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File: The Wild Bunch.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
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1.05 MB PNG
>Supplementary Inspiration: https://youtu.be/EtJGttQyCvk?list=PL7CjbXxDvrzNFi21syIJS5jzuAWmPVmGg

You are Smitty Werben, the versatile t̶h̶i̶e̶f̶ swordsman at the very left of the picture. You lead a group of other undead, they are close friends and fellow warriors on the same journey you are. The four of them are...

He's the bro at the middle, your right-hand man with a mean left hook. He's the heavy hitter of the group and a devout Gravelord. Somehow managed to steal a Dark Hand.

>Bacon Bits (With a side of ranch dressing.)
The dude on the very right with the spiky helmet. He is a deft flanker who carries the sting of a hornet through powerful backstabs and ripostes.

>Dragon Shit (RAWWWWRRR.)
The obvious draconic humanoid beside you and the group's wildcard. He wields a huge arsenal of random equipment. Can also do dragon things like breathe fire.

>Greg (hey. i'm greg.)
Last one to be pointed out, at the middle-right. He is terse, soft-spoken and tanks like a castle. Big guy, even for you.

Ever since a long-past incident that you don't care about, all the worlds seem to have merged into one main continuity. Suddenly, the undead from other worlds are here, bringing some life into Lordran. Of course, more people means more monsters, larger worlds and a crammed village built on Firelink Shrine. So far, no major developments have occurred since then, aside from people wandering everywhere, including places where they shouldn't—but that's their fault.

You and the group are sitting near one of the minor bonfires of the newly-christened Firelink Sanctum. You planned to get out of Lordran but everyone seems to have their own idea on what to do next. As the leader, you get the final say.

>(Greg) Spar with each other and some of the folks around the village.
>(Bacon Bits) Head to Anor Londo and visit Gwynevere.
>(Dragon Shit) Head to Ash Lake to visit the Everlasting Dragon.
>(Jagermanjensen) Head to the catacombs to visit the Gravelord.
>(Smitty Werben) Write in.

(first to three votes)
>Head to anor londo and steal the lord vessal
>>(Smitty Werben) Write in.
In true murderhobo sense, go out on a quest to slay the Everlasting Dragon, the Gravelord, AND Gwynevere. But first on the list: The Village.

Okay, enough time has passed. Writing.
Which choice? No rolling?
Rolled 2 (1d2)

(we roll now)

You propose simply slaughtering everyone in this realm in hopes that the world would react by spitting you out of it. Greg objects to the idea but not because it would seem "immoral".

>"Too many undead and there's only five of us."

He raises a fair point. Despite our prowess and equipment, this place is saturated with various undead both new and old. Sudden aggression will get us wiped out.

You also consider Bacon's suggestion, except with a minor modification. We will go to Anor Londo, but not to meet Gwynevere. Instead, the objective is to steal the famed Lordvessel. You don't know it will work in this new realm, or if it exists at all, but perhaps it will be your golden ticket out of here.

Dragon Shit growls something. To the average ear he sounds unintelligible but you've spent so much time with him that you can understand what he's saying anyway. He comments that we're going to reach Anor Londo anyway on the warpath. A pretty good point.

However there's still the factor of people here, we can't just start attacking out of nowhere. How do we actually begin this war?

>(Jagermanjensen) Get to the catacombs and usurp the Gravelord's power.
>(Bacon Bits) Assassinations behind the scenes
>(Dragon Shit) Work our way up by challenging everyone to duels to the death
>(Greg) Start with the hollows, either killing them to get started or lead them here.
>(Smitty Werben) Write in.
Start doing bullshit speeches at firelink that undead can cure they're hollowness at anor londo so by the time you get there most of everything will be dead. Then its easy pickings from there
Assassinations, baby
This. If it doesn't work, go for
You make a compromise on Dragon Shit's compromise. Persuade as many of the residing undead as possible into venturing to Anor Londo. If the stories are true, the fierce resistance will take care of the rest. Either that or their numbers will overtake the region. Any remnants here in the village will be picked off. Some of them might pose a challenge, but nothing too troubling. The others are in agreement, an excellent way to lighten the load.

We have a plan now, next we need is material. What sort of lie are you going to fabricate?

>There is already a cure for hollowing but the lords in Anor Londo are deliberately withholding them from us. We must revolt!
>A cure will be rewarded but only to those worthy. Throw yourselves into the gauntlet of challenges to prove your worth.
>The Lordvessel in Anor Londo can bestow the cure, one way or another. Take it at all costs.
>Write in.

