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>Welcome back to A Song of Misery and Salt. This is a poor attempt to run a quest in the Game of Thrones setting of GRRM.
>You are Hoster Fraser, heir of House Fraser, a small House in the Iron Islands. Life has been hard for you and yours, and it promise to become harder in the next few months.

It only took Rodrik two days to find the camps, with the third used for learning their travel roads and the location of their caches of ill gotten gains. "They've been stealing and robbing for a while, not all they goods have been pawned already, we'll make better use of the loot than them once we're done" says Rodrik sitting at his usual seat in the council room if it could be named thus.

"Have you uncovered anything that could link Ulmer men's to them?" question Melwyn between spoonfuls of something that could hardly be called a soup, a nod is his only answer as Rodrik finish his meal and wash it down with mulled wine. A contended sigh escape his lips before he continues "Yes, the cunt's men have a camp bordering our land and theirs, they act as if they already own the place each time they come in to 'trade', they look to be better armed, for bandits, nothing too impressive if we take them by surprise" He finish with a smirk. Melwyn nods at that and give also a slight smirk, I've been working with a small amount of peasants these past few months, they're green but a bit of blood should turn them into something that could defend the wall of Fraserholm should Lord Fraser decided to arm them." He turns to me and give another nod to Rodrik's displeasure.

"Which Lord are you talking about?" Rodrik hisses before continuing "Now is not the time to have this conversation, there's only one Lord Fraser and" Before he gets stopped by Melwyn's shit eating grin "Aye, and there's only one Ser Fraser, do I have to remind you who?"

Oh Melwyn you cheeky cunt "You cheeky cunt" both Jeor and Rodrik blurts to his amusement. While it is true that I am not the Lord of the House, my official knight title would make me their superiors if it were not for their experience and my lack of. That and my being the rightful heir of Brendan Fraser ought to give them enough to stem any kind of attitude towards me, but who in their right mind would follow the order of a boy half their ages who never had to shed is blood in battle?

"Anyway, these peasants, you say they could face a few bandits?" asks Jeor, he and Melwyn have spent the last few days training and giving me pointers for how to handle myself these last few days, useful advices most of the time, though sometimes I wondered the validity of their claim "If you face an enraged fuck barelling down on you, don't try throwing your axe at their head, aim lower, much lower. A shattered hip joint would force them to the ground and kill their momentum, and should by some miracle they managed to stay upright, the shock of being hit in the groin and the blood would force them to check if their cock is still there and intact" what if they wear armor I said "Axe them in the dick, son" was their only response.

Right, shaking my head I turn to Melwyn who slowly shake his head "They would hold, but before long panic would make them waver and they'd break" he give a hard stare to Jeor before continuing "If they had someone in their midst, someone to remind them what they fight for, someone like the heir rubbing shoulders with them in the mud and not on a horse they'd go the distance, I can assure you."

2/3, or /4[cont]
Jeor stare incredulously at the bold request, even myself I begin to question the sanity of the ex-captain "Are you fucking mad? Why the fuck would you want Hoster on foot with a bunch of barely trained peasant?" Jeor, or Rodrik ask I can barely focus on their voices. Melwyn sits back into his chair, looking pleased at himself for breaking the relative tense mood of this council "Why not, it's not like the lad is trained to march quietly into the woods at night like your archers Rodrik nor is he good with riding the few horses we have left, horses that your men would make better use, Jeor."
Once again, I cannot dissagree with him, I can hardly keep quiet while wearing the scale armor they chose to fit me with for this raid and while the horses don't throw me off their saddle, my riding could hardly be called gracious. Already I can see Jeor and Rodrik gathering themselves to unleash a torrent of expletive to Melwyn.

"Allright I'll do it, I have no doubt you already said that I'd be with them anyway, you madman" A laugh is my only response and I can see that the storms on Rodrik and jeor eyes are still ready to crash not on Melwyn but on me this time "How about you both give me a few men to ensure my protection, would that be adequate?" Melwyn's laugh rises another level, he planned this I realize, he played us all. Another laugh confirms it when he see my frown.

"I'm coming, you cannot prevent that, this would be for the best as your respective units need you both. I promise to not be reckless." I don't bother to say 'much' but it can be heard by the two of them. A moment pass with Jeor looking pleadingly at me and Rodrik trying to break Melwyn's neck with his mind before they sigh one after the over.

"Two of my men on foot, if they say to pull back you pull back, you hear?" Jeor finaly says, Melwyn's gamble paid off. Now we need to just placate Rodrik's concern before he relent as well, "Ten of mine to cover your escape should you need to, Melwyn you better stay near Hoster at all time or not bother coming out of the woods should something befall him".

The restrained voice of the bowman can be heard by all and Melwyn turns to the other two captains with a solemn nod, "I'll be dead before anything comes to him.

>Roll me a 4d6 to convince them. I'll take the best of the first 3. Kinda low DC so you should have it in the bag. I'll be away for about 10 minute. here is the archieve for the last thread, where you can see the House creation and the beggining of the story.
Rolled 4, 4, 4, 1 = 13 (4d6)

Let's see how we do.
Rolled 3, 1, 2, 2 = 8 (4d6)

Oh shit nigger another GOT quest. Let's get at em.

Also op I'll shop out the backstory for the newbies so they can jump in.

Hosted Fraser is an ironborn and a knight of the seven, though not devout. He is the only child and heir to house Fraser and kind of a badass. He doesn't like to lie, prefers not to give away possessions and is really shit at stealth if I remember correctly.

His house backstory is literally filled to the brim with madness. His father is also mad and burned the Fraser port to the ground. Holdings include a simple hall and hamlet on top of a hill with ruins, on the coast is some salt works and the villagers sustain themselves with basic food agriculture.

Hosted participated in a melee that I forgot the name of, pretty famous though and got knighted by tywin Lannister I think. He witnessed the golden haired whore and her freeing get cursed by that witch, so now his primary motivation is to understand the magical arts as a kind of witcher so he can rid his family of madness.
The fuck did that come from? You know who I'm talking about, the servant who starved in a well.
If you guys want the full house creation process the original thread is at the last page

Did anyone archive it yet?
I'm intrigued OP. I'm gonna go back and read the first thread.
Rolled 3, 3, 6, 2 = 14 (4d6)

Rolling again because other anons won't.
>one degrees of success

I won't say I gave them my best impression of a puppy, but I won't say that I didn't either. Maybe they saw something else and relented. Anyway with that done the council is adjourned. "Rest now, we'll move out with the cover of the night and hit the camps before dawn" Melwyn gives me a pat in the back and a merry light dances in his eyes, something that has been gone from them in quite some time.

Jeor and Rodrik are waiting their turns to talk to me about most certainly this folly of fighting on foot with unproved peasants. I dread having to explain myself but I know that I must prove myself or they'll forever think of me as a child and not the nearly grown man that I am.

"Jeor, Rodrik. I assume you want to voice your concerns about Melwyn's proposal?" I manage to keep my voice even, as if going into battle with such a disavantage in an everyday thing. Strangely this make Jeor more nervous as if, "Well no, in fact it's for the best." Wait, what? "I mean no offence but you are a poor rider, Hoster. And this would be more than you can handle at your current level. I know that Melwyn and me have been lax in training you since Osmund died but it is true nonetheless. You'll be better on foot waiting for the fleeing bandits our arrows and horses will bring to panic." he points to Rodrik who growl his acquiescence. He give a small smile that threathen to break into a full one, "As long as you remember what we've talked about lately" it ends up into a smirk as I respond with "Axe them in the dick".

He pats my shoulders and laugh as he hear me repeat his stupid lesson. Rodrik cough into his glove and roll his shoulders before reminding me to take the helmet and shield I have been provided. "It's better to have them and have no need for them than the contrary" is his only words before giving me a tight nod, turning around and exiting the room. Jeor and me watching the man's back retreating with a shake of our head. "You'd think he was from one of those great mainlander Houses and not from thrallstock judging by how uptight he gets sometimes." Whispers Jeor, I can only nods at that "He's a good man, bit of a cunt true, but a good man still." I swear, which makes Jeor laugh and pat my shoulder again.

"Is that my nephew I hear swearing? Whatever happened to the sweet boy that would follow me on my rounds?" Well excuse me for trying to sound more mature I grumble which only makes him laugh harder, it isn't long before I laugh with him too. After a moment, he stop and shakes his head and give me a level gaze, "Be sure to talk to your father before we leave." With that he pats me one last time and turns around. I sit back into my chair and watch the fire for a moment, wondering how I should explain that I won't be around should he wakes up from the rest I give him by mixing milk of the poppy into his wine after each episode of The Sickness.

>Guess I shouldn't say how long a break I'll take.
With a sigh I raise up from my chair and decides that waiting here won't give me the answer that I need, I make my way to his room and knock. Waiting as if he would be awake an ale, a moment pass and I enter the room, barely light to further allow him his rest. I take a seat by his bed and watch the rise and fall of his chest, counting the seconds between the breaths and trying to discerns any trouble in it. Nothing of the sort this time, this is good.

"Father? Father can you hear me?" I say a bit louder than I want, and I see his eyes fluttering, a moan escape his lips and I bring a cup of water close to his lips, the contact of the water and his tongue rouse him up and his eyes open, slowly taking in the sight of the room and finaly resting on me, recongnition and joy bloom in them and he tries to sit upright, I help him do so and he gives me his usual smile, "Hoster! I missed you my boy."

He grabs my hand and pull me into a hug, he's weakened but I can still feel the strenght in the arms, I wrap my own around him and give him one as well, he mock croaks that I'm breaking his ribs and I slowly release my hold. "What time is it? Is there anything happening that needs me?" He asks, "I came to tell you of the decision of the council to clean out our lands of bandits, I'm to join the hunt in a few hours." His eyes turns cold at the mention of the bandits and he raise his eyebrows at the mention of me joining the men "Rodrik and Jeor agreed then?"

