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A Dark Souls 1 quest, inspired by thelegendaryp's The Wild Bunch videos
>Who are the Wild Bunch?: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7CjbXxDvrzNFi21syIJS5jzuAWmPVmGg
>Recap: http://pastebin.com/Uam3q9uk
>Character Sheets: http://pastebin.com/7QaUBscN
>Previous Thread: >>226951
You are Smitty Werben, the versatile swordsman at the very left of the picture. You are accompanied by four other undead who are close friends and fellow warriors on the same journey you are: Escape the expanded Lordran after it merged the different worlds into a single continuity.

He's the bro at the middle, your right-hand man with a mean left hook. He's the heavy hitter of the group and a devout Gravelord. Somehow managed to steal a Dark Hand.

>Bacon Bits (With a side of ranch dressing.)
The dude on the very right with the spiky helmet. He is a deft flanker who carries the sting of a hornet and is adept at close combat.

>Dragon Shit (RAWWWWRRR.)
The obvious draconic humanoid beside you and the group's wildcard. He wields a huge arsenal of random equipment and can breathe fire in a pinch.

>Greg (hey. i'm greg.)
Last one to be pointed out, at the middle-right. He is terse, soft-spoken and tanks like a castle. Big guy, even for you.

Along with other assorted characters you're recruited into the group. You're gonna need all the help you can get.


The rampant gargoyle dives onto the open platform as a last-ditch attack. The entire floor quakes, parts of which crack from the impact. The immense momentum causes the gargoyle to skid across the platform and fall off the ledge. Due to the self-damage it sustained, it is either dead or too weak to fly again—where Dragon Shit will finish it off.

Aurum manages to duck in time, while Tealah tackles Bacon Bits to protect him from being hit in the face with a stray wing. You are slammed into a, thankfully-intact, section of the wall and receive a mild concussion. Nothing an Estus swig can't solve. Greg manages to block a severe blow but his Wooden Shield isn't doing him favors. It's amazing how it hasn't broken apart yet and he insists on using it to keep his fast roll. Gurhen is tripped by the gargoyle's tail and...that's it. He's okay even though his legs hurt. Lastly, Aura the meek human sorcerer is skidding across the floor from the strong gust of wind created by the impact. Her twin sister rushes after her.

"Sister, are you okay?" Aurum asks in concern.

"I-I'm fine, I just scraped my knee, I think."

>Assess everyone's status and equipment
>Move down and regroup with Jagermanjensen and Renalyn
>Write in
>Ass everyone's assus and assuipment
>Assess everyone's status and equipment
No one got their assess seriously kicked, aside from the Gargoyles and their riders. Everyone's equipment seems to be in ass-kicking shape, bar Greg's Wooden shield. It looks like it has some cracks on it but it should hold up long enough to find a blacksmith. You recall that you're trying to ring that Bell of Awakening and bring it up with the group.

"I'm...not so sure about that." Aura reminds you that it was what the two of them were trying to prevent. Bacon Bits thinks otherwise.

"Hey, we went all the way up here and fought three whole gargoyles just to ring that damn bell like normal. It's a sheer waste of effort if we turn back now."

Meanwhile, Tealah asks Greg if Soapstones are still relevant. He says no.

>(Bacon Bits) Yes, ring that bell
>(Aura and Aurum) No, go back down and regroup with Jagermanjensen and Renalyn
File: I'm Sorry.png (218 KB, 512x512)
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218 KB PNG
>Didn't hit Update before posting
I'm so sorry man
>(Bacon Bits) Yes, ring that bell
needs more cowbell.gif
File: un.png (13 KB, 819x460)
13 KB
>"Sorry little girls, I have destiny to fulfill."

The seven of you walk over to the other side of the ruined floor, where the bellfry awaits. It seems...barebones. There's only four columns and a roof instead of a proper tower. The staircase leading upward is treacherously-narrow and doesn't even have railings. At least there are floors for a little resting space. You decide to move up alone.

As you ascend the stone steps, you see a full view of the surrounding area. The architecture seems gorgeous, in tits own way. The "east" chapel seems to be perched on top of a cliff, presumably leading to the Darkroot Forest. The place where Sen's Fortress used to be is replaced by an even larger series of fortifications cordoned off by a massive palisade.

Eventually you arrive at the top "floor" of the belltower. There's a lever nearby, presumably to ring the huge bell adjacent to it. You don't know how it would actually function since the stone masonry seems too thin to host gears but you pull the damn lever anyway.


HOLY SHIT THAT SOUND CANNOT GET ANY LOUDER.You hastily scamper down the steps, not too recklessly lest you trip and fall. The bell rings a few more times before stopping.

>"Well, I guess that's one bell down another more to go."

"What if there are more than two bells?" asks Bacon Bits. That sounds a bit preposterous however, it's not like there are new areas here or anything. With nothing notable left to do, you return back down to check up on Jagermanjensen and Renalyn.

You see the priestess slowly walking on two legs and dressed in the white garb of the Maiden Set. Her long, auburn hair flows out of her hood and her walking stance is uneasy. Jagermanjensen is holding her hands and is carefully coaching her.

"Oh hey, Smitty, how's the fight up there? I heard a loud thud."

>"Eh, there were three gargoyles and they got fancy riders. They got rekt, obviously."

"We got some nice loot though." Bacon Bits brings out the severed gargoyle's tail, which has straightened out to serve as an axe. "What now?"

>Head to the "east" chapel
>Return to Firelink Sanctum
>Stay here and rest
>Write in
>no replies
Alright, I'll just sleep for eight hours.

