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This is a one shot quest and im also bored...lets have some light hearted plot here anyway enjoy the quest /qst/-anons

In the deep night of metropolis Tokyo lies men in suits walking around their supposedly called "territory" patrolling for any kind of troublemaker that winds up on the area. Whether to test their courage, prove themselves or just want to be killed. Either way nobody cares about them as long as they have to settle their fights outside their own property.

You have been on the car for 15 minutes fidgeting on how this meeting would turn out to be. An arranged meeting between the two biggest yakuza clans is going to happen and your Boss is one of them. Your boss though lightning his own cigarillo without a care in it's world who is pissed and want to just get over with. After several minutes later the car stops at the entrance on a 5 star hotel. You quickly get off the car to open it for the boss. Then the two of you quickly go inside press the elevator up to the highest floor where the two will meet.

Your boss seem noticed your sweaty nervous expression at your face but then again you don't know why he wants you to be his right hand man.

"Don't worry, this isn't like the first time where we shoot people"

So much for his joke, it doesn't help at all. But still you feel you should say something about your boss

>I would appreciate if i just guard the front door boss
>S-sorry i'll try to be strong one more time
>Do you need any backup or would you just like me to guard to door, Boss?
If you have a gun, shoot the guy. Make a power-play for his position. Also, is this highest roll wins or group consensus?
Rolled 52 (1d100)

I'll assume dice roll...
group consensus for now but i'm open for suggetion though

Despite his remark you're still his 2nd in command, his right hand man....for better or for worse you just have to stomach it and breeze through it.

Sounds easy to do it.

"Do you need any back-up or would you just like me to guard to door Boss?"

"Well since this between the two of us on that room, i would be a lot safer with you with me"

"Then i'll delegate 3 others to accompany us inside the room and 2 more outside in case any of them try something funny. And 4 outside from outlying skyscraper if any sniper outside...well despite we're 150 floor above"

"HAHAHAHA!! This is why i like you boy, your paranoia is reeking that your security measures has a merit on his own"

I just swear my boss really likes to exaggerate out of my actions just for him.

The elevator then opens revealing a hallway and a gold double doors. There are no guards whatsoever but 5 of your goons is right outside. You instructed 2 of them to guard the elevator side and the door side while the 3 of them accompany the boss behind with you on front. You also radio the driver outside for any snipers but none so far. Having checked all possible security lapses you open the double door and one of the yakuza boss sits down on some big round table with a whiskey and a couple of papers in front of him.

So making a dramatic entrance eh Yamagata? The 2nd biggest yakuza smirked with his glass handle it like some every antagonist movie you ever saw. Probably a cliche one too.

"Nah i like to take it easy, it's good for the health. You should try it too Kazuki"

"Fortunately i have to pass but please sit down so we can finish this business early"

Your boss sits on opposite side of the table with you beside him standing up scanning in front of your view. There are also guards behind him 5 behind him. All in all 7 people including the boss.

"So Kazuki, is this about that incident where 12 of your people suddenly disappeared? I thought we have settled that?"

"No this isnt how my god damn peons but this is about our 'continued relationship' Yamagata. It seems that your guys is butting off my business making some of my contacts and my buyers shifted into your market and i don't like it one bit"

"Hey no offense Kazuki but i don't have any control over my men, to be honest i just let them do whatever they do as long as they put money on my desk and everything will be ok"

"Yamagata please enough with the jokes"

Tensions are high and clearly your starting to sweat here. Probably you have something to say about this situation?

>What you should say anyway?
>You know how business is run Yamagata. You don't just send your men out into the streets like rabid dogs. Now do my boss a favor and start taking this seriously.
Seemingly unamused from the face from Kazuki really gives you the willies but then again this is part of your job and that job is to talk someone other than trashtalking...or you just like to make yourself feel better by talking to bigwigs just to see how important you are.

"Really Boss i'm really aware of our men that sometimes they're out of hands but please Kazuki-sama we dont expect us to give them a leash...unless you need to provide one.

Now you done it, instead of making a very light and easy way to ease the tension but you instead put more gas on a fire. They will not leave it down i swear.

"AHAHAHAHAHA hear that Kazuki...unless you provide us a leash we may reel them in and have them disciplined". We may give some money as an added compensation for the lost buyers of yours."

