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Welcome back to the world of Super-hero politics.

Previous Thread:http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/687053/


Statesmen is divided into two parts, games and pre-games. During pre-games you negotiate and interact with characters as the Statesmen's Supervisor and assign Statesmen to missions. During games missions are played out, usually with one main mission and several side missions.

CURRENT OBJECTIVE: Retrieve library card, test out the new command center, get some sleep.


You walk through the halls of the Museum, your combination Statesmen base and young Metahuman education center. Smiling portraits and warm group photographs line the walls. The Librarian has sent you a message on your Chase Labs communicator watch telling you that your upgraded library card is ready, and you also need to talk to him about doing some secretive sleuthing in China.

You find that the simply double doors leading to the library have...grown. And transformed. They're now two thick slabs of marble with golden rings. A plaque above tells you that "MOVE WITH THE MIND WHAT THE BODY HAS NO POWER OVER."

And a paper poster on the wall informs you of an upcoming book fair.

You mentally will the doors to open and open they do with an ominous creaking noise. You stand in front of a black filed dotted with distant, silvery stars. At your feet a glittering band of light extends forward. Floating off the path are heavy wooden bookshelves bloated with dusty volumes.

>Well damn. He really did remodel the library. Better test it out.

>No no no. This is unacceptable. This will only frighten the students, especially the younger ones. Tell the Librarian to get his butt out here so you can kick it.

>Call for him. Tell him to tone down the cosmic Space Odyssey stuff.
>You mentally will the doors to open and open they do with an ominous creaking noise. You stand in front of a black filed dotted with distant, silvery stars. At your feet a glittering band of light extends forward. Floating off the path are heavy wooden bookshelves bloated with dusty volumes.

Do nothing
Sip on the coffee mug that mysteriously wasn't on your hand before
Sigh, and say
>Bussiness as usual
Then go and find the librarian

We have dealt with too many trickster gods and cosmic beings to be react with anything but calm acceptance
Do leave the coffee cup somewhere before entering.
No foods and drinks in the library.
>Well damn. He really did remodel the library. Better test it out.
Lets go find the anthropology section and jack-off to native titties and fertility idols.
You find a mug of coffee warming your hands suddenly. You shrug and take a sip.

Yeah, its coffee. Damn good coffee. And hot!

You look appraisingly at the cosmic space in front of you. Kids are already intimidated by reading. Now they're going to be REALLY intimidated by reading. You'd love to see what the chess club would do in here. They'd probably use giant chess pieces that move and talk from the ephemeral realm of duality or something like that. Could be fun to watch.

You sigh. "Business as usual." You say and let go of the coffee as it starts floating in not-space.

There's no food or drink allowed in the library after all.

You start walking down the glittering path. A wild book squawking like a bat dives at you, forcing you to duck. In the distance you see the faint outline of some space-god's face breaking through the void like a mask forged from constellations and neon.

You've been in parts of the Library before, sometimes they're stranger than than this one, but most of the time they're a little more...library like. The Librarian might be wanting to make an impression on the students.

There is only one Library, centered around the Summa Sapienza, the sum total of all knowledge in the universe discoverd in 1905 by the Baroness Bizarre and located on Mental Earth. But there are many Libraries around the 3 Earths through which the Summa Sapienza radiates. The Library is an organization devoted to deciphering the Summa Sapienza and using the revealed wisdom for the betterment of all. Their current motto is "Everything is known. Not everything is read."

The Librarian is the current head of the Library, a position he's earned through his tireless dedication not just to the Summa Sapienza but to propagating knowledge. He is a tireless collector of knowledge. Not fact is too obscure, no shred of information too inconsequential. He has a special love for the written word, believing it to be the best way to transfer information.

You are told never to bring up E-books in his presence. Bleeding edge information technologies like telepathic storage and memetic viruses are also a no-no. There are books, and only books.

You come to a simple desk at the end of the path. Behind it bookcases atop bookcases stretch like a wall in all directions. Through the cracks of books pure white light radiates, you suppose from the Summa Sapienza.

You suddenly find yourself thinking about a book with a unicorn and butterfly that you're pretty sure you've never read. But then your thoughts, or what are at the very least thoughts of thoughts you thought were your thoughts, are interrupted. A slim paperback ghost suddenly flutters out of your mind and flaps up the wall of bookcases until you lose sight of it.

Great. Now you're curious how the conversation between the unicorn and butterfly ended.

The desk has a tiny plaque that reads "Information Sources Wall". Next to a little bell.

You suddenly know an awful lot about the fertility idols of northern Wendigos. An awful lot.

You reach behind your head and pluck out a copy of "Fertility Idols and the Dangers of Acquiring Them" by a Doctor Jones.

You ring the bell. Seeing that nothing is happening besides a couple of cosmic abstractions far in the distance turning to look at you with their eyes or eye or star-filled vision plates you ring it again.

"Yes headmaster? A tall, gaunt, bespectacled man dressed in flowing black robes appears in front of you as if he was always there.

You fling the guilty book to the desk, pinning it with one finger as it tries to fly away. "The books here are acting sort of wild. I trust you'll have them under control before the students arrive this Spring? I'd hate for something like this to just suddenly fly into one of their heads."

"Hmph." The Librarian snorts. "I thought something a little chaotic would appeal to the students. They're always wired into information, just constant constant constant junk with their telepathy hats and phones and internet. They keep exposing their minds to junk because it is all they know. They know nothing and so consume over and over and over again nothing, like a cow chewing cud. I thought it would be beneficial to their education to provide them an environment where information was more active in being selected. They must learn to be active in selecting their information, and so they will be made to be more active!" He says shaking a fist.


>Well that's cool. You're the Librarian, you handle this Library how you like. You got my card ready?

>I don't suppose I want to know what the study areas are like, do I? Can you tone it down a little? Or at least install guard rails?

>I got a job for you involving China, a Dragon, and the fate of a prospective student. Also probably my job is you screw it up.
>I got a job for you involving China, a Dragon, and the fate of a prospective student.
Let's just cut to the chase hopefully the shock of international intrigue and a dragon student will make him forget about the Wendigo lewds
>>I got a job for you involving China, a Dragon, and the fate of a prospective student. Also probably my job is you screw it up.

Is there an achievement for convincing the librarian to make a Web 1.0 personal page on the Geocities-like service that never closed in this universe?

I just want to see those digitalized 3d gifs of animated books spinin around in front of a garish blue or beige background. Faintly textured, of course.
It is gif with a soft g. Death of the author, beeyoch!

You look down from the path into the starry void. "You think you might want some guardrails or something? What if a kid falls off?"

"Then they would simply fall down." The Librarian says pointing above himself. "If they're impulsive enough to fall off a path so evident that its literally a golden road set against the void of space I imagine some time falling in a perpetual loop until I can assist them would be instructive. If one cannot stand being in one place then they can try constant motion, see if that is any more liberating!"

"Heh. You and Haunter sound like you share similar ideas on child education...So what are the study areas like?"

"Zones of quiet and stillness constructed out of the petals of the Flower of Silence."

"Somehow I thought you'd say zones. Didn't guess the rest though. So my Library Card's ready, right?"

"And here it is headmaster." He holds out his hand and a small thin square floats above his palm. "A class 3 library card, ready and willing to serve you."

"Thank you.' You say touching it. A sense of calm understanding washes over you as your fingers touch it.

You stick it in your wallet between your Interway ID and Credit Card. But it doesn't matter where you put it. You couldn't separate it from your being if you tried.

The Library provides instant access to their data management teams through specialized cards that work like thought-activated phones. At will you can summon up experts in any field from Ice People literature to Caspak mech designs. Rapid access to such experts has proved invaluable to super heroes who often find themselves out of their depth and in need of a quick expert opinion.

Class I cards provide access to information teams and are commonly available. Class II cards allow one to instantly wire their mind into "pure data" abstractions that can transform one into an instant expert in whatever field they wish and are controlled for their potential of abuse. A class III card provides all the benefits of the other two classes as well as straight access to the Summa Sapienza. It is typically only given to researchers and Library staff. You have your copy because you are the Supervisor of the Statesmen. In the case of an emergency your location and state will be instantly known to the Library through your connection to the Summa Sapienza. No amount of magic/super-science/mind control will keep the Library from knowing where you are and what's happened to you.

All knowledge is literally at your fingertips, but as Jenny often reminds you the class III Library Card is really just a pretentious version of chipping a dog.

"So!" The Librarian declares in a booming voice. "Do you approve of converting the Museum's library into a branch of THE Library?"

You decide to cut to the chase rather than answer that.

"Well, actually I have some real Statesmen business to talk to you about."

"Ahhh..." He clasps his hands together. "It has been too long sense I did something super-heroic!"
"You know I love the Library but sometimes even the infinity of pure information can start to feel restrictive. What is the mission?"

"It concerns one of our students. I got an offer from a Chinese dragon ambassador named Ming to enroll his daughter Baozhai in our program. Right after I met with him a shady Chinese Ministry of State Security spook asks me in the UN Interway what all Ming told me. I want you to do that "connect to the Summa Sapientiae until I get a lead" thing you and the staff does to break cold cases and do some ground work over in China. I want to know what's going on."

"Ah, a mystery! I do love mysteries! And any chance to foil the PRC gets my blood pumping! Ever have they been a thorn in the side of the Library's attempt to decode the Summa Sapientiae! They keep trying to block and control our progress with telepathic incursions and memetic viruses! Why when I think of what all we would know today if not for them it makes me practically furious!"

"I can see that."

"They believe they can defeat truth with lies!" He begins to pace back and forth behind the desk. "They believe they can smother the truth in an ocean of lies, but a lie is simply masked information, improperly understood information. A lie that is known as a lie IS truth! I shall uncover their lies, all their lies, and they will know that they were only ever a piece of the greater whole and mystery that is the SUMMA SAPIENTIAE!!!!!"

"...So that means you're in, right?"

"Oh yes headmaster." He nods enthusiastically. "I wouldn't miss this skull duggery for the world! I'll assign a team to run a series of keywords including "China" "Baozhai" and "Dragon" into the telepathic link with the Summa Sapientae and I'll prepare myself for a trip to China. You should know that I'm officially barred from the country."

"Can't imagine why. But it doesn't matter, so is Brown Recluse and he's coming."

"The Brown Recluse?" The Librarian smiles. "Ah, I will very much enjoy working with him. I am quite thankful for him leaking those government emails awhile back. He and I are so alike in our pursuit of the truth, and yet stubbornly refuses to let go of that blasted secret identity!"

"He's got a right to privacy you know."

"Yes. And we have a right to use the Summa Sapientiae to deduce his identity! We have it narrowed down to 250 individuals. We'll have him pinpointed in no more than twenty years!"


>Next Scene at the command center?

>Tell the Librarian to chill about the Brown Recluse. You can't imagine its going to make things easy if he keeps pestering him about the secret identity, and everyone is entitled to some privacy.

>Tell the Librarian you approve of his attempts to unmask the Recluse. Secret Identities have no place in the modern world, its a holdover of the lawless "Crime Buster" years before WW2 and Super Registration is the way of the future.
>Tell the Librarian to chill about the Brown Recluse. You can't imagine its going to make things easy if he keeps pestering him about the secret identity, and everyone is entitled to some privacy.
It's not worth potentially complicating this mission over.
This is foine
"You might want to chill it about the Brown Recluse, especially when you two are going to be working together on something that could get us all in a lottttt of trouble if it becomes public."

"Oh feh! You should know I that I can reign in my emotions for the greater good! We shall defeat the CCP and the censorship that they stand for! They think information is their plaything, that they can abuse it and control it, tame it like a whipped dog to jump at their command!" He resumes pacing behind the desk. "But no I say! Information is a living animal! It strives toward truth as all living things strive for light and warmth!"

"Preach it buddy."

"They shall learn to respect the SUM OF ALL INFORMATION! The Akashic Records, the Me of Anu, the Aleph Point-do they dare think they are greater than THESE?"

"Well, I got to go Librarian. Thanks for the card and keep up the good work. Remember: work for the greater good."

"Go in peace headmaster."

You pause as you suddenly remember something else you need to bring to his attention. "Oh, one last thing. Those giant cosmic faces I keep seeing..."

"The Watchers of Aleph?"

"Yeah. The guys that look like Mayan masks-"

"Actually Third Dynasty Mu-"

"Well if they're going to be hanging out in our library, even if it is a part of THE library, they're going to be on campus. And if they're on campus I need write-ups for them on file."

"But the Watchers are omnipresent. They exist wherever information can exist. Wherever this a dual nature so that there can be a thing and not a thing, a one and a zero, they exist. All they need is matter and vacuum."

"I'm still going to need something on file."

"...Would a five dimensional hyper-document suffice?"

"Can it fit in a folder?"


"Then we're good!" You give the Librarian a thumbs up as you leave down the glittering golden path.

On your way out you spot a section of the Dartmouth Library branch floating through the stars. Judging by the papyri on the walls and the golden sarcophagus of Aten the Time Pharaoh you can tell that its their Egyptian wing. You see a stone figure dressed as a Pharaoh's servant move its head toward you, lift up a hand, and wave.

It's Ushabti, the Statesman of New Hampshire.

"Oh hey there Ushabti!" You wave back. The silent anomaly of the ages returns the smile with its fixed, mysterious grin.

You find the coffee mug waiting for you. You take hold of it as you leave and continue sipping it. You're never one to waste good coffee.


The Command Center is built into the underground network of tunnels that honeycombs throughout Jolly Harbor. You access it by setting the grandfather clock in the first floor study to midnight which slides the wall back to reveal a metal corridor lined with electric lights...

>Choose your command center style

>MAGICAL: An artificial leyline runs throughout the walls and floors and ceiling in several arcane patterns providing a space of raw spiritual energy for your command center. Choosing this style provides bonuses to missions involving magic and the Spiritual Earth. The leyline also provides protection from attacks that would disrupt communication through the use of charms and wards.

>MATRIX You feel light-headed when you enter the room. Physically there is nothing here but four walls and some chairs. Everything else is the product of a artificial thought-form designed to help you command the Statesmen. The room is filled with colors that can't be seen and a sound that is most clearly described as a heartbeat. While off-putting at first the thought-form keeps you calm even in the most dire of circumstances and gives bonuses to missions involving psychics or Mental Earth.

>MECHANICAL: A state of the art command center provided by Chase Labs and Dundo Industries. This shiny chrome clubhouse has holographic displays and robotic assistants. It is filled with a dizzying array of sub-systems and tools managed by a complex AI named Thesis. Thesis' fuzzy logic can find the strand of order in even the most chaotic of situations, allowing you to rapidly make sense of confusing situations.
And yes there is an achievement for that...

Glad to see this back, by the way.
It's good to be writing it again. I feel at my most creative doing Capeworld.

I just hope we get a few more people.
Mechanical plz
>fertility idols of northern Wendigos. An awful lot.
Fuck, we found a gunpla catalog, right?

And if we can get Thesis to appear as a hologram of Eva from RA2, i would be most happy.
File: teapot.gif (1.11 MB, 500x500)
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1.11 MB GIF
No, the only valid hologram for us is pic related
as much as I love a good magic club house it's hard to beat that state of the art hall of justice
plus robo butlers, yo
HELLO mecha-girl reference

You walk into a white chamber lit by blue lines crossing over the walls and floors like circuitry. The lines meet at the center of the ceiling and floor where two red circles hold the ends of a column of black light. Inside the column a hologram of a teapot made out of a blue grid materializes.

"Oh, its you." It says in a rather annoyed tone.

"Yeah. It's me." You sit down on a block-shaped chair. For looking like something made out of blue squares its actually rather comfortable. "Someone doesn't sound happy."

"Oh. I was just in a middle of a game."

"Really? What kind of game?"

"A video game. Angels and Vampires 2. It's an RPG about alchemy and religion and romance."

"Interesting." You sip your coffee. Is it just you or does it never seem to go down no matter how much you drink?

Oh well. More for you.

"I thought people with intelligence levels of 3 and above didn't like video games? Don't you just reflexively pick the best way to play every time?"

"Oh I had that problem. But Jenny showed me these interesting role playing games. They require absolutely no skill to play. You just take your characters out and level up and then beat the dungeon."

"And that's fun to you?"

"You play it for the story, and I'm quite invested in it. I was one dialog choice away from locking in the angel route, I was sure of it-and then you walked in."

"Well sorry to put your game on pause Thesis, but I'm making sure every part of the Museum is good to go for when we open for the kids and I figured now would be a good time to see how the Command Center is doing."

"Oh, you want to know how the Command Center is doing eh? Well let me run a diagnostic-oh look, everything green and optimal. Let me make sure and-yep, still green and optimal. But how about now? I mean a lot can change in a second-oh look, everything is green and optimal."

"I get it."

"Do you? Because you can check on the command panel next to your chair? You see the big blinking light right at the top?"


"What color is it?"


>Tell the truth. Its green.

>It's blinking red! Alert! Alert!

>It's a kind of mauve color...
>Tell the truth. Its green.
>one dialogue choice away from locking in the angel route
Damn, even in the videogames Abdiel can't score with the player character
>tell the truth. It's green
"It's green."

"Oh. Okay. Maybe you want to check again just to be sure?"

"I get it I get it. You're doing a wonderful job taking care of the Command Center, no need to get snippy about it."

"Well you would to if someone asked if the one thing you were created to take care of was "good to go"."

"I was thinking about running the training simulator today. You up for it Thesis?"

"Of course. Its a dreadfully simple simulator, not at all advance like the one the Minutemen had. That one actually generated a localized reality distortion. Its a shame about what happened to that town though..."

"So its a yes?"

"More than a yes. I could run the simulator half asleep-rhetorically speaking of course. I never sleep."

