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Welcome to the first official Communist Flying Elves Civ thread.

You are elves of several varieties of color living harmoniously in a communist society on a large floating island.

In the first thread your people learned how to domesticate tHe local apex predator, the mega Falcon. Deciding that this was a brilliant idea, you trained enough MegaFalcons for your entire population of 220.

However the carnivorous Falcon s eat like gluttons and your people were facing a crisis of diminishing food reserves. You eventually solved this crisis through expanding to a northern floating island with plentiful wildlife and learning to magically grow and manipulate plants.

The Northern half of the northern island was dominated by an immense lake continuously spilling over the edge of the island in to the clouds below. After some strange sightings your people investigated and found the lake to be an ancient town submerged by water [elementals] who were once kept captive there. After assuring them you had no intention of forcing them back into slavery the [elementals] lazily accepted you as neighbors.

Later your scouts were sent to explore the eastern direction. They reported a large island formed almost entirely of craggy mountains, and a plume of smoke issuing from /below/ the clouds.

Choosing to investigate the trail of smoke your people were startled to find that there is a vast ocean dotted with islands below the cloud layer. The smoke was riding from a damaged ship larger than any building in either of your villages. After helping to put out the fire that was burning their ship you met the Human race. Specifically you met captain Roderick of the Spirit of Adventure.

The captain has informed you that his people sail across the ocean by steering close to islands dominated by [celestials] while steering away from those infested with [demons]. Apparently these two races are in a near constant war. A nearby island has been overrun by [demons] who are the cause of the damage to the Spirit's sails.

The good captain has paid you in [money] and a promise to teach you of his language if you will help him clear the island of demons so his crew can make lasting repairs. A deal to which you have agreed.

File: 1470860979519.jpg (575 KB, 1162x1500)
575 KB
575 KB JPG
On the ocean below the Spirit of Adventure seems to be having a more difficult time as the storms are much more severe near the ocean. Work on the ship has ground to a halt as she can barely maintain her position in the torrential rains. Without the aid of your greensingers and craftsmen it is uncertain if the repairs could be completed at all. After a weeks worth of work however the ship is in much better shape. As the storms lessen from apocalyptic to merely severe the crew expresses their gratitude by swapping stories with your craftsmen. Some few of the rough sailors speak a form of elven even rougher than the captain's and between this and plenty of hand gestures communication is possible.

The captain seems very favorably impressed both with your assistance, and gifts. He takes the time to introduce your people to his ships [priest] a dour looking bald man who seems intensely unhappy at the current situation.

Despite his unhappiness the [priest] takes time every day that week to travel back with your returning craftsmen. He seems no happier about flying than captain Roderick was, but for some reason insists. Every evening for several hours he teaches your community his language, and reads to them from a large metal bound book. His pedantic lectures are mostly unintelligible to you people, but he claims they are of vital importance.

While this occurs, an incident of a far more sinister nature happens in the North.

Several of your foraging elves are approached by water [elementals] asking them for help. After some explaining it seems that three of their children have gone missing. The [elementals] don't seems nearly as concerned as an even parent would be, but for the normally passive race to have proactively asked for assistance is highly unusual.

Several days later your longest eared sages are utterly shocked by a presentation from Caslaa Fire-Brow.

It seems he has not only kidnapped three of the water [elemental] children, but he has found a way to kill one. He claims to have used the child's soul orb to make radical advancements in magic. As his peers watch stunned at his announcement and actions he produces water from thin air and forms it into all manner of shapes before flinging the mass as a storm of razor sharp ice shards at a target.

He claims greater revelations to come.
He seems convinced that the [elementals] are a threat to everyone.

>ask where he has the children
>apprehend him for his crimes
>praise his research
>kill him here and now
>allow him to teach others of his wonders
>ask him how he harmed the [elementals]

Winter begins in
>4 turns

Literacy and human fluency
>2 turns

Flight school completed

Choose 1

>military training (basic)
>extended range (advanced)
>improved beast mastery (basic for megafalcons)

>research magic
>research tech
>write in

Current status incoming.
Please forgive any delays or misspellings, I am at work on my phone.
>Ask where he has the children
>Apprehend him for his crimes
We can hand him off to the elementals and let them do as they please.

>Military training
Need some fight skills

>Research magic

Do we even have proper places to store our food?
No you have no ability to preserve food aside from the labor intensive task of having a greensinger keep the food fresh.


