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Flogging a Dead Horse Edition
>Previously on Spartan-II Quest...
After being orbitally dropped Damien and the strike teams of OPERATION FULMEN get to work. Damien successfully manages to take out an Anaconda AA emplacement as well as a column of fleeing troops and Machine Gun trucks. After interrogating the location of the next set of AA guns and the Jammer Damien learns Fireteam Hammerhead suffered from a hot drop...




>Previous Threads
>Black Body Suit
>+2 to Sneaking rolls
>+2 to Movement rolls

>XBR55 Prototype Battle Rifle (Medium to Long Range)
>Stabilization Jets - Reduces recoil. +1 to all shots from any range
>Variable Scopes. (Assist with long-range- Targeting)
>M41 SPNKR (Explosive, Medium - Long) - 1 missile remaining
>Two Frag Grenades
File: TEU Updated.jpg (721 KB, 1280x650)
721 KB
721 KB JPG
Hammerhead. 15 confirmed KIA Casualties. 5 MIA. Lt is missing. How Advise?

You continue to run as the message rest in the upper corner of your HUD. The destroyed remnants of the convoy of insurrectionist troops a monument to your ability. You crush a helmet beneath your boots as you climb over the wrecked debris of the bridge. As you jump off the stacked debris and vehicles you bring up the TEU map.

>A = Units 1 and 2 -Infantrymen and ground vehicles. Last known strength 60 men and 15 Warthogs CURRENTLY DEFENDING
>B = Units 3 and 4 - Air support. Last known strength 6 Pelicans. Used to be 8. HOLDING POSITION
>C = Units 5 and 6 - Sappers. High explosive teams. Last known strength 50 Men. TACTICAL RETREAT. LAYING TRAPS. TRAPS ARE THE YELLOW. (Will be blown once given orders from WOLFHOUND OR ANY SPARTAN)
>D = Units 7 and 8 - Light Infantrymen. Scouts and asset recovery. Last known strength 40 Men. FULL RETREAT. SPARTAN-II IS ATTACHED TO THIS UNIT
>Red Dots = Insurrectionist forces. Reports have each dot ranging to be 20-30 men armed with UNSC and civilian weaponry.

>Damien-032 is the brown Dot between B and A
>Green Dot is Raynor-909. Currently leading the light infantrymen and recon troops back to A. FULL RETREAT
>Purple Dot below D is Solomon-069. SEARCHING FOR JAMMER
>COPPER - Dots defending at Alpha.
>WOLFHOUND - Below the Yellow Dots indicating the traps. Searching for survivors while drawing Insurrectionist towards traps
>HAMMER HEAD - Positioned on the lower west side of the map. Received heavy damage from AA Guns on drop. LT. Dana's status is unknown. Requesting orders. They will default to seeking out Lt. Dana if no orders are given.

>What orders do you have to give?
>What will you do?
>>What orders do you have to give?
the moment innies get a good portion of guys in the traps, have the sappers detonate them.

See if we can have C and D fall back East to sandwich the innie forces and clear them out quicker.

Where was LT's last known location?
>Where was LT's last known location?
The south-west with the line of dots near the river. HAMMERHEAD is holding and searching the surface waters and the warehouses on the river
I'll back >>619420 and say we should try to find the missing Lt
can't see the purple dot.

Also, how quickly can we get to Hammerhead from our position?
>can't see the purple dot.
right here

It'd take you a while as by the time you'd get there the battle can shift drastically. A Warthog or pelican can drastically reduce the time
I'll back this.
But since we've dealt with the AA batteries, pelican drop should be achievable yes? If possible?
Ah I knew I forgot something Yes that's possible but there risks te chance of you being targeted by an rpg or a M41 if you're unlucky

They aren't going to make a move unless they have a full communications restored but if you order it they will
how quickly can either solomon or raynor get to hammerhead?
Solomon is focusing on taking out the jammer located in the apartment complex across the street and Raynor is deep in the complexes moving fast.

Solo can get there in a turn of actions if he pushes it but tat leaves the jammer up
If Raynor goes there's a chance he ends up drawing the enemy towards the west and he'll have to either sneak the light infantry through or break through
so we're probably the best bet.