"You should see about getting the upgrade for that then. It's a real nice feeling all in all, getting tired and then getting a restful night's sleep."

"And develop an addiction to bitter-tasting stimulants just to stave off experiencing this wonderful feeling called tiredness? No thank you."

"Spoilsport. Black coffee is one of the joys of life. You artificials don't know what you're missing."

Jenny suddenly storms through the door.

"Oh hey. How was your dinner with your kid?" You say ignoring the look of anger on her face.

"Oh wonderful." She folds her arms in front of her chest. "Just wonderful. I had cheese stuffed ravioli. Shame I didn't get to finish it before it got cold. A reporter approached me asking about rumors that the Statesmen are spying in China for the CIA."

Ah. And here is where MSS strikes. Damn they work fast.

"Well, you know the rumor mill. According to rumors I'm a racist sexist bigot who is also on the Vampire illuminati's payroll."

"Alan said you're sending some of the Statesmen to China to investigate a student."

"Well we do have the right to vet our students you know."

"You're sending the Brown Recluse!"

"Well I know he's awfully busy with Detroit but I figured it would be right up his alley and-"

"You're sending in the Librarian!"

"Well we don't have to tell anybody..."

"Oh thank you based Computer God for small miracles, they're arguing...." Thesis says. "Now hold on Abby, We're going to hold hands now..."

"And Black Hole Man is on standby? What is up with that?"

"In case anything goes wrong he'd be able to-"

"In case WHAT goes wrong?"

"Oh anything...you know how random politics can be Jenny..."

Jenny shake in anger, a small growl growing in her throat.


>What we're doing isn't legal, but its right.

>Apologize and beg for mercy and understanding.

>It was Alan's idea!

>We can modify the plan. We can be more...upfront in our approach.
>What we're doing isn't legal, but its right.
Unless you want to openly and publically butt heads with the proverbial red dragon itself about whether or not one of its most prized residents is allowed to attend our school and dodge their country's draft, and I'm pretty sure no one on either side of the Pacific wants to see that fight drag out. A Chinese dragon escaping the PRC's draft by fleeing to the USA with a student visa? The USA courting a potent student from one of its fiercest rivals, possibly for political reasons? You think I want my eardrums blown out by getting shouted at from both sides about this?

Chinese intelligence wants to play hardball because they know they're not going to get a straight answer out of their own people. I always give straight answers, and I told them to piss off, not least because this prospective student wouldn't be the first Chinese individual to take advantage of American education. The American press ought to know better than to blindly latch onto Chinese leads, but what do I know about the media? I don't want this to get ugly just as much as you do, but if the Chinese are going to make this an issue, then it's going to be an issue.
This sounds fine
Maybe lose the straight answers but? Otherwise I'm for it.

"Hey, what we're doing isn't illegal but it sure as hell is right."

"Risking our reputation by involving the Statesmen in international espionage is right?"

"Think about the alternative. You want to openly and publicly butt heads with the proverbial red dragon itself about whether or not one of its most prized residents, an actual native born dragon-you know there's more dragons born in California than in China ever sense Mao right?-can dodge their metahuman draft through our school program? You want to see that kind of fight drag itself out while we're just trying to find our feet?"

"So its expediency then? We're doing it this way because its quicker?"

"And safer because its quicker. Or do you just want to abandon her to be used as another soldier by the PRC, to probably be used as another threat aimed at Japan and Taiwan where most of her family probably lives?"

"...We aren't abandoning her." She says relaxing a little. "Helping children no matter their problems is one of our goals. Baozhai has big, deadly, potentially war causing problems. But I guess a lot of student body is going to end up being like that, huh." She gives a wan smile. "I guess...to be honest with you, I'm scared about tackling so much so soon. Many Statesmen aren't super heroes per se. Sure, we guys like Captain Justice and Brown Recluse, but we also got a lot of people who aren't used to danger...I mean China isn't exactly a crazy guy robbing a bank. We're the only country with more superhumans."

"Yeah. They like throwing their number of superhumans around. They like to use the fact to make people scared of them." You touch Jenny's shoulder. "Look, MSS wants to play hardball because they know they're not going to get a straight answer out of their own people. Me, I always give straight answers. I told their goon to piss off, not least because this prospective student wouldn't be the first Chinese individual to take advantage of American education. Don't let them scare you. "

You glance at your watch and quickly bring up a news feed. Everyone is talking about leaked documents alleging that you're a CIA front. MSS's strategy is pretty clear. If a Statesmen is caught inside China asking questions they're going to look like CIA shills. They've constructed a net and are hoping you'll fall into it. "The American press ought to know better than to blindly latch onto Chinese leads..." You grumble.

"Not everyone can be Abe Axel you know. Most journalists just parrot truth, they don't look for truth."

"Jenny, I don't want this to get ugly anymore than you do. But if the Chinese are going to going to make Baozhai an issue then its going to be an issue."

"Hey!" Alan calls from down the corridor. "Great new! I just got done talking to the Map Makers, they want to be involved so bad! I think we can even get free field....trips..." He freezes as Jenny glares at him.

"In fact I better go talk to them more about those field trips!" He quickly turns to walk away.

The door slams in his face.

"Open the door Thesis!" Alan shouts.

"No can do." Thesis replies.

"You reject from Beauty and the Beast!"

Jenny smirks. "Thank you Thesis."

"You're welcome."

"Hey, why are you working with her?"

"Because I know to be afraid of her."

"Eh, good point..."

"Alan!" Jenny storms toward him. "You're impossible! I turn my back to have dinner, to just have dinner, and you two boys involve us in international intrigue!" She forces poor Alan up against a wall.

"Wellll..." Alan gives a wide, guilty smile. "Is that the new simulator I see through that wall? It's nice...very grid like."

"Black with grid lights is a classic simulator design." Thesis says.

"It even matches the Command Center! Nifty!"

"Don't you try to change the subject!" Jenny pokes him in the chest. "And what is this I hear about some sort of duel of honor in Japan? Are you guys going to try pulling something in Korea next? Is there some sort of prize you're trying to get?"

A ball of crackling yellow electricity enters the Command Center in a flash. As it dissipates you see Deseret looking around excitedly. her blonde ponytail crackles with little arcs of electricity. her yellow and black striped cape twitches like a thing alive.

"Wowwwww...so this is our new Command Center...cool! And that must be the Simulator! Right there! Hey guys, is it true that its ready?"

"Ugh. You're leaking electricity everywhere..." Thesis says.

"What? Oh-ohmigosh sorry!" Deseret shuts her eyes tight and the tiny electric arcs that jumped from her body dissipate. "I didn't break anything did I?"

"Of course not." Thesis says. "Zeus himself could throw his thunderbolt in here and I would be fine. I'm perfectly shielded from electricity. It just simply didn't look right. Why can't you biological beings keep whats inside you to yourselves?"

Desert:Statesmen of Utah. Mormon. Teenage girl. She accepted the nomination to the Statesmen with great reluctance. She wants to be a "real" superheroine and hates that the Statesmen is more about the metahuman community and less about fighting evil. She supports Pele's proposed reforms.

Jenny's psyche reports show that Deseret is a potential problem. She wants to be a superheroine very, very badly. If she is forced to do nothing but pose in front of the cameras she might actually go AWOL. Or even quit the team.

"Um...hello Meagan." Jenny says. "You know we prefer if you schedule meetings with us. Whatever you want to talk about now is not-"

"Oh hey Deseret what do you need?" Alan quickly says. "Because our schedules suddenly cleared up and we got a lotttttt of time for whatever you want to talk about!"

Jenny glares at Alan.

"You guys haven't tested the Simulator yet right?"

"No." You say. "As a matter of fact we were just about to put it through its paces."

"Give me first shot!" She says clenching her hands into fists. "Please! And-And-And a team! Give me a team to lead!"

"Woah woah woah." Jenny says. "Slow down a bit Meagan. What do you mean a team?"

"I want to show you that I can lead a team of Statesmen. I've been studying all about how to lead a team, and I want to show you that the Statesmen can function like a traditional superhero team, and I've been preparing for this, and I want to go first in the Simulator so I can prove it to you, and-and just give me a team!"

"...You know superhero teams tend to form organically right?" You say. "They aren't usually just assembled out of the blue."

"Anyone. Absolutely anyone. Give me Ghost O Jarone or The Hoosier or even Four Fathers! I am leadership material I know I am! The point is to show that I can be the glue. I can take any metahuman and make them function as a team! Please give me a team to lead!"

"Ugh. Say something Supervisor, and quickly. She's starting to leak again." Thesis says.

>No. You can join in the test run of the Simulator but I'm not giving you a team to lead.

>Sure. Anyone you have in mind for the team?
Real leaders lead from the front, not from the back, and they work in service of their teammates, not in command of their teammates. It's clear you want to be a frontline leader, and that's admirable. But if you want to lead so badly, then I need to know how well you can lead first, especially in chaotic situations. Let's see if you can at least be a leader for civilians; if you can't handle regular people, then handling your fellow heroes will be a tall order.

Thesis, throw her in the sims. Give her the Milwaukee Blaze of '71. You know, the one with that "Scorched" guy who set off firebombs around the city to cause panic. Let's see how she handles panicking civilians and an explosive pyrokinetic bearing down on her.
tl;dr -
>I'll strongly consider giving you a team if you can beat this sim about handling civilians under threat.
Seconding this.

Thesis confirmed for patrician taste.

"Real leaders lead from the front, not the back, and they work in service of their teammates."

Deseret nods and nods. "Uh huh Uh huh! That's just what "Generals and Godlings" by The Bald Eagle said!"

"It's clear you want to be a frontline leader, and that's admirable."

"I want the Statesmen to DO more. I don't want us to just be a social club that sometimes does things. Don't get me wrong Mr. Supervisor Sir, I appreciate what your'e trying to do with this metahuman education focus of yours but I'm with Pele. We got to focus more on the traditional metahuman services-disaster management and supervillian combat. I want to show you you and you that there's not a single metahuman on the Statesmen that can't work as an active superhero, not when they got my leadership!"

"Well, I think that if you want to lead so badly then I need to know how well you can lead first, especially in chaotic situations."

"Hit me with anything Supervisor! I'll lead anyone!"

"Let's see if you can at least be a leader for civilians."

"...Wait. Civilians? You mean like, normal people?"

"If you can't handle regular people then handling your fellow heroes will be a tall order."

"But I'm ready now! What's the use of seeing how I handle normal people anyway? There's always a superhuman nearby, this isn't like a colony world where you have like, three superhumans tops."

"Say you're in a situation where you can't get ahold of another superhuman. Say a Crisis situation is going on. Say Hectonchires is attacking the White House. You can't just assume help will be nearby to bail you out."

"Hey!" She says defensively. "I didn't mean that I needed someone to help me!"

"Then how about we run you through...I got it!" You snap your fingers. "Thesis, fire up the sims. Give her the Milwaukee Blaze of '71. You know, the one with that "Scorched" guy who set off firebombs around the city to cause panic. Let's see how she handles panicking civilians and an explosive pyrokinetic bearing down on her."

Deseret adjusts her golden colored goggles. "Alright. I'll show you what I can do! Panicking civilians? No sweat!"

"...You know leading a group of metahumans isn't the same as leading panicking civilians? It's sort of apples to oranges." Jenny says.

"If she can convince normal people in mortal danger to get behind her and listen to her then she really can convince anyone." You reply. "I want to see if she's as good as her hype."

"Alright. Time to get in character!" Thesis says. "Wait until you see this. Did you know Doc Chase trained me with Shakespeare programs? You should see my performance of Richard III, particularly my Richard III."



"Okay Meagan. Okay." You talk to yourself by transmitting messages from your mind to your static aura. It's a habit you've had since you were a little girl. It seemed less strange than just talking to yourself inside your head..."

Of course, it made you stand out among the kids as the weird girl that talked to an old radio version of her voice...

"Time to show that you aren't just talk. This is your chance. Don't blow this and you got a superteam! Oh, Emerald Blaze will be so jealous!"

"Alright." You say hovering above the blue grid of the Simulator. "Ready when you guys are..."

The transformation is instantaneous and more than a little startling. You suddenly find yourself in the middle of a blazing urban inferno. Smoke chokes the air. You can't tell if its daylight or night. Orange fires flicker up and down buildings, across streets, over the black husk of a park..."


Underneath the maniac's roar you hear cries. Children, men, women, all are crying out in terror and pain and despair.

You got to get a grip. You got to focus. This is information overload...

>Roll 1D20
Rolled 10 (1d20)

Rolled 15 (1d20)


It's hard to focus over him yelling...and the smoke...and the fire...and the heat...

You fly up high. You got to think. You got to get a perspective to work from.

The entire city below you is scarred with lines of fire. The street lights and and windows are so dim next to the fire. The city is almost a black cinder broken up by angry, raging streaks of flame.

You remember Scorch. You read about him in social studies. He was a crazed bomb-maker burnt by Ghost O Jarone's hellfire. He saw what we thought was God in the fire, and God told him to burn the world to the ground.

The next time he met Ghost O Jarone Ghost was sure to leave noting left, not even ashes.

Wait...maybe you can use that to your advantage. He's a megalomaniac. If you could distract him perhaps you could delay his detonations, give the EMTs time to go to work.

But maybe you should focus on getting who you can to safety.

>Target Scorch

>Save civilians
>Target Scorch
The sooner the enemy is downed, the sooner the recovery begins, right? EMT and police can cover most of the legwork on the ground.
Target Scorch. I'm not sure how electricity powers could help put out fires or get civilians away safely, but I'm sure they could distract him.
You make a huge light in the sky, a lightning storm in reverse. Bolts of lightning shoot up from your hands like yellow thorns.

This should get his attention. This should tell you where he is.

>Roll 1D20+2
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 9 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Rollin' Thunder!
We've got to save the civilians!

There he is! On the roof!

Through the dome of his suit you can see a blackened face, almost a skull. The suit is a gift from Deck. They provide powers and tools and support to people like Scorch. They call them "hearts" after the suite. They're "superhumans that follow their passions".

You never got Deck. It's an organization that goes all the way back to the 19th century and despite every nation wanting them gone they continue to exist. Their goal is perpetual chaos and global instability, and to that end they create supervillians. The end game is supposed to be some sort of utopia that rises out of one final super-powered war that's supposed to teach people the secrets of the universe or some garbage like that.

Looking at Scorch and his bulky red powersuit wreathed in flames you can't imagine anyone working for Deck really knows what the hell they're doing.

"Now you stay there!" You point your finger at Scorch and bolts of electricity magnetize him to the building he's standing on.


"That was easy." You tell yourself. "Now for the tricky part. Getting things under control."

You land in the middle of the street. People start to swarm around you, the one light in a dark night of chaos. You remember what you've read and keep them back with a small barrier of harmless static electricity.

Now for some help with the fire. You reach out with our power and touch the sky. The clouds rumble as you start to shake the rain from them. The people begin to cheer, but you know this is only the first step. You start targeting fire hydrants, magnetically popping them and aiming at the blazes.

More cheers. You're doing good. You're actually doing this...

"No one panic!" You order. "Keep low to the ground! Don't breathe in the smoke! If you know of anyone missing stand over there! If you know anyone trapped in the fire stand over there!"

They're listening. They're actually listening to you!

And then the screaming starts.

Scorch has set himself and the building he's standing on on fire...

>Roll 1D20
Rolled 12 (1d20)


You got to concentrate. See if there's anyone inside the building by listening to the electricity of their nervous systems...

But maybe you should get Scorch out of the way now...

>Check building

>Get rid of Scorch
Civilians first, check the building.
But is there anything we can do to distract Scorch as well? Don't want him setting another building on fire while our back is turned.
There's a big benefit to zooming around with an electric aura. When you fire off one without you in it you can kind of make it look like you're someplace where you aren't, especially when its a dark night.

You hear the sound of maniac laughter and explosions high above you in the sky. He's taking the bait.

You send an aura clone to distract Scorch while you listen for signs of human life...

>Roll 1D20+3
>Check building
Rolled 12 (1d20)

You detect three vital sighs. You buzz up the side of the building and thankfully find that all three belong to office workers trapped in a room. You blow out the wall and begin transferring the two men and one woman to the ground carefully, one at a time.

Now you have to deal with Scorch.

You rocket up to the top of the building. You hear it creak. You got them out just in time, this whole building is likely to crumble at any moment.

"Crazy bastard!" You shout. "I didn't think you'd try blowing up a building you were standing on!"

"Ah...the angel...pretty, like those I met in the fire. But so scared. Angels shouldn't have fear..."

"I'm not afraid of you!" You shout defiantly. "Now give it up. The only bombs you have are the ones you throw from your suit, otherwise you would have exploded them by now."

"Or maybe I was saving some...for when the ambulances and fire trucks come."

Your blood runs cold.

"It wouldn't be right to leave them out of the fire. It wouldn't be right at all..."

>Kill shot. Take it now.

>Stun him.

>Talk to him. Stall for time while you set up a scrambling frequency around him.
>Talk to him. Stall for time while you set up a scrambling frequency around him.
He's using seventies tech, thank god. You just have to muffle whatever he's using to trigger the bombs that may or may not exist.

It's just static, you remind yourself. It's easy.

You just have to make sure he doesn't notice.

"Why do you want the whole world to burn anyway huh?" You begin to stall for time. "I mean what are you going do about people like La Diabla and Kid Fireball, people that live off of fire?"

"Why would I do anything about them? I want to set everything on fire, not kill everyone!"

"Oh I see. Nuance. Well if you want to live to see another day to burn things then I suggest giving up right now. I can stop all the electricity in your brain you know."

>Roll 1D20
Rolled 15 (1d20)

"Heh. You wouldn't want to do that. I've wired all the bombs in my suit to explode if my heart stops."

