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You are Kraton Reed, Jedi Lord of Telos IV

At a time when the Republic was merely a shadow of its former self and the Sith terrorized much of the Galaxy, you chose to strike back. Breaking from protocol, you gathered together a small group of likeminded Jedi Knights and raised your own army. You launched a crusade against the Sith Empire and managed to liberate the Outer Rim world of Telos IV. The people of this world now look upon you as their Lord and their protector in these dark times…

The Battle of Ferro has only just begun! After fighting off several boarding parties of Mandalorian warriors, Kraton Reed has managed to save his personal corvette, the Raider, from destruction. Not long after defeating the boarders, the space battle came to an end and the orbital bombardment of the Sith Military base began.

It’s been over seven hours since the bombardment first started. Your two remaining Hammerhead class-cruisers have joined up with Jedi Padawan Fianna’s fleet and have been unleashing a massive amount of destruction upon the world below. Though the devastation has been limited only to a certain extent, it still surprises you just how cataclysmic the damage seems to be. It’s hard for you to imagine that any of the Sith could survive that, though you know that the Sith base extends very deep underground and that they have many many soldiers on hand.

This battle is far from over

>Previous Thread

File: Sith Meditation.jpg (104 KB, 778x700)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
Sitting now in meditation in his private cabin, Kraton Reed attempts to steel himself for what will come next. In the throes of his meditative state, the sheer amount of destruction from the orbital bombardment feels all too clear. You can sense hundreds of lives being snuffed out in a matter of moments, and not only just the Sith. Entire forests filled with all manner of creatures, and perhaps even a few locals, seem to be at the mercy of your forces' onslaught. Even as a Jedi Master, as a General who has led thousands of men into battle, someone who has personally killed hundreds in the heat of battle… it is a great deal to take in.

>How does Kraton Reed address this disturbing revelation

>Continue to meditate, assure yourself that there was little else you could do this time
>Continue to meditate, reason that this is the reality of war
>Continue to meditate, (Write-in?)
>Cease meditating, what’s done is done

File: Kraton Reed in Armor.png (295 KB, 760x1223)
295 KB
295 KB PNG
Welcome back ya'll! I know I said I'd run last night, but I was a little more busy than I imagined I'd be. I hope now is a good time to start again.

Here's the main paste bin detailing many things about the quest, just recently updated.

And here is a new character sheet for the MC Kraton Reed himself
Kraton Reed doesn't seem like the kind of person to accept the whole "shit happens" thing. Hell, he broke code just to start this whole thing, and it was out of the kindness of his own heart. Continue meditating on this revelation. Somehow, some way, we may be able to do something about it once we're done on Ferros. There may be survivors to take in or something, and they could benefit our cause with the promise of safety and shelter.

(happy to see it return man)
You let your mind dwell on this as you sink further into a meditative state.

A part of you considers the idea of trying to let it go and move on, but the more you think about that the more disgusted you feel. The Jedi Code says that there is no death, that there is only the Force, and yet that alone does not satisfy you.

Life is far too precious to simply let it be destroyed, that’s what drove you here in the first place. To protect the lives of people that the Sith were only too happy to throw away, the lives of people that many Jedi failed to save. Those Jedi may have remained true to the Code, but what of the people they swore to defend?

You will not be like them.

“I will make amends for this, and the Sith will face justice.”

Once this battle is over and the Sith are routed, you will see what can be done for Ferro and it’s people.

>Kraton Reed comes to the conclusion that he can embrace his feelings and still remain a Jedi!

Your comlink begins to buzz, causing you to slip out of meditation.

>”Kraton, Sir?”

It sounds like Commander Skrillex, though it’s a little hard to make out over the sound of turbo laser fire in the background

>”The bombardment is NEARLY finished! Just let me direct a few more blasts here and there, the Sith won’t know what hit 'em!”

Rising up from the ground, you begin to march down through the battle-scarred hallways of the Raider and head towards the bridge

(Glad to hear it man!)

Striding onto the bridge, you spot several holoimages laid out before you as you are greeted by the sight of your Knights as well as your ally from the Republic, Fianna.

>”Master Reed, I am positioning my forces to begin the landing operations.”

Lo Rai appears to still be wearing his damaged armor from earlier, though he himself looks to be better than OK

>”I had to bring my forces back into orbit before a counter attack could begin, but we’re ready to head straight back down at a moment’s notice my lord!”

Kota Vam scratches the bottom of his chin as he stares at a data pad in his hand, his apprentice Arnet standing at attention by his side

>”We still have little idea how many soldiers they have to throw at us, but they’re perimeter defenses will be gone and they’ll have no forest to hide in and ambush us. The only real question at this point is who will lead the first landing parties.”

“What do you mean exactly Vam?”

The Jedi Knight glances at his apprentice, coughing into his hand expectantly before the young boy springs into action

>”w-We can only field so many of our forces at once. We can land a third of our forces in the designated staging area but it will take some time for the rest of our forces to join it. One of us must lead the vanguard of the invasion force.”

>”Not quite true.”

Arnet stares at Fianna as she corrects him

>”My ground forces are much smaller in size compared to yours, I’ll be able to land beside all my troops along with whoever leads this Vanguard force.”

>”r-Right then, so… who will it be?”

"Hmmm, are we expecting heavy resistance?"

>"After all we've thrown at Ferro, no. But still..."

>I will take responsibility for commanding the beachhead, and will lead the first third of our forces into battle
>Lo Rai seems more than ready to take charge, I trust you will be able to handle this
>Vam and Yar, I look forward to seeing how you two will do together
>Commander Skrillex is a capable officer, he should be able to take care of this

Let's give Vam and Yar a chance to do something cool. After all, Yar hasn't had enough exposure to real pressure and he needs to learn that the war is not going to adjust to his training level; he needs to learn fast or die fast.
You turn towards the Master and Padawan duo, sizing up the latter for a moment before coming to a decision

“I want the two of you to lead the Vanguard.”

