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File: StarEyes.png (83 KB, 800x800)
83 KB



>Current character
Health: 50

atk: 2
def: 2
spd: 2

Black market shotgun
atk: +9
def: +1
spd: -1
Ability: Can hit two targets on the first turn

Human merc armour
atk: +4
def: +9
spd: +3

Officer side arm
atk: +3
def: 0
spd: 0
Ability: Can use another weapon to boost the power of this weapon on the first turn.

Biofoam x4 (+10 health)
Dead Aim drug (+3 to speed checks)

>What's happening?
The current character, Slagar the human, has returned to the capital after completing an underground bounty made by a crime lord boss. He has also completed a UGF bounty on the Zerenthees elder Kyoe.

It's time to explore the capital
>Capital shop
>Bounty Hunter bar
>Council room
>The cloaked figure from Skarnos
Sup man.
Quest was cut short by inactivity

>Bounty huinter bar
You arrive at the bar, same old hunter yucking it up or crying over a bounty that got away. As soon as you enter, they turn their eyes to you and all say they want to shout you a drink.

Heory runs up to you and says it is amazing what you did, discovering the plot behind the Elders. News of the lack of Elders have already spread it seems. He puts his long arms behind you and says he will pay for your drink.

You get a couple and he gulps his down.

"You managed to get me a new set of armour?"

Ah yes, about that... I forgot
Uh oh...
*lie*They didn't have any...
>Dont you worry, I'll get that armor soon enough.

Unless writeins are a no go

in that case

>I forgot
The only things you can do to dialogue is add actions to them or extend them. In this case, I'll extend the response.

He slumps his shoulders a little and then perks up.

"Ah well, the hero of Dominion 13 shouldn't need to run errands for me. Hey, the trackers said you were on Terra Major before, why were you there?"

Before you answer a news report flashes on the screen.

"HAZA has done it again! They foiled an Explorers plan to take over Dominion 13 of the Zerenthees with quick and stunning results! The Explorers were disguising as Elders and were hiding Elder Kyoe..."

Heory shouts to turn that shit off.

"Typical UGF. Cannot admit that us Bounty Hunters are doing their clean up duties. If it wasn't for the pay I wouldn't be here, and neither would many others."

Unfortunately, it is the only LEGAL work we can get

That's why I do some side jobs

Whining about it isn't going to help.
>Unfortunately, it is the only LEGAL work we can get
Heory gets another shot and looks at it.

"That's very true. We need something to keep up our sanity and unfortunately, that is doing dirty work for the UGF. I mean, if we were able to do some underground bounties, that would be nice BUT NO! If you are a UGF Bounty Hunter, you can do anything illegal except for underground bounties. Where is the logic in that?!"

He takes his shot and gets up.

"I'll see you around. If you can get the new armour, that would be nice but if you can't, that's cool too. Call me up when there is a new UGF bounty"

Heory leaves as you sit at the bar. All his talk about underground bounties after you completed one for Basilisk, one of the seven major crime lords, makes you feel conflicted.

>Stay at the bar
>Walk outside
>See the pool table
>Stay at the bar
Add on
Ask around about a place to get some nice armor in our price range for our buddy,
You start asking around and see the Zyron that helped you oust the cheater Bounty Hunter.

"Ah yes, you have returned. Your work has been magnificent and fulls me with joy knowing that we are actually helping the galaxy"

You make a nervous laugh as he takes a swig.

"I take it that you want a decent armour for your Zerenthees buddy. Let me tell you, it's not going to be cheap. Unless you want some old armour that I know of for free"

What's the price range?
Alright, what's the catch for the free one?
Are you trying to play a trick on me for the free one?
>What's the price range?
And if its out of budget add on

>so whats the deal with that armor
The Zyron starts moving his glass around with his face tentacle.

"The proper UGF Zerenthees Bounty Hunter gear is about 3000 credits and even then, you still have to install the proper software to get it to a decent enough standard. You can get dirt cheap ones on any of the second ring planets, but I take it you don't particularly want to give your friend armour worse than his shot up one. In that case, the Zerenthees armour I'm talking about is on an old freighter that is beyond the Assault Horizon stuck on an asteroid. Crew is dead, no doubt about, mechanical failure. If you get in and out of there quickly, UGF nor Explorers can track you... this is all assuming no one has claimed it."

Thanks for the info

I'll work up my money then

Might need assistance on this

So I'm fucked huh?
>Thanks for the info, I may have to check that out

addon) Any idea how long ago it crashed?
"About the time the Metal Arms war ended, so you are looking at least fifty years. The only reason I know about is because I was the one hearing the distress signal. UGF didn't want to greenlight the mission because they were afraid of Metal Arms. Psh. If only they knew at the time"

He tips his hat and starts slithering out of the place.

UGF knows about this ship and still don't want to pursue it even though they regularly go beyond the Assault Horizon. You take your last shot and start walking out. You get a message on your communicator.

>From: Star Eyes.

>Hey, I heard that you did another job for Basilisk! I was going to take that job but I was too busy reporting back OUR job! That one was mine and you sniped it. I'll take the next one. Anyhoo... the money for both bounties are being wired to you at the moment, should only take a sec. Hope we meet again, only this time I can revel in the gore

>Go to ship
>Council room
>Bounty Hunter supplier.
>Bounty Hunter supplier.
IF, and thats a big IF the Bounty hunter supplier looks shifty.
>I could take care of any "problems" you may have for a decent suit of armor (Illigal things)
He looks to you and says that you and him should talk somewhere without any police forces around. He closes shop and you start to move with him. While you are walking he asks what type of armour. You reply back with something decent for a Zerenthees. He looks at you strangely.

"Zerenthees armour ain't cheap. It's those damned arms, no other beta standard species has this problem but them. You'll have to do a job for me equivalent to that."

Sure, anything

I've got 2000 UGF credits at the moment, if you pay the difference, we could make this work out.

*lie* I got 1500 UGF credits at the moment, if you pay the difference, we could make this work out

On second thoughts buddy, turning a shifty arms dealer in could also bring rewards *Raise weapon*
Sure, anything
>What do you have in mind


*lie* I got 1500 UGF credits at the moment, if you pay the difference, we could make this work out
But he also has to throw in the software upgrades or whatever
Gotta sleep, got class in the morning.

Heres the link to that group I was talking about. It should work. Under the Zatch bell quest tab


peace out m8
"I got the perfect job for you then.

You see, my brother owns Milla weapons and been my supplier, right? One of the largest suppliers of weapons and armour to not only UGF Bounty Hunters, but to officers as well. Recently he has started to hike his prices up to insane amount for us Bounty Hunter suppliers. I tried to bargain with the council but no avail due to my brother's reputation with them. Upper class politician shit, you know the things in your line of work I'm sure. If you can kill them, Milla weapons will go to me since I am the only surviving member of the family. If you do this, I'll pay the difference and install software. He is on one of the Webworlds, Dragos I think. You better not cause any attention because I have full deniability at the the moment. What do you say?"

*Accept* Easy done, his head shall be yours in a short time

I'll like to ask some questions about this job

*Decline* I think I'll take my chances with the ship beyond the Assault Horizon
See you later man.
Your getting a whole company? Tons of gins armor and the like and the only thing standing in your way is this guy? If your gonna be getting a lot more inventory I may come here for all my shopping. Can I get some discounts on weapons and armor in the future to?

>Gotta try and milk this for all its got
He chuckles.

"Give my brother's head, and I'll think about it"


>Go to ship and start flying
>Call up a Registered Bounty Hunter
>Go to ship and start flying

Look up information about the target, and think of ways to keep us anonymous and keep our identity safe
As you are flying to the webworlds, you look up information about the CEO of Milla weapons.

Frank Milla, son of Jackson Milla, took over the company during the year 4114 on the UGF standard calendar. His interest with weaponry and armour sparked the Power Armour series for UGF officers and UGF affiliated military forces. Over the course of his career, he has helped track down rogue Bounty Hunters near the webworlds. He has had three assassination attempts on his life, one of which was from a UGF affiliated Bounty Hunter. He now spends his time in his office, afraid. He hasn't been seen for 15 UGF standard months.

Looking up the webworlds and it seems there is no UGF officers in those areas, except for the occasional patrol. As long as you don't draw any attention to your Bounty Hunter status, you should be fine.

>Keep going
>Ask the Supplier about the previous attempts.
>Ask the Supplier about the previous attempts.

Observe the patrol times and write a schedual of when the patrols pass
You ask the supplier about the last assassination attempts.

"Those ones weren't me... except for the UGF Bounty Hunter but he was an idiot, who cares? It didn't get traced back to me. Anyway, the reason why they failed is because they assumed my brother would be easy to shoot. That's not the case. Father has always told us about how to avoid shit flying at us. My brother was the best at this unfortunately. Now, don't call me back until you complete the request... I'm deleting this conversation in case you get caught"

The communicator turns off.

You start researching the patrol times of officers in the area and it usually goes Humans in the morning in the industrial web, Toralians in the afternoon in the market web and Antisians through the night in the residence web.

It is currently morning on the web worlds.

>Market Web
>Industrial Web
>Residence Web
Whichever one holds the location the target is thought to be. Dont do anything, just act casual and recon the area
Since it was said that he stays in his office all day, you decide to go to the industrial web.

As you get close, you notice a lot of ships buzzing around the area, dropping off and picking up numerous packages. It is a weapons manufacturer, what do you expect?

You land on the planet near the factory and already see officers and a crowd of workers getting ready for their jobs. You have no idea where the main office is.

>Ask the officers pretending not being a Bounty Hunter
>Blend into the crowd and ask them
>Blend into the crowd and ask them
Shadow a worker, wait for him to be alone, knock him out, take his uniform, tie him up in the ship and use his items to gain 100% access to the facility. (May have to wait for night depending on how likely it would be that we get caught)
You tap one of the workers on the shoulder and ask them where the main office is.

He points in the direction, one with high level security automatons.

"If you got a visitor, worker or admin card, you can get in. I don't see any on you. Well, if you excuse me, I'm one my way to the testing facility."

Hey wait, I'm a new worker and I need to go to weapons. I just forgot my card

Thanks... *Follow him*

In that case, do you know where I can get a visitor card?
In that case, do you know where I can get a visitor card?

Then follow him at a distance after he gives us the information

>Make him think we are legit
He says you can get it in the market webs very easily.

You say thanks and he starts moving. You follow in the distance, always trying to keep up with him in the crowd. You see the testing facility in sight, it is huge and has sentry guns all around. You also start seeing machines scanning cards.

>Get the jump on him now with a 1d12 roll, 7 or higher for a successful takedown
>Keep following
>Keep following
What would I have to roll to pickpocket the card?
2d6, 7 or higher
Now when you say that. Is a 6 or lower getting caught or just not finding an opening
Not finding an opening.

Meanwhile with the takedown, it is getting caught as a fail state.
Rolled 3, 1 = 4 (2d6)

Yeah I'll roll for pickpocketing the card, rollin
Fuck, guess we gotta wait for a new mark to slip up
You couldn't find an opening to steal his card and he is already lining up to get inside the facility.

There are also officers patrolling this nearby area.

All you could think to yourself is how are you going to do this.

A loud noise comes over the speakers.

"May the man not wearing any identification card please come to main office... the security will not fire on you when you come to is..."

>Go to main office
>Try and find a way out of here.
>Go to main office
We havent done anything wrong yet. Examine the path you take to the room, scan for quick escapes and the like. But most of all, Be Smooth do not panic
You start walking to the area and see the security. They lift their guns up.

You walk through and see the pristine admin area, filled with treasures from outside the webworlds.

The admin lady says Mr. Milla will see you shortly.

You sit down and look around the room. Other than the doors to the office and the exit, there is no way out. Then again, he could be asking you a simple question and let you go on your way.

There is a camera fixated on you from above.

A message comes on the communicator

>From: Anonymous

>Do not, do not trust Mr. Milla. He hasn't... been himself...