(Sorry, couldn't come up with anything else for now)
>There is already a cure for hollowing but the lords in anor londo are deliberately withholding it from us! We must revolt!
>>A cure will be rewarded but only to those worthy. Throw yourselves into the gauntlet of challenges to prove your worth.
The first might unite them more than anything and the third could very well backfire since we don't know what happened to the Lordvessel.
Revolt! Gotta incite that violence.
Some thing combination of the first two. Make it clear that they are indeed witholding it and so they must revolt because they will not give it up voluntarily. But above all, they only have a limited supply. First come first serve.
Yes, this is perfect. Not only do you weaken Anor Londo's defenses, you also reduce the surviving straggles with infighting. One last thing, we need to earn their trust.

>(Bacon Bits and Dragon Shit) Fabricate proof like anecdotes and acting.
>(Jagermanjensen and Greg) Wing it.
>(Smitty Werben) Write in.

(going out for lunch, be back in 30-60 minutes, depending on how clogged the eateries are)
>Wing it
Switched to my phone.
I agree with winging it. I mean c'mon, I think we all know thatll be comprised of
"Hey! You! Yeah you! Lord <input name> called your mom a <input derogatory term>."
Itll work fine.
Wait, is Gwynevere a woman? Is she hot? Can we visit her too? Sorry, I think with Anon Jr. sometimes.
File: 10 - Gwynevere.jpg (233 KB, 1920x1080)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Writing, give me a few minutes.

The biggest and most amazing
So we're talking about the one from Dark Souls? Gotcha. Amazing chest ahead.
Welp, there are just some things you have to do yourself. You walk over to the nearest undead you can find and request that you need the audience of everyone in the village for an announcement you have to make. You tell him that it that changes everything. Your team helps you out by spreading the word themselves. Rumors pass between undead and eventually even the seniors and covenant leaders hear about it.

Minutes pass, eventually a sizable audience gather around the main bonfire of the village. Even Anastacia the Firekeeper has arrived. They're waiting. Jagermanjensen and Greg give you pats on the back while Dragon Shit and Bacon Bits cheer you on.

(roll 1d20 to see how well you'll fare)
Rolled 4 (1d20)

Rolled 6 (1d20)
Are you taking the first roll or what?
Rolled 11 (1d20)

Just in case.
(pardon the delay, had IRL distractions also wifi is bonking out)
I actually planned on taking highest roll.

Essentially, what you say can be summed up as:
>"Hollowing can be cured! Follow this one weird trick! The lords in Anor Londo hate it! Limited offer! Catch it while it still lasts!"

The jury seem split, on one hand a chance to reverse hollowing sounds amazing, but it might not be worth the risk. One of the undead asks you a question.

>"Have you even been to Anor Londo? That sounds too good to be true."

>Get someone to back you up (1d10)
>Bring out an item as proof.
>Write in.
Rolled 1 (1d10)

The dice shall decide.
Have some of your bros, who you so cleverly planted in the crowd beforehand, back you up
fuck my ass
Rolled 2 (1d10)
put dice+1d10 in your options field
Dragon Shit walks up to the figurative stage with you and gives a rousing speech...in "Dragon Tongue". You receive some mild applause from two-or-three individuals from the audience, all of whom are from the same covenant as him. The undead earlier concedes but audience is still hesitant. A handful of assorted undead volunteer for their own individual expeditions while the rest either remain here or just explore normally.

So much for a mass migration. Are we going to resume the plan or start somewhere else?

>Go to the Undead Parish
>Go to the Undead Burg
>Go to New Londo Ruins
>Go to the Catacombs
>Remain in Firelink Sanctum
To accomodate the convergence of the undead, the world has grown and the parish is no exception. You lead the group past improvised housing and the ruins surrounding the former shrine, arriving at a platform three wide elevators. A brief ride later and you arrive at the side entrance of one of the minor chapels surrounding the main cathedral. There is a couple of undead engaging a Balder knight.

>(Greg and Dragon Shit) Assist the undead
>(Bacon Bits) Attack the undead
>(Jagermanjensen) Leave them be
>(Smitty Werben) Write in
My apologies for slowly writing shorter posts. I'll fix it next update.
>Assist the undead
Throw food stuff at an undead and hide
None of you really bothered to pack food. Not that you'd normally need it, but most of the eating is done at the sanctum, that is, for the rare individuals who still want to eat.

