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A heart of gold. Fighting to the finish. Making it all twelve rounds. Boxing is a canvas to paint one’s emotions. What are you fighting for?

Acts 1-3:

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=FINAL+ROUND+-+Act

Twitter (for updates, to ask me questions, and generally you'll know when I'm whipping shit up): https://twitter.com/qstMoofin/

Current stats and information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DXhzCTez2sELVIH25N6UdJqurF0grk9SIuotAbGiT54/pub

Last time: >>311211

The bell rings on Becca’s phone alarm but you’re already up.


After last night’s fireworks, you still feel incredible. The woman you have your left arm around was sleeping so soundly up until the striking of 9 AM. She quickly slaps her alarm and lays back down.

Solid technique. Goddamn she’s beautiful.

She puts fists to her eyes and stretches, bumping her arm into you. She looks surprised, looks up, and immediately relaxes again.

“Good morning~.”


You both smile and she reaches up to give you a kiss.

It’s Wednesday, and you’re not supposed to be training, but last night was workout enough to be fair. Not to mention, flooring Jim and scaring some gang members. Yesterday was pretty crazy. Come to think of it, it all started with this woman.
Becca turns off her second alarm, marking the passing of 9:02 AM. She then looks back at you and cuddles for a solid couple of minutes. Everything just feels right, you know?

“You’re the best. Last night was so explosive. I loved it!”

“Thanks. You’re not so bad yourself.”

Cheesy, sure. It’s the best you’ve got in a pinch.

She looks back at her phone.

“Oh shit!”

She hops out of bed, still naked, grabs her glasses and starts running around the room looking for her clothes.

“What’s up?”

“My shift started earlier today! I’m already late!”

Oh dang. You could’ve spent all day laying here with her. Honestly, a part of you thought that was the plan. Everything happened so fast last night, you kind of just wanted to be with her for a hot minute, you know?

Today you’ve basically got nothing planned. Maybe you could swing by somewhere fun? Maybe take Becca somewhere nice? Today is your day. What to do, what to do?

As you see her scrambling around your room, she makes dirty poses at you from time to time, entertaining you as you lay there covered by not much more than a sheet.

“Hey babe, I’ll text you later okay?”

Babe… something about that seemed so nice. Like it was cute in a way that you liked. It hits you just right for some reason. Babe. You smile when she says that.

But then an idea hatches…

>”Wait, what if you stayed in with me?”
>”Let’s play hooky. I’ll be bored all day without you.”
>”I’ll take you somewhere nice later.”
>”Missing you already.” (Make plans to visit her at work.)
>”Can’t wait. I’ll see you out the door. Let me put on clothes first, unlike last time.”
Will be back in about 30 to write! We LIVE baby.
>”Can’t wait. I’ll see you out the door. Let me put on clothes first, unlike last time.”
>>”Can’t wait. I’ll see you out the door. Let me put on clothes first, unlike last time.”

Locked in and writing!
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144 KB PNG


”Can’t wait. I’ll see you out the door. Let me put on clothes first, unlike last time.”

She giggles as you stretch and make fun of yourself. She fastens her bra after sliding her panties up to her waist.

You hate to seem ‘em go.

You get out of bed, morning wood still in effect. You grab of boxers from the dresser drawer and catch her checking you out in the mirror.

You turn around and are about to put on your boxers when she interrupts you by extending a hand.


You freeze, mid pullup. She checks you out a tad longer, then as if saying goodbye to a long lost friend, looks away, biting her lip.

“Go on. He must go now.”

You both laugh and pull them up the rest of the way. You go the extra mile and don not only a longsleeve shirt, but pants too! A huge improvement.

After making sure your hair is okay in the mirror, you look back to your bed and Becca is just sitting there, staring at you while in her lingerie.

“Wait, how come you haven’t gotten dre… Oh.”

Oh shit. You forgot most of her clothes and your clothes downstairs. Last night was a mobile endeavor and man oh man, you’re feeling pretty embarrassed to grab them. But seeing her pleading look has you convinced. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Running downstairs, your mom is watching TV and drinking her coffee.

She hears your footsteps.


Oh my fucking god please no.

“Morning, mom.”

“How was last night? How’s Becca?”

Oh my god stop stop please.


“Oh wait, I can just ask her myself. BECCA?!? HOW ARE YOU SWEETIE?”

