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WHAT IS CAPE WORLD: A /tg/ project to brainstorm a super hero setting that accomplishes two chief goals: creating a world in which super powers actively change the technology and culture of the world and creating a world where countries have their own super-human cultures.

Created in the super hero world building threads started in May 2016.http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=Cape

WHO IS BARON BIZARRE: Latest in the Bizarre bloodline, Supreme Sorcerer of this reality, member of the super hero team THE GENERALS. He provides Bizarre solutions to the strange problems of the world he lives in.

You pull your cloak of stability closer around your simulacra of a physical form. The winds of this spiritual plane are cold and biting and your soul shivers.

In front of you a nameless spirit lays dying like a decaying mountain crumbling within a black acidic cloud. It is a massive spirit, older than all the rocks of the physical Earth. Death itself grows fat and thick on its final draining life forces and clings around it like flies to a piece of raw meat.

You do what you can to comfort the creature. Your spirit repels the Death from the sensitive parts of his invulnerable, rocky body. But even you cannot turn away Death when it is his time.

You cast Death away like scattering a swarm of flies. It returns, thicker than before. It is always this way with Death.

The nameless spirit is dying. But it does not have to die alone.

And it does not have to die nameless and unknown.
Oh cool, this looks interesting. Do we get to name the spirit?

HOW MAGIC WORKS: You project your will across mind and spirit and physical nature and they respond. If you can will it, you can do it.

But beware. Will is a complex thing. Be careful what you wish for. Remember the teachings of Crowley. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" but be sure your will is the TRUE will, the correct will, the will that it needed.

In other words, D100 roll. Percentage of failure increases with the complexity of the action.


You float above the nameless spirit. Death thickens around you, darting at you in smears and spears of cold darkness and howling in your ears like a winter wind.

You have to find out what happened. Several options come to mind:

PLAY IT LIKE A DETECTIVE: This is a cosmic crime scene. Probe the surrounding dimension for clues. Was this an accident? A murder?

PLAY IT LIKE A DIPLOMAT: Death knows you well, and you know it well. You could try talking to death for time or information.

PLAY IT LIKE A DOCTOR: This is a terminal case of death. You could play this like a hospice and try to find out what happened from the spirit itself, maybe provide it with comfort.


Also, at any time you can use magic. Points are awarded for creative and bizarre solutions.

We can if we want to, or we could ask for a name.

Be careful. Names are powerful in this spiritual dimension. Here, in this world, to say a thing is to come very close to doing a thing.
Nice to see something come from those worldbuilding threads. If I wasn't on my way to work and on mobile I'd do some art.

Maybe later if it's still up.

Play it like a doctor, cosmic triage on the scene. Poor thing must be scared and I wonder what it's name is.
I'd say Play it like a Doctor.

You scatter a portion of Death with a red ray of Apollo. Your old enemy hisses and pulls back from the ancient spirit.

Its form is enormous, a mountain of unbreakable stone spanning two eternities. And yet even it must die.

You can feel its age. It was old when the Earth was but a dream.

You reach out with your mind and touch a soul larger than the body.

"Who are you?" The spirit's voice shakes the very dimension itself. Death falls away like gnats off a giant just to crawl back in an instant. "Ahhhh....a human. Go away young human. Death is around you."

"Ancient one." You reply respectfully. "Death is not something that scares me. I have known it too well. I am the Baron Bizarre and I say to you without pride or ego that I am the Supreme Sorcerer of the Three Earths. I come to you as a friend, one living creature to another."

"Humans...to think I should have lived long enough to have known such a vibrant creature. To know that you...sprang from nothing. From the blood of animals...and now here you are. You have found commonality with one such as I. I am thankful to have a human stand by as I pass..."

"You are aware then? That your time is here and even one such as I cannot turn it away?"

"Yes. Even now I feel Death's fingers close around my heart. Life force beats through me slowly, ever slowing. I die, little human. I die."

"...I am sorry ancient one. If I had come to you sooner I may have been able to prevent this tragedy."

"It is no tragedy to die. I have done much, seen more. Death the devourer can only end. He cannot be as I have been."

"Ancient One, tell me of who you are so that others might know. Tell me your name so that I may record it and cheat death of that prize. You say you have known humans?"

"...You do not know me?" The old creature softly booms in a sound wave that reminds you of a chuckle. "I have known you....I remember knowing you...."

"I am sorry, but I know you not ancient one..."

A sad sigh thunders through the dimension making the Death spin and turn like spiders stuck to their threads in a gust of wind. "Alas...I fear I have forgotten much. I apologize Baron Bizarre. I remember knowing much but the details...are fleeting. My mind is more tired than it is lucid, and in each moment I grow more weary..."


Suggested course of actions: Talk to Death about what happened, maybe cut a deal for some of the "dead" memories or to buy more time for you to do your thing.

Recreate his memories

Recreate impressions of his memories

Duplicate the ancient one

Probe his thoughts

Trace his life-web to uncover his historical connections to other beings

Attempt to quickly uncover information through the cosmic Aleph library.

Be creative, be be fast.

You sense the ancient one has 5 points of life left.
Rolled 79 (1d100)

"Maiden of Youth and Vigor, Vibrance and Children,
Grant this Elder the faintest Touch of Energy
So he may impart to us wisdom Gilded
Before it is lost from naive eyes, I beseech ye, Maiden Amali"
"I cannot prevent your death, but I can make it so that you die in the vibrancy and lucidity of youth and not in the pains and confusion of age!"

You hear the Death snarl like wolves with icicle filled throats. That's a good sign,

Your hands fill with youthful green energies as you draw upon the powers of the eternal child.

"Maiden of Youth and Vigor, Vibrance and Children,
Grant this Elder the faintest Touch of Energy
So he may impart to us wisdom Gilded
Before it is lost from naive eyes, I beseech ye, Maiden Amali"

ROLL 3D100

80 percent chance of success. Low is good, high is bad.
Rolled 29, 20, 51 = 100 (3d100)

I would state though that Amali might have been not the best choice. Lucidity is not necessarily associated with children. I was focused a bit over much on counteracting his tiredness that I forgot the critical issue was clear thinking.
We requested that the he impart wisdom to us and we made the roll, so the spirit might be a little exuberant but he'll be able to tell us what happened.
A green super-nova engulfs the ancient one and its ancient form softens until it glows, until it gleams.Until its a vibrant, youthful, burning god.

It still dies. The Death is within it. But it dies this way.

"I...remember!" The spirit speaks. "I remember! I am myself again!"

The Death hisses all around.

"And I remember you..." You reply in awe. "You are the intercessor...Apollonius, Christ, Prometheus, Lucifer...you stood between us and others like yourself and chose us...They are you and you are they..."

"And I remember you. Did you think I would not?" The intercessor speaks warmly. "You are Hercules. You, who unchained me from the rock. You, who brought me out of Hades..."

Such is the way of things in the spiritual Earth. Stories are retold again and again. Identities and names are found, lost, created, and reborn! The actors change. Only the stories remain constant.

"Grieve not for me. There are more of me than just this portion. The Intercessor lives and the Intercessor dies."

Somewhere within the Spiritual Earth Chronos overthrows Uranus while Zeus overthrows Chronos. Somewhere it is Ragnarock. Somewhere the Earth is created for the first time.

Time is distance within the spirit.

"But how have you died? What is it that has killed you intercessor?"

The flaming god is quickly cooling. You feel the heat on your cape of stability slowly draw away.

"Assassins brave one! As it was when I was Balder and they were Loki! I guarded my body, by they struck through my mind. How they have done this thing I know not. But I was left as you saw, knowing little save that I did know! But it is fortunate that you have restored my youth. For though I know not the assassins I know their master and his reason!"

The Death howls like a tornado make of locusts it hovers around the flame like an enormous shadow. The ancient one glows brighter through the contrast.

"If I had died as I were I would have forgotten how I should die. I would have forgotten to lay the seeds for a new being to born, a new intercessor to arise! My life force would have drained until I left nothing for the new creation!"

"MAGGGEEEEEEE!" The Death swirls upon itself until a gaping, snarling, fanged mouth forms.

"So this was your plot glutenous one?" You address your old foe. "It is not like you to work so directly. Normally you are content to come like a Jackel, lord of carrion. Who were your assassins? What is your interest in the Intercessor that you would act so directly?

"Know you not that to all things there is a turn?" The ancient one adds. "I would die, and my replacement would die. All things die save you. Why are you so impatient old glutton?"


"And you can never be but what you are. Endless hungry. Eternally lonely!"

"Your flaw is your impatience old glutton. Every life calls for you to end it. Every second of life defeats you. Every second you hunger with a craving that cannot be satiated!" You raise the shield of Horus in defense. it cloaks around your body like a electric current through water. "Crawl back into your hole and wait for your time!"

"NOOOO! I MUST FEED!" Death snaps his jaws like a dying dog after scraps. "I MUST FEEEDDDD!"

You're going to have to fight off Death. Again.

"Quickly Baron Bizarre!" The ancient one says, his flame shrinking as he speaks. "You must end me before I dwindle away to nothing! Explode the essence inside me, create life!"

"I WON'T LETTTTT YOU!!!!!!" Death throws itself toward you.

The Ancient One has 4 points of life left.

You must fight off death and quickly end the ancient one's life.


Do you focus on Death or do you focus on the ancient one, or do you try multi tasking?
Aw... Death needs a Waifu, where's Persephone when you need her?
"Chaos is life, and chaos is death.
The bustling of the market place,
The market made ash by nuclear breath
The sun's warm and gentle light,
The galaxy black hole radiating away to empty space."

An omni-directional burst of chaotic energy to tear death's teeth from your body and end the ancient one (multi-task).
Turn death's own hunger into a razor claw, splitting the atom of the Ancient One's core and releasing the newborn into existence!

Also, to piss Death off by turning it's own plot against it
Mmm... Would have been punchier if the last line was Galaxy's Black hole fading to empty space. I got too literal.
I worry there's a slight chance that might have been death's plot in the first place.
File: The Realm Unknown.jpg (113 KB, 921x664)
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113 KB JPG

"MY POWER IS INFINITE! I LAY WASTE TO STARS! GALAXIES! UNIVERSES!" Death snarls as he draws his hellmouth around you preparing to devour you down to the atom.

He's right. Death's power is absolute. But that does not mean it cannot be redirected...