In case anyone plans to wait that long for a reply.
>Stay here and rest
>Stay here and rest

And we should continue putting the moves on Tealah. Maybe even see about finding a side-room for ourselves.
>in tits own way
>"Alright everyone, take get some rest. We'll need it for the battles ahead."

Dragon Shit enters the area from one of the hallway doors. He seems exhausted but mostly unharmed. He must've dealt with the fallen gargoyle and its rider. He walks into the room where Jagermanjensen and Renalyn were resting in earlier. Meanwhile those two move out to help the latter regain her walking capability. Aura and Aurum move to what is assumed to be the dining room to let the former rest for a while.

You walk over to the idle Tealah and startle her with a playful squeeze through her skimpy Balder Leggings.

"Wha- Hey! What gives?"

>"Hey, remember when you said to tell you in advance if we're gonna do it?"

"...Yeah? What about it?"

>"There's a perfectly good bedroom right across the hall. Wanna get to it?"

Roll 1d6 to see if Tealah's interested. (First roll only, no rerolls)
Rolled 4 (1d6)

Rolled 3 (1d6)

File: balder-set-large-f.jpg (103 KB, 600x624)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
"Well alright, it's not like we have anything urgent to do anyway."

The two of you move on to one of the vacant bedrooms. There's a recently-cleaned wooden chest, a simple white bed with an orange blanket and it has a small window on the stone wall. There's also a table with a candelabra, a bookshelf filled with various volumes of tomes and a couple of chairs. There's even a nice rectangular rug with dainty floral patterns. This room seems well-kept, maybe this is the twins' bedroom while they were posted here.

Tealah removes her helmet, revealing her very short, frizzy purple hair which complements her somewhat-boyish attitude. She places it on the table before removing her gauntlets and leggins. She lets them drop to the floor with a quiet plink. Next she loosens her pauldrons and slides them off her arms which also drops to the floor.

She bends down, as if letting you ogle her nice ass, preparing to slide down her tassets the way a girl would pull down their panties.

>Let her continue stripping while you strip yourself
>Tell her to stop at that point, the Balder Armor is hot
>Let her continue stripping while you strip yourself

Armor tends to chafe.
It's a good thing your equipment is relatively-easy to remove. You take off your Black Knight Gauntlets and set them aside Tealah's Balder Helmet on the table. Next up you undress your Dingy Robe and toss it over on top of the nearby chest. Lastly you pull down your Giant Leggings, which doesn't prove to be much of an obstacle since it's essentially a pair of trousers with armor plating and chain mail. You are now wearing a pair of white briefs you stole from some sod in a previous cycle since you got sick of the shitty-ass loincloth everyone starts off with.

It's been a long while since you've last exposed yourself like this. You look back to Tealah, who is now completely naked. Her slender physique possesses average breasts and a pale skin tone fitting someone from Carim. Her face is slightly angular and her eyes are narrow with green irises. You can't help but stare and the throbbing stiffness down on your crotch prompts you to pull down your underwear, stripping completely, and present your rock-hard erection to her. Your arousal flusters her, cheeks blushing with a rosy glow from embarrassed approval.

"You're really looking forward to this, huh?"

She fidgets in her place for a bit then spins around to give you a brief glance of her firm ass. You can't help it anymore, you quickly approach her and bury your tongue in her mouth. Both of you passionately kiss each other without a care in the world. Her embrace tightens and you shift one of your hands to grope her breast. Her smooth body brushes on your cock and you lunge towards the bed. The two of you topple onto the soft bed and break off from the amorous kiss.

"Let's...let's go further, I want you inside me. NOW."

You've been wanting to hear those words ever since you've turned her human at the bonfire.

Both of your breaths quicken. She lies flat on her back, opening her legs and starts fingering herself as if to arouse you further. You sit upright and begin to stroke your eager shaft, composing yourself in a quick respite. You lean over her, your dick sliding on her wet entrance. You keep teasing her for a few more moments, eliciting sensual breaths and begging moans, before you dip your manhood right into her pussy. She shrieks in arousal, wrapping her legs around your waist as you start pounding her. Judging from her lewdness, she's also really looking forward to this.

"Mnnnfffpph! Y-Yes! Keep going!"

Your faces lean closer to each other, her hands hugging your torso while you continue groping her breast with one hand and grabbing her shoulder with the other. Your lips lock again, sloppily licking each others mouths and filling the room with sounds of unrelenting lust. Her vaginal grip squeezes tighter as you feel a climax building up from within. Your aggressive tempo speeds up to greet the impending orgasm. You break away from the kiss again, this time to look at each other in the eyes.

>"Hrrrgh! I-I love you so damn much Tealah!"

"Yea-ah! Ah! I love you too! Smitty! Ah! AAAAHHHH-"

You both hit orgasm as hard as Smough hitting someone with his mighty hammer. Both of you yell out in unison as you tighten your embrace and lock up from the intense emotions. The powerful surges of cum erupting from your dick is accompanied by the restrained thrusting of your hips. You swear this level of immaculate pleasure could turn you hollow right-fucking-now. After what felt like a very lengthy period of time, you collapse on top of your lover then roll aside and sprawl all over one half of the bed.

>Write in

>legacy captcha: 420
>Relax for a bit, then rejoin the others.

Double nice.
You lie there on the bed, resting with a napping Tealah at your side. You decide to put your arms around her and cuddle the unconscious warrior. You close your eyes and bask in the afterglow. You want to enjoy this tranquil moment for as long as you can.

You open your eyes again. It's very dark. You groggily stand up from the bed to take a look out the window. You see night skies illuminated by an array of stars. That's the first time you've ever seen night fall outside of Anor Londo (when the illusion is broken).