"Oh. That's no good then." You don't tell him that you thought about what you'd do a long, long time ago if you ever came up against one of those "heart stops, hostages blow up" deals. The thing about your powers is that you can force a person's heart to beat normally-even if they're brain dead.

....And jammed. Thank you God.

You snap your fingers as a wave of electricity carries Scorch high into the air.

There's not explosions.

You can hear the sound of approaching sirens. And the hiss of water hitting fire. And people cheering your name. DESERET...DESERT...DESERT...

You knew you could do it. You just knew it.

The simulation melts away to reveal the blue grid of the chamber. You dart up to the Command Center window. "I did it!" You proudly declare to the Supervisor and his staff. "I did it! Did you see me? What did you think?"


>You did good Deseret. Who would you like for this team of yours?

>I'm not arranging a team for you just because you got lucky on a simulation.

>That screw up not following through when he was stuck on the roof cost you some points. I'm afraid I can't pass you.
I feel bad for testing your writing and improv like this.
You handled yourself well. Now let's try something a bit more relevant. One more test, and I'll consider your team.

Being a leader is about helping to keep your group on task and as a unit. Egos will flare, but do well enough, and you can keep things in order. Sometimes, though, things will happen, and at that point, some will inevitably come to blows. If you can't handle a team at its worst, then I'd be hard pressed to have you lead one at its best.

Thesis. Bring up Barnstormer Sr. vs. Kamen Tiger. Now that was a hell of an argument they had in Tokyo back in '94. I think it was something about old man 'Stormer wanting to put some Japanese villain in the slammer while Kamen Tiger wanted to put them down for good.
It's good, my improv muscles can always use more exercise. Getting some sleep early., will update this and mechagirl tomorrow.

this mini-episode will go a on a bit longer. Mountain Lion won't like the results of the next test no matter what, and we'll have to lead our (insert team name here) through a simulator challenge. The idea is that every Statesmen will have their own mini-episode that sort of establishes their character. Between the next challenge and Mountain Lion's we get a brief interlude with Deseret hanging out with her BFF Emerald Blaze back at her farm and trying to fit in at the Statesmen Halloween party (where Supervisor will be making a speech)

What do you guys think of the game so far?
There's a lot of worldbuilding (as if Cape World itself didn't have enough of that), and the writing is interesting enough to make the narrative worth following most of the time. The settings can feel dense at times, but it's all good.
This game is still pretty entertaining, looking forward to dragon shenanigans.
File: abbyfinallyscores.jpg (62 KB, 581x445)
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>what do you guys think of the game so far?
an interesting game. The only way to win is to let other anons do the rolls so that you don't fuck up the young heroine's training simulation
really looking forward to more, I'll have to look through the backlogs, Quest Guy
I've had pic related in my head since I read this post, Communications System
thanks for indulging in my little joke

"You handled yourself well." You reply.

"Well? I say she was incredible!" Jenny says.

"What? No praise for me?" Thesis asks.

"What for?" Asks Alan. "You said running the Simulator is super easy for you."

"It is. But I still like being praised."

"You did good Thesis." You say. "You're one hell of a teapot."

"So I passed?" Deseret asks. "Did I show you I'm ready to lead?"

"I got to say you've impressed me so far. Where is this coming from? It can't just be the books you've been reading."

"Well, The Reverend has been training me...he doesn't exactly approve of the direction I want to take the Statesmen but he doesn't think its wrong of me to try assembling a team."

"You know we got a few teams inside the Statesmen already. There's the Coast Guardians, and you, Reverend, and Snake Charmer make the Ecumenicals. And then there's Ms. Cryptics crew, although they're more of a group of friends then an organized strike team."

"But I want more of that organization in the Statesmen, more groups that know how to fight and plan together! And I guess I still got to convince you, huh?"

"One more test, and I'll consider your team."

"Alright!" Deseret grins. "Bring it on!"

"Let's try something a bit more relevant. Being a leader is about helping to keep your group on task and as a unit. Egos will flare, but do well enough, and you keep things in order."

"Uh huh Uh huh!" Desert nods.

"Sometimes, though, things will happen, and at that point, some will inevitably come to blows. If you can't handle a team at its worst, then I'd be hard pressed to have you lead one at its best."

"So I'm going to be tossed into a team at crisis? No big deal!"

"Something like that. Just head into the Simulator and we'll take care of the rest."

"Got it!" And with that Desert streaks back down to the center of the Simulator Chamber to await her trial.

"Don't you think you're being a little hard on her?" Jenny asks. "I mean you threw one of Ghost O' Jarone's old enemies at her."

"It would be pointless to throw her softballs." You reply. "She wants the Statesmen to be strong and efficient. I would be disrespecting her wishes if I handled her with kid gloves."

"I got to say I agree." Alan says. "Say we just threw wimps at her like The Slug and then later on she actually does lead a team against on of Ghost's old sparring partners."

"What's wrong?" You grin at Jenny. "Are you having maternal concerns?"

"Oh this again." Jenny sighs. "No, I'm not. It's just hard to watch a teenage girl fight psychotic arsonists and not cheer your head off for the girl."

"I want her to win to." You say. "But I can't make it easy for her. Speaking of which Thesis, you ready to rock and roll?"

"Just let me save the game here and....good! Now what scenario do you want me to run now Supervisor?"

"Bring up...Barnstormer Sr. vs Kamen Tiger. You know the one back in 1994 in Tokyo...that was the one where old man 'Stormer wanted to put some Japanese villain in the slammer while Kamen Tiger wanted to put them down for good."

"Oh yes. I know what you're talking about. Retrieving data...devising scenario...setting safety parameters..."

"Hey...do you really need to say all that? I mean you didn't the last time." Alan asks.

"Tch! No. I don't. As a matter of fact I finished the set up in a nano-second."

"Then why the build up?"

"Because I'm into this now. The previous sim was pure dress rehearsal. This is going to be the real production!"

"Well I'm glad you're motivated now Thesis." You say.

"Well you've given me something to be motivated about Supervisor. I'm dying to see how our midwestern starlet handles the perils and trials of the Simulator Chamber!"

"Great. He's turning into a digital Dice Head now." Alan says. "So you want to finish up your countdown speech..."

"No. You ruined the mood. 3-2-1 go!"



You go back over what Reverend Luthor told you about resolving team conflicts as you wait on a black square. "Identity the problem. Don't assign blame. Work to resolving the problem..." Your static aura crackles to you. "And never feel embarrassed. Even great teams like the Minutemen have falling outs."

You find yourself in the middle of downtown Tokyo. You're relieved to see that none of the buildings are on fire this time. The skyscrapers make you feel small, even as you start to hover off the ground. You start to probe radio frequencies for signs of a disturbance but you suddenly you see and orange streak whirl down the highways. Apparently they weren't going to spawn you away from the action. Oh well, you bet you scored points for your thoughtfulness.

You increase speed to keep up with the orange blur and find that its a motorcycle driven by a man with a tiger mask. His fire-patterned armor gives you an uncomfortable feeling, but you think he's a hero. A lot of Japanese superheroes like using motorcycles for some reason.

"My name is Deseret." You announce through his motorcycle's radio. "I'm an American superheroine and I'm here to help!"

He turns to look at you and you can't be sure what expression he's giving you behind the mask, but he suddenly increases speed and breaks away from you.

That didn't go so well...

You follow him to an intersection where crowds of people are running from...something. The people seem instantly relieved to see the tiger masked man approach. He stops his motorcycle and stands up. The people gesture wildly behind themselves. From their Japanese you make out that the hero is named Kamen Tiger Firelight and the thing they're running from is a "Shadow Trooper".

The people, like their hero, barely acknowledge you. At most they stare curiously at you as they run toward safety.

>Follow Kamen Tiger Firelight

>Attempt communication. It's important to work together!
>Follow Kamen Tiger Firelight
So close, yet so far.
Thank you Crunch, it is everything i hoped for and more
>>Follow Kamen Tiger Firelight
>tea kettle whistle intensifies

I love this Crunch. Do you think you could do a sketch of Desert since we're in the middle of her story?

And Winnie/White Fell domination. Who dominates who I leave up to you.


You stay out of Kamen Rider Firelight's way as he bounds over the fleeing crowd, twisting in mid-air. He lands in a feral crouch, red hot nails extending from his fingertips.

An enormous black figure with skin like oily sludge crashes through the side of a building, a thick lasso tide around its waist. It looks like the shadow of some sort of humanoid given substance. Its claws break themselves against the lasso.

"Ain't getting out that way partner." A voice calls out from the ruined shop. "Barnstormer's lasso ain't made out of just rope!"

"TIGER CLAW!" Kamen Tiger Firelight shouts as the back of his armor splits apart to reveal two silvery cylinders. With the roar of an engine and the roar of a tiger blue cones of fire project from the cylinders and Kamen Tiger rockets forward. "HISSATSU!" He yells as he draws his claw back.

"Woah there!" Barnstormer suddenly jerks the captive Shadow Trooper out of the path of his strike. "I get enough of that kind of attitude back home!"

Kamen Tiger lands and growls as he turns to face Barnstormer. "What are you doing?" He asks in thickly accented English.

"Keeping you from killing this guy." A tall man dressed as the classic cowboy complete with white vest, hat, golden star, and thick stubble steps out of the shop, lasso tightly wound around his hands. "He ain't going anywhere now."

"That is Shadow Trooper Toboe!" Kamen Tiger points an angry claw at the trapped villain. "One of Overlord Darkness' minions!"

"I don't care who he is. You can't just slice him to ribbons because you can!"

"Is SHE with you?" He flicks a claw up toward you.

"Who? That? Naw, I thought she was with you! Say, who are you girl!"

"My name is Desert!" You announce. "I'm an American superheroine and I'm here to help!"

"So she IS with you?" Kamen Tiger says. "Damn Americans! Stick to your base, stop interfering!"

"I ain't military and I ain't here to cause trouble." Barnstormer says. "I'm here because this Overlord fella pinched kachinas from my Hopi friends, the kind that give super powers. This fella in my lasso seems like he's benefiting from a wolf spirit."

"So that explains this recent outbreak...but it matters not. You and your American friend do what you will with this Shadow Trooper. Just do not get in my way. There are more to hunt." Kamen Tiger turns to leave.

For a moment you wonder if its over. Did you screw up somehow, or was this one of those "win by doing nothing" things?

But then you feel yourself thrown through the air as a ebon wing slams into your side.

"Shadow Trooper Siren!" Kamen Tiger shouts clenching his fist.

Siren swoops down and spreads her wings over the two below casting them in shadow. Kamen TIger starts slashing at the air and ground with his glowing claws, he's familiar with the enemy's tactics.

Barnstormer is less so.

"Hey what are you clawing at? There's nothing-" Suddenly from out of the shadow itself clawed hands tear at his body!

"Argh!" He screams as he loses his grip on the lasso. "Get back!"

With a mighty heave he scatters the hands gripping into his flesh.

"Damn it! He's loose!" Kamen Tiger says. "If you had only let me slay him gaijin..." His entire right claw claws a violent red color. "TIGER SHOT!" He yells and swipes at the air. Five red lights streak through the air at Shadow Trooper Toboe.

Five red lights are quickly shot down by Barnstormer's pistol. "Stop it!" He shouts. "Stop trying to kill them!"

"Rally to me Shadow Troopers!" A booming voice declares. "Today is the day we destroy Kamen Tiger Firelight!"

A large bear with demonic, red eyes that blaze like angry suns straddles the road, one foot on each sidewalk.

"General Grizzly! It is you that shall be destroyed today!" Kamen Tiger declares.

"Hey! Ain't no one destroyin' no one today!" Barnstormer says.

"What side are you on?" Kamen Tiger growls at him. "Are you mad? These sub-humanoids threaten innocent human lives!"

"Don't mean you gotta kill them!"

"I will protect this city! I told you once and now I tell you again!" He flashes his claws at Barnstormer. "Do not get in my way!"

>Attack (Siren, Grizzly. Toboe). Maybe they can follow your lead?

>Attempt to diffuse the argument between Kamen Tiger and Barnstormer (risky, but high rewards)

>Take a side, lethal or non-lethal.
>Attempt to diffuse the argument between Kamen Tiger and Barnstormer (risky, but high rewards)
If the Shadow Troopers could be redeemed somehow, then Barnstormer would have a foot to stand on. Somehow, I'm not sure that's the case. Yeah, they're stealing totemic powers, and that's Barnstormer's business, but we need more information.
>sketch requests
I'll see what I can get done this weekend. I've got presents to buy and all that. I've got a nice vacation coming up, tho. I should be able to draw some stuff for the threads
"Oh boy." You say to yourself through your static aura. "What exactly are these Shadow Troopers?"

You swoop down, throwing a net of electricity between you and the two men and the Shadow Troopers.

General Grizzly smashes both fists on the dome. You kneel down on one leg as you struggle to keep the barrier up. You can't do this forever.

"Ah damn it girl! Get out of the way! You can't beat them that way!" Kamen Tiger yells.

"You're keeping us from the bad guys! Although if you want to help you could try keeping him away." Barnstormer jerks a thumb at Kamen Tiger.

"You don't want to do that." Kamen Tiger hisses at you.

"Death to the enemies of Overlord Darkness!" General Grizzly shouts as he pounds on your barrier again. "Long live the million year empire of Darkness!"

>Roll 1D20 to negotiate
Rolled 10 (1d20)

"Look, what are these things anyway? These Shadow Troopers?" You ask.

"You do not know? You involve yourself in MY fight and you do not even know about the Empire of Darkness?" Kamen Tiger asks.

"I-I know about Overlord Darkness. He's that guy that takes all the different forms and keeps fighting the different incarnations of KING and other Japanese heroes...they're people right? I mean..." You struggle for the words. "Real people? People we cant kill right?"

"You naive little girl." Kamen Tiger snears. "They're monsters that have forsaken their humanity for power. The only future for them is death at the claws of Kamen Tiger!"

"There is no future but the future of the Empire of Darkness blasphemer!" Siren squawks. "Let us see the shield of your ally keep out another blast of the shadow force!" She spreads her wings out wide, shading you all again.

"Drop the shield girl! You're trapping us!" Kamen Tiger orders.


>Drop shield, Fall back.

>Drop shield, Attack. Weaken the Shadow Troopers then worry about moral debates.

>Dig deep. Increase the brightness of your shield to burn away the shadows.


>Side with Barnstormer

>Side with Kamen Tiger

>Maintain neutrality
>Dig deep
If she can shut off all the electricity in someone's brain or in their entire body but keep them alive by manually pumping their heart, I'm sure she can pull something like this off.
>Dig deep. Increase the brightness of your shield to burn away the shadows.
>Maintain neutrality
>drop barrier and attack
>side with tiger
You gotta slay the kaiju in Japan, that's a law. But we should try to keep one alive to find more info on those totems that were stolen. But it seems like tiger is the authority in town, we should follow his lead
>Side with Tiger


Do we BBQ the monsters of the week or do we aim to show mercy?
Not necessarily show mercy, but we need to find out what Barnstormer is looking for.
"Why do you even care for these monsters? Do you fear they still hold your precious talismans?" Kamen Tiger asks Barnstormer as you prepare to make your lightning very, very bright to blow away the supernatural darkness.

The shadow is unnatural. When it falls on you it feels like being thrown into ice water. Still, they're shadow themed. Their enemy is light themed. His glowing claws seemed to hurt them plenty. Bright lights should help you out here.

You hope.

"No. I can't sense the dolls anywhere. But that doesn't matter, they're still humans under the shadows! We can't kill them!"

"Excuse me?" You ask through gritted teeth.

"What girl?" Kamen Tiger asks. "Don't expect us to help you when the shadow demons spawn, we're all going to be swarmed!"

"Light hurts them right?"

"Concentrated photons like in my light-claws, yes. But there's no way that you could-"

"Got it."

>Roll 1D20+3


Hope that's enough information to decide. This is purely a "killshot the badguys" thing. The Kachina dolls were used to power up these Shadow Troopers, but they aren't connected to them in any way.
Rolled 17 (1d20)

You increase the brightness of your lightning gradually. You want to give anyone looking at the fight enough time to turn away before their corneas start to melt.

You feel warm again as the supernatural shadows fade away with a hiss.

"Forgive poor Siren General Grizzly!" The winged monster shouts. "She does not mean to fail our master Overlord Darkness so completely!"

"Fall back you fools, fall back! Or our master's wrath will be the least of your concern!" With liquid quickness the Shadow Troopers slither away from the brightness of your electric shield.

"Wonderful, now they're getting away! FIREHAWK! LET US RIDE!" Kamen Tiger snaps his fingers and orange motorcycle roars up alongside your shield.

"Hold on buddy." Barnstormer places his hand on his shoulder. "Those owlhoots belong in jail, not a cemetery!"

"...I am sorry. I know only a little English. But I hope the meaning of my words is clear." Kamen Tiger turns to face Barnstormer. "Go away. Or I will make you go away."

"Aw damn it..." Barnstormer sighs and tugs on his hat. "We really going to do this? Stupid brawls between heroes was another thing I was hoping to leave in America."


>Final confirmation: Take Kamen Tiger's side?
"We don't have to fight if we don't want to. Why not focus on retrieving those totems that were stolen and let Kamen Tiger handle the bad guys for now? I know that in America things are done differently but we're not in America. This might be the appropriate way to handle the bad guys"
This is the most diplomatic option.

You drop the barrier. With a single leap and a twist Kamen Tiger lands on his motorcycle.

"You hold it!" Barnstormer shouts.

"No you hold it..." You say rising to your feet. "We don't have to fight if we don't want to. Why don't you and I focus on finding and retrieving those totems Barnstormer?"

Kamen Tiger doesn't wait for diplomacy and speeds after the Shadow Troopers., his motorcycle roaring like a thing alive.

