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Previous threads;
(Make sure to read through/vote up)

Last time, our [s]genderfluid[/s] hero Alagos was cast into Hell! He worked his way up through the various levels and finally arrived at Pride, where he has built himself a fortress through the power of MUSCLES and LOTS OF FREE TIME.

You've just woken up in the hot spring you made in your basement.
What do you do?
>Think of sexy thoughts and jerk off
You think about Sasha, the succubus you enslaved. (She's pretty into it, if that makes you feel better)
You masturbate, ejaculating into the hot spring's water.
You have accomplished much this thread.
That had better wash away... maybe you could fill this pool up with semen and throw prisoners into it. That'd be effective.
You get out of the water and summon some wind to dry yourself. You put your clothes back on and walk into the main hall, sitting down on a fancy chair you've reappropriated as your throne.

What should you do now?
>[]Check up on Pris. That masturbation session was ok, but the sexbot's going to make everything so much better.
>[]Go hunt those varmints who tried to break down your portcullis yesterday.
>[]Draw lackluster porn of Sasha on a grenade. Bombshell pun optional.
>[]Go hunt those varmints who tried to break down your portcullis yesterday.
>Check up on Pris. That masturbation session was ok, but the sexbot's going to make everything so much better.
Make sure it looks like human-like or elf-like and can we after that hunt those varmints
>[x]check up on pris
I hope it is recognizably humanlike but not to the point of just being a girl dipped into chrome paint. So humanlike but not roo much. As for reference material EDI a best.
Oh and as for "security features" a hidden pistol or smg might be a good idea since robots can't into pocket dimensions. I was thinking sometging like the wrist-pistol-holder-thing from the movie "taxi driver" but way more high-tech.
You go up the tower to scheck on Pris. She's about halfway done with the robot, flddling with the head.
"Hi, Alagos. Hold on, let me see your eyes."
She holds your eyelid up and nods.
"As I thought. Anyway, this should be completed in about... two, three days? I still need to synthesize some skin and hair."
You nod. By the way, could she incorporate this into the design? It's kind of defenseless currently.
You hand Pris a plasma weapon you grabbed in Wrath.
"Sure. While you're out, could you get some clothes? I don't want to go naked everywhere... it's embarrassing."
Of course. You climb down the tower and head out into the snow. A few teleports later, and you're hiding behind the village wall. The attackers from earlier are talking to everyone in the village.

>[]Listen in.
>[]Walk in as a girl, just to freak everyone out.
>[]Get the people to join you.
>>[]Walk in as a girl, just to freak everyone out.
>Get the people to join you.
Make sure you let them know you're the coolest.
>[x]walk in as a girl, just to freak everyone out.
Oh and
>skin and hair on a robogrill
And i was starting to think that OP had good taste. Absolutely disgusting
>Skin and hair = disgusting
Why is pris building a ROBOT body if you want a normal, boring weak and fleshy human body for her? Wouldn't it be easier to just kill some random soman and replace the brain sans the most primitive part with a highly advanced computer of sorts?
Cuz fleshbags are weak and cannot fuck for hours on end like the energizer bunny.

And we need to make something like the Terminatrix, and take some poor girls flesh and skin to cover her up.


>[]Listen in.
>[]Walk in as a girl, just to freak everyone out.
>[]Get the people to join you.
Free blowjobs
It's still metal underneath. However, it seems the majority is in favor of an obviously metal version. Maybe some kind of skin-suit for going into populated areas?
Either way, it's got some membranous sacks filled with gel to simulate the more... squishy bits
You listen to the conversation, taking the time to begin your transformation.
"...and he's with the guy in the suit."
"The one who almost got you? He ran in here and stole all the furniture."
"...he did what? Why?"
"He might be autistic."
Yeah, this wasn't going anywhere fast. You step into the village, waving at everyone.
"Hi, guys! I'm he--"
The village guards run up to you and grab you by the arms.
"Uh, boss? This isn't a 'him'..."
The sniper walks over to you, growling.
"Of course it's a him! This is just some stupid--"
He grabs your breast and pauses.
He let's go and pinches the bridge of his nose, blushing and sighing.
"...I'm sorry, ma'am. You look exactly like someone else."

>[]Did you just assume my gender?
>[]Yeah, I just changed genders. We've done some pretty amazing things in 3506.

(I'm going to need a consensus on the sexbot, btw. She can use your suit to cloak back on Earth if you don't want any skin, so there's that)
>[]Did you just assume my gender?

I want terminator flesh.
When I cannot spell

>[]Did you just assume my gender
You stare at the sniper.
"Did you just assume my gender?"
He looks back up at you.
You groan and stomp your foot.
"Never mind, I don't care anymore!"
You start wriggling in the guards' grasp.
"Get back over here! You can't just turn me on then walk away! Just look at my nipples!"
The sniper looks very confused.
"I... what?"