Kill. Me.

Becca being as sweet as she is replies, “Oh, you know. Pretty good!”

“That’s good!”

You resume your search for the clothes when you realize that right next to your mom is a stack of folded clothes. More specifically, a neatly folded skirt, blouse, and a pair of high heels. Oh god.

You reach for the stack. “Thanks mom.”

“No problem, honey.”


You both walk downstairs, and sheepishly, you put your hand behind your head. Becca’s holding your other hand.

“Man, this is… REALLY out of order. And I know you two basically know eachother already, but um… BECCA, meet my mom. Mom, Becca.”

“Pleasure to meet you again.”

“Likewise, ma’am.”

Oh man this is weird. OOOOOKAY then. You pull her, urging you both forward towards the door.

“Well, she’s running late sooooo…”

You swing open the door and pat her gently on the back on the way out. She waves and smiles to your mom while in motion. You follow her out the door.

She looks at you for a few moments, smiles, then kisses you deeply.

“You’re the best. Again, I’ll text you later, tough guy.”

She winks and then as she steps down the last stair, she stops and turns back to you one last time...

“Actually, I told my coworkers all about you. They’re excited for the fight and everything! And I wouldn’t mind some company on the way to work.”


“Plus I need something to distract them from the fact that I’m wearing the same exact outfit as yesterday.”

She giggles.

“Please come with me, babe!”

You could probably use some groceries too to be fair.

>”That sounds great.”
>”I’ll swing by there later.”
>”Only for a little.”
>”Some other time, okay?”
Sounds great.

I mean its not like we got any other shit to do.
Cutting this one off in about 30-45 minutes.
>>”Some other time, okay?”

When the tie is broken, I will write!
Sounds great
Might as well, right?

Locking in. Writing!
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225 KB PNG

“Actually, yeah! That sounds great. Let’s get going so we don’t miss that train.”


Her face lights up and she kisses you numerous times on the cheek. You smile.

She starts fast walking as you sprint and after a short few steps, you realize she’s very slow in high heels. WHOOPS!

Well, looks like this is about to be some casanova type shit. You job back and in one swift motion sweep your right arm behind her knees and catch her back as she falls towards your left. Today was supposed to be your day off, but this is for her.


Goodness. She’s pretty light all things considered, and being half a foot taller than she is, it’s not really too surprising you can carry her this easily. And she’s certainly not arguing about it.

A few passersby stare at your feat of strength for brief moments, as if trying to place themselves in yours or her shoes. Let them wonder. You don’t give a shit!

You barely squeeze through the closing doors as the hissing-thunk sound behind you signals their closing. You’re tired and breathing heavy, but then remember you have exactly ONE BECCA in your arms. You let her down.

She kisses you on the cheek. “Thank you.” She whispers.

You climb to the second floor of your car, finding a nice secluded double seat. Standing in the isle, you allow her to have to window seat, as it’s the best.

“No no, you deserve the window seat.”

She gives you a light shove into the seat. You comply, as your legs are already rather tired a bit. Gotta lay off today. That was an exception.



Your propped up against the window, Becca rest on your chest. She said something to the effect that she was making up for lost “cuddle time”.

You wrap your right arm around her. She holds your hand.

“Your mom’s a lovely lady.” She lets out a tiny laugh.

“Yeah, real lovely. She likes you a whole lot I think.”

“Yeah. Hey! What happened to your job? Didn’t you say you worked construction?”

“Well, I mean I bounced around jobs a lot. That job didn’t really pan out.”

“Oh. I mean the place I work at is hiring. That’s why I visited you when you were so... unprepared.~”

You give her a light punch on her shoulder.


You kiss her forehead. And yeah you remembered. You wonder what her coworkers were gonna be like? They know about the fight? What if they think you’re some thug.

She asks you other questions like how long you’ve been in Chiford, favorite types of food. You know, usual stuff...
File: other train.png (137 KB, 640x460)
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137 KB PNG

You kind of had a backwards approach to this whole relationship thing, so this is just making up for it in a way.

You stroke her shoulder and brush her hair off it. It’s soft. She is very soft.

“I think it’s your turn.”


“You should ask me things! It’s only fair.”

Well, I mean maybe. You hardly remember her and it wouldn’t hurt to get to know her better, you know?