"He's getting away!" Barnstormer rushes after him with the speed of an eagle but you cut him off and spread your arms out before him.

"Let him go..." You say glaring hard at him. "Or do you want to fight me as well?"

"Kid..." Barnstormer flinches. "...He's going to kill those people. They may look like monsters but they're human beings, the Kachina spirits wouldn't have bonded to them if they weren't..."

"Hey listen..." You say sympathetically. "I know that in America things are done differently. But we're not in America. This might be the appropriate way to handle the bag guys here..."

>Roll 1D20+3
Rolled 18 (1d20)

"...Damn it all..." Barnstormer mutters. "You know, I think you're right young lady." He slumps against a lamp post. "...Desert's your code name, isn't it?"

"You can call me Meagan if you like sir. Maegan Cross."

"Well Miss Cross...I'm glad to see the younger generation ain't all stone cold killers like that guy...You know, the Kachina Kokopelli gave me my powers because I understood all life was sacred-human, inhuman, good, bad."

"A doll gave you your powers?"

"Naw, the god behind the doll did. But you know how spirit folk are. With them sometimes the image and the thing it represents blend together so you don't know where one ends and the other begins. I like you Deseret...there's this old Kachina, maybe the oldest, goes by the name Spider Grandmother, the Hard Being Woman. She's been saying for a long time this world is going to go under and a new one's gonna arise to take its place. The 6th world replacing the 5th. Now I've been fretting a lot about what such a world's gonna be like, you know, what with all you kids running around blowing people to Kingdom Come. In my day you'd be lucky to find a hero with a gun. Now heroes are practically built out of guns."

"It gets better." You say.

"Lord I hope so...but I got to admit, knowing there are young heroes like you makes it easier to hope."

You know in the back of your mind this is all an illusion. Everyone is just a part played by Thesis. But when you're surrounded by advance holograms its hard not to feel yourself drawn into the story. You almost want to sit down with the old man and assure him the world survives Y2K, but you remember you're being tested.

Is this the right way to end the test, going with Barnstormer to find his dolls? Would that be seen as abandoning the mission? Should you try to catch up with Kamen Tiger and help him?

What to do, what to do...

>Go with Barnstormer to find the Kachinas (Ends Sim)

>Part ways with Barnstormer, find Kamen Tiger and help him
>Part ways with Barnstormer, find Kamen Tiger and help him
At least to point out that Barnstormer Sr. isn't unjustified in his actions.
>part ways with Barnstormer
reason that if we're busy helping Kamen Tiger fight the Shadow guys they'll be too distracted to notice Barnstormer get his magic juju dolls back
I agree with anon, point out that Barnstormer isn't unjustified in his actions
>Part ways with Barnstormer, find Kamen Tiger and help him
Maybe we can even do this without killing.

>this world is going to go under and a new one's gonna arise to take its place...what with all you kids running around blowing people to Kingdom Come
>New generation of young, edgy, killing superheroes ushering in a new more violent world
>Kingdom Come
Some of these easter eggs are pretty sneaky.
File: deseretheadshot.jpg (76 KB, 581x495)
76 KB
head shot of Deseret, before I looked through the statesmen backlogs and saw Communication System's image of Lana Lang from Earth 2's costume.
I'll try to incorporate those elements next time I sketch her
I'm not taking away her domino mask, tho. I love that thing to pieces
File: deseretv1.jpg (61 KB, 581x638)
61 KB
Pencil sketch of Communication System's Deseret before I looked through the backlogs and saw his photo ref of Lana Lang's earth 2 costume.
Tried to mix elements of Supergirl and bad Mary Marvel in this design.
Will try to go a little more "golden age" in the next design, if that's what CS wants
Looks good, thanks!

"...You aren't unjustified trying to keep people alive. It's what we all try to do. Even Kamen Tiger in his own way. He's trying to make sure those people don't kill any innocent people."

"I guess I shouldn't be too mad." Barnstormer says. "Japan just isn't as nice to bad guys as we are. I guess with all the kaiju and kami attacks its no surprise they'd be less tolerant of violent men with violent powers. They know first hand how quickly chaos can grow destruction...so, wanna get down to lookin'? I don't have much of a clue where the Kachina are, I just got a vague sense they're around Tokyo. Should get stronger the more we search though."

"...I'm going to see if I can help Kamen Tiger." You say resolutely.

"Girl, are you crazy? If those shadow people don't kill you he just might!"

"No. He's a hero, the same as you and me. He wont' hurt me. And...and it's a long shot but I think I just figured out how how I can win...I mean we can win this. If I can keep things just a little more controlled while you're looking for the Kachinas...well, won't you be able to short out their extra powers?"

Barnstormer looks thoughtful then a moment, then snaps his fingers. "Well shoot! It sure is a longshot, but it's a longshot I'm willing to try! Maybe nobody has to die today after all!

You shoot off in one direction as Barnstormer shoots off in another. You feel good about this. This feels like the "correct" path to take. Sure, you aren't exactly leading them as a team but you are leading them separately through your interactions with them. So the day gets saved with no one really seeing eye to eye on these classic superhero disagreements. The day still gets saved.

Your good mood brings a funny thought to mind: The Barnstormer from your time, the daughter of this one, Leader of the Hollywood superhero team The Blockbusters, and Statesmen of California, gets her powers by playing with dolls. You're going to have to tease her mercilessly about it the next time you see her, and also tell her that her dad seems pretty cool going by Thesis' interpretation of him.

It doesn't take you long to catch up to Kamen Tiger Firelight. The hero is fighting furiously with the Shadow Troopers. the eyes of his mask and claws on his fingertips glowing against their darkness.

"What? You again?"

"Yes me again."

"You fool! Flee while you still can!" He shouts as his claws vanish inside Shadow Trooper Toboe turning dull and yellow beneath the shadowy substance of his form.

The wolf creature lets out a gurgling howl as it falls back with Kamen Tiger falling forward on his chest, claws digging themselves deeper.

>Get Kamen Tiger off of him. He could be killing him!

>Focus on incapacitating the other two.

>Focus on killing the other two.
>Focus on incapacitating the other two.
>Focus on incapacitating the other two.
>The Barnstormer from your time [...] gets her powers by playing with dolls.
I thought her totemic powers were intrinsic. Either way, don't call them "dolls" to her face.
I love it Crunch! The ponytail looks good with her cape. I pictured her having googles, but I like the way the mask looks so much I think I'll retcon it. It really ties the look together.
Were they? I remember the Blockbusters were one of the first Capeworld features so I might be misremebering some things. I thought she got powers through undefined amulet thingys (made into kachina dolls here, because I'm a sucker for Southwest Indian lore).

>Don't call them dolls to her face

Can we call them action figures?

You got to take care of the two still up.

You don't like what Kamen Tiger Firelight is doing to the Shadow Trooper, but it can't be helped. To start a fight between the two of you could be disastrous for yourself and the city.

You know that its better to focus on taking out the other two your way. So you focus, dig deep, and try to ignore the ribbons of blood flowing out of Toboe's sides caught in your peripheral vision.

They are human underneath the shadows...

>Roll ID20+3
Rolled 4 (1d20)

What you see shakes you. You can barely admit it, even to yourself, but it shakes you. You knew they were human. You knew the stakes. But when you see the blood it triggers a primal revulsion deep inside you.

The ancient spirits gave Barnstormer his powers because he respected life. Those spiritual beings, they're older than humanity by quite some time.

Respect for life is older than man. He was born into it. He inherited it.

No wanting to take life is the default mindset. And the heaviness of the thought weighs on you like a stone. It causes you to pull your electric blasts even as the creatures taunt you, even as they tell you that they will not easily fall to one to uses weapons of light like their arch-foe.

You thought...that if the time ever came to take human life...that you would be able to do it. Humanity is sinful, right? That's what the Book of Mormon says. You're born in sin.

So why is it so hard for you to even think about seriously wounding these Shadow Troopers let alone do what you're trying very hard to not see Kamen Tiger Firelight do to the wolf one?

You float a little ways back. They're getting too close.

"You will be smashed to a pulp impudent child! Smashed like all who oppose Overlord Darkness!" General Grizzly's enormous claws extend forward as he lunges at you.

You power up your aura to crackle defensively around yourself, but it turns out you didn't have to. The carcass of Shadow Trooper Toboe smashes into his leader, bowling him down the street. Siren studies the battle from the distance of the sky, and after making a few hesitant starts to bolt away.

Kamen Tiger stares at you, blood and darkness dripping off his claws.

"Are you unhurt?" He asks.

You nod.

"Good. Then leave."

>Give up. Just let him finish what he's doing.

>Offer to fight the General while he goes after Siren.

>Offer to chase Siren why he fights the General
>offer to chase the siren while he fights the General
We're probably faster in the air than he is, plus Crunch always digs a good dog fight in the sky
I'm glad y'all like my sketches, I'm really digging Deseret's little story here
>Offer to chase Siren why he fights the General
>Really digging Deseret's little story here.

Thanks. The idea is that every sub-mission will be framed around one of the Statesmen while the main-missions alter viewpoints (and even team lineups) while focusing on different countries and nations within Capeworld.

>Offer to chase Siren

"Look." You say. "I know you don't like me. And I know I'm not exactly the best help you've ever had."

"I never have help. For this reason."

"I get that. But there' two of them right now and I can fly..."

"Then get her then. Leave General Grizzly to me."

"It matters not what you and your allies do Kamen Tiger!" General Grizzly bellows. "Soon the Empire of Darkness' ranks will swell with Shadow Troopers enhanced by American magics!"

"Not if Barnstormer stops you..." You think to yourself, and are very careful not to broadcast it through your aura.

"Make a hundred enhanced Shadow Troopers, make a million! Make an entire world full!" Kamen Tiger's back parts again to reveal his built-in thrusters. "In the end you're just creating corpses!"

You hear the roar of his jets mix with General Grizzly's battle cry as you soar into the air after Siren.

You see her see you, and she starts weaving between skyscrapers in an attempt to lose you. But you keep after her, and all seems to be going well until she crashes through a window.

You can tell where this is going. Japan has one of the most optimized civil evacuation systems on Earth. But the odds of everyone being evacuated is slim...

>Try negotiating with Siren. You aren't like Kamen Tiger. You will show her mercy. You won't kill her if she surrenders

>Go for stun. You got to take her down before she finds a hostage

>Go for kill. She's bringing innocents into this. That is the line for lethal force.
>Go for stun. You got to take her down before she finds a hostage
>Roll 1D20+2
Rolled 8 (1d20)

Rolled 10 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Oh! Almost!

>Bad result

You dive through the smashed in office window after her. You promise yourself you aren't going to hold back like last time. You're going to enough to stop her, but not enough to kill her. You're going to do find that magical mean that superheroes are supposed to find.

"Fool! Blast your electricity at me and this one fries as well!" Siren caws as she holds up a trapped office lady in her large taloned foot. "

He poor woman screams some words in Japanese, obviously pleading for her life.

"I got more control than that." You say as Siren's clawed foot snaps open releasing the office lady. "That shadow stuff is just armor. You're a woman underneath that, and that means your body runs on electricity like anyone else.

The office lady collapses in tears, too afraid to even move. "Get out of here damn you! It's not safe here!" You yell.

Siren's body starts to twitch. Against your will.

"I am human no longer little girl! I am beyond human! I am shadow!"

Her shadow armor is entering her nervous system, taking over her movements for her. It's still something you should be able to control. It's biology, even if its a weird kind of biology-

But you don't want to kill her. And you aren't sure how much force you should exert against shadow armor now that its bonded to her vulnerable human body so deeply.

Humans are very, very, very fragile. That's something Reverend Luther has drilled into your head from day one.

And when Siren spreads a razor sharp wing slicing the back of the office lady and rolling her across the carpet until she lands against the wall with a sickening crunch your delicate concentration is completely shattered.

"Argh!" Siren yells as she spreads her wings wide. "I am free of your control!"

You hear a distant roar outside the window quickly growing louder...

Kamen Tiger's motrocycle carries him up the wide of the building and through the window.

"Kamen Tiger!" Siren shouts. "No! General Grizzly should have-"

"He died screaming. Like you will unless you step away from the woman." Kamen Tiger doesn't even glance at you.

Siren looks as if she's preparing another barrage of magical shadows. She wraps her wings about herself readies to spread them wide.

But suddenly a flash of brilliant white light fills the office and Siren's wings and talons melt away leaving a plain humanoid form covered in shadows.

Barnstormer did it. Their enhanced powers are gone.

Kamen Tiger rushes forward at the vulnerable shadow trooper who only saves herself by quickly falling to the side and landing next to the wounded innocent.

"Get away from her. Now." Kamen Tiger growls drawing his claws out of the wall.

"Why? You'll kill me anyway Kamen Tiger!"

"Yes I will. But you'll die slowly if you hurt her."

>Go for the capture.

>Go for the kill.

>Let Kamen Tiger handle hit.

>Talk to her. One of the benefits of being from a culture where supervillians are spared is that supervillians can expect mercy.
>Talk to her. One of the benefits of being from a culture where supervillians are spared is that supervillians can expect mercy.
Talk to her.
"But I won't!" You shout.

All eyes turn toward you.

"...I'm an American superheroine. My name is Deseret. You let her go and surrender I promise you that you'll go to the police."

Siren looks nervously at Kamen Tiger.

"Hey! Hey look me! You know I'm not trying to kill you. I've been holding back all day on you guys. You know that. I don't want to kill you. I don't want anyone to die..."

The office lady slumps lifelessly in her arms. She needs help. If the time for help hasn't already passed...

"I...I...Don't..." Siren stutters.

>What do you say?

Roll 1D20. Good responses give good bonuses.
Forgot to green

>Roll 1D20. Good responses give good bonuses.
>talk to her
if we talk to her, we're going to need to convince Kamen Tiger to let her live. Maybe barter her life in exchange for the location of her boss?
Rolled 19 (1d20)

And keep an eye on Tiger, in case he tries to kill her anyway.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Death is not the only option. It's never the only option. There's always an alternative for this sort of thing. That's why Barnstormer was trying to spare one of those shadow fighters: because he knew there was an alternative. He knew the Kachinas were responsible for this spurt of violence, and that by reclaiming the Kachinas, he could drain the enemy of its power. Clearly, he succeeded, because now you're without your power. Even setting that aside, you're hesitating. You haven't yet finished off that woman, not just because of Kamen Tiger's threat, but because you're still human. All humans should be given a chance. Even Hitler would've stood trial had they found him alive.

Kamen Tiger, you need to realize that too. Barnstormer wasn't getting in your way for no reason. Humans are humans, and as heroes, we are to protect them all, no matter what country we're from. He knew those shadow fighters were human underneath, and he knew the source of their power, how to disarm them. You see the results in front of you. I'm not asking you to cease your ways; I'm asking you to consider an alternative. I don't want you and Barnstormer to fight. I want you to give things a chance.
File: 1208721586228.jpg (9 KB, 189x221)
9 KB
Oh fuck off.
File: Spoiler Image (58 KB, 581x396)
58 KB

Hey Quest Guy, here's your winnie and white fell sketch request. gotta spoil it for reasons. Hope you like it.
also, reading the previous capeworld quests - I dig some of these characters. Dice Head sounds like a fuckin' blast to write

Good thing we locked in that 19.

"Death is not the only option. It's never the only option. That's why Barnstormers was trying to spare you guys. He knew there was an alternative. He knew the Kachinas were responsible for your power-ups and that by reclaiming them he could drain your powers. Clearly he's succeeded because now you're powerless and NOT a threat AT ALL." You glare at Kamen Tiger. "And look at you..." You say tenderly. "You're hesitating. You're shaking. You haven't killed that woman yet and its not just because of his threat. It's because you're still human. All humans should be given a chance to repent their sins. Even Hitler would have stood trial if he wasn't atomized in 75."

You see her grip on the woman lessen-and what's more, you see her chest rise and fall.

Kamen Tiger steps forward and the Shadow Trooper's grip tightens again. The woman shudders in her captor's arms.

"Kamen Tiger! You need to realize that too! Barnstormer wasn't getting in your way for no reason, humans are humans and as heroes we are to protect them all no matter what country we're from! He knew those shadow fighters were human underneath and he knew the source of their power and how to disarm them and look! She's not a threat!"

"She is a member of the Shadow Empire." He says simply. "She has sworn allegiance to Overlord Darkness. She is not some bank robber."

"I know what she is!" You reply passionately. "I know what she's working for one of the worst super-beings on the face of the planet! But this isn't about that, this is about us and what we do."

"Typical American. You care more about your moral image then the innocents these monsters hurt! Look at her!" He points an accusing claw at the battered office lady. "This is because you held back. If you had fought as I had she would not be hurt! You are selfish! A true hero would sacrifice is soul a thousand times, stain his soul a thousand times, if it meant saving just one life!"

"I'm not asking you to change your ways Kamen Tiger." You choke back tears. "Maybe your ways are on the whole better than our ways. Maybe ours are better. We could trade examples of super villians who turned their lives around and started helping people because they were spared and super villains that never got around to hurting anyone because someone killed them. I could show you examples where our ways worked and you could show me examples where your ways worked. This isn't about that. This is a beaten enemy who only threatens the woman in her arms. I don't want you to fight me. I don't want you to fight Barnstormer. I want you to give things a chance."

Kamen Tiger looks at the Shadow Trooper, then at the office lady, then at you

Then he nods.

You smile in relief and look at Siren. "See? It's going to be okay now. Just let her go. Please..."

"O...Okay..." She sets her victim gently down on the ground and steps away.

Kamen Tiger lunges toward the woman, whispers Japanese to her in soothing tones, and carries her to his bike.

"...You're really not going to kill me?"

