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Hi I'm Erik I came to take drugs and make quests, and I'm all out of drugs (jk). I recently (very recently) made a Quest Called Acid Girl Quest #1, which followed newly-formed Acid Girl Apriil as she finds the true power of music within herself, and gets a nightly spot at what is now the hippest night-club in the Dissociative District.

Like all my Quests, it takes place in a homebrew setting called The City, a kind of alternate dimension overlapping our own, populated by people who can tune their brainwaves JUST right. The City has Universal Laws the way our universe does, they are just much weaker, and more poetic.

Something important to remember is that art is cannon; you'll see what I mean.

In Acid Girl Quest #2: Mescaline Edition we shift the point of view to another Acid Girl in The City, chosen by YOU.

So what I'm going to do, REALLY quick, is post like, five pictures of Acid Girls for you to choose from. Ready? Ok, one sec.
Type: Native (Acid Girl)
Powers: Glasses
Name: Klowdy
Type: Native (Acid Girl)
Powers: Magic
Name: Skribl
Type: Native (Acid Girl)
Powers: Graffiti
Type: Native (Acid Girl)
Power: Acid
Name: Sprak
Type: Native (Acid Girl)
Power: Girl

Ok go pick whileI regret not calling this Acid Girl Quest #2: Electric Cool-Aid Boogaloo
Power of glasses, yeaa.
OP is still here, if anyone was wondering
File: SKRIBL1.png (49 KB, 753x351)
49 KB

Skribl was having a bad day, and she wasn't the only one. Everyone knew something was looming on the horizon, the signs were clear enough. The street lights were flickering more. A fortune telling goat in Little Sirius attempted suicide. The Transcendental Pig paid his bar tab.

The purple comet that passed over The City calmed the nerves of it's Citizens, but to Skribl, it meant work.
File: Noe-Two-girl.jpg (178 KB, 720x441)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
>Sorry for the late update.
>This is Skribl. Skribl took LSD and broke into a subway car and spray-painted the inside completely gold. Woozy from the fumes, Skribl tripped and smacked her head on the third rail. Now she lives in a one room apartment on the south side of Psycadelia. Don't be like Skribl, kids.

>Powers: Graffiti
>Skribl is a Vandal, a reality hacker, spotting weak points in The City and exploiting them, warping points of space and drawing a new code for them. The art is inseparable from the process, it is a visual representation of the mark they have left on The City. "Graffiti" is not a discipline exclusive to Skribl, although she's well known and respected in the Vandal community, for her raw talent and power more than her experience and street cred.

Skribls' bad day started the minute she walked out the door. Skribl likes her apartment, a cramped one-room in a complex literally drawn by M.C. Escher, a pioneering Vandal. It's at the edge of the labyrinthine alleyway known as the Short Cut, which was a friendly neighborhood with a bad enough reputation it kept out tourists. Skribl has left her mark all over its constantly-shifting walls, drawing windows that looked out over various beautiful parts of The City. Today however, the window she had painted on the alley wall was showing the inside of her apartment.

It was a good gag, she reflected, but amateur. There was a line of black spray-paint leading from the window on the alley wall to the wall of her apartment; a cord. Skribl unhooked one end from the window, her hands reaching into the brick and coming away with the painted black line. She follows it to her apartment, the painted line seeming to become solid as she does, and rips it out of her apartment wall, along with a small chunk of plaster. The window again shows the sun peeking over the northern mountains. Her mood lightened.

The second window-Vandal was not as funny, but he was more effective. It was Skribls' favorite window, painted on the wall of her favorite coffe shop, and it used to show a pond in the Ego Forrest, although now the painting was of a shattered window, through which only television static could be seen. A baseball bat was spray-painted on the ground. Skribl didn't recognize the style.

Skribl was drinking mushroom tea when the purple comet passed overhead, and made her bad day worse. She finished her cup and wandered outside, and bent down to talk to a mailbox. Some might think this looked strange, but if they looked closely they would see was talking to a eye painted on the side of the mailbox. Which would also look strange. The eye did not respond, but it did stare at her, following her movements. The eye keeps staring at her as she dives headfirst into the mailbox, exiting in a similiar but nicer mailbox in Upper East Psycadelia. She walked the other block to Optix loft, scribbling a little on the walls as she went.
Skribl let herself in and wandered around the luxury loft, gazing out the open windows, and grabbing something glowing from the fridge and drinking it. The place was a little messy; ashtrays overflowing, very weird mail lying around, color changing clothes on the floor.