You and the rest draw your weapons and prepare to engage. However, another Balder Knight, wielding a side sword and tall shield, and two hollow soldiers arrive through the main chapel entrance. The two undead novices would have been dead, had it not been for your arrival.

>Smitty Werben
>Bacon Bits
>Dragon Shit

>Balder Knight (Rapier&Buckler)
>Balder Knight (Sword&Shield)
>Hollow Soldier (Spear) 1
>Hollow Soldier (Spear) 2

>Novice Undead Warrior [engaging Balder Knight (Rapier&Buckler]
>Novice Undead Hunter [engaging Balder Knight (Rapier&Buckler]


Example (format is not strict):
>Smitty Werben and Jagermanjensen against Balder Knight (Sword&Shield)
>Greg -> Hollow Soldier (Spear) 1
>Dragon Shit vs Hollow Soldier (Spear) 2
>Bacon Bits: Engage Balder Knight (Rapier&Buckler)
File: bruce.jpg (23 KB, 255x208)
23 KB
>same ID
Okay, someone's using the same Wifi as me. Great.
Don't change the password, man. <3

>Smitty go help the novices. Jager and Greg deal with the other Balder Knight. Bacon and Dragon clean up the hollows.
(yeah you have until 10pm)
(saving the rest of the gimmicks for later fights)

You cast Sunlight Blade with your talisman before making swift mincemeat of the Balder Knight. The two novice undead stare at you in awe.

"Woah, that is so cool!" says one of them.

Meanwhile Bacon Bits and Dragon Shit easily dispatch the two hollows. Greg distracts the other Balder Knight so Jagermanjensen can deal a critical blow to the back.

>Talk to the novice undead
>Attack them
>Leave them and advance
>Write in
Nah man, just keep the wifi password as-is.
>Write in: Examine the two novices.
(nah man i just changed it, if you've noticed :^D )

The warrior is a female with short, purple hair and a dour look on her face. Her armor is mostly made out of thick leather with iron boots, bracers and helmet. However, it is littered with various scratches, holes and dents as if it was handed down to her from another person. Her skin is atrocious and barely looks human, like a common hollow. She is equipped with a beat-up heater shield and a broken straight sword.

The hunter is a male with fair skin and long, brown hair tied into a ponytail. He appears considerably much more optimistic than his partner and even looks human. He's wearing an olive robe with a hood. You can't discern other equipment underneath it. He's holding a short bow.

They're both undead, obviously, and clearly are fresh arrivals.
(forgot the prompts)

>Talk (choose topic)
>Leave them
>Write in
>Seduce both of them
You decide to try wooing the two novices just for the hell of it. You walk between them and drape your arms over their shoulders before telling them that they're welcome for the rescue. The hunter smiles but the warrior ducks and moves away from your arm.

"Sorry about her, she's not a touchy person." the hunter explains.

You tell them that it's perfectly fine, and ask them what else is fine. They look at each other before looking back at you and answering "What?"

You move away from the hunter to point towards Dragon Shit. He is standing there with his body reverted to human, revealing the sculpted, muscular body he has been hiding underneath that dragon thing he has. He looks goofy with that dragon head contrasting his body. Bacon Bits is trying to stifle his laughter.

Roll 1d20 to see how affected the two novices are.
Rolled 19 (1d20)

(oh snap!)

The two novice hunters are stunned from Dragon Shit's amazing bod. The warrior in particular looks like she's blushing underneath her hollowed skin. The hunter tries to compliment him but he keeps stammering awkwardly. They're paying so much focus on Dragon Shit that they're open to a direct hit. Your three other teammates are on standby.

>Write in
>>Write in
fuck em
File: Hollow_female.jpg (402 KB, 625x818)
402 KB
402 KB JPG
(be warned I'm horrible with smut, but sure why not)

You capitalize on the opportunity by tossing the novice hunter onto Dragon Shit's arms. He is mesmerized by his handsome draconic head. You don't know why it's working on him, maybe it reminds him of an erection. You stop yourself from ruining the moment by holding back your laughter. Meanwhile, the warrior is probably getting moist, judging from her weird standing posture. Can hollows even get aroused?