"I'm not. I can't say the same for your legal system. They got the death penalty here if I recall for extreme situations, and your situation is rather extreme. But if you agree to work with the police, if you agree to give up on Overlord Darkness and the Empire of Darkness then-"

"No! Never!" Siren cringes. "Overlord Darkness is my lord and master! The coming of the Empire of Darkness is guaranteed! I am his loyal Shadow Trooper! I can never change my ways!"

Out of the corner of your eye you see Kamen Tiger lunge toward her...

>Roll 2D20

Considering we seem to have a little more life in this thread I've added a dice to our rolls.
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Rolled 9, 16 = 25 (2d20)

Siren isn't dead (yet).


I love it! Implying Winnie isn't White Fell's waifu...Nice to see White Fell dishing it out, she looks really good in your style. If its not too much could you do a sketch of Winnie kneeling down and kissing White Fell's foot like she made her do before taking her tail?

>Dice Head

He's probably the character I've had the most fun writing so far. His Haunted House Deathmatch Challenge is going to be a fun sub-mission, especially when we have two teams involved.

It's going to be close!
In a flash he slicers through her and she falls to the carpet in chunks.

Your eyes go wide in disbelief.

"No..." You mutter sadly as you fall to your knees. "No..."

Kamen Tiger Firelight walks slowly back to his bike.

"You treat monsters as if they're human." He says over his shoulder. "Shadow Troopers aren't human. They gave up their humanity when they joined Overlord Darkness. Siren would redeem herself only in your dreams. She would never stop. And because of that I will never stop."

"But you promised!" You shout at him, tears falling from your eyes.

"And I lied. I have done and will do far worse to defeat the Empire of Darkness. When you fight an enemy who will not stop you must not stop."

You remind yourself that this is just a test. A game really. No one was really hurt. You're talking to simulations.

And yet you're very, very upset. These Simulator Chambers were designed to feel as life like as possible and boy does Doc Chase of the Generals do good work.

>Let him go. Let the sim end.

>Let him get the woman to doctors. Then confront him.

>Let him get the woman to doctors. Then kick his ass.
>Let him get the woman to doctors. Then confront him.
>Let him get the woman to doctors. Then confront him.
You hover outside the building. Ambulances and police cars have already arrived. Kamen Tiger hands the woman over to the paramedics before speeding away on his motorcycle.

"Aren't you done?" Thesis' voice vibrates through the air.

"No." You reply. "Not until I talk to him."

"Well you sort of are right now. I mean I am him. And everyone else."

"You know what I mean Thesis. Just...just let me do this." You bolt after him.

You follow him from above the clouds for a little ways. You can make out the glow of his armor through the cover. When it stops you head back down to Earth.

Kamen Tiger looks up at you expectantly.

You hover above him. Several emotions and few of them good swirl in your stomach.

"If you want to say something you might as well say it then." He says. "Before the reporters and Tokyo Guardians show up."

Not all things must end in death. You, of all people, should know that. If Kamen Tiger Heaven Sword or Kamen Tiger AVA were here, they'd agree. Is this the legacy you want to leave: to be the most merciless Kamen Tiger since Bioking? To kill an enemy that surrendered, even if it still professed itself to the enemy...that's heavy. Barnstormer and I will leave you alone, but don't think this will be forgotten. This is the legacy you will leave, for better or for worse. Let history look favorably upon you.
You take a deep breathe. "I just want to say...that I meant what I said back there. Not all things must end in death."

"For the Empire of Darkness it must be that way."

"No it doesn't!" You shout angrily. "No it doesn't! You of all people should know that. What would Kamen Tiger Heaven Sword or Kamen Tiger AVA say?"

"Kamen Tiger Heaven Sword died before he could finish the Black Squadron leaving young Kamen Tiger Zero to carry on the fight for him. His destiny is what I fear belongs to the soft-hearted Kamen Tiger AVA as well."

"But is this the legacy you want to leave: to be the most merciless Kamen Tiger since Bioking?"

"Kamen Tiger Bioking was disturbed!" He angrily shakes a fist at you. "The poor man could not tell friend from foe during his fits of anger. I am not like that. All my fury is for the Empire of Darkness. Innocents are spared my fury!"

"There's not so large a divide between you and Bioking as you think. To kill an enemy that surrendered...even if it still professed itself to be an enemy...that's heavy."

"That's justice."

"It may be justice, but it isn't right. Barnstormer and I will leave you alone, but don't think this will be forgotten. This is the legacy you will leave, for better or for worse. Let history look favorably upon you."

"I care not for how I am remembered as long as I do right."

"...I'm done here." You mutter. "Thesis. End the sim."

The city vanishes and once again you're back in the Simulator Chamber's default setting.

You float slowly, tiredly, up to the Command Center window.

"You alright Deseret?" The Supervisor asks you.

"What were you thinking?" Jenny pushes him. "That was...that was brutal!"

"So is life." You say. "I don't have any complaints about the difficulty of the sim. It was...what a team leader needs to know how to deal with...can I ask what happened in real life though?"

"It's rather irrelevant Deseret." The Supervisor says. "This wasn't about "winning" or "losing" the scenario. This was about dropping you in the middle of a chaotic situation centered on a fundamental disagreement between superheroes, one that continues to this day, and seeing how you handle it."

"...Please just tell me."

"Alright. It ended with Kamen Tiger Firelight and Barnstormer having a short scuffle before the Tokyo Guardians arrived and broke it up. The Shadow Troopers used the time to turn Tokyo Tower into some sort of device that was supposed to transform all of Tokyo into Shadow Troopers, but Magical Woman put a stop to it. The Kachina dolls were quickly found by Barnstormer in a warehouse the Empire of Darkness were using as a base."

"So did Siren die?"

"Captured by Magical Woman during her assault on Tokyo tower. She's imprisoned to this day, narrowly avoiding the death penalty for her crimes."

"The other two?"

"Also captured, also imprisoned."

"Goddamn it..." You aura quietly crackles to you. "So ultimately my presence made things...worse."

On the bright side, Barnstomer and Kamen Tiger never actually came to blows, which is technically what was being tested.
"I got the enhanced Shadow Troopers killed, I couldn't get Barnstormer and Kamen Tiger to work together, and I got an innocent wounded in the crossfire." You take a deep breathe. "I failed by any measure."

"I told you this wasn't about failure or success." The Supervisor says. "And don't forget, because of you Tokyo Tower was never taken over."

"But Magical Woman would have resolved it all non-violently anyway."

"No one would have had any way of knowing for sure whether she could or not. And people were wounded when they took Tokyo Tower. They converted the people nearby to Shadow Troopers-"

"But they didn't die did they? It was only in my version that people died!"

"You passed." He says.

You blink. "...What?"

"What I saw in there told me everything I needed to know. You kept a cool head under pressure, you were respectful but firm with those you disagreed with, you tried to find a compromise. You have the traits of a leader."

"Don't...don't tell me that!"

"And the fact you're hard on yourself means you hold yourself to high standard. I say you're perfect to try out a super team."

"I...It just doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel like I earned this..." You say.

"Deseret, the sim was designed to be difficult. Unfair even. Don't give yourself a hard time about its outcome." Alan says.

"Oh come now. It's worth a shot at least."Thesis says. "Get your team together and bring them back here, we can see whether or not you're as unfit for leadership as you think you are."

"You did good Deseret." Jenny says. "It's good to want to do better, but don't let falling a little stop you from going to the next level."

"Then...then if you all trust me...okay then!" You say sneakily wiping a tear out from under your mask. "I'm ready to lead the...the..

>What is the name of your team?

>Also, select 3 members for your team from the Statesmen roster.

The roster is located here:http://pastebin.com/qCgQBDgr
>Virginia Daring
>Kentucky Rain

>The Southern Connection

I made it a point to avoid adding Emerald Blaze.
Avoiding adding the BFF might be for the best. Alfred isn't out punching out badguys with Batman but he's still important to him. Sometimes you want someone not directly involved to talk to.
Wait, shouldn't we ask these people first if they are okay, not only with forming a team, but accepting the young Deseret as a leader?
I know that it will be most likely that they'll accept on the principle that we are the head honcho of the organization, but still this is not asking them to team up for a mission, but for something more long term
You'll get quick little interview scenes with them. Some will require a speech check to join. Others will jump at the opportunity.
Everyone good with these choices?
Currently reading up on >>951973 choices.
Really like Kentucky Rain, not so much cuz of his power level, but having an Elvis Impersonator whose knowledgable and well traveled is a big benefit to the team.
Virginia Dare sounds good, too.
I can see Snakecharmer being useful, but I'm a little wary of his preaching causing some friction.
I like this team, I could see some fun dynamics with them.
If we fail our speech checks with one of them, I'd like to nominate Ms. Crpytic, mostly because I like the idea of having a Velma on the team in case they need to solve a super mystery.

also reading the paste bin of the statesmen, these are some fun hero ideas
didn't realize that Deseret was wearing a flight suit. should I re-design her outfit to lose the skirt?

Naw, its really grown on me. It's got a good balance between being functional and showy, sort of like Deseret herself.
>A little wary of his preaching causing friciton

So a Mormon and a Protestant walk into a superteam...

Snakecharmer will be interesting just for him getting the chance to talk to the other characters about how God works in Capeworld.

Of course the most pressing religious question for this setting is Whether or not Deseret wears the magic underwear
is this the second statesmen quest? I think I finished the first one just a few moments ago
File: Spoiler Image (59 KB, 581x612)
59 KB
>sketch request
here ya go, Quest Guy, hope ya like it
"Sounds like an interesting lineup." Jenny says after you're done naming your choices.

"Sounds like an interesting name as well!" Alan chuckles. "So"The Southern Connection?" Why not Southern Fried Heroes?"

"Alan!" Jenny snaps.

"Hey, I'm just giving you a hard time. It's a fine name." He says.

"I think its good the South gets a some positive attention." You say. "I mean, I didn't pick them because they're Southern but I think its a good thing to attach the name of the South to a project like this. We get a lot of hate you know, people think of us as backwards sexist racist zealots. It's hard to shake such a reputation when Patmos comes from Louisiana and White Knight from Arkansas."

"I can't wait to see how they hand us for this." Alan mutters to you. "First a visit by President Ace to give us giant statues of ourselves as a housewarming gift for trophy room and now the first superhero team created out of the Statesmen roster is called the Southern Connection. The media is going to think we keep Elephants armed with checks in our closets."

"I-Is there a problem Supervisor?" You ask. "I mean, I can change the name if you guys want. I just thought it was a good idea..."

>Change the Name

>Keep the name
I like it! I kind of pictured their feet being more plantigrade, but its really not a big deal. Thanks for dealing with my lewd requests.

Now for something that you don't have to spoil. Can I get a pic of Slashy the Pumpkin for Slasher Quest? I ask because I'm going to try to do a Christmas Special for the holidays. Everyone loves killer Santas.

I have no idea what Slashy the Pumpkin looks like. He's a mean little Jack-O-Lantern and is sort of the Crypt Keeper for Slasher Quest.
If he's got a more diplomatic idea, I'm all ears.
I am for keeping the name
But this guy's point is better

>He's a mean little Jack-O-Lantern and is sort of the Crypt Keeper for Slasher Quest.
He is also a faggit

"Do you got a more diplomatic idea Alan?" You ask.

"Eh, give me a minute..." Alan rubs his chin. "Although its not something we NEED to do... its not like we'd avoid getting flak for having a team that's all from the south. We'll also get flak for it being all white come to think of it."

"Can Virginia Daring really be counted as white though?" Jenny asks. "I mean she's sort of a pure alabaster white most of the time but the girl changes her color like other girls her age change clothes. She's even thinking about going as yellow orange and black for Dice Head's Halloween tournament thing."

"She's happy, rich, and friendly which to everyone that makes a stink about "racial equality" moves her to the white side of their chart." Alan says. "Now obviously we'll get flak over this. We get flak over anything. The trick is to minimize it, especially with MSS breathing down our necks. I think we can minimize potential damage if we play up the new, experimental side of this project while downplaying the part that could trigger people. Instead of the Southern Connection how about...just the Connection? Its about connecting superhumans that aren't usually involved in super teams to the idea of being involved in one, right? The name has a real good "come together" vibe and that always goes over well."

"Because it doesn't really mean anything right? It's just a sentimental statement."' Deseret says.

"Exactly!" Alan snaps his fingers. "Your'e a fast learner Deseret! Vague promises of cooperation and mutual understanding have placated the masses since the Roman Republic! The trick is to say as few details as possible. It's like those arthouse movies. The less you actually explain the more they like what you say."

"It's still your call Deseret. It's your team." You say. "We'll back whatever you decide to call it.

>The Southern Connection?

>The Connection?

>Another name?
>The Connection?
>>Another name?
The South Rises Again

the connection

"How about the South Rises Again?" You suggest cheekily.

"I don't know if you'd get in more trouble for the name or the abbreviation." The Supervisor says.

"But really, The Connection will be fine." You say.

"Are you sure?" He asks.

"Yeah. I'm already asking a whole lot of you guys to give this project a chance. The least I can do is try to make it a big easier in terms of PR."

"So Snakecharmer, Kentucky Rain, and Virginia Daring...why these three exactly?" Alan asks.

"Well, I figured it would be too much of an uphill battle if I took three people with no superhero team experience and tried putting them on a team. A group of so say Axeman, Rugaru, and Ms. Cryptic-no, I don't see that working. So I chose three people representing the thee types of superhumans that aren't on superteams. Snakecharmer is your sometimes on a team sometimes not type. He's technically on the Ecumenicals along with me and Reverend Luther. But more often then not it's just me and the Reverend. He's never "on call", he only joins when he has time off from his traveling preacher stuff. Superhumans like him are helpful-when they're available. I call them "recreational superheroes". I want to use Snakecharmer as an example and show that all superhumans can schedule their lives to include more time to be on call for superteam duty."

"What makes you think he'll join the Connection full-time if he hasn't joined the Eccumenicals full time?" The Supervisor asks.

"Because, although he's a good man deep down, he's a total glory hound. He'll love the idea of being on the first Statesmen created super-team."

"He's not a bad choice. Healing is an insanely handy superpower, just ask all those superhuman doctors that rake in the big bucks." Alan says. "And you already got experience working with him, which is good. But tell us about the the other two..."

"Well." You continue. "Virginia Daring... It's true she's engaged in superheroics before. She even has her own rouges gallery with people like Beach Bully and the Ten, but she's never been on a team before and she's never considered herself a true superheroine. And there are a lot of "loner superheroes" like her out there. Like her they tend to stay to one city or county and get involved with the people and community there. Now that's good and all, but eventually you hit diminishing returns. Eventually it gets so that other places clearly could use more help but they've become so attached to being their territory's protector that they don't want to get involved in other places' business. I'm hoping to make the point with Virginia Daring that by joining a team loners can protect their territory and the entire world...and to be honest with you three, she's incredibly useful for any superteam. She's pretty and popular."

"And that's why she's been asked by a lotttt of superteams in the past." Alan says. "And she's turned every last one of them down. What makes the Connection different for her?"

"I'm hoping our humility attracts her." You reply. "Her offers have all been from really big really successful superteams. The Connection isn't that. The Connection is about getting superhumans connected to the idea of superteam membership, nothing more. We aren't the Minutemen. Our government contacts are you guys, not the Department of Defense. Our headquarters is a school and museum, not Fortress Ethan Allen in the dimension of New Columbia. We're different. Now I understand she might still turn me down, and I'm ready for that, but I think I got a good offer for her."

"Well I wish you luck." Jenny says. "I don't think Kentucky Rain needs much explanation. He's your third type right, a superhuman who has never done superheroics and has no wish to do so?"

"Exactly. He's the one I want to get on the team the most."

"Sounds to me like he's also going to be the one that you'll have the most trouble convincing."

"I know." You frown. "But if its not hard its not worth doing, that's what my Pa always said. And it'll do a lot of good to get him on the team so I got to try. I don't think I need to tell you three that there's always been a lot of tension between superheroes and superhumans that apply their talents elsewhere. Superhumans that get normal jobs call superheros bullies, wannabe soldiers, people that steal jobs from cops. And superheroes call other superhumans cowards, selfish, living tools that sell themselves to corporations and governments. I want to do something about that friction. I want to show that if you surround yourself with the right people to help you that you can fit superheroics into whatever lifestyle you have. People see superheroics and having a job as one thing or the other and because of that they feel they got to compare the two and see which is better. But it doesn't have to be like that. You can have a life involving both if you really try. The old greats like Star Man Gold and Star Man Silver did it with those secret identities of theirs. They balanced two lives, work and superheroics."

"The Star Men can all punch holes in the fabric of reality." Jenny says. "You're expecting a lot from people Meagan."

"Star Man Iron and Tin aren't THAT powerful..." Alan mumbles.

"Well, shouldn't we expect more of super people?" You ask. "I mean with great power comes great obligation right? I believe God gave us each certain gifts, and that he wants use to use them to help others as much as possible be that by the classic superheroics of disaster relief and supervillian apprehension or by developing technology in a lab. And if you can do both, then you should do both."

"Not everyone has your energy sweetheart..." Jenny says affectionately.

"Well that's the point of a team isn't it? So that those with more can help those with less." You say with a smile. "The superteam is sort of a microcosm of the superhuman's relationship to society. The gifted help the less gifted."

A slow, mocking clap comes from the back of the Command Center.

"Oh, that was sweet honey. Real special." A voice says dripping with contempt. "Spoken like you were born to sell people bad ideas."

A woman in a simple black shirt, pants, and heavy military boots walks into the Command Center. Her hair is blonde like yours, but darker and far shorter.

"Mountain Lion." The Supervisor nods toward her.

"Oh great. You." Alan grumbles.