The black jagged teeth smash on the shield of Horus as the light of ancient suns that power it grow dimmer and dimmer.


You begin to glow a bright scarlet as you draw energies of the dreaming toward you. Raw, chatoic energies swirl around you channeling matter and spirit and mind.

"Fool! You are a victim of yourself! Remember when I flung you to the end of the universe and you devoured yourself having no outlet for your hunger? How easy you are to manipulate! What are you but in the end your ultimate foe? Where there is no life they can be no death! You create the very thing you despise!"

"NOOOO!!!!" Death howls.

"Yes! Allow me to demonstrate!" You spread the chaotic energies around you in a mighty burst engulfing the ancient one and the one even more ancient than he in a blinding crimson flash!

ROLL 3D100

60 percent chance of success.
Also, I'd sort of prefer it if its one roll per IP. Just to keep more people involved.

Although sense we only have 5 IPs so far I might have to change that rule. I do hope we start seeing more people.
Rolled 56 (1d100)

Oof, I didn't create much wiggle room for the next of us. :/
Your writing is rather deserving of it. But often a lightning fast posting rate builds readership quicker.

That said, the setting holds great potential for wonders.. but still feels a bit obtuse and awkward to come to grips with. Maybe because of the wonders. Maybe because we have started so cosmically mighty.
We're starting with big cosmic feats, but things will get more grounded. It's all part of my master plan! A big part of Baron's character is how he struggles with coming back down to Earth and normalcy after doing stuff like fighting Death so a Jesus/Prometheus godling can be born. His life is weird even by the standards of Cape World heroes.

So far we're in a "prologue" or sorts which will tie into the main story, which is an adventure on a magic train that travels from dimensions. Baron and the Generals are hired to serve as secret security after the railroad company received threats of a heist.
We still have a chance to pull it off, we still have two D20s to go. So if we get two success it works. If not, things get a little more complicated...
Rolled 22 (1d100)

Little busy today, but I will toss you some support QG. Low is good, yes? Here goes.
>Just realize that low is good

Sometimes I'm an idiot...

We have a success, third roll will determine if its a superlative success.
To be fair, you run 3 seperate systems. Not surprising that there will be slip ups.
File: wow.jpg (49 KB, 398x491)
49 KB
Rolled 66 (1d100)

Oh nice, didn't know we were doing this today.
Aw, guess our luck couldn't hold forever.
Oooh, more by this guy? Link me?

"Chaos is life, and chaos is death."

The red energies of dream-time crackle and bleed as you begin your spell.

"The bustling of the market place,
The market made ash by nuclear breath"

You float in the eye of the cosmic storm, directing, channeling, guiding Death itself into the heart of the ancient spirit.

"The sun's warm and gentle light..."

A thought crosses over the chaos into your mind and echoes in the vibrating shockwaves of your being. "Thank you small human...take care of my offspring..."

"...Do not thank me." You mentally reply meekly. "I could not save you. What you've done as an individual, as this specific Intercessor, will be unknown. Only the stories and interpretations will remain as they always have..."

"And my offspring, my child will remain...and for that I thank you Baron Bizarre..."

"Goodbye ancient one."

"Goodbye, my friend. Fellow creature of life. Goodbye."

You collapse the dimension upon the ancient one. Death's very fangs are forced upon his heart. His flames flicker yellow and orange behind the red light of chaos. They stop and start like a candle flame in a gust of wind...

"Galaxy's Black hole fading to empty space!"

The flames die instantly, forced down death's endless throat. A being older than the Earth has passed. A being that stood between god and man and chose man. A being whose deeds are lost to history forever.

But the space left behind, the cold space behind the fire, is filled with vitality. It grows. It thrives. It develops. Living darkness is pushed to the ends of the dimension by a single burning heart.

A new life is born. A new light is lit in the endless sky of the spirit.

You stand upon void and hold the black space-egg in your hands. It feels as cold as ice...but it is warming. Deep within the gentle darkness you see a white pinpoint beginning to beat like a heart and twinkle like a star.


"Poor wretched creature. You will never be content old Death. You can't be content. It is your nature to be eternally wretched with hunger without end. You exist to suffer, as I exist to limit your suffering to yourself."


You wrap the baby dimension creature in your cape of stability. "Oh, tireless Death..." You sigh. "You rave, you plot, you beg. But I am the Baron Bizarre. You can ask me infinite times to let you have your way and I will answer you an infinite times no!

Black jaws begin to form around the void. Death wants to fight again. Ebony fangs curve down like stalactites from the invisible roof of a cave. Tiny fangs begin to form beneath you like blades of grass
Series of quests focusing on characters from the Scooby Doo movie "Ghoul School". It sounds like blatant waifu-ism, and it absolutely is, but it's well-written and entertaining waifu-ism, and as the quest goes on things get more focused on occultism and cosmology, actually a lot like what this has been so far.

>Winnie Quest

>Phanty Quest

>Sibella Quest

Currently on Sibella Quest. Winnie and Phanty quests are finished, but a part 2 to both are planned.

Also, a Mechagirl Pit Fighter Quest.

Check the twitter.

I warn you though, you might quickly become disappointed...


You have repelled Death before. It is always a struggle, but you've one it many, many times. One day of course he will destroy you as he destroys everything.

But it doesn't have to be today.

Complicating matters of course is the dimension egg. You can feel it steadily throb with life. The white pinpoint is becoming a yellow sun. Soon it will blaze and erupt forth like its predecessor. You must protect it till then...and possibly after.

You can try to REPEL or FLEE from Death.

I'm thinking we should just leave now, but it would help to distract Death if we can. Is the intercessor still dying or already dead? Can we convince Death to focus on that instead?

Also, you said that "time is distance within the spirit", is there any particular "direction" we can flee towards? One with a lot of people dying or whatever else would distract Death?
Ghoul Quests, the humble beginings. A very fun series of Fanfic quests that have spawned a rather involved world. More than you might think, pulling from Hannah Barbera! Very comfy threads.

And Mechagirl Pitfighter. It spawned similar to this one, via other threads. Its basically a fighting quest with lots of slice of kife and some definite magical realm.

Both quests have some very good world building and are usually cozy. Though be forwarned on Mechagirl, there was some hiccups here and there, but it has turned out for the better now. The other anon has the links ready for you to look up and join if you wish

And QG, remember to update the pastebins to reflect what Leseath has! Its in the archives somewhere!
>Intercessor still dying
He's gone. The egg is all that remains of him.

>Where can we go?

Name a story from mythology and you can go there. Be careful not to piss anyone off though. Death will be in hot pursuit.

>Distract him

If you want you can create an illusion or to be even more effective sacrifice some of your life energy as a decoy, but that will weaken you.
Can we take the intercessor's egg with us as we flee? I don't feel smart gambling on drawing all of his attention towards us.
Yeah, we can book with the egg.
We should pass through some sort of legendary war, all the deaths would hopefully distract him. Stories of wars between gods or other immortal beings wouldn't work because there wouldn't be people dying that Death could sate it's hunger on. It would have to be a war between mortals.

Maybe we could continue the Greek mythology trend the intercessor started by heading toward the Trojan war?

I assumed we already had the egg and were attempting to escape from Death with the egg in hand. I suppose that before anything else we should decide on whether we mean to take the egg away from Death or draw Death away from the egg.
I'd say we should go to some story or mythology where death is weak, a place where the good guys always win and all that. That should make it easier to escape.

Any good ideas on that, guys?

Maybe some place with reincarnation as a big thing, so that death is merely a changing of forms.

Ooooh! What about if we run to one of the trials of Sun Wukong! The gods eventually had to start making trials up, so they wouldn't mind us providing an extra one!
File: file.png (455 KB, 640x435)
455 KB
455 KB PNG
If we can do an illusion I elect for some mirror maddness.

I think we'd need someone equally important for death to follow after though. Another important figure.

Is death inherently evil or are we going with grand neutral arbiter?
Death is neutral but has a thing for immortals and the long lived.



And when you escape do you drop behind an illusion spell to buy time (will make the escape easier if you succeed, harder if you fail)
File: Monkey.jpg (83 KB, 1024x573)
83 KB
I don't want to pick someone else as bait. I want to go somewhere death is weak and team up with a hero to beat him back.

And I really like Sun Wukong. He's BOSS. And good at being a decoy too if we want him to, what with creating clones of himself.
He's actually a really good choice because he was really, really hard to kill in the stories. The gods tried everything they could think of and he just got stronger.

The Sun Wukong option allows us to run into Death's hard counter, but at the cost of the involving ourselves with the heavenly bureaucracy.

The Trojan War option takes us to a place where death will be drawn to the many deaths around him, but he'll still be able to slowly pursue. But on the plus side the gods aren't going to interfere unless you try picking a side in the war.

So we have two choices, both with their good and bad points.
I was thinking of avoiding the heavenly bureaucracy by putting ourselves in one of the "open tribulations".

Xuanzang needs 81 tribulations, and towards the end, Bhudda is literally making them up to get enough.

And, in every telling of the story, you never tell all the tribulations. You always leave some blank for other people's stories to fit in.

Let's go into one of those blank stories, and make it one where Sun Wukong conquers the Wolf of Death to save the Weird Wanderer and the God's Egg, because Xuanzang is teaching him to be compassionate to strangers in need.
Obviously not a very good story though, because they didn't pass it down.
I personally dig it! Anyone else want to try this?

I think I might have a clever reason why that may be...
Sounds good to me.
File: file.png (60 KB, 706x368)
60 KB
>Death is neutral but has a thing for immortals and the long lived.

He doesn't like people that cheat him eh?

By the way its been forever since i've drawn capeworld stuff. Does the superhero general still show up on /tg/ or what?
I think the illusion is risky. Let's go straight to the story.
>Superhero General
I haven't seen it in a while to be honest.

Good to see you again Ed! We were wondering where you were!


You gesture and a path-door through the spirit in the shape of a white triangle appears between you and the growing Death.

His jagged teeth grow around you, preparing to snap close.


The egg starts to lightly jump in your grip. The spirit is growing...

You leap through the portal, tightening your grip on the egg as you escape with Death's cold breathe hitting your back. You think you know just the great sage that can help you repel Death...

Rolled 52 (1d100)

Rolled 53 (1d100)

Been busy moving. Didn't have internet until thursday last week.

Rolled 37 (1d100)

Here we go!
Made it!