Huh, how did he knew of that I ask him confused, did Melwyn came and explained already? He give me a confused stare and mutters "I was the one who proposed Melwyn to have you accompany them, didn't he told you that?" When did that conversation happen, he has been awake for less than a day since his last episode."I think that was two months ago, Melwyn said the timing wasn't right and that the levy wasn't ready yet. I can only assume that now he feels the men are ready to be turned into proper soldiers."

At my confused stare he smiles and laugh "Your old man still have it, huh" He chuckles a bit more and stiffle a yawn, "Go, you need to prepare yourself. I'll be fine without you for a few hours." He shoos me with more strenght I've seen him display in a while and I make for the door before he stops me, "Make us proud, son." I turn around and he's already back into a deep sleep.

>roll me a 4d6 for Awareness, you should have 5 dice but being haunted removed 1.
Let's see what we can see.
Gonna need to see the result before I start writting so it might take while for the next batch of upgrade to come out.
Rolled 5, 6, 4, 6 = 21 (4d6)

Nice roll m8
Thought I rolled already...
Rolled 2, 6, 3, 2 = 13 (4d6)

Rolled 5, 2, 1, 2 = 10 (4d6)

I am an idiot, sorry...
Well, that's two degrees of success. You guys earned a bonus dice in memory for free.
you can add that dice once at the start of a fight to turn your 6d6 into a 7d6, only at the start of the fight remember

give me two more rolls just in case, maybe you'll fuck it up with a nat 3 or something.
Rolled 6, 6, 4, 2 = 18 (4d6)

Alright guys I looked on suptg and this quest is archived which is noice. Come on boys one more role for op so we can make the longest running SIFRPG on suptg.
Rolled 3, 5, 6, 4 = 18 (4d6)

I am watching this girl, I've been watching her for two hours already instead of training. She is beautiful and she knows it. Her friends knows it as well, as they try to earn her favors by acting as her servants. It occurs to me that her dress and how she hold herself would indicate that she is from a House that very few would be nobler, a cadet branche of the Lannister at least. I regret not having watched Lord Lannister's stand when he inaugurated this tourney, not that I would have being able to see anything from our seats.

She and her friends are talking in mock whispers, daring one another to enter the tent of "The Witch" as they've been calling her for the last thirty minutes or so before they all entered the tent, their courrage finaly found, not five minute later would the fattest of the three came out running of the tent with tears in her eyes, heading back to the castle.

I considered going after, to ask if she was alright, before finaly the image of this golden haired, green eyed girl came into my mind and made the decision for me. It wasn't long before the two others came out as well, while they went in with a smile and not a care in the world, they came out with frown and concerns that shouldn't mar such young faces.

They walked, in silece for a moment, with no direction in mind before stopping near a well in a quiet portion of the bustling town, they finaly started talking among themselves, the dark haired slender one at least, the blond one stare still focused on the dirt near the well, I tried to move closer to them so I could hear what they where saying but a bucket laying around tripped me and warned them that someone was around and about, jeez I should have took more seriously Rodrik's lessons in sneaking, maybe I'll do so once at home.

Thankfully I was out of their immediate sights and they could only call out for whoever made this noise to come out, again luck was on my side when a fat cat jumped out from a place near I was hiding. I breathed a sigh of relief when they took the cat for their peeping tom. Deciding that I had enough sneaking around for today I stayed put while trying to get a good look at them.

It only took a moment, one minute they where arguing about the cat, then their friends, then the witch the next one they where arguing with each other before the green eyed one pushed the black haired one, her head hitting the mouth of the well with a nasty crack before going over and pluging into the water.

Maybe I made a sound, or maybe she knew that the cat wasn't the only one watching, but I heard her say in the air, with a voice that would make the birds hangs their head in shame.

"I know you are here, I don't know who you are but I can promise you this. If words of what you have seen tonight ever gets out, I will find you, whereever you hide, and I'll make you regret ever earning the wrath of Cer." The door of my chamber opening stirs me from this dream turned nightmare, I see Melwyn eying me curiously while I take a moment to catch my breath, what was that?

I don't even remember this event from my time in Lannisport, this much I remember, the tourney for Prince Viserys' nameday where I got my spurs, why did I remember this today? Who was that girl? what happened? So many questions and no responses, none that can help me with my present concerns at least, I shake my head of these and look upon Melwyn, already in armor and ready.

"It's time" is all he says "Are you okay?" He doesn't say it but I can see it written on his face.I nod, to both his statement and his question, "So it is, how long do I need before we depart? I'm covered in sweat and I'd like to bath if I could?" He gives me a grimace before responding, "Not enough for a warm bath I fear, will you need help equiping the mail?" He asks, he knows as much as I know that no matter what my response he'll check that I'm secured in my armor.

>What do you respond

>No, I still don't understand why you wouldn't let me wear the brigandine, I tell you I can handle the weight.
>No, MOOOOOOMM I can do it myself.
>Yes, I'm not proud enough to refuse helps from more experienced warriors.
Man, one hour to write that much, I guess I shouldn't bash Sloma anymore now that I know how hard the shit actualy is.
At least I'm not shitposting in other threads.
>Yes, I'm not proud enough to refuse helps from more experienced warriors.
I linked the achieved creation thread here >>381672

I'll do something better next time, if there is a next time. Concerning this thread, I doubt we'll finish what I wanted in one sitting, so I might call out the end at some point and restart a few hours later.
I want to at least have the bandits dealt with before we hit autosage, in 3 days, should be doable I wager.
Awwright gonna start writing now, see you all in about one hour.

Before that though give me 6 rolls of 3d6 for Rodrik/Jeor and Melwyn Warfare check(the dc is fuck low because they are bandits and because they are asleep) and 3 rolls of 4d6 for our personal Awareness I'll take the best 4d6 and every 3d6
Rolled 5, 3, 1, 1, 5, 5, 4, 2, 2, 1, 3, 5, 6, 5, 6, 5, 4, 1 = 64 (18d6)

Gothcu Senpai, rolling for 3d6 rolls. Someone else do the 4d6 ones
"Yes, would you mind helping me again?" I respond, why would I refuse the help and advice of someone who's been fighting for longer than I've been alive. After a quick, and cold sponge bath, I begin the process of equipping the set of scalemail, in truth it isn't that hard but the approving nod I receive at the end is somewhat calming, though I would have liked a bit more of breathing room from it.

"Will happen after a few hours of march" Melwyn says as if reading my mind. How long as he been waiting for the chance to have me join this hunt, I ask him in a moment of silence, him inspecting that everything tight and secure and me standing still waiting his judgement. "A few months, needed the perfect timing to draw you out and wanted to make sure the boys would be up to snuff" he respond absently, tugging and pulling this and that way and me trying not to move.

He nods, before he gives me a grin, "Went to Lord Brendan and asked him for permission, I feared The Sickness would make him useless, but this triggered him out of it something fierce, the aftermath was a bitch but he said he won't hold it over me." He finish with a shrug, before getting serious and once again staring me in the eyes for a moment, "You're still a kid, green and full of piss. This is your moment to prove Jeor and Rodrik that you mean business and that should anything befall Lord Brendan, the House will not fall with him. Get blooded, and we will all have to respect the fact that you are the Lord when your father his unable to do his duty."

He bumps my chest with his fist before turning, I'm unable to say something after hearing that so I keep my mouth shut, it doesn't stay shut long before a grin break into my face.

"Stop grinning like an idiot." he says his back still turned, which only makes me grin harder, he turns and I see that he hold an axe in his hand. Father's axe, it was locked in the armory ever since Osmund death; the old Maester losing his head to my maddened father before Jeor could stop his brother. "Asked me to keep it sharp, and give it to you when the time is right, reckon this is the right time."

>You have now a castle forged axe, +1 damage to your attacks
>I got this out already, gonna be a while yet.
I played it kinda fast and loose, but it turns kinda how I was seeing it in my mind. Might have gone better with using Awareness, but I'll have to review it later.

They all passed the routine check on their march orders, Melwyn peasants much better than the Elite of Rodrik and Jeor for some reason.
And their moral is in okay form, though again, thanks to Melwyn boys not fucking it up I'd be willing to bump it up a degrees, I'll see.

If no one rolled while I typed this, just roll it. Can't afford to be picky.
Rolled 1, 4, 6, 4, 3, 5, 6, 6, 4, 6, 4, 4 = 53 (12d6)

Okay senpai rolling for the 4d6 rolls
One degree of success, okay I can work with that.
I take a moment to get a feel for it, learning of it's weight and how it sits in my hand, it's a good axe. I look at Melwyn and is about to give me my thanks when he raise a hand, "No need for that, son. It's yours, now, are you ready to meet my boys?" I guess we won't give ourselves a manly hug yet, "Let's go, these bandits won't kill themselves". I say trying to sound gruff and dangerous, and failing as Melwyn shake his head in mirth.

It isn't long before I see Rodriks men leaving in groups with some of Jeors and the levy of Melwyn, even though they are unacostumed to war they seem to hold themselves quite well. I watch the captains giving each other a friendly slap in the back and waving to Melwyn, before they too, leave with their units.

Passing a group of peasant talking about how they'll show the bandit scums where the bear shits in the wood, I am greeted by another who clearly isn't familiar with how I look, even if I am hidden by a helmet "G'day cunt, howsitgoing?" He says in an strange accent I cannot place, faster than I can respond to his outrageous call he continue on his way with an "Yeah, fucking top stuff mate." before waving as if I was one of his friend with a final "Have a good one!" I'm unable to move, rooted from my spot, here I though having the heir of their Lord fighting with them would make them something more...less. Anything but this, I slowly turn my head toward Melwyn, who is trying his hardest not to laugh.

