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The Legion, once a great force that shook the wasteland, has fallen. After the defeat at Hoover Dam and the death of Caesar, the 87 united tribes fell into chaos, quickly becoming little more than groups of slavers and warbands with no unity or code of honor. The NCR already spread too thin in the Mojave, did its best to secure its borders by quickly reinforcing the dam. Now able to defend against any would-be invaders that try to cross the Colorado River, the NCR turns its attention to New Vegas, where a mysterious courier going by the name of "Six" has declared New Vegas a independent state.

But that is none of your concern... at least for now.

You are a survivor, one that sees the fall of the old Legion as an opportunity to begin anew and to forge your own path using the skills the Legion has given you, because if there is one thing you know for certain.

It's that war... War never changes.

Previous thread: >>503318
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/503318/

Every action/support requires a 1d100
>(type "dice+1d100" in the Options bar without quotes)

New players and Newfags are welcome, don't let Namefags scare you.
Fuck yes.
Only the Bigus of Dickus rule the waste...
>You creep further along the trail heading closer to the Children of Mars mounted patrol
>they are unaware of your presence nor the presence of your group and start to move on further away, with their fresh cargo.
>you wave for the others to follow as you pull away from the trail concealing yourself as best you can with the shrubbery and terrain
>you follow the patrol for a few minutes and eventually you can see a walled structure in the distance with large wooden effigies standing at an opening.
>Legionnaires can be seen walking along the tops of the walls casually likely used more for a early warning than any sort of defense on their own.
>the patrol continues on to the building but you refrain from advancing further.
>the sun is just beginning to set the sky having only a slight tinge of blood orange in its appearance
>Vicsera and Aetius are the closest to you with Rail Thaddeus and Celer bringing up the rear
>"the shifts should be changing soon Decanus. That is, if they kept them the same."
"are the night guards any different than the day ones?"
>"besides being older, wiser, and usually better than the recruits stuck on the much easier day patrols? no."
>"Id be more careful how you speak to the Decanus Recruit Viscera. Legion code is clear on what should happen to unruly recruits"
Lightly chastise Viscera by telling him that sarcasm is no suitable substitute for a proper and respectful answer, unless there was no respect in the first place.
Remind Aetius that you can hear the tone and timbre of your brothers and do not need him to lead, but to be led by YOUR example. Which means you speak for yourself, not him for you.
Piety is a virtue.
Rolled 37 (1d100)

(Hurray, op lives)


A walked settlement, hmm. Should we start ambushing patrols to cut down their numbers, possibly recruit more followers? Legion tactics say attacking a defensive site requires outnumbering the enemy.
This is Viscera's second outburst. One more instance of insubordination and he'll face the whip.
Rolled 17 (1d100)

Face the whip OR Whip to face?
Rolled 89 (1d100)

"Viscera, sarcasm is not a privilege recruits have when talking to a superior, im sure you are more than aware of that fact."
>Viscera is silent accepting his verbal punishment for his actions without argument
"And I can speak for myself Aetius, If someone speaks to me I am aware of what they say and how they say it, I don't need you to speak for me."
>"Forgive me Decanus, you are right."
>with your recruit and Legionnaire properly chastised the walls and guards have your full attention
>as you continue to observe the Children of Mars from a safe distance in the brush
>the patrol has now made it to the gates and the radscorpion waits for its cargo and rider to be unloaded before another Legionnaire comes and takes its reins and leads it out of your vision further inside
>its pretty remarkable that they have made the beasts so loyal.
>or rather obedient.
>the new guards begin to come into view, they are wearing makeshift masks modeled after the god Mars themselves making each of them look like a less intimidating Lanius'
Rolled 83 (1d100)

Wait a while for them to grow lax... Ask vicera how long the shifts are and attack half way through
Seconding this.

Tell the men to use melee weapons at first, so we can keep the element of surprise.
Rolled 53 (1d100)

I second this with melee. Guns should be cleaned and all bladed weapons covered in dirt, grime, mud or muck as well as ourselves. Anything glinting in the light will give us away. Make sure the guns are loaded and somewhat clean.
Cleaned on the inside
Rolled 64 (1d100)

Good plan guys, i agree
Supporting. Focus on killing that radscorpion first.
No, we should focus on the men. Radscorps can't raise an alarm.

