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=Thread 21=

You are Delilah, a young girl with a strange affliction suffering in a world that does not care. A runaway living on the streets, you go through several hardships and struggles in an attempts to find peace and happiness for yourself. The world is not simply black and white, nor are the people living in it.

Can you push through all the misery that surrounds you, or will you fall to this gray world?

=Links and Information=

Story Thus Far (Raw and a mess, will work on cleaned up versions.):

http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04 Part 1
http://pastebin.com/eGfGW8jV Part 2 (Part two seems to be somewhat messed up in addition to not being caught up. I will attempt to fix, but archives seem to be your better option for catch up)



Quick Glance (SPOILERS) The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.:


Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Chat room with me and other players. I answer questions, post sketches, and act cheeky.

You two have some privacy right now, and as bad as you would like to keep the time good right now, this is something you feel like you can't let go.

If this counts as acting like an adult, it sucks. It really does.

You pick up a mannequin head, a blond bob hanging off of it.

"Why did you ask me about um...about that, over at Faraway's?" You don't look away from the yellow hair, thinking about how much you miss your own light strands. "And don't tell me it was for no reason, I know better then that."

It would be better if you didn't have to speak so bluntly, if you didn't have to sound so harsh and accusing, but you want an answer that doesn't step around. That's what adults do with children, and that's not what you are. If you are going to be an adult, then you need to be treated like one by everyone else.

Lawrence isn't writing, keeping his stare in the other direction as he scratches idly at his cheek.

"You need to tell me," You wait for him to do something. "Tell me Lawrence."

Your voice is commanding that time, an order rather then a question. You never wanted to consider yourself a mean person, never wanted to boss people around. Lawrence is grimacing, but still there's no answer being offered. You change up your tone.

"Please...tell me...tell me," You're pleading this time, knowing that Lawrence doesn't like to see you sad. It seems to work, as slowly he draws out his notebook. As an explanation is written out, you place the mannequin head back in its original spot. It would be petty to say that you're jealous of it, but it feels as if you will never become used to such dark hair.

It reminds you too much of your father.

You hair was one of the few things that tied you to your mother, and now that's hidden. What else do you have left? Your eyes? Looking in the mirror, it feels like you can see her looking back. The same tired and worn out aura, clouding over what should be big bright eyes.

Your father had a similar look to his, didn't he?

You were all just a family of tired people.


In retaliation of your negative thoughts, you give the mannequin a hard flick with your fingers. Lawrence waits for you to come over and grab the note, and as you take the book from his hand he tries to hold on to it. A mix of nervousness and guilt scrunches him mouth, and when he looks at you it's not in the eyes.

Don't get your hopes up about it yet, but I'm trying to help find you a safe place, a permanent one. Where you don't have to worry about freezing, or looking over your shoulder constantly, or afraid to go to sleep at night.

It won't fix all your problems. But you can have safety, and if you living in a real house with some sort of parental guardians then I think Bower would be much less likely to try and mess with you.

Right now, you living on the street without a guardian is the most detrimental thing to your safety.

If you can have both of those and increase your chances of a as normal of a life that you can get at this point, then I want you to have that.

"Okay, I mean I understand and I don't know if that man would just stop because I was staying in one ho-...wait, you're not talking about foster home, are you? I can't do that...I don't want to. You can't s-send me off there, I know w-what happens there..."

Not foster home, I promise.

You won't have to bounce around homes, you can settle. Have stability.

"Then what about that last part? The part about like...where you made it sound like I couldn't see you then?" This is the part that has been burning up in you the most. Lawrence knows it too, and it feels like he has been avoiding the answer. But now he has no choice but to tell you.

You'll have a chance to live a normal life.

What we have going on isn't normal.

It's already weird enough for me to hang around you, but at least I can excuse it as me watching you, but that can't keep happening if you're back to a normal life.

"But I can't have that..." Your eyes linger on that last word. "I'm not like the other kids my age anymore...e-even if it wasn't just the r-...rape, then it's the b-blood..."

You can get close to having things be okay though. You can't do that if you're hanging off a guy who's nearly twice your age

"I don't hang off of you..." You say this, but you know that you do. Or rather, you would if you could. "And I said I don't m-mind waiting to hold your hand in public..."

Even when you're of age it won't make it better.

People will be talking, and it will be for both of us.

They'll say I'm grooming you, and they'll say that you're being tricked into it.

Do you really think you could deal with that? Do you expect yourself to keep going on, living like that? That's not a good life.

Lawrence looks frustrated as he writes this, and even more so when you read it.

Your fingers wrinkle the paper from how hard you're holding it. It hurts to think about this...

What do you do?
Doesn't matter what others think, there are people upset about marriages like Sarah and Eric's. We'll deal with it if it comes.

Even if we did agree to it, though, it'd mean Lawrence would be alone again, wouldn't it? And so would we. People would just... expect us to get over it, tell us to. The people who've hurt us, and those we've hurt...

What would he do, though? Not try to kill himself again, right?

Ask him what he'd do with us... "safe".
Sue did you dust your computer
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"I don't care what other people think, if...if they don't want to help me then they shouldn't be able to c-...criticize what I do, right?" You feel angry, not so much at Lawrence but you have no idea where else to direct this. "Besides d-...don't people get mad at c-couples like Sarah and Eric? I remember learning that kinda thing in school...if they can g-get married despite being a different race, the why can't I like you?"

Being a different race from each other is a different thing then me being over ten years older then you

"I don't care! I just...I don't! Okay? If they wanna be awful and terrible then they can do it to my face! Or they can t-talk behind my back and I'll just ignore them! I can h-handle that!" Your voice is stuttering but you mean everything you say. Lawrence is trying to write, but it looks like he can't quite find the right words.

"B-Besides, what about you? If I went and did that, then you would be l-lonely again. And..and so would I. I mean I c-can try to make friends but I don't want to g-get close to someone else l-like this...I don't want them to tell me to j-just get over everything. I've been hurt, and then I've...I have hurt people. I don't want to be judged b-by people for that and...and I'm..." You worry about saying this next part, but if it'll have Lawrence let you stay with him, then so be it.

"I don't want to have to w-worry about you k-...killing yourself if you're alone."

That strikes a nerve with Lawrence, his whole body stiffening up at that. You wish you could have taken that back, but it's already been said.

"What would you do then, if I was...'safe'." You try to ease off from the harshness of your last sentence, but it's already done it's damage. It feels like several long minutes pass, Lawrence not even trying to write anything down.

"I don't...know what...I would...do."

It makes you feel narcissistic, but you know that you're the reason that Lawrence is trying so hard right now. His only other goal in life, Michele, is gone. He doesn't feel like he could return to his parents. Lawrence has no job, no home, and very little to call his own. He can't connect with new people as easily as other people can, and he tries to hide away the pain of that with booze.

