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Previous Thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/367747/

Last time, we played as a Freewind Equenaut who knocked up a dryad and betrayed the church. His story is still canon, but now we're switching protagonists!

Roll 1d16 for your mana color.
Rolled 12 (1d16)

File: 300px-U.svg.png (9 KB, 300x300)
9 KB

Why, we are blue! Such an elusive and tricky color.

Please roll 1d100 to determine our Mana Cost.
Rolled 16 (1d100)


Our mana cost is 1. We're not very high up on the totem pole, but that's alright, we can always become more powerful, provided we do not die.

Please give me a 1d3 to determine what creature we are.
Just need a 1d3...
Rolled 2 (1d3)

File: 1 grayscaled gharial.jpg (63 KB, 480x680)
63 KB

Holy shit, we're a fuckin' CROCODILE!

Naw, we're a fuckin' gharial, son! We got a long, thin snout and a bunch of teeth and live in the sewers.

Stay or reroll?
It's kind of...cool?
File: unexpected results.jpg (71 KB, 480x680)
71 KB

Very well.

So, there you are, one day, being a baby gharial, when suddenly BAM! You are caught in a terrible trap and taken away. At first, your stupid baby crocodile mind thinks you are food, but then you are put into a tank, and fed many things from nutrients to small tasty animals. Life is good!

When your tank is too small, you're put into another one. There are things outside the strange orange glass, but you don't pay the blurry images much mind.

Things are swell.

Until one day, BAM! You have intelligence! Suddenly you are able to comprehend life! Existence! Your place in it!

But why? How? Who did this?

Roll 1d13.
Rolled 6 (1d13)

File: 3 biovisionary.jpg (79 KB, 480x680)
79 KB

You are suddenly flushed out of your tank, liquids spilling out onto the floor and into small holes on the ground, as you slide across the slick surface. Your ears pick up the sounds of something approaching, and you life your narrow head to look upon a man.


You open your jaws and then close them, not sure of what to do.

He leans down, his beard and angry face now clearer in the light. "Speak! I've given you intelligence! Use it before I get rid of you!"

"What am I?" you ask, as fitting a first question as any.

He seems pleased. "You are my creation. I have grown you in my tank since you were but a infant. Now, through my genius, I have finished giving you intelligence. You may, in fact, be the first of your kind to ever speak! But knowing the Simic, someone may have done it before... No matter."

>A) Why was I made?
>B) Who are you?
>C) Where am I?
>D) I'm hungry.
>E) Other
Who are you father?
File: simic growth chamber.jpg (67 KB, 480x680)
67 KB

"Who are you? Are you my father?"

He rears his head back and lets out a hearty laugh. "Hah! Hah! Hah! Father, oh that is rich!" He looks back down and wipes a tear from his eye. "Oh, my, that's wonderful. No, I'm not your father, I am your MASTER. I fed you, I kept you alive, it is by my DESIGN, GENIUS and LEAVE that you are even alive, much less speaking. I am Zambodar, a great and powerful biomancer, and you have no name. Do you understand?"

His voice is harsh and his tone is bullying. "Yes...?" you say, unsure of what is really going on around you. The room is full of other tanks and strange experiments of varying sizes. The room has many colors, green and blue and yellow and orange, from the glowing liquids and lamps. This place is strange and fascinating; everything seems to have a bit of an organic edge to it, even the architecture.

"Good. You shall refer to me as 'master' and you are to fetch me things when I have need of them. Do well, and you shall be fed daily at appropriate times. If you disappoint me, I shall create another creature who WON'T and FEED YOU TO IT. Do you understand?"

>A) But why?
>B) Yes, Master.
>C) May I have a name?
>D) I don't want to!
>E) Other
>B) Yes, Master.
>C) May I have a name?
A. yes master
C. May I have a name?
File: bioshift.jpg (68 KB, 480x680)
68 KB

"Yes, master. May I have a name?"

"I already said you have no name! I gave you intelligence, not stupidity! I am far too busy making things to come up with names for them!"

He moves back to assess you. "Stand up," he says.

You attempt to do so, but your limbs cannot support your weight for more than a few moments.

"Stand up!" he orders. "Walk!"

You attempt, but fall. You begin dragging yourself across the slimy floor.

He facepalms and drags it downwards. "Useless, useless, useless. Of course, you gharials cannot walk, and you've been in a tank your entire existence." He grumbles and approaches a nearby table as you attempt to please him by standing and walking, but you cannot, try as you may.

"Stand still," he says, and though you cannot stand, you can be still. He's very angry. You don't want him to be angry, that would mean bad things for you probably.

