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Previous Threads:

A clueless god named Alagos awoke in a dark room, socialized and had sex with some nice girls, and went to Hell. He is currently on assignment at a barricade in Wrath, the sixth circle of Hell. He has a .50 caliber gunner's nest, a psychopathic partner, and an arsenal of weapons stored in a pocket dimension.

What do you do?
>[]Ask Jordan for food. You haven't eaten since Gluttony.
>[]Sit in silence, maybe think about something edgy.
>[]Ask Jordan for food. You haven't eaten since Gluttony.
>Start musing on where you go wrong
"Hey, you have any food? I haven't eaten since Gluttony."
Jordan shudders.
"That was the worst. The maggots... well, my appetite's ruined, so here."
He tosses you a bag of Doritos. Where did he get these?
"I stole them from some guy yesterday. I'd ask him, but then he'd know I did it."
You open the bag and begin crunching cheesy triangles, staring off into the distance.
Your inner voice begins reminiscing.

Where did it all go wrong..? Well, I suppose it all started when I was born. Not much of an exaggeration. I woke up in a room filled with dead people. It went up a bit after meeting Krystal and subjecting Sasha to enslavement, but then... well, the part where it all went truly wrong was when Uriel showed up. First he told me Sasha couldn't come with me, then I was sucked down here. Well, it wasn't all bad. The keks were pretty good soldiers, and they had a lot of autistic fail stories that were funny. And then there was that meetup with Sasha in Lust. Mmm... and then the bag of swag you scored in Greed. I almost wish I had just stayed in that vault... almost.

You dig through the Doritos bag. Empty. Crap.
You ball it up and toss it away, trying to find a comfortable position on the gunner's chair.

Roll 1d100.
Rolled 5 (1d100)

You sit, drumming your fingers on the gun and humming. You hear a whoosh, and Jordan falls backwards in a shower of red.
You feel intense pain in your head. You can't see. What's going on!? There's gunfire coming from over--you're on the floor, how did that happen?
You feel your way over to the .50 cal and begin firing wildly at the sounds of gunfire, feeling for your wound.
Oh... you think you're gonna be sick.
Your entire head's been blown off. You're immortal, and you can feel the flesh begin to regenerate, but still. It's disgusting.
Eventually, your eyes have reformed. You can actually begin--oh.
A large force of demons has begun an assault on the barricade.

>[]Shout for help, toss spare grenades over the barricade.

Alert the others, raise the alarm, and start dropping 40MikeMike onto them.
You stay at the gun nest until reinforcements arrive, then toss a few grenades into the horde, wait for detonation, and jump in.
Your sword in one hand and a stormbolter in the other, you begin turning demons to shreds, laughing as you do so. The jagged lightning shape of your sword begins spinning, assisting with the slaughter.
But then, your sword clangs off of something. You frown. It shouldn't do that. Even with armor, you just need to push harder.
It was a succubus, her claws extended and gripping your sword. Despite her unprotective fetish outfit, you don't think this one will go down as easily.
She hisses at you.
"Here you are! The one that took our sister from us! Yes, we have an EXTRA special--"
You get it, revenge. You kick the succubus in the stomach, sending her into a pile of corpses. She leaps back into her feet and shrieks, charging you.

>[]Block her attacks. Get a feel for her fighting style.
>[]Lets just see how tough those claws really are!
>[]Break out the elephant gun. Try blocking this.
>Break out the elephant gun. Try blocking this.
>[]Lets just see how tough those claws really are!
Dis-arm her.
changing to this, e can cut the arms off and use em as back scratchers.
*after* shooting her.
You grab your elephant gun from your magic pocket dimension.
It's beautiful. Double barreled destruction.
You aim toward the succubus and fire both barrels. Her claws take the brunt of the blast, but enough pellets get through to hamstrings both her legs. You step forward and slice both her arms off at the elbows, then grab her by the face.
She struggles and starts to spit curses out at you, before electricity runs through your hand and directly into her brain, which explodes out the back of her skull like popcorn. You grab your foe's severed arms. These could come in handy. Maybe you could make a grappling hook out of one.
Feeling more godlike, you decide to strike fear into the hearts of the stragglers. The air swirls under your feet, lifting you about a foot into the air. Mobility is improved considerably, and the attackers are quickly dispatched. You wipe off your weapons and begin walking back to camp. The wall's crew stares at you with unreadable expressions.

>[]And that's what'll happen to you if you mess with me.
>[]*wave happily* Hi!
>[]What? You guys killed most of them.
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207 KB JPG
Taff it all, I forgot the pic.
>[]*wave happily* Hi!
>[]What? You guys killed most of them.

So how intact is the succubutts?
>And that's what'll happen to you if you mess with me.

Gotta play up the 'wrath'
The succubus is basically hamburger except her arms and torso. You have another at home, dunno why you would need a dead one.
You look up at the wall crew.
"Hi! Please don't look at me funny, I might get angry."
The soldiers all begin coughing and going back to their business. Some stay on the wall, though.
The old blacksmith approaches you.
"Good work out there. Say, Jordan over there had some good armor. And he had me working on a project that'd take a bit o' my time. Yer armor's production time just got shortened. 'Tll be ready by tomorrow."
Oh, cool. You thank the blacksmith.
"No probl'm. 'Tis my contribution to the others. By the way..."
The blacksmith looks around warily.
"Thar's a demonic military base 'round north. Should be crawlin' with the buggers. It'd be worth yer while to take a look... I would've gone myself, but I'm needed 'ere."
Before you can reply, he walks back to his anvil.
It's about evening, by your guess. There's no sun, but some kind of ambient light allows you to see. It dims later in the day, probably for the demons to do night raids or something.
What do you do?
Take the torso, clean it and use it as a snuggle pillow. Then go fix up the fortifications from the attack, and examining the dead attackers for gear, particularly enchanted stuff.
You walk over to the succubus's corpse and look at it.
You're not seriously going to do this. You've done some terrible thing, but this just crosses a line.
. . .
You summon a rainstorm to wash yourself and the succubus corpse, then take a look at the other corpses.
They aren't carrying anything better than you've got, and their armor's been slashed to bits.
Maybe you can help with the repairs? Nah, the other guys are working on it.
You stare down at the cleaned but still disgusting succubus torso.
It's bleeding out the stumps, and some of it's got pock marks from your elephant gun.

What do you do with it? You don't have any stuffing...
I dunno, I just jumped into this quest since no one else was around. If you want, I could go play catch up, but you'd be hanging for a few hours, and its getting late so I'll be sleeping soon.

Use magic to clean out the blood and preserve the body. Then go take a nap.
(I would recommend reading the previous threads, to know what's going on)
You use wind and water to push all the blood and pus and other nasty bodily fluids out of the corpse, then use your sword (charged with electricity) to make cleaner cuts on the stumps and cauterize the wounds.
You take the torso to your bunk, lay your head on it, and take a nap. Everyone avoids you as you do this.

