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It's hot and dark. So fucking hot and dark. It's also probably hiding Japs somewhere but you and your Marines have been fighting and killing those slanty-eyed rats ever since you landed on this pathetic fucking island so no shit.

You grip your M1 tighter and start creeping towards that suspicious cave your squad passed earlier, the one with all the vegetation camo and booby-traps all laid in front. If your experience on this volcanic shitstain means anything, Jap infiltrators are going to creep out from it past midnight and try to slit the throats of some of your boys.

Fuck. That. Those yellow monkeys aren't ever gonna get the chance! Not on your watch!

Your feet make soft ruffling noises against the shredded kunai grass, and an assortment of insects you've never heard of skitter past your feet or cling to your clothes and face. You hold back your disgust for now, killing Japs right now matters more than killing a few bugs even if they're getting bigger and bigger.

Only thirty yards to go.

Your boys are back in their foxholes, either trying their best to sleep and failing or keeping watch around them with weary eyes. Nobody would want you to clear the cave yourself, you're too valuable for that kind of shit. But you also won't risk anybody dying because the clean-up crew were too pussy to clear this cave properly so you're fucking doing it yourself.

Alright, here we are. The cave is large, much larger than most would expect on such a tiny island, and judging by the utter blackness you find peeking into it, it goes much deeper also.

You slowly stalk into the cave, strictly hugging the right-side wall and keeping your M1 on your shoulder just in case you run into some tabi-wearing, squinty-eyed katana carrying Tojo on your way down.

After what seems like an eternity, you feel the cave start to even out and become a flatter surface instead of a rather steep down slope.

That was the good news. The bad news is that you may or may not be lost in the dark in a fucking piece of shit island and none of your men know where you are. Oh well. You've gotten through worse.

Soon however, you hear the sound of screaming and flesh being struck from further ahead thanks to the echo effect the cave has so graciously provided you.
The noises got louder and louder after you spent a few minutes finding the correct direction, which for you was towards the screaming because by the Lord if those were Jap torturers you were going to push their filthy yellow shit in.

Then you come into a clearing, where by the light of some lanterns, you see a hooded figure being whipped by a Jap soldier with a fancy uniform. Yep. You were going to kill some apes today.

>Directly open fire on the torturer
>Shoot out a lantern or two, you'll maintain sight and stealth advantage, if there are any more you can choose a different angle
>Charge him, bayonet the fucker
Might wanna look for some guards or something first. If the coast is reasonably clear, then by all means blow the filthy Jap's brain out.
>>Shoot out a lantern or two, you'll maintain sight and stealth advantage, if there are any more you can choose a different angle
This option doesn't seem the best due to the fact that the element of surprise is likely the only thing we have going for us. The filthy nip buttmonkey probably has some friends, so we should shoot his brains out, quickly grab the tortured dude, and run before we're caught by any more nips.
[Stealth Action] - 100% Success (I'm gonna go with scouting action as a mix)

Though your trigger finger is itching to dispense some fucking pain on this Jap shit, some thought might be better in this kind of circumstance, even if the thought of letting torture continue for a few minutes longer hurts like a bitch.

You scuttle down low by your wall, crawling all the while until you manage to make it past the two in the clearing, keeping your eyes and ears ready to detect more Japs.

Sure enough, you hear two more Japs up ahead by their own lantern, wearing standard uniforms and using the dime-a-dozen Arisaka rifles you've had so much experience dealing with. If you'd just killed the first Jap, they'd have flocked to your location like moths to flame and you weren't sure eight rounds were going to cut it from your Garand.

Now you're stuck with a hard decision to make. Who will you deal with first? The Jap torturer or the two guards on the other side of the clearing? Either way, going loud means combat with the other group unless you can manage to take some out silently.

>Assassinate a guard (1d20 per guard)
>Fire at a guard (one kill for free due to stealth, 1d20 for out of stealth after)
>Kill the torturer and try to ambush the guards when they come (torturer instantly killed due to stealth, lowered DC for two guards when they come
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>>Kill the torturer and try to ambush the guards when they come (torturer instantly killed due to stealth, lowered DC for two guards when they come

You decide to kill that sadistic little fucker, and head straight back along the cave wall to where the little torture scene is playing out. You can't let this shit go on for any longer, let the other two come if they want, they'll just be two more dead Japs.

You crouch down in a kneeling position, and fix your sights carefully on the Jap officer currently having his fun with the captive, and breathe carefully. You'll get one good shot, so you'd best not miss.