He opens a big book and flips the pages. He begins mixing things and preparing some kind of spell. He walks across the room, towards a platform. "Drag yourself over here, and be quick about it!"

You hurry as fast as your little legs will take you and crawl onto the platform. He pours the bottle all over you; it feels fizzy on your scales. It bubbles and you begin to feel woozy.

"Master, I feel strange..."

"Shut up. This is normal."

He pulls out various charms and odd doo-dads, adjusting them and placing them on the floor around you. He mutters strange words as the liquid soaks between your scales. You feel your muscles ache and begin to stretch, but you keep your mouth shut despite how badly you wish to protest the discomfort.

Though it is terribly painful, your limbs begin to elongate and your bones shift in your flesh. You cannot help but let out a hissing cry as your body's fundamental chemistry and structure is altered into new shapes. Everything, from the bones, to the muscles to the blood vessels shift and alter along with the apendages.

When it is done, you breathe heavily and flex your limbs. You can feel them, they feel longer and stronger than before.

"Now, stand," he says, hardly giving you time to rest.

You grunt as you push yourself up, standing on all fours. Your limbs have grey scales like the rest of your body. As you walk on them, your tail drags behind you.

"I can walk! Thank you, master!"

"Shut up, this was a waste of precious resources," he mutters, turning back to his table. "Now I need to make more..." He begins reading and mixing.

>A) Be quiet and wait for instructions
>B) Explore the lab
>C) Ask him how you may help
>D) With your newfound mobility, attack him
>E) Other
D attack him
We hunger do we not? Our master has only mistreated use eating him may spark something,like a thirst for knowledge and magic, or mabye something more...

Let's have a 1d100 to see how successful we are in attacking him.
Rolled 84 (1d100)

File: CrocAndHandR_468x402.jpg (47 KB, 468x402)
47 KB

'...Man, fuck this guy.'

You approach him while his back is turned and slowly open your mouth. Leaning up, you snap your jaw around his ankles and take him to the ground.

With your new limbs, you can quickly scramble up and bite his jaw, but his arm gets in your mouth. Not caring too much, you twist and manage to snap his neck and his arm, too.

You step back and observe him. He is very much dead, indeed.

"Thanks for life," you say to him, before slinking off.

Well, now what?

>A) Eat him
>B) Free the other experiments
>C) Teach yourself how to read
>D) Leave
>E) Other
A eat him
C learn to read
File: tome scour.jpg (61 KB, 480x680)
61 KB

After enjoying a nice manwich, you pull yourself up to his table and drag the book off onto the ground. This is difficult, as you lack thumbs and a bodyshape that lends itself well to the task, but after finally getting the book and yourself into position, you are able to read it. You discover that you can, in fact, read. Implanted memories, perhaps? It matters little: results matter more.

For long hours, you study his book on biomancy, slowly absorbing the information. Mutation, gene splicing, cytoplasts, all manner of changing and rearranging the stuff of life.

You read, and read, and read some more, pausing only to eat when you get hungry. Plenty of Zambodar to last for a good day or so. And it seems like he had few or no friends, as nobody else comes into the lab to disturb you.

After reading the book from cover to cover, you think you have a good grasp on what you need to do next.

>A) Escape
>B) Improve your current body
>C) Mutate into a new form
>D) Attempt to cast a spell
>E) Other
Improve our current form
Use what's left of our previous master to grow a spine,some thumbs,more muscle,and if possible salvage his memories
By grow a spine I mean become fully bipedal

Well, 'master' has some stuff he doesn't need anymore; bones, specifically.

Using his skeletal structure and all the resources on his lab shelves and tables, you begin to plan your controlled evolution. Though it takes many hours and you have to pain-stakingly work hard, only made worse by your ill-suited body, you finally finish what you need to do to make it all happen.

Dropping his body parts into a big green soup, the final ingredient is his skull. Specifically, his brain. You knaw it open and scoop it out, keeping it intact as best you can before plopping it inside.

You then climb up to the edge and dive in.

One painful mutagenic bath later, and you emerge! Tall, strong of limb, with hands and feet and a human spine! Your body has adapted perfectly due to all of your careful work (and the 'donated' body parts forming the basis). Not only that, but you have absorbed knowledge from his brain, which melted into the sludge and found its way to your brain.

You're now a fairly skilled biomancer in your own right! Knowledge and power are yours, and more is out there for the taking!