Oh shit, you are hit with two revelations:
1. You fell asleep unknowingly.
2. Your friends are bro enough to not enter your room and light the candles. Props to them.
2. Mega-Lordran has a day/night cycle now.

>Write in
Wake Tealah, then go meet back up with our party.
>"two revelations"
>actually three
I'm sorry
You move back to the bed and wake Tealah gently. She groans as her slumber is disturbed.

"Ugh...what's...going on?"

>"We slept for too long, and now night has already fallen."

"Oh? Holy shit, should've woke me up sooner."

She shakily sits up and stretches for a bit. Then the two of you pick up your garments and get dressed before leaving the room.

The hallway is dark, but not as dark as your room earlier. The surroundings are lit by candlelight, with only Renalyn, Greg and Jagermanjensen in sight.

>"Hey, where's everyone else?"

"The hunter and the swordsman went out exploring," answers Renalyn, "They thought new things come during the night. The twins are asleep, and the draconic one is up on the roof to admire the stars."

>Wait for sunrise
>Go out and fetch the two
>Wake up the twins
>Have a random chat
>Write in
>Have a random chat
There's nothing really urgent going on so you decide to have a little gossip. You gather around the remaining individuals for some casual discussion. You bring up the gargoyles but apparently they've already been briefed by Gurhen and Greg earlier. Jagermanjensen tells you something he's been meaning to say.

"Heard you from across the hall. Sounded like you two were having a party."

Tealah giggles while your Gold-Hemmed Hood is doing a great job at hiding how bright you're blushing.

"Hey no judging here, Smitty." Jager puts up some jazz hands to lighten the tension. "I had some sex too, scored it with the priestess here earlier."

"You're making me blush." Indeed, Renalyn actually blushes. "Fortunately for us the rest of you were busy doing other things. The silent privacy helped things along."

Greg sits down on the floor, tersely saying "Wish we had a bonfire."

>"Yeah, would be nice for times like these."

"Why not just make one?" the priestess suggests, "We still have some random wood and all."

"Undead bonfires don't work that way." answers Tealah.

>Write in
>Go up top and admire the stars for a while.
File: night sky.jpg (59 KB, 614x384)
59 KB
>"I'm gonna head off and join Dragon Shit in stargazing."

You return to the ladder and climb back up to the upper floor. You see Dragon Shit by himself lying on the center of the platform. You look up to see the night sky while you approach him. By the flames, this is beautiful. The night sky of Anor Londo was gloomy and clouded while the sky over here just radiates peaceful tranquility. You sit down beside your draconic friend, who greets you with a soft, unintelligible grumble.

>"Hey, I'm just hanging out, y'know, just to look at the stars."

He asks if you think they're beautiful, and you agree with him. The twinkling of the tiny dots of light accompany the solitary moon beaming brightly on you. You glance at the floor, noticing a faint shadow being cast by moonlight, before returning your gaze up above. Maybe Gwyndolin actually has friends now. Dragon Shit asks another question, this time if you think there are other "greater beings" in this new Lordran.

>"I don't know, maybe the pantheon is different. Maybe there are six Lord Souls now, or Gwyn has a bigger family. Which reminds me, you got that gargoyle, right?"

He grunts approvingly.

>Ask him a question (choose inquiry)
>Stay for a bit, then return downward
>Stay here for a long while
>Write in
>Stay here for a long while
Ask him about his weapon.
No need. You know Dragon Shit just wields whatever equipment the rest of the group doesn't even use. Usually he favors like weapons like greatbows, greatshields and greatclubs, but he wouldn't hesitate to use small weapons when needed. Now that you think about it, maybe you could give some of the surplus weapons to the recruits. They might need it.

You just...hang out there. There's nothing really left to discuss with him. The two of you are on good terms, travel together and, well, that's it. Neither of you are scholars despite the philosophical discussion earlier. You sit there and let the stars continue to twinkle. One of the good things about being undead is that waiting is a whole lot easier since you're not in a hurry to live. The only thing you have to worry about is hollowing and going insane, which is unlikely. And you can always kill yourself to return back to a bonfire. You decide to take the opportunity to reflect on your journey so far.

First and foremost is that the plan to "kill absolutely everyone" is obviously out of the window. Plus, you managed to make some new friends. You hope other people would be just as sociable. This new Lordran is fairly beautiful now that you've stopped to take a good look at it. Maybe you could settle down back at Firelink with Tealah or something. Then again, the main reason why you wanted to leave this realm is to find a good, new home since staying here isn't really a good idea. Besides, this is the same Lordran as before except bigger and someone's got a headstart on plot. Enought about you, time to think about the others.

It's amazing how much life can change when you meet new people. Tealah so far is, well, everything you could look for in a love interest. She's a bit on the new side but she's got heart even though she doesn't show it. Her buddy Gurhen's faring somewhat better, he's a crack shot with that bow of his. He's also friendly and optimistic, good mindset to have when you're undead. The humans though, you hope there's an actual way to contract the Darksign for them. Eventually they'll need to eat or something

You stand up and notice that the tone of the sky brightening and Dragon Shit is gone, maybe long gone. You go back down to the lower floor to see Gurhen and Bacon Bits back among the group. Apparently they returned to Firelink Sanctum to listen on the town gossip and found some surprisingly good findings. Apparently the Undead Burg is now this whole new "Undead City", a more permanent settlement for various undead especially for those who have no further interest in adventuring. Also, people still believe the lie you told yesterday. Lastly, the "east" chapel hosts a bonfire in the main hall, using the corpse of a Channeler as "fuel". However it's guarded by an assassin judging from the signs of death literring the area.

