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For new players
What is this? You are playing as Delilah, a thirteen year old runaway. Betrayal and mysteries surround her as she tries to survive.

The complete record of what has happened so far (warning; very long and messy, it will be made into an easy to read and cleaned up version):http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04

And a quick glance of the who and what: http://pastebin.com/tsrdSPqd

Feel free to ask questions!

Previous Thread
I must confess, this quest has me saddled with a permanent grin now. Between the players and our resident Cowboy, it feels strange knowing that such fun surrounds the shitshow of life that belongs to Delilah.
One of the two boys pls. Por favor.
I'm great at parties.
Since we're split on who the child is, I will wait a little more for a tie breaker on this one.
That doesn't seem right, but at least it's support for my choice.
How about ALL OF EM.
I don't even remember any of the children desu, just pick one
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I think you should mark spoilers in the 'quick glance.'
I think you should accept my apologies and my bad
Marilyn runs over and grabs onto Lawrence's leg. You look around but you don't see her grandfather or anyone else in sight.

"Where's Sam? Are you alone?" She looks up at you, tears welling up in her eyes as she nods. Lawrence gives her a comforting head pat as she wipes away her tears.

"I was with pappy and the others earlier at home, but then Ms Claire was about to have her baby and these men tried to enter the building...we had to leave and I got separated...I don't know where anyone is..." She's in tears again. "Pappy always told me if I got lost to wait here, but no one has shown up yet...I'm freezing..."

"Okay, try to keep calm okay? We're going to get somewhere warm for the night, and figure out what to do from there, alright?" It feels weird that you are offering her solace, since she's only a bit younger then you. Your words are appreciated though as she nods

"Is this place much further Lawrence?" He shakes his head and has you continue to follow.

Even though she's younger, you're glad you have Marilyn along too. Despite the fact he hasn't done anything to hurt you...

The fact that Lawrence is a man scares you some.

You come to the hotel thirty minutes after the sun has set. Along the way you show Marilyn the puppy and let her hold it. Holding Buttercup seems to make her feel a little better.

Nickle 'n' Dime Motel

It sure looks like it cost a nickle and dime to build...the neighborhood isn't much better either. You and Lawrence scrap together your cash and manage to get a two bedroom for $35.

The inside...well at least there's a roof over your head and a lock on the door. You feed Marilyn some of the dried fruit and she plays with Buttercup afterwards. You sit at the small table provided in the room with Lawrence.

What do you need to know?

I'm sorry if these updates are a little messier/rougher then usual. After tonight I don't need to worry about classes anymore though so please bare with me!
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>bare with me

What happened? What'd Roger do?
How are you feeling?
Be sure to check his wound
You don't want to upset Marilyn any more, so you talk in a low voice.

"What happened? She mentioned that men came to the building and now you guys can't stay there." The answer Lawrence writes out takes a while, but you wait patiently.

I don't know the exact details, I was out at the time. I was bringing back some food when I saw people in uniforms in front of Good Hope. I think they just got there. Most everyone else was sneaking out the back. I couldn't get over there without being seen to I had to go around the long way. By the time I was there the place had been stormed. I got to talk with Sita and Lara before they rushed off to help Sam with the baby. There had been buzz about something like this happening.

"What about..." You look back over to Marilyn to make sure she isn't paying attention before whispering lower. "...what about Roger?..."

This time, Lawrence takes a long time with his answer as he thinks and writes. You're anxious to find out, but as you wait you help Marilyn get ready for bed. You get her changed into one of your shirts and in bed curled up with Buttercup and return to the table. Lawrence is still writing, and a few minutes later you are given an answer.

Roger was the only one still hanging around afterwards. I came up to him and tried to figure out what was going on, but he kept saying he didn't know. I couldn't figure out who else would do something like this to the group, so I kept pressing him. He tried to run and I thought for sure it was him. When I caught up to him he tried to fight me.

After this is a line of marked out words, he must have struggled to say this next part.

I got angry.

Your heart drops a bit, but you try to keep your face neutral. You don't want him thinking that it alarmed you.

After I- More crossed out words finished, I went to calm down. But I could see the street from there, and I saw Edward and one of the men in uniform talking. I think Roger was telling me the truth.


He was the one who was letting us live there. He's the owner of Good Hope.

What would you like to ask or do now?
Check his cut and change the bandages
After you do that, check on Marilyn.
I'm gonna finish this art history quiz really quick then update.
If Roger wasn't the one to sell the group out...

Then Lawrence has done a terrible thing.

You decide that it would be best to switch the subject.

"We should check on your cut. If it's infected we might be able to tell." You can't help that there is some anxiety in your voice, but you go to get the bandages, hoping he doesn't notice.

Lawrence lays down on the empty bed and you take a look at his stomach.

"It looks as clean as it can get...but I don't think it's closing yet." It's in just the wrong area, the natural movement of his body is probably aggravating the cut too much for it to start scabbing over. You contemplate the other option...would the needle in your bag even be strong enough?...

You notice his hands resting on his chest. The left one is still a bright red mess...the right one looks much better in comparison. They looked both looked awful earlier...why was this one healing so much better already?

What do you do for the cut?

Sorry for the short update/long wait. Kicked that quiz's ass though.
stitch it up
Today has been a bit slow and I have not been on my a-game, so I may call it an end a bit early for updates and work on some other things.
If there is a chance of the needle breaking off inside him then we should just let it wait a while longer, keeping it as dry and clean as possible.
You may or you are with that post?
I've had to do some running around today and some finals work so that post will probably be it for the night! Sorry it wasn't a more exciting cliffhanger, but tomorrow updates will happen as usual!
Usual long waits and random delays?
But I joke, thanks for running yo
>The left one is still a bright red mess...the right one looks much better in comparison. They looked both looked awful earlier...why was this one healing so much better already?
also slurp up all his blood and curl up next to him
Of course anon, the waits and delays only serve to allow more suffering from you
Also it is hard being a house cowboy when my cats mess up stuff I just cleaned ;_;
Suffering begets suffering
>If Roger wasn't the one to sell the group out...

>Then Lawrence has done a terrible thing.

We've done some terrible things, too, also acting hastily on incomplete information. Maybe Lawrence is more like us than we thought; maybe we're more like him than we thought. He's done some bad things, but we've also seen him do some really sweet, kindhearted things. Maybe the mistakes we've made don't have to mean that we're a bad person, after all.

These are things I imagine Delilah thinking at this point. This seems like it could be a turning point for us, in a big way.
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File: Spoiler Image (100 KB, 794x837)
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100 KB JPG
A quick preview for an illustration I'm going to try and finish, but for now this cowboy needs to hit the dusty trail.
No bully and behave!
wait for him to go to sleep and then lick his knuckles
Also apparently we licked his right hand earlier so vampires have healing saliva in this universe
After much consideration and thought I have finally decided apon a theme for this quest:


It's relevant, I promise.
Clean his wounds and let them get some air. Asking him for permission so soon might be too weird for him.

Curl up in a blanket next to him.

... maybe once he's asleep.

Holy ambiguous powers, cowboy!
You decide to clean the cut up once again to be safe. This time you just use soap and water, much gentler compared to the vodka. He's almost asleep during the entire time, which is probably the best for you.

If the knuckles you fed from are already healing so well...then maybe if you did the same for?...

You doubt if he would be okay with you doing that though. At the very least you would probably end up with a heart attack before you could get the words out to ask. Still...if he doesn't start to heal up...

It's either you mouth or the sewing needle...

Once you finish applying a new bandage you check out the sewing kit you bought. There's three different sized needles...would they be strong enough though? Fabric is one thing...but skin? You shudder at the thought of forcing one of those through and quickly put the kit away. Your head feels light...

You let Lawrence know that you need some air and step right outside the door. Outside and alone, you take the time to collect your thoughts. The cold air is still and your breath shows up as a small cloud, you look around at the cars and other rooms. You can see some of the lights still on in the windows. At the set of rooms across from yours, a car pulls up and an older man steps out. The car looks pretty expensive...why would he stay at a roach motel like this? As he goes to the door you see a girl step out of the passenger. She's a little older then you...but not much. Despite the heavy make-up and her provocative clothes, you can recognize a girl underneath the adult disguise. As she waits for the man to open the door, she looks across the parking lot and your eyes meet.

For whatever reason, you offer her a wave. She continues staring at you till the door behind her opens. As she is about to go in, she gives you a smaller and less energetic wave back. She and the man disappear into their room, and you decide to go back in.

You take the time to shower and clean yourself up, but you think back to the girl.

She didn't look like she was going to enjoy herself at all.

You come back out and see that everyone has long since been asleep. Marilyn curled up on one bed with Buttercup while Lawrence is spread out on the bed closest to the door. You can see his left hand, flat against his chest and you consider trying to sneak another taste...

But you end up in bed next to Marilyn instead. As you're about to fall asleep, she turns over to you, tears in her eyes.

"Bunny..." She whispers, she sounds like she just woke up.

"What is it?"

"I...I miss my pappy...are you sure I'll find him?"

You hug her. "We will."

You can feel her lip is quivering, she wants to cry more but she's doing her best not to. You keep your arms around her till she is back asleep, then lay on your back.

If Lawrence is healing up by morning, what is your plan?
File: StorySoFar.png (30 KB, 300x100)
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A lil update before I officially start getting back in the groove. Now I must go feed on some eggs

I also felt this banner was slightly appropriate.
oh fucking hell, I made a minor major typo!

If Lawrence ISN'T healing up by morning, what is your plan?

I try so hard guize ;_;
Gotta feed from his hand. No way around it. Lawrence needs to be fit for fight, and we have to know if we're actually able to promote healing this way.

Healing someone... with this awful desire. We... could have saved Michele...

That does make something of a difference, but at least you caught it before it caused a ruckus.
Usually when I have written longer stuff for school and what not I write everything, sleep on it, then edit the next day. Doing the editing right after writing has a bit of toll on my quality control ;_; well that and my natural incompetance
I think I know a song that fits this quest.
Dresden Dolls - Delilah
if it isn't healed up, point out how you licking the other wound may have helped it heal faster. Not to sound weird or anything, why would you go around licking gross ass wounds if you didn't think it would help? Even for the blood
We're like a maggot. Perhaps disgusting in a sense, but what we eat helps to clean the wound and encourage healing. A parasite, yes, but perhaps we have a niche of our own.

If we're going for depressing music about homelessness we can't do better than Sufjan "Sad Banjo" Stevens.

Because it actually can help and remains an instinctive response in animals, as well as occurring communally in some primate species. The concern is the amount of bacteria in the human mouth, though that'd assume Delilah is fully human.