>[]Get your hands free and start groping yourself.
>[]Yeah, this was dumb. Lead the villagers in a coup and get snipey exiled.
Slap him, and screen demanding your clothes back.
You break free from the guard's and slap the sniper across the face, screaming at him to give you back your clothes.
Even though you're wearing them.
What? we didn't strip beforehand?

Kay well storm off like we own the place, and have massive sense of entitlement.

Once we get back we start spying on him and frame him for the stolen furniture, by hiding it in his hidden stash/house by teleporting it all there.
You sigh and walk off into the snow.
"Wha--where are you going!?" the sniper asks.
"To find someone willing to eat me out!" you reply.
The entire village watches in confusion.
At the last second, you sneak back in and steal some clothing from one of the houses. Including an extra bra, your chest is getting bothersome bouncing around like that.
You arrive back at the fortress. The previous events confused you, too. Maybe all this hormonal confusion was wreaking havoc on your emotions. Anyway.

>[]You done yet, Pris? I can't wait to have steamy lesbian sex with your cold, metallic form.
>[]Back to the hot spring. It's your comfort zone. Nothing happens in the hot spring that you don't want to happen.
>[]Sit on your throne and wish you had a crown.
Change back before the Red RAGE.

Then create 2 baths, one clean mineral hotspring, another... A semen bath to drown virgin succubi in!
Yeah, good idea. You change back, unhooking your bra and putting it in your pocket dimension. Yep, this'll get old fast. At least you don't need to change your boxers.
You contemplate filling a bath with semen, but ultimately decide against it.
Besides, any virgin succubus you found wouldn't stay that way for long or would've already drowned herself.
You decide to go deliver the clothes you stole to Pris. You don't have anything else to do.
You climb up. Pris looks to be nearly done, she just needs to attach the limbs and the outer plating.
"Oh, hi Alagos. You brought clothes? Thanks. I should be done by tomorrow."

And now you're bored again. You start climbing back down the tower, muttering to yourself how it'd be great if--
"Your taste is surprisingly refined. And your female form... simply ravishing, if I may say so."
Well, isn't that convenient.
Demon's sitting on your throne.

>[]I'd offer you a lap dance, but you're an ethereal wisp, so you wouldn't feel anything. Ha ha.
>[]Yeah, I was hoping you'd show up. I wanted to talk about philosophy with you some more.
>[]OP's just flailing for ideas now. Let's go find something to get high off of.
Activate the secret dildo in our throne that goes up the butt. its voice command.
There is no such dildo. You'll just have to do with imagining one.
Demon raises an eyebrow.
"Cat got your tongue? Did someone shoot out your vocal cords while I was gone?"

What do you say to him?
"Fuck off with your mystic bullshit and lets get to the point. Why you here bro?"
Teleport our dick (vibrating) into his brain. Then ask why're you fking your self!
Yeah, no. It'd hurt. And you don't really want to castrate yourself. Freud has already had too much material given to him by this quest.
Demon chuckles.
"My motivation is the same for everything, Alagos. Amusement. It's the only thing I can occupy my time with. And I was getting bored of those fools running around the waterworks."
Demon stood up, then swooshed over to the front gate, a trail of shadow following him.
"I also notice you've picked up another female friend. Really, how misogynistic of you. I can't blame you, though. I myself had needs."

>[]So does every girl.
>[]So you're just going to criticize my decisions? Why don't you go watch some anime instead, save everyone the trouble.
>[]I guess I'll just have to expand my list of fetishes until you get bored of our orgies and leave.
Call him a white-knighting cuck, and ask if he asks his lady-friends if its okay to touch them or look them in the eye.
Demon laughs.
"If I had lady friends, I wouldn't be here. No, I never asked for permission. Adasser didn't like that very much..."
Ah. A rapist, I see.
"Well, yes, but Adasser--goddess of love, you see--was rather infatuated with being dominated around that time. I suppose she just didn't like me."

>[]Kek but also throw things at him.

Wait what did he want again?
You laugh at Demon for getting turned down.
...what did you want again?
"Your sanity."
Well, you're not doing a very good job at it...


Your name is Massimo Andrews. You've spent the last forty-three years building up this village. You don't look all that different then when you died, though.

You currently carry a Barrett M82A sniper rifle and a Glock sidearm. You were just slapped by a blue haired elf girl for groping her and not finishing her off.
What do you do?

(Playing as sniper now. I decided to try something new)
Stroke the shaft, lick the tip, contemplate existence.
You tell everyone to go home. Standing out in the cold isn't going to do anything. You wave away all the other leaders and go back to your house. You need to think. And clean your gun.
You sit down and start wiping down the barrel with a rag. This motion was not at all suggestive in any way. For sure. You're just stroking the massive, long, hardened--what were you thinking about again?
Ah. Yes. The fortress.
It's about an hour's hike from here. You KNOW it wasn't there last week. And you caught a glimpse of the guy in the suit, the one who almost killed you. Luckily, your magic was able to distract him.
There's also the two elves. They aren't just alike, they're exactly the same, save gender-specific anatomy. Even the clothes. Were they twins? A really uncreative shapeshifter?
What perplexes you most is what they're trying to do here. Nobody's come to sieze the village, unless that's what the girl was supposed to be doing. They're just sort of... there. It bothers you.

