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You are Alagos, an otherworldly being that has found himself summoned by an Earth cult.
Your nature--angelic or demonic--has yet to be determined.

So far, you have
>Met a blond lady named Krystal. She likes guns.
>Used your powers to enslave a succubus named Sasha.
>Gone to a strip/dance club by the name of Swordpoint, to meet with the demon owner, Caine.
>Returned a lighter to a demon.

Your inventory consists of
>1 magic sword
>Your clothing (cargo pants, t-shirt, and fur-collared jacket.

Caine and another, uninvited guest, have just begun to argue.

>select all the food
Might take a while, Captcha
You are currently in the VIP area of Swordpoint, at a table with four others.
Sasha (sipping on a glass of 'white wine')
Aim, a burly demon happily making candles on his side of the table.
Caine and Apollyon, both having an argument over the Dark Lord's allocation of forces.
And you, with your bowl of French onion soup. Pretty tasty.

How do you react to the two demons' argument?
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You don't know what excitated looks like, but by whatever deities may exist, you're doing your best to seem so.
Apollyon looked over at you, then back at Caine.
"The Dark Lord demands that this... issue be taken care of. Immediately, if possible."
"He's just confused. We need to give him some time to decide what exactly he wants. Then we deal with him from there."
"Lucifer doesn't want any unpredictable elements in play!" Apollyon snarled.
"If you refuse to take care of this, then it seems I shall have to do so."
The demon turned toward you and lifted his hand, which began glowing with a crimson light.
Sasha transformed, growing aside her chair and preparing to attack at your command.
Caine pulled a gun from under the table and placed it against Apollyon's head.
Aim didn't know what was going on, but he seemed excited anyway.
"...don't be foolish, Caine. Put the gun down."

>[]Try to defuse the situation.
>[]Focus your attention on a specific target, and wait for the first move.
>[X]Try to defuse the situation.
>[]Try to defuse the situation.
"Can we please calm down?" you ask, raising your hands into the air.
"Look, I don't want to die. Or get anyone hurt. I promise not to get involved in your business, just... please put the weapons down."
Apollyon sighed and shook his head.
"I can't do that. At least, not until I know what it is exactly that you want on this Earth. Wealth? Women? Answers? If I'm satisfied that your desires won't interfere with our agenda, then I'll happily let you go."

Well... you don't think this is how people normally plan their lives out.
What is your long-term goal? (The thing you'll spend most of the quest looking for)
>I don't know but I would like the enjoy what the humans find fun and find out what I am.
>My identity
Apollyon lowered his hand, the energy fading.
"Just... have fun and find out who you are?"
He began chuckling.
"In this brutal war between good and evil, an entirely unexpected and terrifying force suddenly appears out of nowhere, and he just wants to find out who he is!"
The demon sat down. Caine put his gun away and did so as well.
"I suppose that will do. You're not lying, I can tell. I would like to ask for the succubus to be returned, and for you to swear allegiance to us or die... but I'll leave you be. I'll tell the Dark Lord to list you as a neutral entity."
Apollyon stood up again and shook his head.
"You surprised me. A powerful being with such a simple ambition... self discovery. You're certainly going to be an interesting one."
The demon disappeared in a flash of red light.
Caine let out a breath he had been holding for some time.
"That went well..."

How do you react?
>"Better than expected! Now, let's go dance!"
I think I need a drink.
"Wait, wha--"
You vault over the railing before the sentence could be finished, landing on the dance floor, prompting surprise and applause.
Then you realize.
You don't know how to dance.

>[]Impromptu Shuffle
And laugh like a madman while doing it
"Umm... you okay?" asks one of the dancers. "You fell kinda far."
"Y-you too." you say.
You push your way through the crowd and into the bathroom, curling your legs up and sitting on a toilet seat, trying desperately to ignore the noises coming from the next stall.
Seriously, you two, you sound like cats in heat. You should spray them with water or something.