>abundant food
>abundant wood
>250 [gold] beads of human [money]

>218 elves
>218 Mega Falcons


>basic woodworking
>green sung woodworking
>winter clothes
>elaborate wood joining and expert carpentry
>bows and arrows
>basic cured hides

>beast mastery allows you to take and bond with wild animals, wild animals bonded to an elf have all around higher stats.

>greensinging allows you to manipulate plants and accelerate their growth.

>lol 0 water magic: basic manipulation


You have diplomatic contact with

>water elemental in the lake on a northern island


>an unknown human group with access to very advanced seafaring

Winter begins in

>4 turns
You also have the magical ability to camouflage yourselves with your surroundings
Oh then we should build food storages instead of researching magic.
So this >>690853
But without the researching magic and instead building safe places to store our food.
The Caslaan mage proudly replies to your initial questioning with a long lecture on his observations of [elemental] physiology. He concludes eventually that "lack of proximity to an elemental's key element causes rapid and varied vibrations within the subject's primary focus point preventing proper utilization of existing thaumaturgic energies".

After five tense more minutes as some of your tribe's hunters gather around the mage finally concludes that he has sequestered the subjects in an impromptu best and lab on the northern side of the main island.

He offers to take some of his esteemed colleagues there for a "demonstration".

>decline and arrest him immediately
Please let them not be mentally shattered.
The best of your Caslaan mages and researchers agree to follow him to his hidden lab.

A short flight later reveals a natural cave in the underside of the northern face of of your main island. The cave is positioned such that even the current rains don't really make it inside due to the sharp overhang.

Inside the cave the rough stone floor is dotted with the occasional puddle of dark aquamarine liquid which Fire-Grow dismisses as "nothing like real blood at all".

Further in are three large rocks no doubt dragged here by the man's Mega Falcon.

A falcon who languidly rests at the back of the simple room.

Upon one of the rocks a small struggling water elemental fights to free itself from bonds made of roots. The last two rocks are covered in the shining aquamarine substance that passes for elemental blood. A carefully grown cage hangs over the middle table with a bright glowing orb inside.

Caslaa Fire-grow immediately begins lecturing his peers on the process of extracting these "soul orbs".
>your people have gained an understanding of the principals of wizardry lvl 0

Eventually the nascent water mage suggests a "practical demonstration". Opening his simple hide bag he removes various crude green sung hooks and probes.

Lamenting his lack of proper tools he begins walking toward the still living [elemental] child. The child goes from an agitated struggle into outright alarm losing all semblance of form and tossing about like a wild ocean. Try as it might however the young creature lacks the strength to break it's bonds.

>watch the demonstration
>stop the demonstration with violence
>try to convince the wizard to leave with you
>Approach the wizard while asking questions. When we get close enough subdue.
Yeah let not experiment upon kidnapped children from foreign race.
The original thread is imminently going to call off the board, I am currently too busy to archive it. Any chance you could do me a favor?

Update soon.

Much appreciated. My job is trying to kill me. Update inbound regardless
Also please roll 1d100, best of three rolls please
Rolled 100 (1d100)

File: download (16).jpg (4 KB, 176x140)
4 KB
Damn. Knife-ears4lyfe.
Caslaan Fire-brow is only too eager to answer your inquiries. At length. At great length. Every time you draw near to grab him before he can cast something though he flails wildly with his implements unwittingly keeping you at bay. Then he begins pacing. In between his somewhat racist non sequitur on why elemental s aren't really people, which hinges largely on their lack of real ears, and involved magical theories his Mega Falcon actually goes to sleep.

Seconds later the man slips on a puddle of elemental blood and drops his tools. Your most promine t beast master keeps the Mage' s companion asleep as he is hauled away ranting incoherently.

You are left with an odd laboratory, a child elemental, and a glowing orb of solid magic.
sorry, will pick this up again tomorrow evening since my job wants me dead
Just as a note your critical success saved the lives of your best researchers, prevented him from going full mad wizard, allowed you to take him alive, AND saved the child's life, so y'know good job.

>rudimentary magic laboratory gained

Working quickly your researchers free the young [elemental] from its makeshift prison. He, or it rather, seems to immediately calm down acting for all the world like his life wasn't just in mortal peril. Any elven child would be terrified by such an ordeal.

One of your people noticed a large hide bag, no doubt used to transport the children. It could be used to take the child back.