Kazuki in his seat brimming with anger in his eyes but all you do is look away. But now to think of it where is the 5 guys behind Kazuki?

Suddenly your paranoia levels are at all time high. Your instinct tells you that something is going on.

Best you should

>Scan the area (Roll 1d100)
>Wait and see how this will turn out
>Boss i think we're done here
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Scan the area
currently on mobile now will write after i gone home for now i'll use this trip

you immediately look at Kazuki surroundings, there's a door on both far sides where 5 of them are there earlier. There is also a similar doors behind you. They may probably do something funny. As your Boss Yamagata and Kazuki seems to be in heated argument....or you could say business talks you may need extra precaution.

>call your driver. he may see something out from the glass on your floor
>call the guy over the door outside/elvator and scout the area
>call the guy with you behind and enter the door on far side behind you
>Ask Kazuki-sama about the doors
>call the guy over the door outside/elvator and scout the area
>call your driver. he may see something out from the glass on your floor
just wanna let you know that im interested in this and ill join in once the op gets back
safety first you leave them with their 'business' talks you want a status check to confirm report on their post.

"Entrance here nothing out of ordinary"

"Driver here nothing to report, there are no snipers according to our lookout excpet there are 3 guys on your floor probably playing cards or something. Will report for any unsuspecting activity"

"Elevator here we got problem...the door jammed and locked and from the looks of it this need a card key. Please excercise caution, ill guard this place"

Now you need to-

"You really want to start a war Yamagata?"

"No Kazuki, i present you an option that would beneficial to both of us and yet you always turn it down implying it would be of some advantageous to me"

You tapped his shoulder twice then he nods.

"If we have nothing to talk about then i should leave"

"It was a regretful and utter waste of time Yamagata"

Your boss turned around with a venomous glare of his.

"No you wasted MY time...I hope you're not stalling for something"

You immediately open the door and exit the room. "Kazuki is a dirty tactician. Be wary of him."

As you walk down the hallway immediately the lights go off and your paranoia levels raised on the highest level that you pushed him down amd true to your instict. Guns blazing through the hallway. Your guards immediately open fire at the unknown assailant.

Based on your surroundings there are only 2 possible areas where he could be, up or down below the hallway.

>Your Equipment
>Glock 45 Pistol
>Stun Gun
>Flashbang 1x
>Smoke Grenade 1x

What should you do?

>Write your possible action with your equipment above and roll 1d100 for success rate

ill update it as long as there will be players...i might be slow but ill update it. also it would be nice if you have suggestions too. and sorry im currently on mobile
Rolled 58 (1d100)

>Glock 45 Pistol

shoot our gun, and call our men. Let them know whats up. Call our snipers to put down enemy yakuza trying to escape the building.
You quickly nab your Glock and shoot shere the muzzle flash is. Meanwhile you order you driver to snipe any enemy yakuza that would try to exit or any reinforcement that will come in.

"Driver here ill order them to snipe any enemies that try to exit but there are civillians. It would be hard to....shit hotel power is down. Ill go to generator room and turn the power on."

Feeling that something so dark you cant see in your front you manage to radio your group to slowly crawl their way out.

"Elevator here we have the staircase but i guess were going down 150 floors"

>Crawl your way to the stairs
>Wait for driver to turn the power back on
gonna sleep for now keep with the votes and ill update it first thing in the morning.
>Crawl your way to the stairs
draw Kodachi in one hand pistol in another.
Lead the way.
you radio your men around you to crawl to the stairs. With 2 on point and your boss in between. The three of you cover his rear firing at the darkness and muzzle flash. You swaer you hit something but that's god, one less annoying guy to take care of. You draw that kodachi in case someone try to cut you down with their katana. After 10 agonizing minutes of crawling you have been save grace where the elevator guard is standing behind the door to the emergency stairs. With emergency lights turned on which is pretty late probably your driver doing this you managed to regroup now.

"Well we need to go down 20 floors then go to opposite side of this building and go down 20 until we reach ground floor, we may encounter enemy but that is expected."

Well shit this isnt good at all but then again, none of your previous encounter hasn't gone good in these past few months.