Arnet’s eyes widen as Kota slowly nods his head

"I know that, after what you’ve learned from studying at your Master’s side, that you’ll be ready to face whatever comes next. It's time for you to learn firsthand what it really means to be a Jedi Knight.”

Arnet looks taken aback, but after a few moments he appears to regain a little bit of his composure

>”I won’t let you down Sir.”

He bows his head to you, only to stagger as Kota Vam unexpectedly places a hand over his shoulder

The young boy looks up to his master, who sternly stares back. He almost always appears to be glaring, yet you see a hint of something else in his gaze right now.

>“Arnet, have you memorized the lightsaber both inside and out, both physical and metaphysical?”

>”y-Yes Sir, I have!”

>”Then take this…”

Arnet’s eyes widen as Vam reaches into his robes and pulls out a blue Force Crystal

>”Go and remove the training crystal from your lightsaber and put this in it’s place. From hence forth, you will fight with a True Lightsaber.”

Arnet stares closely with a look of awe as he accepts the bright crystal into his hands

>”I look forward to seeing you fight Yar.”

His attention is torn away towards Fianna, who stares at him with her usual deadpan expression though you swear you see something strange in her gaze as well

>"I won't let any of you down. I'm ready!"

Commander Skrillex joins your side, and suddenly you notice the guns have finally gone silent

>”Your orders Lord Reed?”

“Commence the Attack."
File: Jedi Symbol.jpg (21 KB, 240x400)
21 KB
>Roll 1d100+15 to see how well Kota Vam and Arnet Yar lead the attack on the Sith Forces before you and the second third of the army touches down

>Best of first two rolls from two different anons please
Rolled 46 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

Rolled 49 + 15 (1d100 + 15)

let's get it goin baybee
At least it wasn't a 1.

I can't remember atm when chronologically this quest takes place, can someone help me out? I can't look through the previous threads right now.
>Minor Success

You march down to the beleaguered Raider’s hangar bay and await a shuttle as you watch many of your fleet’s ships encroach the planet and send landing craft downwards

Over an hour passes in tense silence before your shuttle is finally prepped and the next third of the invasion force is ready to be deployed.

Rushing down through the planet’s surface, you are immediately greeted by a grisly sight as you punch through the atmosphere.

The entire landscape for about as far as the eye can see has been blackened and is covered in ash and smoldering flames, the once giant forests you had seen from above having been completely annhilated.

The devastation steals your attention away from the battle for only a few moments though, as you lay eyes on the massive battle below.

The cacophony of blaster fire and explosions is almost deafening, even from this height, as thousands of your soldiers do battle with thousands of the Sith army’s.

Under the hail of such fire, your shuttle is able to find the landing zone that Arnet Yar, Kota Vam, and Fianna were able to secure.

After you disembark, you are quickly greeted by a field officer who salutes you

“Status Report.”

>”Sir! Scouts were sent out to investigate the ruins of the Sith base. Nothing was discovered initially, but as the Vanguard approached more and more of the bastards emerged from underground tunnels like the rats they are!”

“Where are the commanders?”

>”It was last reported that Arnet Yar was supporting Fianna’s Republic troops in the center. The bulk of our forces are there, attempting to push their way through to the Sith base's underground complex, but resistance is fierce!”

“And what of Kota Vam?”

>”He took a small contingent and went off to pursue a Sith that was harassing the main force.”

“A Sith?”

>”Yes, the Sith was threatening to surround the main body of our forces but Kota Vam chased him and his forces off."

>What does Lord Reed do now?

>Immediately lead your forces to support the Arnet and Fianna, that’s where the fighting seems the heaviest
>Go off to assist Kota Vam, a Sith is a very high priority target
>Try to bypass where the fighting is mostly going on and push straight for the Sith Base
>Secure this area and wait for the remainder of the army to land
correct me if i'm wrong OP but his takes place in the new sith wars(?)
>Mando Wars
>Those uniforms

I know Revan took all the fun stuff with him when he mutineered but did he have to take the swagmoney uniforms too?

Those look a lot cooler than what we got in KOTOR. I think it's the helmets.
That is correct!
It specifically takes place at the very beginning of the period of the New Sith Wars called the Republic Dark Age. So roughly 1100 years before the Battle of Yavin

>Go off to assist Kota Vam, a Sith is a very high priority target
Sith and Jedi can kill literally thousands of people with only a saber and the Force. They're going to look to this guy for support and guidance, so cut off the head of this particular snake.
File: Arth-Revan.jpg (352 KB, 1917x843)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
I know right? What a difference a visor makes.
File: Republic Army Battle.jpg (72 KB, 720x576)
72 KB
Eliminating one of the Sith will go a long way to ending this battle

“Gather our forces together and move out at once, we’re going to aid Kota Vam!”

>”Sir yes Sir! Everyone, disembark immediately! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE!”

Your forces move out in the direction of Kota Vam and his forces.

>Roll 1d100 for perception
Rolled 25 (1d100)

pls dice gods
fuck someone save me
Rolled 69 (1d100)

Here goes
File: Swoop Bike Attack.jpg (1.05 MB, 1259x948)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB JPG
>Moderate Success

You and your men move quickly, eager to assist Kota Vam and get a hold of this Sith he was after before he can slip away. However, as you approach you begin to get a strange feeling in the Force. Sliding to a halt, you scan the area about you as one of your soldiers strides up

>”What is it my lord?”

“Look at those corpses.”

Pointing at the bodies of slain troopers, you readily recognize them by their mismatched uniforms and the various Jedi and Telosian symbols emblazoned on their armor as being your own soldiers.