"Mountain Lion-is there a reason for you being here?" Jenny asks.

"Good evening Supervisor, Chief of Human Resources...and Alan." Mountain Lion says leaning against the glowing circuitry pattern on the Command Center wall. "I came here to talk to you about the new Simulator Chamber's timetable. I wanted to book some hours to run my Mk.IF 14 through its paces-but I can see you're busy renting it out to train infomercial speakers."

"Now that is too far!" Jenny shouts angrily. "That girl was just put through two very challenging sims, the kind that test people mentally as well as physically! You can take your attitude and walk right back the way you came!"

"Easy there momma bear easy." Mountain Lion says nonchalantly. "I walk in here and I start shit with you people. I get it, I shouldn't do that. I'm sorry. Really. I'm here to start shit with her." She points at you through the glass.

"Just what is your problem Mountain Lion?" Jenny asks.

"My problem is that I've seen her go through those two tests, and I've heard her give her reasons for wanting to form and lead this Connection. I've seen her, I've heard her, and to be honest with you Chief I really hate her guts."


>Let the Supervisor and his friends deal with this
>Let the Supervisor and his friends deal with this
>Let the Supervisor and his friends deal with this
Wait and see what's her actual beef with Deseret
To be fair, Deseret is being a little selfish in demanding a team form around her instead of, as the Supervisor says, letting teams form naturally. As her psyche profile says, Deseret is not exactly a glory hound, but she's a flight risk if she's not on the front lines being a "real superhero."
I guess the more apt word is "impatient" than strictly "selfish."
Of that i am sure.
I am more into this because i think she will fail spectacularly and learn a valuable lesson than because she will succeed.
And of course the idealist Mormon with electric powers gets called out by the actual ex-terrorist with no powers.
If Panther is an atheist, then they would be perfect opposites.

You hover patiently in the Simulator Chamber.

"So you saw her training?" The Supervisor asks her.

"I stepped in and decided to watch. I was actually rooting for her before I overhead why exactly she was training."

"Thesis!" Alan says. "Why didn't you tell us she was eavesdropping?"

"How was I supposed to know?" The AI says.

"Because she was standing in the hall doing nothing!"

"Well I didn't know you had to say something to be allowed in. I'm only supposed to deny entry to non-Statesmen personal."

"Would a "hey everyone look a visitor" have killed you?"

"Sorry I was more concerned with recreating Tokyo and Milwaukee to care about Control Room etiquette."

The Supervisor sighs at the argument. "Look. It doesn't matter." He turns toward Mountain Lion. "You're here, you saw her, now what's the problem?"

"My problem is that I like the Statesmen." She says. "I like how colorful it is. I like how we got all kinds of people using their powers in all kinds of different ways. I think its good to show that there are many ways to use your skills and abilities. It's why I've been supporting your school expansion Supervisor. It's taking the message of the Statesmen to the younger generation."

"Thank you. But what does this have to do with Deseret exactly?"

"She wants to pressure members of the Statesmen to join her new superteam. She wants to take away some of our diversity."

Your electric aura crackles nervously around yourself.

"I don't think that's what her Connection project is about. I think its about offering Statesmen members the chance to try being on a superteam. Whether that means participating 100 percent or striving for the balance Desert talks about or not joining at all is up to them. No one is being pressured. This is simply an opportunity offered to our members and as you said we are about showing the different ways powers and skills can be used constructively."

"With all due respect Supervisor." Mountain Lion says. "There's a big difference between the diversity that comes naturally from people getting voted in to the Statesmen and trying to convince them to be something they weren't to begin with."

"You're acting like we're strong-arming these people. We aren't." The Supervisor says.

"Sure you aren't holding a gun to their heads, but you're putting support behind her. You've evaluated her and approved of her as a leader. Like it or not by approving of her project you're pressuring her choice to agree to sign on. This doesn't feel organic. If this was a group of Statesmen that talked long and hard about forming a team I wouldn't have a problem. That would be organic. That would feel like it had the heart of the Statesmen behind it. But this feels forced. There's no heart behind it, just the enthusiasm of a little selfish girl that wants to play team leader." Mountain Lion glares at you.


>Continue letting the Supervisor deal with it.
If no one wants to join, I'll drop the team idea for now. I can be a solo hero if people want. It's just...I need this. I need to know I can do this, that I can be a real hero, that I can lead other supers to become real heroes and do real heroics. I can't be sidelined, or I'll go crazy. I want to prove the Statesmen aren't for show, that I--we can do real, serious good in this country and protect it from the bad guys.
I just realized something. Where are her horns? Also Winnie's ears are anime elf long. I kind of like it.

Carnival of Corpses is still coming by the way, I just want to do something for Christmas.

You could say Deseret is a live wire . Her youth is her central attribute. It makes her idealistic and passionate but also naive and self-centered. She thinks that if she can have the best of both worlds (superheroics and a job powering a farming community) then so can everyone else.

It is rather cool how they contrast.

Young idealist vs Aged cynic

Powers vs Powered Armor

Mormon vs Atheist

Trying not to make mistakes vs Trying to make up for past mistakes
"I am NOT forcing anyone to do anything." You say at last answering her glare. "If no one wants to join I'll drop the idea Mountain Lion. I can be a solo hero if that's what people want."

"Oh look. She can speak." Mountain Lion says. "Well I can't speak for them obviously but I'm people, and I want you to stay as far away from any position of authority as possible."

"I...I just...I just need this okay? I need to know if I can do this, if I can be a real hero, if I can lead other superhumans to become real heroes and do real heroics. I can't be sidelined or I'll go crazy. I want to prove that the Statesmen aren't for show, that I-we can do real, serious good in this country and protect it from bad guys!"

"God, listen to you." Mountain Lion sneers. "I need, I need, I need" You're a selfish brat Deseret. And you have no business deciding who is and who isn't a "real hero". You dare look down on people like Kentucky Rain or Dr. Glacier or Axeman because they don't do superheroics? Grow up."

"N-No, I'm not looking down on anyone..."

"Yes you are. And you're doing it because you're selfish. You're doing it because you look at your happy little life fighting crime under Reverend's wing while powering that farming community of yours and you say to yourself "Gosh, If I can make this work then so can everyone else!". Not everyone wants to risk their lives fighting evil. Not everyone can just -do- that. And no one should feel like they have to."

"For the hundredth time Mountain Lion I'm not forcing anyone to-"

"You know what? I bet you'd just love it in China or Russia where every superhuman works a job and joins a superteam at the same time. They call it the military."

You can feel your cheeks grow hot. Your aura angrily hums in your ears.

"I'm going to show you. I'm going to put together the Connection and its going to be great and everyone is going to like it. I don't want nor need your approval Mountain Lion."

"You want to know why your little shit-show is going to fail Deseret? You want to know? It's not just because you're trying to force people to become superheros. It's because you aren't a leader. You know how real leaders like Blue Crab and Captain Justice became team leaders? People told them they were leaders. They told them "You're the leader, we follow you". That's not you. That's not who you are. No one would every ask you to lead them."


>Next scene (In which Mountain Lion challenges you)
Not yet.
>Next scene (In which Mountain Lion challenges you)
>forgot the horns
>comparing Deseret to china and Russia
>no one would ever ask you to be a leader
Damn this woman is ice cold.

You bite your lip and hold in your words.

"You want to force things and change people. "You need, you need, you need..." Listen to yourself. This is all about you."

"Is it selfish to want to help people? Is it selfish to want to help people be more than they think they can be, to help them break through barriers they didn't even know they had?" Your voice crackles with energy. "Maybe it seems that way to you because you don't actually know about people because the only time you interact with people is when you're hunting them down or beating them up or turning them in for money!"

Mountain Lion raises her eyebrows. "You know, if you were strong enough to do this, if you were strong enough to create a superteam and lead it you would already be doing it. Someone would have asked you to a long time ago. But they didn't. And you aren't."

"Then what were those sims then!" You shout angrily. "You...You think you could have done better?"

"No. But I'm not trying to be a leader. I know that's not something I can do. I know my limits."

"They think I'm ready." You gesture to the Supervisor and his staff. "I showed that I'm ready. They believe in me."

"But do you believe in yourself?"

The words hit you hard.

You don't know how to answer. You didn't like how Tokyo ended. They had to assure you that you did well.

Ever the huntress she picks up on your hesitation.

"Why are you hesitating?"


"Leaders don't hesitate."

"Mountain Lion..." The Supervisor stands up.

"Is he speaking for you? Because I thought leaders spoke for themselves."

"Mountain Lion that really is enough..." He says putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Can't even fight your own battles can you? Is that the real reason you want a te-"

"Enough!" Your voice thunders with actual thunder. "I do believe in myself! 100 percent! I'll take my team and I'll show you right here in this Simulator Chamber what we can do!"

"Well this sounds interesting." Mountain Lion smirks. "I got a certain sim I'd like to see you lead them through, assuming you want to put your pride where your mouth is."

"You're on!" Your mouth accepts before your brain thinks. "And when I win everyone in the Statesmen is going to see that your'e just a cynical, lonely old woman who can't stand the thought of anyone doing anything positive with their lives because all you do is hurt people for a living!"


>Ask for details about this sim.

>We don't need details! We'll lead our team through whatever she's got planned!
>We don't need details! We'll lead our team through whatever she's got planned!
>Be an idealistic veterinarian with a love of wild cats.
>Join an ecoterrorist cell.
>Go directly to jail.
>Get mean
>Get tough
>Decide to turn your life around no excuses
>Become an expert in using Powered Armor.
>Hunt people across Capeworld for a living.
>Chase down the biggest Joker-tier edgelords
>Maintain a huge respect for the Statesmen and their ways because deep down you feel worthy to be counted among their number

She is colder than Dr. Glacier.
So this lady is cat woman mixed with iron man? Neat
This sounds in character but I think we should ask about details, too

>Cat Woman mixed with Iron Man

That's a good way to describe her. She also takes over a certain other character in her relationship with Deseret and with how her armor functions...

"Alright. You're on kid." Mountain Lion replies.

"Now hold on!" Jenny springs to her feet. "She doesn't have to do anything she doesn't want to!"

"I want this." You say resolutely.

"She wants this." Mountain Lion gestures to you.

Jenny looks pleadingly at the Supervisor.

"If they want to make a wager about this then so be it." He says. "It's just sims ultimately."

"She's going to throw some sort of impossible mission at her!" Jenny argues. "She'll make her and her team fight The Living Quasar or something!"

"Our current software would have difficulty displaying the Living Quasar." Thesis says. "So I uh, hope that isn't the plan Mountain Lion..."

"There'd be no point to throwing something like that at Sparky." Mountain Lion says. "It would just make her look nice and heroic to lead her team in a losing battle. No, what I got for them to play is going to reveal to herself and everyone that she's not fit to lead."

"Yeah, you wish!" You say.

"Oh its going to happen Sparky. When it does just promise me you won't cry."

You glare at her, eyes swarming with electric energy.

"Take as long as you need Sparky." She says heading out of the Command Center. "The test is about your leadership, not your teams powers or combat skills. But I still don't want to hear you hollering about how things would have been different if you had time to prepare."

"I'm going to pass your test!" You shout after her. "And it'll prove to everyone I'm right!"

Mountain Lion leaves the Command Center.

"God. What a bitch and a half..." Alan says.

"Meagan. You don't have to do her test okay?" Jenny says. "There's nothing holding you to it."

"Except my word." You say.

"Don't let her play games with you! She's just a bitter old woman who wants to bully you!"

"This isn't about proving her wrong." You declare. "This is about proving myself right. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to have to make some calls..."

>Who to interview first?
>Kentucky Rain
>Virginia Daring
>She also takes after a certain other character
"Well, truth be told I have felt a little guilty about all the times I've left you and Luther to do the heavy lifting on the Eccumenicals." Snakecharmer says leaning back in his chair. "And two strong, devout Christians on this team of yours will send a positive message to America. Yes Meagan, I am interested."

Snakecharmer looks like he usually does-slick blonde hair, immaculate white suit, and cross-studded tie.

"So are you in Gabe?"

"I do like the sound of this Connection..." He folds his hands together. Even the pale light of the diner you agreed to meet him at makes the enormous gems in his rings sparkle. "...But Virginia Daring?" He whispers. "Meagan...she dresses like a harlot...do we really want someone like that on the team?"

I think we'd have an easier time convincing the others to join the larger our team is, and Snakecharmer should be easy to convince anyways because we've worked with him in the past.
We have to prove we can work together as a cohesive unit, regardless of race, creed or lifestyle. We can't be too judgmental of our teammates, not when they've received God's blessing just as much as any other superhuman. Besides, like it or not, Virginia Daring is one of the more...visible members of the Statesmen, with quite a bit of power to her name. Those who follow her will inevitably follow us.
Superheros tend to dress oddly. But Virginia is a good person; it's the harlot in your heart not the harlot in your clothes. Something along those lines.
What's the most polite and Christian way to say "judge not a person by their appearance but by their actions"?
I'm woefully unread in Christian literature to throw verses and scripture around
Pretty much as you say. Snakecharmer is being relatively shallow right now.

"Come on Gabe. Superheroes tend to dress...oddly."

"No no no..." He says gesturing with his index fingers. "Oddly is wearing a fishbowl on your head, or a paper bag, or one of those tiny blue hats that never fall off. What Virginia Daring wears is quite common. You see a bikini all the time in today's sinful world. No, what she wears isn't odd. The word you're looking for is lewd."

"She's a good person Gabe, really. She's a little bit of a chatterbox from what I've heard, a little spacey, but she's kind and friendly. Its the harlot in your heart, not the harlot in your clothes...I'm sure scripture says something like that. Somewhere."

"I can guarantee neither what I or you call scripture says anything like that. Besides, what I'm concerned about is not the harlot in her clothes, its the harlot not in her clothes. "Virginia Daring"...just that name! Doesn't it just smack of lewdness?"

"Well...does it? I mean Virgin, Daring, wouldn't it just mean she's a daring virgin?"

"Now that's a joke. If she's been with less than five men I'll eat my shirt."

"Come on. It's possible. She's not like other popular girls. She takes care to keep her private life private. Shes not some attention obsessed bimbo. Shes got honor, she's got integrity."

"She's got an attractive figure and she knows how to abuse it. Come on. You're acting like she's Even in the garden not knowing anything about anything and running around not even half dressed just because. Look at her photographs. Look at the way she poses and makes those expressions. She is literally selling her body."

"So now you're saying we shouldn't have her on the team because she's a model?"

"A swimsuit and lingerie model!"

"Gabe, you don't have proof she's ever engaged in anything sinful with her body. The worst she's done is give pubescent boys bad thoughts, maybe convinced one to steal a magazine. And that's any attractive superheroine Gabe."

"Other superheroines don't parade themselves around like she does."

"Let her parade! She's never even done anything nude! I can't believe you're being so...puritanical about her."

"I just worry about first impressions is all. I want the Connection to really take off."

"Well, I do to. And Virginia Daring has quite a bit of power to he name. Those who follow her will inevitably follow us."

"Hmmm..." Snakecharmer's rings scrape against each other as he laces his fingers. "...You do have a point there. Alright. I'll work with her."



>Next interview
>Virginia Daring
>Kentucky Rain
>forgot the horns
Hey, I didn't even notice they were missing until the I checked it this morning.

Does this mean we could get a touched up version with a little more detail?
>Virginia Daring
"Virginia Daring..." You think as you lay exhausted on your bed. "...If you can just get her to join you. If you can just succeed where so many others have failed then you'll know you're on the right track."

You stare up at your ceiling cluttered with pictures of your favorite superheroes and superheroines. You've been putting them up there ever sense you were a girl.

You shut your eyes. You think. You think about being a superheroine, about being a leader, about Tokyo and Kamen Tiger Firelight, about Mountain Lion, about so many things...

You sigh as you feel a headache coming on. Your electric aura zaps against your plastic covered sheets. Yes, you have plastic covered bed sheets. When you were little you slept in them to avoid setting anything on fire. Nightmares used to light you up like a Christmas Tree...and sometimes they still do. You got enough control over your power to avoid setting things on fire, but you've grown to enjoy the feel of plastic against your skin. Its one of the reasons you had your super-suit designed as it is.

You breathe in, and breathe out. You try and focus your fragmented thoughts. And as you focus you come to the realization that you're afraid.

Everyone is going to be paying attention to what happens between your team and Mountain Lion's challenge. This is sink or swim. And you don't know what you're going to do if you sink.

You grab your stuffed Blue Cobalt and squeeze it tight. You deserve to make this work. You've worked so hard...you aren't an attention whore. You aren't a glory hound. You aren't selfish. Mountain Lion is a bitch. You're a hero who wants to make more heroes. That's a good thing.

"God..." You start to pray. "...I know I sometimes get carried away with things. And I know I acted rashly in accepting this bet with Mountain Lion. But I...If it be your will Lord, please let me win. Please let me proof that I'm not selfish and self-centered and....and everything else she said about me that isn't true..."

You see a familiar green light outside you window.

You can feel yourself smiling. Its about time she showed up!

"Thank you God!" You finish your prayer as you jump out of bed. You don't bother changing out of your shirt and overalls, you don't even bother putting on socks and shoes. Your aura will keep you nice and comfortable. You just open the window and shoot off into the sky.

"Hey there farmgirl!" Your friend Emerald Blaze pulls on your toes. "Tag! You're it!"

You see her pale green face laugh as you make a quick clumsy swipe down at her, turning heels over head. "You just wait a moment Rich Girl, I'll get you yet!"

"You got to catch me first!" She shouts as she dives for the cover of the clouds, her emerald glow blazing around her form fitting jumpsuit like fire.

Emerald Blaze. Cassandra Carter. Aviatrix, Heiress,Best Friend. You don't know anyone that gets as much joy from having superpowers as she does.

