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A heart of gold. Fighting to the finish. Making it all twelve rounds. Boxing is a canvas to

paint one’s emotions. What are you fighting for?

Acts 1-3:

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=FINAL+ROUND+-+Act

Twitter (for updates, to ask me questions, and generally you'll know when I'm whipping shit

up.): https://twitter.com/qstMoofin/

Current stats and information:


Last time: >>357913

It's been a while. Let's get it.


The bell rings. Out of school for the weekend. You heard about this guy named Sam.



Sam was sort of an oddball. The Winthrop family moved in just down the street from your home.

7th grade. They seemed like some of the nicest people on the planet.

He was this goofy red-haired kid. Shorter than you but not by much.

That particular summer, you'd later find, would be pretty fun. You went with your class to some

amusement park out of state, you got to go to some dude’s birthday party across in the East

Bay, and overall, though your crush kept ignoring you, shit was going okay.
But before all that, you had to kill the rest of this semester, and you weren't about to do

that alone. Again, little did you know.

His mom came to your door trying to meet all the neighbors, brought sandwiches with too much

mayo. It was a sweet gesture. She was trying to fit in with all the other moms, you know?

You would later go to Sam’s house and meet him properly too. He was out front, trying his

damndest to make his bike hop. Meer inches gave him that unforgettable look, cheesing from

cheek to cheek. He had just seen some BMX video and was stoked to try the stuff he saw.
You had never even ridden a bike.

“Hey, you wanna try?” He had this hopeful look on his face, like he wasn’t afraid of shit. It

inspired you.


You promptly fell, scraped your knee, and dinged his bike in one fell swoop. It was almost

He laughed for a solid ten seconds then snapped out of it and saw that you weren’t getting up

on your own.

He props you up and brings you inside. But doesn’t stop at the living room.

He kept going.

Up the stairs.

Up to his room.


“Here you go, man. What’s your name?”


He handed you a damp rag to dab your scrape and you introduced yourselves.

His room was pretty typical. Had a few good baseball cards, a small box TV, you know. The


You watched him turn on wrestling. It was just starting. Seeing it captivated you and really

made you enter their world for a moment.

File: becca.png (225 KB, 526x700)
225 KB
225 KB PNG

The promos they were cutting were so fucking rad, and it just made you want to fly and slam


Muffled screaming?

Sam got a pale look on his face.


It was coming from downstairs. You heard stomping. Your heart skips a beat. It’s like you’re

just stuck in time.

Sam tried his hardest to pretend it’s not happening.

Doors slam, and just as quick as it started, it ended.

You’re stuck. He’s stuck. He’s probably been stuck for a while.

At least your old man had the fucking courtesy to abandon you before you had any memory of his

fucking face.

“Love the Undertaker... who’s your favorite?” Tears well up inside him. But he’s holding it

back. He doesn’t want to look weak in front of you.

You can’t even ride a bike. Pretty weak.

You swallow the lump in your throat as he flashes a practiced smile.

“I’m a pretty big fan of The Rock, man.” You pat him on the back twice.


The bell rings.

Shit! You try to turn off your alarm quick as lightning and settle back in.
But there's no alarm.

And you freeze.

Becca's lying on top of you, sleeping soundly despite your sudden movements.

This is okay. You settle down for a second.

She really took all that shit with the gang well. And she really handled herself amazingly. Amy

was spooked, but Becca thinks you're some sort of hero.

Are you?


She mumbles a little in her sleep, stirring and tumbling around a bit.
You reach over for a blanket covering the top of the couch and cover her with it, squeezing

just a little tighter.

You kiss her on the forehead.

She's always there for you.

"Thanks." You whisper softly.

So now what?

Your phone's blinking on the arm rest. You don't know what time it is. Looks to be sunset.
Becca wanted to go somewhere. She probably deserves it, and it would turn this day around.

Thinking of Sam again, you used to go to 3 Mile Island all the time and ride rides 'til

midnight. Might need to show her a thing or two about that.

Maybe just stay in? I mean it's your day to relax, and you have not done shit for relaxing so


There's a few other things to do about town. Oh yeah, the dogs might still be there?

First things first...

>Reach for your phone. Carefully!
>Eh, fuck it. This is a-ok. Just let this moment be and let Becca chill. She'll wake up when

she wakes up.
>Softly try and remove Becca from your chest and onto the couch, freeing yourself.
>Gently wake Becca up then __________

I wrote this on a plane in Word, hence the fucked up formatting!
>Eh, fuck it. This is a-ok. Just let this moment be and let Becca chill. She'll wake up when she wakes up
Far too comfy to move.
Will cut off in about 10 minutes.


