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=Thread 12=

You are Delilah, a young girl in a hapless world. It hasn't always been that way for you, but life has taken a turn for bleak and miserable. Events and circumstances that you can't explain have fallen upon you, and though you want to be a good person, there is plenty of resentment and hatred twisting around inside.

Will you be able to push past all of this, or will you succumb to a heartless and treacherous society?

=Important Information=

Story Thus Far (Raw and a mess, will work on cleaned up versions.):

http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04 Part 1
http://pastebin.com/eGfGW8jV Part 2



Quick Glance (SPOILERS) The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.:


Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Text chat with me and some other players. I post up silly sketches and answer some questions related to the quest. I mostly act cheeky though.

Last Thread: >>215369
You decide it would be best it you spent the day with Eric and Sarah. It would be smart for you to not stick around with people you haven't been seen with before, and they seem the most able to protect you if needed.

Lets...hope that its not needed.

John and Lawrence are preparing to head out, Sam going out on his own to stock up on medicine. You rush up to Lawrence as he is zipping up his coat.

"If you get the chance...would you please look for my bunny?" You're hoping that Ms Buttons just fell out or something...but that wouldn't explain your underwear...

Part of you hopes that he finds that too, but on the other hand...it's your underwear.

Lawrence nods at your request, and you feel silly about putting so much emphasis on a toy.

"And....and make sure you stay safe..."

"Don't ya worry missy. If Law here gets scared I'll let him hold my hand." John chimes in, beaming as he looks up from tying up his boots. Lawrence takes the comment with a miffed stare back at John, who only chuckles at his reaction.

"B-But do be careful..." You remind him, hoping that it doesn't feel like you are coddling him. Instead of a nod or a simple 'yes' you earn a head pat and ruffled hair, Lawrence shooting you a quick but reassuring smirk. You give him a slight smile back, waving him and John off as they leave.


You let Eric and Sarah know that you wish to go with them today, and they are more then happy to let you tag along. Jessica is waiting to go with Mabel, while Aria and Marilyn have already left with Betty.

Briefly you wonder why Aria and Mabel didn't go out together when Sarah nudges you with her boot.

"You ready?"

"Ah! Yeah, just let me..." You tuck your leans into your own boots and jump up. It's a bit bizarre, seeing the two of them in front of you. Eric looks like he's ready to go into work, even wearing a sweater-vest and khaki pants. Sarah, on the other hand, is dressed in various shades, ranging from gray to black and looks like the type of person they warn you to not talk to at school. It's even stranger to remember that they're married to each other...

"Alright, you look set. We should be back before dark, but make sure you have everything you'll need today." Eric warns, and you feel inside your pockets.

Cash, knife, pepper-spray.... tampons...

"I'm ready to go."

"Nice, alright. Jess, we're heading out now. Mabel should be down any minute now." Eric brings up the rear, Jessica and the kids waving goodbye. You see Mabel down the hall...she looks to be in a mood. Sarah greets her and only gets a halfhearted hello back.

Out on the streets, it's cold but better then how it was in the night.

"Where are we going?" You ask, trailing closely behind the couple.

"Pft...the mall." Sarah doesn't sound thrilled by it.

"Honey you like the mall."

"Yeah like, when there aren't people there. It's a Friday! There's going to be all those girls walking about, skirts too short and heels too tall, yammering away at each other. Gross. Besides, it's a crappy little mall."

"I think it's a nice place. You should try to be more positive."

"And you should try to be less annoying." Even though it's banter, Eric holds hands with Sarah as she says this, they're fingers tangled up in each other. You wish you had a hand to hold...

"Um...how far is it?" You ask, feeling like a third-wheel.

"Well...if we go down Jefferson, then we should get there in bout...half an hour?" Eric says, looking down at his wristwatch.

"Anything you need to look for? Like I said, it's crappy...but it should have the usual mall junk."
Y.yeah. Some... uhm... stuff...

We need underwear, but God is that embarrassing to even think about admitting, especially with Eric listening. We should probably also pick up box of tampons just in case.

Try to be subtle and change the topic by asking why someone would steal a girl's underwear. Like, all of it.
Yeah this
I third this motion.
Sorry about wait, I was busy getting hot and bothered reading articles
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Reading an interesting Article! How extraordinarily lewd!
"I do need to get some-...s-stuff..." If Eric wasn't here then you would feel a little better about admitting what you're missing, but even then...how embarrassing. Who's panties just go missing? It would probably be good for you to stock up on...on your 'feminine' items too...

You don't want them to ask you to elaborate, so you decide to change the subject.

"This m-might sound weird but...why would someone want to take a girl's underwear?" Eric chokes as you say this, looking as if someone has struck him in the chest. "I mean like...all of it too..."

Sarah looks at you with an uneasy expression, eyebrow raised while her husband attempts to recover from your questioning.

"Why...would you need to know? Are you missing some?" Sarah asks slowly, watching your face.

"Ah-...no no I just um...h-heard about it...it sounds weird, you know? Why would someone want another person's used underwear?"

"It's because they're use-"
"Sarah! D-Don't tell her that...! Just-" Eric stops Sarah but struggles to find a proper rebuttal. Sarah rolls her eyes and mouths the words 'later'.

"I wasn't gonna tell her, mooooooom." She emphasizes the last part, frustrating Eric more.

Sarah has you walk between them this time, keeping her eye out on the streets.

"So, what grade are you in?" Eric begins questioning you, trying to push past his little episode.

"Um...I'm supposed to be going into seventh grade...but I'm not really going to school right now..."
"Why not join Sam in his study session with Marilyn? Or if you wanted, I could teach you what I do!" Eric sounds excited at this part.

"What...do you do...?"

"He's a secretary."

"I told you! I'm the manager's assistant's assistant-"

"He runs the errands around the office and staples stuff for everyone." As Sarah says this Eric's face shows hurt from the simplification of his duties. She notices this and offers some kinder words. "Actually, Eric is pretty smart though. Math and what not, crunching numbers. He should be working in one of those buildings downtown, you know, the big ole fancy ones that look like they're made of glass. "

"I'll just keep working my way up. I'll get my own office, we'll have a nice house with a fence and yard, and someone else will get the dang coffee!" Eric cheers up as he says this, an obvious dream of his. Honestly, he looks pretty dorky as he says this...but Sarah can't help but smile.

"Unless of course, my band takes off. Then you can follow me around on tour and keep the groupies away."

"Maybe if you guys stop sounding like a cat getting thrown into water, then you can take off."

"Hey, that's our style man."

The way they talk and look at each other...it's so nice. Your parents may have looked like a match...

But they certainly did not act like it.


From the outside, the two story mall looks impressive, if a bit undertaken care of. You wonder if Sarah was just exaggerating till you enter inside. You went to a mall with your friends once or twice before in your old town, but that place at least was full of people and welcoming.

This place is gray all over, empty kiosks and metal bars drawn down to cover the entrances to many of the stores. Over at the map directory, you can see where there was once plenty of listings many of the store names have been crossed out, leaving a handful for you to choose from.

"Alright sweety-bear..." Sarah wraps an arm around her husband, her free hand coming to crawl up his chest. "You go on and head down to that one store you like, the one with all the ties sorted by color? Pick yourself something nice, something to woo those guys at the interview. Me and BunBun here are gonna be looking around, okay?"

"I don't just like it cause the color code thei-"

Sarah gives Eric a kiss and he reworks his statement.

"Alrighty, you girls have fun!" He waves at his wife as he tries to keep himself from running down the hall.

"What a dork." She comments, waving him off. It sounds really sweet the way she says it though, and there's a lingering smile to her face.

You turn back to look at the directory, look at the names of places that might interest you.

Clothing Stores

>Child and Young Teens
>Sporty Clothes
>Nice and Trendy
>Lingerie and Night Clothes


>Books and Stationary
>Arts and Crafts
> Pet's and Supplies

Food Court

Which would you like to go to first?
Pets and Supplies
We need cute panties ASAP
>>Lingerie and Night Clothes
fuck buttercup
we need to get to the pharmacy so we can find something to purge this fucking demon fetus inside of our stomach
Let's get what we came here for over with, then we can have fun. We could pick up a collar for Buttercup, maybe a book or two. We could pick up some art supplies for Lawrence

Wasn't lingerie that really pretty underwear from the Plaza? Maybe we should see if we can get an answer out of Sarah about that. Lawrence was no help.

Oh, and we still had to find a hoodie.
"Hey Sarah..."

"Ah...what's this word mean...?" You ask as you point to lingerie[/b] on the map.

"Oh just like...fancy underwear and crap. Special occasion kinda stuff, most girls stick to buying granny panties in bulk and having just a couple around their drawers in case they get lucky-"


"...in case they get married. Or well, I mean..." Sarah sighs, preparing herself for what she's going to say.

"Listen...people will tell ya to wait till marriage till you get uh...intimate with someone. And that's fine, ya know? It's perfectly reasonable to wait till someone puts a ring on your finger. It's also okay if you choose to not wait for that day. Maybe you never wanna get married, that's fine. But chances are, you'll eventually find someone you wanna get close with...that way. And that's what these are for, when you get ready for that time. Dressed to impress, that kinda thing."

"Guys...like underwear?"

"Oh my God YES. It's crazy! When you get to college, keep your drawers locked up. Panty raids."

"Why not just a buy them..."

"Cause they don't want a pair from the package! They want like, the girl in them...that make sense? Or like...the fact that a girl was in them. They're the piece of clothes closest to a girl body and-...um well..." Sarah looks like she was going to explain more, possibly graphic, details but she stops herself.

"Er...a-anyways, what I'm saying is...guys love them. They love to see them on you, they love to take them off of you, and they love to have them after you've been wearing them. If a guy takes a pair of panties, that means he likes the girl who was wearing them, unless he's just an even bigger perve-" As she says this it looks like something clicks together for Sarah and her words trail off.


"Uh...sorry sorry. Anyways, if you want we can take a look. Nothing wrong with having a nice pair or two. Wear them when you need to feel confident." Sarah locates on the map where to go and leads you down the hall.

"How are they supposed to make me feel confident?"

"Well, they look sexy...you wear them and you look sexy then, yeah? You walk out with them on underneath and you just...you just feel sexy all day. Sometimes you aren't even planning to let anyone else see them! It's just a confidence boost for you and you alone."

You think about this as you come up to the store. It has a soft and gentle look on the outside, pictures of women in underwear and bras decorating the outside. They look pretty gorgeous...it feels somewhat intimidating to go in now...

"Man...way to bright for me...buuuut this ain't for me, it's for you. C'mon." Sarah gives you enough courage to walk in. Rows and displays of nothing but underclothes and nightgowns surround you. Frills and ribbons and lace and sheer fabric all around...

"Do girls really sleep in this stuff?" You ask, picking up a gown that would only come to your butt and see-through fabric covering the little else of a body.

"Well...if they manage to keep it on afterwards..." Sarah says offhandedly, looking annoyed to be inside. You'll be quick...

It feels weird looking through rows and rows of underwear, and looking at the price-tags you can see why girls only buy a few of them to wear...

Still, it might be some time before you get the chance to buy extra...and...it might be nice to have one for a confidence boost like Sarah said...

It's one of the most embarrassing things you've had to do, taking a pair of white silky panties up to the register, an equally soft white bow adorning the front. There were much more...risque...options to choose from and looking at it now it's almost boring...but you're much too embarrassed to try and choose anything else. The woman at the counter rings it up for you with no hesitation though, wrapping it up in paper and placing it in a little pink bag. You thank her, clutching the bag to your chest. Sarah looks more then ready to bail, rushing out with you close behind.

You ask to go to the pet store, which Sarah is happy to oblige.

Inside there are displays of collars, leashes, treats, fancy food, bowls, clothes, the works.

What would you like to find Buttercup, and where would you like to go next?
File: 1462463753499.jpg (27 KB, 640x454)
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A leash and some treats to train Buttercup.
Pick her up a nice, soft collar and see about getting a name tag for her. Find some treats to help with training.

Toy with the idea of buying, like, a bell or something for Lawrence.

Head over and see if we can't find something to read in the evenings. Hopefully without anyone stealing those, too.

Maybe we can find the story from Shannon's theater?
File: 515lg8aWvAL._UX385_.jpg (11 KB, 385x385)
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Wasn't expecting lingerie but nice.


In some anime quest.

But cute lingerie won't solve the problem of only having 2 pairs of panties.
Not right now, no, but we're following Sarah's advice. She's cool and smart, and she said granny panties in bulk.
find some chocolate for buttercup
then go to the school next
I'm a lurker on this thread and I just wanted to say, I've been following this thread since day 1 and you have grown as a writer. It massively irritates me that you are both an excellent artist and a great writer. Keep your voice as it is; Simple, bleak, and honest.
I love you.
File: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.gif (397 KB, 400x394)
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397 KB GIF
Lets buy shimapan in bulk.

Why are we talking in spoilers?

Draw more for us, pls.
But we don't have a deLorean, anon. How will we get ecchi otaku stuff when it's hardly even a thing yet?
You wonder about how hard it would be to train Buttercup...she's still a puppy, so maybe that means she has time to learn plenty of tricks, right? What do you need for that...

Treats...even if she's not smart enough to learn anything worthwhile it would be good to give her one occasionally. You pick up a box of milk bones, this should last a good bit so long as you don't go overboard.

Sarah is already looking at collars when you get over to the displays.

"Hey, would this look rad on me?" She asks, taking down a thick leather one, metal studs poking out of it all around. Sarah holds it up to her already necklace cluttered neck, sticking her tongue out and making a face as she does.

"Yeah, you look pretty r-rad...maybe you should look for one like that made for people."

"Oh you don't need to find special ones, dog collars work just fine. Fashion accessory or to keep your man in ch-...fashion accessory."

"W-Wait what was that la-"

"Fashion. Accessory." Sarah places the collar back and goes to look into the display with lizards running about.

...she was going to say keep your man in check.



You turn your attention back to the array of collars. What one would be good for Buttercup...