Skribl found Optix in her room, staring out a window Skribl had painted for her, glow-in-the-dark stars twinkling behind her. Of course, most likely Optix was not actually looking out the window, but looking at a scene unraveling through her Glasses, the surreal artifact that projects dancing colored lights wherever she goes. Skribl clears her throat, but Optix does not respond.

"So," Skribl ventures "What do we got?"

After a moment Optix cocks her head towards her, not looking at her, but listening. "You were upset today," she says, concerned.

"Yeah, someone broke my favorite window," Skribl grumbles.

"I saw," says Optix sadly, who sees through the eyes that Skribl paints all throughout the city. "I do not know who did it, they wore a mask, but I See at least two other windows which are broken, and all of them showed areas of the Disassociation District."

"Is that where she landed?" asked Skribl. "I know it was somewhere Downtown."

Optix nodded silently. There was a lot of that with her; silence.Skribl looked out the window she had painted on Optix' wall, showing a bustling day in a westside elven ghetto. She did not see any sign of the large hawk that would indicate their third conspirator was joining them soon.

"All I get on her is static," Optix says suddenly, her Glasses returning to the gentle swirling colors that told Skribl she was seeing the world in front of her. Mostly. "But I can see that David has his best men off the street, that Headquarters is as woefully uninformed as ever, and the Yopo Goblins are getting on their armor."

"Did the Transcendental Pig really pay his bar tab?" Skribl asks.

"As far as I know he has never paid a bar tab," Optix replies. The two did not speak for a moment, as Skribl sipped her drink and Optix smoked that flashing pink bong that Skribl hated. "One of you will have to get her," Optix says eventually, coughing and reaching for Skribl's drink.

"Yeah, but who? Someone has to stay here with you and keep pressure on David and the Sirians, keep their attention, force them to divert their forces." Skribl says, thinking.

A) "I'll do it, I'll get the Acid Girl"
B) "I'll do it, I'll fight The Sirians and David"
>A) "I'll do it, I'll get the Acid Girl"
you're cool, but I gotta say I'm not updating till tomorrow
>later today
[spioler]10,00 hours in paint pretty please?[/spoiler]
>A) "I'll do it, I'll get the Acid Girl"
>A) "I'll do it, I'll get the Acid Girl"
>Here's half an update, other half coming nowish.

"I'll do it. I'll get the Acid Girl," Skribl says, determination etched in her faced.

Optix was looking at something far away, and it wasn't for several minutes that she spoke. "Good. That will be Klowdy; she's coming from Downtown, and there's a headwind," she says as Skribl hears the door open.

"Hey," said Klowdy as she wandered in, grinning. The Acid Girl's hair was windswept, and her elven face-paint was glowing. "I was coming from Downtown, there was a headwind. But hey, I saw her." She grabbed Optix' stupid pink bong and started smoking.

"Where?" asked Optix.

"What did she look like?" asked Skribl.

Klowdy exhales, the thick multicolored smoke filling the apartment, highlighting the invisible vibrating strings of power gathering in the room. It made Skribl uncomfortable whenever the three of them gathered together, their combined presences warping reality, power swelling between them. It also made her acutely aware of the fact she was one-third of a board of directors for an organization in which she had ZERO input on naming.

>Order Of Obstinate Females, O.o.O.F
>Psychedelic Sunshine United Party, P.S.U.P
>Metropolitan Emergency Heroines, M.E.H
File: index.jpg (40 KB, 225x225)
40 KB
>>Psychedelic Sunshine United Party, P.S.U.P
>Instead of relevant pictures, you might just get eyes.

"Ego Forrest." Klowdy says. "She looks...strong. Stronger than Luci. But I don't think she's on an Acid Trip," referring to the girl's manifestation of power; Klowdy was on a 'Magic Trip', for example. "She didn't have that, you know, that hyper-fluctuating saturation thing you get on the real deep trippers. I didn't want to fly down and give our position away, I'm sure the Sirians have a tail on me, but she was heading north."

"Hmm," said Optix, her Glasses flashing. "Who do we know in the area?"

"Let's see," said Skribl "Schrodinger owes me, that weird little twerp. And I know a lot of the Deliriant Delinquent Squad, we're on good terms. Luci knows everyone down at the K-hole, but she's still...doing her thing, I think. And Kloudy was dating that elf in Cerebellum."

Kloudy sniffed as Skribl grinned. Optix' glasses flashed.

"The Valkyries ride south," Optix says. "Kára's hair looks awful."