You were the only thing keeping him alive that night, and you fear that being out of his life again would make him go through with it.

"Then there's no way I could just l-...leave you," Even if Lawrence did have a plan, not being next to him doesn't sound like an option to you at all. You look back at yourself in the long mirror, wondering if you should feel ashamed with yourself. You might be guilt tripping him, but does that make it alright if it's the thing keeping him alive?

"What if...made a...promise?"

You look back over to Lawrence, who is starring at the floor and wall in front of him, arms crossed over his chest and notebook set aside. Looking back over at the mannequin head and messing with the wig, you ask;

"What kind of promise?"

"I-...I want...to hear...what you...want first," Lawrence changes what he was originally going to say. "And if...it's something...I can...do then, I...want you...to consider...the option...of going."

"Anything that I want?"

"As long...as I...can do...it."

You fiddle around with the wig again, trying to think.

"I don't want to have to worry about you killing yourself..." You mummer, upset that you went there first.

"I know...you don't. That won't...make you...feel better..if that's all."

You obviously don't want Lawrence to kill himself, and the way he skirts around accepting that as an answer worries you.

You doubt he will be satisfied with just that, and try to think of another promise he could make. Not that it means you'll just accept his hypothetical safe haven, but you want to make him feel better about this situation. It would be nice if your promise involved a way to insure that he didn't off himself but...

If you can't think of something, it sounds like he might have something for you to fall back on.

If all the requirements are that Lawrence has to be able to do it, what do you ask him to promise?
Probably can't make him promise... sex. He wouldn't be comfortable with that, would he?

... would we even?

Could he promise to live with us? What if he promises to at least be with us on certain days? Like... our birthday, maybe. And his birthday. Valentine's day. Something like that?
Make him promise to say "I love you" back. If he even feels that way...
Ouch, this works too.
For a moment, for a brief moment, you consider making Lawrence promise you sex. If he does, then what would that mean?

Fuck me and I'll go live where it's safe?

It's not as if you would have asked like that but that's how it feels it would have sounded like. He wouldn't agree to that, would be? It had to be something that he could do, and Lawrence is very much a man.

He's also a man who couldn't force himself to touch your body when you bawled you eyes out, even after begging him for it. And that's what would happen again, isn't it? You could ask for it, try to prepare yourself as much as possible, and you would break down the moment he tried to touch you under the shirt.

"Could you promise to live with me?" When you look over at Lawrence, he only shakes his head, a sorry look weighing on his face.

That would have been too easy, wouldn't it?

"Then could you at least promise to visit me on certain days? Like...like on my birthday? And on your birthday too, and holidays like um...like V-Valentine's Day..." At this, Lawrence offers you a slight smirk, showing that it could be doable. "That doesn't mean I'm agreeing to it though! But if um...i-if something happens and I'm like...f-forced to or whatever..."

Even with this agreement, things feel off. You wonder what it was Lawrence would have offered if you hadn't come up with something, but you want away from the subject now.

Picking up the mannequin head again, you hold the fake hair up to your own. It's not the same shade as your original color, but it's much closer then the black you've got now. The wig is much straighter then your own wavy locks...

You decide to put it on, hoping they won't notice that you've messed with it. Tucking away all glaring black strands, you look back at yourself in the mirror. Blonde hair once again curves around your face, but if anything it looks like your mother's.

"I um, I hope that I could grow my hair out again...even just a bit," You smooth the wig down as you continue to look over your reflection. "It would be nice to have my natural hair color back too. You um, you like blondes anyways, don't you?" You shoot Lawrence a quick grin, but it fades away into the somber tension. You kinda hope that Sam gets here soon, even though any other time would leave you yearning for more moments alone with Lawrence.

Why does looking at your reflection right now make you feel so sad? You don't look the same as before, but it serves as a reminder of changes you've had to make. God, don't cry over something as stupid as hair...you should be thankful that it's all you've had to change in order to hide. All you had to change physically, anyways...

You're ready to take of the wig and place it back where it belongs, but you're suddenly lifted up and off your feet.

"H-hey! What are you doing...?" You turn to face Lawrence, who's holding you up to his level. That stupid smile on his scarred up face, and he steps around the cluttered room while carrying you easily in his arms. You try to push yourself down, but you can't help but let out some giggles when he kisses your cheek and neck.

"Stop that! No fair...!" You're trying to sound serious, like your emotions can't so easily be swayed, but your own voice betrays you just from being kissed all over. When he finally lets up, giving you a smug smirk of knowing that it worked, you decide to get back at him. Holding his face, your fingers mindful of his still healing cheek, you give Lawrence a quick peck. With a hand on your chin, he turns this brevity of a kiss into a longer gentle ones, the kind you're too embarrassed to give him on your own. You continue to hold his face after he parts from your lips, watching him closely. He gives another quick smirk, but the two of you fall into the awkward sort of silence again.

"Can I have another promise made?" You ask him, and as you expect Lawrence nods. It takes several tries for you to get the courage to ask the next part, and you wrap your arms around his shoulders and hide your face away in his neck. "If I have to go away to a place like that, then I promise not to cry, um...cry a lot, or throw a fit if you promise to say it back when I t-tell you..." You squeeze his shoulders for support, scared of what his reaction may be.

"I want to hear you say 'I love you' back, d-...do that and I'll go where you want me to."

You're terrified of the consequences from your request. You only want to hear those words repeated back if he means it, not some sort of pity or coddling response. What if Lawrence doesn't love you the same way you love him, and that's why he hasn't said those words back?

Lawrence doesn't set you down, continuing to hold you as he sits in a cleared corner of the room. You keep your face hidden away, trying to enjoy what you can of him right now. It's still silent when you pull away from his shoulder, and he brushes the back of his hand across your cheek.

"You don't have to do that last promise if you don't want to," You say, leaning in to his touch. "That's a lot for me to ask from you, right?"

"It's okay,...you deserve...to hear...it back," Your heart begins to race as he says this. "Not right...for me...to make...you beg...for it."

"I'm not begging..." You add in softly and pouting, at least you hope you haven't been. Your face makes Lawrence give you a soft grin.

"If it...means you...will go...where it's...safe when...the time...comes," Lawrence picks up your hand and gives a quick kiss to your knuckles. "Then I'll...say it."

"Is there a reason why you wouldn't before?" You're not trying to push your luck, but from all the times you said it before and didn't receive an answer back...there has to be a reason why, right?

"Scared. Saying it...feels like...a big...commitment. Like I...am signing...a contract. If I...say it...back then...then I'm..." Lawrence's next words become stuck.

Is he scared of saying that he loves someone like you?

Not that you blame him, loving someone as broken and unlucky as you would be hard for anyone.

