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“This is GNN radio station, proudly being a thorn in the government’s ass for nearly 17 years in a row! And boy... BOY OH BOY do we have a whopper of a news story for you this time kiddies! Versino! You know that bright and shiny city? Headquarters of the bright and shiny Heptagram research, stuffed full of the bright young minds of tomorrow in what was heralded as ‘the city of the future’? Well kids, odds are that you’ll need to find another university soon! Remember that ongoing story I mentioned nearly a week ago? The one that implemented a ‘media blockade’ so fast that it may’ve well been the fucking Roadrunner passing the bill? We’ve got information out of that notoriously mute city, and its not good. Heptagram? It's gone, dead, infinito, history! Whatever happened at the labs there, and let's face it everyone who has half a BRAIN would’ve known the seriously unethical shit going down there, has apparently caused ‘significant damage to the campus complex’. But don’t worry! Your boys in the good ol’ blue have the entire situation under control... so that’s why they moved in a military force that’s capable of demolishing a small country into a single city. Right... Control...”

“Osvald would you please turn that thing off. We’re here to relax not make ourselves even more depressed.” you yell outside the changing room.

“Apologies, I was seeing if I could receive incoming radio signals.” Osvald says as he turns off the radio.

“I’m still lucky that my old swimsuits fit me.” you reply as you step out of the changing room wearing your white bikini that matches your skin colour almost perfectly, various pieces of your armour left inside of it. “Are you certain that you rather be looking at my armour rather than taking your chance at swimming?”

“I thank you for your concern, but that is unnecessary. I require no such thing. Our continued survival is more important, and having access to the necessary tools needed to perform various maintenance on your armour after such extended use means that I cannot possibly pass up such an opportunity.” Osvald says walking into the changing room after you, picking up your armour pieces.

“And you’re absolutely certain it's safe here?” you ask Osvald. Understandably you feel a bit nervous without the armour and the protection it normally affords.
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“Positive. The windows are mirrored from the outside so there is no way to view inside. The limo we rode in on had no signals incoming or outgoing of any kind, and I fed dummy programming to the basement parking security cameras.” Osvald says as he grabs a handful of your armour pieces, carrying them over to a table full of heavy duty power tools with pieces of Father Marcellius’s armour laying on the table as well.

You give a small sigh as you nod. “Right then.”

“I understand your concern Hibiki. Young woman often place a high emphasis on their own physical appearance and attractiveness. It is highly unlikely that people will be deterred by your augmentations as they are considered more socially acceptable, and far more likely that people will look at you and see the undesirable traits of things below average in categories such as bust size, height, and hip to waist ratio.”

- “...Thanks for your support Osvald.” Osvald offers praise in his own unique way.

- “So what if my sister drew the bigger straw for genetics! I’m still an Olympic athlete!” Get mad

- Other

Oh fuckbaskets, its supposed to be Mission 8... Oh well.

>What is this quest?

Alchemical Blade Prequel Quest, a quest set in the Modern version of Creation from the Exalted setting, focusing on how the robotic Alchemical Exalted came to be within the setting. If you love hints of Cyberpunk and high action quests, then you may enjoy this quest.

>Who are we?

The quest is mainly going to be played out in flashbacks, in which during the flashbacks we take control of the Moonsilver caste Alchemical Exalted Junpaku Hibiki, while in the current time you play as “Anonymous”. The game will take place within the city of Versino within the central continent of Creation Meruvia. Labelled as a dangerous and murderous science experiment gone rogue, you need to evade forces of the mightiest army within Creation sprinkled with the powerful Elemental supersoldiers known as the Dragonblooded, trying to find out who is responsible for what you’ve become and how to escape their clutches once and for all.

>Alchemical? Moonsilver? I don’t know anything about Exalted, much less Modern Exalted...

I’ve made this quest to be as friendly to newbies as possible, and I also see it as an introductory guide to the World of Modern Exalted. You can google “1d4chan Exalted” for information on the general vanilla setting, but what I’ll be using is the Modern Version of Exalted as shown in “Shards of the Exalted Dream” book, in where its Alchemicals are quite different than those of Vanilla Exalted. Feel free to ask any question about Exalted in the thread and I will do my best to answer it.




Dicepool system. When performing an action, everyone rolls a number of d10’s based on what the action is (I will list the pools for most actions, but if you want to have a roll for an action, ask and I’ll make the dicepool for it). The first roll is the one that’ll be used, but if someone makes another roll for a different action and more people vote for that, I’ll be using that one instead.

>This seems hella complicated, is there any way you can boil things down for me?



Favored Attributes cost 4 XP per dot to increase (Underlined on stat sheet when released) while non-favored ones cost 5 XP. Abilities themselves cost 3 XP per dot to increase naturally. All charms cost 6 XP per purchase with Dedicated slots costing 4 XP each and General ones costing 6 XP each. At the end of every “mission” (In game objectives set by either me or some goal the audience desires) you will be presented with a possible acquisition list of charms. Experience can also be gained by developing the character, learning about the world, or just in general things people find interesting.


>- “...Thanks for your support Osvald.” Osvald offers praise in his own unique way.

“...Thanks for your support Osvald.” you give a small sigh as you walk out of the changing room towards the pool itself.

As you step out towards the indoor pool, you can see that Alistor Towers didn’t skimp on the swimming pool either, with virtually the entire floor itself being occupied by the massive pool that is surrounded by a few of the city on all sides of the glass windows. A large array of suntanning beds can be seen facing the glass windows, with both Dexter in her female form and Mochire laying in front of the reflective glass surface itself. Father Mercellius himself appears to be talking to Wendy, standing in the shallow end while Wendy herself holds a tropical drink in her hand and straw hat on her head.

“...Oh my god Hibiki!? You’re going skinnydipping!?” Jessie Alistor, Marina’s friend and daughter of a billionaire, says running up to you wearing a pink and frilly one piece.

You give a small sigh as you rub your forehead. “No... The swimsuit is the same colour as my skin and it was the only one I packed before coming here.”

“Oh... well sorry about that!” she says with the same joyous look on her face. “I had Marina’s swimsuit from the last time she was here, but you were wwwaaayyy too small fo-”

“Yes, I didn’t fit it.” you reply to Jessie, feeling your pride take another arrow to the knee. “...By the way, where is Marina?”

Dao Juan, another one of Marina’s friends with a similar build as you and daughter of high ranking Tengese nobility, walks up to the conversation, wearing a one piece with a stylish snake-like dragon on it. “She’s down there. Ludmila is timing her.”

As you look towards the deep end of the pool, you can see the last of Marina’s friends, Ludmila Kuznetsov, slowly kicking her feet in the water of the pool while holding a waterproof stopwatch. With your new eyes, you can zoom in to see that the blur matches Marina’s own siloette underwater.

“You know she can stay down there indefinitely right?” you tell Juan. “One of my colleges told me that we don’t need to breathe.”
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153 KB PNG

“She’s been down there for five minutes already, but I figured. I just want to see Ludmila upset over this.” Juan replies.

“...You know you two really do look alike!” Jessie says looking at you and Juan. “I kinda wish I was asian too as I could be small and cute fo-”

Jessie immediately stops talking when you and Juan stare at her, your combined furies showing the unrelenting rage of the West setting sun as it refuses to go quietly into the night.

“I’ll... I’ll do some doggie paddles over here...” Jessie says slowly backing away from the two of you.

Conversation time!

- Talk to Wendy + Father Marcellius (“Father is laughing and Wendy isn’t scowling, what’s the occasion?”)

- Talk to Dexter (“Why is the only thing obvious on you blue skin and hair when I've got something like synthetic muscle coming out of my skin?")

- Talk to Mochire (“Why aren’t you coming to swim with us?”)

- Talk to Marina (“Marina, you know that you don’t need to breath anymore right?”)
>- Talk to Mochire (“Why aren’t you coming to swim with us?”)
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Wondering what exactly Mochire is doing out of the water, you walk on over to his suntan bed. “Hey Mochire.”

“Yo Ninjagirl.” He says as he sips a tropical drink next to him, gunglasses on his face.

“Why aren’t you heading over to the swimming pool yourself?” you ask.

“Mochire can’t swim~.” Dexter says with a smug look on her face.

Mochire tilts his glasses down to look at Dexter for a second before flipping back up and leaning back. “I could swim circles around you, however I’m not properly outfitted to go into the water.”

“Properly outfitted? What do you mean by that?” you ask.