How do you attempt to salvage the situation?
Dance duel
>Slip from the window
>Coin flipped...
>Tails! Out the window it is.
You can't take it. There's no coming back to this place ever again.
You walk over to the window and force it open. Bit tight... you should be able to make it, though.
Urgh... stupid...
You manage to pull yourself through, once again left out in the rain. Not that it mattered, the drops just sort of avoided you. Looking back, you can see that you tore the window frame in a few places. It looked strong, bolted in place.
>Super strength discovered!
"Master? Maaaaster!"
What? What's Sasha doing in--oh, it was probably a coed bathroom to justify stall sex. Deviants. Just what kind of person was Caine, anyway?

What do you do?
>[]No, she saw our spaghetti. Leave her.
>[]Pull her outside for hugs. You need hugs.
>[X]Pull her outside for hugs. You need hugs.
"Master? What are you doing--whup!"
You grab your succubus and pull her through the window, giving her a hug and quietly sputtering something about how you'll never get a gf.
Sasha returns the hug. Something warm and pleasant stirs within your soul...
"Hm. The rain's stopped."
...so it has. You can feel the early afternoon sun warming you.

You stay like this for a while. What do you say/do when it's finally time to let go?

Goodnight, anons. :)
Lets go back to Sasha house and flirt little with her
File: IMG_0609.png (18 KB, 256x256)
18 KB
You and Sasha eventually separate.
"Well... I guess we should go home."
You nod in agreement and begin the walk back to Sasha's car. On the way, you tell her she's got a nice tail.
Sasha's cheeks flushed. "T-t-thank you, master."
She seemed pretty happy you said so.
"No one's ever said that before..."
You get into the car and are soon on your way to Sasha's apartment.

Do you have any specific flirtatious phrases for her?
"You're a nice shade of red"
Sasha looked at herself in a panic.
"But I didn't transform--oh."
She giggled.
"You meant the blushing. Heh."
The rest of the way home is spent in semi-awkward silence.
When you get back to the row Sasha's apartment was on, you see Krystal fiddling with her door, mumbling something to herself.
She looks up, says "Oh, hi." and promptly resumes looking for the right key, adjusting a long bag on her shoulder.

>[]Talk to Krystal.
>[]She's weird. Let's go try video games.
>[X]Talk to Krystal.
"What's in the bag?" you ask.
She looked at it.
"Oh, that. Guns. From my job. My manager gives me the old ones, to see if I can fix 'em. I've kept a few, but I get paid extra if I bring them back. It's a good arrangement."

>[]Sounds interesting. Where can I get one?
>[]Cool. See you around!
>[X]Sounds interesting. Where can I get one?
Krystal snorted.
"If you really want one, you're gonna have to get a permit. Have fun with that, no identity and all. And I'm not giving you one, you're dangerous enough as it is. If you really want one, though, you should do some research first. These things are complicated."
You thank Krystal and go to Sasha's apartment. You take a seat on the silky (and suspiciously stained) couch and survey the room. Computer, a tv, all the basics. Just with some little touch that reminded you that this was the abode of a being of carnal pleasures. That's got a pretty nice tail.

How do you spend the afternoon?
>Use the computer and surf the web
Wait, if we don't' know how to use the computer then ask Sasha to teach us.
You access the computer. Sasha hastily closes several tabs of something called 'hentai' and teaches you the basics of computer navigation.
If that sounds like a copout to you, congratulations! You get a cookie.
Wow! What a marvelous thing this World Wide Web was!

What do you do with this marvel of technology?
>[]Investigate this 'hentai'
>[]Purchase some games (specify game)
>[]Post on 4chan (specify board and topic)
>[]Post on 4chan (/k/ and why swords are better than guns)
(I'm going to actually do it. For genuine responses)
Forgot the /k/, Stormy
Also, lel. Hope it works.
>Stop dissing the sword you neckbeards
>Just because you don't have the reflexes to cut bullets

You shake your head. You don't need this. Fools.
You close the tab. You're not an expert, but you can tell the thread's just going to receive maybe five more messages dissing swords and promptly 404.

What now?
>Google demons
Let's see what the humans know about us
You take a look at various articles on the creatures.
Huh. The Bible seems to say demons are under divine control? Interesting. Not much else is said that you don't already know, but there are a few smaller articles on some cult running around. You're pretty sure said cult was the one that summoned you... well, they won't be much of an issue anymore.