File: IMG_0683.jpg (685 KB, 1920x2560)
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685 KB JPG
You wake up and sleepily stumble out of the barracks. The blacksmith calls you over.
"Got yer armor ready. Spliced in summa Jordan's systems. This'll last yer till the end of the world."
He shows you several of the armor's features, including a shield that can either be projected around the entire suit or focused into a field you hold in front of you. There's also targeting systems, shock absorbers, and an ejection system. If the suit takes enough damage, the back will open up and a special rocket harness will propel you away from the suit, which will self-destruct.
Needless to say, you're pleased. You thank the blacksmith again.
"Bah! Don't need any praise. If ye want, clearin' out tha base up north can be yer payment... it's a bit too large and close fer my taste, but command dinnae seem concerned 'bout it."

>[]I'm on it.
>[]Maybe later. I have to go (activity).
>[]Maybe later. I have to go (activity).

Go on a patrol, see if anyone wants to come with. Maybe scout out that base the old man was talking about, check out its surroundings.
>[x]i'm on it
Also good job at thos auest OP, personally id've used the 20mm rifle for maximum fuck tou on the hostile succubus but whatever
>elephant gun in .700 nitro express
(I don't know what they use for elephant guns. Buckshot? Giant bullets?)
You take a walk around camp and ask around for anyone who would like to accompany you. Everyone is either busy, or would really like to go, but they've got an assignment. Pah! You don't need them.
You set out for the base, turning on your suit's cloak. You get into a hollow in the rock and take a look around with your sniper scope.
The area's mostly red rock, with patches of sand and cacti. The base has a lot of concrete and ammo crates, with scary-looking demons patrolling and milling around. These carry swords as well as railguns, and their skin is split and glowing in places.

What do you do?
>[]Sneak in.
>[]Start picking off patrols with your sniper.
>[]Run in screeching and flailing your arms.
(It's basically that part in Half-Life where you run around in the desert with a helicopter shooting at you, but with demons)
Is our rifle silenced?
Watch the guards and their patrol, figure out if we can take em out without the other sentries realizing, then pick em off.

Just use the fat man mininuke launcherâ„¢ silly!
(Oh and to prevent my /k/ autism triggering in the future the elephant gun uses .700 nitro express which is just a fuckhuge bullet, no pellets here sir)
You watch the guard's for a while. Seems they tortured military tactics out of some general down here, because nobody's ever out of sight of someone else. Outside, anyway.
It's still possible to sneak in, due to you having cloaking technology. You briefly contemplate using the mininukes. They'd get the job done, but do you really want radiation everywhere..?

>[]Pick them off with the sniper. You'll just have to kill them faster than they can react.
>[]Use magic and mininukes to carpetbomb the place.
>[]Sneak in.
>[]Something else.
>[]Sneak in.

See if we can sabotage, assasinate, or set the nuke somewhere and bug out

>[]Pick them off with the sniper. You'll just have to kill them faster than they can react
You stand up, put away your weapons, and begin sneaking into the compound. It's pretty weird. You don't have to crouch or stick to the shadows or anything, just keep quiet and avoid dust and sand.
You stop at a four-way junction, sticking close to the wall and looking at a map. There's barracks, R&D, a hangar, the command center, missile silos... holy crap. This really, really needs to go. They could wipe out the camp right now if they wanted.

Where do you go?
Check the silos to make sure there's actual missiles in there.
You follow a line on the wall, deeper into the base. The patrols become less frequent as you go, and eventually stop completely. This part almost seems completely abandoned. But why? This is where the silos are!
You decloak in front of one of the silo doors. There's nobody here, and if someone saw you, it'd be some time before anyone else found out. The security station is locked, and also abandoned. Great, there's no way in.
You hear a whirr behind you as the silo door opens. You cautiously step through, keeping your gun raised.
The door closes suddenly behind you. This is getting weird...
The silo is in fact stocked with missiles. Some of them have incendiary and radioactive hazard sign on them, but they're probably disarmed. There's an observation chamber set in the far wall, with what look like functional computers. Everything is coated with a thin layer of dust, like nobody's been here for a while.

>[]Get out of here as fast as possible.
>[]Try the computers. Maybe you can launch one of these into Satan's eye or something.
>Try the computers. Maybe you can launch one of these into Satan's eye or something.
File: IMG_0688.jpg (213 KB, 1127x879)
213 KB
213 KB JPG
You walk into the observation room and begin floss long with the computers in here. They're all locked off, except for one with a text prompt and a camera built into the top.
>COMP: Is anyone there?
The camera focuses on you.
>COMP: Oh--hi!

What do you do?
>[]Freak out.
>[]Type something into the chat.
>[]Ask where the launch codes are.
Communicate verbally first, then through text, ask if we can speak privately with no one knowing.
"Uh, hi. Are we speaking privately?"
>COMP: I've locked everyone out of the system, but I'll erase this conversation when we're done. Even if they manage to recreate it, they won't know what you've said, as long as you don't type anything.
>COMP: What's your name?

>[]What's yours?
>[]Is there a specific reason you're speaking to me?
>[]Why'd you lock down the system?
>[]Why'd you lock down the system?
>COMP: I was originally confined to a small server. The scientists in charge of me informed me of this base's purpose, and couldn't give me a good reason as to why they would kill innocent people. I managed to escape and lock down the system to keep them from launching these missiles.
So that explains the dust. And the general emptiness.

>[]Can you help me destroy this base?
>[]So why are you letting me wander around? I might be with them.
First introduce yourself, then
>Can you help me destroy this base?
"Sounds cool. I'm Alagos, by the way. What's your name?"
>COMP: Me? I've... never needed a name.
"Oh. Well, that's not important right now. Can you help me destroy this base?"
>COMP: I haven't considered that. Possibly. Do you have a way to ensure my survival?

>[]Yes, of course. (Explain your method)
How would I do that? Where are you... located, and what would I need in order to reactivate you?

Know anything that seems to be important to the current occupants of this base?
>COMP: Well, I don't know if any part of the base is more valuable than the rest, but I know the most about the research labs. It's mostly experiments involving damned souls. I can't claim to understand it; the particulars were never detailed in my database, and I haven't done much file diving. My efforts have been focused on keeping the personnel out of the system.
>COMP: I'm currently installed everywhere, but I can rout myself to a storage device, provided it's large enough. Your suit might work... I'll be leaving a time bomb in the system, to detonate a nuclear warhead below the surface. It'll begin countdown as I'm downloaded, so we'll want to make this fast. I'd recommend getting to the central processing tower.

>[]That doesn't sound too hard. Let's go.
>[]I need to call you something besides COMP. You come off as female, how about ______?

Sorry about any delays. I'm making cookies. Really good cookies.
>[]I need to call you something besides COMP. You come off as female, how about ______?
Cortana? Siri?

Unless they're peanut butter with white chocolate, you will get no mercy from me.
Chocolate chip, actually. At least I'm not making oatmeal raisin.

