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Previous thread:>>385055


When we last left our hero he went about his morning routine connecting with his other selves across the 3 Earths and visiting his dutiful elf wife.

He also helped reunite a young girl with her Unicorn and felt really good doing it.

Now he's finally getting to have a meeting with his fellow GENERALS about an offer for a job guarding the Dundo Infinite Railroad...


The dining hall was always one of your favorite rooms in the castle. It's fireplace is a large and ornate lion's mouth and never goes out. Modern heating has nothing on the beauty and mystery of its orange glow in the dark of midnight and its soft crackling and hissing competes with the rain pattering against the castle walls as your favorite sounds to hear as you nod off. Your father used to read stories to you while you sat on his knee wrapped in a blanket. And Santa Clause really does come down the chimney each Christmas.

Long portraits of you and the previous Barons hang above the long Victorian table covered by a white cloth that once belonged to a ghost. The space between and below the portraits are filled with mementos from past adventures. Skulls and ships in bottles and things without names and rusty bits of machinery. Arrow heads and music boxes and playing cards. Glittering gemstones and books with yellow pages. Bizarre trophies for a bizarre family.

"Hey there BB!" Doc Chase looks up from a large black game board to greet you. The pieces on the board-knights and dragons and elves-cease moving when he looks away. It wouldn't be fair if they cheated after all. "Glad we finally got you out of your orb! Where's Trinity?"

"She's with the Unicorn."

"Really? That's great!"

"I thought you said it was unlikely he would ever want to see her without first fixing his scars?" Cobalt Blue asks.

"I did. But what can I say? I was wrong and I'm glad I was."

"Me to BB! Me to! I guess it's not so much of a big deal her not being here." Doc says. "I can fill her in later. But we really should have Psinobi here before we start."

"I'm just glad I'm not the last one here for a change." You conjure up a seat and sit down at the table with your teammates. "Nonetheless, sorry to have kept you all waiting."

"Oh its no big deal." Doc says. "If a man can't get a nap after beating up Death itself what can he get a nap for? Besides, it gave me time to catch up on my game."

"Have you been torturing poor Cobalt Blue with MY Mazes and Magicians game?" You ask with a sly smile.

"Ha. My game right now. You should have gotten up sooner. You could have been the Wizard like that time we were stuck in GROGNARD THE MASTER'S cosmic RPG."

"Oh that again. Why did you have to remind me?"

"I thought you were rather cute as the magician Baron." Blue says.

"I'd say!" Doc says. ""How do I pronounce this again? Bye-be's kicking foot or Big-be's kicking foot?""
Doc quotes you from when GROGNARD THE MASTER forced you to only cast "game legal" spells out of an RPG spellbook.

"This whole thing is rot!" Doc says with an exaggerated English accent.

The three of you share a brief chuckle together.



Start the meeting, fill in Psinobi later if necessary.
Start the meeting, there's a lot of stuff we need to cover.
Let the Meeting begin!
File: Sophia Greatest Waifu.jpg (1.41 MB, 1821x2799)
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1.41 MB JPG

"Alright! Enough jocularity! Two members out but still-GENERALS GATHER!" Doc places a big metal gizmo on the table making it creak under the weight.

He pushes a button and the hologram display hums to life. A long circular train connecting to itself appears. It looks like a regular old fashioned trained. It has box shaped cars and windows and even wheels and smokestacks. But connects with itself forming a circle.

"This is the Dundo Infinite Railroad. Quite a fine piece of modern technology. I can only think of a few things I would have done differently!"

"How exactly does it work?" You ask eyeing the hologram curiously. "It sounds like Dundo Industries leaked its well guarded secrets to you."

"Most of them at least. We wouldn't be able to be a very good security team if we didn't know how the train worked."

"I'm assuming the smokestacks and wheels aren't apart of the interdimensional technology?"

"Decorations right?" Blue Cobalt says. "It sort of reminds me of certain passenger ships used by the empire. They have fins and points and look like ground vehicles. Its to sacrifice efficiency to give the ship character. Otherwise it would be a sphere like military craft."

"They ARE really pushing that "ambassador from the physical Earth to the other two" angle. I guess they're trying to market some comfy physical earth nostalgia to our neighbors in the other two Earths." Doc says.