>[]Get some snow camo. You need to figure out what it is they're doing. Maybe you can negotiate, if nothing else.
>[]Get a group together. Monkeys and typewriters, or whatever. Maybe you can get that guy to use up all his grenades. And bullets. And anything else deadly.
>[x]get aome snow camo
We Simo Häyhä now.
Snek In.

Holy crap i forgot to click post for over 8 hours.
File: IMG_0763.jpg (43 KB, 600x249)
43 KB
(Can't find that Ninja Gaiden song I wanted...)
You pack up your stuff and head out of the village. It's a pretty uneventful hike over to the fortress. It'd probably take around thirty minutes if all this snow wasn't here.
You stop and look up into the tower with your scope. The guy in the suit isn't looking at you. Seems busy with something else. You run over to the front wall and lie prone. It's unlikely the suit would see you, unless they looked down and used infrared. Might be best to get inside soon.
Fortunately, whoever carved these knight statues really liked rugged armor. You find plenty of handholds and hoist yourself up onto the wall.
You know there are at least two people in here, maybe three.

Where do you go from here?
>[]The tower. Incapacitate the lookout.
>[]Sneak through the fortress, get tabs on everyone inside. Maybe you can set a trap.
>The tower. Incapacitate the lookout.
You walk down into the main hall, hiding behind the corner.
The elf guy was in there, talking to himself.
"--it's called morality, you ignorant frogspawn. Maybe you'd know something about it if you'd stop creeping on people and DID SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE."
He was yelling at someone invisible. You take the opportunity to sneak into the tower stairway.
"Like I'd fall for that. When I turn around, you'll just possess me or something. Besides, Pris would've told me if anyone got in here. You're just full of lies today."
...no, it couldn't be.
You creep up the stairs, taking a look at the tower platform.
The suit guy had his back to you, working on some kind of... was that a robot?
Why didn't he take off his gloves? Seems like it'd be easier to work on that... whatever. Sleep time.
You get the suit in a headlock and begin fiddling with the mechanism for opening the helmet.
"Wha--Alagos, this better not be a joke!"
Feminine. Might be the guy's twin. The helmet falls off, and--
There's nothing in there.
The suit keeps flailing.
"Hey, you're not..."
The suit slips out of your grasp, due to having no head to lock onto.

>[]Push the suit off the side and run downstairs. Priority is to take out the elf.
>[]Shoot the suit.
Kick it in the nut!
You swing your foot up into the suit's crotch, accomplishing nothing except a stubbed toe.
The elf appears in the stairway.
"Oh, an intruder! We're allowed by law to whatever we want with him, right?"
You're not staying here. You push the elf out of the way and start running down the stairs.
"Great idea, it's more fun if you run away. I AM SINISTAR! RUN, RUN!"

>[]Find a hallway. Wait until he's about halfway down it, then snipe him.
>[]Do not stop running until you're home and safe.
>[]Can we please just talk about this?
>Find a hallway. Wait until he's about halfway down it, then snipe him.
You take cover behind a doorway at the other end of a hall.
"Run, coward! WROOOOOOAR!"
You step out into the doorway, take aim, and fire.
The elf caught the bullet and winced. His hand began smoking.
"Ow! That stings!"
He looked down at the bullet, tossing it to his other hand.
"I don't want this. You can have it back."
He wound up and threw the bullet back at you. You barely jump to the side as it screams past you, nearly blowing your hat off.
You run. You have no idea where you're going, but you need to get out of here. This guy just caught a bullet and hurled it back twice as hard. You're dealing with forces you don't understand.
You feel a painful jolt spread throughout your body, causing your muscles to sieze up. You fall to the floor, tumbling a few feet.
The elf looks down at you.
"Yeah, I'm gonna need you alive. I don't really know what I'm doing. You look like you've got answers."
He begins dragging you by your foot, making police siren noises as he does so. It's too much for you to take. You pass out...

And wake up in a cell.
It's decent, compared to other cells you've been in down here. Wooden bench, nice view of a bunch of other cells.
Sometimes you wonder if getting out of here is even worth the effort.

