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The Story So Far:

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=FINAL+ROUND+-+Act

Twitter (for updates, to ask me questions, and generally you'll know when I'm whipping shit up.): https://twitter.com/qstMoofin/

Current stats and information: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DXhzCTez2sELVIH25N6UdJqurF0grk9SIuotAbGiT54/pub

Last time: >>286779

The bell rings nearby from the side of a school. A bunch of kids come outside and start yelling and screaming. Probably some sort of early recess. You respond to Richard's text, asking him what news hes talking about. Goddamn, it could be anything.

You take a moment, collect yourself, take a deep breath, and mentally unwind for a second. Just take a quick moment.


You never know.

So let's see, you woke up in a panic, had a sort of... chaotic episode with Becca. Got dressed, headed down to the site and there wasn't shit waiting for you. Well, save for the potential fucking ambush in broad daylight. Those fuckers didn't expect for you to put up that sort of fight. Man, it felt great.

Goddamn, hopping that fence felt easy, you know? Like a week ago you weren't hopping fences. You were hardly hopping. Now look at you. Jeez.

You're probably a solid three blocks plus from the site.


"I cant believe you aint heard! shit is nuts..."

He goes on, explaining how there's some crazy shit going on with "el desmucho or something idk". They are apparently were, again quoting him "settin up all these little businesses to recruit and shit" and "there was protests and shit about how they holin' in in buildings and ruining property."

Jesus fuck. Seeing this on your cracked screen, you scroll up and down to make sure you read that right. Goddamn.

You make a phone call to your boss. It rings for a solid 45 seconds, then just hangs up, no voicemail.


You slump down and sit, propped up against a brick wall across the street from a school on the Southside. "Marcus E. Stanhope Academy."

Fuck. So you were getting played...?


You bend your head down, shielding your screen from the light, and text Rich back.

"How you know this?"

All you can manage to send.

Looking back up you take a deep breath. You hear footsteps to your right and don't even bother looking. Just sort of staring into the sun.

"You okay, stranger?"

It's a female voice. None you've heard of before.

"Nah, can't say I'm doing fantastic."

She extends a hand. It's tan, well manicured for the most part. Looking up the attached arm, she's dressed nicely in business attire and a pair of stockings. She looks to be about 22, maybe 23. Very pretty, lovely black-rimmed glasses.

"I'm Emily. I work at the school. What's the matter?"


>Check text and ignore her.
>"What's it to you?"
>"Lot of crazy shit's been going down."
>"Feeling a bit betrayed is all."

(Feel to add/contextualize.)
>"Feeling a bit betrayed is all."
"But otherwise I'm fine, thanks for asking."
File: MAP5.png (78 KB, 455x333)
78 KB
Updated map, by the way.
Ayy gurl I don got ur number gimme dem digits and imma hit u up l8r aight?

Writing. Sorry for delay.
File: Emily.png (90 KB, 280x535)
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"Feeling a bit betrayed is all, but I mean other than that, I'm fine. Thanks for askin'."


She sits down next to you and drinks from a mug, stained with lipstick. Whatever she's drinking smells good, but bitter.

"You know Stanhope?"


What is she talking about? A little peace and quiet could do you good right about now. Gotta figure shit out...

"Stanhope? This building was named for him. He was a man of this city. Did more for it than anyone I'd ever heard of."

You look up at her as she takes another sip. She nods then continues.

"He was some philanthropist type. He helped stopped a lot of the gang violence and drug dealings around these parts."

You chuckle. Clearly he didn't stop shit.

"How'd he do it? Man didn't stop the type of stuff that's on the news today."

She chuckles back, her voice when she speaks is a little like a warm blanket. Very full and understanding. She's probably a great teacher.

"Yeah, he sort of disappeared forever ago. But I'd be willing to bet he'd do something. What he did was he was an amazing boxing coach. And he had a huge gym, taking people off the streets and giving them a new chance."

Oh shit. Maybe Poole knows this guy?

"Wow. Yeah, I happen to know a thing or two about boxing myself."

She looks a little closer at you.

"Oh yeah! You're that hot shot kid about to take on some punk looking guy named... Danny?"


"Right. Right. At least you got that to look forward to, right? What's got you so down?"

She puts her hands on your shoulders and you melt just a little bit.

"I uhhh, probably shouldn't talk about it."

You barely got that one out.

