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You are Kraton Reed, Jedi Lord of Telos IV

At a time when the Republic was merely a shadow of its former self and the Sith terrorized much of the Galaxy, you chose to strike back. Breaking from protocol, you gathered together a small group of likeminded Jedi Knights and raised your own army. You launched a crusade against the Sith Empire and managed to liberate the Outer Rim world of Telos IV. The people of this world now look upon you as their Lord and their protector in these dark times…

Having finally finished off the Sith Forces on Ferro, Reed assigned a regiment of his soldiers to build and man an outpost before taking his leave of the remote world alongside his soldiers and his new Mandalorian allies. He returned home to Telos IV with his armies victorious, yet the upcoming battle for Mirial was ever present on his mind.

While presiding over a small celebratory feast with his Knights and officers, Reed suddenly found himself entertaining a messenger from the Republic who brought ill news. With the situation in the Republic deteriorating even further, the Supreme Chancellor has begun to call back all of the Republic’s military forces to the Core Worlds in order to restore order. The only matter which kept Fianna from leaving Telos IV and taking all her ships and soldiers with her was the continued absence of her master, Sun Vike, who was still away conducting reconnaissance missions against the Sith with his detachment of soldiers.

Without the Republic Expeditionary Force backing his forces, Reed faces a very daunting task ahead of him. Will he be able to take Mirial from the Sith before his allies can leave him, or is there another way to solve this crisis?

Sitting within the confines of his private residence on Citadel Station, still a mess after the recent attempt on his life, Kraton Reed ponders what action to take next

>Gather all high rank officers and Jedi Knights together and begin immediately planning the liberation of Mirial?
>Attempt to convince Fianna and her Republic forces to continue to stay and support you and your efforts in this part of the Galaxy?
>Meet with the Sith Assassin Prisoner, Arlia Sitra, and offer her a chance to join your forces?
>Try something else (Write-in?)

Link to last thread
And here's a short character sheet describing Kraton Reed's abilities

And a longer sheet describing him, his forces, and other information in greater detail

whoa shit man didn't see this

Let's check into the Fianna situation first. She's been extremely useful to us thus far. If we could convince the Republic that she's better off with us, maybe we could keep her on our side.
Just noticed it was up else I would have posted sooner. This is probably my favourite quest.
File: Jedi Order.gif (203 KB, 700x417)
203 KB
203 KB GIF
You decide that for now, you should focus your efforts on trying to find a way to keep your Republic allies by your side. They’ve been incredibly helpful thus far, and it’s obvious that your ability to expand your territory will be extremely limited without their fleet supporting you.

Several of your Knights and officers join you as you sit in your battle-scarred lounge and attempt to come up with a solution.

“Fianna has been a great ally to us, to lose her and her army would only make things much more difficult for us. I would like to see her stay by our side and continue to fight against the Sith for long time. What should we do?”

A few shards of glass crunch beneath your Miralian Knight Janus’ boots as he walks over to you

>”The problem we have is that the Republic Forces aren’t exactly Fianna’s to command. They are her Master’s, Sun Vike, and when he returns it seems clear that he will follow the orders the Republic has given him.”

The Correllian Knight Jaina Charr sighs as she glances out your broken window before speaking up

>”Sun Vike appears to put a lot of faith in his Padawan though, enough so that he’d put her in charge of the whole fleet. If we could convince her to stay with us, then maybe she could convince her master to do the same?”

Your military officer Commander Stryker reclines on a couch and pensively ruffles his mustache as he considers his next words

>”There’s the Republic Messenger as well, the one who delivered the orders. If we could get him into our good graces, maybe we can get him to leave Telos IV without dragging Sun Vike and Fianna away from us? I have no idea how politics works in the Republic, but maybe we could convince them that it’s better for them if they keep supporting us here? As long as we don’t give up our independence or anything like that…”’

The young Chiss Jedi Sayla Tann lies on another couch, her long dark blue hair splayed out over the cushion as she stares up at the ceiling with a serious stare

>”Well, we could just try to launch the attack on Mirial really soon. You know, before Sun Vike comes back? If we do that and take Mirial, then we wouldn’t really need Fianna’s fleet as much anymore. I don’t think we were planning on taking many more planets, so if all we had to worry about was holding onto Telos and Mirial, I think we could pull it off."

