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You're a Biotech student and Bot-battle enthusiast who has awoken in a post-apocalyptic world, were you're last normal human alive. Other species of Homo Sapiens now populate the planet.

- The "beautiful" Nymphs: Descendant of the rich crowd who favored gene-modding themselves, and therefore, have survived the biological warfare and artificial diseases without needing to depend on treatments.
- The stoic and strong Titans: Descendants of Super Soldiers, mass-produced superhumans to be used in the war.
- The powerful and wise Witches: Originally human, they originated from your time, before the apocalypse, and have sustained themselves until now by bio-engineering themselves to the extreme, and "eating" other humanoids to replenish their tissues.


Red's City
-Red Witch: The first witch you met, and an expert in mechanical technology. Enthusiastic, arrogant and self-centered. Stole Witch-technology from Blue to make her what she is now. She has a harem of Nymphs which she uses as livestock, back at the city.
-Adam: The leader of the Red Witch's Nymph harem.
-Laura: Nymph child the Red Witch used as a human bomb which you saved.
-Pampi: Former member of Red's harem, Blue's current apprentice, and your main aid in healing Jenny. Insightful and affectionate, but easily gives into pressure. Ridiculously proportioned Nymph, and one of your lovers.
-Jenny: The closest thing you have to a daughter. Has a child-like passion, and loves books, but he can't read. She is a Nymph you've rescued from being fully digested by the Red Witch, and you've spent a lot of time trying to reverse the damage she has sustained.

Titan Village
-Blue Witch: The inventor of the Witch technology, and living patron saint of the Titan village. Old, patient and maternal. She is an incredibly powerful, but crippled ally, who needs to rest often due to her self-sacrifices for the greater good.
-Black Witch: One of Blue's former apprentices. A titan-witch. Tina's mother and an expert in psychology. Loving and kind but Machiavellian and cold to achieve her goals. Obsessed with the mental limitations Titans have, such as being unable to lie, and their lack of individualism.
-Keiko: A gigantic Nymph/Keiko mix, larger than any other due to liger-like hybrid vigor. Naïve and impulsive, but with a good heart. Finds you immensely attractive because you're neither a Titan or a Nymph, but "right in between".
-Tina: The Black Witch's daughter. Ambitious and insolent. Currently, the only Titan who can lie.
-Titan Elders: Religious group of aged titans which live underground, take care of Blue, and lead the younger ones above.
-Rodri: Gruff titan who went with you on an expedition. A trustworthy man.
-Charles Smith: An Angel. Historian who helped the Titans found their village and religion. Cowardly, but good-natured.

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(Recapping from https://yuki.la/qst/193238 which didn't get archived, but it was just two posts so I'll just pasta the results here and continue off from there)

You knew that the Red Witch was going to trade off Tizona - the only weapon that could kill a Witch, to someone from 'Glitter Island', which was guarded by the Nalcor - a gigantic mech who is stranded on the island.

The problem with Glitter island was that Nalcor. Apparently, Glitter Island got that name from the graveyard of mechs that surround it, enemies which the Nalcor had defeated.

But why would the Red Witch want to sell off the only item that can kill her, given her obsession with her own survival and immortality?

It was a question you mulled on in Pampi's hut, as you ate lunch - chicken with cucumbers. No sauce, no dressings, just that. Titan cuisine was rather bland, but you've gotten somewhat used to it already.

You noticed that there was an odd, muffled sound coming from that new choker Pampi made for herself, when she poked it, and she was poking it a lot recently. It was like a suction cup being attached and detached or something - you couldn't hear it too well.

"Can I clone you?" Pampi then asked, out of the blue. Her pupils turned into hearts as she looked at you, as they had recently developed to do.

"What?" you muttered into the piece of chicken you were putting into your mouth as you blinked. You pulled it out and looked at her. "Clone? Why?"

"J-Just say yes or no!" she chuckled, uneasily. "And, it wouldn't be full cloning, that would take way too long to grow and harvest, not to mention like, I'd have to use up so much material just to make something like that..."

She was right. Harvesting skin like you've done for the Demon Box was fairly easy, but things more complex than that were more troublesome.

"...But anyways! Y-yes or no?" she finalized, looking at you with pleading eyes as she started to knead that choker of hers into her neck with two fingers.

File: 1464416438296.gif (2.07 MB, 500x279)
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2.07 MB GIF

"Why do you keep on poking your choker?" you asked her.

You were going to try to dig out more answers out of her. This was your body and genes after all, and despite Pampi has proven to have the best intentions...iiit was still your body.

"And like cloning, for what?" you added. "What purpose?"

She blushed and looked aside, with a grin. "Aaaah, well...". Her finger went to her neck, as if she was going to poke it again

"See, you're going to do it again." you said.

"I..." she stammered. "I've cloned your lips." she said.

You rose an eyebrow. Then, your eyes widened. That had to be by you felt that pain in your lip. She had taken a sample.

"It helps me when I'm nervous." she said, as she undid the choker, her head leaned downwards in embarrassment.

She showed the inside for a moment, revealing some simple biotech and a crude copy of your lips within, and then quickly slipped it away.

"I want to make more stuff like this." she said.

You sighed. If Keiko was a bomb of being sexual, Pampi has a bomb of being clingy.