Up. Down. Up. Down. Up. Down

You wait until you're perfectly aligned and you know this shot will be perfect, and loose a single .30-06 round from your Garand straight into that little monkey's skull.

His upper cranium just explodes, spraying gore and pieces of skull all over the torture table and even getting on the lantern a bit, dimming the light a little bit. You quickly aim in the direction of the two guards and wait, knowing that the sound from the rifle will have reached them in less than three seconds.

You don't have to wait long, and soon you see both guards storming towards the torture clearing and you decide to open fire on the closer of the two from your kneeling position.


You miss his neck by a hair, and he feels the bullet slide past his jugular, which only panics him for a second. The other guard doesn't even stop and fixes in on your muzzle flash, taking careful aim at where you are currently standing.


You don't think there are any Marine Corpsmen down here in this fucking Tojo-infested cave.
But you DO have a Garand, compared to their shitty little Jap Arisaka rifles, if you play your cards right you can do this still.

>Dodge, retreat and try a different position, preferably not in the line of fire (1d20)
>Dodge, shoot the guard aiming at you and run, you can take care of the next one later (1d20)
>Stand up, unleash the next six shots on these Yellow fuckers (1d20 - 3)
Rolled 7 (1d20)

>Stand up, unleash the next six shots on these Yellow fuckers (1d20 - 3)
I think I actually need to take a nap, don't worry though I'll be back in a bit
Darn. Well this is still a cool quest. See you later
File: 600px-Marine_Garand_2.jpg (33 KB, 600x255)
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Back after like four hours of sleep, thanks sleeping schedule!

You decide to shoot the bastards first, but as you raise your Garand the Jap rifleman dealing with you opens fire and you feel a sharp pain in your lower chest. The resulting shock throws your aim off, meaning you toss your next three shots around your targets, missing them completely. Luckily, thanks to superior firepower, three shots from a dark corner of a cave that they still can't completely locate suppresses them for the next couple seconds.

You need to end this soon somehow.

You might not even win a straight up firefight if you don't think of something quick, and the bleeding from your leg fucking worries you because you might need a tourniquet on that ASAP.

Wait a minute....

The two Japs are clustered together, albeit definitely covering each other with their bolt-action rifles, but this gives you a few better options than if they were just rushing you.

>Throw a frag grenade (1d20)
>Reload and suppress them (1d20)
>Use your couple rounds carefully (roll a d20 for each target)
your leg

your chest* (fuck how did I miss that)
Rolled 13, 6 = 19 (2d20)

Well a grenade in a closed cave could cause you to go deaf. Lets carefully use our rifle
You kneel once more, and take your time, almost ignoring the impending danger you have put yourself in because of this engagement. You line up the sights of your Garand and fire once at the rifleman who shot you, the one desperately reloading his bolt-action like it would do him any good.

Your rifle kicks back, and another .30-06 bullet flies and buries itself in the tender flesh of the Jap's chest area, no doubt shattering bone and shredding his insides. He slumps backwards, crumpling like paper from the impact and almost throwing his rifle from his hands.

The second rifleman looks at his comrade and aims at you, but you've already lined up your second shot and drop another .30-06 bullet into his chest. He takes it square in the upper chest but isn't put down by the shot, looks like you've missed anything important but you can bet that zipperhead is feeling it right now.

His aim is thrown off from the impact and he fires off above your head, and you don't exactly want this fucker to fire again. You still have another shot left, and if worst comes to worst, your trusty KA-BAR knife in its sheath to gut him.

>One more shot (1d20)
>Rush into close combat before he reloads (1d20)
>Other (write in?)
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>Rush into close combat before he reloads (1d20)
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Rush in

You can save your last bullet, the Jap is already nearly dead as is , he just needs a little help passing to the afterlife and you have just the tool to help him out.
Dropping your M1 on the ground, you draw out the seven inches of carbonized steel from your sheath and begin sprinting at the fumbling Jap with as much speed as you can muster.

To the zipperheads credit, he doesn't panic as much as you'd expect and he also throws down his Arisaka before pulling out a bayonet and meeting your charge head-on. He braces an instant before you rush into him, and with skilled hands, scores a deep slash on your upper arm that both fucking hurts and begins bleeding immediately. But that was all he would ever manage to do in the face of your assault, regardless you give him credit for still being combat effective after taking a .30-06 straight to the chest.

