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Part I: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/232292/
Part II: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/249192/
Part III: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/262027/
Part IV: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/276655/
Part V: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/291681/

For all things Cewri: http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f

Summary of last thread: About one season after the cease-fire ended, Brylon launched a land attack on Ash Lake along with a naval attack on No-Man's Wharf. The attack on Ash Lake ended in a victory, but it was hard-won, and many giants were wounded or killed due to powerful golems and an elite assassin. However, the giants managed to capture the assassin and a lieutenant and are currently taking them to Brylon to be questioned after the battle. However, the naval attack continues at No-Man's Wharf, and all reserve forces are being diverted there to help in the defense of the town.
(repost of last update)

>Turn 5

(1 turn until Koggarach reinforcements arrive in No-Man's Wharf)
(Balgmar, Gough, Wor, Armaaga and all clerics sent to No-Man's Wharf, arrival in 2 turns)

>Siege weapons
The ballistas fire once more and are able to bring down a golem.
>Team A
One halberdier and one maceman are wounded by the charge of the last remaining golem, but it is brought down soon after. The rest of the forces kill 7 spearmen and 6 swordsmen, but another mithril defender is wounded. Ten spearmen and 9 swordsmen flee the battle.
>Team B
Team B manages to kill 9 swordsmen and 7 spearmen, although a mithril defender is surrounded and killed. Ten spearmen and twelve swordsmen flee the battle.
>Team C
A swordsman manages to wound a steel hammerman, but the rest of the forces manage to kill 6 swordsmen and 8 spearmen. Twenty swordsmen and eighteen spearmen manage to escape, but the rest are caught in the middle of the formation and are captured. Of the 19 swordsmen and one spearmen remaining, only one of them is a high-ranking officer - a swordsman lieutenant. The rest are just rank-and-file troops. None of them bear Estgaard insignia. You find no golem controllers, they probably fled as well or the golems were simply not being controlled by anyone.

(Giants' military strength: 113, 2 slingers, 3 mithril defenders, 5 bronze defenders, 2 steel bear riders, 1 steel hammerman, 1 iron hammerman, Elmagh, Valdoth, 2 poison shroom, 2 shroomie monks, 1 black spore shroom and 2 crossbowmen wounded. 1 bronze defender, 1 mithril defender, 2 iron halberdiers, 1 iron zweihander, 1 obsidian maceman, 1 steel halberdier and 2 crossbowman killed)

The ships are now in sight! There are seven transport ships and five catapult ships. The catapult ships stay further out to sea while the transport ships advance. Havel and the reserve arrive and gives orders for the acolytes on the ships to fire at the transport ships. The catapult ships, meanwhile, fire their load, and while the clerics are able to divert the path of two rocks, three hit the wall. The acolytes spread out their attacks and hit many ships, amaging them.

Transports 1, 2, 3 and 4 will land in one turn, Transports 5, 6 and 7 will land in two turns.
All the Acolytes at No man's wharf should fire down on the first 3 transport ships to finish off the job and sink them.
While our land forces bring some gun powder barrels to the shore ready to roll down into the 4th transport ship as they land.

Havel himself should be on the front lines, giving orders and ready to charge headfirst with the rest of the soldiers, repealing this invader from Giant and shroom lands.
We should try our damnedest to make a kill zone on the beach when they troops disembark. We will know where they land considering we can see the ships and position our defends to hold them up while we rain death with out ranged
If our troops get overwhelmed we should retreat into the city where our more offensive units are waiting to ambush them, all while peppering them with ranged weapons
When the boats get close to land launch blackpowder barrels onto the decks and set the deck ablaze

Did we send a reinforcement notice to shroomies yet? If not prob do that
>Turn 6

(Balgmar, Gough, Wor, Armaaga and all clerics' arrival in 1 turn)
>Koggarach reinforcements
Ten steel halberdiers, ten steel hammermen, three mithril defenders and five javelin throwers join the fight!
>Catapult ships
The acolytes continue their attacks on the incoming ships, and are able to sink one! Two are heavily damaged and leaking but still advancing, and one is relatively unharmed. Ships are damaged in the backline too, but they continue their advance.
>Beach defense
The reserve team gets in position on the beach, ready to face what the ships have in store for them. The halberdiers form a line, as do the rest of the units, and they prepare for the enemy advance.
>Transport ships
Three transport ships have landed, unloading three golems, a phalanx of 30 steel swordsmen, and a row of twenty archers. The archers immediately get into formation and fire a volley of arrows, some of which are blocked by defenders, but some of the rest hit their targets. Two bronze halberdiers are wounded and one bronze warpicksman is killed. The rest slowly advance, getting into position as they do so. The slingers and the other ranged units manage to kill three swordsmen but fail to make any serious dents in the golems.
Your catapult is set up and ready to fire!



(Giants' military strength: 105, two bronze halberdiers wounded, one bronze warpicksman killed)
(Brylon Navy military strength: 55)

Forgot about the barrels, sorry. Keep in mind you only get one volley of them, however, so it may be in your best interests to use them wisely.
Might be risky but I say we throw a very at them now, have the clerics/balistas stop the other transport boats from landing. Also have the slingers and archers fire upon the archers.

Do we have any shrooms? Possibly fall back at a point and get the shrooms to flank or ambush
I think we should wait, with only 2 golems and 55 human swordsman/archers we could easily kill them.
Archers and catapult take out the golems easily then, a massive offensive on the beach kill all 55 and the next 3 ships have to land with us waiting right at the shore.
>Unless we can sink some with the Acolytes team.
>Koggarach bringing the heat today!

Have wor cast swamp and try to drown the golems into quicksand where they can't move and can be studied later perhaps

Fire catapult at the strongest transport still in the water
Have acolytes fire at the weaker ones

Have the defenders push the swordsman into the water & bring hammermen/ pickmen to fend off any that try to go around / defend against golems if
Dosent work

Crossbows/javs fire at archers
Everyone else hold ground in forest and await the next landfall/ stay out of sight of catapult ships?
Eh, I change my vote to this, sounds pretty solid plan.
just to be clear

If we sink a ship at sea the crew counts as dead/ drowned right?

Or will they wash up/ swim ashore in 2-3 turns or something
On the note of the boats, we should get some black shrooms to go steal the boats so they can't retreat
oh and Op, hope your arms feeling better.
Good idea anon
In honor of op's arm injury I'll bet we could make some bad ass red steel gauntlets for our shroom buds for extra punching power
You're right didn't realize our numbers were this strong
Our swatrock teams need knee braces, just fucked mine up and looking to lava mama for good news when I go for an MRI, but I do like the red Steele gauntlets for OP he's done a great job
Also how's Wilbur I miss him, can we have him research golems when he's not doing anything so we can get him in battles because kek
Make strongest shroomie a hero, in charge of our shroomie monk forces( since deathcaps our shroomie assasin captian) give him red gauntlets

Have his title be - king of iron fist-
Then if op wants to, could make the hero in honor of him( with all this hard work and effort he or she puts into it they've earned it)
Agreed, Wilbur needs to start studying golem creating, rune magic and shamanism! I can't believe I totally forgot about giving Wilbur a harm to start a new royal blood line.
>Wilbur, the smallest giant.
In the post human war I feel we should set up a dual kingship with the Pegasus captian( if he gets his ass in gear and starts helping) as the head of the military, and wilbur as head of domestic affairs.
Both of them are great and would probably be easy to work with as heads of the human kingdom

We should start looking into some kind of united nations thing, with ambassadors from all the kingdoms we are friendly with in order to deal with the
>Orc problem
>elf problem(soon to come)
>thunder giant problem
>Turn 7

>The heroes arrive!
Gough, Balgmar, Wor and Armaaga rejoin the battle. Gough and Balgmar are feeling a bit weary, having been K.O.'d and revived but not exactly feeling great, but they can still fight. Balgmar joins Havel and the others in the front and the rest take to the rear.
>Catapult ships
The catapult ships are ready to fire! The clerics are able to knock four out of five shots out of the air, but one still hits, damaging the wall.
(No-Man's Wharf town defense: 3)
The acolytes continue their assault on the ships sinking Transport Ship 1 and 7 and damaging the rest.
>Rear row disembarking
The first row of ships sails back out as the second wave rolls in. Although one is destroyed, two are able to make landfall, and a squadron of 30 steel swordsmen and 3 more golems disembark. Four swordsmen are killed as they disembark are injured, but the rest of the squadron continues advancing.
>The first wave
The golems of the first wave unleash their brutal charge attacks, wounding a mithril defender and killing another bronze halberdier. One of the golem is knocked to pieces by the combined efforts of the warpicksmen, but two more remain. The rest of the first wave follow the golem's lead, and although 5 swordsmen are killed, they manage to wound one of Koggarach's steel halberdiers
>Ranged units
The archers fire another volley, killing your human spearman and wounding an obsidian maceman and bronze hammerman. Gough and the others fire back, killing three archers and two swordsmen.
Your catapult fires, severely damaging a catapult ship!