It'd be an interesting take on vampirism. The body can digest blood and various other human materia, even requiring it to fully function, but in return produces broad-spectrum antimicrobials.

And then someone comes in and screams about how that's unrealistic like that's a major concern. :^)
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 406x425)
38 KB
You look over to Lawrence's bed. His snores drift over, and as you focus you can see the shape of his body in the dark. Maybe his hand healing is a weird coincidence...your father always said the human body worked in strange ways.
But then...what if it's your body that is strange? You need to know for sure that it's healing because of you. If you tell him that and you're wrong...he'll think you're crazy.

Rising from bed slowly, you creep over to where he sleeps. You watch his chest slowly rise and fall, he seems to be sleeping hard.

You can do this...every other time you've done this horrible thing it was without consent...this should be no different...at least you are trying to help this time so it should be fine...right?

Kneeling down, you slowly put your mouth over his left knuckles. Can't wake him up...you work carefully. You suck just enough that you can taste that sweet wonderful taste...that amazing sweet wonderfu-

No, no you need to show restraint. You quickly pull away and step back. Lawrence shifts a bit...but stays asleep. Alright, can't take any more chances. You slink back in bed, listening to Marilyn's and Buttercup's light breathing.

Watch, you're just being silly...you aren't anything amazing. A parasite, that's all. You'll feel stupid and terrible about it in the morning...

As you fall asleep you take another glance over to Lawrence...you swear you can see his eyes half open looking at you. Quickly you turn away from him and fall asleep.

As a child, there was a big fear you had. What was it?

Take this sketch. Technically anything is open, but chances of beach fun are pretty low.
Invertebrate paracites
Moths. And mothmen.
Nightmare with Lawrence as mothman confirmed.
File: Delizzla.jpg (90 KB, 600x1200)
90 KB
But guise
File: TE9eN0R.jpg (17 KB, 500x374)
17 KB
She grew out of the fear because moths are actually cuties. Everything works out.
File: 81rpfx57o1_500.gif (1.99 MB, 500x320)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
I support this fear of moths
When you finally sleep, you have a nightmare that hasn't happened since you were younger.

Moths use to terrify you as a child. Something about them being an ugly looking butterfly, or the way they only come out at night...something about them use to give you the creeps. You would freak out if one ever landed on you, and they gave you terrible nightmares. Moths would pick you up and carry you far far away...something about making you the queen for their mothman or....something stupid.

Of course as you got older, you could see that they weren't scary at all. And definitely not the worst thing you could find at night.

This nightmare starts off similar to the other ones, you walking in a dark place with a candle for light. A pack of moths come and land on you...but instead of simply flying off with you...

Huge mouths and sharp teeth penetrate your skin, sucking away at your body. You try to run, but of course they are stuck to you. Instead you try to rip them away, pulling them by the handful as you flee. You manage to remove them all, but run into a person. Too late you can see that this is a man...a moth man...

He grabs your arms and holds you down, his mouth coming down to latch onto your body. You try to look at his face...

But you are pulled away by the sound of sirens. Lawrence is already at the window peering out. Marilyn is sitting up next to you, a growling Buttercup in her arms. You go over and stand by Lawrence, peering out the blinds.

Across the street you see that there are a few police cars and an ambulance parked by the room you saw the girl go into last night. The fancy car isn't there. As a stretcher walks out, a white sheet covering the body, you see the hand underneath fall limply to the side. The girl's bracelets are visible even on this overcast morning.

Quickly you take a step back from the situation. You want to be thankful it's not for you...but you feel sorry for that girl.

You go over and assure Marilyn that everything is alright, getting out breakfast for her and Buttercup. As you pass Lawrence some of the dried fruit, you take a look at his hands...

His left knuckle only has some small scratches that are healing over now.
You have about two hours before you need to leave this motel room, what do you do?
I don't know I would've figured that licking the wound would make it take longer to heal, something like how mosquito saliva causes inflammation and prevents blood clotting.
At least this way we have an excuse to lick Lawrence all over his body
Funfact!: There are butterflies that have been know to drink blood!
Take Lawrence aside and tell him you can heal his wound with your blood drinking and it's totally not you want to have another hit of that sweet sauce.
Motion towards Lawrence's right hand and ask him if that's normal. The quick healing.

If not, motion to his left hand and tell him we're sorry. We just had this... weird feeling after seeing his right hand and couldn't let it go.
Tell him that there are butterflies that have been known to drink blood and that you are a beautiful butterfly trapped in a little girl's body.

Also if he doesn't agree to the blood sucking, try to sew him up, just be careful not to lose the needle(s)
We should admit to Lawrence that we are the cause of his accelerated healing. He should be able to decide for himself what to make of it.
File: tegaki.png (37 KB, 400x800)
37 KB
Super cute!
Would be bitten by/10
Every one of your pictures makes me yearn for a chance for Delilah to be silly. The little comments she's made, like saying "What up?" or jokingly threatening Lawrence to take care of her puppy make me think that she's probably a little dorky and has a goofy sense of humor. That side of her is adorable, and I hope we get a chance to see more of it.
File: booktuber.jpg (857 KB, 756x9800)
857 KB
857 KB JPG
Yeah let Lawrence decide whether or not he wants to trust in your healing magic saliva fun fact: saliva in general contains tissue factor that helps with clotting, then proceed accordingly.

We should head to the local library or something, there's two kids in the party now and we could use a moment of levity in an otherwise heavy week. It's a warm, public place to just get things sorted out without anyone judging you for looking homeless.

We could play games on the library computers with Marilyn or read a book. Hell, they might even have a book exchange or something so we can get something for ourselves to read.

Picture unrelated.
You sit by Lawrence at the table and point at his hands as he eats.

"How are you knuckles? They were pretty beat up yesterday..." You try to sound casual about it, just in case you're just being stupid about this whole thing. He runs one of his hands over the other, probably thinking about yesterday. However, he looks fairly surprised when his hand is smooth instead of all scabbed up and raw. He checks the other one too, and you can tell he is confused.

Part of you is excited. Even though it wasn't on purpose, you might have done something kinda useful for once...and if you could do that for his knuckles then you can do that for most things...right?

The majority of you is anxious. This means you have to tell him what you did while he was asleep. You feel guilty about it. Are you a terrible person for doing something like that without his permission? You sure feel like that...

"I um..." You fumble with your courage a bit. "I think...I think they healed up so quickly...because of me."

The scratching of pen on paper.

If it was you, why would both of them be better?

You really hoped he wouldn't ask that.

"You see...well while you were sleeping I saw that your right hand was doing so much better then...well the rest of you. But I didn't know...didn't know if it was because of me or not and I needed a way to tell..."

You look down at your hands, the table, the beds...anywhere else.

"So...so while you were asleep..." You're surprised to hear him writing already.

You took advantage of me while I was asleep?

"What? No no...I mean...I didn't do it for more then a few seconds...I swear! I wasn't doing it for...for 'that'...I just wanted to see if it would work! Your cut isn't doing what it needed to and...and it's either the needle...or me."

When you do decide to glance up you can see that Lawrence is looking away, thinking about this. Without looking at you, he writes.

You swear you didn't do it for the blood?

"I swear on my life, it wasn't for that." Even though it tasted amazing...you can't say that out loud.

Okay. Promise you'll never do that without asking me.

"I promise, I'll never do that to you with your permission."

Have Marilyn take a bath or something. I don't want her to see this.

Your body feels light. Does that mean he's letting you?...

"M-Marilyn!" You jump up over to where she is laying back down. She looks at you with half open eyes.

"We need to leave in a bit, but you should wash up first. You...you don't need help do you?"

She looks at you like you're crazy.

"...I'm ten. I haven't needed help for a long time already."

"R-right...right..." Duh. You dummy...
Soon you can hear the bathtub filling with water through the door. You convinced Marilyn to let Buttercup join her...though it wasn't hard to do that. The entire time, Lawrence has been marking something down in his book. You don't get a chance to see it as he shuts it when you come back over.

"I'm ready...if you are."

In just a moment he's laying back on the bed, shirt pulled up enough to give you access. The bandage just below his bellybutton...alright you can do it.

Why couldn't it have been on his arm?...

You remove the bandage and take a look. It seems like it's trying to do it's thing, but since waking up Lawrence has probably moved around too much for it to stay that way.

Alright...alright.. He's not looking...his arm is covering his eyes. Just a few minutes at most and you'll be done. You bend down, ready to lick...

Your eyes can't help but follow the dark hair that trails from his bellybutton and below his pants. The last time you were this close to a man...


They hurt you-

You needed help and they took advantage-

They weren't the only ones-

You back away quickly, nearly tripping as you cower to the corner. Your hands cover your face and you let out a mix of a scream and a sob. Your chest hurts...everything hurts...your head...

You struggle to breathe...

Damn...damn damn damn damn damn damn...

Behind your hands you can hear Lawrence approaching you...

He's probably wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

You were so ready to do this, and now you're in the corner crying.

"I...I..." The sound of the bathwater running is the only thing you can hear besides your own panic.

What do you try to say or do?
It took courage to admit it too him, we can't let it all go to waste now!
babble a bit about being sorry and then sob
Too much. Too close. Too soon.

Why'd he have to be a... a man?
This is the one person that hasn't hurt you, Delilah. He's not forcing it on you, if anything he's reluctant. Gotta push those memories back down, and do this for Lawrence.

I mean, think of the good things you've probably done as well. You actually did end up healing that little boy from earlier probably, right? Just, try and be as "big" about this as you can, like you were before. Otherwise we've gotta drive needles through him, and that's a much more harmful option.

Then please go somewhere and calm the fuck down.

After getting to the library, might be a good idea to see if there's somebody Lawrence can call.
We were willing to do it, and after all, it's not even s... a sex... thing.

Posted too quick. Too much to do in the kitchen.

Little clunky, but the intent seems clear.
I get what you are saying but come on, anon
She's a little girl that is dealing with a lot on her plate right now. She was abused and probably drugged by her mother for years and emotionally damaged to the point where at the age of 13 her only friend is a stuffed rabbit. Not to mention she was just raped only 2 days before by someone she went to for help and almost kidnapped and rapped again under similar circumstances. And she is responsible for the death of one of the few people to actually help her and has caused Lawrence nothing but misery since she met him. All this shit has been building up and was just triggered by being to close to him. She's not gonna be able to do this right now and if she tries to force it, it could do more harm than good for her psyche.
It made so much more sense in my head. Ech.

Three months. Not years.
You're ready for him to come up...for him to touch you...for it to hurt again...