Reed listens closely to all that his advisers have to offer before making a decision

>We should try to approach Fianna and gain her support
>We should try to convince the Republic’s Messenger to leave the Republic Fleet here
>We should try to mount the attack on Mirial as soon as possible while we still have Fianna and her forces here
>We should take Telos IV, AND PUSH IT SOMEWHERE ELSE!

>We should... (Write-in?)
Glad to see people found it! Was starting to think no one would show tonight
>This is probably my favorite quest

Well shucks, thank you Anon. I'm glade you and other Anons enjoy it so much!
>We should try to approach Fianna and gain her support
Would like to see a little more votes before going on
>>We should try to approach Fianna and gain her support
File: Jedi_Explore_Corp.png (981 KB, 945x430)
981 KB
981 KB PNG
“Fianna has fought by our side several times now and has done a fantastic job for someone who is only a Padawan. We should approach her and try to convince her to stay by our side.”

Several of the others nod their heads in agreement

Janus is the first to voice his support

>”I wouldn’t be surprised if Master Vike planned to make her a Knight soon, with the way she’s acted. “

Jaina chimes in

>”She does seem to be the model apprentice, in some ways at least…”

Sayla lifts herself up to a sitting position and leans close as she asks

>“So what are you going to say to her to get her to stay?”

“Well I—“

>”Maybe we should send someone else to speak with her.”

Those assembled turn to face Jaina Charr as she stares back at them all with an uncharacteristically stern gaze

“Someone else? Why wouldn’t I go speak with her myself?”

>”Well Reed, she does seem to like you but… I think there’s someone else who might be able to convince her more than you could.”

Stryker stands up to his feet as he asks

>”Who would be better than Reed?”

>”Arnet Yar.”

The room falls silent for a few moments before she continues on

>”I saw the two of them talking to one another at the dinner last night, and we’ve all heard about how he rushed to her aid when she battled the Sith. I think the two have become rather close, so perhaps he would be a better candidate for the job.”

You are suddenly aware that both Kota Vam and his Padawan are among those not currently present

Janus shakes his head

>”I’m really not sure if that’s a good idea. They’re both very young, I’m a little worried of what might happen if we push them even closer together…”

Jaina sighs

>”You have a point, but is there really that much danger in that? Both of them have done so well for just Padawans, maybe there’s nothing to fear?”

>We should send Arnet to speak to Fianna on our behalf, he will be able to speak to her better than any of us
>We should convince Kota Vam to send Arnet on our behalf, it’s only right that he should have the final say on this
>I’m not sure I like where this plan is going either, I will speak to Fianna myself
>I will speak to Fianna myself
>mount the attack asap
Is it really necessary to lean on her personal relationships? Stryker already said we need to take Mirial sooner rather than later. Also the enemy is prepared for us and we could lose a lot of our forces fighting then, surely we want people to be thinking tactically rather than emotionally.
File: Jedi Armors.jpg (15 KB, 255x240)
15 KB
You mull over it for a few moments before coming to a quick decision

"Is it really necessary to lean on her personal relationships? Stryker already said we need to take Mirial sooner rather than later. Also the enemy is prepared for us and we could lose a lot of our forces fighting then, surely we want people to be thinking tactically rather than emotionally.”

Jaina considers your point, tilting on her feet as she looks away

>”You’ve got a point Kraton. I guess now would be one of the worst times for us to get… distracted.”

“Let’s not interfere in their relationship right now. All that can wait after Mirial.”

>”Right. So what about Fianna then?”

“I will go and speak with her myself, I’m confident I can reach out to her.”

Rising up to your feet, you begin to don your robes as everyone mutters to one another.

“I want our attack to get underway as soon as possible. We’ve wasted enough time as it is.”

Stryker clicks his boots together and straightens his posture and raises his voice for all to hear

>”I’ve formulated an attack plan for our liberation of the planet, based largely off of what we’ve already discussed and what we’ve learn from our probe droids. I’ll fill everyone else in on the plan while you go deal with the Republic. We can head out as soon as tomorrow, but there is just one thing I need you to weigh in on first.”

“What is that?”

Stryker gestures to all who are present

>”I plan on us fielding mostly fresh forces, to give those who fought on Ferro a rest, but I need to know which of your Jedi we should bring to the battle and which should stay behind to defend Telos IV.”

>We should bring….
>Kota Vam and Arnet Yar?
>Lo Rai
>Sayla Tann
>Trask (Still injured)
>Jaina Charr

>”If you’d like, we could just bring those who did not participate in the Battle of Ferro with and leave those that did behind. However, the Battle for Mirial is shaping up to be a bit tougher than what you experienced on Ferro, we may want to bring even more of your Knights with us this time. What are your orders? I'm positive that all of your Knights would volunteer to go, but at least one or two should likely remain here on Telos IV."
How many Anons do we have right now?