>Sit around
>Ask to get up
>Dont trust him
Good thing we are here to kill him

>Ask to get up
Dont ask, just get up and walk around the waiting area looking at any treasures nearby, or paintings. We like art and stuff
You move about looking at all the art. Everyone is represented, Torallians, Cerasins, Antisians etc. It is so fascinating how all these different species have an almost unified outlook on art.

Then there is one painting in particular you don't recognize the style nor the subject. The Subject is an older looking creatures, with robes that drape down the body and shoulder pads which go higher than the head. The eyes have a sense of anger and aren't in a standard shape. You were about to read the title of the piece before you are asked to step into the office.

In the office, there are more works of art, a couple of weapons and a business looking tycoon sitting with his arms crossed.

"I expected you an hour ago. Bounty Hunters aren't what they used to be..."

H... How did you know?!

Ah shit

Covers blown, damn *Try to shoot him*
>Ah shit

Hold on a second guy, read the name of the artwork and comment on how it looks.

Without confirming or denying the accusation. Why do you think im a bounty hunter? Casually walk up and touch his clothing but dont attack

>I aint getting fooled by holograms in my first assasination
You start walking up and touch his clothes.

"No cheap tricks here, it is the real me. Now, are you going to kill me like my brother's last bitch did? Because I assure you, it is not wise to do so."

Why's that?

*Try to shoot him* Don't tell me bullshit.
You still havent told me why you think i'm a bounty hunter
>Why's that?

And followup question
>There must be some trick, why would you invite me here if you thought I were trying to kill you.
"The reason why I know you Bounty Hunter is because of an associate of mine..."

The door clicks behind you with no one there. It doesn't look like an animatronic door either.

"Now listen to me. Either you go back to where you came from and we can forget this or my new buddies will throw you into a zero point, capiche?"

You're an explorer, aren't you?

Tell whoever is cloaked at the moment to come out

Fire away then. *Fire*
Fuck... wait for it ... you.

Pull a gun on him but dont shoot. I got a feeling he's bluffing.
the pistol, not the shotgun. to heavy and loud
File: NIGHTONIS.png (39 KB, 400x400)
39 KB
"Nice weapon. One of my rival's brand, but nice weapon nonetheless... except for the fact you won't have it any more."

Your gun gets kicked out of your hand and falls on the floor. The third person in the room uncloaks, it is Nightonis, part of the unknown species and Syndicate.

"I am sure you met Nightonis, he says that he has met you before in one of our facilities. I'll say it again, walk... away..."

>Pull out your side arm and shoot him, 1d6 roll, 4 or more for a successful kill
>Walk away
>Stand your ground.
Nah, fuck you. I woulda if you had asked nicely.

>Engage in gnarly hand to hand combat with the new guy.

Try to knock the CEO guy to the floor or knock him out.

(wait a sec did my shotgun or pistol get kicked out of my hand?)

If pistol, try for that 2 person shotgun blast bonus
You shoot the shotgun blast but don't make a dent in Nightonis. The CEO is dead.

Nightonis looks up and takes out his disk before inserting a weapons chip into it.

Nightonis stats:
atk: 13
def: 15
spd: 10

Digital rifle
atk: 6
def: -5
spd: 6

Nightonis armour:
atk: -5
def: +2
spd: +5

Health: 50

>Stay in combat
My job is done, Your boss is dead. You have probably gotten paid and if not there is plenty of valuable shit out in the hallway.

>Stay in combat?
how bout this. You and me wait till night, gather as much as we can carry and leave. We never have to meet each other again. Besides what good will a fight do besides have me dent that nice armor you got and probably kill me.

>The art of negotiation
Nightonis just stares you.

"The Godin Sukamsen warned me about your people, warned me about this universe. You put worth into material possessions and not in your species, clan or beliefs. I was only protecting this human out of our current arrangement with the Explorers. I cannot wait for the day of uprising from our time tombs. The Syndicate has chosen the right universe. See you around Human... I'll spare you on this day"

Nightonis cloaks and you can't find any trace of him. You take the proof you need of the death of Milla.

>Leave the planet
>Steal some art.
Thank you for not attacking, I know you probably would have beaten me

then bow

Chances are he is still in the room, a display of appreciation may have him see us in a better light when we see him again (probably)

>Take the painting of the weird creature and any small treasures we can find.

If there are to many to carry we can make several trips. The guards are probably still passive to us and we were asked to come in so we can just make up an excuse of why we keep going in and coming out
You bow and take your time getting some of the works of art.

The admin lady has been slaughtered, possibly by Nightonis.

You start collecting some of the art and finally read the name of the painting.

"Godin Shigamassus - The one true path"

You take the art and store it away.

You start walking out as security keeps a sturdy presence. Suddenly, you hear someone yell out "Bounty Hunter!"

You turn around and see two UGF officers.

>Stay and talk to them
>Stay and talk to them
Thats not me officers

>Then why do you have those paintings?
I was given them by the CEO
One of them says you must be a Bounty Hunter.

"You are the one that saved my mate in Dominion 13 from the Explorers! Despite you never getting the credit for this, we appreciate it. Here, take a picture."

You take a picture with him and they let you go, one of them squealing like a fanboy.

You return to the ship with a heavy sigh. UGF's biggest arms dealer was an explorer. What does that mean for the weapons they own? Doesn't matter now, Supplier is now going to be the CEO

You start your ship and head back to the capital.

When you get back, the supplier is overjoyed and will start to officially own the company.

You now have in your inventory:

>3x rare treasures (Going at 750 UGF credits each)
>Mysterious Painting
>Zerenthees Power armour and full software
>Bounty Hunter Supplier discount

>Bounty Board
>Bounty Bar
>Council room
>Ship to explore a little
Talk to the new Ceo
>If you ever need anything done, be sure to message me. Its been a pleasure *Not working with you*

as in this whole thing never happened

>Back to the bar, our bro needs his new suit
He thanks you for nothing with a smile and walks off to make it official.

You walk into the bar and see Heory there.

"What you got there?"


"MILLA POWER ARMOUR WITH FULL UPGRADES?! How did you afford this?"

Oh you know, being a hero has perks

*Shrug* I saved up

Jobs that I never did

Doesn't matter where it came from, as long as you have it...
Oh you know, being a hero has perks

(What is our relation to our bro here again?)
Heory was a Bounty Hunter Slagar befriended last thread. Heory helped the character out in one of Explorer indoctrination surgery bases and was shot up by Nightonis and the leader of the facility that Slagar killed, hence why he needed new armour. He is a bit of a jokey thief Bounty Hunter but means well in the end. The other Bounty Hunter that you have registered is Star Eyes, a female human Underground Bounty Hunter that assists you on Underground bounties. She has a superiority complex but likes to joke about it as well. Hates UGF for reasons currently not known to the character.

He takes the armour, puts it on and asks have you checked the Bounty Board?

I'll do that now

Maybe later.
Gotcha thanks for the background info

>I'll do that now
Wanna tag along?
He says he is happy to do so.

Bounty 1: Harmishen

We have located the other Explorer recruiter. Unfortunately, he is beyond the Assault Horizon at the moment. We did catch wind that he will be hiding out in a energy tanker to gain more "recruits". Find him alive and bring him in. We need to know where the second facility is.
Alive: 1500 credits
Bounty Hunter Supplier token (Can purchase a free item from the supplier)

Bounty 2: Gregin

Politician turned explorer, Gregin has been using subtle propaganda on his planet of Sartos to gain sympathy and supporters of the Explorer's cause. Hunt him down and stop this madness. Be warned though, killing of civilians, Explorer supporter or not, will cost you dearly.
Alive: 1350 credits
Dead: 1400 credits
New registered bounty hunter (Can now call upon a new bounty hunter for UGF bounties only)
Free item all day with Harmishen, we already got a beginner bro
Are there paralasis / emp weapons in this world? And if so, ballpark estimate of how much they cost?
I'll need to go soon, but I can give one choice before I leave.

You and Heory leave together to hide out on an asteroid near the Horizon. Heory starts talking to make the wait last shorter.

"Explorers are getting craftier already. How long were the elders replaced by them? Days? Weeks? Months? YEARS? Hell, they could be in the council at the moment and no would know. Tch. Remember how many children we found being surgically worked on? An entire generation could be corrupted at this point and we would have no idea about it. And then there is this whole thing about this "Syndicate", these unknown allies of the Explorers. By the looks of it, they have really, really advanced tech, so why would they help them out? Especially that Nightan or whatever his name is..."

Not sure, there has to be an ulterior motive

Why does the UGF help out younger species?

Whatever the reason, it's not a good one
At this point, no one is selling them.

They will be sold later for balancing sake.
Why does the UGF help out younger species?

night Qm
Heory starts laughing.

"Yeah, very true. Just like good helps out the weak do good, evil helps the weak do evil..."

A zero point rupture is felt.

"Hang on, I got something..."

Out of the rupture point comes an energy tanker, matching the description the UGF gave to you.

"Bingo, that's our man, should we head out?"

>Wait a little
>Try and fly to it.
We could possibly get a bigger bounty if he leads us to more targets
You say to Heory wait a little bit.

The Energy Tanker starts to slow down, almost coming to a complete halt. In the time for it to happen, another zero point rupture is felt and 3 squadrons of Buzzard ships appear.

"He knows someone is after him... those Buzzards are going to protect him like no tomorrow. I'll try and see if I can manually override them..."

You sit back in your ship observing the tanker. It doesn't seem to belong to any company, it appeared at exactly the right time as it was said it would, it is now slowed to the point where it is basically crawling and the Buzzards are moving in a pattern.

>Express your suspicion
>Let Heory override the Buzzards.
>Let Heory override the Buzzards.
He overrides the first squadron and send them off far away.

"They won't have control over their ships until they reach UGF Darkworld prison, hehehehehe."

The other squadrons are still moving in a pattern and the tanker is still moving slowly.

"That's the second ones done, strange how they aren't reacting, maybe they are screaming at eachother on the radio"

>Let Heory take over the last squadron
>Tune into any nearby signals to hear them.
>Let Heory take over the last squadron
Have the ships attack any propulsion system on the freighter then attack each other
"Aaaannnnddd.... done, destroying the systems."

The Buzzards start firing all over the place, at each other and at the tanker. The longer it goes on, the more explosions that happen.

"That's what you get Explorer scum..."

You jerk the ship forward and start flying to the tanker through the debris to eventually meet the explorers inside. There is an open hangar door.

>Wait for Heory to catch up
>Tell him to stay outside.
>Tell him to stay outside.

If any more vultures come by be sure to take care of them
You tell him to stay outside and he obeys.

As you enter in, you see there are no other ships in the hangar, just rows and rows of boxes.

You get out of your ship and notice there isn't any guards either. There are noises that you can't identify on the ship, but they are nearby. There is a ladder to climb up to a door and a door at the end of a hall. The secruity cameras seemed to be set to off.

>Check crates
>Go up the ladder
>Go to the door at the end.
>Check crates
Dismantle if explosives
You check the crates and find children in them. This is definitely part of the indoctrination ring. You tell the children that everything is going to be fine. The security camera pops to life and you hide behind the crate. You get on the communicator and tell Heory that there are children on here, the target definitely is one of the indoctrination leaders.

If you go the door at the end of the hall, you can use the crates to get there without being spotted. However, you can roll a 2d6, 9 or higher, to reach the door up the ladder.
Rolled 6, 4 = 10 (2d6)

AWWW YEAH KIDS! Gonna take one of them and raise him or her to be the best sidekick ever

Can our bro hack the cameras?
He can't unless he is in the ship with you.

You sneak past the camera and go up the ladder to the door. Knowing this type of tanker, this door should lead to the three control rooms of the ship.

You go down the hall and hear some voices but you can't make out any of them.

There is a vent behind you as well.

>Stay there
>Go towards the voices
>Go to the vents.
Damn I gotta bring this guy back alive.

Hunt the voices down, Shotgun ready. Shoot anyone that is not the target.
You follow the voices and come to a room with a recorder in it. It's a trap.

A communication screen appears and it shows Harmishen laughing.

