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You wake up in a cold, dark room.
...that's all you know for certain, really. It feels like you were dumped here with just enough information in your brain to stay alive. Oh, well.

The only thing you can see currently is a green light on what would presumably be the far wall.

((Any interest, if not, I'll take this down. Or more likely just let it 404))
Go on
You get off the floor and quickly pay yourself down.
Two legs, two arms, nothing rally out of the ordinary... your ears are kinda pointy, though. And there's something sharp on your back. You step over some unseen obstacles and press the button on the wall.
The lights turn on, and you see the room clearly.
Where you woke up was in the center of a circle of blood. Various symbols and circuit-like patterns spread out from it, all the way to the walls. Corpses in purple robes are strewn around the room. There's a door near the light switch.

What do you do?
Check the corpses.
You hesitate before searching the bodies. You aren't exactly squeamish or respectful of human life, as far as you know, but they're all bloody...
Screw it. You take a look through their pockets...

You scored
>A butane lighter
The second item was probably for the ruined candles at the circle's edges. Looks like someone stepped in them... no wax on your shoes, though.

Now what?
>Leave the room
Well, this place sucks. Only logical thing to do is leave. You open the door
Get on the floor
Get back up because it's uncomfortable there, and walk out, immediately bumping into a blond woman carrying a shotgun.
She stared at you for a few moments.
"Uh... hi."

What do you say?
>Hi? Who are you? What's that?
"Hi! Who are you? What's that?"
She stares at you for a few seconds.
"Uh, my name's Krystal. This..."
She looks down at her gun and back up at you.
"It's a Franchi Spaz-12... I didn't catch your name..?"
You think about this for a bit. Actually, you had a rather nice name for yourself.
The woman shakes her head and points the hollow end of her Spaz-whatever at you.
"What are you doing here? Are you one of those cultists? You don't look like a demon... then again, you don't look human either, and demons are kinda ambiguous creatures...

What do you say to Krystal?
>They were dead when I got here. Where is this place and why are you here?
She looks past you at the room.
"Oh. I guess they are dead. This is a warehouse in Los Angeles. I came here to kill those guys behind you... they kept summoning demons and attacking my house... pissed me off."
She looks at you in suspicion.
"Why are YOU here?"

What do you say? She keeps pointing that thing at you like it's dangerous or something.
>I don't know. I was just here. I think there's something on my back.
Well, it's true
File: IMG_0559.jpg (97 KB, 1124x420)
97 KB
"You just..? Never mind. It's gonna be a long night and I don't want to deal with amnesia right now. And, uh... you've got a sword strapped to your back. Is that it?"
Huh? You pull the thing off your back.
It's long and sharp, shaped like a lightning bolt. You can see how this could kill someone. Not so much her Spaztic-12.
"So... do you have a house? Somewhere I can take you? I can't just leave you here..."
You reply that no, you don't know where you could go. What's a house?
Krystal sighs and paces for a few moments before looking at you again.
"Crap... okay, I'm going to take you back to my place. We can figure something out there. Don't get any funny ideas."
She leaves the building, and you follow her.

What do you say to the nice lady?
>Thanks for taking me to this "house" What do we do next?
"Don't get too excited, we still need to get there."
You emerge from the warehouse. The sky is choked with smog, and streetlights flicker along the roadside. Krystal gets onto a red wheely-thing and puts on a helmet.
"You'll have to sit on the back..."
She sighs and bonks her head on the front of the bike a few times.
"Hold on tight. We don't want you falling off or anything."
You get on behind her, wondering what exactly this thing could--
The bike took off at a decent speed. You're certain you could run faster, but it's still pretty quick.
Krystal mutters some foul-sounding curses as you wave at others on the road, occupying larger, four-wheeled vehicles.
After about five minutes, Krystal pulled to a stop in an underground garage and dismounted the bike, leading you to a small cubicle, which you both stand in. She presses a button, and the cubicle starts moving upwards.
Well, this is boring. What do you say to break the silence?
>"So...are there other demons in this world? Also, why any human want to summon us? There was that one guy who summoned X'thuga but he got eaten instead."
"You were summoned? That circle..."
Krystal looks at you with wide eyes.
"But... if you aren't going to kill me... what are you here for?"
Krystal leaned away from you, looking very distressed.
"...are you an incubus?"