Or maybe the age thing is scaring him? Maybe you just don't fully understand why he would be so nervous about it...

"I'm scared...when I...say it...I'll end...up failing...you."

"Why would you be scared of that?"

"I'm just...trying to...protect you...now. But if...I'm supposed...to be...that for...you, your 'prince'...then I...won't be...able to...live up...to it."

He's scared of messing up. You're scared of yourself messing up too, but he must feel like your life is in his hands.

Oddly enough, you kind of have his life in yours too, don't you?

You're so close to hearing those magical words said back to you, but there's a corner of you filled with fear at that too.

What do you say to Lawrence?
We just want him to be there when we... feel broken. When our bad memories swarm in at night, when they pave the way for dark thoughts. To make us feel safe when it happens.

Compared to that, all those things... guys do in movies and books is secondary and hardly of import. What really matters is the emotional support and the... intimacy.
"I don't want you trying to um...to compare yourself with those guys from the movies and stuff," You lightly scold Lawrence. "Whatever you are doing now is enough for me. I don't need anything else."

Or deserve it.

"I just want you to be there when I get scared at night, and to make me feel better when it happens. You make me feel safe, and that's what I need from you...I don't want to feel like I'm just somebody to throw away."

Even though you might as well be. You're not good for much else, are you?

Looking up at Lawrence, you consider saying it right now, to test him and see if he really would say it back. But if he does, then that means you'll have to go if the time comes, right? You've heard the phrase, Damned if you, damned if you don't, from movies and books before, but now you really understand what it means. It's an awful thing, it truly is.

"So um...just keep doing what you're doing, and be there for me when I need it, and that's fine." He can't do that if you only get to see him once in a while though, can he?

This sucks. This whole thing sucks.

That just means you'll have to do whatever you can to stay with him.

Lawrence gives you a kiss on the cheek again, and while you smile there's still the weight of the situation on your shoulders.

"Um...do I look cute with this?" You ask, pointing to the wig. You don't want to think about this anymore, not right now anyways. "It's a lot straighter then my hair is-, was. It's also like, brighter and stuff too. It probably looks weird on me but it kinda reminds me of mom's."

Not like the last time you saw her. The last time you saw your mother, laying in that hospital bed, she looked on the verge of death. Every part of her was pale and sickly, her hair thinned and straggly. Was she like that for long? You can't remember, surely she wasn't like that when you guys first moved in, right? How is she now? What if she's just laying there in bed, wondering where her daughter is? Or what if she's still messed up, and doesn't even understand what's going on?

Honestly, you don't know which is a worse fate.

It might be good to try and go see her once more, at least to see how she's doing. If she is still out of commission, then you can at least try to ask if she'll ever be okay again. If she's not...

Wait, what will you do if your mother gets better?

She still has legal custody over you, right? She can very well go and bring you back home with her if she wants. And what if she starts looking for you?

Would you ever try to return to living with your mother?
Maybe. Maybe...

... not alone, though.

As much as she may not be to blame, feeling safe with her ever again is... unlikely, mildly speaking.
You'll see her, and you might visit her, but you won't do any of that alone. It means that you won't live with her either. You don't blame her nearly as much as you used to, but that doesn't mean that everything will be alright between the two of you. There's still a lot that hurts, and even if she asks you to forgive her you doubt that pain will ever completely heal.

It would probably involve running away till you're an adult, but you can't see yourself living with her ever again.

"Always look...cute."

You had almost forgotten that you were talking to Lawrence, and he pulls you out of the thoughts.

"You always say that though. Do I like...look cuter like this?" You know that you're pulling Lawrence into a trap with this question, and you hope to finally trip him up.

"Look just...as cute...as before."

You pout at the answer he so easily gives. You'll get him tripped up one day, just watch.

"Maybe you should try going blo-"

"Hell no."

"But um...then we could match! Look I'll let you try this one out if you want, maybe you'll look even more handsome as a blondie!" You are teasing Lawrence now, and you're thankful for the chance to do that again. If only this was what you had to worry about instead of just...everything else. This is like a brief reminder on how life could not be stressful for once, but it will end up passing all too soon.

"Blonde hair...for pretty...boys. Am manly. Need dark...hair for...that."

"Maybe you can be pretty and handsome, you ever think about that?"

"No. I'll look...handsome and...manly. You can...look pretty...for me."

Of course when Lawrence says that, it makes you blush deeply and you try to push him away.

"Don't say something so...so sappy!" You wrestle with Lawrence, but he manages to plant another kiss on your forehead. "Bah...stop it!"

"No." Lawrence smirks and gives you another one.

It just makes you realize how much you'll really miss this if you can't see him everyday. Even the time between your birthdays...wait.

"Hang on, um...when is your birthday anyways?"

"August. The fourteenth."

"Aw, so you were born in fall. I'll have to try and remember that, so long as you remember my birthday. It's um...what's today, the 8th? My birthday is in like, two weeks. Don't you forget it either!" Not that you expect him to go out of his way to do anything, nor would you really want him to. The ring was way more then you had ever expected to receive, and expecting the same thing to happen again would be too soon.

Lawrence picks you up, sitting you down on the make-up counter. You get a quick kiss on the lips before he lets you go.

"Thirsty...as hell. Going to...find a...water fountain. Will be...right back."

"Okay, I guess I'll just be um...right here."

Lawrence slips out of the room, leaving you all alone.

You pull out the ring from your shirt, trying in on. Of course it's still too big for your finger, slipping off easily. You try it out on each finger though, just in case and to also pass the time. On your left hand, you try the ring on your pointer finger, middle, ring finger...

You pause and look at how it rests there. Mom had a similar ring, and so did grandma. Well, both of theirs had a big diamond on the top, but still. Having it right there looks like a wedding ring all the same, doesn't it? If it fit better then you could just leave it there.

Is marriage still an option for you? That would be nice...it wouldn't feel right wearing a big white and pure dress, but it's still a desire of yours anyways. Walk down the aisles, approach the alter, look at your husband...

Would Lawrence ever offer to marry you? He did get you a ring...

That doesn't count as a wedding band though, right?

He's so scared to say I love you back though, doing something like asking for marriage seems so far fetched.

Maybe you can be the one to ask him then. Wait, would that be proper though? Would that offend him? You're scared that he'll never end up asking you though...

But maybe he will? If he does, what would you even do?

But...maybe it's for the best if he doesn't ask you. You wouldn't exactly be the perfect bride anyways, right? Not to mention you guys couldn't have a dream wedding...

You could try to gather the courage and ask him one day...

Or should you wait and hope that he asks you?

Or...or maybe you should be glad that he never will...

