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File: Landing Site.jpg (523 KB, 1668x963)
523 KB
523 KB JPG
You're but a simple dwarf, tasked with colonizing a harsh, icy wasteland rife with beasts and dangers alike. Previously you prepared for your journey and set out from the capital of your lands, and settled a snowbank to the frozen south. Your journey is just beginning, but you've managed to set up a few farms, and began digging deeper into the stone below the loom below you. You've even managed to set up a small dormitory to keep your men from complaining.

And so now, you ask yourself-what further steps may you take to make sure this place stands tall against the harsh blizzards and who knows what else? This mission after all, rests in your hands.

Previous Thread for those curious http://archived.moe/qst/thread/227742/#q227742

For the glory of Ber Artob, your grand king, and yourselves, you will forge this land of Semorrovod, "Unitedarch" into a place all dwarves can be proud of.

Strike the earth.

Feel free to ask whatever about your fortress. Taking pics of everything would take a bit, The last thread also has all of what you built as well.
Do we have a farm yet?
File: Farms.jpg (27 KB, 207x604)
27 KB
Two, actually. set up to grow Plump Helmets year around. Across from it, you have your dormitories as well. But this is about as far as you've expanded. You dug down to stone, and discovered several gems as well but that is all you've had time to manage.
Doesn't look like there are ravenous beasts milling around the entrance, so maybe we should do some mining. I don't know the best way of defending the entrance.
File: Masonry.jpg (37 KB, 729x345)
37 KB
Indeed not, the entrance is mostly covered by blizzards regularly, but you never know what sort of beasts lurk out in the wilderness.

You'd need a decent amount of stone to construct a draw bridge sort of gate, if you like. That is what you recall being a main form of defense for your kingdom, at least.

you've dug a bit, already. And even have a mason's workshop.
Besides the dwarven pleasure of the activity and the satisfying and useful tunnels, what are the fruits of our mining so far?
File: Fruits of fine labor.jpg (44 KB, 426x359)
44 KB
A list of the fine gems and minerals you've found so far, though not exceptionally rare, they would no doubt prove useful for some dwarf related activity. This land is rich with minerals-one of the reasons you were tasked with settling this frozen land.
Let's check on our dwarves. A mine is nothing without a healthy and satisfied workforce.
File: Line up.jpg (33 KB, 1097x241)
33 KB
You order your men to line up for a quick head count and sound off-nothing too dramatic so they don't interrupt their daily duties and mostly just get the dwarves titles out of them. It isn't much information but you hired these men carefully to help you survive in this land, so you hope your instincts aren't off this once.

For more specifics, look here http://archived.moe/qst/thread/227742/#q228279

It somewhat sums up the skills you distributed among your men.
I was in the last thread. I thought that the dwarves might have a health or hunger bar, though.

Let's do some more mining until we find metal.
File: Atir Tishisbomrek.jpg (367 KB, 1657x422)
367 KB
367 KB JPG
Ah, well then welcome back then its nice to have you.

You need not worry, your men are quite capable of seeking out and finding edible stuff to stuff in their face-that is, of course, as long as it's in a stockpile somewhere. Almost...too capable. you must remind them to not boil away your plump helmet seeds in stew time and time again.

Regardless, your food stores are...well. You think they're acceptable. You don't have anyone assigned to taking stock yet.

>Mine more, and prepare a drawbridge and look for metal

Very well then.
can we have a dwarf therapist pic?
OP can you show us the full descriptions for all 7 dwarves? It might be fun for us to roleplay as each individual dwarf, while you play as the leader/overseer dwarf, since all the emotions/personality traits have finally been implemented.
I would but it didn't seem like Dwarf Therapist worked with the latest patch. At least it bugged out for me. Feel free to let me know if its been updated fully though.

Also important note: Your drawbridge requires mechanisms, which require a mechanic shop. You do not have one as of yet, so I ask you where would you like to place the mechanic shop? On the floor with the masonry workshop? Somewhere else? Placement can be important to later fortress development, so keep this in mind.

I suppose I can do that, sure, though I am taking a less hands on roll, since you are all the leader, I am merely the guiding hand to help you do things. It will take 7 posts, though. Well, 5 after this and the last one.
File: Mosus Avalushrir, Miner.jpg (375 KB, 1665x410)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
Your other miner
Why not just paste each screen into MS paint and then upload that image?
File: Carpenter.jpg (344 KB, 1664x408)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Didn't think of that. Sadly I just tried it, but the images were so big that I dont think its worth it to try and resize em all. So I shall post em like this.