What do you say to the distraught lady?
>"My brothers are but not me. I'm an Alp. You know when you suddenly get spooky dreams were you think you might die and you wake up screaming? That's me! Sorry if they're scary but it's my job. Though, I think this is the first time we meet"
File: IMG_0002.png (13 KB, 98x139)
13 KB
"Oh... okay? You don't look like someone that would do that... blue hair and all."
What? Blue hair?
"Yeah, you didn't know? You've never seen a mirror? Or still water? Or anything reflective..? Well, uh, here. Voila."
((Can't draw, so have pic related))
Well, that's certainly an... interesting look you have going on.
The elevator stopped, opening its doors. Krystal walked down the hallway toward a door numbered 325. She began fiddling with some shiny objects in her pocket, not noticing a young woman walking up behind her with an ugly smirk on her face.
"Well, it's about time. I was beginning to think you were a lesbian."
Krystal paused in her fiddling and gripped the keys like a vice.
"Just because I don't take five different guys to my apartment a week doesn't mean I'm gay, Sasha. He's just lost. He'll be out of here by morning."
"Aren't they all? Hmm. I suppose he's kinda cute, but what's with the sword? Is he a cosplayer or something?"
This woman doesn't seem very nice...

How do you respond?
>"Hey, she's beautiful and I'm sure my brothers would love her!" Also, what's a cosplayer? Are they the warriors of this world?"
Cute pic,though
The new lady looked up at you.
"Brothers... well, Krystal, you've been getting into some raunchy stuff. You don't know what..? Oh, I see. You're staying in character, I gotcha. Well, I need to go, so... bye."
Sasha leaves. Krystal opens her apartment door and darkly mutters something about fire and blood.
"Welcome to my home, I guess. Make yourself comfortable on the couch."
Krystal takes off her jacket and places her shotgun on a rack, along with several other similar weapons.
"I seriously hope you're joking with that demon stuff. If I wake up from one of those dreams I'm blowing your brains out behind the building."
You fail to see how a gust of wind could cause your brains to extricate themselves from your head, but whatever.
Krystal smacked her hand against a long device on the wall.
"Freaking air conditioner. Always shorting out..."
Well that's easy! Just a quick bit of magic to make the electricity jump the damaged part! You get up from the couch and walk over to Krystal. A bolt of electricity jumps from your hand to the device, which whirrs to life. Huh. How did you know that would work..?
Krystal ran around the couch and grabbed a gun from the rack. This one was smaller, with a funny cylinder on the end. She pointed it at you.
"You're not human. Humans don't shoot lightning out of their hands. Neither should Alps. What are you, really? A fiend? Some kind of wrath spirit? WHY DID I LET YOU IN HERE, WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME"

What is your response?
>"But I'm an Alp. My mom was a witch...I think. She wasn't around that much growing up. I don't smell heavy sins on you. Wraith spirits would have attacked you by now. Nasty guys. Maybe you like me? I know I like you."
Krystal's grip on the gun relaxed, and her breathing steadied.
"Okay... maybe we can work some--"
Time seemed to slow down. Cheeky lady, attacking you while talking. Lead projectile, moving at a pretty high velocity...
What do you do?
>[]Cut it out of the air with your sword.
>[]Nothing. It would take more than mere mortal weapons to scratch you.
((Oh, wow. I didn't even see your spoiler. Thanks senpai))
"That wasn't very nice of you."
I would pick stand your ground but I fear the bullet might ricochet.
Krystal's eyes narrowed. She shoots at you three more times, once straight at you, once on either side in case you dodge. Clever girl.
>[]Jump. Might as well turn yourself into an anime character now.
>[]Slash 'em out of the air.
>[]Take the shot.
>[]Try to reason with her.
((That's weird, I could've sworn I wrote senpai, not senpai))
>[]Try to reason with her.
"If you keep on shooting, you're going to hurt someone. Also, why are you shooting at me for?"
Krystal reloaded her gun and ducked behind the couch.
"I'm shooting at you because you're a demon. And I don't fancy my soul getting sucked out. Unless you have a different explanation for why you can shoot lightning, which I doubt.."
You had to hand it to her, she remains undaunted in the face of battle.