He seems to be giving you space, keeping some distance from you. Alright...you said so before...not everyone wants to hurt you...he's done nothing to hurt you...he's only helped you so far...he's only done his best while you keep messing up...you can do this...

Biting your lip, you shakily stand to your feet, hands braced on the wall behind you.

"I'm sorry..."

"This isn't your fault..."
"You've done nothing wrong..."

You're saying all this out loud, but you wonder if it's really for him or you. A deep shaky breath and you walk up to him.

"I can do this...I need to do this...I need to make it up to you..." Your breathing becomes hitched again, your face is hot...that familiar suffocating feeling...

You stand right in front of him and as you're about to kneel down you feel him trying to push you away, stop you from doing it. He probably is worried you'll go into another panic attack...probably trying to say you don't have to do it...

But you do. If you don't, then it's like you're letting those people hurt you again. You take his hands off your shoulders.

"You're going to let me do this." You kneel down as you say this, lift up his shirt, and close your eyes.

There's that sweet taste in your mouth soon and your head begins to rush again...your head goes blank for the time you are doing the disgusting deed. As soon as you take your mouth off...

All the shame and guilt rush back. You stand up and take your steps back. You thought you would be strong and do this without any more problems, you NEEDED to do this without losing it.

You really are a wreck. You want to rush out and get some air but your body feels too disconnected from your head. This time only little sobs hiccup from your body.

Dirty...this whole thing makes you feel dirty...inside and out. You can only cover your face in your hands.

You're disgusting. A mess. A burden. A thing that will either end used up or thrown away and no one will care about once you're no longer useful for anything.

You look up enough to let your voice be just above the silence.

"I'm...I'm broken..." Those words seem perfect for you.

You end up wrapped up in a few short seconds, held tight enough to remind you of the warmth people still hold. You lean in enough to the embrace and think it over.

You ended up fine...you are okay right now. No one in this room is going to hurt you.

Marilyn comes out soon and you're still being held.

"What's wrong?..." She's concerned, and as you're let go you wipe away one of your eyes and smile at her.

"Nothing. I'm okay."

You all sit down and start to plan where to go from here.

There's a library close enough, let's go there for now. I'll figure out exactly where we are. We've talked about meeting points just in case something like this happened, but I'll need to look at a map to remember exactly where they are.

You and Marilyn agree to this and soon leave. The library is an old and cheap one, but the staff inside are friendly. At first they try to tell you that you can't bring Buttercup inside, but upon seeing that you don't have anywhere else to take her...she can be inside as long as she behaves.

Lawrence finds a map and sits down to look it over. Marilyn comes over to where you sit in a beanbag. She wants you to read her a story, but she doesn't know what one.
What your favorite kind of story to read?
>you wipe away one of your eyes
oh dear
Maximum Ride.

Fairytales. Now more than ever. Something to let us dream ourselves away.

Away from all the things that hurt...

We truly are broken.
It's the 19XX even if I took that as an answer it still would not work. Augh

From now on Delilah has a googly eye to replace her missing one.
Delilah likes to read about quantum physics
File: Spoiler Image (87 KB, 400x1200)
87 KB
>The Law
>using the phone
Pic related
You guys were really weird teenage girls.
is this a men in black reference
>implying I wanted to be a girl with cooties
I hope so.
File: Spoiler Image (50 KB, 575x314)
50 KB
You always liked to read fantasy books, so you have Marilyn help you look for one. She pulls out one, 'The Little Mermaid'. You haven't read that story before...you kind of remember the talks about Disney making this into a movie soon.

"Alright, this one is fine. Why do you want me to read it for you anyways? I think you're smart enough to do it on your own."

Marilyn's face droops down a bit as she answers.

"Cause pappy and me would take turns reading a story to each other and it's his turn..." She really misses Sam, hopefully you can find him soon.

You sit down in the beanbag chairs in the kids section and you begin to read for her. It starts off with a mermaid making a deal to become human, but she must make the prince she admires to fall in love with her or else she will die. The prince falls in love with another woman though, and the mermaid is given an option to kill him in exchange for her own life. But as she's about to do it..she realizes she loves him too much to carry through with it and decides she would rather die instead of hurt him. Since mermaids have no soul she starts to turn into sea foam, but angels take pity on her and offer her a deal. In exchange for a thousand years of work she can earn a soul and go to heaven instead.


What a depressing story...you wonder if the movie will be as sad. Lawrence motions for the two of you to come over to the table. In front of him is a copy of a map, and you can see that he has a few locations circled.

Each of these is a spot we mentioned as meet up points, but I'm afraid I don't remember the current one. They're all about three hours away from each other...but I'll let you decide which one to go to first. None of the places we talked about are officially in operation any more...or they shouldn't be at least.

On the map, you can see three different locations.

One is a school in an area surrounded by stores.

The second looks like camping grounds.

The third is by a junk yard.
Which one do you decide to visit first?
which one is closest to Good Hope?
Fanart in old thread again, Sue
You buggers keep trying to hide them from me

They're all about the same distance away from it, but spread out in different directions.
We need to figure out who our sire is and why they turned us. At this point we've concluded that we can feed on people without turning them and we were obviously bitten on the stomach and turned. Was it someone who bought us from mom so they could feed and then felt sorry for our whole situation and bit us or did they just happen upon an open window and took advantage of a sleeping girl and didn't have anyway of drawing blood other than biting or maybe it wasn't even other vampire but some crazed scientist that injected us with the virus so they could study the infection and has been following us the entire time or any or something else entirely?
And we have way to many unanswered questions about Vampirism in general. We need to do some research on it when we get the chance and maybe find an expert or something.

In that case let's go to the school first
Even if they aren't there we will have all the stores near by if we find ourselves in need of something before moving on.
The school. Considering the weather and assorted other difficulties, it'd provide the best opportunities for survival.

... I said, metagamingly.

>Referencing the real fairytale
I think I'm in love.
I don't think that's very metagamey
Delilah knows about the storm coming and it does make sense that they'd want to be inside.
Least they end up like that woman she watched die yesterday
Jump into the van, gang! We got a mystery!
If the school is offering shelter, that would make the most sense for everyone to flock to...wouldn't it? It would be safest if there was a roof over your head when the storm hits anyways...

You point to the school as the first stop.

Okay, sounds good. We'll have to walk for maybe twenty minutes and then we can take a bus for a majority of it if you want. That might be best, since there's an area between here and there that's known for it's turf war.

"Turf war?..." You ask. Before Lawrence can answer, Marilyn interjects.

"Pappy says its a bunch of boys with too much time on their hands and not enough parents to spank their butts. They all wanna fight over stupid things like who owns 'this' or 'that' location, but they're a bunch of brats."

There are some places where some big syndicates have their area claimed. They use it for drug labs and meeting points, cops tend to stay away.

"Yeah, they know if they walk in somewhere they're not supposed to then these big tough guys will pull out their guns, and BANG BANG!" Marilyn points at you with her hands as she mimics a gun. You look over at Lawrence for confirmation on this. He also points at you with his finger 'gun', and mouths 'ba~ng'.

"Oh...I see..." You feel a bit weird being out of the loop on this kind of deal. You look down at Buttercup, half expecting her to mock you too. Her big dumb eyes just stare at you as her mouth hangs open...at least you're smarter then she is. ..right?

Once again you find Lawrence leading the way, Marilyn and you close behind. At the bus station, you sit and wait while Lawrence goes to get the running schedule.
You feel like talking to Marilyn, what about?
It's a long shot but fuck it
Ask if she knows anything about vampires but if she just starts on about movies and media vampires then talk about something else
File: frauhlein.jpg (97 KB, 600x802)
97 KB
The Jews and their lies.

I couldn't help it.
I will never understand the milk. That is way too much to fit in that basin. It's going to go bad if you don't refrigerate it. Who filled them all up? Why not just keep them in their containers?
That's not milk
You're asking yourself the wrong questions. You should be asking yourself, why don't I have that much milk? Why don't I have a stern Nazi girlfriend whose decor emits volkish aura? Why don't I get waited on by a woman in a balaclava?

Once you ask yourself these questions, and not only answer them, will you understand.
Reminisce about 'The Little Mermaid'. With the things we've done... the people we've hurt. Could we go to Heaven? With what we can do, are we even human? Are we without a soul like the mermaids?

Ask Marilyn if she thinks one can make up for the bad things one does.

... but less depressing.
"That story was pretty sad, wasn't it?" You bring up the Little Mermaid to Marilyn as she is petting Buttercup.
"Mhm, but at least she gets to go to heaven now, right?"

"Yeah but she still has to work for it."

"I guess so..." Marilyn looks off and away in thought. "But I mean...if she didn't go through with all that then she would have ended up as sea foam..."

"Do you think the prince deserved to die? She loved him so much and he still rejected her."

Marilyn thinks about this, and you think the topic might be too difficult for her to understand...it is for you a bit.

"I don't think he was a bad guy..." She starts off, thinking about it more. "I mean...he wasn't mean to her or anything, right? He just loved the other lady, its not he could choose who he fell in love with."

"That's true...who do you think the bad guy in the story was then? The witch that turned her human? These kinda stories usually have someone that's evil in them."

"Um...well...all she did was turn the mermaid into a human right? She couldn't help that the prince didn't fall in love with her...she even made a knife that the mermaid could use to steal the guy's life so that she could live. The witch was just trying to help the mermaid, the prince just fell in love with another lady, and the mermaid was just unlucky...maybe there doesn't always need to be a bad guy."

"I guess so..." Your elbows against your legs and your head in your hands you slouch forward. "It just seems like stories like making someone bad so that you can hate them for all the awful stuff they do..."

"I think good people can do bad things." Marilyn adds this in, and you're a bit surprised. "Good people do bad things sometimes, and bad people sometimes do nice things. That's what pappy says. He also says what people do don't always make sense, and that sometimes someone who was a bad person can become a good person, and the other way around too."

"Do you think bad people can still get into Heaven?"

"Um...I think...if a bad person tries to do good things they can. Sometimes you do bad things and don't think about it." You can see her face scrunch up more as she thinks about what she's saying. You might have worked her brain a little too much...

"Your grandpa sounds like a smart man." You decide to change the subject.

"Hmph, he says he is but he acts so silly! I always have to remind him to do stuff or he forgets! And then his stories...he keeps telling me all of his stories over and over again! I've heard them so many times that they aren't interesting any more!" She pouts as she says this.

"I don't suppose he's told you stories about people who eat other people..." You say this in a backhanded way, more under your breath and to yourself then as an actual question.