"Then nothing's protecting David's Library except his wards," says Klowdy, smirking. "Me and Skrible could loot that place to the ground."

Skribl shrugged. "I got places to be," she says simply, while Klowdy nods. "But it's going to be a lot harder to get there if I got Valkyries on me. You're going to have to give them hell for me to have half a chance." Klowdy nods again, her eyes starting to get misty. "No." says Skribl as Klowdy throws her arms around her.

"Promise you'll be carfull?" Klowdy says as she hugs Skribl tightly.

"Yeah, of course, ohwowthat'stight" Skribl replies as Optix runs up to hug her as well. "Ok, well, that's, thank you, that's um, that will do," Skribl protests; she has never been into the Mother Gaia, girl power, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants aspect of P.S.U.P.

"Where will you start?" Klowdy asks

>A)"I'm gonna slum it in Downtown, try to catch her when she gets of the Ego Forest."
>B)"I'm gonna start where she did, in the Ego Forest, and try and catch up."
>C)"I'm gonna see if I can trail some of David's cronies, he seems to be very well informed these days."
>D)"Well first off, there's someone I have to say goodbye to."
>B)"I'm gonna start where she did, in the Ego Forest, and try and catch up."
>>A)"I'm gonna slum it in Downtown, try to catch her when she gets of the Ego Forest."
>>C)"I'm gonna see if I can trail some of David's cronies, he seems to be very well informed these days."
"I'm gonna start where she did, in the Ego Forest, and try and catch up," Skribl says as the trio untangle. "I can track her, no one in The City can move as fast as us," Skribl assures Klowdy. This is mostly true; their seeming omnipresence is what made them a political force in The City. Their ability to spot weaknesses, attack them, and get out clean, has made them a thorn in quite a few sides.

"But just to keep you company," says Skribl, getting out her spraycan and drawing a self-portrait on the floor. She reaches down and grabs her paint-doubles hand, lifting her from the floor, and looking her over, before saying to her double "Stay with Klowdy until she tells you to leave." She thinks for a moment, then colors in her double's eyes with glowing neon pens. "And keep your eyes peeled, Optix will need them," she says as her double nods.

Klowdy sniffles. "Then I gotta get going. I can bust those wards in my sleep, David might think he's a saint but he's a lousy thaumaturge. Here, you might need this," Klowdy says as she shove something into Skribls hand. Klowdy and the paint double walk over to the window Skirbl painted and step out, clouds gathering beneath their feet, and they are gone.

Optix sighs and opens up a very cluttered drawer in her vanity mirror. "Take whatever you need, just get her, and get back, alive."

>What did Klowdy give you?
>A) A marble
>B) A broken light
>C) A dream-catcher
>D) Lembas bread
>E) A key

>What did you take from Optix' drawer, A.K.A. the P.S.U.P warchest?
>1) lipstick, a gun, exfoliating cream, scissors, and a watch
>2) a hair tie, a candy wrapper, a tin of mints, a coke straw, and a belly-button ring
>3) a pokemon card, a mini bottle of liquor, a cigarette, a paperclip, and a temporary tattoo
>4) some weed, a bottle cap, a double-A battery, superglue, and Optix' stupid pink bong
>>A) A marble
>4) some weed, a bottle cap, a double-A battery, superglue, and Optix' stupid pink bong
>thanks for voting, have a microupdate

Optix kisses Skribl on the forehead, making her third eye tingle. "May your endeavors be ever fruitfull, and may your inner goddess be ever abundant," she says.

"Yeah, uh, may your highlights never fade, and may the odds be ever in your favor," Skribl responds. "Fucking Sunshine United!" she roars as she rams the front door with her shoulder and sprints down the street.
Skribl hops a gate into a drainage ditch under a bridge. A painting of a labrador in a top hat notices her and starts to slink along next her, but staying on his two-dimensional wall.

"Get bent," she tells it casually, and starts painting on the wall. She draws a picture of the inside of a padlocked bathroom stall, and then steps into it. The labrador sees Skribl spraypainting the passage behind her closed until there is nothing left but the stone wall. The labrador walks on.

Skribl slips under the stall and quickly out of the bathroom, passing through an extremely authentic Mayan-themed restaurant, out the backdoor into an alleyway between the restaurant and an apartment complex. She paints a ladder on the wall and climbs it to the third story, and slips in a window.

"Haley?" Skribl calls. "Haley, are you home?" she tries again, getting no response. Skribl turn on Haley's T.V., flipping through channels until she finds a reality show about sexy philosophers living in the same house, smoking crack, and having sex with each other, which took about 6 seconds. She grins and hops into the tv, startling the philosophers.