>[]Stay where you are.
>[]Try to get closer.
(Both will still involve trying to talk to her)
>>[X]Stay where you are.
"Not all demons eat souls. We have a variety of diets. I only eat dreams and the occasional sheep wool. It's called magic. All demon kind can do it."
"Well, I'm not taking your word for it. Bunch of lying, cheating--"
The door to the apartment was flung open. A pale fiend with wings, a tail, and horns walked in.
"Hehe, sorry for interrupting your sex--"
The fiend stopped and looked around.
"You were having a shootout..? I thought I was finally going to have some fun!"
You recognize the fiend... isn't that Sasha, the lady Krystal didn't like?
"I see." said Krystal, snatching a rifle from her gun rack.
"You both planned this. While Alagos distracted me, Sasha would sneak up on me. Too bad it didn't work."
Sasha seemed confused.
"Work with him? I've never seen him before! He isn't even a demon. Different, yes, but not a demon. Regardless..."
Sasha's tongue snaked out of her mouth and licked her lips.
"I'll be quite full tonight."

What do you do?
>Get in between them
>"if you're thinking what I'm thinking, it's a no."
What a twist.
"Volunteering? A rare occurrence, but I'd be loath to pass up a free meal. Unfortunately for you, I'm not the kind of succubus that kills with sex. Hope this wasn't supposed to be your first time!"
Sasha's fingers sprouted bloostained claws, and she leapt toward you with a screech.

>[]Kill her.
>[]Lol bullets can't hurt me why would claws
>[]Something else
>[X]Dodge her claws and hit her back of her head with your sword hilt
You dodge the succubus's claws, sheathe your sword, and smack her in the back of the head with the hilt. She turns around and hisses at you. Guess demons are a bit tougher than that. She does look dazed, though. Maybe a few more would work..?

>[]Kill her.
>[]Deliver the Backhand of Justice.
>[]Somethinng else.
>[X]Deliver the Backhand of Justice.
"It hurts me more than it does you!"
How dare she hiss at you like a cat? Cats are cute, this thing isn't. She leaps forward, and you smack her across the face with the back of your free hand. The force is enough to send the succubus flying across the apartment, collapsing in an unconscious heap at the base of the wall.
Krystal looks disturbed.
"I've seen more powerful punches than that, but they were full force. That was just a slap... are you a Lovecraftian god in disguise or something?"
A god... certainly an appealing thought.

What to do with your prisoner?
>Bind her and make her our slave
If we can.
Well, I need to go to sleep.Hope you continue this quest, Stormyface. I had fun.
You slap the succubus across the face with the force of a thousand dying stars, sending her flying across the room, where she becomes little more than an unconscious heap.
Krystal lowers her gun in awe.
"Oh, wow. That looked like it hurt. Look, I know when I'm beat, you can stay here, I'll help you out with whatever your agenda is, just don't rape or kill me is all I'm asking. She's fine, do whatever you want with her."

Freud would have something to say about that slap, wouldn't he? Well, you have a new friend and an unconscious succubus, along with the slapping ability few pimps could even begin to compare with. What do you do next?
Crap, posted twice. Consider your favorite post as the official, I guess. I need to sleep, too. Next thread should be tomorrow. G'night.
Ask them about the guys who summon you
The succubus? She's out cold. And probably won't get up for a while.

What do you do with her?
>Magcially bind her to us as a servent.
Or at least tie her up if we cant'
File: IMG_0591.jpg (116 KB, 676x800)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
You place a hand on Sasha's head and mentally break through her defenses. It was probably so easy due to her being asleep. The succubus stirs and mumbles "Yes, master..." before going back to sleep.
"Did you just... you know what, I think I'm just gonna go to bed. Anything you need from me?"

*sigh* demoness slave, wat do?
>Go to sleep as well
What a trying night this was.
"No? Kay then."
Krystal disappeared into her bedroom.
You ponder this sleep thing as you walk over to the couch. Would it take a while for you to get to sleep? Do you have dreams?
Your thoughts continue, but are immediately halted when your head hits the pillow.
Your dreams were fitful. Lots of odd people milled about in a large room, agitated over something. A man in red armor and an older man in a green robe seemed especially livid toward each other...
You open your eyes to see Sasha staring down at you.
"Good morning, master!"