You fall through bright white light, your will guiding the light around you to form into the where and what that you desire. In a flash you find yourself in a Central Asia that never was save in stories, a Central Asia where the air is little sharper and the smell of the grass a little sweeter and the snow capped mountains do in fact reach up to heaven.

You stand in a grassy plain. You hear death tearing its way through the spirit into this reality. You haven't lost him.

"Greetings traveler!" A voice calls from behind.

You turn and see a wise-looking monk clad in resplendent robes on horseback. On his left is a man with the head of a pig. On his right is a man with a hideous, monstrous face.

And in front of him is the one you sought. The Monkey King. Sun Wukong.

With a lighting fast leap he gets between you and Xuanzang. "Hey! This guy looks pretty funny!" He says looking you over. "I don't suppose you're one of those monsters that's always trying to eat my buddy over there, are ya? Please say yes, I haven't had a good fight in so long..." He grins as he paws at the needle-small ruyi jingu bang hidden behind his ear.

"Er, please. I mean none of you harm..." You explain. You hear the monk softly begin to chant and Sun Wukong clutches at the shrinking band on his forehead and backs off.

"Owowowowowow....man..." He glares at Xuanzang. "I wasn't gonna fight him..."

"I am Xuanzang." He says with a polite bow. "You look troubled. I assure you that you have nothing to fear from my friends. Their appearance may be monstrous but they are my retainers on a quest of enlightenment."

"...HUNGERRRRRR!!!!" A cold wind blows sand in your face as the walls of spiritual Earth are blown wide and Death, black and final, oozes out of the sky like a massive bird of prey.

"Alright! Something that wants to eat you again!" Sun Wukong says happily as he brandishes his staff. "He looks like he could be fun to fight!"

"IMMORTAL...I SMELL IMMORTAL!" Death's bony sockets fix themselves on the Monkey King. "YOU!" He says with a snap of his teeth. "YOU HAVE LIVED TOO LONG!"

"Heh. Silly blob! Don't you know you gotta eat the monk to get enlightened? I guess I'll have to knock some sense into you..."


Stay and assist, on the off chance that Death is actually too strong for the Monkey King and by leaving him alone and fleeing with one important celestial being, we'd accidentally get another important celestial being killed.
we should at the very least let him know its literally death. and he's after us.

But yes in the grand tradition of super heroics lets assist. albeit on the run.
Hmm... I'm torn between getting to team up with Sun Wukong, or following proper story convention.

I feel like if we muck up too much with the story, this Sun Wukong will lose his power.

Proper story convention would be he should fight by himself for awhile, before losing because of some trick of Death, and then we step in to provide some aid or boon so that Monkey can win.

Fellow Anons? People who actually know how Sorcerer Supreme logic works?
Watch the battle, so we can assist if Sun Wukong starts to take a beating

You float over to Xuanzang and hand him the egg. "Please take care of this." You say. "It is a living creature."

The wise monk stares at the dimension egg in fascination. "By Buddha...there is an entire world inside, but only one heartbeat...or is the world..."

But you're off to join Sun Wukong, passing his companions Zhu Baijie and Sha Wujing. "Hey, watch it stranger!" The pig faced one calls to you as you climb into the sky. "That's death itself monkey's fighting up there! Can't you feel it?"

You're too far away to answer, but the answer is "not really". You're rather used to the feeling of death and stranger feelings than even that. It comes with the territory of being Supreme Sorcerer of Earth.

You float among story-book clouds as thick as pillows and as shiny as gold. Death rockets through them, biting through cloud banks, grim teeth echoing over miles, growing larger and larger and faster and faster, but leaving bright clear blue patches of sky in his wake.

You see the tiny form of the Monkey King somersault through the clouds, teasing Death to chase him as he has always done.

Death looks out of place, even in his rage. This is not a story about him. This story celebrates life, and you're hoping to use that against him.

"Ho ugly one!" He waves at Death while balancing on his tail, on a cloud. "And I thought no one could be uglier than Sha Wujing!"


Do you want to use your magic to aid Sun Wukong or attack Death head on, or let the immortal (who has more resistance to death than even yourself) handle Death and only step in if needed?
Step in if needed. Ready a powerful enchantment

The primary way I can imagine Sun Wukong losing is if his physical power doesn't translate well to attacking the spirituality of death.

So an enchantment to allow the As-You-Will-Rod to strike at Death's spiritual essence with Wukong's physical might.

You begin to fashion a rod of your own out of strands borrowed from the web of Ananzi. You don't anticipate any complications to your plan, but you are in the spiritual Earth. Nothing is every simple and decided.


The Monkey King spins his staff and wallops Death across a cheekbone. "Ah, shuddup and fight! You're boring me!"

Death recoils and snaps at him. "Ey! You almost got my tail that time! Try again!" He says as you somersaults over his bony head and lands on the other side after delivering a strike atop his cranium.

"MONKEY!" Death screams. "I KNOW YOUR STORIES! I KNOW ALL STORIES! I AM WHAT FOLLOWS THE FINAL PERIOD! I KNOW THERE ARE WAYS TO CATCH EVEN YOU..." The shining cloud the Monkey King stands on vanishes, replaced with a gaping skeletal maw. The Monkey King falls through into darkness and Death grins...

The story of Buddha and his hand, you think. Death the Devourer is capable of creative feats from time to time. What started this adventure but him trying to prevent the birth of a living spirit by killing the memory of its mother-father?

And the ancient one said he worked through assassins...assassins that killed the mind to kill the body. You're going to have to follow up on that..


You roll your eyes. Typical Death.

"Laozi already tried that, and he was much wiser than you will ever be. I imagine the result will be much the same."

When he was bound in heaven the gods tried every method they could think of to execute Sun Wukong. Death had every opportunity. They finally had Laozi stick him in a crucible to distill him back into mortality, to separate him from immortality.

It just made him stronger.

Death makes a groaning noise behind his grim teeth. You hear the bones grind together as they try in vain to contain something growing within.

"I set you up against someone that's already beaten you and beaten you and beaten you. Who you know has already beaten you. And you go for him anyway because you just can't help yourself."

Death rolls, gurgles, and when he dies it is not with a bang but a whimper. He fades away like night hitting the sun. He evaporates, repelled, and Sun Wukong the Monkey King stands triumphant with his back to sun. A legend of legends, immortal.

"Wew! Haven't felt like that in a long time!" The Monkey King yawns loudly. "Well that was fun! Great way to start the morning! What's for breakfast?"

"Stranger!" Xuangzang shouts up to you. "The egg! The life inside is stirring!"

You fly on down and retrieve the dimension egg. Its now a bright glowing crimson and throbs. The living blackness that surrounded the tiny life-force is now red hot and churning, a heated bath of vitality to nourish the life-force at its core.

It's about to hatch. It's going to need space to grow...

"Stranger, are you a Bodhisattva? Has the Buddha sent you?" Xuangzang asks.

"No wise one. I am not nearly that great. I am simply Bizarre." You create a white triangle and prepare to fly through it. "Thank you wise monk. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to the west, but I must depart."

The Monkey King leaps from the clouds and lands beside you. "Ah come on! You aren't even gonna give us your name buddy? I mean that was sort of a fun fight you brought to us. I'd prefer something with a bit more life to them, but its nice all the same to have a brawl in the early morning."

"Thank you especially Monkey King, but I'm afraid I have no time to talk. I must find room for the hatchling." You say as you prepare to dive through the triangle gate. "But for my name I have already given it. I am Bizarre."

And so ends on of the 81 trials, you think to yourself as you fall into the void between spiritual realms. You doubt it'll be well remembered. The main feat of the story is a retread of Laozi's crucible. The monster is far too vague-The Monkey King fights "death", but what does that mean? Some sort of demon? And it goes after the Monkey King and not Xuanzang? Most of the monsters encountered in the story try to eat him.

The whole thing feels like something was lost in translation...

The question is now where do take the egg to hatch? It needs to be somewhere safe and someplace large. Alternatively you could take it out of the Spiritual Earth and hatch it upon the Physical Earth. Your home is more than use to having weird things happen. If you hatch it over New York City it probably wouldn't even make the papers...

Physical Earth. I feel like if we hang around too long, Death will regroup for another round.
And while we COULD do it over New York City, I don't see why one would when there's a great big midwest with nothing going on and no one around if something goes wrong.
>Head to Earth

You wrap yourself and the dimension egg in the red waves of dream-time, becoming at once matter, spirit, and mental energy. Then you begin to peel the complexity away. You lose the spirit, and then the mental energy, and then you enlarge the matter...


You materialize over an expansive rocky badland high above red flat top plateaus. You ignore your Generals signal device now able to pick up all the radio signals you missed while in spirtual Earth and vibrating madly with messages you really don't want to answer right now and probe the surrounding area for planes, birds, flying humans, and thought-forms (surprisingly very common in these parts. They're commonly mistaken for advance Chroman Armada scouts which does nothing for interstellar relations).

Everything is clear.

You let the dimension egg go. It hovers in the middle of the air, spinning and rocking, so red with life-energy that its now a deep purple black almost as dark as the shell was when the new spirit was just a pinprick of light. You shake the frost of Nifelheim that you coated your hands with to avoid being burnt by the cosmic fire that now breaks through the shell like arching corona discharges of the sun.

A second, brighter sun erupts over the desert sands stretching from horizon to horizon. The new spirit is even more colorful than the ancient one was when it was filled with the youth of Amali.

The shell breaks and brings forth life. The living embryo dies in the very fire of the charge it protected. Life comes from death, as the new one came from the ancient one, as Sun Wukong sprang from the head of Death.

Your father always said synchronicity was the first weapon of the wizard. You have wielded it well today. There is a new Intercessor. She will need guidance. Fortunately you know a lot of people that can help.

"Not...Not through..." Death the Devourer, a small and pathetic shadow in the light of the new Intercessor, drags itself through the Atlantean Wall separating the physical from the spiritual and plops into material reality.

"In time...I win...I always win...at the end..."

You charge your hand with the ichor of Michael. Golden spheres orbit around your fist vibrating with the frequency of angelic hymns. "Indeed. I shall spend my time till your victory watching little ones grow and keeping the universe beautiful. You go spend your time alone."

Three golden orbs rocket from your fist and impact Death. He screams as the golden light sears him and he evaporates like water on a skillet as the orbs release their tone. A high, sonorous note fills the air and smothers Death's screams as he is blasted out of this Dimension.