"He's told me one about that."
"Wait...wait really?"

"Yeah...but he doesn't tell me it very often...it's one of the few I don't know by memory. He says it's too scary for someone like me to hear. But I remember him saying that they didn't like...cook people up or anything. They would just take a bite out of them or something like that."

Your heart begins to race, and Lawrence comes up to you girls in a rush.

"Oh, did you get th-"

He scoops the two of you and your bag up easily onto his shoulders and rushes towards a bus ready to take off. The bus comes to a sudden stop and swings open the doors, looking down at the sight of a grown man out of breath, a girl on each shoulder, and a puppy yipping in his hand. Turns out you guys were waiting at the wrong spot...

Luckily you are allowed on and find a seat for the three of you.
You've got some time to kill on the bus. What do you do?
For now just take a moment to recharge and enjoy the ride
Maybe try and learn what's been happening in the past few months since you've... been sick for a long time. Things seem to have gone really downhill.
Cradle Buttercup in our lap and look out the window I guess.

BTW OP, when are we gonna get our own little circlejerk n' stuff for this quest? The Titmouse guys are on IRC and most of the others already set up Twitter or other socnet.

If you're not good at computer we could just dick about on Rizon. Anyone got channel name ideas?
But then Sue would never get anything done.
Oops, accidental nap.
My bad my bad

I never get anything done now

I don't mind if enough people wanna do it. It might be at least nice for me to tell how many people are on so I can plan stuff around.
Pffft Sue will get things done just fine. We've got hella progress compared to the other quests.

Alright, I'm interested in getting to talk with some of you fine anons and playing some vidya or something when we're waiting for updates.

Discord alright with everyone actually? It might be easier for the normies.
Posting Discord link, this should work for everyone:


I imagine we're a small group, that link should last 23 minutes from this post. If you need in and it's broken, don't hesitate to ask.
Sure. I've no idea how Discord works, but everyone says it's neat.
As the bus begins it's journey you look out the window, Buttercup in your lap as you pet her. As the time passes your hand wanders to your stomach. You can't help as your fingers sneak in underneath your shirt and rub over the two little bumps. You have been so concerned with your blood fix that you haven't thought about how you actually ended up with this.
You recall the events from the past few months in your head. Before you moved...you are certain there wasn't anything there. Your 'illness' came so quickly and happened for so long...your mind is a little fuzzy on the details before then. You feel like if you were to have been bitten then it would have been while you were in those deep sleeps...after all wouldn't you notice if someone had sunk their teeth in you? Especially in such an...intimate...area. You're sure that you would have fought off anyone who tried to do that if you were conscious.

How do you even begin to figure out what happened? There are so many potential...'customers'...that could have done it and you have no idea how many. What if it was a new person every night? Or...or multiple people in a day...

No, stay focused. Don't let it eat you up. Okay, to be fair...you have no idea what kind of person did this. Technically, you don't know if someone way older or your age did this, a girl or boy...you have so little to go off of. If you could just lower the pool of suspects, even a little, then it could help you find answers...

The spacing between the teeth, they probably came from the canine...the eye teeth...that would make the most sense. The pointiest part leaving the biggest indention...

You wonder...could you at least figure out if your assailant was older then you? Or at least bigger? It might not be all that helpful, but you could at least rule out people if you ever get the chance to make a list of suspects.

If you could just find a way to compare some bite marks with yours, then you could at least try to figure it out a bit more. You should take another look the marks soon, but from where they are it's hard to get a good look...

There was a time in your life when you felt really bad for your mother before your father died, when was it?
I just like it because its designed for ease of use. Being able to use discord on any computer just by using browser is pretty goddamn appealing. Also skype was buggy and garbage and pissed me off hard.
She started falling into debt.
Well when she found out that her in-laws despised her she got pretty upset.
Family started getting into debt and it really got to her.
Well...for now you need to focus on finding everyone. Then you can start plotting out everything...

You look out the window again and your mind goes back to your childhood...

Your mother...despite all of these awful feelings you have you keep thinking back to her. There was a time when you truly felt bad for her...

Even as an itty bitty, you know that your father's family never liked her. She was the one that led him 'astray'...you can't say for sure if that is true but...they sure did hate her. Cold stares and rude words greeted her anytime there was a get together. After your grandfather died it never let up. It only became worse when your mother had gotten the family into debt. Your grandmother became even more spiteful to her. If you recall...it wasn't even your mother's fault. Something about another car running into hers? It cost so much to fix up all the damages....both the vehicle and your mothers. The person who ran into her had an amazing lawyer...she had fines to pay that she didn't deserve. You remember some nights she would just cry and cry about it...but as a kid you never knew the right way to comfort her. It bothered you to see your father walk right by her like nothing was wrong.

You must have dozed off, as Marilyn shakes you awake when the bus comes to a stop. You all get off and Lawrence finds the way on the map. A large ugly building starts appearing in front of you...it seems that you're here. A large fence surrounds the building, you try the front gate but it's locked. Your group walks around looking for anyway in...

Maybe they aren't here?...

However you come across a part of the fence near the back that looks to have been opened by wire cutters. Lawrence goes through first...he barely fits through. Marilyn goes in next and you bring up the rear. You start to look for a way in when you hear a tiny voice shout.

"He~ey! It's Law-wence and Lyn...Bunny too!" You look and see that it's Jessica's little girl, and she waves at you from the second story window. There's a loud squeal. "A puppy!!!"

Sita appears on a lower window and opens it, helping you all in. The place is dirty and dusty...but otherwise it seems stable.

"P-Pappy!..." Marilyn runs almost immediately, going to Sam and hugging him tightly. You look around and notice that few people are missing...

Jessica and one of her boys don't seem to be anywhere.
Who do you talk to or what do you do now?
Talk to Sam and see who else is here.
Talk with Sam, maybe get that story about cannibalism.
Ask where Jessica and her boy is.
>Check in with Sam

...so is Jessica actually their mother?
I say 'her kids' but I don't mean that they are.
Ah, so she's 'just' the caretaker then.

Didn't want to assume, I knew two girls who had kids before 14, and they were both apparently pretty good parents.
Ask one of the folks here about where Jessica and the rest are.
Maybe she's just off somewhere...this building is pretty huge. You go over to Sam as he's talking with Marilyn. You give them a moment but you figure it would be best to ask him.

"Excuse me, Sam?" He looks up at you as he's hugging Marilyn.

"Thank you so much for bringing her back! I thought she had gone off with someone else...I was so worried about her." She squeezes him tighter. "I'm sure she didn't stop crying the entire time."

"I didn't...I didn't cry..." Marilyn tries to sound tough, but you all know better.

"I'm just glad we could have found you guys...but I was wondering...where's Jessica?" You look around again as you ask.

"We don't know...some of us decided it would be best to go on their own but Jessica would have returned. I'm afraid she might have gone to the wrong meet up instead...we should have planned it better in case this ever happened but we never would have thought one of our own would do this..." Sam rubs Marilyn's head as she starts to calm down some.

"Wouldn't she come here on her own then if no one else showed up?"

"I don't know if she knows about this place...we never all got together to talk about this...I'm afraid someone is going to have to go get her. We might have done so already but Claire still hasn't given birth yet, I'm worried about the possibility of a c-section..." Sam thinks about it for a bit.

"If you felt like it, you could possibly go and find her. I'm sure she has Thompson with her too."

Will you go to look for Jessica? It is four hours till evening.
Go with THE LAW to find Jessica.
You know it.
She helped us out
It's only right we do the same for her
"Of course...of course I'll help find her! Just um...just give me a moment...here Marilyn..." You hand her Buttercup. "Take care of her while I'm gone, okay?" She promises that she will.

You set your bag down and make sure to carry what you need.

Cash, knife, water bottle...nothing else will probably be useful. Hopefully you don't need anything else...

You go over to Lawrence who is conversing with Sita. You wait for the conversation to finish before speaking up to him.

"Jessica and Thompson are still missing...I said I would go find them. Will you go with me?" Another favor...he looks so exhausted still...

He agrees to and asks for just a few moments. You wait around, looking at the building. How long has this place been closed?...

From the name it looks like it use to be some sort of private school, but no one has used it for that purpose in a long time. You can see some graffiti markings and damage on the walls.

You begin to wonder...are they wondering about Roger? Will they ask Lawrence? What if they ask you...what should you tell them? You're not completely sure...but you don't think he was going to leave that alley unless it was a stretcher or a body bag. Do the others know about his 'problem'...has it happened before?

Sam hobbles over on his crutch over to where you stand, something clutched in his hands.

"Since you're going...please make sure Jessica takes this right away. She absolutely must take it, okay?" Sam places the item in your hand.
Sam has just given you medication for Jessica, what is it?
[/spoiler]Blood, it's disguised but we can smell it[/spoiler]
Asthma pills or some shit like it.
Some kind of inhaler that prevent Jessica from turning into a ginger werewolf.

Or an insulin pen because she's diabetic.
You tryna be cheeky? Jokes on you I can play anything you throw nerds
It's a small glass container with a top made to be punctured with a needle. There's a label around it, but you can't really understand anything it says. Faintly, as you place it in your pocket, you can detect the slightly whiff of...

Blood? What the hell is she taking?...

"I'll make sure she takes it."

"Good, it's important for her health!"

You go and wait for Lawrence to show up. He does about fifteen minutes later...poor guy...he probably just needs to sleep. Hopefully you can find Jessica sooner then later.

The two of you carefully leave the school, keeping a constant eye out.

"Do you have any idea which place she might be?"

Lawrence shakes his head and writes a message.

I think both places are only about an hour and a half or so from here, but if it turns out she's in the other spot it will take a while to get over there. It will most likely be night before we get back either way.

The other two places you haven't gone yet...

The camping grounds.

The junkyard.

Jessica and Thompson should be at one of the locations...
Which one do you go to first?
Yo Sue, is there anyway to Sherlock reason this out where Jessica is? Or do we have to guess randomly.
To the camp grounds
Believe it or not, I had a different event planned depending on which locations you end up going to.
Right now, there's two ways this will play out for you depending on which way you choose to go, so
good luck :^)
I am on the edge of my seat right now.
The junkyard.

...where we find a vampire gang.
Giving this ten more minutes before I start writing for the sake of getting votes on where to go.
And to eat dinner. Mainly to eat my dinner.
I'll second this.
The junkyard...

where we find Jessica camped out in the carcass of an old DeLorean.
"Let's uh...let's try that junkyard first. It looks like we pass by some business strips on the way there so maybe she figured it would be safer there." Lawrence agrees and you set off. The medicine in your pocket scares you a bit...could there really be blood in there?
Maybe you'll ask Jessica about it later...