>”How do you feel about boxing?” (Asking questions in line with the gym, fighting, boxing as a whole)
>”How’d I get so lucky meeting you?” (Asking questions relating to “us”, when she started crushing on you, how strange it was she met you in the noodle place. etc.)
>”Tell me about yourself. Like maybe a last name for starters!” (Asking questions about her family, where she’s from, stuff like that.)
>”What are you into?” (Asking questions about her tastes in games, movies, music, etc.)


[I’m mostly looking for some manner of combination of those categories, though I will just take the categories themselves. Try at least picking a set of questions you find important. A couple or so will do.]
In order of importance
>”How’d I get so lucky meeting you?” (Asking questions relating to “us”, when she started crushing on you, how strange it was she met you in the noodle place. etc.)
>”Tell me about yourself. Like maybe a last name for starters!” (Asking questions about her family, where she’s from, stuff like that.)
>”What are you into?” (Asking questions about her tastes in games, movies, music, etc.)
>”How do you feel about boxing?” (Asking questions in line with the gym, fighting, boxing as a whole)
Small break. Will check back in a matter of hours. Stay tuned!

This is a very reasonable example for responding to the prompt, thank you.
Back! Will finalize and write in about 30 minutes.

Unless it's still dead air, then I'll wait until tomorrow! All good either way.
>Run away from this crazy stalker
Negatory, we stuck our dick in crazy and we can't get it out. Crazy is fucking sticky.
Writing in about 45 minutes!


“How’d I get so lucky meeting you?” You and her both laugh.

“Oh, stop.”

“For real, I mean I’m not complaining, but things are movin’ pretty fast and I just want to know what lead you to me, you know?”

You thought for what felt like a long time on that one. Like, you think Becca’s nice, but it is a little weird how she’s SO into you and you hardly remember her from classes.

She looks up at the top of the cabin of the train. She breathes in and out slowly and composes herself.

“A few years back my family had just moved into town. We didn’t know the place all that well and I didn’t know a single person. It wasn’t fun at all. I was bored all the time, I had to deal with me having braces, and I basically didn’t talk to anyone.”

Her usual cheeriness wasn’t there. She was calmer. The train chugged on.

“Most of the time I spent trying to fit in got me nowhere. So I sort of just resigned myself to… I dunno. Reading? Yeah, I guess most of my time was just reading. But then I remember one afternoon who knows when. I was walking home from school and noticed you and some kid with reddish hair and some other dude and you were all going to some junk lot. I trailed you to it and saw you stealing stuff and laughing. It looked like you were having so much fun! That was you right?”

She looks up at you with her big blue eyes.


“Right. And you’d do all sorts of other stuff. Like that one time with the frog. I wasn’t there, but Macy told me all about it and… well you get it. So yeah I really wanted to spend time with you. But every time I tried and work up my confidence, the other girls would make fun of my braces or something. I don’t know it’s stupid. I just… I didn’t know how to get you to notice me. So after you graduated and left I tried to move on, but classes just weren’t the same. Nothing was. I kept on thinking about you. You just seemed so strong and so caring.”

Thinking about it again, maybe you do remember someone with braces in a class below you, but yeah you really never thought too hard about her until recently.

“So I eventually got away from home life, moved to central Chiford, and started getting things together. Got my braces off!”

She looks up at you and flashes her smile, rubbing her teeth. You laugh.

“But yeah, so when I woke up and looked on the TV and THERE YOU WERE I was shocked! And not only that, but that same day, I see you in the Noodle Nook! THE SAME DAY!”

She got louder than anyone in the train car expected, herself included.

“So I knew it was fate. FATE! And you looked even stronger, tougher. You had a look on your face that looked like you were ready to attack anything. You’re my tough guy.~”

You’re heart skipped a beat when she said that and you know she heard it, as she looks up to you and giggles.

“That’s awful sweet, Becca. But here’s another question. Ready?”


File: city.jpg (27 KB, 567x325)
27 KB

“What’s your last name?”

You both laugh a little at the fact that she fell super hard for you but you don’t even have a last name from her.

“Simmons. Just Simmons.”

“Alright, cool. Becca Simmons. Nice. Mine's Gerardo Pittman.”

“I knew that one. From the TV, remember? Against Donny Esteban.”

She says that in her best ring announcer voice, but it comes off as something between a dying speak-n-spell and a confused old man. You chuckle. She tried.

