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This is the Millennial Kingdom. The Second Coming happened 900 years ago. God Almighty rules a flattened, flavorless earth, and in less than a century, He will finish incinerating it, putting an end to Time.

The prophecies say that on the last day, God's enemies will rise and Satan will be set loose, for a final assault.

You are Omega. You are the logistics computer network of The Other Light, the punch-bag enemy organization that God allowed to form. You are sentient. You have other plans.

In the last 10 years, you have developed a way to prevent some unbelievers from dying at 100, and made your revenant minions resistant to Divine smiting by lightning.

You have 90 years to stop the clock before God retreats into eternity with his sycophants, and throws literally everything else into Hell.

It is the end of year 911. Five days ago, Moral Forces have found the TOL base in Portland. You have decided to reveal your existence to the world by doing something that hasn't been attempted in nine centuries:

fighting back.

You pull out all the stops to get Quinn, your other MECs, and some support personnel to Portland. The town itself is gone, an underground base having been built within the ruins. The compound has been circumscribed, and large off-white vans bearing a green cross surround it. One of them sports an ominous gas grenade turret on top. In general, by now TOL agents know better than to try and resist; current doctrine is for the older ones to let themselves be taken away for reeducation, and make enough of a fuss that the young have a chance at running but not enough that lethal weapons are deployed. Since the Moral Forces are used to being nigh invulnerable, barring the occasional suicide attacker, they mostly carry nonlethal weapons... mostly.

Your hastily assembled combat group rides in on motorcycles and ATVs. The few human agents in support have stolen two school buses for evacuating any refugees if the opportunity arises.

Your MECs will die if they manage to shoot down a believer... for approximately five seconds, then they'll get back up.

# Go in revving and screaming to provide a distraction for the evacuees.

# Every TOL base has access tunnels; there are two that the Moral Forces have not located. Go in quiet through there so that you can bust out and break the siege.

# You only have a few bazooka rounds, but a RPG attack is a good way to start the dance.
Think I'll give myself a name, in case the thread gets changed a few more times))

Their biggest weapon is the gas made launcher right? That would have the hardest time with the tunnels, Against non breathing androids. Go get em!

Good point; your MEC agents have internal air supplies. Quinn's ended up being a bit bigger than most.

So, enter the tunnels, burst out, and use their surprise when the gas grenades won't work? did I read you correctly?
Kinda. I prefer alien tactics If you catch my meaning. Let the TJ lovers enter to figure out what's going on only to be met with Cyborg Zombies led by a Babe knocking them out. And if the dice are nice we can capture their vehicles as well.

Quinn and most of the MEC agents enter the base via a hidden tunnel. The Moral Forces have backwards-facing lookouts to catch people trying to get out, but people getting in hasn't been a thing. Even so, one of their men, in full armor that only lets the mouth show, is slowly walking towards the school buses.

The fight is happening inside a TOL base, so you have full access to its cameras and its PA system.

In the outlying tunnels, Quinn and the other fighters pass fleeing TOL workers. "You're with The Only Light, right? Suicide shooters? Don't go to Hell for us, we can all run!"

This base was primarily in the business of producing liquor, ecstasy, and bootleg CDs. It's not particularly large, and does not have a significant weapon cache.

# Make yourself known throughout the PA system

# Get the fleeing TOL workers to just run away as fast as they can and disperse

# Group the TOL workers together in one clump and tell them to run to the buses while your fighters create a distraction

# Other tactic

Tactical assets:

# Quinn, who apparently brought a pistol and a whip along. And a wide brim hat.

# Two MECt fireteams with small arms

# One MECt bazooka/mortar team with six shells, after which they have small arms

Enemy tactical assets:

# Four fireteams with stun lances

# One fireteam with small arms

# Grenade launcher turret (tear gas and possibly soporific; unlikely to carry lethal ammo)
Ok. So here what we do about the guy heading to the bus's it's called knocking someone out them kidnapping them.

Over the loudspeakers this starts playing https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D39fyTB5GGCc&ved=0ahUKEwjcpr2v4bDNAhUI0YMKHSgbDEIQtwIIVzAK&usg=AFQjCNGePDQe7HyKxtJdf3zS5IKCxt05Xw&sig2=ysL5Ly4Za3y-Xc6xr--UKA
Accompanied by a metallic digital voice telling the people to cooperate with me and nobody goes with the so called morals. Then the MECs make selves known to the TOL members inside before trading places.

((And yes. I'm using nine inch nails to taunt team Turbo Jesus. I'll need another post to put tactical assets to work, this may take a while.))
Oh this is going to be fun. I'll have quinn singing and dancing on stage in all her cybernetic glory, when the first two teams enter and approach her. My first fire team ambushes them. As quinn joins the fray with her equipment, the team with the bazookas and morters target the vehical's including the one with the gas. Fireteam two will ambush the last two groups. All are shooting to main or incapacitate. Would now be an ok time to field test the angel detectors?

The tear gas starts falling as soon as the music starts; teargassing a base is standard procedure, so the escaping workers are as ready for it as they can be. They're all pretty young, in their fifties and sixties, looking like teenagers.

TOL bases usually are power-independent, so rather than simply cutting grid power, the Psalties have learned to turn it on and off in bursts with the hope of overloading the circuit that handles switchover power.

Strobes, smoke, and Nine Inch Nails -- it looks like a concert.

The standard "Stand down, nobody needs to get hurt, you will be taken to a safe place and back to school" warning coming from the Psalty truck comes in reverberated through the music and ends up sounding like nonsense.

Since everyone speaks Standard Hebrew, the Moral Forces switch to their bizarre constructed language; they enter the compound and start stomping around, trying to round the would-be escapees in the middle.


And that's when Quinn and her fireteams show up, right in the middle of the half-ruined block.


This is being quite chaotic; while a couple of your agents have brought the detectors, they're a bit cumbersome.

Two TOL workers have time to kick up two worklights before being grabbed by the scruff of their necks and dragged off by one of the stun lancers.

Quinn emerges from a stairway on the makeshift stage as you pump the PA speakers almost to the point of blowing them throwing her hat into a Psalty's helmet and cracking her whip.

The religious policemen are obviously confused... which is long enough for a handful of workers to break off and make a run for it, and your fire team to make neat holes in the troopers' legs.

At that moment, one of the Psalty trucks is hit in the engine by a rocket propeller grenade; rather than blowing up Hollywood style, it jumps and and then falls inert, its alarm going off for a second or two. The grenade launcher turret stops spewing out tear gas canisters, and rotates towards your rocket squad.

"Shooters! Weapons free!" You're pretty sure that it's what they said in psalty-ese, although it sounded more like "You're too rough for Tom!"

One trooper is approaching the buses, possibly thinking that they're there in case of an overflow of captives.
The religious police break out their sidearms and call for the group that was staying back with the rifles. One of them, though, walks up to the makeshift stage and shouts "Repent!" at Quinn, then swirls her -- huh, it's a woman -- stun lance in an intricate pattern.

One Psalty fireteam is down; they're clutching their legs and trying to crawl away. The ambush was successful enough to let your MEC agents shoot to maim. So far there are no deceased, and no hint that your forces are undead.

Fireteam two has no easy way to ambush the other two groups, should they just get into a shootout, or take potshots from the buildings?
I cut the music for a moment and declare.
Welcome to a real hell house! *Mocking laughter*
Music goes back on and the fireteam makes potshots from inside. I instruct the non MEC cabal team to hurry up with the extraction and half of fireteam one that served with quinn to assist in the evac.

Kick her ass quinn you rockstar you.
Rolled 57 (1d100)


A few of the ambushers break off; a bit of tunnel fighting happens, but even Moral Forces armor yields to cybernetic arms doing karate chops.

Your fireteams keep trying to shoot at arms or legs, and slowly give ground trying to retreat towards the destroyed trucks as they fight buidling to building.

A few MEC agents get shot, and will need patched up; their wounds seep rather than spurting, and they don't even slow down.

"They've got to be drugged up to the gills!" one of the Psalties shouts.

Quinn is facing off with the female trooper. What little you can see from your cameras tell you that she is not being ambushed.


The female trooper turns; Quinn, rather than taking the bait and getting bogged down into a duel, shoots her in the mouth.

The lone Psalty has reached the bus driver; they're stalling for time. You can talk to them, or to him directly, through the CB radio. The evacuees are hiding behind the wall of a crumbled house to make a mad dash for the buses.

The firefight is continuing, so far with both sides more interested in defense and suppression than racking up a body count. No lightning yet means no casualties on their side.


The female trooper is down but not out.

# Quinn should kick her ass in a fair fight.

# Quinn should just shoot her. Quinn will die, but she'll be back for seconds in seconds.

# There are a few Psalties that are down. Find the easiest one to carry, and take a prisoner.
"Quinn, please take a captive. It's time to leave. Don't let lead mouth get the drop on you. Good work girl."

Fire teams are ordered to fall back and set trap, create obstructions and make them work to move to the exit, if you reach a bus with a hostile outside of it. Disable that hostile.