>”I don’t see any dead Sith Soldiers…”


Raising a hand up, you blow aside a huge cloud of ash, revealing what looked to be a series of small foxholes

“Kota Vam was led into an ambush!”

>”I think I see them!”

You glance up at a soldier of yours who is crouching on a knoll, a pair of macrobinoculars in his grip

Running up to his side, you take a knee and grab the macrobinoculars from him. Zooming roughly a few hundred yards ahead, you spot what looks to be a cluster of around several hundred soldiers of yours battling against a force of Sith Soldiers that seems to have surrounded them

Catching sight of a glowing green glint, you see Kota Vam fighting off not one, but what appears to be two black armor clad Sith as the three of them do battle atop racing swoop bikes. Kota Vam is valiantly holding his own against the two Sith, but you do not know for how long he can hold off.

>Charge ahead on foot with your men and relieve the surrounded strike force
>Grab a speeder and rush forward to rescue Kota Vam
>>Grab a speeder and rush forward to rescue Kota Vam
It's a bit late, so I think I will continue from here some time tomorrow night.

Good night ya'll, hope you're enjoying the battle so far cause it's only just getting started.
goodnight, good stuff while it lasted. can't wait to see what happens next
>>Grab a speeder and rush forward to rescue Kota Vam
Make sure our infantry advance to relieve them as well of course, but we can't let these sith run around cutting people down until we get there.
>>>Grab a speeder and rush forward to rescue Kota Vam
>Make sure our infantry advance to relieve them as well of course, but we can't let these sith run around cutting people down until we get there.

seconding, time for hot Force-user on Force-user action. be sure to give a "may the force be with you" (making use of force-voice for bonus morale) to your troops before going on to help Kota. looking forward to updates.

on a side note, when you first introduced Arlia's mask(as an individual plot item), you posted a picture of Nihilus' mask: does her mask in fact look like that? I assumed her mask was the one shown in the Twi'lek Sith image first used for her (the one that shows a decapitated alien head in her hand).
I hope it's the latter as dealing with a re-incarnated Nihilus would be a kriffing pain in the Sarlacc Pit
“Bring me a Swoop Bike.”

Your men quickly come forth with a large white speeder, which you mount as you brandish a single Guard Shoto Saber

Raising your voice, you call out—

“March onward! We’re going to relieve Kota Vam and his forces, ATTACK!”

Your men cry out in unison as they prime their blasters and begin rushing in the direction of the developing skirmish

Kicking on the throttle, your swoop bike springs to life as you jettison forward ahead of of your strike force and rush toward Kota Vam

The Jedi Knight is flanked on both sides by two swoop bike riding Sith who slash and stab at him, yet with his mastery of Soresu Kota Vam is able to parry and dodge their onslaught of blows while only receiving a few periphery cuts to his robes and swoop. All the while, he maintains his dour glare and fights back with everything he has, yet there’s little he can do but hold his own.

This is the sight you see before you as you charge forward to relieve him. Sensing your approach, one of the Sith breaks off with his duel from Kota Vam and begins to speed off toward you to meet your attack. You can feel his rage mounting as he zooms toward you, a long red saber raised high in his right hand. You can see that he is clad in dark armor as he mounts his attack on you.

>Stab at the Sith with your saber
>Attempt to ram the Sith with your swoop bike
>Try to lead the Sith away from the battle to more favorable ground

Her mask looks a bit more like the image of the Twi'lek Sith I posted, although you'll notice that that mask shares a bit of similarity with Nihilus' mask. I don't want to reveal much of what I planned, though I will say that's her mask is indicative of important things that will come in the story I have planned
>>Try to lead the Sith away from the battle to more favorable ground
I dunno why the thread is so dead OP, your quest is normally up around this time.
We've always been reckless but it hasn't once fucked us over at least I don't remember it ever fucking us over

Jump off of our swoop bike and try to shoulder him off of his own bike as we leap into him. If nothing else, take him out of the equation to help Kota.

(if responses take too long go ahead and pair my answer with >>304322 )

That's two of us now. I'd hate to see this die.
File: CK-6 Swoop Bike.png (201 KB, 546x277)
201 KB
201 KB PNG
You and the opposing Sith square off, racing towards one another!

Closing in, the two of you slash at one another and exchange a flurry of blows. Your sabers clash, initiating a small explosion of sparks as blaster fire and explosions bellow all around the desolated landscape.

Then, seeking to lead your opponent away just as he and his ally did to Kota Vam, you race away through the battle scarred plains. HIs metallic voice rings out across the landscape over the din of battle—

>”COWARDLY JEDI! Come back and fight!”

Your armored foe speeds after you as he screams for your blood. He appears to be eager to engage you, and you're hoping that if you draw him away from Kota Vam that your knight will be able to defeat his own opponent. Perhaps if you're fortunate enough, you may even be able to dismount your foe.

>Roll 1d100+10 to find favorable ground to surprise and dismount this Sith warrior!
File: Jedi-vs-Sith-edited.jpg (140 KB, 904x1100)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
>We've always been reckless but it hasn't once fucked us over at least I don't remember it ever fucking us over

As a QM/GM, I tend to reward courageous behavior as it makes for a more interesting game/story. That being said, I don't want to make things TOO easy for you guys.

I'd hate to see this die too. I have a bit more planned ahead after Ferro that I'm eager to show ya'll. You've yet to even be properly introduced to the BBEG's
praise the Force
Rolled 24 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Rolled 12 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

>Moderate Failure

You lead the bloodthirsty Sith Warrior away from the engagement that is underway. Speeding off over the flaming hills, you manage to lead him a fair distance away from his compatriot before his speeder starts to gain up on you

>”I will take your skull as a DRINKING CUP!”