(Giants' military strength:
(Giants' military strength: 109, two bronze halberdiers, 1 bronze hammerman, 1 Koggarach mithril defender and 1 Koggarach steel halberdier wounded, one bronze warpicksman, 1 human spearman and 1 bronze halberdier killed)
(Brylon Navy military strength: 69)

Aw, thanks guys. My arm should be getting better soon, I just sprained it. Also my weekend starts tomorrow so I'll have more time to update for the next three days or so.
Well if we're gonna be united let's be the United States.
Because it's more like the, Not so Untied nations. Lelel

But really yeah that sounds pretty good, Wilbur and the Pegasus Knight can be put in charge of our human citizens. And with the Shrooms and Centaurs on our side we are in a good place to start a grand council or something, you know, after the war.
>Not so Untied nations.
I don't get it
Unfortunately Wor's already used up all his spells. Most of your units from the last battle that were sent to No-Man's Wharf are pretty exhausted.

Yeah they're not a problem, any that manage to swim to shore will be too tired to fight anyway.

No black spores right now, they're at Ash Lake still. Deathcap is dealing with Mallory. The rest can be sent as reinforcements though.
+1 on casting swamp, fuck up those archers/golems

also +1 for the Red Fist Fighter in honor of OP's arm getting cut off
Has valdoth used his spells to?

Gotta make sure that slippery wench dosent get away keep her guards on her.

Could be because nowadays most countries hate most of the other countries for some reason or another?

Sorry fellas I forgot wor used his spells. Any ideas on what to do about the golems and troops
>we could do a full charge this turn since catapults are reloading then retreat next turn
It seems like a good time to use the black powder keg, roll it down to try to kill some golems and swordsman in the blast.

Finish off the weakest catapult ship and other transport ships so there can be no retreat for these human scum.
Wor give a strength blessing to our hammers to crush the golems and easily cut down some spearmen.

Now that England is out, a lot of other countries want out. Not so Untied anymore it seems, but then again I am American.
Wow wow wow buddy not to
cut you off but,
going out on a limb here
I don't think op got
I think op just has a lot to
Hand le

...are these puns doin it for ya?
I think you ment the E.U. Anon. The united nations is fine I think
That's EU aka European Union not UN.
File: Naamloos-2.png (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Oh shit, now I see my mistake sorry bout that.
Yeah I meant E.U not the U.N.

>Turn 8

>Black powder barrage
The giants make way as a surge of gunpowder barrels surges down the hill, which ignite and kill 5 swordsmen, 4 archers and 2 golems in the explosion. One bronze halberdier is caught in the explosion and wounded, however.
The acolytes continue to fire off a litany of fireballs, sinking Ship 5 and Ship 6. Ship 2 has taken heavy damage as well, although Ship 4 remains strong. Catapult Ship 1 is almost sunk.
Transport ships 2 and 4 continue their retreat. Soon they'll be out of range. .
One heavily damaged golem is dismantled by warpicksmen, but the remaining two attack and wound one iron halberdier and one bronze hammerman with their heavy stone punches.
>Havel's charge
Havel the Rock springs into battle, leading his troops in a charge towards the battle line. Havel swings his club in a wide arc, killing three swordsmen, and the rest charge in and kill five more. One bronze hammerman is surrounded and killed and one bronze warpicksman is wounded, however.
>Ranged units
The enemy archers aim their volleys towards the wall this time, wounding two crossbowmen and killing two slingers. The giants fire back, killing five of the archers.



(Giants' military strength: 100, two bronze halberdiers, 2 bronze hammermen, 1 bronze halberdier, 1 bronze warpicksman, 1 iron halberdier, 1 Koggarach mithril defender and 1 Koggarach steel halberdier wounded
1 bronze warpicksman, 1 bronze hammerman, 1 human spearman, 2 slingers and 1 bronze halberdier killed)
(Brylon Navy military strength:44)
We need some of our clubbers to pick up rolls of the injured defencemen, we need to push them back to the beach.

Anyway we can over exert wor and have him fear the remaining boat captain so they run?
Valdoth is currently wounded at Ash Lake :(
Deathcap and some of the other black shrooms are bringing a tied-up Mallory to the Anor Londo castle dungeons, though. Chances of escape are minimal.

Doing that may prove to be dangerous for him. He's old, after all.
>Turn 9

>Catapult ships
The catapult ships fire once again. Two shots hit the wall, and another hits your catapult, damaging it. (No-Man's Wharf town defense levels dropped to 2)
The acolytes' tireless barrage sinks one catapult ship and does damage to the rest of the catapult ships. In addition, Transport Ship 6 is unable to survive the combination of burning flames and abundant leakage and sinks to the bottom of No-Man's Bay.
Transports 2 and 4 manage to escape the battlefield. They're in extremely bad shape however, and it's unknown if Transport 2 will even be able to survive the trip home.
The golems, ready to charge, come barreling towards the giant army, killing a Koggarach steel halberdier and a human spearman. In addition, a Koggarach mithril defender is injured. One golem is close to crumbling from the charge, but the second appears to be just fine aside from some ash that got blasted on it.
>Invaders push back
The swordsmen, in a desperate attempt to overpower the dwindling melee troops on the beach, charge forward. Although five swordsmen were taken out by the giants, two steel halberdiers from Koggarach and one bronze warpicksman are wounded. The melee line is starting to weaken. Might be time to retreat to the city.
>Ranged units
The archers continue firing to the walls, injuring one Koggarach javelin thrower. The retaliatory strike takes out 4 archers and 2 swordsmen, however. Their archer line is nearly wiped out, and only 5 remain. Gotta worry about those swordsmen, they're more heavily armed than the ones you fought in the past and are damaging your bronze troops fairly badly. They'll be trouble if they manage to reach the walls.
The catapult is reloaded and fired, and it manages to pierce straight through the hull of the third transport ship, sinking it.



(Giants' military strength: 92, two bronze halberdiers, 2 bronze hammermen, 1 bronze halberdier, 2 bronze warpicksmen, 1 iron halberdier, 1 Koggarach mithril defender, 1 Koggarach javelin thrower and 1 Koggarach steel halberdier wounded
1 bronze warpicksman, 3 Koggarach steel halberdiers, 1 bronze hammerman, 1 human spearman, 2 slingers and 1 bronze halberdier killed)
(Brylon Navy military strength: 35)
Alright guys, time for bed. The battle seems to be going in your direction, but there are still two of those golems which are equal in strength to giants and have a deadly charge attack. In addition the swordsmen seem stronger than usual, given their upgraded armor and weapons. Don't let 'em reach the wall!
Finish off the last catapult ships with our giant catpult, Acolytea and ranges units if they can reach.

Rally the troops to do a all out offensive to slaughter all humans and take the last 2 golems as war trophies, but if they put up a fight one is suffice.
>They will not take a single inch of giant soil!
Seconding this

Let's use those golems as Swatrock practice
Put one inside the royal castle at anor londo as a trophie

Start collecting trophies from our victories as a boost to moral
>Mallory's dagger
>First golem to fall at the first battle of nomans wharf
>stone from the walls of the amberly fort


Study the broken ones

>retreat all bronze troops
After the fight we gotta take all this steel and ug our bronze units

Use the bronze as walls or offerings to lava mama
I second the removal of bronze troops, better to have quality over quantity, Also I had the idea of offering all our bronze as offering each turn to gain more favor to get better magic/mages
Back, next turn soon
Let's a stomp these puny hummies into the dust! This is Giant land now.
>Turn 10

Catapult Ship 4 is sunk by a rain of acolyte fire. Catapult Ship 2 is heavily damaged, and begins to retreat.
The golems continue their assault on your troops, wounding one Koggarach steel halberdier and one Koggarach steel hammerman. The most damaged golem begins losing limbs in the assaut and eventually falls to pieces.
>The beach forces
Havel orders a full charge with the remaining units, although there aren't a lot of beach defenders to speak of. The giants take out 6 swordsmen, but another bronze warpicksman is wounded in the struggle.
>Ranged units
The archer line fires one last volley at the walls before retreating. No giants are hit, however. The wall troops decide it would be best to focus on the fighting troops, killing 8 of them.
Eight of the remaining fourteen troops are able to flee the battle, and the other 6, unable to escape, drop their weapons and surrender. The remaining troops seem to just be rank-and-file troops. The golem loses its magical blue glow, a sign of its deactivation, and the remaining catapult ship manages to escape during the hustle.