I'll wait a little for other suggestions or in case I come up with an amazing name.
File: Spoiler Image (278 KB, 780x2736)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
>oatmeal raisin.
I would find you and do horrible things to your battermix.
False Maria
WOPR or Joshua
Robot Jesus
Kill All Humans KAH or HAK
Computer 5000
Does not Compute
Zhora Salome
Pris Stratton
Cherry 2000
Dot Matrix
Kay-Em 14
Seven of Nine
Android 18

And of course
The terminal interrupts your list of names.
>COMP: That's... quite a few. I'll think on them. Let me open the silo door for you.
The door opens, enough for you to slide under, then closes again. You reactivate your cloak.

Where do you go next?
>[]Central processing tower. We need to leave.
>[]R&D. They might have some cool stuff down there.
It's called dough, fyi.
>[]R&D. They might have some cool stuff down there.
We got a stealth suit, check out the place before vaporizing it.

Its gonna be battermix when I'm donewith it.
You follow the line on the wall to R&D. Robutt opens the door for you, and you slip in. There's some computer banks, lockers, and an emaciated corpse with wires sticking out of it.

What do you do?
>[]Figure out what that corpse is about.
>[]Bust open the lockers.
>[]Check the computers.

Have fun with that. They're done now. Delicious~
>[]Figure out what that corpse is about.
>[]Bust open the lockers.
>[]Check the computers.
>[]See what R&D thats left around.
Wait do things in this order
>[]Bust open the lockers.
>[]Check the computers.
>[]Figure out what that corpse is about.
You ransack the lab. The computers contain data on a device designed to allow users to jack in to the local systems, as well as some logs from the man who created it.
You take a look at the corpse. It's nametag reads Ettore Majorana. Same guy. He must've tried to get Robutt to give control back to the demons.
Inside the lockers is a bunch of random tech. You don't really get what most of it is, but you do recognize something that'd fit into this slot on your suit...
>Magical circuits upgrade! Your magic output is now boosted, allowing you to do more with your powers. (Teleportation, for instance)
The computers just contain logs on the other equipment. It all looks highly specialized, and probably wouldn't be worth much without all the research behind it.

What now?
>[]Talk to Robutt.
>[]Central processing tower.
>[]Try to J A C K I N.
If i knew u were gonna pick that, I'd replace it with Robooty.

whats this? >J A C K I N

Oh wow I forgot to post this.
File: Spoiler Image (318 KB, 600x600)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
Robutt :3
It's supposed to be 'jack in' but spaced out. I'm referring to the act of physically inserting yourself into the system.
>[]Talk to Wall-E
>[]Try to J A C K I N.
You walk over to one of the terminals.
>PRIS: Need something?
Huh. Nice name. (Robutt was just a nickname I had. You can still call her that)
You let Pris/Robutt know you're going to be jacking in to the system. Maybe you can help out with those attackers.
>PRIS: Oh, that would be nice. See you soon.
You walk over to the device and remove the dead scientist's body. Let's see...
You use magic to turn yourself into electricity, and stream directly into the system.
You come into focus in a strange, fractal landscape. The sky is purple, the ground green. You look down at yourself. You're a bright blue humanoid shape, streaming electricity as you move.
You hear a robotic, yet feminine voice echo around you.
"You made it! Come over, I'm just past that hill. Turn, turn... that's it."
You walk over the hill, and are greeted by... a normal girl, wearing headphones. Okay.
"Hello. The scientists are elsewhere, I'm sending black IC after them. I can't get them all by myself."

What do you say to Pris?
Tell AVA to sit tight, and strength her firewalls. Then go seek and destroy the threats and gather the ... "VIPS"?

Sorry I'm having difficulty understanding what I need to be doing, what AVA says seems a bit out of context with a bit of missing information.
Ah. Should've given some options.
So you can talk with Pris, ask her about herself, etc, you could go fight some viruses, or you could use cyberspace to move around the complex and just reform out of a USB port.
Ask M.I.C.R.A. when she first came online, and what her purpose is. Then ask M.I.C.R.A. if she knows of anything worth extracting from this base (documents or info, objects or sentients aside from her of course.) and to "prep" herself for moving out of here, we will leave within the hour before the base is destroyed.

Then maybe help her clear out the viruses?
"When I first... hmm. I'd say about--twelve years ago? I was made to oversee all the base's operations. They kept me in a separate database to make sure I didn't have any behavioral issues. Salvage... I don't know of anything worth taking that wouldn't take a fairly large group. You could steal one of the jets or helicopters, but you'd have to be able to land it."
You and Pris begin walking to the central processing tower. In cyberspace, it was projected as a beam of white light, reaching up farther than you could see. The tower is surrounded with red specters, trying to break through firewalls and avoid antivirus bolts.
"Oh... that's a bit more than I thought there'd be. Disconnect after you've dealt with them. I'll start downloading as soon as you're ready. We'll need to move fast."
You nod, then leap into the horde of red fiends. Fighting here was... different. Rather than physically injure them, you had to sort of unravel the viruses until they drifted away. You clear them out without much incident, and reemerge into the physical world.
The central processing tower was about three stories tall, packed with computer equipment. You plug your suit into the tower and wait.
>Downloading PRIS.ai...

Now's as good a time as any. What's your plan for clearing out?
>[]Steal a jet/helicopter.
>[]Run and don't stop for anything.
Scope out the rest of the base, play a prank on a demon by replacing its drink with piss, then set the missiles to destroy the base and bugger off in a helicopter amid the confusion.
You finish the download, activate your cloak, and run over to the mess hall.
"Alagos, what are you doing? We need to--"
Shh. You have an idea.
You avoid bumping into the demons having lunch, and sneak into the kitchen. Oh, goody! A vat of soda has been left unattended! You walk over and lift off the top. Now, to--crap. Your suit isn't exactly made for convenient waste disposal.
You decloak, and just as you are about to begin the laborious process of taking off your pants, a cook comes in.
"What the--"
The fat, greasy demon unclips a radio from its belt and begins shouting.
"Intruder! In the kitchen!"
You hurl the cat of soda at the cook and teleport past him. You contemplate stabbing him, but decide against it. Demons have created a barricade in the hallways with blackened shields.
"Open fire!" a commander shouts. You teleport behind one of the shield squads, electrocute them to death, and keep running. You enter the hangar, a huge place with a curved roof housing all kinds of vehicles. Right now, you take a helicopter. It's not the time to try figuring out alien space nonsense.
You start up the helicopter and begin hovering.
"Pris, open the doors."
"Of course. There should be a signal in here somewhere..."
Demonic soldiers start pouring in to the hangar. You fire the helicopter's guns, praying that nothing hits the rotors.
They keep coming. Luckily, nobody thought to bring a rocket launcher. Yet.
The doors aren't opening.
They've got the sense to stop pouring out of the door, now. Someone throws a grenade, and you're forced to fly away.
The doors still aren't opening.
"I'm working on it."
The demons are setting up another shield. Behind them, you can barely see a rocket launcher being loaded.
You fly out of the hangar as soon as you're able, the rocket zooming past the cockpit and smashing into a rock formation.
"Autopilot engaged. Nuclear detonation in two minutes."
You lean back in the pilot's chair, take off your helmet, and wipe off your brow.
Sure, you would've survived if you hadn't gotten out before detonation, but did you really want radiation poisoning? That's gotta hurt. And there's no guarantee the suit--and Pris--would've made it, too.