>[]Perspective Switch to Alagos. He's just woken up as well.
>[]Start playing something sad on this convenient harmonica.
>[]Perspective Switch to Alagos. He's just woken up as well.
Raep time! We gonna make me squeal!
>Perspective Switch to Alagos. He's just woken up as well
Guys what if sniper guy is the real protagonist of this quest (y'know, demonslayer can be intrepreted in at least 2 ways in the context of this quest) and Alagos is either a prologue of sorts and/or OP just rused us all for shits and giggles
File: IMG_0762.png (412 KB, 694x694)
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412 KB PNG
You wake up in your nice, soft bed.
What happened yesterday..? Oh, yeah. You chased down that sniper while making Sinistar references. That was a good day.
Well, nothing's going to be done if you stay here. Even if this is a nice, soft bed.
You get up and walk out into the hall. Pris walks up to you. You'd be concerned about her not keeping a lookout, but you've got a hostage. And god powers.
"Hi, Pris. What brings you down here?"
"I finished the robot." she replies, shifting slightly.
"Oh, cool. Let's go get you downloaded into it."
Pris takes off her helmet.
"I already took care of that." she says, taking off the rest of the armor.
She's wearing a hoodie and jeans, and demonstrates her skin thingy, making it fluctuate between skin, metal, and what looks like latex. Kinky.
So... how's it feel?
Pris looks down at her hand.
"It's odd... I feel so aware of everything. There's not just sight and sound, but touch, scent, taste... it's incredible. I know how it all works, but experiencing it is something else entirely."
She starts feeling your ears.
"I don't want to ever go back into that suit. Or a computer."

>[]Get her naked, use the excuse that you're checking her systems or something.
>[]Be more honest about it. She's still on a high from physical sensation, now's the best time to try sex. It's inevitable, Pris.
>[]Be completely apathetic and go say hi to the sniper. Be grill and seduce him, I dunno.
>[]Get her naked, use the excuse that you're checking her systems or something.
"So Pris, we should probably do a check on your bodily functions. You know, so you know your leg isn't gonna collapse or something."
Pris looks at you warily.
"You'll have to, uh, disrobe."
Pris looks a little nervous.
"If... if that's what's necessary. I'll go take a seat on the bed."
She takes off her clothes and sits on the bed.
"A-Alagos? This feels... weird."
That's perfectly normal. Just try to relax.
You actually do a general check. Everything seems in order. Nothing's obviously broken, and Pris reacts appropriately to physical stimuli.
You pinch her nipples. Pris trembles and blushes.
"This is j-just an excuse to have sex with me, isn't it?"
She's the one who hardwired all this. Surely she was expecting it.
"T-touché. But please, at least try to be gentle... I'm really nervous."
You promise her, and soon, your bodies are entwined around each other. Pris leans forward to give you a kiss, and some kind of connection is made.
Your best guess is that you've managed to establish contact with Pris's neural code. You don't think about it too hard, due to being distracted by sex.
Your minds reach out and swirl together, magnifying your sensations. Memories flash through your mind. A sterile, white laboratory, scientists, code, a sensation of horror. You see yourself and feel Pris's admiration of you, sneaking into a demonic complex alone for the sake of your comrades. You both climax, and you fall off of Pris, enjoying the afterglow.
So... she's got an infatuation with you.

>Holy Trinity Harem acquired! You now have a blonde, a redhead, and a brunette.

Pris pants, propping herself up to look at you.
"I think I just saw your memories... Did you..?"
Pris nods. "I thought so..."
She snuggles up to you and smiles, closing her eyes. After a few minutes, she's asleep.
Well, you hope she has good dreams. You carefully untangle yourself from her and the sheets and get dressed.
You still need to get out out of here. And that sniper probably knows how you can do that.

>[]Walk in as-is.
>[]Put on the suit and fiddle with the voice modulator.
>[]Be grill.
>Put on the suit and fiddle with the voice modulator
After this search for the sniper fuck that guy
You put on the suit, adjust the voice setting until you sound passably like Pris, and walk into the jail.
Seven cells border a circular room, the eighth place used for a door instead. The sniper sat on a wooden bench, staring at the wall. He looks up as you come in.
"Well. I was wondering when someone would come by."
He sighs.
"I was just trying to figure out what you want here. I wasn't planning on killing you or those elf twins... unless I had to."
Wha-? Oh. He thought you were two people.

>[]Believe it or not, those twins are actually one person.
>[]My comrade doesn't know what exactly he needs to do to get out of here. I was hoping you'd know something.
Turn into a dickgrrrl first, and the make him love every last minute of it.
>[]My comrade doesn't know what exactly he needs to do to get out of here. I was hoping you'd know something.
This. Nobody lines a chauvinist pig so lets balance it out by acquiring some boipucci into the harem.
I knew this was going to be a bad idea. I did it anyway.
Why, me? Why'd you have to do this? I don't want to question my sexuality any more.
I'm going to carefully think out my response. And maybe take some Oxycodone.
File: Spoiler Image (3 KB, 152x140)
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Yes take some Oxycondom
File: IMG_0731.jpg (116 KB, 864x1000)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
No, I'm going to get this over with quickly. Kek will decide this one. If digits, were going down the rabbit hole of futa-pegging. If not, I'll toss in some BDSM later as a consolation prize.

Pls protect my sexuality, Kek?
File: IMG_0773.jpg (172 KB, 1600x1200)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
You briefly contemplate straight up raping the prisoner, but decide against it. He seems willing to share information, he might just bite off his tongue if you violated him. And where would you be then?
"My friend, Alagos (the one you call the elf)... he's not very knowledgeable about what's going on here."
The sniper looks up at you.
"...ah. Well, I guess I'll let you know how it works. You'd find out anyway."