Victory! However, it comes at a cost. A total of 29 of your soldiers are wounded, including Valdoth and Elmagh, and an additional 12 are killed. Koggarach takes heavy losses as well. But then again, if it wasn't for Koggarach, the bronze troops may not have been able to hold the line at the beach.

122 steel bars (smelted from all the human weapons/armor)
151 iron bars (also smelted from all the human weapons/armor)
40 bronze bars, 15 iron bars (smelted from the armor of the fallen giants, not including Koggarach reinforcements)
12 human bows
1 greater icon of faith (+500 favor)
1523 silver coins
2 pegasi
32 wood
10 stone
1 defunct stone golem

Mallory the Black
Lieutenant Simms
27 swordsmen
1 spearman

Pilgrimage candidates (you can choose up to 10):
4 human swordsmen, 2 pegasus knights, 1 siege engineer (chances of survival: low)
7 spearmen, 2 swordsmen, 1 ship captain, 1 siege engineer (chances of survival: medium)
2 swordsmen (chances of survival: high)
I don't want to treat our prisoners like shit, but we should tie her up and keep shroomie guards like that one anon suggested.
Pilgrimage Candidates:
> 2 swordsmen (chances of survival: high)
> 1 spearmen, 2 swordsmen, 1 ship captain, 1 siege engineer (chances of survival: medium)
> 2 pegasus knights, 1 siege engineer (chances of survival: low)

Best bang for our buck.

>Bring giants to Lava Mama
>Sacrifice all Bronze to Lava Mama
>Upgrade all Bronze units to Iron or better
>Interrogate or Brainwash Mallory the Black.
Preferably the former, and if the latter doesn't work, keep her. Aint givin that bitch back. CoolguyFlybro can get her when we've the Storm Giants head on a pike.
>Train more Acolytes
they're out best defense against the Ships.
Tell the Pegasus hero about the prisoners and offer him an exchange of several common troops for deathcaps girl

Bring the Pegasus rider, ship captian, siege engeneers, and after that as many of the highest survival probability we can.

>get to work on studying golems( weak spots above all else since they are basically giant strength)

Begin studying a brainwashing spell to
Use on Mallory/ the leutenut

Send koggarach like 500 silver coins as a token of thanks

Study the transport ship and learn boat making2?

Create catapult/ ballistas in nomans wharf
>gotta prepare for that again

Offer bronze to lava mama

Use steel/iron to upgrade bronze units and if any extra create more halberds& war hammerers

>rebuild defenses/reset traps
>develop water mines( forgot the name)

I should note that Guilford is looking for Chanterelle too. Shroomie eating is forbidden in Estgaard. If she's there she's there illegally. This extends to its former cities of Strommenburg and Andolor as well.
oh! Well shoot.

Seperate the prisoners by whos army they serve in? If the amount of sir guilfords troops is small perhaps just send them back(I'm guessing the assault forces gets conscripts from several smaller city based armies)
>get a little extra bro points with him

Begin building a "commoners prison" in new londo for all the plebs
Rolled 57, 85, 89, 3, 1, 83, 100, 89, 31, 33 = 571 (10d100)

Also rolling for the prisoners. Remember, candidates with a high chance of survival only need to get a 25 or better, candidates with a medium chance of survival must get at least a 50, and candidates with a low chance of survival must get a 75 or better.

Order of rolls:
1. Swordsman (high)
2. swordsman (high)
3. spearman (medium)
4. swordsman (medium)
5. swordsman (medium)
6. ship captain (medium)
7. siege engineer (medium)
8. pegasus knight (low)
9. pegasus knight (low)
10. siege engineer (low)

Looks like you grabbed a good bunch. Two swordsmen, one spearman, one ship captain, one siege engineer, and one pegasus knight join your retinue. Two swordsmen, a pegasus knight and a siege engineer aren't able to make it.
The siege engeneer skipped sown the mountain whistling a jolly tune
1st of Hotha, Year 4
5 turns until Coolha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Pilgrimages and funerals
Koggarach joins the Cewri at Lava Mama's Sanctuary for a funeral for those departed. Many brave souls became one with Lava Mama that day, and it was a somber time of mourning for all. Meanwhile, back home, the wounded shroomies were planted back into the earth, where even the most shredded of shroomies can regrow. The wounded are tended to as well, especially the young shaman and the Priestess of Fire. It may be a good idea to build some sort of building for the wounded to be tended to. Of course, you'd need to know the basics of healing and medicine outside the realm of magic for it to be effective.
>(Free Action) Upgrading the troops
Upon realizing the ineffectiveness of bronze armor against the newly retrofitted human armies, the giants decided to replace such antiquated armaments with new steel and mithril arms and armor from the smelted down steel and mithril from the enemies' weapons and armor. (Bronze units upgraded to their respective steel counterparts. -60 bronze bars, -60 steel bars, -60 mithril bars)
>(Free Action) A chat with Wilbur
Wilbur is as excited as ever to see the giants victorious after the last battle and listens eagerly to everyone's stories. "Yeah, we'll get that storm giant someday. Lotsa people here look up to ya ta finally free everyone of him. Me too, that guy's nothin' but trouble. We're all countin' on ya. Oh, right, another letter from Guilford came today." You read the letter, which says the following:

"Greetings, sons of Cewri. News has reached me of Brylon's most recent defeat, and I congratulate your victory. I have spoken to the other leaders of former Estgaard and we have come up with a plan for when you decide to go on the offensive against Brylon. It will be most effective to stage this at just the right time, so when you plan to strike at Albemeria, do let me know. That said, it will still be no easy task, so please make sure you are fully prepared before you attack. A head-on, full-frontal assault simply will not work, even for giants. Brylon's tactics for the war are to decimate you with a war of attrition. While you surely will carry the day in strength, the forces of Brylon are far greater in number than yours, and that sadistic king will send every last man to their deaths before surrendering to you. Again, when you wish to attack, please let me know. No more good men should die because of his blatant narcissism. Godspeed in your efforts.

-General Guilford Raynes of Estgaard
>(Free Action) Another wave of troops
One red steel hammerman, five steel halberdiers, five steel warpicksmen, five steel hammermen, and five steel zweihanders have been trained at Sen's Fortress. (+1 red steel hammerman, +5 steel halberdiers, +5 steel warpicksmen, +5 steel zweihanders, +5 steel hammermen, -27 steel, -5 scarletite, -25 mithril)

Since wolfsmeade is The only buffer between us and the enemy Capitol we may want to train black powder catapults and blitzkrieg it
>destroy not capture

Set up a camp in the mountains at the beginning of the Albemeria river, consisting of some giants and lots of poison shroomies
>poison will work much better and faster than drought

send squads to burn the farms around albemeria
>to weaken food supply(blitz)

Send emesaries to all cities in estggrad alliance to get surveys of troops and the supply's. And ya know look for deathcaps girl

And also that other city to the east since we haven't talked to them yet

Have guilford get in contact with the other white rose that is with us and have her meet us or something. See if we can get her in to