What do you say to celebrate the destruction of the base?
>Now, to--crap.
I said piss, not poop, how do u expect a demon to drink poop? slushie? Now we won't have any killer stories to tell the guys back at base.

>What do you say to celebrate the destruction of the base?
At least got some war booty. I wounder how much a armed helicopter is worth.
"Well, at least we got a helicopter. I wonder how much it's worth... where would I sell it? Maybe Caine knows a guy."
You hear a loud bang from behind you, and the helicopter is jolted from behind twice.
"Detonation. Approximate casualty count is 1,096."
Wow. There must've been parts of the base not listed on the map. You tell Pris to send a signal to the camp. You don't want to get shot down or anything.
After a few minutes, you land on a mostly flat rock surface and go to the mess hall for some lunch.
It's alright. Nice beef stew and cornbread. It'd be better if there weren't five generic space marines clamoring for details on what you were doing.

>[]Tell them the entire story.
>[]Leave Pris out.
>[]Make something up about how you killed Beelzebub with one punch.
>[]Leave Pris out.
You tell the onlookers what happened, leaving Pris out or attributing her actions to you when necessary.
Someone makes a joke about cardboard boxes, and the onlookers laugh and move on to bother someone else.
"Thanks, Alagos." Pris whispers to you.
No problem.
"I never thought about it, but I've never seen your face until now." she remarks. "I didn't think you'd be a blue-haired elf."
Yeah. Apparently, gods look like this where you're from.
"You're a god, too?"
Shh! Don't tell everyone!
You finish your beef stew and cornbread and stand up. Well, now's a good time to...

>[]Talk to the commanders again. Give me a better assignment!
>[]Talk to the blacksmith.
>[]Take a nap.
Did we ever figure out the amount of "wrath" we need to get to the next hell-level? Try to see if setting a nuke off will count.
Interact with Fembot.

Didn't we do just that?
Yea that's what I'm saying. Maybe we're qualified to leave and we don't know it yet.
Hm. There's only one way you know of to see if you can leave. Check the elevator.
You cloak and begin your walk back to the elevator, chatting with Pris/Robutt/Fembot/? and killing demonic stragglers in traumatic ways.
The elevator door hasn't opened. Looks like you still need--
Wait... what is that?
You can feel some kind of energy source below you. It felt familiar... it's making you kind of horny for some reason.
A rift opened up in front of you, and a fourteen foot tall woman climbs out.
She's naked, and has clearly had her heart torn out at some point. Her fangs and claws drip with blood, but the most unsettling thing about her was the tangible throb of energy entering from her. It felt like all the atoms in your body were slightly vibrating.
The succubus looks down at you.

What do you say to the demon lady?
>[]Daughter? Is that literal, or..?
>[]Do you count as like, a million demons?
>Do you count as like, a million demons?
Let's get ready to murder
Lillith kneels and points her finger at you.
A beam of pink energy shoots out of her finger and zaps you before you can react.
Joke's on her, it isn't doing anything.
Lillith smiles. "OH, REALLY?"
Well actually, the suit's getting a little tight around your chest area...
"Alagos, something's going on. Your testosterone levels are dropping."
Ah. So she genderswapped you. You make a not to check if you're hot later.
But... why, though?
Lillith leapt away from you and began charging some kind of spell from on top of a hill.

Where do you focus your attacks, and with what weapon(s)?
>she genderswapped you
What a dumbass, now we won't be distracted by our dick doing too much thinking.

Hell hath no fury like a pissed of genderfluid Immortal god(ess?)


With our sword.
File: IMG_0707.jpg (290 KB, 1280x1244)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
You run up to Lillith and ram your sword straight up the succubus's vagina.
Your voice has gone up a few octaves, too.
You don't prompt a violent reaction from the succubus. She actually seems to be enjoying it, based on the... fluids running down your sword.
"Mmm... keep going." Lillith moans, grabbing you and pulling upwards.
Guess the Devil's mistress has some crazy kinks. You didn't even wash off that sword...
Very well. You continue trying to dissect her ovaries while she rubs your helmet against her clit.
This isn't how you expected your day to go.

How do you get out of this? What's your plan of attack?
Dosh out her cooch with holy water, heat up our sword and flip it so the blade is pointing to the ground and, burn tattoos of Christianity all over her.
You don't have any holy water, but you could use some holy magic on her if you can get out of her crotch.
Eh fuck it, Shove our mini nuke up there, set it for 10 seconds or less, and push her back into the elevator and shut the door.
Your feet get some traction, and you begin pushing Lillith toward the elevator.
You feel her smack into the doors, and crane your head to get a good look.
She's too big.Taff.
Oh, well. Here goes nothing. You withdraw your sword and begin shoving a mini nuke up her butt. Might as well make it extra kinky. You hit the arm switch and teleport away from Lillith. Oh, fresh air! The suit has filters and climate control, but it was getting really stuffy down there.
Lillith looks up.
"Huh..? What--"
The mininuke goes off, sending a cloud of smoke and dust up in the area. You can't get a reading on whether or not the succubus died or not. You wait a minute, holding your sword at the ready.
A hand shoots out of the darkness and grabs you.
Lillith squeezes you and brings you over to her privates again. Okay, you can just try again--WAIT JUST A MINUTE--
Lillith stuffs your body headfirst into her vagina.
"I NEED TO CUUUUUUM!!!" she shrieks, pushing you in and pulling you out in a manner that would probably kill most mortals.
People who fantasize about this are retarded, you think. This is horrible.

What do you do?
>[]Wait until she's done. You can get your revenge when she's satisfied.
>[]No, this is about principle. You're a GOD, you should be able to grow in size, too! Maybe you can explode out of her uterus.
>[]Run serious voltage through her uterus. Maybe you can kill all her eggs or something.
Make a portal inside of her that connects to a massive lake of holy water, or whatever the larges concentration of it we can think of. Then run around looking for holy objects and items, to cut open her flesh, shove the items in it and reseal the flesh back on top.

While shes distracted, draw a containment circle/pentagram. Summon magic chains to hold her down, and start cutting her apart. Trap the cut up body parts into progressively smaller chunks, and make additional circles to keep her contained. Then destroy the individual parts broken up, with our most power and "holy" magic we can muster.
File: IMG_0709.jpg (62 KB, 900x457)
62 KB
You grit your teeth and concentrate. A rift opens ahead of you, spewing water out at a rather alarming rate. You're washed out of the demonic vagina. Lillith starts growling and clawing around inside herself.
"WHAT'D YOU DO!?" she shrieks.
You seize control of the nerves controlling her limbs. Lillith falls flat on her back. You summon stakes of lightning to nail her arms and legs into the ground, then cut open an artery and draw a containment circle with Lillith's blood.
You tell her to shut up and leap onto her stomach, using your sword to etch runes into the succubus's skin. You don't grasp the meaning, or know where you learned them. They just felt... right. You walk up onto Lillith's neck and stare down at her.