Well, it worked. How do you start the day?
>Ask Sasha what humans do in the morning
Ask Sasha how she got to the human world. Also ask if she was under order from anyone We need to prevent more from coming here
"Mm? How'd I get here? Well... me and all the rest, we get to this realm using this big portal. It transports us pretty much wherever we want. Except churches. I was told to keep an eye on Krystal, and to take her out if things got bad. My siblings will probably keep invading this place until Armageddon. That's how it's supposed to work, anyway."
She shrugged.
"I don't know what humans like to do in general, to be honest. Shoot demons? Allow themselves to be seduced and killed?"
Krystal's bedroom door opened, and she stumbled out, wearing some rather plain panties and a sports bra. She looked at the both of you in a weary sort of way.
"Wasn't a dream. Not like it ever is... any requests for breakfast, Alagos? If that's even your real name... personally, I'm betting on it being Shub-Niggurath."
>One child's sweet dream, please. If you don't have one then this "eggs and bacon" sounds tasty.
Sasha, tell her what you told me
"Eggs and bacon it is, then. Where would they even sell a child's dream..?"
Sasha relays the information to Krystal.
"Well, that's good to know, I guess." she grunts, putting a pan in the oven.
"...who gave you those orders, Sasha?"
"My former master, Vincent. He owns a club on the other side of town. Pretty high class."

What do you do now?
>[]Explore the apartment.
>[]Talk to Sasha/Krystal.
>[]Something else.
>[X]Explore the apartment.
Inventory check. See what else we are capable of
You get up from the couch and begin wandering around the apartment. Sasha follows you. Guess she doesn't have much else to do.
Let's see... you have
>1 sword
>1 butane lighter
>Electircity magic (to what degree, unknown)
>The weird feeling that bullets and claws won't work on you
A glance within Krystal's room doesn't reveal anything particularly scandalous. Then again, any incriminating objects would probably be hidden somewhere. The kitchen is rather small, adjoining the living room. It's got the basic equipment required, oven, microwave, etc. The couch/your bed is situated in front of the TV. A dusty PS5 is hooked up to it, with a library of four or five games. Several bullet holes score the drywall, but it doesn't seem like anything was damaged. The bathroom is normal, if somewhat messy.
"Here. Eggs. Bacon's gonna be a bit longer." Krystal mumbled, dishing some scrambled eggs out onto plates.
>Eat the food and ask what Krystal wants to do
You begin to eat the eggs. Pretty good, actually. Not that there's much reference.
"What am I doing? I gotta go to work. You should go stay at Sasha's apartment. It's not like she'll mind if you break anything."
Krystal placed some bacon on plates, waving her hand in the air to cool it off. She made herself a plate and sat down next to you.
"Wish I had magical powers. The good kind, of course. I'm not sacrificing any children."

What do you say?
>implying she doesn't get residual magic from these dubs
>"You don't need to sacrifice children to get magic. You're born with it. Though you do if you want to do powerful spells and rituals. Anyways, I'll to Sasha's place."
Ask if there's any clothes she can spare.
I really need to spellcheck first.
"Well... if you say so. Shooting lasers would make things a lot easier."
She looks at you.
"Why do you need spare clothes..? Is it for Sasha? She should have some."
"I thought since you were surprised you saw the first time I should be less...me looking."
Krystal blinked.
"Well, you look more weird than anything else. I don't think too many people will bother you. You actually don't look that bad... Besides, you're taller than me, and there's a reason they sell male and female clothes separately. Your legs would get crushed and all the shirt chests would be too baggy. You'll be fine, just buy something if you're so concerned. Sasha should have some money. Or you could just tell her to go get a job."
>"Sasha, buy me some suitable clothes."
Well, she is our servant.
Sasha looked up at you.
"Okay... what would you consider suitable, master? I don't know what you would like..."
"What do the average human male wear? Get that."
"Okay, I'll do my best." Sasha ate the rest of her food and left the apartment, presumably to go get some money.

What now?
I don't know anything about fashion >_> guess I'll just look for some futuristic-looking stuff. This is supposed to be in like 2033 btw.
Discuss our new info with Krystal
Krystal stops you in the middle of your sentence.
"Sasha already told me. I need to go get dressed..."
She stood up, stretched, and walked into her room.
She reemerged wearing a purple t-shirt, jeans, and a black leather jacket.
"See you around, I guess." she said, grabbing another piece of bacon on her way out.

What do you do next?
Meditate or some shit like that
You sit cross legged on the floor and close your eyes. Might as well wait for Sasha to get back with those clothes...

-well, time for me to get to sleep. Got some more players today, that's pretty good!
Make a storm cloud that flys around and rains heavily for no apparent reason, set it loose in the city and give it a memory to remember everything it sees.
You focus, and a storm cloud forms over the building. Unfortunately, clouds are too insubstantial to use as a memory storage system, and it doesn't even have eyes. Still, if it grows big enough, you can hit anyone in the open with lightning. Maybe arc it through buildings and hit people inside them, too, but that would require focus. And actually being able to see who you're targeting.

