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File: Mirial.jpg (6 KB, 201x250)
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You are Kraton Reed, Jedi Lord of Telos IV

At a time when the Republic was merely a shadow of its former self and the Sith terrorized much of the Galaxy, you chose to strike back. Breaking from protocol, you gathered together a small group of likeminded Jedi Knights and raised your own army. You launched a crusade against the Sith Empire and managed to liberate the Outer Rim world of Telos IV. The people of this world now look upon you as their Lord and their protector in these dark times…

Standing in the bridge of your warship, flanked by your Jedi Knights and military officers, you stare out at the bright flashing lights of Hyperspace as your fleet races to battle. It has been just over a day since your fleet set out to Mirial, where the infamous admiral Zilas awaits you with an army of his own. You have brought as much power as you could bear without leaving Telos completely undefended, sallying forth from your stronghold with nearly all of your Jedi comrades and over half of your soldiers. You can sense through the Force that this will be a long and bloody battle…

Finally, your fleet makes the jump out of Hyperspace. Before you in the distance lies the a large white and blue orb in space, the chilly desert planet of Mirial.

“May the Force be with us. All hands, battle stations!”

A blue hologram appears atop the deck beside you, displaying the figure of the Jedi Padawan Fianna who leads the Republic forces that are joining you in this battle.

>”Master Reed, my flagship’s long range sensors have already picked up on the enemy’s naval forces. We are transferring the data to you now.”

A naval officer working at one of your ship’s terminals stands tall as he speaks out

>”The Sith’s orbital battle satellite lies ahead, and is flanked by two Sith Frigates as well as six smaller transport vessels. They seem to have noticed us and are now assuming formation!”

A few tense minutes pass as your own fleet forms up and stares the Sith Fleet’s down. Oddly enough, both of your forces have yet to make any opening moves.

Commander Stryker glares coldly at the enemy fleet before him

>”We appear to outnumber them considerably, your orders Lord Reed?”

>Launch all starfighter squadrons to attack the enemy fleet while the rest of your forces slowly follow behind
>Command the entire fleet to attack the Sith Force while scrambling all landing craft to invade the surface
>Hold all forces in reserve and approach only close enough that your main ships’ guns can fire upon the enemy fleet

Previous thread


>Command the entire fleet to attack the sith forces while scrambling all landing craft to invade the surface
in OP we trust!
>Hold all forces in reserve and approach only close enough that your main ships’ guns can fire upon the enemy fleet
this reeks of a trap, they had time...and this is the best they can do? they think us fools. caution is todays watchword.

See if we can launch torpedoes or missiles at long rang directly at there (immobile) satellite.
I'm with him.

I'd have prefeer to take option 3, but fuck it this seems funnier
File: TIE Fighter Thrawn.jpg (862 KB, 1920x1080)
862 KB
862 KB JPG
Lord Reed looks on upon the Sith Naval forces with disdain as he raises his hand forward and proclaims

"This Sith stronghold as no hope of victory. Commence the attack."

Commander Stryker nods his head and quickly replies

>"Yes Sir! Scramble all fighters at once!"

>Roll 1d100 - 10
>Best of first 2 rolls from 2 different anons

>I'd have prefeer to take option 3, but fuck it this seems funnier

You're my kind of player Anon.
Rolled 54 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

stop having fun, your doing it wrong!
Rolled 42 - 10 (1d100 - 10)


Here we go
File: Pincer5.jpg (974 KB, 1440x816)
974 KB
974 KB JPG
>Slight Failure


At your command, hundreds of star fighters assemble and fly out from your hangar bay to make their attack runs upon the Sith Fleet!

As dozens of squadrons zoom towards the Sith’s command vessels to strike at them you suddenly see an array of explosions in the distance!

“What is that?”

Stryker’s eyes widen as he steps forward

>”Status Report!”

A bridge hand quickly answers him

>”It would appear that our squadrons have stumbled upon mine fields! Hold on…. the Sith Fleet has begun to deploy it’s own fighters to meet ours!”

You watch as massive swarms of Sith Interceptors pour out of the Orbital Satellite and meet your own squadrons in battle!

Over the next ten minutes your fighters engage theirs in fierce dog fights as the battle for Mirial rages over orbit. Unfortunately, it would appear that Zilas is able to hold off your fighters’ attack for the most part with most of the squadrons becoming bogged down in the battle.

While this battle carries on, the cruisers in your fleet slowly encroach upon Mirial. Stryker turns toward you with a salute and states

>”I will leave now to attend to the ground forces as we make our attack on the Surface! Should you need to contact me at all then do not hesitate to use the comlink. Before then however, any last orders you would like for me to oversee?”