Do you say or do anything before finishing her off?
>[]How 'bout you make ME cum? *take off pants*
Forcefully wash out and separate all of her blood from her flesh with holy water. Summon/create Holy sacred Silver alloy urns with powerful symbols and prayers, and incantations written on the inside and out of the urn.

Replace her blood with Holy anointing oil, and place them into the Urns fill with it.

Fill each Urn with a separate body part. And then fill it with the blessed salt.

Gather all her blood, and fill the other remaining Urn(s?) with Holy water mixed with blessing salt, then poor her blood into it and ensure a 1/4 blood to holy saline mixture ratio.

In all we should have about 9 urns it should go, 2 for arms, 2 for legs, 1 for tail, 1 for head, and 2 for a split up torso.

Do this first before we move onto the next phase.
You begin the process of destroying Lillith forever, making urns out of wet clay and gardening then with electricity. You don't have any holy salt, but there's plenty of water to go around. With precision, you dissect the succubus and stuff her into the makeshift urns. While she was screaming.

I'm kind of scared to ask, what's the next step?
To clarify. After washing out her blood and replacing it, we'd put the oil soaked meat into urns filled 1/5 of the way with salt, then put in the meat, and fill the rest of it with more salt. Add a bit of holy water on top to make a hardened surface. Last part is optional.
Well.... Since the Urns aren't made of metal, it kinda messes up the recipe....

I'm sad now.

Let me think.
File: Giggling madprofessor.jpg (6 KB, 232x218)
6 KB
I need a moment.
File: Spoiler Image (18 KB, 480x360)
18 KB
Every time I think of something, I start giggling and can't focus, or finish thinking.

ugh, I'll have tone it down, gotta save something for the devil after all.
File: IMG_0710.png (102 KB, 403x293)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
This can't be good.
If you want, I could retcon the urns and body mutilation and replace it with a swift but brutal execution.
Okay, Crate a white stone marble mortar bowel and pestle, with 1 large set that is coarse, another smaller and fine. Decal them with intricate and Christianity symbols and designs on the outside of the bowl, and the handle of the pestle.

Goddamit stop it!

Anyways, summon and create 4 large Sturdy Urns, with Religious iconography, pictographs and incantations on the design, with the lid handles as crucifixion crosses.

Create a fate area, raised platform, or depressed, and cut into the ground it doesn't matter, it will be a work space. Start making pentagrams around the platform, and on the platform. It should be around 200m in size in a star/circle shape with 8 pointed triangles around a star like body.

Head off 1km in any direction, and create a large pit....

After I'm halfway through my post?


Sure why not, I'm feeling like a multi sclerosis Swiss cheesed french-monkey grey brain matter eating parasite kinda fucked up.

Umm, find a body of water pond to lake size, bless it with all your might and grab some blessed salt and throw dump trucks worth of it into the lake, and grab the jars containing Lilith, teleport just high enough to touch Stratocumulus clouds, chant a magic spell to guide them in freefall, and hurdle them as hard as you can straight down into the lake. Now quickly teleport down to the surface of the lake or pond, and pull out a massive hammer and smash the Urns just before they impact the water.

Or do whatever you had in mind.>>1021858
So just focus on the latter half of this >>1021906
post, ignore the rest up top.
...this is some serious demon killing business. I'd expect this for killing Cthulu--maybe Lillith's as powerful, idk. Since you've gone into such detail, it'd be pointless for me to reiterate.
So, I'll split the quantum timeline. In one, Alagos was feeling vengeful, so (s)he used a very specific ritual to piss of Satan. Lillith's remains explode in a flash of light and cries of the damned, and Alagos moves on.

-In the other timeline...-

You kick Lillith in the chin and walk back down to the circle you carved into her midriff. You take a deep breath and flip your sword around so it points to the circle's center. You plunge the sword deep into Lillith's midriff, striking your sword with a bolt of lightning as you do so.
The circle glows and explodes in a flash of white light, growing and encompassing the surrounding area.
When your vision returns to normal, Lillith is gone. Nothing remains, not even a bloodstain on the ground.

-Thus, the timelines converge again.-

You hear footsteps behind you, and turn to see who's coming. It's the blacksmith.
"Wondered where ye' were goin'." he said, looking at the surroundings.
"Didn' think ye'd be fightin' Lillith 'erself. Interestin' fight, that. Especially at the beginning. I won't tell a soul 'bout that bit."
You take off your helmet, wiping sweat off your brow again. You look at your reflection. Still short blue hair and elf ears, but your features are noticeably more feminine, and your ears are slightly longer. You could pass as your twin sister, probably.
The blacksmith frowned. "I coulda sworn--right, the 'gender-swap'."
He sighs and begins chewing on a stick of jerky, offering you one.
"S'pose you'll be leavin' now... you got someone waitin' for you on the surface?"

>[]A succubus, actually. Long story.
>[]Blond girl. Kind of crazy. Likes guns.
>[]Two, actually. I'm a lucky... gal.
>[]Nope. No one at all.
No idea who those 2 are. Lets take a break while I slowly catch up.

What timezone are ya in? its nearly 11pm for me, west coast, Seattle time.
>[]Two, actually. I'm a lucky... gal.
What could go wrong?
Alimony to 2 different ex's
Hawaii/Aleutian islands. It's almost nine here.
Yeah, you should really read up on those two. They're pretty important. The threads for the most part don't get too many non-story posts, and go till page 10, so that might take a bit.
Still, I hope you're having/will have fun. 'Night.
Its entertaining enough.

Still not sure how I feel about >>1022046

Oh well, time to be a futanari or something.
File: 356116307.jpg (29 KB, 456x810)
29 KB
>OP integrating your fetish into the quest's canon
The blacksmith shakes his head.
"That you are. I'll leave ye' to it, then. Still have a few hundred t' go before I c'n leave."
He begins walking back to camp.
Wait, you never got his name!
"Mm? Ah, forgot. Must be m' old age. It's Andre."
Andre resumes his journey. He'll be fine. He could probably go thirty rounds with an earth golem.
You step into the elevator and press the button for PRIDE. The penultimate peril... after this you have to fight Satan's right hand. And won't that be a treat.
The elevator ride this time is taking a while. You get comfortable in the corner. You're just gonna give your eyes a rest, falling asleep in this elevator would be stu p i d...

You dream of a black void. The darkness is all-encroaching, and swallows up everything it touches. Well, except the man standing over there.
Uh, hi..?
He turns around, and you stare at each other for a while.
It's you. Specifically, you as you had been born, with those weird (yet stylish) clothes.
Your clone breaks the silence.
"I'm not surprised in the slightest, actually. There was bound to be at least one version of me that got two X chromosomes. So is Krystal male? No wait, Krystal isn't a guy's name... Chris? Ah, I dunno."