His speeder suddenly zooms right by your side, almost overtaking you in his haste, as he slashes down upon your swoop bike

To your surprise, he manages to cut deep and slash off the front end of your Swoop bike. You jump off and attempt to tackle your foe to the ground, only for him to break off and speed away a distance.

Landing on your feet, you brandish your other saber as well while he rights himself and begins to charge your way once again.

>Run forward and attempt to slash at him with an aerial strike!
>Await his approach patiently and attempt to counter his assault
>Assume a totally defensive stance against his attack
>Try to lead him away on foot toward your own forces
I'm up for a game of chicken... (with mocking)
>>Await his approach patiently and attempt to counter his assault
+1 to ya
File: Swoop Bike Obi Wan.jpg (2.3 MB, 1988x1282)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB JPG
Rolled 6 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

You calmly adopt a defensive stance, hoping to catch your abrasive foe off guard as he swoops in to make his strike

Your opponent has a bit of advantage from being able to attack you from his speeder, yet you're confident that you can still catch your reckless foe off guard

>Roll 1d100, best of first two from two different anons
Rolled 10 (1d100)

Rolled 95 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

oh god oh god please dice god lemme do better
Rolled 70 (1d100)

Here goes.
File: lewd.gif (500 KB, 485x375)
500 KB
500 KB GIF
File: image.jpg (48 KB, 500x375)
48 KB
>forgot to link posts
what have you done
File: Jedi vs Sith2.jpg (22 KB, 581x327)
22 KB
There you go
Nice catch, but i'm not often that stringent. I'll let it slide

>95 vs. 16

Glaring your armored foe down, you steel yourself as he zooms at you.

“Ha! I’m up for a game of chicken!”

>”Good, cause I’m going to eat every fookin chicken on this planet!"

Raising a single saber up high, you manage to swat aside his heavy slash whilst quickly stabbing at his swoop bike’s side, cutting a massive gash through the side of the bike.

Your opponent has little time to react as his bike flies out of control. He tumbles aside, his body impacting the ground hard before his bike flies up into the air and crashes to the ground in a fiery explosion.

>”ARRRGH!! “

Quickly shoving himself back to his feet, your opponent stumbles to the side while raising a hand up to you.

>Charge him and try to strike him down quickly before he can recover
>Await his attack with a defensive posture, as he seems reckless
>Try to taunt him
Run him through whilst talking shit about him. Sith are usually pretty sensitive about their power, so let's rag on that.
he's clearly a little unhinged.
Me or the Sith?
I vote we do a bit of a combination between taunting and holding a defensive stance. Let's put up our best defense, say that the Dark Side is just the easy way out when it comes to being powerful (further imply that he did nothing to earn his position; if he were a Jedi he would still be a Padawan, etc), and get ready to run him through.
But we get minuses on the defense. And it basic strategy to capitalize once you've injured your opponent.
ah shit i forgot about the penalty. screw it, switch mine to >>304589
The choice to either attack or defend is rather binary, though how you insult him could be a deciding factor.
>by revan, your brain is looser than a twi'lek dancer's legs!
>"I would have thought a Sith would be more of a challenge, or at least keep their temper and not rage like some child."
File: Raughing Aku.png (237 KB, 640x480)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Rolled 54 - 15 (1d100 - 15)

You smirk at your foe as he glares you down through the slit in his helm’s visor

“You’re sloppy. I can see why my friend was able to deal with two of you, pathetic!”


You can sense his anger rising, as he continues to level his open palm at you. He appears to be growing stronger in the Force, yet you sense a severe lack of control on his end as well

”I know several Padawans who have earned the right to lead, but you?! You have a child's temper! What good is such power of yours when you can barely control it?"


You laugh at your foe as his hand begins to spark volts of electricity, undeterred entirely by his display.

"By Revan, your brain is looser than a Twi'lek Dancer's legs!"

>[incoherent yelling]

Sprinting forward with sabers in each hand, Kraton seeks to run his opponent through and end this!

>You’ve successfully unhinged your foe!

>Roll 1d100 to attempt to run him through!
Rolled 19 (1d100)

File: no dreams now.gif (458 KB, 250x250)
458 KB
458 KB GIF
Rolled 22 (1d100)

Rolled 47 (1d100)

File: Force Lightning.jpg (635 KB, 1500x1034)
635 KB
635 KB JPG
A little late I'm afraid

>22 vs. 39

Taking off towards his foe, Kraton Reed confidently pounces on his frazzled opponent

Striking down upon him, Reed slices his saber through the air… only for the blow to skim the side of his Sith foe’s armor as he barely swats it aside

Reed’s eyes widen as his foe shoves his hand forward and unleashes a bolt of lightning

Your body goes numb as a super powered current of lightning courses through your body and sends you sprawling backwards. Tumbling to the ground, Kraton rolls across the dirt as the Sith’s powerful attack surges into him.

A few moments of pure agony cloud through his mind while he is continually sent further back across the dirt

Then suddenly, the burst of energy ceases and you are left lying on the ground. Steam rises from your armor as you glare up at your foe, who lets loose a through haggard breathes

>”A child am I?… Well, we’ll see who’s brain is loose after I’m done with you.”

Your foe slowly stomps your way, his hand clenching his saber tightly as he glowers at you with murderous intent

>Rise to your feet and charge at him, you need to end this now
>Focus solely on defense until you’ve reoriented yourself and can properly fight back
>Attempt to call for aid (In conjunction with something else)
>Use the Force to attempt to escape from this duel?
>Get Angry
Get drunk.
>>Rise to your feet and charge at him, you need to end this now
>My mistake your brain isn't loose. That would imply you had a brain to begin with.
These fucking rolls man.
if we drank it all, charge
File: obi-wan-drinking.jpg (7 KB, 284x178)
7 KB
Kraton currently has a fair amount of Zeltron Wine still left on his person. He could attempt to guzzle it down and get inebriated, though doing so could be a bit tricky with this Sith bearing down on him.