A universe away a planet avoids seismic collapse and total destruction. A man in India narrowly avoids choking on a chicken bone. A super-villian in New Jersey just barely manages to avoid what would have been his final meeting with GHOST O' JARONE, one of Hell's button men.
You bask in the light of a new creature. Today was a net-gain for life.

You have a moment to breathe. You might as well go and answer what you're sure are going to be uplifting messages about your recent adventures...


NIGHTINGALE is an organization that manages the harmonious development of human controlled territories around the 3 Earths and their associated allies. One of their commanders is a man named Spalding. He's young and believes in the militarization of Nightingale coupled with the restriction of private super-potential organizations: meaning groups like The Generals.

He won't have anything friendly to say.

DOC CHASE is your best friend and leader of your super hero team THE GENERALS. He's an eccentric adventurer who sees the bright side of things and can be counted on when the chips are down.

You aren't sure what he's going to say. But sense it wasn't an emergency message it probably isn't too pressing.


After you answer your calls you're going to need to decide whether you want to talk to the New One by yourself and introduce it to life or get some fellow experts to back you up.

Also, reporters will be here soon along with a group of FIREBIRED and NIGHTINGALE first responders. You'll have to talk to the officials and explain what you just did, but its your choice whether you want to talk to the press or not.
First of all, call Chase. See what the situation is, see if you are needed elsewhere, see if there is something going on with Spalding or these first responders that we should be aware of.
File: I-wanna-Drive.png (212 KB, 1238x705)
212 KB
212 KB PNG
I feel Spalding might be a bit of a hardass. No reason we can't have a breif call with chase.

At worst he'll basically go "Hey Spalding called."

Otherwise I'm very much digging this thread so far.

You guys got any requests?
You decide to check in with Doc. You can wait a little to be bitched at by a wanna-be general.

You flip open your communicator device and tell it to call your buddy. You could use your magic to contact Chase, but he doesn't like it when you use magic to do things he has inventions for.

"Ah, there you BB!" Doc Chase's happy mug greets you from the screen. "Hey, everything okay? NIGHTINGALE said something about a class-C crisis event happening over Nevada and Commander Spalding is scrambling as many supers as he can in preparation for some sort of invasion..."

You sigh. "A class-C crisis alert? Seriously? All I did was collapse a spiritual dimension after evading Death the Devourer so that it gave birth to a new Intercessor spirit. How in the 9 Hells does that rate it being a crisis event at all?"

"Death the Devourer? Hmmm...that explains the massive well of entropy detected before you inserted a dimensional anomaly in this time/space sector..." This is why you love Doc. You can say whatever comes natural to you to say and he never stares at you blankly or raises an eyebrow.

"Spalding was assuming the worst."

"He's scrambled the military, hasn't he?"

"Ah, yeah...."

"Damn it, damn it, damn it...oh by the luminous rings of Slid..." You HATE dealing with the military. They see everything you do as a threat, as if reality was a fragile ming vase and you were a bull in a china shop.

"I'm going to have to let you go Chase. I have to make sure the first contact the New One has with life isn't pointing an energy rifle in its face, but uh, what did you call about earlier? I mean it wasn't an emergency message..."

"Oh yeah, we got good news BB! We got a mission! Dundo Industries wants us to be the security team for the first circuit of their new Ley Line railroad! They got threats or something that makes them think the train is going to be hijacked by neer-do-wells!"

You've heard about their railroad. Its more or less a large warp engine that cycles between the 3 Earths using the ultra-atomic ley line circuit in Washington, the miracle device that created the hero, STATESMEN, and politico PUBLIC SERVICE.

If it goes well it'll be a great way to encourage peace and cooperation among the 3 Earths. Which means that many, many groups want to see it fail including the ATLANTEANS who hate seeing the train make swiss cheese of their ancient walls between the Earths.

"Hmmm...very interesting. I have no idea how long I'll be here. Gather the GENERALS at my castle. We'll discuss this after I've wrapped things up here."

"You sure you don't need us to GENERALS, GATHER! over with you in Nevada?"

GATHER THE GENERALS to your location or not? If you have to stand your ground against the military standing united as a team could show that you're serious. On the other hand it could raise tensions.

I think we can handle this, but would any of the Generals be particularly interested to see this "new life"?
Doc certainly would, and its something cool that everyone would enjoy. You'll have to introduce them all to the new one when you get the chance.

Getting ahead a little bit, but Cape World has a lot of characters that would be good to to guard and raise the new one. But who should be in our first contact team? Should we make contact alone? How big should the group be?


MAGICAL WOMAN: Long-time member of the prestigious TOKYO GUARDIANS. She began her career as a "magical girl" way back in the 1980's and now serves as a grandmotherly sensei to young magical girls helping them develop their talents. PROS: Experienced with dealing with the young. Kind and patient. CONS: High profile and juggles a lot of plates

HAUNTER: The Tennessee Haunter herself. As a girl she was menaced by a fear thought-form poltergeist. As a woman she controls "Mad Mary" and seeks to bring the mental and physical earths into harmony by helping psychics that suffer from poltergeist activity. PROS: Experienced with dealing with young, impulsive, dangerous super beings. CONS: Believes in tough love. Stern and somewhat cold.

BOB CAT: Mischievous spirit of the Mighty Mississippi. She owes you a favor. PROS: Shrewd and crafty. If there are any angels to this New One business she'll be able to sniff them out. CONS: Shrewd and crafty. Likes to play pranks.

HERBERT HUTCHINGSON: Occult expert bound to his monstrous brother THE UNFATHOMABLE OTHER-THING. Even you have found yourself consulting him on tough cases. PROS: Extremely knowledgeable. Deals and has dealt with the weirdest stuff. CONS: Nervous and twitchy, tends to get overly enthusiastic and verbose. His brother may or may not along with the New One.

Also, feel free to suggest any other character from Cape World, and as Cape World is an evolving (it shall never die!) project you may create a character.

Definitely bring Bob Cat, we could use her help uncovering this business with Death's assassins.

If we can bring someone else along, then Magical Woman, though I'm worried that considering she already juggles a lot, she may not be of much help, or may neglect some other duty in favor of something we might be able to handle without her.


"I'll handle things for now Doc. If I need anything I'll call."

"Take care of yourself old friend! We'll GENERALS, GATHER! at the castle. Trinity might be a little late though. She's busy with the YOUNG GENERALS."

"That's alright. Baron Bizarre out."

"Later!" Doc Chase flashes you a thumbs up as the screen blanks.

The New One floats peacefully in the Nevada sky. It is newly aware. Its thoughts are drawn in on itself and it is preoccupied with itself like how a newborn human plays with its toes and fingers. You'll have to go inside when you're ready to talk. Otherwise there's no telling how long it will be until it becomes aware of the world outside its blazing body.

Military hasn't shown up yet, but its only been a few seconds. No doubt the telepaths are probing the area right this instant in preparation for a mass teleporation strike.

You hope this doesn't get too awkward...

Call Spalding. Hopefully he can put a recall order as soon as possible. I can definitely dig Bobcat on the scene, she's a sort of similar Thoughtform Storyworld basis what with being a sort of Modern day Tom Sawyer type.

Magical woman is a bit too busy and seems a bit uncouth to call someone from cross the world.

Haunter or Herbert would be my choice.
My reasoning with Haunter.
She's a tough cookie and tough love type yeah, and has a dark past.

But her thing is about her getting over all that stuff, seems an appropriate first contact for a new intercessor entity.

Herbert could be nice to see in action, he'd be someone genuinely nice to take care of and be taken care of. And in grand heroic tradition, the Otherthing that accompanies him would make a nice advisorial interaction, maybe get all Enkindu to their Gilgamesh.
Bob Cat,

Also, yeah, see if you can Call Spalding off.
>Call Spalding

You dial through to Commander Spalding. An angry face fills the screen and begins to yell before you even get the chance to speak.

"Bizarre! What the hell have you done? ARGO sensors detected massive spikes of entropy in the deep spirit-spikes that followed you back to Earth!"

"I have dealt with the er, entropy. I assure you Commander that there's no-"

"And what the hell is that thing? Tech-boys have thrown all these two dollar words at me like "sub universe" and "quasi dimensional entity" but you know what I call it? Dangerous."

"Sir, that is an Intercessor. Newly born. I claim full responsibility for it and-"

"Oh, YOU claim responsibility? Hey Gandalf, guess who had to explain to the governor why a giant blazing spike that scanners say has enough energy to punch clean through the Earth and go on to the Moon suddenly is hovering over his state? The people that run Nevada are not the kind of people that run New York. They tend not to like having S-class threats in their territory."

You pinch your brow in frustration. "Sir, I'll talk to anyone you want me to, just PLEASE be reasonable and call off the military. This is a Newborn, not an invasion."

"And you couldn't have told us that before bringing it here?"

"Sir in the span of a few hours I've been a detective, a doctor, a historian, a poet, and a fighter. Now I'm a nursemaid. Believe me I did not plan for things to become so heated-"

"Damn right you didn't plan this! Even the damn Chromans up in the space station are pissed wondering if this isn't one of our multi-dimensional weapon systems breaking down!"

"Commander, what exactly are you planning on doing?"

"I"m sending a strike force to cram that dimensional incursion into a pocket dimension."


"When its nice and contained then you can play Mommy with it."

"Are you mad man? You can't do that to a New Born? It doesn't even know anything else exists and the first thing you want to expose it to is violently entrapping it in a box?"

"You got no say in this Bizarre. Strike team clears and teleports in a matter of minutes. I got ARGO, I got PHOENIX, I got STATESMEN, I got UN and American troops, and I got good old NIGHTINGALE all ready under my command."

"When the hell did NIGHTINGALE get the say so to involve all these other organizations? Sense when does a development force operate like a military coalition Commander?"

"Damn it! I'm running this monkey farm now Harry Potter! And all I want to know right now is what the fuck you're doing with my time!"

Oh dear. BLUE COBALT was always better at this diplomacy thing than you ever were...

Attempt DIPLOMACY or Attempt MAGIC?
I'm fine with any selection as long as Bob Cat is in it. I really do think she will be the most helpful in solving this assassination mystery and hopefully preventing another one. Also, I just want to see Bob Cat.

