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"You might be a smart girl, but you aren't a lucky one"

You play as Delilah, a young girl going through tough times.

=Links and Information=


Quick Glance (SPOILERS) The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.:


Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Chat room with me and other players. I answer questions, post sketches, and act cheeky.
Since the thread got bumped off before I was ready last time, I am just going to repost the last update and carry over the vote it already had.
"I can do it," you offer, handing you bag over to Dan, "It's not that tall anyways."

"Just gotta try and stay quiet, keep your head down and all that." John whispers, trying to peer into the neighbors yards.

"Can I get a boost up?" you ask John, but Dan steps up.

"Here, I got you." he offers, handing the bag off to John. He kneels down, and you soon find yourself standing on his shoulders, trying your best to balance without stepping on Dan too much. When you are forced to grab the fence or lose your balance you can't help but cringe at the sound of metal rubbing up against itself. Keeping still, you notice that no one has came out yet to investigate and that a little bit of noise like that won't be the end of the world. With as much grace as you can muster up, you swing your leg over the metal gate and try to shimmy your way down the freezing metal.

"Good job missy." John praises you quietly, trying to scope out the yard now. A two story house, its roof checkered with missing tiles and a busted window, the blue building is old but it looks sturdy enough. The bare patches of dirt that poke through the small piles of snow and overgrown bush branches tell you that no one has been here to take care of the place though, not in a long time. You try looking for some footprints left behind, but the mess of mud and frost doesn't help your search in the dark. It looks like there might be some, but you can't tell if they are recent or not.

"Should we stick back here?" Dan whispers.

"Yeah. Doesn't seem like anyone is up. Long as we don't make a commotion we should be fine," John looks at you now, waiting by for instructions, "You feel fine with doing this?"

"I think so. I just want to get inside at this point..."

"Understood. We were told 518 would be our house, and now we just gotta try to find a way either in or to get our group's attention without lookin' like a buncha burglars. If you feel like someone is comin' around and they ain't one of ours, either try hiding or comin' this way. Barely any light back here, so it should be easy for you to just kinda zip around without attracting too much attention-"

"Would you let her do this? You're just going to end up freaking her out more if you keep talking like that." Dan interrupts impatiently.

"Alright alright. Just always keep an eye and ear out, don't be afraid to come back here if you get scared." You nod in agreement and move to the edge of the fence, traveling along the metal that separates the lawns from each other. Dying foliage offers little coverage but it's better than nothing. Before checking any of the windows you slink your way to the front of the house, looking for the faded numbers. It tough, but you can just make out the painted 5 1 8 by the door, making you feel a little better about sneaking around. Still, the idea that this could be the wrong place lingers in the back of your mind.

Slipping around to the back again, you approach the glass door. It leads directly to a kitchen, giving you a the view of an emptied and dark place. There are some miscellaneous items strewn about, but nothing to tell who is inside for sure. On a whim you try to slide it open, stopped by the lock. Forehead pressed against the glass, you try to look in further to get any glance of someone inside, or something you would at least recognize as theirs.

Your heart seizes up when you hear a window sliding open, and pressing your body flat against the wall you attempt to look for the source of the noise. The next door neighbor just looks to be smoking a cigarette out of their second story window, unaware of your presence. You still can't help but try to cover the sound of your breathing, hands over your mouth to muffle the already quiet noise. The few moments between that and the window shutting again feel like hours, but when the neighbor pops their head back in you can't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Looking towards John and Dan, you try to let them know everything is going okay before looking over the house again.

Trying to peer past the doorway leading to what you assume in the living room, you try to make out any shapes in the darkness. You nearly jump out of your boots at the first sign of movements, but this anxiety turns to joy when you catch the very tail end of a small dog.

"Buttercup..." you breathe, ready to get her attention. It looks like she's digging or eating something, her attention turned away from you.

You could try knocking against the glass, making her come over to where you are and hope someone notices. You're about ready to do that, but then you realize that she might bark. Not that big of a deal, except for the fact that this house is supposed to be empty.

But if Buttercup is inside, that must mean someone else is too. Having Buttercup bark for who knows how long might be a problem, but trying to look through some of the side and front windows might work better. So long as no one sees you, that is.

Or maybe you should let the men figure this out now. At least you can let them know this is the right place in that case.
>Look into the window

Vote from the last thread, damn you /tg/
Give the windows a shot. It's dark enough that we should remain hidden, but we can just get back to John and Dan if someone does look in our direction.
Look through window
You want to let Buttercup know that you'll be inside soon enough, but leave her undisturbed. For now, you need to try and find a window that will let you see someone, anyone. From there you can work on getting their attention and getting inside. Keeping up against the wall, you inch your way across to the first window. Big, but also covered in a heavy curtain, you can't peek past it enough to see inside. Leaving that option behind, you scurry along the edge of the house further, now standing on the next side. The wall of the other house stretches behind, making you take a couple of cautionary peeks as you work towards your next entrance. This time the window is drawn up just enough, but you aren't quite tall enough to get in. John or Dan could try this one out if needed, but it'd feel great if you could accomplish this yourself. The only other window on this side is covered with a curtain drawn close, and you inch carefully to the front. It'll be more exposed, but better to check out all of your options.

The front has two large windows, obviously covered with curtains or blankets. The first one offers you nothing helpful, but the second one has just enough of a break between the fabric to let you look in. At first it seems like there's nothing for you to see, but the slight light coming in through the backdoor peeks around the arc. As your eyes adjust, you can pick out the shapes of strewn about furniture and the figure of a person laying across a couch. You resist just knocking right away, checking around to make sure you're alone. A light begins to travel down the road and you're quick to duck away, hoping the rather bare branches of the bushes will offer you the cover needed to stay hidden away.

Counting to one hundred before you try to come out, you once again make sure that you're the only one around before returning to the window. Too hard of knocking and you'll alert Buttercup, you need to do it hard enough to get their attention though. Holding your breath, you begin knocking against the window. It's nearly silent, and you know that it'll need to be harder. Flinching at the first knock, you try to find the right balance between discrete and loud enough.

Your heart leaps when the person begins to move, but the sound of a car door makes you dive for cover again. Laying in wait, it sounds like it's just a neighbor driving off somewhere. Waiting till you hear tires drive away and counting down from two hundred for safety, you rise shakily to your feet and look in the window again.

Searching for the person, you grow worried when all you can spot is furniture again. Afraid that they might have moved out of range, you start trying to open the window on your own. It feels like it could give, but for someone much stronger than you. Still, if this is the only thing keeping you inside than so be it, you'll get the damn thing opened. Just need to force it open, then you can help John in and everything will be fine, it has to be.

Working your tiny muscles as hard you can, the window feels like it may be ready to budge. Stopping to readjust your grip, you prepare to do the final shove to get it opened-

"L A W R E N C E! S T O P!"

Instantly you pull away at John's yelling, but you feel excited upon hearing Lawrence's name. That means John can see him, which means he's here. You scramble out of the mess of branches and around the house, rushing towards the back. Turning the corner for the back yard, you run into Lawrence. There's a smile on your face till your eyes fall onto the gun in his hand, one you hadn't seen him with. Before you can question where it came from you're brought in close, pressed up against Lawrence's chest and feeling him try to comfort you.

"I'm fine," you whisper, trying to pull away. You like it, but you're not sure if the others would find this strange looking, "I um, I guess you saw John? And his uh, friend?"

As if just remembering they were standing by, Lawrence releases you to go help with the gate. You're more than glad to see him, but can't notice that your hands are shaking now. Looking towards the other side of the house, you can now see where he had snuck out. He must have thought you were an intruder, and had an intent to keep this place safe. You hope that he would have checked who it was first, and that John was just being overly careful. The thought does little to steady you again, but right now you just want to get inside.

Looking at Lawrence's gun reminds you of the one hidden in your boot. It's not yours, but giving it over to Dan might not be the best idea. He did say he wasn't supposed to have one...

You could try giving it to John later, in exchange for your knife again. He's know what to do with it, even if he isn't in the best condition for that.

Or maybe it would be best for you to keep it, so long as no one asks about it again. It's small, you know how to fire it, and people would be more scared of a little girl with a gun over a knife.
Keep that shit
Holding on to it for now might be fine, we can ask John what to do about it later.
Hold onto to it for now
No need to bring it out now, it's still safe with you. Maybe a discussion with an adult that can think clearly, but still for a later time. For now you wait by, letting Lawrence lead the other two in. John has to practically carried inside, Lawrence offering a hand out to steady Dan. You could get through the window easily enough on your own, but instead you choose to wait. Standing outside alone, you can't help but smile wide when Lawrence pokes his head back out, reaching out for you. His gun nowhere in sight, everything feels more at ease. Allowing your hand to be taken, you try to walk up coyly and cool.

"I'm glad you're willing to help a lovely lady like me in..." you tease in a sickly sweet way. Coming to lean against the window sill, first your fingers then your forehead are kissed, and you are welcomed into the house.

Buttercup has started to bark at the new intruders, but Mabel is comes to calm her down.

"Eh, Buttercup! Silencio!" she whispers through gritted teeth, turning Buttercup's growling into whimpers for pets. Annoyed yet relieved, Mabel picks up the dog and looks over as you step inside, "Glad to see you back." You nod in acknowledgement, doing your best not to sneeze. No wind, but the inside is a rather odd mix of cold and dusty.

"We don't know where Sam is either." John says, off talking with Lawrence to the side. You feel nervous, but to focus on finding out who else is here. It takes some time, but you see Marilyn and Lisa peeking out from the staircase, a worried Aria soon tiptoeing down behind to pull them back up.

"You hungry?" Mabel whispers, passing Buttercup over to you. She quickly licks over your fingers and face and you nod. Chewing away on a granola bar, Mabel sits next to you on a love seat just tossed aside as Lawrence tries to talk with John, Dan adding in occasionally.

"Who's the uh..." Mabel starts to ask.

"His name is Dan. He's John friend, or something like that."

"Alright, so it is a guy. Cool, cool," Mabel looks back over from them and towards you, reaching over to scratch Buttercup's ear, "So uh, how was it?"

"Out there you mean? Um, it was...weird," you try not to think about it too much right now, "But I'm here, I made it."

"I guess that's all that really matters, huh? It's been pretty quiet here..."

"That's good."

"Honestly? It kinda scares me, like it's too quiet. I know there's people living next door, but you hardly see anyone out on the streets this way," Mabel scratches the back of her neck, almost uncomfortable with the situation, "Just makes me feel all weird and isolated, that's all."

"Are you just used to being around people?" you ask, still whispering.

"I had like twenty cousins, course I was always around people," Mabel starts to smile now, pushing away her daze, "That's why when we got kicked out of the student apartments and Aria's family turned her down, I didn't go back to my family. Sick and tired of sleeping in a bed with three other Mexicans." Mabel laughs at this, and you can't help but join in a little even if you don't full understand.

"Were all you guys upstairs?" you ask, looking around the room. There's a frame or two on the wall, a box in the corner and of course the furniture. It looked like someone moving in a haste, leaving behind whatever wasn't necessary or too heavy.

"Yeah, well 'cept Law. He was sleeping down here as like, watch or whatever."

"I think I saw him through the window over there," you point over where you'd been earlier, "Not very well. I was able to see Buttercup from the back door though."

"Yeah, I think he keeps it open so he look out when needed. Probably a good thing you didn't knock, it's hard enough keeping her quiet as it is," Mabel says, sticking her tongue out at the puppy. You finish the granola, searching in the bag to find water. "Listen, when you see Marilyn she's probably going to ask you what's up with him. I don't know what all has happened, but just for now tell her that he's fine, okay?"

"I guess he's worried sick about him..."

"You wouldn't imagine it. Sometimes I'm worried she won't even try to get out of bed.." Mabel mumbles as you look down at the ground. Hopefully she won't just give up on waking up in the morning like you did.

"Hey listen, I know Law has been worried about you and all, but if you feel tired don't feel afraid to come on up. Don't think I can keep my eyes open much longer so I think I'm going to turn in," Mabel says, getting up and yawning. "Or I guess just come up later if you really feel like staying up and talking."
Stay down here for now. John's probably not going to be making it upstairs with his hip, but we can at least make sure the pain isn't keeping him from getting some decent sleep.
suck and fuck
"I'll stay down here for a little bit," you say, looking over to where the men are talking, "There's some things I need to do before going to sleep."

"Alright, cool. Just uh, let Law know if you need anything or whatever." Mabel waves to you, making her way up the stairs with silent steps. Pausing to listen, the creaks from above give away where she's walking, and the door creaking travels just as easy. You wait for the conversation to end, trying your best to not nod off right there.