>return the child to its home lake
>out the child in the river near your home village
>kill the child for its soul orb
>fly the child down to the ocean below
>see if you can use the lab to allow the child to live on land
>keep the child imprisoned here for later

There is also the matter of the harvested soul orb. Careful study indicates it won't last forever, you have perhaps a month or two before it dissipates into ambient energy.

>use the orb to learn water magic (DC 30)
>steal the Speak All Languages spell from the orb (DC 60)
>use the orb to learn druidic magic (DC 50)
>use the orb to perform a massive feat of magic (what?)
>save the orb for later
>return the orb to the elementals
>shove the orb into the child

In the main village your people begin constructing a building to store food in. You know that cold makes food keep longer, and the sages among your people gather to discuss ways that this process could be improved.

You will build the storage room

>out of regular wood (3 turns)
>from a natural cave (2 turns)
>of green sung wood (4 turns)


Roll 1d100 for food preservation

Your hunters have been busy themselves this month. Both the young and old are taught techniques for fighting from the back of a mega Falcon falcon and how to act in concert to achieve goals.

>you can now deploy mega Falcons as units instead of rabble or mobs.

>basic military units available

Your people still see this as more of a hunting tool than anything else though.
Rolled 26 (1d100)

>Return the child to it home lake
Ask them if they want the orb.
Don't want to use it and realize they want it back.

>Out of regular wood
Decent tier wooden storage.

And rolling for food preservation.
Rolls are best of three... so you can keep going

I will never have lots of readers
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Welcome to qst
Rolled 33 (1d100)

Where shit rolls flow freely
As the autumnal rain storms slacked off and the Sun emerges the elves begin further preparations for winter.

Unfortunately for them, their sages have no idea how to preserve the food they gather.

The water [elementals] are pleased with the return of their child, but seem ambivalent about the orb, and surprisingly about the perpetrator!

It seems the elemental have a clearly unelven level of tolerance. The mind boggles to think what horrors must have driven them to flood the valley that is now their home.

>gained water elemental soul orb

>diplomatic relation with water elementals improved.

End of turn

Would you like to use the orb, and if so how?
Keep it
>use the orb to learn water magic (DC 30)
I say we go for the low-hanging fruit here since we're unlikely to get any more.
Winter begins in
>3 turns

With the repairs to his ship finished, and his crew rested from their previous fight captain Roderick informs you that he intends to take advantage of the lull in the storms to clear out the demonic infestation.

Your leaders are invited to attend,a planning meeting, but when they arrive they find the captain and priest engaged in an argument over one of the human's maps. Unfortunately your people can'tunderstand them when they speak so quickly.

The priest seems inclined to continue, he is clearly very invested in the subject. Roderick however holds up his hands in a forestalling feature and switches to his rapidly improving elven for the meeting.

After formally and politely greeting you he explains that there is some contention about where to use his crew in the coming battle.

He assures you that he and his men will share equally in the danger of the battle regardless of other concerns. This statement earns him a glare from the older holy man and sparks another argument. This time however their exchange is a mere sentence or two before the captain returns to the matter at hand.

He says that they identified a bay in which they can safely berth their ship if required, and that the lay of this island is well known to them due to being used as a stopover when it was held by [celestials]. The captain seems certain that not much will have changed. What he wants to know is what part your [troops] (hunting parties perhaps?) Can play in the assault.

>As much help as you can, you will fight alongside the human's shoulder to shoulder

>ranged support only, you will bolster their assault from behind

>aerial support, you will fly by and pick off hard targets and prevent flanking


Also action

>research magic
>research tech

Consensus? Other votes?

World info incoming while waiting for loyal posters.

Also searching through communist propaganda is hilarious by modern standards.

Loyalty is rewarded comrades!

And other phrases that would have gotten me arrested in the cold war.
>aerial support, you will fly by and pick off hard targets and prevent flanking

Who would you like to talk to and what are you trying to achieve?
>aerial support

>research tech

How about researching aerial combat tech? We can use it to prepare for the battle. It's also reasonable in the long run, because it seems like war might happen again in the future and we need every advantage we can get.

Seconding water magic.
Please roll 1 d100 best of three rolls DC 30
Rolled 1 (1d100)

By the way, just read the last thread. I want to change my Elemental orb vote to get Druidic magic instead.
Rolled 68 (1d100)

fuck i love your style of writing, german guy here so this time is perfect to attend quests for me

>aerial support

Oh good I get to write about disasters

Or not.