A second pass, then another before I can talk, before I can "Cunt? Mate?" And with that the dam breaks and the flood of laughter Melwyn tried to keep at bay disgorge itself. At some point he hold into his sides as if in pain from a broken ribs, he's having a good laugh, at my expense, but still.
His laugh caught the attention of a few of the men waiting for him, the archers Rodrik gave are staring dagger into the ex-captain while the two bodyguards Jeor left me are slowly shaking their heads, not quite laughing but very close.

The peasant who greeted me so calously finaly come back from taking a piss, I note, against one of the wall defending our keep and take a good long look at the laughing madman at my side. It doesn't take him long to recognize Melwyn, confusion etched on his face why his commander would be so amused.

He stare at me, confused, maybe even wondering why I would walk with Melwyn. I decide to remove my helmet and give him a flat stare, again, he fails to recognize me until one of his friend whispers something in his ear. He turns his head toward his friend, "no, I read on his lips, him?", at his friend's nod, he turn back toward me, and I too give him a nod, I mouth "cunt" as well for some reason and I see him turn white, something I'd though impossible with how tanned his skin his. "Fuck, I'm dead" I hear from his trembling lips. I can see everyone left looking at, I could have him killed for talking out of turn, but I'm sure it'll be detrimental to their moral if I did it.
"Not yet, you bloody bastard. We still need bandits to send to the Drowned God before you do." I talk, louder than necessary. "Come now, walk with me and maybe I'll have you muck the stalls for the rest of your life if you do a good job of it".

It isn't long before we reach the camp, the hapless peasant close to me as some sort of sick joke played by Melwyn, who snickers everytime he turns his head to look at us. I admit it feels good to have the poor boy trembling everytime I turn my head, but before long I stop, before he soil himself. "I can't have my men calling me cunt, I'm Hoster, what's yours?" I asks at some point where we stop for water, he stares for a while longer than needed as if questioning why I would deign talk to him, after we marched in the mud for 2 hours already, well, I prod again. "O-olyvar me'lord, I didn't mean ta call ya' a cunt. Shit, no, yes, NO I mean."

I raise my hand to make him stop. I'm not mad, not anymore, I explain, right now I need him to keep his wits about himself because we are close to our targeted camp, Rodrik and Jeors men are at the second and third camp half an hour away by horses and won't be able to help until they finish with their preys.

We can only count on each other for now, and I assume he wouldn't want to be next to a guy who would bolt at the first sign of trouble because he's scared of him, would he? "Why did you join the levy" I ask him, "To protect your home, and everything you hold dear right? Each and everyone of the men around you think the same thing, everyone." I give him a pointed stare and somehow he calms down, I see a few others breathing a sigh of relief, they look calmer, more focused as if they remembered why they do all that.

A pat on the back from Melwyn, break the spell I was under, watching the face of each of the men I was around and each of them watching me, "The attack will begin soon, we will march for another half and the archers and the mounted men will attack from different angles, they will funnel the bandits into our spears and our axes." I nods and turn to Olyvar, you heard the man I say quietly, this is happening, we do did for those at home, don't forget it.

"I'm scared me'lord" he managed to croak out, no shame in being scared I confess quietly, I'm scared as well, I'm just gonna have to try harder it's all. And with that I stand up and say "Fucking top stuff, mate."

Before replacing my helmet in place, he stare at me for a moment before grinning, shaking the fear away for a moment and give me a shit eating grin and in his strange accent laughing "We call our friends, cunt and strangers mate, in my village me'lord" I'm confused for a moment before shaking my head, "Well then you cunts, I hope you are all ready for teaching these mates not to mess with House Fraser?" I cannot say that it was a yell, as we were under order not to make noises, but from all the clapping and the nod, I guess they found their motivations.

>roll me a 6d6. Best of 3.
Rolled 2, 3, 6, 4, 3, 3 = 21 (6d6)

Uh mate. What's the point of running a quest if your just going to write for ages and give no options. Other Anons exist too ya know. Options mate.
Rolled 3, 2, 2, 5, 6, 3 = 21 (6d6)

Time to crack skulls!
This is only my 2nd thread where I run my 1st quest, I'm trying to find a balance between wall of text and puting every option to the whims of anon.

I'm sorry for making you guys spectators. I know how not fun this can be.
Meh, you do you op. It's a lot harder to am than to play. Just realize what your doing and see if you can't augment it on the fly. Take your time above all else and as long as you don't die the thread will survive for another day.
"G'day mates, this here is House Fraser lands. Kindly fuck off, we're full." Melwyn barks before lowering his arm, the archers rodrick gave for my own protection cutting a bloody swath on their first volley.

It's actually a bad thing, they where so close to each other that the ten archer nearlys killed twice their numbers with one shower. It isn't long before another bunch of them enter the clearing, confusion on their faces as to why their friends are on the ground, dead, or dying. A dozen or so, an flaming arrow break the canopy of the forest, the signal that these are the last of the bandits this camp had, the mounted men routing anyone who was smart enough to escape from another direction.

"Men!" Melwyn bellows, "Attack" he order them and they start running toward the stricken bandits.

The bandits never had a chance, they never knew how to heed orders or faced a force that not only fought back, but took the fight to them.

>How do you want do to this.

>Into the thick of it, you let the blood flow today and you let it flow copiously.
>Eyes on the prize, you offer surrender on the few left so you can question them, then kill them, back at Fraserholm.
>Give me a 4d6 for awareness.
Rolled 1, 1, 2, 5 = 9 (4d6)

As much as blood for the blood God sounds glorious, eyes on the prize baby. Btw noice ratio you got there.
>Eyes on the prize, you offer surrender on the few left so you can question them, then kill them, back at Fraserholm.
The first bandit you reach tried to stab you with his short sword, his form was poor, as if he was using it for the first time day, a quick parry with your shield, a half-step into his guard and finaly an overhead swing catch his sword arm and cut it at the elbow, "Keep your form tight" you remember Melwyn yelling while you practiced this move, the key is swinging the axe before he can get control of his arm, still extended by the parry. "Return to position as soon as you finish, even if it struck, always return to your position" He'd cuff you over the head if you where too slow to return, you're already in position for the next strike before the arm touch the ground, the man is only realizing that he got amputated, his other hand going for his stump, a cry of pain forming in his throat, "Split his head like a gourd when he raise his eye to meet yours" Again you move before the last word ring into your ears, a sickening crunch unlike any gourd you've destroyed his heard, the bone is also a bit harder than the gourd, the blood flow more abundantly, you've trained for that, but you've never trained like that. Already you shift back into the first form looking for another victim, you don't have the time to ponder the difference between a man's head and a gourd, right now you need to focus, the next one come from the left, with both his arms over his head and a yell leaving his lungs.

Too slow, before he can bring his axe, no, an hatchet. Really? before he can do so you step into his path and shove the shield into his guts. Again, you hear Melwyn bray about your form, again your axe fly out, this time it strike the armpit of the the poor bastard, he bend on this side, trying to stop the flow, but both of you knows that it is for nothing, you cut the large vein under his arm, he'll be dead in minutes, if not early. There, he stuck his neck in the favored position and the axe is already biting it, not quite passing through the bones, but close, enough. A wrenching movement and the head is held by a bit of skin. Form, Strike, Return to Position, Form, Strike.

You do that at least three more time, the action a blur before something makes you lose focus. You look into your shield arm and see an arrow stuck in your shoulder, huh, what did he said in again when you faced archers.

"Raise the bloody thing!" you hear him yell, you're fairly sure it's the real one and not the one from your memories, right, raise the bloody thing, "Keep most of your person behind it to give the less target possible." It is a bit harder to do so when you have an arrow in your shoulder. Just in time it seems, as another arrow strike but fail to pass the shield. "Hoster!" someone yell, "Me'lord" says another. "Axe 'em in the dick" you hear yourself yell.

It is then I realize, I've been talking about myself in the third person.
Oh no, does it mean?

End, For Now
Sorry for stopping when it just starts to become interesting, but the awareness check failing gave me just the out for I needed so I could go catch some zs.

I also only found about the third person switch out only after I'd written most of the scene, which continue an will finish the battle in the wood so it worked out for what I wanted to bring. No this is not the JUST, kicking out early, but I explained that the Drowned God was gunning for you in the previous thread, this is one of the many way he mess with you.
It's rather harmless.

Also don't worry about not seeing any demand for surrender, the three more time you where "in the zone" you didn't outright kill the bandits you were fighting.
The JUST consumes all. Well damn thx for running op, same thread different day.
Ah ok. Night op.
I'm still around for a few more minutes.
I'll try to return in about 10h give or take.
I've rolled on my own for the other camps and you guys are gonna be pleased at the loot and other goodies found in the camps
good job OP, really like that we're in the iron islands.

What year does this take place?
This takes place before raeghar is killed. Lots of the main players in the books are adolescents or younger.
Hello everyone, I said I'd be back in 10h. Well, work is playing tricks on me and I won't be home for at least 4h.
Nice, another GoT quest! Will read up before OP returns :).
Okay back from work, I'll need another 30 mins to make some grubs.

It isn't long before another scream ring out, the whimpering and the panicked "no, no, no" tells me that whoever my attacked is, he won't be long from this life, I peek cautiously over the rim of my shield to see Olyvar and one of the bodyguards standing over the prone form of a man holding his crotch, "me bloody cock" can be heard growing fainter by the second. A few whimpers and finaly the man pass on, the bloodloss making him lose consciousness and he dies rather peacefully, the fighting was starting to die down before I got shot but now it is truly and well finished.

At my side the second man in charge of my protection is keeping his shield at an angle giving me protection, looking this way and that before darting back toward me, when he catch me watching him he ask in a concerned voice "I believe the day is won, Young Lord. We need to treat that arrow wound before Rodrik and Jeor report their findings."

I like his style, cold, efficient and to the point. A nod from him and a mumbled name tells me that my first dressing down of the day is at hand. Melwyn stares at me with an unreadable expression, it isn't long before he sigh and tells me to follow him, we walk for about a minute, getting quite a few stares from our fellow men, before they turn back to their works and reach a hastily made triage area where the few wounded from our side are treated along the more grieviously injured bandits.