"My informant was right, you were hunting me down. Not anymore you're not, not anymore"

There is a whiring sound and a loud bang before you hear engines going off. Heory says that the back half of the ship has disconnected from the front and is flying away.

>Get Heory to pick you up
>Tell Heory to follow Harmishen.
Are the kids on this half of the ship or the part that left?
The part that left.
>Tell Heory to follow Harmishen.

Wait I thought we destroyed the propultion systems?

Destroy them again
That was for the whole ship, each half has backup systems.

Heory flies and tries to fire on the propulsion system but is being shot by cannons on the ship.

"Shit, I can't get close. I need something to assist."

The control panel to the half you are in is right in front of you.

>Call in back up
>Control your half of the ship
>Tell Heory to pick you up.
>Control your half of the ship
Focus any guns on your half on the backup systems of the other half

While the turrets are distracted have Heory sneak aboard and rescue the kids if he think he can
You turn your half around and start firing, smirking at the fact that Harmishen although creating this trap, wasn't smart enough to disable this half of the ship.

You take out his system as Heory goes in and tries to save the kids.

"Keep the ship there, I'll tow your ship to you as well. If I rescue the kids, can you get the bounty?"

>Do what Heory asks
>Say you'll keep fire on the ship to stop him from escaping.
>Do what Heory asks
Get the bounty, make sure your safe bro, these guys are sneaky.
He says h will be safe as he tows your ship to the half of the freighter.

You hop in your ship and fly to the hangar bay of the other half and start running around the ship a little bit.

You come across Robotic guards, D-700 models, very thick armour at the cost of speed and actual weaponry. They seem to be guarding a specific door. No way around them.

>Fight them
>Find another door since this is another trap
Fight them

>Do we have some kind of system that we can use to look up information. Look up the model and any weak spots in the armor.

Then exploit it
The only stats you can find are their general stats.

D700 stats:
atk: 5
def: 15
spd: 1

D-700 assault arm:
atk: +4
def: 0
spd: +1

D-700 Rail rifle:
atk: +6
def: 0
spd: 0

There are 3 of them.

D-700 guard 1
Health: 25

D-700 guard 2
Health: 25

D-700 guard 3
Health: 25

Who do you target?

(Remember to roll your speed.)
Target Center guard with shotgun for the spread bonus. Fire at the Rail rifles and try to destroy the means of attack
2d6 roll for your speed to see how many attacks yo do.
Rolled 6, 4 = 10 (2d6)

AWWW yeah another 10/12
Spread bonus and your roll allows you to take out the first guard but the other remains standing.

The third fires his rail gun and the other his assault arm. Due to the your defence, it kills the second guard and you only take 10 damage from the third one.

D-700 guard 3:
Health: 25
Fire away at him
Rolled 2, 1 = 3 (2d6)

You fire for 15 damage after amour redutction.

He fires again for 10 damage.

D-700 guard 3
Health: 10
Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6)

Boom, dicegot hear my plea
You destroy the last remaining guard and gain Rail rifle parts from them, 2 more and you can create one.

You go through the door and find Harmishen there. He turns around, tries to pull out his gun but you prevent that from happening.

You're coming with me mate
Your terror ends here
Finally, some little payback for forcing children into your cult
Finally, some little payback for forcing children into your cult
>Shoot out his kneecaps(no runners today)
Oh hey look you come apart just like your ship

It said alive not unharmed

We arent having a runner today
You get on the communicator with Heory and say we have the target.

"Great, we'll get the two ships back together then we can..."

Suddenly, another zero point rupture is felt and an unknown fighter starts firing at the two ships.

Harmishen, still on the floor bleeding smirks.

"They would rather destroy our cause then let us spill the beans..."

>Keep the ships separate
>Join them together.
>Keep the ships separate
2 targets = les consentrated fire

Tie his arms up, throw him over the shoulder or something and back to the ship

>Did you get the kids?
You tie him up and throw him over your shoulders as you head back to your ship.

Heory says he has got all the crates in the hangar, but he isn't sure if there are any others.

You hop in your ship and start flying as the half of the tanker you were in explodes as the fighter flies out. There comes a message on your communicator.

>From: Anonymous

>We may be wrong with all of you only caring about possessions, but I cannot let you escape with him.

You look up and see the unknown fighter with Nightonis piloting it. You have 30 seconds before you can zero point it out of there

>Evasive maneuvers.
>Try and catch up to Heory.
>Evasive maneuvers.
Hide on the other side of the second half of the ship. Have heory try to get out of range, they should only be aiming for us since we have the guy
You reach the other side of the ship just in time as the fighter veers away a little bit. You tell Heory you have 15 secs left before you can Zero Point. He says he is waiting for your signal before you see shots trying to hit you.

You look around to see where they are before you realize they are coming through the ship. Heory is screaming he has been hit before you hear beeping.

You veer your ship away before the other half of the tanker explodes and Nightonis' fighter is after you.

Tears start rolling down your face.

It says Zero point launch is ready.

>Try and take on Nightonis.
Did bro die? I told that fucker to get out of here. Check and see if the ship exploded or not.

If it went boom launce, if not Atteck neghtonis
This was in the span of 5 seconds so he wasn't able to get far.

The debris all but confirms the death of Heory. In his honour, you are going to bring the Bounty back.

You zero point launch to the capital.

Bounty complete:
Reward: 1500 credits
Bounty Hunter supplier token.

Where to?

>Council room
>Lower levels.
Is there anywhere like an orphanage? That idea of training an apprentice Bounty hunter sounded cool

That's in lower levels.

You go to the supplier in his new CEO attire.

"What do you think lad? Haha, owning the company is great. Anyway, how's the new armour going for your friend?"

It's... oh god...

I don't want to talk at the moment

Can you just show me your wares, please?!
He died in a dogfight earlier (today?) all that hard work I did was for nothing.

Do you sell armor in small(child) sizes?
Oh and "Thats a good look on you Mr. CEO"
He looks at you and pats you on your shoulder.

"It's alright mate... it's alright. Ok, about that armour, do you have a token you wish to spend?"

You spend it and get the choice of Human, Zerenthees and Antisian teenage apprentice armour.

Teenage? I was talking like a 7-10 year old if they have armor for that.

I can teach him or her to use the being young as a way to make people think he or she is safe.
did you get the discord message?
Ah, sorry.

Yeah, with roughly the same stats.

And yes.

Was playing DOTA 2 so I didn't get the message until now.
He hands you the Zerenthees child armour.

"Finding a younger friend. I don't mind it because I know it is you... anyway, anything else today?"

>Look at wares
>Talk about business
>Look at wares (Weapons daggers, silenced pistols and Sniper rifles

>Casually ask about how the being a boss feels
He shows you the new wares at a discount price.

"Being a boss feels nice. Workers seem to love me more than my brother. Heh. Stick that in your resume you dead asshole."

Snake Bites (Semi auto rifle)
atk: +10
def: -1
spd: +5
Ability: +1 defence for every enemy killed with this rifle on a mission.
Price: 950

Zerenthees honour blade
atk: +12
def: -5
spd: +6
Ability: Can silently take out enemies.
Price: 1100

Death from a distance (Sniper)
atk: +15
def: -4
spd: -0
Ability: Instantly take out one enemy before battle.
Price: 1250

Zerenthees honour blade
You buy the honour blade and now have 2400 credits.

"Anything else today?"

nah, lets save up
>Council room
>Lower Levels
>Lower Levels
Assasin sidekick lockin
You go to the lower levels and see the orphanage.

This orphanage has been filled to the brim since the Explorer child indoctrination ring has been discovered. You walk inside and ask if you could see a Zerenthees child, to become an apprentice to your line of work. The admin person asks what is your line of work.

For... the UGF, directly for the UGF

Bounty Hunter

Why do you ask that?
Bounty Hunter
>But do you really care, this place is filled to the brim and they wont be in danger

Reguardless, I can just get a child from elsewhere. I just wanted to give one of these kids a good home
The admin laughs.

"At least he will be safe, you damned Bounty Hunters don't do anything. I've seen the news, HAZARD should be getting all of the funding and not you. Waste of resources I tell ya..."

You bite your tongue as you enter in to choose your apprentice.

There are 3 Zerenthees children lined up.

Child 1: Zaaheoy
Dominion 3 Zerenthees, parents killed off when he was kidnapped, very sneaky, being able to hide in small spaces but hates violence.

atk: 1
def: 4
spd: 7

Child 2: Beohaoy
A Zerenthees female whose parents rejected after she came home, thinking her as corrupted. Skilled with computer work and keeping her guard up, just isn't as fast as the others.
atk: 5
def: 7
spd: 1

Child 3: Alexaodeo
A Zerenthees child that was orphaned from a young age, kidnapped from the orphanage by the Explorers. Very quick on his feet and not afraid to fight but doesn't know the basics of defensive strategy.
atk: 7
def: 1
spd: 5

>Talk to them
>Make your choice
>New computer whiz
>Great defense
>Original parents dident want her
Thats the one star
You kneel down to Beohaoy's level and ask if she wants to go with you. She nods very slightly.

The head of the orphanage walks in.

"Beohaoy hasn't had much social interaction since we got her, she has only spoken a total of eight words. She is on the computers most of the time."

I don't mind at all... whatever makes her happy

That shouldn't matter.

Are you implying that's a bad thing?
I don't mind at all... whatever makes her happy

>Head pet
She still looks forward in a blank look.

"Well come on, let's fill out those forms"

You head out to fill out the forms when your communitcator goes off.

>From: Star Eyes

>I see what you are doing in there and it is so cute. So are you going to do fatherly things like teach her how to ride a hover vehicle, go to her dance practices and see her snag her first Bounty? Anyway, after you are done with this and you are both cool, I've got another Bounty by Basilisk waiting for you. What do you say?

You turn the communicator off and sign the paperwork. You exit the orphanage with your apprentice Beohaoy.

Communicator goes off again saying the council demands your presence.

>Council room
How old is she and what size? If young put her up on shoulders and walk to council room.

If big/tall take her to the ship and tell her to wait there until you get back.

On the way accept Star eyes mission offer
10, just barely too large to carry.

You tell her to get to the ship and get comfortable.

You walk into the council room and see Beta Standard chancellors sitting down.

"Now Slagar, we have called you in to discuss the things you have discovered."

A projection shows up.

"First of all, Dealeo's base has been destroyed, no signs of it remained when we returned, this is also assuming anyone left inside is dead..."

Image flickers to Harmishen in prison.

"Second of all, we have been interrogating Harmishen for information about the child smuggling ring... all we have discovered so far is that beyond the Assault Horizon there are thousands of these bases."

Image flickers to a shadow.

"We haven't got any information out of him about the assassin killing the leads to this plot. He did say though you knew about it and that he killed Bounty Hunter Heory... is this true?"


The assassin is called Nightonis, I have stated him in my report on Dealeo.

Yes, Nightonis did slay Heory in an attempt to kill Harmishen.

Yeah, and I want kill the son of a bitch for it
I;ll be on DOTA for a while, so I'll come back after that time.
They nod their heads.

"We are asking because we need to track this assassin down. If he keeps going, we will never be able to stop the Explorers. Every lead they would have would be destroyed with their bodies... we just need to take a couple in... too bad that Harmishen knows nothing about this Nightonis..."

The Zerenthees councilor puts up his hand.

"What if we bait him into assassinating the Explorer and then we capture him with multiple Bounty Hunters? If we do that, we will cut off any advance tech they might be receiving from Nightonis' faction"

The other councilors agree.

"It's settled then, the next bounty we put on the board is to bait Nightonis. In the mean time Slagar, we need you to get as many Bounty Hunters to join you. Doesn't matter if they are UGF registered, as long as they get the job done."

You can count on me councilor

I'll try... can't guarantee much

There are Bounty Hunters with much more connections than I
>There are Bounty Hunters with much more connections than I

My only connection was killed earlier this week.

Not to mention this guy could kill me in twenty different ways. I mean if I had some better gear maybe but I wouldent stand a chance now (Subtly suggest equiping us with better armor and weapons)
The Beta Standard council look at each other then back at you.