One more roll please, your current results will get you

>basic level water magic

>the ability to speak any language

>upgrading either beast mastery or greensinging to druidic magic

Please pick one. Upgrading beast mastery will result in more combat oriented druidic magic, greensinging will evolve into more environmental effecting druidic magic. Merging the two eventually results in true druidic magic.

> learn a different elemental branch (DC 80)

You would be banking on your last roll.
This seems like a good time to mention that you have three heroic individuals

>Erashia Swift-runner

Clan Erashia is an extremely minor hunting clan of pale elves. It is notable mostly for never having had any of its clan killed by wild animals.

These days this clan is gaining prominence as the foremost beastmasters of your people. Erashia Swift-runner is undisputedly the strongest beast master among her clan. She is in large part responsible for the domestication of your tribe's mega Falcons, and is strong enough to prevent a nest of forty odd starving Falcon s from eating her for several days.

She likes long flights l, especially flights that challenge her and her falcon in some way.

She has repeatedly refused to form a mating bond despite many offers. Popular opinion is that she finds most of the men around her lacking.

>Caslaa Wind-Song

This. Stunningly beautiful elf is the star of your most prominent clan. She has mastered the art of greensinging, and basic water manipulation. without murdering children.

Admired both for her forward thinking, and beautifully long ears she was much sought after by potential mates.

Bowing to the needs of her people she has chosen the longest eared suitor she could. Your people do not have the concept of celebrity or monarchy, but if they did Wind-Song and her mate would be no more revered than they are now.

This does nothing to comfort the mage as she detests her mate and so is often absent on one project or another.

>Caslaa Fire-Brow
As a make tan elf of only moderate ear length Fire-brow has always had to work harder to earn the recognition taken for granted by his peers.

His name comes from a nearly fatal incident during his naming ceremony. While waiting in a tree for his quarry during a storm he was struck by lightning.

Weeks later when it was apparent he would survive the elders of his clan named him in honor of the event.

His mate was one of the divers sent into the northern lake. He has an extreme dislike of elementals.
OP, is it possible to use Druidic Greensinging to maintain spring-like conditions in an area through the winter, to grow plants indoors or to create fruits and vegetables that can grow despite the cold?
You can use greensinging druidry to mitigate the effects of winter.
greensinging regarding creating new form of plants/trees which could have defense mechanisms against intruders
That is possible, but would be a very long project.

Additionally, your positioning makes it impossible for most races to attack you.

The only ones who negate that are harpies and air elemental s.

Magic and tech could be used to teach you, but no one who could has any reason to yet.

And even if they did, the standard DC for ranged combat with bows is a fucking 10.

The fact that attacking your settlement is suicide factored heavily into the argument

Sorry for the sporadic updates, I am working on a project. More punctual updates and maps later. As always your patience is greatly appreciated.
You tell the captain that you will act as aerial support for his crew. The priest seems disgruntled and begins to lecture captain Roderick. For his part the captain simply laughs the older man's concerns away. After an obvious placating sentence in Human Roderick continues with the planning.

He claims that the only buildings of relevance on the island are the docks and temple. The docks need to be taken so his crew can make lasting repairs to the ship. The temple will house the demon' s leader. Roderick uses the word [God] to describe their leader, a choice that even further upsets his priest. Your people find it strange that the word should seem offensive, after all you have often heard the bald man use the word in his lectures. A younger Caslaan planner asks in his meager Human why this word upsets him so. The question prompts a bark of laughter from the captain, and the rehearsal of some of his book-poetry from the priest.

When the lecture has at length ended the captain asks if you would prefer to focus on the docks or the temple.

He informs you that he will be overseeing clearing the area around the dock and it's village, and the priest will be taking a larger group of troops to deal with the temple several miles inland.

The priest (whose name is Raza) claims that time is of the essence, and that demons are very powerful magic users and deadly in close combat.

>focus on the docks and village

>focus on the temple

>split your forces between the two

>handle both, but one at a time. (Choose which goes first)
The consensus for this turn seems to be researching tech.

What type of technology would you like to develop?

Votes are also split between

>learn water magic


>develop druidic magic

Your current high roll of 68 is enough for either. Taking the first three votes in the next three hours....

Since this is /qst/ I may have to settle for the first vote.
Rolled 68 (1d100)

Sorry for the sporadic replies OP. I'll keep playing if you still want to run.

Let's split our forces, but focus on the docks. We'll regroup at the temple once the docks are secured.

Learn druidic magic and research food preservation tech.
I will always run. Always.