"That's fine, umm, what's your name?"

"Oh sorry, I'm Gerardo."

You see her stand up and she extends a hand out to you. You stand up with her.

"I gotta get going. Break's gonna end soon. Maybe we can grab lunch some time, you can get something off your mind?"

She touches and lifts your chin. Her touch is smooth.

"Uhh, sure. Mind if I grab your digits?"

She chuckles, putting her hand up to her face.

"Sure thing, champ."

She extends her hand and you hand her your phone. She doesn't anything about the screen, pops her number in there, and turns around.

You conk your head leaning back against the building.

The bell rings.

It's pushing 11 AM.

What now?

>Call Poole
>Grab a bite to eat. (Specify where/what region of the city.)
>Write in

(Feel free to ask question about Emily or the school or environment. Etc. etc.)
Alternatively, you could just head straight over tot he gym or call or text someone else?

Maybe check back at the scene of the lot.

Hell, maybe Emily wouldn't mind lunch today?

Up to you!
call up that one bitch that wanted to fugg earlier, seems like she ain't got anything to do today
Expect another update in about an hour or so!

thanks for bearing with me

Still open for responses
Is there any good food on the way to the gym? We could eat lunch there.
Also, what's the school like? Who do you see in there?
You decide to text Becca back. I mean it’s not like you have much else better to do! And to think what your day could have been like if you’d just stayed home and… played hookie.


“Hey, how’s it goin’?”

It’s smooth but subtle, the kind of thing that says something between “What are you doing right now?” and “How are you feeling?” without showing your cards too much. Gotta play it cool.

Typing it in and walking to a nearby bench, leaning back and feeling the breeze on your face, you deserve a hot second to unwind after all that bullshit.


So like, what’s the fucking deal? El Desmadre setting up a bunch of dummy operations to recruit, but you were probably ID’d as someone who owes money. Fuckers probably tailed you back to your home.


A nearby child overheard you as the bell rang for the kids’ break to end.

Emily waves and you wave back.


“Hey cant talk busy.”

“Oh, thats cool.”

So now what the fuck are you gonna do with your day? You could train. You’re kind of hungry. Hell, a nap wouldn’t kill you. Maybe look for a new jo-


“I got a surprise for u 2nite though.”




I wonder what kind of surprise she has in mind. Your mind wanders and you lean back and settle into the bench. You feel the beginnings of you dozing off on this brisk cloudy day, putting your mind at ease.



A different, slower child, running back to the school entrance hears you and is SHOCKED. You sigh. You answer the phone.

“JERRY! Jerry you there?”

“Oh hey, what’s up Poole?”

“Gerry, your legs are fine, but you swing like the Mrs. Or really, YOU JUST MISSES. AAAAAAhhahaha”


“Very funny, but why’d you call?”

“Cuz YOU can’t be slackin’.”

Can’t catch a break.

>”I’m on the way right now.” (Head there.)
>”I’ll be there in a bit.” (Head there after heading home and changing.)
>”I’ll be there soon.” (Head there after eating.)
>”Not today, I think I need to rest.” (Head somewhere to eat then home/to Becca’s market/WHEREVER)
File: tegaki.png (30 KB, 400x400)
30 KB

There's Vinny's subs and a few others. You ain't had Vinny's in a few nights and he'd love to see ya probably.

You're outside the school, as you're probably gonna look real creepy just walkin' in. But, otherwise it looks pretty nice. Brick building. Relatively new looking for the sort of run down look of other buildings nearby.

The doors have posters and other shit on them so it's not too easy to see inside, though off to the side entrance, through which the kids on break and Emily went, you saw the white interior with a bunch of tiny lockers, painted purple.

IT'S A MIRACLE I EVEN DREW THAT. I am in VERY suboptimal drawing conditions
>”I’ll be there soon.” (Head there after eating.)
Eat at Vinny's I guess

dat pic tho
I agree. Eat at Vinny's, then go train
Eat at Vinny's. Pastrami and provolone with mustard and onions.
I will write later. It's been real rough IRL so please bear with me as I go through this shit. Follow me on twitter.com/qstMoofin for the latest on when I'm live. Thank you.
all problems can be solved with a well placed punch good luck OP we can bear with it
Also pickles and pepperoncini now that I think about it.
File: vinny's.png (132 KB, 720x365)
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132 KB PNG
“Yeah I’ll be there soon.”