Taking the initiative one day, wait for it to happen, or forget about it entirely...what's the one you should choose?
If we do it, it'd... kinda be something off his mind, wouldn't it? If he's even thinking about it, that is. He wouldn't have to worry about making some big deal out of it, or messing up in the attempt. Something he wouldn't have to feel like he'd fail to "live up to".

We could... try to be cheeky about it. Ask him when we can expect him to make an honest woman out of us.
Sue what is your computer status
I just want to see if it was dust after all or what
My PC has not randomly shut down today, it might have been the dust, thanks anon!
Okay, so just so I'm clear on this:

We're a 13 year old runaway in a romantic relationship (or at least attempting to get in one) with a 27 year old hobo? Or am I misreading? I'm not judging, I'm just unsure.
I mean, you're not wrong. There's a bit more to it, though.
This shit is cash
>Maybe you can be the one to ask him then. Wait, would that be proper though? Would that offend him? You're scared that he'll never end up asking you though...
Is this how I choose an option
If you did it, then Lawrence wouldn't have to stress out about it, right? He wouldn't have to try and plan anything, try to make it overly special. He already tries hard enough with you, something like this just has to add more stress. That is...if he wants to be stuck together with you like that. Maybe he doesn't, and then you'll either have him trapped or make him have to turn you down...

Despite that fear, all you can imagine right now is you taking a knee in front of him with a black box in your hand, just like they do in the movies. You can't do it like that...right?


But you could casually try to bring it up, yeah? That would be fine enough...just act like you're playing around and gauge his reaction. Then from there you can try to figure out what to do...what kind of wedding would the two of you even had? You doubt that you could have something traditional. There's no way the two of your could have a church, aisles full of people, you in a beautiful dress...

That's fine. You're willing to throw all of that out for him. If getting the chance to become something as wonderful is bride, then you can throw away all the flairs and lace and flowers. You've made enough sacrifices, a fancy wedding is something you can throw out. You don't need a wedding at all...right? So long as it still counts as being married.

...some sort of ceremony or something would be nice. Some way for you to mark the special day. And you would like to wear something other then a dirty hoodie, something aside from jeans, you want to look nice, or at least as nice as you can. Have your hair and face done up nicely...

You want to look feminine for that. Unlike how you are now...you want to look like a woman. The type that Lawrence wouldn't feel weird about being with. Could you even get married now? It feels like it's one of those things that you have to wait for till you're older...that's an adult thing. Eighteen? Would you really need to wait four years? Well...maybe for it to be official. Maybe the two of you can get married now, and make it official later...

Why are you thinking about this so hard right now? It has you all excited and happy and warm, and it shouldn't, not this much. You aren't even sure if Lawrence would want to go through with it. Just think about how to approach the subject, and then go from there.

The door opens, and your heart begins to race. You aren't ready to see Lawrence...or maybe you should go ahead and get it out of the way? Just casually...just pretend that you're teasing him, just be casual, be cool...be-

"Lawrence!" You call out loudly, sounding much more excited then you should. It's cut short when you see that it's a girl a few years older then you, looking at you confused.

"...s-sorry, I thought you were going to be someone else." You apologize, hoping your face isn't as red as it feels.

"...ah wait, you're that one girl right? That one Ms. Faraway mentioned, sorry if I'm bothering you, but I gotta come in here and clean." The girl isn't looking you in the face, seeming embarrassed too.

"Oh, yeah, yeah! I'll um, I'll leave then-"

"You can stay in here if you like, I don't mind."

This girl might try to talk to you if you stay, which won't be so bad.

Unless she starts prying, or notices that you look rather...disheveled.

But it's been a while since you've talked with someone kind of close to your age, maybe it'll be nice...?

Do you want to stay in here, or go try to find Lawrence?
Stick around. If she starts asking anything too... bad, we can always try to dodge, or we can outright tell her we'd rather not answer. Something like that.
Lets find lawrence
So he can roughly pound this tight teen pussy
Staying here should be fine. If this girl ends up trying to pry too much then you'll find away to avoid her questions. Standing there while she's trying to pick up the mess around does make you feel awkward-

Shoot, you're still wearing the wig.

Maybe she won't notice it? You'll take it off when she's gone or something, but removing it now is too embarrassing. You probably were expected to not touch anything in here, it's all equipment they need to run things and you're going around touching them like it doesn't matter.

"That looks cute on you, by the way." The girl says, and you try not to fumble your words.

"W-What do you mean?"

"The wig, they used that in the last production I think," The girl is placing clothes on hangers and neatly onto the racks. "I'm Ashley by the way."

"I'm Bunny...um, so d-do you work here?"

"Kinda. It's an intern sort of program with my school. I help out and get to put this on stuff for college or whatever. I also get to earn a little bit of cash too, so that's nice. Better then having to work some part-time job at a store or something," Ashley looks up from the racks over to you. "Know what I mean? It's so annoying having parents hound you over that sorta thing."

"...yeah. It is." Easier to go along with this then try to be awkward about it. "But I'm too young to work yet."

"Oh right, you're like...fourteen?"

"I will be soon."

"Cool cool. I turned sixteen a few months ago," Ashley continues to move around the room, picking up and putting away things. "Got my license last week."


"You know, to drive! It was kinda scary taking the test. The person doing the evaluation was like, watching everything I did. Got kinda scared and almost messed up with the parallel parking, but I just managed to pass." You decide to let Ashley keep talking. The less she tries to ask you about yourself then the better. "Kinda sucks that I have the license but no car to drive."

"Oh. Yeah, I bet so."

"My parents said they would try to help me look for a car soon, but it'll end up being some used one. Better then nothing I guess, but my friend got a brand new one for her birthday! Isn't that crazy? It's so cute though!"

You almost feel like you should be helping her, but you do your best to keep to yourself.

"She takes me for rides in it and it's just...so cool! I just hope mine looks kinda cool too. Or, I guess I'd rather a cute one...sucks I have to pay for the gas myself though. Mom talked about giving me some gas money as the beginning of the week and then I have to pay for anything else after that-"

Ashley continues talking about her dream car, and you give the occasional nod or 'yes'. Hearing about this stuff sucks though. She's talking about how her parents took her to a really nice restaurant for her birthday and how she got to hang out with her friend's at an amusement park the next day. How school is going fine and how she has a boyfriend, how her biggest worries are about looking nice for the end of the school year dance.

It almost makes you feel sick.

You'll never get to experience any of that, will you?

It leaves a terrible and bitter taste in your mouth.

"So um, that tall guy? The one who was walking around outside?" Ashley suddenly changes the subject. "The one with the uh...the scar on his cheek? He with you?"


"Is he like your brother or something?"
Y-yeah, something like that. Our brother.