You remain still. As a sort of peace you wish to keep because man, this day and the couple before have been some shit.

For once, you let yourself chill and let your guard down. You’ve been running around this city like a madman and... man... it’s tiring.

Plus Becca looks real peaceful.

Oh wait.

Looking down, her expression changed. She’s raises her elbows like she’s going in for a clench, and she’s fighting something off.


She starts swinging. Oh jeez what’s going on in her- WOSHIT-

She’s throwing full punches now! Holy shit. You hold onto her mid section, so she doesn’t slide off, when she throws the back of her head into your face.

“Fuck! Ahhhhh”

That fucking hurts. You let her slide and she wakes up in a cold sweat and looks over to you. Her jaw drops.

“Oh baby what happened?”

“Eyou slabbed indu be!” You say this while holding your nose, and as confused and hurt as you are, it sounded pretty funny.

She quickly realizes what happened and goes and grabs a wet rag from the kitchen.
She hands it to you “to prevent the swelling” and then kisses you on the cheek. She looks real nervous and worried for your health, but you'll live. You've felt worse after all!

Checking your phone quickly, you see a text from your mom.



That never happens. Ever. Fucking weird.

“What the hell were you dreamin’ about that made you so violent!?”

You both laugh and she sits next to you. Her laugh seemed real off.
You put your arm around her.

Her face turned cold. Like she remembered something.

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry. The dream didn’t matter.”

She looks away.

After a short moment, she looks back.

“I’m just glad I’m with you.~”


>“I’ve never seen someone throw punches for nothing. What’s the matter?”
>”You can talk to me about anything.”
>”Me too.”
>Kiss her then just check your phone.

oops didn't tag

Also, will implement my new cutoff system!

I will cutoff a prompt 30 minutes after the last reply is posted.

I will extend if I need to.

And as always I encourage conversation and discussion about actions.

Thanks for bearing with me.
"I've never seen someone throw punches for nothing, what's the matter?"
FOLLOWED BY "You can talk to me about anything" if she seems apprehensive
Extending cutoff. Will be busy for a few hours. Cutting off at 10 PM EST
Alright cutting off!
File: grab.png (176 KB, 803x463)
176 KB
176 KB PNG


“I’ve never seen someone throw punches for nothing. What’s the matter?”

She sits there for a long time before relaxing and slumping into your chest.
You stroke her shoulder to calm her down.

“I’m not ready to tell you. I’m sorry.”

“What? You can t-”

“I know I can tell you anything. I trust you so much, I trust you with my life! You saved me, it’s just I’m not sure you’re ready to hear it.”

You sit there in silence. She grabs onto you and buries her head into your chest like a child.
You can tell she wants to share, but she’s worried what you might think.

You move her in front of you by her shoulders with a firm grasp and make eye contact that could kill.

“You didn’t let me finish.”

She gives you a confused look?

“You can tell me anything. No matter what. I mean that, alright?”

You lift her chin and nod.

She sits for what felt like a long time.
You could practically hear the wrestling theme now, like you and Sam stuck in his room.
You were both stuck.

“Ok. So a long time ago I got involved with these skeezy fucks. Real lowlife types.
This was back in my old city, Breville.
I dated one of them, nothing too serious but then I get this whole gang coming after me.

I didn’t know what to do.

One day after school, I went to the corner store for a snack. They fucking... “

She swallows hard.

“They just grabbed me. I broke free by slamming my head into the guy who grabbed me.
I bolted from that city.

I didn’t know what to do.

And if i didn’t know how to protect myself okay I woulda... “

You stop her with a hug.

“Don’t worry about that now. I understand. It’s okay. You’re with me.”

A she tears up a little. You brush the hair out of her face.

“I’ll protect you.”

She smiles and squeezes you again.

“Thank you. Tough guy. ~”



The evening went on. You both settled down talked about your dreams and other things, you know? She wants to own her own restaurant someday. Her favorite color? Green. You know, stuff like that.

Looking at your phone again, you realize that it’s been a solid hour. Shit! It’s already like 6 o’clock.

Man, this woman just lets you get lost in the best ways.

Oh shit, looking down the text is still bothering you. It’s from your mom and that shit never happens.

“Coming home late! Don’t wait up.”

Becca sees you looking confused. “What’s wrong babe?”

“I got a text from my mom, and she doesn’t even know how to text I’m pretty sure.”

“Hahaha! Don’t be silly, Gerardo. I’m sure it’s whatever, right?”

She’s probably right but you just can’t shake a feeling that... nah it’s probably fine.