She's a light brown dog...white belly underneath...she needs a gentle color to go with it. You browse through the different selections, trying to choose the color just right for her.

Finally, you settle on a pink one...light in hue and a soft lining inside. It's not obvious, but when you hold it just right there's a light sparkle to it.

"Like a princess." You say, satisfied with your selection. You find a leash to match, and notice they have an engraving machine for tags. Through the different selections, you try to find the one that will suit her best...

You choose a small silver heart shaped piece, handing it to the man at the counter.

"You can have three lines on here. I suggest the pet's name, your name, and a phone number." He says, setting the tag into place.

"Buttercup is my dog. Put Delilah Espo-...j-just Delilah E will be fine. And...no number..." He doesn't question your choice and gets to work having the words written in. Small sparks fly off with metal shavings, taking only a minute till it's complete.

As the machine works you look over the other tags. There's a set of cat bells underneath the display. It wouldn't be smart for Buttercup to have one...but maybe it would be for Lawrence. Least that way he can't sneak up on people anymore.

For a brief moment the idea of Lawrence in a collar and kitty bell enters your mind. How cu-

"Here you go, ma'am." The man pulls you out of your cloud, handing you back the tag. As you take it, you realize what he called you. Maybe you really don't look too much like a boy...could be just your voice but...

You pay for all your things at the counter, receiving another bag to carry about.

"Sorry, I'm ready now Sa-" As you come up to her, you can see Sarah has allowed the tiny little lizards to crawl up her arms and shoulders. When she looks over at you, her face is filled with an indescribable joy.


She's reluctant to, but Sarah puts up the lizards into their box and walks out, her once joyous face now filled with a longing desire.

"One day I'll get one...or twenty..."

You're trying not to snicker at this, it's like the sorrow of a child being denied a toy.

"Hey Sarah? Have you heard about uh...what was it...the....The Man from...um..." What was that last part...it was a foreign name...

"It was about a guy...he fights windmills...um..." The name of the play escapes you, but not the song...you puff out your chest like your the man and recite the lyrics. "I am Don Quixote...the Lord of la...la M-...uh...."

"La Mancha, dude."

"You know it?"

"Nah, but Eric's a fan of stuff like that. He goes crazy over that musical crap. Careful though, you mention it and he won't stop. Ever. And then I'll have to listen to it. And then I'll have to teach you a lesson about triggering my husband." Sarah speaks from an experience unknown to you, but from her tone all you can manage to do is nod in agreement.

"I um...I just wanted to know if like...you think it might be a book?"

"Oh. Yeah, probably. You wanna go into the bookstore?"

"Yes please."

"Cool. Books are cool."


Down at the other side of the mall, you guys enter the chintzy little book store. If anything, its more of magazines and recent releases then an actual bookstore...you feel a bit disappointed.

"Ah sweeeeet." You watch Sarah bend down, picking up a magazine...in a black bag?

"What is that?"

"Latest issue of Ink 'n' Pink. It's so cool, lotta band stuff and like, tattoos and motorcycles and stuff like that too. I love it. Lot easier to take back then the lizards..."

You don't find anything here that you really want, and stick around to following Sarah instead. She looks through other magazines encased in black bags...how can she tell the difference? Well, there's the name card underneath each one but why are they covered up like that? The home-style magazines are like that...

Sarah ends up with three black bagged magazines...and one home decor one. You give her a look over this odd one and she gives you an explanation.

"It's for Eric."


You stand behind Sarah as she pays, looking out the store.

"Your total is thirteen dollars and fifty-three cents." The cashier has the slightest bit of an accent...you look over at her a bit curious. As she hands back Sarah's change you make eye contact and come to a startling realization.

The girl smiling warmly at you and without another thought...it's that man's daughter...the one who came running over when her father was startled by your arrival. Your heart beats painfully and she speaks up, this time to you.

"Ma'am, are you alright? Do you need anything?" She's trying to be friendly...right...she only saw you for a moment that day...she doesn't recognize you. She doesn't know what happened...she's just a girl a bit older then you working a job.

"I'm...fine. Thank you." Even though she has done nothing to you, it feels weird being civil to her. Before you leave with Sarah you make sure to take a look at her name tag...


You guys stand just outside the store. There's not anger inside of you just...a weird feeling...

That girl is just a normal teen...she has to be. Probably leads a normal enough life...a normal dad at home...

You...don't know how to feel about this.

"Hey, you feeling alright?" Sarah asks, looking down at you.

"Y-Yeah...yeah, I'm good."

"If you say so..." Sarah looks around a bit. "Let's see...I'd dig some food right now. You down?"

You nod and Sarah whisks you away to the food court. At a lone table you can see Eric sitting, looking lost as he bites into an over-sized pretzel. He lights up like a child on Christmas as Sarah comes up to him.

"Honey! I couldn't find you two at all! I thought you might have been into that one store...the one with the ladies up front...but I didn't go in to check."

"Why not?"

"Um...old lady..."


"There was an old lady at the bench in front and I didn't want her to see me enter the store by myself! What if she thought I was getting those for me!"


Sarah gets a large order of chow mein from a Chinese food stall, sharing with you as she eats her half expertly with the chopsticks.

While you eat, what would you like to talk about?
Consider asking if the child bears the sins of the father, though it did seem like we unintentionally gave Sarah something to think about earlier.

... we're not very good at being subtle, are we? Best to not keep trying lest we say too much.

Let's grill them on Eric bringing Sarah home to his folks. How'd he get past the weirdness that ensued? Maybe we can learn a thing or two if we ever... have someone bring us home to his parents.

... or something.
Striped panties are universal, anon. Im a striped panties specialist.

Lets talk about training dogs. Or lizards.

Or mention that you were looking for a book. Trigger that little guy!
You can't help but to think back to the girl at the bookstore.

Hanna...you know the name of the daughter but not of the man who hurt you...

"Do you think..." You begin to say but quickly shut your mouth, not wanting to say anything too weird or awkward.

"Hm? What is it?" Sarah presses, looking up from her food.

"I...think this is a weird question but um..." You twirl noodles around your fork as you think. "Do...you think it's fair for like...a kid to have to um...take the blame for something their parents did? Or like...to be mad at them cause of something another family member did..."

"You shouldn't get mad at someone for something they didn't do. Especially if it's something someone else did. A kid and parent aren't the same person." Sarah answers, and though she isn't scolding you it there's the sense of guilt for thinking about such a thing.

"Y-Yeah...I guess that would be dumb..."

"Happens though, you know." Eric speaks up, his attention on the conversation now. "Sometimes you can't find anywhere else to put the blame, so you find the nearest person instead. Not that you always do it on purpose, but sometimes it just happens. You're angry or upset and someone may come up to offer a hand and you lash out at the instead. Doesn't mean that you're mad at them but that you're just hurting and needing to let it out."

"Words of wisdom from the man who dresses like Bill Cosby."

"Do I really look like Billy Cosby?" Eric gets excited at Sarah's throw away comment, which she answers with another roll of her eyes. You decide to keep steering the conversation in another direction and look down at your bags.

"Do...either of you know anything about training dogs?"

"Don't ask him. He'd try to be stern with them and end up giving them the whole bag of treats right there." Sarah takes another bite of the chow mein and prepares herself to imitate Eric.

"Bu~t honey! Look at them and their puppy eyes! How could I say nooooo~" Sarah lowers her voice and gestures her hands to unseen dogs...this has obviously happened before.

"That's not tr-...anyways...if anyone would know how to train dogs, I imagine it would be either John or Sam. One of them worked with some during their time in service, if I recall." Eric says, turning away as Sarah tries to diddle his cheek. It's obviously a pleasure of hers to annoy him like this, Eric doing his best to keep away.

"Heh...guess what...?"

"...what?" As Eric asks this Sarah manages to land her finger against his cheek and a wicked grin graces her face.

"This hand was covered with lizards like...20 minutes ago. I didn't wash my hands."

You eat your lunch as you watch the spectacle of Eric doing his best to keep Sarah's tainted hands away from his face, Sarah taking that...what was the word...sadistic? Sadistic pleasure in torturing her hubby.

...you kinda take some joy in his suffering too.

Eric looks over at you, a pleading look on his face, he wants help...he needs it.

You look him in the eyes and mouth the words;


All remaining bits of hope break from him as Sarah manages to grab and rub her dirty hands over his face. Eric has given up, a broken man at this point. While Sarah relishes in her victory, you notice an employee walking to one of the far tables, tucked away in the corner and away from others. It's that girl...Hanna. She must be on lunch, a paper-bag on the table and a magazine at hand.

You try not to stare over at her and look back to see Eric recovering from his vicious attack. It can be so hard to remember that they are wearing matching wedding bands...

"How did you like...introduce Sarah to your parents?" Hopefully he isn't too peeved about your betrayal...

"Sarah? Well, I called up my parents and told them I was engaged, so they wanted me to come down with her to meet the family. They were a bit..." Eric thinks about his next words and Sarah answers for him.

"They were expecting the nice next door type of girl instead of the troll underneath the bridge."

"Not true! I mean the last part, you aren't any kind of...troll, honey. They were a bit surprised by uh...well, Sarah's 'alternate' lifestyle. Mama almost threw a fit when she saw how tall her boots were. Sarah was on her best behavior the whole time though, and even if my mom didn't Sarah stayed well behaved till dinner. That's when she learned that my dear bride to be used to be in choir during school and mom just gushed over that. Common ground helped to break the weirdness of it, I suppose." Eric looks cheerier as this memory comes back to him.

"What about you Sarah? Were your parents surprised?"

"Nah. When Pops saw who I brought back he said, 'Your clothes are black, your make-up is black, your room is black, it would be weirder if your man wasn't too'."

Sarah says this so easily, Eric flinching somewhat as the crassness of it.

"Did Bob really say that?"

"I'm not saying that he didn't..."

Eric has just been non-stopped bullied at this point, and you decide to give him a helping hand.

"Hey Eric...do you think The Man of La Mancha has a book?"

The slowly growing smile on his face matches speed with Sarah's look of disgust. Her eyes meet yours and all you can offer up is a shrug to say 'sorry'.

[2/3 whoops
Only two minutes in and Eric has begun to mention other musicals that you've never heard before and you begin to regret your descion to bring this up.

You look back over to where Hanna is sitting...it looks like two other girls have joined her...maybe friends? As you watch them knock down her purse and point at her food laughing and leaving her upset you come to the conclusion that no, these are not her friends.

It's about one in the afternoon, what would you like to do? You can suggest leaving the mall and going elsewhere if you like.[/n]
File: anti-bully_ranger.jpg (17 KB, 480x360)
17 KB
Go help Hanna out, maybe talk to her to see if she's a better person than her parent.
Go back home and kill the dog.
File: ohboy.gif (1.42 MB, 523x382)
1.42 MB
1.42 MB GIF
become close friends, and slowly turn her against her dad, the perfect plan
Take a deep breath. If we help her, we'd be extending decency and respect like her father denied us. If we don't, wouldn't we just be passing the cruelty down? Would anything ever change?

Help her. Verbally abuse the two girls. We suspect one of them may be blind judging from her outfit. Ask the other if she knows her foundation doesn't match her neck and she sorta looks like a circus clown.
> Verbally abuse

Nothing wrong with a little of the ol' "Show 'em how it feels to be bullied." We'll be pure and righteous.
But try to defuse the situation first, right? Ask them if they can't make like a tree and get the fuck out of here.
But they're probably not going to take the hint.
Oh, but of course.
I bet those two girls were raped by her father. We should join them
Sins of the Father shit don't apply here, help the girl out and get these other cunts the fuck outta here.
You consider ignoring the situation over at her table, but there's another part of you saying that the best thing to do would be to help her.

Standing up from the table, Eric finally breaks his conversation about the musical Cats and looks up at you.

"Where are you going?"

"I...know that girl over there. I'm just going to say hello."

"The girl sitting down with those two bitc-"


"Look at them Eric, they're being total bi-...bullies. If you need any help then just call me over, alright?" You nod at Sarah's offer for backup and begin walking over to where Hanna is sitting. It looks like she's doing her best to eat and ignore the two girls standing over her, the magazine spread out across her lap.

You can't help but feel nervous...both about confronting two girls and approaching the daughter of the man who-

Right...this is his daughter.

A girl who has done nothing to you.

Even though there remains some of that fear, you push it aside for now.

"-you wanna look like this?" The magazine is pulled from Hanna's hands, the girl holding it high above her. From what you can tell it's fashion or something similar.

"No way, you always complain about how short our skirts are at school, but I bet you're just mad cause you're too hairy to wear anything cute like that~" The other girl is ecstatic about the discovery, and Hanna is doing her best to grab her magazine back.

"Hey look, Johnny Depp is in this one. Maybe she got it just so she could add it to her shrine~ Well, are ya?"

"You guys shouldn't be so mean." Dang it...your voice cracked as you said that...
It takes a moment for the girls to realize you're talking to them.

"Eh? What's wrong? We're just talking to our friend here."
"N-...no, you're not. You're being rude to her. Give b-back her stuff and leave her alone."
The girl with the magazine tosses it to the table and soon you're being stared down by two high school girls, even though their makeup tries to convince you that they're otherwise.

"She a friend of yours, Hairy?"

"Look how little she is...she's gotta be like, in middle school still. Of course she only makes friends with younger girls. They have something in common."

Jesus...these girls are intimidating. Maybe you should have brought backup...

No, you can do this.

"Who'd...want to be friends with girls who pad their bras."

"Ex-cuse me?"

"It m-might be more convincing if you didn't use a rolled up sock for one cup and the whole box of tissues for the other one."

One of the girls looks confused at your statement, but you can see absolute anger in the other one.

"Listen h-here you little whore-"

"Least I'm not the one wearing the uniform."

Okay...just let it flow. These are girls who are used to this kind of behavior...roll with anything they say. Don't let them make you cry and don't let them see the fear in your eyes.

"I'm sorry, you're right. It's wrong for me to assume you're a girl. I mean, with that haircut and jacket? What about those glasses? They your dads? And those caterpillars you call eyebrows-"

"Are you just mad cause they're bigger then your boobs? If you need to wipe your runny mascara off, just reach into your left cup."

