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Twitter: https://twitter.com/Booqst
Summary: http://pastebin.com/Gz2GAYyd
Previous thread: >>189519
Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?searchall=Genocide+Quest

Leo found himself standing out in an open field. Standing beside him, he could see his friends, His comrades, Duncan, Lisa, and Thea. In an instant, casual appearances blurred and changed, and they now stood facing forward fully prepared for battle. Looking across the field of green, Leo could see the great tree once more. Its bark, Blackened with corruption. The sky ran red with death, as swirling black clouds flowed to and from the top of the Great tree. That deadly tower stood fixed in the middle of carnage and chaos. The human army clashed with the demonic horde of flesh and metal, as the battlefield rang out with the sounds of death.

The party began to move. Duncan took charge as he pounced upon every foe in their wake, spearing them from a distance and rending their hearts in one mighty blow. Lisa rained down arrows of fire, igniting their enemies in the air, keeping the group safe from any aerial dangers looking to sweep in from above.
Thea charged her spells, and let loose intense bolts of lighting, obliterating the mightiest of enemies that walked into their path, And once they stood before the tower, Leo lead the charge inside, cutting down every monstrosity blocking their path to the portal above. Silver sword in hand, He stood before the portal. A floating figure was seen in front of the portal, floating from the ground with arms of bone. As it lifted its head, it had the face of a man. The flesh was grey, full of wounds and scars, but mostly intact. It was the face of a man he hadn’t seen before, and as it pointed a long boney arm and finger at Leo.

He woke up to the sounds of marching feet and excited chatter. There hadn’t been this much commotion the previous two mornings, Leo was curious as to what was going on.

>Hurry outside to see what all the fuss is about.

>Take the time to put your armor back on before heading outside.
>Take the time to put your armor back on before heading outside.
>>Take the time to put your armor back on before heading outside.
sounds like we are matching or someone is coming
and y do you torment me so op its midnight here
-writing soon, bringing groceries inside-
did ll in one trip?
yee. writing now.
ahah yes its the only way to bring them in, fuck doing a 2nd trip
Leo quickly put his armor on and headed outside to see what was going on. Most of the crowd was further down the trail but a few stragglers were also late getting up and were jogging down the trail. With a quick glance around Leo saw Thea jogging down the path, as she waved him over.

”Leo! Come on! Hurry up! It’s the general!”

General?! What the hell was a man of his stature coming all the way out here for? Leo quickly ran back into the tent grabbing the rest of his things, His new longsword, his silver short sword, and started running down the trail to meet up with Thea.
”What’s a general doing all the way out here? Was his arrival announced?” Leo asked, panting from the quick sprint he had just endured.
”No, it came as a complete shock to the rest of the battalion too, but if he’s all the way out here it must be something big” Thea replied.

It must have been serious for a general to come all the way out here unannounced. They are often reserved for commanding multiple battalions or regiments, so the fact that one had come out this far too personally visit made Leo’s heart sink. What could he possibly be out here for?
A large gathering could be seen as they ran along the path at the northern edge of the encampment. Quickly joining the rest of the group, Leo could hear one distinct voice. A booming, silvery voice, cutting across the crowd and sounds of nature, It could only have been the generals voice.

”…And it is for that reason, that the invasion of the enemy capital is being pushed ahead of schedule.” Said the general.

”Bu-But general Dumah! Without replacements first battalion is in no condition to fight! Our men have yet to even recover from the injuries we sustained in that fight!” Someone protested.

”We must not allow our enemy to mount an offensive. I do not expect this unit to march into battle and secure victory, but to march onwards and hold the enemy, until the 2nd brigade can join the fight. We absolutely have to secure that tree! General Dumah responded,

and in that moment when his horse turned, and his face came into full view. What Leo saw struck fear into his heart. He knew that face. He recognized it completely, and there was no mistaking that face. It had more color too it, but the scars were all there. Leo had completely tuned out the speech or any objections he could possibly have had upon this realization.
The figured in robes atop the tower, the face he saw clearly in his dreams.
It was him.

>Warn Thea

>Calm down, Continue to listen to what he is saying.

>Try to remember back to the tower, remember if the face in your dream is the same one that thing had.
>Calm down, Continue to listen to what he is saying.
then when the speach is done >Warn Thea
stuffing my face with food before the next update
>Calm down, Continue to listen to what he is saying.
>Try to remember back to the tower, remember if the face in your dream is the same one that thing had.
damm i wats food now, had pizza befor
File: General Dumah.png (405 KB, 492x500)
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405 KB PNG
Leo tried to relax and listen to the rest of what he had to say before saying anything to Thea.

”I have seen, The enemy. We are no longer just talking about those filthy Elves.. No.. Instead they have unleashed a brand new kind of scourge upon the world.. A sin that can never be forgiven. The culmination of their crimes have given birth to demons of the flesh. They both outnumber, and overpower our current force… Our scouts are reporting the foreign threat is starting to rally its troops, preparing to march southwards and into our territory. We, CANNOT… allow these abominations to set foot on our pure lands.. Stand strong my brothers, Survive!.. Fight and struggle to your last breath that we may hold this line, and crush the enemy on this day.