We have no radio contact with that team?
As of now nope. Just short messages over the TEU
tell them to find a place to hole up.

See if we can't get a pelican to take a scenic route to avoid AA fire from RPG or rockets. Still probably faster than us hoofing it. Or would warthog be just as effective?
Pelicans are faster but have more risk
Warthogs are slower but a lot safer
except when it comes to ambushes or roadblocks and the like.

Still, what to do the other anons think? Warthog or pelican? Shall we call it a vote?
I say pelican. Right now they aren't doing anything, more risk but more reward. The faster we get this shit done the faster we can turn the tide. Let's just hope the pilot we get knows their shit.
Alright quick vote

>Warthog (Slower, Low Risk)
>Pelican (Fater, High Risk)
>>Pelican (Fater, High Risk)

I mean faster of course

also, what was raynor's number? Because I'm pretty sure the spartans weren't numbered up to 909.
>>Pelican (Fater, High Risk)
Raynor is a Original character do nut steel.

The highest number was 141 so I assumed the code numbers were either special to the Spartans are provided by ONI at random
originally, there were 175 candidates, which were what they were numbered as, but they had to cut down to the current class by selecting half of them for the project.
Oh yeah now that makes a lot more sense

So we just gonna shave off that last 9 and make him 090

Also writan
File: H2AD77.jpg (526 KB, 1920x1141)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
You stop running while you think. Alpha and Beta are relatively safe all things considered. Charlie as well, their traps should hopefully be a boon cutting off a route as well as taking out a portion of the insurrectionists. Delta led by Raynor should be out of the fire at this rate. You admit you're worried about Solomon. If he makes a single mistake chances are he's going to be stranded with no support. Then there's Hammerhead...

You open the TEU.

The Pelicans are on stand by until their instruments recover fully. The pilots are going to need to do everything manually and should they make a mistake it could result in morale devastating casualties. But you need speed and there's no telling how the Insurrectionist blockaded or laid traps for warthogs.

Spartan-032 requesting immeadiate transport.
Objective. Provide support for Hammerhead

You stand there as you await a reply from any of the remaining pilots. Finally after an agonizing minute of hearing the distant explosions and gunfire your HUD flashes with a reply.

Pelican 1-2. On route.

You holster your weapons as you watch the sky. Soon the image of the D77-TC Pelican swooping down towards you fill your vision. On the nose of the machine sits an M370 autocannon, ready to dispense 70mm rounds in a 120-degree radius. On each wing rests an Anvil-II air-to-surface missile.

Before even reaching you the pelican quickly spins and presents it's backside to you, ramp lowering to allow you access. You immediately jog in and the moment your feet touches it the doors begin to close and the pelican lifts off.

"Listen, 032." A voice crackles to life over your previously dead comms. "I'm blind in the sky, I'm sitting at full munitions, andI have one hell of an itchy trigger finger. Where to?"

"South-West. Hammerhead received heavy fire from an Anaconda Emplacement. Lt. Dana has gone missing."

"Damn. Hellboys in some shit huh? Right. Time to set this bitch off. You want a salvo out? And how close you want me to get?

>"No. Just focus on getting me there and getting out."
>"If you see a shot, take it."

Sorry for taking so long in a funk hopefully I break it
>>"If you see a shot, take it."
>"No. Just focus on getting me there and getting out."
I mean, if he sees a clear shot that won't put us in danger
>>"If you see a shot, take it."
>I mean, if he sees a clear shot that won't put us in danger
I think we should reinforce this notion.

Take the shot, just so long as it doesn't put us in danger, or draws too much attention to us.

Like, drop us off, do a fly by, high tail it to safety or something.

Need 1d20 best of tree
Rolled 7 (1d20)

Rolled 1 (1d20)

...here we go.