>you change the subject back to the main focus
"About how long are the normal shifts?"
>"well that depends on how many are here. IF they have more men then the shifts should be shorter... and from the looks of it, they have been recruiting from the locals."
>Viscera directs your attention to a small group of young men in brahmin hide clothing with leather like material over it approaching
>everyone ducks behind cover as the group is heard coming closer to your position.
>those who have silenced or melee weapons draw them in case they are needed
>everyone is still as the footsteps finally stop
>"see what did I tell you? These guys are the only ones worth joining."
>his compatriots response cant be heard but from the speakers change of tone something has him worried
>"So uh, Why did you guys take me out here again?"
>finally another voice is heard
>"Our last trial before officially becoming members came."
>"Really? Then what are we waiting for? lets get it done."
>there is a single gunshot followed by the sound of a body collapsing to the ground
>then the sound of footsteps is heard again, along with the sound of dragging heading closer
>"one. two. three!"
>a body is flung over your heads and hits the earth just behind you as the footsteps are heard heading in the direction that they came
Are they heading back towards the camp? Are any of the new guards leaving to go patrol the area away from the camp?
without looking you can tell that they are heading in the direction of the camp.
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Let's watch the camp until we spot a patrol leaving. Follow it and ambush it once out of sight of the camp.
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Please dice...
This may take a while but let's wait it out.
Loot the body and have a leigionarre wear the hide over his armour in case we are spotted. That way we can have a small psych out before stabbing.
Because the person wearing it should be dead, not behind them with a blade drawn.
See if there are spikes, lances, pikes, anything like that around. Maybe heads mounted on them somewhere along the wall.
We can impale someone out of range of a blade and as soon as they are stuck, let go, close the gap and silence them with a blade. Retrieve their weapons and out spear/lance/pike.
We will need to use guerilla tactics and carry sand/dirt in our pockets as well as coating our entire group in it. We must blend in and crawl low to the ground if there is grassu cover, squat waddle if sparse cover and hunch hustle if no cover. Travel as downwind as possible so if we are spotted coming up on a group, our sand/dirt can travel with the breeze to our enemies eyes. Strike throats, temples, above the ear and the back of the head, slightly above the neck.
Can we get an inventory check, please?
I vote we keep sand in our pockets as an emergency self defense weapon.
Rusty Shackleford would be proud.
Rolled 69 (1d100)

We are not Tactics
Tactics are US
File: pocket sand.gif (1.93 MB, 504x336)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF

>everyone waits in silence, not a soul dares to speak until the footsteps are long gone.
>the body is the center of your attention now and carefully you crawl over to it.
>a quick inspection of the carcass shows that he has made his worn brahmin clothing into a primitive makeshift armor, the leather only covering the most vital of areas in a amateurish style
>of course you doubt you could do much better with what he apparently had.
>you wave Rail and Thaddeus over to you while Viscera, Aetius, and Celer remain on lookout.
>Rail is about to stand up and walk over to you when Thaddeus shoves him back down
>Rail looks like hes about to argue or defend his action but Thaddeus just lays flat and very slowly begins to crawl over, keeping his body hidden from sight
>it doesn't take the recruit long to understand what he did wrong and he follows suit.
>once they reach your position you speak in a hushed tone while examining the corpse
"Rail. change into this boys... 'armor' I have a plan."
>before Rail can reach Thaddeus points to the shoulder
>"Wait.. Decanus, have you seen this yet?"
>you look to where Thaddeus points slightly lifting the shoulder to see it clearly
>on the shoulder of the armor there is a mark painted in some type of paint substitute, possibly made partially from blood
>its the banner of the bull where a 'X' would be below instead there is another marking
>the substitute mark is a circle with an arrow coming out and pointing to the top right
>the symbol of Mars, the God of War.
>you drop the shoulder unceremoniously and look to Rail and Thaddeus
"my order still stands... Thaddeus-"
>"Yes Decanus?"
>your hand grabs at the earth below and pulls up clumps of sand and dry dirt.
"Remember basic legion recon concealment?"
>"of course Decanus?"
"Teach Rail, and instruct the others to do so."
>the dirt and sand in your hand is spread across your armor and any exposed skin, and any brighter colors on you are quickly dulled from the earths plentiful bounty of dirt.
>once you are satisfied you return to where you first waited letting Viscera and the others pull back to do the same.
>while you wait you take the time to observe the fort.