So basically, you're supposed to gain enough fame and power until you're eligible to participate in a monthly contest between various candidates. If you impress the judges, you go fight Baal. If you're mediocre, you get sent back to train some more. If the judges just don't like you, they give you a consolation prize in the form of a giant laser.

>[]Would you mind turning your people over to me? I'll hack the elevator and let you guys out when I'm done with Baal.
>[]Thanks. I'm keeping you here, though. I need someone to teach me ballet or whatever.
>Would you mind turning your people over to me? I'll hack the elevator and let you guys out when I'm done with Baal.
Let's not be a dick for once
(Oh, I think you know)
The sniper's eyes widen.
"Is that even possible?"
Ha! Since when did this quest care about what was possible?
He nods.
"I suppose you're right... wait did you say quest--"
You'll need him to accompany you to the village. We must ensure a smooth transition of power. What's his name, by the way?
"Uh, Massimo Andrews."
Well, that just rolls off the tongue like a D4 made out of sandpaper.
You unlock the cage. Andrew stands up and stretches, cracking his back.
He's not salty about you trying to kill him or taking over his village?
"Well, if it gets me out of this literal Hell, I think I can swallow my pride. How ironic, considering the circle we're in."

>[]Introduce him to Pris, just to confuse matters further. People just keep popping up!
>[]Go straight to the village.
>[]See if any carrots have grown in your garden or whatever. You can give one to Andrew as a gift.
>go straight to the village
>[]Introduce him to Pris, just to confuse matters further. People just keep popping up!
>[]See if any carrots have grown in your garden or whatever. You can give one to Andrew as a gift.

Maybe just make a dopple ganger.
You lead Andrew down the hallways, pausing briefly at the bedroom.
"That's Pris." you say, continuing down the hall.
"How many of you are there..?" Andrew asks.
"You'll never know."
You arrive in the crude garden you created and begin rooting around in the soil.
"Uh, I can go..."
No, it's fine. You just need--here we go.
You pull a potato out of the ground and hand it to Andrew. It grew pretty fast, all things considered. Magic!~
"I don't really need a--"
You insist.
"Okay. I'll take the potato."
He takes it.
"Good. Now we're off to go see the villagers."
You open the gate for Andrew and teleport through.
"You go on ahead. I'll be tunneling there."
Andrew does a double take.
"Wait, wha--"
You dive into a snowdrift and begin pushing through the snow to your destination.
It was pretty fun, actually. Except when you ran into some kind of creature. You threw it off into the distance and sniped it with a bolt of lightning, though.
Eventually, you've made it to the village. You pop up out of the snow and cloak near the village entrance. Andrew comes by and you decloak, waving hello.
"You can turn invisible, too? Nothing really surprises me anymore... let's get this over with."

>[]Maintain your disguise as a walking suit.
>[]Take off your helmet.
>[]Be grill and take off your helmet.
>[]Maintain your disguise as a walking suit.
Sausage and potatoes.
You walk into the village. Andrew shouts for everyone to come out, and everyone is assembled within a few minutes.
"Everyone. This is..."
"Alagos. She's going to be taking control of this village now." (You made your voice sound like Pris's, in case you forgot)
Whispers break out in the crowd. A burly man steps forward.
"Hey! What do you two think you're trying to pull!"
Andrew sighs. "She's promised to make the elevator take us up. I don't see why not, she's better equipped than the rest of us."
The villagers still seem upset.
"Look, the contest is tomorrow. If she wins, you only had to put up with her for a day. If she loses, same thing. Her getting rejected is an unlikely choice. Just one day."
The villagers grumble, but nobody steps forward in protest.

How do you greet your new subjects?
>[]Hi, everyone. I look forward to working with you.
>[]I am a merciful god. *take potato from Andrew* I present you with a gift.
We need some puspus
>[]I am a merciful god. *take potato from Andrew* I present you with a gift.
Say it with a thick Irish accent
You wave hello to the villagers and begin speaking with an Irish brogue.
"'Ello. I'm here to tell ye I'm a merciful god."
You take the potato back from Andrew.
"Hey, that's m--"
"'Ere's a gift, at show ye I mean no harm."
You hand the potato to the nearest villager, who nods and gives you a strange look.
You run your hands together and drop the accent.
"Now, in return, I have some things that need doing right away. There's no such thing as a free lunch, after all."
"Mm-hm. I'm going to need all your women to accompany me back to the fortress."
The villagers nearly tear you apart, but Andrew stands between you and them, desperately trying to cool tensions.
"They can't do that! That's totally unreasonable..."
Andrew sighs.
"Unmarried, willing women? Good of the village, etc."
Twelve women raise their hands. There's less of an uproar this time. The burly man from before steps forward and stares you down.
"If I may be so inclined, might I ask what you're planning on doing to these women?"

>[]Fetishized forms of servitude. (Maids)
>[]Oh, I think you know. (Use all kinds of innuendo on the walk over, then serve them tea and generally be a nice host(ess), give them a nice warm place to stay)
>[]Secks :3
>[]Sacrifices to make Baal stronger. It wouldn't be fair otherwise.