Some Vinny’s would really hit the spot, and you can’t go train on an empty stomach. Plus, maybe Vinny would have some wise words for you on this crazy sort of day. You mull it over for what seems like hours, but was actually like 10 minutes. You’ve been on autopilot walking towards the shop.

Today feels like a pastrami sort of day. Maybe some provolone and pickles and, you know what? This is sounding like your usual. You’ll get the usual.

“Good. Don’t break your legs kid!”

“Uh, thanks Poole.”

You hang up and keep meandering. Your music shuffles.


Shoving your hands in your pockets, your stomach growls and everything smells sweeter and tastier than it ever has before. Running from the cops and kicking gang members to the curb works up an appetite something fierce. Pretty much everything looks like a sandwich.

Lunch time is arguably the best time, you know?

A bell on the other side of the clear door jingles and the warmth of Vinny’s fills you up something fierce. It’s a little hole in the wall deli, but it’s quickly become one of your favorite spots in town to enjoy a meal. The food is damn good, but it’d be nothing without the company here. Their as warm as the place itself. It’s so toasty in here thanks to the ovens pumping out nice fresh loaves.

You stride up to the counter, excited to treat yourself once more. As you order the usual from the older looking dude at the counter, Vinny comes out from the back yelling.


He closes the door with a certainty, then looks right and he double takes when he sees you.

“AAAAAYY Pahtna! What’s got you comin’ back here lookin’ like you about ta shit lightnin’?”

He always read you like a book. You’ve only been coming here since about a year ago, but he treats you like a son.

“That’s ‘cause I am! I’m tryna be a boxer, make some cash.”

You both chuckle.

“Kid, I know you can do it. I’m guessin’ the usual right?”

You nod and in moments you’re on your way to a town full of flavor.

While eating, he comes over to you.

“Look kid, I dahno SHIT bout no boxin’. But I know you got heart. I can see it in ya eyes, kid.”

He puts a hand on your shoulder. It’s weathered and been through shit.


File: train2'.png (52 KB, 600x400)
52 KB


Having left the shop, you make your way up the unassuming stairs towards Poole’s Gym and get ready to fucking rock. Your stomach is full and you’re ready to run a fucking marathon. Except maybe not now. You just had leg day.

Opening the door, you see Zoe relaxing in a tank, hair in a purple scrunchie and tight leggings. She’s hunched over away from you taking a breather and stretching, but when she notices you come in, she turns and gives a quick wave.

Jim’s also there. Got a smug look on his face. Looks like he’s whooping up on the hangin’ bag pretty hard there. He sees you walk in and saunters over to the boombox.

“Mister BIG FIGHT’s here!”

He laughs and hits the music.


Oh god what the fuck is this. Oh well, it’s got a good vibe to it. He goes back to rockin’ and rollin’ on the hanger.

“What’re you in for, Jerry?”

Poole says this, arms crossed.

Bada Bing, let’s rock.


There will be potential workouts laid out. You will have a set of WOP (Workout Points) to design a routine around. As you train better and harder, you will be able to withstand more training.


Workouts with a higher cost are like that because you either recently trained that way or it would be a big strain for possibly big profits.

Potential workouts right now in your condition:

>Shadowboxing (1)
>Light lifting (2)
>Heavy lifting (4)
>Sparring (2)
>Pads (2)
>Suicides (3)
>Jump rope (4)
>Step ups and movement (3)
>Hanging bag (2)

Design a workout. If something is voted on 3 times across all posts it’s locked. And so on.

If you have any questions about the routines or the exercises, let me know.
I don't know what to pick but how about shadowboxing + sparring + hanging bag
Cool we got at least one routine.

Willing to hear all other replies. Will put the hammer down in a bit.

Also I'll schedule a live thread soon. After Gerardo goes to sleep next.
Going with this
Will be back in around 10 hours. Roughly 4:30 eastern. We'll get ROLLING then.
>Light lifting (2)
>Step ups and movement (3)

Going with this. Last call! Typing in 10 minutes.
File: shadow.png (323 KB, 888x653)
323 KB
323 KB PNG


“Alright kid. Last time you sucked. Suck less this time.”

Poole with the words of encouragement. But yeah last time you dropped guard and misstepped so many times. Thinking back, it’s a miracle you didn’t trip over your feet. Your footwork should be better, as you haven’t just run a barillion suicides. You just ran from cops, but that’s more like a walk in the park now, let’s be honest.