Dexter puts down his drink, raising up his arm towards you lazily. Purple energy lines can be seen to flux on it before cables running through his arm start to glow neon purple and blue, cracks of electricity arcing off his arm as a purplish blue mist floats in the air. “Tell me dear, what happens when you throw a toaster into a bathtub?”

“So you’re saying your electronics are exposed and will roast the entire pool?” you ask.

“Oh no my body is fine, it's just a result of the sorcerous pact I made with the God of the Northern lights.” Dexter says as he picks his drink back up. “I can control it, but with the same effort it takes to hold back a really bad dump. It's not something I enjoy doing. Besides, half the fun of going to the pool is oogling those you’re attracted to, and Father Marcellius is both too old and more like a father to me, while Dexter is content to just try and troll me.”

“Oh, but I bet Hibiki herself is glad to be getting an eyefull~.” Dexter says as she rolls over on her side, the purple string bikini she herself is wearing little to the imagination, tempting words coming out of her plush lips and proper curves along every part of her body.

Saying you didn’t zoom on her in that instant would be a lie, as it's simply beyond the capabilities of your willpower. “I still find it creepy that you’re originally a guy.”

“Preach it.” Mochire says holding up a hand which you high five.

“Doesn’t cover up the blush in your cheeks~.” Dexter says with a smile on her face.

Time for a very quick change in discussion.

- “A while ago you seemed to mention someone, Peligals? Who are those supposed to be?”

- “You seemed to know something about that Alchemical I encountered back down at the docks, Neptune. What do you know of her?”

- “Is there any advice you can give me for encountering Doctor Ledeel’s elementals in the field again?”

- (To Dexter) "Stop showing off, those aren't real."

- Other
>- “A while ago you seemed to mention someone, Peligals? Who are those supposed to be?”

>- “You seemed to know something about that Alchemical I encountered back down at the docks, Neptune. What do you know of her?”

>- “Is there any advice you can give me for encountering Doctor Ledeel’s elementals in the field again?”

“A while ago you seemed to mention someone, Peligals? Who are those supposed to be?” you ask.

“Peligals? When was... Oh yea right. After you fought that Neptune girl.” Mochire says sipping his drink before putting it back down. “Peligals are the people who live under the Western ocean. Poor buggers are usually on the end of whatever stick swung intentionally or not. They’re usually peace faring but pollution and global warming have done a number on their homes as of late, so the only people who really support them are the Western court, Storm Mothers, or whatever strong elemental happens to be in the area. Think of Haltans, only 10 times more pathetic and undesirable since no one ever wants them due to their obvious mutations.”

“You seemed to know Neptune down at the docks.” you reply.

“Yea that’s one of the ‘terrorist groups’ you guys so often rag on about. See each of the elemental courts have their own... elite warrior squads as it were. They take the most loyal and dedicated people, bestow them great power and often a unique martial art for that direction, before shipping them out once again. Unlike what the news tells you they’re not just for attacking oil fields or sinking ships in the name of environmentalism, that’s just the side job for younger members or something fun more experienced ones do on their breaks. Most often we fight against the horrors of the Wyld, preventing such things from getting into Creation and your own army.” Mochire replies.

“She’s already going to have a sour opinion of me before I even try to talk to her huh...” you mutter to yourself.

Mochire snorts as he sips his drink. “That’s an understatement. Quite likely she was raised to believe you’re part of the very thing that’s the source of every single problem she has, and if she knows martial arts than she’s very likely quite experienced in it.”

“Their elites may be powerful, but in a straight up duel even Dragonblooded are expected to win.” Dexter says, laying down on her front as she undoes her top to get more sun on her back.

“Statistically yes, the same way mortals are often expected to lose against them, but the greatest casuality rate of Dragonblooded still involves humans, even several well trained humans who know what they’re doing.” you retort.

“With time to plan and a field prepped to their advantage yes. I was going to warn you not to underestimate her, but it appears you already have that covered.” Mochire says putting and empty drink back down.

“Is there any advice you can give me for encountering Doctor Ledeel’s elementals in the field again?” you ask.

“Things die when you cut off their heads.” Mochire replies.

“I need something more specific than that.” you shoot back.

Mochire lowers his glasses towards you so that he can look you in the eye. “So do I. Ledeel’s focused on the Element of Air yes, but Air can be subdivided into Wind, Electricity, or Cold. Those Raiku were only one such elemental out of many should summon. The only real advice I can give you is to prepare for one of those three types, but even inside of it there’s so many variations that what may work on one elemental may not work on the next.”

You give a small sigh as you rub your forehead. “Well thanks anyway.”

“Hibiki! What are you even doing still talking about work at a time like this!” Marina says coming up behind you, putting a wet gauntlet on top of your shoulder. “This is a time for relaxation and fun! Not for thinking about work!”

“Marina, I need to remove your armour now.” Osvald says behind you both. “The tools here should allow me to successfully remove it and may be the only chance I can do so in a while, plus your Archangel armour is very likely in dire need of maintenance.”

“Y-Yea sure just a second! I want to show Marina something involving the Underwater!” Marina says with a bit of forced laughter. Ludmila, Jessie, and Juan on the other end of pool all seeming to have worried expressions on their faces as they look at the two of you.

- “You can’t keep running away from this.”

- “Come on Marina, I’ll come with you for the removal.”

- Other
>- “Come on Marina, I’ll come with you for the removal.”

“Come on Marina, I’ll come with you for the removal.” you say grabbing her hand.

“O-Oh come now... I-I’m sure it's not that serious!” Marina says waving her hand.

“It is.” Osvald immediately states. “Your armour is likely in dire need of maintenance.”

“Didn’t you also tell me back when I first took off my armour that anything underneath would be a badge of pride to you? That whatever was on the surface didn’t represent what was on the surface?” you ask her.

Marina remains silent for several long seconds before replying, avoiding making eye contact with you. “Y-Yea... I did say that...”

“Then come on, we’ll take that suit off of you, and if you try to drag your feet I’ll ask Father Marcellius to help.” you say taking Marina’s hand and leading her to the back of the changeroom.

Leading Marina to the change room and standing just outside of it, you can hear the power tools spinning up as Osvald takes apart Marina’s armour piece by piece. You lose track of time entirely as you wonder what’s going to happen, even a few of Marina’s friends poke their heads to look at you before you give them a small shake, as to indicate that she’s not yet out.

After a while Osvald steps out, cleaning his hands with an automotive rag covered in a dark purple substance. “The process is complete.”

“Blood!? Is Marina alright!?” you ask Osvald.

“Physically yes. The problem was caused when she became an Alchemical while wearing the suit, the resonator pins attached to her armour didn’t go into the proper access points and instead directly into the suit itself. Some pieces came off, but I had to surgically remove the rest of it.” Osvald says as then pulls out his omnitool, grabbing a nearby bucket and setting the rag on fire before throwing it in there. “It was akin to getting nails trimmed, so do not be alarmed by the blood.”

“And mentally?” you ask.

“In a state of mild shock. The armour more or less functioned as a psychological shell that protected her, but with that now more or less gone the realization of what she is set in.” Osvald replies.
File: Charactersheet1.png (30 KB, 787x721)
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“Same thing for me then.” you say taking a deep breath before walking into the changing room.

As you look around, you can now see that Marina’s own armour is now on the table next to your and Father Marcellius’s. As you look around the room, you eventually see Marina sitting down in the floor of the bathroom as her own reflection gazes back at her in a mirror. You can see now that her hair appears to be a vibrant gold, literal gold, as it runs down to about her neck in a semi-overgrown fashion. Like you she appears to have energy veins running all over her body, only these ones are pulsing grey compared to your white. The rest of her augmentations are far more extensive and visible compared to yours, two metal rings can be seen heading up midway around her forearms while four white prongs on each can also be seen. Small silver tubes can be seen occasionally sticking out from her skin and threaded in her arms and legs.

“Hahaha...” Marina says as she turns around to face you, tears going down her cheeks, her own eyes actually glowing a soft green. “I-It appears that I’ve gotten a few more obvious augmentations than you did.”

- *Engage angry Pheromones* “...Yea all that food you ate did go to your ass and other areas.” (Remind her of being human again by making her forget this despair for a second with something else)

- “Marina, there’s nothing wrong with you. You look just as beautiful, and I say this as a friend and as someone who’s interested in women.” (Comfort)

- “Marina this isn’t your fault, its the fault of the people who did this to you. Direct the blame at them, not yourself.”