Since this is an important decision and it seems a bit late, I'm thinking I'll put the quest on pause for the moment and plan on continuing a bit tomorrow night. Might be kind of late tomorrow, though hopefully more Anon's will be up since it's a Friday.
Trask and Janus could stay, bring the rest
Isn't Janus from Mirial? We should bring him. Maybe leave Trash and Charr?
I'm on my phone I meant Trask ha
i'd reckon about three

Leave Trask to stay as >>395560 and >>395571 said. Charr could stay too, why not.
Janus' insider knowledge will be very useful.
Leave Trask for sure, as his wounds need to heal. As for others, I'll support whatever has the most votes.
we launch the assault with all our knights , save trask "the defender". Lets hit mirial like a jedi sledgehammer! we could always leave the army to stryker and take our jedis directly to there command.
ooh, put the archive link in the OP!
File: image.jpg (66 KB, 736x456)
66 KB
Whoa, I was not aware we had that. I'll be sure to include it in the OP for now on.

Looks like we're going to go ahead and take everyone save Trask and Jaina with us to Mirial! I'll plan on continuing where we left off sometime late tonight!
It's Trask son
take everyone except trask
Going to start again fairly soon

So unless I'm mistaken, I see two clear votes in favor of taking everyone aside from Trask and only 1 clear vote to leave Jaina along with Trask

If that's the case, then Reed will decide to bring all his knights with the exception of Trask poor guy won't get to throttle anyone this time

You glance around at all those present as you ponder over who to bring

“We need to hit them with everything we’ve got. However, I don’t want to drag Trask into a fight when he still only has one arm. He’ll stay behind to defend Telos while the rest of us go on to Mirial”

Jaina lets loose a small sigh

>”He’s going to be pretty disappointed when he hears he’ll be missing out on this battle, but you’re definitely right. I think he seemed upset that he couldn’t join you all on Ferro, but he ought to get over it.”

Janus smiles as he cuts in

>”While he hasn’t been able to fight much, he has been a lot of help with the students. His input in practice duels has always been sound, and he’s actually quite popular with the younglings."

Sayla chuckles at that and adds

>”He’s got a soft spot for those kids."

Stryker coughs lightly into his fist, drawing everyone’s attention to him

>”Right then. Lord Reed, while you go and speak with Fianna I’ll go over the battle plans with everyone else. The strategy I’ve formulated is based largely on our earlier conversations, I trust you’ll find it satisfactory upon your return.”

You nod your head at him

“I have the utmost faith in you Commander, in all of you. I will return as soon as I can, and then we can begin to mobilize the fleet.”

>”Yes Sir."

Leaving your comrades’ side, you walk out of your apartment and board your personal shuttle. Quickly flying up into orbit over the bustling city, your vessel speedily approaches and then docks with the RNS Stalwart, the Valor-class Cruiser which serves as Fianna’s flagship. The soldiers greet you respectfully and escort you through the ship's large halls until you are brought before a reinforced set of blast doors

>”Commander Fianna lies just behind here Master Reed. We notified her of your coming as soon as you were hailed, so she should be expecting you.”

“Thank you Lieutenant. Now if you’ll excuse me…”

The door opens up to a large hallway that leads over to an observation deck. Standing before is is the pale white visage of the stoic Padawan, Fianna.

Your footsteps echo loudly as you walk toward the Padawan, her voice carrying over as she calmly greets you

>”Welcome back aboard the Stalwart Master Reed. I get the impression you have something very serious to talk to me about. Does it have to do with the coming battle, or something else?”

>Tell her you are grateful once more for all she’s done
>Ask her if she believes her master will return soon
>Question her about what was said concerning the Republic in the Messenger’s data slate and why she has to go back
>Ask her how she truly feels about the Republic
>Tell her you are grateful once more for all she's done.
>Ask her how she truly feels about the republic.
...aaaaaaaand lets give that a second...
I back this.
Ask her when her master gets back and how she would feel about liberating another world with you
“First and foremost, I want to thank you once again for all that you’ve done. Your assistance has been invaluable, I can’t imagine Ferro could have ended so well if we didn’t have you there with us.”