A rumble stops my gawking and I see the ex-captain with an impatient look "we need to treat this bloody wound." It's just a flesh wound I offer, they should focus on the most important injury since we'll need more bandits alive for questionning. His returning glare brooks no argument and I relent and get myself treated. it takes a few moment, during this time I ponder whether or not I should talk about my performance.

>What do, and how?

>Pure fanboy, did you notice me kicking ass and taking names senpai?
>Did I do adequate, sir?
>I messed up, didn't I?
>>Pure fanboy, did you notice me kicking ass and taking names senpai?
We survived, feeling top of the world!
You might have a hard time playing now: House Malroy Quest is running atm.
true, I'm also having an upset stomach, doesn't make me feel like writing a lot.
I'll use a few hours to relax and write.
Take care!
It strangely doesn't take long for me to disvest myself after the arrow still sticking in my shoulder is removed, by the Drowned God, no wonder we were getting those stares. Now that the shaft is out, I feel quite a lot of more pain, not enough to make me cry out, but now it's almost the only thing on my mind.

"Did you see of I chopped off that guy's arm? Just like in the training yard, felt good too..." I can hardly keep myself from blabering until Melwyn put too much pression on the wound as he asks me to shut up.

"It's good that you feel like a king sitting upon his throne boy, but keep in mind that those were only bandits." He admonish me, a smile is spread on his lips though so he's somewhat proud of me.

"You felt it, huh? The familiarity? Like this was the same old routine I had you perform back home? This is why you stopped after that arrow hit you, you have this habit of going away; your mind elsewhere while your body do it's work on his own." He stops and wait for me to confirm or deny his hunch. I nod and he smiles return.

"It's not a bad habit in itselft, but as you saw, you don't register threats from afar. Mind you no one an register an arrow once it's in flight." He slaps some salve into my shoulder and rub for a second or two. "I'll have to train you harder so it becomes easier for you to focus without getting blind to your surrounding.

It isn't long before my wound is treated, and Melwyn is back to his normal self, "Come now, the boys need to see the man they fought for so his presence can give them strength." his eyes twinkle with a pleased impression, "Don't forget to praise any men that catch your eyes y'hear? They need to feel validated. No need to go all soft on them though, a pat, a nod or a simple good job is enough, we don't want them having an ego like Rodrik now, aye?"

Sharing a chuckle, I can only nod and offer a smile, Lead on then. It takes a few minutes, mostly giving handshakes, backpat, nods and a few goodjobs as he ordained, to reach the outskirt of the battle where the dead, mainly the bandits but a handful of our men lay there as well. As if waiting for us a man in charge of Rodrik's archers approach and with a salute, turns to Melwyn, before stopping and looking between us.

Giving him a nod to continue, Melwyn is in charge of this part of the hunt, not I. He gives me a solemn nod before turning back to Melwyn, "Camp's clear, sir. We've found weapons, food and even some chests full of coins."

"Tell me true soldier, how much coins can a few measly bandits could garner?" Melwyn ask with a smile but soon lose it as the archer clear his throat and starts again, "We are at about a hundred gold dragons, there is also a lot of silver stags, sir, a lot." There is no words to convey the shock of learning that this one camp had this much money, I can only wonder how much wealth hunting these bandits would bring back.

An hour pass durring which we received words from the other camps, they too report an overwhelming success with a handful of lost troops. And they too, report their findings as somewhat bountiful. This prove that these bandits are not just mere bandits, as the closest iron mine would be Lord Chandyl's to the East of Orkwood. Hard to believe a rabble of bandits could raid across the lands of three Lords.

The sun is yet to reach it's zenith before we are ordered to march back to Fraserholm, the walk back is much slower thanks to the wounded men and bandits being guarded as well the various loot taken. Moral is higher than before the attack.

A willfully less nervous Olyvar walks by my sides, it occurs to me that I didn't even thank him for taking down this archer.

>How should you proceed?

>Friendly enough, he deserves as much as another peasant levy who fought by our side.
>Over the top, play it up, not to the point of offering him lands. But something that could be felt as favoritism.

Middle ground? He had our back in battle and deserves the recognition.

Be sure to also acknowledge the other levies but he seems like someone we can get along with. We could use someone our age around us
Fuck, I totaly forgot to put the >Other choice in, and now I'm gonna have to use a bit more of brain power for this. Yeah it could work.

I shoudln't have writer's block this early into the quest, but fuck me if this isn't already happening. Doesn't help that I do most of my thinking on the crapper.
It's cool op. Notice quest. Also supporting >>384702
yup, be a bro to him. He did kinda save us a bit.
"I didn't have the time to thank you, earlier." I say quietly, breaking him out of whatever daze he was under. He gives me a questioning stare not quite understanding. "Thank you for saving my life from this archer, Olyvar" I say simply, offering him my hand.

He stare at my hand, at me then at my hand again before liking his lips and saying, "I fear I don't know what to do or say me'lord..." he finish lamely, "Perhaps it would simply do to shake my hand and say 'you're welcome, cunt' or something of this nature?" I say, watching him growing pale again, "I wouldn't dare me'lord" he mutters to my amusement, finaly reaching for my hand he shakes it vigorously with a "You're welcome, bloke."

From the corner of my eyes I see a few men staring at us, they seem comfortable wielding their spears, or axes as weapons of wars and not working tools, maybe it's the battle high that is making me say it but I can hardly help it.

"You and the whole unit worked admirably, I cannot promise you it'll be allowed but I'll try to have you inducted as the garrison of Fraserholm. You all would be wasted if we let you go back to the farms" Olyvar's eyes widen at this declaration, I can see a lot of surprised stare, Melwyn too is surprised before a grin worms it way on his face.

>Should the Levy turned into a garrison unit, you'd lose the 2 Population pop, puting you at 22. You'd also need to spend 1 Power from your current 2(the levy took 1 point from the 3 leftover from house creation.).
>Upon returning home I'll roll a few d3s to see how much of power/wealth and law you've earned from clearing the bandit camps. You'll also earn exp to spend, or use. But I need to write a bit more before going there.
It isn't long before we regroup with the other two hunt parties, with them too being in good mood and burdened with prisoners and wounded along with coins, food, and some weapons or armors.

Rodrik and Jeor making their way to Melwyn, a satisfied smile upon their lips, they reach us in silence, and the smallfolk around us make room for us to talk, an order from Melwyn to watch the prisoners and walk the perimeter is obeyed with great fervor to the amused eyes of the three captain. "I admit that I didn't though much of the levy when we set out, and I greatly underestimated their strength, I apologize, Melwyn."

So many words to say so little, sometimes I wonder how a warrior from one of the least respected Houses of the Iron Islands could be so damn poetic. Melwyn gives a grunt and slaps Rodrik shoulder before doing the same to Jeor, "how many lost and wounded do you have? Any escaped bandits?" he quickfire, the shake of Jeor's head at the mention of escaped bandits makes all four of us grunts.

This is good, it'll be a while before Ulmer Fyrik sends his men to the raided camp, we could set this to ambush and capture them.

"A dozen wounded and three dead from your levy, two wounded from my men each of them were from unlucky hits" Jeor says, "With better armor those death and half the wounded would have been prevented" He finish. Rodrik is quick to follow up on this, "True, better equipments would have given us a flawless victory, I only lost 1 from an arrow wound, and about ten wounded."

"Let's bloody discuss back at home" Melwyn grumble, Rodrik and Jeor watching him go, soon enough they turn to look at you, "How about you Hoster, what do you say of your first taste of battle?"

>what do you say?

>Could hardly call that a battle, the bandits turned out to be poorly trained. We suffered those death and wounds because they ganged up on the unfortunates.
>Training never mentioned how different bones break or how blood flows. The tension and intensity can either turn the tide for or against you.

>gonna make a break here to think of a good way to finish the return, or maybe I'll just make a skip scene thing and work on the post cleaning council.
draft them into the Garrison, they fought well and it betters their station. Makes us look generous too and gets the people on our side more, at least i would think so.

"Aye, it was a fight. It made me realize some of my and our weaknesses as well. The Gods have decided we have an opportunity to better ourselves, we should make the most of it and train even harder. Next time it may not just be brigands."

Thirding, though change it to God, the Iron Islands only has one after all
My bad, i'm not really up on GoT lore. Used to fantasy being largely polytheistic.

No problem man, the mainland has the Seven and the Old Nameless Gods but the Iron Islands worship the Drowned God
Actually, this and Awake in Westeros prompted me to download some of the fluff for it earlier, just haven't started reading it yet. It just got tacked onto an already long list of catch-up fluff for me.

I'll pick it up soon, i swear!

Yeah I've got quite a list on my end as well, this universe does not disappoint though, written up by a true grognard
Well, I may have to tuck into some rum&coke and get reading. Everything i've heard about GoT so far has been pretty cool. Definitely adding this to the "To Read NAOW" list. Right after payday.
It was great, the flow, the intensity but it also really highlighted the fact that training can only take you so far, that live bodies are the best for improving your skill. I look forward to the next chance to grow stronger.
Okay, guys. I'm kinda back and I have bad news.

Since yesterday I've tried to work around this stupid block but there's nothing I can do, I'm stuck in a ditch and the more I force myself to write the deeper this hole dig itself.

I managed to finish the talk with Rodrik and Jeor, even made it to the post action council where the levy gets turned into a garrison but I wanted to make a victory feast in honor of the 1st real action the House got going for itself in 2 or 3 years and nothing comes out. I had to crawl my way to this finish line and I can't say that I like what I've written to finish this, yet again, no words come out to fix that.

Over the weekend I had written off a number of nodes for me to switch out on the fly depending of the direction the quest would run out but each of these nodes gives me 0 words to put their general ideas on text. I don't want to kill the quest, but I don't think I can run it while I'm still stumped by this.