Can we magic Blue Cobalt here for diplomacy? Considering her resistance to magic, directly teleporting her here may not be an option, but could we open some portal near next to her, or establish some other form of magical communication between us, Blue Cobalt, and Spalder?

I mean, I guess we could just call Blue Cobalt on our communication device, but I don't imagine we'd get many points for bizarreness from that. Also, I just want to see Blue.
Chromans are an interesting bunch. They destroyed the spiritual and mental side of their homeworld long, long ago when their race was young. Your spells tend to fail when cast on them. But you're very skilled in coming up with creative solutions to problems.

For instance, the light and sound around BLUE COBALT is perfectly vulnerable to your magic...

"Excuse me Commander, can you look at this?" A bubble of light sparks and gleams in your hand. You search the light of the Entire earth for the light around a certain pair of eyes.

"What am I supposed to be looking at Bizarre?"

"Just a magic trick."

Rolled 48 (1d100)

Rolled 72 (1d100)

Rolling. It works the same here as /tg/ correct?
Yeah I'd like to see Bobcat too.

the second person is what's a little up in the air.
File: file.png (370 KB, 1539x1151)
370 KB
370 KB PNG
What's Magical Woman's thing by the way? Is she an aged up Magical girl? I wished I had the pastebins still.

Otherwise enjoy some Haunter and Herbert.
I still need to settle on Otherthing's look.
Was drawing on Manus a little bit.
Rolled 75 (1d100)

Not my taste in plotlines. I'll come back later for the trains.

Good luck.
I was there in the thread where these guys were made.
I actually thought up Baron Bizarre (though I first suggested Baron Strange), Cobalt Blue, and Psinobi's name and bits of their personalities.
Rolls are little high, but Blue is always a clutch player...

A tiny facsimile of COBALT BLUE appears in your hand. The Chroman sits calmly at a table eating a bowl of cereal. She looks up at your enormous face and Commander Spalding on your signal device, calmly takes a bite of cereal, and stands up. "Ahem." She says with characteristic calm. "Baron, Commander, I've heard there's a problem?"

Good reliable Blue. No "Oh no, I don't know if I'm small or if you're giant!, no "Why am I suddenly on top of your hand?". She takes things in stride and that's a necessary characteristic for people involve in your life.

"No problem here Ma'm. NIGHTINGALE and her associates have the dimensional incursion well in hand. Baron's just volunteered to talk to it after we've contained it."

"Blue! It's a new born Intercessor! I only barely managed to save it from Death the Devourer! We can't let them imprison it in a pocket dimension! What would it think of the humanity it is drawn to protect imprisoned it before it could even think?"

"Not my problem. That's yours Merlin. Mine's making sure there's no chance of this thing causing trouble."

"I think I see the problem." Blue says looking past you into the sky. "...That's not the sun, is it?"

"No Ma'm, it most certainly is not." Spalding says.

"Your wizard boy here has three minutes to clear out before the strike team teleports in. He can stay if he wants to watch but if he tries anything stupid they're on orders to take him down and in."

"Is that really wise Commander?" Blue says. "The Generals have aided every single organization you've pulled together."

"You think they're going to back you clowns up over an official NIGHTINGALE order?"

"NIGHTINGALE didn't use to issue "orders"..." You grumble.

"No sir, I mean your operation would be a lot more stable and efficient if you put them under the command of Baron Bizarre."

"...Come again?"

Even you have to raise an eyebrow at the three inch Chroman.

"You're sending everyone to secure the Intercessor in a pocket dimension. But surely you don't think they'r going to be done when its trapped? Surely you don't think they'd all just go home."

"Well, I figured that sense your friend is so gung ho on the thing that HE can take over once its contained..." Commander Spalding says smugly. "That's a win-win as I see it."

"Except Baron Bizarre is under no obligation to work for you, and has every right to defer responsibility to another once you take the authority out of his hands."

"...Come again?"

"And all these organizations, do you really believe they'd just leave the Intercessor alone once they have a claim to it? They'd be able to rightly argue for a share of the Intercessor's fate having had worked to contain it."


"You thought this situation out in a matter of minutes and treated it as a threat to be beaten, not a problem to be solved and then slowly integrated into the larger world. You gathered groups together based on their strength, not their motives."

"But they all have to answer to me. I'm pulling Crisis Level C authority..."

"And will your authority extend once the Intercessor is contained?"

"I could uh...declare a localized Crisis-D indefinitely in the immediate area..."

"Depending on which STATESMEN you selected you'll have ALIEN GOD KILLER who will want to exile the Intercessor back into the spirit or MS CRYPTIC who will want to be friends with it. I hope you at least had the forethought not to scramble EVERYONE. ARGO would have grounds to pull rank and claim the Intercessor as an unknown place rather than an unknown person. Its certainly large enough. Which means the United States would temporarily surrender the immediate area to ARGO. PHOENIX wouldn't care, they're a disaster service, but they could easily claim the Intercessor as a potential disaster area. As for NIGHTINGALE you only have authority if you seek to develop and change the INTERCESSOR which you cannot do without approval from ARGO. You only have authority so long as there remains a crisis..."

"...But I DO have authority..."

"Yes. YOU will be the one that has to negotiate between all the parities and ultimately decide who gets to interact with the Intercessor."

A look crosses over the face of Commander Spalding that you will cherish forever.

"Sir. The Chroman Empire learned long ago that teleporation, telepathy, and mass communication are dangerous and unfinished technologies without one element:slow and methodical consideration. You were frightened and eager to stretch your muscles. You acted rashly. Call off the strike."

"...Balls in your court now Harry Potter. Just know I'm coming after YOU the minute this goes pear shaped. Spalding out." He curtly cuts off communications.

You kiss the action-figure size Blue Cobalt. "Oh Blue! You're a lifesaver!"

Blue raises a fist. "Generals Gather Baron."

"Generals Gather indeed!"

"You need anything at all just call. Preferably with a little warning this time. It was rather jarring to suddenly finding myself eating breakfast on your hand."

"Sorry about that."

"Hope you manage to wrap up this Intercessor business quick. Doc has a new job for us as security detail the Dundo Cosmic Railroad."

"I had a quick chat with Doc. It does indeed sound like the makings of another glorious adventure..."

Sorry about that. What's bugging you about it if you don't mind my asking?

I hope you approve of how I've been writing them!

Looks awesome!

Magical Girl is an aged up Magical Girl. She's the Professor X of Japan's magical girls and is well loved by them. For some of them she's almost like a surrogate mother.
I'm going to try and fish out some pastebins. I think they'd help people that want to look up Cape World stuff.


BOB CAT is on the first contact team. So far for the second slot we in terms of votes:

1 Magical Woman

1 Herbert and Other-Thing

1 Haunter


We could have a third member come if we wished.
Is this a recount?
Voting for magical woman if it is.
I will choose Haunter.
File: file.png (95 KB, 540x423)
95 KB
I'm gonna have to go with Haunter, if only because of familiarity's sake (and that I've drawn her a whole bunch).

Though Magical Woman sounds very awesome to have in this situation, being in Japan while we're in the states (and taking care of a magic school basically as well) could prove troublesome. Also Bobcat's here don't want her trying to pull anything coy.

That said I'll have to give Magical Woman a draw because she just straight up sounds like a neat concept.

The Mississippi spirit owes you a favor, and as frustrating as she can be at times she's very crafty. And her heart is good. She'll see no harm comes to the New One while helping you uncover Death's assassins.

HAUNTER has experience helping young humans control their overwhelming powers and in interacting peacefully with inhuman beings. Both skill sets could be useful in this situation.

You begin to set a spell of bilocation to gather your team. Being in two places isn't hard when you make the places match. You gesture and the sands of the badlands swirl and around you. When you make where you are match where you want to be you will be there.

Before you can start probing the web of life for BOB CAT'S location and shifting the sands to match the nowhere near as bad as it could be response team teleports in.

Red clad PHOENIX troops appear in a flash of light. Some are clad in super-armor. Some float in flight harnesses. Far in the distance you see teleporation beacon columns rise into the air. Its typical PHOENIX procedure to set a protective perimeter around a crisis area and send a scout team toward the center.

It's a little embarrassing, but there's no military, ARGO, or STATESMEN. That's good.

"Hey there Baron." The squad leader waves at you.

You stop your dust-deviling to wave back. "Er...greetings PHOENIX squad..."

"Simon man, just call me Simon." He says extending a hand.

You clasps him in both hands, very happy for a handshake after the scare you've been through.

Good old PHOENIX. They're a global emergency service, completely non-violent save in extremely rare cases. They make even your team look paramilitary by comparison.

"So...we got a call about that second sun right there. A lot of words are bouncing around the data net. Intercessor. Living Death.Can you help set things straight here while my men run some scans over the sun with our own magic wands?"

"Yes, that will be fine. Do not disturb it though. It was just born and any obtrusive action may disturb it."

"Can do Baron." Simon gives the signal and his crew begin radioing updates to the perimeter crews and flying up to scan the New One.

"So what that is up there...its a living sun?"

"Much more than that..." You sigh deeply. "I hope I can get explain this..."

"Not my first magic case Baron, just go slow."

"Yes, but this is your first Bizarre case."

"Hey, if you think its hard explaining all this to a blockhead like me wait until we clear the news to come on in."

Oh damn. The news. They never make you look good.

Rolled 63 (1d100)

Oooh booy!
Rolled 33 (1d100)

One roll's pretty good, one roll's pretty bad. The third will decide how awkward our explanation becomes...
Rolled 31 (1d100)

I guess its my turn to save/fuck everything.
Don't worry, low is good. We actually make pretty good explanation for ourselves.

The question is can we do the same when the news gets here...
You take a deep breathe....

"Well, I suppose this all started a few hours ago, er, a few hours ago in physical time. I was paying a visit to lands of the Tuatha De Danann-the fairy people as you might know them..."

"Yes sir we know them. PHOENIX has offices in Ireland."

"Well, where there I noticed the scent of death coming from far, far beyond the Atlantean Wall in the deep Spiritual-"

You see Simon cringe a little.

"Is ah, something wrong?"

"What? Oh no. It's just the deep Spiritual...there's less than a hundred people on Earth that are going to be able to do the necessary checking. The fact that time is distance there is the least of the strangeness..."

"Checking? Why, I give you my word that everything I'm saying is accurate!"