Stepping out of the sludge pile, you wipe yourself down and get used to your new body. You still have the head of a crocodile, though the transformation helped things a bit by giving you a slightly more anthropomorphic head structure to allow you better sight. Your hands and feet, while human in shape, terminate in nice claws and still have scales, though now your scales are a healthier green color. You approach a mirror and look at yourself, flexing your new muscles and examining yourself.

"Hello, new me," you say to yourself.

You suddenly realize you don't have a name.

Well, you have a whole new life, why not have an identity to go along with it? You think about all the things you've read about in the book, searching for words or phrases or names that jump out to you, and think hard on this for some time. You're an individual now, you need a name!

Your name shall be...

>What is your name? Suggest one!
Grealt, the great scale. We can get a new title later but we must always be crocodile man for we take pride in who we are
Any other suggestions?

I'll wait a bit, if not then we'll go with >>417564
File: BigCrocColor.jpg (28 KB, 288x400)
28 KB

"Grealt!" you say aloud, to no one in particular. "My name shall be Grealt, the Great Scale." A name and a title, because why not? You return to the laboratory and find a large sheet of purple fabric that you fashion into a cloak. Returning to the study, you sit upon a comfortable chair and think for a while.

What now? You are likely the most intelligent of your species in all the world. But where do you go from here? What do you do with the new life you have found yourself thrust into? So many possibilities are open to yourself.

What few memories you can gather from your former master's mind tells you that he was a member of the Simic Combine, one of the ten guilds that make up the ruling bodies of Ravnica, the great city in which you live. Many of the Simic share his talents of biomancy and other such things, but not his philosophy (nor his attitude) and as such he was shunned.

Well, since you have some of his skills and access to both his lab and his research, you could join the Simic if you so pleased. They would likely welcome you, as they would likely not judge you based on your origins. Or perhaps you don't even need to tell anyone about how you were made; it's not like your master is around anymore.

Perhaps you could find your progenitor race and do unto them what you have had done unto you.

'What to do, what to do...'

>A) Stay here and practice biomancy on experiments
>B) Return to the sewers from whence you came and search for your species
>C) Join the Simic Combine
>D) Leave this study and head up to the surface
>E) Other
Stay here practice on they experiments. Make a being adept at hunting our kin so that we don't have to risk ourselves.
File: 3 crocanura.jpg (70 KB, 480x680)
70 KB

Deciding to stay and experiment some more, you dig into the texts and what genetic material you have to try your hand at some biomanipulation. Using a variety of frogs as well as some of your own genetic makeup, you spend several days cultivating a dog-sized croco-frog, referred to in several texts. This crocanura is of simple mind but hardy form, with a hide thick like yours but with the potential energy of motion contained in an amphibian, including a long winding tongue. You find that it has quite an appetite and prefers live prey, especially small winged animals, of which your new lab has a variety of kept in cages. You can certainly spare a few.

Despite a few hiccups along the way, you are a further step along mastering your new abilities. Already you can cast minor spells dealing with the manipulation of test subjects in the lab, provided you work under the right circumstances, and your knowledge of mixtrures and admixtures is improving day by day the more you mix.

But this lab doesn't have an unlimited supply of materials, and your view of the world has never extended beyond it. You find yourself curious about the outside world. You've studied, but now you wish to see.

But where shall you go?

>A) The surface
>B) The sewers
>C) The Undercity
>D) The Simic portion of the district
>E) Other
D the simic district become a member of the guild to gain more resources and funding so we can enlighten our kin
File: breeding pool (2).jpg (71 KB, 480x680)
71 KB

Stepping out into the halls with your new pet, you walk along and find a staircase leading up to a dark alley. Zambodar's lab was hidden and out of the way, so you have a ways to walk. But after a few stairs and moving past those who move out of your path before you can make communication, you find yourself standing alongside a rail and looking down upon a beautiful sight.

Water, with beautiful creatures swimming in it, along with a great many buildings. Sunlight streams into the partially-enclosed area that is part natural cavern and part worked stone. Smooth surfaces and natural facings blend together in a harmony of nature and design, with the buildings and architecture all reflecting this. The people of this place are many and varried, some human and others more exotic species, with a great many animals in all kinds of shapes and sizes, most of them related to creatures of the sea.

This is an amazing place, and you have so much you want to do!

>A) Go to the local Simic guildhall
>B) Speak to a human
>C) Speak to an elf
>D) Speak to a merfolk
>E) Explore the region
>F) Other
Speak to a human or elf about simic and if they would except you and if you would have equal rights to other biomancers then speak to the mer people about the treatment of experiments afterwards ask for directions to the nearest guildhall
Had to take a long phonecall. We'll be continuing later on tomorrow.
File: 2 zameck guildmage.jpg (66 KB, 480x680)
66 KB
Really long day at work today.


