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(I said I'd do it on Wednesday, but I figured I'd be doing more on finals week, turns out I've got a dirge of free time and am unable to contain my urge to QM thus early showings)

You roll your shoulders looking forwards at the one of the hill fortresses of Lacus, off to either your North West or your South East, you can see two of the lakes that act as the life blood of this nations trade. You nod to yourself pushing forwards and bring your men with you as you need to inform the Emperor and the others in this city of the nearby Dragon.

Your fast pace being uncomfortable for the deserter on the back of you horse, but frankly you could care less about his complaints. Ignoring that your sight returns to this massive city, you've never seen a city so large before, and that's saying something, having been born and raised in one of the major cities, this one must be at least six or seven times bigger than your own home and the other major cities. You finally come up to the first set of walls proper that'll lead you to the South-West Docks and civilian quarters, and they're massive, you begin wonder what could have ever spurred the necessity of such layered defenses, A Dragon? An undead army? No matter what you think of it just doesn't quite fit, these redundent systems all over the walls still seem extraordinarily excessive... an army of Dragons? Maybe.

However that train of though is interrupted as you pass through the gates, looking into the docking area and which the east of you is a varitable sea of housing and your right is lined with warehouses and, by the gods that's a lot of boats, do they store the entire fleet in these docks?

You take a moment to stop just absorbed by the enormity of the city before shaking your head, you really need to get moving.

What do you do?

>Get your ass to the Emperor to inform him about the Dragon
>Explore a bit, the city is basically an impenterable fortress, thus the Dragon can wait.
>Explore in the direction of the Imperial Palace
>Other(Write in)
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Character Sheet
>>Get your ass to the Emperor to inform him about the Dragon
Hoho, I recognise this picture.
Let's hope our advise was useful, OP.
Oh shit, are you from the siege post on TG?
Nice to see you here if you are, On that note, again it was an exercise really, did take one thing away that the population for the size was way to big. So I decided to change the parameters for both, with a lower population and a larger size.

As for other things, well you'll just have to find out.

Also to get things rolling
Going to the Emperor, writing reply
Oh man, you think I don't recognize TP's hyrule castle when I see it?
This is gonna be cool as fuck.
You take a moment to think and decide that the while this city is a great stronghold, perhaps you shouldn't go around underestimating flying lizards that have the potential to shoot any variety of elemental death at you.

With that you ride forwards hanging northwest to get to the inner gate where the temples are, not really worrying about their 'majesty' at the moment you keep going until you finally reach the gate to the Nobles quarters, and are stopped by one of the guards on the drawbridge.

He and his compatriot with their spears dropped making an x such that you can't go through without hitting it eye you, "By Order of the Emperor the Noble Quarters is off limits to commoners and-" you roll your eyes and pull out your signet and shove it in his face before he coughs, "Sorry my lord, lot of people wanting in these days..." he says rubbing the back of his head and removing his spears from your pathway.

And with that you charge forwards to the Imperial Palace finally there at last you dismount and walk up to the gate only to be stopped again, "State your business."

You're beginning to think this nation is paranoid... well given what life has been like they might be right to be this paranoid.

What is your response?

>I'm here by order of my father the governor of Napolus
>There's a god damn Dragon outside you baboon!
>*Show signet Ring* I am expected
>Other(Write in)
It looks like TP's Hyrule castle?
*goes to look it up*
Eh? Maybe? I mean its not exactly I had in mind when I was making the map.
>>*Show signet Ring* I am expected
>There's a god damn Dragon outside you baboon!
Why not both?

You sigh shaking your head, you don't have time for this, so you thrust your hand with the signet ring in his face, "I'm expected."

He blinks once or twice, "That's the seal of Napolus..." he thinks for a minute, "So you are my lord."

Then you nod, "And for your information, There's a gods damned Dragon outside the city you baboon, perhaps you lot should be more alert regarding its defense."

The man frowns, but he doesn't seem to be willing to risk repercutions for back talking a noble.

with that though he lets you in, and you head straight for the throne room, which should be just straight ahead through a few doors.

And you finally get through the doors and look inside, the flooring is an exquisite and beautiful marble, with a long red and gold carpet running down the middle of the serene white marble floor. Spaced evenly are four of the five major gods of the Lacusian Pantheon in the form of busts each hand crafted, and behind the throne is the King of the Gods Zaedemal.

In the Imperial throne sits a rather fit individual with long dark hair, and a full beard, adorned a fantastic array of clothing, mixing, black, white and purple to wonderous effect.

