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>Ello, ello, ello, ladies and gents! I'm back from hiatus to start a new quest think I had thinking of a new story related scenario. I won't tell you what it is yet, it's top secret. But it is possible that as the quest continues on, you will find what idea of a plot would be. Alright then, let's start the story!

So, you are doing homework early before you went to school, is that right? You had a project to do before the deadline on a Wednesday with your buddies.

But as you had finished your homework before running out the door to start the day simple and clean, something was glowing through the mirror.

Will you check this unexpected glowing on the mirror before heading out to school?
Jump out the window
Very well. You open the window and jump off in fear and fell down to the garbage bags.

Roll a D12 to land safely from your escape.

If the number was over 5 you will not be hurt in the process.

If not, you will take either 3 or 6 HP from the fall.
>God-Tier Chan is waiting, hehehe.
Is it dead?
Rolled 7 (1d12)

Sure, I'll bite
You have successfully landed on the trash bags without any damage.

After you had a trash landing, you picked up your backpack and your homework and headed to school on time.

In order to continue the quest you need 4 character sheets to create 4 characters, 2 are for males while the other 2 are for females.

Backstories are optional if you feel like adding more life to the character.
>God-Tier Chan will be waiting to check on the character sheets. ;-)
Do you want that in the form of D&D 5e sheets?
That's fine.
Okay then, I will get started on a few.
Any progress on the character sheets yet?
Yeah. Just want to make sure, level 1 or 0? Also, any classes?
Level 1 would be good. You should put them in nomad for right now, they don't have a class til later on, think (possibly) the job mechanics of Ragornok Online.
Okay, so the online resource I was using isn't cooperating, and I have never played Ragnarok Online, so I will need a bit more time.
Okay then, I was thinking of experimenting with the class thing for the characters. I think that, if a character reached level 3, they will choose the basic classes like warrior, hunter, mage, priest, etc. But as they progress to level 10 and beyound, they will choose a more advanced class to that selected basic class.
5e currently works in that you have the class at level 1, and once you reach 3 you choose a specialization (i.e. Rogues choose between Thief, Assassin, and Arcane Trickster in the base books).
Wow, I did not know that. So now I have a change of plan (This one is simple.) just pick any classes if you feel like it. Is it alright?
I have no idea what's going on. Being asked for character sheets for characters we have yet to be introduced to, for an undefined probably-modern grade school setting, with no specified game system, is a bit confusing.

I mean, I could just use some quick random character generators to throw up some random character sheets. Say, Maid RPG, Accidental Magical Girl CYOA, Warhammer Fantasy, and Cthulhu d20. Those probably wouldn't work for what you're looking for, though. I assume, anyway.
>I think you are right, I feel this is unnecessary. So let's get going and forget the character sheet needs.

You have arrived at the school, where your friends are waiting for you to make a project on genetics at the science lab.

"Hey there, friend!" your male friend said to you, "What you have been there?"

"Yeah, we've been waiting there for 2 minutes since school started." Girl #1 said.

"You are a little late there, friend." Girl #2 said "But no worries, we got this under control there."

"So would you help work on the genetics project with us?" your friend asked.
>If you spotted any grammar errors, then I am very sorry for the mistake.
>God Tier Chan is ready for responses! :3
>Look, I'm sorry that I use that pointless idea of requiring a Character Sheet to continue the story. I hear your complaints, Anon and I had listened to you. I apologize for that mistake.
>Is it dead, Again?
I'll bite.
>Sure I'll help
"Great!" Your friend said, "Because we have an interesting study that we are doing for a project."

"But I will tell you one favor for you." Girl #1 said, "You won't tell anyone about our project until the due has happened on Wednesday."

"Do you sware to god you won't tell anybody?" Girl #2 asked.
>God Tier Chan waits for responses til the morning comes.
>God-Tier Chan wakes up, ready for responces!
>Since there are no responses, I will continue the quest from there.

"Um... Yeah?" you replied.

"Alright, friend." Girl #2 said, "But first, have a seat so we can talk about our secret project that we are working on."

You walked to the table and sat one of the empty chairs, "Okay then, shoot." you said to them.

"Alright, now here's a thing here." your friend started, "We have experimentation on Body Hijacking, which we are working on for genetics."

"Oh, that's interesting." you said.

"Very." Girl #2 Stated, "You see, we have a theory that if someone's brain like saying the one person attacking the one-half while the other (the victim) have the other."

"If someone was trying to take over the entirety of the brain, it may result in losing control of your body to the person that was trying to get in." Girl #1 added.

"However," Your friend continued, "If the person has the one-half, it may also lead to losing control to your body in a 50/50 chance of happening as also your emotions. Even if the person has gained full control of the brain and the body."

"So, what did you think about our project?" Girl #1 asked.
>I am now waiting for responses
>The Quest is officially shit. Rebooting the quest now.

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