Doc presses a button and four equidistant points light up on the hologram. "Beyond the decorations the magic happens in these four cars. Think of them as the engine rooms. One taps into the United State's Atomic Leyline generator and the other three serve as guides for the train by tapping into the physical, spiritual, and mental Earths. By altering how much the train draws from these three engines the train can alter its phase and "travel" between the Earths all while relativistically standing completely still, spinning its decorative wheels...pretty cool huh?" Doc Chase grins.

"Now wait until you see what it looks like in operation." He presses another button and the glowing cars shoot red beams of dream time into the center as the entire train starts to spin. The beams swirl as they touch in the center like ribbons off a maypool. They move faster and faster until the entire empty center is a pink circle with a crimson dot in the middle.

"Pretty, isn't it? Like a hydrogen atom."

You nod. It is pretty. But you know that you would see far more than a simple design if the hologram could convey the proper information in photons. And only you would see it.

The Infinite Railroad creates a toy universe inside itself. It creates a cosmograph-simple magic. To effect change in the outer universe one must first make change within the inner. "As above so as below". If you were to see the Train you would see the Seal of Solomon, the Body of Sophia, the Tree of Life and its Shadow...so much more than a dot and circle.

File: AURYN.gif (96 KB, 410x410)
96 KB
And your friends wouldn't see anything but the dot and the circle.

"It's very pretty." Blue Cobalt says.

"Of course that's not how it would actually look. " Doc says. "There's only so much information a hologram can convey. Why I bet with just a few clicks of my analyzer goggles you'd get something that'll look straight out of ending of Space Odyssey. And BB would see all sorts of things wouldn't you?"

You smile. "Oh, a few more things I imagine..."

Your ancestors sometimes ask you why you work with a super team. Historically Baron Bizarres tend to work alone, often assisting super teams but never officially joining.

This. This is why you work with a team.

"This isn't how it'll be in the inside though, right?" Cobalt Blue asks.

"Right." Doc presses another button and the hologram drips like raindrops on a window before becoming an entirely new hologram.

This hologram looks like a normal, rational train now. It has an end and a beginning and drives forward on a line. The hologram creates new surroundings as the train travels across the 3 Earths, changes starting at the head and traveling down to the last car-water dragons and fish for the Mystic Archipelago, Clouds and golden castles for the Dreamlands of Contemplation, and the tall skyscrapers of New York City.

"I can see why they want us on security now." Blue says. "The entire set up is incredibly vulnerable. The defenders see and interact with the train on a line. But anyone outside the train wanting to attack it sees it as a circle. They can chose their opening. They can attack any part of the train from any Earth they want."

"Not like we haven't dealt with bad guys having an edge on us before." Doc says.

"My point is that if someone wanted to attack this train they could. It actually simplifies our job somewhat. We don't have to worry about keeping them out. Instead we focus on what to do when they get in."

"I thought so to." Doc says. "The Infinite Train actually has really good early warning systems. I couldn't find anything to improve. We'll know about thirty seconds if anything is coming, what car its trying to get to, and something of its structure so we'll know if its a bomb or a person or whatever."

"Ride at your own risk indeed..." You say. "What sort of drills do the security personnel have in case of an attack?"

"You're looking at all the security personnel." Doc says with a cocky raise of his eyebrow.

"Wait." Blue says. "We're it? We're the entire team?"

"They want the Infinite Railroad to be a fun peaceful ride for everyone. They told me that they don't want a lot of guys in uniform walking around spoiling the mood."

"I don't like this Chase..." Blue says.

"What don't you like about it? Where's your sense of adventure!"

"Setting us all in a tiny universe that can be attacked from all sides without any support doesn't say adventure to me. It says death trap. And you know Dundo Industries reputation..."


"Tch. This again?" Doc asks. "Come on Blue. You got to stop buying into BROWN RECLUSE'S conspiracy theories. Have a lot of bad people used Dundo assets to do bad things? Yes. Has anything ever been tied back to Michael Dundo or anyone actually involved in running the company? No."

"Michael Dundo has been linked to several illicit cash flows ending in either tax havens or members of DECK."

"No no no. His MONEY has been linked. He hasn't. Just because he happened to have bad accountants-who are all in jail mind you-doesn't mean Michael is a bad guy."