"Is it fine if I stay the night here? Don't think I could handle walking back alone..." Dan asks, cigarette waiting between his fingers.

"You helped us get here, I don't think I could send you back out like that. But it's not up to me." John turns to Lawrence, and you try to be discrete with watching. Mostly you keep an eye on Lawrence, trying to watch his face the best you can. It seems for a moment that he considers a no and your stomach lurches, only slowly feeling relief again when Lawrence finally nods yes.

"Thank you, I appreciate it." Deciding their conversation is close to over, you pull out the pill bottle and walk up behind John, waiting as they discuss plans for the morning. Dan finally nudges John, pointing over at you waiting.

"Need something missy?" John asks, Lawrence moving to go check out the front window. You eye the gun in his hand, much larger than the one you carry.

"Um, not something I need..er, I mean..." you fumble with the bottle for a moment before just showing it to him, "I wanted to see if you needed one before trying to go to bed."

John looks over the bottle in your hand, Dan glancing over to it as he tries to hide the sparks of the lighter behind his hand. "Oxy?" Dan asks, sounding like he's been in this situation before. You don't offer a response, allowing the silence to serve as an answer.

"...n-..yeah. Let me have one," John finally says, extending a hand. You're glad about not having to force him this time, but his sudden cooperation feels strange. Dan looks away as you hand over the pill, you watching and waiting for him to chew it again. This time it's just placed under his tongue, but you see no signs of swallowing. "Thanks missy. Now if ah, you'll excuse me. I think I need to go take a look at this." From the tips of his fingers resting against his hip, the drying specks of red give away his discomfort.

"Are you sure you're fine...?" you ask, trying to look away from the appealing color.

"Yeah. Just probably moved it the wrong way while tryin' to get in. Probably just need to clean it up and ah, deal with this pain." As John hobbles off, you notice his words sound a little strange. Not quite slurred, but different than how he'd been speaking before.
"Under his tongue," Dan mutters through a cloud of smoke, "Sneaky bastard..."

"Wait what?" you whisper, looking back as John disappears into what you assume is the bathroom, "Do I need to stop him?"

"No no, he probably needs this. Been pushed to his limits today. Just maybe make sure he swallows them next time. Or let him do whatever, you're not responsible for him."

"Have I been messing up?" you ask, looking at the bottle in your palm.

"Nah. He knows damn well what he's doing," Dan's ashes fall straight to the floor, his heels clacking against the boards rhythmically. "Hey, big guy. Think it'd be fine if I cracked open a window in the kitchen? I could use a little bit of air." Lawrence doesn't even look back when he nods, Dan walking past you and into the kitchen. If you knew him better then you might have considered joining him, but the thoughts of the metal canisters bubbles up and you decide to leave him be. Buttercup waiting patiently by your ankles, you pick up and carry her over to where Lawrence is still looking outside. You can't help but come in from the side not holding the gun, making sure it remains in your sight.

"Everything okay?" you whisper, kneeling down next to him. It takes a moment for him to turn away from the window, but when Lawrence finally does he gives you a nod. He draws the curtain closer together, setting the gun aside on a table pushed against the wall as he stands. You're ready to speak when he walks past you, trying to sneak a peek in the kitchen. Watching for only a few moments, you know he's trying to scope Dan out. "He's fine..." you whisper, Lawrence finally giving up to sit on the couch.

"Were you the one sleeping here?" you ask, noticing the slight indent of where his body had been as Lawrence nods, "I didn't mean to scare you. I just didn't know how else to get you attention, and I didn't want to scare her." You scratch Buttercup's ear, earning a frantically wagging tail.

It's fine, I'm just glad you're here now Writing this was obviously a struggle for him, you having just as much trouble trying to read it in the dark.

I guess you were fine out there?

"Yeah, I'm okay. Here in one piece and everything." you try to smile, but a lot has happened.

You met up with that guy claiming to be a private investigator, one that knows your grandmother and where she is.

And then of course there's everything that has happened between here and the hospital, everything with John.

And the fact that no one came by, and that you had to go out and find John at the hospital.

Not to mention you have no idea what happened to Lawrence after he left...

Do you want to talk about any of it now or wait for a later time?
Lets just get some rest
Snuggle up with Law and take a nice long nap in his big strong arms
We will brief him in the morning
Trying to talk with him now would just be bothersome, we can do it when there's more light. Right now we can just take comfort in being with Law again, that we've finally found everyone again.

... almost.
We should rest for the moment.
OP there is no possible way that you did not make/find this image and decide make the game version of the life of Shinji Matou from Fate/Stay Night. Holy shit balls it's Shinji.
I mean I haven't touched the fate series, but I guess their hair are similar in this picture. I was just drawing to draw really stylized this time, bit I had to go look up to see who you were taking about.
Whoa, I read that comment very not sober. Jesus my lungs
Taking one last look at the kitchen, you take the spot next to Lawrence and let Buttercup curl up in the corner of the couch. You've had a long day, and talking about it right now would just make it longer. For now you remove your boots, keeping a careful eye on the gun you keep hidden inside. You'd rather not have to explain why you have it right now, but Lawrence doesn't seemed bothered by much at the moment, not with you anyways.

"Is it fine if I'm down here?" Lawrence nods in permission, and you try to make yourself more comfortable. The spot is still warm from where he was laying earlier, and honestly you're surprised he even managed to fall asleep in the first place. His gun lays easily in view, the silver standing out in the dark. You've never seen one like this before; it's much bigger than a handgun, but it seems shorter then what hunters would use. Doesn't make it any less scary, and you pray that it is only for show.

"Need...anything?" he mumbles, keeping his eyes on the window. You shake your head, noticing that he's sitting as if on edge. If he's on watch then he needs to be, but you can't but feel like he's overly careful right now. Unsure if he'll actually fall asleep, at least you'll be able to rest easier. Curling up on the couch makes you miss the bed, but if anything you're can be thankful that you're not alone or lost.

"You can move me upstairs if you want to or wake me up or um, whatever." you say, leaning up against him. There's a small thud coming from the room John is in, the wall shaking like it's been struck. An arm is wrapped around your shoulder, letting you lean further on Lawrence. You've been exhausted all day, and now that it's time you find trouble getting your eyes to shut. "We should talk in the morning..." you mumble, trying not to look at where the gun is hidden.

"Yeah. We will." You're not sure what all you'll tell him, or what all he'll tell you, but at least you can sleeping knowing there will be an effort to communicate. For now, you focus on the feeling of warmth and rhythmic breathing, sometimes able to hear the sound of his heart beat travel when you hold still. It doesn't take long for you to drift off to sleep, though the first hour or so is fleeting, at one point hearing conversation but choosing to ignore it in favor of much desired sleep. There are a few bits and pieces you can make out, but sleep is far too favorable.

"-...sure you're alright?"

"-be okay. Just needed somethin' to get me through...-"

"-...don't worry about it, They were prescribed for me-..."

"...-not my responsibility."


The dream you have wakes you up, leaving your mouth dry and chest feeling suffocated. There's not much you can remember, a small blessing in disguise. Trying to calm down, the hand on your back nearly makes you jump away. It takes only a few short moments for you to remember where you are and who you're with and the panic begins to settle.

In pale morning light, you can see John tucked away in one of the chairs, head nodded off asleep. There seems to be the sound of a third man breathing, and you guess that Dan is asleep somewhere in the room too.

Shifting in the night, you're now sandwiched between the back of the couch and him, arm keeping you and place and Buttercup curled up on the other side of his chest. Rubbing away at your eyes, you can hear small steps coming from upstairs. You'd almost forgotten that others were here, though you aren't too sure who all made it.

You could go ahead and head upstairs for now, see who is up. Though this might also give you a chance to scope around downstairs, to see if there is anything else like Lawrence's gun around. Or maybe you'd much rather stay put for the meantime, wait for someone else to come down or wake up.
Let's just stay like this, it's nice. We haven't been, and probably won't be, able to do this a lot.
Try and sleep for a bit longer
You decide to stay in place for now, not seeing a need to get up yet. Scratching at Buttercup's ear, you try to fall back asleep. There's a few moments where you doze off, though not for long. Not that you mind; the tips of your fingers and face are cold, but you get to remedy this by burying them between yours and Lawrence's body. You listen to the occasional creaks of the house, the shift of floorboards from above, the wind picking up outside and breathe in the smell of cigarettes. The house might be cold, but the walls do well to keep the most bitter chill away and that's all you can ask for in this situation.

With sleepy eyes, you decide to check out Lawrence's cheek. The skin is showing signs of healing, even if it's not yet where it needs to be. The stitches by the corner of his mouth remain missing, the skin looking much more raw and agitated. No sign of infection, not that you can see anyways. You allow yourself to offer a light kiss on the wound, and even if it does nothing to help him it makes you feel better.

"Probably shouldn't do that without permission." It takes a second to realize who this was directed to, and you sit up to find Dan leaning against the wall by the stairs, Marilyn poking her head out around.

"Shh!" she whispers, trying to hush him all too late, "It's fine! She's allowed to do that!"

"Why's that?" Dan asks with a breath of smoke, sounding rather uninterested in all this.

"Because Law is her b-" Never have you moved so quickly in your life, spooking Buttercup and accidentally kneeing Lawrence in the gut as you scramble over the back of the couch and manage to silence Marilyn with a hand firmly held over her mouth. Exchanging glares with her, you look over and try to offer Dan a smile to show everything is okay.

"I just um...forgot where I was that's all. Please please p l e a s e don't tell him I did that!" you try to act embarrassed that you kissed him, though your beating heart is coming from the fact that you were caught. Lawrence of course is only confused, sitting up and holding out a shaking Buttercup as he tries to wake up.

"I'm not sure she can breathe," Dan says and you let go of Marilyn immediately, not realizing how tight your grip was as she gasps for air, "Relax, consider it a secret between us girls." At the word 'girl' Marilyn looks taken aback, looking him over at his claim.

"A-Are you supposed to be wandering around?" you ask, trying to sound responsible and move all attention from your little scene.

"Yeah it's fine. We just can't go near the windows and have to keep our voices down," Marilyn grumbles, repeating the warning that must have been instilled in her before, "Why didn't you come up and sleep with us? You weren't actually helping to keep watch down here were you?"

"I bet it's because she didn't have a warm handsome pillow upstairs." Dan mumbles with a smirk, your face heating up red. Marilyn looks like she's about to ask him to clarify for her better, but you quickly jump in before she can speak her question.

"Is there anything I could eat for breakfast?" you ask, watching out of the corner of your eye as Lawrence gets up and goes to the kitchen, washing his face in the sink.

"Just those stupid granola bars. We went through the bread and peanut butter yesterday, sorry," Marilyn apologizes, looking down at her socked feet, "I think someone is supposed to make a food run today? Or maybe not, I don't really know what's going on. No one will tell me anything." You can already tell how agonizing that must be, even more so since Sam is still out there.

"Maybe that's cause they don't know what they're doing either," Dan speaks up before you can try to offer any comfort, "Can't really tell someone what you're doing if you don't really know yourself."

"I um..." Marilyn looks around, thinking this over and trying to rationalize it the best she can, "I guess that makes sense. I think. But aren't you guys supposed to have everything figured out? That's why you guys are in charge."

"I wish I had things figured out. But, eh...guess I'll leave that to the better adults." Dan's sentence is finished with a violent coughing fit, excusing himself to hack it out in the kitchen. Making sure he's out of ear range, Marilyn leans in to you and whispers;

"He's kinda weird."

"Yeah. I know." No need to try and hide it, you feel the same way too. "But um, I guess weird doesn't mean bad, right?"

"I guess not." Marilyn agrees.

"Cause like...if someone was looking at us right now they would think we were pretty weird. Or whatever..." you're not sure if all your jumbled thoughts make sense, but Marilyn nods along, stopping as John catches her eyes.

"Wait, is he still asleep?" she asks, and you look over. His body is moving just enough, showing that he's breathing.

"Yeah. Why? What's wrong?"

"He never sleeps in this late..."

"He just got out of the hospital, and then with everything we went through yesterday I don't blame him. Sleeping sounds pretty good actually."

"If you're sure. I kinda want to wake him up but um," Marilyn's face turns sour, "I did that once, and I don't think I should have."

"What happened?"

"I got up to get a drink once and I saw him like...like moving around and talking in his sleep. I thought he was having a nightmare or something and I tried to wake him up, but it got scary. It's like I woke up someone else, he grabbed me and was asking questions about stuff I didn't know about. Pappy had to come over and calm him down. He felt really bad about it, and I don't think he wanted to do that but it was still really scary."