A brother who protects and keeps us safe from guys who'd hurt more than just our feelings. A brother who'll comfort us when we're weak or our thoughts turn dark, even if it means holding us as we sleep.
yea brother/sister incest is hot
"Y-...yeah. That's my brother."

"He's like, way older then you then? That's cool though, you get to be driven around everywhere that way, right?"

"He's great, actually. He helps me a lot and takes care of me and...and he's just always there for me. I...I love him," If you're going to ask Lawrence something about marriage, then you should try to gain the courage now. She thinks you mean that you mean platonic leave, but that's fine.

"That's pretty cool. I have a little brother, but he's kinda annoying. Turns ten in a couple of days actually," Ashley stops and rests for a moment. "It sounds like you really like your brother though."

"Yeah. He's cool, and tough...he helps me when things get terrible. That kinda happens a lot too so I'm glad he's always there to help me..." You try not to gush over him too much, but there are a lot of things that Lawrence does that are just amazing to you. "I wouldn't want anyone else as a bo-...brother."

"Must be nice. I know that when I get a car I'll just be even more of a babysitter for him. Blah. Wish I could have been the baby, or an only child. That'd be even better."

"It's not that gr-" You were going to say that being an only child isn't amazing, but that would ruin your facade. "...it's not that bad having a sibling. You have someone who is always there for you, even when stuff gets crappy."

"You kidding? Adam is the reason my life gets crappy! He's just...augh he's so annoying!" Ashley seems content with just talking now, seemingly forgetting her original duties.

You really wish that the biggest thing you had to complain about was an annoying little brother. You start to wonder where Lawrence is anyways...did he get lost?

"...I guess I still do love him though, he is my brother. Just wish he didn't try to bother me so much," Ashley admits. "Anyways, which school do you go to here?"

"Um..." You can't recall the name of either of the middle schools here. Since you didn't get the chance to go, you never bothered to learn the names of them. "...I'm homeschooled."

"Really? Huh, that's cool I guess. Usually I expect homeschoolers to be kinda...weird, I guess."

"...thanks." At least you're not considered weird by her. That's goood, right?

"Hey...I might get in trouble for this buuuuut...." Ashley stands up and looks around, making sure no one else is around. "You've never been back here before, right?"

"No, never."

"Well...there's a lot of cool stuff in this place. It's like, really old and all and there's like cool secrets here too. I could take you around and show you the place, if someone asks then I'll just say I'm giving you a tour. Wanna try?"

Do you want to accept Ashley's offer? You could try to wait for Lawrence...or maybe she can help you look for him too?
Sure, we can keep an eye out for Lawrence while we're at it. It'd seem weird if Ashley had ulterior motives.
"Um, sure. That sounds cool." And you can look out for Lawrence. This place is pretty big, and anything that isn't mean for the audience is rather narrow and twisty, you could imagine him getting lost here easily. "Will you help me keep an eye out for my uh...brother."

"Yeah, I promise." Ashley sounds unexpectedly excited, and motions for you to follow her.

"Wait let me take this off-"

"Nah, keep it on. You look cool with it, like some sort of exotic model or whatever! Ms. Faraway won't mind, I promise," Ashley is almost impatient too head out, and you leave the wig on for now. Even though you wanted it back, you have to get used to see the blonde strands on the edge of your vision. One day that'll be your real hair again...

"Okay, so let me see if I can remember..." Ashley begins looking up and down the hallway. You do too, but for the sake of seeing Lawrence. "Okay, this should be right. We go down this hall first, turn at the supply closet...yeah, that sounds right."

Ashley leads you down the twisty and turning series of halls. It seems rather odd for such a big place, as if the rooms were being squished together to save space. There's not too many doors either, some of the halls without any entrances at all. Ashley leads you to the end of one of these doorless hallways, hand against the wall as she walks down slowly.

"Wait, what's supposed to be down here?" You ask, looking at the repeating wall paper.

"Okay so like, this place is super old, right? And apparently, and try not to go repeating this too much cause Ms. Faraway doesn't like that, but this place used to be a speakeasy." When Ashley reaches the end of the hall, she's frustrated but starts down on the other side instead, feeling over the faded wallpaper.

Speakeasy...you've heard the word before, but can't place a definition to it.

"What's that?" You ask, hoping not to sound too dumb.

"When alcohol was illegal and all, uh...prohibition or whatever, people still wanted to drink. So they like, made places where they could meet up secretly and do that. So uh, you'd go somewhere like a restaurant or whatever, and if you knew how you could get into a secret room or whatever and drink. I think they made alcohol too? Anyways, you can find some places around town that used to be those, including this one. There's already kinda secret passages for actors and crew members to move around between the stage and dressing rooms, but if I remember correctly then...yeah, here we go!" Ashley stops in front of a wall panel, looking up and down it.

She digs her fingers against some of the decorative molding, and you near have a heart attack when the panel of wall moves out.

"You...you broke it...!"

"Uh uh, look. It's one of those passages," Ashley takes out a flashlight and shines it down the concrete corridor. "I remember finding this one while cleaning once. Thought I'd broke the wall too, but Ms. Faraway said it was just one of the remnants from the speakeasy."

"Where does it go?" You approach it slowly, trying to peer inside.

"I think she mentioned it was to like...a secret parking garage or something? Maybe another room or something, I'm not sure. I always wanted to explore, but I couldn't get any of the others to follow me in. They're too scared, but it's safe," Ashley's eyes light up as she looks back towards you. "What about you? Wanna go explore the inside with me? I've just been dying to!"

"I...don't know...."

"Aw come on, don't be scared, it'll be fine. Just a quick peek! We can find your brother first if it'd make you feel better but he's tall and this is kinda cramped..."

This girl sounds really excited about exploring the inside, maybe you could take a quick look? That would be fine, right?

Or...should you go and find Lawrence first?

...maybe you need to be an adult and tell her no thanks, and go back to wait. It does sound like it could be a bit of fun though..

Do you want to take a peek with Ashley?
>Do you want to take a peek with Ashley?
Maybe it's best if we find Lawrence first so he knows we didn't up and disappear on him again, but after that it might be fine.
He might try talking us out of it but we won't get lost again
"Can we find Lawrence, um...my brother, first? I don't want him thinking that I vanished or something," It might be fun to go with her, or at least it would take your mind off of things for a bit. "He'd get super worried."

"Okay, fine." Ashley concedes, pushing the false wall back into place. "Did he say where he was going?"

"I think he just wanted to find a water fountain or something."

"We don't have any of those here, shoot. Um, we can just look around for him I guess," She puts the flashlight away and has you follow behind her. "It took me forever to get this place figured out too. I used to think it was creepy or haunted, but once you know where you're going then it's fine."

"I think I like it better when there's plays going on..." You reply, a little worried about getting separated from Ashley now.