That'd be 3/9 heroes out of the way
I mean west

>(Free Action) Interrogations
Deep in the dungeons of Castle Cewri, Mallory is bound with manacles and imprisoned in a deep, dark cell. Two black spores and a poison shroom warrior take rotating shifts watching her, as she has proven to be too dangerous to not be monitored. Eventually, Deathcap makes his way down into the dungeons to have a "chat" with her. "Like cell? Suits you. I know. You filthy hunter of shroomie. Murderer, only care about silver. You know. Know something I want know." He shows Mallory the painting of Chanterelle. "You know. Where. Say or make things worse for you." She laughs maniacally. "Probably deep in the bowels of a halfling by now." Deathcap almost flies into a rage but barely manages to regain control of himself. "No. She live. You know. Where take?" She continues laughing. "Tell you what, let's see how much "worse" you can make this for me. This isn't the first dungeon I've been in, walls like these are my home. Well, I might as well answer your stupid question anyway, not that it matters. She's in Albemeria, her spores being used to create delicious morsels for the king to eat." This time Deathcap really does lose it, jumping onto the bars and shaking them violently trying to get in before the guards pull him off. He then goes to his mushroom house and is not seen for several days. "Albemeria Castle? Not get in. Can't get in. Poor Chanty, what do..." (You can ask Mallory other things as well, or at least try to. You may have to use some coercion on her though)
>Boats that float better
The giants begin studying the wreckage of the ships, hoping to upgrade their boats to be able to stop Brylon's naval assaults and perhaps copy their tactics for future raids.
>Black powder catapult
The giants work on using their siege ammunition and siege weapon designs to build a catapult that fires explosive ammunition. They'll have to be very careful though, accidents could happen and if they do the catapult will be severely damaged. And like other siege weapons, they'll take time to make. (Progress: 1/2)
>Wall ballistas in No-Man's Wharf
The giants begin construction on wall ballistas at No-Man's Wharf, building on previous designs used for the other cities. (Progress: 1/2)
>A bigger prison in New Londo
Another project begins in New Londo - the construction of a prison for POWs. It would probably be effective against domestic criminals as well. (Progress: 1/3)

(continued again)

- Giants, centaurs and shroomies from all around flock to Anor Londo for the seasonal swatrock tournament. There is a moment of silence for those fallen in the recent raids, but the swatrock teams chin up and vow to do their best in honor of the fallen heroes. This time, Koggarach bets 500 silver coins, which is matched by the centaurs and shroomies. Will you also participate?
- Housing for giants is full again in New Londo and Ash Lake, and the excess giants are migrating to the other cities, which may quickly become full themselves.
- Your population has grown even more, which means that food consumption per turn will be increased.

(Progress: 1/3 on the boat research)
We should some of the favor from the bronze to work on mind control.

Have deathcaps interrogate the leutenut

This one may not be smiled on by all but hear me out
>let deathcap amputate one of Mallory's legs. An assasin with 1 leg is worthless since I'm guessing prosthetics aren't invented yet. An let him get a little vengeance on a mutual enemy

Let's work on medicine

Maybe offer a prisoner exchange
Worthless Mallory for deathcaps girl
>implying Mallory wasn't lying to get a stir out of deathcap
We just got like 1500 so sure
Are the golems hollow? are they powered by magick or are they just made of magic stone?
Rolled 95, 54, 87, 19, 73, 25, 77, 93, 47, 46, 62, 28, 77, 2, 83, 55 = 923 (16d100)

And the game begins! Rules are the same, highest roll wins.

Your teams:
>The Anor Londo Boulders
>The New Londo Direbears
>The Ash Lake Welsten-Wasters
>The No-Man's Wharf Boulder-Bashing-Buddies (BBB)

Koggarach's teams:
>The Koggarach Worgs
>The North Gargan Avalanches
>The South Gargan Mad Yaks
>The Welsten Valley Clobberers

Centaurs' teams:
>The Khanbarach Khans
>The Khor Nomads
>The Suterak Ironbloods
>The Kholoron Swifthoofs

Portobello Republic teams
>The Portobello Poison Shrooms
>The Quil'squeg Black Spores
>The Bolete Bruisers
>The Tir Madarch Monks

Oh shit, copypasted that and forgot we changed the Ash Lake Welsten Wasters to the Sen's Fortress Co. Giants

BOULDERS WIN! BOULDERS WIN! The Anor Londo Boulders narrowly beat out the Welsten Valley Clobberers to take the Sir Gough's Cup and 2000 silver coins! Strengar's back, baby!
Divine fire magic is better at burning things than reading people's minds. Maybe spending some time learning shamanism? That'll either take shamanic tablets or research though.

They're solid, and you assume so because parts of them were glowing light blue when they were active. The one you have isn't functioning so it's more like a statue right now but you notice what appears to be a tiny magic circle etched into the lower right portion of its neck. That's really the only clue you have right now, and you have no idea what it means. Definitely suspicious.
They're solid and you assume they're powered by magic, I mean. Anyway I'd better get updating.
File: DF-236.jpg (74 KB, 500x444)
74 KB
Research golemancy, rune magic and rune power cells.... Golem power armor for giants anyone? LOL
look more into giving the general populace of giants a deeper understanding of magic than the school can teach and maybe open up some kind of science lab
We should turn in the good hint coupon and see what we get.

-Continue boat research

-Continue black powder catapult research

-Wall ballistas for No-Man's

-Continue work on the prison
2nd of Hotha, Year 4
4 turns until Coolha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Offerings to Lava Mama
The giants offer all the bronze bars they have to Lava Mama, and gain 545 favor.
>(Free Action) Interrogating the lieutenant
Although in a slightly more comfortable cell than Mallory's, the captured lieutenant's cell isn't exactly paradise either. Deathcap, although a bit shook up after what happened with Mallory, agrees to handle things, leading the lieutenant into the castle's torture chamber. He is strapped to a torture rack, which was specially brought in from Brigand's Rest by Deathcap, probably for use with Mallory. "State name, position." Deathcap shouts. "L-lieutenant Boris Simms of Andolor, 4th swordsman division." the frazzled lieutenant stammers back." "Good, good. Play this game, go back cell. Not play, much pain. Now, first, when next attack." "I don't know. I-" The lieutenant then screams in pain as Deathcap turns the handle. "I don't know not good answer. You tell good answer." "Alright, alright! I heard that a follow-up attack would occur at the end of Summer. I don't know how many though! I couldn't possibly!" "Good. Now, what target?" "I don't know for sure, but they were talking about the town next to the lake again or the harbor town. Maybe the Cewri capitol too!" "Good enough. Today last question: WHERE CHANTERELLE!" Deathcap shouts, slamming the portrait of Chanterelle into the lieutenant's face. "I-I don't know! There are no shroomies in Andolo-o-o-" Deathcap turns the crank, twisting the prisoner's body into a very uncomfortable position. "You think stupid? Not Andolor emblem on shield, is Wolfsmeade emblem! Must think I cute and dumb kind shroomie. We see what think by end." Deathcap continues turning the crank. "I ask again, where Chanterelle. You answer, no legs break." "A-a-alright! I was at Wolfsmeade and saw a shroomie fitting that description being transported by that rose knight through the town! They departed in the direction of Albemeria!" Deathcap slammed his fist into the ground. "Fine. You go. Have more questions later, be good boy." Deathcap snarled in frustration. "I cut leg off, no more shroomie swipe. Make her useless trash....yes...talk to giants about it."

>(Free Action) The good hint coupon
The giants travel to Brigand's Rest and enter the hint shop, where they are greeted by the old lady behind the curtain. "Ohoho, I forgot we gave those things out. Well, since you came all the way here, I think I'll tell you something good. The storm giants hail from the continent, which is not a far sail from Albemeria and No-Man's Wharf. Now, these giants were once part of a great, ancient nation known as the Triumvirate, a union between frost giants, storm giants and fire giants. The civilization fell apart after a mysterious volcano goddess sealed away the three races, but recently they have awoken, and are now fighting for dominance over the continent. I see storm giants in your future, so you may wish to ally with the fire or ice giants. But beware, all three of these giant civilizations are known for being cruel and evil, and all three look at every other race as being inferior to their own, including yours. If you choose to deal with them, be very careful, or your future will be filled with troubles you may not be prepared to handle. Well, that's all you get for this session. May knowledge guide thy path." The woman then goes into the back room, busy with some task or other. (-1 good hint coupon)
>Wall ballistas
The wall ballistas are armed and ready! You may want to do something about the crumbling walls though, they look like they've taken a beating.
>A new black powder catapult
Your black powder catapult rolls off the production line! In addition to being effective against walls, it is effective against troops as well! But be careful, it's dangerous. Friendly troops may be caught in the explosion, the barrel may detonate prematurely, damaging the catapult, or worse things may happen. (+1 black powder catapult, -3 wood, -3 gunpowder)
>Medicine research
Using their knowledge of alchemy, the giants decide to focus on its effects on the human body, particularly any curative effects. They also look into various ways to treat wounds and even basic surgery techniques. (Progress: 1/3)
>Boat research
The giants continue their research into warships, and come up with a variety of designs. Some excel in ship-versus-ship combat, some are like the catapult ships which are good at sieging coastal cities, and some are transport ships. The designs will be ready to be put into production soon. (Progress: 2/3)

-The giants are starting to feel uneasy about the damage to the walls at Ash Lake and No-Man's Wharf. The cities will have reduced town defense until they are repaired.
Looks like it's time once more for me to go to bed. What do you think the giants should do next? And what of Mallory? Should you let Deathcap amputate her and get his revenge, or should you attempt to trade her back for Chanterelle? Maybe something else?
Ask the city that Chanterelle is rumores to be in if they will trade her for Mallory. If so, do so. I don't see much of a point in amputating her when we could kill her, I assume they could make some kind of prosthetic for her, whether through magic or craft.
>Rebuild Walls
>Continue Medicine Research
>Continue Boat Research
>Seek the Mama's favor, turn in the greater icon and train as many acolytes as possible, maybe find an upgrade to acolyte? Magic fire is hella effective.