“Alright, let’s go!”


“We’re going! Let’s go somewhere nice and forget about this shitty day, baby.~”

Yeah maybe you should just get out there. Maybe you should reply to the text?

File: MAP.png (77 KB, 455x333)
77 KB

>Reply (Write-in Text Reply)
>Don’t reply


>Head out to Bowling Alley
>Head out to Theater
>Head out to Three Mile Island
>Go to the dog adoption dude.
>Head somewhere else! (Write-in)
>Maybe just chill here.
Also reply "Dang mom I didn't know you could text"
I'll let this one bake overnight. More tomorrow. we live at 5 PM EST!
Dogs cost MONEY. We're POOR. We don't have MONEY. We should go somewhere else. Also, isn't Three Mile Island home to a nuclear disaster? What are we doing there?
I agree with this.
It's the name of the park!
And when it comes to money, I wouldn't worry too bad.

What I'm saying is: dog is valid option. Hahah
I just caught up with this shit!

When's the FIGHT man, for the 5k man?! Did I skip a thread?!

Also doggo pls.

Forgot to take off my trip.

It's coming up! Very soon.

Glad you're on board. I love every player and I love working on this quest.
Happy to be here man.

Serious question tho.

Why is every picture so fucking blurry?

Will it factor into the big 5k fight?

It's a style and convenience option, but I make jokes alluding to that often.

And nah, Gerry's vision isn't total dogshit.
>>Reply "Didn't know you could text"
>>Head out to Theater

New here
My expectation is more in line of: She was kidnapped and the kidnapper writes the texts... Can we text something false to see if that's really her writing?
Glad to have you!

Up to you! Not cutting off until I get sleep lmao
I'm down, like "Hey did you feed the cat?"
>"Hey did you feed the cat?"
Supporting this, don't let our paranoia die out! :)

>Reply "Didn't know you could text 'smiley'"
>Theater, movie nerd, with touchy-feely in the dark

Sleep well, OP! Looking forward to the adventures of our box champion! :)

Glad to have you too man!

Can't wait for more too. <3

Nothing wrong with movies man
Thats where I took my gf on our first date..

Also supporting the "Hey did you feed the cat?"

I Joined because You are so happy on discord :^)
File: noti.png (82 KB, 600x368)
82 KB


You head out the door and out for the theater after splashing some water on your face. You got a good chunk of the day left in front of you and you might as well try and make the best of it.

Closing the door behind you, Becca grabs your hand on the way down from the steps and kisses you on your cheek. Stubbly.

You both smile and look forward towards the streets ahead, enjoying the brief silence.

“Oh baby, is it cool if we pop by my place? I gotta change clothes, I feel so weird wearing this for so long, but you know I’ve been a little caught up and-”

“It’s fine.” The reassuring grin goes a long way in soothing the fact that you cut her off.

“Oh. Thanks!”

She’s cool with it.

You pull out your phone on the windy, sunset-painted afternoon, still just a little after 6.
You’re about to enter the station, beautiful woman on your arm and shit’s going okay honestly.
But your mom texting you has been bothering you really bad. Maybe it’s not her? Maybe something fucked up is going on.

You got a plan.

You text back: “Woah! Didnt know u could text. You feed the cat?”

You don’t own a cat, so this should be interesting to see what she has to say.

Finding a spot on the train that’s on the second deck, just up the stairs, you let Becca have the comfy window seat and she obliges.

You wrap your left arm around her and feel a vibration from your pocket. Becca jumps a little in surprise, causing the leather padded seat beneath you to flump in response.

You both giggle like children at this. Glancing down,

you stop.

“What? Gerardo what cat? Are you okay?”

So she passed that test, but it’s still weird she learned to text overnight.

“Oh sorry i was trying to ask that to another person. All good ma”

Good coverup.

Before you realize it, the train comes to a screeching halt at West Central, where Becca promptly grabs your hand and leads you out of the station and...

File: dogoo.png (217 KB, 800x533)
217 KB
217 KB PNG

oh shit dogs.


The dog guy was just about to close up shop when you and becca catch him. You can’t resist petting some dogs. You read online that their good for stress or something. You just like dogs.

Becca dives the fuck IN. She loves the little ankle biters. You have your eye on a few strong looking dogs in the back. They’re a mix of tired, excited, and nervous.
Most are leashed to the van itself. The van reads something like “Midtown Dog Adoption” but it’s a little faded given scratches and wear.

You strike up a conversation with the guy packing up.

“Hey there partner, glad to see ya come on back!”