The lack of information is rather disappointing, but you suppose if anything could hide from the Internet's awareness, it'd be demons with black magic.

What next?
>Search porn
That's what I do when I get bored. Also, the bloopers are funny.
File: IMG_0614.jpg (29 KB, 672x434)
29 KB
Well then. Nothing much else to do.
"Uh... master? What're you--"
Shh. It's master's private time. What's this? 2girls1cup..?
Sasha comforts you as you roll your face on the keyboard.
"You just happened to click on a bad site by accident, master. Just don't go there again."
You didn't need her to tell you to.
Disgust has worn off. Back to private time.
>Too awkward to describe masturbation sesh, especially when the subject has to teach himself
You lean back in the chair, breathing heavily.
That was quite the experience. You can understand why Sasha likes this whole sex thing.

What now?
>[]Sasha, clean this up. If you know what I mean.
>[]Keep browsing the web.
>[]Why not both?

Porn bloopers... what a time to discover this
>[]Keep browsing the web.
We must go deeper.
You plop some tissues on your crotch and continue surfing. Sasha looks at you rather worriedly.
You slowly begin a mad spiral into the depths of the Internet. The reptillains, (((MSN))), the cult of Kek, meme magic, pizzagate, Trump's wall... forget demons. There's vastly more menacing forces lurking in the shadows.
"M-master, you're scaring me..."
WHERE DO I COME IN? You think.
The shadows stir and twist themselves into grotesque shapes.

>[]Keep going.
>[]Investigate the shadows.
>[]Investigate the shadows.
Can't overdose on memes yet
You get up from the seat and carefully walk toward the shadows. Suddenly, they rear back and rise to a dizzying height, prompting you to retreat. From their depths, you can see a figure claw its way out.
A man with black hair and soulless eyes emerges from the shadows. His admittedly really evil grin complimented by the blood trickling from his mouth.
He wiped the blood away, and looked at you.

>[]Who are you?
>[]Who are you?
>[]Who are you?
"Are you a reptillian? Have you come to take my freedom and fries."
"I'm warning you, burger is my right as a American citizen.
"Who are you?" you ask the shadowy eldritch horror.
"...that's a very good question." he muses.
"One I will summarize. Believe me, it's better this way. My name is Demon. I have no clue if my name has had some influence on naming those hellish creatures. Time--space, really--is a difficult thing for me. Take yourself for instance. I remember you as a stalwart hero who ripped me to bits and cast me into the Void. Yet... at the same time, there is also you; a two-day-old being of immense power who fell asleep due to his inexperience with orgasm."
Demon sat down on the couch.
"That went off-topic fast... suffice it to say, we have a history, but also not--oh, I hate quantum physics."

>[]Oh, I get it! You were killed by me in a different quantum timeline, and somehow you've come to this one! So that means you know who I am--or will be, right?
>[]Pls leev
>[X]Oh, I get it! You were killed by me in a different quantum timeline, and somehow you've come to this one! So that means you know who I am--or will be, right?
>[]Oh, I get it! You were killed by me in a different quantum timeline, and somehow you've come to this one! So that means you know who I am--or will be, right?
Demon smiled.
"Yes. I'm glad you understand. I know exactly who you are!"
Demon stood up and placed his hands on your shoulders.
"But I'm not telling you. It may be petty of me, but I'm still angry about you reducing me to a dream-snatcher."
Demon wiped his hands off on the drapes.
"Yes, you didn't technically do anything to me, but I'm evil, so..."
He walked back into the shadows, but turned back at the last moment.
"Well... one scrap will do, I suppose. You're certainly divine, but you weren't supposed to end up here. That's all I'm giving you for now. Am I lying? Maybe. I've done worse."
The eldritch horror disappears into the shadows, and you wake up in a cold sweat, breaking a cord of shadow that had fastened itself to your arm.
Someone stirs beside you and mumbles. You were in bed, with Sasha curled up next to you. You must've passed out after 'private time'...

How do you react?
>Go to back and dream of tasty dreams.
*to sleep
You wipe the sweat off your forehead and lie back down, allowing Sasha to pull you in closer.
Nothing else of note occurs that night.