>Write in

(comment limit reached)
(gonna take a break for a while, sorry for the lackluster updates)
>Brief the team. We make haste for this "Undead City" as soon as possible.
You tell the two to assemble the group. They split up and head through the different rooms to gather the rest. After a minute everyone is present, even the sorcerer twins who have just woken up. You tell them that we have a new objective: head to the Undead City ASAP.

"For what?" Greg asks flatly, raising an interesting point.

What are we going to look for in there anyway?
>More teammates
>Equipment update
>Catch up to the world
>Inflict the Darksign
>Write in
>Catch up to the world

Things are changing fast. We need to be ready to adapt.
>>Catch up to the world
>"We need to catch up to this new Lordran. We've only been to what used to be the Undead Parish and already it feels like we just conquered a mountain. Let's go to the Undead City since the folks there have learned more about this realm than us."

The group seems to agree with your point. Now to how are we going to get there.

>Detour through the "east" chapel first
>Head to the Undead City through Firelink Sanctum
>Go directly to the Undead City through a riskier route
>Write in
>Head to the Undead City through Firelink Sanctum
>>Detour through the "east" chapel first
Fuck assassins!

Perhaps literally, five MCs means five waifus.
>Detour through the "east" chapel first
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 800x800)
11 KB
>"Let's head through the remaining chapel first. Maybe we could enlist the assassin's help."

"IF we can get our hands on 'em." Bacon Bits skeptically says, "Fucker almost managed to get the drop on me."

The group moves out of the chathedral, the sun due to rise from the horizon in minutes. Renalyn seems to be walking pretty fine, having recovered enough from her leg injuries. The last chapel is surprisingly near, perched on a short cliff with a few extra floors. The ten of you stop just outside one of the side doors. If what Bacon said was true, then having to go up against an assassin would be a very tricky fight.

"Smitty, what's the plan?" Gurhen asks.

>Fall back and retreat
>Cautiously enter the structure, weapons drawn
>Write in

(pardon the poor sketch, but just hoping I get the idea across)
>Cautiously enter the structure, weapons drawn
>"Eyes peeled and be on guard. We're taking a risk."

You slowly open the door, the hinges creaking very eerily. You carefully step into the main hall with your weapon and shield in hand. The others follow your lead, trailing warily after you. Inside the main hall, a burning corpse of a Channeler serves as the "bonfire" of this room, with the deceased owner's trident in place of the coiled sword of other bonfires. Other corpses are scattered around the room, with various causes of death. One seems to be fully decapitated while another's face is riddled with Throwing Knives. These must be previous intruders who stumbled in the wrong place at the wrong time and couldn't keep going.

"I'm not seeing anything, anything odd that is." Gurhen shifts his watchful gaze to other key points around the chapel.

"Let's split up, then," Bacon Bits suggests, "We can take 'em."

>(Tealah, Jagermanjensen, Renalyn) Follow them upstairs
>(Bacon Bits, Greg, Gurhen) Follow them downstairs
>(Dragon Shit, Aura, Aurum) Wait with them outside
>(Smitty Werben) Write in
>(Tealah, Jagermanjensen, Renalyn) Follow them upstairs
>>(Tealah, Jagermanjensen, Renalyn) Follow them upstairs

Keep Renalyn extra safe until she is officially unkillable.
>"I'm going with you guys, the others can fend for themselves."

You accompany your love, your right-hand man, and his love up to the upper floor. You see a bunch of barrels and crates scattered about, some of which are broken and scattered.

>"Oh real mature, the twins did it better than you, whoever you are."

You slash away at one of the intact containers. There's no way this cheap trick will work on you again. How the hell did the earlier casualties lose to a Chameleon scrub? Meanwhile Renalyn feels uneasy about this situation.

"Have you ever felt like someone is really watching you?"

>"Well, that's par for the course when you're dealing with these tricksters."

Jagermanjensen stands guard beside her, placing an assuring hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, I swear I'll protect you."

Hidden from view, an ephemeral specter emerges, its ghostly visage brandishing an unseen blade.

Roll 4d6, order: Smitty, Jager, Tealah, Renalyn || best sum of three rolls
Rolled 1, 2, 1, 2 = 6 (4d6)

File: 1460608833886.gif (850 KB, 400x426)
850 KB
850 KB GIF
Oh god I hope other anon has this
Rolled 6, 4, 1, 2 = 13 (4d6)

Rolled 2, 6, 3, 3 = 14 (4d6)


something's getting FUCKED

Jagermanjensen sees a faint shape of a person moving in towards you. He intercepts a phantom blade with his Claymore, deflecting it from slashing you. He prepares to lunge his Dark Hand to drain the assassin's humanity but the opponent leaps back. A few Throwing Knives fly through the air, one grazes Renalyn's head and another cutting Tealah's shoulder and thigh. The priestess staggers back, clutching the side of her head.

"Ah! I-I'm bleeding!"

Tealah runs to aid her, Balder Shield raised. It's really hard to get a good bead on that ghostly figure. You're out of casts for Wrath of the Gods.

>(Jagermanjensen) Get this over with, Gravelord Greatsword Dance
>(Renalyn) Keep it together, Soothing Sunlight
>(Tealah) Keep wailing, swing your weapons
>(Smitty Werben) Write in
>>(Smitty Werben) Write in

Hit him with a dung pie so we can track him by smell.
(sorry about that, fell asleep)

Normally you use Dung Pies to inflict Toxic on hapless fools who hide behind their greatshields too much but you've got something creative in mind. From how Jagermanjensen clashed with the assassin and the origin of the Throwing Knives, you estimate where he might be standing and lob a nasty ball of shit. You hear a disgusted groan signalling a confirmed hit, and one of the intact crates crumple slightly. The phantom must've staggered from the sheer smell of the literal shit. You recall that the people who are assigned here are humans.