You quickly shoulder check him to the ground and then stomp with tremendous force on his knife hand, which is rewarded by a breaking sound and Japanese words mixed with screaming. Next, you angle the tip of your blade and bury the knife in his throat with a SHUNK and then jump off of him to avoid being completely sprayed by blood, though you still get some coverage on your face and clothes.

You spit on his corpse and slowly walk over to your Garand, manually reloading it and grabbing the spare bullet before slinging it over your back and turning to face the hooded figure in the middle of the clearing. You wonder if the poor bastard realizes that he's being rescued and not just in the middle of his torturer's smoke break, best get to getting the man out of here.

Course, you're bleeding something fierce, but you figure you'll have enough time to get the two of you out of here.

You walk over to the hooded man and check out his back.

Shit, those whip-marks are gonna fuckin' scar real bad. You need to get him out ASAP. You remove the black hood and nearly jump back when you realize this might be a little harder than you thought.
Wrap any nearby clean cloth around your arm to help with bleeding.
FUCK! Those goddamn ANIMALS carved his face to ribbons! You can barely make out facial features from under the blackened blood and fresh cuts on his face. You don't think he'll make it out of here without some proper medical treatment, and the only friendly kind of that is up about three hundred meters from the top of the cave. You jump a little bit when you realize the man is still breathing, jesus his pain tolerance must be incredible for him to not have passed out from the whipping.

"Hey buddy, don't worry I'll be back with a corpsman alright. He'll have you fixed up in no-time.." You sincerely hope he's still able to understand you, and you put your hand on his shoulder for reassurance. You are surprised again when he suddenly pulls his hand on top of yours and looks up at you with desperate, bloodshot eyes.

"F-find...the...commander..." He whispers quietly to you, and you understand how much effort it must take for him to speak right now.

The man is dying and there isn't anything you can do about it. You're hearing his last words.

"Further...in...cave.." You wrack your brain trying to think of a commander on the island who wouldn't be sleeping in their fucking fancy mattresses right now being attended like kings by their subordinates right now. Regardless, this new information shocks you to your core. A commander? Being held prisoner by fucking Japs? Looks like this might have gotten yourself into something big.

All of a sudden he shouts some incomprehensible words in a foreign language, and then slumps over, dead without a doubt. Poor guy.

You head over to a Jap corpse to make some makeshift bandages before realizing you don't feel much pain from your wounds at all at the moment.

What the hell? You check over your injuries, and sure enough they've managed to close themselves up all of a sudden. Did this have anything to do with the weird gibberish the prisoner was speaking?

Ah fuck it, you'll think about that later. What matters is what you're going to do now.

>Head back up to see if you can get some men to help rescue this commander
>Go Lone Wolf this time, if they have a commander you might not even have enough men to attempt a rescue so you might just have to sneak
>Other action (write in)
We will have to Wolf it. Bandage this guy up the best of your ability and look for any loot from the japs. Also reload the gun
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160 KB PNG
The prisoner is dead, no doubt about that as you check his pulse and find nothing. If they have a commander somewhere, he'll probably end up looking just like this poor fellow if you don't hurry up and save him. You can't go guns blazing this time, they probably have their best and brightest on guard duty and you don't have time to head back to the surface to call up some of your boys to help you. Goddamn, you were in some deep shit now.

You check the Japs for anything worthwhile and find a fully loaded Type-14 Nambu pistol on the officer's brainless corpse. You also find orders written in Japanese, which your promptly crumple into a ball and throw away. You pick up an Arisaka and stock up around ten or so rounds to save ammo on the Garand, then head further into the cave.

Blackness engulfs you yet again, and you find yourself hard at work to avoid stumbling or tripping on the rock floor of the cave. Eventually you come across what looks like a proper Japanese outpost inside, fully furnished with lanterns, searchlights, and armed guards. Fuck.

You could try to sneak in and take the outpost yourself, or you could just avoid it and hope you aren't spotted on the return trip.

>Sneak into the outpost
>Avoid it entirely and hope you can do it again on the road back
Lets try to sneak into the outpost and slaughter every Jap in there
>>Sneak into the outpost
File: Untitled.png (27 KB, 800x600)
27 KB
You figure you can crack open this outpost, no problem. Only a matter of how. You circle the outpost several times, marking the locations of the guards and doorways. Each doorway has a small window near it, which is basically just a small square hole that they haven't covered up or built anything in. The guards all have some kind of watch setup, so if you're going to get in you need to either slip in between shifts or assassinate them. You see the searchlight up in that watchtower accompanied by an MG, and know you won't have a snowball's chance in hell if that Nambu gets a bead on you from the light out in the open.