You would likely need to react to your foe's imminent attack in some manner while also getting drunk, otherwise he will likely cut you down in the middle of your guzzlin'
Chuck it him. When he reflexively blocks it his saber will coat him in molotov cocktail.
>these fucking rolls man
Rough night

So it seems Kraton Reed is charging!

>Sacrifice booze for a surprise attack?
File: Blue Lightsaber.jpg (30 KB, 300x425)
30 KB
Rolled 47 + 5 (1d100 + 5)

Kraton Reed extinguishes a saber of his as he struggles up to one knee.

Reaching for his belt, he grasps hold of his flask as an idea comes to mind

"My... mistake..."

You let out a haggard breathe as he closes in on you

"... your brain isn't loose."


He halts mid stride and looks down upon you in confusion. Grinning up at him, you reply

"That would imply you had a brain to begin with!"

>Roll 1d100+10 as you attempt to surprise your unhinged enemy with your unorthodox attack!
That was meant to be a -5 to his roll, my mistake.

The Sith rolled a 42 for all intents and purposes
Rolled 11 (1d100)

Rolled 24 (1d100)

What the fucking fuck.
Rolled 84 + 10 (1d100 + 10)

Someone please stop me
Rolled 97 (1d100)

It is rigged then.
Our lord and savior.
These were all me sperging at the dice. don't kill us plox.
File: Anakin Ashoka Hug.jpg (40 KB, 600x794)
40 KB
I didn't realize that was mostly you at first! Hold on, rewriting what I have now...
File: Dual on Mustafar.jpg (19 KB, 236x349)
19 KB
>94 vs. 42


The Sith’s saber crashes down on your kneeling form!

Raising your Guard Shoto up, you block the blow just before it slices into your head.

“Bottoms up asshole!”

Rising to your feet, you push his saber back as you smash your flask and it’s extremely alcoholic content into the side of his helmet.

Your foe stumbles back as the Zeltron wine splashes all around. The two of you exchange a few fierce blows before your saber stabs slightly through his guard and skims the side of his armor.

Before your eyes, his armor ignites in flames where your saber nicked him. He cries out in shock as his armor catches fire!

Having been splashed with the wine as well in the attack, you find that the fire spreads quickly…

>Kraton Reed’s armor has caught fire!


>The Mandalorian Armor is immune to fire!

Ignoring the flames that begin to harmlessly engulf him, Kraton Reed falls upon his enemy with righteous fervor. His shaken foe struggles to block the renewed attack as he is pushed back before he finally stumbles aside and shouts out in agony as he drops his saber.

Not a moment after the saber falls from his grasp, and before it even has a chance to hit the ground, Kraton Reed strikes.

The Sith is sliced apart, his two burning halves left to smolder upon the ground as a flaming Kraton Reed stares down at his slain foe.

>Kraton Reed has won his duel!

>Charge back into the fray and assist your men in driving off the rest of the Sith here, this battle isn’t over yet and your warriors need you
>Rest a moment and put out the flames, you’re not in much condition to be fighting again so soon
I'm glad I wasn't being obnoxious then.
Check the situation to make sure our men don't need us. Then put the fire out if we can spare the moment. Our armor has at least one hole in it after all.
>By Revan, your brain is looser than a Twi'lek Dancer's legs!
File: Togruta Jedi.jpg (38 KB, 384x768)
38 KB
Rolled 57 (1d100)

File: Battle-of-Dantooine.jpg (113 KB, 720x406)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
Leaving the remains of your foe to burn, Kraton rushes out to rejoin his men in the battle that is underway.

Cresting a hill, Reed arrives just in time to see that the battle is still being fought! Your forces have come forward to relieve Kota Vam, and it appears that with the reinforcements you’ve provided that your men are beating the Sith back!

After a carefully cursory glance over the battle, Reed realizes that he does not see the Sith that Kota was dueling, nor can Kraton sense his dark presence through the Force. It would appear he has been slain as well.

>Rush into battle and assist Kota in driving the Sith back completely
>Stay back and recover after your own harrowing duel
>Attempt to frighten the Sith Soldiers into retreating (Write-in)
>>Rush into battle and assist Kota in driving the Sith back completely
Tis I, the burning Lord! I'd put the fire on my armor out but I don't give a fuck!
I love the fact that we're still on fire.
>Attempt to frighten the Sith Soldiers into retreating (Write-in)
have Reed and Kota hold their slain Sith's heads from the top of the hill and command the remaining Sith to surrender
Just sprint down the hill on fire, screaming like a madman, and tackle the Sith.

I can combine
as one action or handle
as an alternative

Both options are completely valid choices with slightly different consequences. I will write up the response in a minute or two unless changes or new votes are made
YOLO, burning charge into the enemy's flank. If they don't route from a jedi that's on fire after he killed their leaders died I don't know what it'll take to break them.
You sense something strange reverberate within yourself as you stare down at the battle before you. A disturbance of sorts within the Force burns inside you

The flames rage across your armor as you you become drenched in sweat, your entire body heating up drastically as you glare down at your foes

Raising your voice and your sabers up high, you shout out across the battlefield



Bursting down from the hill with your white sabers raised high, you smash down into the Sith battle lines under a hail of blaster fire!

>Roll 1d100+25 against the Sith soldiers
Rolled 25 + 25 (1d100 + 25)

Rolled 45 + 25 (1d100 + 25)

We Genghis Khan now.
File: Jedi General in Battle.jpg (4.41 MB, 2000x1327)
4.41 MB
4.41 MB JPG
>Moderate Success

Kraton Reed strikes down several soldiers almost immediately as he charges into the Sith force’s flank. Many of the soldiers back away as you cut a bloody swath through them, with the closest soldiers struggling to back away from you.