- Make a social roll to best guess how to proceed (7d10, need 2 successes, may add +4 dice for 4m)

- Other
Rolled 3, 4, 10, 4, 2, 6, 5, 4, 9 = 47 (9d10)

>- Make a social roll to best guess how to proceed (9d10, need 2 successes, 2m)
>- “Marina this isn’t your fault, its the fault of the people who did this to you. Direct the blame at them, not yourself.”
>- “Marina, there’s nothing wrong with you. You look just as beautiful, and I say this as a friend and as someone who’s interested in women.” (Comfort)
>- "I'm sure we can even revert between our human and these forms, given enough work."

While facing your fears and concerns directly is something that tends to work for you, looking at Marina quickly reminds you that she isn’t you. Marina puts on a tough front, but if something actually affects her than its best to distract her mind entirely, letting her heal for a second before she is exposed to it once again.

You take a small breath as you mentally prepare yourself for a somewhat risky idea, activating your Pheromone system and selecting the mixture that best produces a mild angry in the target.

“Yea all that food you ate did go straight to your ass and other areas.” you reply looking down at her.

(Hibiki rolls 10 successes to antagonize Marina!)

The sadness in Marina’s eyes appears to evaporate instantly, being replaced with sheer disbelief instead. “What?”

“I’m saying you packed on the pounds. Your breasts, hips, ass, and legs all appear to have flab on them.” you tell Marina straight.

“How dare you!” Marina says standing up in anger, grabbing onto your cheeks and pinching them, sparks cracking across her skin as she looks at you in the eyes with anger. Looking up at her now, you can indeed see that she has quite a bit of height over you even without the armour. “I have you know that I exercised *a lot* to keep all of my weight off! Plus Osvald said that with my thingermajig I could eat all I want without gaining a single pound! You’re just jealous that you have a washboard of a body that hasn’t grown since Junior High school while I actually have something to speak of!”

You take Marina’s hands and place them against your own, pressing them together so you can talk normally without Marina pinching them. “You indeed have a body to be proud of Marina, so there’s no shame in hiding it.”

Marina looks at you with a confused face for a second before looking down at herself, making a small squeal before jumping back.

You quickly react by grabbing Marina by the wrist, pulling her closely back towards you for a second so that you look at her in the eyes. “You are still you Marina, no matter what happens to you, and your actions just now proved exactly that. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here.”

Marina looks down at you for a second, her cheeks going a deep blue as you can see the various augmentations across her body.

“Besides, you’re worrying your friends with how you’re behaving.” you say as you gesture towards the door, where several of Marina’s friends can be seen peering around the corner into the changeroom, who quickly pull their heads back in.

“Um... W-We brought you a swimsuit.” Jessie says holding up a hanger of a dark blue swimsuit around the corner.

“I...” Marina takes a small breath before looking back down at you, a smile slowly spreading across her face. “I just needed to be reminded of what truly matters right now, in that I’m alive, cancer free, and here with you guys. I’m... sorry for calling your body a washboard...”

To be completely honest, when comparing your own body towards Marina’s? Calling yourself a washboard isn’t entirely untrue sadly...

- “You’re still fat in some areas though.” (Be petty)

- “...Some people like the smaller, cuter girls like myself.” (Swallow pride, admit defeat)

- Other
>- “...Some people like the smaller, cuter girls like myself.” (Swallow pride, admit defeat)

You father always told you that is is only honorable to admit defeat when you have truly been bested. “...Some people like the smaller, cuter girls like myself.”

“Hey! That’s what I sa- Ow! Juan! What was that for!?” Jessie can be heard protesting from around the corner.

“I’ll wait for you at the pool.” you say nodding to Marina before heading outside.

“Right!” Marina says with a nod before heading into the changeroom and drawing the curtain. “Alright girls you can come in now!”

As you leave the changing room, you can’t help but to shake your head with what you just seen. “Do all Meruvian women grow that fast? Nine out of ten at the very least...”

“You say something Hibiki?” Wendy asks walking along next to you.

“Nothing important.” you say turning around to meet Wendy. “Marina’s doing better after I gave her a small pep talk.”

“Really? Oh good I was worried whenever or not I’d have to go in there myself.” Wendy says looking at the closed changeroom door.

“You? Give Marina a pep talk?” you ask.

Wendy tilts her head back a bit as if taking offense to this. “Hey, I had two kids you know. I know all about the ups and downs teenagers have.”

“You had kids?” you ask in amazement. “Are they here on the island?”

Wendy shakes her head as she sips drink. “They’ve long since grown up and moved to the mainland. It was one of the first things I asked Osvald to check when we escaped so they’re nowhere here.”

“That’s one piece of good news at least.” you reply before the door of the change room opens up, Marina and her friends walking outside with Marina being front and center. Her dark blue bikini seems to contrast her own light blue skin and bright blue face with a deep blue blush, the energy lines on her body currently pulsing.

“Marina! You look great!” Father Marcellius says, stepping out of the pool himself. As you look over his very fit yellow body, you can see that he has similar augmentations to Marina, small silver tubes running up along his arms and legs in some areas with inactive energy lines.

“Hehe... Thanks!” Marina says with a smile on her face, a shy standing stance as she shuffles her feet a bit. “I had to call in Osvald to help with the bikini, my cup size has gone up since I became an Alchemical by quite a bit.”

“...How unfortunate.” you say with a hint of jealously in your voice.

“Oh my Marina! I’m actually really impressed!” Dexter says walking up behind you. “I honestly never thought that behind all of that armour hid such a beautiful young woman!”

“Oh stop~.” Marina says gushing from phrase.

“Marina’s always been ahead of the curve when it comes to the rest of the class, so I’m not really surprised.” Jessie says while standing next to Marina.

“The only thing stopping her from stealing every guy in the class is her own shyness...” Ludmila says with a roll of her eyes.

“...And that my dad threatened to beat up anyone I brought home.” Marina says under her voice.

“Pardon?” Ludmila asks Marina.

“Hm?” Marina says looking up to Ludmila with a smile on her face.

“Hibiki must be very happy with having such ‘advanced’ teammates then.” Dexter says, wrapping her arms around you and hugging her close to her chest, your own energy lines giving off a quick pulse before you straighten yourself out. “So what would be Marina’s rating now that she’s out of that armour hm?”

“...Rating?” Marina asks in a confused tone of voice, before it suddenly seems to click in her head of what your sexuality is again.

- “...Nine.”

- *Hide your face and dive into the water, remaining under there for several minutes*

- “None of your business!”

- Other
>- "That's between Marina and I, should she choose to know."

"That's between Marina and I, should she choose to know." You say waving off Dexter before making a line for the pool and hopping into the deep end of it.

As you hop into the water and swim down to the bottom in both a mixture in embarrassment and frustration, your hearing program manages to filter out the background noise from the water to hear the conversation going on up above.

“Dexter, what the fuck was that?” Wendy asks pulling him off to the side.

“What? I was just having a little fun with her.” Dexter replies.

“Between the two of you I could’ve sworn Hibiki was the adult back there.” Wendy says pointing a finger towards her. “You have no idea how close I was back there to slapping you. Hibiki has a lot of shit on her mind right now, and making her embarrassed about her core sexuality shouldn’t be one of those damn issues.”

“Wendy I’ve been with men and women before and that’s never posed an issue to me.” Dexter replies in a serious tone of voice.

“That’s different. You are a confident mid-30 year old, Hibiki is still in high school. Regardless of how she acts she’s still a child and the last thing you should do is make them embarrassed of who they are *without* turning into a mad science experiment.” Wendy says with a sharp, angry tone.

“I’m going to have to agree with Wendy here Dexter. That was completely uncalled for, you made both Marina and Hibiki feel uncomfortable.” Father Marcellius says walking up to the conversation.

“Woah woah! I was only teasing the poor girl a little!” Dexter says taking a step back.

“While appearing a supermodel like body.” Wendy replies.

“Let me finish!” Dexter says holding his hands up. “I didn’t mean to make the girl that uncomfortable, so I apologize in a little bit. Right now I want to give both of them time to cool down a little.”

“I’m slow to forgive Dexter.” Wendy says as Dexter walks away.

“Don’t start making threats either!” Dexter adds in after as she walks away.

Great, something else you need to look forward to.


The next several minutes you spend down directly at the bottom of the pool. Without worrying about air you’ve learned to relax yourself in the water completely as you stand on the bottom of the pool, your gravity manipulation device still working down here at the very least. Its given a... unique sensation to a quick meditation you’re having, and you make a note to continue further for another time.