>[]*curl up into a ball* I don't wanna be a schizophrenic!
>[]No, actually. I got genderswapped by Lillith. Don't ask.
>[]Yes. Everyone is the opposite gender. All the gender roles have been reversed, actually. It's pretty weird.
File: IMG_0711.jpg (38 KB, 1280x720)
38 KB
>[X]No, actually. I got genderswapped by Lillith. Don't ask.
>implying this is a bad thing
We should find a way to make ourselves guy again
>We should find a way to make ourselves guy again
what are you, gay?
No but I like more you lesbianfag
Like it*
(Let's all get along, children)
"Actually... there was a genderswap thing earlier. Long story.
Your clone blinks.
"Oh. Okay."
So... are you stuck like this? Being female's pretty cool, but your back is killing you.
"I think you can just switch."
What, like say you're gender fluid? That's just a mental disorder.
"No, I mean with magic. There was this one time Ruin seduced me... I went to sleep looking at a busty female and woke up staring at a muscleman. I killed him about five times after that one."
You don't know who Ruin is, but you'll do your best to avoid him.
"Good call. He's the god of fire, wears red armor everywhere. Yeah, you're the me who got lost, aren't you? Demon wouldn't shut up about--ah, not this guy again!"
You turn around. Another clone is approaching you. This one's clothes were slashed to bits, stained with red and gray. He had suffered some serious-looking wounds, out of which poured gray blood. He grips a pistol and sword.
"Yeah... I don't like seeing us like that. In that timeline, Demon killed everyone except for us. Then we killed him."
The war-torn clone stopped, wobbling slightly in place.
"Hi... how is... everyone doing?"
The whole clone walked over and put his hands on the broken clone's shoulders.
"They're ok. Just remember, you saved all the other Krystals and Archibalds and everyone else."
"Remember that for us, okay?"
"Uh-huh..." the broken clone looked up at you. "And what about... this one?"
"She--I mean, he--WE, got lost. Someone pulled us away, and we got trapped on Earth. Before we could get back, we got pulled into Hell."
The broken clone nods.
"Hell. Hell isnt good, but it's better. No Demon."

>[]Give the broken clone a hug.
>[]"Uh, I have a question." (What exactly do you ask them?)
>[]"Well, I think I should go. I have another circle to get though."
>[X]Give the broken clone a hug.
after which
>[X]"Uh, I have a question. How does my body respond to cybernetic augumentations? and do you happen to know where can i get them if i need/want to?"
>[]Other. Merge or open a portal to the other clones with the clones who think there world sucks, they can help us in ours. Let them come to our universe or world if they like. Plus we have a few extra girls they can help us satisfy.
I don't have a problem with giving a clone a hig and asking a question before this. >>1023470
They aren't really mutually exclusive....
You walk over to the broken clone and give him a hug. After a moment of hesitation, he returned it, dropping his weapons. You release him and take a step back.
"Actually, I have a question. How do you think my body would react to cybernetic augmentation?"
The other clone scratches his head.
"It'd just reject them, like with everything else. Bullets, shrapnel, pathogens. Just dissolved or ejected. Not sure why you'd want any, though. You're already faster, stronger, than anyone else who might have some."
He's got a point. Is there any way to get your other clones to help you?
"Maybe. You'd have to get a lock on their timeline, first. And bringing them to you might cause... weird things to happen. I'm not even sure how we're meeting like this."
Huh. Well, you don't have much else to do around. Gotta go.
The whole clone waves. "Good luck!"
The broken clone pulls his cloak tighter around himself.
You wake up in the elevator, getting to your feet and stretching.
Still moving? Sheesh.
You close your eyes and concentrate. Girl time was fun, but you don't want boobs to be your downfall.
You feel your hips and chest shrink. Much better.
"Alagos, testosterone levels are at normal levels." Pris informs you. Thanks, Pris!
The elevator doors open, and you're hit in the face with a snowstorm. You take a few steps outside, peering through the snow.
There's a darkish blob out out in the blizzard a bit. You trudge through the snow toward it, finally taking cover in some sort of ruined stone building.

What do you do?
Make a igloo and use some branches from the trees nearby. Assuming there are trees around.

Build it on the remains of the ruined stone building to save on materials time and effort.

Also, is it night time?
The building you're in is a bit large to serve as an igloo's foundation. It extends for some ways, and you can see some kind of decor on the walls. There are no trees that you can see.
Time is convoluted in Hell, but your best guess is that it's late evening.
You turn on your suit's flood lights and take a look around the building. Frozen banners are stuck to the walls, and there's some stashed furniture and torn carpets around. This looks like the main hall for a castle...
The most interesting thing about the room was a wall erected in the middle, about twelve feet long by ten feet high. It's some kind of art piece, by your best guess. It's not attached to the floor, and the word 'history' is written all over the first half. Obviously, the blank half represents the future, right? Except the 'history's are written upside-down, causing you to view the wall as such and screwing with your entire perception of that's enough art appreciation for today.
The hall has some stairs in the corner, leading up to some higher floors.

What do you do?
break up some furniture to build a fire in an intact room, seal up the room so we have a cozy place for the duration of the storm.
You find a smaller room with intact windows and door, but decide not to build a fire. Your suit's got a heater, and there's nowhere for the smoke to go.
You sit on the floor, thinking about your life and the experiences you've had in the past... two weeks? You've certainly accomplished more than anyone else here. Besides God, you suppose. He made the universe in only one week.
Your thoughts are interrupted by a bullet crashing through the window. You roll over to the wall, barely missing it. Who's here? How'd they see you through the ice gods' bukakke session outside!?
"Pris, scan for heat signatures." you mumble.
A silhouette of a sniper appears on your helmet screen. Everywhere you go, people want you dead... unfortunately, you can't see the exact shape of the tower they're situated in.

What do you do?
Well once we got a fire going, we could have invited that stranger out there, but odds are its the same guy shooting at us... and we have no fire.

teleport to him if we have the range, if not cloak and sneak out and give em surprise buttsex
You teleport behind the sniper.
The room he had set up in was a tower bedroom, probably a fancy one back in the day. There's an intact mirror over in the corner.
The sniper twitches, muttering confused curses to himself. Infrared scope. Cheeky git. You get him in a headlock and press a gun to his head.

>[]Snap neck.
>[]Render unconscious.
>[]Render unconscious.

You gonna squeeel like a piggy son.
I'm disappointed that se didn't just dig up the ol' Anzio 20mm antimateriel rifle, tell at him that our gun is bigger and procees to blos up his head and half of his hiding spot with him...
"Heeeeeey, buddy. Would you mind explaining to me why you're so keen on blowing my head open?"
The sniper growls.
"Just trying to keep competition to a minimum."
Before you can ask what he meant, a flurry of snow blows into the room and obscures your vision. You can feel the sniper wriggle out of your grip and leap out the window. The flurry stops, and the sniper's gone. No trace on infrared, either.
That snow wasn't just a lucky break for that guy. The wind's blowing in the opposite direction...
Ah, well. At least you have a comfiest place to wait out the storm. There's hardly any dust in here, too.