You could maybe get inside and try to start a firefight from the safety of the outpost building, you could probably even sneak in there and commandeer that MG from the top if you make it in first. Or you could take out guards between shifts, but if you did that, you'd have to do it before they realized what was up and that window of time wasn't that long.

You still have your grenade, could probably take out the watchtower with that but it would alert every guard remaining so you'd have to be quick. If you were going loud, that searchlight needed to go at the very least.

How exactly WERE you going to do this?

>Write in how you want to do this and I'll come up with your DC for actions
Alright. I want to try to open one of those doors, try to sneak my way up to that mg and rain down hell
You decide to tear them apart from the inside, and so you watch the guards move from shift to shift for an opening. It'll take a little luck and most of your concentration to try to sneak past the tiny gap in the patrol routes, and you definitely can't be spotted by that searchlight before you get inside. You memorize the route you'll take in your head, and wait for the next patrol shift.

Come on, just walk over there. An eternity of waiting for somebody to move. Then you see the opening.


You rush from the darkness in a low run and head for the doorway as both guards face the other direction as they shift watches.

Roll 1d20 for infiltration
Rolled 11 (1d20)

oh boy
Rolled 1 (1d20)

>>314986 I just took the highest roll, might need to refine the dice system for next thread or something.

The timing isn't perfect but it'll have to do for now. You sprint straight forwards, almost shoulder checking the door in your haste, which would have been disastrous noise-wise. At the last moment you actually catch the door and shut it quietly, ensuring noise levels are at a minimum.

You check the inside of the outpost and find some beds, a table with japanese papers on it with two chairs slightly askew, and a foot locker next to the ladder that leads to the watch-tower. You wonder how the hell you're going to scale that ladder without the two Japs at the top hearing you, but that can wait for later. Your eyes are glued to the ornate foot locker, no doubt belonging to some fancy officer or other specialist solely based on the fanciness factor. Suddenly your ears pick up a string of dialogue from the outside of the building, but you aren't willing to step to the windows to check what the guards are talking about.

From what you can guess, somebody saw your shadow and got suspicious, if that's the case you won't have much time to make up your mind on what to do next.

You could screw the MG tower right now by tossing a grenade through the hatch that the ladder reaches into, or try to infiltrate it and turn the MG on the guards outside. You could also just wait by a window to take out a guard or two, locking some of the doors to try to funnel through but the window holes are still a danger and the two up on the tower could always come down.

What to do...What to do...

>Grenade the tower and raise hell (100% success but raises alarm)
>Infiltrate tower and man the MG (1d20 for infiltration, 1d20 for using the MG per two guards)
>Other(write in)
Grenade the tower, and make a little barricade from that table or whatever would be best there
Rolled 5, 5, 9 = 19 (3d20)

>>Infiltrate tower and man the MG (1d20 for infiltration, 1d20 for using the MG per two guards)

Rolled 1 (1d2)

You look up the hatch check that it's open, then pull out your grenade and prime it by taking out the pin. You count down slowly....

1...2....it would best not to miss the timing on a live frag grenade after all

3! You lob the fucking thing into the hatch and cover your ears with both hands as a thunderous explosion rocks the top of the outpost. You hear the tower splinter into pieces and debris starts falling down the hatch, you can also hear the guards screaming to each other in Japanese, trying to figure out what the hell just happened. You move over to the table use it to barricade one of the doorways, then shove one of the beds to barricade the opposite doorway.

By the time you get to the next bed, you see a guard shove his Arisaka through one of the windows to blind fire and it misses your head by a few feet, prompting you to duck.

You have four hostiles, with the ability to see and shoot from at four directions but only able to physically get through two.

>Play it slow, try to pick them off as they come in (1d20)
>Take out your Garand, rush outside and blast away (1d20 best of 3)
>Hide somewhere, and ambush anybody who comes in (1d20)
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Play it slow. They know we are here
Rolled 16 (1d20)

2nd for taking it slow.
Rolled 6 (1d20)

>Take out your Garand, rush outside and blast away (1d20 best of 3)
shit sorry I've been pulled away by something else again, brb in 30mins or so
Calm down, you can do this. They have to come for you, not the other way around. Use the environment to your advantage, put out the lantern and hide next to one of the beds and they won't be able to figure out where you are. Also you have something else they don't, the eight rounds of American-made death chambered in .30-06.