Jim’s actually too busy for once to change the track to Momma Said or some other cliche shit. You feel like you miss it already.

“Yes sir.”

You give him a quick chuckle. You look back to the mirror on the wall, Poole watching you as you watch your form.


>Roll 1d20-2

13 for success. 16 for huge success Bo3
Rolled 17 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Rolling to suck less
Not bad! I am a firm believer in crits, so I'll wait for a few more rolls.
Rolled 6 - 2 (1d20 - 2)

Rolled 3 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Nice! Writing soon.
File: FIGHT.jpg (45 KB, 768x768)
45 KB

"Yes, yes, yes!"


It had a better ring to it than the last time you tried matching pace. You maneuvered okay, had good breathing, but your jabs weren't coming out straight. Your one-twos were a little slow, and something just wasn't clicking.

“Stop! Take 5.”

You put your guard down and sat down. You're hardly gassed, why'd he stop you?

Poole looked at you for good long time, as if inspecting expired cheese and debating if it's still edible.

“Oh, now you got me feeling dumb.”


He walks to the back room and rummages around for a moment. Looking around you see some teen with gray hair. His trunks say Montana. He looks like he's doing pretty solid on the stand-up. Putting in decent work.

He doesn't even look up, like all there is is just him and the dummy.

“Put these on.”

Poole came back and handed you a pair of trunks. They're solid white with a black stripe going down each leg.

Oh wait. The whole time you had on regular ass pants? Jesus you're dumb.

“Lucky I had these in the back. Used to belong to someone I knew.”

Jim was ready on the sexy whistle embarrassment manoeuvre, so you went ahead and stepped into the stairwell to get changed. It didn't take long.

“They're a bit big.”

“They fit you fine. Arms up!”

And back to it. This time, unrestrained, you felt free as a bird. Like there was nothing holding you back. Fast and straight jabs, quick hooks, and a fist clenched FIERCE.

The hits kept coming, and you worked up a sweat, keeping close watch of your muscle groups.

Overall, it just feels like you can around in fights just a little easier.

EVASION: 1 => 2

After a solid bit of just shadowboxing, you fist bump Poole and take a short rest and your shirt off.

You grab a drink of water and decide you're ready to spar. Jim doesn't seem busy anymore.

Poole grabs you both and pulls you up to the ring.

"Alright, let's have a clean fight. No blows below the belt. No roughing. No pulling. Clean breaks. Got it?"

You both nod.

"I'm not gonna go easy on ya hot shot."

Jim says this and smiles out the side of his mouth with a quick wink.

"Don't know if that's possible for you to be anything BUT easy."

You both chuckle and fist bump, and jog back to your corner.

"Get a room."

Poole is sick of both your shit. He waves his hand down. Let's rock.



>Three rolls. One roll for each.
>First roll is your Force. (1d20+1)
>Second is Endurance. (1d20+2)
>Last is your Evasion. (1d20+2)
>One player, one roll. For example, player A can't roll for Force and for Endurance. Player A rolls Force, B rolls Endurance, etc.
Rolled 20 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

We gon punch this smug McConaughey muhfugga's shit

Rolled 2 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Let's fuck his shit up!
...should I just stop rolling? First a 3, and now a 2

I mean, you did fuck this shit up! Hahah. One more!
Rolled 16 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

Float and bounce, bounce and float.

Nice. Writing!
File: SPAR.png (91 KB, 630x420)
91 KB

Amazing song.

Your guards up, you hear the bell, and you feel this perfect elation. Like nothing matters but this fight right here, right now. You’re ready to shove a fist through concrete, hit someone so hard their teeth rattle and vibrate like a standup bass string. Make someone count sheep. And for now, your opponent is circling the ring opposite you. It’s on.

When committing jab for jab, blow for blow, shit got dicey quick. You saw his body blows and felt them like you were getting run over, and no matter how much you dipped elbow, it hardly softened it for long. You know how it goes, body blows make your opponent winded and open them up. And you’re not trying to practice the Rocky school of boxing by getting the shit beat out of you. You fight on. Fuck pain. You don’t feel shit.


You’ve been playing defense for too fuckin’ long it’s time for someone to get choked. You wait for it. You take that beating, you persevere and you wait for it.