"Life is a gamble, don't play to win," Skribl tells them as she dives into their pool, swimming to the bottom and coming up in a pond in a brightly undulating park. She swims to the edge and runs up a flight of concrete stairs. When the stairs turn left however, she keeps running, climbing an invisible set of stairs up to a well-hidden tree house.

Skribl pushes open the doors and past the hard-partying eleven fraternity that owned the house and leaps out the back window screaming "Geronimo!" as she dives back into the lake.

Skribl falls sideways out a window in an alley in the Disassociation District. Above her stand several young men in psychedelic masks. She dusts herself off, noting that her only avenue of escape is blocked by the Deliriant Delinquent Squad.

>Choices next update, which is nowish
The young men move confidently, lithely towards her, smoke billowing in the cramped alley.

"Hey Skribl," one of them ventures, his voice bubbly, like it's been through a filter. "This areas been a little rough lately. You should probably get the fuck up on out of here."

>A) Bargain with them
>B) Intimidate them
>C) Get the fuck up on out of there

>QM Note: Still taking votes for >>912949
The acid girl!
>flash the dumb pink bong
Point me her way and you boys might have a funky new toy
Skribl grins and gets a gleam in her eye. "Fellas, fellas, please," she says slickly. "I'm sure we can work somethin-"

"Shut the fuck up Skribl," the brave one says. "David cut a deal with the Vandal Nation. Orders are strictly from the top. I like you, Skribl, that's why I'm telling you to FUCK OFF. And some free advice beautiful; stay fucked off. David wants this one. You can't fight him AND The Nation AND the Sirians. And when Headquarters gets their heads out of their asses they're going to fuck you right up and ask questions never. So here's what I'm offering; this quarter. Take it, turn around, go use the payphone on the other side of the street, call any number in the Disassociation District and whoever picks up the phone switches places with you." He explains. "It's kinda fucked up," he adds. "But if you do it, and go make yourself someone else's problem, I'll consider it a personal favor."

>A) "I don't have time for this, get the fuck out of my way."
>B) "Give me that quarter. I'll do it but you owe me."
>C) "What ever happened to us, Konker? Why did we break up?"
>>C) "What ever happened to us, Konker? Why did we break up?"
>>C) "What ever happened to us, Konker? Why did we break up?"
>A marble

>4) some weed, a bottle cap, a double-A battery, superglue, and Optix' stupid pink bong
get that shiney silver piece and bounce towards old AG
Skribl looks at the gang leader sadly. "What ever happened to us, Konker? Why did we break up?"

Konker sighs, and replies in his bubbly voice. "Because we had different ideas about what's important. I have a family here, Skribl, and so did you, before you went to go play politics with absurdists. And that would have been fine, except you wanted me to drag them into it. And now here you are again, knee-deep in that bullshit, and it's my problem, AGAIN. So, I'm asking you AGAIN, take the fucking quarter, and go be someone else's problem."

"Give me that quarter. I'll do it but you owe me." Skribl replies, her hand lingering on Konkers' as he gives up the coin. She strolls over to the phone, gives up the quarter, dials a number, and suddenly a man dressed a sa pimp, complete with cane, was holding the phone as if not sure he was really there.

From the other end of the phone Skribl's voice calls out "Hey Schrodingle, you weird little twerp, we're even," before the line goes dead.

Above them all, a psychedelic eye painted on the side of the alley watches.

>I'm calling this locked in.
>Hi! Option C just kinda circled back around to Options A and B, but cool we made some backstory. Choices next update, soonish.
File: giphy.gif (253 KB, 480x412)
253 KB
253 KB GIF
Skribl slams down the phone in Schrodinger's office, briefly registers a bunch of strippers in glass boxes, and walks out the back.

She gets onto a bus and immediately out the emergency exit, intending to end up in a leprechaun bar, when she feels a lurch of WRONGNESS in her stomach and instead steps out into a Tibetan monastery-and-pornography-theater. She finds the exit awkwardly and sprints out.

Skribl take a moment to get her bearings, then spots a familiar landmark; a brain on a stick, dust gathering on the neon lights in the mid-day sun of the Disassociation District. She cuts across the street, dodging cars and weirder vehicles, and movingly quickly through the crowd of Downtown shoppers.

Skribl gets to the building topped with a giant brain, Cerebellum Casino, and paints a ladder on the side which she proceeds to climb. At the top, underneath the brain, is an invisible rope. Unfortunately for Skribl, this rope was currently tied in a giant knot.

