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Ogres of the Swamp, the strongest and proudest family on the plains

Quick rundown available upon request for easy introduction.

~24hr turn

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2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/991348/

Previous Thread
>>991348 (Last update in there)

Beginning of last update. It's like 3 posts
Rolled 7 (1d100)

>Human slaves: ~15
Did we not get a bunch of new ones with our lassoes?
Rolled 95 (1d100)

Have another roll

>Diplomacy with Mountain Ogres: Ask them what they (and trolls and gobbos) think of the Gobbo King. See who they'll be loyal to in coup.

>Use new source of rocks to continue construction projects.

>Research: Jooze Pottery

River Camp:
>Look for sources of wood (use gnoll/human axes to fell trees) and also help collect clay for pottery.
Yeah, but they're not at the city yet. I forgot to add that into the attack. Not sure how effective lassoes would have been in the middle of an ogre charge onto a spearwall. Perhaps carrying them as secondary weapons for after breaking through lines would be more effective? I'll keep that in mind for next time
Yeah, I was thinking that we were going to take prisoners as the battle winds down, rounding up the stragglers and snatching up civilians caught in the crossfire.
The military performed an organized retreat. The town had already been evacuated

i vote for this
What's the full pic, I tried to reverse search but found nothing.
ah, mii fargots dat.
Anyway, no complane, da ttak wint bedder dan ekspektid du be bone nest.
I guess I should probably post sometime, seeing as it's the weekend and all
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Starts to chafe, I like to split it up into several 30 minute faps with intermittent foreplay for extended periods. I also had a nap and played vidya. Overall, I'd recommend it
Rolled 54 (1d100)

It's in the previous thread
Just get a onahole 50 bucks never chafes heavily recommend
Your vote will be noted for the turn

Just want to figure this out.

The fire spreads quickly to another house, the shouts and uproar causing the various ogres nearby to push other ogres off of their entertainment and out of their way. The resulting cascade of panic and over-the-top worry, causes several humans and goblins to be trampled. Luckily, some of the ogres grab their respective slaves as they escape. ~18 human slaves left (These are tough, strong men don’t forget. Soldiers by craft, used to long hard days of toiling and no stranger to death or hardship). About 12 goblins were crushed

Once outside the town, the ogres turn congregate around the salvaged goods pile and look back to see that although the fire is spreading, it isn’t spreading nearly as quickly as it could be.

Only about 5 buildings are on fire.

Sheepishly glancing at one another, several ogres go back in the town to begin salvaging more goods and meat. They focus more on dismantling building supplies, several collecting spears from what was left of the spike wall.

There is some discussion regarding whether dead ogres are food. (WHAT HAPPENS TO DEAD OGRES?)

[I’ll mostly just add bonuses for salvaged stuff, I don’t wanna list it all. My imagination isn’t that good and I might think of cool stuff later. Also, if you “recommend” that it’d be neat if we found something, I’ll take it in strong consideration. Especially if multiple people vote for it. Plus, ogres hardly have bookkeepers.]
Answering Thrith, the Crimson Blade of the Goblin King, Zreck comes' his warhammer held loosely at his side. A little wayward from the craziness involving the fire and the ruining of his orgy.

Thrith congratulates Zreck on a wonderous victory and suggestssssssssss, with a strong and passively angry emphasis, that he be informed of any further offensives. He then explains that working together would be more effective and then “perhaps” the boat would not have gotten away.

“Nevertheless,” Thrith is a reasonable one and understands hatred against the less civilized races.

He wants the entire warhost that attacked the human town to be donated to The Goblin King, as their alliance has many enemies and ogres are well-renowned in battle. Much honor with Zonir is gained due to the several ogre companies and “Zonir would be sure to reward you greatly”

IN RETURN, Thrith will lead the offensive on the next human settlement. That ship must have been going somewhere, he explains. And if the humans are not thoroughly thrashed, they will attack the weakened ogre camp. He will also leave the mountain ogres and their armor for you to take notes from. He will also allow all of this battles' loot to be yours, providing that he gets the pick of the next battles’.

How does Zreck respond?
Noted, I want one, but I just haven't done it. Perhaps I'll do that soon...

Ogre Weaponry: 75 gnoll weapons, 100 human spears, 2 human swords, 7 human bows, 75 rock warhammers (30 at home), Ranged unit (rocks)

Ogre Force: ~500 able bodied, 35 mildly wounded, 35 seriously wounded. Almost all able bodied are armed.

Human slaves: 18 humans

Evil Force: ~500

330 goblins
100 hobgoblins
40 ogres
8 trolls
we is half da army we get half the loot and half the slaves

but send 10 of the mildly wounded and all the heavily wounded back with the slaves.

Also totes worth it I was thinking about it for years finally did it. Better then real pussy.
Nah mang.
You can halv half of dis pattle's lute despit not doing anything for it.
We will go back to ogreville for now.

Ded ogres are ceremonially burned at the alter to Zenir. Their bones are then engraved, with the skulls being mounted at the temple/family dwelling and their other bones used as heirloom weapons and armor.

It would be cool if we found some more oxen, wagons, some metal ingots/anvils/etc. and maybe find a catapult or somtin.
Actually modifiying the ded orgre ritual a bit.

>When the ded are processed, their blood is drained into jars. Then there meat is butchered , ritually cooked with ""special sauce"" and eaten.
This is done as a prayer for strength.

>The Testicles are eaten by ded ogre's children.
This is a prayer for fertility.

>The Phallus however is preserved and used as ritual dildos for ceremonies. It is preserved by stuffing a bone from the deceased inside and coating the whole thing with jouze.
These are used for coming-of-age ceremonies.

>The remaining bones are then engraved and used as weapons and armor. And the skull is mounted in the temple.
This is to harness the strength of the ded ancestors.