Wait for it…


You slide out the way of a right hook aimed right at your dome. Leaning towards his left and slam your fist right into his side. He folds like an envelope, shocked at the rebuttal. Suddenly, you’re sliding back and forth, no fuckin’ problem. He can’t keep up. You keep him at a distance, his reach is better than yours, but that’s fine. He commits just a little too hard here, makes a misstep there, and he’s punished. And he’s slowing down. Fast.


He makes a walk up and clenches you for the fifth time this round. And you’ve made it about 5 rounds into your short run of 9. You see that he’s winding up something fierce. Fuck yeah, you’ve been waiting for this. You wait for the moment he lets it fly, ducking perfectly under it and stepping forward. You raise your right arm and hook it overhead with a vengeance. There was no chance in hell he could stop this.



POW! Motherfucker! Hell yeah! He goes flying, and if it wasn’t for his sparring headguard, he’d be knocked out. It takes him a second to get his bearings and spit his guard. You drop yours.




> a) Evasion +1
> b) Force +2
> c) Endurance +0




> b) Force +2
> a) Evasion +1
Cross countah!!
Can't turn down
>> b) Force +2
I hope you liked that. I loved writing it.

I'll be back to see the choice in about an hour. Will write then. Majority rules!

Again, I hope you guys are liking it so far.
Sweet and tasty, best combat yet. The sick beats just sealed it.
>> b) Force +2


Thank you so much. Means a whole lot.

While I'm writing the next post feel free to ask any questions.

What does it take for you people to throw out a cross counter? Hoarders. Hahah
File: bag.png (20 KB, 280x280)
20 KB


“That was some hot shit, Gerardo. You got some slam in you!”

Jim proceeds to air punch a few times. You feign a few dodges, then bump gloves.

“That was fine boxing, kid. Coulda sworn I saw a real fighter in there between you two!”

He lightly jabs your shoulder. It hurt more than he realized. That punch took a ton out of you, but probably took more outta him.

But man, you lay a punch down like that come a handful of days from now? That money’s yours. In the fuckin’ bag.


FORCE: 1 => 3!!!


Jim and you sit on the edge of the ring.

Zoe comes over and wipes the sweat from her forehead. She sits down next to you both. You’re all sweaty, you’re all putting in work, and man you gotta take a breather.

“So why’d you wanna be a boxer?”

You ask them both. Jim gives some answer about how he sort of just does his own thing. Boxing is where life took him. He hasn’t been doing it for too long. Maybe a year.

“Fighting’s just the expression of your soul, you know?”

He gets this steely eyed look and stares off into the distance.

“I’m real into cars. And a lot of good junkyards are around here. But so are a lot of junk people.”

Zoe laughs and and you laugh with her. Jim snaps out of his thousand yard stare.

“So it’s just a protection sorta thing?”

“It started as that, but I just honestly love the way boxing gets me worked up, you know? It’s a good… release.”

You swallow audibly.

She laughs and then they both stand up and head off back to finish up their routines.

“You’ll do fine against Donny. I know ya will.”

Zoe says this over her shoulder.

“Second that! Second THAT.”

Thanks Jim.


“Alright numbnuts. You floored Jim, but let’s see how you do against an opponent that moves JUST A LITTLE BIT BETTER.”

Is he talking about Zoe? Himself?

“Meet the punching bag! AAAAAAAAAAAhahah”

Jim flips off Poole from the far corner, mid-curl.

You chuckle.

The whistle blows. It’s go time.

>Standard training check.

>1d20 - 3

>14 for success, 16 for huge success.

Rolled 5 - 3 (1d20 - 3)

Rolled 14 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Nigga I am not losing to no got damn punching bag.
I need one more! And I will be back here around 5 PM Eastern. Gonna try to make that the standard.


Maybe an update will be fresh and waiting for you. Maybe it will be me typing then. EITHER WAY!

And as always, any questions you'd like to ask can be asked here, or on my twitter. twitter.com/qstMoofin
Rolled 2 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Please be good, roll.
No joke, I overslept. Damn!
Writing very soon.
File: zoe car2.png (113 KB, 640x474)
113 KB
113 KB PNG

The bag barely moves.


It’s a sad sight to see after just laying out your buddy in a short 5 rounds, but you just got shit left in ya. Your punches, cocked back and loaded, spring forward like a bullet, but when push comes to shove and you make contact, the impact is underwhelming.