You hear a knock on the door, and Sasha walks in.
"I got your clothes for you, Master."
She holds up a bag.
"Didn't get your size, but they should fit well enough."

Last chance. Does anyone want a specific set of clothes?
How about three options to pick from?
File: IMG_3397.jpg (35 KB, 346x425)
35 KB
I was thinking pic related but replace the t-shirt with a white collared shirt
Couldn't find any good images. I'll just describe some choices, then.
>A fur-collared jacket, T-shirt, and cargo shorts for blending in with the normies (probably ditch the jacket during warmer weather)
>Something out of a Deus Ex game (trench coat black cloth with gold accents thing)

Apologies if I'm not around sometimes. Stuff to do.
>1st option
Sasha places the clothes on the couch.
Fur-collared jacket, T-shirt promoting the popular series AMERICA-SAN, and cargo pants. The next five minutes are spent ripping all the tags off.

Well, looks fine. What now?
>[]Get changed right there. Sasha can watch.
>[]Go change somewhere private.
>[]Do it somewhere other than Krystal's apartment, you weirdo.
Somewhere private
You walk into the bathroom and begin the laborious process of changing clothes. Seriously, whatever universal thing or fashion designer designed this stuff you had was probably smoking something. On closer inspection... is that metal thread?
You finally finish changing and take a look at yourself in the mirror.
Nice. Of course, you probably look good in anything. The sword's kind of glaring, but what can you do?
Sasha applauds when you exit the bathroom.
"You look great, master! Should we go back to my place? You have any... orders for me?"
She smiles at you as she says this.

What do you do?
Ask if she knows anything about this dope magic sword we got.
File: IMG_3398.png (534 KB, 800x1130)
534 KB
534 KB PNG
Maybe next time, for now why don't we test out this sword
"Sword? Oh... sorry, master. I don't know anything about swords. Except that yours looks different from the others I've seen... maybe it's just regular? Can you do anything with it?"
You blink.
Well, you had a few ideas. Unexplainable impressions more than anything else. You feel like someone was supposed to explain all this to you... whatever.
With some experimentation, you learn a few things about your sword. Or maybe yourself?
You are able to recall it from a distance (how far, unclear. It'd require an open space, and a flying sword might freak the humans out just a little).
You can charge the blade with electricity, obviously.
You are able to store it in some sort of pocket dimension, even parts of it in mid-strike, letting you phase it through objects. Why you would want to is an entirely different question.

There is also the feeling of pure power that manifests whenever you hold the sword, like you could do the thing where the wind from the slashes bisects people. But that might just be due to the fact that you're holding a sword.

"That's pretty good, master!" Sasha exclaims.
You hear the chirping of some pop song ring out through the apartment.
"Oh! That's mine..."
Sasha digs around in her pocket and pulls out a phone.
"Hello? Oh, boss--I... hmm?"
She holds the device out towards you.
"...it's for you, master."

>[]Answer it.
>[]Screw with whoever's on the line. (Write in)
Answer it
You pick up the phone.
"Am I speaking to, uh--"
You hear whispering in the background.
"Sure. How'd you find out my name? What's yours?"
"Um, my name's Caine--It doesn't matter... look, I don't know how you managed to sever my control over whatsherface--"
"Her name's Sasha."
"--Sasha. Mr. Alagos, you must understand that this has never happened before. Demon lords steal each other's minions as much as they like, sure, but an outsider?
I was furious when I first heard of this. I nearly sent some Barons to kill you... but then I sat down and thought about it for a bit. It would be a waste to kill a potential ally, at least before I know what his motives are."
The man on the phone paused for a few seconds, and then sighed.
"I'd like to meet you in person, Mr. Alagos."