I'll put the update I got out and archieve the thread.
"it was a fight." You nod at that, it made you realize some of your weaknesses, weaknesses that Melwyn will beat out of you in the coming weeks.

Jeor gives a slight grimace and shake his head as if pitying you."It also made me realize that we are weakened without a good line to weather the tides of opponents we'll surely face in the near future." they both nods to that."The Drowned God have decided we have an opportunity to better ourselves, we should make the most of it and train even harder or drown come the next thing stronger than brigands."

You're hardly a pious man, in fact not one Fraser have ever been a devout follower of the Drowned God. Maybe you'll have the time to change that when the Drowned Priest will make his round.

With that said, you also explain you got hit by an arrow, at that they both starts and demands if you are okay, you calm them down and show them that while tender, you still have most of the motions of your shoulder. A good meal, and a few hours to rest will make great leaps toward getting back in top shape.

A few hours later you are sitting in the council room, relating the events to the fourth member sitting on the center chair. For the first time in a very long time Brendan Fraser, your Lord Father is sitting in his chair. Listening intently to the play by play of Jeor and Rodrik's units. He almost didn't acknowledged you, prefering to focus on his senior advisors.

Keeping your peace and your face blank you only talk when Melwyn demands confirmation of this minute details or that one. It took you a moment to understand the game at play and you would have make a fool of yourself if not for Jeor giving you a wink and a nod.

Before long the tally of Bandit hunt is as such:
>+2 power; +3 Law; +3 Wealth

Defense 29
Influence 20
Land 24
Law 8
Population 24
>(-2 peasant levy)
Power 26
>3(-1 peasant levy)+2
Wealth 20

>This was your ressources at the end of the House creation phase.
"What else needs to be said now, I am not quite yet ready for those long seating" My father mutter, I can see him starting to lose focus. He finaly catch my eyes, even though the tiredness is visible inside of them, the pride in them is showing.

Melwyn's cough breaks the moment, "I would like the permision of the Lord Fraser to elevate the smallfolk levy into a true garrison," he says after a minute, letting the silence hang long enough, before continuing, "As both Rodrik and Jeor can attest they held themselve admirably for having being trained for less than two months with only their own weapons and the cloth on their backs." once again the silence return before Rodrik breaks it once more.

"I won't even bother,saying the contrary my Lord. We do need them." This give Jeor leave to nod and agree as well. Lord Fraser studies them for a minute each before turning back to me and for the first time asks me directly. a slight tone of amusement in his voice.

"And what would you say about this proposal, Ser Fraser?" Ser Fraser, there as been very few knights in the Iron Islands thorough our History and myself being the first in a House that is a millenium old is something both of a novelty for our House and the general trend in the Islands.

"We do need them, Lord Fraser." I nods, not bothering to explain the case. I see my father nodding to himself, before nodding to Melwyn, and with that the council come to an end.

>Your peasant levy became a trained peasant levy fighting against the bandits it is now a Trained Garrison, removed another 1 Power, lost 2 Population.

>And this is where I cannot continue further. I'll be around in case you want answers about something, but it might take a while to respond.
Ok, I'll try to help. So do you want to skip a month and do the relative checks involved or you wanna hold the feast first? I say the anons should vote on wether or not we have the feast first.

Personally I think we shouldn't have a feast but a war council. These bandits are rich as hell and pretty swole. Considering this either lots of minor houses or one big house or maybe a bit of both really wants our balls or to piss off harlaw.
Oh yeah additionally with the writing ya do, grammar really is the only issue. Work on your plurals for a start, that should improve the fluidity a good deal.
IM very happy with how your doing man, take care of yourself. GoT quests are a rarity and GM like you willing to write as such are just as rare. Rest up, chill and we look forward to seeing you about soon
Well, I like the way you've been running this thing, timeskip of you think it works better, though I think a war council may be more appropriate.

Keep up the good work though, I really like this quest.
Ah, you guys have a point with the time skip. I'll work it in. I'll try to work on my grammar as well.

I've had this impression that I shouldn't take long in writing up the updates so I would give a quick look over, and if I didn't see anything too wrong with it I would post it.

I forgot that this isn't a race and that the board is slow enough to allow updating over multiple days. Thanks for reminding me.
>board is slow enough
yes, a few updates a day is cool, no race :).
>shouldn't take long in writing
When people read it in the archives (which most people will do because time) the frequency of posts matters little - though player retention plays a role here somewhere

Looking forward to some Iron Born raiding :)!
File: ASOIAF EXP Spend.jpg (235 KB, 559x832)
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It has been two weeks since the Bandit hunt and slowly peace and lawfulness are starting to set upon the lands, there is much to be done though, the newly made garrison is hard at work practicing and keeping the peace, aided in that by the archers, their rounds catching many a petty criminal.
>The +3 Law in effect.

Furthermore, by taking down the more active bands of thieves and confiscating their ill gotten gains, a small amount of money is starting to flow back into our coffers, there is even talk about financing the rebuilding of the house surrounding the port and the market place. Doing so would require money and time; but the mood is such that now people are willing to think about it where this was but a dream a week ago.

>The +3 Wealth taken from the bandits. I went and rolled another dice and got another +3, I added this result as reward for the action.

Not everything is going as planned it though, the granary where your smallfolk held its reserves of food are still being "protected" by the remnant of Mewyn's Infantry much to the displeasure of your garrison, who had to retreat to lick their wounds given by the still more experienced unit. The scuffle, sadly damaged the building and this is a drain of resources the House could have done without.

The bandits we interrogated didn't take long to crack and spill everything they knew, mostly nothing save..

>Roll me a 4d6, best of 3. I'll write the result of the investigation at a later date.
>Hoster earned 30 exp from the action, you can spend it or cash it for a later day.You might want to take a dice in Stewardships.

I managed to write a bit, gonna take it slow and post from time to time. Will post a uncomplete character sheet so you can have a rough idea of Hoster's stats, don't mind the blanks.
File: Hoster Fraser.jpg (219 KB, 791x1024)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I need to find the lists with all the abilities/specialities you can spend your exp on.
There it is. Rest of the update is coming next.

If you need to understand what each of those do, here is a link with about everything related to the system.

You mainly need the GoT Edition rule book and the Out of Strife PDF found in the chronicle folder.
Sitting at another council, the three warriors are once again discussing the path to take in the coming weeks. While they are mostly in agreements to continue searching and cleaning bandits wherever they might be found they are at odds.

"I'm telling you, we need to push harder, we could even take back the forest and its timber camp, from there we'd be on an even stronger position." Rodrik aggressive approach has its merits, we have the advantage and we need to keep it for the longest, the logs would help us greatly in rebuilding the town proper, it would also speed up the recovery of our economy but it isn't without any risks either.

"We're stretched too thin, we don't have enough men to keep Fraserholm and the forest secure." Melwyn sigh, "We also need to take back the granary, we can't afford to have the food in the hands of a force not in service to Lord Fraser" He explains, "It would send a message, a message we cannot afford. 'House Fraser cannot protect her holdings.', no one would be taking us seriously if we allowed this to continue."

Setting his jaw, a shadow crossing his eyes, he finish with a quiet "I need to meet them and make them see reason, maybe I could even have them retaken into service, at a lowered rate of pay and with some punishments of course." This last bit is said looking at my father who looks guilty knowing that this was caused by him in a moment of weakness.

"Taking them back would also send a message, that we are too soft. This too would make us into a House no one would dare take seriously." my father says, "I know that my actions makes us look like a mummer's farce. I'm sorry it had to come to this, but you know as well as I do." Melwyn nods sadly, "We need to kill some of them, the ones too far gone and the one who is taking them down this way. Olyvar has to die."

The cold tone in which this said makes me look in amazement and a bit of fright if I can admit, it is the first time I've heard my father condemn someone to death.

A heavy silence pervade the room, even though Olyvar turned traitor, he was still a fighter who fought and bled with these men, having entered service of my father twelve years ago, they all, had some point trained him and had used him as a training partner myself.

Jeor, the last to voice his opinion, albeit not with the same confidence as the other two, thanks for going after my father sentencing someone to death. "We could also reach out for another Lords to aid us and make trades, words reached Lord Lothston and I'm sure Lord Chandyl would be in an agreeable mood after we offered him some of his weapons and iron shipments."

True, by offering the ores and arms back as well as a few bandits for them to judge and punish, we lost a bit of quality iron that would have helped our men but were rewarded by a generous donation of 600 Dragons.

"I know that we hardly have anything to trade with, but Chandyl lands are even more in need of food than us, Lord Tawney is as usual an hardass and only give his bannermen the minimum to make them survive." He gives an owlish grin before continuing, "I'm not saying that I've heard it from a reliable source, but Lord Lothston is still hurting from his route and would welcome any help in retaking his quarry. Would he even trade some of these stones at a discount in thanks for joining his action I cannot say, I was a bit too distracted at this point to inquire." He finish grinning broadly and waggling his eyebrows at my father's scowl.

"Who was it this time? Jenna?" He demands, "You need to stop spending your coins on whores, Jeor, don't you think you should start looking for a wife and raise a family" He finish with a huff. For ten years my father has been pestering his bastard brother to get a wife and build a family of his own, so far it hasn't worked. Much to the amusement of Melwyn and Rodrik it seems, as they join Jeor in laughing.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" He respond teasingly, "It was Asha, with the huge tracts of land." He makes a gesture of a very generous bust, before returning to a more serious mood, "There was also the talks that Ol' Brynsalt is looking for a drunk enough fool to marry his girl."

House Brynsalt is the fourth wealthiest House of Orkwood, some would even say the second if it wasn't sworn to the Orkwood. For a long time there has been animosity between our two Houses to the point of a war some four hundred years ago where we nearly destroyed each others before a Northman host landed on their shores, unwilling to stand shoulder to shoulders with our enemies we were slow to march to their aids.