You end up clinching the bag to get a break, and quickly pull yourself off it as Poole lifts the whistle to his lips. You’re back at it for another solid 5 minutes, but never really denting it.

You slow down and start to sputter, feeling a strain in your gut.

You’re gassed.

“You’re GASSED!”


Thanks Poole. He waters you like a plant, taps you on the back. You know where to go. Straight to the bench.



You lean your head back and relax, sweat pouring down you. Needless to say, your arm from earlier feels great, but your body is spent for now.

You check your phone.

A text from Becca? Oh boy.

“Cant wait for ur surprise! ;)”


Another text from Richard also.

“You better be training, boy!”

You chuckle. It hurts a little, but you chuckle.

Checking the time, it’s about 4:55 PM. Guess it’s time to head out of here, right? Yeah probably. As you walk over to the door, you’re stopped by Zoe.

“Hey! Gerry!”

“Woah hey, what’s up?”

“Oh nothing. I was just wrapping up is all and I like your moves. If you ever wanna work or something just let me know.”

She gives a quick wink and hands you a business card. Why’d she hand you a business card for the gym?

She sees you bewildered and reaches out and quickly flips it over in your hand, showing her phone number.



She laughs.

“Take it easy, Gerry. And rest up! Probably shouldn’t do 3 days in a row. Might pull something. I know I’d pull something.”

“Yeah. Thanks. You take it easy too.”

You exit the building and lean against the wall and cool off for a second, doing your post-workout stretches outside. You realized you’re still in the trunks you borrowed, so you run up throw them off and toss them inside, change into your pants and shirt you left on the stairwell, then resume stretching.

Zoe pulls away in her bronzed Roadrunner, honking twice as she rolls by.

It's 5:06 PM. You're pretty hungry and a lot tired.

>Text someone. (Who?/What?)
>Get food. (From where? Home?)
In reality, it's pretty open ended what you'd like to do today.

The sun is beginning to set, it's a bit chilly but you'll manage.

I'm all ears.
There a place we can get a decent burrito around here?

Also Becca is making me nervous now, might be a good thing we have those counter crosses saved up...

Sort of a slow day, so I'll take this unless anyone else chimes in within a few hours.
Is there any way we could learn more about the city? How bad is its government? Are the police corrupt? Just stuff like that.

Yeah. Becca is kinda suspicious.
We should go to the burrito truck by the police station.
File: burrito.png (584 KB, 1408x1056)
584 KB
584 KB PNG

More on the city after this update drop.


Man, you’re hungry. Burritos are what you need. Some mission burrito packed with goodness. Sun’s setting and there’s not too many places nearby that can fill that urge. You still got funds leftover, and you might as well congratulate yourself on a good day of hard work, right?

You know there’s this crazy good little hole in the wall place about 14 blocks due west, and fuck is it worth it. You vibe out to your music the whole way.

The city is always so fucking alive. Like, it’s got its scum, it’s got its lowlives, but it’s also got Becca and Emily, Jim and Zoe, Poole and Vinny. Goddamn, the people in your life ain’t bad you know? And speaking of Becca, what’s gotten into her?

She’s starting to freak you out a little. What kind of fucking surprise could it be? I mean, you can only hope…


Before you even realize it, you’re there. La Grande Hacienda. The Big Ranch or some shit. It’s tiny and got good burritos, and you ain’t here for a spanish lesson, feel me?

You walk in, the wood door creaks, the temperature inside is very sultry. And the smell hits you like a jab, right to your nose.

You sit down, order a water and Los Trabajos, because you’re hungry for everything.

While waiting, you glance up at the TV. Oh great, the fuckin’ news.


They’re showing the lot? Oh shit! That’s the alleyway you whooped those dude’s asses in.

Says some shit about them being low ranking members of El Desmadre.

Shit there’s a picture of the Don. You recognize that fucking face anywhere. Says there’s a bounty on him.

Fifty thousand dollars? Holy shit.

Apparently, other members also fetch a nice price too. Goddamn, you don’t say.

Your food comes out. Chow time.

File: Spoiler Image (60 KB, 450x297)
60 KB


Leaving the restaurant, you pop in your buds once more.


God DAMN that filled you up. You can hardly wobble your ass to the train station. Checking your phone, it’s about 5:50 PM. You need a nap something fierce.