>Finally the drained blood is mixed with life jooce and the mixture is used to bathe the temple slavemaidens before the ded ogre's family fugs them.
This is to help give the grieving family some closure as well as a prayer for interracial fertility.
bump for Ogre power.
Ok, I have a better one this time:
Bumping for Ogredumb
Rolled 65 (1d100)

ogre loyalty
Rolled 63 (1d100)

March on the human settlement

The Ogres of the Swamp, the strongest and proudest family of the Plains has had enough of war for now and Zreck informs Thrith that the ogre host will return to OgresVille.

Thrith sighs heavily and leans back in his chair, his dark, covered eyes flitting over the leader of the ogres. He continues with a slight gesture of his hand.

“Very well. Since the Ogre village will need to defend from the human attack, 300 ogres will do, but The Goblin King may not be very pleased, so he’ll need to keep his mountain ogres and their armor.”


As the 2 armies travel back to OgresVille, some of the sneakier ogres begin asking questions to the “evil” mountain ogres about Thrith. Apparently, they answer by looking around to see who’s overhearing and then whispering that he’s bad and ogre no really like him, but Crimson Blade not bug ogre who listen. They refuse to speak of a coup

The goblins answer in much the same way, but literal fear overtakes them before they realize you are likely not in Thrith’s employ. They then become much more giggly and hackly and no clear response is given, or rather, each goblin queried seems to respond in a different way. You can’t tell if they’re being genuine or not.

The trolls seem to be puzzled by the question, what isn’t to like about Thrith?

You aren’t dumb enough to question the hobgoblins

Apparently, the arrival procession’s rank and file was for show. The evil host kind of just mills about when they march for real. Slow-movers are quickly punished tho. Some confused looking “evil” goblins and ogres are carrying various bits of wood and tables and shit.
Transport of rocks from The North set to ongoing

The rocks are quickly put to use on the wall and the temple. Some shiny rocks end up traveling down as well. They are pretty.

Noting the effectiveness of the finely crafted ogre bowls, Dong-Key sets out to making juice bowls and things. By using a rock base, he is somewhat successful. JUICE BOWLS [CULTURE ADDED: Fancy eating]

Juice Healing: Halted

Fancy eating: New and fancy ways of creating food and holding it on more intricate plates and such is held in higher regard

Burial rites noted.

River Camp:

Fishing is booming with the help of the walri, several of the sea ogres make dens in the town itself, creating semi-permanent residence.

More Sea Ogres arrive, with them a seemingly revered walrus, whose scratchy whisker beard is respected by the others. He sets up a place in town and honks a lot.

Hunters return to the fishing village and report a forest to the east, about a turn or so away. Some of them brought some sticks as proof
Population: ~1035 (70 injured) (counting is for chumps and hoomies)
Population growth: +~35/turn (stabilized)
Weapons: 75 gnoll weapons, 100 human spears, 2 human swords, 7 human bows, 75 rock warhammers (45 more at home), Ranged unit (rocks), 20 armor at home
Tech: Abysmal, you’re above retarded! Found a lot of foreign weapons and some shields. ~120 ROCK WARHAMMERS. You use clubs and shit you can find. But there’s no trees. So you’re using Goblin gifts: You have some pieces of wood, many use them as weapons. Some of you use big rocks as melee weapons, sometimes you throw rocks too.
>mediocre supply of jooce rope (lassoes), glue, poor supply of bricks. Farm learning. Decent supply of Juice nets, primitive bowls, fancy juice bowls
Food Supply: Hunting, spoils of war (dead bodies), fishing (requires juice nets, boost from walri), small amount from human farm
Housing: poor-quality brick foundations, decent huts, Mediocre huts, poorly made huts, few use holes beaten into the ground.
Temple construct begun- somewhat halted-, able to praise Zonir inside of it now - set to ongoing
Zreck house begun,-somewhat halted- looks slightly less like frankenhome with pieces of brick, wood, bone decorations and hide somewhat organized- set to ongoing
Magic: Rubbing yourself produces interesting juices of questionable qualities, juice rope, pseudo rope, juice glue, primitive bowls, juice bowls, juice bricks, juice nets
Research - interspecies breeding set to ongoing
Sneak + hide - gained: general skill level: decent - ongoing
RAGE: Ogre no lik trik
Armor copying, Armor (+10/turn), juice additives, fancy eating - set to ongoing - CULTURE BONUS
Dry moat complete
Wall construction halted at ~1/5 completion (Warhammer production has affected it)
Zonir’s attention has been gained, he is Very Pleased with the Ogres of the Swamp: the strongest and proudest family of the plains
Human slaves: ~15 (~18 soldier slaves not at home) (Treatment: pleasant-ish, gentle rapes occuring, farming/building)
Human slave growth: +<1
Gnoll slaves: ~6 (Forced to build. Rapes occuring)
Gnoll slave growth: +0
Culture: Hats (hat armor), higher, bigger and fancier houses, Class structure: army creation, farmers/building sects
Bro it's been like 6 days make a new thread.
and the thread is still alive. I'll make a new thread when I feel like posting next. It's taken like 4 days to hit page 7, I think there's a bit of time.
It's just it never bumps so if they didn't pin the quest like I did no one will play but me.
>Keep studying combat skills and armor from mountain ogres

>Continue building projects with new rocks and bricks.
(hide the shiny rocks in a hole in the ground behind the temple for now.)

>Research: Juice Healing

River Town
>Try making boats from BIG Jooze Bowls. If dat no work Try to make BIG stick bowls.

Is the gobbo army even still in town or did he leave?
They just have to use the catalog
Oi, is this quest alive?
ya, just slow. He tries to update once a day or so.
Good because swamp ogres a best
Swamp Ogres is the strongest and proudest family of da plains.

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