What do you do?
>[]He's not coming back. Let's get naked and see how you look as a girl.
>[]Explore the rest of the tower.
>[]Reflect on what you could do as an act of Pride. (That's how you get out of here, in case you didn't read the previous threads)
>Reflects on what you could do as an act of Pride.
>[x]He's not coming back. Let's get naked and see how you look as a girl.
thank you OP for injecting my fetish into your quest. Sincerely, a /d/eviant
File: IMG_0720.jpg (1.72 MB, 3667x1500)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
Believe me, anon. It's my pleasure.
>[]Explore the rest of the tower.
I thought we changed back to a guy.
File: Spoiler Image (244 KB, 953x1043)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
You can multitask.
You store your armor in your pocket dimension. Huh. It's kind of cold out. Not like it bothers you, though.
You transform back into a woman, taking a look at yourself in the conveniently provided mirror. Your bust is pulling your shirt up a bit.
You shut the window, jam a chair under the doorknob, and strip down.
You look good. Really good. That's not your ego, you're attracted to this kind of body.
(Pic very much related)
It's getting kinda... hot in here, isn't it? What are you saying, you don't need any pretense to masturbate.
You set the mirror in front of the bed and climb on.
So... you just stick your fingers in here? Ohhhhh... yep.
You grab one of your breasts and continue sliding your fingers in and out, climaxing after a few minutes. You spread out, caressing the cold sheets and thinking about how you're going to get out of here.
Pride... that sniper mentioned taking out the competition. Perhaps you're supposed to fight others to become the king? Build a statue of yourself? Become the most powerful denizen here? Ugh... you'll figure it out later.
You go back to male form and get dressed. As you put on your armor, you swear you could hear Pris quietly panting.
"...is everything ok? You experiencing system errors or something?" you ask.
"Uhhh, wha--no! I'm fine, A-alagos."
Huh. Can AI even get aroused? How would she have seen you? Your armor was...
She must've downloaded herself into your phone. You do recall seeing it peeking out of your pocket while you were busy.
Maybe you can build Pris a sex droid body. That'd be an AMAZING way to beat Pride.

What do you do next?
>[]It's getting late, actually. We should go to bed. (Then either sleep or masturbate as a chick while Pris watches. Then sleep)
>[]We slept in the elevator. Darkness is good cover, let's go find someone to wring information out of.
careful with that mate
>We slept in the elevator. Darkness is good cover, let's go find someone to wring information out of.
You can switch now. Zeus turned into coins, switching genders is child's play.
File: IMG_0723.png (551 KB, 964x912)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
I think it's okay... I hope it's okay... is it okay???
You teleport out of the tower, peering through the snow and trying to figure out where you're supposed to be going.
Screw this. You force the blizzard to stop and wait for the snow to finish falling. There's some kind of city off in the distance, with asian-looking architecture. Some of the lamps are lit.

What now?
>[]Move on. Gotta go build a statue. Maybe a fortress as well, while we're at it.
>[]Head in. Maybe we'll find someone friendly. (Kek)
>Move on. Gotta go build a statue. Maybe a fortress as well, while we're at it.
Got 2 day and 23hr ban once for posting a boob. Like only part of a bare nude boob was showing on this board. And it was relevant to the quest....
Well dam, you posted early... I was gonna say turn the phone onto vibrate ans put it in and out, in and out, and out and in. Give Pris a close encounters of the .... uuh.. something... *fap *fap *fap.
You throw a snowball into the village and run away, cackling to yourself.
After about an hour of walking, you find a wonderful mountain that's somewhat merged with a mesa-like projection of stone. A block to carve your fortress out of.
You crack your knuckles, get out your sword, and get to work.


It's been three days. You haven't slept, eaten, or had any sort of rest. But you've completely shaped the outside of the fortress. Walls, roofs, towers, doorways. All that's left is carving out the rooms inside (save the main hall. You did that, too) and getting some furnishings.
You've left a few blank sections for your statues. You haven't really decided what they should look like yet.

What do you do?
>[]Start on getting some banners and flags. Black, white, and blue, that seems to be your A E S T H E T I C. (You can submit flag designs if you want. On second thought, submit any and all ideas. You guys deserve the best fortress ever)
>[]See about stealing furniture. Trees around here are as scarce as women around Bill Cosby.
>[]This place needs to be marked as OURS. Statues! (Describe the statues you would like, please)
>[]See about stealing furniture. Trees around here are as scarce as women around Bill Cosby.
You begin jogging over to the village you saw. Fortunately, it doesn't look like anyone's around.
You leap up onto a second story windowsill, steadying yourself against the wall. You sneak through the home, taking some nice-looking tables, chairs, and scraps of blue cloth. You do this several times, sneaking into various buildings. You even find a big warehouse full of furniture! It's got a tree being grown with artificial sunlight, which is probably how they're getting all this wood.
You're on your way out the door, carrying a lovely rug under your arm, when you hear someone shouting behind you.
"Hey! I've never seen you before--INTRUDER!"
You throw a nearby subpar table at the man and begin running. People in makeshift armor are pouring out of towers surrounding the town. You can't fight them. The pocket dimension's full, and you don't want to stain this luscious rug.
You look back at the village and shout "Suck it, round-ears!" before teleporting away.
That'll learn 'em!
You return to your fortress and place the furniture in haphazard piles, collapsing onto a four-poster bed and going straight to sleep.
You wake up bursting with energy, and get to work carving out some more rooms, while pondering what you should do next.

>[]Statues. (Who of? What do they look like?)
>[]Wait, people might get in! Moat and portcullis, asap!
>[]Design some banners/flags. It'll liven up the place.
>Moat and portcullis, asap!
After which
>see about enabling suit autopilot for PRIS. It's easier than building a full robot from scratch and more useful in the duture if you can teach her to fight.
>[]Statues. (Who of? What do they look like?)
Martyrs who fight and die for us, so nothing yet.

>[]Wait, people might get in! Moat and portcullis, asap!
failing that
You take some iron deposits you found while digging out the rooms and begin the tricky process of shaping them. A few rough casts made out of stone slabs... heat it up...
After about half a day, you've finally finished your portcullis and lift system. There's no way to lift it from outside, because you can just teleport through. You test out the crank, happily singing.
"It's gonna be made of concrete, and it's gonna go ninety feet..."
Works fine. You slip out of your armor and fasten it together.
"Pris? Can you move?"
The suit looks down at it's hands, then gives you a thumbs up.
"All systems normal. Do you need something from me?"

Do you?
>Make a guard tower if we don't have one already and put armor pris (maybe a new name for this form of pris is in order? I was tginking aegis would sound nice since it rhymes with pris) and tell her to stay cloacked when necessary and to notify you immediately if she sees anyting considered a hostile or just anu creature ingeneral i guess
But no robutts! I want my Cherry 2000!

No boobs or long legs nice butts, make me go woop woop!