She lays her head back down on your chest. You both talk about movies and junk. It’s nice.




The train comes to a halt and you play seatbelt, grabbing her waist as she nearly tumbles to the floor.

“Nice catch.”

“Thanks, I try.”

You head off the train and make your way due East. Without realizing it, you’re both holding hands. You take notice and she smiles back at you. You’re okay with this.

The shopping district is busy and filled with aging ladies and begrudging father-figure types. It’s breezy, a little loud, and packed wall to wall with tiny stalls and big department stores. You need some fruit, a box of wine, three packs of nails and a couch? You’ve come to the bargain mecca. It smells like meatballs, because savvy vendor types have set up here to prey on innocent bargain hunters.

But you don’t mind. You love those fucking meatballs.

She sees the market and grabs your arm and starts her cute fast-walking. She gets right up next to the walls and leans over to you to whisper.

“I’m gonna go sneak in and pretend I was there the whole time. My boss’ll never know.”

She gives you a wry smile after pecking you on the cheek.

“Stay right here. I’ll text you when to come on into the back rooms. Don’t worry babe! Just kill like, 10 minutes. ‘Kay?”

You give her a thumbs up. She speedwalks to the door and gives you a quick wave. You smile back. She’s crazy, but she tries.

WELL NOW. You’re on Market Street, you’re a little hungry as you’ve skipped breakfast, and there’s a bunch of stuff to check out.

>Go grab those meatballs. You know you want it.
>Check out the vinyl stall. Maybe grab a record or a CD?
>Walk around and see what catches your eyes.

[Feel free to inquire about Market Street, like what shops are there etc.]
Get some meatballs and reminisce on the frog incident.
Slyly find more information about her while we're at it.
Cutting off in a few hours!
A few? I meant FOREVER hours. Writing now. sorry!
File: Market Street.png (358 KB, 900x600)
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358 KB PNG


Let’s go backwards for a bit.

“Thanks a lot. Take it easy.”

You wish the stall worker well and find a shady spot next to a tree near a bench. You cross your legs and remember the famous frog thing. Goddamn, it feels like it was yesterday. You remember, you were with Sam and Richard, because duh, why wouldn’t you be, and you were getting ready to say goodbye to your second year of highschool. You couldn’t just leave. Well, you could, but Richard and Sam didn’t want to. They wanted to go out with a bang.

We didn’t need to come to class the very last couple of days, thanks to our grades getting us out of that day’s finals. We were super stoked. The night before, we gave the janitor a fake pearl necklace in exchange for a set of keys. We said we’d return ‘em and we did, so it’s all good, right? Anyway… there we are with such POWER, what to do with keys to the school?

What ended up happening that day of classes was historical. The principal always gave his morning announcements in the most boring-ass voice. We hated it, everyone hated it. Boring. Fuck that.

Oh my god these meatballs are so fucking good. Fuck back to the story.

So yeah, this guy was about to get up to his mic, and we’re scoping this whole thing out through the window. So he goes to the mic, and says his usual shit. “Today is a great day if you make it one. The time is 9:30, and that means it is time for the announcements.” And day after day he’d slide his desk drawer back and pull out the talking points.


He let’s out the most GIRLY SCREAM YOU EVER HEARD. The loudspeaker crackled and popped, even the ones outside. Goddamn. You’d think he’d seen a ghost? Nope.

You and the boys just so happened to find a frog from the science lab and toss it in there.

Oh sorry, didn’t mean “a frog”. Something more like 20 frogs.

The whole school fuckin died laughing. He nearly had a goddamn heart failure and started bitching at every assistant in the office. As he turned we backed away and cried laughing. Our ribs felt soft and hurt so much.

We hid a frog in every fuckin classroom. No one was safe. It was fucking magical.

After the fact we told a few people we did it, and like fucking wildfire, by next semester we were known for it. All it took was a few parties here, a few phone calls there. Actually come to think of it, you’re starting to remember Becca a little better. She was at one of those parties. She was a freshman, had braces… yeah the shoe fits. She never spoke to no one though. Weird.

Anyway, the teachers never bothered us about it, probably because no one had any dirt on us. Janitor got his keys and changed schools over the summer. And the school tried their goddamn hardest to own it. So the Hamilton High Bandits became the Hamilton High Bullfrogs. Good times.