>Close in and attack
>(Jagermanjensen) AoE spell
>Keep throwing Dung Pies until you inflict Toxin
>Write in
>Keep throwing Dung Pies until you inflict Toxin
File: Shivas_bodyguard.jpg (31 KB, 305x696)
31 KB
You lob a few more mounds of shit at his assumed whereabouts, which splatter dead-on. Being distracted by the coating of dung, his concentration lapses and his illusory form fades into view for a brief moment. A lithe figure cloaked in shadows, holding a lone Iaito.

"Arrgh! How repulsive!"

Out of frustration, he charges at you with his sword over his head.

>Trip him
>Write in

And riposte
also nice trips

You stand there, staring blankly as the furious assassin raises his blade and prepares to vertically bisect you.

If only it was that easy.

Your left arm springs into action and deftly parries with your Grass Crest Shield. The maneuver surprises him, giving you a wide-open opportunity to lunge towards his face and impale his chest. Blood drips from the wound before you draw out your blade. He crumples onto the floor, bleeding profusely. He makes out one final statement before dying.


>Loot corpse
>Go back and check up to Renalyn
>Double tap
>Write in
>Loot corpse
>Shadow Set (chest garb is damaged)
>multiple Throwing Knives
>multiple Fire Bombs that are colored white
>Bandit's Knife
>Ring of Fog
>Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
>Six-Eyed Silver Pendant

You go back to the other three. It seems Renalyn is fine for now, having casted Soothing Sunlight while you were confronting the assassin.

"I'm so sorry for spending a good miracle in a panic, I'm not very used to getting hurt."

Jagermanjensen doesn't seem to mind.

"That's fine, you gotta stay alive until we find out how to get you the Darksign."

>Rest at the improvised bonfire
>Go downstairs for some loot
>Leave the chapel and head to Firelink then to the Undead City
>>Go downstairs for some loot
The four of you go back down to the main floor, you in particular head down another level while the others regroup at the improvised bonfire. On your way down the steps you meet Bacon Bits, Gurhen and Greg. The latter intercepts you.

"Nothing useful there."

Bacon backs him up, saying "Yeah, we checked. There's an exit that leads to Sen's Funhouse along with an abandoned blacksmith hangout."

As they move to the warmth of the Channeler's flaming corpse, you ponder on your next action.

>Take a break and rest at the bonfire
>See if you can mess around with the blacksmith's tools
>Leave the chapel and move on

>See if you can mess around with the blacksmith's tools
You arrive at the darkened lower room. The walls are simple, grayish brick-and-mortar with minimal decorations except for a small square window. Outside, daybreak has begun. Various tools and half-finished weapons are scattered around the floor. There's an unlit torch stand which you ignite with careful usage of a Fire Bomb. There's also an unlit furnace and a table as well. You have some Repair Powder you scavenged from the cathedral.

What will you try to do here?

>Write in
>Change my mind, go upstairs
>>Write in
Check weapon condition? Anything needing repaired? Ask around as well.
>>Write in
Upgrade that Iaito to like, +5 at least
Reinforcing and the like is in the league of actual blacksmiths. All the other undead can do is repair stuff with their boxes. Speaking of which...

Your equipment seems to be mostly fine, but there are some damaged goods you have with you (Robe of the Channelers and Shadow Garb). There's no one else in this room to ask with, unless you mean to go back up and ask about something with your friends.

>Repair the two armor pieces, gotta collect them all
>Go back up to ask someone for something
>Write in

(Pardon the lackluster updates again, motivation furnace is running low)
>>Go back up to ask someone for something
Ask our friends if they need anything repaired.
You go back up the steps to the main chapel hall. The group is sitting around the improvised bonfire. You don't know if it's actually working or they're doing it out of habit.

>"Hey! Anyone need anything fixed?"

"Nah we're good," answers Bacon Bits, "Although Greg's wooden shield could use a little fix."

The hooded man just shrugs and hands you over his beat-up piece of wood. Gurhen joins in, handing you his Long Bow. Back at the lower room, you simply repair the bow and wooden shield, like you would normally do with your repairbox at bonfires. You also patch up the open gashes on the Shadow Garb and Robe of the Channelers. Afterwards you go back up and hand over the repaired equipment to their owners. Jagermanjensen seems ready for adventure.

"So, are we good to go? Daylight's starting to shine."

>Yes, let's pass through Firelink and head to the city
>No, there's something we have to do here (specify)
>>Yes, let's pass through Firelink and head to the city
>"Yes, let's pass through Firelink and head to the city"

The ten of you move out of the chapel, letting the improvised bonfire continue to burn. As expected, it is a lukewarm morning and a couple of worthless hollows are in the area. Naturally, they are easily dispatched. There's so many of you now that the group splits into two groups as they descend through the elevator. Eventually you reach Firelink Sanctum, a central hub for various wandering undead. You hear a faint mention of the Bell of Awakening in the background chatter.

