's hands! This shit feels heavy. (B, 170/200)
>M60 - To physically describe this freak of nature would be insulting, no matter how many words you use. Fires five bullets per turn.

Glimmer is almost reaching destiny... (So. History, 2/4 until Mastery)

Mary simply looks through Aleera while talking about pages, while slamming two things on her desk; a Double-Barrel Long, and a solid $2,000.
>"I want you to kill someone. H-he isn't innocent. Then I'll give you whatever you want."

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Gang Leader A swings into Jack! Holy shit, that thing is tough. (60/80)
Gang Leader B recovers and clocks Jack in the face! (50/80)

Frank/Nous is still chilling.
>"Fine I'll shorten it. Basically that thing is back to fuck us up. I came here to take the anarchists cookbook and maybe ally with or take over the greenhouse depending on how things went. I'm trying to prepare for him before he comes back and kills us all. So are you gonna try to kill me or no?"
Rolled 1 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Tear through Gang Leader B with this beast of a machine.
Rolled 9 (1d20)


I though I-
You sure you want to this?
You hesitated when you said that he wasn't innocent.

If he really is not innocent, he should react aggressive towards someone like me.
... Look, I'm not saying I wouldn't do it, but do YOU want to do this?

I can still feel the regret of shooting that other guy.

... No, let's be practical.
I need details
> Location
> Look/style
> Name
> Threat-level
> WHY?

Depending on these conditions, I will see to how I should engage this situation.

I WILL help you. Regardless of the conditions.
But I will not kill, unless I am given no other option.

Do you think we can come to an agreement?
>Study history.
>"Riiiiight. Look, you're insane if you think that demon thing is real, but since you saved me from doing this job, here."
Silvie tosses you...no way!
>Alchemist's Cookbook - Allows you to create Health, Haste, and Poison Potions; gives a +5 to all brewing/alchemy.

Jack misses.

Mary tosses you a picture, simply consisting of Blacker Baron being pinned to a cafe booth while a tiny girl uses one hand to shove her tongue in his mouth while the other hand is between her legs.
>"Kill them."

Blacker Baron decides to go to class.
(F. History, 1/3 until C+)

Glimmer is almost there...
(So. History, 3/4 until Mastery)

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Gang Leader A misses.
>Continue studying.
Rolled 20 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Yeah, just get out of there.
"Come on, Frank/Other guy mixture. We got what we need."
>"So you're just giving me the greenhouse? How am I supposed to get these guys to follow me? And I need ingredients for alchemy."

... I understand.
> grab the shotgun, leave the money. Also take the photograph.
I'll see to it. I'll do what has to be done.
> find Baron, walk up behind him, aim the shotgun to his neck, still from behind, and show him the picture.

Explain this.
I do not plan on doing anything, just explain this picture.
I want to resolve this with as little bloodshed as possible... in fact, non at all.

Who is this person?
Help me out helping you.

Just... play along, ok? This is one big mess you got yourself into, but I know you must have had some reason.

> Return to Mary.

I will not do it under these conditions.
Tell me, why do you think he would do such a thing?
I'm not certain myself but...

You know what?

You have the choice.
Either you hire another goon to do the job, or you go over to him and FUCKING. TALK. TO. HIM!
And let me tell you, killing him is the harder option right now.

I'll accompany you, whether you like it or not.

Mind you, shotgun still in my hands.
I wouldn't say that I'm threatening her, buuuut...
Blacker Baron continues studying...
(F. History, 2/3 until C+)

Jack and Frank decide to walk out of there, M60 in tow.
"We have someone following us."

Glimmer is the true master!
>2 of 4 Freshman Classes Mastered
>2 of 4 Sophomore Classes Mastered
>As you have already completed the requirements for Theatre, you may now master another class for extended gameplay/opportunities.
>14.29% of Game Completed

>"Read the book for instructions on how to make those three potions. As for this place, do whatever, kill people, loot the storage-- as far as anyone else knows, you killed everyone in here. As for me, well, I'm going to go live my life without being tied down, now, and there's about to be a shitload of people rushing in here to kill you. See ya!"
Silvie opens the door and runs out of the back exit of the School. Huh.

It goes completely silent, until Mary bursts into uncontrollable sobbing.
You feel a bit uncomfortable standing here...ha, like you weren't before.

-Red Light District (Area I)-
??? is following Jack Frost.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Glance at the stranger while guarding.
"Who are you?"
Rolled 13 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

"Well that's wonderful."
Activate spectral reindeer and RUN.
>Continue studying.
Moving on to...English!

Uh... um...
> try to comfort Mary via headpats.
I-it's ok. Just... just take your time.

My escape destination is history class.
Show oro the alchemists cookbook once there.

Don't worry.
I'm here for you...
I hope i can be there for you in the future, too.

Have you calmed down now?
What do you plan on doing now?
Jack guards, but find that the young male about his age isn't exactly armed; in a simple hoodie and sweatpants, writing in a black notebook, he's simply just standing there.
>"Evening, gentlemen."

Azkeroth uses his mount to escape and go to Oro, where he shows off his flashy new item.