"Some would say the accountants were fall guys..."

"Get real Blue. I mean remember when SCIENCE TYRANT stole a bunch of stuff from my SCIENCE FORTRESS to upgrade his suit? It's like that for Michael Dundo and his company, just a lot more."

...You COULD find and talk to the BROWN RECLUSE if you wanted to. The street level Statesman of Detroit has long considered himself the arch foe of Michael Dundo. He's convinced Dundo Industries is a middle man between numerous criminal organizations and Michael Dundo their CEO is some sort of shadowy kingpin. Nothing has been proven, and Doc thinks he's a crackpot.

...But maybe its worth checking up on him...


Don't check up. If he had any valuable information he would contact us, I'm sure. We probably already know all we can learn form him; Dundo is somewhat shady and be cautious with them.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

What's the roll for?
File: file.png (105 KB, 1302x674)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
I dunno, I feel at least leaving a line for the Recluse to get in touch with us would be good.

Not quite direct contact, and not in front of Doc.

I lean for no for now, but I'd wait for a better oppertunity.

When do we get the first contact team together.

Is there a way to get in touch with you OP? I was contemplating bouncing some ideas.

I also really need to catch up with requests. Work has kind of been kicking my ass this week.
>Way to get in touch


Save the day, not saves the day.
Don't check on Recluse
Can't disrespect our buddy Doc
I'm also on the quest discord. I recommend coming into our hugbox. Lot of people besides me to bounce ideas around there.

>Don't check but throw out a line.

Your fingertips turn blue, then red, then it is done.

You touched the lifeweb and set out a little ripple to find the Brown Recluse. He'll have a dream about you tonight and the Dundo Infinite Railroad. Whether he wants to do anything about it is up to him.

You decide it would be best not to personally seek him out. Doc doesn't like the Statesman. He thinks he's a dangerous throwback to a wilder time in superheroics. He's a masked vigilante. Doc is a public figure. Brown Recluse is unwelcomed in several countries including Japan and Germany. Doc is a world traveler.

Brown Recluse takes full advantage with what his Statesmen membership and America's Fox acts allow and rumor has it he's gone beyond them. Rumor has it he's broken into several secure and private Dundo Industry installations. Doc has never done anything like that. Doc keeps a healthy relationship with the powers that be.

You can respect that. He gets along better with people than you do. And that respect means the Recluse must come to you.

"We have three days to prepare for the trains trial run." Doc says.

"Only three?" Blue asks. "That doesn't give us much time. Have you asked them to postpone until we can give them the go-ahead on security?"

"I asked but they say they're adamant that the trial run goes in three days. They're launching in three days with or without us."

"But why? What could possible be the rush?" Blue asks. "Why can't they launch in a week? A month? A year even?"

"They didn't say."

"I can't say I'm surprised. Typical Dundo mystery."

"It's probably just a corporate thing. They want to keep their time tables to impress the backers. Maybe they think if they change them it'll show weakness. Might even encourage a super villain attack."

"And why are we just now being asked to be secrity three days before the launch? Why not ask us a month ago? They didn't inform us until a day ago. Something recently to change their plans. That's what I'm reading between the lines. Something they aren't telling us about."

"It's possible." Doc shrugs. "It's not really important though. And is it really our business Blue? Do they really have to tell us everything if they don't want to? Maybe they found their last security team had an ex-supervillian on it and got nervous. Maybe its just some embarrassing detail that we should respect them not wanting to share?"

"Fine." Blue rests her enormous arms on the table and rests her chin on her fingers. She shuts her eyes and thinks. "Fine. It's mysterious, dangerous, and we know nothing about what we're getting into." She smirks. "So basically, business as usual right?"

"Right!" Doc replies with an enthusiastic thumbs up.

"Now the first order of business is how to divide up our forces." Doc changes the hologram back to its ring configuration.
"There are two cars between the four "engine" cars. 12 cars in total."

"And thirteen counting the space between them, the most important "car"." You say with a wry smile. "Not the luckiest train in the worlds."

"So what we have here is four quadrants. It's sort of like a square in that regard."

"A squared circle. Ha." You chuckle lightly. "Dundo does the impossible as the motto goes."