The girl looks annoyed, preparing a storm of an insult for you. Physically you brace yourself. Mentally you prepare to hold back any tears.
She looks briefly past your head and her face changes from anger, to fear, then to annoyance again.

"Whatever, this is dumb. That food stinks anyways." The girl's hair clicks as she turns and walks away, her friend looking dumbfounded and only following behind.

"I...um...thanks." Hanna mutters, somewhat embarrassed by the fact that a younger girl had to come to her aid. Glancing back you can see Sarah sitting at the edge of your table, giving you a smile and thumbs up, Eric trying to accept whatever it was that she had done behind your back.

"Um...n-no problem...I just felt bad because you were nice at the bookstore and...and I don't like it when bad things happen to nice people."

Hanna is looking away and at the ground, looking somewhat uncomfortable about this whole situation.

"Um...so you like Johhny Depp...?" You ask, your eyes looking down at the magazine in her lap.
"Y-...yeah. I really like 21 Jump Street...he's um...he's cute."

"Yeah, Depp is pretty cute." You look at what she's eating, it kind of looks like meatballs and...yogurt? It doesn't stink though.

"What are you eating?" You ask, gesturing at her lunch.

"It's köfte...ah...kinda like meatballs." She seems embarrassed to talk about her food too. Hanna must get teased about it a lot.

"Is that yogurt with it?" You try your best to sound friendly, letting her know that you're asking because you're curious and not being rude.

"Yeah...but it's not sweet or anything. I know it sounds weird but it's actually pretty savory..." She pushes one of the balls around the container. "Would...you like to try one?"

"Um, sure. Yeah." You wait as she cuts one in half, dipping it partially into the yogurt and passing the fork to you.

"I uh...hope its not weird to share utensils like this..."

"It's fine, I don't mind." You put the whole piece in your mouth, a bit worried about the yogurt part. It's closer to sour cream then to yogurt, matching the savoriness of the meat well.

"Oh...that is good. I didn't think you could eat meatballs with yogurt." You say, passing back the fork. Hanna smiles a bit at the compliment.

"My mom makes the best köfte, I love taking them for lunch." Hanna looks down at the dainty watch on her wrist, a new wave of disappointment on her face.

"Dammit...they wasted most of my break...I only have five minutes left..." Hanna quickly begins to finish her food.

Is there anything you want to talk about before she has to go back to work?

For a moment I thought both the girl and her father were German/Austrian or something like that.

Well, lets make her our new friend and hang out with her and hold hands.

After that, we go to cute dates and do friendly and silly stuff. The obvious step would be having a sleepover at her house. After that, we castrate his father.
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We even have the same haircut!
File: image.jpg (150 KB, 1440x810)
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I prefer this one.
Introduce ourselves as Bunny and make friendly with her. If we can make her out to be a person and not just... his daughter, it'll be easier to not blame her.

Ask if those two girls are always that... shitty. Does it not help to stand up to them? Telling them their faces are so puffy their eyes look like sewn-on buttons?

... does bullying get worse after middle school?

Could we not succumb to bloody revenge, though. Ruining his life by emotionally destroying him is so much more satisfying.

Also emotional damage sounds way better tho.
"Oh um...by the way my name is-...Bunny." You extend a hand out to her, Hanna returning your friendly shake.

"I'm Hanna."

"I saw from your name-tag."

"Oh, right right...heh...sorry." She smiles but looks somewhat annoyed with herself about missing the obvious. Hanna acts so much like a normal teenager...

Well...no she's not acting...she is just a teenage girl. You need to remember that.

"Are those two girls always so...sh-...crappy?" As you mention them Hanna's face crinkles up at the memory.

"Yeah...yeah, they usually are. No one at school really likes them. Well I mean, some people do but that's just their circle of friends. They think they're all that, especially Courtney, the uh...heh...the one you said stuffs her bra. Her dad is the principal and so she can get away with that behaivor. I feel bad for the other girl, Rebecca. She's actually pretty nice...when she's not hanging around her friends, anyways."

"Is high school really like that? I know there was bullies in my grade but they usually stuck around to the classroom...well, for me anyways."

"Depends I guess. They like to pick on me because during middle school I uh..." Hanna looks around to make sure no one else is around to hear before lowering her voice. "Well...see my dad is really strict. I barely got permission to wear makeup till this year, and even then I'm only allowed to do stuff like pink lipstick and brown eyeliner and he still complains. But during middle school he wouldn't let me shave my legs! He was worried about the boys going crazy over me or something and so I had to go to gym with gross hair everywhere."

You almost forget for a moment that this dad is the same one who hurt you.


"Oh man..." You express sympathy for her while trying to keep the memories of the man locked away.

"Yeah, he's pretty strict sometimes. He's always warning me to watch out for guys and stuff, pretty crazy, you know?" Hanna begins to put up her food container and cleaning up her table.

"I bet..."

"Do you go to school here? You feel kinda...familiar."


"I uh...I moved here really recently...I um...I won't start school again till the next semester..." You hope your lie is convincing, and from the way Hanna accepts the answer it is.

"Ah lucky. I can't wait for summer to start. Course that means working part-time here and at Dad's store...all he does it make me clean up though. It's so boooooring..."

"I can't wait for summer either but I haven't really seen this place except in winter. I'm just tired of it being so cold..."

"Oh man, there's this water park- Well, no wait...that one closed down I think...ah but! There's this lake a couple miles away from Ashton, uh...you know that one little town just outside the bridge? You drive for like...twenty minutes but there's this huge lake! A bunch of tire swings set up and all that stuff! It's so cool! You should go down sometime! Actually, you could go now, if you wanted to anyways. It freezes over during the winter and so people use it for ice skating. Man, that's so fun too."

"I never learned how to ice skate actually...it looks fun though."

"Well you know I could show you sometime if you want. I love going down there, me and a few other friends usually make a trip once or twice a year before it all melts." The way Hanna is speaking now shows how excited she is, so much that you can't really help yourself either.

"That um...that actually sounds like fun."

"Yeah, like this one ti-" Hanna glances down at her watch again and jumps up. "Oh damn, I'm going to be late! I uh...here lemme just..."

Taking a napkin and a pen from her pocket, Hanna juts down some information quickly before passing it over to you.

"Feel free to stop by sometime! Long as my boss and other customers aren't around I don't mind talking! Hope to see you!" Hanna rushes off back into the mall again, leaving you to walk back over to Sarah and Eric.

On the napkin Hanna has scrawled down what looks to be a work schedule.

Friday; 10:30am-4:30pm (when school is out :) ) 4:00pm-6:30pm (with school :( )
Saturday: 10:30am-4:30pm
Sunday 2:00pm-5:00pm

~Hannabonanna :) <3

"How'd it go, kiddo?" Eric asks as you arrive, placing the napkin with your other items.

"Ah fine, she had to go back to work."

"Well, Eric got what he needed here. We should head back before dark though, there anything else you need to do before we head back?"
Just gotta pick up some... ehm... some regular underwear. Something in bulk like Sarah suggested.

... and some feminine products.

Ask her if there's something we can do when the... flow is very heavy. We thought it was just gonna be a few drops or something, not this... viscous.
Go to the Arts and Crafts store to find yarn
Miscarriage, anon.

Also lets buy all of the stripped panties!
I know. Delilah doesn't.
I don't want her to know. I want to protect her smile.
No one's going to smile when she ends up with TSS, friend.
Don't forget something for Lawrence.

Also this, and don't forget a black hoodie of some kind so we have something that's not out letterman.
File: Spoiler Image (19 KB, 450x130)
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Turbo slut syndrome?
Anon, that isn't fun.
It's not, no. Which is why Delilah needs to know.
File: Spoiler Image (402 KB, 500x197)
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402 KB GIF
"I do have a few more things I would like to do, if that's okay."

"Not a problem, so long as we're off the streets by sunset we should be fine."

You think about what you need to get right now.
It would be smart for you to find a new jacket, something to replace the one you're wearing now. Underwear...you need to make sure to buy more, but you doubt you'll be able to get some here. You remember passing by a Dollar General on the way, they should have some. It...would probably be smart to grab another box of tampons from there too. The cramping in your stomach hasn't been as bad as last night, but it slowly has begun to grow intense. Nothing you can't deal with right now though.

There was an Arts and Crafts store here, wasn't there? It might be good to pick up some yarn, it will give you something to do during downtimes at least. Maybe you could find Lawrence a little present there too...though you aren't really sure what he would like from there...
Well, it wouldn't hurt to take a look, anyways.

Eric takes you to the art store, Sarah being pulled away by the allure of music being sold just a few rooms down. Inside it warm and friendly, despite the state the rest of the mall has fallen in. An older woman is working the counter, greeting you both when you come in.

You go over to rows of bins, the yarn sorted by color and type. A lot of it doesn't really make any sense to you...however you do see that the cheaper ones are acrylic blends, while the softer wool ones are a bit expensive. You try to choose the cheaper stuff but the allure of the nicer quality pulls you back over. Soft and warm...what should you make? Well...it shouldn't be too bad for you to pick up two skeins, right? Now as to what color you should get...

If you remember correctly, you already have a soft pink skein in your bag. Light gray would go well with that...but what about a second color? You decide to go with a blue, a nice dark color that reminds you of the rain. You can make something with the pink and gray and then use the remaining gray with the blue. Now you just need to figure out what you want to make...

Right, Lawrence. Find him something here. There's a smaller selection for drawing supplies and once again you feel lost looking at all of it.

"What are you looking for kiddo?" Eric comes up from behind, looking over your shoulder at the display.

"Oh I was just trying to figure out what I should get for Lawrence, I thought it would be nice if I had a present waiting for him when he came back."

"For Law, huh? Well, I don't know that much about this kind of stuff, but my cousin is an artist. She does these really cool portraits with...where are they...these, I think." Eric pulls down a metal tin, the word PASTEL written up front. "They usually have a lot of color to them, she always makes one heck of a mess though."

You look at the metal tin, the bright colors looking back. Hopefully he will like these too...

At the counter you set up the yarn and box, the old woman greeting the two of you and ringing them up.

"Looks like you're having a fun day out with dad, huh?" She coos, looking over the yarn and crunching in the price.

"Oh he's n-..." You realize the implications of being alone with an adult man who isn't related to you, as does Eric when he nudges you.

"...yeah, just me and dad going out for the day."
Better safe then sorry.

She continues to ring up your items, taking longer then usual as her register refuses to comply.

"Ay, you nerds in here?" Sarah calls out, poking her head into the store.


"Oh man, your mom is here Bun?"


"My bad, I forgot you were a little escapee." Sarah apologizes as you come out of the store, another bag on your arm. "I promise, the next time it comes up I'll be the most kick-a-...coolest mom ever."

As you walk over to the store with nice clothes, Sarah and Eric are holding hands again. That woman thought they were your parents...when you look down at your own hand you can somewhat rationalize it. Your skin is almost a shade between theirs...if you ever needed to they could pass off as your parents again.

Inside the store you are surrounded by mannequins dressed up extremely trendy, if not a bit over dressed...

You go to where the jackets are displayed. A lot of them have prices that make your jaw drop...you need to go cheap here...as cheap as you can. Sarah points you to a clearance rack, helping you dig through the unorganized mess to find something that will fit.

"Well..it's not exactly cute...or cool...or...anything really, but what about this?" Sarah pulls out a boy's jacket, the hoodie and sleeves a dark gray and plaid making up the body. You aren't thrilled about it, though the low price convinces you otherwise.

Outside the store you change out your jackets, placing the letterman into the bag instead.

"Why not wait to change? Your other jacket looked fine on you." Eric asks and you try to come up with an answer that won't scare them.

"It...smells pretty bad. The inside cloth does, I need to wash it but I think I need to really scrub it one day..."

"Huh, so that's what stinks." When Sarah says this you can't help but freak out...it doesn't really stink, right? She's looking at you while you try and keep calm, the usual look of enjoying the teasing replaced by a more calculated demeanor. She wasn't testing you...was she?

"I uh...I also need to go to that cheap store on the way back...to get uh...you know...'bulk'." Sarah nods and Eric only looks confused though he doesn't ask further. He does offer to carry your bags for you, and while you feel bad about having him help you're also grateful to not having to lug them all by yourself.

The store is only a few blocks down, the sun starting to make it's descent in the sky.

"Sorry sweety, you don't mind staying out here, do you?" Sarah stops Eric from following you inside. It looks like he's about to ask why, but is persuaded by the unseen face Sarah makes.

"Ah...yeah, I'll be good. Just, try to hurry please. It's freezing."

Inside you stare at the rows of underwear wrapped up in cheap plastic. There's not really much to choose from in your size, but you are relieved that they aren't all just white baggy panties. You choose a package with ones you figure will be cute enough, for whatever reason underwear needs to be cute for.

"I um...I-I also need...g-girl stuff..." You whisper to Sarah.

"Oh man, you on your rag? Sorry, didn't mean to sound so...awful. Yeah, we can pick up a box. I'd give you some, but I don't really need them." Sarah helps you find the hygine products, the pink and purple boxes staring down at you.

"Why not?" You ask, trying to decide which one to get. How can there be so many different kinds...

"Birth control. Life saver, let me tell you. Don't gotta worry bout this kinda thing except once in a while. Don't got to worry about accidental babies either." Sarah picks up a box and hands it to you- a variety pack. How...can there be a 'viriaty'?

"You want kids though, don't you?" You wait at the counter with your supplies, waiting for your turn.

"Yeah, when I'm ready. I'd much rather be stable before I try to start a family. And I definitely want a roof above my head too, and not one that might cave in anytime someone sneezes."

When it's your turn you feel shy about putting the two products up to get scanned...it's a male cashier...
Sarah pulls them both out of your hands and passes them to the man and soon enough they are resting in the plastic bag. She treats it like no big deal...maybe you should try to do that too?

Outside, you count your money. You are now down to $295 and some change.