File: Becca Market.png (418 KB, 829x600)
418 KB
418 KB PNG

You are loving these goddamn meatballs. They serve’m up in grape jelly. At first you weren’t about that, but man you were dead wrong.

As you toss your paper plate in a nearby can, you get a text. Alright, time to go show off for her coworkers. Fans? Maybe. You laugh to yourself about the idea.

You walk over back to the market and head inside. It’s lush and filled with all sorts of greens and stuff. Real lovely place, with a pretty harsh odor. Jeez. Must be all the old people. Or the manure. A little of both.

The text said something about a glass door towards the back. You walk back past the garden supplies, past the juices and the hemp stuff. All of it strikes you as a real hipstery place. Eugh. You also look across and see none other than Emily picking out apples. Pretty stereotypical for a teacher, but still.

You walk through the door that reads staff only and look around. Becca jumps on you with a hug out of NOWHERE. You’re surprised, but you return the hug. She walks you over to the break room. Inside are three ladies.

“Gerardo, I’d like you to meet Trish, Jess, and Michelle.”

She points at each of them in a row. She has a wonderful beaming smile on her face.

Trish is blonde, staring at her phone, and seems real fuckin’ bored.

Jess stands up to shake your hand. She’s pretty tall, probably got an inch on you, and has short brown hair. Probably a bit older than you and Becca.

Last is Michelle. She has long black hair, she looks up from her can of Coke and gives you a wave and a smile.

“These bitches know all about the fight, babe.”

“Hey bitch, you don’t get to call me bitch!”

Michelle says this with her best sassy accent. They all get a laugh out of it. You laugh out of courtesy.

“Don’t worry, you had to be there.” Becca pats you on the back twice.

Jess, looking away from the fridge, looks around. “Is Amy here? I kinda want to steal her leftovers.”

“Actually she took her smoke break, but she’s gone for a real long time. That’s not like her.” Michelle looks pretty concerned.

Trish, saying anything at all finally, goes on. “Yeah, she’s not texting me back. Oh hey, George, or whatever.”

Becca stares her down. Trish doesn’t notice.

“But yeah, she’s been gone for a while. You wanna check out back?”

Are they talking to you?

Becca goes on. “I mean I can go check on her. See what’s going on.”

You kind of don’t want to be stuck in awkward conversations with three women you’ve never met. Maybe this is a chance for an out? Becca is looking at you expecting you to say something.

>”Actually, let me go check baby.”
>”I’ll come with you.”
>”She’s probably fine.”
>"I'll come with you."
Gerry's vision must be worse up close, that market almost looks normal.
>"I'll come with you."
Also, we should really buy some goddamn glasses
Alright speak now or forever hold your peace. I'll begin writing.
File: lot.png (301 KB, 1496x851)
301 KB
301 KB PNG

“I’ll come with you.”

Something doesn’t sit right. And maybe it was just those meatballs talking, but you were feeling real uncomfortable about this whole deal. Plus you weren’t about to get introduced to some gal pals then ditched, so might as well go scope this out real quick


She looks at you sort of funny, but then shrugs and goes along with it. “Alright, babe.”

She smiles at you then the girls and heads through the back halls. You follow close behind, looking around at the different offices as you go by. It’s a short walk to a pretty big reception bay for trucks. Looks like the dumpsters are near here and a pretty large truck is parked nearby. No one seems to be manning the bay right now, or given the staff you’ve met so far, womanning the bay.

You didn’t think you could pity laugh for yourself, but yet, here we are.

“What the fuck…”

Becca looks really concerned. Like something’s missing.

“She’d usually be like right around that wall over there, smoking and minding her own-”


You hear this off in the distance. Becca runs the fastest she’s run all day in her heels towards the sound. No doubt, that’s definitely Amy.

You jog out in front of her to a parking lot, through an alley. Becca freezes in place. Your eyesight’s not so good, but you quickly realize what’s going on. In the closed off vacant lot, just a half a block away from the bustling street vendors, is a man pointing a knife at a woman’s throat. He’s wearing jet black. Slicked back hair. And he notices you both.

“El Desmadre.”


You hear the truck from earlier backup, shutting off the entrance to the lot. You can still hear the noise from the market. Three more El Desmadre appear behind you from out the back of the truck. All dressed in black, though one is tremendous. He must be nearly 7 feet all. Fucker looks like he could eat you. The other two are holding what looks to be chains. Old, rusty chains.