He seems to have been talking with one of his advisors when you burst in, and he blinks, "What is the meaning of this?" he asks calmly and plainly.

What is your response?

>Free Response.
I'm tempted to
>>>/There's a god damn Dragon outside you baboon!/
But I'm not going to do that cause I'm not an asshole.

>I apologize for the intrusion, but this demands your attention, majesty, a dragon!
Probably a wise decision, all things considered.
All though I think he would have appreciated the spunk.

You bow your head and get on one knee quick, as do your companions before your rise, "I apologize for the intrusion, but this demands your attention, majesty, there's a dragon somewhere outside the Capital!"

And that does indeed grab his attention, he leans forwards and waves his hand at the advisor, "A dragon? Pray tell where is this beast? Oh and you may rise."

and with that you do, "You Majesty, I heard the beasts roars, as did Thanus over here, last night whilst scouting ahead for our trip to the capital, the roars appeared to have come from lake Duomine, or somewhere in that general direction, and it must likely be a massive one you majesty."

He scratches his chin, "Last night.... there was a storm was there not?" he looks over at the advisor who nods, "Boy are you sure you were not just spooked by some thunder?"

You shake your head, "No your majesty, the roar came from opposite the direction of the storm, as I was behind it."

He nods his head understanding the situation, "Interesting." he says standing up from his throne and walking over to you, "You... are you not Vastenius' boy? Why yes you are!" he laughs, "Oh your father has the same ear for detail as you do you know that?"

He doesn't really seem to be taking this terribly seriously, at least from what you can see.

What's your response?
>Your Majesty, could we talk about my relations later? There's a Dragon that needs to be dealt with...
>Yes your Majesty
>Oh uh, speaking of which your majesty I take it you've recieved that letter from my father?
>(Any combination)
>Other(Write in)

>yes your majesty
You sigh in your mind making a note that the current emperor seems to be a rather jovial fellow.

Then you look at him, and reply, "Yes your majesty."

He smiles, "Yes well, good work on reporting this, I'll have a proper scouting party go to the Lake by boat and see if they can't fish out this dragon for a proper slaying." he keeps walking, "Oh and I did receive your fathers letter, you have free reign to explore the palace as you wish, you need only ask one of the servants where the guest rooms are to find out where you'll be staying."

with that he walks out of the throne room and in the direction of the exit. Well he may be a jovial fellow, possibly arrogant, but at least he's proactive.

You look around then at your group, the whole Palace is free to explore, but so is the entire city.

What do you do?

>Explore the Palace
>Ask one of the nearby servants for directions (write in where)
>Find your room and settle in
>Talk to one of your companions (Which one?)
>Other(Write in)
>Explore the Palace
Well the Emperor seems to have everything under control, and if you're going to be living here in the capital in this palace, it'd be best if you were to become familiar with it.

With that thought you start to wonder around the halls of the palace to familiarize yourself with them. You just didn't account for just how many hallways there were in this place, Gods its like a maze in here.

You look around realizing that you're now lost and have no idea where you are. However that is good the best way to learn a place is to get lost in it and find your way back. At least that's what you're telling yourself.

But before you can exactly figure out what to do you see another boy, around your age, with the a strikingly similar face to that of the Emperor. Likely his child...
Oh praise be, he can help you get out of this madhouse.

You walk over to him and he stops looks you up and down, before nodding, "Yes you'll be a fine follower!"
Dear god his ambition is through the roof.

What do you do?
>F-follower? What do you mean Follower?
>Sure, but first of all could you help me figure this place out?
>Other(Write in)
>F-follower? What do you mean Follower?
You look at him straight faced blinking, and he gets right up next to you and nods his head.

What is this guy?

"F-Follower? What do you mean follower?" you manage to stammer out.

He laughs, putting his hands on your shoulders, clearly he has no notion of personal space, "Well one day you see I'll inherit this empire, and I'll need many a good followers to help lead it to glory." his smile not once leaving his face, "And you, I can see it in you, you're smart, and clever, I can feel it." he leans his head, "That and I got a bit from the way you acted around father, but that's besides the point."

He quickly drags you to his side on arm around your shoulders and pretty much pulling you along.

You have no idea whats happening right now aside from the fact that you are being taken somewhere by this princeling.

What do you do?

>Free Response.
Go along with him.
Ah, I see we are enacting the persona of little beta shitlord.
We have no choice but to enact ourselves as equals if we are to be respected.
I say we return the favor of arms on shoulders, and match his stride, with a big goofy smile on our face.

>question his faith in you and/or suggest you follow only those who merit following.