You get Greg to share the hunter with Dragon Shit while you, Jagermanjensen and Bacon Bits deal with the warrior. The three of you start tearing her armor apart and...you're already regretting this. Her flesh looks like emaciated beef on top of a thinning carcass that the local butcher finished slicing the meat from. And the stench, akin to a breath of a Primordial Serpent after feasting on an undead whale. One bad whiff would get you hollow in an instant. You and Jager look at each other with a sign of uncertainty. Meanwhile Bacon remains enthusiastic as ever as he -tries- to grope what should be her left breast. The other one is twisty with what could be the Darksign.

>"It's like the world's saddest harlot straight out of Blighttown."

Jager's not wrong. (Un)Fortunately, the warrior seems to be enjoying this, judging from her decrepit moans.

Roll 1d20 to suck it up and enjoy the beef jerky.
Rolled 20 (1d20)

File: PIe28.jpg (160 KB, 621x621)
160 KB
160 KB JPG

You grit your teeth and hope for the best. After some more regretful groping and foreplay, you decide to just get it over with.

You and Jagermanjensen have an easy time unzipping the opening of your pants while Bacon Bits has to take his time with his Lord's Blade Waistcloth and Pants. You have the most begrudging boner right now. Bacon Bits teases you on.

>"It's your dick, Smitty. 'He is Number 1!'"

Damn it. Fine. You plunge your other Uchigatana into her Darkroot Basin and immediately realize that mistakes are made. Oh flame, you can actually FEEL the darkness of her abyss. Not the texture of her flesh, but the actual darkness inside of her.

You look away to see how Bacon Bits and Dragon are doing. The male hunter is having the time of his life being spitroasted with his lower garments on the floor. In hindsight maybe picking the gay option doesn't seem so bad. After all, sexuality probably doesn't matter to the undead, maybe.
You're a bit dazed and confused from what just happened. You had sex with a hollowed undead, that you know, but your mind just felt blank for a moment there. But something struck the back of your mind in the middle of the orgasm. Maybe it's soul-crushing regret blanking your sanity to protect it. The two hunters are on the floor, sleeping and blanketed by a sheet of cloth taken from the curtains.

You ask for suggestions from your team while you regain your composure.

>(Dragon Shit) Loot their stuff while they're unconscious.
>(Bacon Bits) Bring them back to Firelink
>(Jagermanjensen) Drink some Estus
>(Greg) Write in
>>(Greg) Write in

Let's find these cum dumps some humanity.

Also dress them both in balder swag.

You ask Greg for some spare humanities, at least for the female warrior who's in dire need of it. Luckily he does, showing a palm with a couple of the dark, whispy "spirits" on top of it.

"We need a bonfire" Greg notes.

He's got a point, so far you can only revert your hollowing at the bonfires, and there doesn't seem to be any in sight. Meanwhile, Jagermanjensen and Bacon Bits work to give the two novices better gear using gear scavenged from the slain Balder Knights. Certainly an improvement of attire for the warrior, if her hollowing was reversed.

>Bring them back to Firelink Sanctum
>Try and make your own bonfire
>Write in
>>Bring them back to Firelink Sanctum
You get your friends to carry the two back to Firelink. As they are laid next to one of the bonfires, one of the senior undead approaches you with lumbering steps. He's a tall guard wearing the Stone Set complete with mossy shield and large sword.

"So you found those two unprepared fools, I saw it coming." His voice is deep and gruff, "What happened to them anyway?

>Tell the truth
>Lie (choose topic)
Just go on a long rant of Boomhauer gibberish.

>"Man I tell you what, talk about that dang-ol souls, man."
You use the earlier bullshit speech you gave earlier as material for your next fib. You mentioned that those two were heading to Anor Londo like many others to claim the limited cure for their affliction. The guard crosses his arms in disappointment.

"These weaklings, always after the prize without thinking it through. They should know that there's more to life than treasure."

You agree with his sentiment and the two of you part ways. You return to your group, who are now tending to the awoken undead. The warrior in particular is now human again, well not literally but you get the idea. She looks much more attractive now, and the Balder Knight's equipment suits her figure well. Jagermanjensen walks over to you and tells you that her name is Tealah, a newcomer from Carim. He also tells you that the male hunter's name is Gurhen and asks you what to do with them.

>Send them away again
>Ask them to join
>Ask them to stay here
>Write in
>Ask them to join
Also fuck Tealah again. For science.
You walk over to the two novice undead and give them a friendly greeting and introduction. Tealah's disposition seems to have improved, now that her hollowed appearance is gone. You ask them if they would like to join your group, after all, you and the others can protect them in times of danger until they're kickass enough to stand on their feet.