You figure around ten minutes pass in complete silence as you and the Japs hunt for sounds of each other in the dark before you finally see an opportunity. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the tiny brown barrel of an Arisaka stick out from one of the windows to carefully sweep across the room.

Free. Kill.

You breathe deep and focus your eyes on the tiny little flicker of Jap skin you see juuuust past the Arisaka and fire.


You see your target's head get blown backwards in a spray of red mist, the Arisaka dropping in the window facing inwards, and a loud exclamation in Japanese all at once.

A few seconds later and you hear the door on your other side shake and you swivel to face it just as two angry Japs rush in with their rifles at the ready. They're still too late.

You pull the trigger seven more times as they come in and stuff them full of death and lead, meaning that they both drop. Bleeding, convulsing bodies aside, you remember that there were four Jap guards and you've only killed three so far.

>Stay quiet once more and draw the Arisaka in case he comes in
>Stay quiet and reload
>Rush outside into close combat
>Draw the Nambu and use your other hand to check the fancy footlocker
>>Stay quiet once more and draw the Arisaka in case he comes in
>Stay quiet once more and draw the Arisaka in case he comes in
You slowly lay down your Garand to avoid making any noise, and quietly unsling your commandeered Arisaka whilst keeping your eyes on the door ways around the two doorways and windows. You shift positions to the opposite corner of the room and crouch under some shadows, this last Jap is bound to be a tricky son-of-a-bitch for not acting on impulse like his buddies did. The two of you seem to both be adept at staying quiet, because no sound is made for the next couple minutes.


The only thing you hear is your own heartbeat, ringing throughout your body like a constant drum beat, completely at odds with the silent environment you've buried yourself in.



You don't think you can take much more of this infernal waiting. Your trigger finger starts to twitch, and sweat begins forming on your face to roll down in droplets. How long is he going to take?

Your question is answered by a slight creaking noise from the door on your right, and it opens up slowly. Finally! You point your rifle straight at the door, and making aiming down your sights the highest priority due to the single shot you have loaded.

"Banzai!" The Jap kicks open the OTHER door and you're caught flat-footed as he rushes in to bayonet you!

>Blast this fucking squinty (1d20)
>Two can play at that you FUCK (1d20)
Rolled 20 (1d20)

>>Two can play at that you FUCK (1d20)
File: hqdefault.jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
Mother of God....
Fuck this little shit, fuck him and the stupid fucking Island he was born in. FUCK THIS. If it wasn't for retards like this guy, you wouldn't be out here, in the middle of the fucking Pacific, on some literal cesspool of an island with the rejects from God's own fucking biology class experiment for company.

You roar in fury and throw down your Arisaka, and just sprint straight at the Jap like a raging Tsunami. He thrusts his bayonet straight at you in a textbook motion, but you time your movements correctly and duck under it. You continue your rush straight past his rifle, and use your left elbow to smash his face in with your momentum. He stumbles backwards, blood pouring from his nose, but you continue your assault by grabbing his shoulders and winding back your knee.

You pull it all the way back, and then drive yourself forwards, knee included, as fast as you can into his sternum. The Jap crumples in half, grabbing his stomach as he gasps for air but you aren't even close to finishing. You grab his head with two hands and smash it straight into the floor, earning him a face full of blood and a loose tooth. Then you wrap both your hands around his waist, propping him upright, albeit on his knees as he bleeds and weeps.

You use your rage as a catalyst for pure strength and hoist him up above your head, the Jap tries to resist be he's already barely conscious as is. You bring him down hard in a powerbomb, slamming his battered body against the earth like a falling star, and exploding whatever bones he had there into pieces.

You slump in exhaustion for a second, then beat your chest with both hands and scream into the night.

Victory is yours, against all odds you somehow did it. Shame nobody else saw though, you're convinced people get awarded medals for this kind of shit.

>What next? (Write in)
open fancy locker
Think I'll have to put this on hold for now, will probably continue tomorrow (7-12hrs from now)

Thanks for playing. Really. Like seriously. Ya'll mean things to me.
Look around that room to find anything
You saunter over to the slightly blood-stained foot locker at the base of the ladder, and open up the fanciful wood-worked cover. Inside you discover one of those Japanese sabers you've seen some of their officers wield, mostly for executions and dress though. The blade seems to be made of a better metal than the typical garbage they've given to the officers, and you note the beautiful craftsmanship put into this sword from the carefully carved inscriptions everywhere to the Jap characters put in the blade and handle. You figure you deserve a trophy, and hell, you it's not like the slanty who owns this sword is going to be needing it now or anything. You close your hand over the handle and lift it up to feel the blade out.