(“Hibiki? You there?”) Dexter texts.

You open your eyes to see Dexter in her swimsuit standing in front of you.

(“I heard the conversation between you and Wendy, I know she strongarmed you into this.”) you reply.

(“Yes, but she also had a point. I was taking my teasing you a bit too far before realizing that you were in the stage of your life with raging hormones and not enough brainpower to work them all out.”) Dexter says rolling her eyes in front of you.

(“I don’t let my emotions get the better of me.”) You text back.

(“That superiority complex? One symptom, but its you, never get rid of it.”) Dexter says waving her hand in front, a stream of bubbles floating up to the surface. (“Point is I wouldn’t apologize if I didn’t think it was needed, but for here it was embarrassing for you on two fronts so I apologize for that.”)

You give a deep breath, well more like inhaling a small volume of water into your... lungs? You need to ask Osvald that later. (“My sister made the same mistakes in the past, so I forgive you.”)

(“Oh good! I was worried if I had embarrassed you in front of Marina before you even had a chance to make a move on her.”) Dexter replies.

(“...O_o. Make a move?”) you say adding an emote to make your emotions known.

(“What? Don’t you have feelings for her?”) Dexter asks, and continues just as you’re about to type out your response. (“And I know that this is between you and Marina, I just want to confirm it. I mean when I saw you drag her into the changing room and how her friends said you stood by the entire time it made me wonder if you were planning on going steady.”)

- “She is attractive, but right now I see her more as a sister rather than a love interest. I’m just... sensitive that both her and my sister have developed physically better than me.”

- “I... I mean I thought about it, but I never bothered because I’m not sure if she even likes women.”

- “I... Uh... Think you’re really cool myself, but still find it a bit creepy how casually you swap back and forth between genders like that... and how good you are at acting both of them.”

- “I thank you for you concern Dexter, but my own matter to worry about.”

- Other

(Sorry about that, a quick store visit turned into a near two and a half hour exodus)
>- “She is attractive, but right now I see her more as a sister rather than a love interest. I never bothered because I’m not sure if she even likes women and we're stuck here in a warzone. Heck, I can't even contact my sister...if she is my sister."
>- "Oh, and I apologize for outing you in front of the gang, I just didn't think it was a good idea tactically to mix things with them."

You spend a few moments carefully thinking about your answer. (“She is attractive, but right now I see her more as a sister rather than a love interest. I never bothered because I’m not sure if she even likes women and we're stuck here in a warzone. Heck, I can't even contact my sister...if she is my sister.")

(“What do you mean ‘is your sister’? Can’t you tell if it's your own sibling?”) Dexter asks you.

(“That’s the thing. She acts like my sister, talks my sister, knows everything my sister would know about, but I think she managed to sense me when I was cloaked.”) you reply to Dexter.

(“You think she managed to see you?”) Dexter asks.

(“That’s the thing, I’m not entire sure. Maybe I stepped on a twig or walked into a blowing curtain when she was looking out of the corner of her eye. Ever since encountering John Doe the body snatcher I just can’t be too sure anymore.”) you reply to Dexter.

Dexter spends several moments thinking before she finally sends a response. (“You could be onto something, but as you said it could’ve just been a slip up on your part and she managed to catch it. All the noise cancellation and light bending in the world won’t save if you if you step on crunchy leaves or are covered in baby powder.”)

(“But what if she’s compromised? I mean you yourself said you could appear as nearly anyone. What’s to stop a gremlin from doing the same thing? Or a Dragonblooded?”) you ask.

(“It could be a dragonblooded, but I highly doubt it. They’d need to match your sister, meaning it’d have to be a younger one they specifically prepared for this. You may have connections, but I doubt your company could just happen to ask for a young Dragonblooded body double during a relative time of peace and safety. As for Apostates, that could be the case, but they’d need to make a serious beeline for her the moment we all broke out and bodies would start appearing around her because apostate nature is to kill people, they literally can’t stand them.”)

(“Hm.”) you mutter back in text.

(“Come now! This is a time for relaxation and entertainment! Go on! Enjoy yourself! When the city begins to break down time like this will be few far in between and you’ll be lucky to have a chance to get out of your suit at all.”) Dexter replies.

("Oh, before we go though. I apologize for outing you in front of the gang, I just didn't think it was a good idea tactically to mix things with them.") you reply to Dexter.

(“Really? I thought you were just spoiling my fun. Still didn’t stop me from having some fun with them in the after victory party though~.”) Dexter exclaims.

(“...Oh mal what.”) you reply.

(“Five of them! It was fun for everyone involved! I’ve more or less moved past the creeped out factor myself.”) Dexter says as she goes to turn around before looking at you one more time. (“Oh, and I understand about Marina, a direct threat to one’s survival can make you push off smaller things, but if you’re worried about then just go ahead and ask. Worst thing that’d happen is that she’d say no, and Marina is the type that’d always stay by you no matter what happens.”)

After saying those last words, Dexter herself swims back up to the top of the pool. Deciding that you had enough, you decide to come back up yourself, pushing yourself up off the side of the pool and stretching your back.

“Hibiki!” Marina says, walking over to where you are with her friends.

“Oh... Hey guys.” you force yourself to say. Standing in front of the group after that embarrassing situation still feels a bit awkward, but you force yourself to stomach it for now.

“Hibiki, I know how it must feel like for you, but know that we are completely fine with whatever company you prefer.” Ludmila says in front of you as she flicks her hair.

“You’d hardly be the first.” Jaun says.

“If you’re in an all-girls class like us then finding romance is significantly easier!” Jessie says mouthing her opinion loudly.

“Just know that we’re always going to be together, no matter what happens to us!” Marina says, extending a hand while smiling. “Promise?”

- Give a firm shake while looking her in the eyes. “Promise.”

- Give a slight blush, realizing that you do have some sort of small crush on her. “Promise.” (Develop intimacy towards Marina, with a context of “Crush” or “Trusted/Valued Friend”. Intimacies allow for more defense in social actions, meaning you could use Marina as a reason to deny any action that would conflict with Marina's goals or feelings!)

- Other
>- "It's...nothing like that, really. Just stress."
>- Admit to yourself that you do have a small crush on her. “Promise.” (Develop intimacy towards Marina, with a context of “Crush” or “Trusted/Valued Friend”. Intimacies allow for more defense in social actions, meaning you could use Marina as a reason to deny any action that would conflict with Marina's goals or feelings!)
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x759)
31 KB

Looking down at Marina’s hand makes you realize something deep down inside of yourself. Looking past the bouts of immaturity at times, Marina is essentially the bout of ‘normalcy’ in your life right now. Even when you were back in Coral, you were always seen as the exception in your family while your sister was the normal girl. That and while she’s shy at most times, the time when Marina seems to step forward and boldly declare is something you can’t help but admire in people in people, nor can you ever fault anyone for simply trying to do their best in order to help you out.

(Hibiki developed a minor intimacy of a crush towards Marina!)

“...Is something wrong Hibiki?” Marina asks you during your long pause.

You shake your head, quickly grabbing her hand with hopefully not too much blush showing on her face. “I-It’s nothing like that really. Just some stress.”

“Perfect! Now let’s head on over to the shallow end of the pool!” Marina says pointing towards a net.

“We set up a net so we could play water volleyball!” Jessie says as she proudly raises her arm up in the air.


As the hours ticked on by, your small vacation at the pool eventually had to come to an end, waving goodbye to all of Marina’s own friends, enjoying one last ride in the limo before to step out on your destination of an alleyway a few blocks away from the hotel base.

“...Back to reality again I suppose.” Marina says with a heavy sigh.

Father Marcellius places a hand on her shoulder. “We shall all be free soon Marina, don’t give up hope just yet.”

“Anything we need to do today?” you ask Osvald.

“Nothing critical no, you are free to pursue your own devices. However if you encounter a ECM, than disposing them would be very beneficial not just to us, but every other Alchemical team within the city itself.” Osvald states.

“What do they look like?” asks Marina.

Osvald holds out his wrist, showing a slowly spinning 3D hologram of what appears to be a large large green boxy truck, and another one next to it with it showing a large satellite dish being deployed on top and an entrance in the back. “These are it. Quite often they’ll be accompanied by significant military cover, so caution is advised.”

“...Otherwise we can do what we want?” Mochire asks.

“Precisely.” Osvald replies.

“I’m going to see my sister then. I want to see how she’s managed to move into J&P Building.” you say with a casual wave before vanish into thin air. “I won’t be too long.”