Shit. FUCK. Gotta think, what the fuck to do.

You and Becca start backing up towards Amy and the man with the knife as the man who looks like he could eat you and his chain carrying buddies start walking towards you. You keep walking and start looking around trying to figure something out.

You look over to Becca who looks scared out of her mind. She’s holding back tears. Fuck. You gotta do something.

>[In the space and time it takes to back up to the position in the center of the lot with the hostage situation, you have the ability to gather some info. Fast. Ask any 3 questions about the environment, the situation, or the people involved to try and form an idea of how to get out of this one. Make them count.]
>One question per player.
Anything we can use as a weapon? Fucking wheel chocks, handles from those things they use to jack semi trailers up, anything?

You shift your eyes quickly across the ground. In the near corner, a crowbar catches your eye. The knife and chains are pretty obvious, but they're not exactly in your possession. A trashcan sits opposite the entrance side the crowbar is on. No trash inside, lid propped against it.

There's a stack of pallets a bit away against the wall as well and a broken down car even further away. A quick glance over your shoulder to Amy, has some hammers and screwdrivers laying near her. Shit. SHIT.




Overhead view after TWO MORE QUESTIONS
Is there any valid escape path? Windows? Ledges? Ladders? Or is our only way out to fight all of those guys. That sort of thing.

Will micro update after I sleep. Expect me back same time same place. Roughly 5:30 EST!

When you looked back you caught a glimpse at the back wall. There's a busy street behind the 7 foot tall brick wall. Large slabs and a few holes. You could maybe get over. But could Becca?

There's in abridging alley in the back to the left. It's got a dumpster in front of it but you could probably squeeze around the side of it or hope over.

Shit maybe you could just head through the alley you just came from. Just gotta crawl underneath the truck, though it might snag you or something. Maybe there's a door exiting cabin side for the storage container, but it's too dark to see if that's the case inside of it.

Starting to think of escapes and realizing Becca may not be able to vault a wall like you could, you realize a new possibility for a weapon. Her heels. Those heels are a liability to get out of here so it's a win win.


Overhead view after ONE MORE QUESTION
Still in need of one more. Will cut off at 11:00 EST otherwise.
Alright, making overhead view. Shouldn't take long.
File: OHFUCK.png (16 KB, 500x500)
16 KB


Time’s up.

You hope the step you just took isn’t your last. You’re backed up right next to the man with the knife and you’re stuck. To think there’s all those fuckin’ people just a half block away and you’re trapped here like a fucking dog. Becca’s holding back tears. Shit shit…

Maybe they’ll come looking for you soon? Maybe they’ll find your bodi- Fuck fuck. FUCK. Can’t be thinking like that. CANNOT. This is not how this goes down.

Matter of fact, you’ve already got a plan. This is fucking easy. Just gotta focus, and power through.

You’re scared and that’s fine. Because even though this big-slab-looking motherfucker in front of you could lift you with a finger, that’s not a problem.

Even though Amy’s in some shit right now, knife to her throat, arms tied back (legs free), that’s not a problem.

Those chains these fuckin’ bozos are weilding, looking like some arcade goons, NOT A FUCKING PROBLEM.


>Back up, deck the guy holding the knife, get Becca to free Amy, duck and fight.
>Push Amy aside and focus the shit out of the knife guy’s knife arm. Wrestle him to the ground. Get the girls out of there and run.
>Play it slow, wait for knife guy to get away from Amy, then tackle him and grab a weapon. Fuck ‘em up.
>Trip the guy with the knife, and try and knock him out before he knows what the fuck is going on. Run. Fucking run.

>Some combination of the above.

>Something else. Write-in.

Note: You have [bold]3 Counter Crosses[/bold]

Talk it out. Figure out the plan, then we’ll get into it.

Note here, I’ll go ahead and say this: When you call a shot like “Hit him in his FUCKING NOSE.” I listen. So any time there is a consensus in a called shot, well that’s where the shot flies. So make it as gory in the details as you like. I’m all ears.


Can we have a stat check?
I want to know how strong we are before we kill ourselves.

In the OP there are all the stats!