You remember the time John had a panic attack or whatever it was over in Faraway's office, and how he tried to talk to you like someone else stood in your place. Marilyn must have experienced that too, so you can understand her fear. But John seems to be sleeping fine right now, and if you were to approach him carefully then it shouldn't be an issue.

Of course, you don't have to do it. There are two grown men you can ask to do this for you in the kitchen.

Or maybe you should just let him sleep, let someone else handle him and find something else to do.
>let someone else handle him and find something else to do
Go play with Marilyn

Let John sleep and wake up on his own later. It won't help anyone if he starts freaking out and making a ruckus when we're supposed to be laying low.

Plus we'd feel bad if we end up making him freak out again by waking him. In the meantime we can't catch up with Lyn and whoever else is awake upstairs.
Might be better to let sleeping dogs lie, it might even be doing John some good. We can wake him later if he starts having terrors.

Let's spend some time with Lyn, try and take her mind off the fact that Sams... missing.

And also keep her from opening her blabbermouth.
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"Just let him sleep. It's good for him, but if you hear him having a fuss then I guess let me know or um, maybe an actual adult." You look over John once more, sure that he isn't fidgeting around. Going back to sleep sounds like an amazing idea, but you'll fight through it for now. A nap shouldn't be out of the question, and this might be a good time to try and catch up on what you missed through Marilyn. It feels like a headache might be starting up, but it's nothing you can't easily ignore right now.

"Okay, you're probably right." Marilyn nods, a wrapped up breakfast bar handed over to you by a passing Lawrence. You thank him and take it, chewing on the dry bar. The occasional bits of chocolate make it taste better, but make you crave something cold like milk or juice more. A full warm breakfast sounds amazing right now, and the lingering crumbs in your mouth feel even dryer. No need to complain you know that, but it doesn't help you from missing it all the same.

"So um," you try to choke down the last of the granola, trying to cover your coughs between words, "So who's uh, awake right now or whatever?"

"Just Aria I think. Maybe Lisa, but she sleeps funny."

"Who all is here then?"

"Um them, me, uh...Mabel, Law...Sarah was here for a little bit but she's been really busy. I think Eric knows where this is? It's been weird...I came here with Aria and Lisa but then no one else came around for a while. Then Mabel came and she brought Buttercup, I think she came after work? Or class? I dunno, but Law came really late that night. I was asleep upstairs but I could hear all the ruckus so I snuck out to the stairs so I could listen, I think Poppy was here for a little bit but he left before I could say anything to him..." Marilyn twirls a lock of hair as she talks, tangling it around her finger, "It's been pretty boring since then..."

"I can imagine," you try not to linger on this too much, trying to avoid her asking any questions about Sam, "Do you not have anything to read or do?"

"Kinda. I finished my library books, and I don't want to read them again. And I tried playing with Lisa but she gets loud, and then she's like...way younger than me."

"Better than the boys, right?"

"At least I can get Clark to do things I tell him." Marilyn mumbles, and you realize that neither of the boys are here. Or Jessica, for that matter. As you think it over, it hits you that Jessica won't realize what's going on if she tries to go back to the apartments. Not something you should really talk about with Marilyn, but it might be good to ask about it with someone later.

"You haven't brushed your hair yet, right?" you ask, pointing at her bun. "If you want, I can brush it for you."

"Oh. Oh! Yeah, I do need to brush it," Marilyn sits up, touching over the silky black, "I almost forgot about it. Wait, did you say you'd brush it for me?"

"If you wanted-"

"Let me go get my brush!" Marilyn nearly slips on the steps as she rushes up, her socks sliding across the cold floor. You take one more look at John before standing up, taking the time to go to the bathroom and wash your face. The only water available is freezing, but it does a great job at making you feel awake. In the streaked mirror, you run a hand over your face. No worse for the wear this time, just dark circles under your eyes. You'd almost look like a normal person walking outside right now, like there's nothing wrong or extraordinary with your life.

You give a quick wave to Lawrence before heading up the stairs, noticing the one painting left behind to decorate the walls. Doesn't seem like someone spectacular or weird lived here before, and their few remaining items almost make this place seem comfy. In the upstairs hall, you can see that all but one door is closed. Approaching it slowly, you're startled when Marilyn pokes her head out.

"Good, I got us all set up in here!" she announces, ushering you inside. It's not a big room, but it would have served well as a guest room. A dismantled bed frame is pushed to the corner, a blanket laid out in the middle of the floor.

"Is this where everyone slept?" you ask, but the sounds from the room over already give you an answer.

"No. That room is warmer I think, so they just shoved the mattresses in there." Marilyn says as she sits down, freeing her hair from the hairband with the brush laying nearby. You take the spot behind her, watching as the strands fall down the middle of her back.

"Any reason you don't want to be in there?"

"I've been stuck with them all day. I like everyone but it gets kind of boring seeing their faces all the time." She's trying to sound older and proper, a level of fake haughtiness in her voice. It can't be a fun time for her right now though, and you don't feel like pushing her at the moment.

"I guess Lawrence has been busy too?" you ask, trying to figure out where to start with her hair.

"Yeah. Don't worry though," Marilyn sits up tall, a proud look on her face, "I've warned him to stay away from other girls."


"He sometimes leaves to go somewhere though, I'm not really sure where. I think Mabel has talked to him with it but I have no idea what he's told or wrote her or whatever."

"Right, right..." You finally take a section of hair between your fingers, running the brush through it slowly.

Sam gave you that envelope, and your pretty sure it's got papers and Marilyn's information. She might or might know what all of it is, but maybe you can bring it up to let her know you have it, that Sam trusted you with it. Maybe you could give it to her to hold, that might give her something else to think about.

This might be a good time to try and grill her on what's happening, or at least if there's anything else you can get out of her regarding Lawrence.

Or maybe you shouldn't talk about those kind of things with a ten year old, and just find something nice to talk about instead.[/b
Telling her about the papers might just stress her, because why would Sam be getting them now of all times? That seems like something that should be raised between the two of them, not us here.

Maybe just finding out what else she knows. No reason to dismiss her and treat her like she's not able to understand things.

Much as we'd love to find out more from her about Lawrence, Mabel would be our better bet.

Let's ask her about what she wants to do once all the snow is gone and winter is over.
>find something nice to talk about instead
You know what let just have girl talk
Marilyn needs a strong female role model and it will boost our confidence if we pretend to be one for a few hours every day
Marilyn hears a lot she probably shouldn't
Let's hear about it
suck and also fuck
You'll keep the papers a secret for now, you'd feel bad if all it did was worry her more. Instead you try to look over her hair, wanting to do this properly. It's been years since your hair was this long, but the memories on how to take care of it come flooding back as you work your way up from the bottom to the top, straightening her hair. It's already tangle free, no doubt from all the care she puts into it before bed. Even so, having someone brush her hair like this is probably a nice feeling, and watching the black fall and divide between the brush bristles is calming.

"So um, you said Lawrence and Mabel talked about stuff," you hope this doesn't come off as going around his back, but you also don't want any information withheld from you, "Anything about...um, me or whatever?" You're sure it wouldn't be about you, but at least this way you don't come off as being too nosy.

"I think Mabel got mad at him," Marilyn says, trying to think back to it, "Like, really mad. But not the kinda mad when she fights with Aria. She wasn't yelling, but Aria made me go back to the bedroom. I um...I think I remember her saying something like...like 'I can't believe you' or something. I think she was trying to keep it quiet, but then she wouldn't tell Aria anything afterwards. She was like, really grumpy for a while too but um...that's all I know, sorry."

"It's fine. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't in any kind of trouble, you know?" you smile at Marilyn, but it's hiding the concern you have. Mabel should be someone you talk to next, though you don't know how easy it would be to get information if she wouldn't tell Aria.

"They've been kinda weird with each other..." Marilyn mumbles, and you ask;

"Mabel and Aria?"

"Yeah. They were fighting a whole lot at the other place, and like they haven't really fought here or anything but they just feel...weird? Like they kiss and stuff but it doesn't feel like...like um..."

"Like they mean it?"

"Yeah. Like they're just doing it cause they're supposed to." Marilyn falls silent and you do too. The only reason you were able to answer that for her is because that's how it was with your parents, especially out in public. They wouldn't tear at each other's throats then, would try to act civil, like they still loved each other.

But it was all just an act, and you knew it. You knew it cause you had to go home with them.

"Um, you ever tried parting your hair this way?" you ask, running a line over her scalp.

"No, I haven't tried anything different," Marilyn shakes her head gently, "This is how my granny used to do it for me always."

"Well, how about a braid? Once at a sleepover, my friend taught me how to do this really pretty one, I think your hair is long enough to pull it off. Way better than mine is anyways." You actually feel excited when Marilyn nods, not getting the chance to do this in so long. The big move came shortly after you learned, and of course your hair had always been too short. As you section her hair into pieces you realize that the exact process is at a loss to you. Nothing you can't figure out with a few trial and errors though, and Marilyn will be none the wiser.

"The wind is pretty loud..." Marilyn states, sitting up as she allows you to work, "There's supposed to be snow coming soon, right?"

"Apparently so. A lot of it again." You feel the silky and thick hair move between your fingers, admiring how nice it looks.

"I used to like winter. Back when I lived with Poppy and Granny at the house," Marilyn tries to hold still, fighting against the gentle pulls of your motion, "I used to make a snow fort, then me and Granny would hide behind it while Poppy built his, and we'd have a snowball fight."

"That sounds like it was fun."

"I hate winter now though. It gets too cold, and I can't play out in it anymore." It sounds like there's another reason for that too, something you won't make her try to explain. If anything, snow feels the same to Marilyn as it did going to your grandmother's house after grandpa died.

"Well then, what do you want to do when all the snow is gone? When it gets warm again and don't have to worry about freezing." You both pause for a moment, hearing Lisa cry from the room over and Aria trying to comfort her. The crying dies down slowly, enough for Marilyn to speak up again.

"I wanna play outside, but I think I want a bicycle again. We had to sell mine, it was too hard to travel with."

"So you like riding bikes?" Looking over your work, you grimace at the lopsided braiding and quickly untangle it to try again.

"Yeah, it's the best. It's hard going uphill, but I love going back down. Especially when you don't have to pedal, you end up going so fast. Once I ended up outracing a car!" Marilyn tries to watch as your hand moves near her face, anxious to see how it will look. "Do you like riding bikes?"

"Well um, I'm sure they're fun..." Gritting your teeth, you hope Marilyn doesn't pick up on why you aren't giving a straight answer.

"...you haven't ridden a bike?"

"No I have. Just um...n-...not on just two wheels..." you mutter the last part, but she picks up on every word easily.

"No way!" she calls out, trying to turn towards you. Using her hair as an excuse, you keep her gaze forward. "I learned like, like three years ago! And you're older than me!"

"I just never got the chance to learn! My grandpa said he'd show me how if Dad didn't, but he died when I was really little. And then Dad never got around to it, and he ended up dying too and um...and I guess I just never learned," it feels weird to say it out loud, but it's true. From the looks of it, Marilyn took it harder than you did, and you try to think of a way to rectify the mood. "But um, I may not know how to ride a bike, but I rode a motorcycle before!"

"Really? Like an actual one? On the street?"

"Yeah! I didn't drive of course, but I rode behind while Lawrence did! It's kinda scary, but it was fun too," you smile at this part of the memory, enjoying it despite the circumstances, "My legs got real cold though. I think it would be better if I wore jeans or if it was warmer."

"That's so cool!" Marilyn has to reel her excitement in, trying to sit proper again as you tie off the braid, "Do you think driving is hard?"

"No idea. It can't be too hard, right?"

"Yeah, but you can't ride a bike."

"Yet. I can still learn..." you grumble, Marilyn's face lighting up soon after.

"Okay but like, what if I taught you?"

"To ride a bike?"

"Yeah! And then you can teach me to drive! Wait, how to drive a motorcycle!"

"Except I don't know how to do either..."

"Then make Law do it! He can teach us both. And then you'll know how to ride a bike. Good idea, right?" Marilyn asks, bouncing in place as you release her freshly done braid. There's some frays here and there, pieces of hair that you couldn't reach or forgot to put in, but it doesn't seem like she notices all that much.

"I um, I guess that works. Yeah. We have to wear helmets on both of them though."

"Okay, but you have to remember, no going back on it."

"I promise." You hold your hand up, swearing. Marilyn nods, swirling the free hair at the bottom of the braid. "Do you think Law knows how to ride a bike?"