Praise the Couple, I love this quest QM.
Rebuild broken ballista and walls at both towns.... put some floating barriers (like some bound logs tied to the sea floor and other barriers if the water isn't very deep) to deter transports from getting close near No-Man's Wharf

keep researching everything and study the runic stuff the centaurs gave us
>rebuild walls
> reset pitfalls and black powder traps/ make more along the roads to the east and north

It's not for revenge. Until now no magic has been learned of that can regrow limbs. Healing is way different then regeneration. This is to assure that she can't escape(she claims she's gotten out of positions like this before, let's make her comfy down there!)
>keep working on boats( I guess fire giants might be the best short term ally.)

+1 to medicine

Make the river camp

Make falling boulder trap in anor londo

Train 4 clerics and like 8 acolytes
What this guy said. Do we want to deal with our champions being wounded again, or worse, if Mallory were to escape with both legs intact?
Plan A)
Prepare a squad of giants
3~ 6 defenders
10~15 halberds
8~12 crossbows
All moveable catapults. And do a blitzkrieg on wolfsmeade at night. Get like 2/3 shots in then retreat. Aim for the city not walls to get fires going
plan B)
Get the 3 bear riders and some centaurs and set fire to the capitols farmland and poison the water supply with shroomies
Plan C
Send the humans that we saved that joined the army, to wolfsmeade and do some Sabatauge. Blowing up the guard towers if there are any, inciting riots, preaching tales of how stronk we are. Generally weakening the city
Any of these plans sound good to any anons? Maybe do B behind the enemy forces during the next attack so there's nowhere to run but into the fire
add like
5~7 acolytes
And 3~6 clerics
for added effect To plan A
Did we torture the lowly leutenut, but not torture Mallory?

Well I guess if we cut the leg off it will even out

Have another session with the fellow to learn wolfsmeade defenses and continue the prison in new londo

Torture won't work on Mallory, she's a pro spy. We should do the opposite of what she expects and give her mead. Lots if mead. As much as she wants. It's delicious and a drunk spy can't escape as well.

Both she and us should make peace that she's a POW and going to be traded at best. If we mutilate her they will kill Chanterelle the second they find out we're looking for her.
Don't let them find out.

Make them think she died in the battle. And let her rot in the dungeon until such time as she is ready to cooperate

Or we could go the puzzi route and hold a trial..
Back, updating soon
We should sail to this continent soon and we should ally with the fire giants.Maybe we can get some deal going with forgiveness from the Couple.

How is our food doing? I dont want our people to starve

Give the peguses to the peguses knights and see if we can breed more.

Repair and improve upon the walls of our cities. Also recruit a "neighborhood watch" for each city that could improve the city, guard it etc. kind of like a police force.

Begin making moats or ditches around every town.

Lets try to see if we can get more info on that desert west of the elves, I want to cross it and explore the map more. On that I think we should begin train a gaints "exploring division" that has map makers and scientist that explore the world.

WE really should build a official hospital.
3rd of Hotha, Year 4
3 turns until Coolha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Continuing the interrogations
Deathcap returns to the cell of the lieutenant. "Hello again. You play nice or we go on rack again?" Deathcap growls. "I'll tell you whatever I know, but please, don't put me back on that thing!" "Good, very good. Maybe send you home one piece, not thousand. So tell about defense Wolfsmeade." "Wolfsmeade? Not much to say-" "Wrong, there lot say! This strike one, you keep up and no limb for you." "A-alright! Wolfsmeade has a permanent garrison of 600 soldiers, commanded by Leifric the Titan." "Who Leifric." "Leifric is a legendary storm giant clad in heavy armor that not even ballistas can pierce. I'm afraid you're no match for hi-" "Weakness what. Speak or rack you go," "I don't know! I've never personally met him!" "...Fine, but you tell about rest of defense. What kind troops." "Well, there's golems, pegasus knights and pegasus archers, mages, and I think Lady Shirley is being held capt...I mean..living there so there will be lots of advanced siege weapons." "See how easy? Well, see next time. Be nice." Deathcap then leaves the dungeon to report his findings to the giants. He then heads to Mallory's cell and orders the poison shroom to paralyze Mallory. She coughs and wheezes as the poison takes hold and she collapses. When she wakes up again, she is tied up to the rack. Deathcap simply grins as he pulls the crank until a loud crack announces the fact that her leg joints are now dislocated. Strangely, Mallory doesn't scream at all through the entire thing. "Not satisfied. Maybe just cut off leg and let bleed out." Deathcap says. The crippled Mallory is taken back to her cell. "Heh, it won't change the fact that your children are being eaten."
>(Free Action) Learning about runic magic
The giants decide to pay a visit to the centaur enclave to learn more about runic magic. Luckily there is a runic sage among their number who is eager to teach the giants. Hagalaz is a rune of destruction which causes damage to enemies when invoked. Uruz is a rune of strength which, when applied to weapons, hardens the metal and sharpens the blade. This is how centauric weapons are made. Eihwaz is like Uruz, except working instead with armor, fortifying the material and strengthening the metal. Isa is the rune of ice, whice can freeze enemies and create devastating hailstorms when used on the battlefield. The runes can also be combined to produce various effects, although Hagalaz will destroy any rune it is combined with (making it useful for erasing unwanted runes). Wooden totems can amplify the effect of runes, though they must be planted and cannot be moved afterwards. The centaur, Temur, agrees to continue teaching about runelore, but will need more scrolls of runic magic to learn additional spells. (New hero gained: Runic Sage Temur)

>Completing the boat research
The giants feel as though their boat designs are ready to be put into use. The giants now know how to make three kinds of ships - transport ships which can sail long distances and carry up to 30 giants, siege ships which siege equipment can be mounted on, and attack ships which excel at taking down enemy vessels. (New tech gained: [Seafaring II])
>Continuing the medical research
The giants continue their research into biology and medicines. They think that, before long, they will be able to construct hospitals to house their wounded troops and heal them faster. (Progress: 2/3)
>Wall repairs
The giants work on repairing the walls and ballistas of Ash Lake and No-Man's Wharf. They work with haste, as they need to get everything done before the end of summer.
>Continuing work on the prison
The giants steadily build up the prison at New Londo. Soon they'll have a place to put all the rowdy hostages and dangerous criminals.

-The giant traders have returned with new offerings! This season they have the following in stock:
>15 scarletite ore for 1000 silver coins
>A map of the Nabir Desert for 2000 silver coins
>A totem of defense (increases town defense by 1) for 750 silver coins
I think we should send spies to wolfsmeade

>Accept offer for scarletite

>Rune up our heroes and whoever else we can I feel like the freezing one could be useful very very useful

Outfit more troops we really really need to bolster up our forces

Build houses wherever needed any other ideas are accepted too

Unfortunately, shroomie poison spores don't really work on swift flowing river currents. They're an airborne toxin. Also the cost of clerics went up a while ago, there's a unit cap of 10 and it costs quite a bit of favor to get more. 500 to be precise. Also traps are reset after every battle.

Currently you have 190 food. Also you have two pegasus knights with mounts and can begin getting new pegasi every other turn.
We should buy all of the trade offers.

Ask the human luitenant if he knows anything about this Lady that is being held captive at wolfs ease. Ask if he knows anything about The golems.

Let's add the runes of defense and Harding on our weapons and armor.

Have our blacksmith the centaur Sage and woe work on combining runes and adding them to buildings.
Build two massive Dreadnoughts to be the gems of the navy, they will bear the name Lava Mama and Snork Father. That will take some planning, so start making some attack ships in the mean time.

Ask the Centaurs if they would be willing to teach rune magic at out magic collage? It's a good way to expand our school, that allows Giant, shroom, Centaur and Human to go and learn about magic.