>Have a stop over (specify objective)
>Keep going to the Undead City
>Keep going to the Undead City
You pay the settlement no heed, better services could await in the city anyway. The path to what used to be the Undead Burg is surprisingly more secure than you remember. The upwards steps have been replaced with a wide path, enough for a small carriage to fit in. There aren't any pesky hollows to impede your progress, especially with the presence of the guards from Firelink keeping a watchful eye on the surroundings. You pass by other undead travelers going to and from the two locations. The ground near the cliffside is larger, and there is a rudimentary fence to help prevent people from falling to their deaths. The "tunnel" leading to the is significantly wider, and its elevation is decreased thus reducing the need for a flight of stairs. The doorway is also larger and inside a thin but steady stream of undead traverses these halls. Renalyn doesn't seem comfortable with her surroundings but she soldiers on. You reach some kind of checkpoint, three armored guards welcome you to the Undead City. You keep going the way you remember and ascend one more flight of stairs and eventually reach the welcoming area of the Undead City. There are so many of them, wearing different clothes and armor sets, in various states of hollowing and doing different tasks. Some are making their wares as merchants, others are helping clean the streets. There is even a beggar who is being shooed by a city guard. The architecture is in much better condition than the old Undead Burg despite its broader layout, with various buildings serving various purposes.

>Find an inn
>Go to the pub
>Visit the marketplace
>Look for someone knowledgable
>Write in
>Go to the pub
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 600x600)
9 KB
As you walk around in your search, you take the time to examing the cityscape. The area still looks like a conglomeration of castles and structures like the old Undead Burg but, obviously it's much larger and different. The surrounding platforms seem a lot more stable and the decor is wholesome. You can definitely tell people are trying to live here. Good to know that there's a positive change in the realm's landscape. You look for a pub or a tavern or something as indicated by a near constant stream of patrons entering and exiting a particular entrance. Eventually you give up as every place seems just as busy as the next one. Fortunately, you're not the only one who tried to search as Jagermanjensen comes up to you with his findings. He says that there's a tavern-slash-inn by the lower levels that is publicly-accessible.

The ten of you venture down, passing through a variety of interesting sights. You're concerned at the fact that you are accompanied by actual humans, and you have no idea how the populace would react. Eventually you reach the aforementioned building on one of the main streets of the lower city levels. A portion of the patrons look like they hail from foreign lands like Renalyn and the twins. You can tell that some of them even hail from a completely different kingdom, maybe with a completely different situation.

>Get some food and drink for your still-human companions
>Ask around for information (choose topic)
>Find someone to barter with
>Write in
>>Ask around for information (choose topic)
A quest of some sort!
Also how to give someone the darksign.
File: Traveling_Merchant.png (265 KB, 243x481)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
You look around for an idle individual and spot a traveler sitting by himself on a square table, reading a book. You approach him to inquire for something to do.

>"Hey, is there anything to do? Me and my pals are looking for some adventure."

He responds to your inquiry with amicable glee.

"Have you heard? There's a cure for hollowing in Anor Londo, the Lords there are withholding it because it's in limited supply. Maybe you could venture out and grab some of that for an auction."

Yikes, word spreads fast in new Lordran.

>"Yeah...loud and clear. We're actually working on that but I'm also looking for ways to give people the Darksign. I have some human friends who are unironically seeking the curse."

"Humans you say?" The traveler grins sheepishly, "Those three?"

>"Wait, hang on-"

He turns around to yell an announcement at the surrounding patrons.


They freeze in place as they focus their attention at Renalyn and the sorcerer twins. The unwanted gaze is making them nervous. After an awkward pause the audience goes back to whatever they're doing, one particular individual is mumbling something about no longer being the only human in the area. Bacon Bits sighs in relief with not having to deal with unnecessary drama.

"Well, that was fun. Is there anything else you want to talk to me about?"

>Yes (choose topic)
>No (Write in next action to take)

(Sorry for the lame reply, I'm going to sleep for now. See ya'll in 12 hours—because I have a delaying routine in the morning)
>>Yes (choose topic)

You cup your hands and prepare to yell out your own announcement when suddenly Greg swoops in to stop you in time. He points towards a gangly, hollowed crone wearing a tattered hood that obscures much of her features.

"You..." she begins, speaking in a ragged, weak voice, "Are you...a sorcerer? I'll teach...Animism."

She's clearly ailing from old age and tries her best to continue speaking despite the heaving breaths.

>(Aura and Aurum) No, but you have a couple of individuals who are
>>(Aura and Aurum) No, but you have a couple of individuals who are
>"But I know someone who are. Aura, Aurum, I need your attention."

The twin sorcerers walk over to you attentively. "What do you need?" Aura politely inquires.

The hollowed crone hacks and coughs for a bit.

"Young protege...interesting...I want to teach...Animism..."

>Let her
>Let her but ask for something in return
>>Let her but ask for something in return

She has to help us make her young and sexy again.
>"Alright, under one simple condition."


>"You're coming along with us in our journey, mainly to get your youth and beauty back."

Greg and Bacon Bits give a thumbs up from the corner of your eye. The crone -tries- to laugh at the suggestion but it comes off as the sound hollows make when a Claymore is jammed in their face. You awkwardly smile and pat her on the back.

"Goodness...restoring youth...if only...hehehehe..."

>(Aura and Aurum) Get started with the lesson
>Ask her about something (choose topic)
>Write in
>>(Aura and Aurum) Get started with the lesson


Make the witch human with some humanity and then investigate if perhaps the God's had some sort of fountain of youth.
Sorry for the delays, had to deal with IRL errands

You hand over a shred of humanity to the hollowed crone. Her response could be classified as thankful.

"How...nice of you...stranger..." She sounds asthmatic as ever. "I could....use a bonfire..."

>"Is there any?"

"A park...down the road..."