After some much-needed romping among the clouds you and Cassandra recline on a cloudbank as the sun starts to set, casting everything in gentle orange light.

"Lying on a cloud is so nice." Cassandra says. "Its like lying on your back on a hillside early in the morning and getting covered in dew."

"It's nice as long as its blowing in the right direction...hey, what would you know about lying on a hillside in the early morning?"

"Eh, not much to be honest. But I bet that's what this feels like, right?"

"Oh? So you think I know?" You say teasingly. "What am I now, Bobcat? Huckleberry Finn?"

"So you've never laid on a hillside in the early morning?"

"Nope! But I have laid on a hillside late in the evening with my brothers and sister...just when the stars are coming out and the whole world is still and pretty like this...well, obviously not like this but you know what I mean..."

"Yeah..." Cassandra says dreamily. "I know what you mean. Its that feeling you get when everything around you feels massive and endless...but in a good way, a comfortable way, like being wrapped in a big warm blanket. I get that feeling when I'm coasting the ionosphere and I look down and I can see everything, just everything, and its all so small and surreal..."

"Cassie, flying is really neat isn't it?"

"Oh yeah..."

>Talk to Cassie about your problems.

>Don't ruin the moment. If she brings up anything let her bring it up. You don't want to seem weak.

>Start crying. Get it all out.
File: 1339019240832.jpg (202 KB, 950x1425)
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202 KB JPG
Green-eyed, not green-faced.

>Talk to Cassie about your problems.
Can I be a leader?
>talk to cassie about your problems
Even Batman and Superman confide in each other when they've got problems. It's a sign of trust, not weakness
>touched up version
>little more detail
I don't wanna re-work the sketch it's super small and detail won't show up that well I've got some time off this week, I'll work on something White Fell 'n Winnie related for ya
>Slashy the Pumpkin Request
yeah, gimme some time for this one, I can make the EC Comics vibe. When're you plannin' on startin' the Xmas special? that'll help me set a deadline
>Not green-faced

Well...her skin is sort of a pale...greenish...eh whatever.

"Hey Cassie.." You say.


"...Can I be a leader?"

"Ah. This is about the superteam thing?"


"I don't see why you can't. You've been training with Reverend, you've been reading those books...I can't think of anything else that you could possibly do to make you more prepared. Actually doing it in the Simulator Chamber is the next step and well, that's coming..."

"She rattled me Cassie. She really, really rattled me and I'd never admit it to anyone that isn't you, not even the Reverend."

"Mountain Lion is a tool. Don't even give her the satisfaction of acknowledging she exists. If you did anything wrong it was agreeing to her stupid challenge. You don't need to prove anything to her. She makes money breaking bones. She's one step removed from mercenary."

"God Cassie...I'm just so scared that she's right about me."

"She's not."

"Am I being selfish wanting this? When she asked me I...I said that I needed this."

"Hey. That just shows how much you want to help people. Feeling a need to help people isn't a bad thing. The world would be way better than it is now if some more people had your attitude, especially in the corporate sphere."

"Am I looking down on people that stick to one side of the superhero/metahuman-with-a-job debate by trying to propagate my views?"

"You're giving them an option to try something new. That's not using force. Look, what does Mountain Lion know about not forcing people? All she does is force people."

You nod. "Yeah...I just...what we have is so nice Cassie. We fight crime, we risk our lives, we do the superhero thing but you also got your company and I also got my energy farm. We've made doing both work...and I want it to work for other people. I think the world would be a lot better off if it did...that's not looking down on someone is it? I mean I don't think someone is lesser than me if they don't want to be a superhero. I...I just think they should do more....if they can. That's not looking down on someone, is it?"

"God Meg, you're so passive." Cassie gently punches you in the shoulder. "It surprises me every time I see you go into this lamb-mode. This is the same girl that stood up to Patmos one-on-one! What you're talking about is having different views and competing to get your view over another persons. People do it everyday from politics to sports teams to business. Hell I do it. What does Cassandra Carter want, lets see...Ace to serve a second term, Carter Industries to buy out Chase Labs, me to beat out Virginia Daring in this month's Super NOWER's top 100 super babes..."

"Cassie!" You nudge her.

"My point is I got things I want to see happen that others don't. So do you. You think the way you do things is best for a superhuman. There's no shame in debating it with others so long as you don't become an obnoxious twat like Snakecharmer."

"Ambition and competition aren't sins on their own, not even in your book."

"But there's always such thing as going too far..."

"Well yeah. You don't want to become an extremist wacko. But that's not the same as embracing healthy competition."

"Cassie...thanks." You hug her. Her green fire feels warm. It flows around you protectively. "I just...I just don't want to be the badguy. I want to be the superheroine."

"And you are dummy! You're the most superheroine-superheroine I've ever met!"

"Thanks Cassie. I...I really needed to hear that from someone."

"Now you remember, day of the test don't panic. Keep your head in the game. Between now and then you get Mountain Lion out of your head and keep her out. You know, for someone who preached about not forcing opinions on others she really bullied you. Freaking hypocritical bitch..."

"I...I am a superheroine..." You say to yourself. "I...am a superheroine!" You shout to the clouds.

Cassie laughs. "Hey clouds, sun, everyone, Meagan's a superheroine!"

"I AM A SUPERHEROINE!" You shout from the heart.



>Interview Virginia Daring
>Interview Virginia Daring
>Slashy the Pumpkin

I was thinking starting the 21st. Can he have a little santa hat?


It's cool. I'd appreciate any sketch of them wrasslin or forcing the other to submit. Maybe one with Winnie forcing White Fell to surrender in a hold and one of Winnie forcing White Fell to kiss her foot (if I remember right in the quest she almost did but had an attack of the feels).

A beautiful woman with a jet black face and legs, and orange bikini top and bottom, a yellow stomach, and white hair stands in front of you. She regards you with calm, glowing white eyes.

Virginia Daring. Supermodel. Superheroine. Shapeshifter. No one knows who or what she is exactly. He private life is the one thing she refuses to talk about, and she talks about everything else.

"Hey there!" Virginia Daring extends you her hand and you shake it. "I'm sorry it took so long for me to get in touch with you it's just that the Ice Princess has been causing a lot of trouble in my neck of the woods recently and you know how it is being an active superheroine yourself once they start reporting sightings of badguys you got to go investigate every one of them! But I'm here now and while to be honest I'm not sure if I'll be able to join your team or not I'm more than happy to have you tell me all about it! You know there's been a big slowdown in superteams forming its not like it was back the 90's where you had teams forming just willy nilly do you remember the 90's I bet you were just a little girl then like me!"

"...Yeah I remember the 90's..."

"Those were interesting times weren't they? People always like to talk about the darkness of the time but there was a lot of introspection, a lot of deconstructing and reconstructing what it meant to be a superhero. And you had that big shift in the Spiritual Earth, all those dreams living and dying, all those doomed patrols of the Meta and oh my, I'm boring you aren't I?" She frowns.

"No, no, its cool..."

"No I really am, aren't I?" She sighs. "I'm sorry. I sometimes get carried away talking that I forget someone has to listen to me."

You giggle. "You were a little long winded but its alright."

"Well, its still rude of me to monopolize the conversation. You called me here for a reason after all, and when someone is called to talk for a reason the worst thing they can do is talk for no reason."

"Alright...well first I just want to say thanks for coming Virginia Daring. I know you've turned down offers from a lot of other superteams in the past but I want you to know that we're different....


>Stress being small and humble

>Stress your mission connecting superhumans to superheroics

>Stress being new and experimental

>Stress being the first superteam formed out of Statesmen members and its historical importance
I don't think I'll be able to update until tomorrow.

How do you guys like Deseret's story so far? How do you like Blaze/Lion/Snakecharmer/Virginia?

Do you hope Deseret will fail the sim and be taught a lesson? Do you hope she'll pass it and prove Mountain Lion wrong?

Of the Statesmen who would you like to see a sub-mission framed around next?
>Stress being small and humble
>Stress your mission connecting superhumans to superheroics
Virginia Daring is as big a role model as they come in the Statesmen.
>You grab your stuffed Blue Cobalt and squeeze it tight.
Where do I get one?

>Stress being small and humble

This story has been shaping up well, and Mountain Lion is good as far as "giving us reasons to want to kick ass" go.
>which of the statesmen do you wanna see a sub mission for
Ms. Cryptic
She's got a nice diverse power set and she's perfect for mystery solving

"We're small and humble. You've gotten offers from all throughout the America and beyond, but they've always been from huge important superteams. We aren't like that. There's just four of us, not four hundred. And we aren't about working toward some giant goal, we aren't trying to stamp out Hectonchires in the South Pacific or bring isolated parallel realities up to speed with the rest of the multiversal community or playing politics with the Chroman Empire and Blood Clans off in deep space. We're about the members, we're about making a lifestyle that balances superheroics with mundane uses of our powers and skills work for every one of our members and showing the world that it can be done, that each of us can do more."

"You think I don't do enough?" She asks.

You think about Mountain Lion. You think about Emerald Blaze. You think about yourself, and then you make your answer.

"What you've done around Hook Point is admirable, inspiring really. You've integrated yourself into the community and that's not an easy thing to do, just ask Brown Recluse or anyone else that's been labeled a menace by the communities they protect. You're friendly, kind, and just all and all heroic. And I think you can take these qualities to a larger stage."

"I don't know..." She touches her snow white braid. "Hook Point has always been my home and you're right, they love me. Remember when my suit was shredded after my fight with Miss Majesty and they formed a wall around me. They protected me from the cameras...you see in their own way they care for me just as much as I care for them. I care for them and they care for me back and I care for them and they care for me back...all these back and forth lines make a shape with dimensions that can't be measured, with sides that cant be bent or warped. I think it might be the shape of the human heart-not the organ mind you, but the concept."

You nod.

"Of course sometimes the concept IS an organ, especially when we're talking about the Spiritual and Mental Earths and you have all those really keen giant anthropomorphic forces like Necessity, the One Behind All, and the Triple Judgement. And there are always stuff we call hearts like the Heart of the Cosmos, Heart of Humanity, Heart of the Universe, and so on. Sometimes we call them Powers or Forces, and I think those names are more appropriate than Hearts. We always hear about them getting destroyed or stolen or lost or embodied into some superhero. They say Libertas is the Heart of Freedom. But I don't know. What I have with the people of Hook Point isn't something that can ever be changed like that..."

You nod again. Virginia Daring is certainly odd. All while she's talking to you her glowing white eyes wander across the restaurant, never focusing on you. But she's thoughtful. She's not the bimbo people say she is.

Her eyes snap to you. "Oh...anyway, my point is that I don't know if I'll have that kind of support working outside the city...
"Think about when you first started out though. You were new, you were strange, people didn't know what to think of you. But you won them over because you are who you are. You'll win them over again, it'll be the same as when you were starting out but it'll be easier because you'll have the Connection supporting you."

Virginia Daring shakes her head. "I don't think starting outside the city is that comparable to when I first started. I got all those reporters out there wanting to know who my family is and where I've come from and what I do in my private life. Oh the stories they've invented about me! They say I'm an exiled fairy princess from Tir Na Nog, I'm a Chroman experiment to create a new kind of White Chroman, I'm a unicorn that shapeshifts into a human...I wish they would just write about these characters they think I am instead of trying to trick me into admitting I'm one of them, they're all far more interesting than I could ever be anyway. I mean I would read books about them. But my point is...do you think the Connection will be able to deal with me being so popular?"


>We'll have limited media contact. This is about us.

>I can teach you how to handle reporters.
>I can teach you how to handle reporters.
"Hey, reporters aren't a big deal. Really. I've dealt with them before. We can teach you how to handle them."

"The reporters I've dealt with have been rather...mean though. I've been called a bimbo, a whore, a disgrace to women everywhere...I'm popular yes, and I'm sure that will benefit the Connection. But I'm also...popular."

"Hey. People are going to hate you if you putting yourself out there. Its just how the world is. It's something I've been learning a lot about recently..."

"Oh yes. That thing with you and Mountain Lion...she had some nasty things to say to you, maybe nastier than what I've been told. And I'll be honest with you Meagan, I don't think you handled it the best way you could have."

"I know I didn't." You reply. "I know I got carried away. I got emotional and now I'm stuck in this silly bet. It's just a sim though. It ought to be good practice for us."

"Meagan..." She frowns. "...How will I know you won't handle the people that don't like me like you handled Mountain Lion? I'm asking not just for myself but for everyone in the Connection."

"...My emotions are something I'm working on to be honest with you." You reply. "No one is perfect. But I think working closely together in a team can help us cover for each others' failings."

"But working as a team also means burdening each other with problems we didn't have before. Like your anger, and my popularity, and whatever else is brought to the table. So I'm sorry, but I got to ask you again Meagan: how do I know you aren't going to explode at someone that says bad things about me to my face like Mountain Lion did to you?"


>Roll 1D20. Good responses give bonuses.
I honestly can't think of anything good to say here.
Rolled 1 (1d20)

Because not only am I getting better at these things every day, but also I wouldn't be a very good Christian if I don't take things gracefully.
>You've earned a reroll!
Rolled 17 (1d20)

"My emotions are something I'm working on everyday. I wouldn't be a good Christian if I didn't start taking things graciously. I'm hoping that by leading the team you all can help me improve myself as I help you all improve yourselves."

She studies you intently for a few moments, face moving uncomfortably close to your own...

Then she suddenly smiles. "You know something? Whenever I talked to one of the big superteams they always told me how perfect things were, how perfect their members were or how perfect their leadership was or how perfect a fit I was. I never had someone tell me that they expected me to help them."

"I'm sorry..." You apologize as a blush spreads across your face.

"Oh no no no! You misunderstand me! I mean it is a good thing to find a team that feels like they need me rather than want me. Every team I've talked to has told me that they'll help me take care of the paparazzi, that they'll either teach me how to talk to the press or get someone to talk to them for me. It always felt like I was burdening them with my problems, taking my own personal problems to them and providing them so little in exchange. It never felt like a good deal to me-but with your Connection I feel like I can pay you and the team back for putting up with me...oh Deseret, what I'm trying to say is that I'm in!" She reaches across the table and takes your hands up in hers. You're struck by how ugly your hands look next to hers. Her skin is soft, her palms not covered by flaking skin, her fingers not tipped with calluses.

Virginia Daring. Arguably the most beautiful creature on Earth. And she's on your team.

"Glad to have you!" You shake her hands. "I promise you that you won't regret this!"


"Are there any other girls on our team?"

"Oh no, it's just us."

"Well we'll do! I want to do something nice for the team, something to help us get our name out there. Think of it as a housewarming present for the whole team, a team-warming present...although it's just going to be you...but I guess it's okay. If anyone represents the Connection it's our founder and leader!"

"So uh, what are you talking about here exactly? Some sort of girls' night out!"

"Oh I'm sorry. I talked about everything except what I meant to talk about! Info that sometimes...You want to model swimsuits with me?"

You blink.


Just ask her to further explain. Also stutter a little and be really fucking embarrassed, I guess, but that's a given.
"Uhhhhh welllll that's uh, mighty nice of you to offer Virginia...but-but what do you mean?"

"I got a shoot coming up for the November issue of Super NOWER. I got a lot of pull with the company. I can make the shoot Connection themed!"

"Uh...that's...uh....I mean really? You're serious?"

"Why would I not be?"

You feel your aura start to flare up and you work like mad to suppress it. Still a stray arc strikes your Jin Gold soda splashing the table with soda.

"Are you alright Deseret?"

"Of course! Of course I'm fine!" You say scrambling for the napkin dispenser.

Can the girl really not tell?

"If you're worried about it conflicting with any schedule you might have I assure you the times are highly flexible. It's going to be on Foxhead island, it's one of those abandoned island bases people find all the time in the South Pacific, very pretty, tropical plants growing over super science ruins. I don't know what it is about overgrown ruins but I like it. It's just such a powerful image, it really helps bring out the power and grace of a model!"

I've never done this sort of thing before. I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to.
"I-I've never done this sort of thing before!"

"Ohhhhh that's what you're nervous about. Well the Connection is about getting people to do more right? I've never been on a superteam before."

"I don't even know if I'm allowed to!"

"You're not 16?" She gasps.

"No! No! I'm eighteen but I mean...it's nothing well...lewd, is it? I'm well...the Church teaches us about purity and well..."

"It's just you in a swimsuit. It doesn't even have to be much different than your regular outfit, just cut the legs and arms off and lose the boots. You don't have to dress like me. But you don't have to do it if you don't want to. This is supposed to be something fun, not a punishment."

If you say so, then I'll give it a shot.
"If you say so...then I'll give it a shot." You say suddenly feeling very self conscious. You're not bad looking. Boys asked you out during high school, the only reason you turned them all down was because you were busy training and running the electricity farm.

But when you imagine trying to look attractive in a one-piece next to the firecracker that is Virginia Daring you feel very plain and very silly.

"Well I can see you're really nervous about it." She says.

"Yeah...I am. Weird huh?" You smile awkwardly. "I can go one-on-one with Patmos, I can stop him from assassinating people and poisoning cities but I think about doing this and well...I'm going to do it. That's the important thing."

"Take some time to think about it. If you feel like you don't want to do it later that's okay."

"No, I'm going to do this. I just wish I thought about recruiting more girls now. I mean with it just being me and you its...well just me and you.."

"Even if there's just you and me we're still the girls of the Connection! You only need two to make something plural you know."

"Will they...really be okay with me though? I mean I'm not a model..."

"Every model starts as not a model."

"No, I mean I'm NOT a model. I don't...I don't look like you or Vento Dancante or any of the other superpowered supermodels."

"Oh Meagan you look great! You got an athletic figure and you got nice legs."