"Me too, but that's cause I love theater. I wanna go to school for acting, that's why I chose this for an internship. Kinda sucks that I'm clean-up crew and a gopher, but it's fine. Ms. Faraway said she would let me audition for the next production!"

"Oh, that's cool. Will it be a musical again?"

"I don't know, I hope so. We won't find out till after their meeting Wednesday."

"Wait, are they meeting again or something?" You ask, trying to remember what Sharron had said.

"Again? They did last year, if that's what you mean. Usually all the people who are big enough donors and supporters of the theater come down, talk about money and plans, eat, and then they try to vote on the next couple big plays. Ms. Faraway chooses some that she wants to do, but a majority of them are voted on that day," Ashley explains. "They try to keep it all on one day though."

"What's the meeting today about then?"

"I don't know actually. I assumed Ms. Faraway was just talking with the crew or something. She's a nice lady, but sometimes she keeps her stuff pretty secretive. I'll be working all day and I swear I never see her anywhere, and suddenly she'll just...pop out of no where! It's crazy!" Ashley stops for a moment, figuring out where to look next. "I wonder if...here, let's try this way."

She leads you back into the lobby, and you almost forgot just how big the theater really is. Ashley takes you to another heavy door, and into more hallways, but these are even more narrow then before.

"There's not too much this way. I think they place props back here, but I don't really know. We usually stick to the other side of the building..." Ashley quiets down as you walk down the hall. Around the corner is the soft speaking voice of a woman, and Ashley gestures for you to stay silent. Walking on the floorboards, it feels like the silence is unbearably loud. Each steps sends a fear of giving away your position, and you're not even sure why that scares you.

The two of you reach the corner, where the next passage intersects with the one you're in.

"...-I know I'm asking a lot from you, but please consider my offer..." It's Sharron's voice, that's for sure.

An unnatural silence follows her words, and Ashley looks just as confused as you do.

"No one will ever find out, I promise." Sharron's voice again. The one sided conversation begins to remind you of similar times...

Do you want to try and listen to what Sharron is talking about? Maybe you or Ashley could take a careful peek...

Maybe the two of you should just leave as fast as you can instead?
let's find out, she's probably talking to law
Don't move
Stick to the shadows and listen, maybe she's just on the phone with someone?

... or it's Lawrence. Only way to find out is to be sneaky and try to see who is there.
Listen in and maybe sneak a peek
If it's Lawrence maybe this what he meant by finding somewhere safe for us to live
dammit, lemme fix that.
...I am not proud of myself.
You have Ashley lean in close, trying to mouth the words to her;
"Can we peek?"

"If careful."
She responds.

You're not sure if you really need to sneak, but it feels like you should. The possibility of getting caught scares you, but at the same time you want to confirm your suspicion. Ashley takes the first look, making you stay back as she peeks around the corner. She returns just as quickly, and leans in to whisper in your ear.

"It's your brother..." Ashley moves back so you can take a look next in order to confirm it.

Holding your breath, you poke your head around the corner.

Down the hall, a couple meters away, Sharron is standing with Lawrence. You're ready to move back, but notice that she's holding his hand in both of hers as she's talking.

"I won't tell her, I swear. Think about what this will do for you though," Sharron says, squeezing Lawrence's hand. "You might not get this chance again."

Why do you feel...angry? Ashley is the one who has to pull you back, the scene having made you freeze in place. She puts a finger up to her lips to remind you to remain quiet, and the two of you continue trying to listen in on the one sided conversation.

"I know it's rather...sneaky. I understand that, and I'm not trying to force you into it, even if I seem rather pushy, I just...it's a bit of an emergency, and it'll help you out too. A win-win situation, yeah?"

Silence follows, and you can't begin to imagine what the conversation is about, or what Lawrence could be responding with. Ashley doesn't look like she has the slightest clue either, but every possible scenario is trying to run through your mind, but all you can focus on is her hands...

Why the hell was she holding Lawrence's hands like that? Why do you feel so angry about it...

Ashley tugs on your sleeve, having you creep away with her. Once in the safety of the lobby, she turns to you for the answers you don't have.

"What was that about?"

"I don't know..."

"Does Ms. Faraway know your brother well or something?"

"Not very, to be honest..." You're still fuming over the fact that she was touching him so closely like that. Just...just what the hell? Didn't Faraway mention before that Sharron wanted to see him again or something too? She's single...Lawrence isn't, but it's not like he has anyway to flaunt that.

"It looked like she was holding something," Ashley muses, looking back from where the two of you came from to make sure they don't walk out. "I couldn't tell what it was though..."

"Was she holding his hand when you looked?"

"No, was she when you looked? Maybe she was giving him something...wait, why wasn't your brother talking though?"

"Lawrence can't talk, his throat is messed up." Why do you sound so angry?

"Oh that was a notebook he was holding then, right? He use that to talk?"

"Yeah..." You're clutching your hands together tightly, trying to keep calm. You're anxious, worried...just what the hell was that? She wasn't trying to hit on him, was she? Why are you so focused on that, when it could have been anything else...

"You alright? You look kinda sick..." Ashley says, unsure if she should touch your shoulder.

"I'm okay..." You lie. "Just...kinda tired I guess..."

Ashley is trying to figure out how to help you when Lawrence walks to the lobby. You notice right away that Sharron isn't with. He spots the two of you and walks over quickly, trying to give you a small grin. You don't return it, looking at the floor instead.

You're sure that if you asked her, Ashley would give you some privacy with Lawrence, but would he even tell you what was going on back there?

If you ask, then he'll know you were eavesdropping too...

Maybe you should just ask him what you were originally going to, exploring the place with Ashley...you both want him to come and to have some space from him though...

What do you say?

Probably last update for tonight, I am having a birthday dinner and then drinking for my 21st, so yay me!
Taking a few moments to calm down and think about this might do us better than to go off at Lawrence half-cocked and with too many emotions at play, so let's go with our original plan of exploring the place with Ashley.

Besides, Ashley could've been right when she suggested Sharron handed Lawrence something.

... but what.
Getting peeved everytime Lawrence interacts with a woman is pretty selfish of you, so just try to forget that ever happened and go exploring with Ashley. Who knows, you might find some clothes that will make you look more appealing to Lawrence.
Just a heads up, I gotta go see my grandpa today it was his birthday yesterday too so if I update today, it will be waaaay later!
You're mad at yourself, getting so upset just from seeing another woman touch Lawrence. It's going to happen, and that doesn't mean anything bad. Even if she is prettier and older then you are...

"...Ashley is an intern thing here. She offered to show me around the theater. I know we're supposed to be waiting for Sam, but would it be okay if I went with her? A tour around the place sounds fun..." You hope that your voice is hiding the jealousy you're feeling right now. How petty, you should just be glad that Lawrence is willing to put up with someone like you.