Pelican down.
so, you want to roll the last one, OP, or should I?
File: 1473904154093.jpg (155 KB, 362x447)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Lucky for you crit fails aren't a thing
Rolled 10 (1d20)

sorry for late

Rolled 1 (1d20)

>Spartans Never die.
something tells me the dice gods don't want us to succeed here.
My god, wtf is up with today's rolls?! Hopefully it's just the pelicans and not the Spartans that's bringing in all this bad luck.
Not even fighting the Covies and we're already fucked.
File: TEU 2.jpg (693 KB, 1280x650)
693 KB
693 KB JPG
You sit in the closest seat in the back of the Pelican. As the doors close you feel the harness snap onto your body ensuring your safety. You feel a slight movement and just like that, you're off.

While the Pelican soars at street level trying it's earnest to avoid the Anacondas you bring up the TEU and begin sending out orders.

First, you order the sappers to ensure that they can get as many of the insurrectionists in the explosives as possible. They respond with an eager affirmative and confirm that their ODST detachment is still providing bait. You then follow up with orders to initiate a full retreat towards Alpha.

Next, you send a message towards Raynor and the light troops. You instruct that he takes his men and initiate a flanking action. Raynor personally responds telling you that he knows how to do his job. Satisfied with everything as is you wait while the pelican moves slowly and methodically.

Moments later you bring the map up again looking at the updated information.

>Hammerhead reports that they have spotted the wreckage of several pods and are beginning to excavate
>Wolfhound reports that a significant group of Insurrectionist approaching the number 70 have approached the detonation point
>Copper reports that a group of Insurrectionists has launched a flanking action

"Pilot?" You activate your comms.


"I'm sending you an update. Open fire at your discretion."

"Aye." He says as the Pelican dips under a bridge then makes a sharp right.

"ROTARY HEATING UP!" He annoucnes and moments later you hear the telltale sound of the 70mm unleashing vollye after volley.

You open up the makeshift comms and send out an alert.

S-032 inbound to Hammerhead on Pelican.

All channels provide an affirmative and you see Wolfhound begin to shift their own men to a clean up.

"Pulling out and resuming route. Gonna cut through the structures in the center of Tremere. East has too many high rises, brace yourself." You grunt in affirmative as you feel the aircraft speed off past the buildings. You keep your eyes focused on the TEU waiting for an update.

>Charlie(Sapper) Has announced that it will begin it's full retreat
>Delta scouts report a mass reinforcing the center lines. Delta is moving to begin a flanking action
>Solomon has entered the Jammer's building and is searching.

"BRACE YOURSELF!" The pilot yells in panic and his voice is followed by a hard impact. The pelican judders to the right and you hear a scraping sound through the hull.

"REGAINING CONTROL! ANACONDAS HAVE LOCKED TO US! DIPPING LOW!" Soon the scrapping ends and the Pelican begins to hang to the right as it rests.

032. Hammerhead has spotted a flurry of missiles in your direction. We have located the Anacondas. How copy?

>Send Hammerhead to take out the Emplacement (Small detachment or whole squad? They have 15 men left from 30)
>Tell the pilot to risk another flight
>Disembark (Where do you go?)

You are the orange/brown dot in the center
You also have the option to sit in the pelican and do nothing while Hammerhead attacks.

Do be warned that the flurry of missiles was very visible to both sides
>Disembark (Clearly after the Emplacement/Anacondas)
Hm... do innies have vehicles we can hijack? Hop off pelican, tell him to fly back to safety. we take a car and link up with Hammerhead to take out the emplacements together.
Last you saw of them they were driving these around with an MG in the back or empty and being used as a troop transport
I don't suppose there are any left over cars in this place that we could hotwire?

Also, keep our eyes out for those innie trucks

can we have the pelican circle around the emplacement from outside it's view/range?
>I don't suppose there are any left over cars in this place that we could hotwire?

>can we have the pelican circle around the emplacement from outside it's view/range?

Without risking too much you'd just slightly reposition yourself to that triangular courtyard south of your position
well, we're near by some innies anyways, might as well see if we can kill and take one of their cars.
I vote for getting a car somehow, preferably by killing the innies while doing it.