"Now I'll be deploying Doc Bots to help us out, but there's still the matter of who watches what quadrant. Any ideas on how to divide us up?"





Anything worth noting about the individual quadrants?
That's actually a good point that I've totally overlooked!

A: Between the Neutral engine and the Spiritual engine

B: Between the Spiritual engine and the Matter engine

C: Between the Matter engine and the Mental engine

D: Between the Mental engine and the Neutral engine.

When the train is traveling between Earths the corresponding quadrant moves "first" and guides the others as they slowly step into phase with the lead like train cars following leading cars into a tunnel.

When the train travels between Physical Earth and Spirit quadrant B enters the "tunnel" first. Quadrant C enters the tunnel first when traveling between Physical Earth and Mental Earth.

Travel between Mind and Spirit is far more abstract and complicated and requires both A and D. A leads when traveling. Its hard to facilitate travel between two states that aren't composed of either energy or matter.

The quadrant that leads is based on the direction of travel. A is used from traveling from Spirit to Mind and D is used from traveling from Mind to Spirit.
Also, feel free to ask any questions about Dundo, The Infinite Train, and possible forms of attack.
Is it safe to assume that mental threats will show up around the mental engine, physical threats around physical engine, and so on?

And are the Trinity's connected in that one is always aware of what is going on with the other two?
Their connection to each other transcends time and space. So yes, one can be in a completely different Earth from the other and still know whats coming on. It is beyond telepathy.

It would be easier for threats to manifest around their specific engine, yes.
I'd say put Psinobi at C and Doc at A. Maybe split up the Trinities somehow?

Assuming we can't count on Mental Bizarre's help, Bizarre should be at B, leaving Blue to cover D.
Baron Mad will do whatever you and Mellon tell him to do, and he's enchanted to also obey your friends.

He won't like it, but he'll take orders.

That being said, he's still crazy.

We're pretty much covered, I don't think we'll need him.

You briefly consider recruiting your other self. The crown you force him to wear on his head will make him obey you and and your friends and he is as powerful as you or Mellon. But you decide against recruiting him. He is dangerous and unpredictable. And we don't need to watch one of our own in addition to the train and passengers.

"So this is good for now?" Blue Cobalt says indicating your holographic figures on the train. "We hold these positions?"

"We'll have to talk about it with Psinobi if she ever shows up." Doc says. "But I think its good."

"One last thing." You reach out with your hand and tough the hologram.

It feels firm and smooth in your grip.

Distance is something that other people have to deal with. Not you.

"I think I might want to cast a spell on the train."

"They said they were fine with that. They have their own defense systems yeah, but if they were confident in them they wouldn't need us now would they?" Doc says with a grin.

You could cast a spell on it. Or probe it. Doc probably wouldn't appreciate your lack of trust in Dundo Industries but he wouldn't be able to tell what you were doing.

Sometimes its a benefit to be inscrutable.


Probe the train for suspicious stuff, also to get a better idea of the train and know which spell to cast. Tell Doc we are probing, but only for the latter reason.
You take the train apart in your hands like a toy puzzle. Segments break apart into clouds of particles. You are trying to find something in the freeze-frame fireworks. Something that doesn't belong. Anything that doesn't belong.

"Neato!" Doc leans close. You hear the machinery in his goggles hum and shift. "What are you doing?"

"Right now I'm just looking."

"Over the entire train? At once?" Doc is too caught up in studying what you're doing to be put out by your lack of faith in Dundo Industries' scans.

"Yes. I'm just trying to get a better idea of what spell I need to cast over it. I'm sure its security systems would have detected anything out of the ordinary." You're going to double check anyway.

"Hmmmm...Is that a positronic impulse field in the leftmost quadrant I see? What is that? Is that anything? What would happen if I touched it now?"

Sometimes he's as bad as his daughter.

"It's Magic. Just magic." You sigh. "I'm going to need silence for this part Doc."

"Do you have to put it back?" Blue Cobalt asks. "I mean the hologram? Does it have to go back to the machine? Can't really believe I'm asking that..."

"As a matter of fact yes. Please leave the machine on. I wouldn't want to cause complications."

"Like what exactly?"

"Parts will go missing. Now silence please."

Rolled 85 (1d100)


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