You wake up once more to the smell of... something goooood.
You untangle yourself from the bedsheets and wander into the kitchen.
Seems Sasha's making pancakes.
"Oh, good morning, master! I thought you'd be sleeping in until noon."

How do you react?
>Eat breakfast and ask what to do today
You dig in to the pancakes. Sasha sits there and looks at you eating.
...she's not gonna have any?
"Oh, blood and semen works best for my kind. And I'm not particularly hungry..."
Oh. Good to know.
Anyway... what should you do?
"Mm? Well... we should get you a phone, first of all. Maybe some other things... like your own car? Caine might lend you some money... do you have any ideas?"
>Get car and phone
All the things that a modern demon needs.

When did you habe blood ans seaman?
Go steal a car and phone
"Hold on, let me call Caine..."
Sasha has a short conversation with the demon. It seems she's trying to negotiate the price...
"Okay. Thanks. Bye."
Sasha hangs up the phone.
"Caine's giving you just enough to 'get self-sufficient'. Should be enough... well, let's go."
After about half an hour of getting ready, you get to Sasha's car and begin your drive down to the business district. You feel apprehensive. It'll be your first time in a public area. The club was an invitation-only thing, and nobody really hangs out around the apartment...
"Where should we go first?" Sasha asks.

>[](brand) Store.

>[](brand) Store

Got look good and phone is needed.
>[X](brand) Store.
You pull up outside the store. The inside was white, and looked like some kind of futuristic lobby than a phone outlet.
Sasha familiarizes you with smartphones and their applications. They're all pretty much the same, aren't they..? Well, except those old ines with no audio jacks. You decide not to buy one of those.
You pick out a phone that matches your whole color scheme. Black, with blue and white accents. All you need to do now is--
"Hey, I know you!"
What. You turn around to see some normie in shorts pointing at you.
"Yeah, you're that guy! From 'Swordpoint!'"
He didn't look rich enough to go there. How does he know?
"Someone filmed you, man! Remixed it and everything!"
He pulls out his own phone and shows you a video of yourself. Someone has edited the footage, turning your awkward 'um, uh, I was just tryin' to dance' into an admittedly catchy beat.

How do you react?
>[]Just how popular is this..?
>[]Please leave me alone.
>[]I'd strongly recommend you don't ever watch that video again. Or show it to anyone else.
Someone should archive the first thread before it's lost to the void.
Got em
>[X]Just how popular is this..?
"Eh, I'd say it's got... 20,000 views?"
Okay, then. You're a minor meme for the moment. All you can do is pray nobody else notices.
"Yeah, you did all the arm waving and--hey, come back!"
The Alagos train can't stop till it purchases this phone, 'bucko'.
Some techie in a blue shirt gives you your phone and some earbuds. Cool. You decide to at least partly pay with your own money.
>$20 removed.
You ignore the trend-chaser and get back into Sasha's car, moving on to the local dealership.
"Hm... master? What kind of car do you want? The guy there's probably going to try and cheat you..."

>[]Something tough.
Attempt to cheat the cheater
Motorbikes are so last decade.

Convertible it is, then.
You pull into the dealership, and soon pull right back out again, following Sasha. This isn't /o/, and screw lisences.
You marvel at the handling on your new vehicle. After about three minutes, you've gotten the hang of the controls and traffic laws, just by observing others and experimenting.
Sasha calls you through your car's in-built communication system. Isn't technology great?
"It is, master. You've gotten used to the car pretty quickly! I thought I'd have to get you towed for sure... anyway, it's around noon. Where should we go for lunch?"

>[]Pizza Shack.
>[]Someplace fancy/romantic.

[]Pizza Shack
>>[]Pizza Shack.
You pull into the parking lot of the local Pizza Shack.
"Hi, welcome to Pizza Shack! My name's Evan, how can I help you?"
"I'd like the Big Apple special. Pepperoni."
"'Kay, that'll be $20... it'll be ready in fifteen minutes."
You and Sasha sit down at the corner table. There's only a few people in here besides you.