Give around half an hour to get out of the office, then updates
Both the preist and captain accept your decision on where to send your forces. The captain appreciates you assisting what he says will be a rough landing, and Raza seems confident in his abilities.

Neither of the men know the extent of your combat prowess. The fact the every elf is trained in the use of bows is something they never thought to inquire about. It is clear from the markers they place on their map that they expect you to bring perhaps 50 or 70 hunters.

>say nothing, bring only your best shots

>correct them, bring every able bodied elf (around 200)

>correct them, bring every hunter (around 120)

>other (write in)

In your glorious homeland above efforts to prepare for winter succeed fantastically.

Dernor Nimble-Fingers comes back with some human secrets of food preservation! Your hunted food can now be dried out to last much longer!

The process is also adapted for the Fruit from your orchard. Supplies are being hastily converted for the encroaching winter.

>food stores: adequate

Much debate is had over the soul orb. Caslaan sages study the device day and night in hopes of advancing your people's understanding of magic and the world around them. Each safe has a pet theory, each pundit has his own vision. Every one of them is convinced that his or her vision for the future is the true path for your people. In this fashion the debate is mired for weeks, intil late one night Caslaa Wind-Song walks from her dwelling in a trance. Shortly after entering the holding area of the orb there is a pulse of power that awakens everyone in the village, and reputedly several on the northern isle. When Wind-Song emerges she is somehow different. There is a wider acceptance of things to be seen in her eyes and wildflowers tend to bloom where she has tread. Despite the cold temperatures preceding winter your green sung orchard is in full bloom.

>1/2 of druidic magic obtained.

In his cell Calsaa Fire-Brow wishes to make a plea for his freedom.

(Your people have never needed a death penalty... And there has been much debate as to what to do with the criminal)

>hear him out

>let him rot

>have him killed
Let's send the every able-bodied elf, but let the hunters do most of the actual fighting. The rest is to assist the hunters in any way they can and rescue any wounded troops.

Fire-brow can wait. Let's hear him out later.
The elven community has no time for the ravings of a mad elf! Every man and woman over their naming rites is to be armed and placed under the direction of veteran hunters.

Your people, already used to sacrificing for the common good, are remarkably accepting of this idea and readily acquiesce to military instruction.

By the time all is said and dome almost two hundred elves are armed with bow and arrow, and your veteran hunters have been armed with superior green sung versions of the same.

As your flock of nearly two hundred MegaFalcons descends from above you darken the sky above the Human ship. The crew stares in awe at the sight, and their spirits seem much lifted. Heartened to the task at hand the crew works at a fever pitch to be ready for the assault.

eventually all is prepared. Your landing force consists of:

85 Human Mariners in Good Quality Leather Armor, Wielding Good Quality Crossbows and Good Quality Steel short swords

Average HP: 8
Melee base dc: 40
Ranged base dc: 40

25 Human Acolytes in Good Quality Heavy steel armor, Wielding Good Quality Maces.

Human Acolytes can perform Light based holy magic.

Average HP: 12
Base Melee dc: 35
Base Ranged dc: 60
Base Magic dc: 40

195 MegaFalcon Riders

average hp: 15
Base ranged dc:10
Base Melee dc: 70

The human leaders seem to be utterly floored by the number of troops you have brought with you. After some brief logistics discussions several cadre of your fliers are delegated to retrieving the wounded.

As the turbulent skies boil above your heads with the promise of impending rain your people fly for the first time into the altogether deadlier storm of war.

maps eventually incoming.

thanks for sticking it out today, I had intended regular updates as the day went on, but life had to be lived.
File: Demon Island.png (360 KB, 1781x1816)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
well.... here is my incredibly shitty and late map.

feel free to laugh at it, and deride my non-existent skills in cartography.

The Spirit of adventure approaches from the south at a pace that seems glacial to your people who are used to soaring through the sky.

Eventually however the island looms into view. Aside from the utter absurdity of an island floating in water you notice two thick columns of black smoke coming from somewhere further inland. As the smoke rises into the sky it caresses the skin of nonexistent, or perhaps invisible creatures of strange providence. Here a claw outlined as it sinks into another limb, there a portion of a strange many angled face. With each sighting and each mile traveled towards the island your people grow more unsteady and restless. Only the iron command of your beastmasters prevents your bonded falcons from fleeing this clearly evil place.

The human crew seems to be equally affected, muttering to themselves in their strange language and making various signs with their hands.

The priest Raza interrupts his preparations below deck to confront the nervous warriors.