You've walked for about an hour when Lawrence has to stop and figure out which way to go next. It seems like you maybe turned down the wrong street, but it won't set you too far back. The map seems a bit dated and he's struggling with figuring out exactly where you guys are.

You look around...this area of town doesn't seem too bad. Not exactly a place rich folks would shop, but you don't feel in danger here.

Your eyes gaze over the different shops...

There's a cafe, clothing, a book store, a used car lot...

You can see someone leaving the lot, he seems to be locking up. Just as you're about to look somewhere else the man turns around and it feels like the ground beneath you has shattered. Your breathing hitches...you make sure that you're seeing this correctly...

It's the foreign man from the camping supply store.

It looks like he owns that place, he's talking to probably another employee, a young girl. Their conversation looks like a upbeat one.

You feel sick to your stomach.

You double over, sweat dripping down your face. Lawrence sees your distress and questions you on what's wrong.
What do you tell him?
That monster fucked me and all I got was this lousy knife.
Perhaps we should give it back.
File: tegaki.png (47 KB, 400x400)
47 KB
Of course. It's only polite.
>implying every event that happened to her for the last half week is the most horrific thing yet
Unless it was hand holding . Now that's just unjustified.
But what about headpats
Your body begins to shake as you speak.
"That...that man over there...he..."

You replay the events in your mind. You think about how disgusting your body felt the entire time. How you were filled with shame. They...they did something awful to you...and you're the one that feels guilty about it...

Your fingers wrap around your knife.

Their knife.

The one they gave you in exchange for your pain and suffering.

It feels like it could burn through your skin. Your knuckles turn white from how hard you grip it.

He should feel the pain that he put you through. That misery he and his friend made you go through.

It's not fair, what did you do to deserve it? To deserve anything that's happened? You bite your lip hard. The taste of your own vile blood touches your tongue. You want to make him pay. You want to ask him why you? You want to cry. You want to make him suffer. You want to make sure he never does anything like that again.

The knife is out of your pocket, and your body springs forward. You only get a few feet before being violently pulled back by your arm.

Lawrence has a grip on you, but you don't want to be stopped.

You want revenge.

"Let me go...let me go!" You struggle to pull yourself away. He only tightens his grip and his other hand comes to grab your hand that's holding the knife.

"Stop it Lawrence! I need to do this! I need this!" You're angry, why are you being stopped? That man hurt you, and who knows who else he might hurt.

You continue to struggle to pull free, tears of anger streaming down your face.

"I said let ME GO!" You end up dropping the knife, you only want to be freed now. You can't see straight. That man is so close, you're so close to satiating some of the hate you hold. You manage to pull a hand free and start beating and pushing against Lawrence's chest.

"Let me go dammit! Let me do this! That man...he...he..." You think about the words that they used during their twisted fun. Those awful coarse words they used to humiliate you. They start to make sense...you've heard those kind of words before but you understand their context now.

"I'm going to hurt him! He deserves it!Lawrence...dammit Lawrence! THAT MAN FUCKED ME!"

You're pulled close as these words leave your lips, but that just makes you angrier. It looks like Lawrence is leaning down to whisper something to you but...god...you're so angry...just let go...let someone get justice...

"I SAID LET ME GO!" You scream this and your hand rushes up.


Your hand stings, but it's not as painful as the small red hand-print against Lawrence's cheek. You find yourself in silence, and Lawrence finally releases you.

No wait...you didn't want to do that...

As you struggle to say anything you can hear footsteps from behind.

"Ah yes friends, hello? Is something the matter here?"

It's that disgusting accent. Your heart stops.
What do you do?
Last update for the night, see you guys in the morning!
File: NO.png (163 KB, 365x312)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
Perverse and verboten!
kill him
Grab the knife turn and threaten him when he feigns ignorance about us and then Lawrence attacks
Lock up with rage and fear. Fight your own body to turn around and scowl with the hatred of a thousand suns.
File: 1457215077084.jpg (777 KB, 742x1060)
777 KB
777 KB JPG
Give him back his knife.
Leave it embedded in his knee.
Could torture him for several hours. It'd only be fair.
Not that it'd make up for anything.
File: DelilahExpresions.jpg (40 KB, 384x480)
40 KB
It's time.
Slowly you bend down and pick up your knife, your eyes focused on nothing. Bastard probably doesn't recognize that its you, that you're some one he abused. It's all just a game for them, isn't it? A sick terrible game that they play out on the one's who can't defend themselves and then they laugh...they laugh at your face because of what they did.

Your grip tightens again. Even if Lawrence tries to stop it you're going to show that man the pain you have felt ever since then.

Refusing to look up at Lawrence, you hear the man come up just a few feet from you.

"Is there uhh...a problem here?"

Of course there's only silence following the man's answer. You have nothing you wish to say to him, only what you want to show him.
"Do I need to call the police? Is this man bothering you little gi-...rl..."

His words sputter out when you look over your shoulder. Despite all the anger welling up inside, your face isn't one of rage.

It's serious determination. You hope he can read your eyes.

I haven't forgotten

As he struggles for the words that escape him, the girl jogs up behind him.

"What's wrong dad? Everything okay over here?"

Your eyes widen as she says this.

This guy is a dad?...Does his daughter know about the things he does behind close doors?

You're...you're frozen up...

Lawrence suddenly pushes you along, past the two and down the street. You can't help but follow.

How many other parents are this cruel?...She...she was only a few years older then you...how could he?...

You only come to a stop when you're several blocks down the way. You still can't comprehend all this fully.

Without looking up at Lawrence, you finally speak up.
What do you say or do?
"What is wrong with him?"
"How could he do that to me and then go home to his family?"
"How could he look his daughter in the eyes? His wife?"
Also, try to not get sick to the stomach.

But we're still so getting back at him. If not kill than at the least make him a eunuch so he can't do that to anyone ever again.
We still have the cashier from the camping supply store, and he has a backroom full of evidence.
"How could someone who's a dad do that?"
You can feel your cheeks become warm and wet. You...you feel awful again...

Doubling over you try to keep calm.

"I...just give me a minute..."

Your legs feel weak and you all but collapse to the ground. Frustration...you just feel so much frustration right now.

"He...he did awful things to me...and I bet he still went home to his family with that gross smile..."

You bite your lip hard.

"I bet he kissed his wife that night...hugged his daughter..."

A small trail of blood drips down from your lip, your edge of your teeth probably stained red now.

Lawrence sits next to you and keeps a hand on your back as he writes. There's no sobbing coming from you this time, but you can't stop the hiccups that accompany your tears.

"I-I'm so-orry for s-slapping you...I was...I was just..."

You were angry at him.

You nod.

Would you have actually attacked him?

"I...I don't know...it just all started to come out..."

All that hate just wanted to pour out.

Your lip and eyebrows quiver as you read.

I know you want to get back at him. I understand. But if you were to attack him like that, what do you think will happen?

"I don't know..."

They would plaster your face everywhere even more trying to find you. Even if you ran away from your mother till you were an adult, you can't run away from being a murderer. That kind of thing will follow you. Forever


You're angry and I understand why you want to do that. If anything, remember his face. It looked like you put some fear in him already, if anything you can make him regret what he did. But I don't think murder is the solution here.

I can't keep you from making your choice, but focus on finding Jessica and Thompson for now, okay? She needs you.

You nod as your read this, wiping away your eyes.

Is there anything you need before we continue?
A hug.
We need to accuse the douche in a very public manner. The rumors themselves could destroy his life.
No. We gotta keep going. If we can focus on finding Jessica and the boy, we can push... that out of mind.

That's what the evidence is for. If we can get it before Borat tells the cashier to get rid of it.
File: Stare.jpg (49 KB, 433x456)
49 KB
Obligatory late accompanying sketch
File: Spoiler Image (341 KB, 672x288)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
You shake your head.

"No..let's go find them." Lawrence offers you a hand as you stand. Easily he pulls you to your feet. You can't help put squeeze his hand before letting go. What you really need is a hug right now, but you feel much too awkward to ask for one.

Asking for affection like that is almost foreign to you. Your dad never needed to be asked and your mother would never give it if you did.

When you arrive to the junk yard the sun has just sunk below the horizon. There are various street lights around, but the amass of, well..junk, looks ominous. Would Jessica really be hiding somewhere inside?

To get inside you have to jump over a fence that's even taller then Lawrence. Not by much, but for you that's huge. He gives you a boost on his shoulders and the fence is no trouble for you. Almost immediately you're ready to set off for your search, but you realize Lawrence still isn't with you.

Looking back, balanced on top of the fence, the big man is holding on for dear life, a look of panic on his face.

"You alright?" Does he see something that you don't? If he's scared...uh oh...

He nods and you watch as he tries to find his footing and swing his other leg over...

As you keep watching you realize...pfft.

The tall guy is afraid of heights.

In what must have been long agonizing seconds Lawrence finally lands on the ground, a look of relief on his face. You try to keep yourself from laughing.

"Maybe next time you should ask me to hold your hand. Might make it less scary." You tease him, the hint of a smirk on your face. For that you earn yourself a light flick against your forehead.

"Ah...I'm sorry!" You rub the spot on your head. He's smiling back, a 'take that' kind of grin. The side of his face is still red...you feel bad again.

Setting off inside the mess, the two of you begin the search. As you look around a big heap, you see a light off in the distance. From what you can tell, it's a campfire.
How do you go to investigate?
Let's work our way slowly and systematically towards the light, keeping our eyes out for anything of interest but always heading in it's general direction.
Carefully and in cover of the cars.
File: Spoiler Image (14 KB, 400x400)
14 KB
A campfire...that could be Jessica. She could have been out here for a long while. Still...if it isn't..you need to be careful. You begin to make your way over, stepping ever so carefully around the obstacles around. The many cars offer you something to sneak behind, so far so good.
Only a few meters away now, but you needed to get close in order to have a better view. You realize in that moment...that you didn't bring Lawrence this way.

You dummy...he can't even call for you...

You'll just take a quick peek then. If it's Jessica then you can look for Lawrence together, if not then you need to sneak out of there quickly.

A group of five men are talking and eating around a campfire.

That's not Jessica.

Neither is the man who grabs you from behind.

"Hey, look what I found snoopin' on us!" The man brings you over to the group, your arms pinned to your sides.

How in the hell did he sneak up on you? You were keeping your eyes and ears out!

You look around in panic and realize that they have been here for a long time. They must have claimed this as their place, and you're trespassing.