What's your reply?
I don't see why not, sure.
Caine sounds relieved.
"Thank you. I'm glad we could have this conversation. Let's see, from there it should be..."
He gives you directions to wherever you're meeting him.
"Anything else you need to know?"
>[]Ask about you
>[]Ask about Sasha
>[]Ask about Krystal
>[]Something else
>Ask about Caine
"...me? Well, I'm Sasha's superior. Bit of an amalgamation. Part incubus, part pretty much everything else... but why don't we save the small talk for our meeting? We won't have much to say otherwise, will we?"
You say goodbye to Caine, hang up, and explain the situation to Sasha.
"We're meeting the boss? This is great! He's a really nice guy. Hold on, I need I get ready."
Sasha hurries back to her apartment. You follow her. Might as well see where you're going to be staying.
It's... similar to Krystal's apartment. Less guns, more bead curtains and silk. The bedsheets seem to be stained with rusted blood in places, but a search with a black light would probably reveal some more stains... seriously, wash these once in a while.
Sasha disappears into the bathroom to get ready for the meeting... seems she has her heart set on going.

What now?
>[]Peek. It's not like she can stop you from doing so... or going further.
>[]Wait patiently, watch some TV maybe.
>[]Something else.
>[]Wait patiently, watch some TV maybe.
>[]Something else.
See what more you can learn about your sword. If it's like a battery, I say we charge it now, before we go
Nah, she's been a good succubus. She deserves some privacy. Besides, you've got some culture to absorb.
You sit down on the couch and turn the tv on.
A short guitar riff introduced a show by the name of 'Straight Man'.
Apparently, eight straight men were dropped onto an island, but each was told the others were gay. Hilarity ensues as they compete for a $100,000 prize. Guess Sasha's into some pretty strange stuff.
You take a look at your sword again, experimenting with the charge effect. If left alone after being charged, the electricity would leap to another object or die out. If you kept contact, the charge persisted. Seems your very presence acts as a battery of sorts. You also notice that your power over electricity is quite strong, indeed. Ampage, voltage, even energy flow could be controlled from a distance. You could make a bolt of lightning hit the roof right next to a lightning rod, just to make meteorologists' heads spin.
Speaking of which, the storm cloud you created earlier has grown. The sound of rain and thunder outside puts you at ease and sharpens your focus. You are simultaneously relaxed and hyper aware of your surroundings. Weird. Good to know, but weird...
Sasha walks out of the bathroom. Finally. It's been an hour.
"Sorry, master. Had to cover up that bruise you gave me... not that I mind, see. I was being a bad girl. I deserved it... well, let's go."
You descend into the complex's garage and get into Sasha's car.

>[]Clear up some things with Sasha involving the master/servant relationship (names, any personality traits you specifically want her to display, etc.)
>[]Partake in more culture, via car radio.
>[]Brood and glare at the skyline while reciting an edgy inner monologue.
>[]Brood and glare at the skyline while reciting an edgy inner monologue.
I just want the dude who knows nothing about human culture try to seem edgy. Like Forrest Gump putting out an emo album.
This city... a city of buildings and streets... of cars and pedestrians and, uh, hot dog stands. I should try one of those later. This city, my birthplace. It's probably famous. It should be famous, unless there are others like it except better. A cesspool of... one cult and a chick with firearms. I'm going off to see Caine. Rumor has it he's red-headed. I won't believe it till I see it my--oh. That guy over there has red hair.
Anyway, he's got some information. And I'm gonna get it out of him. To uncover my past...
To carve out my future...
"Uh, master? Are you talking to anyone in particular, or..?"
You tell Sasha that you're an amazing conversationalist. You don't need two people to hold an engaging discussion.
"Good for you, master!"
The car pulls into the parking lot of an expensive-looking club, by the name of 'Swordpoint'. You exit the car and walk over to the entrance, later realizing you didn't get a single drop of rain on yourself. Sasha wasn't so lucky.
A burly man at the entrance looked you over, and waved you through.
"Boss's inside. VIP area, near the dance floor."
You step into a hallway lined with sillouhettes of dancing women, laid over colored backgrounds. Quite a striking effect.
At the end of the hallway, a closed door, behind which emanated pulsing music.

Do you have anything to say before your entrance?
>[]Say [insert here] to Sasha, and casually step in.
>[]Kick the door open and yell [placeholder].
>Say "This is a 'hell' of a place, amiright?" to Sasha, and casually step in.
"...it sure is, master."
Sasha laughed, but even you could tell it was a halfhearted attempt. Whatever. Eventually you'd find someone who can appreciate your jokes. Inside we go!