Charging ahead, Kraton slices and stabs ferociously, his sabers appearing as a whirlwind of white light wherever he goes. For several minutes the Sith fight back, many of them shifting their attention away from the Kota Vam and the other soldiers to deal solely with you. In the midst of the chaos, several blaster shots skim through your past your body or smack into your armor, yet you barely slow down at all.

You’re not sure how much more time passes as you become lost within the battle, but eventually the Sith begin to flee en masse, at which point you become nearly too exhausted to even raise up a saber to continue striking them down.

This skirmish has finally ended, as the Sith are in full retreat.

>The Sith Army is in retreat!
>Two Sith Warriors have been slain!
>Kraton Reed has been moderately injured!

Suddenly, several puffs of cool white air blow into you as a few of your men douse off your flames. Kota Vam walks over by your side with a limp, a look of dull surprise on his face.

>”I see you’ve gained a new set of armor Master Reed, quite intimidating.”

He looks you over a few more moments before cracking a grin

>”Most impressive. Thank you for coming to my aid.”

>Kota Vam has been rescued!
>Kota Vam has been moderately injured!

>"It would appear that victory is nearly all but assured now. All that remains is to regroup with the Padawans and the rest of our forces and assault the Sith Base..."
Unless there is anything quick you all would like for Kraton Reed to say or do then I am going to end this session here for now. I plan on continuing and wrapping up the rest of the Battle of Ferro tomorrow!

I hope ya'll had fun! I certainly got a kick out of Kraton Reed's fiery charge, and it was interesting to see a Reed have a challenging duel. If you all have any feedback or criticism thus far I'd love to hear it!
thanks for running, Darth!
Liking the quest so far, hoping to catch it while it's active next time.

As a side-note; did Kraton give Trask any last orders/suggestions before leaving -- I ask primarily thinking that his help would greatly assist Sayla & Janus at the Neo-Jedi Polar Temple. Yes, Neo-Jedi: as that's effectively what we're moving towards; a new branch of Jedi-mysticism focused on what, I don't know yet -- most likely the actions, sayings and wisdom of Kraton Reed and The Friendly Knights (we's space-Ken Kesey nao).

excited to what you've planned, eager to convert Arlia and, intently waiting to see how Arnet Yar handled his first battle

Keep up the good work!
Also, since we've seemed to display an affinity for Grey Side of the force, I would like to remind our player-base that Based(Jolee)Bindo was a staunch Grey Jedi and he was a legend in his own right (legendary in that he defied the Jedi Council for some space-lovin', iirc).

Also (also), I remember from the KoTOR games (I know this technically counts as meta-gaming, but I do want to somehow-eventually reach this conclusion IC) that one can use Force-powers from the other-end of the alignment spectrum at decreased costs with high Wisdom (Mace Windu could, iirc, use Force Lightning while remaining uncorrupted: his Wisdom, and proficiency with Juyo, most likely gave him this ability)... so perhaps the solution to the Lo Rai question is to simply per-scribe (more) daily meditation/contemplation (ideally with us, or someone we can trust, supervising) explicitly for the purpose of attaining Wisdom: something I'd consider vital for purifying Arlia Sitra.
File: Telosian Jedi Academy.jpg (41 KB, 800x338)
41 KB
>Did Kraton give Trask any last orders/suggestions before leaving

Nothing in particular. I have just assumed that he stayed on Telos IV to recuperate from his injury while helping out in any way he could.

Assisting Sayla and Janus with the jedi instruction is totally acceptable in the absence of Reed and the other Knights. I imagine he would mostly be instructing in the ways of combat alongside Sayla while bonding with the various students. They tend to like Trask quite a lot, seeing as he was one of two jedi responsible for rescuing them from Verus.

You might recall from other games that Kyle Katarn and his student Jaden Korr were also capable of using Dark Side related Force powers without necessarily falling.

I'm honestly a bit excited to see what direction you take with training your new students. There are a lot of tough choices for you guys to make in what comes next, and things aren't necessarily going to get any easier either. I think it will be very fun!
Are you going to be running soon?
File: Compassionate General.jpg (96 KB, 675x480)
96 KB
Glad you're enjoying it m8!
Right now actually

Gathering your forces together with Vam’s, you manage to reorient your strike force as the Sith who had been attacking you fly into a retreat. It’s not long after this that you hear word from an envoy.

A Republic military officer arrives aboard a swoop bike and slows to a halt before Kraton and Kota while they was in the midst of directing their men.

>”Master Reed! I deliver news from the center, the Sith forces there have been routed!”

“Excellent! We’re on the verge of victory, what exactly has happened in our absence.”

>”Our army was making gains not long after you’re strike force had touched down, but it was slow going. It seemed that for every one soldier we took down, two more took it’s place. The enemy army was incredibly vast, and we were in danger of being surrounded several times.”

Kota Vam steps forward and addresses the man

>”What of my apprentice Arnet Yar, and your commander Fianna?”

>”Arnet Yar attempted to break through the enemy lines, though his forces took quite a bit of casualties. Then our advance was stalled entirely when a Sith took to the field.”

“A third Sith?”

Kota Vam’s expression darkens as he waits for the messenger to go on

>”The Sith led an attack which punched deep within our lines, going so far as to reach my commander Fianna. The Sith was a massive warrior, with some reports saying that he was a Gamorrean of sorts who towered over her, being at least three times her size.”

“What happened to her?”