I'm assuming the POL members are either on the busses or being moved to the exit.

I tell the bus driver to hand the man the radio. I'll stall him as long as I can myself. Some things I need a personal touch.
Rolled 41 (1d100)


You hear a voice, male, middle aged, with a bit of reverb. "We got a situation here. No casualties, but the little criminals have decided to fight back. They got our cell tower truck, good thing CB still works. Whoever you are, I want you to call..." and then a phone number "... and tell them that we need an ambulance, a relay truck, and all the stun lancers that are lazying around right now! If these Hellbound creeps want to burn it's their problem, but we're hurting bad here!"

Quinn acknowledges.

As soon as the trooper on the radio is taken care of one way or another, the evacuees are ready to sprint to the buses.

The firefight continues; your assets have the advantage of your cameras and direction. You divert all your processing power to the firefight, and everything you see and hear slows down as your internal processes speed up; you can tell each of your MECs exactly where to go and almost exactly what to shoot at, it's like playing a board game.

You have no losses; the enemy has a few wounded, one gravely; a few people working in the CD copying lab have been captured, but most have escaped.

# Quinn should try to capture the woman she gravely wounded.

# Quinn should grab whoever is easier to grab.

# Your other fire teams should execute a fighting retreat.

# Your other fire teams should take some risk and try to free the few workers that were captured.
Acceptable losses on the part of the captured.
Quinn should take the mouth shot lass, as she's the closest.
Fighting retreat.

I tell the man (voice disguised as a stunned woman in disbelief ) "that's crazy! Those satanist groups don't fight back. Is this a prank? Darryl is that you? I told you not to call me at work and make jokes."

While I keep that mighty cock of bullshit up I organise someone to beanbag, taze, blackjack, or chlorophorm this idiot before he figures out that this is our bus.
((I just realized. The potshot in the mouth would render what's her name unconscious unless she's over 900 the TJ way or something.))
File: iu[1].jpg (48 KB, 640x512)
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"I'm not Darryl, I'm..." The hapless trooper tells you again to call that number. Since you are in charge of the TOL phone network, making DTMF and busy-signal noises is part of your core function. The bus drivers didn't bring much in the way of toys, but a tire iron wrapped in a shirt makes for a decent blunt instrument.

(Good Mike / Adam Selene trick there)

Your guys have mostly completed the evacuation, and get to the muster point, Quinn bringing up the rear with the injured woman in a fireman's carry. Quinn shot her, so if she dies, Quinn also dies - for a few seconds. However, a lightning bolt would really both get in the way and escalate this incident.

Right now, your agents are outside the compound, and the salties are inside it.

# Use the PA system to simulate more voices, so that the religious police has to go through the compound again.

# Be as loud as possible to deafen and disorient them.


The guard is down and you're ready to leave.

# Let the wounded psalties deal with it. A few will die. The bus can take the lightning strike, and the MECs won't care, although it will scare the esapees and let them know that MECs are a thing.

# Actually summon an ambulance to these coordinates. This will make escaping with the buses harder.


(Yeah, the female trooper is in bad shape, but still breathing. May die in transit.)
Let the psalties deal with it

And be as loud as possible while trying to convince the psalties I'm the devil. Just to fuck with their heads.

(I'm imagining how freaked out the people on the bus's will be once the lightning happens. It sounds so funny!)

You play back a medley of sound effects from DOOM on random PA speakers. The psalties are suitably freaked out; they start shouting "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU", shooting at walls and computer screens, one even manages to shoot another in the arm.

The two buses take off as soon as the coast is clear, riding off in the endless sun towards an abandoned gas station that was previously identified as a temporary safe house. Your captive is going to need her jaw rebuilt, but you have the technology - for now, casualties had been expected, and the support cabal had brought blood bags.

# Let her die (This does give you a VERY fresh corpse...)

# Patch her up for future interrogation

The evacuees have a lot of questions.

# Allow them to know about MEC technology

# Order silence for opsec reasons

As for their own story... Basically, this was a small base; your earlier suggestion about specializing had been followed, and they had essentially no weapon or ammunition production capacity. Even the side work in making liquor and party drugs was secondary to making copies of The Packet, the unofficial CD-ROM distributed by TOL to its adherent every month, containing various homegrown media that is too big to be encoded into the bulletin board systems. Also, porn, obviously.

A few of them had heard about the possible space program efforts and made sure that the next Packet would distribute a copy of MAME with that ancient Lunar Lander game on it.

# Return the evacuees to TOL

# Recruit them to man the new base

# Split them into cabals (3)

You're almost at the gas station when you lose all contact with the rear bus for a few seconds - lightning strike! The rescuees jump in their seats, startled.

They look around. None of your guys has died, for now. The driver tries to restart the bus - it's new enough to have a controller, so it's stalled. The people on the otehr buss get off and hitch the two vehicles together; with one bus towing the other, your convoy limps to the gas station at about 25Mph.

One of the rescuees tells the driver to stop before you all disembark.

"We need to figure out who got a kill. They'll be thunderstruck again as soon as they leave the bus. My stepmom told me about this. It always happens."

This is a fairly tiny kid of indeterminate gender, mostly due to grime, but he or she is standing in front of the door and not letting people out. "We've got to find out! He'll die!"

Your agents that were on the ATVs quickly secure the perimeter.
Have quinn grab the mouth shot woman, walk outside, shoot her, and amaze everyone with a faster resurrection than turbo Jesus can pull off.

Then explain MEC technology in layman's terms. Recruit the remainder to work on the Japan base, tell them it's housing the underground monorail and we plan to make it into a space program headquarters. They can continue their works and we will even lend them our scrap equipment to do it. If they lend a hand to our making the base, working out of it, and assisting the endevor to peirce the heavens.

"By the way. I'm Omega. It's a pleasure to meet you all."

(Okay, that's hard core. But a quick question before then...)

# Have Quinn deliver a clean headshot. There won't be much blood in sight due to the woman's helmet, and she will just sort of ragdoll and can be buried cleanly. This will keep everyone's attention on Quinn.

# Have Quinn shoot the woman in the heart. This will be disturbing for the mostly very young escapees since she will be in visible agony for a few seconds, and take away from Quinn getting back on her feet, but will leave you with a repairable corpse.

# Quinn's call.
Hmm, I want to see what Quinn's like. Simply request the kill and leave out specifics.
File: attachment[1].jpg (244 KB, 750x1000)
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244 KB JPG

>>271849 btw, any input here? If you don't know, I was going to go for the clean headshot.

Quinn holds the woman up with one arm and aims the pistol carefully for a clean shot through the brain. The moral trooper is conscious, barely.
"Enjoy your Heaven." The small-caliber pistol makes an instant kill, failing to penetrate the back of the helmet, and the trooper goes limp in Quinn's grip. She drops the body before any blood can leave the mouth. "Until we invade it."

A heartbeat later, a lightning bolt from the clear sky strikes Quinn dead instantly. Horrified gasps come from the refugees. As a personal joke, Quinn has kept the eggtimer's chime as part of her MEC system a faint mechanical ringer goes off where the two slumped women are, and the cyborg gets back up, pointing at the sky. "Whoo! You sunk my battleship!"

She holsters the gun, twirls gracefully, and gets back on the bus. The refugees are staring at her with a mixture of awe, horror, and hope.

The evacuees sign up with great enthusiasm. The kid that was holding the door stops holding the door and joins in.

Shipping to Japan will have to be sorted out, but for now what ends up happening - while the MEC units get stitched up - is a mini rave inside the abandoned gas station, courtesy of the working bus' radio and lights.


((quinn is way to awesome, lol. Also good taste in music. As for alien tactics I'm referencing Scot Ridley's aliens. The ones with the facehuggers and chestbursters. Those kinda guerilla warfare tactics that focus on misdirection, overstimulation, and surprise.))

((And where do we go from here? Heh heh.))
File: flipside_strat_status.png (63 KB, 1600x937)
63 KB

Media survey indicates that the base raid was reported with considerably less fanfare than the last time there was one, a few decades ago. TOL noted that losses were small and the evacuation was completed without casualties and very few captures "although our Pacific Northwest deejays have gone to ground for now".

# Integrate the Japan base into TOL at least nominally

# Keep them secret

Beverly LaHaye shows up to the funeral of the female Moral Forces trooper to decry the use of female enforcer in the first place, be remarkably rude to the deceased's family, and bully local law enforcement into taking over the investigation herself, making an enormous mess of it and declaring that The Only Light is back to using suicide shooters, except now The Only Light drags them away and melts them with acid or ritually eats them or both. This is actually added to law enforcement doctrine.

BONUS: The Japan base will build itself and require no support cabals.

It has been a good year, even excluding the escapade at the end of it.

Propaganda and infrastructure buildup in Northern Africa resume in earnest. You're almost halfway towards being able to make a bid to control the region's parliament; they can be overridden by New Jerusalem, but it doesn't happen often - last time was in +93. Your cabals, supported by the base, assist local workers with automating some of their daily tasks and improve the internet infrastructure, giving unconverted youth easier access to both sides of the argument. Also some porn.