He writes out the response quickly, Ashley waiting next to you somewhat awkwardly.

[As long as you're staying inside the building, then that should be fine. Try to check in if you're going to take a long time, but that sounds like more fun then just sitting around. I'll wait for Sam though, so don't worry about it]
"Thank you." You must not have hid your disappointment well enough, as Lawrence almost immediately writes out another note.
[Are you feeling alright? You look kind of down, did something happen?]

"I'm fine. Just kind of tired I think." Not really a lie. You would love nothing more then a warm bed right now, with plenty of soft pillows and blankets that you can hide away in and just sleep. Sleep till you feel better, if it's ten minutes or if it's forever. "Walking around might help me wake up a bit though."

Lawrence more then eagerly nods, encouraging you to go. He's not trying to get you to go, is he? If he is, then it must be because he knows that you getting to hang out with a girl your age would be good for you.
"If it's all okay then, let's go!" Ashley takes your hand. "I've been waiting to do this for a long time! It'll be great. Don't worry, I'll bring your sister back all in one piece!"

The sister comment confuses Lawrence, but Ashley is already taking you away before it can be questioned. Time away from him will be good, at least for you. A chance to calm down, and a chance to scold yourself for getting so worked up over what could be nothing. But would asking him about what Sharron handed him too rude to ask? If he went ahead and told you later that sure would be nice...

"Maybe it was her number," Ashley comments, and for a moment you fear that you were speaking out loud.


"Maybe Ms. Faraway was giving your brother her number! Maybe she liiiikes him~" Ashley teases, but upon seeing the shock on your face she reels back her comments. "It might not be like that though! Course giving your brother a phone number might not be the best choice, since he can't really talk...unless he made you do the talking for him. That'd be kinda funny though, but...eh, it'd be kinda weird if they started dating though."

You can think of plenty of reasons why it would not be okay, mostly because that would mean Sharron would be taking your place, but you wonder what Ashley means.

"Why's that?"

"She's like...older then him. Not by much I guess, but that kinda weird, isn't it? Dating someone way older then you...I guess she's only like 10 years older or something? Maybe a bit more but...that's still a pretty big gap. Kinda weird, don't you think?" Ashley turns to you for the answer.

"...are we going the right way? I feel totally lost..." You don't, you remember this hallway. You're only using it as an excuse to avoid answering the question. If ten years is bad, then what about fourteen?

"Huh? Oh yeah, of course! We're all good, don't worry about it...man, I'm so excited...I'm actually going to explore the passages! That's so cool...dang! I wish I had a camera...maybe I'll buy a disposable one next time." Ashley leads you back to where you two had been, finding the moving panel to open up the space behind the walls. Shining her light back down, you peer inside again. To be honest, you're a little spooked. Ashley gives you a big grin though, jumping on her heels with excitement.

"This is going to be so cool! Wait, hold on let me check something..." Ashley steps inside the wall and closes the panel, leaving you waiting in the hallway. Right away she swings it back open, looking relieved.

"Had to make sure we could get back out with that closed." She explains, and you realize just how horrifying that would have been. Ashley lets you step in before closing the wall again. It would be pitch black in here if not for her flashlight, and you grow wary about getting caught in the dark.

"Looks like there's only one way to go right now...come on!" Ashley ushers you forward, letting you follow behind her and the guiding light. The hall turns slightly, but otherwise there has only been one path for you to travel down. This doesn't last long, as eventually there is an intersecting path. Same looking halls to both the left and right, Ashley takes turns shining her light down each one of them, trying to look.

"Which way which way..." She mummers, and you catch the faintest sound of conversation down one way. Very faint, you almost think it was Ashley's voice echoing off the cold walls. When you focus. you can just barely tell that it's coming from another source, and from the left hall. It sounds rather muffled though, as if they are coming in through a barrier.

"I've got it!" Ashley exclaims, and she looks back to you. "You choose."


"You choose which way we go!"

"B-...but you're supposed to be the tour guide!"

"I can't be if I don't like, know what I'm guiding! It'll be fine, just choose a direction and I'll lead us down it." Ashley seems unmoved, deciding that the choice will be entirely on you.

You look down both ways again, pressure on your shoulders.

If these passages really do lead behind all the rooms, then the voices you're hearing must be coming from one of them. Sharron was meeting people today, so maybe that's what you're hearing? If you go down that way then you could probably listen to what they're talking about easily enough...

It kind of scares you though, why is that? The right way is quiet, and would probably get you out of here a lot quicker. Then again, you could just tell Ashley that you want out, and you two could leave right now.

>Which way do you want to go?

did this from a different computer before I drove home, I'll be able to use tags later today!
Choose the left path, its unsettling nature draws you in closer.
Maybe it's worth listening in, there's a chance it could clear up what happened before. Maybe. Probably not...

Could as well just be Sharron talking with donors, but then we can easily turn around and get out of the wall and back to Lawrence.
You're scared, but the draw of curiosity from the left side is too alluring.

"We can go down this way, I guess." You say, pointing down towards the left side. "I mean if that's alright with you."

"I asked you, so yeah!" Ashley takes a few steps down your chosen path, shining her light down the empty passage. "Alright, if there's like, another turn then we probably should just head back, I don't really wanna get lost down here."

"Yeah, that's smart." You can't even begin to imagine how terrible it would be, stuck in here and lost in the dark. When the light flickers you near have a heart attack. Being in the dark would make this a million times worse.

"This thing is kinda old..." Ashley swats the bottom of the flashlight, making it shine just as bright as before. "If it ever goes out then all you have to do is beat up against something. Usually."

That doesn't make you feel better, but it looks like Ashley is going to leave you behind. If you're going to be in the dark, then being with someone is a much better option then being alone. You walk nearly on Ashley's heels, not sure if you should keep your eyes in front or behind you during the little journey.

The voices you heard from earlier are getting louder, and Ashley has begun to pick up on them too.

"You hear that, right?" She whispers, stopping to try and listen.

"Yeah...I heard them back at the first hallway."

"Really? I can barely hear them now..." Ashley tries to listen better. You focus on them talking too, but can't make out their conversation. Only the occasional snippets of words that mean nothing on their own. Continuing down, the two of you walk with a soft foot, as if worried that you'll be heard. The voices are once again coming from the left side of the wall, and with each step the conversation becomes more coherent.

Ashley makes you stop, and turns off the flashlight. You're fearful, but see why she did this right away. On the wall, the very shimmer of a light from the outside pokes through, illuminating the very bottom of your boots.

Keeping the light off, you both crouch down next to the false wall, listening to what drifts in from the other side.

"...-have to raise prices again." It's a man's voice, one you don't recognize. In fact, most of the people inside sound like men.