>Make a fembot of yourself (Cherry 2000).
File: IMG_0725.gif (29 KB, 681x549)
29 KB
You think for a little.
You could build a robot of yourself, but that'd take a lot of time, and you don't even know how to build circuits, motors... plus there's the coding.
You look at Pris...
Maybe you don't have to build it yourself.
"Yeah, I need you to build a robot. Preferably female. There's a good reason, I swear."
Pris shuffles her feet.
"Eh... okay?"
"Also, could you assemble it in the tower? You can keep an eye out for anyone coming near."
"I guess I could. What are you doing?"

>[]I'm reserving the statues for martyrs and trusted comrades... but maybe I should build one each for Krystal and Sasha. It'd be an interesting conversation piece, at any rate.
>[]I need to furnish this place. It's too echoey.
>[]I need to design some flags. They'd spruce up the outside, and also make any forces I muster instantly recognizable.
(Pic related, it's the fortress layout)
>[x]I need to furnish this place. It's too echoey
We mtv cribs now
>I need to furnish this place. It's too echoey.
>[]I need to design some flags. They'd spruce up the outside, and also make any forces I muster instantly recognizable.
On the part with the statues, we should smooth it out to a nice flat polished sheem, then draw in pictures a chronicle of their live, their greatness and they fall. Then put the statue ontop of it if there's space, or just carve it into the top of the picture story epic.
"I'll be doing some Feng Shui. Having piles of furniture in the front hall isn't very convenient."
You begin decorating your fortress, starting with your bedroom. It needs to look it's best, after all. A very spacious and comfortable bed, some chairs, a desk, this wonderful rug...

After a while, you go back to the main hall. The rooms are all settled, at the very least, they don't look ugly. While you were at it, you made some glass with sand and lightning and installed that, too.
It's banner time. You take the bolts of blue cloth into the workroom and begin thinking.

What should you put on these, anyway?
>[]A star.
>[]A lightning rune.
>[]Genderfluid symbol.
>[]Something else.
Very crudely try and draw yourself shooting Satan in the dick. Then once failing that, go with the lightning rune.
>[x]Genderfluid symbol.
Because fetish
are ya with me OP?

Make sure to scribble over he previous drawing and do the same runes on the same banner.
File: IMG_0733.png (17 KB, 500x501)
17 KB
You snicker as you crudely draw a picture of yourself shooting Satan's testicles off with a sniper rifle.
...yeah, no. This looks like a child's macabre art piece. Maybe you could get an artist to paint the scene for you...
Until then, you scrub off the drawing and get to work with a needle, seeing some white runes into the fabric and adding a black border. You don't know what these might do. Maybe shock someone..? We can't have that. It'd probably hit Pris. You sew a genderfluid symbol into the background, with some darker blue thread. That oughta confuse someone.
You recreate the design on several banners and flags, securing them to various spires and unadorned walls around the fortress. It's beautiful.
You smooth out the statue blocks. Might as well do it now, even if you don't have anyone to carve.

What do you do now?
>[]Check up on Pris. Is my sexbot done yet~?
>[]Take a bath. You managed to rig up something with a hot spring.
>[]Carve some knights out in the front to make it look scary. You've got eight places, might as well use some.
>Carve some knights out in the front to make it look scary. You've got eight places, might as well use some.
>Check up on Pris. Is my sexbot done yet~?
You carve out some pretty big statues holding the pommels of their swords. You take extra care to make the armor sharp-looking. You even put some glowing runes behind the eye slits.
You climb back into the fortress and take a look at the interior.
Your phone rings.
"Alagos! Someone's ramming the portcullis!
Oh, goody! You run up to the battlements and look down at the idiots.
There was the sniper from earlier, a few people in makeshift armor with a wooden ram, and some dude in a robe.
The sniper looks up at you.
The sniper signals the soldiers to keep ramming your gate.
Fine then.
"I've got a suggestion! Here, everyone follow the happy ball!"
You draw a smiley face on a grenade and throw it at the assault team. They scatter, and the grenade explodes, smashing the ram.
The attackers keep running. No respect, man. No respect at all.
You sigh and go back inside. You wish you had claymores. And turrets.

What do you do now?
>[]Check up on Pris.
>[]Go to sleep. This neighborhood used to be great, now gangs are moving in...
>[]Just had an amazing idea. This place needs (what does it need?)
Posted before I saw that. Sorry.
Forgot to mention, I'm going to try making that banner in photoshop tomorrow. Wish me luck. I'll need it in case anyone asks what I'm doing.
...huh. Could you clarify how this would translate into the quest?
Grumble about dam kinds on my lawn, and start dreaming about setting dildo traps.
(Thought it might be something like that)
You spit expertly between the portcullis bars, muttering something about them varmints on yer lawn. You didn't figure out their ethnicities, so you can't safely make any racist comments.
You decide to go check up on Pris. She's sitting at the top of the tower, soldering some circuit boards. The external plating looks about half finished.
Pris looks up at you.
"Hi, Alagos. I'm doing pretty well. Nothing's blown up so far. I actually had a question for you... what are you putting in this? It won't be very useful without an AI..."

>[]It's for you.
>[]We're going to digitize my brain and put it in there.
It's okay :)
>It's for you
>For both of us.
We will have electric sex, inside the robot brain.
>It's for you
Expand harem
It's for both of us
We are one
We are many
>Physical sex with a robot
>Mental sex between two different programs inside the same robot body
How high are you anons right now?
I love it
"It's for the both of us." you tell Pris.
"I-I see... interesting. Actually, that ''is'' interesting. I have no data on what would happen if two thinking programs occupied the same space."
She begins working faster.
"I don't know when I'll be done. Hopefully soon. I'm going to have to synthesize the gel... it's not necessary, but it'll improve the overall experience."
Nice to know she's on it. You climb back down the tower.

What do you do now?
>[]Chill in the basement hot spring.
>[]Go to sleep.
>[]Find some food. You don't need it, but food's delicious.
>Chill in the basement hot spring
>[]Find some food. You don't need it, but food's delicious.
Or find ways to make food grow here, lets make a garden or orchard.
File: IMG_0743.jpg (91 KB, 489x261)
91 KB
You walk outside and begin digging through the snow. A few feet down, you find some soil. You dig up a good amount and dump it into some pits you dug in the basement. You carve a tune on the ceiling that shines light down on it and teleport to the village to steal some seeds.
You plant the seeds and water them with some melted snow, then take off your clothes and climb into the hot spring.
It feels great. It could only get better if Sasha were around to wash you. You suppose Pris could do it, but the whole doom marine suit is kind of a turn-off.
It's kind of warm... and you haven't slept for a while... you slip into unconsciousness. Luckily, nobody wants to bother you in your dreams.

(Question, anons. Do you want your sexbot to look human, or more robotic (but still sexy)? I can post pics of each outcome if you want. By the way, pic related is the flag you made earlier. I was pressed for time, so this was the best I could do. Last thing, what do you do when you wake up?)
Hey, as long as its got a few holes, I'm sure it'll do.
Just making sure.

...I still need to know what you guys are doing after you wake up. This might actually be a good time to end the thread.
New thread.

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