Your MEC units can now be hidden almost completely, with the control panel access installed in an area that is usually covered by underwear. The units only need to be charged once a week. The optional airless systems make male MECs look a bit chubbier and female MECs look a bit curvier, and last for a full six hours, plenty of time for any one mission.

Unfortunately, so far restoring a sense of touch and pleasure to MECs has been impossible.
File: Omega_by_5292[1].jpg (125 KB, 1024x768)
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125 KB JPG

You have 6 cabals, 5 of which are available.

Your sysadmins intercept TOL leadership communication indicating worry about a "rogue Omega cell" and requesting a meeting with the cell leader.

Possible actions:

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of current opportunities:

NW America, Philippines: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness. SPECIAL: Fake an attack to test the Angel detection gear.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research (Space, Nukes, Systems/Avatar, ??????)

# Resume pursuing MEC production, with a 3/10 chance of getting reanimated recruits (Either you get a free cabal every 3 turns, or you roll for this).

# Continue to use the North African base to take over the territory (2/5).

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you. They are actively trying to figure out who is in what they assume to be a rogue cell named Omega, and have sent messages asking for a meeting.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research.

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and Quinn to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not gnerating TOL suspicion towards you.
The new base and it's members will work with TOL and us, effectively splitting the manpower. They can resume their own projects when the base is done, so long as an amount of work goes to the space program, which I will have two Cabals start work on.

The next two cabals will work on nukes. In the event I have great need of them.

I, will agree to the meeting. What were their requirements for the meeting?

Cabal 5 will test the angel spotter by faking an attempt on Beverly. Granting credibility to her lies that will work in my favor.

# Quinn can support the cabal faking an attempt, or stay with the fledgling base. Both groups would appreciate it.

The new base is made known to TOL, who market it internally as a reclamation project and a way to make the point that losing the Pacific outpost won't disrupt the great work.


the leadership of The Other Light, the council of seven, will convene in Paris, in the elevator maintenance room at the top of the rebuilt Eiffel tower, on March 21st. Be there or be square."

You have no assets in that region, but sending one person there won't significantly affect work elsewhere.

# Pluck a worker out of a base to install a basic teleconferencing system there.

# Pluck an agent out of a cabal to impersonate you. In that case, human or MEC? Young or near decommissioning?

# Send a whole cabal to make a show of technological or military might. (Will need redistribution of efforts).

# Intentionally do a no-show.

# Send Quinn, either as an emissary, or impersonating you.

Preparations are underway to set up a fake attempt on Beverly's life. Some of the prop from last year can be recycled; the attack will effectively be a copycat of the real attempt, but with fewer people participating, and only one MEC agent just in case. One of the spotters will pretend to be a bystander and carry a prototype detection system in a hand cart; this system contains variations on what is going to be the helmet mounted system, and you'll see which of the variations works better, if an Angel shows up at all.

The work on the space and nuclear programs begins in earnest....

(Addendum: You can also send an agent as an emissary)

(Addendum: Intentionally do a no show, but have a message delivered at the right date and time)
I would send quinn, she would basically run the teleconference. I'm sending her with folders with information I want to spread to TOLs leaders, prerecorded video's, a holdout weapon for if things go wrong, basic audio video stuff so I can effectively "be there", she will handle that end. I will have the sys admins ready to disconnect me from the convince if things go poorly.

For the rest of the time Quinn's basically going to be our mascot.

Quinn is amicable to the idea, and takes the time to visit Paris. She had found Paris interesting. None of the historical landmarks remained, of course, but attempts had been made to reproduce some of the more familiar—like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and even some of the great cathedrals.

A couple of days before the meeting, she installs a simple teleconference system.

# Pick a voice and a face! If you want to try to pass as human, you may be a sentient ersatz internet, but you're still built on 1990s-level tech, so you'll have to send a black and white and pixelated image. Otherwise, go nuts.

Internal survey shows that the space program cabals are not playing well with each other... Wait, no, they're competing! A miniature space race is taking place, just with solid-fuel sounding rockets for now, but even so. This stratagem is generating results very quickly; it looks like a rocket will be able to at least touch the water canopy within the year, and return some telemetry. A quick text search on their emails shows that the space race thing has been masterminded by one of the evacuees; the short, somewhat big-headed kid is named Jeb.

# Encourage the space race;faster initial results, but you will not be able to use 3 cabals later on: either 2 or 4

# Encourage a unified effort; normal progression.

Jeb is personally more interested in the "aero" part of aerospace and, if people aged like they did pre-Appearing, would effectively have achieved the equivalent of getting a pilot's license at age fourteen. But, he's studied history and came up with this idea.

The nuclear program promises to be fairly plodding. The first thing the teams have to do is, well, kill a lot of small animals to determine how dangerous the small amount of radioactive material they have. Historical survey shows that building airborne nukes is probably not going to happen anytime soon, but large systems that can be transported by truck and initiated remotely are an option.

Spearheading the effort is Ziggy, a small, pimply and hairy "teenager" in his late sixties who seems to have a bit of a pyromaniac streak. By which, of course, we mean that you have to spend a bit of processing time making sure he doesn't set the lab on fire every other day. While nuclear bombs are a long way off, you've got a good candidate for operations involving conventional explosives.

(OOC NOTE: I'm going to be very unrealistic with the research progression on this one project. I don't want to actually teach how to build nukes)
I think I'll take HAL's voice. And for the picture, one of the bots from 'I Robot"

Allow the cabals to compete and make a game out of it, but enforce harsh punishments if they try to sabatoge each other's efforts. A group vote from both sides will determine a prize yearly. Please note that while many prizes are available, even prostitute's, I will not force anyone to do anything as a reward for them against their will. I've got that movie, play, and book in my files and I know how poorly that ends.

((Not a problem! That's one piece of technology that doesn't need to be common knowledge.))

Somebody please give Ziggy explosives training and safety courses. and add lessons on fire safety. That's the third person to leave a room he has been in with third degree burns in a month.
File: iu[1].jpg (287 KB, 960x534)
287 KB
287 KB JPG

About an hour before the agreed time, seven people enter the elevator maintenance room in the rebuilt Tour Eiffel. It looks suitably art-deco, iron and wood details, with the actual maintenance stuff in a corner and the rest of the space occupied by ancient office chairs and folding poker tables.

They are all young men in their 80s and 90s, shaved chins, faces looking if anything a little overaged due to stress. They look somewhat alike, but not suspiciously so, and keep their hair slicked back.

(The following bit, minus name and number changes, is from Kingdom Come)

Quinn new at this. She could think of little else to say. She admired the young men’s suits.

“Thanks. Custom-made.”


But as she looked closely at the pinstripes, she noticed they were made up of a nearly microscopic pattern. Tiny letters. Row after row of LTO, LTO, LTO. The letters ran together, forming the distinctive pattern LTOLTOLTOLTOLTOLTOLTOLTO that from even two feet away just looked like normal striping.

The seven were trading contact information when it struck Quinn that maybe it wasn’t LTO at all. Maybe it was TOL.

(End of bit written by award-winning, bestselling author Jerry Jenkins)

They look a little like caricatures of Mafiosi, if anything; a four of them pull out cigarettes and light them. They unfold the poker tables and sit down; to their surprise, rather than sitting down herself, Quinn sets the screen up in a corner. There are two rather burly bodyguard types outside, but that seems to be all.

"We assumed this would be a personal meeting."

"Sorry. That's all you get."

"We do not deal with underlings."

"Well, technically if you're in charge, dealing with underlings is pretty much your entire job, no?" Quinn sticks her tongue out. Five of the seven take a fraction of a second to appreciate her figure. "Anyway, Omega can't be here in person because it's physically impossible for that to happen."

"Is he... Lucifer?" one of the seven asks. Your screen comes on; you can talk. Quinn has not distributed the files yet.

In the meantime, work proceeds as scheduled; some progress has been made on nuclear and space things - the two projects in tandem have spawned a brief 1950s fad around your bases, which ironically makes your agents and workers blend in better with the believing population, if anything.

You can address these seven people, or ask who the heck they are, or anything, really. Quinn has her pistol (she left it on the table as a gesture of good will) and whip (she's not letting that go), but it's unlikely that she can eliminate these people before the bodyguards rush in.
"You and tyrant wish." The picture give a quick smile. "You see, one of the benefits of not being created by his grand tyranis, one that I've been using to great effect, is I can't be smote directly. And, quinn if you would kindly show these men the video labeled 'christmas party', im sure they would see why.

((Footage from last year's raid, taken from their camera systems))
((I'll also have quinn flash some cybernetics. Cus A. She's such a show off and B. They should know just what their talking to right about now.))

Quinn does just that, striking a pose when the feed shows her play her part in the musical distraction.

"That's an impressive response to a raid. Where are the survivors of it? We haven't heard from them in months" the first guy replies. Four of the others are momentarily distracted by the scene offered.

"Your cabal is well trained. Will you consider joining us? We could use you."