Blacker Baron finishes studying.
>Freshman History Grade: C+

Glimmer just won't stop.
(F. English, 1/3 until C+)

The entirety of the time is just crying and screaming. Maybe she needs some time alone...

-Red Light District (Area I)-
??? is jotting down some notes.
>Look at the notes that Silvie wrote in the book and begin writing on a fresh piece of paper.
While I'm here i'll study some history
Keep studying
File: 1485049448565.png (638 KB, 720x540)
638 KB
638 KB PNG
"Uh, hello, who the hell are you? I'm not going to wait forever for an answer,"
Blacker writes a note and studies the book:
>Alchemist's Cookbook, Volume I
>Footnote: Requires a Cauldron
>Potion of Healing - 5 Healing Herbs, 1 Water Bottle
>Potion of Haste - 1 Feather, 2 Carrots, 1 Water Bottle
>Potion of Poison - Bleach, Ammonia, 1 Water Bottle

Azkeroth decides to do a quick lesson.
(F. History, 1/3 until C+)

Glimmer keeps going.
(F. English, 2/3 until C+)

The guy simply smiles, as he taps the notebook with his pencil. Black mist begins to fill through his hands as bursts of fire surround the area.
"The greatest man that ever lived."

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Schist uses Summoning II!
Fire Demon A is growing intensely...
Fire Demon B is growing intensely...
Fire Demon C is growing intensely...
Rolled 8, 4, 7 = 19 (3d10)

>Hand the note to Azkeroth and look for more people to recruit.
Take the note then circle back to the greenhouse.
Rolled 10, 20, 17 + 17 = 64 (3d20 + 17)

Pull out the antlers and the desert eagle and fuck up Fire Demon A.
Scratch that. Head to the gunstore on my mount and take the book.
Keep studying
Blacker Baron gives the note off and looks for more people:
-2 Armed Thugs (Easy)
-3 Armed Thugs, 1 Armed Bully (Medium)
-1 Big Boy (Hard)

>I quit. This job sucks and the idiot with this paper dumb enough to take this job can have it.
Azkeroth goes to the Greenhouse.

Jack begins to attack!
The bullet simply blows up in the fire.
The first antler puts some of the demon out! (160/180)
The second antler does quite the same! (140/180)

Azkeroth then manages to go to the Gun Store instead, taking the book with him.
>"Evening. Actually, it's noon. It's always noon."

Glimmer finishes.
>Freshman English Grade: C+

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Schist stands behind his minions, becoming out of range.
Fire Demon A throws itself into Jack! Jack is now on fire! (50/80)
Fire Demon B throws itself into Frank! Luckily, Frank is fireproof. (???/???)
Fire Demon C misses.
>"It's always high noon somewhere. Anyways I want to settle with only one gun so I'm looking to sell the other."
Hand him the non-silenced deagle.
And ask him what his name is.
Ayy keep studying
Rolled 13 (1d20)


... Welp.
> Take the gun with me, can't have Mary try any stupid shit.

> Search for an extinguisher.

> If she has any shotgun ammunition around, grab that as well.
I'll probably need it.
Or at the very least WANT it. Not like she needs it.
Rolled 13 + 17 (1d20 + 17)

>Recruit the big boy and head to Jack's fight.
Rolled 7, 2 + 14 = 23 (2d20 + 14)

Smash the antlers into the fire demon A
The Gun Store owner looks at it...
>"I'll give you $375 for it, despite the subpar condition."
>Azkeroth has gained $375, and now has $597.
>Azkeroth is now #2 on the Leaderboard!

>"It's Charles."
He actually seemed to smile for once; he was obviously southern, possibly but not quite Texan in pitch, but extremely monotone. Charles always sat behind the desk, waiting time after time for some unlucky person to walk in with another rifle he'd never see again, mostly because the customer would get power crazy, run out into the city, get shot, and he'd lose another gun to the Red Light District. Such is the fate of an arms dealer, he supposed.

Glimmer keeps going.
(F. English, 1/3 until B-)

>Double Barrel Long - The classic weapon, sponsored by the Doom Marine. Extreme damage, uses two Shotgun Shells per shot, takes one turn to reload.
>Shotgun Shells (5) - Ammunition.

Blacker Baron finds that the Big Boy isn't exactly the listening type...in fact, it's a behemoth, with his armor in trays, chains, and anything the-- from what you could, a dozen, give or take-- bullies could find. When they see you, they run away, leaving you and the Big Boy alone.
Seems like the Big Boy is completely immune to Speech!

Jack swings his Antler once more!
The first horn gusts! (130/180)
The second horn whispers! (125/180)
Jack takes burn damage! (45/80)

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Fire Demon A targets Frank again! Again, the fire does nothing, sadly. (???/???)
Fire Demon B throws itself into Frank! (???/???)
Fire Demon C attacks Jack! Ouch. (35/80)
Jack is low on HP.

-1st Floor, Hallway-
Big Boy A pulls out an RPD, an LMG!
>"You will be finished, mortal!"
Keep goin
Roll on the ground.

Well then.
Give me a call once you have calmed down, ok?