Well, now seems like a good time to socialize with Sasha... you don't really know that much about her.
What do you ask?
Normal small talk I guess. Like what does she do for fun, what her job is, thoughts on what's going on between heaven and hell, any thoughts on what we should do for work or fun
Stuff like that
"So... what've you been doing lately? For fun, or whatever."
"Mm? Well... I've taken a few piano lessons... I was just doing it to get at the instructor, but it turns out I'm not that bad! I think. He could just be patronizing me, though..."
Sasha thinks for a while.
"I mean, I'd count the sex thing, but that's more of a necessity than for fun. I guess I haven't been doing much... I was so focused on causing chaos, I never thought about what I want to do."
She goes silent.

What do you say to your succubus?
What is it that you want to do?

I thought about masturabaiting furiously at home a lot, or killing demons. It's the same, honestly... I think.
"I guess I'd like to get to know some people... Caine's nice, but he's my boss. And Aim really only cares about candles."
You tell her about your ideas for passing time.
"Master, you really shouldn't spend all your time masturbating... you should find someone nice, and get to know her. I can't really object to you killing demons, though. We don't usually get along well."
"Sasha!" the worker at the counter called out. The succubus retrieved your order and came back to your table, taking a slice for herself:
Wait, didn't she drink blood and semen for sustenance?
"I can eat human food, too. It's just that those are more nutritious than other things."
Then why didn't she have pancakes?
"...those were for you, master. Besides, we're in public. If I didn't have any, it'd look weird."
She's got a point...

>[]Find someone nice? Like a redheaded succubus, maybe?
>[]You mentioned that you had something earlier. Where did you..?
>[]Discuss something else.
Find somebody nice? Like a redheaded succubus, maybe?
>[x]Find someone nice? Like a redheaded succubus, maybe?
>[X] Find someone nice? Like a redheaded succubus, maybe?
>[X] You mentioned that you had something earlier. Where did you..?
"Like a certain redheaded succubus..?"
Sasha's cheeks colored.
"No! I mean, well... if you feel like that about me. I-it's okay if you don't."
You were both silent for a few seconds.
"Oh, yeah. You mentioned you already had something to eat in the morning. Where exactly..?"
Sasha's cheeks colored even more.
"Well, um... you left a mess after you passed out. It was just there... I didn't want it to go to waste..."
Sasha stared at her shoes, blushing furiously.

You're unsure how you feel about this.
>[]It's okay. You were hungry. Nobody got hurt, right?
>[]Well, if you wanted it that badly...
>[X]It's okay. You were hungry. Nobody got hurt, right?
I guess this is the obligation of being your master.
"Yeah, I suppose."
Sasha looks like she's cheered up a bit.
"Master, I apologize in advance if I... do certain things without your permission. If I go too long without feeding, I just sort of lose control of myself. So... you might wake up one night to me straddling you. I'll--try to be gentle, if that helps."
You already said it was fine. Let's just have fun eating this pizza.
"Yes, of course, master. I'm sorry for bringing this up... hmm."
What's wrong?
"Do you think we should get Krystal something for Christmas? For helping you and all."

>[]What's Christmas?
>[]It's a bit late for a Christmas special, isn't it?
>[]I don't even know what she would like. Besides guns, of course, but she already has like, five.
What's Christmas?
"What's Christmas?"
Sasha looks at you.
"What--oh. I forgot. You don't know any holidays..."
Sasha explains the concept of Christmas to you.
"So, you're suggesting we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the son of God and a very anti-demonic person?"
Sasha shrugs.
"I'm completely loyal to you now, master. Things like this don't have much meaning anymore."
She looks down at the table.
"Wow, we ate that fast."
Yeah, you had eaten about 3/4 of the entire thing.
Sasha stood up and stretched her arms.
"So, what should we do next?"

>[]Go home.
>[]Get some presents.
>[]Go on a walk. Somewhere nice.
>[X]Go on a walk. Somewhere nice.
A walk around the mall or shopping strips sounds nice.
>[X]Get some presents.
>[x]Go on a walk. Somewhere nice.
Lets not take any sides, at least not yet. Besides isn't cyberpunk all about working for the highest bidder?
File: IMG_0624.jpg (1.17 MB, 1500x938)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
You drive to a nearby mall. It's a pretty interesting place, with shops everywhere and angular architecture. Sasha hands you some money.
"Here. Go find something Krystal would like, I have to... do something else."
She seemed a bit embarrassed, but ran off before you could talk to her.
Oh, well.
>$250 added!
Seems like a bit much... there might be enough for a present for Sasha, too.