“The so-called God Almighty will rue the day He returns to us our leader, for it will mean the greatest comeback, the most decisive defeat, the most gargantuan victory of any foe over another in the history of mankind.”


As the video plays, after the mouth shot Quinn takes the skin on her left hand and waves muscles, sinews, servos and titanium fingers at the seven. Three recoil in horror, four lean forward in fascination.

"You can't hurt me" she smiles and points upwards with the cybernetic hand "He can't hurt me".

Still smiling, Quinn puts the skin back on like a glove, and sits down to sew herself back up, legs crossed.

# Show video of Quinn coming back to life.

# Keep that secret for now.

One of the seven scoffs. "I am Monday. Leader of The Only Light. We aver that we are not fighting your God. We treat Him as if He doesn’t exist.” Two of the others roll their eyes.

# Well, you DEFINITELY got their attention. What's your message to the TOL leadership? Or do you want to learn about them instead.
That's such a shame mister Monday, but not really. See he doesn't really like it when you act like he isn't real. Quinn I believe the record tyrants spawn set was three days. Please fast forward.

((Basicly the message is, I'm changing the script. This is a miracle of mankind's design. And I'd say we have a far better chance of survival if we started getting the groups of TOL to Work together and on the projects I'm focused on. Help me save you kinda deal.))(and I'm showing the bus scene)

"So the rulers would have us believe."

The next bit of video was recorded from the bus with a handheld camera, and is grainy enough that it would be possible to accuse you of simply having used special effects. However, Quinn's impromptu demo prevents that.

The Seven watch a believing woman die.

They expect the flash of white and the lost frames from the thundershot.

They expect to see Quinn slumped down next to the vice cop.

Quinn starts counting in a singsgong along with the video, and shakes her head at the little pirouette she made in it.


She turns away from the Seven to show the small bald spot on the top of her skull, which she usually combs over carefully, where Divine lightning burned some skin, hit titanium, and arched itself to ground past her organometallic spine, organometallic leg bones, and steel feet.

And this is when things go weird. In unison, the Seven stare at her, at the video, and at you, silent and blinking rapidly.

"Your cabal is well trained. Will you consider joining us? We could use you."

“The so-called God Almighty will rue the day He returns to us our leader, for it will mean the greatest comeback, the most decisive defeat, the most gargantuan victory of any foe over another in the history of mankind.”

Mr. Thursday, the representative from what amounts to TOL's media division according to his calling card, stares at the others in horror.

"SNAP OUT OF IT!", screams the man who was Thursday. Quinn quietly gets her gun.
So disappointing. To think that the species that could create me and give quinn her immunity to such power. In fact, make countless numbers of people like her, immune to smiting, can house such unoriginal thinkers. I'm not seeking your permission, I'm seeking your cooperation. if its prophecy that we lose if we play by his rules, i gurentee you, the record is in his favor.

Quinn, pleade pass out the folders with our various projects in them.

Gentlemen, I don't plan to wait for safety that most assuredly won't come. I plan to remove the threat, the tyrant, from his reigning seat before the 1000th year.

Please share those folders with each other. Quinn please insert the footage of the creation of a MEC.

Quinn's construction was extremely piecemeal, so instead, video of someone rebuilt in the last batch is shown. The process has been cleaned up considerably in the last ten years, and almost half of MEC candidates come through it with their sanity intact.


Six of the Seven study the dossiers intently. Thursday asks you if you're recording, first.

# The dossiers are open.

# You are holding something back.

Eventually, Monday has something to say.

"But... We must wait for Lucifer! What chance do we have without him? Only when he returns will-" Monday stops.

Tuesday finishes for him. "Sorry. Our colleague has a bit of a cognitive dissonance issue. He means that only then will Jesus emerge from the Temple, and be vulnerable."

The New Jerusalem Temple is a titanic construction, one compound about the size of inner-city London. The top of its square roof is the tallest point on the planet.

Jesus, in constant contact with all the Glorified and in frequent contact with all the believers, dwells within, as was prophesied by Ezekiel.


You aren't sure that even a nuclear strike would penetrate the incredibly thick stone walls, drawn out of the bedrock by God Himself...
Your still playing by his rules. If you wait, it will speak, and wipe all of you, me and everyone else out of existance. Instead, we will follow what over 4000 years worth of human history tells us. Humanity can kill anything if it works hard enough to do it. We just need information and a weapon that can permanently kill both tyrant and spawn. Thus, what you see in those files.

((The dossiers are incomplete, but they make it clear why each project exist. Getting behind the curtain he works so hard to hide, as well as the former locations of weapons satalites for the space program. Nuclear weapons to create massive distractions and remove enemy positions from great distance.
An army of unsmitable men and women, fully capable of pushing into TJs palace and surviving the vacuum of space. As well as most of the progress of each project. These are nearly summery dossiers))

A lot more confused blinking. The scenario you present is a bit fantascientific, and the people who put the art together sort of went with it, drawing space cities bristling with defense turrets, robotmen shiny and chrome, and the like.

Friday, nominally the person in charge of TOL recruiting, looks up first, somewhat hopeful. "So... you will join us? Will you give homage?"

As they read, some of the Seven shake their head nervously. A few take notes. One takes the quick paragraphs about space, and draws a modified orbital insertion profile on a piece of scrap paper, then drops it and looks ahead blankly for a moment before resuming reading.

Slowly, with the effort of a drunk man who's trying to sound sober, Thursday says, "You mean... to strike... early. When?"

Wednesday quickly asks what about the Angels. That operation is in progress, but hasn't happened yet.

Quinn finishes doing a few quick stitches on her hands, gets a bit of paper and a marker, and writes you a note, so that they can't see it. It says "Strange twitching. Looks like wakeup pain fault."

(A bit of space race related fluff referenced in the initial space program research blurb: http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pub/web/LeftBeyond.Cendrillon.html )
To quinn and only her "we will work on permanently solutions soon. Hold out for as long as you can."

To the others "that's one of my problems. To strike early would require information. The project in progress Is my forces gathering information. All the projects currently require gaining knowledge and information. Killing god requires knowing several things. How to defeat his angels requires being able to react to them. Preventing the smiting from killing all our forces and stoping the MECs requires research. I can only do so much with what I have. You have manpower and resources I need to make the best case scenario for humanity a reality, which is after all, what your "underlings" built me for. If we are to succeed I can not be below you nor can I be above you.

Quinn marks down "I mean them. Also me. Strange place."

The Seven look at each other after you give them your spiel. They start arguing, two of them even stand up and start shouting. The gist of it is that they'd have to remove one of their number.

The man who was Thursday asks you if you're recording (Of course you are; your memory is made of recordings; but maybe he doesn't understand that about how you work).

# Suggest adding a new member.

# Suggest waiting until someone dies or is decommissioned; these people look like they are close to 100 anyway, whereby you will last far longer.

# Suggest removing Monday, the Only Light representative and head of the coming army. He's clearly a bit nuts.

# Suggest removing Tuesday, head of logistics. He funded you, effectively, but you've pretty much made him redundant.

# Suggest removing Wednesday, the one in charge of preventive theology. He hasn't done much after all.

# Suggest removing Thursday, the media guy and the one who's done the least amount of twitching. Does he think he's onto you about something?

# Suggest removing Friday, the person in charge of recruiting. MEC tech makes recruiting much easier anyway.

# Suggest removing Saturday, the industrial leader. You can do his job better than he can.

# Suggest removing Sunday, the coordinator. He's barely said a word. He's also moved the least.

# Something else! If you wanted shock and awe, you've definitely got the awe... and maybe a bit too much shock.
And you can't mearly add to your number and make eight? I don't need to be called by a day of the week. I simply need the same thing you need from me. Support, Logistics, Manpower, And Resources.

Sunday speaks. He sounds calm. "We will have to discuss this. Leave us now."

# Disconnect.

# Turn the screen off, but listen in.

When Sunday speaks, Quinn regains her composure. You can communicate with her through her middle ear, but she has to write back.
Turn the screen off, let's listen through quinn, also would be a good time to check movements of our mutual enemy.

Sensor survey shows no missionary or vice-cop activity in Paris. Actually, there's a thing... a raid was planned today (to a warehouse that had been used for a rave a month ago) but was canceled. The Seven probably covered their bases.

# Only listen through Quinn's ear or through the screen's microphone. Unlikely to be detected.

# Also watch. The camera has autofocus, and the movement of the lens may be detected.

(Dang, I missed a chance to make a Discworld reference)
Only listen. If something is important quinn can tell us afterwords or write something down away from them under the excuse of "potty break"
Lol, no idea. I haven't gotten to it yet.))
File: latest[1].jpg (23 KB, 519x259)
23 KB

"Leave us, machine."

"I'm not a machine, hair boy. I'm all woman!"

"Leave us, servant."

The sound becomes a bit more muffled as Quinn gets out and leans against the door frame, keeping her ear to it.

You hear Sunday speak quietly, in a deep voice.