Yamagata clearly frustated in this situation "We don't need to go down 150 floors when we could get to the rooftop and call a chopper"

Yeah that's probably a good idea.

>go down mow anyone who stands in your way
>top floor, call the chopper defend the skyscraper

>roll 1d100 for encounter

sorry just got home but im clear this friday to sunday. Still i hope more players come in.
Rolled 82 (1d100)

>top floor, call the chopper defend the skyscraper
oh boy, i was gonna choose go down
but this gonna get off the handle,and it's gonna be great
You agree with the boss. Going 150 floors is not fun along with enemies lying in the waiting to ambush you. You call Zero the pilot of your chopper, after 3 rings he pick up.
"Yo whazzup my-"

"No need for hi's and hello but we need a chopper amd fast"

"Kazuki Hotel right? give me 20"

"make it 10"

"15 and that's final"

"as long as our ass be hauled i dont care just hurry"

dropping the call you immediately rush to the rooftop but...

"You gotta be kidding me"

several guards is on patrol rooftop and probably someone from below is coming to corner you.

You approach cautiously on the door if there are guards and true to your word there's one. As you open the door you quickly grab his collar and stab your kodachi on his back piercing his heart. You cover his mouth with his painful groan and drop his body before the door closes...not really, you immediately stop the door to close entirely and go out.

The guards uses flashlight patrolling the area. estimate is on 20-30 guards. This is after all a big skyscraper. You run to the edge to peer down and from the looks of it not even your sniper can reach much less see the entire skyscraper.

You quickly come back to your boss with your report.

"What should we do sir?" Elevator guard says

We should.....

>Sneak and kill them one by one it dark anyway
>Go loud we use darkness to our advantage

>Roll 1d100 with your choice
File: tegaki.png (7 KB, 400x400)
7 KB

don't know if it rolled right but roll for this post if it didnt

>write in

grab the guys gun you just ended, see if he has comms on his ear and listen in on the enemy

then if high roll try to bluff a false sighting report elsewhere

if sub 50 roll

do the same thing, but pull building fire alarm or equivalent, book it out/go loud as they are deaf/blind
Rolled 20 (1d100)

>Sneak and kill them one by one it dark anyway
backing this too>>81344
Rolled 74 (1d100)

put dice+1d100 on option field

like this
thanks, will keep that noted for next time
uhm please can you link it again cause you link on my post thanks

eating lunch brb
Rolled 14 (1d100)

so this is the plan Zero will come her 10mins so we need to clear the rooftop now we go in loud and pick anything that we can use against them. You rummage the radio that the guy you killed minutes ago and just about the time.

"Hey! status report"


You wait seconds...

Yeah he bought my voice i guess, gonna feed them some info.

You click the radio in all frequency(probably) and said that the group gone down to the 80th floor.

"50th floor here we gonna intercept"
"80th floor here did you say they sneaked on us? Hey full lockdown they probably here somewhere"

Well that wouldnt last for long...You all gone out with all guns and swords ready. Yamagata pulls out his beloved Tommy Gun

"Boys, Lets Rock!"

You all nod.

As you hit on the corner the radio blast with a report.

"damn it's a false one they are probably i the rooftop"

Yep that was short lived. You changed the frequency to your driver who is probably on generator.

"Hey! how are you"

"This damn thing wont start unless i go to the control room and im currently here pressing all buttons here."

"Then can you make a full blast klaxon alarm? Also some lights too on the helipad"

"Right ill get on it"

"Also after the alarms get out regroup all men cause were going out via chopper"

"Right, May the moon shines bright"

"And the wolves will feast to the enemies"

Then there's the guard 3 of them. You all fired, peppering the yakuzas body like a board training in firing range. After a good 10 seconds of hailing bullets they all slumped down with their poodle of flesh and blood. You can hear screams from afar but that's expected.

Yamagata clearly enjoying this "Well boys 27 to go and probably 50 downstairs, can you keep up?"

"Come on boss were not doing this stupid killcount arent we?"

"Highest killcount huh? Well we will have some fun"

"Then lets go"

You all run down to the helipad covering the six of your boss in a circle formation. You all fire wherever enemies pop up. Up or on the side its pretty much one sided and easily get to the rooftop. As you set yourself some defensive position hoping to delay that blasted alarm but not for long.