Where do you go?
>[]Liquor store.
>[]Women's intimates store whose name you can't pronounce.
if Krystal likes soviet shit like iunno mosin nagants and the like
>[X]Liquor store
get her some vodka. if not
and get some semi realistic shooter. as for sasha
>[X]Women's intimates store whose name you can't pronounce.
i hope they sell dragon dildos
>[X]Liquor store.
We can a really nice brand of alcohol for Krystal.
Or an FPS game for her.
>[X]Women's intimates store whose name you can't pronounce.
Maybe we can buy a really nice set of lingerie for Sasha and a set of perfume. Apologies for the bruise we gave her.
A cake to bring back to the apartment. Hopefully no allergy concerns.

It's her money after all...
You walk into the liquor store, taking an extensive look at all the various types of alcohol available. After a few minutes, you decide on a bottle of Scotch. Simple, straightforward. Like Krystal.
>$50 removed!
Next, it's off to GameShop...

1/4, writing's taking a while.
You walk into the store, immediately assaulted by posters for Call Of Infinity: Metaphysical Warfare.
You can feel the agonized cries emanating from the franchise just by looking at the poster.
It's safe to say Krystal wouldn't appreciate this.
You spend a bit more time looking around. There are some pretty interesting ones here.
What about... this one? System Shock 4... yeah, looks pretty good.
>$60 removed!

You put Krystal's presents into a plastic bag, tying off the handles. It'd work.
Next, you walk into the unpronounceable shop, suddenly finding yourself amidst 'high-class fetishistic articles and utilities'. There was a rather... large variety of products. You decide to get Sasha some underwear. You'd rather not venture into sex toys on your third day of existence.
Let's see... ah, yes. You purchase a black lace outfit. Corset, bra, panties, and a garter/stocking combo. Not that anyone would need to know that.
>$100 removed (I actually looked up lingerie prices... purely for scientific reasons, of course)
Well, time for cake.
Once again, you step into a strange world of estrogen and fine taste. You take a look at the money you have left.
Cake shouldn't cost that much, right?

What kind should you get..?
>[](insert flavor here, maybe a message in icing or whatever people like on cakes)
Devil's food cake with Merry Christmas on it
I didn't get that joke for a minute...
You get a devil's food cake, with 'Merry Christmas' written in top in red icing. Inside is chocolate.
It's not exactly hidable, being in a large plastic case thing, but that's fine.
>$20 removed!
You meet back up with Sasha, near the mall's entrance. She's carrying two bags.
"I got Krystal this scarf!" she says, losing up one of the bags.
"I noticed she didn't have one, and it's getting cold. I was going to get her a new jacket, but she seems to like hers a lot."
You show Sasha your gifts for Krystal.
"Good choice, master!"
Finally, you go for that walk you had promised her. You go into a sort of miniature park area in the mall's center. Nobody else is around, strangely. Not that you mind.
You sit down on a bench. Sasha leans her head against you... you don't mind.
You just take a minute to relax and... think. You haven't done much sitting around and staring at nothing. It's kind of nice.

A 'thwip' sound cuts through your thoughts. Sasha slumps over.
What? She can't be--no, she's just unconscious. You remove a needle that's pierced her skin... tranquilizer. Probably xynezine.
Another 'thwip'. Before you can react, the needle hits your neck...
And bounces right off.

What do you do?
>[]Follow the trajectory. Whoever this is will regret their decision.
>[]Draw your sword, wait for the assailant to come to you.
>[]Play dead.
>[]Follow the trajectory. Whoever this is will regret their decision.
>Follow the trajectory. Whoever this is will regret their decision.
>[X]Follow the trajectory. Whoever this is will regret their decision.
You draw your sword and run toward some bushes the darts had come from. A bald man in military gear stands up and calmly aims a shotgun toward your head.
Useless! You charge through the volley, pellets bouncing off of your skin. The man's eyes widen as you deliver a flying kick to his stomach, pressing him to the ground.