"Hey man, I believe you. But supreme sorcerer or not we make it a policy to check whatever crisis witnesses report. We'd do the same if you were CAPTAIN JUSTICE or ASTRAL MAN."

"...This wasn't supposed to be considered a crisis..."

"It's out of both of our hands Baron. It's what it says on the memo."

You nod and straighten your cape of stability before continuing. "...Well, I traced the smell of Death-"


"It's the closest way to describe it...vision is too complex a word for it and hearing doesn't bring to mind the complexity and variety. Its not like touch either. You don't get that definite sense of "otherness". What you sense becomes a little part of yourself..."

"Uh huh..."

"Smell is the one of our more primitive senses and comes the closest to describing how I...sense things...but its not important."

"Carry on."

"So. I traced Death back through the spirit until I came to upon an ancient spirit. Its flame was little more than a cold core. It was almost totally inert rock, and Death was thick as flies around it." You smile just a hair to see that Simon is paying rapt attention to you. Unable to hate yourself you start to add some gusto to your recounting.

" I knew that I was too late to save this ancient, wonderful creature. But I had arrived quick enough to save his memories, to save his future! I quickly called upon the power of the eternal maiden Amali-"

"Hold on a second Baron." Simon cuts you off in the middle of a rather graceful looking gesture. "I got a question, and its probably a stupid question, but you're talking about Death as if it were some sort of person. This a super villain we're talking about, DEATH GLIDER or ABBOT DEATH?"

"Er, no. I mean Death...DEATH!" You wave your hands at Simon. "In the aspect of the Devourer. Death the Devourer."

"...Okay, this one of the gods? Not PLUTO right? He's still a good guy?"

(PLUTO is working to rebuild the currently fragmented country of Greece after its ruling council of gods and demigoddesses vanished for reasons yet unknown and left Greece footing the bill for their outlandish expenditures. PLUTO, being the god of wealth and finance, will not let his people go bankrupt for the indiscretions of his siblings.)

"Yes, Pluto is still a good guy. It wasn't a god, it was DEATH."

"So like a death spirit? One of those Aztec Star Demon things?"

"NO!" You groan. "Death the Devourer! Brother to Death the Comforter and Death the Mourner!"

"Hey Baron, I told you I'm just trying to understand..."

"I-I know..." You sign and conjure a chair out of the surrounding sand to collapse in. "Forgive me. I don't mean to be so...belligerent with you."

"Hey man, its alright. You've been through way more in a few hours than my entire team's been through in our career."

"And I do it every day. Every day. I experience such things...believe me it is no boast when I say that I am one of the most blessed of men. Stars have sung their thanks to me. I have supped with elves. I have...so much, and when I come back down, when I come back home I do not know how to share it all. What I have been blessed with experiencing I can only relate with...clumsy words strung together by a clumsy mind."

Simon pats you on the shoulder. "Baron, believe me its not just because my son has your action figure that I'm telling you this. Things can really shitty today. Command went crazy. That happens sometimes. Its a hell of world. New super humans are born every minute. You got CASPAK off in the South Pacific. You got the GEM EMPIRE under Idaho. But things always work out with them. And they're working out here."

"...My teammate made everything work out. She managed to talk Commander Spalding down from a military coalition to just PHOENIX. I tried describing to him what the New One is,..." You look up at the New One, blazing with innocence, burning with infinite possibilities. "...And I could not find the words to Commander Spalding feel as I felt..."

"Spalding is a...well, he's a blockhead. You shouldn't worry about explaining things to blockheads."

"It's no use explaining anything to anyone. And my job, my life, my reason for existing-to be the 5th Baron Bizarre-is to explain things so that the 3 Earths can interact in harmony."

You sulk in your sand chair. You know you're being moody. If Doc were here he'd tell you to get a grip like he always does. But damn it, you can't help it!

"Well I think you're doing a great job Baron. I don't really get what exactly an Intercessor or Dimension egg is but I understand that what we got here is a newborn. You say we're supposed to be gentle with it, I trust you."

You smile. "Thank you Simon. It means very much to me to know that I am trusted."

"So alright...Death the Devourer is Death. Okay, I'm not sure how an action can be person."

"Through magic." You reply. "If you check your files I believe you'll find Death the Devourer and his kin listed under "Intelligent Entrophic Fields."

"Ohhhhh. The IEFs. I gotcha. The tech boys in my ear are a lot more comfortable with that term. Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

You sigh. "Because its another of my failures. The term "IEF" says more than "Death" and means far, far less."
What kind of cereal was Blue eating?
"If I had done my job right ARGO and PHOENIX would call them what they are. If you had only had my senses, my perception, you would know that Death is Death."

"I don't see the issue really. "Death" or "Intelligent Entrophic Fields", they're the same thing in the end right?"

"No." You reply pointedly. "No they are not. A field is not what meets every one of us at the end of our life. A field is not what takes your loved ones. A field is not what what separates the child from the womb. That is Death. Simply Death as all living creatures know!" You reply with what you fear is perhaps a touch more melodrama than is appropriate.

"I'm sorry Baron...But the thing that chased you and...death, how are they the same? I just don't get it." Simon asks.

"Because of...magic..." There's that word again, the word you hate using. The word that means you aren't at all like your legacy.

The first Baroness Bizarre was a mathematician. She explained what she did through theorems and proofs. She published academic papers. She dined with Lewis Carol and Dr. Moriarty and they understood her. The second Baron Bizarre was a philosopher. His explanations were complex. He could write an entire book just to explain a single jaunt into the spiritual. But he always built his explanations into a harmonious, holistic conclusion that explained far more than the how and why of his latest adventure. The third Baron Bizarre was a recluse. He broke under the strain of the job and shunned human contact. He frightened people by his actions because he only did and never explained. He is the one you fear you are becoming more and more like every day. The fourth Baron Bizarre, your father was a poet. People did not necessarily understand his explanations, but he could make them feel his meaning in such concise descriptions, in such beautiful phrases.

You, the fifth Baron Bizarre, are a magician. You explain what do with fiat because you aren't skilled enough to explain it otherwise.

"I'm sorry Baron, but that just doesn't explain a whole lot..."

"No, I am sorry. Because if I was doing my job right, because if you could see things as I do, feel things as I do...you would know that I am right. And I know how that sounds. I know how utterly arrogant that sounds. Believe me I know...but here, gaze upon this and it shall explain everything."

You hold out your hand and a scintillating hyper sigil forms, a piece of non-Euclidean space forming a geometric pattern as best it can in the limiting universe around itself.

"Do you see this?"

Simon sighs. "Yeah...but what is it?"

"Non-Euclidean geometry. A book-photo-map of what I have done and how I have done it. It is the most through and precise explanation I could possibly come up with."

"I'm sorry Baron, but it doesn't look like anything to me. It's not even like a cloud...I try to find some pattern and it changes on me.I don't even know how many angles it has."

"And that is the problem." You say dismissing the sigil with an angry wave of your hand. "I see everything where you see nothing. There are only about 200 people on Earth, in all the Earth, that could understand what I've shown you. To everyone else its just...magic."

"It ain't your fault. What you do is seriously high weirdness, but your explanation is enough for those that trust you. And I trust you. What you do with THE GENERALS shows you're a good person."

You smile weakly at him. "Ah. But you shouldn't have to just trust me. Humanity deserves a good explanation when someone brings a new life to it and asks it to help take care of it."

"That's a big baby up in the sky..." He says pointing at the New One." And you're a guy that wants to protect it, make sure we don't hurt it just because its big and scary."

You nod.

"Well, I'd say that that is the heart of the matter. Sure, the exact details are tricky, but when it comes to the heart of the matter I think you nailed it. And its not blind trust. Your'e a super-hero Baron. You helped Albany bust up SCIENCE TYRANT and his gang. We know you're a good guy. When you talk with the magic baby tell it Simon and PHOENIX said hi, from a couple of living things to another."

Your smile is more genuine this time. "Well...would you mind if I started from when I started to throw youth at the Ancient One with the power of Amali?"

Simon scrolls through the notes on his tablet. "Amali...yeah. Alright. Go ahead. I'm all ears."


(I'm sorry if the last posts have been dull. I wanted to try and flesh out BB's character. A little melodramatic, a little frustrated, a little intimidated by the weight of his legacy. When writing him I picture him as "What if Doctor Strange/Fate was tasked with not only protecting the world but explaining what he does to the people he protects". I'm hoping that BB has enough going for him to elevated him above the status of rip off.)

What do you think? How are things going so far story/character wise?

She's supposed to be eating GENERALS GREATEST BREAKFAST brand with puffed wheat Trinitys and Docs, grape marshmellow bit Barons, raspberry marhsmellow bit Blues, and "invisible" Shinobis (she's not in the cereal).

But she's actually eating (looking for awesome discontinued cereal because Cape World is confirmed best timeline). Don't tell Doc!
>Cereal made with edible versions of Blue and all her teammates
>Except Psinobi, who is not in the cereal as a bit of a joke about her being "invisible"
>Blue can't even chow down on Psinobi as a cereal
No wonder she doesn't eat the brand stuff, it's just fucking taunting her.

I know we haven't got to the main story yet, just the prologue, but I still think what story you've had so far is pretty neat. I like your take on Spiritual Earth, and Baron. From what little I've seen of Blue and Doc, I think those are also really nice characters, and very true to what characterization they had in the worldbuilding threads. Overall great stuff so far!
Forgot to add, continue interview. He seems willing to hear us out and try to understand, a chance we may not get again with the press.
File: dunkin-donuts-cereal.jpg (25 KB, 332x450)
25 KB

"So I used the powers of Amali to restore the Ancient One's youth. I could not save him from death, I had arrived too late for that. But I made it so that he died in the vigor of youth, with his awareness and memories."


"Not really." You reply humbly. "Death The Devourer is capable of tactics, but he is far from a master of strategy. Now his brother Death the Gamester, he is a tactician."

He is. You have to be extremely creative to outwit him. The last time you did it by challenging him to video games...with Trinity as his opponent.

"With his lucidity restored the Ancient One imparted to me that he was the victim of a assassins under the employ of Death the Devourer who struck at him by crippling his mind so that his body would die."

"Sounds like more of a think his bro would do."