"...yeah. I think he does."

"That's good. I dunno if I could teach someone like him how to ride."

You imagine that unless you say otherwise, Marilyn is going to stick to you like glue for a bit. If you don't feel like letting her hang around, maybe you could ask for her to give you some space for a little bit.

In the mean time, you might try and find someone to talk to, maybe find out what's going on a little more. Aria or Mabel might be good to talk to. Lawrence might fill you in a bit more, or maybe not. You'd hope he always would, but if he's getting into trouble behind your back again...

And of course, you could always try to check up on John and Dan. You still have his pills, and it might be good to make sure neither of them are too hurt from their scuffle last night.

What do you want to do?

We should talk with Mabel if we can, see if we can't get more information out of her. If she's asleep we can forget about it for now and check on Dan and John.
Might be fine for her to tag along for a bit, we can just check on John and Dan in the meantime. We can talk with Mab or Law when Lyn gets bored or finds something else to occupy her time with.

Mabel first, and if we can't get anything out of her, pester Lawrence. Discern if maybe the argument had anything to do with us.
Talk with Mabel
"Do you know where Mabel is?" you ask. She might not say much in front of Marilyn, she might not want to tell you much either, but at least this way you can figure out if there's a plan for today. At least, anything that might concern you.

"She's probably still asleep, or trying to. I think school has been worrying her, she starts in a few days and then she's been running to work a lot. I think she's been covering for Sarah? I dunno."

"Think she'll mind us bothering her?"

"Yeah. But we should do it anyways."

You let Marilyn lead the way, if only because she will take any heat from waking Mabel first. When the bedroom door is opened, you are at first taken aback by the fact that it's a nursery. Or rather, it used to be. Soft blue walls, an old crib, an empty toy chest, even a rocking chair shoved aside in the corner. It makes you feel watched for whatever reason, but then you come to the thought that Cecilia isn't here either.

Two collected mattresses lay on the floor, pushed up against each other. Enough for a couple of people to squish together on, Mabel is spread out across the middle, a huddled Lisa at her side. From the sound of it, Aria is moving around in the room next door, most likely the bathroom.

"Don't force her to wake up if she doesn't want to..." you warm, whispering as Marilyn approaches the sleeping woman, "And try not to wake up Lisa either-" Marilyn hushes you, kneeling down and moving closer to Mabel ever so carefully. With a pale finger she pokes at her cheek first, not earning a response. Looking up at you, Marilyn shrugs and pokes harder. In both disappointment and relief, Mabel merely swats away the touch and turns over.

"Maybe we should just let her sleep..." you suggest, Marilyn nodding and coming back ever so quietly. Ready to take your leave, Aria comes in full dressed and prepared for the day. Marilyn and you nearly have a heart attack when she strides over to the mattresses and tug away the blankets, earning an immediate response and freak out from Mabel as she's exposed to the chilly air.

"Yo man, what the hell-"

"Don't you have work today?" Aria asks, and Mabel jumps to her feet.

"Dammit!" Mabel searches for clothes, dragging a small bag with her as she runs to the bathroom. Aria waits till she's gone before whispering;

"She's still got like three hours. I just like to make sure she's on time." The soft cries of Lisa draw her attention away, the young girl waking up again from all the commotion. You try to help calm her down, her fear quickly dissipating when Aria cuddles her.

"Did you sleep okay?" Aria asks you, stroking Lisa's hair and pulling it out of her face.

"Yeah. Sorry I didn't come up here, I kind of fell asleep before I realized it..." You hope she doesn't realize your slight lie, and it doesn't seem like she does.

"I can imagine. Been a rough couple of days." You can't but notice that, despite her careful makeup and keep up, Aria still seems a bit disheveled.

"Is she okay?" Marilyn asks, watching as Lisa tries to wipe her stray tears.

"Yeah. She's just a little scared by the move is all. Probably a bit hungry too, aren't you baby?" Aria coos, only earning a tighter hug in return. "If you want, I'll take you to see John later, okay?" This time Lisa nods in approval, sniffling and squinting as she looks around.

"I think he's still asleep, just so you know."

"Really? Well he did just come out of the hospital right? I'll make sure we don't bother him too soon. Glad you were both able to make it here, but um, what happened to him? His face is all messed up?" Aria asks, gesturing John's bruises on her own face. "That other g-...person looked pretty beat up too."

"I think him and Dan got in a fight. I wasn't with them when it happened, but I think some guys were being rude to Dan and he tried to stand up for himself or something, and they didn't like that. They said they're fine, and I think they just got a little bruised up. But that's just what I can guess anyways," you grimace at the thought of how their night must have went, "That has to be awful, getting picked on like that. I mean, I guess he chooses to dress like that but he's not hurting anyone. Why do they have to be mean to someone minding their own business?"

"It can be pretty bad. Sometimes when me and Mabel hold hands outside we'll get funny looks. Once I remember this old lady trying to tell us why we were going to hell. All we were doing was standing at a bus station and Mabel gave me a kiss on the cheek. But we never had anyone threaten us, much less try to fight us-"

"Is it because she didn't like thespians?" Marilyn asks, earning a surprised giggle from Aria.

"Close. I don't think she would enjoy theater people either. Anyways, what are you two girlys doings?"

"We just wanted to see if there was anything going on today. Like a plan or just anything." you say, making eye contact with Lisa. You offer her a smile, earning an attempted one back.

"I'm just staying here today. Mabel has work in a bit, I think Law is heading out? And I don't know about John, but he better be staying here," Aria thinks it over more, "I think Sarah is supposed to be stopping by today too? Her or Eric, but I'm pretty sure it's her."

"Is there anything that we're like, supposed to do?"

"You guys can always stay here with me. But Mabel has a short shift today, and it's payday too. She'll be shopping for some supplies before she comes back, so if you want you could probably go along with her and help carry everything back. Might be kinda boring, but it's up to you. I don't know what Law is doing, but maybe he'll take you along if you ask? I think he'll be heading out soon though, so if you wanted to see him before like, dark then you should go talk to him right now. But like I said, it's up to you."

That means you could always stay here with Marilyn and Aria, see what you do around here.

You'll have to wait for a few hours at the restaurant again, but with Mabel you'll be able to help bring back supplies. Maybe Marilyn could come along too in that case. At least waiting around won't be so boring.

Lawrence leaving in a bit is disappointing. You doubt he'll let you tag along, but you could at least ask him what's going on before he leaves. Maybe if you beg enough than he'll let you come along, but it might just be better to go say goodbye for the day.

What do you want to do?
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And cause I dont spend my time wisely
suck and fuck

We'll let Law do what he needs to do for the day but it won't hurt to ask. We can grill Mabel after her shift for more sweet deets too this way.
Lets just stay here
It seems everytime we leave the base some bullshit happens
Lets just stay put maybe talk to Law before he goes but dont ask if we can tag along

This is absolutely beautiful.
Probably best we stay and keep an eye on John. We did say we'd manage his pain medication.

Let's just pester Law until he spills the beans on what he's off to do, so at least we don't have to wonder.
"I think I'll stay here with you, if that's cool." When you look over to Marilyn, you can easily see the signs of disappointment on her face. She probably imagined you would choose to go out and she would get the chance to tag along. But you've been outside for too long, you'd finally like to be indoors for a bit without trying to rush anywhere. "You said you wanted to be a nurse, right?"

"Not that I want to. I am a good nurse already."

"Well be my nurse, and help me take care of John. He really needs the extra care and attention. Think you can handle it?" It takes Marilyn a while to think it over, but soon she has trouble trying to contain her excitement as she nods.

"Will you guys need my help?" Asks Aria, quickly cut off by Marilyn shaking her head.

"I got it! I've been practicing and stuff! I can handle it!" Her raised voice frightens Lisa, but Aria can't help but laugh at her enthusiasm. Maybe this will help Marilyn feel better about herself, at least that she can be useful too.

"I am going to go talk with Lawrence real quick though, if that's okay?"

"Yeah sure, go ahead. Wanna hurry before he leaves!" Aria quietly calls out as you've already turned to head downstairs. The sound of Marilyn's feet follow closely behind, trying to keep up the best she can. You round the corners, keeping extra attention to keep your balance. Nearly passing the kitchen, you see Lawrence standing by one of the windows. Trying to turn back around completely you slip, earning a worried look before you regain balance and run to him.

"Are you...? Are you about to head out?" you pant, ignoring the sting in your knee. He nods and you hear Marilyn finally catch up from behind. His coat on and buttoned up, Lawrence has the collar popped in an attempt to hide away his face, or rather the still healing gash on his cheek.

"Where are you going anyways?" Marilyn asks for you, and Lawrence merely points out the window and shrugs. "That's not a real answer."

"She's right, it's not." You take a step back form hugging him, instead crossing your arm as you give him a soft glare. The sass put out feels stale as you try to maintain this look, taking the time to wait for Lawrence to write. This usually seems to be the pose wives take in movies to win arguments; hip cocked to the side, crossed arms, a slight pout. If you want to win in these situations, you'll have to make sure to get this right.

Just going out to work for a bit. I'll be back before dark, if I get out early enough I can try to grab you something from the bakery Reading this, Marilyn stands on tiptoes to try and read over your shoulder. Lawrence has a small grin on his face, but it doesn't feel happy to you. Looking around the kitchen, you try to spot his gun anywhere.

"Where's work at?" you ask, Marilyn still trying to read his original words.

William has a job, remember me? I'm just helping him out for a few days and I'll finally have some money

"Oh alright alright," you don't to sound accusing, but it's easy to tell what he's avoiding."What kind of job is it?"

Just helping him and the guys move some equipment. They could use an extra hand, and he offered the spot to me

You can't help but frown at this, finally passing the page over to Marilyn so she can read it properly. Lawrence is waiting patiently, but you can't help but feel like his hand is inching awfully close to the window sill.

"So you're just helping move stuff then? Doesn't sound too bad. You're not going to hurt yourself or anything, are you?" Lawrence nods, but you don't accept it till he meets eyes with you. "Do you promise?" He quickly nods again, noting how serious you're trying to be. Marilyn has finally caught up on what's happening, nodding as if she has been in the conversation the whole time.

"And you promise to be back before dark?" Another nod.

"And you're working with your friends?" Yet again a yes.

"And you'll be careful out there?" You receive another yes and look towards the ground, feeling a little guilty about grilling him so hard. "Y-You know, cause the weather is supposed to get bad." This time you feel a hand go through and ruffle your hair, and you're greeted with a warmer grin. The attention makes you feel happy, and you kept but smile back. There's the tiniest gasp from behind, and looking back Marilyn has a wide grin on her face, excited as she watches. There a small pause before she speaks up.

"Are you two going to kiss?"

Marilyn is able to escape your grasp, running up the stairs as you give up at the edge of the kitchen. Giving her a death glare, the window sliding open echoes in the room and you look back to see Lawrence stepping out. Trying not to run, you rush back over as the last of his body slides out.

"Better be home soon. I miss you..." you mumble, holding your hands behind your back and looking off to the side. Lawrence leans back in, and you allow him to give a swift kiss before moving back outside. You smile and wave at him, keeping it till he closes the window and sneaks away. No longer able to see him, your grin drops and your shoulders feel heavy. It's a relief that he said William, you feel like he's a trustworthy enough guy. Maybe you're just being selfish about him going out without you. In that case, you really need to work on yourself. But looking through the window again, you just wish for him to come back safe.

Walking back out in the living room, you see Marilyn poking her head around the corner. You turn your nose up and away as you go to examine John. Still asleep, still breathing...you ponder if you should wake him up when you hear coughing coming from the bathroom. Dan steps out, looking sick and swaying on his feet. He slides against the wall only a few feet away, searching for his pack of cigarettes. Deciding that you should be hospitable to him too, you walk over to where Dan sits and wait for him to acknowledge you.

"Need something kid?" Dan asks, pulling out an empty case.

"I just wanted to check on you. Feeling alright?" you ask this while eyeing his hand holding at his side more than his stomach.

"Not really, to be truthful. Was always told to never lie, I hurt like hell. I'll live but eh..." he shifts around uncomfortably, wincing the entire time, "Sometimes I wish that wasn't true, ya know? Wouldn't have to deal with the pain for long."

"I'm sorry to hear that..." you look away from him, at the ground and hope he doesn't notice, "Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Hate to ask you this, but I don't suppose you'd have something for pain would you?" Dan asks, trying not to cough, "Something strong. Least so I can sleep this off."

You stop for a moment, trying to think where your bag is laying.