You shrug and lead the group out of the tavern, with the new individual in tow. However you consider her not to be part of the group, at least not yet. Her gait is weak and slow-paced, her elderly pace prompts Renalyn to help her along. She's still getting used to holding hollowed undead. At least she moved her out of the way from a wayward urchin who would've brushed her shoulder. En route to the public park, Aura walks in front of the crone and asks politely about her craft.

"Excuse me, what is this 'Animism' that you speak of?"

The crone sounds like she's chuckling.

"Hoo hoo hoo. Animism is...new sorcery...using souls...to animate objects. It can be...useful, but...here it is...unpopular..."

>"Because your resource is money that could be spent on other things, I think."

"You are...correct..."

>Keep going to the park
>Stop here and let her take a break
>Write in
>>Stop here and let her take a break
>>Write in

I'm telling you Bacon Bits. When this bitch is back in her prime. You're going to drive straight to pound town and never leave.
>"Hey, why don't you take a break? You've been walking for a while and the bonfire can wait anyway."

"That would...be...appreciated..."

The hollowed crone stops and Renalyn helps her sit down near the doorstep of a closed household. While she takes the time to catch her breath, you turn to Bacon Bits for some personal chatter.

>"I'm telling you Bacon Bits. When this bitch is back in her prime. You're going to drive straight to pound town and never leave."

"Pffft yeah right. While that would be nice, we don't even know if we can turn her back or something."

Looking back at her, both of you speculate what she used to look like. No concrete guesses so far.

>Let the crone rest before moving on
>Ask for a demonstration of Animism
>Write in
>>Ask for a demonstration of Animism

Nice trips by the way
The hollowed crone's breathing sounds to have improved.

"I suppose...it's the least I could do...in return..."

She procures a small animal skull, some twigs and a couple of animal bones before binding them together with some twine and maybe animal sinew. Aura seems frightened while Aurum continues watching intently. The hollowed crone assembles a small totem-like object that fits in the palm of her hand.

"Souls...the essence of life...normally used as a resource...can be placed in a makeshift body...with arcane knowledge..."

The construct twitches to life for a bit, scuttling in her palms and looking at its surroundings.

"Of course...the larger the creation the more souls needed to enchant it...and the harder it is to control..."

Her hands snap shut, crushing the construct into pieces and ending its meager animation.

"I have spent my entire life...honing this mystic craft..."

>Move on to the park bonfire
>Ask a question (choose topic)
>Write in
>>Move on to the park bonfire
Renalyn assists the old crone up and the group continues moving down the wide street. You arrive at a moderately-sized open space that serves as the city's park. The crone mentions that there are other parks but this one's the largest; perhaps to make up for how three of its four sides is cordoned off with the surrounding buildings. The public bonfire is located at the center, underneath a wide gazebo to protect it from rain or something. Fortunately, no one seems to be sitting by the bonfire. Perhaps the city's amenities prove to be a better distraction. With the humanity you gave her, she takes the opportunity to reverse her hollowed state.

She's an old lady alright. Her fair skin carrying its fair share of wrinkles and her thinning, gray hair is moderately frizzled. At least she's a whole lot healthier than when she was hollowed.

"Your kindness is appreciated. Is there something else you need?"

>Ask her to tutor the twins
>Ask her a question (choose topic)
>Write in
>Ask her to tutor the twins

They really need to git gud
>"So, while you're here, you're going to teach it to the twins, right?"

"Indeed so, as per agreement."

The old lady beckons the twins to stand beside her. Her first instruction is to look around and fetch for material. Twigs, sticks, bones, blades of grass, twine, and other stuff. Something to do with crafting, you suppose. You could supervise their education, but there are other things to do here. It's a big city, after all.

>(Aura and Aurum) Watch over the learning process
>(Tealah) Visit the marketplace
>(Gurhen) Admire the scenery
>(Dragon Shit) Have a duel with someone
>(Renalyn) Have a random chat with a random stranger
>(Bacon Bits) Visity the armory
>(Greg) Visit the library
>(Smitty Werben) Write in

(Sorry for the short update)
>>(Greg) Visit the library

Look for books about how to reverse aging/ elixirs that bring about youth
File: tegaki.png (24 KB, 800x1200)
24 KB
While the sorcerer twins get a lesson on basic Animism, the rest of the group splits up to do their own thing. Tealah will go to the marketplace to spend some souls on shopping. Gurhen decides to simply wander around and admire the scenery. Dragon Shit heads off to the sparring arena for some wholesome duels. Renalyn will stay in the area to have a pleasant chat with some strangers. She's aware that this place generally isn't shady for any suspicious activity. Bacon Bits will take a tour of the nearest armory to catch up to the latest arsenal trends. Lastly, you will join Greg in reading at the library.

After asking for directions a couple of times, you find a sizable structure reminiscent of the Duke's Archives. There are multiple floors with starcases crisscrossing the differing elevations. Volumes upon volumes of books and tomes from a wide variety of subjects all across the numerous shelves. There are other undead in the establishment doing their own business. The place seems a lot less populated than the tavern. Obviously, the atmosphere is quiet as it should be.

"Hoo boy."

>"Yep, long day ahead of us."

Roll 2d6 to determine how successful the duo is, and how good are their findings. Highest sum of two/three rolls.

>1 - They don't find anything and they just wasted a lot of time
>2 - They only find vague hints and partial clues
>3 - The solution is accessible but difficult to work with
>4 - There is a treasure somewhere in Lordran
>5 - They find a surprisingly-accessible and convenient solution pretty quickly
>6 - They don't even need to search, a passerby tells them of something that's already in the city

(I would stay for the roll result but I have to sleep)
Yes, Smitty and Greg's attempts are counted as two individual attempts on the roll chart.