"We'll see the other Bounty Hunters about the others, but we cannot afford to equip you with the better armour. Imagine if you will you are more equipped then say our officers or HAZARD, it would be a media nightmare. No, let's hope numbers overpower him"

You bite your tongue again and say thanks to the council members.

You return to the ship with Beohaoy. You look to her and she still has the blank expression. You sigh and start the ship up to go to Terra Major.

On the way there, your communicator is flooded with messages about the next bounty, how it is going to change everyone's lives. Not with the UGF pretending the Bounty Hunter division doesn't exist.

You land on Terra Major where Star Eyes is already waiting for you.

"Ah, you brought the little one along eh? Zerenthees your type? I'm so sad"

She makes a mocking tear gesture over her helmet.

"Anyway, this job is simple, we are going in and finishing off Daedric's little drug ring on this planet so that Basilisk can push his products. Inside Terra Terror, there is a hidden vault. Without a current owner, because of you, Daedric has sent his best men to extract the drugs and make a new club pushing the crap. We're here to pick off one guard in particular, one that will send a clear message that this is Basilisk's territory. There shouldn't be too much involved in it, simple bounty and your little one shouldn't be in danger if we find out the route they are taking to extract it. You in?"

>Ask about the UGF's plan for Nightonis.
Ask our kiddo what she thinks of the mission. Or if shes hungry or wants anything.

Gotta be best dad / Teacher
Also, the kid for sure is not turned to the evil side of the force right? Is there a way to test to make sure she wasnt corrupted? Dont want any of that selfdestruct shit going on when I bond and break the hard outter shell of best daughter/student
She says only one word.


Star Eyes laughs.

"You sure chose a winner mate."

You give her a dirty look and Star Eyes stops laughing.

"First we need to get to Terra Terror and get into their computers. Rumour has it that Benjy Daedric has been talking to the Master Daedric for months about a plan if he dies. If we can get to Benjy's computer, assuming it is there, then we can find out this route."

Beohaoy's eyes pricked up for a second when the word computer was mentioned.

"I'll be on the roof tops spotting, making sure nothing is coming our way. You and your... apprentice... need to access those emails."

You nod your head as Star Eyes runs.

You ask Beohaoy what she thinks and there is a slight smirk before she nods her head.

The two of you rush over to the know closed Terra Terror and notice UGF officers standing there in front of the building.

>Talk to officers
>Find another way in
She is confirmed not indoctrinated, but her parents don't believe that, hence why she is where she is now.
AWWWW YEAH only a few hours and I already got a word

>Find another way in
Hey Beohaoy, you like computers right. You must be pretty smart, can you see a way into this building besides the front enterance

>Computer people have a knack for finding neat solutions to shit
She looks around a little bit then points to the fire exit in the alleyway. You remember how Benjy invited you in through that way and remember the route to the office.

You hop up there and reach the office, still in the purple you remember splattering Benjy's brain with. You ask Beohaoy if she can take a look at the computer. She flinches then starts walking over.

Looking at her, you are thinking what she would've been like before the Explorers took her or what she would've been like if they actually did the procedure on them. It makes you sick in your stomach. Beohaoy is still going when Star Eyes alerts that Daedric's men killed off the officers out the front and are now entering the club.

>Keep the door safe while the hacking continues
>Run away with Beohaoy
>Keep the door safe while the hacking continues

If anyone trys to hurt you just call me and i'll come running

>Whats our chars name...

You aim your gun at the door but thus far, nothing has come through. There is a ping as Beohaoy turns the monitor towards you. The route they are taking has three different vehicles of delivery, each marked with a name.

You get on the communicator and ask Star Eyes on who is the main target.

"Let's see... let's see... Lex Stron. The main target is Lex Stron"

You start telling Star Eyes the rout that Lex is taking before Beohaoy points to the micro microphone under the desk. They have been listening the entire time.

You get Beohaoy and get outside. Star Eyes is yelling "What is going on?"

You explain the situation as you see them hop into their trucks. Star Eyes says the grey one has Lex but now he is going to change routes.

Beohaoy starts making gestures, like a map route. She memorised it.

>Let Star Eyes use the route
>Ambush the truck yourself with Beohaoy
>Let Star Eyes use the route
Not gonna endanger kiddo on mission 1 with no training
Star Eyes thanks you as she starts running to get a better position.

You sit down and invite Beohaoy to sit beside you. You start thinking about where the future is going to take you. You discovered this indoctrination ring, you discovered Nightonis and the Syndicate of the new Worlds, you helped and current helping an underground Bounty Hunter, you discovered the false Elders of Dominion 13 and now, you have a child who has well and alive parents that don' care about her.

This is a scary universe, you don't remember it like this growing up. You start trying to imagine what it would be like if all you have ever known is fear from people that live on the outer reaches of your explorable universe.

Beohaoy grabs your hand.


You start to smile when Star Eyes comes on.

"Got 'em. Dead in the eyes, brains everywhere, hahahaha, wanna come see?"

I would like to but you know...

I actually have something to ask you about, big job

Not particularly at this moment...
Not particularly at this moment...
She says it's your loss. The reward will be wired to you shortly.

You look down at Beohaoy and then look around the city.

>Stay a little bit on Terra Major
>Go back to the capital.
>Stay a little bit on Terra Major
>Restaurant for a bite.
>Explore the city a little while
>Restaurant for a bite.
On the walk tell her to look around the shops and see if there is anything she wants
You walk around a bit while pointing out places to Beohaoy as she shakes her head.

She points to a restaurant and says "hunger"

You take her inside and she points to what she wants. You also order as the person behind the counter starts to smile.

"Daddy is a knight in shining armour isn't he?"

You smile as Beohaoy just looks down.

You get your meals and sit down, Beohaoy munching away slowly.

This is your chance to try and ask any questions you want from her or you finish the meal and go somewhere else.
You were a big help, did you like helping out?

Then return to ship
She shrugs.

"Bad people get what they deserve"

She finishes her meal and starts walking back to the ship, you follow.

A message pops up on the communicator that the council has figured out the perfect target to trick Nightonis to come out. The Bounty Board at the capital has all the information.

There is another message that pops up from Master Daedric inviting you to a dinner to talk about business that you have been conducting.

best not to turn down an invatation
You start traveling to the location marked by Daedric, thinking about what the crime lord wants with you.

"Weren't we killing the bad guys?"

Beohaoy pops up to say. You look back to her, reassure her and go back traveling to Daedric. Maybe he wants to hire you or something along those lines. Then again, he could want you to get revenge for what you did to his operation on Terra Major.

You land as a couple of hooded figures come over and get you to follow them. They say the little one can come as well.

You eventually come to a Torallian scond hand shop when the owner pulls a switch and reveals a teleporter. You, the guards and Beohaoy walk in and find a dinner hall.

"Welcome Bounty Hunter, welcome"

Master Daedric waves his hand and points to a seat. You sit down with Beohaoy looking at the floor.

"I see you now have a child with you. Interesting, showing her the ropes?"

You nod your head as you look to her.

Drinks are being served.

"A toast to you Bounty Hunter!"

*Drink* To me!


Ok Daedric, what do you want? One of the seven crime lords does not just invite Bounty Hunters to dinners.

What's your deal Daedric?
Ok Daedric, what do you want? One of the seven crime lords does not just invite Bounty Hunters to dinners

>We gotta be sure to turn this down in the most polite way possible
He chuckles.

"You are very observant. Here's the deal. I know you have been shutting down my operations on Terra Major. You have done it twice, Benjy videoed the entire thing before he died, bless his soul. Terra Major was one of my biggest rings before Basilisk outsourced to you."

You feel a presence behind you.

"Now, I won't hunt you down if you do these simple things for me. Number one, you turn the planet's political stance to my son's party. We leave the UGF and we are able to commit any crime we want without officers tracking us down. Number two, you need to tell me your contacts to Basilisk. Number three, you work for me, become my bitch. If you do that, I won't harm you..."

He looks at Beohaoy

"... or the child. The choice is simple, walk out the door to the teleporter and I will have my mend hunt you if you are on a black market planet, or answer to me"

Should be easy to do

I might be only able to complete one of those tasks.

No deal. *Walk out*

Don't think you can blackmail me Daedric. *Walk out*
To one no, to two that I can do, to three fuck off.

Also why did we bring the kid into the meeting? If he knew we had her that would have been an obvious target he could go for
Daedric, although a sly man, does not want to take harm to minors until someone pushes them to his limits.

Daedric loses his smile.

"One's better than nothing but that's only going to delay the hunt. Ok, how about you organize a little meeting with your Basilisk contact and we can kill them. If you do that, we won't hunt you for now"

A Bounty Hunter named Star Eyes, I'll organize the meeting now

It might take a while to contact them

*Lie*I can organize something (This involves using Nightonis)

On second thoughts...
*Lie*I can organize something (This involves using Nightonis)

Yes, two birds one stone
Daedric smiles.

"Organize the meeting within 48 standard UGF hours and contact us. Now shoo"

You bow and take Beohaoy.

She looks up.

"I thought we brought in the bad people"

You look down and tell her that indirect method of bringing people in is sometimes better.

You hop in your ship and leave the planet as you see Daedric's men look up to you.

You travel to the capital and land. A new store has opened in the Bounty Hunter section.

>Bounty Board

Also we should alert star eyes that she has a bounty on her head
You send the message to Star Eyes and enter the store.

Inside the store there is an Antisian behind the counter, looking at different vials with his three eyes.

"Ah, Bounty Hunter, welcome welcome to my gene treatment clinic. Here, I will be able to clean certain parts of your DNA to give you some powers so you can work better eh? What do you say?"

Can you show me what you have to offer?

How long have you been set up and doing this?

Isn't Gene cleansing outlawed after the Metal Arms war?
Can you show me what you have to offer?
He smiles.


Alchemist gene level 1
>Can convert credits (Both UGF and underground) to a new set of armour
>2500 credits

Wild gene level 1
>When rolling a 7 or higher in speed checks, adds a charge. When charges are used, can add them to current speed check. Total charges: 5
>2100 credits

Dark eyes gene level 1
>Can inspect enemy base stats before entering battle.
>2400 credits

Current: 3500 UGF credits.

Do we still have the paintings that we can sell? If so get Darkeyes 1, If not leave
You got 3 paintings to sell, which are 750 each.

You pay 1600 and go through the dark eyes gene procedure.

The Antisian comes up.

"Now, you may feel dizzy for a little bit, but when you recover, you will be better than ever!"

Beohaoy cracks a tiny smile then goes back to her usual mood.

>Bounty Board
Can we go to the weapon shop to get beohaoy a pistol or something for self defense
If not go to the board
Yeah, ok.

You go to the Supplier and he says he has something for the little one.

Apprentice pistol
atk: +3
def: +3
spd: +3
ABILITY: Teleports the apprentice out of a fight to save them. Unlimited uses.

You give the pistol to Beohaoy and she stares at it.

You go to the bounty board.


One of the founding members of the Explorers. Has been kept alive using years of gene therapy, both legal and illegal. Currently being held at Borran plaza surrounded by Explorers and being protected by explorer snipers. You can choose to be the main Bounty Hunter or the backup.
ALIVE: 2000
DEAD: 2000
Main reward: Armour upgrade
Backup reward: Speed boost


Explain to her that if she ever gets taken by the people again or the gangsters appear, to get outta there.
You and other Bounty Hunters take up back up while a few take main. You get a message.

>From: Councillor Kevin

>You and two others are the only ones to know the true intentions of this Bounty. Keep it that way.

You shake your head and tell Beohaoy to come. She stays behind a little bit.

"I don't want to see the bad people again... I don't want to see them!"

It'll be alright *Grip her hand* Trust me

If don't want to come, you can stay in the ship until the job is over

As long as you have that pistol, you should be safe.
It'll be alright *Grip her hand* Trust me

I would feel better knowing you were safe and secure nearby. If at any time you want to leave, use the gun and teleport back to the ship. Ill be back as fast as I can
She looks up directly in your eyes and gives you a hug, you pat her on the head as you notify Daedric about your "contact".