Skribl felt it was an allegory for her day.

>A) Attempt to undo the knot
>B) Try another secret passageway
>C) Just walk, you're not that far
>D) Graffiti your way out of this
>E) Spot a casino chip on the floor and go gamble
>Sagebumping with exposition

>Headquarters Docket #DG-54
>Disruptive Group-54
>Psychedelic Sunshine United Party
>Mission Statement- "Just kind of help people"
>Threat Level- Severe

P.S.U.P. is a small, poorly funded terrorist umbrella organization with several independent cells scattered throughout The City. Their main criminal activities include trespassing, burglary, assault, narcotics trafficking, vandalism, and stealing state secrets. At the heart of the organization are three Native Psychefemmic Personifications, known as more commonly as Acid Girls.

>Native Psychefemmic Personification
>Rank-Coven Preistess of the Rainbow Council of the Psychedelic Sunshine United Party
>Personnel Threat Level- High

Optix posses a rare Artifact, a pair of Glasses through which she sees much of The City. It is unknown exactly what she can and can't see, or why. She is the highest ranking member of P.S.U.P and the bulk of their surveillance program. She is wanted for stealing state secrets, harboring a known fugitive, and conspiracy to commit treason.

>Native Psychefemmic Personification
>Rank- Coven Member of the Rainbow Council of the Psychedelic Sunshine United Party
>Personnel Threat Level- Severe

Klowdy is one of the most advanced Magic Users in The City. She travels quickly, often by cloud, sometimes in the form of an animal. She is the muscle of P.S.U.P, an accomplished ward breaker, and believed to be responsible for destroying an ego-farm in Little Sirius. She is wanted for burglary, trespassing, arson, and assault.

>Native Psychefemmic Personification
>Rank- Representative of the Rainbow Council of the Psychedelic Sunshine United Party
>Personnel Threat Level- High

Skribl is a powerful Vandal, and composes the bulk of the P.S.U.P. graffiti unit. Through this graffiti P.S.U.P. members communicate, transport, and hide themselves form Headquarters and rival Disruptive Groups. She is wanted for burglary, trespassing, vandalism, shoplifting, arson, assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, inciting a riot, rioting, harassing a Headquarter Official, sexual assault on a Headquarters Official, narcotics trafficking, and public indecency.
and if we can't find any, the brain is still there!

Skribl curses and throws the knot away in disgust. She can't help but get the feeling someone is sabotaging her routes in and around the Dissociation District.

She walks off the roof of the Cerebellum casino, drawing a tight-rope to the roof of the K-Hole Bar and Garden. She walks across carefully and lands in a crouch, then spray paints a door on the ground and walks through, gravity inverting itself as she does. Her entrance is not seen as odd to the patrons, who are lining up in front of a sink, smoking a hit of ketamine, cracking their heads on the sink, and disappearing.

'There's always a line,' Skribl thinks to herself, as she queues up. She waits patiently for her turn, takes a deep hit, closes her eyes, and falls forward. Immediately after cracking her head on the sink, she realizes this might be a bad idea, before a lurch of WRONGNESS hits her in the stomach and she ends up a single strand of Ego.

She was deep underneath Ego Forrest, in one of it's many Pools of Disassociation, and an Acid Girl doesn't always have the strongest Ego at the best of times. The Ketamine probably didn't help. The Girl might have drifted there forever, content in nothingness, if a friendly red haired nymph did not swim by with a school of koi and notice her. The nymph pulled the Girl up out of the deep recesses of the pond and up onto the lightly glowing ground of the ego forest. She waits patiently for the Girl to wake up and recover her sense of self, playing with her koi as she does.

When Skribl looks at her she smiles.

"Looks like I found my OWN Acid Girl, Sprink can keep hers," the nymph says. "I bet mine is prettier."

It takes a moment for Skribl to catch up

>A) "Do you know where the other Acid Girl is?"
>B) "Do you know where the other Acid Girl is, beautiful?"
>Trick choice, they have the same effect.

The nymph giggles like a nymph as Skribl rolls her eyes.

"Wouldn't just everyone like to know? Well I heard it from Sprink, she's a close personal freind of mine, who saw the Acid Girl earlier today. She says the Girl came down in a purple comet, told her pixies a story, and went up the north trail. We're just south of Sprink, I could take you to her if I liked you enough," says the nymph, batting her eyelashes.