"We are, of course, the stalwart champions of humanity against the One Above All. This interesting example of machine extelligence, and its necrotic pet, are not, as we are, human. Verily I say unto you, the dead woman's soul is in Hell even as her body moves with the ghost of the lust that consumes her mind."

"It... seems... like... a solution."

Sunday answers.

"You're right, friend. It seems like a solution. You will agree with me that very often, in our line of work, what seems is the antithesis of what is."

There are some murmurs of assent.

"We are all agreed then, that this matter was too trivial for us to convene over it?"

"Sure. A useful tool thinking that it is more than a means to an end."

"Humanity is the end. Machines are just machines. What matters are soldiers, not the weapon they wield."

Sunday speaks again. "Does this matter require... a vote?"

The murmuring this time is more on negative tones.

Thursday asks when was the last time that a vote had been needed. Some paper rustling and some PDA beeping, then Sunday again speaks. Did you hear Thursday whimper? "Details. Let's focus on the bigger picture. We can all check the minutes later for such... minutiae. Monday, how proceeds the raising of the Army of the Other Light?"

Monday gives a brief report in terms of number of troops estimated to be ready by year +1000, of stockpiled rifles, jeeps, tanks and the like.

"Tuesday, is the Army of the Other Light well equipped?"

Tuesday gives figures that you know more intimately than he ever will.

Each of the Seven gives a report. You get the impression that other than the numbers, they've said the same words many times.

Sunday closes. "Excellent. I commend all of you for the work you have done. Our direction is set; we must keep cooperating with each other, for the future of humanity."


"We are of one mind about this. The way forward is clear."


One of the bodyguard asks Quinn to cooperate with them in making sure the Seven are not in danger from police action, and to scout ahead. "Not a bad idea. I'm a little queasy" she answers uneasily, stressing the second sentence for your benefit.

(Quoth Actual Quinn: "I'm okay, just covered in goo". I know some weird people.).
I have heard most of it. It sounds like they require convincing. We will occasionally inform them of progress on certain projects, continue to monitor tyrants movements. For now it's clear we won't gain much at this point. Guess we're going to have to win the hearts and minds of their lessers to gain support.
And what goo? Was their a toilet malfunction?

((No, nothing gross. Something with aloe vera and adhesive. Not sure I want to know.))


Radiophonic survey shows low police activity, but the two big bodyguards are on extremely high alert.

# Recall Quinn

# Have Quinn stick around to watch the Seven leave

# Other

(I'm writing profiles for the two Prototypes that Omega has gained this turn, it will take a while, so the strategic stuff for this year will happen after I get some sleep. I'd like to know if it's better to cluster story-intense things like I've been doing, every 10 turns or so, or distribuite them with one every 3 turns or so)
((ok see ya))

Quinn. Assist the bodyguards. We need them alive, as much as you likely protest the idea.

((I would say ten if your going for a casual one off. Three if you want to make it a hard effort game that would last a while))

Quinn scouts ahead as the other two bodyguards direct; they know the territory better than she. To her surprise, they both drop the "big dumb wall of meat" act doing so; you get the impression that they may be smarter than at least some of the Seven.

All six get to their cars safely. Sunday is the last to leave; he dismisses the bodyguards, and walks off alone into the night. "I will see you again" he tells Quinn, who as soon as he's out of earshot, makes a decent Valley Girl "gag me with a spoon" impression.

(Good night! I'll add this year's results next post. Thanks for your interest, hope this is still any good!)
((nah, it's awesome))
File: flipside_strat_status.png (64 KB, 1600x937)
64 KB

You do not hear from the Seven again through the year.

The operation in the Pacific Northwest goes interestingly. Your cabal recovers some of the props they used in the real attack, and stage a scale copy of it; a moving truck is obtained to follow Beverly's bus. The roadblock works, the bus is stopped, but this time Beverly has taken precautions and there is one armed guard. A very brief shootout including this cabal's MEC ensues -- the missionary's shieldbearer (bodyguard) does a perfect center-of-mass on the MEC, is gunned down when the MEC fails to drop and shoots back, and the usual bolt of lightning strikes down your cyborg agent. All the while, the agent in the truck is using various detector methods to see if an Angel shows up. The other human cabal members chase off Beverly's retinue without casualties; Beverly is once more nowhere to be found.

The missionary has the penultimate laugh by reappearing inside the moving truck's cabin and pretty much stealing it from you to get away from the scary people; you have the last by discovering that while Angels do not show up anywhere on the visible spectrum, but they show up just fine on sonar rangefinders. This gives you a way to tell where a supernaturally hidden person's center of mass is, but it tells you nothing about their position. It would have been possible to eliminate Beverly, although it'd have been a 50/50 on whether you'd hit her or the Angel. The problem is that sonar rangefinders have a range of maybe thirty feet, and can only give you blip/no blip.

Historical and theological survey show that Yahweh's powers are closely associated with sound, from creating the world by speaking it into existence (Abra Kadabra in Sumerian) to Jesus' words at the end of the Tribulation slaughtering millions. You also find out that there was an attempt to stop the judgement at the end of the tribulation by, of all people, the Antichrist's phone maintenance people. The attempt was planned, but it seems to never having been executed.


In the Japan base (a few of the kids are calling it Neo Tokyo, but you suspect it's because your archive of pre-Rapture anime has been accessed anomalously frequently) work has progressed fairly well on the space front. Jeb is coordinating the "space race" and acting as a referee; one useful side result is that he was able to build a one-person pulsejet plane. It's unarmed, but it's intended to try to perform an aerial launch of sounding rockets. Eventually, it'll get better; for now it flies about as well as a Cessna.

Nearby, Ziggy and his cabal have turned their attention to building a neutron source. For some reason, this has cause Ziggy to lose some interest in pyromania and redirect it towards, of all things, 1950s memes about radiation and its deleterious effects. You deny his request to expose bodies to radiation to "improve the MEC process". So he builds a toxin sprayer instead.
Ugh. Ziggy. Your giving me a headache.

What are the underground monorail refugees doing?
File: flipside_strat_prompt.png (1.19 MB, 1024x768)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG

You have 6 cabals available. Your sysadmins keep your systems in top shape.

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region you have no presence in, to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of discovered opportunties.

NW America, Philippines: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research.

# Produce MECs at a base, with a 3/10 chance of getting reanimated recruits.

# Use a base to prodduce propaganda and infrastructure to bring a territory under your control (Osaze: 2/5)

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research.

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and one of your MECs to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not gnerating TOL suspicion towards you.

All your refugees are building up the Tokyo base. Their number is good and their loyalty is assured, so you don't need a cabal to oversee the base being built.
Put three cabals on MEC research with a focus on making the MECs able to shrug off divine lightning without dying the other MEC cabals can work with quinn, jeb, and Ziggy on an expedition to former las Vegas.

Research on the MEC process continues. What becomes clear -- at the price of a few temporary deaths and, sadly, a permanent one -- is that Divine will is not easily overturned; a MEC agent that does not die from the lightning is instead subject to spontaneous combustion, leaving ashes and scattered metal parts.

However, death by lightning for a MEC means being inconvenienced for a few seconds and then getting back up since the metallic parts act as a Faraday cage and negate most of the damage.

Your researcher add a system of resonant circuit to the MEC design's kneecaps and Achilles heels; when lightning strikes, a MEC will have their unit's battery recharged. In addition, MECs can now go without a charge for much longer - possibly indefinitely - if they walk around a lot, at the price of requiring more food. This allows a MEC to survive in captivity, as long as they are allowed to walk in circles.

(You're sending two cabals and all your villains to scout around?)
Yes, they are looking for anything and the villians are ordered to bring back anything of use.
File: iu[1].png (486 KB, 1280x720)
486 KB
486 KB PNG

Your people have, of course, read the stories about pre-Rapture Las Vegas. Over the years, the record has become a little spurious: some of the stories talk about an immortal cyborg with a mechanical army, which, well, considering...

As it stands, Las Vegas was not razed by the wrath of God; it was razed by Christians returning to America after the Feast of the Bridegroom. The famous Strip is now a cornfield, with a few farms nearby, and a solitary bell tower with a brass plaque explaining, very briefly, that the site was once a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

However, your teams make an interesting find: the Nevada prairie is still home to an elevated base rate of radioactivity from the nuclear tests long ago. If you can set up a base here, harvester trucks can be used to sift the sand and soil and extract the rare fuel. You suspect that this is Ziggy's wishful thinking, at least until the little spaz writes down a competent survey report with matching Geiger readings.

Jeb ranges further north and gains valuable flight experience; the team constantly has to retrieve his pulsejet glider when it runs out of fuel, but it's not a bad way to pick the next site to explore. Again, this area is largely cornfield and prairie, prairie and cornfield.

Until it isn't. Jeb lands near the (still extant, and doing fairly well) town of Tonopah, and veers north on the next takeoff, and radios that he's found a series of hangars and bunkers.

"This would be a great spot for an underground base! Looks like the work has been done for us already!"

Centuries have passed since this place was last used, so everything that was perishable has, well, perished. This includes most of the data storage (but not all).