"Greetings my friend, would you mind returning me to my sheath before hoisting me? It is rather embarrassing this way."

The voice rings clear in your mind but you frantically look around for the source with your rifle ready.

"Down here brother!" You glance down at the blade and realize something very strange is happening. Very. Strange.

You yell out loud, hopefully to communicate to this strange voice. "So uh, how are you talking to me exactly?" You're really hoping the confusion is evident in your tone.

"Long story, friend. I'm glad you are no ally of those barbarians, however. Are you planning to rescue the commander? I would appreciate it if you took me with you.

"Not quite sure which commander I'm even rescuing at ths point, but yeah. Maybe you could explain."

>Loot everything then Ask him what the fuck is going on
> Sheathe him then loot and go further in the cave
>>Loot everything then Ask him what the fuck is going on
Loot first and ask later
"You have a name man?" You ask hopefully.


"Alright Richard, I'm gonna you into that sheathe and take care of things here before we have a nice long chat about shit alright."

"Fine by me, friend."

You stick the blade into its sheath and return to your bloody but satisfying business with bodies. Rummaging through pockets and bags, you come up with some fairly good pieces of loot from the outpost and the bodies. Hell, the Nambu MG that fell from the tower when you took it down still seemed to work so you were definitely carrying that. You also find plenty of Jap ammo but none for the Garand, but that was to be expected considering your location.

You debate how much of this shit you actually want to carry, considering you're outmanned and may eventually be outgunned.

>Keep Type 99 MG (23lbs, must drop Arisaka to keep, 2 magazines of 30 rounds each)
>Ditch the MG (Keep Arisaka, about thirty rounds)
Get the mg, and keep your garand. We can always pick up an Arisaka later
This man has the right of things
You decide to keep the Nambu, you can probably find Arisaka rifles on any random Jap but you couldn't really say the same about a full-fledged machine gun. So after dropping the Arisaka and the thirty rounds you had on you, you fix yourself tinkering with the damn MG to try to make it more portable because the fucking thing weighs like twenty-odd pounds. You decide to just have it carried on your hip, taking apart the bi-pod and keeping it for later, and then deciding to remove the flash suppressor off the muzzle. You won't exactly be sneaking, carrying an entire fucking machine gun around after all.

After a quick inventory check, you decide it's time to get some answers. You unsheathe Richard and his voice immediately pipes up in your head again.

"Done with your business friend?"

At this point you figure that maybe there's some kind of radio-unit thingamajigger stuck in the sword and you're talking to some OSS operative or something.

"Yeah. By the way Richard, how the hell are you talking to me by the way? How do you see me at all? That something to do with the sword?"

"Telepathy. I'm stuck in the blade."

What the fuck.

"The fuck do you mean by that, Richie?"

"Why don't we continue on to finding the Commander and I'll fill you in."

You just nod and walk out the door, into the blackness of the strange cave that seems to be getting stranger by the second.
You don't really try sneaking about anymore, the jingling from the machine gun would make that absolutely worthless anyways so you stride confidently down what you assume to be a road between the Outpost and whatever.

A few minutes of walking later and Richard asks you an actual question for once,

"You have a name or designation, sir?"

>Come up with a name
Sgt. James Kowalski of the 3rd Marine division. All around American and now a bona fide bad ass. And you?

Sgt. James Vargas, an immigrant kid who happens to be an all around American and now a bona fide bad ass. Looking for his brother after Japan captured his unit stationed at Corregidor when the Phillipines was taken.
You guys are actually the best
Shit sorry guys Internet has been spotty as hell. Might have to put this off until later.

Thanks for showing up though, it means the world to me.
Oh boy.
"Sgt. James Vargas, Third Marines." You put your hand on the blade and form a handshake shape on it. "And you?"

"You can just call me Richard, I can't remember my last name but I was somebody important I think. Probably a knight or something like that."

You tilt your head and hope he can see the confusion on your face. "Mind explaining?"

"Well James, I only remember my name but not much else besides a strange scene that always plays out in my head. Had me wearing, armor or something, with a sword and running with people just like me at some of the same strange men you killed. Always ends before I can see what happens next."
Still not the stupidest, strangest, or most out of place thing you've heard of in your time, so you brush it aside and continue walking.

"What was your experience with the Japa-, yellow gentlemen you've had so far, being that you seem to have a mutual acquaintance."