Aspirin should be easy to find, if you don't have it Aria will. Probably won't do much to help him, but it's an offer you can make.

John has his medicine though, that stuff is for pain and really strong. Maybe just giving him one pill would be okay, just so he can rest up.

And still, you have the powder from Michele. You know nothing about it, except that it's supposed to help with the pain. Of course, Dan feels like the type of person who would know what it is. And if it would help him...

What do you want to offer?
Something of John's prescription should be fine, as long as he doesn't make us regret it by, like, crushing it or something.
Just give him the Asprins
The pills are for John and sharing prescriptions is something every little girl know is bad
also the powder is of limits hell i forgot why we even still have it.
It's probably just some kind of timed release painkiller
It should be fine if he takes it normally
Crushing it is probably why John was off his game last night

Asprins. John needs his pills and we NEED to make sure he's taking them as intended.

We should really think about getting rid of that powder at some point too.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

1- Give Dan aspirin
2- Give Dan some of John's medicine
For someone who needs them we sure aren't following the directions

also, >just be helpful
offer your mouth and your pussy
Biting your knuckle, you look towards John then back at Dan.

"Um, I don't suppose Aspirin would help right now, would it?" As expected Dan shakes his head and all you can do is sigh before saying, "Okay. Hold on a second." Leaving Dan where he sits, you find your bag still sitting where you left it last night. John only a few feet away, you can't help but keep looking up at him nervously. He probably wouldn't mind letting his friend have one, but it still feels like you're sneaking around. When Buttercup presses her wet nose against your hand you have to use all willpower to not shriek in surprise. Hushing the confused puppy, you just pull out one pill and carry it over, grasping it tightly in the center of your palm.

Without another word you hold it out for Dan. You can't help but notice Marilyn watching from the staircase, but you'll make sure she doesn't notice anything wrong.

"What is that?"

"A prescription. Uh, his." You motion over to John and Dan's eyes widen for a moment before reaching out for it.

"You sure I can take this?" he asks and you almost consider pulling it away.

"Y-Yeah. I'm in charge of them, it should be fine. You don't mind, right?" Instead of answering, Dan takes the pill from your hand. You try not to be obvious as you watch him put it between his lips, anticipating a crunch like John had done. Dan looks like he's expecting to do that too, but at the last minute changes his mind and swallows the pill dry instead, shuddering as he does. Starring off, his hand searches around in his pockets. You except the empty cigarette carton, instead greeted by the flash of bronze metal in his fingers. Almost looking like a large bullet, he brings it up to his mouth and you prepare for the inhaling and rushing of air. The inhale comes, but it seems his canister is empty. Heart broken Dan looks ready to throw it away, only to clutch it between his trembling hand and put it away.

"Wasted it..." he mumbles, and you're unsure if he meant his weird air or the pill.

"Why would you chew it?" you ask, hoping he doesn't realize you're asking because of John. "Does it do something different? Just sounds like it would taste gross..."

"Taste godawful. But sometimes you just need that...that like..." Dan is trying to gesture with his hands, unable to put the feeling in words, "The pain goes away so quickly at that moment and you just don't feel as bad. Don't last for shit but it's kinda worth it, y'know?"

"I do." you admit quietly, the words only for yourself. "Um, do you need help moving somewhere so you can sleep?"

"I can do that on my own. Just gimme a moment. Feet hurt like hell right now too, isn't fun," Dan rests his head against the wall, closing his eyes. "Don't wear heels too often. They'll give you the worst sores. Never see that in the ads, do you?"

"I can't walk very well in them. Guys like when you wear them, don't they?" You aren't too sure if this is a weird question to ask someone like Dan, he's a strange one to figure out.

"Sure. They make your legs look like they go on forever, they're sexy, but they're a pain in the ass to walk in for long. They make your feet look godawful if you wear them for years, expensive, and the damn things break if you walk too fast. Just find you a man who loves a girl in a pair of tennis shoes and you'll thank me later." You only nod, looking back over to see John still sleeping.

Dan doesn't seem like he'll nod off to sleep just yet, if there's anything you wanted to ask him now would probably be the best time.

If there's nothing you want to bother him with then maybe you can go check John, maybe try waking him up. Or maybe you should find Marilyn or the Aria, see what they're doing right now. Mabel still has some time before work too, if you get her in private maybe you could try questioning her about what's going on with her and Lawrence.

What do you want to do?
suck and fuck

Talk to Mabel for a bit. Maybe see if we can't at least warm her up to the idea of spilling something about what went on with Lawrence and her.
Sit down and try to relax for a bit by ourselves
Take inventory of our items
Think about the things we've seen and the implications that they have on our world view
About how badly war seems to effect people
About things like street rot and how lucky we are dispite how unlucky we are
Lets get introspective up in this bitch
Best to let Dan just settle down and let the painkiller kick in.

Try catching Mabs and get some answers out of her.
Let dan do his own thing
Mabel is probably busy with getting ready for work so lets leave her alone and go fuck around with Aria and Marilyn
Best to leave the man alone for now, you've done what you can. John earns a quick look over, noticing that he's shifting around in his sleep. He's bound to wake up soon enough, and then you can try and see if there's anything he needs. The stress lines on his face seem deeper than before, as if he's aged so much in just one night. It's been rough though, everyone looks stressed out right now. Best thing you can do is either stay out of the way or help where you can.

Not that you don't trust either men, but you know how your mother would get when she needed alcohol; you sling the bag on your shoulder and march upstairs. Looking through what you have might be a good idea, see if you can lighten your load and just take a good inventory count in the mean time. Dumping it all out in front of the younger girls would just be asking for trouble, and you take the empty room Marilyn led you to earlier.

It sounded like water pouring in the bathroom, meaning Mabel is probably trying to shower. You can work on this for now till she's out and then try to ask her what's up.

Spreading out in the middle of the floor, you dump out the contents of your bag and sort them out. The clothes that so desperately need to be washed and ironed properly are folded and put to the side. The sight of underwear remind you about the fact that all your older pairs are missing. This thought is soon overshadowed when you pick up your one nice and fancy pair, blushing and looking at it with uncertainty. You consider putting them on finally but instead hide them away. Maybe if you take a bath later you'll think about trying them on, but for now they need to stay out of sight.

Going through your items, you can't help but think about everything that's missing. The underwear sucks, but easily replaceable. Ms. Buttons isn't though, and you feel so bad about not pulling her out as often as you should have. Looking at her would offer some comfort, but being missing only makes you feel more stressed. It's childish to miss a doll, and you try to think over things like an adult instead. Really it's just an excuse to distract you, but your thoughts end up going all over the place.

It feels like before all this you didn't know all that much. You paid attention in school, but everything seemed more simple and clean. When you thought of soldiers you imagine brave men that would return home to their happy family, nothing like the two homeless men downstairs. Of course you don't know for sure, but trusting their word on it then you imagine their life before going to war was easier than this. Maybe they were messed up long before then, but whatever they saw couldn't have helped. Went through hell overseas, only to be rewarded with more of it here. Thinking of all the homeless men you've seen before, you can't help but feel guilty for trusting what your father said about them.

Lazy. Terrible. If they didn't want to live on the streets than they would do something to fix it.

You believed every word back then, even if you still felt sorry for them.

Back then you didn't know anything about street rot either. How even nice people can get it, how awful it is to find out you have it. The thought of something eating you up from the inside sends a shiver down your spine, the memory of the rotten smell coming back. Someone like Jessica doesn't act like she's rotting from the inside, but you sure as hell can smell it. That one man who tried to grab you at the apartments, Richard...he has the same disease. You shouldn't care about his safety at all, he wants to drag you away. But from the way that Iris girl freaked out, you can't help but feel sorry for anyone suffering such an awful fate.

Just being out here has changed the way you look at people really. School always showed people who used drugs to be awful and mean, yet you've met so many nice people with terrible addictions. Some of them may have been crass, but it's nothing like you'd expected. Your opinion on men are still fuzzy. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that not every one of them want to hurt you, or at least not that way. But the scars are still too deep, and even around the ones you know it feels like there's no escape. But then you get kisses from Lawrence, or a head pat or a smile and it feels like things are okay, at least in that moment. But he's still much older, you never even considered liking someone out of your grade. Sometimes you get confused by him, or scared, or feel babied when you don't want to, but overall you keep wanting to be around him. Compared to how it was when you first met him, it feels like you've accomplished something. There's still a lot you have to accomplish before being a good girlfriend for him, but if you keep at it you might actually get there eventually. At least till you can hold his hand outside and not feel scared to do it.
Those thoughts are so much nicer than some of the other ones you have. The ones that make you sick, that make you feel like a terrible person just for existing. When you just want to die, or when you want to hurt others, when you never ever wanted to see another man again and how it'd be just fine with you if they all died.

You take a moment to calm down from this, reminding yourself that everything is fine right now. You're safe, and that's something you just have to remember.

Looking at Michele's 'gift' to you tarnishes some of these good thoughts, and along with John's medicine you hide it away under shirts.

How can it be that you have such awful things happen, yet you still look forward to something like Lawrence coming back? How you somehow meet the absolute best and worst people, that they all can exist together somehow.

Your train of thought it interrupted when you pick up on Aria and Mabel's voices in the hall. A short conversation it seems, but Mabel lets out a frustrated sigh as Aria walks away. Leaving your things where they lay, you get up to peek out the door. Mabel is leaning against the wall, forehead against her hands as she thinks.

"Do you have to go to work soon?" you ask, hoping she doesn't feel as awkward as you do right now.

"Don't have to leave for another hour. Need something?" Mabel asks, moving her hands away to look at you.

What do you want to talk to Mabel about?

Forgive me, for now I must go drink too much alcohol and regret it. Any post made tonight might not be done sober and you have been warned
Dr Bowie
Michele's gift
Street rot and its effect on our community
also lets talk about whores
Casually ask her if she has any idea what Lawrence is up to, see if it maybe gives us an opening to pry about their argument.

Talking to her about Lawrence would be ideal. Maybe try to ease our way into it somehow by asking if she and Aria are arguing anymore (or just their status in general)
You think about the best way to go about this, wanting to be subtle. It may be low hanging fruit, but that's fine with you.

"Are you two okay? Is moving around stressing both of you out?" you ask, quickly trying to think of a way to soften the words, "You two just get along so much, so it's just weird thinking the two of you could fight. My parents fought all the time, and they weren't very happy."

"We're fine. Lady is just a bit cranky, that's all." Mabel looks where Aria had walked away, replaying the scenes in her head, "This has us all stressed out. And she's worried cause I have to sneak in and out of here for work. Just a little bit over worried, that's all."

"Is it fine to be too worried about someone?" It instantly reminds you of just an hour earlier, when you were talking to Lawrence. "Or is that like um, bad for a relationship?"

"You gotta worry about each other sometimes, that's the thing. Like it's easy to seem overbearing or not caring enough I think. There's like this smooth spot you gotta fit into, let them know you're around and ready to help but that they're own person. Make sense?"

"Yeah, you're pretty smart."

"Read that outta a magazine. But it stuck with me man, good thing to know. Aria worries about me, and that's good but sometimes it just feels like I'm getting smothered. And she's just thinking that she's helping out, and I can appreciate that," Running a hand over her mouth, Mabel thinks her words over more, "And I guess I think that I'm trying to treat Aria and more independent, but she think I don't care enough? I dunno, I just gotta figure it out better I guess. But we're doing fine, thanks."

"That's good," you try to take in all the words, all the advice. Somehow you have to find that sweet spot, to figure out how to show that you're caring but not smothering. That's some of the last things you'd want to do to Lawrence, especially after everything he's done. "I was a little worried earlier. Lawrence was heading out and I was saying goodbye and just um, bombarded him with questions. I probably seemed like, really clingy. That's pretty bad, isn't it?"

"I get worried when he heads out too, trust me." The scowl on Mabel's face don't match her soft words, a flicker of anger traveling over her face. "Even if he is a thickheaded stubborn jackass..."

"Has he been doing something bad?" There's no hiding the concern in your face, bad scenario after worse scenario tumbling by.

"He's always doing something bad...!" Mabel snaps, but it doesn't sound like she's speaking to you, rather just voicing her thoughts, "He always goes without a care for himself, and it's so awful! Doesn't he realize there are people that care about him here..." You can't help but tear up at this, unsure why your eyes have turned so warm. Doing your best to wipe at them discretely, you let Mabel calm down on her own. Realizing that all she's done is upset you, she tries to regain herself as a levelheaded and cool adult.