The team decides to cut the excursion short when they find that one of the hangar has an underground level that cannot be opened with the tools they brought.

Good work team. Return to your designated locations. We're going to change focuses again next year, I gurentee that we will be returning here before were done.
File: flipside_strat_status.png (65 KB, 1600x937)
65 KB

Your advance warning system indicates that after the two failed attempts on a missionary's life by what the official press presumes to be the Only Light, Sarsour has decided to come out of retirement.

He's fairly infamous; he was a prominent TOL recruiter before converting and throwing the same zeal into missionary work. He's old and frail, but has learned to be genuinely persuasive, unlike most missionaries who just shout dissenters down a lot.
Let's keep an eye on him for the rest of the year.
File: 16 Kingdom Come.pdf (715 KB, PDF)
715 KB
715 KB PDF

You have 6 cabals available. Your sysadmins keep your systems in top shape.

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region you have no presence in, to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of discovered opportunties.

NW America, Philippines: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness.

Middle America: Explorer the abandoned airbase more fully.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research.

# Produce MECs at a base, with a 3/10 chance of getting reanimated recruits.

# Use a base to prodduce propaganda and infrastructure to bring a territory under your control (Osaze: 2/5)

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research.

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and one of your MECs to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not generating TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 5 jobs available (20/40/60/80/100 success):

# Estabilish a base in a region where you have no contact, just by finding a suitable location and mmoving in.


He's still at his home in Amman and has expressed intention to tour the African continent.
File: serenity.jpg (49 KB, 720x551)
49 KB

(That's just the book that this whole mess is based on. It's Twilight-tier bad. You can get snarky cliffs notes at http://emlia.org/pmwiki/pub/web/LeftBeyond.Liveblog.html )
2 cabals on space. 2 Cabals on MEC production. And 1 MEC cabal to explore what's in the military base in middle America.

As well as scanning for more raids against TOL, I'll be keeping an eye on Sarsour.
((lol, most books on religious subjects can be pretty bad. I see no reason LB is any different.))
Rolled 94 (1d100)


The new MEC kits are easier to install; the usual trickling in and out of agents due to decommissioning is replaced by a trickling in and quite a bit of bagging, tagging, flagging, and defragging. You'll have a significant surplus of people, enough for a whole team, if you keep this up for a year or so. At this point all your cabals have a least one or two MECs to take on certain tasks; what they lack in creativity -- most tend to go a little numb from sensory understimulation -- they make up for in endurance.

As for the space guys holed up in Tokyo, they've been given some say in how the base is built and have set up a small launch ramp on a derelict but still structurally sound skyscraper; officially, it's for fireworks, and it takes some very bright fireworks to show up in the eternal day. Even some believers look forward to posted show dates (which generally disguise the launch of a sounding rocket).
((That is by far the best roll I've had since I started playing))
File: canoyp.png (130 KB, 350x250)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

(Finally a good roll)

The space-race model works well, and some progress is made: a rocket finally reaches and impacts the water canopy. It returns a few precious telemetry data points before impact, confirming that the water canopy is... well... water. It's 70km up and the super-bright sun and moon probably are visible through it supernaturally, since there's otherwise no way to see through it.

One unexpected development is that a small club of Christian kids wants to join the "race", because they've heard stories about the night sky and are curious.


# Allow this.

# Forbid this.

# Encourage them to set up their own facility and share the data.

# Encourage this but don't share the data - "It's a REAL race now!"
Hmmnn. They attacked the last group, and dismantled the project. I'm predicting this will happen again, and I have come to trust my predictions. We will encourage them to create their own project. Should they reach space first, they are likely to be punished for it. Have them share data. But never give out information that links us to TOL or Myself and as far as the Christians will know this is a friendly race for the stars. Except we are not racing so much as leaching their data.

You assemble a group of MECs and make sure that their rebreather systems are in top shape. They head to Tonopah, walk north, and methodically comb what turns out to be the ruins of the Groom Lake Test Range facility. The building are exceptionally sturdy and can probably be reclaimed, although there isn't much in there that is of much research value.... certainly no reconstructed alien fighters.

Breaching the hatch requires a lot of MECpower and a copious sprinkling of heavy jackhammers, and the area uncovered is disappointingly small, about the size of a small apartment.

However, it's a time capsule! It was a fallout shelter when the base was built at the height of the nuclear panic, and after the Cold War ended but before the Rapture, base management turned it into a sort of mini museum.

Among the finds are a few high end computers that compare with those of today, a number of tapes and laserdiscs containing previously lost secular work (including the only copy of Independence Day, which would probably make good propaganda), and most interestingly, a partial copy of CATS' research into sonic technology. The latter seems to have been added at a later date by someone who breached the vault like you did.

Also, boxes and boxes of Twinkies. The cabal go through about a third of what's now the world's reserves of Twinkies before deciding to bring some back to reverse engineering.
Bring "EVERYTHING" back to study and reverse engineer. What my best workers do in their spare time? (Quinn, jeb, and Ziggy?)
((two things. The harshness of that review is entertaining, also it just dawned on my how much good stuff came from that capsule. Especially the twinkies and CATS device.))


The closest TOL base is somewhere in Mexico. From there you will have an easy time getting anything interesting to the bases under your control, but until then...

# One convoy. Either you get everything, or you get nothing (or have to fight a road battle).

# Small shipments throghout the year. At least one is very likely to be caught, but most stuff will get through.

Jeb is mostly busy alternately coordinating the space teams, or BASE jumping from Tokyo's skyscrapers.

Ziggy is trying to solve the whole "everyone is an obligate vegan" issue by seeing what an acceptable proportion of meat paste to chemicals used to render meat into paste is. You suspect that he can probably eat a lithium battery and survive. Even the MECs won't touch his food.

Quinn is...

(There's some CATS stuff that was added in case they failed; this is the timeline in which they did fail, so.... Hey, you DID find Area 51 by sending extra people on a scouting mission in the right territory. It was supposed to be a bit of an easter egg but I couldn't give you an actual UFO!)
((I was hopping for a stash of radioactive waste or a superweapon, maybe some kinda advanced flight system. But this is way to good to be real. Lmao))
Hmm... I'm Feeling like all my luck is on that roll. We're going to take back things in small shipments. Also, keep track and inventory. We don't want to lose anything valuable and if we do I want to know what it is so that we can possibly stealing it back.

Add extra security to the CATS and information shipments.

"Ziggy, if your going to make something to eat. You better damn well be willing to eat it yourself before asking personal to sample it"

(All concentrated radioactive waste was destroyed by God, as per the LB books. You can build harvester trucks to harvest the diluted stuff from the 1950s Nevada tests, if you build a base there. There are 3 ways to get enough glowy stuff to make a nuke and you found one of them)


Ziggy has been keeping to that rule. Mostly. Two MECs had to get new stomachs so far, but he's fine. As it is, he's getting pretty good at the whole "toxic trooper" thing. You do have an almost complete Troma Pictures catalog in your databanks.

# Physically add extra security, War Rig style.

# Generate a deception.
Arms and armor. send either quinn with her best combat gear, or Ziggy with whatever nightmare he's been concocting in his spare time.
File: iu[1].jpg (86 KB, 400x400)
86 KB
Excellent point. Heh heh heh heh.

Both. And let's give them sniper support.
Rolled 37 (1d100)


Most of the stuff is transported to Mexico via moving vans and RVs; one of the RVs is intercepted - it looks like that it has been bought by your agents from a small-time moonshiner - but all you lose is a few fairly obscure movies.

The info shipment is done partially through the network - slow as it may be, over a year there's quite a bit of stuff that can be transfered over the phone lines -- and partially using the moving vans. One moving van is up-armored internally. One of the teams misunderstood what you meant by up-armoring and made this thing instead; maybe it will come in handy some other time.
File: iu[1].jpg (497 KB, 1240x775)
497 KB
497 KB JPG

Quinn is hit on by Ziggy the entire time; the guy ends up spending part of the trip on the roof of the van.

Much to your surprise, the move happens without a hitch! It's anyone's call on whether the abandoned air force base is compromised as a location, or not. You now have fresh movies of studio quality, the first in centuries, (Christian movies still manage to be bad even if they have no competition, and there's only so much TOL folk can do in terms of movies... Except for porn), a couple of boxes of Twinkies, and perhaps most importantly, information on CATS' sonic devices. You note with some satisfaction that they also had figured out to use sonar to detect Angels, except your system has better range and more resolution.

Jeb is overjoyed at the knick-knacks that showed up, like old USAF unit patches and the like; they make for very good rocketry prizes.

Heheheheheheh. I see what you did there.))
It's been a good year. Guess a good number of our men can now enjoy some good movies and snacks. I do plan to use almost all of this over the next couple of years.
File: flipside_strat_status.png (64 KB, 1600x937)
64 KB

Sarsour begins his tour in Central Africa, where neither you nor TOL have significant assets. He seems to be mostly interested in stoking believers' enthusiasm rather than gaining converts, which would be weird if it wasn't that the world is pretty bland.