"Make sure you tuck that away." Eric warns you. The cloudy sky is darker now, it's time to head back.

Once again you are kept between the two as you walk back, Sarah keeping a hold on your hand. The streets and sidewalks once again become forgotten messes and the amount of broken streetlights outnumber the lit ones. Only a few streets away from the apartments you can hear the distant sound of...a gunshot? Neither Sarah or Eric acknowledge it, though your hand is held tighter and they do move faster.
Up on the tagged doorway Eric knocks and gains you entrance back inside. You do your best to not look at the man...what was his name...Warren?
There looks to be some more guys in the lobby, strewn out on the couch, a case of beer and a weird smell drifting over. Are they smoking something? Doesn't smell like tobacco though...

Before you can take a look you are pulled to the hallway and soon find yourself back in Jessica's room.

"Started to get worried there." Sam is sitting with Marilyn, a book and sheets of paper spread out next to her.

"Sorry sorry, had to pick up some supplies though." Eric gestures with the bags on his arms.

"It's all good. You guys made it back fine?"

"Yeah, but I don't think the schmuck who got sh-...yeah, we made it back." With the kids around you can understand why Sarah doesn't want to mention the gunshot. The way she mentions it makes it sound like it isn't a big deal and Sam is able to guess the words she left out.

"Hm...well so long as you guys are back fine, that's what matters."

"Did John and Lawrence come back?" You ask, trying to hide the worry in your voice.

"Yeah, they came back about twenty minutes ago. John's just taking a nap in my room, think he has that dog with him too. Lawrence is over in his. And ah...I think Mabel is in her room right now too, actually."

In this room, you can see that Aria and Jessica are talking in one corner of the room. Betty is sitting in a chair with Lisa in her lap, reading to her while Clark and Thompson are gushing over a new set of comics. Sam mentions that if you're hungry you can go ahead and make a peanut-butter sandwich...oh jeez, what if you have to survive on Jiffy for the rest of your life...

What do you want to do?
Go ask Aria and Jessica if being on the rag is supposed to be so messy and smarting.
Beat me to it, buddy.

Also ask about stripped panties
It would be for the best if you asked Aria and Jessica about your little 'problem', it's probably the closest to private that you're going to get at this point.

As you approach you can just hear the end parts of Aria's words.

"-...and I just don't know what to do about her, she's never been like this before." From the sound of it Aria is pretty upset, but you don't want her to think that you're eavesdropping.

"Er guys...I have a question." You decide to be up front, interrupting their conversation so that you can get your question in.

"Oh hey, welcome back. Yeah just uh, take a seat." Jessica scoots back to give you room to join them. You try not to stare but you can tell that Aria was crying at some point earlier.

"I'm kinda scared to ask this it's pretty...gross. But um...it's also scary..." You draw your knees up to your chest, trying to ignore the pain slowly growing. Your buzzing feeling has been gone for a while, so the pains in your stomach must be coming back in return. It doesn't feel like they're going to be as bad as earlier...well, you hope they won't be anyways.

"I'm on my...my period..." You whisper the last part, seeing Aria's eyes grow in surprise.

"Are...you sure?" She asks.

"What's wrong with that?" Jessica asks, looking over at Aria. She only shakes her head at Jessica, muttering that it's nothing.

"Yeah, last night I woke up and the place behind my stomach was just...it hurt so bad. Moving got rid of some of the pain, but sometimes when I did move it just...it felt like a knife moving around stabbing inside. And um..." You feel disgusted by what you're about to ask, but you know you need to do it.

"And...the um...you know...blood...was like...gross and...and t-thick...way thicker then my last one...l-like there w-were um...p-p-pieces..."

Gross. Gross. Grossgrossgrossgrosss

"I can't really say much from experience." Aria says, taking what you just said easier then you expected. "Mine are pretty light, takes forever but it's not too bad for me. I know it depends on the girl. But..."

She stops, thinking about it and Jessica speaks up.

"Ah well, I'm kinda in between I guess. Like, at the beginning I'm just so heavy and whatever, but then as the days pass it gets lighter. I get some wicked pains before and during that first day. After that it isn't so bad, and I finish up in like...four or five days."

"What...was that one before like?" Aria sounds serious, which seems to throw off Jessica.

"Um...well like...I was kinda hurting before and during it but I'm...I'm not sure if it was from cramping o-or..." You don't want to say it, and from the looks of it you don't need to.

"It's alright, can you tell me how the blood was then?" Aria is speaking softly to you, Jessica looking down in realization of what you implied.

"Light, lighter then what this is...I um...I had to change my uh...y-you know...three times today...it kept soaking through. Before though I only had to change it when I went to the restroom and it was just...short. I think it was done after like...three days..."

"Hmm..." Aria is thinking this over.

"Is...is that normal?"

"What's going on? It feels like you're not telling me something..." Jessica says, looking a bit hurt to be out of the loop. Aria looks over at you for permission and you nod. She leans in and whispers to Jessica, her face changing to one of misery.

"I...o-oh...oh my god..." Jessica jumps to her feet, a hand over her mouth and tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm...I'm sorry just...g-give me a moment..."

Jessica rushes to the bathroom, leaving you with Aria. This must have brought back some awful memories for her...

"Am...am I okay?..."

"You're okay Bunny, but um...I think there's a couple of different reasons for you're ah...different flows..." Aria is trying to reassure you, but from the looks of it she's still thinking.

"If you want, I'll ask Sam about it for you...alright? He should know, and then I'll tell you what he said, alright?"


"He...he also has that pill for you. Said he would talk and help you through it tomorrow, but um...just relax, alright? You're going to be okay."

You thank Aria, but the mention of the pill brings a bit of anguish to your mood. You feel a pat on your shoulder and see Aria is offering you a smile.

"Hey, sorry if this is a bit rude of me, but I heard the guys over talking about finding something of yours. A like...a toy rabbit or something? Don't think it's in here though, I think Lawrence has it."

Did he really find Ms Buttons? Maybe she just fell out of your bag then...how exciting.

"Should I go check on Jessica?" You ask, looking over at the bathroom.

"No, just give her some time. I think she just needs a little space now."

What do you want to do now?
Let's check in with Lawrence. See if he actually found Ms Buttons and give him the pastels. Hear how things went back at the school.

"Alright...will you make sure she's okay then? I think I'm going to go check up on Lawrence."

Aria promises and you get up, grabbing your bags from today. You feel excited about getting Ms Buttons back, you felt sick knowing she was lost.

"You going to Law's room?" Sam calls out as you go to the door.

"Ah, yeah. I hope that's alright."

"Yeah, just take him a sandwich or something, will ya? Make sure he eats something."

"Oh. Alright, no problem."

You take the time to make two sandwiches, one for you and one for Lawrence. You really wish you had jam for yours but anything is better then going hungry. As you awkwardly handle everything into the hall you can see John coming down from his room, yawning and stretching himself awake.

"Oh, hello." You say, trying to knock on the door. John comes up and opens it for you.

"It wasn't locked?"
"Huh, guess not. Shot in the dark. Make sure Law doesn't forget to do that, he's probably just tired." John yawns again and sniffs the air.

"You smell it too? I have no idea what that is...it's not cigars or something, is it?"

"I uh...doubt that but...maaaaaybe it's for the best if I go and investigate. Just to be safe, y'know? Behave yourself, alright?" John leaves you behind to go to the lobby. He said investigate, but it doesn't seem like he was too worried about it. Maybe it's nothing to worry about then.

You push open the door, expecting to see Lawrence sprawled out asleep. His blankets are bare and you begin to wonder where he might have gone when you hear sounds of the facet in the bathroom. He must not know you're in here.

Coming inside you close the door as quietly as you can in hopes of surprising him when he comes out. The sounds of the shower running come next and you shudder at the thought of a cold shower. Still...you'll probably need to take one soon...you feel like you do.

Sitting in the blankets you wrap one around yourself. It feels nice and warm, you can't help but wrap yourself up tightly and roll around on the mess of them. There's so many here it feels like you could just get lost in them.

>no [2/2] yet
You wrap yourself up into burrito-Delilah, only your face showing.

Heh...you'll surprise him now.
It feels kinda stupid...but you can't help but giggle a bit at the fact.

You hear the sound of the bathroom door opening and know that your moment is going to come up. In a stealthy move you hide your face before he walks out, waiting for him to walk over before you decide to pop up and scare him.

Trying to keep from bouncing in excitement you feel the footsteps coming closer to you...just a little more. They stop a few feet in front of your face and you decide this is your chance.

"Lawrence!" As burrito-Delilah you pop up, hoping to catch him off guard.

You do, in fact, catch Lawrence off guard.

You have also caught him standing in front of you, frozen in place with his boots on, a towel around his waist, and a magazine in his hand that is quick to disappear behind his back.

"Ah...it appears I have made a mistake." You bury your face into the blankets again, concealing yourself from the shameful display. "Please pretend this has never happened. I know I will."

You wait till Lawrence is back into the bathroom before sitting back up.

...jerk wasn't even wet when he came out...


As you await for Lawrence to actually finish his shower this time you look over at a pile in the corner, boxes and bags presumably from the school. Where is Ms Buttons at though...you could go look, but it would be polite to wait for her to be given back to you.

The water turns off this time and you hope that Lawrence will come out dressed this time. You find the bag with the pastels in them and hope that they're alright, especially after embarrassing him like that...
Ah yeah, the sandwich too. You ate yours while waiting for him to come out, leaving his lone one on the plate. Grabbing it you hear Lawrence walking out and you turn to face him, still wrapped up in the blanket, holding the metal box in one hand and the peanut-butter sandwich in the other.

"...I have came bearing gifts."

Burrito-Delilah is smooth and ever so caring.

You dork.
[2/3] whoops, also was waiting for 4chan to stop being broken and fell asleep, my bad my bad ;_;
Lawrence sits next to you, fully clothed and still somewhat shaken up by your entrance to the room.

"I'm sorry about that, I really am. The door was unlocked though so I thought it would have been fine. I'll uh...I'll knock next time..." You remember the pastels and present them to him.

"Also! I um...I got these for you." Lawrence takes them and looks them over. "Will you be able to use them...?"

You're relieved when he nods, opening the box and looking at the colors. You don't really want to throw Aria under the bus, but your desire to see Ms Buttons again is too much...

"I um...I heard you found my bunny...did you?" It's impossible to hide the excitement in your voice, though it falters in your heart when you see Lawrence writing instead of pointing out it's location.

What did it look like?

"Uh...she's just a cream colored rabbit. Big long ears, a stitch on the left leg, pink nose...I mean, it's just a bunny."

Lawrence shakes his head, but something feels a bit off...

Still...that means Ms Buttons is still missing...hopefully you find her soon...and hopefully she's safe where she is...

It's about 7:30 right now, what do you want to do?
Thank Lawrence for giving it a shot, and apologize for it seeming a bit childish. It's just... Ms Buttons has been with us for a decade and is the only... innocence we have left.

Try lightening the mood be teasing Lawrence for waiting for the water to get warm. Plus, no amount of reading is gonna get any heat back in this place.

Reluctantly let Lawrence be and let him sleep alone. We're just feeling too... gross about being on the rag and physical contact is kinda low on our priorities. Let's see if we can't get Buttercup in her into her collar before it gets too dark.
Learn more sign language. Maybe it can be useful for communicating silently if we ever need to.
"It's alright...I figured it would be a long shot for me to get her back." You are doing the best you can in order to hide the immense feeling of a disappointment you have. "I know it's kinda dumb...getting so worked up over a toy like that but I've had her for ten years now...well...used to have her for ten years...she's been with-...it's been with me for so long is all."

Even you can hear the tears in your voice trying to come out, Lawrence looks like he feels bad about the situation but then there's another part of him that feels like he's thinking about something else. Of course he would, there's better things to worry about then some stupid toy.

...you shouldn't call Ms Buttons that...

You also shouldn't be so attached to something like her...not at your age...it's time to be an adult...you tell yourself that you want to be one.

But there are still times when you don't want all that responsibility.

"Heh...it was pretty silly of you..." You put on a smile as you force yourself to change the conversation, feeling the need to cheer yourself up.

"I figured you would know that the water wouldn't heat up here. I bet you were just sitting there, reading your magazine and wondering why the water wasn't getting warmer. Kinda dumb of you to get naked before it was ready though, the whole place is freezing. What were you reading anyways?"

Lawrence responds by lighting up and ignoring you for the newspaper at his lap.

Maybe he's really embarrassed about doing something that dumb...you figured he would know better though...

"Um...by the way..." You decide that maybe you bullied him too hard or something. "Would you be able to teach me more sign language? Just in case we ever get into a bad situation..."

Lawrence nods and sets aside the paper...you kind of doubt he was reading it and was just using it as a distraction from you...


With his help, showing you how to move your hands and body Lawrence teaches you a few more ASL phrases. He also teaches you the face you should use with them, something you hadn't considered before. Today, you end up learning how to sign;
don't know

"Okay...okay, I think I got them..." It's somewhat difficult to keep them all straight, but you'll just have to practice them. Luckily they aren't all that difficult to do. Lawrence yawns loudly, for him, and you realize how tired he must be.

"Ah, thanks for showing me...and thanks for looking for my rabbit." You stand up, looking for the collar and tag you got Buttercup.

"I'll let you get to sleep or um, whatever you want to do right now. I'll see you later." Once again you don't want to leave him alone in here, but your body just feels gross...absolutely gross. You'd rather not touch anyone right now. As you find Buttercup's gifts you stand up and receive a gentle hug from behind.
"I hope...you sleep...better...tonight."

"I should...thanks." You hope you do anyways...

Lawrence releases you and waits in the doorway till you are back inside Jessica's room. Before you go in you can hear the sounds of...arguing? Down the hall in another room...two girls...wait, is that Aria?

You go in before you can listen to anymore of what's going on there, wanting to respect their privacy and more importantly, find Buttercup.

Lisa is rubbing her tummy, gushing over how cute she is. She allows you to break her playtime to equip Buttercup's collar. It takes some readjusting to keep it just tight enough to not slip away, but now she actually looks like a pet rather then some sort of runaway mutt.