Also, I thought we were the group, or person in this case, that was responsible for getting the Jammers and the AA? Are we still doing that?
Roight since we're disembarking

>Tell the pilot to unleash a salvo towards nearest group of innies (Missles or Canon?)
>Just tell the pilot to bug out and keep him self safe
>Just tell the pilot to bug out and keep him self safe
>>Just tell the pilot to bug out and keep him self safe
No need to make him a bigger target than he already is
>>Just tell the pilot to bug out and keep him self safe
You slam your fist into the manual release on your safety harness. As you rise up you press the button for comms.

"Lower the ramp."

"Sir! the area is still populated with hostiles!"

"I know." You state and the ramp begins to lower. Your HUD tells you that you're about 25 meters from the ground. "Pull out and return to standby."


You run off the ramp and begin free falling to the ground as the Pelican peels off. You land with the force if a meteor on top of a moving truck. You pull yourself out of the wreckage of the truck and command your HUD to display the map of Tremere. While it loads you start to scan the street looking for a useful vehicle.

Most of the transportation in the area is either of low repair or broken down. It seems like you're in a low maintenance section of the city. As you open the hood to a car to see the engine missing you hear a rumbling noise. You slide over the hood and crouch low as your enhanced hearing picks up the sound. A truck.

Moments later you begin to clearly hear the engine of the truck as the wheels come to a rest.

"I know I saw something" A voice calls out.
"Yeah? The Anacondas shot at something."
"No explosion, though. A dud?"
"Didn't receive no confirmed kill call."
"Hey. Look at the truck..."
"No pod."

You move around the back of the car as the men continue to discuss what could've caused the crash. Four Insurrectionist and an MG truck

"Think it could have been debris?"
"Nah no trail of destruction."
"Then what?"
"Malfunctioning jetpack? Heard those Psychos at the front line were using them."
"You think he would've survived that?"
"I don't know man. I don't know."

You pull your combat knife from the sheath on your chest.

"Maybe we should-" With a practiced motion you snap the snap the neck of the closest one.

Time slows as you move.

The next insurrectionist jumps with a start but you quickly slam your knife into his neck and as you hear the cocking of a low grade civilian firearm you spin the dead man around as a shield.

As the bullets harmlessly(for you that is) slam into the lifeless body you reach to his hip and pull out his M6 placing a shot between the firing Insurrectionist before snapping to the other two and ending them the same.

As the bodies fall you sheath your knife and jump behind the wheel of the MG truck and speed off. As you race through the abandoned streets your HUD updates with a new slew of status reports.

File: TEU 3.png (346 KB, 475x278)
346 KB
346 KB PNG

>Charlie has effectively blown up pursuing elements and blocked further pursuit through the streets. Insurrectionist MG trucks in the west have been crippled! Charlie is moving to reinforce A! No casualties!
>Delta has entered an overwatch position and flanked a large contingent of Insurrectionist! Minimal Casualties sustained. 30 Men remain from a count of 40!
>Hammerhead has managed to find 5 wounded Men! Strength restored to 15 Veteran ODSTs! Still searching for their commander
>Wolfhound is protecting the rear of Charlie! Sustained 10 Casualties now at 20 Experienced ODSTs!
>Copper is continuing to reinforce Alpha! 5 Casualties! Down to 25 Green ODSTs!
>Alpha while valiantly holding has begun to suffer from fatigue and low supplies! The line is in danger of buckling! 45 Men remain from 60
>Solomon has spotted the Jammer and is beginning to dispatch the Innies surrounding it! Comms will be restored next turn!

>Alpha and Copper is requesting Advice!
>Tell them to fall back
>Tell the Pelicans to begin a resupply. Will open them up to enemy fire
>Tell the Pelicans to begin a strafing run. Will open them up to concentrated enemy fire.

>Pick Solomon up?
>Tell him to rejoin D
>Tell him to assist Hammerhead
>Alpha and Copper is requesting Advice!
There should also be a option to

>Tell Alpha to hold status
>Deploy Copper as shock troops and a distraction
>Tell Copper to continue to hold the line
have pelicans strafe, use that as a distraction for odst to flank innies. alpha holds position.

dont' see where our dot is.