Stryker, an experienced officer in the field of ground mechanized warfare, will likely be quite successful on the surface, especially seeing as he will be attacking a fortress that he once defended while serving under the Sith. There SHOULDN’T be any pause for concern on his efforts...

"What of Rear Admiral Zilas?"

>”I believe he would most likely be commanding the naval forces on the Orbital Defense Satellite, though it is also possible that he could be on the surface. I imagine we'll find out soon enough... any last orders for the fleet at this time Sir?"

>Order your command vessels to concentrate firepower on the Orbital Satellite
>Focus your fleet’s efforts on the two Frigates and smaller vessels
>Have the cruisers stay back mostly and focus on protecting the landing craft as they field the surface forces


>Would you like to assign any of your Knights(s) to assist Commander Strkyer in engaging the Sith Forces on the surface?
>Would you like to keep your Knights in reserve for now

>Order your command vessels to concentrate firepower on the Orbital Satellite

We should use our numbers advantage and hit them with our rather overwhelming forces.

>Would you like to assign any of your Knights(s) to assist Commander Strkyer in engaging the Sith Forces on the surface?

Janus should support the ground forces alongside Commander Stryker.
(if im not wrong, Janus' a native from Mirial, isn't he?)
File: Janus.png (127 KB, 268x251)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Janus is indeed a Miralian, having originally been born on this planet long ago before being discovered by the Jedi Order and taken in
Good, then I send him, he knows this planet better.
>>Focus your fleet’s efforts on the two Frigates and smaller vessels
wed ultimatly like to keep that station.
lets send janus and the two padawans with him. they seem to have had a run of luck on the front lines latly.
Anyone want to break up this tie vote between ordering an attack on the orbital satellite or focusing on the other Sith vessels?

If not I might have to roll a 1d2 to decide in a short while

Just focus on the vessels
cool. didnt really mean to tie things up. sorry.
It's cool mang



The Jedi perks his head and grins confidently as he strolls up beside Stryker

“I imagine it’s been quite a long time since you’ve looked upon your home world.”

He nods his head

>”I wouldn’t mind seeing it up close Sir.”

A small grin forms on your own lips before you stare back at Stryker

>”Janus wil join you in your attack on the Sith Fortifications. Furthermore…”

You turn toward Kota Vam’s padawan, Arnet Yar, whilst trading glances with the hologram of Fianna

>”It seems to me that the two of you work fairly well together, having more or less carried the day back on Ferro. I imagine if the two of you fought down on the front lines of Mirial that our victory would be all but certain.”

Arnet doesn’t speak up immediately, though his Master puts his hand on his shoulder and proudly beams down at him as he says

>”I have no doubt in my mind that you will do us proud Yar.”

Fianna solemnly bows before you and says

>”After I have made certain that all is attended to up here, I will gladly lead my forces in the battle below. I will be meeting you all in person very soon.”

Arnet quickly spouts

>”y-You too!”
Before her feed cuts out

Stryker, Janus, and Arnet all leave to join the soldiers for the ground assault while you continue to conduct the naval battle.

“We need to eliminate those Frigates so we can focus our attention on that blasted Satellite! Prime the main batteries and fire when ready!”

>Roll 1d100 + 15 for Naval Combat!
Rolled 76 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

red, blue, green and cyan lasers, go!
Rolled 94 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

...uh, dont die?

>Overwhelming Success


On your command, the fleet unleashes a devastating salvo of turbo laser blasts upon the Sith fleet. The enemy immediately returns fire, but compared to all of the guns you’ve brought to bare it’s rather pathetic in comparison.

Over the next half hour you all exchange fire until after suffering withering blasts upon blasts, the shields of one of the Sith Frigate’s gives out. One of your Hammerhead Cruisers soars in close and opens up on it, blowing several massive holes through the vessel before it erupts in flames and begins floating downwards to Mirial’s surface. Meanwhile, the rest of your fleet begins to make short work of several of the other smaller Sith transports, ganging up on it and attacking from multiple angles.

Despite being able to tie up you fighter squadrons, it seems that the enemy cannot hope to match the massive amount of firepower you’ve arrayed against them.

>”Sir! We’re receiving a transmission from the enemy fleet!”

“Patch them in at once.”

A part of you wonders if they may be attempting to surrender, though a part of you feels that would be all too easy

Suddenly, an image of a rather tall and imposing Human with obvious cybernetic enhancements on his body appears before you. He seems to be wearing a Sith military officer’s uniform, and upon closer inspection you recognize him as the same Sith Officer who ordered the destruction of Verus’ Destroyer in an attempt to kill you.

He stands tall out of the chair he was sitting in and address you with a deep voice
>“Ah, Kraton Reed. Welcome to Mirial.”