File: Jedi vs. Sith.jpg (16 KB, 236x330)
16 KB
>”Fianna stood firm and dueled the lone Sith for a while. Her opponent was fierce, yet she did not give up an inch. They fought for so long that many of the soldiers on both sides stopped fighting simply to watch them. Eventually, it looked as if she was about to fall…”

Many of the men surrounding you have stopped what they were doing as well to listen to this man’s report. The officer smiles and turns directly toward Kota Vam.

>”Your apprentice evidently sensed what was happening. He ceased his advance and turned around, rushing back to the center of the battle to aid our commander. He joined the duel, and working together he and the Commander were able to slay the Sith!”

Many of your men cheer and shout at this, and you see that Kota Vam is giving the biggest smile you’ve ever seen from him. Even you feel that it’s quite remarkable that two Padawans were able to work together and defeat a Sith, especially considering how Arnet did not appear to have too great of a connection with the Force at first glance. The amount of strength he has gained in such a short time is truly a testament to his growth and to Kota’s teachings.

>"After the Sith fell most of his forces began falling back. We gave chase until they were pushed back into a large set of tunnels that had evidently been blasted open during the bombardment. Our forces are currently regrouping and awaiting orders.”

It is also at this time that you receive a message over your comlink, and you immediately learn that it is from Lo Rai.

>”My Lord, I have just landed with the remained of our ground forces right now. We will be ready to move out within minutes!”

With the Sith falling back to their subterranean defenses and with all of his ground forces engaged on the surface, what will Kraton Reed do now?

>Prepare the army to storm the tunnels and finish them off before they have a chance to being entrenching themselves
>Lay siege to the tunnel networks so as to give your own forces time to regroup and lick their wounds
>Call the remaining Sith forces up from their base and demand their surrender
>>Prepare the army to storm the tunnels and finish them off before they have a chance to being entrenching themselves
and as our forces storm the tunnels,
>>Call the remaining Sith forces up from their base and demand their surrender
This sounds like a great way to bottleneck them. How about we leave a small contingent on the surface while we're storming underground, and the ones that try to escape will be walking right into our trap? We don't have to necessarily kill them at this point, but it would make it a bit easier to force their surrender I think. Any time an enemy has to deal with a battle on two sides at once, it's gonna whittle them down at least a bit.
That sounds like a fair plan, and I will mention that Lo Rai and his forces are fresh and eager to engage in battle.

However, it is rather important what you decide to do personally, and where you assign who where.

Will Kraton Reed remain on the surface with a small contingent to try to cut off any retreat, will he be leading some of the forces in storming the tunnels? Will you personally try to demand their surrender over transmission, or will you have another Jedi or Officer of yours handle that?
Kraton Reed will go underground for the intimidation factor. If they saw him kick ass on the battlefield, they're going to remember his abilities and probably try to get the fuck out of dodge. Then, the forces at the top (led by Lo Rai) can force them to surrender. If they don't try to escape or surrender during the initial assault, the rest of the above-ground forces will charge at their rear.
remain on surface
personally demand surrender
Agreed on personally demanding surrender. Again, they should know to fear Reed by now.
So If I understand correctly, it's

>Kraton Reed will demand a surrender from the top while leading a contingent to cut off any retreat attempts

>Lo Rai and remainder of forces will storm inside the complex

If this is the general consensus, then I will start writing up a response.
get typin nigga
that'll do fine
Calling him up on your comlink, you address Lo Rai

“Take your men and march toward the main battle lines. Their forces are falling back into their underground base, lead the assault and finish this fight.”

>”It will be done! With our combined might, I’ll scatter what’s left of their army and claim victory!”

As Lo Rai begins his march, you reorient your own forces for what comes next.

Heading towards the smoldering ruins of what as once the surface portion of their base, you begin to position your forces around where the largest tunnels were spotted and prepare to lay siege whilst everyone else steels themselves for the assault.

Kota Vam goes off for a short while to meet with his Padawan, but he returns soon after.

>”My Padawan and the Republic Commander are doing well and are going to participate in the assault with everything they have. I trust Arnet to lead the assault, and thus I will stay here and help you. Besides, I’d likely only slow those kids down with these injuries…”

You nod your head as a group of engineers erect a holo-terminal.

>”Sir! We’re beginning to patch through, the connection is going to be a bit rough but— there! We’ve got it!”

You march in front of the projector as a few blue holograms spring to life

Suddenly, an image of a Mandalorian appears before you. Judging by shape of the armor, it appears to be a woman. You notice that her armor is largely red and that it contains numerous symbols on it that seem indicative of the Sith.

The image flickers for a bit before her gruff voice rings out

>”This is Tyr Viszla of Clan Viszla, commander of the Sith Army of Ferro. Make it quick Jedi.”

>Demand her immediate and unconditional surrender
>Tell her that if her forces lay down their arms, that you will let them go
>Try to intimidate her unless she complies with you demands
>Attempt to sway her to your side

Just as a friendly reminder, some actions may be more or less likely to succeed depending on what you choose to write-in with said choices
>>Attempt to sway her to your side
Try to make a point of not only our obvious might, but our bravery and valor.. Mandalorians eat that shit up.
+1 to this
File: Rook_Kast.png (241 KB, 367x433)
241 KB
241 KB PNG
“Tyr Viszla, this battle is already over. Your forces were defeated in space, they were defeated on the surface, and now you face certain defeat down below, but this battle doesn’t have to end in your death and the deaths of your clan mates. I offer you this chance to leave the Sith and join my side.”

>”Serve a Jedi!? HA! My ancestors would turn in their graves!”

“Why? For choosing to serve one who has fairly beaten you and has proven his courage? I have personally fought and defeated many Sith today as well as many of your clansmen. Why resist me when you could live to fight again by my side?”