Dumah took a long pause looking over the crowd of terrified conscripted soldiers, and royal knights standing ready before he continued.

”Should you survive this day, Know this.. I will personally, see that each and every one of you, make it back home. You should be proud to have served in the army of the king of kings. His majesty extends his blessings, and his gratitude to you all. Dismissed.”

The general began to make his way through the crowd, and as he passed, He shot a very sharp and direct glare in Leo’s direction, before heading down the path and into the command tent. There was no mistaking it now.. That man was defiantly the same man from his dreams, the one in front of the portal. Leo couldn’t clearly remember the face of the robbed figure from the top of the tower, but his dreams had been oddly relevant over the past few days. The black king, the great tree. Small bits and pieces that had remained true before events ever transpired, and this was no exception. Leo had never seen this Man’s face before today, yet clearly dreamed about every little detail before having seen him. Something was very wrong.

”Thea, get everyone together. I have something important to discuss. Meet me in the dining area.” Leo said, and with a nod and no objections, Thea set out to find the rest of the squad and Leo made his way to the dining area.

He waited for everyone to show up, and as they all sat down looking to him expectantly, Leo considered his words carefully.

>”The general is one of those demons, He was on top of the tower at the great tree.”

>”I’ve been having visions.. and I think the general is involved with these creatures we’ve been fighting.”

>”I think the general is trying to deceive us. I’ve seen him before, at the tower.”


>write in
Rolled 93 (1d100)

mix all the choices
>i think he deceives us + i have had visions + he is a demon extra heretical slaaneshi edition
So Leo only saw him during dream sequence, correct?
>Tell Thea about the dream. Ask her opinion.
I am seconding this.
do this
Just letting you know im lurking this quest hard, cant participate much though. Keep this shit up

File: Duncan.png (851 KB, 600x929)
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851 KB PNG
”I know this is going to sound insane, but I need you all to trust me on this.. Thea, I’m especially curious as to what your input is on this considering how much time you’ve spent dealing with magic and all sorts of crazy phenomena.” Leo explained.

”I think that General Dumah is deceiving us. It’s crazy to try and mount an offensive for any reason given the current condition of the first battalion, and we just completed a mission to confirm we need to be reinforced from the outside didn’t we? But now all of the sudden he appears out of the blue and says we’re marching, WITHOUT any support? In order to stall the enemy? It makes no sense.

but what bothers me even more than that, is I’ve been having dreams.. No… they’re more like visions. The black king, The great tree, And now this man. This general who I hadn’t met before in my entire life, Yet I could see every detail in his face before I ever knew him. I’ve been seeing things in my dreams that I shouldn’t have been able to see, Things that came to pass, things that were as real as I had dreamt them to be.”

Duncan was giving off a completely perplexed look, While Thea and Lisa were both leaning in together, enthralled by the explanation Leo was giving.

”That said, I think that Dumah is a demon. Or at least collaborating with those fiends we’ve been fighting the past few days. I say this because I can almost swear that I saw him back at the tower, atop the great tree. With arms of bone, a robe of dark red, fixated on keeping the portal maintained. That is how I dreamed him last night, and looking back I feel like I can almost reach out and put his face on those robes from back then. I have a terrible feeling about the whole ordeal and I felt I should let you all know.”

Lisa started to dart her head around the table and at those passing by,she seemed panicked. Leo could understand why, Calling the general of the army a demon would probably get him executed on the spot.
Thea seemed to be absorbed in thought while Duncan started bursting out with laughter.

”Is this some kind of joke Leo? Of all people, the last person I would expect this kind of nonsense from is you. Dreams? Visions? Is that all the evidence you have? Do you have any idea how serious an accusation like that is? You’re mad!”

>So after all the crazy shit we deal with, This is what you think is crossing the line? [roll 1d100]

>ask for Thea’s opinion

>attempt to convince Duncan to go along with it. He’ll see the proof eventually. [roll 1d100]

>Admit to the lack of evidence, But proclaim it’s important they take it seriously. [roll 1d100]

bee isn't able to do any new art, so gonna reuse some old images if they prove relevant.
Rolled 60 (1d100)

>>So after all the crazy shit we deal with, This is what you think is crossing the line? [roll 1d100]
and then >ask for Thea’s opinion
thats ok the pics wore nice but the sotry hadles itslf very well, do them when bee/you are able") yet argin y do you do it when its midnight for me
Rolled 53 (1d100)