Exactly, that's what I was trying to do with
You think for a minute nod your head and manage to put your feet to the ground stopping the rather forced march of the Prince.

You look him in the eyes long and hard, "Look your majesty, While I find your oddly placed trust in someone you barely know flattering, I also find it rather fool hardy."

With that you gently remove his arm from your shoulder, "I do not know you, you do not know me, and if there is one thing that I am certain it is until you've proven to me that you are in anyway capable that I will not be following you." you mange to muster up and say straight to his face.

He blinks, and his face takes a slightly more serious and contemplative one, "I see. Very well, I will earn your respect." he says very assured of himself, "T'would seem there are some that bravado is just not enough to enthrall." he says with a lot more grace than you remember him having earlier, "Yes I was right to put an eye on you."

He then stops for a moment, "Oh! Right, where are my manners, you looked loss, would you like me to show you to your room or perhaps somewhere else?"

You blink then narrow your eyes, This man could either be a powerful ally or a dangerous enemy in the future.

He gives you a curtious smile in return.

What do you do?
>Take up his offer to lead you to your room.
>Ask to go to somewhere else in the Palace (List of places will follow in the post)
>Politely decline and attempt to find your room on your own.
>Politely decline and continue to get los-explore.
>Other (Write in)

> Ask him to show you the place he finds most interesting in the city.
"Tell me your majesty, What is your favorite place in the city?" you ask with a form of geniune curiousity, but also with the knowledge that this could help you learn more about him.

He looks at you for a good minute, "Hmm, there's so many places to go, the Grand Taverna, the Prime Temples of ever god in the pantheon are here as well, though I would say my favorite place to go would be the Scholars guild."

He says with a decisive nod, "Yes the Scholars guild is the place where I would spend most of my time, don't let the name descieve you though, it acts as the college of magic, the writers collective, and a place where many historians gather." he seems to be very enthusastic while speaking of this, "I mostly go there to read up the histories, some military, but I'm actually rather infatuated with the history of the Kingdom of Sanguis, that nations one of the only ones that hasn't ever been conquered or influenced by us, and that, that right there, intrigues me."

You nod, "Well if it is that interesting could you show me to it?"
He laughs, "Of course I could show you to it, come follow me, it is not far from the Palace." with that he starts walking ahead of you and you begin to follow.

However it is not a silent chat, as he almost immediately picks up the conversation, "Tell me... oh I do believe we haven't traded names, though I'm sure you know mine, it is Arcadian."

You nod, its hard not to know the names of the royalty, "I am Hadrian Basile." he nods, "Now on to what I was going to ask, you said you heard a dragon down by Lake Duomine at night."

You nod, and he continues, "What kind of dragon do you think it was?"

Pick your poison

Ooohhhhhhh yeaaahhhhhh

Black ftw
Fun times ahead gentlemen.

You look up at the ceiling as you descend a stair case behind the Prince, thinking long and hard about it, it was pitch black that night mostly due to the storm blocking the moons light in that area, and when you remember that roar the first thing that comes to you is the coldness of the Abyss, "A Black Dragon." you said firmly and with confidence.

The Prince looks at you and then he seems to nod with approval, "My, my, a Black Dragon, and by the way you described the roar, a massive one, Black Dragons are nasty creatures."

"They're not exactly ones for talking, more for terrorizing and slaughter from what I've heard, there's a few stories that even say they're heralded by great storms." he says as he opens a door that leads out into a courtyard, "Though if there is one I suppose it would be a bit of a problem..." he seems rather contemplative as he leads you around the courtyard.

You look at him, "Well hopefully it will be dealt with swiftly, a beast of that potential could reek havoc on a city this large." he actually nods in agreement.

Then its silent for a little while as you finally exit the royal quarter of the city, and begin your journey towards the guild.

>Free response

>content to walk in silence, observe the shit out of everything until you arrive

You continue on in Silence observing you surroundings. This place is full to the brim with people, they're everywhere! While Napolus was an active city with people always in the streets, even the nobles quarters here is full of people bobbing between houses to meet and greet or possible do shady deals.

(The Archeticture is vaguely Roman in style, but with a sort of Northern Longhouse structuring to it.)

You're companions in the back are having a quite conversation between themselves though it doesn't really seem to be anything of real importance.

After a while you finally reach your destination, of which is a towering building, likely four stories high, with about 8 or so pillars holding up an outcropping with a set of stairs leading up into it. Arcadian waves his had gesturing for you to actually take the lead, seems like he'd rather observe from the side your reaction to the Scholars Guild.