“Be careful out there.” Wendy warns.

“Its me, they won’t even be able to see me.” you reply to Wendy as you casually begin walking down the street while cloaked.


You trip towards the J&P Building is going smoothly, your new cloaking technology making it easier than ever to remain hidden as you walk along the rooftops. The people down below the city seem to have gotten used to the gunfire that occasionally pops up down in the background, but people some people are still living their everyday normal lives. Open air restaurants packed up early this year forcing everyone to eat inside now, but otherwise Gremlin activity appears to have gone down at the very least.

As you head closer to the tower however, you catch out of the corner of your eye one of the military ECM vehicles Osvald mentioned to you nearly a kilometer down the road. You quickly hunch down behind the small wall of the building, using your newly activated eyes to zoom in multiple times over and begin highlighting what you see.

“A few dozen normal soldiers, several dozen augmented soldiers that appear to be equipped for close combat, two APC’s, and... crap.” you mutter as you see a pair of Raiju’s from your encounter with Ledeel along with a new entry, a singular bird of ice that appears to be gracefully floating in the sky high above the jamming device.

The guards seem to be reacting to something incoming, some of them scrambling out of the way before a golden streak appears and slams into an APC so hard that it flies across the parking lot. In its place you can see an Alchemical in gold and black armour, holding what appears to be a single large blade with several jet engines on the back of it.

“Osvald, I’ve found one of the jamming devices on 22nd Street, but as soon as I spotted it another Alchemical group engaged the forces protecting it.” you tell him over commlink.

“What’s the composition?” Osvald asks.

“Several dozen unaugmented and augmented soldiers, two APC’s, two of those electric wolves, and... some ice bird against an gold Alchemical with a very large blade.” you say as you see the Alchemical charging towards the second APC.

“I know of that group. There’s a Soulsteel in that group named Zanna, if you undo the jamming in the area she should be able to engage the ID locks on the military weapons.” Osvald tells you over the radio, after which sending you a small document attachment. “Afterwards I want you to interview their group with the attached questions.”

“...Interview?” you ask, seeing the ice bird above you now starting to sprinkle snow down on the area below.

“I wish to make a collage detailing the experiences of as many Alchemicals as possible within Versino. I feel once the military ECM net is down, this will be the most effective method to educate people on what Alchemicals truly are.” Osvald replies.

“...You’re an odd little man you know that.” you reply to Osvald, seeing dark clouds slowly gathering above the fighting area.

“Be careful of that Hielo Bird. They sense by the wind currents themselves and are capable of producing snow in the local area. If too much snow falls on top of you than it’ll be hard to hide from the guards.” Osvald warns.

“Great, Ledeel is already leading up specialized attempts to find us...” you groan to yourself as you watch the bird be swallowed up by the stormclouds.

- Attempt to sneak in by stealth, disable the military ECM in a more hands-off approach (6d10 for stealth, may add +6 dice for 6m)

- Join the fray yourself after making a single sneak attack (11d10, may add +6 dice for 6m)

- Other
Rolled 7, 4, 8, 6, 9, 9, 3, 5, 9, 5, 3, 9 = 77 (12d10)

>- Attempt to sneak in by stealth, disable the military ECM in a more hands-off approach (12d10 for stealth, 6m)
Spend 1 WP for 1 success.

You’ll offer support for now, but you don’t want to be seen if you can at all help it. You’d like to see your sister as soon as possible, and getting involved in the military means that they will most likely be on your ass again for most of the day, plus this sword Alchemical appears to have things fairly under wraps, so it should be fine to let him handle most of the military you figure.

As you slowly lead towards the warzone, you can see the sword Alchemical locking his blade with several augmented soldiers, nearly four soldiers at once straining against the large golden blade as massive Alchemical himself holds his ground against a barrage of fire coming from the soldiers with firearms bouncing off against this armour. The APC in the rear then fires out a rocket, screaming towards the golden Alchemical. The four augmented soldiers quickly jump back as the rocket screams towards the Alchemical, who holds up his sword to let it take the brunt of the rocket. Out from the column of smoke that appears, the golden Alchemical swings his giant sword, seeming to dispell the smoke cloud and falling snow all around him with a single swing.

“Is that all you have!? If you don’t your entire hearts in you attack than that attack has no meaning!” The Golden Alchemical barks out, as if to challenge all of the soldiers in front of him.

Good, you can hope that he keeps distracting them for the time being. You’re just around the block from the battlezone itself, so you’ll be approaching the ECM truck anytime n-

“Command this is Squad Echo Niner, requesting heavy backup right now!” your hearing picks up the soldier of a rifleman squad nearby.

(“Shit...”) you groan in your native tongue as you hear this. If you don’t dispatch this guy right now, you’re going to have some far bigger problems fairly soon, and it doesn’t look like the Golden Alchemical can reach him in time.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x759)
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Soldier Squads in combat will often have a commander leading them, which boosts their combat prowess and often gives the groups special abilities or tactical support. If a situation seems dire, the leader of the squad and can attempt to call in a Strike Team for support. Strike Teams are specially designed squads that will relentlessly pursue your character and her allies until one of them is dead and contain heavy or highly reinforcements such as Tanks, Attack Helicopters, or even Dragonblooded! Be sure to dispatch them before they can finish their call!

Commanders can only be attacked directly under two circumstances: (1) A difficulty 2 gambit is rolled with a ranged attack or (2) A sneak attack against the commander who is currently unaware of your presence.

Hibiki: 15i
Golden Alchemical: 12i (Medium)
Cyborg Troopers (Close Combat): 8i (Battle Group, Medium)
Raiju 1: 8i (Medium, with Cyborg Troopers)
Hielo Bird: 8i (Medium, In air)
Riflemen Soldier: 6i (Short, Battle Group, Calling Strike Team [1 turn remaining])
Raiju 2: 6i (Short, with Riflemen)
APC: 4i (Medium)

- Pow: Wither “Charge the commander with everything you’ve got before attempting to attack the remaining riflemen from the rear!” (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique, Blitzkrieg Assault Module, Single Point Form, 20m 1WP, 16d10)

- Eff: Wither “Use your wind blade to make a gale of wind before closing in on the kill! You don’t need that much to dispatch a normal mortal!” (Double Attack Technique, Dual Slaying Stance Blitzkrieg Assault Module, 11m 1WP, 16d10)

- Nevermind the strike team, head towards the ECM truck and shut that thing down. (6d10 for stealth, may add +6 die for 6m)

- Other
Rolled 8, 2, 9, 9, 8, 6, 10, 4, 9, 10, 4, 1, 8, 8, 8, 2 = 106 (16d10)

>- Eff: Wither “Use your wind blade to make a gale of wind before closing in on the kill! You don’t need that much to dispatch a normal mortal!” (Double Attack Technique, Dual Slaying Stance Blitzkrieg Assault Module, 11m 1WP, 16d10)
Also, lets try not to kill anyone unless absolutely necessary.

It make it harder to attack, but we can go that route.

I'll be heading off to a movie in a bit, but I'll be back to update in the night.
OK back from seeing Doctor Strange!


There’s no time to delay in this situation. If you don’t act immediately then you’ll be staring down the face of even heavier military units, and you want to avoid prolonging this conflict if it's within your means to do so.

Immediately grabbing hold of the wind and fire blades that eject from your thighs, you take the wind sword and swing your weapon towards the commander himself, kicking up the layer of snow that exists beneath your feet and crashing against him in the face directly.

You take advantage of his momentary confusion immediately, dashing towards him at full speed with your flame sword at the ready, only swinging once you’re directly facing him, the red hot blade cutting apart his body like a hot knife through butter. Sparing him out of the question as if he had a second longer he would've completed the call for reinforcements.

(Hibiki double attacks the Rifleman Commander dealing 11 damage, killing him! Hibiki reflexively activates Dual Slaying Stance!)

“Oh shit! Sarge is dead!” One of the riflemen cries out as he sees the torso of his commander hit the group.

“Shit! Kill her!” The cyborg commander roars out as he notices you, causing nearly a dozen cyborg soldiers to break off to head towards you before a shockwave tears through the ground in front of them.

“You’re going to have to get through me first!” The golden Alchemical calls out.

“Egh! Thunder 1 and 2! Get her! Articuno, you as well!” The cyborg commando says before turning his attention back towards the golden Alchemical.