“Rear Admiral Zilas I assume.”

>”We’ve been expecting you Jedi. I suppose right about now you’ll be demanding our surrender is that right?”

>Demand his surrender
>Concentrate fire on the orbital satellite
>Continue to focus on the rest of Zilas’ fleet
>Attempt to trace where exactly Zilas is located amongst the fleet
>>Continue to focus on the rest of Zilas’ fleet
>>Attempt to trace where exactly Zilas is located among-st the fleet

no, i expect you to die. now, spring whatever pathetic ploy you've concocted and lets move things along.
You sneer at Zilas as you take a step closer to his hologram and reply

“No, I expect you to die.”

Motioning towards your naval officers, you give the command to intensify forward fire power on the rest of Zilas’ fleet

“Now, spring whatever pathetic ploy you’ve concocted and lets move things along.”

A few audible clicks and whirls sound over the holo-transmission as Zilas’ cybernetic eye narrows along with his organic eye

>”Very well. I’ll ‘spring my pathetic ploy’ so openly that even you can understand it.”

Zilas look away a moment and motions to a few people off screen before several images appear on the screens of the command bridge

Jaina Charr utters
>”By the Force, what is this!”

As Sayla Tann gasps

A moment later, the images appear over holo transmission as well, allowing you to see what it is

Several images of what appear to be Miralians, many looking emaciated and wearing little more than rags, materialize before you. Dozens of them, more or less held at gun point by Sith Soldiers who stand above them on catwalks, whilst they look above at them in terror.

>”Over the past few weeks I’ve been having my men round up Miralian villagers and corralling them into the cargo holds of my Defense Satellite. Thousands of them are currently being held prisoner aboard my ship. Should you attempt to blast my Satellite to smithereens, you will be executing countless civilians as well. Being a Jedi, I imagine you’d find some moral quandary with this.”

You swear you can hear Lo Rai gnashing his teeth as while he stands a few yards away from you, glaring at the transmission

>”In any case, even if I end up losing the rest of my fleet I do intend on firing at you with my Satellites many guns until you are all ejected from Sith Space. There is still ample time to leave before you lose even more of your men, if you care about their lives that is.”

Zilas turns away from you as he shouts

>”Turn all the Turbolaser batteries upon their Crusiers! Destroy each of them one by one until nothing is left!”

Turning back to you with a glower, Zilas raises his shaking fist as he growls

>”Your move, Jedi.”

Then his holotransmission cuts out

>Assemble a large boarding party to attack the Sith Satellite
>Order your vessels to destroy the Sith Satellite
>Attempt to blockade and contain the Sith Satellite from afar

We should destroy the remaining enemy forces and form a blockade to contain the satellite, while we assemble a boarding party to attack it, such boarding party should be guarded by several fighters.

The boarding party should be formed with the best troops available, and led by Kraton Reed himself
>“No, I expect you to die.”
Oh we definitely asked for it with that Bond villain line.

>Call his bluff and smash his fleet. Prepare a boarding party. We hold a siege until that satellite is capture or civilians captured, whichever comes first.
perfect, quickly clean up the stragglers, then form a blockade out of rang, and escort a 300 strong jedi led mandalorian assault force straight to the heart of that station. allow a few squadrons of our fighters and bomber to provide close air support and bombing runs for our ground forces.
i couldn't help it...was in no mood to banter with an arrogant sith "tactician".
File: Lord Reed in Armor.png (295 KB, 760x1223)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
I liked the response. Went perfectly well with Reed's earlier responses to Sith Bullshit. Such as his immediate "Fuck you Verus!" after he gave his long ass winded speech about why Reed should surrender.
Writing response now
reed dosnt hate sith, hate is beneath him. hes tired. tired of another sith, with another siths evil schemes, soo much more clever and underhanded then the OTHER sith guy. hes seen many sith, and is no longer impressed by there grandstanding or tricks.
File: Brother Fucking Viscus.png (159 KB, 230x305)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
Kraton Reed breathes out a ragged sigh, stooping over the holo-transmitter with a fatigued glower as the command bridge falls silent.
“I will need a stiff drink after this."

Your Knight Jaina frowns, taking a few steps closer to you and raising her hand as she asks

>”Kraton… are you—“

Lifting your head up, you turn toward your command staff and bark

“Let’s finish off the rest of their forces! I want that other Sith Frigate taken care of ASAP!”

>”Yes Sir! All Fighter Squadrons form up on my order!”

Turning toward the red armor clad Mandalorian warriors, you motion them out of the shadows and speak out in a commanding voice

>”Tyr and Tor Viszla, gather your entire clan together at once. We will be launching an attack on the satellite after the other enemy ships are eliminated.”