Inside the room, you can see that Marilyn is listening to Sam, probably another story based on her bored expression. Thompson and Clark are scrubbing some pots and pans and they don't look happy about it, though Betty does as she observes their work. Jessica is...

"Where's Jessica at?" You ask Lisa as she wrestles with Buttercup again.

"Umm...I think she went with Aria. She said she would be back later."

Your fairly certain the arguing you heard didn't belong to Jessica...maybe she's just there with them?

Hopefully she comes back soon. You notice that this room is fairly well lit thanks to two electrical lanterns placed on either end of the room.

What would you like to do?
Go to the lobby and smoke a bowl with John
Spend some time playing with Lisa and Buttercup. She seems in a better mood than when we arrived, though the desire to not be holed up in a derelict apartment block is one we can recognize.
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> burrito-Delilah

I want to take her home and defend a giant pillow fort as she attacks it like a Dune worm.

pic related, except with domesticated felines.

Party hard with L&B

Or >>237475
Take a shower, then >>237485
"Do you mind if I play with you?" When you ask Lisa, her eyes lit up.

"Yes yes yes! Can we play princess?"

You nod and she gets absolutely giddy. She tells you to close your eyes and hold on, which do so dutifully, holding Buttercup in your lap. In a few moments you feel her hands at your head, adjusting your black hair about as she fastens a paper thing to you.

"Keep them close!" She warns, moving on from your to Buttercup next. There's a desire to peek, but you decide to behave and wait for permission.

"Kay...now open them!"

As you do you see that Buttercup is looking about, scratching her head at a paper crown ever so carefully placed on her head. Lisa is wearing a similar one, crayon jewels decorating the tops. From the feel of it, you have your own on too. Lisa is looking at you with bated breath, awaiting your approval of her paper tiaras.

"You look like a real princess."

Lisa giggles ecstatically, overjoyed by the comment before fixing herself up and sitting proper.

"Now, we have to behave like proper princesses." She speaks with properness that she is mimicking from movies, trying to hold the allusion of royalty.

"I'm Princess Lisa, from um...Cloudland! We uh...export cotton-candy! And I ride a unicorn everywhere I go, and she tells me secrets." You doubt she actually knows what export means, but seems pretty proud of her imaginary country.

"And Princess Buttercup comes from um..."


"What do they gots there?"

"Well...she has a prince there. Prince Westley." Even though you know neither of them were actually royalty in the movie you decide to borrow inspiration from it.

"And he's a big ole tiger!" Lisa finds this humorous for whatever reason and spends time laughing about it before remembering she's supposed to be a princess.

"Okay! And you are?"

"I'm um...Princess Bunny. I...come from a country that's one big forest. We have lots of animals there. And I get around by um...by riding a big ole bear."

"Ooh...! I mean, righty-o. Now, we must get down to princess business."

Lisa tries to talk about 'national affairs' and 'taxes', but it's obvious once again she is just repeating words she heard before. These matters bore her soon enough, and she declares that it is officially teatime. With plastic cups filled with juice and saltine crackers, Lisa sticks out her pinky when she drinks and asks you to comment on your country. You let her know that all is well, though you worry about the weather taking it's toll on your animal citizens. Lisa in turn talks about how they have begun to 'gineer' trees that grow gumdrops and how she expects it to bring in tourists and kings to come marry her. Buttercup, in the mean time, is doing her best to get at your juice.

It's not much longer till Lisa is yawning, rubbing at her eyes and trying to keep her crown up.

"Maybe it's time for Princess Lisa to go to sleep?" You suggest, and while she tries to say 'no' her body isn't allowing for it. You manage to get her over to bed easily enough, sitting with her while she lays beneath the blankets. Jessica isn't back yet though...will she be able to fall asleep? You rub her back, and to your surprise Lisa begins to drift off.

"How much longer...do we gots to stay here...?" She mumbles, only partially aware of what she's saying.

"I don't-...not much longer, I think."

"I hope not...I don't like it here..." Lisa yawns big. "It reminds me of mommy's place..."

You keep rubbing Lisa's back till she's snoozing, her chest gently rising and falling.
You remove her crown and set it above where she's sleeping, placing yours with it. Next to each other you can see all the work and effort she put into it.

...you feel really gross right now though...
You need a shower.

Leaving Lisa to sleep you wait till the bathroom is available and slip in. Setting your flashlight on the sink counter, you turn on the water.

As you stand at the edge of the tub, shivering and trying to keep any of the freezing drops from touching your bare skin, you come to realize what an awful idea this is.

You can not shower quick enough, the water beating against your skin and reminding you that it is still in fact the middle of winter. You've never been more thankful to get dressed, and though it is much better then being naked in the water you can't help but shiver.

Stepping out, you see that Clark and Thompson are in bed now too, though they seem to be discussing whatever it is young boys talk about. Sam is talking with Betty as she works on Marilyn's hair. Putting it up in the bun like that must be something Marilyn always does before bed...

Just outside the door you can hear the sounds of John laughing. It doesn't sound like there's anyone else out there...maybe he's talking to Lawrence. Carefully you slip out into the hallway, closing the door ever so carefully.

[2/3] whoops
John is leaning up against the wall, and aside from you it seems like he's alone in the hallway. You wave at him and get his attention, and from the flashlight in your hand you can see a grin on his face and a slight redness to his eyes. Was he crying...?

"Hey there missy."

"Did you find out what was going on in the lobby?" John smirks as you say this, trying to hide it but failing.

"Ah its just...couple of guys hanging out. Joined them for a little bit. All good all good."

You no longer hear the sounds of arguing down the hall, hopefully that means the fighting has stopped...

"Did Law give ya back your rabbit?"

"What? He said he didn't find it though?"

"Did he? I swore he picked one up at the school. Huh..."

John is attempting to remember the events, but based on the way he is right now you doubt he will be able to do so properly. What's up with him right now? He seems off.

You shiver and feel the pain in your stomach growing again. Not as bad as last night but it is somewhat painful...

What do you want to do?

oh shit

smoke summa dat kush to relieve our cramps and interrogate Law
Lawrence asked what colour the bunny was before lying about finding it.

Methinks Ms. Buttons was damaged somehow (covered in blood or shit or something) and he wants to try to clean her or find a replacement (just like the classroom hamster).
Mysterious. Did Lawrence lie to us? Why would he do that?

... is John on oxy again or something? He's sorta being weird like it. Can we trust him to actually remember things accurately when he's like this?

Maybe we should just... wait. If Lawrence found Ms Buttons, he probably has a good reason to not return her? M-maybe he saw how dirty she was and is trying to wash her?
It's faint, but you can detect some of the funny smell from the lobby on John.

"Um...what is that stuff they're smoking down there?"

"Just m-...nothing. Nothing nothing nothing." John shakes himself awake, trying to focus on the conversation better.

"Oh man...think I gotta let Sam sleep in the kid's room tonight...that uh...wasn't a good idea on my part..." John says this out loud but you're fairly certain that he meant to think it to himself.

So...did Lawrence find Ms Buttons? Why would he hide that from you?

There's a big part of you that wants to just wait and see what he says, while another part of you is saying to just go in and ask. You don't want to be rude or accusing or anything but...it's just so weird...especially with your underwear missing too...

Even if you're not going to ask him about it...maybe you could take a quick look around the room? Just...maybe he's holding it as a surprise for you later or something.

"I'm...going to go talk to Lawrence..." You say, going towards his room.

"Left to go get cigarettes. Should be back in like ten minutes. Can wait in there if you want though, not like we can lock the rooms while we're gone. Wouldn't be able to get back in." John chuckles a bit at the end, enjoying himself more then you can understand.

If Lawrence is gone...

"Alright, thanks." You wave at John and walk into the room. Sure enough you're the only one inside. Letting the door swing back you shine your flashlight around. There's not much in here and you would rather not be snooping, but there is that pile of things from the school...maybe you can just look through and see if she's there.

Carefully you push through the various items, most of it seems to be supplies like cans of food and cleaning materials. You don't dig through too much in attempts to cover your tracks, but there's a growing worry inside of you. Is she with Lawrence's stuff?

It doesn't feel right to dig through his things, and you wouldn't do that to him.

But...you will just go over and take a look at what you can see...

Lawrence has two bags; a backpack and a bigger one to carry over his shoulder. The backpack is open slightly, but as much as your peer in you won't be able to see much without actually touching it. The bigger bag is zipped up tight, no chances of looking inside there.

When you stand up you notice a plastic bag, tied up and tucked away behind the larger bag. Shining your light down you can see something it wrapped away inside. Whatever it is is light in color and looks soft...if you shine the flashlight down there carefully you might be able to see through the plastic enough...

As you reach down in attempt to sneak a peek inside you're body is pulled up quick and suddenly, making you gasp and drop the flashlight.

Lawrence has his hand around your wrist, looking down at you with a look of...is he angry?

What do you do?

Sorry about the short/messy update, preparing for the landlord ;_;
Frantically try to get his hand off our wrist, panicking. Apologize profusely and ask him to please not hurt us.
Remember, with Law shock/worry/panic triggers anger.

Just mention that /someone/ told us Law had found Ms. Buttons and we were looking for her.

When did he get angry about shock/worry/panic?
I may have missed that.
He's mentioned that he has a history of getting pissed and stupid when he's freaking out, like when he killed Roger(?) after the church raid.
Oh HIS shock/worry/panic I thought you meant Delilah's.
That's how I read it for a bit there. Good on you for asking and clearing that up.

The grip on your wrist is tight, you try to pull away but Lawrence doesn't let go, pulling you away from the bags.

"I'm s-s-...s-sorry..." Your hand comes up to the one holding you, trying to pry him off. Your chest feels tight...you're scared...he just snuck up on you so easily...it could have been someone else...someone else not nice...why is he mad though? Is he mad at you? What if he...what if he's angry at you and-

"P-Please don't hurt me...!" You keep pulling away, your eyes closed shut as you attempt to free yourself. "D-don't hurt m-me...Lawrence...!"

In only a moment you are released, your body taking steps back in instinct. You stare at the ground, trying to get your breathing under control. Your heart is pounding like crazy in your chest, your hands shaking as they come up to your chest.

Calm down...it's alright...it's just...it's just...

Underneath your shirt you can feel the ring hanging around your neck.

It's just your friend...that's right...

It's just Lawrence.

You look up him, still trying to calm your racing heart.

Why...does he look so angry still?

"I'm...sorry..." You try to keep from crying, you shouldn't be right now...everything is fine...you're fine...

"I-...I just heard f-from...I heard that y-you h-had found my rabbit and...and I was j-just scared...i-it wasn't okay for me to l-look without a-asking y-you but...but I thought maybe you w-were just...I don't know..." Your words are tumbling out in an incoherent mess. "I j-just...I've had her s-so long...I j-just want her back..."

When you take passing glances up at Lawrence you can see his anger melt into sympathy and then regret.

"I'm...sorry." Lawrence runs his hands through his hair nervously, looking a way as he says this. "I...didn't mean...to scare...you."

An uncomfortable silence carries behind his words, though you take it to calm yourself.

Alright...you're alright...everything is okay. You aren't hurt. You aren't in danger. You aren't in trouble...wait, you're not...right?

"Are...you mad at me? Mad cause it...it looked like I was going through your stuff?" Well, you wouldn't blame him if he was upset that you were snooping. "I promise I wasn't going through your bags though...I didn't touch them..."

"No..didn't think...you were...digging in...my things. Just..." Lawrence stops, but this time it's because he's thinking rather then trying to catch his breath.

"Is...my rabbit in that bag...?" Why are you trying to push your luck right now?

"No!" Lawrence is quick to answer, but the way he does...

"You can tell me if it is...is she d-dirty or something? T-That's okay...I don't mind washing her...o-or if she got ripped..." You just want Ms Buttons back at this point, no matter how she is.

"Don't have...your rabbit." There's the sound of annoyance coming up in his voice, it's weird to actually hear it coming from him. "Why...would I...lie?"

"I don't know..." As you think about your missing stuff there's a surge of fear and...anger...

You're angry that this is happening to you. Angry that you don't have answers.

"I was just...maybe hoping I would find her in here...a-alright? I just want t-to find her...I want to know w-where my...my u-underwear is t-too...I want to know why they're gone and...and if you knew-"

"You...you think...I...would know?" Lawrence looks upset...it does sound like you're accusing him.

"No...I mean...I don't know...I don't know why my stuff is missing. I'm just...I'm just scared and...and now..." You can't help but step away, back against the kitchen counters and your eyes growing blurry.

"And n-now I've g-gone and...and m-made it sound like I don't trust you..." You cover your face with your hands, peeking past your fingers at the floor. "A-And I've m-made you m-mad...I'm s-sorry...p-please don't be..."

You can't even finish your words. All the fear and anger about your missing things have came to a head, sorrow filling in their place. There's the sound of walking towards you, and from your peripherals you can see a hand coming up to your shoulder. You can't help but flinch, and Lawrence draws back his hand.

"I'm...sorry. Not...mad. Not mad...at you." He waits for your reaction and extends his hand towards you again and this time you allow it.

You take the time to cry out your fears as Lawrence offers the only comfort he can in the moment, patting and stroking your hair. It kind of feels childish being on the receiving end...but you're not really complaining. You come to the point where your tears have slowed down and you can begin catching your breath.

When you look up, Lawrence tries to offer you a smile to let you know everything is okay, but you can tell he's not really feeling good either.

What do you want to do?
Tell him that John told us he had the rabbit, and why would John lie about that (making it clear that we're honestly confused as to why John'd say that if it wasn't true, not that we're trusting John over him).
Hug him, discomfort be damned. He hasn't lost our trust, it's just that he scared us and we have no idea what to think anymore.

There's no way to sugarcoat it and we may as well confide in him. Someone stole our underwear from grandma's, and then our underwear from the school disappeared. One pair would be subtle, maybe even a little flattering, but all of it? What kind of... of pervert would do that? Would they steal our toy rabbit?