Upon hearing that order the Raiku both give a loud howl at you before they begin charging you both at once. With a crack that splits the air one of them transforms into a bolt of lightning and races towards you. You see the attack coming, quickly stepping out of the way, you wind sword cutting directly through the lightning bolt and splitting it in half. When Raiku materializes back on the other side of you, a long gash now appears along the side of its body.

(Raiku 2 attacks you but misses! Hibiki counterattacks dealing 2 lethal damage!)

The clouds above suddenly split apart as a blast of cold air rains down from above, splitting the clouds as it races towards the ground, flash freezing the vehicles in its own wake. You quickly react by spinning the dual blades around, a shield of fire and wind crashing against the supercooled air, nullifying the attack completely.

(Heilo Bird attacks Hibiki and misses! Hibiki is out of range to parry the attack!)

The single surviving APC backs up, crushing the chain link fence behind it before it starts to accelerate, coming around the curve in order to better prepare an attack on you, the machine gun on top pointed directly towards you. The momentary distraction causes you to laspe your concentration, a few bullets impacting against your armour from the rifleman squads, firing from behind cover as you quickly run behind your own cover while deflecting shots.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x759)
31 KB

(Rifleman Squad attacks Hibiki for 3 initiative damage!)

“Zanna! Now!” The golden Alchemical cries out.

Just as this is said by the golden Alchemical a shape suddenly appears from the rooftop, flipping directly over the combat below as it spins around in the air, lead rains from the sky with the same frequency as the clouds snow, soldiers screaming in panic as nearly every single shot is made with lethal precision down below, the fire from the guns actually slowing her descent before making a landing next to you.

“Shinobi.” a female voice says behind you.

“Zanna, I assume Osvald told you everything.” you ask her as you remain in your stance.

“Yes, let us continue our conversation after.” Zanna replies with the same monotone voice as Osvald does before spinning her pistols around and pointing them back at the enemy.

“Works for me.” you say as you spin your weapons, eying the Raiju in front of you.

Golden Alchemical: 17i (Short)
Zanna: 13i (Close
Hibiki: 11i (Charge: 7)
Cyborg Troopers (Close Combat): 8i (Battle Group, Short)
Raiju 1: 8i (Short)
Hielo Bird: 8i (Short, In air)
Riflemen Soldier: 6i (Short, Battle Group)
Raiju 2: 6i (Close)
APC: 4i (Close)

Suggest Zanna to:

- Take care of the Hielo Bird, which is out of your reach

- Take care of the Riflemen, who are also out of your reach.

- Take care of the APC, which is just about to open fire on you.


- Pow: Wither “These Raiku bastards gave you trouble last time, this time you’re going all out! Make a pool of water to drain them of their electricity and then hit them with everything!” (Liquid Steel Flow, Double Attack Technique + Steel Devil Strike + Empty Mind Strike Chain, 12m 1WP, 16d10)

- Eff: Wither “You have backup now, continue the fight behind the vehicles and focus on the wolves, let your new allies worry about the other riflemen.” (Double Attack Technique + Double Attack Technique, 3m, 16d10)

- Other
Rolled 8, 8, 4, 1, 2, 6, 6, 2, 3, 8, 7, 6, 2, 5, 2, 2 = 72 (16d10)

Suggest Zanna
>- Take care of the Hielo Bird, which is out of your reach
>- Eff: Wither “You have backup now, continue the fight behind the vehicles and focus on the wolves, let your new allies worry about the other riflemen.” (Double Attack Technique + Double Attack Technique, 3m, 16d10)

“Take care of that damn bird for me! I don’t have many ranged options!” you yell at Zanna.

“Acknowledged.” Zanna immediately replies before she jumps off the nearby car, seeming to propel herself back in the air and a vast distance as she soars across the battlefield.

As you refocus your efforts back on the Raiju once again, you quickly dart back behind the nearby sedan next to you, bullets crashing the glass as they soar overhead while you remain low to the ground, your blades making skidding sparks along the ground before you bring them both up for a vast uppercut against the second Raiju, it quickly leaping back just in time from your assault.

(Hibiki attacks the Raiju dealing 2 initiative damage!)

The first Raiju can now be seen gaining ground on you, turning into a bolt of lightning and lancing towards you the very instant that the second one lunges at your leg. You quickly react to this by leaping up into the air, the exact moment when your wind blade cuts through the lightning bolt while your flame blade sears the face of the second Raiju. The first Raiju seems to race to the car instead to avoid your blade, quickly reforming behind you. The second one however now suffers a nasty burn wound directly to his face, howling in pain as one of its own eyes are taken out.

(Raiju 1 attacks Hibiki and misses! Raiju 2 attacks Hibiki dealing 4 initiative damage!)

(Hibiki counterattacks both Raiju in response! Hibiki misses Raiju 1! Hibiki attacks Raiju 2 for 3 lethal damage!)

As the APC parks itself on the nearby curbside, the heavy machine gun on top opens fire directly above you, high velocity bullets raining down directly towards you. A flash of power is redirected to your reflexives, your twirling blades in the air reflecting the bullets coming at you in midair each and every time. The soldiers however are far more accurate with their own shots, a rain of bullets catching you off guard in midair as your suit redirects most of its power to ensure stability.

(APC attacked Hibiki and missed! Rifleman Squad attacked Hibiki dealing 5 withering damage!)

“Auto Sarge, we can’t hold him!” a cyborg soldier with sparking arm socket exclaims.

“We’re outgunned! Pull back!” the cyborg sergeant says waving to his group.

“Your fowl machinations will not run from my wrath!” The golden alchemical says as his chest begins to glow a bright white as exhaust vents open up on him and begin blasting out golden exhaust, erupting into a blast of energy that roars towards the ECM vehicle, a single car disintegrating before making impact with the ECM vehicle. The center of the ECM vehicle melting like wax before only smoldering remains are left.

“FUCK THIS!” The riflemen squad cry in fear as they begin to pull back.

“Tch! Everyone pull back! Now!” the cyborg commander says as he begins to run away, the rest of his cyborg soldiers running long after him.
File: Charactersheet1.png (31 KB, 787x759)
31 KB

The Raiju you hurt earlier only looks up and growls at you, with your only reaction pointing a blade at him before making a slow cutting motion across your own neck in order to get the point across. Both of the Raiju turn into lighting, arching up towards the power lines and racing away.

“You’re not heading after them?” you ask the golden Alchemical.

“There is no point in needless slaughter.” the golden Alchemical says as he watches them run away.

You can see the single Hielo Bird falling from the sky above before crashing on the ground below, shattering like an ice statue dropped from the sky before Zanna touches down on the ground, a cloud of thick black smoke roiling around her as she holds two smoking pistols in her hands, spinning them before putting them in holsters on her hips, a pair of mechanical cat ears on top of her head twitching. “I detect no further hostiles in this area.”

“That will not be the case for long. We need to make haste before their reinforcements arrive.” The golden Alchemical says before turning towards you. “Stranger, you my thanks for aiding us in battle. My codename is Reichsritter, my real name is Alvin Ranks.”

“Shinobi, Osvald told me that you would be arriving to assist us.” Zanna says. “Your assistance is most welcome.”

“Come, move and talk. We can take shelter in a nearby building.” Alvin says as he begins to walk towards a nearby building, massive sword in hand.

- “So what are you doing here destroying an ECM station? Can’t you communicate without them?”

- “Zanna, that was a martial art you used back there. Steel Rain wasn’t it?”

- “Alvin, your swordsmanship appears to be impeccable, who taught you?”

- “Is there more of your group?”

- “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

- “Osvald asked me to interview you both.” (End covo)

- Other

Pick 3 at most for now please
Remembrance day Ceremony tomorrow for me, so I'll be logging off now but we'll continue tomorrow!
>- “So what are you doing here destroying an ECM station? Can’t you communicate without them?”
>- “Is there more of your group?”
>- “Zanna, that was a martial art you used back there. Steel Rain wasn’t it?”
Good night.

“Zanna, that was a martial art you used back there. Steel Rain wasn’t it?” you ask her.

“Yes, most people call it gun-kata.” Zanna replies to you, looking back at you with her expressionless white face. “I heard from Osvald that you are capable of learning nearly any sort of martial art just by seeing it in action.

“That’s correct. If I saw you a bit longer in combat I could have replicated some of the Steel Storm style myself.” you reply as you follow Alvin into what appears as some sort of abandoned store.

“Are you interested in learning?” Zanna asks.

You shake your head. “No thank you, I do just fine without it.”

“Your efficiency would go up if you had some sort of ranged attack option.” Zanna exclaims as you continue to walk down the hallway.