We lost a good portion of the forest between us to the Goodbrothers that sailed to their rescue, the Shitpost Tower and it's lands has been gifted to the Brynsalt as payment. In recent years though, Arnolf Brynsalt was good friend with Harlan Fraser, my grandfather.

While he was never hostile to my father from what I've been told, he was never welcoming either.

2/3 last update for now.
"He's still trying to marry her? She's close to forty isn't she?" My father ask, his eyes widen in horror at the trap set by the captain, "You're fucking joking, right?"

The smug look Jeor gives him as he cross his arms over his chest. "Maybe, you, should start looking for another wife?" is unsaid, but everyone can hear it.

Rubbing his neck and clearing his throat my father try to deflect the hit by turning to me, "What would you do, Hoster?"

>Well, what would you do.

>Rodrik's plan.
>Melwyn's plan.
>Jeor's plan.
>Another plan.
Rolled 2, 1, 1, 5 = 9 (4d6)

Rolled 2, 3, 4, 4 = 13 (4d6)

Thank fuck its best of three.
>Melwyn's Plan
We need that Granary, we will get food which we can use to bargin with later, it opens up that option. It deals with a torn in our families social issues with them roaming about but also the men we do keep can be placed to assist in taking the Log House again at a later date...some of whom may die...how unfortunate
Rolled 6, 2, 4, 1 = 13 (4d6)

Fuck I'm late

I vote for a couple things. The most qualified should take a small retinue and set up a trade deal with the blokes who need food. The large majority of the troops along with the most qualified should take on the lumber camp and the rest of our close freinds and personal guard should make a blitzkreig dash for the granary, pierce their lines in a night attack and kill their leader.

Let's make use of our large number of hero like characters shall we?

And I actually vote we up a point in warfare instead of some specialist points in stewardship. I think that's possible right? If we go by the character creation I thing to bump from 2 to 3 was 10 xp so we put up a point in warfare, and bonus dice levels into two of the finer aspects of warfare.

It makes sense with what we are trying to accomplish currently

Can you clarify some more op? These are big discussions.
Hey are we seriously not going to talk about this?

Also where all the other niggers at? We need some fresh blood on this thread bruh two people ain't enough.
Sorry man i'm an Australian and it's midnight but im keen to chat for a bit. I guess I was just talking about what we'd do personally. Skill wise im actually inclined to agree with the Warfare point up. while i'd love to do what the GM said I kinda want our character to build more expiance in combat before they led etc.
>The most qualified should take a small retinue and set up a trade deal with the blokes who need food.
That would be Hoster or his father, and curently Brendan isn't too good for travel, it'd takes a full day to reach Chandyl's lands.

>The large majority of the troops along with the most qualified should take on the lumber camp
Melwyn is the best at giving orders and Jeor is the best at killing shits, they'd both be beaten by Brendan if he was fit for it.

>a blitzkreig dash for the granary, pierce their lines in a night attack and kill their leader.
They've been trained by Melwyn for this kind of thing that's why they slapped the garrison's shit.
In any case the granary dudes would be MPs or mercenaries, right now they work for no one by they sent words that they'd like to come back and don't want to take banditry.

The unit is split kind of evenly with about 40 guys who wants nothing of becoming bandits, 30 who are on the fences and can switch back and forth and 20 who chose the thug lyfe. Those 20 needs to die, but you need to find them 1st.

Which you have an idea where to look, thanks for passing the check.
>Jeor's plan to get allies
>Lord Lothston >retaking his quarry
Does he have the same problem? An enemy at his quarry? Should be beneficial to both of us then to help clean each others mess up. Lifelong ally! We can raid together with him next time!

>Melwyn: retaken into service
Can we pretend to take them back and then kill them all? Red Wedding of Justice! Our legend is born!

warfare sounds good, also axe fighting seems to make us live longer...
>trade deal >food
We have food problems ourselves, no?

>night attack >trained by Melwyn for this kind of thing
Damn. Sounded nice to surprise them :)

>they sent words that they'd like to come back
So... we take them back! No fighting or losses, yay. We just have to kill some of them, which they might not want because they're all brothers in arms, right?
Also you could find a name for the Personal Guard.
Right thanks for the clarification.
Also no pressure.

So yeah I'm inclined to agree with melwyin in taking the granary.

Speaking of the stat point allocation, we can put war to level 3 and can put 2 bonus die into two separate specialties or put 2 bonus die exclusively to stewardship. Personally I think we should put 1 point into warfare, a bonus dice into tactics and another into the other one I forgot. Ya know the one that isn't the inspiring one. Reasoning behind this is hoster is more than enough of an inspiration with his axe, The more macro aspects of warfare are more important though.
About that, that one faggot last thread that had that idea for the hall name also had ideas for the personal guard that was really dope imo.
me too... twitter please!

>name for the Personal Guard
First Axes? As our protagonist seems to be quite fond of axes.

What does that entail? Just being better at managing our stuff?
>We have food problems ourselves, no?
We're living the high life compared to them.

>So... we take them back!
Mind you, being an Ironborn you can't afford to look weak, you gonna have to chop some fingers and flog the shit out of them before they thank you for the punishment and some other things if you had a gaol
>high life compared to them
So, we can get a really good deal and an alliance for our food? :)

>can't afford to look weak
Can we take them back and kill half of them? Would they rebel or just be nice and friendly from then on? Don't want our neighbours thinking us too soft and easy pickings or potential allies thinking us unreliable/ without backbone.
Stewardship would be being able to manage your shit when the monthly time skip goes by and we calculate bonuses and shit. But since we aren't the lord yet it won't be too important now.

Also I found what the autist wrote, fucking metal.

>The personal guard will be called the banshee elite, defining characteristic being each member has a a handmade rig from bone or wood in the shape of monstrous mouths that they attach to slots in their helmets to amplify sound and contort it to produce various horrifying screeches and bellows. Under the tattered rags of the guard is heavy armor.
>>The personal guard will be called the banshee elite
Didn't the MC's dad get a bad rep. about being mad? Too soon for elaborate introductions of traditions of questionable taste, I think. Though, maybe the Ironborn think this ok and cool :).
I just think it's badass aside from practical application, like holy shit. But yeah if we are gonna name the guard than it should be JUSTice of fraser
>we can put war to level 3 and can put 2 bonus die into two separate specialties or put 2 bonus die exclusively to stewardship.
Yes, you could put warfare to 3 and put a point into Command, Strategy and Tactics, or two into one single.

I'm not gonna lie, the only thing I remember about that is Hag Wallows. And I still kek softly at the name.

You're not late since I didn't set a time, I'm kind of a faggot and don't wanna make a twitter account just yet, if the quest really takes off I'll change my mind but right now I don't feel confident enough. I mean I just got writter's block on the 1st real thread of the quest.

>Just being better at managing our stuff?
In short, yes. Means you also can pump out just a bit more of goodies when the month ends and it's time to make the shekels dance.

Right now, I've only managed to lose resources in 7/10 rolls on my own.
Putting two bonus dice into one specialty costs 30 xp so putting warfare to 3 and strategy and tactics up one would use the 30 xp up perfectly.
File: ASOIAF House Fortunes.jpg (33 KB, 463x394)
33 KB
Let's make a quick test. Roll me a 2d6-2.
This is your current House Fortune.
Rolled 4, 6 + 2 = 12 (2d6 + 2)

My bad that was supposed to be -2 we are in decline.
Fuck me that puts us at eight not 10. Fucking smash my head out of my skull I need a break. We are -in fact- in growth
Rolled 5, 3 - 2 = 6 (2d6 - 2)

GOLD! And ships full of our men!
Rolled 1, 5 - 2 = 4 (2d6 - 2)

>pump out just a bit more of goodies
Sounds great! Ironborn Steward Quest can start! :)
>warfare to 3 and put a point into Command, Strategy and Tactics
Yes! We have few soldiers but can do many things with them in that case. Or at least we won't lose them directly after we get them...
Well it's either one or the other, we only have 30xp.
This is what a growth, boon or decline means from your rolls
Ah, then I support getting Warfare 3. Stewardship increase does sounds really nice too though... more money, more men to command...

>nice 8
Sounds good. Can we rebuild our port and start raiding the Reach? Or is that a big no-no still :).
And this is what Command, Strategy and Tactics do.
Oh okay I didn't know command was used for that, we have high agility so tactics is meh, so one bonus dice into command and strategy then? Seems like the best plan of action to me

Also we should use our growth to add 1 wealth, every scrap counts.
>Can we rebuild our port
That's one thing that require another thing before it can be done.
To rebuild the Port you'll need to upgrade your hamlet into a small town, this cost 20 Lands.

I've handwaved that by saying that you had a small town historically, since your house is a millenium years old. Shit happened and most of your town burned, along with the port, the market and the dry docks you had.

Since the foundations are already there, a bit burnt but let's not be picky, I won't require that much lands for rebuilding the town. You'll just have to pay 66% of the cost a new town would cost you, 13 lands and a bit of money, the more you pour into the faster it gets rebuild.

You guys have only 1 land currently, and 8 Wealth
>we should use our growth to add 1 wealth
Not yet, as I said this is a roll you'd have to make as it is.
I'm gonna be called a faggot by at least someone but fuck it.
Lets pretend that you've taken a dice into stewardships, now your house fortune is 3d6-2.

Gimme some rolls with that and remember the tables>>390274 and >>390289
Wait what? I don't understand Understand what's happening right now, clarify please. Why do we have to roll again and why are we rolling again with 3d6, this makes zero sense to me.
Amuse me. I'll make it clear soon enough.
Rolled 4, 1, 5 - 2 = 8 (3d6 - 2)

Well, Stewardship is really nice to have...
When we add troops, do we have maintenance costs? Like we have more troops but less gold each month?
Amuse you? What are you gay? Can't explain a little mechanics n shit to a dumbanon? What kinda op are you, destroying the thread like that, hell your such a faggot if I wasn't so straight I might suck your dick ya know? I bet your such a faggot your blushing as you read this you dirty slut, yeah fuck me op...
Rolled 5, 6, 3 + 2 = 16 (3d6 + 2)

No but seriously ill roll
Godamnit +2 again, result is actuallly 12 for my roll which is a boon
This is a hard question. The only answer is Do you want to have less money around because you want to pay your troops?