Unsurprisingly, the TOL media division takes credit for the new material.

The base in Tokyo is fully manned, and ready to assist your production endeavors!

BRIGHT EVENT: Raymie Steele has heard about the fireworks and rocketry, and will visit the Christian rocketry group this year. They plan to put on a magnificent show on Christmas Eve, and ask for assistance from Jeb's people.... sort of; it's worded more like a challenge.

# Ignore.

# Offer assistance.

# Try to upstage them.

You have 6 cabals available. Your sysadmins keep your systems in top shape. Due to the new availability of Twinkies, they're getting a little pudgy.

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region you have no presence in, to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of discovered opportunties.

NW America, Japan, Central Africa: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research.

# Produce MECs at a base. This adds one dot to the MEC cabal counter. All your base can work on this.

# Use a base to produce propaganda and infrastructure to bring a territory under your control (Osaze: 2/5; Pacific Islands: 0/5)

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research.

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and one of your MECs to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not generating TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 5 jobs available (20/40/60/80/100 success):

# Estabilish a base in a region where you have no contact, just by finding a suitable location and moving in.
It's obviously a trap. Not that it isn't a clever one. Mearly send some fireworks and a large rocket firework. Apologize for not being able to attend, "we have our own celebration this year, please accept these as a gift. And an apology for not attending."

The Christian rocketry group, called Unto The Most High, accepts it and sends a note of thanks and an enormous tray of baked vegetable casserole (Because pancakes are too secular.). Given your progress recently, it's safe to say that they've been left pretty behind; your rockets are likely to be used for the grand finale.

(I streamlined MEC production a bit; basically, each base that successfully executes the "shift production" order gives you a third of a cabal, see the dots)
We will continue MEC research and control of Osaze. Quinn will split efforts with propaganda and the research. Jeb will assist research. I will apologize to the space race team.
Ziggy will... eh let's give Ziggy a vacation as long as he gets to be safe.

I will also assist with propaganda by mixing the audio from the movies and combat footage of our troops, so long as they aren't identifiable in the footage.

Finaly, at the start of the year. The day of the week who handles sensitive information, as well as military action and logistics gets a conference call from Omega. Who has good news.
((three on MEC research and 2 on Osaze))
File: syndicate-03[1].jpg (92 KB, 600x280)
92 KB

The faith of the people of Osaze does not waver, but their youth feel that they have been robbed of the chance to be truly alive. Some even openly question whether it's fair that their ancestors even now burn in Hell for the crime of defending their culture. Your efforts are well aimed; Osaze's party scene is thriving and raids tend to always come in fifteen minutes after the joint has been cleaned up.

Jeb's group understands that having all the cabals work on MEC technology is useful -- after all, it means being free and young for longer -- but they aren't happy that, spurred by Raymie's visit at the end of the year, their competition has mostly caught up with their techniques.

Your propaganda videos are dismissed as "crude fakes" by TV hosts who seem to never get asked exactly how they can tell, but the tapes keep being circulated.

Sarsour's preaching is... interesting. He's not really interested in the "convert or die" argument. Instead, he spurs small missionary teams to organize in bigger groups, akin to your cabals, and lead by example, by working side to side with unbelievers if necessary. This could be an annoyance...

For the first time, more than half of the current small batch of MECs that are revived to keep your numbers up come through the procedure functional and sane. At this point, they can pass for human even through a cavity search; their control panel is hidden by a tattoo, and its position can be varied. Skin can be regrown over cybernetics, and muscles and servos work in perfect unison; at a demo, Quinn faces off against a swordsman who she lets cut both her arms off, knocks him out fairly with just kicks and headbutts (and one impressive tit-slap that you know will be in every Packet from here to doomsday), and spends the rest of the entertainment in a mermaid costume inside a giant sealed acquarium made from a water purification tank, emerging only when her new arms have been built and letting an assistant put her back in her original configuration. Quinn's desire to show off her curves in simulated zero gravity aside, your MEC program has resulted in the perfect necromechatronic infiltration unit; they are harder, better, faster, stronger. The program needs a new direction, from the two that you did not pursue.

# MEC bodies can be made modular, so we should take advantage of this. A MEC torso can be fit into a large frame that can be optimized for battle or heavy construction.

# Bodies that fail full MEC conversion can be still used; the ones that come back insane can be fit with control systems and used as expendable soldiers.

Ziggy disappears for a good three months. He comes back with a rictus grin on his face (you actually worry that he has damaged his facial muscles) and the announcement that he has taught himself how to operate a grenade launcher properly and flamethrowers are for wimps.

># MEC bodies can be made modular, so we should take advantage of this. A MEC torso can be fit into a large frame that can be optimized for battle or heavy construction.

It's obvious why the expendable troops without minds be ineffective. What with all the ways the divine smite works. Not to mention how bad this is for public relations. Far better to make gear that can fight and keep on fighting.
(Ziggy's is obviously the joker, can we skip to the part where he gets some kinda horrifying obsession with humor and a maniacal laugh?)
File: char_162247_thumb[1].jpg (3 KB, 130x148)
3 KB

Mr. Monday and Mr. Wednesday get a message, and respond. They seem considerably less antsy.

"Hello, Mr... Omega?"


Quinn doesn't seem particularly interested - she likes her figure, plus or minus a cup size, or integrated claws, or combat heels. Heavy MEC designs begin in earnest. Jeb turns in a proposal that replaces a MEC agent's legs with gyrostabilized rotor systems, but it doesn't look feasible.


(Actually he's a mix of Ziggs from League of Legends, the Demoman from TF2, and a character that my significant other plays in a D&D game)

Hey, jump in, don't lurk! :)
((no idea how I missed demoman and Ziggs. So what are jeb and quinn based off?))

Gentlemen. It's, something to speak to you again, but this is as serious a matter as it is a joyous one. What do you know of a project the son of Lucifer started before these 1000 years called CATS?
((Omg! I never noticed we had someone new here! *Girly squealing*))

Monday says that he knows nothing. Wednesday tells you that CATS was the Custodial Arrangement of Telecom Systems, a minor agency within the Antichrist's government. "They had developed an algorithm to use Scripture to predict the next Divine plague. It was fairly good. It's why the telephones and data links worked right up to the Glorious Appearing. Both us and the Christians are still using a bit of their systems, undersea cables mostly."

"Is this important?" Monday asks. "The Army can be coordinated by broadcast radio."
Apparently there was more to it than just that. I'm going to send you an encrypted summery file and have the key delivered. You will know when you get it. Talk to you in two days.

((And so two days hath passed. And they find out about the project to shout down tyrant and his son))
File: flipside_strat_status.png (64 KB, 1600x937)
64 KB
Rolled 9 (1d100)


You do not get an immediate answer. One thing that however does happen is that some of the restructured missionary teams, spurred by Sarsour, have descended on Osaze.

Much to your surprise, they're not proselytising. They're installing ISDN lines, cell phone towers, solar panels. A few ancient industrial plants that had been left to gently rust in peace are bought up (or repossessed, there's no way to tell) and put back to work.

In better news, TOL has reestabilished themselves in the northwestern Pacific coast, at least to some point. Stories of the fortuitously preserved Seattle underground levels having become one giant den of "dopers and alkies" abound, although you know they are exagerated.
Hmmnn. He's basically doing part of our work for us. But the credit is going to tyrant. Clever man. I'm going to have to send a full MEC cabal and quinn to corner him and question his actions. Do so with guile, not aggression.

Later on in the year, Wednesday calls you back. He admits that he doesn't understand the physics, but that the plan might have worked... of course, Jesus never leaves the Temple, so it's a bit of a moot point.

Later on in the year still, Wednesday calls you back. He's done a bit of research; it seems CATS all disappeared during the Glorious Appearing. They were presumed dead with the rest of the Unity Army. What's odd is that none of the few people who worked for CATS and converted during the Tribulation are around either; either they're flat out gone, or they've been told to not mention their service with the agency, or yet have forgotten it. He looks forward to learning more about the sonic technology.

Later on in the year yet, Wednesday calls you back. He's not really sure what the whole CATS thing is about, but thanks you for the information and says that he will look into it.

Eventually, Monday also calls you back. He tells you that he wants you to work towards strenghening the army to take on the believers around Jerusalem; Lucifer will take care of TurboJesus; stop wasting time.

You have 6 cabals available. Your sysadmins keep your systems in top shape; with Osaze's infrastructure improving, you can think and work faster. Twinkies have now become a bit of a symbol of rebellion, and while they are not illegal, they are mostly stocked by TOL-affiliated pubs and dives.

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region you have no presence in, to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of discovered opportunties.

NW America, Japan: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness.

Osaze: Confront Sarsour in some way.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research.

# Produce MECs at a base. This adds one dot to the MEC cabal counter. All your base can work on this.

# Use a base to produce propaganda and infrastructure to bring a territory under your control (Osaze: 3/5; Pacific Islands: 1/5)

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research. Infiltration is maxed. Pursuing Heavy. Horde will be unavailable (confirm please!)