"I-I..." she stammered, and then rose a fist, and rose her face to look at you with a face of determination, her heart-pupils pumping. "I-I want to lace my...My underwear with the skin of your h-hands!"

You looked back at her, stunned for a moment at her outlandish request. Then, you chuckled, and held your chin to think of your answer. Having your genes go around was a minor danger. Just some skin or tissue might not be an issue, but considering how much biotech might've advanced, it was still not guaranteed that having Pampi run around with cloned pure-human tissue wasn't dangerous. However, have had the Demon Box laced with your own skin for a lot of time now - weeks, so if it was a problem, it was likely that it should've arose as a problem earlier - which it hasn't.


"No more cloning" you told her. You could then see her face shrink into a pout, but you stopped it as you butted in with: "...But, well, you can keep the choker."

She looked aside, and tapped it some more.

"Well... okay." she muttered.

You sighed to yourself and combed your hair back. This behavior, while Pampi-like, was starting to get weird.

"Why did you make it?" you then sternly asked from her. "Why did you make a choker made with...my tissue? Aren't I like good enough or something?"

She shook her head. "No...No! Purey, you're... good. V-very very good. So much that I want more... More! Just... You. All the time. I want you at every waking moment."

You remembered those several times when you've given her mind-breaking grade sex. Well, that was actually pretty much every single time.

"I..." Pampi muttered, as she went to sit down, and laid an elbow on the table, as her voice darkened. She started to look gloomy. "I've developed a... Fetish for you. Of some kind." she explained, in a serious, detached tone. "I don't know how it's gotten into my head, and... Well. My desires for you have surpassed what can be achieved in reality. So I... I try to supplement that need, somehow."

"You sound a bit like the Black Witch there." you mentioned.

"Yeah, I... asked her about stuff like this, and she doesn't seem to care too much." Pampi replied. "For her, stuff like this is just like a hobby - another 'pointless waste of time for self-gratification' - in her words. Apparently it has the same status as gardening or painting for her."

"So you've talked to her about this before me?" you asked.

"Well, no, of course not!" the Nymph replied. "I never said that I had that... issue. I don't trust Black with my issues anyway - just look at what she did to Jenny and that... drugging and the collar and all!"

"Ah, well. I see."

She started to draw circles in the table as she stared into it, as she poked her collar with her other hand. "So... yeah. That... is what is going on."

"I... I can change it though!" she then blurted, putting her palm on her collarbone and looking at you with determination. "I... Don't want to be a bother! I... I can do whatever it takes! I'll be what you want me to be!"

You could see that her heart-pupils beated intensely as she said that.

Pampi's "issue"
>Tell her to get help from Black for this. (slightly decreased attachment, grip with reality mended)
>Let it be. (no change from the current status)
>Encourage her eldritch fantasies further. (increased attachment, increased eccentricity, lessened grip with reality)

>Write in
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-Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=BioPunk
-Twitter: https://twitter.com/Valencia_qm
-Image Album: http://imgur.com/a/sWXHt
>Let it be. (no change from the current status)
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"No, it's alright." you tell her. You decide to just let it be. While its certainly an odd quirk, it's not something you will take concern with. There were other matters to care care of. Like reaching Glitter Island. Tizona - the Witchkiller sword - was too dangerous to be left around in the world without knowing its exact location - and people from Glitter Island were the ones who the Red Witch was going to trade it of to.

You knew that it was an island, guarded by a massive robot - the Nalcor, and that it had a "graveyard" of defeated droids around it, hence the name "Glitter Island". How would you proceed to reach the people within? How would you organize an expedition to visit this new tribe of people, and gather the information you need?

Glitter Island was a few days away by foot. While you don't have much limitations on what you can take with you, anything you bring will be at risk of loss by the Nalcor or any other unknown danger in the unexplored Glitter Island. Additionally, whatever you bring with you won't be available for defense against anything Red may do against the village in case she performs another attack or gimmick, such as the Nymph bomb she send earlier.

You would go of course with your sniper rifle and your helmet as your standard gear - but what/who else would you bring with you?

Select any amount to take with you on the expedition to investigate Glitter Island. The rest will be defenses against anything Red might attempt to pull off during your absence.
>Squad of combat-ready Titans (up to three max)
>Black Witch
>Demon Box

>Write in
Demon box and black witch.
Robots will be our main enemy there, so it makes sense.
>Demon Box
>Demon box
I'm not so sure what's going on, so I'll stick with these anons.
What does the "Demon Box" do?
>Squad of combat-ready Titans
Makes a lot of sense to me. They can shoot.

Heyo. So, this Quest has become incredibly slow and somewhat unQMable, because replies come in after an hour or more, which makes writing tempo a drag. I'll make an announcement for the quest sooner next time, and run at a more popular timeframe to make sure this doesn't happen again..
It's the nature of QST.

>popular timeframe
Starting time was 02:27:23 for me...
Usually I can only archive read your quests.
If your a quest not born on qst then dont switch over

This is where quests die

I just caught up reading this and it kicks ass O_O
Same here. It's quite enjoyable
Oh, HEY. This isn't dead. What a surprise!
I guess this is super dead. Why would have happened if we encouraged the fetish?
Will there ever be more. I was enjoying this quest

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