Though, I'm assuming Solomon is closest to hammerhead. If we're not closer to them by next turn, have him rescue them.
>>Tell the Pelicans to begin a resupply. Will open them up to enemy fire
No retreat needed yet, but their supplies are low. Thus, in the interest to keep the position, get more supplies to them, while not exposing the pelicans to more risk then we strictly have to.

>Tell him to assist Hammerhead
The faster they get their commander, the more control and command the ODSTs gets. Not to mention they would then be free to help the others after saving their leader.
yeah, on second thought, go with resupply.

have alpha and copper hold position
>dont' see where our dot is.

You've entered into the courtyard before the skirmish between D and the innies
if we sprint, will we be able to get closer to hammerhead than Solomon?
As you are currently driving and he's fighting you'll be able to get there at the same time should you floor it. But that leaves the Anacondas with no unit assigned to deal with them
Have ODSTs deal with the anacondas, keep them occupied so they aren't targeting the pelicans.

We'll floor it and provide assistance/transport. when we get there
You shift gears and press hard on the pedal as the insurrectionist truck is pushed to its absolute limits. You leave on hand on the steering wheel to maintain control and use your other to interact with the cyberware.

032 to Pelicans begin immediate resupply
Hammerhead launch an attack on the AA guns. on Route now
Alpha Hold. Supplies are on the way
All remaining units maintain

Affirmations ring out across your HUD as you return your hands to the wheel. As you speed through the courtyard where Delta was ambushed you see the remains of several firefights as well as Solomon's and Raynor's pods. Both surrounded by numerous bodies. You hear the relatively close gun fire as Delta continues their skirmish with the reinforcements.

Solomon to all units. Let there be light

You hear a crackle over your comms and the rapid speaking of several hundred people at once. Communications have been restored.

"FULL RADIO SILENCE!" The booming voice of the Admiral orders and a deathly silence follows.

Solomon I'm approaching you now. Prepare for an extract

"Give me updates from Alpha to Delta now."

"Rex 1-1 here, Sir!" a woman's voice enters your helmet as you use a makeshift ramp of destroyed buildings to bypass a blockade. "All units at Alpha are low on supplies and the men are tiring. The Innies have been relentless. We've received word that pelicans are inbound with supplies."


"This is Vector 12. The wings are heading for support."


"Wrench 1-1, Sir! Hoofing it to assist A!" An aged man responds.


"Raynor-090, Sir!" Raynor's voice breaks through the comms, the comms and your enhanced hearing gives an echo of gunfire. "Currently skirmishing with a group of insurrectionists reinforcements. Plan to reinforce Alpha, Sir!"


"Holding at Alpha! Grenade Out!"


"Wiping out the dregs of a pursuit squad."


"Moving on the last Anaconda emplacements! Connor get the sharpshooters on that roof!" a man answers.

"Where is Lieutenant Dana, Kyle?" Silence.

"The Lt... Went missing. A salvo of AA broke the squads up. We're at half strength, Sir!"

"I... I see." The admiral goes silent for a while. "Continue as you are. Good work men."

You see a tower in the distance and on a balcony three floors up Solomon leans on the railing, ODST armor covered in blood.

"Nice ride." He says over the comms before jumping. You don't slow down. The force of him hitting the bed of the truck judders the vehicle but you deftly maintain control and speed on.

"MG is low quality. Three-Hundred rounds... I can work with this."

Liberal use of the parking brake sends you into a sharp handbrake turn onto a crowded parkway. Up head, you see a firefight beginning with the anaconda's situated on ground level and multiple buildings. ODSTs use jetpacks to flank and reposition themselves with unparalleled movement.

You hear the spinning of barrels in the bed behind you...
>Roll 1d20+1
Rolled 3 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Rolled 6 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Rolled 13 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Rolled 16 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

>Meh The rolls

The truck screams and roars as you hold the pedal to the floor.

"032 and 069 incoming! Friendlies in the truck!" You instruct to Hammerhead as they fire between buildings and down to street level. "Solomon!"

"Don't even think about telling me what to do!" He laughs as the MG roars to life.

Several insurrectionists are immediately dropped by the unforgiven streams of fire Solomon rains down upon them. Their reactions are much faster than you'd expect and return fire shatters the windows of the truck. You duck low as you speed past several AA's teeming with Insurrectionist.