After walking up to some nearby people and speaking to them, you are surprised to find that few people are actually phazed by your appearance. It seems that, at least in places like this where the Simic Combine hold sway, strange body types are the norm and not the exception. Even some of the people you speak with have odd forms, like animal parts or multiple limbs.

You are pleased at how little hesitant others are to speak to you; you had thought that perhaps your appearance would be frightening, but apparently they have seen more frightening things.

When directed to the local Simic guildhall, you meet an elf wizard, a guildmage for them, who speaks to you about a number of things. First and foremost, the modern Simic Combine is about the preservation and readaptation of nature. Long ago, much of the world's natural state was ruined by the oppressive civilization, and the Simic seek to restore a natural balance. The current guildmaster, Zegana, is a merfolk who has led the guild, its clades and is responsible for the overhaul of the guild's philosophy.

>A) Ask him if you could join the Simic
>B) Tell him about the death of your master
>C) Ask what relation the Simic has politically to the other guilds
>D) Leave
>E) Other
B we should be honest with these pepole besides his practices and philosophy were not liked so we should be fine then
C ask about there political standing so we know what we're getting into
File: District Map.png (20 KB, 347x320)
20 KB

"Well, I should tell you that I was created by Zambodar."

"Zambodar... an bit of a problematic one, he is."

"Was, rather. He is dead."

"Is he? Well, he had no friends and was generally spiteful. I doubt he left a will, so as his only surviving sentient creation, I suppose that means you inherit all of his facilities."

"How convenient for me!"


"I am also curious about another matter; what other guilds hold power in this district?"

"We are in the northwestern region of this city district. Our direct neighbors and the ones with home we share borders and occasionally clash with include the Azorius to the east, the Conclave to the southeast and Gruul Clans to the south. Though we often seek peaceful coexistence, many times the conflicting nature of our ideologies, as well as the clashing personalities of those who lead our guilds result in a variety of conflicts on a great many levels, from petty crime to property disputes to legal ramifications and all-out warfare in the streets. The Gruul usually skip to the latter."

"I see..."

>A) Ask more about the other guilds
>B) Ask to join the Simic
>C) Ask if there is something you could do to help the guild hall
>D) Leave
>E) Other
A ask about the other guilds there strengths and weaknesses
B ask to join the simic
File: puresimple - Copy.jpg (73 KB, 480x680)
73 KB

"Generally speaking, what are the strengths of the other groups around us? Their weaknesses?"

"The Gruul have numbers, and physical might, but we can match their strength. The Selesnyans combine numbers with their druidic magic; we have had few conflicts with them. The Azorius in this region are few in number, but powerful. One cannot mistake their lessoned numbers for lack of support; they are neighbored by the Boros, and they work closely together in this district."

"What about their weaknesses?"

"The greatest weakness the Gruul have is the lack of a unified leader in this district. They have a few powerful chiefs, but they bicker amongst themselves as much as with others. The Selesnyans are weak in that they rarely strike first, but this does give them a bit of an opportunistic edge. Azorius are strong with the law, but they have difficulty with things they do not understand, but think they do. Their attempts to sanction us and our research have thusfar failed."

You nod as you listen to the elf.

"So, may I join the Simic?"

"Well, if you possess the skill, we would be happy to have you. But if you would like official membership, and possession of items necessary for higher-ranking members, I would request you perform a task for me."

"What is it?"

"I have an apprentice. She was sent into the area near the Gruul territory to collect important samples for an alchemical project of mine. She has not returned, and I would like to see that she is safely brought back. Were you to undertake this task, I would be very grateful, and would gladly help further your path into the Combine."

>A) Ask about the girl
>B) Accept
>C) Decline
>D) Ask for another task
>E) Other
>A) Ask about the girl

"What of the girl? How could I identify her?"

"She is an elf, raven of hair and green of eye. She bears a signet of the Simic and is generally not dressed as a savage would be. More of a research assistant."

"And her name?"

"Alora. I fear for her safety, add she had not returned in the expected time."

"You think the Gruul may have her?"

"If not them, then someone, for we have many enemies. It may not even be a guild; there are plenty of dangers that so not originate from the guilds."

>A) I will help
>B) I will only help if I am paid
>C) I need more details
>D) Refuse
>E) Other
>I will help

But he had better put in a good word for what ever application process there is.

Oh, I missed this.

To be honest, I think I started this quest at a bad time of the week; I got overloaded with work and lost some motivation.

I'll continue it another time, sorry.

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