Start expanding and breeding more dier bears, if that's the only mount we have, get a good bear cavalry going.

Ask the Pegasus Knights where do Pegasus come from? How are they breed and is their a giant version?
Put bodies of dead yaks/ humans into the river. That should be sufficient to poison the water supply.

Reset traps of they haven been yet

What do you think of THIS IDEA
> take the Brylon flag and put it on a large ship. Take a human we converted and have him tell wolfsmead he's from a ship that will be returning soon that was damaged. Then take the for mentioned ship (FILLED WITH BLACKPOWDER) and sail it into port then have it crash into ither any ships docked. Or any large important looking buildings. We will have to sacrifice at least 1 troop to set the initial spark.

Tldr suicide bomb wolfsmead bay with an explosive ship
File: 6001255.png (220 KB, 499x499)
220 KB
220 KB PNG
+1 Allahu Akbar
A map of the dessert for 2000 silver!

There better be some good shit out there!
>can we haggle?

>build a brylonian transport class ship for our suicide bombing

>study golems

>finish medicene and prisons

S-should we send an emissary to the elves?
I dont really wanna talk with the elves because 9/10 times their dicks but may be useful

Go to brigands rest and look for elf mercs to begin training magic At the school with the centaur

Offer alliance with centaurs? We've been pretty cool for a while. May work?
>offer them 1/7th of the total resources gained from the war?
Damned right I'm sick of defending our turf. As profitable as it is to allow the byrilians to smash themselves into our walls we need to show them we mean business. Wolfsmead is a hard target but maybe we can find something a little softer to crush... What do we know of strommenburg?
Everywhere besides the two forts keeping orcs out


And the Capitol

Are all basically waiting for us to give the all clear to revolt

Still need to send a messenger to the western town tho to let them in on the plan
Also the other hero that may aid us
Then let's blow up the fucking capital. Like blow the whole fucking thing. A god damned black powder wmd. Praise be to lava mama that she may bless our new found resourses. We have a LOT of favor...I wonder how much we need to cause the heavens to rain fire upon these storm giant heretics
File: mymap16.png (3.23 MB, 3160x3819)
3.23 MB
3.23 MB PNG
4th of Hotha, Year 4
2 turns until Coolha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Thanks for the business!
The giants manage to talk the traders down to 3500 silver coins in exchange for buying all three. The traders accept, and the coins are exchanged for a totem of defense, a map of the desert, and 15 scarletite. (-3500 silver coins, +1 totem of defense, +15 scarletite, Nabir Desert region revealed)
>(Free Action) Fouling up the Albemeria River
The giants put the bodies of dead yaks and humans down the river. If it doesn't poison them, the dead corpses floating down the river will surely prove to be quite the effective act of psychological warfare.
>(Free Action) Spies and Envoys
The Black Spores and some human decoys move out into Wolfsmeade, and find out that the raid is likely coming from there. The estimates are around 400 this time, and 30-40 ships can be seen gathering as well. Amidst the chaos, Deathcap manages to steal a merchant-class vessel from the port, taking the captain hostage and making him steer the ship straight to No-Man's Wharf. In addition, black powder kegs are planted in random places throughout the harbor.
>(Free Action) Another wave of troops
One red steel halberdier, one red steel hammerman, one scarletite defender, four steel halberdiers, four steel hammermen, four steel warpicksmen and four steel zweihanders are ready for battle. (-19 scarletite, -24 steel bars, -20 mithril bars)
>Finishing the medicine studies
The giants release a treatise on biology and medicine that they can use to treat wounds and illnesses better! They can use this knowledge to build a hospital to reduce troop healing time, if they wish. (Tech unlocked: [Medicine I])
>A new prison
The hostages are immediately moved into the newly finished prison, where they may stay without fears of revolt or escaping, putting a scare in both Brylonian soldiers and Cewri criminals alike. (New building in New Londo: Prison)
>Walls and new houses
The giants decide to build some new and expanded housing in all of the cities. This will take time but it will likely keep enough people housed for a very long time. Expect it to take quite a bit of stone to finish though. In addition, your wall and ballista repairs are completed as well. (Progress on expanded housing: 1/3)
The giants instruct Wor to use a mind control hex on the human captain, who proceeds to load the ship full of black powder and sail it to Albemeria. There, the captain lights the gunpowder and sails full speed into the harbor, igniting not only the boat but the other black powder barrels set up as well. The harbor sustained severe damage, and many of the troops on the away team were injured or killed, forcing the raid being planned there to be delayed.

-All troops are healed and ready for battle!
Time for bed again, see ya tomorrow. You may have delayed the next invasion and even created yourself an opening, but what do you do now? Do you strike while the iron is hot, or are you not quite ready yet?
Actually I fucked up, the suicide ship went to Wolfsmeade, not Albemeria. Albemeria would've been quite a bit harder to pull off.
Can we ug eruption? Send wor and a small team and cause a volcano to open up within the walls then retreat

Send out envoy's to palmyr. we still haven't contacted them yet

Send sigmar and a team to that Capitol in the southern desert.
>make a few more giant carts and water barrels and salt some meat in preperation

Begin workin on some kind of water trap for the boats?
Fellow anons...
We need a dragon...
Send out 2 man teams to every friendly city to listen for word of a red dragon

Begin creating 2 harpoon ballistas in the siege workshop
>Can we ug eruption? Send wor and a small team and cause a volcano to open up within the walls then retreat

+1 yeah! Quick in and out attacks with a couple clerics and defenders. Turn Wolfsmeade into a volcano fit for Lava Mama!
To recap our ally situation:

>"Estgaard, Strommenburg and Andolor are still working on a plan for the rebellion and I will keep you informed of any progress, but it is essential that we wait for the right time to make our move.

>Finally, beware the eight other White Rose Knights. There is only one other besides myself who is against the king, and she is not a frontline combatant."
Op to be clear.
In the desert I see 2 capitols

3 ruins / ruined cities


And 1 Stonehenge/ world wonder
Think that guilford can set up a "kidnapping" of that hero?

Since she's not frontline I'm guessing it's a healer general.

And if she agrees to it we can set her up in a nice house in new londo with no worries about the healing of any prisoners we send back or generals we harm
I like that idea. Arrange a transfer to Estgaard and then instead she goes to New Londo as our POW.
The noncom is prolly the engineer the Lieutenant said was kept in Wolfesmeade against her will. I think we should attack Wolfesmeade swiftly, rescue her and then move on to the capital. A long drawn out war will reduce the power of armies holding the orcs back. Once we kill the storm giants, we take their place as the defenders of the realm. But this time as Swagging giants instead of evil fucks.
Would they keep a knight of white rose as a prisoner?

Why even keep them as a knight if they are a prisoner

There's a list of knights a while back and I think they gave the name of the prisoner
Can we just have our hero with Stronk mask and sword lock himself in the tomb and just train his fucking ass off so we can have someone to match up with their kind because that dudes a badass and cocky so I think we could get away with that ancient Greek thing where they have two guys fight it out to decide the war instead of all the death ect and I feel if that dude gets challenged he'll accept and no one really likes him so if he's dead the dominos will fall? What do you guys think
A narsacist like him may not even hear the idea out.

But if we do that it should be king vs king not strongest warrior. Then ask guilford about kings stats

But if we lose it's game over and our king is trained as an archer
Offer our favor pendant and then upgrade our fire magic to intensity lv. 4 (what exactly does this do? I'm assuming it does an overall increase to the damage of our mages?) and train 2 clerics.

What are the costs of the ships?

-Start building a hospital

-Expand our mines (We need to start getting more resources per turn so we can make more high quality troops faster)

-Continue work on new housing

-Build lumber yards (Gotta get ready for those ship requirements)
If we have a hospital, can't we start training feild medic giants? So we can keep more giants fighting and minimalism casualties.

Need more favor for most upgrades in divine fire magic. That said, you have 151 iron bars lying around gathering dust...

She's not imprisoned, she was just relocated to Wolfsmeade and is currently under close supervision to ensure that she keeps making siege weapons.