She nods her head and although she does not smile or change her tone of voice you imagine that she appreciates your compliment nonetheless

>”I have merely tried my best to do what I thought was necessary. It is my duty to stand against the Dark Side and assist my fellow Jedi.”

“If I could be so bold, I would like to ask you something about said duty.”

She stares you down as you walk up to her side on the observation deck, taking a moment to glance out at the fleet of Republic vessels as you ask

“I would like to know your personal opinions on the Republic.”

Fianna quickly and firmly responds

>”I have sworn an oath to defend and serve the Republic. It is the same oath that all Jedi had to take… including you.”

Your gaze drifts back to Fianna as you continue to face the Republic Fleet.

“That does not necessarily answer my question.”

>”If I could ask you Master Reed, why did you choose to leave the Republic?"

>I wanted to fight the Sith any way I could
>I wanted to build a better state for the people out here than what the Republic or the Sith offered them
>I wanted to reform the Jedi Order
>>I wanted to fight the Sith any way I could
>>I wanted to build a better state for the people out here than what the Republic or the Sith offered them
>>I wanted to fight the Sith any way I could
File: LightDarkJedi.jpg (789 KB, 1600x1200)
789 KB
789 KB JPG
You stare intensely out the observation deck, your hands gripping into fists as you answer her

“I served the Republic and kept to my vows as long as I could, but there came a point where I just could not simply stand by any longer.”

Taking a deep breathe, you soften your posture and relax your fists as you coolly tell Fianna

“Someone had to do something, someone had to take a chance and attack the Sith. I found my chance and I took it, and look now—“

You gesture out to Telos IV with your hand as you turn to face the young apprentice in the Force

“Hundreds of millions of people now live free from the tyranny of the Dark Side, and this is only the beginning. I left the Republic not just so I could fight the Sith, but so I could build a better world for the people they terrorize. Once the Sith of this sector are defeated, I look forward to making this part of the Galaxy a place of peace and prosperity, just like it was long ago.”

Fianna silently absorbs all you had to say as the observation deck grows quiet

>”I can sympathize in a way. I was quite happy when I was offered the chance to come out here with my master, similarly for the same reasons you came here.”

"You were?"

She stares up at you calmly, though you sense as if there is something more intense about the way she is staring right now.

>”The Sith are an evil people, and I would gladly give my own life just to rid the Galaxy of any one of them. I... hate them.”

Your eyes widen as you listen to her. She has more or less confessed that she feels an emotion that is considered anathema to the Jedi way. Even so, a part of you has to wonder if you could truly blame her for feeling that way after all the Sith have done. Perhaps deep down, you truly hate the Sith as well?

Fianna breathes out a sigh as a somewhat sombre quiet falls over the two of you, leaving you a chance to carry the conversation as you wish

>Offer her a chance to continue to fight the Sith by offering her and Sun Vike a place in your forces
>Tell her that she should try to prolong her stay here any way she can so that she can continue to fight by your side
>Explain that she should try to repress this strong feeling she has for the Sith
>Explain that she should be very careful about who she tells about this strong feeling she has for the Sith
>Suggest that she try hard to think for herself more without letting others influence her, then take your leave
>>Tell her that she should try to prolong her stay here any way she can so that she can continue to fight by your side
>>Suggest that she try hard to think for herself more without letting others influence her, then take your leave

we would never suggest she betray her vows to the republic........openly.
>>Suggest that she try hard to think for herself more without letting others influence her, then take your leave
If you want to take a more active stance then the republic has been then have I got an opportunity for you!
Seriously though shouldn't we ask after her master's opinion before we start tempting her? Wouldn't want to screw up that relationship.
File: The Force.png (1.39 MB, 2000x2400)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
You fold your arms over your chest as you stare out into space

“My forces are mobilizing for the attack on Mirial. I sense that it won’t be an easy fight.”

>”… Understood. Keep me abreast of what is going on in regards to the next attack and I will prepare my own forces accordingly.”

“Excellent. I think we have done a great deal together already. Hopefully you'll be able to find a way to make our current alliance last as long as possible.”

She is not very quick to respond to that as she mumbles in affirmation

“One last thing.”

>”Yes Master Reed?”

You turn back to facing her as the two of you lock eyes

“You have proven to be a wise and virtuous person and I have little doubt that you’ll make a fine Jedi some day. I think you should put more faith in your own judgement, and not simply let others tell you what should be done.”

She appears to be considering your proposal very carefully for a few moments before turning her gaze away from you again

>”I will… meditate on what you have said, and on what I believe to be right. Thank you for your time Master Reed.”