>A) "Yeah take me to Sprink, let me hear it from her. Uh, beautiful."
>B) "I don't have time for this, you said the north trail right?"
>>A) "Yeah take me to Sprink, let me hear it from her. Uh, beautiful."
File: pond_by_schammy_resize.jpg (163 KB, 571x649)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
"Yeah take me to Sprink, let me hear it from her. Uh, beautiful," Skribl says, as the nymph giggles and sidles up to her and grabs her collar.

"I'm Ripple hold your breath!" the nymph says brightly as she presses her lips to Skribl's and falls backwards into the pool, taking Skribl with her.

The pool is warm and fuzzy and makes Skribl forget her problems. The pair swim strongly beneath the current, the nymph breathing into Skribl's lungs. She didn't NEED that air, but it kept her from "drowning" in disassociation. Skribl's eyes widen as she briefly takes in a brightly lit underwater city, and they are gone again, swimming.

Ripple began to sing the high, haunting notes of nymph-song, and soon a school of koi glides along with them, humming. They see a feminine figure dive into the pools from the surface, hair billowing around her, and swim up to them.

Sprink is smiling, and waves to the pair on approach. Ripple disengages and swims up to Sprink, leaving Skribl to hold her breath. The two nymphs squeak at each other in bubbly voices, and Ripple swims off, spinning Skribl around several times as she does.

Sprink glides over to Skribl and grabs her waist, guiding them up to the surface of the Disassociation Pool. A red and yellow pixie buzz excitedly overhead.

"Hello Skribl. Do not mind Ripple, she is quite possessive. I was hoping to see you, do you know our window was broken?" the nymph says dreamily.

"Yeah, I noticed this morning," Skribl replies. "Hey, Sprink, I really need your help."

>A) "Where was the Acid Girl going?" (try to cut her off)
>B) "Where was the last place you saw the Acid Girl?" (track her)

>1) "Will you help me find the Acid Girl?" (ask Sprink to come with you)
>2) "Can you tell me if you hear anything?" (ask Sprink to keep an ear out for you)

>Bonus question
> "Why did we ever break up, Sprink?"
>>A) "Where was the Acid Girl going?" (try to cut her off)
>>1) "Will you help me find the Acid Girl?" (ask Sprink to come with you)
>> "Why did we ever break up, Sprink?"
File: psup1.jpg (60 KB, 370x318)
60 KB
"I have to find that Acid Girl. I don't know my way around the forest, and I don't know anyone else who's spoken to her. Will you help me?" Skribl asks. She does not try to persuade the nymph, she does not explain how vital the mission is, or warn her of the danger. Sprink knows these things already.

"You're not trying to recruit me again, are you? I moved here to get away from all that, the old neighborhood politics. A nymph has no place in a war. Or maybe," Sprink says "you just missed me so much when our window broke that you had to come see me?"

Skribl smiles gently "Why did we ever break up, Sprink?"

"I don't even remember," Sprink laughs. "Oh wait, yes I do. It's because of that night at the bar in Little Sirius when you strip-searched that cop, and then made out with him in the front of the car while I was in the back, and then left and forgot about me and I went to jail and got a ride home from a handsy Valkyrie."

"See, that's the thing about alcohol, you know the past is the past, and it's like, you know, you gotta just...leave the past, you know, in the...past," Skribl says with confidence.

"Right," replies Sprink, smiling.

"Listen..." Skribl starts.

"Apriil," the nymph interjects. "Her name is Apriil, she is very pretty, and she told my pixies a wonderful story about a brave pixie that saves a princess, and one of my pixies went with her, I believe to protect her with a sword made from a blade of grass. She went walking along the north trail, singing, leaving behind a trail off toadstools, which ends at The Chair."

"Sprink, she's going to need more than a pixie, half The City is after her already. She needs all the help she can get. And so do I," Skribl admits.

The nymph giggles like a nymph, and Skribl rolls her eyes. "Then let's go!" Sprink exclaims.
"Where first?"

"Let's try to cut her off. Do you know a shortcut to The Chair?" Skribl asks.

"Sure!" says the nymph as she grabs Skribl's collar and presses their lips together, then falls backwards into her pond, taking Skribl with her.

>New thread sometime today
actually, im holding off a day.

So uh...what do you guys like/dislike?
The quest is pretty great so far. I'm getting some Tank Girl vibes from Skribl, too.
However, I do wish this quest was more populated with anons. I'm not quite sure why this quest isn't more popular, but I'd recommend asking another QM their opinion on the quest.

Oh, and thanks for running.

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