What do you do?
>[]Prolong his death. (Specify your torture, if you want)
>[]Quick and... quick. Take his shotgun and blow his head off.
>[]Interrogate him. Whoever sent him might send more...
>[]Interrogate him. Whoever sent him might send more...
Make sure he doesn't kill himself first
>[x]Interrogate him. Whoever sent him might send more...
File: IMG_0628.jpg (125 KB, 1920x1072)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
The man's next move was unexpected. Instead of cowering or trying to kill himself, he swung his fist straight into your nose.
"OW!" you both shout in sync. The man shakes his hand, and you press your hand to your nose.
You give him a shock and slam him against the ground.
"Agh, that hurt... who sent you?"
The man groans.
"You don't know? I'm on the side of the angels, you scum. Owwww..."
You ask him what exactly he was doing, tranquing Sasha.
"That thing? She was obviously a succubus."
Why not just shoot her?
"Easier to kill an unconscious target."
And you?
"Easier to deal with an unconscious civilian. Thought I was saving you..."
The man chuckled.
He seems awfully chatty for a man about to die.
"I work alone, scum. I can't tell you anything you couldn't guess."

What do you do with the insufferable man?
>[]Execute him.
>[]Explain who you and Sasha are.
>[X]Explain who you and Sasha are.
"If you can't tell i'm no civilian from my sword and buckshot immunity this job clearly isn't for you."
>Explain who you and Sasha are.
Also make sure him understand not to try this again
>>[]Explain who you and Sasha are.
See if we can read his mind
>[X]Explain who you and Sasha are.
(Also, Merry Christmas everybody.)
You sigh and explain the current situation.
The man gets up and brushes himself off.
"Didn't need to know that. Don't take this personally, but I'd prefer it if I never saw you again."
You agree. But if he ever tries anything like that again--
"Ha! I'm clearing out of this city. Can't find any more scum to clear out. 'Sides her and some more powerful ones, but it's not worth the trouble."
The Colonel picked up his equipment and headed out of the mall. Fortunately, nobody had seen the whole thing take place. You sheathe your sword and attempt to awaken Sasha.
...nothing. Oh, well.
You carry her back to your car and prop her in the passenger seat, making sure her own car was locked. She can pick it up later.
You drive back to the apartment, and leave Sasha on her bed.
What are you forgetting...
Oh, yeah! The presents.

File: IMG_0629.jpg (306 KB, 542x1020)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
You grab Krystal's presents and head out the door.
Luckily, it looks like Krystal just came back from a run.
"Oh, hi." she says to you. "What're..."
These are for you. Merry Christmas!
Krystal takes the bags and stares blankly at them for a few moments.
"Oh... thanks! I didn't expect any... I just wish I had something I could give you."

>[]It's fine. I'm just glad you appreciate this.
>[]I'll take a hug.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
Your guns piqued my interested when it first appeared. I want to acquire one if you know any possible means. I don't mind shutting it down if it's too much to ask.
Take it as an apology for our strained and violent introduction, and as thanks for letting myself stay at your place.
Krystal opened her mouth, seeming about to protest, but shut it again and sighed.
"Just a second."
She disappeared into her apartment, then emerged, handing you some papers.
"Gun license. Just show this to the guy at the store."
You thank her.
"Don't mention it. No, seriously, this is really illegal."
You reassure her, then give her a hug.
"You're welcome." Krystal sighed.
"Now get off me, I'm sweaty."

You walk back to Sasha's apartment and lie down on the couch.
You don't really feel tired. It'll be a long--

You wake up. No weird dreams, no blood circles. Good.

>[]See if Sasha's up.
>[]Make breakfast. Can't be that hard.
>[]See if Sasha's up
>[X] See if Sasha's up
>[X] Other
Check on her condition from yesterday's event, gotta be cautious on tranquilizers capable of taking demons down - potential effects and all.
You should really check on Sasha. Xylazine overdose can kill humans... what an irresponsible assassin. She's probably tougher than that, being a demon and all (probably immune to STIs, too), but it can't hurt to be careful.
You open the door to Sasha's bedroom. The succubus stirs and sits up, rubbing her eyes.
"Oh... morning, master. I can't remember falling asleep. I was supposed to--no, it's nothing."