"The Deaths are alike in many ways. You corner Death the Gamester he flies into a rage like Death the Devourer. You thwart Death the Devourer he becomes as morose and pathetic as Death the Mourner. Their characters bleed into one another, and sometimes their greatest strength comes from convincing sorcerers that they can only act one way all the time. Death is ALWAYS tricky. With his ruse uncovered Death the Devourer reverted to habits and attacked me. Now is where the New One enters the story. Death the Devourer went as far as to hire assassins in the hopes of preventing the New One from being born out of the death of the Ancient One. Before the Ancient One was to die he was to use the last of his energies to set in motion the creation of a New One to continue on his legacy. But with his mind crippled his body would waste away until not even that necessary spark would be left and Death the Devourer would have had robbed the universe of a being that would live for aeons. Life is pain to him-hunger pains. The more life the more he hungers."

"So by preventing the baby from being born, he would have saved himself aeons of pain...I getcha."

"Exactly!" You grin, so very happy he understands. "So, Death being what he is he attacked, hoping against hope that he would thwart me. But I directed him to strike at the Ancient One as he wished me to. He died with just enough energy left to give birth to the New One...I only regret that his story could not be recorded. Aeons of wisdom and knowledge and stories...gone."

"But hey." Simon points to the bright burning New One. "All that's up there. It just hasn't happened yet."

"Yes." You nod happily. "Yes you are exactly right. Do you know what an Intercessor is?"

"I kind of get the meaning of the word but not the context."

"An Intercessor is what the Ancient One was. It is a spirit that stands before man and spirits and takes the side of man. Prometheus was one. Christ was another. Buddhas can be likened to them. The Ancient One...well, you know how the spirit is. It could be none of the Intercessors familiar to us or all of them, or a combination of their characteristics."

"So our little sun is going to grow up to be one of these cosmic super heroes?"

"It will have a natural inclination to interact with the human race. Beyond that its like any other infant. You protect it and raise it and hope for the best. Remember, before it is an Intercessor and before I am Bizarre and before you are Simon we are all living things. There are irreducible elements we have in common."

"So uh...how do you go about raising an Intercessor anyway?"

"I have a first contact team picked out. Haunter and Bob Cat from the Statesmen. After that I want to expose the New One to as many kinds of people capable of communicating with it as possible to give it a good understanding of the variety of humans and other physical Earth dwellers."

"Sounds like a good plan to me. BOB CAT though? You sure she's responsible enough for this?"

"She's responsible where it counts, and I'm hoping to use her keen sense of trickery to ferret out any clues to the identity of the assassins."

"Is there anything to get clues from though? The Ancient One is gone. Everything he was is in the sun baby now."

"But that's precisely why it has a chance of working. What is in the father is recapitulated in the offspring. Think...how one can guess at what disease the parent had by finding a known genetic disease in the child. What I hope Bob Cat ca do is like that, but far, far more precise."

"I getcha. So to return to the story, the Ancient One is dead and..." He finishes logging away the recorded conversation. "...Continue please."

"Well, as the Ancient One fade away I collapsed his dimensional universe around the newly forming life to create a protective barrier around it. I had to think quick. By creating a living barrier around it like an embryo or an egg I created something that would rapidly accelerate the New One's development by merging with its life-force and nurturing it like a placenta. I wanted the New One to develop to a point at which it could defend itself in the off chance I fell to Death's attack and-"

"...Just one thing. A yes or no question: You "collapsed a dimensional universe?""


Simon whistles.

"Oh it wasn't nearly that impressive. Isolated universes are easy to manipulate. There was only Death and I there with the New One."

"And that's supposed to make it sound less impressive?"

"Well...it was..."

"Just you and Death, all alone with the life of a spirit-kid on the line. Uh huh." Simon smiles. "Not impressive at all."

"Oh stop...I didn't even save the day. I owe it all to Sun Wukong the Monkey King."

"Now THIS I got to here."

"I decided against fighting Death head on and quickly flew through the spirit until I found myself in the middle of Journey to the West where I inserted myself into one of the 81 tribulations. Death followed and met more than his match in the Monkey King."

"You know..." Simon says grinning like a kid in a candy store. "Writing "and then he kicked death's ass with in a team-up with Sun Wukong" does in no way make you less of a badass Baron."

You start to blush a little from embarrassment. "If I was really such a great sorcerer I would have taken Death head on..."

"But you didn't. You were worried about the baby so you took the kid and ran. Which in my book makes you an even better man than you area sorcerer, and that's saying something sense you're the Supreme Sorcerer of the 3 Earths."

"A title that is in no way uncontested and unchallenged." You never understood how Doc and his daughter could be so comfortable with...hero worship. You always feel so silly when people gush about you...

"So ah...the Monkey King, yes. Sun Wukong is thrice immortal and perhaps even more so. The Celestial court attempted many, many times to execute him. Every time failed. Even the great sage Laozi failed. And Death the Devourer is no Laozi."


"Not at all. I just know my heroes."

"And so do I man, so do I."

"Ahem...so the dimensional egg is about to hatch. Because I wasn't clever enough to make the shell last longer. I panic and bring the New One to physical Earth not wanting to cause a potential disaster in the spirit."

"God wars are never fun."

"No they are not. But my decision to bring the New One here might have cause a near disaster if Cobalt Blue hadn't talked Commander Spalding into ceding authority to me."

"But it didn't. And you bringing the New One here shows that you trust Earth enough to share this awesome responsibility with her...you know something Baron?" Simon stares you dead in the eye. "You talk about how hard it is for people to understand you, and how hard it is for you to get your meaning across." He puts his hand on your shoulder. "But maybe you miss things to. Maybe the Earth is trying to tell you something...that its going to be all right."

Simon smiles, and you return the smile. "I will deeply, deeply consider your words." You clasp his hand and give it a hearty shake. "I believe there to be great wisdom in them...my friend."



Rolls over 40 are bad. 60 percent chance of a bad roll.
Rolled 15 (1d100)

Rolled 69 (1d100)

One good, one bad. Next one decides if things go as swimmingly as they did with Simon.
Rolled 21 (1d100)

Please please please please
You finish things up with Simon and his men and schedule a meeting between ARGO and your first contact grew after you make contact with the New One. The New One is classed as a both a land and a person outside UN territory-New Mexico politicos will just have to be salty, but if you feel like it you can schedule a meeting with the governor later.

The important thing is that being outside UN territory it falls under ARGOs purview as the exploration arm of humanity. You won't have to deal with NIGHTINGALE and Spalding for now.

"Well,I don't know about you but life seems to be telling me right now "good job everyone, let's get dinner.""

"That winds like a wonderful idea Simon, but don't the journalists clear soon? I ought to talk to them."

"Woah now Baron. We got people here trained to talk to them. You can just teleport on home, we deal with all kinds of disasters-including journalistic ones."

"If I avoid them they'll think the worse. It's happened before."

"Schedule a press conference then."

"I might as well get it over with. Otherwise they'll just ask me why I fled at the press conference . I suppose it's like ripping off a band aid."

Simon frowns. "Well, good luck buddy. Journalist are clear for teleportation in five four three two one..."

Several columns of light marking out teleportation points hit the ground. The dust swirls chaotically. When it clears the journalist hoards lay siege to the area.

Jet pack journalists climb to the New One to film it as PHOENIX troopers keep them cordoned away with floating barriers. Those stuck in the ground get as close as possible in news vans like tanks. You feel a momentary dizziness as several psychic information networks scan the area at once. You see Simon swallowed up in a sea of cameras and mics.

And now you're next.

"Is it true the giant sun is a ball of pure death?"

"How do you respond to rumors that the spirit-being up there is a parasite leeching away on the life force of reality?"

"Is that thing really alive?"

"Does it have a name?"

"Who is to be blamed for this unannounced incursion into traditional reality?"

Because you made the roll you can decide what to say. You can, as usual, also use magic.

Also, at any moment during this press encounter you can willing and unleash your magical spaghetti and anger.
Magic power points and a somewhat thorough explanation are good ideas, but not at this moment. First thing is first, respond to stuff like
>Is it true the giant sun is a ball of pure death?
>How do you respond to rumors that the spirit-being up there is a parasite leeching away on the life force of reality?

Make it clear, maybe even use some magic to amplify the sound of this statement so everyone in the area hears this, but make it very clear that the entity up there is NOT a threat. That, I think, is the most pressing point that needs to be made.
The crowd quiets itself for a moment as you send sparks of magics out to create a multi-media experience. You normally don't have to be so colorful with our magic, but you want to get their attention.

High in the sky blue sparks right out in clear, mellow letters that THIS IS THE NEW ONE-WELCOMED ON EARTH. IT IS NEWLY BORN AND IS NOT A THREAT." Down on the ground green sparks dig into the earth and cause the very ground itself to rise up forming little three dimensional exhibits explaining everything from the Fairy feast on toward the present. Little clay figures of you, Death the Devourer, Sun Wukong, and everyone else with detailed placards on the side detailing the finer mechanics of what you've done.

It works to direct some of the mob away from you,but it does nothing to the veteran journalists who care more about sensationalism than facts.

They box in around you and open fire.

"So, trying to avoid talking to us with parlor tricks eh, Bizarre? Think we're just going to let you off with a little razzle dazzle?"


"By what authority did you make the call to bring this creature to Earth?"

"It was threatened by Death the Devouerer, I thought if I brought it here-"

"You led an Alpha Class threat into the spiritual Earth for the sake of ONE creature?"

"I had everything under control. Sun Wukong himself weakened-"

"Wouldn't that be time travel what you did?"

"The deep spirit isn't exactly on the time line-its more like a shadow of our time line but...by a certain definition yes..."

"More super types time traveling!" A reporter throws his hands in the air. "Without even giving ARGO notice! What if you caused one of those temporal collapses?"

"I assure you my spells are not have caused-"

"You think just because YOU can fight off cosmic monsters that its okay to bring one here!"

"The New One is not a monster!"

"I'm talking about Death mister! You brought something that is actually, literally death to this planet yes or no?"

The other reporters draw back and just film. They know when to shut up and let a scene unfold that'll look good on the news.

"It was weakened considerably by the Monkey King-"

The reporter sneers. "For YOU maybe! For you and the like twelve other people that can just beat up death itself. But what about everyone else on the planet? What if someone was nearby?"

"I made sure that wouldn't happen."

"Like you made sure not to get chased by Death after it killed someone you failed to protect?"

You stare.You are starting to get angry.