>the fort is makeshift, made mostly of dry wood and ruined and rusted metal, where they seemed to have run short of either material, rocks and other naturally occurring defenses have been used.
>at the base of the forts wall small spikes have been constructed pointing up where a charging man or beast could easily be impaled if not spotted.
>and just before the wall reaches its top there are more pointing down at any would-be climbers, positioned in such a way that climbing the wall would be more of a problem then taking it down entirely.
>the guards on top slowly walk back and forth for a while before finding comfortable resting places that they can overwatch without much effort.
>you cant tell if they are talking to each-other or not with their masks on, but you can tell that they refuse to look away from the outside of the fort.
>the sun sets a little lower and the night is beginning to creep in, the world just beginning to change from its previous orange hue to its darker calming blue hues.
File: pocket sand.jpg (115 KB, 312x504)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Inventory for those who asked.

x1 Slaver Clothes (Viscera)
x1 Legion Veteran Uniform (You)
x3 Legion Recruit Uniforms (thaddeus, Celer, Aetius)
x1 Deathclaw Gauntlet (Viscera)
x1 Repeater carbine (you)
x2 machete (Rail and Thaddeus)
x1 knife (you)
x1 Ranger Sequoia (you)
x7 .45-70 Govt rounds
x1 Damaged Ranger Sequoia
x1 .22 revolver (Celer)
x38 .22 rounds (counting the magazine and Celers')
x1 silenced .22 pistol (Aetius)
x1 silenced .22 magazine (16/16)
x1 silenced .22 magazine (empty)
x1 NCR Service Rifle (Thaddeus)
x1 NCR Service Rifle Mag (13/20 rounds)
x13 5.56 rounds (same 13 that are in the mag)
x1 patchless Ranger Duster
x3 days of water (dirty)
x1 day of Purified water (clean)
x1 pre-war chips.
x3 Brahmin Steak
x420 Caps
x2 explosive collars
x1 Bottle of Sctoch
x1 Cattle prod
x3 Wastelander outfits
x12 bottles of homemade mystery Chems
x22 NCR Dog tags
x2 short fuse dynamite (Rail)
x2 powder charges (Rail)
x1 bottlecap mine (Rail) (when it explodes anywhere from 10-50 caps may be recovered)
x1 map to fill out locations.

and as much pocket sand as you can want.
Rolled 88 (1d100)

Continue to observe the guards as the night goes on. Once we are under the cover of darkness we can make our next move
ill second this, possibly figure out a way to sneak a small team in and take out some gaurds and frenzy the rad squirps and have an early morning attack and just purge these degenerates

also we should figure out how they are tammed and for what
Rolled 52 (1d100)

forgot roll
Rolled 27 (1d100)

Agreed. Be on the watch for any slip-up on their part, or any opportunity to make a move.

>the sun eventually vanishes under the horizon.
>you and your men remain undiscovered, the night quickly becoming your greatest ally.
>the guards on watch remain seated, resembling statues aside from the occasional turn of their heads
>this continues for almost a half hour more, before one of the guards stands up and grabs the attention of the other.
>you cant hear what they say, but the one sitting nods before the other eventually walks away out of sight below the wall
>"the shifts could be changing. Night guard swap one at a time."
>Viscera keeps himself low and directs your vision to the gates
>"the main gates will be locked from the inside, but from what I remember its not a metal lock, but a wooden one."
"you said thats a main gate? are there more entrances to the fort?"
>"there's a small side entrance used by scouting parties hidden near the wall just before the rock wall... But its always being watched."
Rip OP
Well it was fun while it lasted. Might pick it back up again some other time
Noo OP come back to us
I'm here if you guys want to keep questing
Was there no part two to >>546170
I just caught up actually so I assumed there was and it was never posted which is why it died.

While they are changing guard send ourself viscera rail and Aietus against the wall so the guards cannot are them. We will Command them to search for a second exit. Once found Use there legion armor to fool anyone then run into long enough to allow them to kill or capture them. Being as silent as we can trying not to raise alarm we will start with the sleepers and then the guards. Capture when convenient kill when necessary.

We will leave Thaddeus and celer giving celer our carbine to keep watch and distract and fire at the base if things go wrong covering our escape or distracting them as we kill the rest.
Apparently I misunderstood how to roll
It's "dice+1d100" in options
Rolled 18 (1d100)

>I assumed there was and it was never posted which is why it died.
Ditto here.

Seconding this approach.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

Let's give this another shot
Success! for the memory of Cesar do I end my profligate and lurking ways.
OP is ded?
Guess so ):
Rip then.

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