You're asking me if I want a club to bash your head with.
/tg/ never did it, I don't see why I would either.
Now if you hit 0 wealth and stay at 0 for a while, this has never happened, a QM could play it as unrest among your men and they'll start doing shitty work, if it keeps going at 0 at some point they'd just leg it and steal whatever they can find.

Like I said, it's kinda hard talking about that never, and hopefully never will, happened.

a 8 doesn't help me much, I've hoped for 12 or 14.
But that's still growth, and we could add a 1 to wealth, what are you talking about op
File: Billy Mays.jpg (90 KB, 425x240)
90 KB
Nice, thanks for amusing this faggot.
A boon is a 1d6 into ONE resources or a 1d3 into TWO.

A growth is just +1 into something.

BUT WAIT. I heard you wanted to put a +1 or a 1d3 or even a 1d6 into Wealth? You best be ready for having your mind blown.

Wealth is a greedy bitch, she wants more, she NEEDS more, the House right now has a slight bonus in wealth gathering thanks to the Salt Works and the other holdings it meanst that everytime you put at least 1 point into wealth, You have to roll a 1d3.

This means, this boon? a 1d6 in Wealth is in fact 1d6*1d3.

This is all thanks for having the bonus dice in status, which I cannot allow you to raise other than this way.
meant 1d6+1d3
So we are rolling with the boon instead of growth? Also kek.
Holy fuck I can't understand any of this shit. OP get your shit together, do one thing at a time with proper explanations and then move on. Jesus Christ.
The quests in the setting could be named a Game of Jews, by having more shekels, you can BUY more shekel gathering holdings that'd turns the 1d3 bonus into a 1d6, then a 2d6 then a 3d6, just for money.
Sooo, we are really lucky with Wealth: Gold-plated raider armour for everyone :).
Yeah, noticed that with tg: Being clubbed might be nice if you want to keep the House small and neat.

did we have a consensus/majority with that decision? Much discussion there :).

The real Iron Bank.
Nonononono bad op. Start from the beginning.
>why are we doing the house fortune rolls and what does it mean
>how did our rolls affect the bullshit you said afterwards
>chronologically clarify yourself for fucks sake, I'm not looking at the pdf for sifrpg right now, I don't even have it.
I'll make it simple, very simple.
>if you don't take Stewardships you're a faggot.

Sure you could take command, strategy and even swiming if you wanted to swim for some reason. Yeah that'd make you a better character overall, but you'd still be a faggot.
Ah, so you wanted to demonstrate that with the 30exp we still have to spend, we should take Stewardship because it's op? Ok, I'm in.
Take Stewardship!
Right so your railroading us because you can't think of a good way to write up a situation where we have no dosh?

Op your fucking retarded, it's very simple. We run into debt. We have two options, 1 take a loan or 2 kill off the bandits in the granary to recover lost wealth.

After hosted has a bad experience with being in debt he should take strides to combat that and put 2 levels into stewardship the next batch of xp comes around.

This is stupid simple storytelling and logical progression 101

>hoster wants to get rid of bandits
>he gets good and spends time with his men learning how to command better making rapid progress in a months time
>oh shit the coffers are empty
>time to fuck up bandits
>don't want to lose money again time to learn how to Jew.

This is very. Fucking. Simple.

I just played out the next 50 posts with just this man come on.
I understand that many of you might have never followed one of the GoT quest on /tg/, but the archieve is there and is the best explanation into why everyone do it one way and why I'd call you a fag for taking a path that would make sense to you.

In thruth, warfare is used if you are the commander fighting from way back,away from the front line.
In this case and only in this case does it makes sense, and even then it barely makes sense.

If you are in the thick of things warfare is useless, because the requirement for doing one action is stupid.
>You see this action.
>You chose this order, you need to roll for this order to be relayed to your men.
>You failed the check? Your men spend a turn doing nothing.
>You passed the check? Your men now must roll to pass the order check.
>They failed the roll? They waste a turn.
>They passed the roll? it does nothing, because the enemy pass their will save.
Well that's super gay. So front line commanders are next to worthless in terms of passive battle involvement? They don't get negative modifiers to being on the front line even though they can still command instead of not being able to at all?

Fine op, if you won't compromise and brew a simple system that makes frontliners more viable then I'll just go with stewardship. Double bonus dice for 30xp, fucking hell this is a mess.
This is the simpler version in fact the real version is.
>You see this action.
>You chose this order, you need to roll for this order to be relayed to your men. You cannot attack when ordering.
>You failed the check? Your men spend a turn doing nothing. You waste a turn doing nothing .
>You now must spend another roll ordering your men to stop doing nothing, this makes you do another turn doing nothing.
>You passed the check? Your men now must roll to pass the order check.
>They failed the roll? They waste a turn.
>They passed the roll? it does nothing, because the enemy pass their will save.
Right so warfare is useless either way.

Stewardship now.
I'm also going to be gone for a bit.
Im cool for stewardship too Builder, thanks for clearing that up man
Sure, i'll place a late vote for Stewardship too.
K I'm back, so next posting session when?
"I agree with Melwyn, we need to retake the granary. Having half of the unit back into service once they have been properly chastised would help us in retaking the woods and, if we are quick enough, help Lord Lothston retakes his holding."

I explain, even at half strength the men managed to repel a more numerous force without suffering casualties nor causing any, it would be a waste to let them rot guarding a building. "From what we've gathered questioning the bandits, a small group of raiders is set near the caves marking the limit of our lands and Lord Lothston, it could either be the base of the men who took his quarry or Olyvar's." It wouldn't do to open trades, only to have the goods stolen by bandits, the same thing would happen with the timber camp if we attack right now.

"Who would go meet with the men at the camp, beside Melwyn?" Jeor ask "I don't think they'll take kindly to a bunch of armed men telling them to piss off or return into our service." I glance quickly at Melwyn and see him glancing my way, "I will be with him, with a token force." I have no doubt they won't be hostile but it is better to be prepared.

>Roll 4d6 against a formidable DC Pesuasion check.Best of 3.

"I will send men investigating the caves, and the timber camp, if you would allow it." Rodrik grunts out, "Observe and report?" he gives a nod to my father who allow it with a nod of his own.

"As far as the law go, the woods are still ours, it is just that due to an increase of bandit activities, and the poor management of our lands, House Fyrik deemed necessary to move in and 'secure' the camps." Lord Fraser explain, "I expect that now that the House is slowly getting back on its feet, he'll 'graciously' leave the premises, though I understand that his men are barely better than the bandits they've chased." He finish with a grin. "Hoster, would you be kind enough to look into Osmund's bookkeeping and see that our claims are legitimate?"

"What do you mean my Lord, these woods have been parts of your lands since your House founding?" Rodrik asks confused, a sentiment that is shared by the rest of the council.

"House Fyrik is nothing more than a puppet dancing to the tune of the real villain there, Only House Brynsalt had claims to the woods equal to ours and they barely worked them as they'd made better uses of their mines."

While it is true that House Brynsalt's underground if rick in ores such as iron, tin copper and lead, they are also one of the few source of silver found in the archipelago and the quality of their crafted goods make them a trade partner of choice.

"The Goodbrothers are the one pulling the strings, they wanted the wood ever since they set foot on the island, it is them we worry about."

>the roll is mainly for calming the guys anxiety.
If House Fyrik is a rabid dog snarling and attacking anything and anyone, House Goodbrother would be the master that raised the dog to be this way, unlike the main branche and some of the older cadet branches, this one is truly a despicable one whom longships would raid trade vessels coming and going to the different ports of the island and even going so far as making a living on deliberately luring ships to break upon the rocks hiding beneath the waves during the storms battering our Realm.

"Before long, I don't doubt we'll be in open conflict with House Fyrik. If this happen, they will call upon their sworn House for aid." And this sworn House, the Goodbrother, won't hesitate to call for aid to its own sworn House, the main Goodbrother House of Hammerhorn and its other four cadet branches.

"Could we take House Fyrik on our own? I have no doubt, could we take House Goodbrother of Orkmont? Maybe with allies. All of them? No, we need to prove that Ulmer Fyrik has overstepped his bond before Lord Harrag Goodbrother raise his banners." He finish and sit back into his chair. "We will need to repair the port before long or beg passage to either House Brynsalt or Lothston."

"It would take us four days to travel to Orkwood by lands, more if the weather turns bad, do we truly need to go by ship? I mean our finances can hardly afford that." Jeor points, Lord Orkwood is the Lord ruling over the whole island and with the wealthiest thanks to House brynsalt being sworn to it and one of the very few House wishing to return to the Old Way where raiding and pillaging is the law.

"We could go to Lord Orkwood and make our case, true. We should go to Lord Orkwood, but there is another, better, safer Lord to present our case. For us to not wage war against the damned Goodbrothers and all its ilk, we need to plead before Lord Gorold Goodbrother of Hammerhorn."

The second or third most powerful Lord of the Iron Islands, and like Lord Orkwood, ruler of the Island of Great Wyk.
>roll me a 4d6 for cunning.
Rolled 1, 2, 3, 1 = 7 (4d6)

Round 1
Rolled 6, 5, 4, 6 = 21 (4d6)

Rolling for Cunning
Rolled 5, 1, 4, 3 = 13 (4d6)

Round 2
They are quite nervous letting you go meet these guys.
On the other hand you just remembered something that could make the case a lot easier to win, if you pass the rolls against the guy and don't fuck it up.
Sick. I left that last roll for someone else if they were about
File: Bad news, my lord..gif (1.14 MB, 260x146)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
"Well, Why not reach out to Lord Harlaw first then?" If we are to meet with the movers and shakers of the Realm might as well meet them all. "Besides, if Lord Harrag won't hesitate to call up the House he is sworn to, why not do the same and call up the Harlaws?" Rodrik Harlaw is a learned man, many calling him by the moniker 'The Reader' by his habit of reading by all times, even when commanding his personal ship.