"They're not going to like that, we'll never get this stuff moved."

"If we don't, then we aren't going to be turning a high enough profit, and you know it."

"They kept buying all the same when we raised the prices last time."

"Yeah, but this is...this is a huge jump."

"Please, try to trust me on this Jeremy." That time, you could pick out Sharron's voice among the four or so men. "I was right last time, wasn't I?"

"You were."

"And about creating a stash?"

"Yeah...you were."

"We may lose a customer or two, but this is inelastic demand. It doesn't matter how high it is, someone somewhere will be willing to buy it."

"If they keep making it harder to trade with Thailand, then we're going to end up raising it up higher then we can really afford though. People will buy it, but there's going to be that time between the price hike and people getting desperate enough...you really think we can stay afloat?"

"If that's the case, then we can just sell some of the lemons. That's why we have them, remember?"

"You sure that's enough to keep us going?"

Lemons? You feel like whatever she's talking about, it's not the same thing you're imagining. Ashley doesn't look any more informed than you, and hearing this conversation makes you feel weird.

You're positive that they aren't talking about theater related things, and if they are then...just what kind of theater is this then?

Staying here and listening feels...weird? Wrong?

Should you stay and keep listening, or head back now?
This is probably definitely not information we should be at all privy to. At. All.

Let's backtrack and get out of the wall. We might still pick up a bit sneaking away, but this doesn't have anything to do with us.

... right? Or Lawrence?
Listen in for anything that you can understand for a fee minutes. If nothing is making sense to you, double back before Lawrence finds you missing.
"You know the type of people who want to buy those. They aren't just some mope from the street, those buyers are people with cash to spend and college kids going to school on daddy's credit-card"

"We don't want to use those up too soon though, it's an emergency supply." Sharron warns.

"So what? How many should we move?"

"Should wait to see if the next shipment comes in this week first, shouldn't we?"

"I've already got some sent out in the mean time," Sharron says. "Not very much, but enough in case something does go left."

You don't feel right listening in to this conversation. Whatever it's about, you two obviously shouldn't be hearing any of it.

"I don't think we should stay here," You whisper as low as you can to Ashley. "We should head back now."

"Yeah...let's walk down a bit and then I'll turn the light back on."

Better safe than sorry. Practically clinging to Ashley, you allow her to lead you back down the way you came.

"When is the new shipment supposed to come in anyways? I thought it was supposed to be here yesterday."

"They mentioned something about having to take a detour, customs or whatever almost caught them last time."

"You're kidding me, right?"

"They getting...about shipme-...from Sout...-sia ma-...."

The voices begin to fade out as you cover as much ground as you can quickly.

Hearing Sharron talk with a bunch of men isn't so weird, but their entire conversation was. Once the two of you are far enough down, Ashley turns on her light and faces you.

"That wasn't normal, right?" You ask first, but from her expression you can already tell it isn't.

"I don't know what that was about. I really don't."

"What's a lemon? They weren't talking about like, an actual lemon right?"

"I think that's what my dad calls a crappy car..." Ashley has a worried look to her face. "I um...I don't think that's what they were talking about though."

You agree, but you have no other idea about what it could have been.

"You know, it makes sense if they were selling something," Ashley says as she continues to lead you out. "I guess it's only rumors I've heard, but apparently the theater only breaks even for her."

"What does that mean?"

"Uh, like...so you know what profit is, right? You have to spend money to run a business. So like in a store, you have buy the things before you sell them first. Then you have to hire and pay people to help you sell, and then you have to pay costs for the building and taxes and junk. If after all that you have less money then before, then you're in the red? And if you have more money then before, it's profit and you're in the green. But I guess there are times where you only end up with about the same that you start out with? At least not enough of a profit to make it worth it," Ashley explains before continuing.
"So like, Ms. Faraway has to make more money then she puts in for it to be a profit. There's a rumor that she only manages to break even, or just a little bit of profit, but I've seen her house before. I don't know how that would be possible."

"So maybe she's started to sell something to make up for the costs?"

"Maybe, that's what it sounded like anyways. We sell tickets and all that kind of stuff here, but I don't have the slightest idea what they were talking abou-"

"Hello girls!"

You nearly jump into Ashley's arms from fear, and from the looks of it she was about to do the same. Sharron closes a door behind her, walking towards where you stand. Glancing over at Ashley, you're hoping that you don't look suspicious.

"H-Hello, Ms. Faraway!" Ashley greets, her voice cracking.

"Looks like you met my special guest," Sharron smiles at you, and you force one out. "Giving a tour around?"

"Y-...yeah! Just wanted to show her the place when it isn't crowded with people. I hope that's fine..."

"Not a problem. I wish we could do more tours like that, but I'm afraid this place wouldn't be interesting enough for a full tour group." Sharron is talking normal, as if you and Ashley hadn't just heard her trying to sell...'lemons'.

That's a good sign. If she doesn't know that you were eavesdropping on top of being an inconvenience, then everything will be fine. It's none of your business what she does as long as it doesn't concern you.

"Anyways! I'm just milling around for a bit, you're only having one more friend come over, right?" This time Sharron is talking directly to you, and you nod quickly.

"Y-Yes, ma'am."

"Then I'll leave that to you Ashley, I've still got some important matters to attend to," It's so strange hearing Sharron talk like this, when you're wearing her clothes and know what she's like at home. "If I'm not out by the time it's time for you kids to go home, you know how to lock up."

Ashley nods and Sharron leaves the two of you to go upstairs.

"Here, I'll take you back to your brothe-" Ashley is interrupted again, looking annoyed. This time it's knocking at one of the side doors. "Maybe that's your friend..."

You're thinking about what you overheard back in the passages. If it's Sam, then you might have some time to ask him about what you overheard...

Or maybe you should go to Lawrence now, and try to ask him about it?

Or just...don't. Don't think about it again. In that case, should you go to Lawrence, or go with Ashley to see if Sam is here?
Whatever secret lemon business Sharron chooses to get into is her prerogative, so as long as it doesn't involve or jeopardize us, there's no sense in prying.

... we can always ask later if it starts to bother us.

Let's go with Ashley and see if it's Sam, although staying out of sight in case it isn't.
It's a jpg.
While I am kinda curious about what kind of pies Sharron has her fingers in, we really shouldn't be prying into her personal business. Especially if it's sketchy business. We don't want to give her a reason to kick us out.
It's in your best interest to not involve yourself in something that is most likely bigger than you, even if it had malicious intent. Don't bother yourself over what that conversation was about and head back to Lawrence with Ashley.
Sorry about the wait! I move in a few days, and have been packing up in the mean time! Typing right now!
I move houses for a living, so iktf. Make sure to pack your books/papers in <1.5 liter boxes, or you'll hate yourself later!

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