50 people just swarm the rooftop and now backed yourself on the helipad.

"Shit get down and hit them"

50 from all sides is not fun...well your boss may have but no! not fun at all. You fired your MP7 that you looted from the guard you killed.
Ammo is limited as you loot some from the guys but every shot would be counted if you plan to get out. You instinctively watch the time and to your dismay.

"Five minutes!"

>Glock 45 Pistol
>5 frag grenades
>3 smoke grenades
>2 flashbang
>5 throwing knives

>state your strategy how to survive a five minute firefight with 50 men. Also roll 1d100

rolling for enemies how much they want to kill you
File: 1262459086967.jpg (62 KB, 700x525)
62 KB
Rolled 27 (1d100)

well boys that went south didn't it!

50 from all sides

five minutes

>Glock 45 Pistol
>5 frag grenades
>3 smoke grenades
>2 flashbang
>5 throwing knives

if high for wanting to kill us

stay low,make sure boss is lying down, throw one grenade to the left side of assailants. a number of them are most likely run to the right to evade. light them up with the mp7 in their confusion as they most likely bunch up to evade the grenade. instruct mates to conserve ammo

if low for wanting to kill us

throw one grenade to the left side of assailants. and assuming they disregard their own strategic position much more so since will to kill is low. let them bunch up.

toss both flashbangs then smoke the pile of them, run in low and whip out the nodachi and .45 in the smoke. make sure the smoke is not too close , the wind needs to pick it up

stay low and go

Show these mongrels why you are known as the Yamagata demon!
This is it! 50 men on all sides and you don't have any choice. You radio your men to lay low for a while since the rooftops has many covers. You pulled the pin from one of thr grenade and tossed it near the entrance. Explosion shook the rooftop and wailed cries of enemies who got caught in blast range. You swear someone got tossed out 150 floors down the building but who cares? You make potshots to the enemies making it count.

"Hey they seem to keep coming!"

"Keep at it! I have an idea."

You pulled one of your smokes to conceal your position between you and enemies, much to some of them running away thinking it was another frag grenade. You immediately killed them with all 3 with headshots. The smoke popped up as the wind makes it up to spread it.

You step down on the helipad with a flashbang on hand "Since you insist on having the highest killcount stupid contest then ill just go down and have my way since they pretty much behind covers."

"Hey! No fair"

You go down smoke clearly concealing you and the enemies, clearly they can't see you. As you creep out killing any stragglers and coughing poor bastards the lights in the rooftop suddenly turned on revealing noy just you but the enemies. You quickly throw your flashbang, dodge roll out the the line of sight, run on the nearest cover and the flashbang done its job blinding 6 or so enemies. You rushed down glock in hand penetrating their skulls and stabbing their heart out. Fast and ruthlessly taken down the opponent, someone crept at you behind. You immediately aimed your pistol and-

*click click click click*

Well shit! You throw your kodachi landing in between his eyes. He falls the ground squeezing the trigger of his MP7 until he lmos down lifelessly. As you manage to get around the entrance you make a sweep in between possible covers and ways. You regroup yourselves at the helipad.

Yamagata pulled his cigarillo and smokes while looking at the approaching chopper.
"Hey dump that bodies on thr door at the entrance. I hate someone backstabs us when were just goin home."

"Yes boss!"

quickly the 6 of you dragged the body making stacks to block the entrance. The moment you finished completely is when zero manage to land the helipad.

"Yo pizza delivery is here! hop on in."

You can't hear what he said, too loud but it was along the lines of pizza...hmn pizza.

Another night at the metropolis Tokyo, where gangs control the streets of the city. Every night there will be blood spilled down in the name of their boss and the pride of the group. Police sirens below making their way to the hotel and the power went back on. You calledbyour driver and to your relief he's on the road along with the lookout and they will meet you at the compound.

Such as life being a yakuza. Not for the violence, money and girls but for brotherhood and as you second family.

>*-The End-*
To all people who come in and play with me thank you for your patience. Sorry if im so slow but I was planning to make this a series quest involving a noir setting but idk i probably write it as how you players choose it.

Then again thank you very much...comments and suggetions are welcome here.
now im stupid i mislinked it hahahaha
wonderful! that was fun
till we meet again
I'm late, but I liked it

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