> Search for an extinguisher
I seem to recall one being located near the pool.
>"Hey what do you know about the city? Why is it so fucked?"
>"Also I can do alchemy would you buy poison or healing potions off me?"
>"Thanks for the info old man. Yes I will keep calling you old man. Feels better."

After that go back to the greenhouse.
Also stop by and grab my kids.

> Give them to him

See you later I suppose.
Rolled 11, 17, 6, 18, 1, 10, 9, 3, 3, 14 = 92 (10d20)

>Guard with the tactical shield and have all my men unload into the Big Boy's face.
Also before I leave ask him for his backstory. And how he ended up as a gunstore owner in this shithole of a city
K Chuun

Wow, what a tremendous feggat.
Glimmer keeps going.
(F. English, 2/3 until B-)

Jack rolls off the fire!

Aleera goes to the Pool to find an extinguisher, but finds that the entire thing is destroyed!
(Inspect) Come to think of it, the entire case for it looks to be smashed up, specifically with a baseball bat. It's almost as if someone would have wanted this to be broken.

>"The entire town has been abandoned by a sort of hostile takeover; bullies with guns run the School, and older bullies with bigger guns run the City. I'm just the middle man these days, selling anything I can to both."
>"I could buy your fancy potions, why not. Might help other people."
>"You too, sonny."

Azkeroth doesn't have time to get his backstory with all these actions, so he just goes and gets the kiddos, who sit in his arms respectively.

Student A fires the Barrett M82A2! The Big Boy sure felt that shit. (240/250)
Student B fires the M1 Carbine! Nice. (225/250)
Student C fires the M1 Carbine! It misses.
Student D fires the Glock 18! The bullets mark clean through the air. (220/250)
Student E fires the Glock 18! It misses.
Student F fires the Revolver! It hits, of course. (215/250)
Student G fires the Five-SeveN! The sweet bullet curses the Big Boy once again. (210/250)
Student H fires the Colt 1911A1! It misses.
Student I fires the Colt M1908! It misses.
Student J swings his Kikri! Ouch. (205/250)
Blacker Baron simply hides behind the shield.

-Red Light District (Area I)-
Fire Demon A misses.
Fire Demon B misses.
Fire Demon C slams into Jack! Oh, god damn it, you're on fire again. (25/80)

-1st Floor, Hallway-
Big Boy A fires his RPD, absolutely murdering Student C instantly!
Rolled 10 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Grab Frank and
Walk to the greenhouse.
While I do so rock the children in my arms nad hum relaxing tunes.
Rolled 1, 12, 20, 4, 1, 17, 20, 1, 8, 9 = 93 (10d20)

>Shield me and student A after my crew finishes lighting the Big Boy up again.
Go to Aleera. Be really angry for some reason,
Rolled 18 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


Guess that's a dead end for now.

> Go play dodge-ball
Of course, change into proper attire first.
Jack and Frank decide the old family technique works best, narrowly avoiding bursts of flame to escape Schist and his demons! They don't chase after you.
Frank pats Jack's fire out, stopping him from taking any more damage; Jack then feels the after-battle healing process take place.

Azkeroth goes to the Greenhouse, which is...well, in the middle of being evacuated. All the people inside, some of them trembling in fear, are packing up product and items, hauling them off and walking around the lunchroom to respective fortresses; Poseidon's Clan, Steel Order, the Legion of Light, and even some Nomads were accepting refugees from the should-be faction. In fact, a Steel Order soldier walks up to you, clad in some pretty nice armor out of lunch trays.

Student A fires the Barrett M82A2! It misses.
Student B fires the M1 Carbine! That was good shit. (200/250)
Student D fires the Glock 18! It misses.
Student E fires the Glock 18! It misses.
Student F fires the Revolver! A decent hit happens. (195/250)
Student G fires the Five-SeveN! Jesus H. Christ. (180/250)
Student H fires the Colt 1911A1! It misses.
Student I fires the Colt M1908! Nice. (175/250)
Student J swings his Kikri! It's not something you'd call home about. (170/250)
Blacker Baron shields himself in front of Student A!

Glimmer furiously goes to Aleera.

Aleera gets into a tight gym suit and gets into Dodgeball.

-1st Floor, Hallway-
Big Boy A fires his RPD once more, sending bullets into lockers and eventually into Student D, sending his corpse into the old one!
Rolled 20, 13, 7, 17, 17, 10, 14, 7, 20, 18 = 143 (10d20)

>Guard student A again.
>"Name Azkeroth. Reason for desiring entry. Last known individual with contact with the individual sylvie also known as the guild head of the greenhouse as well as knowing her reason for disappearance."

Show him the note.

>She seemed to have shown extreme displeasure at her job and tried to hand it of to me the second someone showed interest in her. Should my testimony be lacking I may bring other's that can confirm her feelings about being a leader.
Rolled 11 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


> do dis
Rolled 10, 18, 1 + 17 = 46 (3d20 + 17)

Hop into the big boy fight with a hail of antler hits and Desert Eagle bullets.
Get in proper gym uniform and GO PLAY DODGEBALL!

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