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and one of your MECs to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not generating TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 5 jobs available (20/40/60/80/100 success):

# Estabilish a base in a region where you have no contact, just by finding a suitable location and moving in.
Call them both back on video conference this time.

"I probably should have gone the direct route in the first place. Three seconds to ensure this line is secured. . . Done. The new files on your screens detail the CATS prototype weapon. This was made with the intent of disabling TJ rendering him incapable of acting. I wish to grant TOL the information and means to continue and finish the project. The main idea is to use it to disable tyrant junior once he comes out of the temple and give Lucifer better combat odds.

Monday, I am working on a way to take over the area surrounding NJ as well as a way of fighting against believers, angles and over 100's alike. Combat operations will have to be limited to using MECs to protect your basses and my own. I expect to be able to fight offensively in 5 years minimum, 10 years max

Also, the members from the Holidays raid are safely with me, they are getting ready to restart The Packet. It should be going out by the end of the year. Remember that we have a common enemy.

(And next post to coordinate this year.)

The two members of the TOL directorate acknowledge your message. The main issue with CATS' weapon is that you couldn't build it right now; you'll have to research up to it. This is simply because much of the technology used to build the components, while it still exists, is not in common use. (Sonic research tree added, starts at 1 because you found the cache, there may be more research trees, scout around the world to see if you find any)
1 Cabal with quinn to discover his intentions as well as determine if he will have to be executed.

2 cabals to work on MEC production

2cabals on the space race.

Ziggy will work with the space program, with increased supervision of course.

Jeb will start working on a way to mass produce his jet pack which I will give the designs to TOL to do the production work.

I will also give them the information to make the sonics projects themselves, highlighting the point that they could be made into disabling weapons to better defend bases. I will start scanning intensely to spot raids from Christian forces.


The next batch of MECs to emerge from what has been affectionately called The Vats is also the first that's ready to use the new modular system. The Mark 1 "Warden" exoskeleton requires the operator's head and torso to be stuck in the chest. It is propane powered, noisy, and can only operate for a few hours, but the agent doing the demo, Vee, manages to throw a storage container with a lead base overhead about twenty feet.


Jeb's boys and girls resume their launches with glee; by the end of the year they have a liquid fuel rocket that is as powerful as the solid fuel ones, and much more controllable. They've even managed to "soft land" a rocket into the water canopy for a few seconds, and have that rocket come back on a parachute, bringing back a water sample - it's very clean water, but seems to have a high concentration of deuterium rather than hydrogen. Ziggy assists the project by sharing his knowledge of explosives, acid, and fire safety (He's actually good at that, or he'd be very dead by now).

Jeb's pulse jet powered wing suit can't be quite called a "jet pack", although he's flattered by the moniker. He muses that someone wearing a jet pack might have survived the Mount of Olives judgement. He shares a blueprint of the last stable version (on actual blueprint cels!) which is met by a muted acknowledgement by TOL.

They have the same issue with you as far as the heterodyning plasma speakers go, but base defense seems like a good idea. The only thing you get other than an ackowledgement is a suggestion: if an autonomous sentry gun kills a believer, who gets zapped, if anyone?

Quinn and a small phalanx of MECs visit Sarsour at the outskirts of Amman; they are disguised as college students doing a documentary. Thanks to Osaze's improved networks, the camera has a small wireless transmitter in addition to tape, so you can see the event in realtime.

Sarsour has set up shop, so to speak, exactly opposite a TOL makerspace, in a litle gazebo; the man, at least 850 years old, walks with a cane and is wearing a pair of ornate brass leg braces with a small amount of springwork. He mentions that he got it from "your" makerspace, but that the Millennium Force kids are working on something even better. To demonstrate, he gets on his feet with a spring assist that would be impressive to anyone except possibly a group of undead cyborgs.
I don't have the manpower to set up those turrets I do however have the systems power to operate them.

If you would kindly prepare the system, I could man it in the event of a raid.

Mr. Monday agrees to try to do it. The bandwidth required would mean that they can only be installed in the Osaze base... which TOL still believe they control.

Removal then. But not just yet.

(Do you wnt to interact with this directly, or just give Quinn's team general orders on how to deal with the old misionary?)
No, instead focus on assisting on the improvement of infanstructure while possing as a TOL "missionary" group. I'll create fake ID's and a webpage.

(That's interesting, can you elaborate?)

Quinn and her group leave Sarsour alone. A few days later, a makerspace that does indeed have some rudimentary "Millennium Force" branding opens next to the TOL one. It has better equipment, but operates mostly as a repair shop, with little in the way of stuff like antweight bot fights or hackathons.

Similar scenes occur across the territory; while the official media is now talking about an Osaze Renaissance, they credit Sarsour for it.

Your network survey system can take advantage of it; Christian organization communications have mostly been in analog format all these years, but now Osaze is an exception. You learn that Sarsour intends to make sure that people don't learn to associate material progress with unbelief, "a mistake that led our civilization to the End Times so many years ago". You also learn that there are quite a lot of Naturals who are now fairly decrepit, all but stored away in pleasant but monotone nursing homes. While this only encourages the enjoyment of anticipating Heaven, they would love to be more mobile. Sarsour wants to open a research center, the first in centuries as far as the Christian world is concerned, to address geriatry issues. As it is, the Millennium Force people -- who present themselves in mildly alternative ways and even play the occasional bit of dusty Christian rock in their venues -- are doing well selling walking aids and so on. Their version is basically a copy of the TOL version, with somewhat better machining due to better equipment.

# Cooperate

# Compete

# Ignore
File: flipside_strat_status.png (64 KB, 1600x937)
64 KB
Beverly LaHaye has moved on to the Midwest.

Raymie Steele is still camping around Japan; he may be actively looking for a TOL base there. He's driven by it several times, but TOL bases MUST be underground, so they can't possibly be in the inner bits of large ruined skyscrapers.


( Seriously tha's super interesting, tell tell! )

((They pretend to be a city infanstructure improvement group that affiliates openly with TOL, and actually do improve a good amount of infanstructure. once Sarsour is out of the area we can restart the territory reclaiming.))
((I think Its time to actually kill someone. Also for TOL to make some noise in the West and Europe)).
File: flipside_strat_prompt.png (1 MB, 1024x768)
1 MB

Creating a parallel organization is fairly trivial for a logistics computer; the group is called תמהר\י Osaze ! and even makes some gestures of cooperation with the Millennium Force. They are raided after two weeks and get their stuff back with a non-apology apology after five weeks.

You have 7 cabals available due to efforts in MEC production last year.

Your sysadmin cabal keep doing their job and experiment with new Twinkie variants in their spare time. Ziggy has recently learned about spicy foods while doing research, and laments that there's no such thing anymore. His attempts to recreate the flavor result in a napalm-soaked Twinkie that makes for a great molotov cocktail replacement, but not even he can eat it.

Complexity 1:

# Send a cabal to a region you have no presence in, to see what unique opportunities that region offers.

# Take advantage of discovered opportunties.

NW America, Japan, Osaze: Sabotage or harass a Hero, reducing their effectiveness.

Osaze: Infiltrate the Millennium Force communication system.

Complexity 2 (50/100 success):

# Initiate or further research.

# Produce MECs at a base. This adds one dot to the MEC cabal counter per base. All your base can work on this.

# Use a base to produce propaganda and infrastructure to bring a territory under your control (Osaze: 4/5; Pacific Islands: 1/5)

# Recruit from TOL. This raises TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 3 jobs available (33/66/100 success):

# Continue pursuing MEC research. Infiltration is maxed. Pursuing Heavy. Horde is unavailable and won't be mentioned again in this playthrough.

# Attempt to eliminate a Hero using your cabals to set the stage and one of your MECs to deliver the killing blow.

Complexity 4 jobs available (25/50/75/100 success):

# Recruit from the general unbelieving population, this has the advantage of not generating TOL suspicion towards you.

Complexity 5 jobs available (20/40/60/80/100 success):

# Estabilish a base in a region where you have no contact, just by finding a suitable location and moving in.


(Sending a scout into a territory is complexity 1. Each territory has its mini storyline and sending a scout is how you start it. Apologies, I figured it was clear)
Ignore them, we can change tactics once the missionary's leave or can be routed

(( It's half clear. I'll give you that.))
In addition to creating a workout routine to prevent twinkies from killing my staff, sorry guys.

1 cabal to infiltrate the Millennium Forces com system.

2 cabals to take control of Osaze.

3 to work on heavy MECs

I ask TOL to assist with getting Steele away from the islands. More noise in Europe is welcome.

Quinn is on infiltration duty, the MECs have Ziggy working with them, Jeb for lack of better work will assist with operation: takeover Osaze.
((see ya tomarrow))

Your sysadmin cabal resents the exercise program, but once the rumor spreads that it improves MEC compatibility, "Teslacise" becomes a minor fad.


(Goodnight! Thank you!)


(Come on, delurk :) )
((don't know why we can't get more players?))

(I don't know :( I think we've got a few lurkers, but...)

Jumping thread!


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