"Law has always came back, each time he's came out. Sometimes it takes a couple of days, but he always returns. No matter what he's out doing he'll end up coming back," in a teasing matter, Mabel ruffles up your dark hair briefly, "Plus he hates seeing you cry. And I think he knows how much it would upset you if he didn't end up coming back."

"But what is he doing?" you can't help but get upset at the lack of a real answer. Mabel is trying to comfort you, but she's doing so in a way that avoids telling you any real information.

"Helping his one friend."

"Yeah, but how? He said moving equipment, but what kind of equipment?"

"Man, I don't know!" Mabel says, holding her hands up in defeat. "I just know he's going out for work, why does it scare you so much? Is something happening that he hasn't told us?" Coming off as too strong, you try to reel back your concern, to make it seem like you're coming at this from the angle of a friend rather than something else.

"H-...he's just done a lot to help me, that's all," crossing your arms, you look down at the hall so you don't have to make eye contact with her, "And he's my friend. I just get worried when he goes out alone, especially after he got cut up like that."

"That was pretty awful. And I get where you're coming from, I do. When Aria isn't back when she's supposed to I get sick, even if it's only by a few minutes. Too much can happen out there."

"Yeah! And I just want him to start taking care of himself. He's a good guy but he's just um...just..."

"Reckless?" Mabel asks and you nod.

"It scares me to death."

"I bet so. I'm sure he's fine."

"Do you promise?" This time you look at Mabel, only to find her trying to avoid your gaze. Her lip snarls up for a moment before she sighs in a sign of defeat.

"Don't even think about breathing a word of this, okay? He made me swear not to mention it to anyone else but, eh...you care about the big guy so much. Guess some has to." Mabel motions for you to move closer, looking around as you offer an ear. Mabel's breath warms and tickles your ear as you wait for what she has to say.

"Law isn't exactly doing honest work right now. I don't approve either way, but he could be doing a lot worse," Mabel backs away now, looking once more to make sure there's only two in the hallway, "I don't think you have to worry about him. Like I said, I don't like it but I worry about him a lot, funny enough. Scold him if you want, but I think he's just trying to have movie saved up so he doesn't feel useless. That's what he made it sound like anyways."

"Oh. I see...thanks." you force out the gratitude, eyes traveling between the cracks of the floor. Mabel is trying to catch your gaze, looking you over in the process.

"You alright? It bothering you that much? Just think of it as some under the table work, it'll be fine!"

"I'm fine, just um...just had a rough night yesterday."

"I imagine so, wanna talk about it?" Mabel leans against the wall, watching your every move.

"It's just that, when I wasn't with John and Dan I stayed with these women. They were waiting around in a terrible apartment and I think they were um, 'working' too. They did some drugs and drank a lot, none of them wanted to be there."

"I couldn't imagine. That's a tough life they're living. I know this sounds awful but I feel like I'd blow my brains out if I lived that kind of life."

"Well um, this one lady did. I mean, she wanted to. It turns out she as that um, that street rot? She found out about it that night and wanted to die. We left while she was crying and I just hope that she's fine..."

"Hard to be fine when you learned you're going to die from the inside. Fuck, that'd be something awful to live with."

"Jessica manages..."

"All thanks to that medicine, which she even isn't supposed to have! How messed up is that? The one thing keeping her going and just...it's all so messed up," Mabel stares at the wall before her, hand moving through her hair in distress, "In a lot of poorer places, you get people catching that all the time. And I mean the super poor parts. I lived kinda close to one, just enough to hear about what would go on. Some kid would play too rough somewhere dirty and bring the disease back to his family and they'd all be dying slowly with no one to take care of them. Like I never saw it in my neighborhood, but it was always a fear of mine." Thinking about a whole family just wasting away in their house unable to stop their rot makes you feel sick, and you too find yourself leaning on the wall for support.

"So...so do you know a lot about um...I mean, stuff like drugs?' you ask, trying to block out the imaginary family from thought.

"Kinda? Like a little bit. Cousins used to push some stuff, learned a little bit from them and then I took some criminal justice courses in high school. Slept a lot through them, but I picked up some things here and there."

She might not know much, but you could try asking Mabel about some of the things in your bag. You could try asking her about the ecstasy or, if you feel brave enough, maybe even ask if she can identify that white powder.

Or maybe if she could get rid of it for you. She's a capable adult for the most part, and you wouldn't have to worry about her keeping or using it for anything bad.

But she might not take well to you bring this sort of thing up, and who knows what she'd do if you actually showed it to her. Maybe keeping quiet about this would be the best for now.

As warned earlier, I am incredibly drunk at the time of writing this please forgive me
Maybe just asking her if she knows what ecstasy does, pretend we heard about it while waiting for John and Dan to come back if she asks. No need to mention that Law seemed to have reacted poorly to it, but that can't be what it does, right? Why would people pay so much for a pill that just makes you sick.

We could use the same excuse to try and get an idea of what Michele gave us, suggest one of the girls offered us a line because we seemed on edge.

This is perfect
suck and fuck while we get high on Michelle's mystery drug
"Well, do you know what ex-...ecstasy does?"

"Yo wait, hold up!" Mabel reacts instantly to this, choking on her words, "What are you doing asking something like that?"

"Those girls were talking about it. The ones I stayed with while John and Dan were gone," you keep your voice soft, hoping to hide the lie, "They mentioned something about it. They're like little pills right? And way expensive? T-That's what they made it sound like, anyways." Mabel leans back against the wall, arms crossed and a slight scowl to her face.

"My cousins started pushing that stuff at one point, I remember that. Gotten pretty popular recently, it's crazy. People are stupid, paying that kinda cash just for a pill. Does nothing but make them crazy, it's all just..." Mabel stops herself from saying anymore, running a hand through her hair as she talks again, "So like, I'm no expert on this stuff. But like, ecstasy is supposed to make you feel great. Like you're top of the world, and nothing hurts and everything awful is gone. You're just way too fucking happy, it's crazy. But that don't last forever, and I think every thing hurts just a little bit more every time you come down. Don't think I could ever do it. Sure it might feel great but you're not yourself, and you have to go through all that to feel it again and like, it's scary or something. I wouldn't want to lose control like that, whatever rich bastard with cash to burn and nothing to worry about can use them instead."

You remain quiet now, feeling Mabel's emotions come to a boil at the end of her words. She takes a few slow and deep breaths, back of her head against the wall and looking up.

"Guess some people just can't handle all the shit life hands them, I don't blame them. Sometimes it just comes all at once and you just, just need an escape for a while. Maybe if I wasn't such a pussy about it, but I've just seen how people get on it, on all that shit. Doesn't end up just hurting them."

Mabel no longer sounds mad, but heartache that replaces the heat makes you tear up. That feeling of being on top is exactly what you go through too, like everything can be okay even for a little bit.

"So um..." Using your sleeve to wipe your face, trying to cover your sniffles as you try to move on for the moment, "W-would you know what um, what white powder w-would be? She tried to offer some to me, the um...one of the g-girls from the apartment. Cause I was l-like, on edge or something and it would m-make me feel better. I d-didn't do it but, but what do you think it'd be?"

"White powder? Did they mention anything like 'coke' or Colombian or ah, blow?"

"No..? Oh! Um, I think she mentioned something like, 'It's not co-...cocaine'? If that helps..."

"Uh, let's see..." Mabel stops to think about it, clicking her heel all the while, "Uh shoot, I guess it could have been something like crushed up muscle relaxers. Or, damn what is it called...uh, heroin. Pretty sure that stuff could be brown or white, but I haven't really seen any of that kinda stuff before." You nod, trying to commit the name to memory, as you're pretty sure you hadn't heard that name before.

"That's some scary stuff..."

"You didn't do it, did you?" Mabel asks and you quickly shake your head. "Good, it's better if you keep away from that stuff. You're already having a tough enough time, no need to go walk directly into trouble."

"Why do people want to get into that, selling it or whatever? Does it make them a lot of money?"

"Hell no, not worth it. Sure there's some asshole sitting on the top, able to throw money at whatever he wants but those guys you see selling in the street aren't making shit from it. And it just ends up messing up their lives, 's what happened to Lupe, my cousin. Her and her boyfriend were in some money trouble, had my niece to take care of and all that. Thought they could make some easy money as dealers, that would just do it till they were back on their feet. Job is stressful, so they started trying what they were selling. Ended up liking it too much, and most the money they made were spent so they could 'forget' about everything for a bit. Guess their daughter was part of their 'problems', they ended up forgetting that they had her around and didn't pay attention to her till she um...she..." Mabel's hand motions away, eyes red as she fights back tears for a second. More deep breaths to try and steady herself and she looks away, mumbling. "Just stay away from that shit, alright?"

"Yeah." you want to promise that you will, but lying right now would feel wrong.

Should you tell Mabel about the drugs in your bag? Let her know that you have them, and don't want them? Maybe not for the ecstasy, but the powder or heroin or whatever it is?

But maybe you want to wait and talk to someone else about it, it could upset Mabel more and make her worry about what you're doing.

What would you like to do?

Hold onto the drugs for now. We'll keep an extra close eye on them now that we know how dangerous they are. When we get the chance we can try and ditch them in a dumpster where someone is unlikely to find them.
Burn the drugs
Dont tell Mabel about any of the drugs
Just leave her allown and go find the others and waste time till everyone gets back
Just... keep it a secret for now, at least that way we can spare her the emotional turmoil. And us.

Considering what we learned about marijuana, though, maybe what we're carrying isn't all too different? Might even be useful somehow, and we still have to find out if Sharon had anything to do with Lawrence dealing the ecstasy. Being able to put it on the table might help. Figuratively.

Should probably see if John's awake.
No reason to suddenly be irrational after what we've learned
Our own blood craving gives us some experience on the matter
"Sorry if those questions were weird," you apologize, regretting the fact that she feels bad now, "It's just that I don't know a lot of stuff and I want to make sure I don't end up making any mistakes."

"Hey, it's fine. Better for you to ask than to find out the hard way, right? Didn't mean to get all messed up like that, anyways. You staying here?"

"Yeah, if that's fine. I want to stay inside for a little bit..."

"I get it, don't worry. I'll just have to stop at the store closer to here so I don't have to carry it all as far, but I'll take it as a workout. Speaking of, gotta make sure I have the bags ready to take with me," Mabel starts to walk off, stopping and pointing to one of the doors, "By the way, water works here but no heat, just like the last place. Law thinks the stove downstairs still has a working gas line though, said he'd work on getting it working so we can at least heat stuff up. Maybe not enough for a bath, but wouldn't that be nice?" Except that you've recently had the luxury of a hot bath, something that you already dearly miss. Instead you just nod in agreement, hearing the bedroom door open and close from behind. You expect someone to walk past, head down the stairs, but instead your greeted with a voice trailing out of the room you were just in;


Gasping you turn and run to the room, shouting back to Mabel, "They're going through my stuff...!"

Upon reaching the doorway, Marilyn freezes in place while kneeling beside your clothes, Lisa all the while holding up and cooing over those stupid white underwear.

"What are you doing?!" you barely remember to keep your voice down, searching for the other things you've hidden. The photo canister pokes out from beneath a shirt, otherwise undisturbed and John's medicine sits aside untouched. Buttercup runs past your ankles, excited to join in the commotion.

"I-I-I was trying to stop her!" Marilyn tries to explain as Lisa slips the panties over her head.

"Look Lyn," she whispers, the band slipping over her eyes as Marilyn looks on in shock, "I'm a princess now."

"You shouldn't wear people's used underwear." Marilyn tries to explain, reaching for them.

"I haven't worn those yet! But yeah, take them off!" you demand, storming over. Marilyn manages to pull them off, holding out the lacy garment for you to snatch away. Her eyes bounce between you and the white and a slight grin comes on her face.

"Has your boyfriend see them yet?"


After shoving your items out of sight and scolding the two girls over respecting people's privacy, especially yours, you've calmed down a good bit, It's not even the stuff like underwear that worried you, it was the drugs. After everything Mabel told you, it has put you on edge. You'll make them a priority to deal with, but not at this moment. Maybe when Lawrence gets back, but not right now.

"What are you two doing anyways? Didn't Aria give you something to do?" you ask, sitting crossed leg on the floor with them.

"She was trying to figure out what to do for lunch, but John woke up and needed help. I think he said he was really sore? It didn't look like he was walking okay, he had to stop a lot. And then he asked Aria to help him with some cuts I guess? I think that's what they're doing now, she told us to go do something else while she fixed him-"

"Is John okay?" Lisa blurts out, cutting off Marilyn.