>[]Fetishized forms of servitude. (Maids)
>[]Oh, I think you know. (Use all kinds of innuendo on the walk over, then serve them tea and generally be a nice host(ess), give them a nice warm place to stay)
You look up at the man.
"I just need someone to clean up around the place." you say innocently.
The man growls. "Fine. But if you do anything to hurt them..."
He slides his finger cross his neck.
"Okay, it's time for us to head out!" you call to the women cheerfully.
You begin the hike back to the fortress, discreetly calling Pris and telling her to get some tea ready (you accidentally stole some along with a chest during your village raid).
"It's gonna be long and hard, but we've gotta *thrust* forward with everything we've got! We wouldn't want to give out prematurely! Stamina's the key! I've got someone waiting for us to come, so let's make this a quickie."
Not your best work, but it unsettles your party. You use wind to deflect snowfall and clear out a smoother path, and you eventually make it back to the castle. You teleport in and let all the women in.
"Take a seat in the grand hall. I'll be right with you."
You walk into the kitchen, where Pris is making tea.
"Hi, Pris. I got us some maids~"
Pris looks at you in surprise.
"I-if that's what you want..."
She turns back to the tea, sighing sadly.

>[]It's not like that, Pris. I appreciate you, really.
>[]Go serve the tea. (Change into grill?)
>It's not like that, Pris. I appreciate you, really.
Gotta show love to the robot bitches
(Such is the price of a harem)
You put your hand on Pris's shoulder.
"It's not like *that*, Pris. I just thought we might need some people around to help out. At the very least, you have someone to talk to besides me."
"It's not that..."
Pris winces slightly as a drop of boiling water lands on her hand.
"I... I know I'm just a replacement for Sasha. That's okay, though. You have needs, I'm willing... I'll try to accept that you don't feel the same way towards me as you do to her, but I apologize if I seem clingy. I'm infatuated with the first guy I've met outside of the science team, it's natural."
She starts pouring the tea into saucers.

>[]Nobody could replace Sasha, but... nobody could replace you, either.
>[]Good. Glad we've got that out of the way.
>Nobody could replace Sasha, but... nobody could replace you, either.
You give Pris a hug.
"You're not a replacement. You and Sasha are two entirely different people, and nobody could replace either of you. I love you both equally."
Pris returns your hug.
"Thanks, Alagos."
She picks up a tray and walks out into the great hall.

>[]Swap to female. Maybe it'll reassure them?
>[]Stay as you are.
>[X]Swap to female. Maybe it'll reassure them?
You make the switch and bring the second tray into the hall.
The women you brought over seem to relax a little. No creepy perverts have appeared yet, so that's good. They still seem confused, though.
"Hi, everyone. So... I thought you might be down on your luck. You kind of look like it, no offense."
Some of the women did look ragged. They were probably widowed or shunned by the rest of the village.
"So, I thought I'd give you an opportunity. This place is pretty big, I could use some domestic help. At the very least, it's warm, and me and Pris will have someone else to talk to besides each other."
One of the girls raises her hand.
"So... what will we be doing, exactly?"
You think about it for a second.
"Preparing food, washing, keeping the fireplace going. I'd do it myself, but I'm going to be pretty busy soon."
You all finish your tea. You stand up and begin giving the girls a tour.
You show them the servants quarters, the jail (for demons, I swear), the hot spring, and all the other rooms.
"I'd suggest knocking before entering the master bedroom. Also, if you see someone around who looks exactly like me, but male... don't ask. It's a very long story. Just pretend it's me. Any questions?"
One of the girls in back raises her hand.
"Are we supposed to have uniforms..?"
You hesitate.
"...sure. Pris can make you some. Dismissed."
The maids go claim their rooms, and you pace the hallway.
"Pris, you need any material?"
"Nope. I can use nanomachines.
"Weirdly convenient. I need to think, try not to bother me."
Andrew said you have to do some kind of talent show tomorrow...

What's your plan?
>[](write in)
>[]Napoleon Dynamite dance.
>Napoleon Dynamite dance.
You grin and rub your hands together.
The perfect plan. Nobody will know what hit 'em. Now you just have to wait for tomorrow.
You walk down the hall, whistling an aimless tune. You open the door to your bedroom.
"Pris, I've got the perfect--"
Pris was standing in the middle of the room. Maid outfits had been made and neatly folded off to the side. That's not what was weird, though.
Pris was looking over a latex catsuit that seemed about your size. She doesn't speak, just gives you a wide-eyed stare.

>[]...I see you're busy.
>[]Stare back.
>[]I assume that's for me... which one of us were you planning on being the dom?
Stare for a second then slowly close the door
>[]...I see you're busy.
File: IMG_0797.gif (4.15 MB, 400x200)
4.15 MB
4.15 MB GIF
You stare blankly at Pris, then slowly close the door.
You spin on your heel and start walking away. She's busy. It'd be rude to interrupt her while she's busy.
You grab some useless rocks from the forge and go up into the tower. Might as well practice shooting things. You begin hurling the rocks and blasting them with railgun shots, lightning, etc.
Pris comes up after a few minutes and stands next to you.
"I... gave the maids their uniforms."