Tyr Viszla sternly nods her head

>”You’ll be seeing exactly why our Clan is so feared very soon Lord Reed.”

Tor Viszla opens his mouth to speak up but stops before any words can come out, choosing instead to simply nod his head in confirmation.

Turning back toward Jaina, you lower your voice and calmly ask

“Was there something you needed?”

She blinks at you before chuckling

>”No Reed, all’s well here. I assume we’ll be joining in on the attack too?”

“Of course, I hope you weren’t expecting to sit this battle out.”

She smirks before quickly replying,
>”Wouldn’t dream of it!”

You grin before turning toward the rest of your officers

“Once the last of their vessels are knocked out of the battle, I want our fleet to be pulled out of range.”

>”Sir yes Sir!”

File: PellaeonCEII.jpg (167 KB, 312x352)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
The battle rages on a while longer as numerous starfighters chase each other down whilst your cruisers exchanges cannonfire with their transport vessels. It is a long and brutal fight, in which you lose many of your own fighters and even a few of your own cruisers thanks to the withering fire of that Sith Satellite.

In time however, your superior numbers and firepower prove too great for Zilas’ fleet. Each of his vessels is eventually blown away until all that remains on the battlefield in your own fleet and Zilas’ Satellite.

You order the fleet to pull back just out of reach of the defense satellite’s cannons in order to surround it.

>”Sir, we are receiving another transmission. This time from Commander Stryker with news concerning the battle on the surface!”

>Roll 1d100 + 20 for the battle on the surface of Mirial
I can definitely roll with this as well. Fits in just fine with what we established about him already.
Rolled 76 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

inform him that the naval campaign is all but over, he has access to a few squadrons of fighter craft to bombard the ground forces if required.
coolio....maybe part of why he enjoys a good drink ...
Rolled 98 + 20 (1d100 + 20)

Also this
Oh my
nice work anon! clearly stryker has been itching for this....that and those three jedi must be on fire!
Shit's going better than expected
File: Jango vs. Jedi.jpg (122 KB, 521x800)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
Hot damn

You guys actually rolled really well for a space battle for once in addition to a ground battle

Writing response now
File: Battle of Hoth.jpg (88 KB, 500x375)
88 KB
>Massive Overwhelming Success

“Commander Stryker, how goes the battle?”

Stryker pushes aside the macro-binoculars he was peering through and stares down at you

>”They’re playing right into my hand. We have Verus’ old fortress completely surrounded. The shield generator protecting the castle should be down in—“

His eyes widen as a massive explosion resounds over the transmission and a flash of light bounces off of Stryker’s face

>”—right now actually. I wager our two Padawans had something to do with that. In any case, my walkers are tearing through right through their defenses. I’ve already seen a few regiments throw down their weapons in surrender and if my reports are accurate then there are even a few other strongholds on other parts of the planet that wish to defect."

You grin at the commander

“Carry on then Stryker. It would seem that the battle up here has been all but won as well.”

He breathes a sigh of relief and allows himself a small smile

>”It’s nearly over then. We’re so close… let’s press the attack and liberate this world once and for all!”

Nodding your head, you cut out the transmission and turn toward your knights. Kota Vam steps forward to address you

>”We’ve been with you from the start and we’re ready to see this through to the end Master Reed. Each of us are ready to give our lives to see another world freed from the Sith.”

“Well let’s hope it doesn’t come to that Vam. I would certainly like all of you around when things become more peaceful as well. Now then,”

Turning away from your knights, you being to march down the hall with them in tow and make your way to the hangar bay where Clan Viszla is assembling

“Let’s finish this fight.”
sweet. its 117 here, i gotta crash. great game op. hope you play again tomorrow.
File: Chiss Jedi.jpg (165 KB, 600x849)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
That's all for tonight!

Next time we'll follow up with the battle for Mirial's Orbital Defense Satellite, as well as with more of Zilas' ploys

I hope ya'll enjoyed tonight's session! I'll be sure to post all over to let you know when we'll start again

Thanks Anon, good night!
Good job OP, I hope to catch up next time
give it the ol one , two bump.
good thread, remove sith
I guess no quest tonight
Sorry Anon, tonight didn't work out well with everything going on.

I'm thinking now that I will continue on with the Battle for Mirial on Sunday evening, and I will make a good effort to make sure that happens.
previous thread has been archived
dont make me , cause ill do it...BUMP! there, you happy now?
Sunday huh. well at least i didn't miss anything
its Monday. what the hell man.
Do not be seduced by the dark side OP, come back
rip , sith assasins got him
I can't believe it's not bump
Im still up for this
...up for margarbump?
Bump for the bump gods
Hi rishy
Back to waiting for another good star wars quest...

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