“Thank you for having me. We will speak again soon, until then.”

With that, you walk away from her and march out of the observation deck. You’re not entirely sure what effect your words have had on her, but you have hope that what you said will help convince her to stay by your side.

File: Imperial_General_SOC.jpg (380 KB, 1272x1184)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
The next day, all the forces that will make up your liberation fleet have gathered together across the wide grassy plains of Telos IV’s surface. You watch with keen interest as columns of soldiers march across the landscape, a coursing current of blue and white armor clad soldiers of all shapes and sizes. Thousands upon thousands fill inside your vessels as several of them begin to rise up into the air and take off.

>”Quite impressive isn’t it Sir?”

Glancing to your side, you see Commander Stryker look down upon your armies with a reserved smile.

>”Tens of thousands of soldiers united together under one banner and for a singular cause they believe in. I am proud to count myself in their number.”

You also grin as you turn toward the Commander

“Have you the report I requested friend?”

>”Of course.”

Stryker brandishes a holopad which displays images of your army and naval fleet

>”This is the force we are bringing with us to finally liberate Mirial.”

5 Jedi Knights
1 Jedi Padawan
10,000 Armored Division (with 10 Walkers)
300 Mandalorians
6,200 Soldiers

Naval Fleet
7 Hammerhead Cruisers
84 Aurek Starifghters
32 Buzzard Fighters

Republic Army
1 Jedi Padawan
3,000 Soldiers

Republic Naval Fleet
1 Valor-class Cruiser
5 Thranta-class Corvettes
6 Hammerhead Class Cruisers
159 Liberator Class Starfighters
37 PT-7 Starfighter Bombers
51 Aurek Class Starfighters
>”We are fielding an army nearly twenty thousand strong, with a sizable fleet to compliment such a vast fighting force.”

“What of the Sith’s forces?”

>”With the casualties that were inflicted on them in the last battle, both their surface and space forces should be significantly less than ours. However, they will hold the advantage of being on the defensive, they have had time to entrench themselves, and their leader Zilas is NOT to be underestimated.”

“Right then, anything else?”

>”No sir, shall we?”

The two of you board your shuttle and fly up into space to board the Hammerhead you will be commanding this battle from. Within another hour, everything is ready.

Your fleet, along with the Republic’s fleet, makes the jump to Hyperspace. The Battle of Mirial is about to begin.
File: Echani Jedi.jpg (91 KB, 640x900)
91 KB
Now seems like a good time to put the quest on pause, though if there are a decent amount of you here that are up to it I COULD continue on and actually start this massive battle.

In any case, I plan on hopefully continuing tomorrow. What do you all say?
Well I'm still here. Anyone else?
I'm here ... But I'll be here tomorrow too
File: mfw.jpg (104 KB, 1024x768)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Well I plan on being here tomorrow too, so let's count on starting the Battle for Mirial around then.

I hope you guys enjoyed tonight's segment, as always I welcome hearing any feedback you might have for how the quest is going!
i unfortunately will be out, but ill read about your adventures afterwards.
i'm here now op, if ou're planning on doing this soon
File: obi-wan-drinking.jpg (7 KB, 284x178)
7 KB
So I ended up more or less passing out after work today and have spent the last nine hours asleep.

I'm sorry about that ya'll, I know I said I would run tonight but it kind of just didn't pan out.
It's ok. Life™ happens.
i cant believe its not bump
wait a second...
lets just take some of our paint off the pallet with the edge of our brush, just the edge....and yupe, paint a happy little bump, right over here. just hanging out in the sky...
itd be nice, op. if you made a habit of updating the tread status about once a day. just jump in for 60 seconds, post that your busy etc, then leave. itd do well for moral. just saying.
File: image.jpg (20 KB, 192x395)
20 KB
Right, sorry about that guys.

Week has been a little bit of a mess with work and other obligations, but I'm hoping maybe this Thursday I might be able to start everything up again and maybe even start a bit earlier in the day.

I'm sorry I can't cant run session very frequently, but I do try to check on these threads every so often so if you guys have any questions or suggestions for me this would be a good place to post them!
no worries, believe me , we all get that life happens. Hell, running a session once or twice a week is just fine. its what my ttrpg groups do.
OP said he'd be back tomorrow, so bump I guess
Alright folks! I'm ready to go all night long.

Let's kick the Battle for Mirial off!
WB op.

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