>[]Tell her about the Colonel.
>[]What's 'nothing'?
>What's 'nothing'?
While making breakfast for the both of you ask Sasha about this "nothing" thing.
"It was stupid, you don't need to--"
You promise you won't laugh or be disappointed or whatever. What's nothing?
"I was going to... nngh. I was going to wrap myself in ribbons, and--g-give myself..."
Sasha threw the covers over herself. Her voice was muffled, but you could still hear her fine.
"I was going to give you myself for Christmas." Sasha mumbled self consciously.
Oh. Okay.

>[]You still can.
>[]I appreciate the thought, but how about something more practical? Like breakfast.
Give her a hug and make breakfast together so we don't burn down her place
Sasha a cute
this. Followed by sexytimes
File: IMG_0642.jpg (37 KB, 252x189)
37 KB
You give Sasha a hug.
"Shh. Let's just go make some breakfast. I need to learn sometime."
You walk into the kitchen, taking a look at the various implements and ingredients.
"So... what should we make?"

>[]Surprise me.
>Surprise me
File: IMG_0643.jpg (468 KB, 1600x1470)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
(Coin flipped...)
>Surprise me.

You don't really much care what you make, as long as it's tasty.
"Well, then... let's make something special. For Christmas and everything."
About thirty minutes pass. You make some sort of dough, sprinkle it with cinnamon, and place the spirals onto a cookie sheet.
After assisting Sasha with making frosting and pouring it over the finished treats (Sasha calls them cinnamon rolls), you finally taste your handiwork.

It's good... very good. These things are giving you a serious sweet tooth.
"I'm glad you like them, master!"
Sasha smiles.

What do you do?
>[]I got some presents for you yesterday.
>[]Those can wait, lemme see that ribbon thing.
>[X]I got some presents for you yesterday.
>>[]I got some presents for you yesterday.
Oh, yeah. You got something for her yesterday.
You place the bag and cake on the table.
"Oh, that wasn't for Krystal? I actually got something for you, too. Besides the ribbon thing..."
Sasha felt around in her pocket.
"I just had this lying around, so..."
She placed a ring on the table. It was crimson, with an ebony heart etched on one side.
"It's a charm that gives its wearer some lust magic. Just enough to make someone interested."
Your masculine charm was already doing so, but it'd certainly help. You slide it onto the handle of your sword.
"Oh... oh, my."
Sasha takes a look at her present, feeling the fabric in between her fingers.
"It's so soft..."

>[]Want to try it on?
>[]It is soft, isn't it? What should we do today?
>[X]Want to try it on?
File: IMG_0644.jpg (23 KB, 236x353)
23 KB
"You want to try it on?"
Sasha smiled mischievously.
"Yes, please." she says, disappearing into the bedroom. About five minutes later, she calls you in.
"How do I look, master?"

>[]Kiss her.
>>[]Kiss her.
You climb onto Sasha's bed and put your arms around her. She giggles, and you slowly lean in to kiss her.

Up to now, your experience has consisted of hugs and a single orgasm, so you might be overstating the impact of this action...
But that kiss was the single greatest thing you've felt in your in your three or four days of existence.
The kiss puts the both of you past the boiling point. You push her down onto the bed, the both of you running your hands over each other.

Detail your next action. Not sure how far I can take this... be gentle, anons.
Let her lead
Fade to black
Cut to after cuddles
Thread archived:

We'll probably move to #3 after sexy times.
Sasha climbs on top of you, sliding your clothes off. You do the same to her, and lie back. She can take it from here.
About an hour later, you lie next to Sasha, catching your breath and absentmindedly squeezing her breast.
She turns around and gives you a kiss.
"That was great, master..."

You both lie there for a time, enjoying each other's warmth...
And that's the thread for now! Have a great Boxing Day! Thread #3 should be up in a bit.

Now I just need to get my own gf...

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