"My legs are nice?" You nervously cross them.

"Well yeah. They can pose you to maximize your assets."

"...Well, they'd have to do something to make up for...well, everything else about me..."

"Oh stop it Meagan you're pretty."

"Not like you...I just...I just don't want to be a blemish on your shoot is all. I'm worried I'll just look silly..."

"I was worried I was going to look silly on my first shoot. I mean there I was with my usual chalk white skin and glowing pink eyes and I was so nervous that they'd ask me to pick a normal skin color and then I'd by cycling trough colors trying to find one normal enough until they got tired of me and asked me to leave. I've seen a lot of models in my career. You got a good look. It's going to be great and you're going to feel sexy when its all over. I promise you its not going to be horrible."'

>Ask if Emerald Blaze can come along. You know she'd be down for it and you could use someone familiar to go with you.

>Agree to go to the shoot alone with Virginia to better bond with her one-on-one.

>Wear a one-piece or go full bold with a bikini?
>Ask if Emerald Blaze can come along. You know she'd be down for it and you could use someone familiar to go with you.
>Agree to go to the shoot alone with Virginia to better bond with her one-on-one.
>Wear a one-piece.
File: slashypencils.jpg (96 KB, 581x883)
96 KB
Looks like I've got some reading to do on this quest
Here's the pencils for Slashy, should have the inks done tomorrow, colors done by Thursday
>Do the shoot alone with Virginia Daring
We had a speech about our team mates helping us out, we need to show we can trust Virginia Daring in this task
Also I thought one of Bobcat's big gripes about this group was changing people to be who we wanted them to be, showing that our team mates influence us would show her up (if I'm remembering right)
>one piece or bikini
is a sling bikini technically a one piece?
no that's probably too lewd for the mormon, uh...one piece I think.

Taking a nap now, going to keep updating this thread and will run another when this one dies (I want to complete Deseret's story)

NOTE ON STATESMEN: Threads will now be Titled Statesmen for simplicity and will be numbered by their thread. They will include the title of whatever mission it starts with. I believe this will help keep things clear.

I picture Statesmen being a slow quest, a giant nexus of interconnecting stories and lore combined through the story of Supervisor, Jenny, and Alan. It can also be thought of as seasons of sub-missions built around larger missions. This "season" (which starts after Deseret's story Trial by Fire) will focus on our actions in China (Dragon's Treasure) and will include two sub-missions (Shapeshifters' Duel and Dice Head's Halloween Special)

This is all basically a long way of saying the third thread will be Statesmen 3: Trial by Fire.


She's the catgirl trickster that turned the kitsune bright pink and caused a duel to be scheduled between Magical Woman's students and a group of Statesmen. You're thinking of Mountain Lion.

>Showing that our team mates influence us would show her up (if I'm remembering right)

You are. It's part of why I included this option. It's a chance to do something awkward and uncomfortable but ultimately rewarding, letting us feel like how people we're trying to recruit might feel (modeling with Virginia also has the chance to be both adorable, heartwarming, and lewd).


He's perfect! Thank you!


What do we do when Snakecharmer finds out we've got sexy photos in a magazine?

We're about to meet Kentucky Rain. He's an awkward and shy little guy, very much our opposite, but if we say the right things he'll agree to join because deep down he wants to do all he can do. My question is If he asks us out would we say yes?

Next season (or maybe this season if we decide to take on more sub-missions while running The Dragon's Treasure) will include a sub-mission focused on Mountain Lion where you Hunt a bounty that's stolen the identity of a superhero You'll be able to assign up to three Statesmen to back her up. Should you assign Deseret on this sub-mission?
Glad you like Slashy!
>What do we do when Snakecharmer finds out we've got sexy photos in a magazine?
explain it's a smart way to start letting people know about the group. Also to prove that magazine shoots that Virginia does aren't sinful, they're tasteful and fun.
I wanna see if those two have any chemistry before I say "yes" or "no" but I may be moving toward yes. between this and the photo shoot Deseret may have some really positive experiences from this venture, even if they don't pass Mountain Lion's test
>Do we ask Deseret for help?
OOOOH that'd be some interesting drama! If Mountain Lion asks Deseret for help it'll have to be reluctantly. or maybe just abruptly.
"...Then lets do it!" You say with a smile.

"You're not going to regret it Meagan, and I guarantee its going to get the Connection good press. Super NOWER ships everywhere in on Earth and to several places in the other two. They even sell in some parts of the moon."

"Everyone is gonna see me huh?" You mumble more to yourself than Virginia.

"See how good you look you mean!"

You take a deep breathe. "Well. I'll admit I'm nervous about this but I'll trust you Virginia. I figured I'd be helping Connection members get over their nervousness, you know, get them used to training and using their powers at full force, get them used to staring down danger-I didn't think I'd have my own nervousness to work out."

"You said it yourself. This team is about getting people to try more and new things."

"Swimsuit modeling wasn't what I had in mind, but you're right Virginia. Maybe this all is a sign from God. Maybe he's trying to tell me that I need to empathize with those I'm trying to reach, really feel that awkwardness of trying something new....so uh, any advice for a young model?"

"Get used to being bored. The photographers are friendly and the locations interesting but its a process. You show up, and then wardrobe and makeup, and then you'll be doing a lotttt of different poses as they try to find some that really work for you. Since you're new they'll be working with you to help bring out that inner allure, your special charm, your special signature look so your shoot will likely last longer than my own."

"I hope they'll be patient with me. I mean I know they use makeup and effects and stuff but they'll probably have to use a lot for me, more than they usually do..."

"Oh again with this modesty!"

"It's not modesty Virginia. I don't think your company will even have anything in my size."

"Dare makes clothes for superheroines of all sizes. We even have clothes for girls made of elements or psychic energy or whatever else girls these days can turn into."

"And they make one-pieces right?"

"Of course!"

"Good. Because the thought of me in a two piece like you just...no. Just no..." You feel your cheeks grow warm. "No no no no no I just cannot deal with having that in a magazine."

"It's a perfectly sensible request. Wardrobe will find you something modest and flattering."

"Well...here's to being super-models. And supermodels." You joke as you reach across the table to shake her hand.

"I think you misspoke." Virginia Daring says shaking your hand. "You said supermodels...ohhhh! I get it now! Funny!"

"Sorry. I guess Reverend Luther's style of humor is rubbing off on me."


Kentucky Rain. A young man with the ability to cause rainstorms to appear out of nowhere. He's never been a superhero, he's never been in a fight, and he's never saved people from immediate disaster-although he has saved just as many people from disaster in his own way as you have, if not more.

STORY NOTE: What his bio says about his secret powers is true, but this information is known only to Jenny, his doctor's, and The Supervisor. Deseret doesn't know about his secret powers, and Kentucky Rain doesn't feel like telling her or anyone else the truth.


Jenny's public file on him told you that he learned he could summon rainstorms in college, and for awhile suffered anxiety issues over his powers. But he eventually he built up the nerve to join the Super Builders where he used his powers to irrigate lands, end droughts, and optimize weather patterns on Earth and the colonies.

For along time he was afraid of getting involved. The Super Builders travel to some of the most turbulent countries in the universe, and although they are assigned a trained superhero guard casualties do happen. But he managed to develop the courage by carefully constructing a persona to meet danger with. Its a tactic supeheroes and superhumans often use when forced to face danger. Its why masks and costumes and codenames are so important. It's not odd to find that a popular superhero like Star Man Silver or Captain Justice or Baron Bizarre has several "impersonators" who borrow their names and looks.

It is odd however to find someone basing their persona on a celebrity. But you learned from your research on Kentucky Rain that there's an entire subculture devoted to being super-celebrities. The "super celebrity" subculture is particularly strong in Las Vegas where superteam "Silver Screens" fields a pyrokinetic Marilyn Monroe, a Humphrey Bogart with super strength, and a telepathic James Dean among others. Japan also has a similar but different subculture based on cosplay where real superhumans take on the identities of fictional characters with super powers.

Kentucky Rain doesn't show up in costume. He's dressed in a simple white T-shirt and a blue Super Builders jacket with their logo of a globe supported on a hammer. His slick pompadoured hair is clearly an Elvis thing though.

"Um...hi." He says hesitantly.

"Hey yourself!" You extend your hand for him to shake. He gives it a weak squeeze. "So how are you doing?"

"Oh...I'm fine. Just fine...I'm here about your Connection thing obviously..."

"You interested?"

"I...I'm not sure..."

>Stress that he won't have to give up his work with the super builders. Connection is about doing more, never less.

>Stress that him joining a team seems like a natural progression on what he's done before.

>Stress that he has an interesting and handy power.
>Stress that he won't have to give up his work with the super builders. Connection is about doing more, never less.
>Stress that he won't have to give up his work with the super builders. Connection is about doing more, never less.
>he won't have to give up his work with the super builders

I know this guy's traveled a lot, that could probably be very beneficial if the group finds themselves in unfamiliar territory. He's also probably a figure of authority on disaster relief and prevention.
I really want this guy on the team
"Kentucky Rain, I want you to know that if you join our team we will make sure that your participation will not interfere with your work with the super builders." You say warmly. 'Connection is about doing more, never less!"

"I appreciate the idea, I really do. And I hope that your project works out, it sounds like a real good idea..."

"Will you talk to me a little before making up your mind?"

"My mind isn't made up. But to be honest right now I'm feeling like I'm leaning more towards...not joining. I don't know. Sorry."

"There's nothing to be sorry about. If you don't want to join you don't want to join, that's okay."

"Well sell this to me. This is going to be a small team from what I hear right? And its going to be focused on balancing super heroics and our own private jobs?"

"That's basically it."

"I...well...I like the sound of all that..."

"Well we're off to a good start then!"

"...but I also kind of don't..."

"What do you mean?"

"Well...it sort of reminds me of the superteam recruiters that would pester me and others back at the super builders. You see they were always telling us to get training, to learn how to fight with our powers and how to handle supervillians. And sometimes they'd get really heated with their demands, because whenever something like Hectonchires showed up to try and kidnap us and turn us into bioweapons or dissect us or whatever the protocol was for us to hide behind their friends. And you know, I could see where they were coming from. I mean here we are, super-civilians with incredible reality bending powers and sometimes we're being protected by a guy that shoots flames from his hands. In that situation I can get someone thinking that we should take it upon ourselves to learn how to defend ourselves a little. I can see why they got angry at us, and yet...you know for a lot of people these powers are more like a super burden right? Well I mean of course you do, everyone knows. Some people got the rotten luck to be like The Tennessee Haunter whose power is to be bonded to solid fear. Everyone knows about them. They teach you in school the theory of the Dreamtime and Atlanteans and Primal Humanity, the Humanity before Physical Earth even cooled, and how most powers are degraded forms of the tools they used to shape reality. Oh, what's the proper term for the theory...VALIS theory? No...Besant theory? Hodgson zone theory? Or what was it..."

"I think you're talking about the Kurtzberg theory, the one made in the sixties."

"Yeah!" He snaps his fingers. "The Celestial theory! The one that pissed a lot of races off because it suggested they were the same as humanity!"

"Don't quote me though. It's been awhile sense I've had a Cosmology class."

"Anyway, my point is that normally you get a power and because it recognizes you as a descendant of Primal Humanity it doesn't utterly destroy you. It's why Dr. Glacier can walk and talk even though she's made of ice and Turnpike doesn't burst into flames when he runs and you don't electrocute yourself. And because people know its this way normally they think its this way all the time. So you have someone say "I'm afraid of losing control over my powers if I tried fighting with them" people think its all in their head, that something is wrong with them for not being able to control it. And they get mad when they see the person who can shift atoms duck behind the person the person that shoots flames from their hands, especially if the flame guy gets hurt."

"You have to admit if everyone on the Super Builders knew how to fight with their powers things would be a lot better."

"Ah, but that's assuming everyone can. That's my point. Some people can only use their powers like big clunky industrial equipment. They're good for blowing up mountains you want out of the way for railroad tracks or excavating out a mine but when you say "learn to fight" you aren't telling them "learn how to disarm the badguy", you're telling them "be a living gun". And no one, absolutely no one, wants to be a gun."

"Are you worried about losing control of your powers?"

"I know it sounds weird doesn't it? I make rain. But yeah. I'm worried about losing control."


>Hey, I had problems with power control myself. I worked past them. Now I can work a computer without even touching it. We can teach you control, and it'll even help you in your Super Builder stuff

>What makes you think you'll have trouble with your powers exactly? Your profile says you have excellent control.

>I read your profile said you had anxiety problems before joining the Super Builders...could what you feel now be related in anyway to that?
>I read your profile said you had anxiety problems before joining the Super Builders...could what you feel now be related in anyway to that?
File: aslashyxmas.jpg (802 KB, 581x892)
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>>What makes you think you'll have trouble with your powers exactly? Your profile says you have excellent control.
"are you afraid that if you become "a gun" someone else will be the one pulling the trigger with your powers?
I don't want to give the impression that's why I want you on my team, I don't want to control you, Kentucky..."

Also here's the colored and inked Slashy for your xmas quest. Hope you like 'im QuestGuy
>I read your profile said you had anxiety problems before joining the Super Builders...could what you feel now be related in anyway to that?
File: aslashyxmas.jpg (165 KB, 581x892)
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WOOPS that file was still in CMYK, this one's in RGB - it'll present better on web
"I read your profile. It said you had anxiety problems before joining the Super Builders...could what you feel now be related in anyway to that?"

"I'm not sure I'm following you."

"I mean you were nervous before you joined the Super Builders. You're nervous now. You were worried about your powers before you joined the Super Builders and yet you still joined them. They helped you adapt your powers to do what was needed, we can do the same thing. Asking you to join the Connection feels to me less like asking you to try something different and more asking you to do more of what you've been doing."

"Being on the Super Builders isn't like being on a superteam. It's a hell of a lot less stressful and demanding for one thing. They take you to someplace like Earth-A19 and its only scary when you first arrive. They have scientists and engineers and they explain exactly what they want you to do and exactly how you're going to do it."

"It sounds to me sort of like a superteam. It's very structured. You're be taking orders from your team leader, which is me, although I might appoint someone to be a field leader if we ever get large enough to need micromanagement."

"No." He shakes his head. "I'm afraid the similarities end at knowing how to take orders from people that know more. When you're a Super Builder you work on a project. Its slow work, and its never just your show. You're just a small part of a larger thing. Take this terraforing project I was apart of awhile back, we made gardens out of desert. I was in charge of hydration, a woman who could talk to plants handled the actual growth, a super-speedster engineer handled the harvesting equipment, and several fourth level intellects are handling the long term planning."

"It still sounds very much like a superteam to me. We all pool our talents and resources."

"You might have a point, but what I'm getting at is that things are fast and extreme on a superteam. It's not about slowly building a farm out of a dessert its about responding to a crisis, its about immediate action.And yeah, you have leaders on superteams but when something goes unexpected happens on a project its not your fault. Its the fault of the guys that employ you and monitor you. If I accidentally cause a flood its because the people watching out for that sort of thing were asleep at the wheel. They gave me the wrong numbers to work with. But if I accidentally drown someone-if I fail to save a kid's life-if I smash a supervillian with a downpour like a million bullets-that's on me. Circumstances and blame be damned, that stuff like that stain you. What I'm trying to say Deseret is that yeah, I was nervous about controlling my powers before joining the Super Builders. But I found it to be very slow work, very controlled work. I don't think I'll find the same kind of work on a superteam."

"You thought you wouldn't be able to handle the stress, but you joined the Super Builders anyway and found out you could. Don't you think the same thing could happen again?"

"I told you its they aren't comparable."

"But that doesn't really answer my question. You overcame your anxiety and joined the Super Builders, you found you had more control and more to offer than you thought you did."

"Superteams deal with the instant, the random, that's not something I feel I'm good at."

"And why? I"m sure there's a level of randomness to working for the Super Builders. You overcame that. What makes you think you've suddenly reached a wall? What makes you think you suddenly can't go any further?"

"It's...its just how I feel about my powers." He answers nervously. "I don't feel like I can trust them anymore..."

"What happened?"

"Nothing." He answers quickly. "Nothing happened."

"Your profile says you have a great deal of control over your powers. Something is telling you that you've reached your limit. What is it?"

"I...I guess you could call it an epiphany or sorts." He answers slowly. "I understood how...random my powers are, how uncontrollable they are."

"But they aren't. The tests show that they aren't."

"The tests don't show everything..."


>You're hung up on potential damage and potentially losing control. You have no documented instance of ever losing control. I know how you feel about people saying "its all in your head" but...

>What exactly do you fear you're capable of?

>I'm getting the feeling you're hiding something...
He's awesome! I meant to get Slasher Quest posted today but got carried away with other stuff. It's coming though.
>What exactly do you fear you're capable of?
Deseret is talking AT Kentucky Rain, not WITH him. I don't think she realizes how pushy she's being.
glad you like him, Quest guy
we should apologize for being a bit pushy. After all, we're not trying to get people to do something they don't want to do.
>I'm getting the feeling you're hiding something...
No, do not go there. maybe think it but don't say it out loud
>You're hung up on potential damage and potentially losing control. You have no documented instance of ever losing control. I know how you feel about people saying "its all in your head" but...
(flash back to her powers sparking at an early age and accidentally setting stuff on fire, other embarrassing situations, the simulation where we were trying not to kill shadow Siren because her bio-armor was weird). Well, I understand wanting to be in control of your powers, too, and not wanting to hurt people with them*after brief pause* I think maybe I've been a little pushy, okay, REAL pushy trying to get you to see things my way and join the team. I'm...sorry...

Have we verified why Deseret wants Kentucky Rain on her team? I figure a blue-collar Elvis impersonator will probably be popular with the middle class, but we shouldn't play this as a publicity thing.

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