Our pictures from dad's room?

... our book?
Be cool like Sarah and just say it.
Panties and tampons and swearing is no big deal to her, we should arrive for that kind of confidence.
Keep questioning the Law further. We have to find out where all our stuff went.
Sorry about the wait, I was reading Berserk.
Even though you still feel weird about the whole situation you hug Lawrence, arms around his neck and your head on his shoulder. You try to make sure you're crying has stopped before speaking, needing to make sure he knows you're serious.

"I can't find any of my underwear from before...it's all missing. The ones that were in my bag...the ones at grandma's house...all the clothes I wore at grandma's, actually." You take a deep breath before speaking again, do your best to keep your words clear and concise. "M-Maybe if it was just one pair gone it wouldn't be so bad but..but they also took all the pictures of me from dad's room...they took my book I left there too..."

You squeeze him tighter for support, trying to keep yourself for leaning on him too much though you can't help it.

"And...p-please don't get mad but...I talked to John earlier and...and he mentioned that you found something...he said he thought it was my rabbit." You're scared to say this, but figure it would be better to get it out now. "I..don't think John was completely alright when he told me though...I think he um...did something down in the lobby with those guys before...a-and I'm not saying that I...I trust him over you or something...I'm just...I'm just so confused about everything..."

Lawrence pulls you in closer before he starts speaking, anxiety over his words making your heart beat fast again.

"I...promise. I didn't...find your...rabbit..."

"Then why did he say that?"

"I found...something. Can't...tell you...not now..." Lawrence sounds like he doesn't want to tell you at all. Your eyes drift over to his bags, where that plastic one is wrapped up and hidden away...

Why won't he tell you...?

"What...kind of person would take that kind of stuff though...all of it...they took so much...just...just why? Why me?"

Stay strong, don't start crying again. Even if you're afraid...you're alright. You're okay right...right now, you're okay.

"Won't let...that person...touch you."

"D-...do you promise?" You simultaneously want to know why and never ever come face-to-face with this person.

"I do."

Lawrence's words make you feel somewhat better and you continue to hold on to him.From outside you can hear the sounds of people walking past and cars driving by. It's somehow soothing and nerve wrecking at the same time.

"I...don't want to be scared of everything..." These have been mere thoughts, but maybe if you say them out loud in front of someone else, it will help you work on them.

"I want to be a person who...who doesn't have to hold on to someone just to walk down the street...w-where I don't have to worry about strangers or...or the people around me. I wanna be c-cool and...and confident...I want to be strong. I really...really really do. I want to get better Lawrence...I want to become better. I...I don't know if I can though..."

"You can."

"Can I though..."


You pull away from Lawrence, sniffling and trying to rub your nose dry. Lawrence wipes away the leftover tears from your cheeks with his sleeve, once again trying to offer a gentle smile.

It's late, what do you want to do?

Rushed this out cause its storming and I don't wanna lose power before an update is posted ;_:
Stalk around in the night in search of our rabbit
Do this.
Tell Lawrence goodnight and head to Jessica's room. We can huddle up with him at night in, like, a few days, but right now is just... nu-uh because we have this... thing going on.
Maybe see if Jessica is in a talking mood before she gets in with the kids.
Ask her if she's okay.
You pull a smile out onto your face, and though it remains while you speak it feels like it shouldn't.

"I think it's bedtime for me. You should probably go to sleep tonight."

It takes a moment, but Lawrence understand that you mean back in the other room again. He's good at hiding disappointment, but you're even better at catching it.

"If you don't mind, I would like to come in here and keep you company but for...for a few days I just um..." Even though you wanted to be more confident about these things like Sarah is, you still can't bring yourself to tell Lawrence that.

"I...I h-have this thing I need to deal with...n-nothing bad or anything b-but um...you'll have to make due with me n-not being there to keep you warm." You try to end on a strong note, to show that you're alright.

Lawrence looks over your face trying to read over your secret, but just smirks and releases you to go off.

"Make sure you stay warm..." You warn as you stand at the door way, Lawrence trying to wave you off.

Out in the hallway, you think back to the plastic bag. He has to be hiding something in there...something from you anyways...

But what...

You're let into the room by Sam, who seems somewhat annoyed.

"Where's John?"

"That boy...eh, he's in my room for the night. Of all the things..."

John did get into something then, but you doubt it was the oxy. Maybe you'll ask him about it later...

You can see that Thompson and Clark have fallen asleep. You're surprised to see Mabel is asleep at the other end of them. Why isn't she sleeping with Aria? Maybe they did get into a fight then...do all couples get into fights like that then?

Marilyn is laying down, in the middle of falling asleep. When she sees you she moves over to give you back your spot, the only one missing now is-

"Where's Jessica?" You whisper, propping yourself up on your elbow.

"Just in the bathroom." Marilyn yawns and while it looks like she is ready to fall asleep she continues to talk with you.
"Are you excited about New Years?"

"Does something special happen here?"

"Mhmm. There's like...this block party downtown, and then there's fireworks." Another yawn. "It's really fun, I went for the first time last year. You should go, it'll be fun."

"When is New Year's again?"

"Um...is it Friday today? Then uh...Sunday. Two more nights. It's a lot of fun. I got to watch the fireworks from the bridge last year. It's a really nice view there."

It might be fun to go...usually you watched the countdown on television. This would be the first time you got to see fireworks in person. They're so expensive...but it would make sense for a city to be able to afford them.

You're about to ask Marilyn more but she has already fallen asleep...how does someone like her manage to stay up all night?

Soon enough Jessica comes into bed, her hair pulled up and dressed in pajamas. You turn to face her and she gives you a freckled smile, as if nothing has happened. Her tired eyes tell you otherwise.

"Are you okay?" You lower your voice in attempts to keep the conversation as private as you can in a line of sleeping people. Jessica's smile remains though her eyes falter.

"Yeah...sorry about earlier. I should have stayed behind for you. It's just...I know what you need to do and I don't hold it against you. But sometimes when I think about it...just...reminded of myself, ya know? Used to be really bad...couldn't look at a baby for the longest time without bursting into tears." She looks over to wear Sam is bouncing Cecilia, cooing and calming her down. "I've gotten better though but I guess the scars are still there...still, wasn't right of me to run off like that. It's your battle, you're the one who needs the support."

Jessica smiles wider and offers up her pinky.

"I promise to be there better for you though, alright?"

You smile back and link pinkies with her.

"And..and I'll be there for you too."


Jessica falls asleep long before you do, and it's not much longer before you become a mess of limbs between her and Marilyn, and while it is uncomfortable you do appreciate the closeness. It reminds you of a slumber party...even if both girls are somewhat out of your age range. It's nice...though you do feel pretty bad about Lawrence being all alone...

Maybe you'll make it up to him later. But for now...

You close your eyes and fall asleep to the sounds of gentle breathing and warmth.

When you wake up, there's that feeling of pain but so much lesser then it has been. You get up and use the restroom, noticing that it's early in the morning, just around sun rise. When you come out Jessica is up, yawning and sluggish as she waves and pushes into the bathroom. You can see Marilyn is starting to wake up too, Sam already up and changing Cecilia's diaper. Buttercup...she's probably with John. Hopefully she kept him company.

You remember what Aria told you...that Sam has that pill...

What do you want to do?
Talk with Sam before everyone's awake.
Get the medicine so we can get this over with.
The sooner the better.
What if it's because of that we're hurting?
All right, we'll go chat up Sam and get the stuff. It's... less uncomfortable to talk with him about it since he's kind of a doctor and the girls probably already explained the situation so we don't have to, right? Just... calmly ask.

Deep breaths.
Buy some flashbangs and a silenced pistol. For reasons.
You would feel better about talking to Sam about the medication before everyone else is up and about. He greets you when you approach him, giving you a good-morning as he fastens on the clean diaper. Holding Cecilia in his arms again he stands up straight and gives you a soft but serious look.

"I'm guessing that you know it came in."

You nod and Sam motions for Marilyn to come over. Still half asleep she follows her grandpa's request, taking Cecilia from him.

"Give her breakfast, will you? John will be here in a minute if you need help."

"Alright Pappy." You can feel Marilyn's eyes on you as you follow Sam out. She wouldn't know what is going on and you're glad about that. You're not sure how she would take it if she knew you were...

Your hands clench your stomach as you go to Sam's room. John is already up and ready to head out, giving you both a hello before leaving for the other room. He leaves behind Buttercup and gives you a sympathetic pat on the shoulder before heading out.

Sam takes a seat in a chair, moving another one in front of him for you. Buttercup rushes over to you as you sit, and you take some comfort in holding her in your lap.

"Now, from what I heard from Aria you are experiencing bleeding right now?"

You nod, afraid to answer.

"And she told me that it's rather heavy, compared to your last one...correct?"

"Yes sir."

"Now, I want to assure you that whatever it turns out to be, you will be fine. Remember that, no matter how scary the rest of what I'm saying is, okay?"

You continue to pet Buttercup, eyes towards the floor and nod.

"In a pregnancy it's normal for there to be bleeding. Some women experience a normal period or similar symptoms in the beginning and for the first couple of weeks, a little over two months, spotting is also normal. Heavy bleeding can be a sign of something else though. Do you know what a miscarriage is?"

You shake your head, though you think you have heard that word before. Didn't grandma mention those before?

"Well, they are actually a fairly common occurrence. It simply means that the body rejects the fetus or that the fetus does not come to term before a certain amount of time. Many women go through one without even knowing they're pregnant in the first place. It happens for a lot of reasons, and it doesn't mean you'll go through one every time. There's a good chance that something like this is happening to you right now."

You should be relieved at the thought, but honestly...it scares the hell out of you.

"Now, this is a two step process, the pill. You'll take one pill today, the second one after twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This first pill doesn't hurt nor should you notice any major changes. The second one...you will feel some more cramping and your bleeding may increase. I should really be waiting to give this to you after you stop but, unfortunately, time is of the essence with this. Take the first pill today, and you'll take the second one on Monday. This way your current bleeding should come to slow and your body will get a little chance to recover. Don't plan on doing anything that day, alright?"

"Yes sir."

You watch as Sam pulls out a box, breaking out two tablets and handing them to you.

"Swallow them with a whole glass of water. You may experience some symptoms such as a headache, minor cramping, nausea, excess tiredness...that sort of thing. Don't be afraid to ask if you get scared about any of that, alright? Now, and this is important..."

Jesus...these pills feel so heavy in your hands...

"You are already experiencing bleeding, but if it gets worse let me know right away. Anything like your chest tightening, trouble breathing...anything at all like that, you have someone find me right away. Understand?"

You almost forget to nod. This...God...this is...


"I understand. That's normal, and please remember." Sam places a hand on your shoulder. "You aren't making a right or wrong choice."

"I'm...I'm about to do something a-awful..."

"No, you're not. You are dealing with the consequences of something awful that was done to you. Don't worry about asking for forgiveness, you never needed to ask for it in the first place."


It takes you five minutes of staring at the pills and taking deep breaths, but you manage to swallow them down easily as any other kind of pill.

How awful.

You spend the next half hour crying, Sam comforting you as you bawl your eyes out.

Even if you wanted to, it's impossible to go back now.

After you manage to compose yourself, you thank Sam for the help.

"It's not a problem. I'm sorry you had to go through something like this. You should begin to feel the side effects in just a few hours. Let me give you some painkillers for your cramps now, and then I recommend you rest or do something that doesn't ask a lot out of you."

You take some normal medication, noticing that these go down much easier, and eat a pack of dried fruit Sam gives you.

"I'll be here all day, I don't know about the others. I believe Jessica is taking the kids to a dollar movie but I recommend you stay here for today while the pill takes it's effect, alright? Now, so I can keep an eye on you, what are you wanting to do right now?"
I suppose we should see if Lawrence is ready to tell us what's in the bag, and to see what he's gonna be doing today.
We... honestly don't know. Maybe just hide under some blankets and count to a hundred.

Or repeating like a mantra what Sam said to us. We're not doing something wrong, just dealing with an injustice dealt to us. We're not the ones who should have to ask for forgiveness.

We can practice knitting when we feel a little less... off. Maybe we could make an animal? Unravel until we get it right. Just something to kill time.
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Take some light heart Del with John
We should write down our feelings, start a journal or something.
File: image.gif (993 KB, 250x250)
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993 KB GIF
"I don't know..." You are, understandably, not in the best mood right now. Something about being forced to stay here while the others can just go off and do what they want really hits you hard.

"I think I'm just going to bury myself in a bunch of blankets and just...lay there..."

"That's fine. I know this is a lot to handle right now. Sleep if you must, but try to occupy yourself somehow too. It will keep your mind off things."

You nod, only somewhat listening. Right now you just feel kind of...dull? Listless, maybe that's a good word to use.

Sam escorts you back to the room, but you think back to that bag again. Maybe if you ask you can get some answers now...

"Can I talk to Lawrence real quick?"

"Don't think he's here right now. I don't know where he is but he should be back some time today."

Oh...even if you didn't find out what was inside the bag then you would have at least liked to talk to him.

Back inside the room you have to watch, some what grumpy, as Jessica gets the children dressed up to go outside. Marilyn and Aria are tagging along too...it looks fun...you want to go...

A wave of sickness hits you in reminder of why you can't though, and you only feel more irritated. You fall into the blankets, wrapping yourself up so you don't have to watch them go out and have fun.

"Hey...are you alright? Did'ja want to come with us?" You can hear Marilyn from behind and you curl yourself up.



"Sick." You sound more mad then you are...well, you sound upset at Marilyn when she's the one who hasn't done anything. It's clear that she gets the message and backs off slowly. If you had to guess there's probably a big show of disappointment on her face.

When you feel better you might want to apologize or let her bully you in return...

You listen as the group says good-bye and heads out, leaving you in the room with Sam, Betty, Cecilia, and-

Buttercup comes up after eating her breakfast, trying to lick at your face. First you push her away annoyed, but her persistence and the look on her dumb face makes you giggle a little. You give in and pet her, the little scraggly tail shaking furiously at the attention.