>[]Very good. Thanks, Pris.
>[]What exactly were you doing back there?
>Want to join me? I'm practicing for the battle.

Talk to her while we practice.
"Good." you reply. You hand her your revolver.
"I'm practicing for the battle. You should get ready, too."
Pris picks up the revolver and looks it over.
"Comes with a speed loader. Though you probably shouldn't be using a revolver if you need a speed loader..."
"Beggars can't be choosers. Pull."
You hurl a rock into the air. Pris nails it.
"So... what exactly was that back there?" you say, hurling another rock and blasting it into dust.
"I was... looking at a latex catsuit."
Pris hits another rock with her built-in sidearm. It folds out from her hand.
"When I was boiling the water for the tea, I kind of spilled some on myself. it hurt. A lot. And I..."
Pris takes aim at another rock and misses entirely. She looks away from you and blushes.
"I enjoyed it. The heat, the pain. Everything I feel, good or bad, makes me ecstatic, but this was different. I... I'm probably a masochist."
It was your turn to miss the rock.
"I was going to ask if we could try S&M. And I figured if you were going to do... *those* kinds of things to me, you might as well look the part."
Pris grabbed your rifle and looked down the sights, keeping herself from meeting your gaze.
"It was stupid, I'll get rid of that thing as soon as we're done."

>[]It's not stupid.
>[]Yeah... I'm not sure I'd be comfortable with that. I'm not a very sadistic person.
>[]...you sure you didn't mix up the pain and pleasure sensors?
>[]...you sure you didn't mix up the pain and pleasure sensors?
Well lets try it before knocking on it.
Pris glares at you.
"Of course I didn't! System scan... yeah, I didn't!"
You chuckle and turn back to shooting rocks.
"Psychological scan... yep. Masochist. Hit me."
You look at her. "What?"
"I said hit me."
You tentatively reach out and lightly slap her cheek.
"Harder than that... mediumly."
You reach out and slap her a little harder.
Pris sighs contentedly and takes her shot at a rock.

>[]Kinky... that suit looked pretty comfortable, you mind if I go try it on?
>[]That's pretty freaky. Please don't ask me again.
>[]Kinky... that suit looked pretty comfortable, lets make more bodysuits, and add some different styles.
File: Spoiler Image (95 KB, 500x699)
95 KB
"Hmm... that suit looked comfortable. I'm gonna go try it on. You should make one for yourself, maybe some more in different styles."
Pris looks up at you happily.
"I knew you'd want to do this."
She stands up and gives you a kiss.
"Let's go."
You step into the bedroom and start changing. The suit's obviously made for a female... you like how it feels. It's like a full body hug.
Pris's suit is assembled right on her body via nanomachines. Hers features various straps, a cat ear headband, and a collar. Both suits also feature convenient zippers at the crotch area.
Pris looks you over.
"Not bad."
She looks pretty great, herself. You cup her breast and give her a kiss, slowly unzipping your suit's crotch. You push her down into the bed and sit on her face.
Ahh... so this is what it feels like.
You spend the next half hour squirming around with Pris, administering spanks, slaps, and small electric shocks. You both lay together, pressing your breasts together.
"Thanks for that, Alagos." Pris says, moaning slightly as you rub your nipples together.

>[]Pleasure's all mine.
>[]Who said you could talk back?
>[]Who said you could talk back?
Spank with just the tip
"Did I say you could talk?"
"N-no." Pris stutters.
"That's what I thought. I guess we'll have to--"
You hear a knock on the door.
"Are you decent?" the maid asks.
"Well, someone's at the door for you. Andrew, from the village."
You sigh and get out of the bed, using your pocket dimension to change clothes. As an afterthought, you make Pris assemble a plastic tube and stick it up her vagina. She remains tied up.
"I'll be back. Just stay there."
You leave the room and go down to the main hall.
Andrew nods when he sees you.
"Hello. I see you've given those women an... interesting job. They seem content, though."

>[]You should've been here earlier. It was great, *everyone* got their tits out.
>[]What's this about?
>[]You want some tea? (Draw it out. Pris needs to remain undisturbed for a while)
>You want some tea?
Just for politeness sake
>[]You want some tea? (Draw it out. Pris needs to remain undisturbed for a while)
"Want some tea? You're probably cold."
Andrew smiles somewhat wearily and takes a seat.
"Yes, of course. The walk over is somewhat... grueling."
You gesture at one of the maids, a smaller girl with red hair.
"Hey, uh... what's your name again?"
"Crimson, ma'am." she smiles at you.
"Yeah, Crimson. Won't forget, I swear. Could you get us some tea?"
"Of course."
Crimson walks off and Andrew clears his throat.
"So... you have a plan for the trial tomorrow, correct?"
Yep. You most certainly do.
"Good. Very good."
Andrew drums his fingers on the table.
"It's... surreal. I've been down here more years than I can count. But I can't imagine how long you've been here. You built this--"
Andrew gestures around at the hall.
"--and managed to hide it from everyone. If anyone's capable of getting out of here, it's you. Or maybe someone else has been tunneling underneath us for millennia..."