"He's okay. Just has some scrapes and bruises, that's all." Even trying to explain anything more to Lisa would be a waste, but it's more than enough of an answer for her.

"Oh. Those hurt. Look, I fell and scraped my knee once and it got all gross, look at it-" Lisa pulls up the leg on her overall, trying to show you a wound no longer there, "Wait, where did it go?"

"That was like, weeks ago. It's all healed up now." Marilyn explains, unable to hide her annoyance. The younger girl doesn't pay heed to this, only showing off a wide smile at her amazing recovery. Rolling her eyes, Marilyn looks over to Buttercup who is running around aimlessly, stopping only to scrape at the wooden floor occasionally. "I think she wants out."

"Who? Buttercup?" you ask, seeing easily now how the puppy has too much energy and no way to exert it.

"She'll end up running around all down," Marilyn grimaces at the noise of nails scratching, "That's an awful sound."

"I guess she'd like to be walked outside, that'd tire her out-"

"You'll take her outside?" Immediately Marilyn has perked up at this, leaning in close as she asks you, "Can I come along? Please please please?"

"Hey, I don't know if we should even be outside. We're supposed to lay low here."

"Aria said it's fine to be seen outside," Marilyn starts to explain, smiling as if waiting for this chance, "We just can't be seen sneaking in and out of the house! If we're super duper careful than it'll be fine! And we'll be helping cause Buttercup won't be annoying!" Waiting for your answer, Marilyn bounces in place trying to contain her excitement, it spreading slowly to Lisa as she follows suit, even if she doesn't understand exactly why.

You'll ask Aria for sure on this, but walking Buttercup outside shouldn't be too bad. Just half an hour at most and you'll be back in.

But if you do choose to go outside, you could go alone. You don't have to bring both girls, or you could just bring Marilyn along.

If any of that seems too scary for you than you'll just need to put the girls down gently and find something else to do.[/i]

Updated inventory list when i return
Practice knitting
If Aria says good, then it's fine. Maybe bring down something for John to deal with the assorted pains.
go outside alone so we can suck and fuck all the dicks we run into without anyone getting in the way

Go ask Aria. it shouldn't be an issue for Marilyn to come with us as long as we stay close to the house but Lisa is young and could get into trouble easily.

If Aria OKs it we can have Marilyn watch Buttercup while we watch Lisa.
Make sure Aria is okay with it and knows where we'll be
Give John a pill and try to make sure he swallows it this time
"You can come." At this Marilyn jumps up to her feet, bouncing on her heels at the answer. Lisa just looks between you and her, still a few steps behind on the conversation. "Get your shoes on and bundle up, wait in the bedroom with her okay? I need to talk to Aria first."

"Okay! Oh but, what about her?" Marilyn points at Lisa, who in turn looks at you with big round eyes.

"Just you and me for today. While we're out Lisa will have an important job of um..." You can't come up with a solution at this moment and you decide to hold on that for later, "When I get back I'll tell you. It's only a job you can do though, so prepare yourself for it-"

"Is it princess business?"

"It is-" Lisa's squeal of joy makes you pause, at least happy that she isn't crying instead. "Go ahead and get ready then. I'll be back in a little bit." Marilyn leads Lisa out of the room and away, and you keep peeking at the door to make sure they're gone. With Buttercup coming over to investigate you squeeze a pill tightly in your palm. Heading down the stairs Mabel's words come back and you can't help but stare down at the pill. Drugs are bad, but medicine is fine. It makes you get better, while drugs only make you feel weird. This is supposed to help John, but it seems like he can use it in bad ways too. The fact that something prescribed by a doctor can do that seems scary, but you decide it's only confusing cause you're not old enough to understand yet, or maybe just not smart enough.

Coming into the living room, you see Dan curled up on the floor and tucked away in the corner. He would seem dead if not for the occasional twitch in his legs, hopefully something that's supposed to happen. It takes a little bit of searching, but you find Aria in the bathroom, John laying in the tub.

"I look pretty bruised up, don't I?"

"Just be glad they didn't break your nose. Sorry, I think this is going to sting..." Aria apologizes right before John pulls in a harsh breath. Standing out in the hall and looking in, you only watch as Aria rubs a wet cloth over his purple and blue rib cage. His sleeves and shirt pulled up, slightly bloodied tissues lay on the ground and all dirtied by John. You catch the slightest whiff of the earthy scent before breathing through your mouth in an attempt to block the smell.

"Is this a bad time?" you ask, Aria sitting up and looking around at the mess.

"Is it an emergency? I think John wants his privacy-"

"If you need somethin' missy just ask," John says while trying to sit up and greet you, "Just an old dog gettin' someone else to lick his wounds for him."

"Well there's two things actually. Um here, first take this." you hold the pill out, Aria eyeing it suspiciously.

"That's not Tylenol, what is it? Wait, where did you get it?" she asks and John shakes his head.

"Don't need it."

"Yes you do, don't lie to me," you say all while trying to sound as serious as you can handle, "You were in pain when you woke up. So that means you have to take it, doctor's orders."

"That was prescribed to you?" asks Aria as she looks over to John, "If the hospital told you to take it then you need to take it!" With Aria concerned and your unwillingness to budge John slowly begins to see that he can't win this battle.

"Fine fine, I'll take it." John relieves the pill from you and Aria jumps up, walking out.

"I'll go grab you a glass of water." she announces, leaving you to care for him alone. Looking back you watch as John places the pill on his tongue, watching even closer at his throat.

"Keeping it in your mouth like that must taste awful," you try to say casually, noticing a slight jump in his shoulders as you do, "You shouldn't have put it in your mouth yet, now you have to hold it there till Aria comes back."

"Oh, it's no big deal. Used to keepin' them there." John smiles, teeth closed and hiding everything inside.

"I know," you mutter, fingering a lock of your hair and looking to the side, "I've seen you do it before..." The silence that follows your words are heavy, and you feel bad for using them. You do, however, notice that John swallows the pill dry, forcing it down and coughing from it. When he looks back up, it's to open and show you his empty mouth in a fake grin. Not even attempting to return it, you can't wait for Aria's return. Remaining quiet when she comes back in and gives John his water, you wait till she talks first after sitting back down.

"Did you say there was something else you needed?" Aria asks, looking over the rest of the work she has to do.

"Well, me and Marilyn were wondering if it would be okay if we walked Buttercup outside so she won't be so wild."

"You have a leash right? -Hold still for this John- Marilyn told you the rules about going outside?"

"She said we can be out on the sidewalk, but not seen leaving the house."

"Pretty much. It'd be good for you two to get out for a bit too. Oh but uh, you won't go out for long or go too far, right?" Aria asks, tending to John's bruises again.

"Just down a few of the streets and back, and for like half an hour. We can come back sooner if you're worried about that long." You avoid looking at John and his marks, focusing on the back of Aria's head instead.

"Don't worry, that sounds fine. I guess you're planning on leaving Lisa here?"

"Is that too mean?"

"No, she's a handful by herself. I wouldn't want your attention divided up even more. Just try to find her something to do before you step out first, if you don't mind." John is ready to light a cigarette but stops after receiving a scolding look from Aria.

"Just tell her to behave, or John'll come get her." he says, trying to hide a grimace with a grin.

"If you hurry then you can leave the house with Mabel, if not I'll have to show you the best way to do it. I expect you guys to come back soon, no dawdling around out there, got it?"

"Yeah, I got it Aria. Thanks." You say before grabbing your boots from the living room. Shoving a foot inside, you stop in the sudden pain. Reaching inside, you remember the gun inside.

Right away you consider just hiding it with the rest of your things for now, and you'll deal with it later.

But it may be better to take it, a little extreme but you can't be too safe.

Or you could finally try passing it on to one of the adults, there are still four here you could try giving it to.
Aria and Mabel are the dykes right
tongue fuck Aria while Mabel rails your 13 year old nubile pussy with her strap-on dragon dildo
Might be nice to have at hand. Like John said, we don't have to fire it, but the threat of it could be enough, so it's a good deterrent if someone does try anything. Much better than pepper spray, anyway...
Take it
Des streets ain't safe

We'll take the gun. Obviously keep it hidden and ensure the safety is on

Let's go leave with Mabel too while we're at it, Aria looks like she's got her hands full with John at the moment.
Of course, we take the gun with us! Anyone looking at us funny will regret it!
You have it, no sense it letting it stay here. Better to take it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Securing it carefully in your boot again, you now walk with a heavier footstep knowing that the gun is with you. Walking up the stairs you try to think of a task for Lisa, something to keep her occupied and happy while you and Marilyn are gone. Coming up with nothing, you prepare yourself for the whining and tears Lisa would no doubt give.

Inside the bedroom, Lisa sits with a small notebook in front of her, a handful of crayons at the side as she listens intensely to the whispered instructions of Marilyn. Upon seeing you at the doorway though Marilyn jumps up and rushes over, Buttercup in arms.

"Are you ready to go?" she asks excitedly, hugging the dog a bit too hard.

"Oh yeah, but Lisa needs something to do first." You have Marilyn hold the collar in place as you attach the leash, a big smile on her face.

"Don't worry, I gave her a job already." Looking over at where Lisa sits on the floor, you try to figure out exactly what she's doing. All you can make out is the frantic scribbling and drawing, a motivation driving her to do this like you haven't seen before.

"Are you sure she'll do that for half an hour?"

"Oh she will, trust me."

"What is sh-"

"You'll see later! Come on let's hurry up!" Marilyn pulls you out of the room, Lisa giving a quick wave before you leave. The job was done for you, and there's no reason to complain. Besides, you doubt you'd been able to come up with something good right there on the spot. Now you just wonder why Marilyn was whispering her the instructions, but that can be something you worry about later.


Mabel is found waiting in the kitchen, dressed up for the weather and a large empty bag at hand.

"Finally, was about to split if you two didn't show up," she says, going to the window and peering outside, "You two are ready, aren't you?"

"Yeah, we are. Sorry about that."

"It's all good, Aria let me know. Anyways, come over here and look out with me for a second." Mabel motions over, you and Marilyn squishing together and trying to find room to look out the window at the same time, "Alright so from here, there's a tree out front that blocks us pretty well from the street. Still, try not to go outside if you hear someone passing by. We're easier to see from the alley, so don't even think about breathing if someone is walking or driving by that way. Wait for them to leave then step out. The neighbors can't really see us stepping out, but they'd be able to see you leaving from the front yard for sure. They could see from the alley too, but it's better to sneak out that way anyways. So get out to the alley without making any noise, go down to the corner that way and you'll be out on the sidewalk. Easy enough, right?"

"I think so, we just have to make sure no one is around when we leave right?"

"Right. Sneaking back in will probably be the hardest, if only because you have to go from the alley to this window and get in without anyone seeing you, and there's not a lot of places for you to hide. Gotta try to do it all in one go, but don't take any chances. Aria is supposed to step out and look for you if you guys are gone for more than 45 minutes, just in case you can't get back in for whatever reason."

"But wait, I don't know if I can get the window open on my own, I couldn't last night."

"That's probably cause we had it locked. We usually do at night, just in case someone who isn't one of ours tries to get in. If that happens then just try knocking at this window till someone comes by. Try and make sure it's this one too, that way we know for sure it's you."

"Alright, I think I got it." Nothing overly difficult, but extremely important. At least you have someone here to help this time around. You hold Buttercup tightly as you watch the window being forced open, hoping that you can manage to get it on your own too. The creaks make you and Marilyn flinch, but Mabel doesn't look too concerned over it. Instead she pokes her head out, looking around to see if the coast is clear.

"Okay, seems fine." Mabel whispers before stepping out. Ducking down, she takes another look around before motioning you to follow. Handing the dog over, you step out next. It's quiet, but you can't help but notice how fast your heart is beating to all this. Feet against dirt and grass, you take you dog back from Marilyn so she can trek over too. Landing on the ground somewhat wobbly but in okay condition, she kneels down with you as Mabel closes the window. Your eyes dart between the front and the alley, trying to listen for the sound of anyone near by. Without a word, Mabel leads you both over to the gate, working quickly to get it open and free you all to the alley. It doesn't feel like you can breathe properly again till the gate is shut, the muddied ground and tall fences keeping you out comforting in some way.

"See? Easy stuff. Just gotta keep an eye and ear out. Then if you like, I'll walk you two chicks out to the sidewalk and be on my way."