You head off to the ship and start flying to Borran, hearing the hollering of the other Bounty Hunters. You get a message from the council saying as soon as Nightonis shows himself, open fire.

You look on to the planet as you make your decent with the other hundred Bounty Hunters.

One landed, you set up your position with Beohaoy looking over the area. The main Bounty Hunters ask for any info.

>Scan area for snipers
>Look for main target
>Look for "unusual signs" (Nightonis)
>Scan area for snipers

No headshots today
You look over the area and see one on the north side, one inside the building on the 30th floor and one just across from you.

The backup take them out and no sign of their backup arriving.

You look to Beohaoy who has a sadistic look on her face.

The main Bounty Hunters move in as you see Daedric's ships flying down. It's all coming together.

Kerin steps out and sees the Bounty Hunters charging him, he takes a few out but not before one tackles and grabs him.

"I got him I..."

Blood starts dripping down the Bounty Hunter's armour as Nightonis reveals himself with his blade. He makes hand signals.

>Tell everyone to fire on him.
>Wait a second.
>You look to Beohaoy who has a sadistic look on her face.

Atta girl

>Wait a second.
Notify daedra that thats the guy. THEN
>Tell everyone to fire on him.
You inform Daedric's men that this is your contact. They get in position.

You tell everyone to fire but then Nightonis yells out.

"Grevins and Vortans, reveal yourself!"

Suddenly explosions start flying out as figures start uncloaking. More unknown species. There are small lanky ones in skin tight suits that cover their entire body with plugs where the eyes would probably be shooting at everything. Their suits are coloured black with yellow, red or green stripes. Then there are the tall muscular beings with barely any armour with netting across their bodies and a helmet. The bigger ones get up close and shoot at the hunters while the scrawny ones shoot and when backed into a corner, let go of their plugs and explode.

You hear a sound behind you and see three of the scrawny beings, two yellow and one red.

>Tell Beohaoy to get out of there.
>Get out of their with Beohaoy
>Stay and fight.
Where does the pistol telaport her? I wouldent want hewr to tp into danger farther away from us
To where you programmed, which should be the ship.
>Stay and fight.
Beohaoy get behind a rock or something.

The (should) has me worried, there could also be enemies on the ship so nah
Beohaoy gets behind the rock.

Grevin yellow stats:
atk: 5
def: 5
spd: 5
ABILITY: Will become scarred if leaders are not present.

Grevin red stats:
atk: 5
def: 5
spd: 5
ABILITY: Will assume role of leader if there are none nearby.

All have assault mode disks on them
atk: +6
def: 0
spd: 0

Grevin biosuits
atk: 0
def: +5
spd: +2
ABILITY: Has a chance to release the deadly gas they have, exploding the reactive gas in a radius.

Grevin yellow 1
Health: 24

Grevin yellow 2
Health: 24

Grevin red
Health: 26
Shotgun blast! Srpeadshot for the win. Focus on redsuit

If gas comes out, hold breath
Rolled 5, 4 = 9 (2d6)

You kill off the Red and Yellow 1, there is no gas at the time.

You get your first shot into Yellow 2 before he releases his plugs and explode, dealing 30 damage to you.

You hear more coming.

>Loot bodies
>Get out of there
These are only foot troops thus they probably wont have that much good stuff on them.

Grab Beohaoy and book it outta there
You grab her and start running, turning back and seeing more starting to uncloak, including ones looking similar to Nightonis. As you start leaving the planet with the Bounty Hunters that escaped, you see Nightonis killing Kerin. He knew this was going to happen. At least you got a better look at this syndicate.

As you start traveling back to the capital, you get two messages.

>From: Star Eyes

>Ah fuck, I knew this would've happened. Daedric wants Terra Major all to himself... now that he has identified me, I gotta ditch this armour and find something else. Thanks for the heads up anyway.

>From: Master Daedric

>I saw the entire thing. That really wasn't your contact was it? There are hundreds of techs I have seen and none of them match that army I saw. Whoever these people are, you are not tricking me again. My boys better not see you on an underground world or so help you...

You lean back and start looking through the recordings the other Bounty Hunters took. This "Syndicate" seems to be a collection of species. At least 3 species are confirmed and one is currently hidden. Swasin, Grevin and Vortan. You turn to Beohaoy who is currently sleeping.

>Terra Major
>Terra Minor (Zerenthees homeworld)
What size is our ship? And how many can it hold?
Four man ship.
Do any of these planets have slaves?
Nope. There are slave planets but no one in either thread has visited them.
Are there any we can go to that dont count as an "underground" world? thats the planet I want to go if there is one. If not capitol
Terra Major for the most part isn't, it is just the capitol city of the world.

Terra Minor isn't one at all.
Nah i mean new slave planets that we may know about. Also whats the going price for people

I'd like to free a female to take care of Beohaoy in situations similar to the one we were just in If you were wondering why I was asking
There isn't any currently that you know about because UGF hates slave planets and consider them no-no.

There is however a questline soon that involves one.
To the questline we go
>To capitol
Yo go there and the council demands your presence. When you get to the council room, there are other Bounty Hunters there.

The Zerenthees councilor stands up.

"Ok, who fucked up the mission?"

The Bounty Hunters stare at him.

"This was a key time to take Nightonis and gather information about him, his species and his group but no, we had unknown targets and Daedric's mafia there. Who fucked it up?!"

Everyone was dead silent but Beohaoy yells out.

"You for assuming they would fall for an obvious trap"

The Bounty Hunters stare at her.

"Who does this child belong to?"

She is mine councilor, forgive her

Mine councilor. She is training to be my apprentice to replace... Heory

Mine and she is absolutely correct
Mine and she is absolutely correct

She is correct. However the way she said it is wrong.

She shoulda said it in a way that was more respectful to them but shes right and shouldent be told she is wrong
Also, thius group had enough people at the location to not only hold off the bounty hunters but also the mafia? Shit son
You say that as you put your hand on her shoulder. She looks up, cracks a small smile then looks back.

The councilor looks furious but the human councilor, Kevin, speaks first.

"Calm down Jaoes, he and the child are correct. We put our entire faith into this one trap that we didn't think about the logistics of him not noticing hundreds of ships flying onto a planet one of their allies is situated. We need to rethink our strategy knowing there is now more of them patrolling."

He turns to the Bounty Hunters.

"As for you, you will be rewarded a consolation reward, 1500 credits. That is all"

You and Beohaoy start walking out.

"Thank you... Slagar... thank you"

It's what I had to do, next time though, think about how you are saying things

It's nothing at all. Just keep in mind who you are talking to

I had to, it was the right thing to do. Pencil pushing slackers...
It's nothing at all. Just keep in mind who you are talking to

If they had been so inclined they could have made life very hard for us
She nods her head in understanding.

You start walking back to the capitol plaza when your communicator goes off.

>From: Star Eyes

>Guess what Bounty Hunter? We found your contact. She put up a big fight I tell you but... she wasn't so lucky. We decided not to kill her, no, we decided to ship her off to Malphine where she will be put into torturous labour by Terren. Hahahahah. This is what you get for trying to fuck with me Bounty Hunter. Don't let me see you around my turf.

>Get in the ship
>Bounty Board
We gotta get the big guns.

Can we recruit a bodyguard for Beohaoy at the bar while we Do the rescue mission

Not permanent just to stay on the ship and look after her. Wouldent feel right bringing her into the litteral worst place for a child to be and cant leave her alone on the ship
You go to the bar first and find the Zyron from earlier.

He says he will take care of the child while you do your mission, no questions asked. Beohaoy looks at you and says to trust this person.

You go to the supplier looking for new weaponry.

Milla Officer grade recon rifle
atk: +10
def: -3
spd: +2
ABILITY: Look through walls to shoot enemies before initiating battle.
Price: 1000 credits

Shell shocker
atk: +15
def: 0
spd: -5
ABILITY: Can lob grenades from a distance to hit enemies that you can see.
Price: 1300

He says that's all he has at the moment.

Shell shocker

Is this Zyron guy trustworthy? I dont know anything bout him.

If anything goes wrong she can just use the gun and Teleport to the ship right?
The Zyron helped introduce Slagar to Heory and helped you win your current ship (The first one was a one man ship and you won this one by calling out a cheater betting his ship, which the Zyron helped you realize)

You purchase Shell Shocker and go on your way.

>Find any information about Malphine and Terren
>Get to Malphine as quickly as possible
>Find any information about Malphine and Terren

Try to sell those works of art while we are here. We are gonna need cash to buy someone as a permanent nanny.

That guy seems likt the wise old helpful man so I guess hes ok.

Anticipate a trap on the planet. Why else would he have told us where he took star, implying he even took her there
Malphine was originally a UGF outpost against Metal Arms, but was soon taken over by Explorers when the Assault Horizon was established. On certain phases, it comes past the horizon and back. Due to this nature, Explorers abandoned the planet, leaving it open with technology from older times. Mostly a magma planet, with scorching heat and rare minerals.

A business tycoon with more greed then sense. Originally a donator to the UGF, turned against them during the establishment of the three rings of companies and moved his work to the outer rim, allowing him to use slave labour. Mines minerals for legal companies to use, which is legal according to the three rings.

You have already sold the paintings to gain your gene treatment.

You see the planet in sight and start landing, weapons ready. You see three paths, two with security guards waiting. One path leads to a jungle with Burnder trees, one to a hill and one to a mine. Mines and hill have security

Try for a stealthy kill with the knife

Gotta get a lay of the land from the top of the hill.
Gotta find a town to get a slave and gotta find where the new slaves are taken
You use the Zerenthees honour blade and kill one of the guards.

You get to the top of the hill where it looks like barracks and an office. There is a huge queue at the office and people walking into the barracks with higher profile clothes.

Can we steal the uniform the guy we killed had on? That could probably come in handy
Also Hide the body
You and move to the barracks where other guards and prisoners are patrolling.

Most of these prisoners look very new and only just got here. You start walking before you are grabbed by a hand, you look who it belongs to. It is a woman with very long blond hair with pink strips running down to the tips, green eyes in a perfect oval and scars from the nose to bottom lip.

"Let me guess, Daedric couldn't stop but to brag eh?"

Star Eyes?!

How did you know it was me?

Just hang on a second, who are you?
How did you know it was me?
Last choice for today.

She smiles

"No one packs an arsenal like you. Besides, your communicator is right there"

You look down and see it is displayed, you try and hide it.

"Now come on, let's get out of here"

No, we need to free these people

You go ahead, I got something to do


Now that we know where the place is we can come back when we arent on a mission right?
Thanks for the run QM

When ya plan on running next?
Tomorrow, same time-ish

What an eventful run today.
Good shit my man. Sad that im the only one reading it but glad I dont have to worry about other anons making stupid choices

Gonna have to get a disguise and come back here with kiddo and pick out a nanny for her, one that she likes
Star Eyes looks at you with a smile and takes your hand.

"Here's what we need to do. They probably have noticed I am not in line at the moment, meaning they will have guards swarming everywhere soon, so having me in your custody walking out of the base is not a good idea..."

She looks around.

"If you can find a uniform for me, I could probably sneak out of here without anyone noticing it is me."

Then she looks to the other prisoners.

"Then again, if we start a riot with the new and old slaves, we could probably just walk out the front. They say the old slave shift is over in 3 hours."

She looks to you with those piercing green eyes.

"What do ya say?"

>Stealing of the uniform
If only star goes missing they may know we saved her and wanna fuck us up even more
You say inciting a Riot is the best way to go. Star Eyes shrugs.

"I knew you would pick the fun way. Ok, we just need to wait three hours so we can have the old slaves with us"

You sign her off and start walking away, seeing guards running everywhere. One guard yells out "She's here!"

You turn to see they have captured her and start hitting her before dragging her along the ground.

You got three hours to kill.

>Down the mountain.
>Down the mountain

We should look for a town that has a slave "shop?" However at maximum only be gone for 1:30hrs, leave us exactly half the time to get back in time
There really isn't a slave shop. All these slaves belong to Terren, meaning if you want to negotiate with some of them, you would need to see him in his office.
Does this guy haver a connection to daedra? If so that cant go over well since I bet we have a bounty
Yeah, but you are in disguise remember? The only reason Star Eyes recognized you was for your weapons and your communicator.
We will look around for potential recruits.