This is Tobul Cilobor
File: Metalsmith.jpg (380 KB, 1659x432)
380 KB
380 KB JPG
Mosus Vutokzes
File: Doctor.jpg (346 KB, 1666x402)
346 KB
346 KB JPG
Id Otadbomrek
File: Peasent.jpg (321 KB, 1655x373)
321 KB
321 KB JPG
And finally Bembul Rifotbomrek

Truthfully, you never bothered to look at the men's names when you hired them. You merely went by skills. They all seem a bit surprised you asked them by name, but too interested in their next drink to bother asking why. You prefer it that way.

Regardless, the manner of the mechanisms remains. Is there a particular place you ought to build the workshop-perhaps for future consideration? Or shall you just throw one together in a hole near your mason shop. Either way its the only way you're going to get levers to lower and raise your draw bridge
All our dwarves are over 50 years old?
its out for 42.06
It would seem so. Old men by human standards, but closer to 30 or so by dwarf standards.

Oh nice. I didn't see. While I wait for a response I'll see if I can set this up.
File: Sad times.jpg (26 KB, 528x231)
26 KB
I guess I am a little too updated. Sorry anon.
turns out you need to manually add a file to get compatibility to 43.03


i wouldve known this if i werent a such a lazy fuck and would update my game already
File: Huh it worked.jpg (218 KB, 1652x971)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Well I'll be damned. this'll make things lots easier.

Feel free to ask or suggest more, I am going with 'mechanics workshop anywhere' option in the interest of continuing on. Gonna complete the drawbridge.
can i have a labors affinities?
File: Roles.jpg (138 KB, 1410x303)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
I think this is what you requested-what the dwarves bodies are best suited for, yes?
I think thats what this does anyway.
yup, ty

back to lurking during GoT, after that ill take a look
You've decided that your people aren't the safest right now-though its been a peaceful spring, you never know when that can change. And so, you've ordered the construction of a drawbridge to block the entrance in case of invaders-or otherwise.

Happily, your dwarves take the fine mica stone you've happened upon and construct a powerful drawbridge to protect your home. It...took some doing, certainly-and it is now summer, after all that digging and learning how to put gears and the like together. But thankfully, you hired the best, and eventually, you have completed the walls.
File: Sexy mica tho.jpg (314 KB, 819x899)
314 KB
314 KB JPG
With the arrival of summer, the snow and thick ice on the outside have actually begun to thaw-making it almost pleasant outside-even during the blizzards. At the very least you can see green where you couldn't before. Perhaps this land has a heart of gold after all.

Regardless of the finer weather, your bridge is prepared to protect you.
File: Past events.jpg (32 KB, 488x277)
32 KB
You also found a few more minerals during your dig. Here they are, straight from your miners reports. If you accept stained napkins as reports, that is.
File: Mining Report.jpg (51 KB, 712x344)
51 KB
You've dug for a bit and found many more minerals- your search for metal continues of course, but these are your findings so far. You also don't wish to waste too much of the summer, in case you had other plans to expand your fort. It would also seem you're running low on Plump Helmet Spawn.

What is your next designation?
turn bembul into a stone crafter, engraver and mechanic, make a lever and enough mechanisms to use the bridge, then set him to work making crafts for trade out of stone

atir becomes bookkeeper, appraiser and broker, while hes not busy let him smooth some surfaces as a mason
File: Labor Roles 2.jpg (174 KB, 1463x483)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Very well. You've talked with your men, and learned some of them actually prefer other methods of labor than what they originally signed up for. Since they will be living here for the rest of their lives, you decide perhaps having them do jobs they are better equipped for is for the best.

You tell Bembul to get to work making crafts out of stone-there is plenty of it and what's more, you will need it for when the caravan arrives.

Meanwhile, you've decided to set up Atir to be your bookeeper and broker, while side jobing as a mason. This should help you keep track of your inventory more accurately and actually deal with the caravan people when they arrive.

No sooner did the words escape your mouth about bookkeeping did Atir scoff at the thought.
"I know you don't expect me to count all of that on my fingers do you? I need at least a place to sit down and think-even if it's a shoddy office-one is better than nothing."