Sleeping for reals this time, see ya'll in 12-14 hours (depending on how early I go on my morning commute)
Rolled 4, 2 = 6 (2d6)

(Yes, we're in autosage but I'm still gonna run this thread until it sinks.)

Greg starts his search near one of the bookshelves while you opt for a more practical approach and simply ask someone. You approach a seated scholar, dressed in Vinheim clothes, studiously reading one of the handful of books near him.

>"Yo, uh, sorry for interrupting but I need your help."

The scholar sets down the current tome he's been reading and turns towards you. Luckily he's not upset at the disturbance.

"It's fine, I was just reading some fine novels. What do you need help with? Just don't expect me to do any lifting."

>"I'm looking for ways to reverse aging and such. I have an old, undead buddy who wants to be young again."

The scholar seems intrigued, he looks back to his pile of books and retrieves a particular one before skimming through the pages.

"I'm no loremaster like that Maati fellow, but I'm sure there's something...ah...here it is."

He presents you two adjacent pages showing some complex, arcane diagram that is beyond your understanding.

"The Primordial Crystals hold eons of youth in them and can turn back the process of aging with its innate power. I don't remember the details but there is a tale of an old man. He brought a company of miners to harvest the crystal to research its properties. He sampled one of the available crystals and turned himself back into a youthful child. Unfortunately, said child was the only survivor of the expedition as the disturbance awakened a sleeping guarding that wiped out everyone else. Needless to say, every subsequent attempt to repeat the man's feat is an impossible gamble."

>Thank him and move on
>Ask for alternatives, if any
>>Thank him and move on
>"Alright, thank you very much for your time."

"It was a pleasure."

You look around for Greg, who is immersed in reading a different book. You tap him on his shoulder to get his attention.

>"Yo Greg, I got something we can look for. It's in the crystal caves."

"Huh. Okay."

He puts the book back to where it belongs. From a brief glance, you see something about "Izalith" on the cover. Perhaps a study of Lost Izalith.

The two of you walk out of the library with newfound knowledge.

>Check up on the twins
>Stop the tutorial and embark on a new journey
>Visit the marketplace
>Visit the tavern
>Visit the armory
>Write in
>>Stop the tutorial and embark on a new journey

>Write in
You'll like the way you look. I guarantee it.
You and Greg head back to the park. Aura, Aurum and the crone are sitting together. Aura is holding a small construct in her hands and the other two are looking at it in wonder.

"Excellent work, student." the crone compliments, "I see great things from you."

Aurum looks a somewhat downtrodden. "Gee sis, I sure wish I could pick up Animism just as quickly as you."

The crone tries to assure her. "Young one, Animism is a difficult art that involves complex factors beyond our control. It's more challenging for you, but it is not an impossibility."

>"Yeah, and there are plenty of opportunities to prove yourself."

The three ladies look at you in calmed surprise.

>"Besides, me and Greg found a way to restore the old lady's youth but it won't be easy. We'll have to head to the crystal caverns, and with Lordran different than I remember, it could be anywhere."

"I do believe it is near that Anor Londo place." the crone points out.

>"You'll like the way you look, I guarantee it. By the way, what's your name?"

The crone shakily stands up on her own, dusting some dirt from her tattered robes.

"I am...Cristen. I remember you having other friends with you, where are they?"

All over the Undead City, you think. Who are you going to fetch first?

>Dragon Shit
>Bacon Bits
>Renalyn and Jagermanjensen
(Pardon the short update, got sidetracked with errand work)

>"Let's look for Tealah, she's at the marketplace."

The five of you end up in a wide, "open" area that's filled to the brim with stalls and shoppers. Some of the other buildings at the side are entire stores on their own. The atmosphere is loud and hectic, filled with chatter from various undead.

"I...I don't know if we'll find her at this rate." Aura says worryingly.

>Split up
>Stay as a group
>Call for her
>Look for someone else
>Write in
>>Call for her
You cup your hands and yell Tealah's name. The twins fruitlessly join you in beckoning your girlfriend. The yelling merely blends into the background, obscured by other merchants plying their wares. Greg taps you on the shoulder, pointing towards Tealah over at the other end of the bazaar. She's still doing some window shopping. You walk up to her, waving as she notices you.

>"Yo Tealah!"

"Smitty! How's it going?"

>"Just fine, we got another mission to work on, aside from Anor Londo."

You take a few minutes to get her up to speed with Cristen and Greg helping you with a couple of verbal fumbles.

"I see." She places a hand on her waist in interest, "That sounds like a really nifty treasure but you think we'll get that far?"

>"Of course, but we need our full group for this."

Who should we fetch next?

>Jagermanjensen and Renalyn
>Bacon Bits
>Dragon Shit
>Jaegermanjensen and Renalyn
>"We're gonna have to look for Jagermanjensen and Renalyn. From what I remember, the priestess was going to have a chat with random strangers."

"They could be anywhere in this city." Tealah adds.

>"What about the tavern earlier?"


I'm afraid I can't keep going like this. It started out at something goofy and silly yet it expanded into something I can't handle. The introduction of original elements certainly threw me off. Yes, this means that I'm cutting this quest early rather than force myself. Not to mention that I can't keep running two quests at once.

I'll try again with a different cast of characters in Majula or something. Sorry for disappointing you.
Curse you! Nah man, don't worry about it. Although if you ever do this again, just keep going with this one. Fuck restarting.
Alright then, thanks for playing, oh loyal one.

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