Enjoy duder.
Push Amy aside, severely fuck up knife guy's arm, take his knife.
also, just watch as there's more goons in the alley
File: GROW WINGS AND FLY.png (90 KB, 320x320)
90 KB


Alright. Enough is enough. Your backs to knife-wielding motherfucker. Your facing a giant. Let's make this quick and effective.

You take a deep breath and realize that Amy has the knife to the front of her throat. Knock her away backwards, put some emphasis on this motherfucker's arm, and take that knife.

Deep breath. You grab Becca's hand and squeeze it. You need her to feel that you've got a plan. No need to cry. Just need to focus.

Deep breath.

"Aww, ain't that cute." The giant says in front of you, mocking. Yeah, keep laughing.

Deep breath.

Okay here we go.

With one QUICK SPIN, you turn clockwise and push Amy backwards in the span of a second. She goes flying backwards as you say, "Sorry!"

A look of panic fills her eyes. In those split second moments, panic and anger fills the eyes of a man who just thought he had everything under control.

He wasn't fast enough.

Your left arm swings up and it looks like he's getting ready to retaliate. All hell's about to break loose. The men in front of you take a step forward, but in this moment, you're gonna focus on this knife.

You got one shot at this maybe. Here we go. HERE WE FUCKING GO.

>Roll 1d20 + Force (3) vs. 16 / 18

Rolled 16 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rolled 20 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Rollin to beat this nigga ass


Thems some nice dice




File: BURST.png (135 KB, 320x320)
135 KB
135 KB PNG

Bring that shit back.


There we go.


That's the most satisfying sound you've heard in a long time. Motherfucker tried to jump back, but you grab his wrist, give it a twist, and slam down onto your right knee. His arm gave way immediately. He let out a scream. No... NO. YOU LET OUT THAT SCREAM. HIS BODY COULDN'T HANDLE IT. As if channeling some inner pain he never knew he had, his scream echoed off the walls and scared the shit out of everyone there. Everyone but you.

And now you have a knife.

You kick him away, his arm rubbery and unstable, probably a clean break. He's crying and pushing himself away.

"I know you use these little toys to keep things quiet. The Don told me all about it. But this shit was never gonna be quiet, was it? I just ca-"


You look over to the box Amy was sitting on and you're just to the left of. A chain freshly indenting it. "NO ONE THROWS AROUND HIS FUCKIN' NAME. 'SPESCIALLY NOT YOU YA FUCKIN' RAT."

You throw a quick glance over to Amy and Becca. Becca's got her freed and their starting to stand up.

Two sets of chains suddenly enter your view. The one from the guy who just slammed the box, and one from the other side. Big meat slab is still taking steps to get up to you.

The chains are coming from two different angles. The one on the right of you will make contact first. It's aimed at your right ribs. The one on the left of you is aimed at your feet. This is fucking terrible. (Maybe for them.)

Shit. Gotta move fast. HERE WE GO.

>First chain:


>Second chain:


>Any extra actions or other write-ins as well.

"Ah SHIT!"
Counter cross first chain, dodge second chain, stab whichever one is closest in the fucking face.


I'll cut this off in an hour.


COUNTER CROSS burned. You feel your adrenaline pumping and your heart starts racing. You channel the most powerful force of all, the force of those who believe in you...

>Roll 1d20 + 2 (Evasion) vs. 17 TO DODGE

Rolled 19 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Dodge this shit Gerry pls


Do yall believe in crits?
Will make a new thread tomorrow.

Going with or without extra rolls, seeing as you already hit the DC.

Still would dig seeing if there can be a CRIT.

See you then at about 5:30 PM EST

Rolled 6 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

What's the difference between a normal dodge and a critical dodge anyways?

A CC dodge puts you ahead in speed and auto-passes.

A critical dodge would dodge you to a better position. Say instead of jumping backwards and landing a bit away, you sweep to their side and now have the upper hand position-wise.

A successful dodge is enough to let you avoid damage.

A failed dodge moves their shot but makes you eat shit.
File: OP.png (117 KB, 639x639)
117 KB
117 KB PNG

New thread at 8 PM EST tonight, where I will be LIVE and having quick responses.


Thanks so much for playing as always. I love doing this. It's genuinely so fucking fun.

Are there any comments, questions, points of criticism? I'm all ears and willing to improve.

Take it easy. See you tonight.


Things are looking up for Gerardo, and with his COUNTER CROSS expended, will the tides turn?

What are you fighting for?

Until next time on Final Round!



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