One of the men walks up to you.

"You wanted to see our sweet setup?" The man moves his hands around as he speaks and his voice sounds a bit...off? He talks really loud too...wait is he using sign?

It doesn't matter. What matters is that you are in a terrible situation once again.

"L-Lawrence! H-help me! Help..." You struggle as you call his name. The man in front of you looks surprised however.

"Ayo wait up, you know Lawrence? Tall guy? Uhh...side burns and a beard?" He gestures and signs all this.

How do you answer?
Tell them yes, as well as to let us go or we'll scream. We're not having this shit again.
Don't tell them anything just yet.
Hol up until we know more about their intentions, they might just be angry because they thought we were here to steal something.
"I...yes I know him...let me go or I'll sc-"

Before you can threaten him, the group all get excited and...cheer? A bunch of 'Ayyy!' surround you. They stop when the sounds of someone moving outside their circle interrupts. A loud clang and a hubcap alert them of where Lawrence is standing. He looks absolutely surprised. Another round of cheers raise up but this time it's directed at Lawrence.

"Lawrence! My man!" The loud man walks up to him as Lawrence enters their area. The man begins quickly signing, his hands moving swiftly. Lawrence watches careful and when the man stops he begins doing his own back, though he's much slower and clunky about it. He seems confident enough about what he's saying till he pauses, it looks like he's trying to remember the next part.


He tries one gesture and awaits the response, a hopeful look that he was right.

"Man, you gotta get better. You just said you got stuck in the color purple." The man laughs loudly and shakes Lawrence's hand. Lawrence spots and gestures over at you, and the man looks back towards you.

"Oh yeah, she with you?"

Lawrence nods.

"A'ight, cool. Let her go David."

The man instantly puts you down, "Sorry 'bout that missy."

The loud man walks over to you and over you a handshake.

"Didn't mean to scare you or nothin'. Well I mean, we did, but just to keep ya from comin' back. Gotta keep our turf clear, ya feel me?"

"Uh huh..." You take his hand and he shakes it with enthusiasm.

"Name is T-Dog."

"I'm Delila-...wait that's your name?"

"Nah I'm messin' with ya lil lady. It's William."

William turns around and introduces you to his group.

"Ay, listen up! This lovely lady is a friend of Lawrence, so y'all treat her nice, you hear me?" He's met with a round of yes's and he offers the two of you a spot by the fire. The guys look a bit...well intimidating but otherwise friendly.

"Now, why donchu tell me why you're down here?"
We're looking for Jessica, somebody from Good Hope.

Might want to warn them Good Hope got raided and that they should be careful moving forward.
Stick close to Lawrence. That was a little too... familiar in a really bad way.

Tell them we're missing some friends after our place was raided, and this was one of the agreed-upon meeting places if something like that ever happened. But it wasn't the... "active" meeting place.
Seconding this.
"We're looking for someone...a girl named Jessica? She's a few years older then me...reddish brown hair in a ponytail? There might be a boy about six years old with her, Thompson?"
William is, unfortunately quick to answer.

"Sorry, don't sound familiar. Why would she be down here?"

"We were staying at Good Hope , well they were...um...anyways, the place got raided and everyone had to leave. There wasn't a confirmed meeting point though, so she might have gone to the wrong one. This was one of the places we thought she might have come."

"Aw shit, you guys got driven out?" William looks worried.

"You sure it was by the police?" A man next to you, Darin, asks.

"I mean...they were in uniforms...why wouldn't it be police?"

"Well you see..." William crosses his arms, his face is serious.

"There's two options if it wasn't police officers. Now if they weren't in uniforms I'd say you guys lost your spot to a rougher group. But...now hear me out, I know this sounds crazy..."

William leans in close, the two of you fixated on his words.

"Now, don't go quotin' me on this or nothin'. But there's been talk about the city wantin' to drive out 'undesirables'. People considered a drain on resources that ain't got money already to back 'em up. Squatters like us. They think that by gettin' rid of anyone without a roof over their head it'll lower the crime rates 'n' shit, right? Dumbasses don't realize that most of it is fueled by them rich folks, but it's always easier to kick a man that's down. There's been rumors that they wanna drive us poor folks out, but how they gonna do that?"

"What?" You feel on edge.

"Folks ain't gonna just leave cause they said so. They can't legally force them to leave the city either, only prevent them from loiterin'. So instead of gettin' 'em to move..."


"They have plans to just, get 'rid' of 'em. " As William says this, he draws a finger over his neck. "That way they ain't no one's problem no more."

Do you decide to ask any further about this?
What the actual fuck are all the squatters gonna do about literal government deathsquads a la purge 2?
"That's crazy! People are just fine with this?"

We're gonna have to find Jessica real fast-like.
You can even feel Lawrence go stiff next to you.


"It's some crazy shit."

"Well yeah!" You think about everything that could mean. "And people are just...fine with this? It's murder!"

"Course there's some people that would oppose it. Sometimes you go to sleep at the top and wake up on the bottom, and once you're there you ain't gonna last long. Not without some sorta connections. But mostly people just callin' it as crazy talk, some conspiracy shit ya know?"

"Would they do that in the middle of the day though? So many people could see..." You're trying to process all of this.

"Like I said it's all rumors. Now maybe they thought you was a meth lab or somethin'." He laughs a bit at this but looks at Lawrence seriously. "You ain't runnin' no meth labs...are ya Law?"

Lawrence answers with a mixed look of confusion and 'seriously'?

"Hey now, I just wanna make sure you was doin' okay. One of the last times I saw you it was when y-" William glances at you and changes up his words. "....you was in not so good of a place man, all I'm sayin'."

There's an uncomfortable silence hanging in the air so you decide to change the subject.

"Well...even if it's just rumors then we really need to find our friend." You start to get up.

"Whoa whoa hol' up now. You gonna go out now? At this hour?" William shakes his head. "Girly, that's dangerous, even with a powerhouse like Law here with ya. You should wait till mornin'."

What do you plan to do?
Make Lawrence unfurl his magnificent mothman wings and fly us to the camping grounds.

Or stay the night and move out at the break of dawn.
Ask them for some fuckin' equipment. Like seriously, whatever they got has to be better than a dinky little pocketknife and Lawrences bandaged ass when it comes to fighting people off.
"I...I can't leave Jessica out there alone. Plus..." You wrap your hand around the medicine. "There's something important I need to get to her."

"Well, alright lil lady. But we ain't gonna let you go out empty handed." William gets up and turns to his crew.

"A'ight y'all. These guys are gonna be stupid and go out tonight. We know them people on the streets are crazy, but we gonna make sure these two put the fear of G O D into ANY crazy fuckers they meet tonight!"

"I...wait. What?" Before you get an explanation, everyone but you and Lawrence get up and move around. Different items are brought up but William dismisses them.

"Too big...too brutish...come on y'all, can't you find somethin' that suits a pretty lady?" Is William gearing you up or running a fashion show...did someone just bring out a shotgun?

Eventually, William is satisfied with what is brought out for you.

"Now, for you lil lady..." Batter gloves with worn down fingertips are slipped onto your hands.

"Is...is this it?" You look down at your hands. Well...at least you'll stay warm...

"Pff no. They is just to help you keep your grip on this beauty." William brings out a wooden bat, the words 'Louisville Slugger' in black ink on the edge. It's placed in your hands, solid and heavy.

"What? You want me to use this? I can't...I don't know how...!!!"

"Now donchu worry, that's why I gave you that. You don't need to know how! Some crazy mofo walks up to you and you just swing! Anywhere you hit will send him flyin'!"

William moves on to Lawrence before you can object. You hug the bat to your body. Can you really handle something like this?...

"Now, Lawrence. Your lil girlfriend there can carry that bat 'round the city and no one will bat an eye. They'll think she's a cutie who loves a good game! But you, you're a walking menace already. I'd give you something with more 'oomf' but we don't need ya gettin' stopped, so here..." William hands over something small in his hands...what could something that size help with? You watch Lawrence slip them over his fingers, a long metal bar covering his knuckles.


"Now, these are illegal to have so be careful, you got me?"

Lawrence nods and signs something.

"Don't mention it brotha'. You keep safe and watch your backs, you got it?" You thank them for their help and leave the junkyard. It's long since become dark, only the street lights offer you any light.

Would you rather take the back ways or stay on the main streets?
back ways
being able to see means being seen
Back ways.
Back ways.
"The back ways sounds best...we can keep out of sight from officers and hopefully that means no one can sneak up on us."

Lawrence agrees and you end up on the path. A constant eye forward and behind you. The bat is kept hugged against your chest. It feels much too big for you to handle...but William's words ring in your ears.

Anywhere you hit them will send him flying!

You grip it tighter. Good. That means that you need to try and get the person before they can get you. At least you can keep your knife for back up.


Your walk is long. Not even half way you feel absolutely exhausted, but you still have an hour and a half walk. Lawrence offers to carry you on his back, but you shake your head.

"Uh uh, I can do this. I'm not a little girl. I turn 14 next month, you know." Maybe talking with keep the sleep away.

"On the twenty-first. Then I'll be almost an adult...well kinda I guess...but I won't let anyone call me little any more!" You puff out your chest. "I'll be in charge of myself, and no one will order me around or tell me what to do. I'll learn how to cook and drive, I'll find a job somehow. I will be a great grown up. I bet all the kids will look up to me for advice. They'll say stuff like, wow Bunny is so cool!"

Even if you don't believe it yourself, it makes you feel a bit better.

You glance up at Lawrence...he's looking away trying not to laugh.

"Hey! Don't laugh!" He tries to show that he's not, but you know better. You pout your face and turn your nose up at him.

"You are laughing! How rude! Here I am opening up to you and you think it's a joke!" Of course, you're not really mad. If he's going to tease you then you can do the same.

"Least I can climb a fence without looking like a 'fraidy cat!"


You rub the red spot on your forehead again. He's got a lot of power in his flicks.


You think back to what William had said...

....you was in not so good of a place...

What might have happened to Lawrence during that time?
You need to stay awake, what do you want to talk to Lawrence about?
File: Spoiler Image (355 KB, 1500x3000)
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355 KB JPG
And the 'ayyyyy' junkyard folks.
Ask him how he came to know these merry hobos?
File: eternalpepe.jpg (10 KB, 240x255)
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I agree with satan
Rolled 10 (1d20)

I apologize I must go meet up with a friend, I will update when I return.
Hail Satan!
>clerk says knife is dangerous for little girl
>he was right as up to the motel(haven't finished catching up) she fucked up things that weren't molesters and we're friends
Irony man.
"So...those guys back there...they seemed to have known you pretty well."
A nod.