His speech is rousing, heartfelt, and almost completely incomprehensible to your people.
A few of the quicker diplomats among your people have learned enough of the Human language to translate for the rest of you, but they warn you that many of the concepts the priest is talking about are very foreign to your people.

>have his words translated as best you may

>wait until the holy man has finished to address your own troops

>interrupt the priest by asking [What does the Captain have to say?]


I cannot promise more regular updates tomorrow, but I will do my best to be available for questions.
Don't put yourself down OP, the map is great! Don't worry about updating speed either. Take your time.

>wait until the holy man has finished to address your own troops
(I hope you don't mind that I wrote them a speech. I spent way too much time on this. I think I am getting too invested in our little elf tribe .___. )

"My beloved fellow elves,
Our home is a beautiful and living land. It has been kind to us. It has given us peace and safety for so long. We have been blessed with bountiful harvests, astonishing magic, strong and loyal companions, and perhaps the most important blessing of all, that our children can run around safe, happy and carefree.

No, this is not our home, but when I stand here, feeling these biting winds on my face and and seeing those dark and twisted clouds, it's hurting my heart. How could anyone treat their land like this? How can a place feel so ...wrong? And like any other rider would agree, I try to trust my falcons instincts whenever I can, so when she is restless and wants to fly away that's what I want to do as well. But we can't do that now. We can't turn our heads, look away and pretend we didn't see this. These demons are torturing this island. It makes me shiver. It makes me angry.

I know that hearts of each and every elf here has always been with the tribe, and no elf will rest safely knowing that wicked forces are amassing right beneath the clouds. Our isle might be safe up there for now, but who knows where the demons will head to next. So, my fellow elves, know that it's not with a light heart that I go into this battle, but with fierce determination. This is our chance to liberate this place from evil. Together with the humans, we will fight to heal this wounded island and ensure a better future for all of us."

Let's talk our diplomats about the priest's speech after the battle. We might have to look into religion if it has any useful applications or benefits. Even if there are gods to worship it would be a bit late to ask for their attention and assistance now, right before a battle.
friend, I had a terrible day today.

then I got home. And this speech was waiting for me.

Now I've been known to DM a game or two, and from time to time a player will want to make a speech.

I remember fondly the rousing speeches when defeat seemed certain, and with no small measure of embarrassment some of the more fumbled variety.

This is the best damn speech I've seen in quite some time.

Update incoming.
As the Spirit of adventure draws nearer to the shore, your leaders words fill your people with renewed courage and determination. Sensing the resolve flowing through their bond your giant predatory friends calm down enough that order can be maintained among your ranks.

As the distant pier draws into view you see... humans?

several score human men stand near the waters edge, aimlessly casting nets into the water and pulling them in. Even to your untrained eyes the men cannot be accomplishing anything of note.

As you stare at the sight one of the fishers manages to catch a fish purely by luck. Holding the creature in his hand he waves the other fishermen over calling to them in a voice made tiny by distance.

After all of the men have gathered they stare uncomprehendingly at the still wriggling fish. With a sudden movement the man who caught the fish lunges downward and bites through the creature's skull and face. As part of the fish's brain slides down his chin he cackles exultantly, waving the fish to and fro. In a frenzy of motion all of the men begin lunging at the fish who is torn to shreds in an instant.

As the crew puts small boats into the water to row ashore the sunken, somehow hollow eyes of the soulless creatures turn to regard your group in much the same way they stared at the fish.

At Captain Roderick's urging you are requested to fly ahead and clear the beach for the crew to land.

>shoot the men from the air

>Have your falcons lift them into the air and drop them

>Drop onto them from the backs of your falcons and kill them in Melee

>write in


>roll 1d100

Welcome to demons[\spoiler]
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Oh shit, that's actually scary.

>write in
Split in two groups, one larger than the other.

Let's start with arrows. The larger group starts firing at the demons, to take out as many as possible. If they have mostly human-like physiology that should do the trick, but hey these are demons so who knows what they can take.

If there are any demons still standing after the initial volley of arrows, they will most likely have fixed their attention on the archers. So now the smaller group can dive in from behind, lift the demons into the air and drop them on the ground.

Repeat if necessary.
By the way, sorry to hear about your shitty day, LongEars.
I'll try to write more speeches in the future then!

Since we're on page 9 and auto-saging, I took the liberty to archive the thread.
Thanks, this too shall pass.

New thread tomorrow or friday if my work permits.

As always thanks for reading

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