You open the door and step inside the club. Dotted around the room were tall glass tubes in which women of various states of undress... gyrated. You recognize some of them as succubi, but are unable to tell if these are the real thing or just clever costumes. Around the room was a sort of walkway/dining area, surrounding a central dance floor lit in all sorts of pretty colors. The entrances to the VIP area were guarded by more brutes in suits. (Heh. Brutes in suits)
One of these escorted you to a table with three occupants. There was a large man, near on seven feet tall, resting his chin in his hands and looking sorrowful. Next to him was a smaller man, just a hair shy of being short. He had red hair, wore a nice suit, and absentmindedly swirled wine in a glass as he glanced nervously at the third occupant. This was most likely Caine.
The third guest wore a dark purple robe, almost black in color. Nothing else could be discerned about him, save the pentagram amulet he wore. Just looking at him gives you an unsettling feeling.
Caine looked up at you.
"Oh! Sorry, didn't see you."
He stood up and shook your hand, gesturing to two chairs across from him.
"Please, sit. Take a look at the... ah, for the love of--waitress, could we get some menus?"
A waitress in what could barely pass for underwear outside this establishment nodded, and brought a very, VERY extensive menu to the table.
The robed man growled, and muttered in a deep voice.
"Caine, just what are you doing? This man--"
"Is a guest in my establishment, Apollyon. Weren't you the one who insisted we do all the extensive introductions and rituals earlier? I think we can wait for Alagos and Sasha to finish their lunch."
Apollyon grumbled, but didn't deny Caine's request.
Caine wiped sweat off his forehead--even though it was about 60 degrees in here.
"Well, what will you be having today? My treat. Can't sully my reputation as a generous man."

What will you have?
(No specific options. It's a very big menu)
I'll have the soup of the day.
"Today's soup..."
The waitress took your order down.
"And you, miss?"
"I'll have wine. Asmodeus white."
"Interesting choice. I'll be back in about fifteen minutes."
You tear your eyes from the waitresses receding... form, and focus on the group in front of you.
The big one was rolling a ball of wax around in his hands and muttering something about candles.
"It's okay, Aim."
Caine patted the big demon on the arm.
"We'll get you another lighter."
Aim shook his head sadly.
"Won't be the same without flamestick. Was good flamestick..."
Caine sighed and looked back at you.
"Apologies. Aim light candles for rituals, and he lost his lighter. In the same ritual you appeared, I think... have you seen it?"
>[]Yep. (Give lighter)
>[]No, I haven't.
>[]Offer the lighter to Aim in exchange for something.
>Yep. (Give lighter)
File: IMG_0605.jpg (103 KB, 1000x1088)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
Aim's eyes widened when he saw the lighter.
"My flamestick..."
He took it carefully from your hand and looked it over. The burly demon looked back up at you, tears welling up in his eyes.
"Thank you, blueberry."
You tell him it was no trouble.
"No, many thanks."
Aim stood up and placed his fist on his chest.
"Aim in debt to blueberry. Need something lit--just call Aim and Aim will light it. Especially if candles."
You thank him for his generous offer.
"Is no problem."
Aim sat down and began forming candles, happily humming to himself.
The waitress returned.
"Here you go... French onion soup--"
She placed a bowl in front of you. Delicious.
"And Asmodeus white."
She placed a glass of white liquid in front of Sasha, who immediately took a sip. It seemed a bit too... viscous to be wine, but what do you know?
Aaron coughed.
"Now that your guest has his lunch, may we begin?" he said, drumming his fingers on the table.
"Yes, we should..."
Caine sighed and appeared to steel himself.
"Alagos, certain authorities in Hell are rather worried as to your place in this world. Control over demons and your appearance would be possible amongst demons, but your particular brand of magic... it reeks of the divine. Like an angel."
Caine spat out the word 'angel' with an uncharacteristic amount of loathing.
"Possibly even greater power than an angel. You see..."
Caine began running his finger around the rim of his glass.
"We and Heaven have an unspoken agreement. Until the time of Armageddon, we will keep our opposing forces at an equal level. We want the final battle to be as straightforward as possible, you see. Rather uncharacteristic of us to not cheat, but it gives us time to grow in power. Of course, the Dark Lord has been sending an... unusually high amount of greater demons to this plane recently--"
Aamon stood abruptly.
"That is a private matter, Caine. You have no right to question the Dark Lord's motives."
"No right?"
Caine stood up as well.
"Does he think this war is a joke? We've gone over this thousands of times, our best strategy is to pool our strength! With every Baron he sends, Heaven sends an equal force. We're wasting resources!"
You can feel tension between the two demons as they argue.

How do you react?
Thread's gotten kinda large. Thread 2 will be up shortly!

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