>>So after all the crazy shit we deal with, This is what you think is crossing the line? [roll 1d100]
Magic monsters but no visions allowed?
midnight for you is 2 hours after i get off work m8. Timezones are a bitch. The lack of time off isn't help me any either. im working 3 more days here, get 1 day off, then working another 3.
yer im aussy so timezones suck.
damm lest you making some paper need that, hope it clams down soon.
iv just been happy to be able to play in this when ever it happens. its all good its the weekend tomorrow for me.
so for those not following the twitter, not gonna be pushing out sessions for a while. Instead just going to drop updates whenever i get the chance. A lot going on IRL, so sorry for the lack of consistency.
il keep checking:) good luck
good luck mate IRL need a easy mode option
File: what next.png (207 KB, 500x326)
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207 KB PNG
Duncan cocked his head at the crude response, and leaned back with a scoff before spouting,
”Okay, okay, alright, okay Leo. Okay, so let’s just assume that you’re right for a minute shall we? Yeah.. Let’s just say that you’re right, He is some demon scourge who opened some portal to unleash this hell upon us…..

What are we supposed to do about it?....
What do you expect, we march on up to the man and ask ‘sorry for the interruption good sir, you wouldn’t happen to be a DEMON would you?’ no no, let’s just kill the man in his sleep yeah? A lot of good that would do us, and that just pretending that his personal guard will even let us get near the man!”

Duncan was nearly shouting at this point. He had gotten completely riled up about this and Leo didn’t have the slightest clue as to why. He wasn’t trying to suggest that they act on his words alone, but that they merely consider it.
”Thea, you’ve been hunched over there for a while… what are your thoughts?” Leo asked.

”Well…. If you’re being honest with us Leo, then I think that’s reason enough to be suspicious…. After all, it doesn’t make any sense that a man of his stature would personally come all this way for this….And as rude as Duncan might be, He has a point. Where would we even begin? The man is a hero to this army, they completely attribute our victories in the north to his strategies.” Thea put her hand back up to her chin and began to ponder over things once more. All the while Lisa had her hand up in the air, waiting to be called on like some schoolgirl before speaking.
”Yeah Lisa? Leo said.

”I was just thinking… If you’re right Leo, then he’s in some sort of disguise isn’t he? I mean… There have been others that looked like normal people before they changed… transformed or whatever.. If we got him to transform, it would prove things wouldn’t it?

”Or we just make complete asses of ourselves and get killed in the process..”Duncan added.

”Duncan, do you believe Leo or don’t you? Thea quickly snapped, even more irritated with him than Leo was from the harsh tone of her voice.

”Eh… I just.. I really…REALLY…don’t want him to be right… I think we should just wait this out, but I’m with whatever you guys decide to do.” With that said, Duncan crossed his arms and stared off into space, ignoring the rest of the conversation.

”In either case, we need to do something… We can’t just march blindly into this and go along with what the man is saying, It’s completely insane, Demon or not. So I think we should…”

>Lets try to expose his true form.

>We should just ride this out and be careful, like Duncan said.

>If you guys make an opening for me, I’ll confront him alone. If I’m wrong, I’ll take the fall for it.

>We should just get out of here before that man gets us killed.
I don't know how we could expose his true form, but if there is a sure way I'll vote for it.
It will be dice related, but is possible.
With bee unable to do art, decided to crap something out on the side.
Any ideas on where and when that quest takes place?
aye, skin 'm
>Expose his true form.
”I think we should try and expose his true form.. If you remember back to the tower Thea, there were those two elves that transformed into demons.. I’m thinking we can put the general in a position where he has to transform to protect himself.”

Of course Leo knew this was easier said than done. Setting up a trap, or an ambush, or any sort of attack against the general was a huge risk. If it turns out they were wrong, they wouldn’t be coming back from the experience alive. Leo however, was completely certain that the general wasn’t who he seemed. He didn’t know what was going on, or why he had been having these weird dreams, But time after time they had come true, They were of things he could have no possible way of knowing. It had to mean something, and if Leo was right, it could mean sparing the first battalion from utter annihilation.

”I was thinking that would be our best course of action.. Exposing the wolf in sheep’s clothing is the only choice we can make without branding ourselves as traitors and criminals.” Thea whispered.
Everyone had huddled close together at this point, It would be bad news if anyone managed to catch wind of what they were discussing, but the rest of the army was busy scurrying around preparing themselves for the upcoming slaughter.

”So how are we going to force him to transform or whatever? Just attack him outright? Duncan asked

”I think we should set up some sort of trap or something… maybe a fire? I don’t know.. Lisa mumbled, looking down at the table completely stumped.

”Wait… wait wait wait! Lisa you’re a genius! Duncan blurted out. A look of surprise blossomed from Lisa’s face as her cheeks lit up. She didn’t know why she was a genius, but she clearly enjoyed being one.

”Remember back when we scouted the city? We set fire to that huge building.. The only time I saw any of them come out was while engulfed in fire. You said that this guy was all dressed in robes like them? A fire might just do the trick. If this thing is some sort of head honcho, we won’t have to worry about it killing him either.

It wasn’t a terrible idea, But Leo was unsure as to what method would work best.

to be continued in the next thread, see you then.
see you next thread, Boo

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