“We all have things we’d rather do Zanna, strengths that one may gain by imposing certain taboos. It may be best to let certain sleeping dogs lie.” Alvin says back to her as you walk further into the abandoned storefront, amidst rows of abandoned clothing ranks and lone mannequins.

“Very well, I shall drop the subject.” Zanna states in a deadpan as she looks around the area, her ears twitching for a second before looking up. “There is more cover on the second floor and it will be harder for them to see us there.”

Alvin gives a small nod to her as you all continue up to the staircase in the back of the building.

“Is there any more of your group?” you ask.

“Yes, but they’re also out looking for ECM stations or listening posts. We figured two of us would be enough for defeating a listening post, but why didn’t you get that soldier when he was trying to call for reinforcements?” Alvin pauses walking for a second, looking at Zanna.

“I apologize, but I was distracted by several other soldiers who also happened to be on the rooftop.” Zanna says walking past Alvin and up the staircase without even looking at him.

My god, she’s an exact female version of Osvald. You heard the term Kuudere before but you’ve never heard anyone taking a stereotype this far before.

“What are you doing here destroying an ECM station? Can’t you communicate without them?” you ask.

“Some of us such as Zanna can yes.” Alvin says as he climbs the stairs.

“I have advanced communications abilities, but my role is more akin to a combat scout, suited for reconnaissance and search and destroy missions.” Zanna says you reach the top floor, appearing to be a maze of abandoned offices.

“The real reason we were communicating is because of signals from the outside, in which several are trying to communicate with us.” Alvin states.

“What!? Communication from the outside!? I thought the military managed to block every single signal coming in and out from the entire island!” you gasp in amazement.

“Most, but not all. Basic essence backed communication missives are things that be sneaked through, but the medium makes it so only voice and text can be shared. Your assemblymate Osvald can explain it in far more technical terms.” Zanna says as she turns a right, opening the door to a large broom closet.

- “Do you know who’s trying to communicate with us?”

- "Why don't we just send messages to as many people as possible then if we can communicate?"

- “Alvin, your swordsmanship appears to be impeccable, who taught you?”

- “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

- “Osvald asked me to interview you both.” (End covo)

- Other
>- “Do you know who’s trying to communicate with us?”
>- "Would it be possible to use the voice-based communications channels to transport video slowly, if it carefully encoded and compressed?"
>- "Would it be possible to set up a news conference of sorts to the outside via this channel of communication?"
>- “Alvin, your swordsmanship appears to be impeccable, who taught you?”
>- “Is there anything else I can do to help?”

“Do you know who’s trying to communicate with us?” you ask.

“People with very specialized equipment, and even then its very difficult to maintain a stable connection.” Zanna replies.

“We’ve had a few people able to communicate with us so far, but think of their communications as an... old fashioned payphone line.” Alvin says.

“What’s a payphone?” you ask.

“...Kids...” Alvin groans as he shakes his head.

“They were a type of public communication device in where one would insert local currency and would be able to place a phone call. They were discontinued quite some time ago.” Zanna replies to you

“And that you could only call others, they couldn’t call you back.” Alvin replies. “Only for us they’re the ones calling us and we’re the one’s that need to pick up the payphones in specific areas of the city. So far I know that Forestia, the Eastern War Goddess has attempted communication with us, alongside several others.”

Your jaw goes wide as you hear what you just said. “The Goddess of Blades attempted to contact us herself!?”

“It sounds like you know of her.” Zanna replies.

“That’s an understatement! Atlasia Forrest ascended to become the Goddess of Eastern War and Blades after her predecessor, Thousand Steel Blades, perished nearly 120 years ago. She tends to say by herself, but she’s regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on bladed combat and dueling. She was one of the guest judges at a competition I was at once! I’m actually insulted that such a noble soul as her is restricted so heavily in her actions and movements just because of the misguided notion that War Gods are volatile!” you exclaim.

“A simple ‘Yes I do’ would’ve sufficed.” Zanna replies.

Alvin just gives a big laugh. “The girl is excited! It's not everyday you find out your role model’s been trying to help you directly!”

“The Western war goddess isn’t well liked with her tendency to help pirates and other undesirables.” you reply with contempt. “Do you have her communication frequency!?”

“I do, let me send it to you.” Zanna says as she sends the communication line to you. “That should be enough to get her attention.”

“Would it be possible to use the voice-based communications channels to transport video slowly, if it carefully encoded and compressed?" you ask.

“In theory it-”

“Osvald said he tried that. It didn’t work.” Zanna replies.

“What? How did it now work?” you ask.

“My technical experience is not up to Osvald’s level, so you’ll have to ask him directly.” Zanna replies.

“So you don’t know if anything like a news conference of sorts is possible?” you ask.

“Correct.” Zanna replies.

“I also think if a news channel was hijacked, they’d be able to shut it down extremely quickly. But my speciality is mainly combat and poetry, I know not much outside of that.” Alvin replies.

“The warrior-poet is a dying breed. Who caught you exactly?” you ask.

“Forrestia.” Alvin replies.

To say that you were not the least bit jealous over this is an understatement. “I hate you.”

Alvin gives another small bit of laughter as he pats you on the back. “She occasionally offers swordsmanship classes in the Great Forks. She claims to know martial arts as well, but says that one’s biggest talent comes from within.”

“I guess being able to mimic nearly any martial art I see counts as that.” you reply back to Alvin. “Is there anything else I can do you help your group?”

Alvin shakes his head. “Not at the moment no. You aided us in battle greatly, cutting off the enemy signalman before he could call for reinforcements and greatly complicate our little operation.”

“If there is anything we think you can help with, we will be certain to contact either you or Osvald.” Zanna replies. “But for the moment we are doing fine.”

“Shouldn’t we do something else like... join forces or something?” you ask.

Alvin shakes his head. “If we put too many Alchemicals in one place, it only makes it easier for the military to find us and would bring down a far larger force upon us. While we may be scattered currently, so is the military. In this sort of situation, a more spread out force is better than a large concentrated one.”

- Anything else you wish to ask Alvin or Zanna or continue with the interview and end the session?
>- "I assume Osvald knows how to contact you?"
>- "If anyone needs tutorials on martial arts, I'm available to teach."
>- "Lets proceed with the Interview."

“Osvald is always able to contact you correct?” you ask Zanna.

“Yes. There are a group of Alchemicals that have dedicated themselves specifically as combat information and support, Osvald being one of them.” Zanna replies.

“Fair enough, I just feel like a third wheel in this sort of situation. The only thing I can really teach you is martial arts.” you reply.

“I know my guns and the evocations of my weapons, I am fine.” Zanna replies.

Alvin gives a solemn nod myself. “I feel that my own soul shines through when I use the colossal blade in battle, I cannot imagine using any other formalized fighting style with it. But fear not young warrior, for a combat group does not exist as a single soul. Move when you’re expected to, with each person carrying their own weight, then you shall all share the taste of victory together.”

You give a small nod as you hear Alvin’s words. “You’re right, I shouldn’t let that fact demotivate me, we all have a part to play in this. On a different topic however, would you mind if I conducted an interview on you two?”

“...Pardon?” Alvin asks.

“Explain.” Zanna states.

“Osvald’s a reporter, so he wanted me to conduct an interview of each friendly Alchemical I encounter in the city.” you reply to the both of them.

“This is not an efficient use of our time.” Zanna states.

“Sitting in here doing nothing is?” Alvin asks her.

“My anima has died down, so I shall head up to the roof and keep watch.” Zanna says standing up, only for her wrist to be grabbed by Alvin.

“Having a chance to boost camaraderie with our brothers and sisters in arms within this city is a rare thing for us in these times. Besides, if you trust Osvald so much, do you not trust that this project must serve some greater purpose as well?” Alvin asks.

“...I’ve been attempting to evaluate that, but have not reached a satisfactory conclusion in nearly 19 simulated projections of his personality so far.” Zanna replies.

You give a little shake to your head to avoid this feeling of deja vu.

“You can sense the vibrations in the building Zanna, so that alone is no excuse. Now please, sit down and lets conduct the interview, it could be an amusing way to pass time.” Alvin says to her.

“Wasting is the correct term.” Zanna says as she sits down on the ground once again in front of you.

“Great! So... Let’s start from the beginning. Why did you originally sign up for the Heptagram’s program?” you ask as you open a word document in your head to keep notes.