"How did you meet up with them? And why didn't you stay with them instead? They seemed pretty well...a bit odd but well off." You've learned to ask your questions together so he can write his answer in one go. Lawrence begins writing while you guys walk, you're a bit amazed by his ability to do both but you realize he's probably had to do this often.

William use to own a small repair company. All those guys use to be his employees. When I first came here it was one of the few places that would hire me. He ended up losing the business when the building he kept supplies in was robbed. He couldn't pay for new ones all at once but we couldn't keep working with out them. For a while I stuck around with them, I left at some point. I think it hurt the group that I left suddenly, but I'm glad they don't hold it against me.

"So William taught you sign language?"

Lawrence motions that it's only a little bit.

"Why did you have trouble finding work?"

It's a tough market for jobs out there. If you lose yours or don't have one at all then it's almost impossible to get another, unless you're willing to do odd jobs or hard labor for below minimum. It's even harder when you have a bad record.

"A bad record...what do you mean? Like you were fired from other jobs?" As you ask this you see Lawrence flinch a bit. You don't think he really meant to write that last line.

Yes, that can hurt. But for me, it's a police record.
Do you press him further, change topics, or walk the rest of the way in silence?

Mini bump till morning.
Doesn't sound nice. Ask him if he'd elaborate, but no need to pressure him. If not, maybe some other day.
Press him lightly, if he still refuses drop it altogether.
Seconded, he flinched, push it much less than that guy at the hunting store pushed his dick into you
This is rather coarsely worded, but it's the right idea. Push too hard and you might hurt something.
You've never known anyone with a police record...not one that you knew about anyways. On one hand you know that it's probably a touchy subject and you don't want him to think your nosy or judging.

"What did you do to get that?" On the other hand, you're too curious for your own good. After a few moments of silence you regret asking.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I'm...I'm not judging you for it or anything. I just can't figure out what a guy like you could do to get in trouble like that." You push a smile on the last bit. You're kind of scared to know what he did, but not knowing means that everything is on the table.

Maybe if you ask me when I've gotten to sleep, it's a long story.

Of course, getting an answer now would be too easy. But before he can pull away the book, you can see a line underneath that one that has been crossed out. You can barely make out the letters underneath.

I've got a bit of a t-

After this you walk the rest of the way in silence. The camp grounds is just up a ways. A few years ago it might have been more ideal, but now it's flanked by warehouses. Waiting for a patrolling cop car to pass, you enter the grounds.

"It's going to take forever to look for them..." You glance around at all the trees. "And now in the dark? We should have gotten a flash light or something...we're going to be out here forever..."

Lawrence taps on your shoulder and points behind where you're standing. A couple meters away there is a patched up tent set up.
What do you do?
If Lawrence needs sleep, then he should get some sleep. We can wait until it starts to get light out and then continue the search when it isn't pitch black.
I guess we could try calling out and see if it's Jessica, but does Lawrence recognize the tent?
sneak in and see who it is
take their shit if it's not anyone we know
"Do you know who's tent that is?" You whisper, just in case. Lawrence shes his head.
"It looks pretty rough...I don't know why someone would try and sleep in that during the winter..."

The tent looks weathered, like it has been there for quite some time. You look around but there doesn't seem to be any others set up either. Contemplating the situation, you decide you should at least check it out. If it is just an abandoned tent, then you can at least rest inside. Lawrence looks like he needs sleep badly and without any light it might be dangerous.

"Here...I'll go check it out. You stay here, it'll be easier for me to sneak up on it alone." Lawrence agrees to this and you start to approach the tent. You keep your bat ready in your grip, just in case.

There's no noises or movements as you come up. Slowly, you lift up the flap of the tent. It's dark, but you can see a pile of blankets. They look much 'fresher' then the rest of the tent...as your eyes adjust you notice a lump in the blankets slowly rising and falling. Is someone asleep? You try to see who it is but a terrified yell from behind spooks you.

Turning to look, you see Lawrence is standing a couple feet back, holding up a small child by the back of his shirt.

"Ay hey lemme go! Lemme g- oh ...Lawrence?" It looks like Thompson. He's set down to his feet and the child looks over at you.

"Hey, you're the new girl Jessica was talking about...where is everyone? We've been waiting forever!"

"It turns out they met up at the school instead but more importantly, where's Jessica? Why are you out here alone?"

The boy frowns and points to the tent.

"We were using this for shelter. Jessica said we would leave tomorrow if no one showed up so we were really looking around for anyone else. She was sitting out here waiting just in case, but then she got really sick...I had to pull her inside. She won't wake up either."

"How long ago was this?"

The boy scratches his head and thinks. "Um...it was already dark...I think like two hours ago? Maybe? After I got her inside I was looking around for help...I saw you two coming up and thought you was going to mess with the tent." His face looks worried.

"Can you help Jessica?"

What do you think you should do?
Try to get the medicine in her. Get some reaction out of her by patting her cheek or flicking her ear.
Seconding this.
You enter into the tent, lifting up the blankets. Jessica is on her side from what you can see.
"Hey...Jessica it's me..." You speak softly, tapping her shoulder. She's breathing but doesn't react to your touch. Maybe something a little more more extreme? You pat her cheek...she's freezing. And still, no reaction.
You don't want to hurt her, but maybe a little more will get her going?
"Sorry..." You whisper as you flick her ear. She flinches a little, but it doesn't seem like she's going to wake up. You crawl back out to the boys.
"Lawrence, do you know about Jessica's medicine?" He shakes his head. You look down at Thompson.
"Do you?" Thompson thinks about it for a second.
"Well...Jessica never talks about it...but sometimes I see her stick herself with a needle..."
"A needle?"
Thompson nods. "Uh huh, she doesn't want us to see her do it I think, but once in a while I see her jab something in her stomach or thigh." As he says this he makes a motion to the side of his stomach. "Like this."
"I think I have the stuff she needs...but not any needles..."
"Umm...if you think it will help her..." Thompson crawls inside the tent and passes out a small purse. "She might keep some spares in here, but I don't know..."
You feel a little bad about rummaging through her belongings, but if it saves her life...
Taking the purse, you begin shuffling through her items. Some makeup, papers, a necklace...you push your hand to the very bottom. You can feel something thin and plastic. You pull out three unopened syringes bundled together by
a rubber band. They remind you of the diabetic needles your grandfather used before he died. You pull out the bottle of medicine and take out a syringe.
"Uh...I don't know how to do this..." You look up at Lawrence, a bit of a pleading look on your face. To your dismay he looks lost too, but takes the items from you. You and Thompson watch as Lawrence removes the cap from the needle,
pushing the tip into the opening of the bottle. He fills it up with what's in there, about half the syringe, taping the sides.
"Do you know how to do this?" He shakes his head at your question. You think about it and take the syringe from him.
"I'll do it. If she wakes up it might be nice for a girl to be there." You crawl back in to the tent, needle in hand. Rolling Jessica to her back, you lift up her shirt enough to display her stomach.
Why the hell did you offer to do this? You can barely keep your hands steady as you poise the needle. Is this even the right amount? What if it's too much?
Positioning the needle against her skin, you take a deep breath. All the way, gotta push it all the way in. Can't back out of this, all or nothing...
Can't be squeamish about this...just do it all in one go...
As soon as you jam the needle into her, Jessica rushes up.
"OW! What are you doi-..." She's groggy but recognizes that it's you. She looks down to the needle sticking out of her stomach.
"Oh...ohhhh....here I'll do it..." Her words slur together a bit. She's really out of it, but manages to finish the process for you.
You can't help but catch the slightest hint of blood again...that's right...you smelt it in the medicine...
Jessica looks up to you as she tries to figure out what's going on.

Should you stay till here till she is better or head back now?
>Leaving her to recover alone.
Absolutely verboten! We should stay.
Stay until she's better. Can't risk cops and/or government death squads like this.
yea everyone needs sleep
have thompson keep nightwatch
You stick your head out of the tent.
"I...I think she's going to be fine but I don't think it would be smart to have her move around right now..." You get up and look around.
"Maybe it'll be fine out here...her and Thompson seem to be doing okay so far...we can at least rest a bit too this way."
We will need to move as soon as we can in the morning then.
"Right right..." You kneel down to Thompson. He seems pretty awake.
"I have a favor to ask..."
"What is it?"
"We all need to rest, we've been out all night looking for you guys. Can you keep an eye out? Wake us up if any one suspicious comes up."
"Like who?"
"Well...like someone who might try to rob us. Or...or if you see a cop. Think you can do that?"
Thompson crosses his arms and keeps his chin up, a determined look on his face. "You got it! I'll be the best gaurd ever!"
"You alright with that?" You look up Lawrence. He nods, but at this point you're sure he would agree to nearly anything.
"Okay Thompson, don't be afraid to wake us up, okay? Better to be safe..." Thompson promises to keep an eye out. He stays in front of the tent while you and Lawrence crawl in.
Cramped is a bit of an understatement...
Jessica has laid back down but this time she looks much more asleep instead of...well...dead. You make sure she keeps covered up and lay down next to her. Lawrence is just trying to place himself...even if it was just him inside
you're not sure he would have fit well...
Sandwiched between the two of them it's warm and in a strange way comfy.
"I've never been camping before...I wonder if this counts..."
You're greeted with snoring...from both sides.
This may have become less comfy. As you listen to them from both sides, it does make you feel somewhat safe, despite the fact that you're out in the middle of winter with a beat up tent and a child keeping watch. Your bat is by your head,
ready for whatever may come. You close your eyes and manage to drift off to sleep.
When you wake up, two bodies are attached to your side. On the left, you look to see Jessica. On the right you see...
Thompson is fast asleep, arms around you.
You untangle yourself from the mess of limbs and poke your head out. Lawrence is sitting just outside the tent, waving at you as you exit. He doesn't look much better then before.
"You were supposed to rest up..." He shrugs at this, trying to look nonchalant about it. Before you can say anything you notice that snow has been falling, some of it sticking to the ground.
I think that storm everyone has been talking about is going to hit soon.

It's still dark outside, but dawn should only be an hour or so away. Do you leave now or when it is light?
Better make tracks now.
Time to get going, as long as there's just enough light to see by we should be moving.
Best to start out now than be surprised by the snow later.
You look up to the sky, dark clouds looming over you.

"We should go."

That's what I was thinking, get them up and we'll go.

Back inside, you work on waking Thompson first. You shake and poke at him but the boy waves you off every time. You can feel yourself getting frustrated. How does Jessica manage to do this?...