“Yeah. My girl is real into dogs and I’ve always wanted one.”

His southern drawl didn’t sound from ‘round here, but it was hardly off putting.

“Well, I’ll hold our horses fer a minute, ‘specially considerin’ your lady friend is beaming about them!”

Between them, the dogs that stick out are a Chihuahua, the one she wanted to call Buddy, currently cradled in Becca’s arms. There’s an Italian Mastif, very reserved and calm in the back. Huge. There’s a pitbull, sitting up and alert. A small Boston Terrier running around with it’s twin and a border collie, spotted all over.

>Go up to one of the dogs. (Which one?)
>Talk to Becca about the dogs.
>Figure out how to afford the dog and care for it. Maybe talk to owner.
>Ask if the dog guy will be back.
>Maybe not today.

Go say hi to the Italian mastiff
Gonna chill for an hour or so on this one. Doggos are important stuff.

File: Spoiler Image (69 KB, 540x722)
69 KB
surprised there wasn't a boxer or pic related.
File: dogglers.png (292 KB, 385x517)
292 KB
292 KB PNG
forgot image



You don’t know why but he looks like a Bruno. He’s got a real chill look on his face, like he’s not even riled up.
He glances over to you, lets out a “hrumph” and turns towards you.

He’s pretty fucking big for a dog. Probably, a bit taller than a coffee table and about as wide as a fire hydrant, the dog looks like it could box you, to be honest.

Making your way over to him through the other dogs, most of which are too distracted and caught up with other patrons about to leave, he has a look of complacency on his face.

You squat down next to him and start scratching behind his ears. He seems to enjoy it. After a short while he rolls over and...


“That one right there’s takin’ a shinin’ to ya? Her name’s Daisy. She’s a sweetheart. Probably the oldest of the bunch. Well trained too.”

Oh! It’s a girl!


After a solid bit of patting tummies and asking who a good boy is, you were happy with this choice. She seemed well mannered, she was already housebroken, she was strong and loyal and-

“We’ll take her!~”

Becca said this with a smile on her face

and a Chihuahua in her arms.

“Woah! Hold on now babe. Let’s talk for a second.”

You both hash it out for a second, which results in some given FACTS:

1) “She really reeeeaaaally wants him.” His name is Chuck and she’s cool with Chuck.
2) Chuck doesn’t seem too noisey. She loves licking Becca and doesn’t really care about you too much.
3) If you got Chuck, he’d stay at her place. Daisy would stay at yours. You’d sell it to your ma that it’s for security reasons.

All that being said, she’s looking at you, because in the end it’s both of your dogs. She wants to share it with you.

“I trust whatever decision you make.~”

She says this in a cute way, pointing to Chuck.

You probably can’t get both. That’d be too much, so...

>Maybe get a dog of medium sized for both of your needs. Like the Collie?
>Maybe not now/maybe check out the main site where more dogs are.



not bad[/spoil er]
why do you tear us apart with these choices?

the doggo wars begin.
I'm the worst!
This is a silent war.

Which one's the Mastif and which is the Chihuahua? Daisy is the Mastif?


Daisy is the Mastiff. Large black dog.
Chuck is the Chihuahua. Tiny, seemingly chill, tan.
What's Becca's opinion on the colley?
Try to sell Becca on Daisy
File: collie.jpg (88 KB, 532x640)
88 KB


Trying to stop the transaction for a moment, you peak back and see an excitable border collie. It's spotted, excited, and looks like it's a champion of fetching or something.
Fully equipped with a tiny bandanna and large spots, the little dude looks up to you like he's expecting a treat or a crazy petting.

You throw a quick glance to Becca who looks away from Chuck long enough to see the medium sized dog. She makes a face that looks as if she's considering it for sure.

"That right there's Biscuit. Already had his shots. Real reliable. Trained him will enough to grab me a beer when I need it! Haaaahahaha."


"Look, I feel like Chuck is cool and all, but come on. Daisy a strong and reliable girl."

"I thought I was your strong and reliable girl!~" She bats her eyes and gives you a pouty face.

You return with a "come on." look.

"Come on now. I mean, what about Biscuit? Biscuit looks like he likes both of us. Chuck gives me funny looks."

"You the jealous type, tough guy?"

She giggles.

After a few more seconds, she puts Chuck down and he runs around with the other dogs. She puts an arm around you.

"You are right, though. having a dog that's strong dfor your ma would be smart. And who's saying I can't have the dog at my place sometimes, right? Look it's your choice babe."

You think on this as she bends down and pets Biscuit, scratching his chin and behind his ears. Biscuit is all about this action.