Part of you wants to sleep, but your stomach is hurting a bit too much right now...

Besides...Sam says you should try to do something in the mean time.


Ten minutes later and you have a row of pink yarn cast on to one of your needles, ready to practice. You do your row of knits then your row of pearls, over and over, making a square.

It's...lopsided. You're pretty sure you added some stitches...or...dropped some...both?

You pull the square off and unravel it, the one fluffy yarn now crinkly and thinned. Once again you cast on, going through the different knits again.

Once again, another lopsided, too loose, square.


You keep making your useless square, thinking over what Sam told you.

You're not the wrong one here. You weren't the one who did something bad. You just made a choice. You aren't a bad person. You aren't the one needing to ask for any sort of forgiveness.

Why do you feel so guilty then?

Looking down at the ugly square again you feel frustrated and pull the yarn off once more, pulling to unravel it and earning a knot. As you attempt to pull it out you feel a hand on your shoulder.

"It looks like that section of yarn is too worn out to use now."

You look up to see Betty watching you and feel embarrassed about your crass actions just now.

"I...yeah...probably. I was just trying to practice..."

"That's good, is it not turning out properly?"

"No...I can't get it to look nice. The needles are starting to hurt my hands too..."

"Maybe it would be better for you to try some crochet then. Much easier to hold the hook then two needles. Would you like to try?"


You sit on an overturned bucket in front of Betty, watching carefully as she displays how to start off something she calls a 'magic circle'.

"When you do this you can make a ball and fill it with stuffing or left-over yarn. Make a couple of different sized ones and then I will show you what to do from there."

It takes quite a few tries, her long and thing fingers coming in to fix up and correct the little mistakes you make. Eventually you get the hang of it and after half an hour you manage to make your first, somewhat lumpy, ball. Betty gives you some yarn scraps to fill it with and instructs you on how to sew the hole closed.

You get to work on the next one, making it smaller then your first.

Still a little lumpy...but better then your first one.

"Awfully cold winter this year." She says, working on a pair of booties. "It's been a while since I've seen one this bad. Last time was when I lived in Minnesota as a little girl."

"Do...you know anything about ice skating then?"

"Ice skating? Oh, I used to love ice skating. Me and my sister would go as soon as we heard the lake was solid enough, sometimes we would try to go before then. It was so nice, I used to teach the local kids how to skate properly. Managed to teach some of the cutest boys too. They would act all tough and mighty till their skate touched the ice, then they would cling to my arm for life. It was pretty nice." She chuckles at the last part, looking over her work so far.

"I never learned how to...I do know how to roller blade though. I like doing that."

"Oh that was always the best during the summer. I used to do that when I car hopped in high school. I would do it now if my hips were better. I guess I will just have to watch the boys do it for me instead."

There's a radio on in the room playing music much older then you. It's soft and slow and even though you don't know any of the songs it makes you feel relaxed. As you continue to make the different sized crochet balls you listen to Betty tell you stories of Minnesota and when she used to work on a dairy farm.

"And the calves were always the sweetest thing. Once though we had one escape, didn't close the gate tight enough. Poor little thing ran into a neighbor's corn field and I had to go get her. Found her easy enough because of her crying but then we were both lost. It took me hours to get out of there. Thank goodness it wasn't harvest time, those combines are huge and loud. I doubt that even with that little cow mooing her lungs out that they would have heard us. Finally I got her back, named her Monroe because she had this little black speck by her eye. Kept her as a pet for a long time actually. She was the cutest thing, even when she became a full grown cow."

As you start up your sixth ball you ask Betty about more of the work she did.

"Well, when I was young and married my husband got called off to go fight. Got sent back though, turns out he was a skinny little twig and they couldn't use him. I decided I was still going to work though, I ended up in a factory making airplane parts."


"Mhm, the big bomber ones, actually. Worked with a lot of other women at the time, we would chat about how to get the rungs out of pantyhose or the newest song on the radio while we put those suckers together. Sometimes we would get the brightest lipstick we had and left our signatures on the planes, where the inspectors wouldn't see them right away. Course they saw them and told us to stop doing that, but it only made us look for even sneakier spots to write them. It almost became like a game of sorts."


You eventually end up with a mess of different sized yarn balls on the ground and Betty shows you what to do next.

"Now, we can make little critters with these."

"Can we?"

"Mhm, just choose a part for the head, the body, legs, all that. You sew them together and add buttons for eyes and you have yourself a little animal."

As you pick out and put together your pieces you can hear the sound of John in the hallway. This time he's for sure talking to someone...it must be Lawrence. He must have came back. As you sew the head to the body John comes in and sits down with Sam, taking the baby from his arms to hold. Lawrence must have gone back to his room.

"Here's two buttons you can use for the eyes."

Betty passes you two round buttons, a dull blue color. You sew them carefully on and take a look at your creation.

"It...doesn't really look like an animal...it looks more like a monster..."

"Well, monsters can be cute too. I think it's fine."

Your hands are sore from all the crochet and sewing so you decide to take a break from it.
There's pain in your stomach and when you go to the restroom you can see that, while you are still bleeding and it's heavier then this morning, it is still not as bad as the first day.

Hopefully you'll be fine to enjoy New Year's Eve tomorrow...

What do you want to do now?
Maybe we can pretend things are normal, talking with Betty was kinda nice. Maybe Mab's sulking about and we can hear her out on whether Aria and she are okay, or we can try chatting up someone we haven't really gotten acquainted with yet.
working on the op and other stuff around the house, sorry sorry.
You remember that Aria and Mabel seem to have been having a spat...

Maybe you'll be able to go and check up on Mabel and see what's going on between them.

"Do you know if Mabel is around?" You ask Betty, pocketing your little yarn monster.

"Mabel? I think she's in her room. Bit in a sour mood, you know? I wonder if she got in a fight with her friend..."

Friend? Oh, she means Aria.

"Do you think it would be okay if I went over and just...kinda checked up on her?"

"Should be fine, if she doesn't let you in come back right away."

"Yes gr-...Betty."

You get up, legs stiff from sitting still for so long. John has gone off else where it seems, leaving Sam to feed the baby.

"How are you feeling?" Sam asks as you pass by, catching you before you leave the door.

"I'm kinda hurting but I think it's fine...nothing too bad..." You say this but there's that sick feeling in your stomach again. You push it away before Sam can notice it.

"Alright, that's good. Where are you going?"

"I just wanted to check on Mabel."

"Fine, make sure you don't loiter in the hallway alone too long, understand?"

"Yes sir."

Sam nods you off and you let yourself out.

A man passes by you, someone you don't know. Instantly you freeze up but he makes his way through without another thought. Right...remember, there are other people here.

Remembering where their room is, you knock at the door.

"Psst...it's me."

For a moment it looks like Mabel isn't going to open the door and you prepare to head back. It's almost startling when the door swings open and she looks down at you, hair and clothes a mess and looking like she hasn't slept in a while.

"What can I..." She yawns wide. "...do for ya?"

"I just...wanted to hangout for a bit...if that's okay, I mean."

"Sure, beats studying alone."

Mabel lets you pass in, and right away you can see that she has been, in fact, studying. Textbooks and notes are spread out on the floor around her blanket nest, empty cans of soda littering the floor.

"What's up?" She asks, plopping down cross legged into her spot. You take a spot behind her, trying to stay on the blanket and away from actually touching the floor as much as possible.

"Didn't you want to go with Jessica? Wasn't she supposed to take the kids off to a movie today?" Mabel continues her question, picking up one of the books.

"I couldn't go. Sam gave me the pill this morning and I have to stay here while...while it does it's thing..."

"Oh man...sorry for asking."

"It's alright." You look at the text book nearest to you, something about economics. "Why are you studying? You haven't started school yet...have you?"

"Nah, just trying to catch up on what I might have missed though. Summer breaks kick my ass enough, now I've missed out my fall semester too. I don't want to get behind."

There's the sound of her circling something in the book on her lap.

"I'm not bothering you then...are I?"

"Nah, like I said. Beats studying alone."

"Are..." You hesitate to ask, not wanting to pry. "...you slept in the room with Jessica and me last night...w-why? Are you and Aria...?"

"Just...bit of a fight is all. Bout time though, y'know? We've argued before, but like...never a real one."

"So...it's fine when adults fight?"

"Long as no one ends up with a black-eye, then yeah. Gotta get that aggression out somehow. Course I was a bit of a bitch..."

"What was your argument about?"

"Stupid shit. I opened my big mouth and said that I was the one supporting me and Aria and teased her about pulling her weight around more. She took it a bit too personally and it just kinda...escalated. I mean...I do hate that I'm the only one bringing in any money right now though...it would be nice if she got a job or something too. Especially since I'm going to start classes up again..." As Mabel talks longer about it frustration comes back up into her voice, and she tosses her book away.

"Man...gotta stop thinking about it..."

"Did you guys make up yet?"

"Not yet. I'll do something though, don't you worry." Mabel lays back, stretching out on the floor. "I just..."


It looks like Mabel isn't sure if she should talk about this or not, carrying on slowly.

"I just...listen, this is gonna sound like...maybe weird or even selfish. Maybe it doesn't really make sense either but...will you listen anyways? I think I just need to get this out?"

You nod, and Mabel continues.

"I like Aria, hell...I love her, obviously. Thing is...I don't know if like...I wanna stay with her forever or not...y'know? Like, I don't want to hurt her feelings or anything but sometimes I just feel like we should have stayed friends instead. Maybe if we were still in the university apartments I would talk to her about it but...man...she depends on me. Even if she doesn't want to, I'm the only one there for her. I can't like...abandon her or something. Not now. It's kinda my fault she's in this situation..." Mabel sighs and closes her eyes as she says this.

You really aren't sure what to say, opting to remaining quiet.

"Hey...sorry if I made ya feel weird. I just needed to like, get that out, y'know? Promise you won't go around spreadin' it?"

"Oh...don't worry about it. I promise to keep it a secret."

"Cool, cool. Thanks." Mabel keeps her eyes close, looking as if she might fall asleep. You lay back next to her, trying not to focus on the feelings in your stomach.

"You going to the New Year's thing?" Mabel speaks up after some time has passed.

"I'd like to go, it sounds fun."

"It is. I think a bunch of us are going to go as a group. Wanna tag along then?"

"Oh yeah, yes please."

"Cool. Cool."

There's silence again and you decide to close your eyes, focusing on your breathing. Past the pain, it's pretty relaxing...


When you open your eyes again, you can see Mabel is sitting up, eating from a bag of chips and staring at pages once again. Sitting up, she offers you the bag, not looking up from the book. You take it readily, eating the corn chips as you try and wake up.

"How long was I asleep for...?"

"Just like...an hour or two. I dunno man, I fell asleep too."

You try to keep yourself from eating too many of the chips, not wanting to make yourself sick. You still feel rather tired...maybe you should take another nap...

"By the way, Law came by. Just wanted to check on ya. I told him you were doin' alright."

"Do you know where he is now?"

"I think he went back to his room. He's been keepin' himself cooped up a lot recently...don't know why... Oh yeah, think the girls are back too. Heard em in the hall." Mabel yawns, bored of her reading. "I'll probably join them in a bit."

What do you want to do?
File: skaven-head.jpg (44 KB, 270x286)
44 KB
Pursue Law, pursue pursue get him good yes yes we will catch the little manthing in his room yes yes we will!
Tag along with Mabel when she goes.
Tell her it might be sorta our fault he's hiding away? We've... pushed him away because of the whole... feeling really gross about bleeding so much, and we have no idea about how to tell him.

Stick with Mab for now.
Reminder that Delilah is NOT:

...capable of going toe-to-toe with grown men in combat
...a shonen protagonist
...prepared to commit unwanton murder
...skilled with any form of larceny
...a descendant of Solid Snake
...older than 13 years
...secretly hiding some innate superpower or something
...a vampire, despite prior coincidences
...a drug dealer, somehow
...sexually active
Check up on Law

It's been scientifically shown that 80% of girls lose their virginity before age 14
It has been scientifically proven that ninety percent of statistics are made up on the spot.

According to (a citation in) this article, in 1988 7% of American females had had sex by age 13 and 13% by age 14.

So you're a bit off on your numbers there.
"Is it alright if I stick around with you for a while longer?" You ask, Mabel putting up her books into a lazy pile.

"Well, yeah. Expected you to run off and find Law though, not gonna lie."

You do want to go see him but...

"I think he's been hiding away because of me..."

Mabel gives you a strange look at this and you do your best to elaborate, though it might be more for your sake.

"I haven't been meaning to but...with this whole thing...the p-period and stuff I've just been kinda pushing him away...m-maybe I hurt his feelings or something...I just feel all...gross and stuff and I don't want him to know...I must be the worst..."

"Oh, is that all? I thought you two fought or somethin'." Mabel bounces to her feet, stretching out. "Lemme tell you somethin', my sister could be a real bitch before her periods. It's normal to feel all messed up cause of them, ya know? It's freakin' blood gushin' out of your hoo-haw! Who wouldn't feel gross? Chances are, at this point Law should at least have some idea of what's goin' on. Don't feel bad bout it, kay?"



You follow Mabel back to the other room, joining Jessica and Aria as they talk about the movie.

"So uh...how was it?" Mabel looks some what sheepish, trying to act casual about the whole thing.

"Fine." Aria is quick to answer, not looking over at directly at Mabel. The conversation seems pretty...stiff.

"S-So...what movie did you guys see?" You speak up, hoping to break the tension.

"The one with the dinosaurs, ah...Land Before Time. Clark and Thompson were excited about it for the longest time. He didn't want me to tell you, but Clark cried like...twice." Jessica giggles a bit at that last part.

"Oh yeah! I saw that one, it was pretty sad in the beginning when Littlef-"

"Don't tell meeeee! I haven't seen it yet!" Mabel covers her ears from any potential spoilers, turning away.

"You don't even like cartoons though." Aria sounds friendlier now, but only a bit.