"Here, you gotta do it like this..." Just on time, Jessica sits up and leans over past you. She pinches Thompson by the ear and tugs him up.

"Hey brat! Time to move!" Thompson struggles against her and she ends up pushing you back as she fights with him. Eventually all three of you manage to exit the tent.

"How are you feeling?" You ask Jessica as she yawns and stretches.

"Alright. I mean, I could really use a bath and breakfast, but I'll live." She smiles at you but notices the bat in your hands. " 's that for?"

"Oh um..." You awkwardly handle it in your hands. "It's just in case..."

"In case of...?"


Jessica laughs a bit as you say this. You must look ridiculous, carrying that around saying you're going to beat up punks.

"Pfft...anyways...where did everyone end up going?"

"The school building."

"Man...that place is in worse shape then Good Hope! But...I guess it's fine..."

Lawrence yawns loudly beside you.

"Thompson, didn't you say that you were going to keep watch?" Jessica directs her attention to the boy.

"Hey! It's not my fault! I mean...well I fell asleep for a bit but Lawrence insisted he takes over!" Thompson throws Lawrence under the bus and you look at the man with an annoyed expression.

"You were the one who needed the most sleep..."


As soon collects on your shoulders the group decides to head out. A few taxis pass by as you walk.

Should you keep walking or try to get a cab?
No more expenses, you're walking. It's good for you.
Walk. Gotta save the last of our money for emergencies.
You decide to not bring up the option of hailing a cab. Money is tight, and any bit that you can save the better. What are you going to do when yours runs out?...

The walk goes without any problems, though the wind has picked up and the snow has begin to fall faster. Never have you been so relieved to see a big abandoned building before...

Everyone enters the building and you're given a warm greeting. As they begin to talk to Jessica and Thompson you can hear the weak cries of a baby.

"Glad to have you back!"

"We were worried about where you guys might have gone..."

"We'll try and have something warm ready to eat in a few hours."

"I missed you Jessica! I missed you! Missed missed missed you!"

You notice that most of the windows have been covered up by black trash-bags, probably for the sake of concealing yourselves and keeping out the cold wind.

Jessica and Thompson go off some food for now and you watch Lawrence all but collapse in the newly made sleeping area. You look around to see who all is here.
Sam and Marilyn.

Sita and Lara, the women you helped with laundry.

John, the man who was making the stew at Good Hope.

The four old ladies; Betty, Gayle, Maria, and Greta.

Claire and what seems to be her new baby.

Mable and Aria, the twenty year old girls.

The guys who seem to leave for work; Kyle, Marcus, Eric and his wife Sarah.

Jessica and her kids, Thompson, Clark (the other boy), and Lisa.

And of course there's Lawrence.

You seem to have free time right now, what do you wish to do?

Sorry about slow updates today, taking some of my finals online. Send help.
Talk to jessica, try to have vampire commisery.
Make Lawrence go get some sleep already, after having Sam look at his stomach, of course.

Talk with Jessica. What's with the medicine? ... and why's it smell vaguely like blood?
Maybe there's old textbooks/machinery in the school? Let's break into some storage closets and see what we can find.

Bring Jessica along, have that one-on-one about blood addiction.
Check out the adorbs baby asap.
Since it will be a bit till the next update working on a 100 question test atm it will probably be a longer one.
like the other dudes said, ask jessica about the blood stuff. if she for some reason doesn't tell us, try cornering sam and see if he knows what's up with it.
>Talk to Jess, mention smelling the blood

As the asshole who suggested blood in the first place (and who is laughing his ass off that you're running with it), I imagine the fact that we could smell it will catch her off-guard enough that she can't come up with a cover story.
You go over and check out Claire. She's laying down, a little baby laying on it's back next to her. You're kind of thankful that you weren't here to experience the birthing process. When she's awake you might try going over and talking to her about the baby, you've never gotten to hold one before. As you walk away, you wonder if it has a father.
Walking by Lawrence, you see that he has fallen fast asleep, not even bothering to remove his shoes. You toss a blanket over him.
Later you need to remember to act mad at him for not getting sleep when he was supposed to earlier. You aren't actually mad...but you want people to listen to you when you have good advice.

Oh...you wonder how his cut is. You don't want to bother him right now though. You go to where Sam and Marilyn are working on homework again.

"Good job, Jessica looks alright so I'm guessin' you did the job."
"It wasn't too hard...well I mean...at least we're back now."
"Of course of course. Is there anything you needed?"
"Well..." You gesture back towards Lawrence. "I don't know if he'll let you look, but a few days ago Lawrence got a uh...a cut on his stomach. It was pretty deep...I cleaned it the best I could but it might need some more help..."
"Ah, is that it? I thought it would be something interesting, like cutting off a leg." Sam laughs much harder at this then he should, Marilyn looks annoyed by this.

"Oh, by the way." Marilyn reaches down and hands you Buttercup. "She misses you."
You take the puppy in your arms, she starts licking at your hands and her tail is shaking eagerly.
"Thanks for watching her for me. Do you know if it's alright to look around? This place is huge."
"Well..." Sam thinks for a bit. "I think as long as you're careful. We noticed the ceiling was caving in on the other end of the building and some of the upstairs floors might be weak. Watch your step though and you should be fine."

You thank him and go to look for Jessica. It would be nice to talk to her again. When you find her you see the other two kids clinging desperately to her.

"Promise you'll never leave us agaaaaaaiinnnn!"
"It was so scary without you! No one else was around to scare off m-monsters!!!"

She's doing her best to calm them as she spots you walking over.
"Oh hey Bunny, what's up?"
"I was thinking...there might still be stuff in this building, right? Maybe we should look around for stuff." Really though, you want to try and ask her about the medicine.
"Alright, lemme put the kids down for a nap-"
"- and we can take a look around!"

You watch Jessica struggle with them, but she manages to get all three children to lay down. Eventually.
"Alright, let's scoot before they try to get back up."
The two of you venture down the first floor. A lot of the rooms are locked, you won't be able to enter without a tool.
"Thanks so much for coming to find us. I can't believe I went to the wrong place." Jessica says this as she manages to get a supply room open.
"Oh, it's no problem. I owed you a favor anyways." You help push in the decaying door, opening a room full of boxes.
"Well you brought me my medication, so you might have even saved my life." Jessica goes to open up the boxes.
"About that..." You want to bring up the strange 'smell', and you almost do but you stop yourself. How would you explain to her that you could smell blood in something like that? She would think you're crazy!
"What's up?"
"That medicine...was a bit strange."
"W-what do you mean?"
You decide to go with the other strange part about it.
"It wasn't labeled, at all. It didn't look exactly...well legal."
The box in front of Jessica is full of dirty textbooks. You can tell she's thinking carefully before answering.
"Do you promise not to tell anyone?"
You nod, and she starts opening other boxes.
"It's...well, it's not legal. You're right about that. It never got approved by the uh...the FDA. But without it I would have died years ago."
Do you want to ask her more, or change topics?
ask more obv
Ask if she'd elaborate.

Secret for a secret, maybe? Tell her that one of the nearby stores is owned by a man who raped us just a couple of days ago?

Or that we have healing saliva.
ask more, willing to share ours.
She looks concerned, like she is supposed to stay hush-hush about the situation. You set down Buttercup and start opening other boxes.
"Well...if you wanna tell me, I'll tell you a secret."

Jessica smiles a bit at this.

"Alright, that's a promise then, 'kay?" She holds out her pinky. Isn't she a bit too old for pinky swears?...You take it anyways.

"A few years ago, my last year of middle school, I had a boyfriend. He was nice 'n all. I really thought he loved me, he kept saying he did. But I don't think he really understood what 'I love you' meant. Neither did I really, so course I thought I loved him too."

Annoyed by the abundance of textbooks, Jessica sits on top of the box instead.

"Eventually he starts saying stuff like 'c'mon babe!' and 'the other guy's girlfriends let 'em do it', so we ended up having sex."

You can't help but feel flustered as she says this.

"Do...do most people...'do it'? At that age I mean?"

Jessica can probably tell that you're embarrassed by this, she smirks a bit at your discomfort.

"Well I wouldn't say most, but I knew some people were already at it. High school was no different, we were still together and of course he still wanted sex. But one day I thought I had gotten sick...turns out I was just pregnant."

Your body goes stiff as she says this, and some of the cheerfulness from her voice is gone.

"I told him and he freaked out. He didn't want to be a dad, he kept telling me to get rid of it. Course he kept saying he loved me too, so I thought that would be best. I couldn't tell my parents though, they would kill me. So I ended up looking into some not so legal places...I didn't know any better."

You sit by her as she continues her story.

"I was about four months maybe when I finally found someone who would do it for cheap and without my parent's permission. It was painful, and I was regretting the moment I went in. But I kept thinking, he loves me, it will be worth it. Two weeks later I catch him makin' out with some other chick."

"That's awful..."

"Pfft, that's not even the worst part! After the 'procedure' I ended up getting sick. Just awful. The doctors looked over me and found out that I had gotten some weird disease that was eating away at my body from the inside. The place I went to must have passed it on to me. My parents were furious when I told them what I did, but I think they were more upset cause they thought I was going to die. There wasn't a cure for whatever it was that was eating me up. I went to a hospice after that."

She reaches over and pets Buttercup.

"I hated it. I hated the fact that I was dying, and that there was nothing I could do about it. I thought, if I'm going to die, it isn't going to be laying in this bed. So I ran away. Course I didn't get very far...Sam and Marilyn were out for a walk when they found me face first on the sidewalk. They took me in and I explained to them my situation and my sickness. Sam..."

Jessica pauses for a moment before continuing.

"Same offered me that medicine. It's black market stuff, they can't use or sell it here legally, so you have to buy it from some secret people or whatever. All I know is that the stuff takes blood from another person...maybe someone who has the antibody for it or something? I don't know...anyways they mix it with someone else's blood and a few other ingredients. I need to inject it once every two weeks or else my body will just...shut down. Maybe Sam knows more about it then I do."

You feel a bit bad for asking, but Jessica smiles and leans in towards you.

"Now, what's your secret?"

"I... uh, I n-need blood too."
Guess we may as well confide in her exactly why we ran away from home.
I think we are in autosage, lemme check and if we are I will create new thread!
So where's the end of thread fanart?
It better be here or I will be disappoint.
File: sketch1463022764388.png (124 KB, 673x673)
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>where's the end of thread fanart?
Oh man people actually look at this stuff?
>4 threads in
>no official art of buttercup as far as I remember.
Sue, I am disappoint.
Ayyyyy, there it is.

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