>fire magic
Yeah, it's the acolytes', clerics', and Elmagh's basic attack. Strengthening it will increase their regular (non-major spell) attacks.
>Costs of ships
The base cost is 4 wood per ship. You'll have to make a siege weapon for the siege ships, so that'll cost anywhere between 3-5 extra wood. Of course if you already have a siege weapon you can use that instead, and you can dismount and transfer siege weapons between ships at no extra cost (so if you wanted to move a catapult onto a siege ship but it already has a ballista on it, you can dismount the ballista and put the catapult on it instead. The ballista just becomes a regular ballista until it is put on another ship)
we can make like 3gunpowder catapult ships that can stay out of range with a few crossbows to keep the only air unit they have off

Use the iron to make phalanx type of troops to get to the wall

Meanwhile the clerics and acolytes all focus on 1 spot an blow the wall open

Send words to our allies to "watch our backs" while we are doing the heavy lifting
>with us as a buffer do shroomies really need the army at the moment

Then we can figure out what to do from there

Massive increase to iron troop production

>also add attack and def runes to our units

Anyone like the plan of attack?
And work on tech for the multi arrow machine earlier in this or last thread.

Give a few of those to the shroomies and giant allies to handle giant advancing reinforcement armies at our rear flank
According to the pastebin its "Fire Magic III Upgrades - Intensity lv. 4: 500 favor" i guess that could be a typo though

Can we turn the iron bars into steel bars or are they too far gone? if they are lets offer that shite

Well lets start some ship building then, anti-ship ships to handle assaults

Oh shit, I confused it with the price to level up the school
Can we pleeeeeeease train a hero that is called the Wandering Giant who wanders the map and explores with his diciples? I really want to explore the map

We should also explore the oceans with a fleet of ships
So then what is the difference between "divine fire" magic upgrade and "fire" magic upgrade?
I think divine are the things only the magical heroes like wor can use once or twice a battle

Whilenormal fire magic is the clerics and acolytes attack
File: 250px-Anubis.jpg (23 KB, 250x460)
23 KB
5th of Hotha, Year 4
1 turn until Coolha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Stronger fire magic
Elmagh and the other acolytes and clerics pray to Lava Mama for strength, and as a reward for their devotion Lava Mama gives their attacks new strength, allowing them to deal more damage! (Fire Magic III upgraded to Fire Magic IV!)
>(Free Action) The hunt for a red dragon
The giants ask around the various villages and find out that the centaurs know of another dragon living in a tomb in the Nabir Desert. Sounds like it's worth exploring, but where could it be?
>(Free Action) Envoys to Palmyr
The giants send a human to Palmyr in order to tell them of the plan. Palmyr accepts the proposal, and officially joins the rebellion.
>(Free Action) Another wave of troops
Sen's fortress was able to produce the following troops this turn:
- 5 steel halberdiers
- 5 steel hammermen
- 5 steel warpicksmen
- 5 steel zweihanders
- 6 iron halberdiers
- 6 iron hammermen
- 6 iron zweihanders
- 6 iron warpicksmen
(-120 iron bars, -60 mithril bars, -40 steel bars)
>Building a hospital in New Londo
The New Londo Hospital begins construction. Soon the giants will have a place to tend to the wounded, decreasing their recovery time.
>An expedition to the southern desert city
The giants, now not so lost in the blinding sands, gather their supplies and move to the southern end of the desert. They come across a vast oasis, where a vast yet decrepit city of sandstone, gold and lapis lazuli stands. You are stopped by a group of black-furred humanoids with faces resembling jackals. "You, what are you doing here in Nabir? Most outsiders become lost in the desert sands. I suppose you must have a map with you. Very well, my name is Akhenotep, and this is Ramkhamen, the Capitol City of the Anubians. Well, former capitol. The former inhabitants have become crazed and feral due to a curse placed upon our people long ago. If it is civilization you seek, then turn yourselves to the North Capitol, Manakhaten, where you will find the last remnants of our kingdom. However, this is a place that should be feared, as what lies within these walls is nothing but evil, and the curse placed upon this city may consume you as well." The giants decided to heed the warnings of the jackal-faced beings, who referred to themselves as Anubians. Maybe the giants should visit, but for now they refill their water supply from the oasis and head home.
>Continung the work on the homes
The giants continue their work on the housing, making their cities quite vast. The shroomies also begin planting new mushroom houses, as their homes are getting full as well. (Progress: 2/3)

>Digging deeper in Ash Lake
The giants, eager to boost their resource caches, decide to dig deeper into the Ash Lake mine. They tried the Anor Londo mine, but unfortunately the bedrock was too hard to break through with simple picks. Still, who knows what kind of good things they'll be able to find in the depths under Ash Lake? (Progress: 1/3)

-No signs of a raid. The suicide attack must have delayed it.
I think I fixed it.
"Divine Fire Magic" (leveling up the school) is now listed as "Fire Mastery" while the regular attack magic is just "Fire magic".

You don't need any special heroes to explore. You do need ships if you wish to leave the continent, however.

In AoM these lil buggers were a great unit
Fast, high jumping, and kinda cheap. They also seem friendly. If we can possibly bring an envoy of giant shroom & centaur. And try to use the Capitol as a base while dragon hunting thatd be cool.
>promise to clear dark magic after the storm giant problem is solved

( the shroomie will have to be put in a large jar with nutritious dirt to survive the trip)

>go to brigands rest and look for an elf

>continue our mine

>continue boats
Research capital ships and build a drydock in No-Man's dwarf for building 2 Mama Lava class destroyers
proposed armament: 1 catapult 3 ballistas reinforced with steel springs for extra range.
Clearly they are destroyers so they are gonna cost quite a bit of wood and steel for building
We aught to research some better ship weapons than that, naval operations are all about who's bigger and who can shoot further.
Can we dig traps at te beach of nomans wharf and the road leading to it?

Have we studied the golems weaknesses yet
True should do some more research with gunpowder and propulsion ect maybe ancient Chinese missiles of some sort like the big 1000 Rocket pod things like at the very least it's intimidating a
1st of Coolha, Year 4
5 turns until Coldha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) To Manakhaten
The giants prepare for another journey across the hot sands, this time bringing with them a centaur and Ambassador Squelch. Squelch is planted in a pot to keep him from wilting under the hot desert sun, but he doesn't seem to mind rolling along in the cart. The gateguards at first prohibit your entry, fearing that you may be cursed like those at Ramkhamen, but word gets to Akhenotep, who convinces the guards to let you inside. Though the architecture here lacks the grandeur of Ramkhamen, the city is still quite impressive. Giant statues in the form of anubians can be seen along the walls and at the central crossroads, and the giants get the feeling that they're being watched by them. Still, they do not stir, and the giants make it through the bustling streets and vibrant marketplaces without incident. Akhenotep brings the group to the palace, a vast building with strange symbols and artwork lining the walls. Soon, the giant, centaur and planted shroomie stand before the throne of the great and mighty Pharaoh Amenakhten. The three bow and introduce themselves (well, at least as much as a potted shroomie can) and the pharaoh rises from his throne. "What brings you to this hall, travelers? Surely you know of the curse affecting this desert. Ah, so that's it. Well, I suppose you may stay here if you wish. This desert is harsh enough as it is. But be warned: the minute the curse takes hold of your mind and you lose any semblance of who you once were, we will have no choice but to strike you down." Well, good thing you aren't cursed. But, if all the horrors the Anubians are describing about this "curse" are true, it might not be such a good idea to poke around in places you don't know here. Apparently it doesn't only affect Anubians.
>(Free Action) In search of an elf
You go to Brigand's Rest and scour the city for any elves. You ask the bartender at the Howling Wench if he knows anyone, and he replies "Lemme tell ya. The only elves that end up in this city are outcasts. Magic is a privilege in that kingdom and there's a big difference between the haves and the have-nots." The bartender chuckles. "Only ones we have here are the have-nots, and they fit right in with everyone else here, heh heh.." Apparently no useful elves here. Oh right, got some new bloods in for ya." He points to the tables, where you find 5 red steel halberdiers who ask 900 silver for their services, two steel bear riders for 1000 silver or a group of 10 centaur keshiks (elite archers) for 500 silver coins.
>Continuing to dig deeper
The miners continue at a furious pace, driven by curiosity to see what precious minerals they can dig up. (Progress: 2/3)
File: mymap17.png (3.27 MB, 3160x3819)
3.27 MB
3.27 MB PNG

>Building a stronk ship
The giants, always wanting to be one step ahead, decide to put all of their efforts into building a great and mighty ship. This will take time, but hopefully it'll be worth the effort. Two smaller anti-navy ships are built in the meantime. (Progress on the flagship: 1/3)
>Gunpowder as a propellant?
Agaricus thinks he has an idea: to use the blast created by gunpowder explosions to send projectiles flying at a way faster velocity than any giant or catapult could. However, he needs to make it safe first! He works on a variety of contraptions to allow him to do just that. (Progress: 1/3)
>Traps along the harbor
The giants place a variety of traps along the beach of No-Man's Wharf, and even some along the water. Pitfalls proved hard to dig along the beach, as they'd keep getting filled in with water and sand, but they were able to make it work along the upper parts of the beach as well as the roads. Gunpowder filled some traps while others were simple spike traps.