Thanking Mabel, you say goodbye as she heads down the street, walking away coolly before checking the time and heading into a sprint down the road. Buttercup wriggling in your arms reminds you exactly why you came out this way, and you release her to the cement. Right away she begins sniffing at the cracks in the sidewalk, the little bit of grass poking out, the stop sign; everything she can touch her nose to she does. Her fat little body tugging against the leash as hard as she can, you allow Buttercup to lead the way down the street with Marilyn quick at tow.

"Which way should we go?" she asks excitedly, gloved hands clapped together.

"What do you mean?"

"For the walk! Ooh, I think there's a park near by!"

"Is there? I never saw one, but I guess it was dark..."

"Not a huge park, but like next to someone's house there's a big lot and they put in some swings and a slide. We don't have to play, but we could go there, right? It's only like five minutes away, I could take us there!" Marilyn obviously has this all planned out already, and just waits on your answer.

You guys could go down to the park, so long as Marilyn remembers the way. Or you could just stick to your original plan of walking around the block, staying near by to the house.

If its next to someone's house it would probably be wiser to just walk around the block. Let's stick to the original plan.
Sticking to the original plan may be most prudent, we'd have a clearer idea of escape routes and staying still could get us noticed.
Just stick to your original plan
Dez Streets ain't safe fr yung womans
Not that you wouldn't mind going to the park, but the gun hidden in your boot is a reminder of how you need to avoid as many risks as possible.

"I want to go over there too, but with just the two of us I don't think that's too good of an idea," you try to be gentle, feeling bad as you see Marilyn's head dip down. "Maybe next time if we come out with one of the adults, or even Jessica-" At her name you stop, a tug in your stomach. Marilyn looks up at you with sad eyes, sharing in the sorrow of not knowing where your friend is. You take a moment to collect yourself, just letting Buttercup stop and start as she likes while you both follow in silence. Marilyn stares down one of the streets and you guess it's the way the park would have been. You're not sure if she can see the police car that passes way down the street, but it makes you feel better about standing by the original plan.

"D-...Do you think it's going to snow tonight?" Marilyn asks, keeping her eyes on the ground as she kicks along a rock.

"No clue," you look up to the cloudy sky, trying to guess what time it is the best you can, "I mean, do you think there's snow in those clouds?"

"In the clouds?" Marilyn looks up too, both of you standing on the corner and looking up as Buttercup investigates the fire hydrant.

"Yeah. Like can you see the snow waiting in there?"

"Snow doesn't wait inside the clouds. Wait, does it?" Marilyn looks over, wide eyed and concerned, "And you're older than me so you're not allowed to lie."

"No the snow doesn't wait inside the clouds. I think. I just used to think that you could guess when it was going to snow or rain, cause you'd have to see it waiting to be let out of the clouds."

"Oh, okay I guess that would kinda make sense though." You and Marilyn continue to stand there, just looking up and trying to see if you could actually see the snowflakes waiting to come out. After some time Marilyn just looks back at you, your face still towards the sky. "Wait, that doesn't make us weird, does it?" You take a moment to think it over, and just shrug.

"Probably not the weirdest thing either of us did."


Keeping track of how far you two walk along, the walk takes you along several houses. For the most part it's quiet, just talking over how each other's night went.

"I was trying to curl up with Aria, but Lisa is so clingy! She wouldn't let me go all night, and she hugs so tight! It felt like she was trying to choke me sometimes, and! And! AND THEN! Mabel SNORES! I thought Poppy snores bad, but Mabel! She's awful and I don't know how Aria can sleep with it!" Marilyn bemoans the event, scowling at the memory. You can't help but chuckle at this before speaking.

"I understand. My grandpa's snores used to shake the whole house! I think that's why Grandma has such a hard time hearing now. Maybe it's cause I was so little, but I got used to it so snoring doesn't bother me as much. Or maybe it's because of Lawrence! They're as big as he is, but I guess I don't mind. They don't bother me at all," you pause with Buttercup, letting her stop to catch her breath, "I think he's sleeping well when he snores, so that's a good thing. He can snore every night in that case."

"So you know how he sleeps now, huh?" Marilyn grins, making you turn away red. "What a nice girlfriend you are~" The hand against her face doesn't stop Marilyn from chuckling, you sending her an evil glare.

"You're not allowed to bully a lady like me." you explain and her grin grows wider.

"You didn't deny it!" She teases and you squeeze her face harder. After exchanging several faces at one another you let her go, Buttercup trying to pull away to freedom the whole time. Finally walking back down the streets to return home, you guys slow down as you walk. Marilyn's wide smirk slowly fades, resting on a small grin. Seeing a car pull into it's driveway a few houses up, you two stop for it to park. Rubbing her nose in the cold air, she is the first one to speak up again.

"So um, can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah, go ahead." You look from the car to Buttercup, watching as she sniffs at more grass.

"Be for realsies, you're not allowed to lie to me," she says before asking, "Do you think you'll marry Lawrence?"
But we dont need to be
He will stay by my side forever
He needs me
He wants me
And i wont let something like not being married get in the way of that

"I-I dont know. I w-wouldn't mind it." Let's be real we're not about to fully admit that to Lyn if we just barely broached the subject with Lawrence. We may want to marry him but we wont be going around admitting it just like that if we know how much trouble kissing alone can get him into.
your probably right
but the idea of us being super possessive when it comes to our future with law is something i like a lot
We have already show we have such tendencies before so i dont think its too out of character
i just think it would be the first think we say,
a knee jerk reaction to being put on the spot about our relationship

in that case I'd rather we just say Yes and then get embarrassed by our sudden admission.
Fair enough
For realsies, no lying? We have no idea, but we can hope.

We did tell him we wanted to be his bride at the hotel, but got sorta sidetracked when he told us what he'd been doing... No need to tell Lyn that, though.

There's also the concerns he's raised prior, Jessica too. People would think he's forcing us no matter what we say. It's not like we need to, though, as long as he's there.

We don't need a title or anything fancy like that on it...
Seems about right
We can't say what Lawrence is going to do but marriage or not we just want to be with him
You stand in place, thinking it over as Buttercup tugs at her leash. It feels as if your mouth is dry suddenly, clothes holding on too heavily on your body. It takes a few attempts to speak, your mouth feeling dry and unable to move properly. The sound of the car's engine almost drowns out your voice, but it soon cuts off and leaves them clear enough for her to hear.

"I don't need to get married to him. He's already been given trouble for walking around with me, and I wouldn't want it to get worse," both of you just look ahead rather than at each other, listening as the car doors open and slam shut. "But if I ever got the chance to then I...I think I'd like to be a bride. But if that's not possible then it's fine as long as he's just nearby. We can be our own thing, or um...w-whatever." Your face has heated up, cheeks no doubt red as you try to bury your face away in the collar. Preparing yourself for her response, you're thrown off when Marilyn speaks back softly, as if at a loss for energy.

"So that's, kinda like a yes. Right?" she asks, putting no effort in her teasing. You let the silence answer for you and she readjusts her shoes, all while muttering, "Cool." Your eyes have become misty but you blink it away quickly, not wanting her to see you cry. Of course you would love to say yes, but you've already decided that it's fine as long as Lawrence returns to you every time. A desperate and miserable thought, but you can't help it. You don't want to worry about being alone, keeping someone around who'll always be able to help when things become to rough, and to show you the affection and attention you need even if it can't be returned fairly.

"I'm not sure if I'll get married," Marilyn says, still kneeling down as she pets the dog now, "Maybe if it was to a doctor. But girls can be doctors, so then I'd have to marry a nurse. Wait, are nurses only girls?"

"So you'd only marry someone if they were a doctor?" you ask, wiping your face with the sleeve of the jacket.

"Yeah. That way we can be a team together. We could go overseas and helps all the hungry sick kids. Well, all of them I hope. There's a lot of them, so it might take a long time. But I'll try. Maybe if I get my license for it soon then Poppy can come with me. He says I'm a pretty good nurse already, but that I'm not allowed to do it officially yet cause I have to get permission from the government or something. Poppy said it's stupid that someone like me has to wait, but they have to appear fair in these kind of things." She repeats back his praises fondly, scratching Buttercup's stomach eagerly.

"Right right," you hold your breath, waiting for her to bring up Sam again. To your relief she doesn't, but that doesn't really make you feel much better. "That's good though, that you want to study medicine. Do you know what college you'd want to go to?"

"Used to be Poppy's, the one he graduated from. They had to shut it down though, so I'm still figuring that part out."

"Yeah, I'm not sure where I would have wanted to go either," running a hand over your cheeks, trying to see if you're still red, "Were you always home schooled, or...?"

"No. I used to go to public school," Marilyn's face doesn't reflect any emotion as she talks, all aside from the slight furrow in her eyebrows, "I always hated it."

"Why'd you hate school? Was it mean kids? I had a few in my grade too." Marilyn looks up at you, tugging the corners of her eyes up and out, exaggerating their almond shape.

"I ate rice for lunch a lot, and their parents said my eyes looked too 'chinky'." Hands falling heavily to her lap, Marilyn only looks up towards you. It's an uncomfortable situation, even if neither of you fully realize it. Instead you try and offer up a similar story in a form of comfort.

"S-Something like that happened in my old school, back when I was a little bit younger and Dad was still alive," you begin, kneeling down to pet Buttercup too, "A these two boys came up to me on the playground and asked if I was some sort of, shoot what was the word...something weird like whoop or wop. I didn't know what it was and I don't think they did either, it was like they were just repeating what their parents told them. I asked my dad about it at dinner that night and he got so upset, was threatening to call the school and the kids' parents. I think it was Mom who ended up calling actually, Dad was always busy. I don't know why people have to try to be so awful about something like that, not like you can help it. And even if you're a brat you haven't done anything wrong to deserve bullying like that. Just ignore them, they're repeating stupid stuff."

"Poppy told me the same thing, and that I needed to try and ignore them. But every time they or someone else came up it felt like I couldn't talk anymore, and I'd just have to let it happen." Marilyn admits sadly, just watching her hands now.

"Well, in that case I wouldn't have any problem talking to them," you announce, putting on your best brave voice, "If you ever have people doing that again, then just let me know and I'll help you settle it." A few seconds pass before a smile spreads on Marilyn's face.

"For real?"

"I promise."

"And then Law can come and be back up if you don't work!"

"I'll work plenty, thank you."

"Okay yeah you say that, but I still want Law as backup."


Determining that Buttercup is, in fact, tuckered out from her outdoor excursion you give in and carry her instead. Only a few houses away, you pass by the car recently parked, glancing briefly at the woman carrying groceries into the house. Looking forward you can see the house, but the sight of a cop car coming forward makes you come to a stall. Marilyn notices, stopping with you and looking at the vehicle with concern.

"Are we going to be okay?" she whispers and you nod slowly.

"Yeah, just walk right past it and-" Buttercup suddenly awakens, unexpectedly wriggling out of your gasp and running to the yard. A cat is quick to run to safety, leaving the dog to bark from the ground. Whereas she was able to slip in past the woman's gate, you and Marilyn can not and are force to try and call her closer from the sidewalk.

"Oh, did you dog escape?" The woman who had been carrying groceries says, coming out of the house to see you two hanging over her fence.

"Um yes, I'm so sorry!" you apologize, watching as she walks over, "I think she saw a cat and got excited."

"No big deal. Let me just..." the woman scoops Buttercup easily, bringing her over to where you two are. As she's handed over, you notice the cop parking on the corner of the street. It appears he's talking on his radio, and probably won't be there for too long.

"Thanks so much lady!" Marilyn calls out, and the woman looks you both over.

"You two are pretty young. Shouldn't you be in school right now? They can get you for truancy you know." she says, pointing over at the car.

Marilyn waits for you to give an answer, clutching to your side. This woman would offer a good cover from the cop, he'd be less likely to stop and talk to you if there's an adult present. Of course she might ask which house you live at and then you'll have to be careful.

That officer is pretty distracted though. You don't even need to give the woman a real answer. But then you have to decide if you should walk right past him and get to the house right away, or turn back the way you came and get to the house from the long way.
File deleted.
Nah, Delilah is a dyke and Lawrence is a cocksucking faggot but so is Delilah but also sucks blood too

Suck the cop off while Marilyn escapes. Maybe later he can take us to meet some of his police friends too ;)
Say we are home schooled, tell her about how our parents think public school is for suckers.
That should get her going for long enough so the cop leaves then we ditch the lady and take the long way around.
Tell her we just moved into town and our parents are still deciding on a school. If she asks what house we can give a vague answer about a reno. Oh and if she asks Lyn is adopted hence why she looks different.

We might as well walk right past him. As long as we look confident enough or mention our 'lesson' we've got to get back to it shouldn't matter. If he tails us we can take a detour.
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