Daisy is already asleep, back in the section where he was originally. Daisy is a sleepy dog.

Seems like she's not too mad about letting go of Chuck. It might still make her happiest, but she trusts you and gets why you might want the others.

All the other dogs are packed up and ready to get going.

Choices choices...

>Chuck the Chihuahua
>Daisy the Mastiff
>Biscuit the Collie
>Maybe not now/maybe check out the main site where more dogs are.


Also I picked up >>399145 mid reply, so I just kept going. Nice timing.
File: Spoiler Image (164 KB, 1600x900)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
Daisy the Mastif

I know where this is headed you fuck
I'll let this bake overnight I guess! Looking for some more dog-based feedback
Go advertise the doggos on the general thread mang.

Doggos are important business.
Cutting off in 27 minutes.
Then writing!
I want a cat
File: sleepy.png (235 KB, 933x622)
235 KB
235 KB PNG


You just can’t help it. Daisy looks dependable, reliable, and strong.
And yeah Becca doesn’t dig the choice, but she’ll live.

You shake hands and he hands you a leash with the dog on the other end,
as well as a bag of food,
and some treats,
and a dog bed,
and some dog shampoo,
and basically all this shit you didn’t see coming at all.

Still, the moment you got the leash, Daisy seemed to come to life. It’s like she didn’t trust you were gonna take her home, but a big smile stretched across her face.
She tackles you to the ground and licks your face in delight. Becca’s too busy laughing to help.

Now you’ve got two aggressive ladies in your life.

After brushing yourself off, you realize carrying all this shit to Becca’s place would be annoying, while you are right at the station, so it would be easy enough to take it, head back, drop off the stuff, and head back to Becca’s.

Becca, knees buckling slightly under the weight of the dog supplies, is down for that plan.

You bring your dog onto the train, all the supplies, and chill for a bit while heading right back to where you came from.
Daisy at both of your feet, lying on top of them.

During the ride, Becca warmed up to Daisy. Though whenever Becca reached in to pet her, Daisy started chewing on her sleeve. Becca didn’t mind.



You make it home and Daisy immediately hops on your couch and runs a small circle, making her own bed.

You pour some water and food into the dishes as Daisy excitedly laps it up.

Watching her you thinking back to what the dog dude said.

“She’s got her shots, she’s a real sweet gal. Feed her twice a day and she’ll be awright.”

Neat. You receive a peck on the cheek from Becca.


She holds your hand firmly as you watch your dog get well acquainted with your home. You check the time on your phone.

7:15 PM? Sheesh, you gotta make it back to the station to get back to her place. Pronto.

You should probably take Daisy, but she looks so chill on the couch. She’s probably fine, right? Plus if you’re gonna see a movie, they wouldn’t allow her in.

Hmmm... what’s the plan...

>Take Daisy with you two.
>Leave her here. She’s fine!
>Give Becca some of your clothes to sleep in and convince her to stay in. Girls like that shit, right? Wake up bright and early to get back to her place and change before she goes to work.

>Other! Write-in.
Also if there's any questions about Daisy and such feel free to ask. It's been a bit since I've answered questions I guess.
Take Daisy
Are her ears clipped?
Sorry guys. I'm a tad under the weather. I'll leave the question and the prompt up for the night and run more tomorrow if I can.

Still monitoring thread.

Nah her ears are all natural.


Also it's been a little slow after the fight in the lot, but we'll be picking shit up real soon. Trust me.
>Give Becca some of your clothes to sleep in and convince her to stay in. Girls like that shit, right? Wake up bright and early to get back to her place and change before she goes to work

We WILL NOT leave the doggo alone. We will NOT become John Quick

John Wick

I did appreciate John Quick

Anyone wanna tie-break?
Regardless of outcome, tier-break or nah, I'm gonna be back at full speed and writing LIVE by Tuesday.

I'll make a new thread for sure.

Still watching this one.

Not dead!
>Give Becca some of your clothes to sleep in and convince her to stay in. Girls like that shit, right? Wake up bright and early to get back to her place and change before she goes to work.
Leaving a new dog alone, seems like a bad idea. Also: Save money on cinema and have Becca to cuddle with, bonus.

I still have to read up on this quest... boxer, dog owner, girlfriend Becca, super poor: sounds interesting because he's not superman :).
Glad to have you on board (soon)!


I'll write maybe one update tonight. Still pretty sick. But tomorrow expect more.

Thanks so much again for bearing with me.

It's gonna be good. Got a lot of good shit cooking up.
File: OP2.png (118 KB, 639x639)
118 KB
118 KB PNG


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