The sun’s left your view, escaping behind the skyscrapers to the East. You head back to the station and rest your head against the window after you board the train. You timed it, taking the 6:30 back.

You sort of bliss out into a food daydream. The wheels on the track are in motion, and your thoughts go all sorts of places.

Hopefully the fight with Donny goes well.

Zoe’s kinda nice.

What’s the deal with that school?

What’re you gonna do tomorrow on your day off?

Whatever… You’re not really one for planning.


You get out of the train and make your way down the street to your place. Checking your phone, it’s about 8.


Jesus what happened while you were snoozing? Did the train go through birth? Is there gonna be little train kids runnin’ around on the tracks? Jesus.

Whatever. You make your way up the stairs to your home sweet home.

You take a few looks over your shoulders just to make sure you’re not being followed like last time. You take a bit of time before heading in, taking a deep breath. Can’t let that shit happen again.

You turn on the lights.

Huh, mom’s not there.

And was the door unlocked?

And on the couch it’s.

Oh my fucking god.


Becca, laying out on your couch, alone in your house. Her blouse, entirely unbuttoned.

Her right leg hoisted over the couch arm, the skirt she had on from earlier, draped over the back of the couch, highlighting her smooth white skin.

One heel on, one heel off, biting one fingernail. She gives you a wink.

“O-oh! Umm, Becca I”

Spoiler image.

You’re frozen at the door.

She stands up and walks towards you, unhooking her bra along the way. It falls to the floor, revealing her... oh my.


She puts her finger up to your lips, pressing up to you and pushing the door behind you closed.

“Just let it happen, tough guy~.”

She kisses your neck. You shudder. She runs her hands through the back of your hair. You’re melting.

>Oh yeah.
>Oh HELL yeah.
>Run away
>Go buy glasses, since clearly we have eyesight problems.

Hahaha goddamn.

I use blurry pics because of convenience and also it still lends something to the imagination.
File: Q0IVQYGC_400x400.png (267 KB, 400x400)
267 KB
267 KB PNG
I'mma be patient with this one. I'll leave this prompt up until I'm back next time.


I won't be late this time! Probably.
The smut train is gonna leave the station in about an hour or two! You've been warned.
W-what? But this is a BLUE board!
File: lewd.png (36 KB, 450x450)
36 KB



Fuck it. You decide to go for it. Live a little.

You’re puddy in her hands as she unbuttons and unzips you. You lean back against the freshly closed door as she pulls your manhood out of your pants, pulling them down quickly. Her eyes widen.

She gets a sly smile out the corner of her mouth, looking up at you and beginning to stroke. Holy shit.

After a few minutes of tugging and kissing, you’re fully erect and ready for the opening bell. Cupping your balls, she takes you down her throat, more and more each time. Her touch is soft.

You can’t take it after a short bit. You push her off you. She swallows her spit and she looks up at you. You walk over to the couch and she follows you. You push her onto the couch, ass up face down.


You enter her slowly, feeling every inch of you through every inch of her. You’re in bliss. You feel her tightening on you as you thrust deeper and deeper.

Your head leans back and you are burning up. She’s yelling things about how she wants it and shit, but you can’t hear it. You’re in a trance.

After a while, you pull out of her, and flip her over and make eye contact. Goddamn she’s beautiful. She’s got this dirty innocence and fiery red hair. You can’t help it. You see her eyes roll back and her eyelids squint as she bites her lower lip and holds her perky, large tits.

She lets out a short exhale every thrust, louder and longer sounding with each thrust as you go deeper and faster.

You bend down to kiss her neck. She holds on tight to your back.

“I’m gonna... I’m gonna... “

She tries to say what you’re both thinking. You slide out of her quickly and finger her while finishing all over her chest. She finishes all over your fingers, tightening and spasming, her whole body twitching.

You’re still a little hard and you lean back on the couch to take a quick breather, feeling incredible.

“Holy fuck,” she says, “that was intense.” Her eyes are wide, and she has a smile on her face as the spasms slow down.

You just sort of lay there and let out a “mmm-hmmm.”

You’ve never felt so good.

“Let me grab a towel, then we can go for round two, tough guy.” She gives you a wink and kisses your cock, waking it back up. Fuck she’s magic.

You have enough time to croak...