"Would I!?" Gurhen exclaims excitedly, "Of course! This is gonna be so cool!"

"Well...I guess I owe you for that." Tealah looks away shyly, she probably remembers the sexy funtimes earlier.

You notice in the background Dragon Shit goofing off with a gesture to the other undead. What a funny guy.

>Also fuck Tealah again. For science.
Now that you've been to the bottom of the abyss, the time to reach the peak of heaven would be....a bit later actually. You're somewhat spent after you've essentially degraded yourself with a hunk of dried meat. Perhaps it will be worth it some time later now that she's human.

>Resume journey through the Undead Parish
>Head through a different route
>Assess equipment and inventory
>Talk to someone in Firelink
>Spar with someone in Firelink

Going to sleep for the night, quest resumes in 8-12 hours
>>Talk to someone in Firelink


Ask her to be our Balder Side Chick.
Tealah misinterprets your request as being someone more intimate than what you're trying to imply. Her pale cheeks blush, giving some rosiness on her face. She smiles faintly, meeting your gaze for a moment before looking away again.

"Are you really interested in me? I never thought someone would look past my hollowed form."

She's not sure what she should say but tries to manage nontheless.

>Write in
Together we're gonna be the greatest seven-some the world has ever seen!

Now onwards to Undead Parish
File: map thing.png (916 KB, 800x600)
916 KB
916 KB PNG
(I need to start making maps)

You affirm her beliefs and tell her that the seven of us are going to do great things. You give her a cozy hug before rallying the group for the return back to Undead Parish. Walking back up the grassy steps, past the ruins and housing, and some aimless travelers, you return back to the wide elevators.

Going past the chapel hall you cleared earlier, you walk out onto the open courtyard and notice that there's a massive cathedral. You walk a little further to examine the chapel you passed through and noticed that the usual belltower on top of it has been replaced with a smaller bellfry.

"Hey, Cap'n!" Gurhen exclaims, "I found something!"

The novice hunter finds a slain explorer hunched over the balcony. He procures a map from him, it's not like he'll need it. It seems largely incomplete and hastily-drawn but it tells you that there are now three "minor chapels", one of which you just passed through.

>Head to the "west" chapel
>Head to the "east" chapel
>Head to the main cathedral
>Explore this chapel first

Going to be out for several since I have to be on a road trip. Maybe 4-8 depending on traffic.
>Explore this chapel first
File: Heavy_knight.jpg (674 KB, 889x903)
674 KB
674 KB JPG
(My apologies for the delay, had to deal with further activities. I can still squeeze in a few updates before calling it quits for the night)

You get the group to start combing through the area. It looks like other undead have already passed through here judging from the lack of findings aside from rubble and the hollows' mediocre gear. Near the elevator you came in through is a familiar staircase that leads upward. You take Greg and Jagermanjensen with you while the other two watch over the novices and stand guard for possible incoming threats.

Halfway up the staircase, there's a corpse wearing rags and wielding makeshift wooden equipment. This guy obviously didn't last long. Later on you reach a slightly desolate room with someone holding a trident at the other end, a Channeler. There are also some some unopened crates and a few barrels that might contain loot. You unsheathe your Uchigatana and move to engage him.


Suddenly, Greg shoves you aside and protects you from an incoming blow. His unsteady footing causes the momentum to stagger him. A looming Heavy Knight, armed with a mace and tower shield emerges from the unnoticed corner. His helmet looks different than you remember, with a mask that obscures his face instead of just a visor. He's pretty menacing, but you're not intimidated since you're not alone.


>Smitty Werben

>Heavy Knight
Greg and Smitty double up on heavy knight.
Jensen on the channeler
(gimmicks 2: electric boogaloo)

You tell Jagermanjensen to handle the Channeler while you get Greg to help you deal with the Heavy Knight.

"Don't worry, that mage is as good as dead."

The Heavy Knight raises his shield as the two of you circle around him. Meanwhile the Channeler casts a Soul Arrow, which is easily dodged.