>[]Yep. Took me forever. I built a throne out of broken chisels, but it didn't hold together very well.
>[]This only took me three days. And that's cause I wanted it to look pretty. If I needed a purely functional fortress I could've made one in a few hours.
"Let's just say that i'm on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell."
File: IMG_0809.jpg (503 KB, 1500x1500)
503 KB
503 KB JPG
The reference makes a slight whistling noise as it flies over Andrew's head.
"Interesting. I'll have to hear the story behind that. Later. When we're out of this literal hellhole."
Crimson returns with some tea and places it on the table. You thank her.
"No trouble at all. If you need anything else, let me know."
She walks away.
Andrew sighs and frowns slightly.
"It's just... I'm not sure if I deserve to be released. I'd just be following in the wake of your success."
Of course he deserves to be released. What's he done wrong?
"...you've forgotten, have you? We're in Hell. We've all done terrible things to get here. You, me, Crimson. Are we even supposed to escape?"

>[]Everyone deserves a second chance.
>[]Oh... I never really thought about that.
"Arms wide open
I stand alone
I'm no hero and I'm not made of stone
Right or wrong
I can hardly tell"
Also say something along the lines of i'm not forcing you to come with me and haven't you repented enough and jesus forgiving sins etc
If ya repent hard enough, then I suppose it could make things easier, or worship me as your lord and master, that works too.
You walk around the table and place your hand on Andrew's shoulder.
"You seek indulgence? Then tell me of your transgression."
Andrew furrows his brow.
"It's been a long time... I was a warlock. Probably around the fall of Rome? I'm from somewhere... north. I used ice magic to hurt people. A lot of people. I can't recall much else."
You pat his shoulder a few times.
"Thy sin has been forgiven. No matter how... terrible the sin. Surely, we all deserve mercy, yes."
Andrew nods.
"Forgiveness. That's the main tenet of Christianity, isn't it? Nothing better to fight Hell with."
He stands up and shakes your hand.
"I'd better get going. I'll need to tell the villagers that you haven't molested their women yet. And about forgiveness."

>[]Get that weak handshake out of here. *hug*
>[]Make sure they're ready to fight, too. Just in case.
>[]My forgiveness extends to the rest of the village as well. No, to everyone unjustly imprisoned here.
>[]Make sure they're ready to fight, too. Just in case.
>[]Other. What are we suppose to be doing again? Or getting ready for? Do that too, and turn the villagers and our maids into a Militia.

See what they can be armed with, and if they don't have much, make some spears for them
"Alright. By the way, make sure the villagers are armed, in case the fight with Baal... gets out of hand."
Andrew nods. "We should have enough weapons."
Excellent. You're hoping you can get the militia from Wrath up here to help out, maybe even those frogmen way back in... Gluttony, now. You'll need all the help you can get.
Andrew leaves.

>[]Better get back to the bedroom. Don't want Pris getting all the sheets wet.
>[]Go talk to the maids. (Specify preferred stereotype, if any)
>Better get back to the bedroom. Don't want Pris getting all the sheets wet.
You walk back to the bedroom. Pris was on the floor, all she had managed to do was work the dildo in deeper. She looks up at you, drooling and gasping.
"Alagos... please, I'll do anything, just let me cuuuuuuuuum."

>[]Undo her suit's straps and finish her off.
>[]Kiss her.
>[]Edge her. The ride isn't ending for just a little longer.
>[]Edge her. The ride isn't ending for just a little longer.
Make her swear her undying servitude and devotion to us.
You walk over to Pris and begin slowly sliding the dildo in and out.
"I'll do it. But you need to swear your undying loyalty first."
Pris bucks her hips.
You move the dildo faster, while leaning in to kiss her. She gasps and climaxes, slumping to the floor. You throw the dildo into the bathroom sink and remove Pris's suit carrying her to bed.
Shh. Just sleep now.
Pris closes her eyes. Her breathing evens out after a few seconds.

>[]Might as well go to sleep now. Extra rest for tomorrow.
>[]See if the maids need any help scrounging up food.
>Might as well go to sleep now. Extra rest for tomorrow.
You change out of your clothes and climb into bed. You'll need your rest for tomorrow. Good night, Pris.

. . .

You wake up feeling relaxed. It's early in the morning, from what you can tell. You take a quick shower (gotta love that hot spring) and dry yourself off with gusts of wind, changing back to male form as you do so.
You put your clothes back on and walk down to the great hall, sitting down at the table. A flyer appears in front of you, inviting you to Hell's Got Talent.

>[]Pick it up.
File: IMG_0740.jpg (17 KB, 223x166)
17 KB
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