"I am not so certain Lord Harlaw would be amiable to hear our plea," mutter my father, "Not after this letter I sent during my episode." He grimace, it is true that the content of the letter could be enough reason for a Lord to raise his banners and march to war, the fact that Rodrik The Reader didn't, tells about the character of the man, we will certainly have to bend the knee and accept whatever punishment he bestows us but I am fairly certain that he would sponsor our case to Lord Gorold and the other ruler Lords, maybe even Lord Quellon as he is one of the adviser of the Lord Reaper of Pyke.

"We could also make use of his library to research if The Sickness as ever been reported outside of our House. Maybe even petition for a maester ourselves." I replies giddy at the prospect of browsing the vast library of The Reader.

"My Lord concerning the port, wouldn't it be in our interest to repair the destroyed portion of the town first?" Jeor ask, it is actually a good question as the town we now control is burned down for the most part, it would require woods and stones to rebuild the settlement, resources that we are lacking currently," I know that trying to handle too many projects at once is dangerous in our current state, but.." He finish with a shrug.

"Jeor is right my lord, the fire displaced some of our workforce to the lands of Lothston and Fyrik, some even further than that. They'd surely come back if words reached them that repairs where considered, the market and the port would makes peddling our salt that much easier, as our merchants wouldn't have to travel to Lonestone." Rodrik points out.

"I am fairly certain that we can come back from this, my Lord, as long as we proceed cautiously and make sure to give Fyrik and his master enough reason not to pursue his agenda." Jeor claims, a boast that Rodrik and Melwyn share with less enthusiasm that the captain.

The council ends abruptly when a member of the garrison breaks into the room.

"I bear bad news my Lord, the granary is under attack."

The situation as quickly escalated.

End of Chapter 2.
I'm fucking Late again.

Archieved here.

It'll be a few days before I run again, I'm rereading the /tg/ quests to get the right feel on how to make the action scenes and everything.

I kind of regret twisting your arms into taking stewardships instead of what you, the players, wanted. Although I'm not sure how I could explain an unit of veteran/elite soldiers taking orders from a kid who's only combat experience is fighting a bunch of bandits.
There are always going to be justifications. And if you the qm feel as if those justifications are not enough the power lies in you to make the consequences. I am still a bit salty, but since I figured that warfare is useless it doesn't bother me that much. Better yet you could have redone the war systems to better suit the quest and your writing style in general.
>The Granary is under attack.


If we don't fuck up SOMEONE'S shit, I will be so disappointing.
Alright qm, the thread general is up right now, read it.

Besides that I thought I would provide some consideration on how to switch up some things, namely the warfare system. I'd really appreciate it if all the anons in attendance of this quest previously were to vote if this is a good idea or not.

Again ultimately it is the qm who makes the final cut, but really I'm just trying to help you out because it is clear that your new and with the style of quest that your running with lots of writing your taking a lot of weight on your shoulders. It would have been easier for you if you had just made it a largely minimalist writing platform for basic decisions and room made for more elaborate setpeices during crucial story moments. But alas you took the high road and I'd like to help compensate.

The problem with the ware fare system as it is now is that it inherently takes a lot of time to accomplish anything meaningful on a format like 4chan. It would run more smoothly on rolld20 or on a tabletop due to the consistency of retention and rolls, essentially that needs to change by compressing rolls and streamlining so that multiple rolls can translate into one setpeice. This is how I propose it should be accomplished whilst retaining sufficient complexity to keep everyone engaged.

>the fundamental values
These values about the warfare skill and the specialties under it should change in these ways: warfare as the skill will mostly be the same, the objective here in what I'm trying to accomplish by the way is creating a ck2 related system, anyway. Warfare will still have 7 levels of dice to keep continuity with the rest of the system and will mean the same thing. Extra dice, thematically it represents the relative experience, reputation, talent, and soldiery respect all summed up into a relative amount of dices that directly affect performance. The real changes come in specialty changes.

>Specialty changes
I'm going to try to make this the least bit confusing as I can. So there are 3 specialties that do different things, this will stay the same, but there is a couple things I would like to propose, command should stay the same for the most part, it should affect how well soldiers listen to orders and how well they can be changed to suit immediate needs, this is important as this should only affect the direct action of the soldier and the willingness to change it in the heat of battle. It can also be repurposed to rally routing troops or restore discipline in some way, give troops a second wind. Etc. strategy and tactics are what I think should take the biggest changes.

>Reactive ability and planning ability
Renamed from strategy and tactics respectively should be overhauled. Both of these should be calculated in bonus percentage to the total roll instead of bonus dice, now bear with me, it's strange I know but if you have any concerns voice them. The way this will work in practice is this:
>practice scenario with explanation
Two armies meet in battle. Immediately two options are presented, planing or preemptive attack. Preemptive attack is a simple command and reactive roll, if the command Roll is failed, then reactive roll bonuses will not apply in the attack made. This is vice versa for defending in a preemptive attack. Naturally since there is no planning there will be no planning bonuses, and the battle will fall to reactive rolls for checks until a disengage is made. Planning is also pretty simple, how well you do on your planing roll adds to the total bonus of the final roll for combat, however plans can be put to ruin by major reactions by the enemy and vice versa. Plans will generally be write ins because fucking hell no one is willing to write all of that shit, command rolls will not be needed to pass planning checks however, which is the main appeal to keep the bonuses. Even though planning bonuses will inevitably be destroyed when facing a badass enemy or one of a similar caliber to oneself, generally speaking if your opponent is incompetent they will be the ones reacting to your superior plans and soldiery. So let's say these armies decide to plan. they both plan quite well, and meet in battle soon after they leave camp the battle starts and here starts the rolling, the first roll signifies gains in an approach, when the two armies are about to clash. Skirmish plans and other harassment will usually take place in this stage, it also sets the speed at which the armies will gain their favourable ground. The second roll is the engagement roll, in between the first roll and this roll commands and reactionary stratagems can be employed. But reactionary strategems will break the planning bonus.
>a couple things to clarify
The fuck is the difference between command and reactionary again? Command gives direct buffs, saves and other minor shifts in unit behavior that do not affect plans short term or reactions long term, it's logic people. Reactionary rolls are direct major orders altering the fundamentals of a plan. These erase the planning bonus and bonus points into this specialty boost the percentage effectiveness to the sum of the rolls, making the warlord better at reactionary warfare. Having a plan is always going to be preferable as it requires less stress and uncertainty to deal with but reactionary warfare is pretty important in nearly every situation when outmatched, it's just difficult because it usually entails command checks in order to keep your soldiers in tip top fighting order.
>right back to the fight
So after the approach stage commanders can make these command and reactionary checks to adjust and bolster certain aspects of their plan to compensate for the enemies. Then it enters the engagement stage where most consistent fighting is expected to happen. After these checks for effectiveness in combat, come another reactionary and command slot in, then the conclusive stage.
>another important thing to clarify
Each unit in the entire army is effected by one planning roll at the start, and if it is a preemptive attack, one command and one reactionary roll. To simplify things obviously. So every unit will have the same planning bonus, but individual commands to buff or reactionary rolls to shift orders will remove the planning bonus from that unit only.
>no fuck off mate this is worthless.
Well I nearly walked myself straight into a fucking brick wall, but it's not over yet... No wait it is... its 1:45 in the morning and I'm actually writing this. Dear god what the fuck my intentions were good I swear! I just wanted to simplify.

>screen shot this please. Dear fucking god I'm crying, I'm waking up all of my neighbors.
Okay I'm back home and I had a read at your proposal and I'll try to explain a few things.

When entering battle, either alone or with an army both opponents must roll for who will go first: this is the initiative roll order.

This initiative roll demand either the Agility roll or the Warfare+Strategy roll of the opponents, whichever is the highest.

In Hoster case Agility would win thanks to his 4 against his 2+0 dice.
In, let's say for example: Stannis Baratheon's case. He wouldn't use his Agility of 3, but his Warfare+Strategy of 5+2. Meaning he would be moving his armies before Hoster.

This is the only use of Strategy, you could fluff it as being how someone who spent most of his time on a battlefield has a certain flair to positioning his armies and/or being a skilled duelist if it's a 1vs1 fight.

Once the Initiative order has been set each unit under one's control must roll their own agility/warfare+strategy roll to see who attacks 1st.

You can roll Warfare+Tactics to give a bonus dice to your units, each degree of success means +1B to your units.

This the the only use of Tactics.

Once the attack order is set, you, the commander can start giving orders.

Your Warfare+Command determines how many orders you can give per turn. In Stannis case it's 5+2, thus 7 orders per turn against Hoster's 2, or +1 from the command dice bonus.

Warfare+Command is also used to roll if your units will follow your orders, simple orders such as attack/move/defend only needs the unit's Discipline check to pass while more advanced orders demands a +3/6 on top of their disciplines. As the commander you can attach yourself to one unit and reduce their Discipline by -3 and giving them a bonus dice in Fighting/Marksmanship.

Now, you didn't explain how much the bonus dice would give in percentage but in Stannis' case it would most likely mean that he'd be grinding his teeth and order his men to "Stop freaking out, it's only wildfire." and they'd go back to marching on King's Landing not giving a fuck, winning the War.

This is how good you're making skilled commanders from what I understood of your system. You'd only fail on 21+ difficulty rolls at higher levels.
Well I gave up. Not gonna finish writing it. Ran myself into a brick wall. And on to of that I actually did wake up my neighbors. Guess we're just gonna have to deal with warfare being bassicly useless.

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