"They kept me locked up, used me to cut things and what have you. I believe they tried to communicate to me as well, but I don't speak their language and they were certainly rather busy. The screams from the cell next to me were rather loud most nights."

You grit your teeth, and you feel angry again. What is it with these fucking savages, why are they such sadistic fucks? Is it genetic? Is it memetic?

Your brother is still missing in action after Corregidor, when the Japs caught the army with their pants down in '42. Could this shit be happening to him in some prison camp? You hope not with everything in your being. You hope they just made it quick.

"How'd you end up in that locker Richard?" You turn your attention back to information gathering, you absolutely needed more details before you could burst in and kill more Japs.

"No clue, one day one of those officer fellows stuck me in there and brought me to the outpost you cleared. Every day or so he would take me out and practice his motions with me, though from the weapons I see everybody here use, I doubt swordplay is a standard martial field now.

"Who is the commander, Richie? And why does he seem to be such a popular figure around here?" You pry, hoping to finally get some good intel on your target.

"I believe he was the man in the cell next to me. We had a nice chat after one of his sessions, he has a rather bright mind and a wonderful vocabulary. He also may be from the same place as me because he seemed to remember who I was. Really a nice man, him. Under rather heavy guard though."

Well shit. "You got any ideas, Richie?"

You swear you can imagine a wry smile on his face as he tells you his next statement.

"The commander told me about a few escapees hiding out in one of the deeper passages in the cave, from what he told me they're friendlies."

"You wouldn't happen to know where exactly that is, do you Ritchie?

"In fact I do."

>See if you can find the Commanders men first
>Just do it solo with Richard
Lets find the men. That raid on the outpost was hard enough and it was like 5 men.
>>See if you can find the Commanders men first
>See if you can find the Commanders men first
"Alright Richard, let's go find those men. We aren't gonna take be able to rescue him alone." You raise him high in the air, like one of those crazy Jap officers on a charge.

"Straight ahead, past that little wall over there, passage leads to the lower tunnels." He adds cheerily, though you aren't exactly sure which way he's talking about.

You fumble around in the dark, but based on the fact that he hasn't corrected you yet you guess this might be the way to the lower levels. This is confirmed when you trip and fall down a slope, rolling for a solid ten seconds and bruising your knee. Your resulting storm of curses seemed to amuse Richard, who apparently didn't bother keeping his laughter hidden from you.

You thought it was really fucking dark up there, but it looks like you haven't even experienced real darkness as you literally cannot see a single thing in anyway. Maybe Richard can help you out, since you're lighter is a little hard to get to with all the shit on you at the moment.

"Hey Richard, can you be my eyes for a bit? Can't see for shit and you seem to be able to."

"Your will is my command, your majesty."

"Fuck off Richard."

He helps you navigate the tunnels without too much trouble, though you still end up stumbling and falling every now and again due to the fact that you literally still can't see for shit. Eventually, the tunnels lead you to an enormous cavern, and you open your eyes and see a little light in the distance. Must be them.

"You mentioned that they'd be friendly, how friendly would they be if I just barged in there?"

"Well James, they are presumably stressed out and rather bothered, what from being tortured and having to escape in a near pitch-black cave with minimal supplies and foreigners trying to kill them and all. It wouldn't seem like the best idea, friend."

"Alright, then I'll have to find a way to introduce myself so they don't go bonkers on me. Wonder how I'm gonna do that."

>Yell from a distance that you're with the commander
>Sneak closer, try to introduce yourself at a good time
>Write in
Just yell in English when Richard say's you are close. Tell them you are American here to get them.
You decide on just yelling out, if Richard and the Commander speak English, there shouldn't really be an issue involving any miscommunication. Hopefully.

You creep carefully, closer and closer to the light, until you realize that you've come upon a small camp. You see a makeshift tent and some supplies next to a small campfire and what appears to be a stolen Jap lantern. Seems like they've done alright for themselves, somehow. Inching within twenty yards of the camp, you duck near an outcropping of rocks, and try to make out the shapes sitting by the fire.

You make out three figures, all wearing stolen or looted Jap uniforms. You can't make out much else from here, but you hear them talking about something.

Alright...this was your chance to earn their trust. You needed one phrase or something they could understand.

How to do it, though? Judging by the information you've gotten so far, they might not even know what America is!

How horrifying, not knowing of the greatest country ever created. To not know the blissful embrace of Freedom and Liberty, those beautiful, blushing brides. You're not sure if there truly was a worse fate than being ignorant of America.