As you speed past taking cover as bullets fly through the windows and impact the truck Solomon just laughs.

"Dame! Turn!" You honestly don't even remember when he started calling you that. You sit up and grab the wheel tightly before spinning around in a handbrake. Surprisingly enough one of the mirrors are still intact and from it, you can see the MG barrel smoking.

"Got one more run of ammo left. Didn;t get to be as effective as I hoped. Gonna be aiming for the munitions this time." He loads another chain into the MG. "Time to make this baby sing!"

You floor the pedal one last time.

Rolled 1 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

why, dice gods?
File: 1470022102670.gif (284 KB, 108x147)
284 KB
284 KB GIF

it's a really good thing that I don't do crit fails you might've lost a limb by now
we'd have ended up like Kat from Reach, huh?
Rolled 19 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Yup you'd have the honor of being the first spartan to get BTFO'd
So, does my roll finally count this time?

just need someone to roll the third one now.
so, OP, want to toss out a roll so we can move along?
Writan for radical since I'm dying at the keyboard at the moment

Was just writing that I'm writan
File: Adimral Johan.jpg (658 KB, 729x950)
658 KB
658 KB JPG
The wheels briefly spin against the road and you shift gear before the truck speeds forth engine roaring. At the same moment with a roar of excitement and hunger Solomon screams while the Machine Gun only just manages to match him.

Scores and scores of insurrectionist drop as Solomon sweeps the MG across them. The majority of them begin to shift their focus from defending various installations towards stopping the MG truck wreaking absolute havoc on their forces.

Not to say you aren't doing your part.

You swerve the wheel and the truck follows hitting a man shouldering an ancient RPG. As he's sent flying the rocket flies from the tube and blows up a store where several other men were entrenched.

"NADE SHOWER!" The current leader of Hammerhead shouts and from your mirror you see several explosions caused from underslung launchers, further disrupting their encampments and formations.


"Right." He spins the MG as you pass an Anaconda and moments later it explodes from his concentrated volley.

"Keep it up." You reach towards your waist and grab a grenade and prime it. Sticking you hand out the window you simply drop it as you run over a series of sandbags. Moments later an AA gun explodes in a violent fury of fire and shrapnel, sending the insurrectionist unlucky enough to be there flying.

"Conda 4 Down!" A man shouts over the comms.
"Condas 9 and 7 down!"
"6 and 5 is dead!"

Several loud explosions punctuate each announcement as you hear a dull chunking sound from the machine gun.

"I'm dry here." Solomon announced.

"You ready?"

"Always." You turn the truck towards the last remaining Anaconda. Several meters from it you jump out the side of the car, just moments after Solomon follow suit. Before you hit the ground you pull your Battle Rifle from your back and aim for the gas tank.

Several rounds later the final anaconda explodes furiously as you and Solomon take positions back to back. Solomon unleashes devastating volleys of fire from his dual SMGs. You land precise burst in the head of the officers and special troops of the insurrectionist. As you two advance together like the greek demigod in battle, covering each other's mistakes the insurrectionist begin to rout.

"BRAVO BEGIN STRAFING RUNS!" Johan orders over the comms

"This is Vector 12 to all birds... Begin states. All friendlies bunker in and take cover."

Moments later you stand in a circle with Solomon and the remaining ODSTs. They're now at Thirteen men strong and a somber mood hangs over them.

"Now Hammerhead..." Johan voice blares to life. "Where the hell is my daughter?"

To be continued(?)

That's all she wrought folks. I'm going on a two-week break from writing seeing how I've been consistently writing for about five months now with no real break beyond days I had stuff to do. Thanks for participating and reading in this quest with me so far even though it's barely alive at this point
>"Where the hell is my daughter?"
what the shit?

now we absolutely have to go get the LT.
It was nice playing a Halo Quest. Hope you feel refreshed. Come back soon.
Dayum, she was his daughter?! Aw crud.
File: 1468284489910.gif (386 KB, 200x157)
386 KB
386 KB GIF

Thread archived hope you guys have a wonderful night

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