Tyr remains silent for a few moments as the transmission vibrates and plaster falls from the ceiling above her. She removes her helmet, showing her dark hair and her fierce scowl

>”You may be a great fighter, but the Sith we serve now is also a terrific warrior who has treated us honorably. I would not consider it wrong to die for Lord Ramana, however…"


A crass bellow resounds over the shaky transmission as a second Mandalorian limps over while clenching his side. His helmet has been removed, revealing his blonde hair and his five o’ clock shadow. Looking over his armor, you recognize him as the warrior who personally boarded your ship and dueled you, the same warrior who lost many of his own men to you.

>”I recognize this one sister. Kraton Reed, that armor you wear once belonged to one of my best warriors. Jedi scum, what makes you think you are worthy of wearing that armor!?”

>I earned this armor rightfully through battle
>I wear this armor cause I admire your people’s valor
>Dying for the Sith won’t bring back your warriors
>>I earned this armor rightfully through battle
>>I wear this armor cause I admire your people's valor
>>the Sith shall only treat you honorably for as long as you don't disappoint her, a condition which does not seem to have been fulfilled
>I earned this armor rightfully through battle.
Argue that your Jedi offshoot more closely follows Mandalorian tradition than the Sith, but don't make it seem like you're some kind of Mandalorianboo. Speak with authority.

>Dying for the Sith won't bring back your warriors. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to bring in more true warriors -- they'll be bigger and better than ever before. Do you see what we've done with less than a year's worth of time and effort? There is only room to grow stronger from here.
All sounds fine, but in regards to

>>I earned this armor rightfully through battle
>>I wear this armor cause I admire your people's valor

Of these two responses to the armor specifically, which would you like Kraton Reed to emphasize more? That the armor is rightfully his through battle, or that Kraton admires the Mandalorians' ways? This could be a deciding factor in what happens next...
earning through battle
I don't think she'd appreciate the response that we wear her dead brother's armor because it looks cool quite as much.
“I had won and you had lost, this armor is rightfully mine through force of arms.”

Tor Viszla glares at you yet he says nothing. Tyr Viszla speaks up next in a calmer, yet still rather hostile tone

>”There is a saying amongst the Mandalorian people. Gar hiibir meg gar kyr’amur.”

“What does that mean?”

Tor Viszla pipes up through gritted teeth

>”You keep what you kill.”

You and Kota Vam trade glances with one another as the sounds of blaster fire and explosions reigns in the distance

“You say that you are treated honorably by your Sith leader, but when she hears of your defeat she will toss you aside.”

Tor Viszla scoffs at that

>”What do you know of her? Ramana fought by our side and—“

>”Enough of this!”

Tyr silences her brother before glaring back up at you. Kota Vam leans to your side and whispers

>”They appear to respect Ramana quite a lot. Strange…”

Picking up from where you left off, you stare down at Tyr and say

“Dying for the Sith won't bring back your warriors. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to bring in more true warriors -- they'll be bigger and better than ever before. Do you see what we've done with less than a year's worth of time and effort? There is only room to grow stronger from here.”

Tyr considers your words carefully

>”That is quite an offer, and your forces have done quite a lot in so little time. When Ramana finally turns her attention to you though, you’ll need everything you’ve got to win.”

Tor Viszla sighs as the two of them glance deeply at one another another moment. Raising his voice, he calls up to you

>”We will convene with our remaining warriors and will contact you once more within a half hour. Be ready to give us a good offer when we call back. We Mandalorians do not fear death.”

Going to take a break for a while, will try to start up again later tonight or tomorrow at the latest. In the mean time….

>Roll 1d100 to determine how well your forces advance through the base
Rolled 52 (1d100)

Time for storms!
Rolled 15 (1d100)

way to roll faggot
hey he only takes the first two rolls from different anons
Rolled 35 (1d100)

so... sense you are on break. and this is my first roll. will it count?
oh well. never mind.
qt chiss and other nice images, good characters and humour, laid back attitude to canon, no bumbaclarts arguing over waifus,
enjoying this quest so far
bump, also....
checkingdubs (and one instance of trips)....

Returning to the quest at hand: perhaps get in a couple minutes of recuperative meditation? Until the first wave of enemy troops arrives, or until we receive an ultimatum from the mandalorians -- I say Kraton and Kota snag a quick rest.
d-did OP die?
File: Kanan_Meditates.png (852 KB, 1280x720)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
Hi guys, sorry for suddenly disappearing like I did.

Life has gotten a bit busy for me lately, so I think I'll have to hold off on running Jedi Lord Quest for a while, maybe a few days or so. If this thread is still up when I have free time again I'll continue right where we left off, and I'll be sure to post something in the Quest Thread General to let people know if I'm running or not.

Sorry friend, a bit late. Maybe next time!

Thank you Anon, I'm happy you like how things have gone so far!

I can definitely address this when I run next

and I'll take into account this roll as well

Not dead, life's just a bit hectic right now I'm afraid. I hope to continue when possible for ya'll!

I'll be sure to read any other comments left here in this thread by the time I get back too. Running this has been very fun for me as well!
can't wait. good luck with life until then bro
looking forward to it, mah man.
good luck senpai
I've noticed these threads stopped being archived on sup/tg/ after #3......
fug, perhaps this explains the lack of new posters; if they can't catch up I imagine they'll lose enthusiasm.
#4 has disappeared completely.
#5 is still on the /qst/ archive, but that'll die soon as well.
#5 has been archived
goood, goood.
I think this thread's autosaging by now.
File: image.jpg (24 KB, 349x353)
24 KB
The way things are going, I can hopefully start a new thread and finish up Ferro some time over the weekend. I'll keep ya'll posted over quest thread General.

Thanks you guys, I appreciate it.
Excellent! Hopefully new players can catch up more easily now.

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