"Yeah but you know I love dinosaurs! Ah wait, was there like...T-Rex though? Did he go around messin' stuff up?"

"I thought you didn't want spoilers."

"Yeah but babe...t-Rex. I need one, there's gotta be at least one fight with one!"

Mabel tucks her arms into her shirt, only her hands popping out, and bends down somewhat. She spots her prey, Lisa, and takes big huge steps over to her, roaring as she does. Lisa has a mix between a giggle and a scream, dashing about as Mabelrex chases behind her. Eventually she shoots her arms out and grabs Lisa picking her up high in the air and showing her off.

"This'll feed me for a week-RAWR!"

Aria can't help but smile at this act, Lisa giggling and squirming about like crazy. Jessica is absolutely in stitches, watching Lisa try to escape from her grasps. Even you manage to laugh, though you have trouble doing so...you feel kind of light headed...

Lisa breaks free and runs off to where Thompson and Clark are messing around with two action figures, whispering to them. Mabel comes back to the group, slicking her hair back as if she is the coolest thing.

"She loves me." Mabel says coolly, pointing over at Lisa.

"If only she really knew." Aria says in a playful way, Mabel smiling more though in relief.

"Hey...you don't look too good Bun..." You're brought out of staring at the other two, Jessica putting a hand to your head. "Are you feeling alright?"

"Yeah...yeah I'm good." You say this but come to a realization that the floor is slightly spinning.

"Hey yeah, you're kinda shaking too...you sure you're fine?" Mabel turns her attention to you, and suddenly you feel shy.

"I-I'm fine g-guys...I promise. Lemme just..." You take a step but it falters, causing you to tip forward.Your head is rushing, but not in the good way.


"I just...let me go to the bathroom real quick..." You push yourself away from Jessica's hands, taking slow steps over to the door. Why does it feel like it's taking forever...

Why is the wall shaking?

Why is the floor rushing to y-


What's one thing you've always wanted to do?
File: tegaki.png (154 KB, 400x400)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Fly into the vastness of outer space
Dance like the most prettiest ballerina ever!
All graceful and with poise and all that girly things that you can't do
File: Spoiler Image (52 KB, 400x400)
52 KB
something better

a bit hard to understand, though
Too soon ;_;
Have children
Backing. Commercial spaceflight seems so far away, but being able to experience the stars at any time would be so remarkable.
Back when you were younger, much much younger, you had been jealous of astronauts.

They got to fly up all the way to space and play with the stars. When you could see them you always wondered just what it would be like to touch one, extending your hand out as far as you could in an attempt to grab one of the twinkling lights.

Of course you learned later in school what stars actually were, and that part of your dream shattered.

Still, you try to imagine how pretty it is up there. If you flew up to the moon, all the stars would look different, right? Maybe you could have built a house on top of the moon and make up new stories and new constellations.

When your class gathered around the television to watch the Challenger make it's tenth and final landing back on Earth about two years ago, you remember thinking how brave those people were to go up there for all those months.

Could you ever be that brave?


You open your eyes to the feeling of a hand over your forehead.

"-seems fine..."

"-should let her rest."

"...-away from the others..."

Sleepy...you still feel so sleepy...

Your eyes fall shut again, and the voices drown out.


When you wake up again, it's already dark. Immediately you can feel blankets wrapped around your body in attempts to keep you warm.

With blurry vision you can see someone is sitting just a bit away from you. The low glow from the flashlight shows that it's John, it looks like he's playing cards.

"Am...I going to die...?" Your words come out low, you still feel exhausted.

"Nah, you're fine." John is bit surprised by you speaking up so suddenly, getting up and moving over to where you lay.

"I...kinda feel like I wanna die..."

"But do you really though?"

"...maybe just some water..."

John is quick to obliged in fetching you a drink as you struggle to sit up. Your insides feel sore and tired. The cool glass is handed over, and you attempt to drink slowly.

"Gave us all a little scare there, you know? Sam said that you're fine, just maybe a bit too much movement for a bit too much blood loss." You never choke when John mentions that part.

Does he know that you're...?

"Ah sorry, didn't mean to upset ya or nothin'. Sam just gave me the run down. He uh, also gave it to Law too."

You choke on your water for real this time. John pats you on the back as you attempt to get your breath back.

"He-..ack...he told him?!"

"Had to. When Law heard you collapsed he rushed over and wanted to know what was up. Don't think he would have left Sam alone unless he got an answer."

Awful...how awful...

You bury your face in your hands.

"Ah...h-how embarrassing..."

"It's fine, you really shouldn't worry about it. He'll just be happy to know that you're up now. And ah...if I may say, you chose a good time to wake." John pats his pocket, the top of a cigarette box poking out.

"I'm about two hours behind on my lil smoke break."


John makes sure you can properly stand and walk on your own before helping you to the bathroom. You feel beyond embarrassment at this point, but you're grateful for the help.

There's not an alarming amount of blood...thank God for that...

You scrub your hands, your entire body just feeling...dirty. Absolutely dirty. You doubt bathing would get rid of that feeling either...

Whatever...this will be all over in a few days anyway...right?

You exit the bathroom and come across to see John talk with Lawrence at the doorway.

"-is okay...see? Here she is." John moves back to let him see you walk up, relief washing over the look of concern Lawrence had.

"Would I be able to go back to sleep in the other room?" You look to the ground so you don't have to see the disappointment on his face.

"Maybe next time, but Sam wants you in 'quarantine' for the time being. Less stress for you and no need to get everyone else worried bout nothin'." John is itching for his smoke break. Why not just smoke in here like Lawrence does?

"Anyways, unless you'd prefer to sleep in Sam's room you can go with Law now. Just let us know if anything starts to hurt, alright?"


You keep your eyes on the ground as you follow Lawrence down the hall and back to his room. You wave John off as he heads over to the lobby, pulling out a thick looking cigarette from his case.

Jesus...Lawrence's room is absolutely freezing...he must have the coldest one out of everyone...

You feel awkward standing inside, hearing the door close behind you.

Technically you can go and sleep in Sam's room, but still...you just feel gross and awful right now...

What would you like to do before going to sleep?
Hug and apologize to the Law?
We should have just told him instead of being so... self-conscious about it and making him worry.
Apologies for typos and wrong words, I've been doing this so long now that I dont even catch stuff like that any more
Cry because no one wants us to sleep in their room because we're a disgusting bleeding vampire baby killer and because we're staying in this freezing shithole with AIDS infested used needles on the floor

The entire building is crap and freezing and we're pretty sure we saw needles snapped off in the railing downstairs.
File: 1453373119107.png (598 KB, 722x525)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
> Reminder that Delilah is NOT:
> ...capable of going toe-to-toe with grown men in combat
> ...prepared to commit unwanton murder
> ...skilled with any form of larceny
>b...a descendant of Solid Snake
> ...secretly hiding some innate superpower or something
> ...a vampire, despite prior coincidences
> ...a drug dealer, somehow
> ...sexually active
You cover your face up again, feelings of shame coming to you again.

"I'm sorry...I sh-should have just told you that I was...was just..."

You really don't want to say the words now, they seem as awful as you feel.

"Gross...I've been feeling so awful and gross and...and that's why I haven't been hanging around you that much...and then I went and p-passed out...I'm sorry if I made y-you feel like I didn't want to be around you...I didn't till I was...was d-done with this..."

You feel Lawrence's arm wrap up from behind, giving you a squeeze.

"Is okay. I under-stand. Grew up...with sister...you know. Don't have...to hide it...from me."

Oh, that's right...

Do most guys learn about this kind of stuff then? You figured it would be something girls would do their best to keep hidden away...

"I also took that pill today..." You figured Lawrence knows this already, but it would also be good for you to get it all out. "That...that one to get r-rid of..."

You don't finish your sentence and you don't need to.

You still aren't sure how to feel about all of it...


Lawrence has you lay down soon enough, covered and secured in an amass of blankets. You soon warm up despite the chill in the room, but you notice that Lawrence isn't laying down. Rather, it looks like he's preparing to stay up...

"Aren't you going to sleep?" You ask, curling up in your bundle.

"No. Need to...stay awake...for you. Sam said...so to...make sure...you're...okay."

Right...right, that explains why John was still up.

"I'm pretty sure I'll be fine, if you wanted to go to sleep too. I don't feel in pain." You say this, yet there is the clenching in your stomach. Ignore it...

Lawrence shakes his head at your offer. You doubt you could convince him otherwise right now...

"Okay but um...i-if you get cold then you can...you can cudd-...borrow a blanket, if you want."

He smiles a bit and gestures at you to go to sleep.

You feel a bit weird, knowing he will be awake the entire time you sleep. In order to combat this you turn your back to him. It'll take forever for you to fall asleep again...

Oh, no it won't.


In the morning, you see that the blood has barely slowed down any. It doesn't feel like you will collapse again, though the notion of eating food does make you feel a tad uneasy. Lawrence takes you over to Sam's room, where he leaves you to talk to the doctor alone.

"I'm so sorry about that. I knew it could have been troublesome to have you take this right now, but it could also mean trouble if we waited too long."

"I understand."

"Feel better today?"

"I wouldn't say better...but I don't feel like I'm going to pass out either..."

"Well, that's good enough I suppose." Sam sighs and rubs a hand over his white whiskery chin. "This is pretty rough, doing all this without proper equipment..."

You remain quiet as Sam mulls over this.

"Ah, sorry. I hope I didn't scare you. Anyways, so long as you're feeling alright, that means you should be doing fine. Tomorrow I'll have to give you the second part of the medication, then after a week or so we will have you take another test and from there we will see."

"Wait...I could...still be pregnant after this...?"

"It's highly unlikely, but I can't lie to you. Yes, that possibility is still there. If that is the case...we may have to look at further options...ah there I go again...please, try not to worry about it."

You nod, but of course the seeds of doubt and worry have already been planted.

"Will...I be able to go with everyone to the New Year's thing tonight?" You cross your fingers, hoping for a yes...if anything you can be looking forward to this.

The look on Sam's face tells you more then you need to know.

As your hope for tonight shatters you try to hide your tears.

"I'm sorry, it's too dangerous to have you go out, especially that far. If something were to happen out there...it's just too risky."

"I...sniff...I understand..." You bring a sleeve up to your nose in attempts to keep calm. Why are you this upset...? You feel absolutely heartbroken...usually you would be disappointed but you doubt you would cry...

"I...I don't mean to c-cry...I'm...I'm sorry..." You burst out in staggered breath and tears.

"It's fine...I might have needed to mention this earlier, but the medication does mess with your hormones and such a bit. Your emotions may be a little out of whack for a bit." Sam pats your shoulder again as you attempt to collect yourself. "It's fine to get overly upset or angry right now, don't worry about it. You'll be back to normal in just a few days...alright?"

You nod again, not feeling much better about your sudden outburst.

Sam escorts you to Jessica's room, where she and the kids are eating a breakfast of instant oatmeal. She pours you a bowl, moving over so you can join their little circle. Marilyn looks up at you with a worried expression, Buttercup at her lap.

"Pappy said you were okay...you are, right?" She asks quietly, keeping Sam from hearing. You nod, aside from the little bit of nausea and soreness you don't feel any worse then usual...except for maybe your delicate emotions. Marilyn lightens up a bit before asking;

"Oh good, that means you can go with us tonight...right?"

You look down at the lumpy oats in your bowl.

"I...can't...I don't have permission..."

"What, why not?" Jessica is the one who sounds disappointed now.

"They're worried I will pass out again..."

"Don't you feel better now?"


"Man...you shouldn't have to miss something like this..." Jessica pouts a bit, looking over to Sam and leaning in close to whisper in your ear.

"I know this might not seem like a good idea, but if you want, we can sneak you out with us tonight...do you want to try?

ah man got a headache something fierce ;_;

No for the love of Allah, stay in.
Just wanted to say that this is a really great quest you're running, but it's difficult for me to read because of my own experiences with homelessness.

You're doing really good though! Pls don't die.
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 842x617)
38 KB
;_;7 Take a Del as appreciation, anon.
I support this gentleman
Is this really what being homeless is like
As author, I can't say. I've only experienced 'unconventional' homelessness. Rather, I was more akin to foster child experience. There's a lot of stuff in this that i have first hand experience with, but the homeless part is something I am doing my best to guess.

If I had to say so, from a writer's perspective, I would guess this is easier then actually being homeless.
Ye... no. What if us passing out is actually really bad and we need Sam? Or if the hormones makes us lose our temper like Sam said and Lawrence isn't there to get us grounded again.

What if those guys in the town car see through our disguise...

We'll just... watch from, like, a window or something. Wait for next year.

Homeless but with a group? Relatively.
File: 1464733656747.gif (842 KB, 500x540)
842 KB
842 KB GIF
> Finally get a Delrito

I can die happy.
Why do we look like a dyke now?
Because we're trying to go undetected by the fucking creeps that stole our underwear not once, but twice, and probably put out a massive bounty on us.
Lawrence has our panties
Lawrence is also the one that is compromising our security by giving leads to the government kill squads about our position. It's confirmed that Lawrence loves it when we need him so of course he'll put us in situations where we require his help.
I can't decide if you're being serious or trying to bamboozle everyone.
Hmn, I think I've used wrong terminology.
She looks like a fuccboi.

And that if you think about it, changes nothing to her situation if doujins informed me.
Good thing we're in 1980's Montana and not a Chinese comic book.
But we're on a Mongolian wood carving board, it will seep in somehow.

I mean we are already masquerading advance reverse trap, though out of necessity that fetish
Oh anon, she's all of that.

But you are right in one thing only:
She's not a shonen protag, she's a yuri protag
>not a cumdump for old men
We're goin Seinen and above at some point, or we already have.

Isn't there a shitty /a/ quest you could play in instead?
File: Spoiler Image (106 KB, 1366x804)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
If we go out, something horrible will happen.

Let's do it anyways.

Yes. But this one doesn't suck. Also remember that we are in a Vietnamese rice paper drawings image forum.

C'mon dude. We already are a cumpdumpster. We need to redeem ourselves and find the purest form of love.

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