>How’d you get into my house?
>Woah fuck my mom’s supposed to be home any minute!
>Wanna take this upstairs?
>Damn, those were some good noodles.
>Nothing. Patiently wait for your dick to get rode.
>>How’d you get into my house?
>No Lina
Take it upstairs

Writing in an hour. Still open until then.

I'm p busy
>How’d you get into my house?
File: bedlewd.png (149 KB, 585x432)
149 KB
149 KB PNG


In your haze of ecstasy, you ask how she got into your house. Probably an important detail, given breaking and entering has you concerned. Well obviously not too concerned, given your current... stiffness.

“Oh, funny story!”

She says this with a grin, speeding around your kitchen, wiping herself off, wiggling her ass infront of you whenever possible.

She explains how your mom came back during lunch and she was passing through that block again to wrap around to the next street. She caught her attention and basically hit it off. Your mom was cool with her “waiting here for you” thanks to her working late.

“It’s right here on the note, see?”

Son of a bitch you forgot to read the note. You hit yourself on the forehead with your palm.


Becca gives her cute laugh. Her tits jiggle as she laughs. Fuck, what a gorgeous woman.

She grabs you by the cock and leads you upstairs, giving you full view of her tight and perky ass. You have no choice but to comply. She quite literally nearly has you by the balls.

She tosses you onto the bed and crawls on all fours up to the sheets, her hair and her tits hanging on display. Fuck this is like a dream.

You see her get ready to mount you and in one quick plunge, she takes your entire length.


Holy shit. It feels incredible. She lifts off you and lets gravity work the other way. Over and over. It’s like you’re in heaven.

She grabs your hands and puts them on her breasts. They feel soft, bouncy, and so so perfect.

You let out an audible groan as she pauses, going nearly all the way down your length again.

She leans over and whispers in your ear.

“Don’t pull out. I’m on the pill.”

She kisses your cheek, winks, and pulls back, slamming her ass down and you thrust to match, going deeper than you’ve ever gone.

You’re going nuts, this feels so good. She’s grabbing you and sucking you in with every thrust. Her face turns to pure pleasure.

She tries to tell you again. You cover her mouth. You know she’s right there. You grab her by the hips and slam her down.

You both release.



She collapses from pure pleasure on top of you. You wrap your arms around her.

She rolls over to your left and kisses you while she continues to twitch and let out her cute “ha”s.

After a short while of you feeling amazing, she touches your nose and you look over.

“I always get what I want. Tough guy~.”





File: MAPMONEY.png (96 KB, 455x333)
96 KB

Thanks so much for playing, y'all. Will leave this thread up for any questions.

Be sure to check in on twitter.com/qstMoofin for info on when I'm LIVE! Gonna kick of ACT 5 with an actual honest to goodness live session. Be on the lookout.

Someone asked about the following:

>Is there any way we could learn more about the city? How bad is its government? Are the police corrupt? Just stuff like that.

The city of Chiford is one you've grown up in, but it's been good to you. It's a real broad type of city with a lot of different people. Situated against a lake, it's got affluent lakeside homes and districts, middle class northeasterners, the dangerous gang filled south, the west filled with tourists and shops and restaurants and little pockets you haven't even seen yet.


For the rest of the question in terms of corruption of police or government being bad, this never really dawned on Gerardo. He'd always been very avoiding of authority personalities.

However, no evidence has come up from this so far.
If there's any feedback or questions, I'm all ears.
I actually got a boner from reading this shit. Thanks a lot.

But real talk the combat is exciting, training is interesting, and the tunes are top tier and add a lot of atmosphere. This is a great quest man and I'm surprised there's not more interest, but I'm new to quests so I don't know what makes them popular or not.

And getting a counter cross from sex is hilarious to me. Also you asked earlier about when someone would actually want to use a counter cross: I probably would've used it for a permanent stat gain like during that training session earlier (had I been around to vote), but since they don't regenerate and they can save our ass from a complete failure it's probably a good idea to keep a few stocked up for emergencies. Maybe use a counter cross to help us out during a threesome with Becca and Emily.
Yo thanks a lot for the kind words. It means a whole lot. And yeah I was mostly joking about the CC thing. Hahaha

By the way, I'll be kicking off Act 5 with an honest to goodness LIVE session. We'll say Tuesday around 5:30 Eastern.


Mark those calendars and be on the lookout.

Still checking this thread for any more comments or questions and will link to the new Act if this thread is still up.
New thread. See you there!


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