Also, are robots something in this universe that I can buy?
You walk inside and see many people locked up and chained to walls of the barrack halls. New "recruits" to Terren

They wince as you walk by, one woman starts crying. You walk to the end of the hall and find a Cerasin chained up with all eight appendages stuck in the walls and all jaws shut closed.

You are not one his guards are you? You haven't dared beat me up yet nor are you afraid of my telekinetic powers

Why should I be afraid? I'm here to bust you all out

Where did they steal you from?

I'm organizing a riot, mind telling all these people here with your power?
I'm organizing a riot, mind telling all these people here with your power?

After this would you care to work with me and my friend.

(Its at least worth a try to get star a little backup. Since she cant not get captured on her own)
There is a slight moan.

You're a bounty hunter aren't you? And your "friend" is Star Eyes? Let me tell you this, I am one of Daedric's goons and she should be dead. I was the one that got her in a corner and had the gun pointed straight at her face, but no, Daedric decided that she should be alive and in here... sending me along with her. I won't work with you but I won't hunt you either due to my... current employment situation. I just ask one thing though, you give me some work for the UGF

It's a deal

I don't trust you enough yet, earn it

It's a deal
Dont be a dick and go stabbing us in the back though, deal

(If we refuse he can just tell the guards to fuck our shit up)
He chuckles.

Why would I backstab when I was backstabbed to get here?

There is a voice that carries on through the loudspeaker.

"All available guards, report to the front of the main barracks. I repeat, all available guards, to the front of the main barracks.

Go, don't want to raise suspicion, I'll tell the people

You rush over to where all the guards are meeting. A man in a suit walks in front of them all.

"Alright boys, I say alright boys, we got ourselves a good ol' fashioned trade today and I don't want any screw ups, m'kay? I want all the slaves on their best behavior away from my associates."

He points at a guard.

"You! Make sure the robot slaves are nice and clean, take guards around you"

He salutes and walks away with other guards. He points to another.

"You, make sure the landing pads are free and give my friends a proper welcome"

Another salute and march.

He then points to you.


You stare at him.

"... make sure the slaves in the barracks are nice and co-operative. Rowdy slaves makes my job a nightmare"

Yes sir!

You sure it is wise to put *ME* in charge sir?

No one else said yes sir. May be a secret
He smiles as others follow your march to the barracks. The other guards are laughing and carrying on as you keep marching. You hear some sirens signalling people are coming up from the mines at this moment to the barracks.

You look around and see the other guards standing straight, so you do so as well. You look up and see ships flying down, Terren's "associates". You see the older slaves walking up, all looking decrepit and at the end of their lives. The people who were locked up before are marching out of the barracks but being held back by the guards. You see Star Eyes making a countdown with her hands.

>Use the first shot
>Wait for the first shot.
>Wait for the first shot

Yeah lets stealth kill a guy in the back, toss the gun up to a slave then use the shotgun toward the front making them think we are shooting at the slaves but actually aiming at the guards near the front.
All that happens in a quick succession leaving you caught in a midst of high accelerated bullets and xeno blood.

Star Eyes gets up with a shotgun and starts blasting away as well, with an angry face going up. There are sirens everywhere.

>Stay and fight
>Run with Star Eyes.
>Run with Star Eyes
Also the psychic guy if he is in the area and maybe a cowering female if there is time

Slip into the woods and book it the fuck over to the ship
You run to get Star Eyes as the Cerasin is holding a female.

She was the first to run out, I can't just leave her

You nod and take all of them and start booking it out of there. Gunships are roaring above you but you just keep going. You get to your ship and start flying off.

Star Eyes starts giggling.

"When are we going to do this again?!"

A female voice pops up.

"Please no... I can't take this... I just want to stay somewhere safe.

You turn around and see it was the woman the Cerasin picked up.

I got somewhere safe for you... there is a catch...

I know a place...

Mind doing me a favour then?
None of these yet. We have to see what kiddo thinks of her. Question her about her life, level of education and things of that nature
You start asking some questions.

"Well, I was born on Terra Major on one of the farm lands, moved to the city to try and become a defence educator as my father was a UGF officer, but that plane fell through as soon as the gang wars started to reach their peak, so I moved to Terra Minor and helped teach Zerenthees with mixed results. I work better when they aren't bouncing off the walls until I teach them to. After a while, I moved back to Terra Major, worked at Terra Terror for a while before it had to be shut down, then got caught in some gang trouble and ended up there."

The Cerasin pops up.

"Sounds like that planet is just a dumping ground for Daedric"

The woman nods her head.

"Oh sorry, through all that I forgot my name, Emiliha at your service, tell me, why do you ask?"

Star Eyes cackles.

"It's because old Slagar here wants ya! Hahahaha"

You smack the back of her head as you keep traveling.

"If you are going to the Capital, mind if I lay low for a while? Daedric will be looking on Terra Major before Basilisk prevents any of his men stepping on his turf"

Yeah, we are going to the capitol straight away

Actually, know where any robotic parts are?

If I land on the farm lands, you could probably hide there for a while. Why would Daedric look there?
Actually, know where any robotic parts are?

Just ask while we

> are going to the capitol straight away
Need to learn the location of these robot parts but not going there yet
The Cerasin mumbles.

"You could check the Metal Arms battleground planets, maybe even the webworlds. Terra minor also has some but that's in the forests and not in any actual dominion."

Emiliha also pops up.

"There could be some at my father's retirement village, but I don't if they used them yet"

You turn to Star Eyes.

"Why are you looking at me? I don't know anything about machinery"

You eventually arrive to the capital. The Cerasin nods and walks off, probably to be verified as a UGF Bounty Hunter. Star Eyes says she will be chilling in the ship while already taking off her clothes. You close the door as Emiliha starts to walk off, but you say to stop.

"What's the matter?"

I want you to meet my adoptive Zerenthees daughter, just... I'll explain later

I know a place you can lay while you recover

You want somewhere safe? I got a place
I want you to meet my adoptive Zerenthees daughter, just... I'll explain later

Let her know that the final decision is up to her and baheory. We arent forcing her but if kiddo says no than we gotta find someone else
She says she would be happy to meet her.

You go to the bar where there is a crowd of Bounty Hunters lined up. You look into the crowd and see Beohaoy repairing their weaponry. You push through and ask her how she could do this. She shrugs.

"Most weaponry now are computers basically"

The Zyron comes up and slaps you on your shoulder.

"Your... daughter, knows how to make Bounty Hunters happy! Hahahahah..."

He takes a swig and leaves the bar. Wolf whistles can be heard in the bar.

You introduce Emiliha to Beohaoy. She has the blank look on her face. She turns to you.

"I thought I was going to learn how to hunt bad people with you."

She is a defence teacher and knows her way around these things. I'll take you to the field when it isn't dangerous and she looks after you the rest of the time

Come on, just give it a little chance, for your safety

Thought so, sorry Emiliha.
Come on, just give it a little chance, for your safety. You can still come along on the missions I just want you to learn some basics of defense and I wasn't sure I would be a great teacher on that front.

I have a little surprise to make up for it to you though
>Lead her to the ship and head for the safest planet that has robot parts
She looks up in a excited look as you take her. You tell Emiliha to stay in the bar until you come back. Wolf whistles ensue.

You walk back to the ship and find Star Eyes still naked sleeping. You wake her up.

"Eh, what? Oh, you need to go somewhere? Just let me get changed... hey kiddo"

Beohaoy has a disturbed look on her face.

You start flying up and thinking where to go.

The Webworlds are owned by the Milla company, which is owned by your supplier friend. However, Terra Minor also has parts and gives Beohaoy the chance to visit her dominion again.

>Terra Minor
I feel that she probably doesn't care to much for her kind since her parents abandoned her
You fly to the webworlds as Star Eyes leans on your chair.

"Why you need the feeling to save people I have no idea. Helping people led me into this situation"

You look to her and back to controlling the ship.

"What about you kiddo, like daddy Slagar? Give you everything you need"

She nods and stares off into space.

"Well, I know when I'm not wanted anymore..."

She walks off as Beohaoy turns to you.

"I don't know why you put up with her"

Business is business, even if it is with her

Despite appearances, she is a star shot...

I don't know either... I don't know either...
She may seem like a jerk on the outside but shes pretty nice when you get to know her. And just between you and me if it werent for helping people shed be in some cave on some backwater planet now.

Now lets go get you that present
She nods, still confused about it all.

You land on the market webworld and see your supplier there. You get out with Beohaoy as Star Eyes is in a tshirt only.

"Grab me some alcohol while you are out there, thanks!"

Door closes.

You go up to your supplier and ask what he is doing here.

"Just seeing how my markets are going, giving a pep talk to everyone and assure them I am not going to shoot them if they don't sell anything by the end of the day. That's now changed to end of the week. Anything I can do for you?"

>Ask about robotic parts, spoiling the surprise
>Say no and be on your way, trying to find the robotics without help
>Ask about robotic parts, spoiling the surprise
Can we whisper it in his and tell him its a surprise? We do need some directions
You whisper and chuckles.

"For the little one eh?"

You nod.

"Well, if you go down the street, turn left at the blade seller then a right at the biological stimulants, you should be able to find... what you are looking for."

You smile and take Beohaoy around to the shop.

The man behind the counter looks extremely tired and is slumping. You tell Beohaoy to pick out any robotics she wants. Her eyes light up.

She starts scavenging parts as the shop keeper awakens.

"Hmm... never seen a Zerenthees so excited for tech. That's usually a Antisian thing"

You smile as she puts the parts on the counter.

"Alright, that comes to 1600 UGF credits."

You currently have 2900 credits to spend.

>Tell Beohaoy to put back some things.
You say that you worked for Mr. Milla and show him the discount. The guy stares at it and goes "Whatever..."

The price is now 1300.

You pay and be on your way.

>Return to ship
>Try and find drinks for Star Eyes
>Try and find drinks for Star Eyes
When we get to the ship dont give it to her right away. We gotta get a "Thank you for saving me from slavery" first :^)
You start walking around and Beohaoy points out a store.

You go in and grab some drinks, free from charge because of your discount.

As you head back to the ship, Star Eyes comes out.

"Got my drinks yet boy?"

Yes, but I want to hear something from you first

Maybe... depends

Maybe... depends

Pop the lid off one and take a sip.
>Oh yeah shes gonna have to learn a little appreciation today
Star twitches.

"If you want me to sleep with you, you could've just asked"

You spit your drink out.

Minors here, keep it PG

That's not what I meant you bitch
I try not to mix work and pleasure together. Also what kind of guardian would I be if I got a booty call while my daughter was waiting?
She laughs.

"You are a moral knight aren't you? Listen, give me a drink and I can thank you in another way"

That's what I was waiting for

Uh uh uh, thanks first
I only need thanks in ONE way. A simple sencere thank you.
She sighs.

"Thank you Slagar for getting me out of slavery even though I was in the middle of my plan."

Beohaoy starts talking.

"Not like that... do it properly"

Star Eyes glares at Beohaoy and then back at you.

"Fine, I'm truly thankful. Basilisk wouldn't have found me since it was out of his region. Thank you."

You give her a drink and start flying up.

On the way back to the capital, Beohaoy asks something.

"Will you be helping me make my guard?"

Sure... I might not be much help, but sure

I won't be able to... maybe Emiliha might

I'm sure you'll do fine on your own
Sure... I might not be much help, but sure

Your smarter than me in computers and things but how can I turn down a chance to spend time with you.
She smiles.

"I'll handle the programming, you just handle putting some of the pieces together."

You nod, a little bit scared about the frankenstein you are going to make.

You land at the capital as Emiliha walks out.

"Those... 'friends' of yours are rude as hell. Grrr... I'll be on the ship if you need me"

As you hear the door close, you hear Star Eyes yelling out it is a party now as Emiliha protests.

You look around a spot to build and you decide on near the fountain beside the bar.