Otherwise, you have the lever in place, and the drawbridge prepared, and set Bembul about his duties. Where do you wish to build the office, of what will perhaps become a noble wing of your fortress?
And over all-what is your next designation?
File: Craftdwarvesmanship.jpg (72 KB, 1123x581)
72 KB
As you go about setting your dwarves to begin crafting you've noticed two things that may be of note-there is no main stockpile, for storage of general things (like crafts) and there is no trade depot. Though, you likely have time before you need the latter.

Regardless, you set the workshop right next to your mechanics shop as they both use stone
plop down a trade depot outside

go down about 10 layers from the workshop, dig a tunnel north and plop down a 3x3 room at the end for the bookkeeper

continue to dig deep and dig greedily
alternatively, if theres nothing to dig, let mosus aval├╣shir do some gem cutting
You order for a trade depot to be built outside-wind and snow be damned-eagerly awaiting traders to come before the winter.

As you set to dig down and deep into the earth, you gain news from above ground-and most notably over the hills. Your men spotted a group of settlers headed your way. You send out someone to speak with them, and it would seem they're from the kingdom, looking for a new life away from the harsh rules of their previous lord. You welcome them, of course-not only does this mean you've succeeded so far-at least in someone's eyes- it also means you have more bodies to set to work. You think you perhaps should set about assigning them jobs, but for now, you let them file in, to get shelter from the cool summer blizzards.
File: More dwarves.jpg (224 KB, 1394x497)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
Quite a few migrants indeed.
File: By Waves.jpg (222 KB, 1428x505)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
I just realized this is hard to read. So here, more easy to separate them.
ty for that one

dastet animal dissector + brewer + milker + butcher
hows are our animals doing?

dodok can stay a carpenter i guess
kumil is a useless piece of shit and can go git gud at masonry and smooth some surfaces
mistem cook
oddom add brewer
olin animal care
stukos wood burner, potash maker, soaper

make the respective workshops for each dwarf
if we have enough animals butcher one, make some tallow, burn some wood for potash -> lye -> soap

and now im off for the night
File: Useful Migrants.jpg (221 KB, 1406x480)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
No problem feel free to ask for more.

I have assigned the labor properly, see here for mistakes or what have you.

Animals condition coming up next.
File: Animals.jpg (69 KB, 728x420)
69 KB
The animals are here. I will set about completing the final tasks laid out and wait. If no one else comes along then that will be a stopping point I suppose.
before i leave, hit me up with military aptitudes
File: Military.jpg (178 KB, 1421x454)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Not pictured here is everyone with a big red block in two handed weapons as well.
>tobuls strength

jesus fucking christ

make that man the law hammer dorf, whatever the fuck those are called
It would seem Tobul works out...quite often. Even for a dwarf. He is easily your biggest and burliest dwarf.

I think making him tha law is quite appropriate. Can do. Lawbreakers will regret their actions in this fortress that you can be sure of.
File: New Workshops.jpg (102 KB, 1248x726)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Much of the work requested has been finished. Though, the soap making process is far more involved than you're prepared for right now, so you merely stopped after making a Wood Furnace and an Ashery.

Still, the brewery, kitchen, and gem cutting workshop are in place
File: Quiet Office.jpg (16 KB, 336x479)
16 KB
On top of all that, your Bookkeeper now has a nice quiet study, ten floors below the workshops. Here, he can quietly do his work, and think without loud yelling and banging of labor dwarves in his ears.

"Bout damn time." Is about all he says as he strolls into his new fresh digs. Nobles tend to be that way-even the lowest of the low.
And finally, here are all the digging reports and what not since you've been busy. A lot has gone on, and short of digging deeper you're not sure where to go next. You consider attempting to butcher a creature for it's meat, but decide to give it some more thought until you have a few more extras. As for now...

What is your designation? If there is anyone else here.
Mm. Yes it seems that is all Im getting today. Aw well. The fortress is growing slowly.
Looks like things are going promisingly so far.
They are indeed. I am sort of around, so I may be able to do more if there are people interested.
i feel like im missing something, isnt it just tallow and ash to make soap?

we should be able to get tallow from butchered animals

anyways, maybe we can get some bees by placing some beehives outside, would be pretty neat

carpenter can probably make a few beds so we can get rid of dorms and give everyone a bedroom

for that we should probably dig out some 1x3 rooms off from a corridor somewhere

At least not anymore it's not that simple. I think the alchemist lab is a new workshop they added recently.

An excellent idea, your men would certainly be appreciative. Though the question is there-which floor would you like the bedrooms on? Sound can be a factor and layout of your fort is quite important after all.