-It's swatrock season again! This time on the table is a trained dire bear (you have one extra in your pen to bet). If your teams carry the day, they could have 3 more dire bears in their stables! Do you accept?
-The shroomies of the Portobello Republic announce the construction of a new city in the territory to the south of No-Man's Wharf that was granted to them by the giants! Polypore Town is open for business!
Accept the bet! Go Sen's-Fortress-Co. Giants!

Also as a free action send some mead or fertilized soil to the new shroomie town. Go shroomies!

I think we should hire the archers too, our crossbowmen don't stack up to Brylon's archer formations...

Raid Wolfsmeade with our volcano idea while they're still recovering!
Accept the wager

>see if anubians like mead/teach them swatrock
See if we can get another ally

>ask them about any dragons in the area
We should catch a dragon to give us an edge in this war
>work on mines
>work on ships
>study barbed wire
We can put it atop the walls and on the beaches ( make nomans wharf Normandy)

>create road to the other 2 shroomie cities
Faster troop movement and response time
>hire keshiks
We can start harassing trade caravans between wolfsmead and the Capitol and burning the crops with fire arrows

Not enough dosh for the keshiks, I'm afraid. Wanna sell something at the Black Market to get some more?
What's the going price for All these jems we have?

At te moment jems have no use to us. Save like 3 of each.
>Egyptians like jems send 1 of each as a gift to the pharaoh?
Emeralds are 50, sapphires are 75, and rubies are 100 silver right now. So altogether that's 2500 silver coins.
Rolled 56, 52, 79, 29, 87, 44, 76, 63, 47, 39, 27, 10, 1, 5, 29, 4 = 648 (16d100)

Also, the start of the swatrock tournament begins! The team with the highest roll wins.

Your teams:
>The Anor Londo Boulders
>The New Londo Direbears
>The Sen's Fortress Co. Giants
>The No-Man's Wharf Boulder-Bashing-Buddies (BBB)

Koggarach's teams:
>The Koggarach Worgs
>The North Gargan Avalanches
>The South Gargan Mad Yaks
>The Welsten Valley Clobberers

Centaurs' teams:
>The Khanbarach Khans
>The Khor Nomads
>The Suterak Ironbloods
>The Kholoron Swifthoofs

Portobello Republic teams
>The Portobello Poison Shrooms
>The Quil'squeg Black Spores
>The Bolete Bruisers
>The Tir Madarch Monks

Defeat! Looks like the Koggarach Worgs win.. Also I missed some quads...the Sir Gough's Cup and four dire bears go to Koggarach..
Off by 1
I feel your pain op. maybe next time
What about the silver bars we are getting?
Never mind I'm apparently illiterate.....

Lets sell all the silver bars, emeralds, and rubies (since we are getting those gems per turn). Then buy the 5 red steel, 2 bear riders, and 10 keshiks.

Build another 2 black powder catapults

-Finish mine

-Continue work on the capitol ship

-Continue gunpowder research

-Repair walls in Ash Lake and No-Man's (I thought we did this but pastebin says we didn't)
2nd of Coolha, Year 4
4 turns until Coldha
Cewri Empire Stats: (See http://pastebin.com/UgtRDe9f)
>(Free Action) Wheelin' and dealin' at Brigand's Rest
The giants venture to Brigand's Rest and sell 33 silver bars, 12 rubies, 23 emeralds and 2 sapphires for 4150 silver coins. They then take their coins to the Howling Wench and buy the services of the keshiks, red steel halberdiers and steel bear riders there for 2400 silver. (-12 rubies, -23 emeralds, -2 sapphires, -33 silver, +1650 silver coins, +5 Centaur Keshiks, +5 red steel halberdiers, +2 steel bear riders)
>(Free Action) Celebrating with the shroomies
The giants venture down to Polypore Town with some mead and a few barrels of fertilized dirt for the shroomies. They celebrate long into the night. Squelch thanks the group for their gesture of kindness and sends 5 bruisers (larger, more muscular shroomies), 10 monks, 10 poison spores and 10 black spores to join the giants on their trip back home. (+5 bruisers, +10 monks, +10 poison spore shroomies, +10 black spore shroomies)
>(Free Action) Back to Manakhaten
The giants return to Manakhaten, this time offering mead and gems. The pharaoh is pleased with the offer but refuses it, stating that he cannot do anything to help until the feral Anubians and the desert curse are dealt with. Mead and gems can't really do much to help with that. They do say that a dragon has taken up refuge in the lost city of Akashir to the west, but warns the giants that the city is also home to Cursed Ones and feral Anubians. Better not just waltz in there.
>(Free Action) The volcano that never was
Elmagh and a squad of giants move under the cover of night to make some fiery chaos in Wolfsmeade, but unfortunately checkpoints have been set up and one spots the group, mounts a horse and heads straight to Wolfsmeade. Looks like the guard was tightened after the suicide ship attack, and checkpoints and patrols like this are more common. The giants decide to beat a hasty retreat, not willing to risk the Priestess of Fire's life.
>The third level of the Ash Lake mine
The giants finally finish the third level of the Ash Lake mine, which now produces an additional 4 coal, 2 scarletite, 3 sapphires and 2 gold every turn. (Ash Lake mine upgraded!)
>Continuing work on the capital ship
The ship is coming along nicely. Soon she'll be ready to terrorize the waves. Got a name for her? (Progress: 2/3)
>Continuing work on gunpowder siege weapons
Agaricus and Strengar try a variety of different siege weapon options out. They currently have two weapons in design: the first is a device that can fire off 50-100 arrows using simple rocket-propelled arrows. This weapon is best used against ground forces. The second design is a cast-iron tube with a fuse which, when ignited, can shoot iron balls from a long distance away and with a staggering amount of force. This weapon may have siege applications and may also be useful against ships. (Progress: 2/3)
>Additional black powder catapults
The giants utilize some of their black powder and get to constructing two black powder catapults. Catapults take time to build, however. (Progress: 1/2)
K I really gotta sleep, see you tomorrow
Centaurs did 9/11
Can we get a scholar to go meet and study with the anubiams to figure out the source of the curse or something maybe they took some treasure or something they shouldn't have. Also maybe ways to protect a small 10 man squad so we can catch this dragon maybe it is part of the reason for the curse but these guys would be great for the war
I'm also down for complete orc genocide and I feel like we can unite everyone under that anti tyrant/orc campaign
Really should have named the trader in Brigand's Gavlan ;D

The pastebin has +1 ether crystal/turn listed, where are we getting that from? Also has Gold gained per turn at 1 but post says 2, which is it? (I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass I promise, I love the tread and been here since day 1. You are doing The Couples work and are doing an amazing job, I know there are a lot of little things to keep track of now.)

How does the centauric rune magic work exactly? Does it cost anything to apply the runes? Can we do a mass rune placement or do we have to do it individually?

Ask the pharaoh what the cause of the curse was/is and if there is a way to remove it. Also ask about the Cursed ones and how to kill/not become them.

Purchase a Totem of Animal Friendship from the centaurs (should have 24 barrels of mead)

-Finish capital ship

-Finish research on gunpowder siege weapons

-Finish black powder catapults

-Construct Shrines of the Couple in all cities. Praise be to Lava Mama. Praise be to Stronk Dad. Praise be to The Couple.
Also train some Red Steel Zweihanders
> continue work on arrow launcher
> continue work on gp catapults

Should we send wors assistant with a detatchment of clerics to find the source of the problems but not fight dragon
> anubians don't care bout orcs they're a continent away

+1 on animal totem
+1 to monuments
>we need more stronk in schools

Use blackspore shrooms to assassinate guard posts. If the #of enemies is reasonable

>Mass produce runes on offensive units with attack buff& defenders/cAtapults/archers with def runez
To bad an ice rune would be an abomination against lava mama

Is it safe to assume we can train humans now without revolt? If so talk to that prison guy about where they get pegasi and catch some and train an army of peg riders
+1 op coming tonight?
Sorry I'm late, posting a new thread as we speak
New thread up:


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