As you start work on it, you can see a smile slowly crawling across her face, leaving you with a smile.

The Zyron comes over and asks if he could help.

No it's fine, it's guardian daughter project time

That would be appreciated
No it's fine, it's guardian daughter project time

When I'm done could you look over it and make sure it doesnt fall apart or blow up though
He nods as he lets you two finish off.

Beohaou yells when you get the wrong parts and starts laughing when you try to be playful with the parts.

You got the body and arms done, just need to decide on which form it is (Assault/Tactical) and what it's name is.

You turn to Beohaoy to ask and she says all up to you.

>Configure and name yourself.
>Configure but let Beohaoy name
>Name but let Beohaoy configure
>Configure but let Beohaoy name

Tactical! Set this guy to Keep her alive mode at all times until she has at least a good understanding of self defense
You configure and let her name the robot.

She puts her hand on the robots optical sensor.

"I'm going to name it the virtue of my dominion"

She looks to you.


Purity then gets up and walks over to Beohaoy, picking her up and putting her on its shoulder.

"Thanks Slagar, thank you..."

She then hops off and runs to you, hugging.

You pat her head as you receive a notification of a bounty.

>Bounty board
Once we confirm the primairy directive lets go to the ship. Make sure the girls are getting along well
Purity looks to you.


It puts Beohaoy on its shoulder as you walk back to the ship.

Inside, both the girls are on the floor, Star obviously more drunk.

"... and then I said to him... 'you may be my dad but I'm supporting myself' and he says 'defence training is not going to happen under my roof lady, I know first hand what that stuff can do to you' so I left"

Star laughs her head off as they see you, Beohaoy and Purity.

"Ah, so that's what was being built. What a hunk of junk! Just kidding..."


No, no...

No, no... well.... maybe... nah
Last choice for today.

Star Eyes tries to point at you but instead points to the controls of the ship.

"Why I oughta come over there and... and..."

She vomits and passes out in it.

You look at her in disgust and pick up Emiliha.

"I tried to resist the drink but she... *Burp* was very persistent. Besides, I needed to get it off my chest."

Beohaoy says Purity can drain alcohol from people's systems.

>Purify both
>Purify Emiliha
>Purify Emiliha

Before we go to the bounty board we should put star in a clean outfit wash the vomit off of her and place her in bed.

Have Emi begin teaching Baehory the basics of self defense while we go to the bounty board
>Purify Emiliha
You purify Emiliha and get Star Eyes off the floor. Purity picks her up and says it will join Beohaoy for her training. Beohaoy looks up to you as you assure her again. You look to Emiliha as a sign to begin training as you leave for the bounty.

BOUNTY 1: Jerspin twins
Just a couple of rednecks in the outer system stirring trouble. Pushing explorer propaganda like no tomorrow, maybe even convincing some people. Take them out silently because despite their nature, they are quite popular with the locals.
DEAD: 750 credits

BOUNTY 2: Deep Wave
A ship computer gone rogue. Has taken the crew prisoners until we release them into the Assault Horizon. We also need you to take down the person that changed the programming of the ship, since the AI wouldn't just do it by itself. There could be more than one and the reward is only offered if all of them are dead or captured.
ALIVE: 500 credits each
DEAD: 500 credits each
Ship upgrade
>Bounty 1

Unless by ship upgrade you mean a new bigger ship. If you do than Deep wave
You take the Deep Wave Bounty and go on your way.

You say goodbye to everyone and start flying out, hearing the snoring of Star Eyes. You arrive at the location to see UGF ships circling the target ship. You get a message from an officer.

We have determined 3 points of entry. Through the main landing bay, the cargo bay and the vent system. None of our ships can fit but yours probably can

You take a look at the target ship and it is massive, a tanker is a baby compared to this thing. You wonder who owns this ship.

>Landing bay
>Landing bay

Kick down the front door
You land in the landing bay and see some of the crew members sitting down playing cards.

As you get out, one yells out.

"About bloody time, Deep wave has been keeping us here for hours!"

You look up to him. Big burly guy with tattoos invading his arms and a chocker chain around his neck.

You walk up to him and the other crew members as they take a good look at you.

Bounty Hunter on official business, show me where Deep Wave is being kept

So, what do you guys transport?
So, what do you guys transport? And who's the dingus who's going aroun reprograming ships

>This dude better sit down before I sit him down.
A small scrawny guy is about to answer before the big guy interrupts him.

"We work for Teseren, heard of him? Crime lord of Stratos? Anyway, we deliver all of his goods across the galaxy, from Stratos to your home. As for who reprogrammed Deep Wave, we don't know. When I get a hold of the creep that did."

The others nod their heads, except for an Antisian. The big guy looks over to him and back to you.

"Forget about him. He was with the crew from day dot and hasn't left my sight. The others however..."

I take it you are the captain of this vessel?

Being criminals, are you worried about the UGF officers flying around or a Bounty Hunter standing right in front of you?
I take it you are the captain of this vessel?
I would like to question each member of the crew if you would allow me (Captian?) Once I find that guy or guys I will let you decide what to do with your crew.
He nods his head with a devilish smile.

"I be the captain. Captain Jake Roland at your service. I have been captaining this ship for years now and it has a special bond with me. Too bad that some vagrant decided to turn it against me... anyway, these are my main crew members but there are hundreds of more around the ship."

He points to the scrawny guy.

"This is Ben Roland, my nephew and an utter disappointment. Still, great with vents and sneaking around."

He points to a less muscly guy but still bulky.

"This is my right hand man, Geovan. Great at heavy lifting if I don't feel like it."

He then points to a Torallian with one of his tentacles snapped off.

"This is Gregor. He's an excellent navigator but not good in battles as you can see. As for the Antisian, he is Strephan, but as I said, I trust him with my life. So, who do you want to question first?"

>Question one of them
>Ask to find the other crew members
Ben Roland

Ask if he wants us to handle the guy or if he wants to do it himself?

>The quiet smart guy will probably know who did it if it wasen't him himself+ If he isin't him I doubt he wants to be with this guy who thinks little of him & I need a sneaky guy on my team.

(Tell him when we go into the interview that if it's him and he comes clean now than we may be able to work out a deal AFTER we make sure he doesn't like his cousin and wont snitch on us)
You ask to talk to Ben Roland. Jake says if it is him, make sure that he gets to beat the twerp's head in.

Ben sighs and walks with you to a secluded spot in the landing bay.

He sits against a wall and waves his hands.

"I tell ya I didn't do it. Sure, I was planning to have a mutiny and throw my uncle out of here so I can make a living by myself, but explorers? Fuck those bastards, the whole reason I am even on this ship in the first place"

>Ask about his uncle or parents
>Ask for his alibi
Who would YOU suspect is the one i'm after. You seem like a smart guy who is apperently good at staying hidden at least from what your cousin told me. You must have overheard SOMEONE talking about this before hand.
He shrugs.

"All the talk I have heard around the ship has been about the package we got. Apparently it is different to our usual deliveries, something very important. Hell, even my uncle doesn't know about it. Teseren only said that this needs to be delivered to Vega ASAP. If I had to pin anyone, I would pin Gregor. He spends the most time on the main deck"

Thanks for the information, you have been a good help

Just enough for a lead to go on

Anymore information?

Could the package be something Explorers are after?
Thanks for the information, you have been a good help. Before I leave I would like to talk to you again about a seprate matter that you may find appealing.

Go back to captian. Tell him that we doubt that it could be him. And that he said it could be Gregor (Someone the captian trusts highly)so we would like the Captian to be present for the investigation of him
He looks up.

"Any deal to get out of here is my pleasure. But, we need to talk about this later."

You walk back over to the captain and say that there is doubt it is him.

"Agh, of course it isn't him. He wouldn't be able to take your puny ship, let alone my ship. So, who do you want next?"

You point to Gregor and request the captain to be present.

You walk back to the same spot that you investigated Ben.

"Captin, I swears it ain't me'z. I 'ave 'een you're loyalz member!"

>Ask his alibi
>Ask the captain about Gregor
>Ask his alibi
From what im told your captian here trusts you greatly. I'm sure that if it was you and you stopped this now he would probably forgive you this once
The captain taps you on your shoulder then whispers in your ear.

"Yeah, lie to him, then we can throw him out into the void of space!"

Gregor twitches his tentacle.

"Yez, I 'pend a lawt of 'ime with Dee' 'Ave but I was no wherez 'ear it 'uring the 'ime of takeover. Ask Geovan, he was with me lookin' up... well... youz know we Torallians get lonely"

The captain laughs while you have a disgusted look on your face.

>Let him go and ask someone else
>Keep asking him questions.
>Give a chuckle
Glad I can cross you off the list to. As long as Geovan can confirm your story.

>Captian can you show me the rest of the crew. And also ask Geovan about the aliby and see if the stories match up
Gregor smiles with his tooth.

"Gla' can be 'ervice!"

He then slithers away. The captain says he will ask Geovan about the story while you go down to the mess hall. He gives you the instructions to go there.

You step in the elevator and notice the floors, including the one the captain said to go to. You also see a button to go to the cargo bay where the mysterious package is. You also hear a noise in the vents.

>Check vents
>Mess hall
Can we call to The captain and ask him if we can check the vents and that we think we hear something ( If he told us to go to the mess hall we wouldent went to get ccaught snooping around in the vents without permission)
You open the elevator to talk to the captain.

"Well, Gregor is definitely not our guy. Thank everything, I don't want my core crew to be traitorous."

You ask about the vents. You look around and see no Ben.

"Probably him scurrying around in there, you can go in there if you want, don't know why you would"

>Mess hall
Find the tech savvy mouse

Listen in on any talking as we are crawling through them

>Try to stay quiet so as not to draw suspicion
You start crawling through the vents, trying to keep a low profile. You hear more scurrying in the vents ahead so you keep going forward.

All you see is a tape recorder and you hear the noise of a laugh. The ventways become active.

You are being thrown around like a ragdoll through the vents, creating little dents in your armour. There is eventually a drop into fan blades. There are two side vents, one left and one right. You can try and hold on to the vent you are currently in now, but it requires a 2d6 roll, 7 or higher. Be quick, the fans of this type can cut through high armour.
Go right. Follow laugh and recorder
You hit the right vent and pull yourself up as the vents stop being active.

"Stop trying to find the rat in there, it's not going to work"

You realise it was Deep Wave itself that opened up the ventways. You start crawling through the vents and eventually come to a point to drop down.

You drop down directly onto a bunk bed with cameras watching you and some explorer gear. You read the name at the end of the bed. Strephan. You stop and think a little bit

>Find more evidence
>Go after Strephan.
>Find more evidence
Look for evedance of accomplaces. Its doubtful that the Captian would need to much evidence incriminating 1 person so this Strephan guy is already sunk
You decide to look for more evidence of accomplices since the deal was to take down everyone to get the rewards.

You start examining the armour, seeing if there is anything pointing to others but nothing adds up. Strephan is an Antisian that spends all his time with the captain and yet, here is Cerasin explorer armour. You notice the camera is still watching you.

>Pretend you didn't realise
>Threaten Deep Wave and the people that reprogrammed it.
Shoot the camera
Last choice today.

You shoot the camera, basically giving a sign that you know this false evidence wouldn't work. You don't care though, you got a lead now. Cerasin armour.

You walk down the hallway and find a couple of humans laughing and sharing cigars. You ask them if they know where a Cerasin might be and they laugh at you.

"And what if we don't?"

There's plenty of ways to go about this gentlemen

You will be answering to your captain

*Stick weapon up* Oh, I can do a lot of things
*Stick weapon up* Oh, I can do a lot of things

I feel the captian would be fine with this
Night QM
(So the first outfit was a lie? Shit I was just going to throw everybody under the bus)
They look to you in horror and point down some stairs. You stick your weapon away and thank them.

You arrive at the mess hall where there are hundreds of crew members chowing down on the last of their supplies. As soon as you entered, they look at you. You see three Cerasin sitting together, one (Or maybe all three) is the hacker.