"Greetings my friends, I come in peace. I am on the side of your commander. But also, have you heard of our lord and savior, Franklin D. Roosevelt?

The three figures jump up as you walk by their fire, and immediately train their weapons on you. Japanese guns, you notice. These three must be better than you thought.

"Identify yourself intruder!" One of the figures walks closer to you and asks. He must be their leader, judging by his posture and mannerisms.

"The name is James Vargas, Third Marines. I'm here to help you recover your commander, and also to kill Japs. Mostly the first thing though."

"Do you possess any evidence that would allow us to trust your words?"

Shit. Uh.

>Bring out Robert
>Talk about the prisoner who told you about the commander
>Write in.
The fact that I took down an outpost full of japs and I got word of a captured commander somewhere in this cave by some poor soul that was being tortures. You can either help me kick some ass and save lives or you can stay in this cave until you die from boredom.
>>Talk about the prisoner who told you about the commander
Bringing out Robert is gonna make us look like a crazy person.
"I rescued a prisoner who was being tortured, but I couldn't save him from those bastards. Before he died, he told me to find the Commander and also healed my wounds by speaking some strange language. I'm not going to ask exactly how the fuck that happened because I'm sure you guys can answer that. But yeah, I'm here to help rescue your man."

"And why, exactly, would you help us in this endeavor? What do you stand to gain, exactly?" The leader jabs his gun at you to accentuate his statement.

"I get to kill Japs, and I get to save people from the sick-fucking shit they're probably doing to your man. I really don't see why I wouldn't help you out to be honest, brother."

"Japs? Those yellow barbarians have names? Why is it that you are so eager to kill them?"

"America, the land I love, though not the one I was born in, has been at war with them for years. I've seen them do things you wouldn't believe, and they're as brutal and cunning as they come. Call it what you want, but every Jap I kill helps me sleep better at night because it means one less Jap that will try to slit my throat when I sleep.

"Though we have fought them for much less time, we too share this sentiment as our experiences have been the same. If you would offer your assistance, we would not refuse for we are both low in numbers and supplies."

They lower their guns, and the leader offers his hand, a scarred yet muscular glove of meat.

You grip it with gusto and the two of you share a moment of true brotherhood, even if the two of you know next to nothing about each other.

The three remove their helmets, and you check out each of the battle-hardened survivors. The leader introduces himself as Julius, a tough wall of a man with short brown hair and beard. The man behind him is Edward, a younger-faced man with the look of an intellectual who should have been studying something worthwhile instead of fighting for his life. The last figure turns out to be a lithe woman named Celia, who besides shocking you by being a woman in a warzone, has some of the coldest eyes you'd ever seen. You actually recoil in fear when she locks gazes with you, but are reassured by the fact that you pity any Jap who meets her on the battlefield.

>Roll 1d20 for the equipment they've managed to steal/loot
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Fell asleep. Let's hope they are almost on par with us
Rolled 3 (1d20)

Damn. Bad luck on all quests.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

Certainly seems that way. I only roll high when getting shot at, I guess
Taking highest roll for now.

You blink, these three have done extremely well in their guerilla campaign against the Jap if their new equipment and supplies are anything to go by. You see several Arisaka rifles, a Nambu 99, and even a couple Type 100 SMGs around. You're amazed they've adjusted so well at learning how firearms work in such short time, considering they seem like they're supposed to be sword-swinging and shooting off arrows based on the way they act. They must be quite the group of exceptional individuals to have accomplished so much, you almost start feeling inadequate. Either way, you've gotta come up with a plan to rescue the commander and you get on that.

"So, you guys have a plan or what?"

"Yes, but it won't be a direct rescue, we'll need to hit a secondary target first to weaken their defences first. Their main headquarters is impossible to breach directly, and there are enough guards to make sure we can't sneak in and get out without at least having to fight part of our way out. And we won't survive a straight up fight. Luckily, we have a few targets that might help but I think we'll only have time for one before we have to save the Commander."

>Hit the Lab (The Sun Rose On Hell)
>Hit the Armory (Pride Of The Yamato)
>Hit the Barracks (Savagery and Steel)

Also should I make a new thread or what guys. Also do I take too long to update? I feel kinda bad at times when I can't and keep you guys waiting.
>>Hit the Armory (Pride Of The Yamato)

I wanna go full cheese and start cutting up nips with a katana.
Think I'll make a new thread in a bit, saving this decision.

Thanks for playing guys. Means the world to me.

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