As you step inside you are met with a rather warm and welcoming enviroment, vibrant with intellectual discussion and debate. The majority of the inside of the building seems to be wooden despite its marble exterior, but the wood gives off this pleasent relaxing aroma, and is also a rather calm dark brown. There is a desk up front with what appears to be tens of attendents addressing issues, books, and giving directions to the various branches of the Guild.

The Prince satisified with your rather approving view of the place wanders off to the right wing on the ground floor.

What do you do?
>Ask for directions to:
>The Historical area
>The Mages College
>The Writers Collective
>The Library
>The Lecture hall
>The Debate Hall
>All or any combinatio
-end directions-
>Follow the Prince
>Ask the attendents something (Write in question)
>Other(write in)
We have to find moew people to follow us this time
>The Mages College
You go up to the desk and wave over one of the attendents, who comes over to the opening, "Yes may I help you?"

You nod, "Yes, could you point out the direction of the Mages College?" the Attendent smiles, "Certainly, stairs to the left head straight and keep going at the end of the hallway go left and that'll lead you to the college."

With that you head off towards the Mages college following the directions to a T, the good Prince will do his own thing and is likely capable.

It doesn't take long before you feel a bit out of place here. All around you are robbed individuals holding books talking about the metaphysics of magic. You understand bits and pieces here and there from your formal education, but most of it is sheer wargarble to you.

Thanus actually ends up walking back, "I'll be at the enterance." is all he says, it seem rather clear he has little interest in this place, oh well, you've still got the other three with you.

You walk around a bit seeing a few different departments in the area.

Do you want to visit any of them?
>Ask some of the mages what their opinions on the current state of affairs are.
>Other(Write in)
Alright I'll be back in around.... 4 or so hours, see you then if things haven't died by that point.
Rolled 2 (1d2)

And I'm back.
Also rolling a 1d2 since there's still a tie despite four hours time.

The dice gods declare Illusion!
Writing response
There's so many potential schools of magic to observe it can boggle the mind at times. You bounce between Illusion and conjuration, weighing the benefits and negatives of both of them on a mental scale before deciding that in the world you're going to be living in from this point out Illusions would probably serve you better, even though it feels a bit predictable.

Luckily it's not hard to find with all the particular schools being labeled above a hallway leading into a different section where there's a gargantuan lecture hall and on the sides all the materials one could ever hope to need to practice their art when it came to magic.

Seems like there's just a couple of students studying in the hall, as there's no really professor at the moment.

The chatter between the students is one of familiarity and comfortableness, so it wouldn't surprise you if this was a regular meeting for them or if they were all friends working together.

While debating about whether or not you should interject yourself into their circle a rather tall individual slides past you in a long black robe, his grey wizened hair flowing long down his back as he approaches the stage.

What do you do?
>Look for people to talk to elsewhere.
>Approach the elder man.
>Approach the group of students
>Other(Write in)
>Approach the elder man.
The elder gentleman continues on, but you make a motion to get his attention, "Sir?" he stops turns around and looks at you, scrutenizing you hard, "Yes?" you get as a reply.

You look at him, and say as politely as possible, "I hope I'm not interrupting anything."

He looks back at the classroom that's nearly empty then back at you, "No you do not seem to be at the moment."

You nod, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

He smiles, apparently that's not something he hears enough or at least you'd assume given the exact expression on his face, "Certainly, but may I have your name first? I am Professor Ferraro."

You nod, "Hadrian Basile."

He stops for a moment before simply continuing, "Well met, what would be your question?"

What exactly is your question?
>Free Response
Welp I'm going to sleep.
We'll see where we are tomorrow...
let's sleep together
And I'm awake again, hopefully today'll be more eventful than yesterday.
Ask how his students started off on the path of magic
Well all things considered I think I'm just going to sage the thread.
It was a nice run all things considered, but I think I'll go back to the drawing board and see what I can improve if I ever do intend to run another quest.
and thus the literal minute I post the 'this thread is dead post' someone breaths life into it.

I don't even know man.
I don't even know.
Well it's already been saged, sorry guys if you just found the thread this quest is done. However if you have read the stuff and still feel like contributing something to the potential of a future quest feel free to tell me what was good or bad, or why this literally sat for 24 hours with no proper response?
Pretty sure it was just a slow day man.
Personally i saw it earlier and would have voted but got sidetracked with other quests and video games.

I think it was just the free response in the last vote that caused the lack of responses or lurkers. I mean theres at least 16 people watching this thread right now from the stats im reading under the reply window.
That number doesn't mean 16 persons are watching the thread. It means 16 different IPs have posted in total.

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