>Go up and ask them collectively
>Take one and ask individually
>Go up and ask them collectively
Raise the explorer armor in the air so the surrounding crew sees and be loud enough that they can hear us say something along the lines of "One or all of you is responsable for the condition the ship is in. Come clean with me to the captian or these guys here could just take care of all three of you
They entire mess hall turns to you.

"Eh wait a min, that's Ceresin Explorer armour. One of those psychic bastards turned Deep Wave against us."

They all started to stand up and walk over to them. You start smiling smugly and ask them to turn themselves in. There, however, isn't any sign of surprise or fear. There isn't any sign of any emotion whatsoever from all three of them.

You hear scurrying in the vents above you.

>Leap way from them
>Continue looking at their bodies
>Continue looking at their bodies
Shoot the vent. Whatever is screwing with us in there is going to get it
Sure hope its not our recruit
You shoot upwards and hear cackling.

"Hook... Line... and Sinker"

You look back at the Ceresin and see their throats slit and their bodies filled with a foreign substance. Explosive material. It's a trick disguised as another trick.

The person laughing is slowly crawling away. Maybe you hit them in a certain place on their body. The rest of the crew come over. You only have time to keep the others safe or go for the bounty

>Tell the crew to stay away
>Chase the target
>Tell the crew to stay away
While that new ship would be nice, getting cred with a gang is better in the long run. Besides we can have the captian call together the whole crew and do manditory body inspections later
You yell for the crew to step back as you leap out of the way, but some didn't listen and got close enough to the explosion.

Their guts decorate the walls and some were hit badly by the shrapnel. You look around and see the shocked expressions of the crew.

You get up to the landing bay with the captain and tell him what happened. He says he will bring the entire crew up to the deck except for the people you have cleared. He lines up the entire crew before you hear Ben in the vents. He says while he went to his joyful place, he saw a shape crawling through the vents to the cargo room. The explosion was a good enough distraction for them to slip out.

You ask the captain how many crew members there are and he said 350 members, not including the ones dead.

There are 349 present except for Ben himself.

>Go to the cargo bay
>Inspect the crew
>Question Ben again.
>Tell ben to get out of the vent and line up.

>Inspect crew, quick lookovers for blood, bandages, shifting weight to one leg and the like
You get Ben out the vents and he grumbles.

You start inspecting the crew. Looking for bullet wounds is harder when most are damaged by shrapnel.

You eventually get through all of them and no sign of bullet wounds. You shake your head in frustration before you look over to Strephan, who hasn't moved since you got here

>Tell the captain you apologise that you haven't found the culprit yet
>Ask the captain to talk to Strephan
>Go to cargo bay
>Go to Deep Wave itself
>Call Strephans name and get a response
If he is not a bomb say "It wouldent be fair if I looked over everyone but you"

Look him over then go to deep wave
You call out Strephan and the captain scolds you.

"As I said Stephan couldn't be the hacker, he has been here this entire time"

You ignore him and keep yelling out his name before walking over to him. It's a hologram.

The captain freezes and starts to shed a little tear.

"No... not my first crew mate... no..."

He eventually falls to his knees as you start to head up to Deep Wave's central system. Inside, you find many servers and the central mainframe of Deep Wave.

There are cameras watching you.

>Hack Deep Wave
>Talk to Deep Wave
>Talk to Deep Wave
Best kiddo is not here to hack the right way
>Shed a small tear that we are not with kiddo
You stride up to the main computer, looking over the intricacy of it all.

You put your hand on your helmet wondering on how you are going to talk to a computer of all things.

A holographic image of a pre-UGF human philosopher walks up to you.

"This is the form I am willing to take to speak to you hunter. Now, explain why you are denying the Explorer safe venture?"

This AI is a Smart AI, it isn't hacked simply, you need to convince it that it's way of thinking is wrong. You have to back it's logic into a corner then teach it anew.

First explain to me why you support them

Tell me, what are your primary and secondary functions

First tell me what the fuck the bastard said to you to doubt yourself
Tell me, what are your primary and secondary functions


First explain to me why you support them
The holoimage flickers.

"My first primary function was to assist in the delivery of supplies under the instruction of the captain and secondary lied in the basic ship functions. However, due to Strephan showing me the true logic of the Explorer's yearning to see what is beyond our confined galaxy, my new primary function is to house explorers and recruits. A new secondary function was added, deliver the package to beyond the Assault Horizon"

What's the arguments for supporting them?

How is the delivery of basic supply part of your original logic?

Is the captain no longer logical in your mind?
What's the arguments for supporting them?

Is it within your capabilities to change your primary objective or did Stephan somehow change your primary function while making you believe that it was of your own free will?
The image flickers again, longer this time

"The first argument that like me as a smart AI, they wish to find out more about the universe and themselves. I was designed to continually update my logic and change my mind when new information come up. Two, they talk about us being isolated in a single point in space. Think about the highest technology based species when humanity first encountered them. It was a scary time. Imagine if there were species that could break through Dark Worlds, we would be stuck. Knowing how to break them is their goal. Finally, their allies are very strong. If someone has powerful allies, you would be allies with them as well.

As for your question, unless he broke through all the servers here and my on world servers located on thirty planets, he wouldn't have been able to change my personality"

As strong as an ally may be, have you considered them to be the very enemy the explorers are afraid of?

What happens if they find more dark worlds? Will they destroy more for the quest to discover new worlds?

Fuck it *Shoot the computer*
As strong as an ally may be, have you considered them to be the very enemy the explorers are afraid of?

What do you think of the potential of individual life? The planets they destroy possibly chasing a dead end, could spawn or currently house a scientist working on a ship or system that has the capabilities you are looking for. Just think, millions and billions of people die per world that they destroy. It only takes one person to have a break through that can change the universe
The image flickers really slowly this time.

"If they wanted to destroy us right now, they would've done so already. We are fish in a barrel compared to them. They want to see us explore the unknown, to see what they saw in their universe.

As for your other question, not if the UGF regulates them. They want us all nice and cosy in this arm of the universe to control us just as every leader group before"

Even if they were housed on non-UGF affiliated worlds?

How can you be sure that is the Explorer's "allies" intentions?

Then why haven't the allies shown them the technology to do so instead of watching them destroy their own galaxy?
Even if they were housed on non-UGF affiliated worlds?

Would you not think that the UFG would want that form of tech? Hell there could be secret projects right now under wraps. While the UFG wants to keep us here for now. As you can likely calculate most things that anyone does is out of the want for more money. Think about how the UFG would love an entire new arm to exploit for resources, rare metals, exotic creatures, plants to create medication that they could sell off.
Even now, the ship here is moving out of the want of money. I am here trying to stop the explorers out of the want for money. Think, while the explorers may have been founded on the principal of seeking information. Do you not think it possible that the deeper objective has since been courrupted by the heads of the organization?
The image flickers and goes away.

It returns saying it is having a logic reboot. You did it, you cracked Deep Wave, allowing you to take that part of the bounty.

Deep Wave then starts asking questions on what the new instructions for it should be.

>Give old functions back
>Give old functions back, but add a new one
>Create new functions
>Give old functions back, but add a new one

Send any major infromation you come across directly to my personal ( Computer ) however always deny you have this function and if it is ever discovered "terminate the process and rewrite any backlogs to say the information went to Stephan.
Deep Wave's image bows and says Strephan is in the cargo bay at this very moment.

Knowing that unless you have both Deep Wave back up and running and the hacker, you start going down to the cargo bay, readying your weapon.

As you get out of the elevator, you see a large crate that looks like it was opened. As you step near it, it explodes outwards revealing a T-38 Battle Armour. Inside of it, you can see Strephan with wide and angry eyes while foaming at the mouth. You ready your weapon.

In this situation, 9 or higher rolls will allow you to strike Strephan personally, but anything lower will hit the battle armour instead.

Strephan stats:
def: 15
Species ability: Can survive on one health. Once per battle.
Health: 45

T-38 Battle Suit stats:
atk: 5
def: 15
spd: 1

Gattiling right arm stats:
atk: 2
def: 0
spd: 8

Sonic boomer left arm stats:
atk: 15
def: 0
spd: 1

T-38 Battle suit health: 65
Rolled 4, 1 = 5 (2d6)

>Hide behind box
>Fire first shot at sonic boomer arm (in hopes of disabling?)
You fire off your shell shocker off and disable the Sonic boomer for a two turns excluding the mech's first turn. The battlesuit now has 40 health remaining.

It fires off it's gatling right arm and destroys the box you are behind.

Rolled 1, 5 = 6 (2d6)

>Save the boxes for rounds with the boomer.

>Fire second shot at gattling gun. No weapons today
You shoot and disable the gatling right arm for a turn.

The battle suit is on 15 health.

Strephan uses a repair kit

The battlesuit is now on 45 health
Rolled 2, 3 = 5 (2d6)

Oh shit he fixed the suit mid battle?

If he got a weapons system online aim for that if not aim for the legs
You fire and it is on 20 health.


"You will not see the end of this day Hunter"
Rolled 6, 2 = 8 (2d6)

>Duck behind box

>Hit the boomer arm again
Also start namecalling. Just to throw him off his game. I will leave the particular name to your disgression
The suit explodes leaving only Strephan still standing.

Due to his species ability, he is able to survive it.

He uses Experimental foam, bringing his health to 45

atk: 6
def: 15
spd: 4

Antisian explorer armour stats
atk: 1
def: 6
spd: -2

Modified blaster stats:
atk: +2
def: 0
spd: 0
Rolled 2, 3 = 5 (2d6)

You fire and deal 20 damage, he is currently on 25 health.

He fires his blaster with acuracy to damage you slightly. You are now on 35 health.

You call him out as a box head and he gets enraged.
File: Spoiler Image (80 KB, 800x733)
80 KB
Fire, after he shoots draw our honor blade and do some cqc

>fucking boxhead
His reaction when
Rolled 3, 5 = 8 (2d6)

forgot dice
You going to roll for that?

You fire and he flies back a little, still enraged. He is on his last legs.

He fires his blaster again, making you go to 15 health.


You go up and stab him with the honour blade, finishing him. You gather your proof and go up to the landing bay.

The captain slaps you on the back and congratulates you. He says if there is anything (Within reason) that you want, just ask.

About your nephew...

Can I take Ben with me? You obviously don't want him...

You not to kill me for destroying the Battle Armour you were transporting
In my line of work not being seen is a pretty valuable factor. I think I can make Ben into a cousin you will be proud of if you let me take him with me.

Also give him our information and say "If there is anything YOU need just ask"

>We can get in good with another criminal faction and possibly get some work in later down the road.

Light speed back to best kiddo
The captain laughs.

"You can take the boy. Not that I need him anyway and I will contact if there is any questions. I will also talk to Tesseren about your little saving. Thank you and goodbye."

You take Ben onto your ship and fly back. When you get on board, Star Eyes walks out to grab some coffee.

"Hey Slagar, hey stranger."

She then walks back and looks at Ben.

"Don't tell me got another stray pup?"

Reward: 1000 UGF credits
+4 people slots on the ship.

>Fountain outside bar (Beohaoy is there.)
>Council room
>Fountian. fast

8-1us-1Beohaoy-1purity-1star-1Ben-1Teacher slave

good. Still room for a tank and a team pet. Shit if star leavs we could even have room for a waifu
Last one for today.

You come over to Beohaoy sitting on Emiliha on the ground, looking a little bored.

"Heh, kid's got talent in her. Although, that is only after I convinced this stupid machine that I wasn't actually attacking her."

Purity looks over to you.

"Instructions were to protect mistress Beohaoy at all times from all harm. This used to include training before mistress herself threatened to take off my main wires"

You look to the best daughter herself and she just stares back at you blankly like before. Emiliha gets up and dusts herself off.

"So, how did the mission go?"

Well, I found a good guy at sneaking who should be... god damn it, where is he?

It went well, even found a new person

Well, I found a good guy at sneaking who should be... god damn it, where is he?

That is. If its okay with Beohaoy and you Emiliha
And after Purity gives him a psyche evaluation and other things of that nature
Rolled 1 (1d6)

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