"What? Its fine to be faliable in your cosmic clubhouse but come back to Earth and its all "Trust me. I can do no wrong. It's alright to have Death enter through a wormhole." What is WRONG with you and the rest of the super-privledged?"

"Super-privleged" You recognize the term from those nasty blogs and internet sites Trinity likes to argue with.

That explains it. You're debating a blogger.

"Death was limping. It wouldn't have let him-"

"Can't you just say it?" The reporter interrupts, contempt dripping in his voice. "You let Death set foot on this Earth for the sake of a single entity..."

"A spiritual entity!" Those around him start to add to the fire.

"Not even a physical entity!"

"Do you think this is why there are rumors you prefer spiritual beings to physical beings Baron Bizarre?"

"Talk to us Baron!"

"...Yes or No Baron. Humanity deserves atleast one simple answer from you. Yes or No."

"It's not that simple..."

"To us it is! We're simple people! You put death near us we die, we don't get to fight back! See, simple!"

A few in the crowd start to cheer him.

"Just because you aren't simple doesn't mean you can do as you please with those who are! Say yes or no Baron! Yes or no!"


Rolled 39 (1d100)

Rolled 43 (1d100)

Oooh boy.
Rolled 14 (1d100)

Maximum effort.

BLUE COBALT always told you "Never let your enemies dictate the terms of engagement". Don't get mad at the hecklers. It's what they want.

"...When I go to sleep at night..." You say rising slightly into the air to get everyone's attention. "I don't dream. I walk the dreamlands..."

"What does that have to do with-"

"When other people talk to their bosses I talk to ancient gods." You cut off the aggravating blog warrior with a growing edge in your voice like how you talk to goblin princes. "When other people relax with their friends I fight Science Tyrant with mine. You are right. I am very, very complex. I am Bizarre...but whether you trust me or not I will do what my heart tells me is right...And I can trust YOU to act civil, then I will answer your questions."

You begin to fade like smoke as the mob hurls a last barrage of questions and cameras click like a pack of insects.

You have a lot to do in the morning. Have that meeting with your team. Contact BOB CAT and HAUNTER. Reach out to the New One...but for now you rest.

You materialize in your study inside your ancestral home CASTLE BIZARRE located in the Kent countryside. You float exhausted over to a black orb in a bowl equal parts ivory and horn. Its your bed.

Even how you sleep is bizarre ...

You touch the orb and your corporeal form unwinds to be respun afresh in the morning. It's a gift from the Queen of Elfland's Daughter. It's so much more restful than sleep.

You unwind yourself and enter into the dreamlands, the portion of the mental Earth nearest the physical and spiritual. You fold your essense over yourself until you feel comfortable and secure. Its like making yourself into pillows and blankets and sleepy warmth.

You feel better already...Morpheus help any creature dream or nightmare foolish enough to disturb your rest...


"...heyyyy BB....."

You feel your very being bounce.

"BB! Wakey wakey!"

Some poor fool is actually tapping on the orb of Elfin dreams...

"Come on...I'm boreeeeddd!"

There's only one creature in all the realms foolish enough to try.

"Dad wants to tell you about our new mission! Come onnnnnn!"

TRINITY: Doc's daughter and your fellow teammate. She leads her own super-team now, the YOUNG GENERALS. How anyone follows her you have no idea. She was once a normal girl until she meddled in her father's experiment to create a being that exists across the 3 Earths like you. Now there are three of her. She's three times bratty, curious, and...you have to admit, brave.

If possible, I say we half-hazardly smack at her, like a fly, or some similar tactic like pushing her out of the room and locking the door. We need sleep.

If she persists, I guess we wake up and grumble at her.
I should mention we should do that magically. Not physically.
A simple spell of repulsion sends her tumbling head over heels out of your study. A spell of DO NOT DISTURB locks the door with a seal of Tartarus and hangs a nifty little sign that ends with AND THAT MEANS YOU TRINITY.

Trinity taps on your orb of Elfin dreams again...

Oh of course. Trinity 3 is probably also in the room. And you just locked the door.

"TRINITY." You declare in room filling mystic echo. "I AM TRYING TO SLEEP."

"But Baronnnnn...." Trinity whines. "It's like, almost lunch time and we got stuff to do!"

Ah damn. Almost noon?

The orb of Elfin dreams.Restful for the body, not necessarily for the mind.

You do have much to do today....

Very well, guess we should wake up. After much theatrics/grumbling.
We need our beauty sleep; there's a lot of stuff ahead of us and this may be our last chance to rest for a while.
Tied! Next vote decides.
File: file.png (53 KB, 707x467)
53 KB
See, I imagined the cereal would be like the Halloween ones or Lucky Charms.

Marshmallow Science, Trinity Logos, and Magic Runes.

With Cosmic Blueberry bites and ...

Depressing not quite frosted stars.
waking up! I'm game.
I also dig the idea of trinity being tied into the Three Earth idea.
File: file.png (74 KB, 460x472)
74 KB
Also dammit I left my trip on.

But that said I do find the idea of a groggy Baron profoundly Amusing.

With this thread its been getting me thinking of running a Tesla-Quest. Or at the very least, seeing run a Young Generals thing.
You rise out of your orb in a billowing cloud of smoke. "Fine, fine. I'm awake." You say in your grumpiest voice. You yawn in spite of your effort to stay serious though.

"I thought I had to rub you three times for you to do that..."

"Trinty, you have rubbed me the wrong way far, far more than three times." Your wardrobe springs to life and wraps you in your favorite robe while an intersimensional tea cup pours you a drink."

"Whew! Where you been Doc? I thought I was gonna be the one running late to the meeting."

"I was sleeping."

"Yeah! What's up with that? We were waiting for you to show up and you were here the whole time."

You here tiny little fists bang against the seal of Tartarus. You might as well let the other Trinity in.

You wave your hand and the door flies open and Trinity tumbles in in much the same way she tumbled out.

"Sorry about any inconvenience. I trust Cromwell made suitable accommodations for you all?"

"Oh yeah, bone head was a real gent as always. Rooms were fine. Two of mine had a view into the Celestial court and this weird place with a lot of blue crystals!"

" I trust you didn't make faces at the gods and goddesses?"

"Me? No...but she did." One Trinity rats out the other.

"Hey! He started it! The dragon boy made a face at me first!"

"They got on fine though BB. He kept kicking her butt at that mystic not-chess thing you taught us, played it through the glass."' Trinity grins wide. "They were really cute..."

"Shut up! You were crushing on him more! You're just salty you had the room with the normal window!"

Normally you and your team assemble at Doc and Trinity's Albany based science fortress Albany Labs. But The Generals have been known to use Castle Bizarre. A mystic stronghold is very, very handy.

"Well...everyone is here, right?"

"Yep! Psinobi took forever to show up though. College drama or something lame like that. "

"Speaking of drama..." The other Trinity says. "Take a look at this!!" She takes out today's copy of Super:Nower.

You are on the front page
Super:Now is a tabloid that takes liberal advantage of the controversial Irving Act which states that news sources cannot be brought up on libel causes involving individuals that partake in causality violating activities:a definition that includes a large chunk of super heroes. Sooner or later a super hero encounters reality warping magic and super science. It comes with the territory. The spirit of the Irving Act was to keep someone from being sued for libel by so say, Aqua King for claiming that Aqua King killed his brother and rival to the throne of Cyber Sealand. A time rupture made it so that this event never happened. And yet it can be shown through hyper-continuity detectors that this indeed happened before it didn't happen. This fact about Aqua King is this true and untrue, and whatever it may be it is not libel.

You and your team have never experienced anything as dramatic as retroactive continuity, but you have dealt with Alpha-Class realitiy warpers...such as yourself. That contact is all it takes to trigger the law. Who can say what is real and what is an imaginary story when it comes to super beings!

Super:Now is thus one part brazen satire and one part outrageous propagator or lies. For reasons you can't understand Doc likes it when he makes the cover.

You do not like it when you make the cover.

This morning's cover depicts you floating above a crowd of horrified civilians, cape of stability billowing behind you and eyes blazing with magical fire. Behind you the New One blazes like an angry dying sun. With arms outstretched like Science Tyrant you proclaim in a word balloon "I have transformed New Mexico into New Crib! For now on all residents must attend to the needs of the great "New One"!"

"Goo goo godhead" goes the New One.

"Good lord! Baron Bizarre wants to force us to foot the bill for his cosmic love child! -choke-" A distressed looking man says.

A blurb at the bottom informs "Sun Wukong: "I vaguely remember something like what he said."
Cannot claim with 100 percent certainty "Baron Bizare" was not The Pale or The Showman!"

And on the other side:"Is Baron Bizarre Zeus in disguise! Amazing photographic comparison reveals the General powerhouse to be the baby daddy of the gods! It's all in he missing beard!"

It's too outrageous and sad to make you mad. It just makes you feel even more tired.

"Pretty cool huh! Remember when they said I was really a prototype for new generation robot assassins?"

"It is...amusing, I suppose..."


>depressing not quite frosted stars

I love this!

Tesla Quest could be really cool what with finding out how the suit works and developing from irresponsible hooligan to responsible super hero on a team. I say go for it! It would be great to see more Cape World quests. Think of it like a comic company, you got several authors on different books with different concepts but they all take place in the same world. It'll be neat!
Ask about third Trinity.
If we want to prevent headaches it might be best to keep track of all Trinities.
File: file.png (50 KB, 380x421)
50 KB
Trinity 3 could be with the Junior Generals perhaps.

>Think of it like a comic company, you got several authors on different books with different concepts but they all take place in the same world. It'll be neat!
Glad you think so. Been meaning to do stuff with her for a while.

Might do some prepwork for it over the weekend and start sometime this next week Depending on work. Perhaps a oneshot adventure or "origin story" episode.

Maybe work in Dundo or The Brown Recluse since she's on their turf.
File: file.png (31 KB, 446x323)
31 KB
One last thing before turning in tonight.
A quick "Brown Recluse" logo concepts I worked on yonks ago. Meant to post it in a Super Hero General yonks ago, but moving and internet set up sort of locked me out of the loop for a while.

Also I vote proceeding to the meeting by the way.
I will support proceeding to the meeting, but we can ask about third Trinity while we head that way.
okay then I support this too.

Wow its odd seeing how long these threads stay bumped.
Oh boy that's a thing now? Awesome.
Move on to the meeting
New thread:>>385055

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