You could simply expand your dormitory into a hallway fit with many small bedrooms. Or you could go down and put it on any of the 10 floors dug below the workshops.
All depends really on preference.
im gonna say 2 z above the nobles, that way we can still flood them with lava without upsetting the other dorfs
File: Layout.jpg (18 KB, 675x444)
18 KB
Is this satisfactory?
If so, then you will begin construction of the beds and doors you require to make the bedrooms.

Also, a beebox will also be made, to see if we can actually find any bees on this map.
File: Bedrooms in progress.jpg (20 KB, 469x296)
20 KB
You've ordered your men to go about constructing real bedrooms-though you'd probably call them something closer to holes in the wall, your men will be happy to be able to close their door when their neighbors are snoring, instead of just having to deal with it. That, and to set out a hive to see if there are any bees in the area.

Just as you order them to do so however, Autumn has set in. And with it, the frost.
This means getting non-alcohol to drink will be a lot harder. Though really-what dwarf would want anything but the sweet hooch?
That being said-wounds are hard to clean with just that delicious swill. So it's something to take note of all the same. This also means the caravan should be coming sometime soon. Perhaps you should consider what you need to buy before it gets here.

Whatever the case-what is your next designation?
Forgot pic.
can i have a sitrep of what we have and where?

also, is deconstructing the trade depot below the caravan still a thing?

do we have any rivers? if so we should dig an underground tunnel towards the inside of the fort and then open it up via channel digging
File: Rivers.jpg (694 KB, 1657x899)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
You certainly can-but uh. Can you be a little more specific. Do you mean inventory, or just the state of the fort and land you settled as a whole? Or do you mean your dwarves?

>Deconstructing the trade depot below the caravan still a thing
I am not sure what you mean, so I can't answer sadly.

Yes. Though they're freezing over with the onset of autumn. Pictured here are your rivers nearby. If you'd like to set up a well or reservoir that's certainly an idea, though you may wish to think of where you'd like to place them, in relation to other things. As they're frozen right now, it seems they'd only be accessible during the summer.
are they liquid under the ice?

>I am not sure what you mean, so I can't answer sadly.

i remember that demolishing the trade depot while theres a caravan made them leave, but their wares would stay there

and general state of the fort
File: Ice.jpg (221 KB, 1456x912)
221 KB
221 KB JPG
As pictured, it seems no. It's all solid ice. The winters here are harsh indeed.

>Make them leave but the wares stay.
That is an impressive bug. I dont know if it's still in effect honestly, never used it before.

>General State
Over all, things seem satisfactory. You have no general purpose stockpile, but have managed to get by all the same. You have two small farms for plump helmets, though you've run out of plump helmet spawn, they should sustain your 14 dwarves for now. You also have just set up a set of bedrooms for all of your dwarves, as well as a small office for your bookkeeper, and several workshops for ash, wood burning, gem cutting, brewing, cooking, and butchering. You also have a drawbridge and a carpantry workshop at hand.

One moment I am loading your inventory for you to see for yourself.
File: Inventory.jpg (79 KB, 759x325)
79 KB
Here is what your bookeeper has counted so far.
>all ice

well fuck

>no drinks
oh shit what, have they really been drinking water until now
that cant be right

take 10 excess seeds to make some booze
You've ordered your stills to start making drinks this instant.

The only thing you can brew, however, is plump helmets for now.
I just read the damn thing and feel stupid. Ignore that post. derp.

gonna delete it but figured I'd say excuse me.
Finally, over the hill, the caravan has arrived. You were getting worried, they took a few weeks longer than you expected, but they're here all the same. And that means you can trade for what you need.

The question, though is
What do you need, and what do you trade?

Also, it would seem you have a young yak calf as well.
I'm more interested in our water source having vanished.
They vanished because of the frozen rivers. Now you dont have access to water for the season.
Hopefully we have a high enough supply of plump helmet beer to meet demand.

How's the metalsmith getting on making our drawbridge mechanics?
You have no need to worry, your dwarf mechanic managed to get the lever and drawbridge working properly. Your fort is now quite safe-at least, from outside threats for now.
I should note, I've had them move all your crafts to the trade depot for trading-if you'd like to sell other things, mention it, but more importantly, what will you trade for this winter?
Hm. It seems people had to head out, and now, so must I. Will keep an eye on this thread tho, for more. Waiting for what you'll buy from the traders, and next orders, for anyone who comes in later.

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