Gained a new expert contact, “Forestia, Eastern Goddess of War and Blades”

Gained Zanna the (Catgirl) Soulsteel and Alvin the Orichalcum Swordmaster as allies and contacts!

Gained +10 Normal XP!

Gained +10 Alchemical XP!

+1 Alchemical XP for completing Osvald’s loyalty mission!

+1 Alchemical XP for boosting relationship with Mochire!

+2 Alchemical XP for gaining two additional contacts!

Your current Normal XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 16 / 84 / 100

Your current Alchemical XP values are:

Available/spent/Total = 14 / 103 / 117
ADA recommendations:

Recommended Normal XP Purchases

- Accelerated Response System Submodule “Live Wire Writhing”: When Accelerated Response System is used and the enemy matches your defense, the attack misses. (Normally it would hit) (6 XP)

- Optical Shroud Submodule “Dynamic Cloaking Module”: Able to move at much faster speeds while cloaked, extending the range one can move while cloaked (Slow speed -> Normal Movement -> Running speed -> Any distance), in addition each additional purchase lowers the penalty of moving while cloaked by 1 (3 XP each)

- Optical Shroud submodule “Sense Countering Upgrades”: Firmware updates and layers of sound absorbing material make the sounds that come from normal operation produce far less sound overall. This third and final installation of this submodule renders the Alchemical immune to all exotic forms of sight [EX: Thermal, X-Ray, etc...] unless they come from a supernatural based source (4 XP per purchase, Essence 3 means it will need to go into a Overdrive slot)

- Omnitool Implant Submodule “Advanced Lockpicking Toolkit”: The Omnitool implant gains a series of tools that allow it to open nearly any sort of door. First an Alchemical never has to damage a door to open it. Mundane doors are automatically opened without need for a roll while against magical doors the Alchemical may always at least try. (6 XP)

- Advanced Stalker Protocols “Maximized Damage Processor”: When making an attack from stealth, up to [Appearance] threshold successes on the roll are doubled while on a decisive attack a likewise amount of threshold successes are added to the damage. That’s right, the prettier you are the harder you hit. (6 XP, Essence 3 means it requires an Overdrive slot)

- Charm “Impenetrable Repulsor Field”: If struck with an attack that does actual health level damage, you may engage a force field that ablates the damage based on initiative spent, possibly nullifying the attack completely. Alternatively, Hibiki gains the ability to parry attacks which cannot possibly be parried or gain 100% protection from attacks with arbitrarily large damage sources such as nuclear blasts or supervolcano eruptions. (10 XP including slot)

- Charm “Impact Dispersion Module”: Gain (Essence or 3, whichever is higher) Additional soak against withering attack or four hardness against decisive attacks. Basically you gain a small toughness boost. (6 XP, 10 with slot)

- Charm “Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device”: Able to make larger jumping distances trivially and without the need to roll, automatically parkour over hazardous terrain. (STRENGTH 3 REQUIRED) (10 XP including slot)

Recommended Alchemical XP Purchases

- Strength Up (5 XP per dot, maximum 5) [Suggested for Tiger Style]

- Perception/Wits Up (4 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Athletics (3 XP per dot, maximum 5)

- Dodge (3 XP per dot, maximum 5) [Suggested for Air Dragon style]

- Steel Devil Style “Triple Attack Technique” (8 XP): Upgrades Double Attack Technique, where if you gain enough successes over the opponent's defense the damage of your attack has the potential to greatly increase.

- Steel Devil Style “Seconds Between Strife” (8 XP): When making a rush towards an enemy, may convert charge into automatic successes on the rush attempt. If the Rush is successful, the charge spent on the Rush is refunded. Meaning it makes you really fast.

- Steel Devil Style “Sonic Slash” (8 XP):If the automatic move action happens due to a rush action you make activate this charm to make an immediate decisive attack in a line out to medium range with a base damage equal to your current charge. This does not reset you to base initiative. Meaning this lets you fire out wind blasts from your swords from running fast (Must know Seconds Between Strife)

- Air Dragon Style “Breath Seizing Technique” (8 XP): Steal the very breath of life from the opponent themselves. If an attack does a certain amount of damage than the opponent is faced with a penalty to all actions which can be stacked. If this penalty is higher than the opponents stamina then they begin to suffocate until they pass out. Alchemical opponents are immune to suffocation, but the penalty still remains with them.

- Air Dragon Style “Air Dragon Form” (8 XP): Surround yourself with a small personal tempest, providing small boosts to your speed and dodge. All attacks are wreathed in electricity slightly increasing damage, unarmed attacks can be made out to short range while any attacks using Chakram’s turn all aim dice into automatic successes. [Requires Breath Seizing Technique and Shrouding the Body and Mind]

- Tiger Style “Tiger Form” (8 XP): Emulate the ferocity and power of the Celestial Tiger with this form. Fight while prone at no additional penalty and have the potential to greatly increase the damage of your withering attacks in proportion to your strength and how well you rolled. Lastly, gain a speed bonus to any attempt to go faster or catch up to your opponent.

- Tiger Style “Celestial Tiger Hide” (8 XP): Decrease the amount of withering damage you take for the scene in proportion to your strength. Ranged attacks that come from Long range or further are less effective against you. Lastly decrease the raw damage of a decisive attack against you by terminating this charm. [Requires Tiger Form]

I keep forgetting this.

- Tiger Style “Iron Claw Grip” (8 XP): Pounce on an enemy and to grapple them, gaining a possible increase to the amount of turns a target can remain grappled. Targets who are grappled cannot defend against your attacks. [Requires Tiger Form]

Lastly, pick the mission for next session!

1) Locate the Missing Scientists! (Story mission) - Bell’s scientists were the ones who helped you out of the lab, but there are still many more questions left to be answered, questions which only they know. (Reward: Story progression, New main and side missions)

2) We Broadcast coast to coast! - The group has helped you defeat a massive gremlin attack, but now it's time to repay the favor and set up communication networks. (Reward: New Alchemical contacts)

3) Who wants to be a Millionaire? - Shouko has some bad news about your bank account... (Reward: Gain access to personal Resources [AKA: Money], can be done with mission 2 or 4)

4) Back In the “Family” - Mochire’s ‘family’ has a proposition for you all, one that you can’t refuse... (Reward: ???, can be done with mission 2 or 3)

5) Other - Want to do something else or in addition to the above? Drop a line and we’ll see what we can do!
Alright, firstly, what charms can be moved out of Overdrive slots at this point? Secondly, when do we increase to Essence 3?

2) We Broadcast coast to coast! - The group has helped you defeat a massive gremlin attack, but now it's time to repay the favor and set up communication networks. (Reward: New Alchemical contacts)
4) Back In the “Family” - Mochire’s ‘family’ has a proposition for you all, one that you can’t refuse... (Reward: ???, can be done with mission 2 or 3)
My second question is whether any Submodules are available for the Vision Enhancement charm and whether that charm that allows us to detect lies requires Perception 4 or 5.

Also, could sub-modules that have been partially but not completely upgrades reflect the current level that they've been upgraded to in the future for the XP/purchase screen?
>what charms can be moved out of Overdrive slots at this point?

Kinetic Acceleration Drive and Precalculated Evasion System. Optical Shroud is there until Reactor Stage 3 and Perfected Lotus Matrix is bolted there forever.

Really only Optical Shroud is using things that require it being in an Overdrive slot right now.

>when do we increase to Essence 3?


>My second question is whether any Submodules are available for the Vision Enhancement charm and whether that charm that allows us to detect lies requires Perception 4 or 5.

That's another charm actually. The vision can help but automatically detecting lies is something that is within the purview of another charm that requires Perception 4.

There are submodules for the Optical Enhancement yes, I just didn't have the word count and thought that I didn't want to overload people completely

>Also, could sub-modules that have been partially but not completely upgrades reflect the current level that they've been upgraded to in the future for the XP/purchase screen?

I can do that from now on sure.
Live Wire Writhing (16 - 6, 10)
Parabolic Leap Overcharger Device (10 - 10, 0)

Strength to 3 (14 - 5, 9)
Dodge to 5 (9 - 6, 3)
Hibiki's fangirl moment was very cute.
I like Hibiki.

Thanks! Always happy when people enjoy my work.
How much do I have to pay you for you to ERP with me as hibiki on Discord or something?

Honestly I have been meaning to set up something like a discord since that's what all the cool young kids do these days. Will probably set it up tomorrow.
You haven't answered my question though famalama.

Which one is that, I only see one post by your ID.
This one
OK, I set up a discord server even though I have no idea what I'm doing!


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