CHOOSE TACTICS (choose one or two each):

Smitty Werben [Heavy Knight]
>Attack moderately (Uchigatana)
>Attack recklessly (Gold Tracer)
>Buff with Sunlight Blade
>Use Miracle (Wrath of the Gods)

Jagermanjensen [Channeler]
>Close the gap and attack immediately
>Maintain distance and be careful
>Use Miracle (Gravelord Greatsword Dance)
>Use Pyromancy (Black Flame/Poison Mist)
>Attempt to drain humanity with Dark Hand

Greg [Heavy Knight]
>Attack repeatedly
>Poke and dodge
>Draw attention to yourself and stay defensive
>Attempt to disarm/restrain with whip
>Use Pyromancy (Great Combustion/Great Fireball)

>Use an item (specify)
>Switch target

(note to self: start making character sheets)
>>Use Miracle (Wrath of the Gods)

>Close the gap and attack immediately

>Attempt to disarm/restrain with whip
Jagermanjensen grunts as he sprints towards the Channeler. He leaps briefly, raising his claymore then slams it down on the sorcery-user. The heavy blow staggers him and provides the knight an open opportunity to wield his weapon with both hands. He continues the assault, swinging madly and preventing the Channeler from using his bizarre ritual dance.

The Heavy Knight slowly raises his mace, giving you a very clear indicator on his next attack. You doge the attack with a swift roll while Greg wraps his Whip around the large mace. He grabs the whip's other end and starts tugging as hard as he can. The Heavy Knight is too focus on wrestling control over his weapon, giving you ample time to switch to your Canvas Talisman. You rush stand close to his legs, almost hugging him, then cast Wrath of the Gods. The powerful miracle knocks him off his feet, releasing his grip on his weapon and making him grunt in pain.

"Grah- Damn! Get us out of here!"

The Channeler, currently in bad shape, runs to the Heavy Knight's side and casts a quick spell that fades them from reality before Greg can finish either of them off.

"Not a hollow?" he notes.

>Large Mace
>Continue upwards to the top of the chapel
>Break surrounding crates and barrels
>Return downward
>>Break surrounding crates and barrels
make sure to roll into them
File: wooden things to break.jpg (175 KB, 1280x720)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
You honor the traditional pastime of "breaking things by rolling into them". Everyone's equipment is well-tuned in that it allows for more agile rolling. Everone, that is, except for Bacon Bits. At least he's not like those lumbering idiots who stack as much armor as possible and stumble around like clumsy turtles. Wooden pieces scatter around the room as they are suddenly broken by people gleefully tossing themselves onto the containers. Greg maintains his impressive record of "three things at once". That Giant's Armor is really doing him favors. Once the sawdust and wood splinters settle, the three of you start digging through the debris for something useful.

ITEMS OBTAINED (aside from rubbish and a bunch of broken weapons):
>Throwing Knife x17
>Firebomb x 5
>Black Firebomb x 2
>Prism Stone x21
>Leather Shield
>Long Bow
>Light Crossbow (with 23 Wood Bolts)
>A couple of satchels filled with weird gem-like stones. They shimmer faintly.

This room seems like an arms storage of sorts. Greg snickers at noticing the amount of L's in our loot. Jagermanjensen wonders what we could possible use the Prism Stones for.

>Go upwards and continue exploring
>Go downwards and regroup
>>Go downwards and regroup

Give prism stones to Tealah
There's probably nothing on the roof anyway. You head back down the stairs and see Bacon Bits approaching you.

"I heard some noises while you were up there, were you breaking crates without me?"

>"Yeah, but before that we were fighting a heavy knight and a Channeler. They used sorcery to escape before we could finish them off."

"Huh, I didn't expect hollows to have a sense of self-preservation."

Dragon Shit is by one of the chapel exits, viewing something in the distance with a pair of Binoculars. Gurhen is standing beside him, holding his short bow. Tealah is sitting by herself at the corner, just watching the others. At least she's not scowling like earlier. You sit down beside her and present the Prism Stones as a gift.

"Thanks for the souvenir, these glowing pebbles look pretty."

>"But not as pretty as you."

You hear a muffled "Ayyy..." coming from Jagermanjensen from the other side of the room. Tealah smiles softly. You'd expect her to be a bit more flustered but maybe she just has a better grip on her human emotions now.

"I appreciate the gesture," she thanks in a subdued tone, "Maybe I could pay you back someday."

Meanwhile Greg walks over to Gurhen and hands him a Long Bow, saying "You need this."

"Wow thanks, Greg!" the novice hunter excitedly replies, "I'll be sure to use it."

"Any time."

>Head to the "west" chapel
>Head to the "east" chapel
>Head to the main cathedral
>Rest here for a while
>Assess equipment
>Retreat back to Firelink Sanctum
>>Head to the "west" chapel
You head out into the open courtyard outside the chapel. It's a lot wider and more ornate. Worn-down statues, altars and gazebos stained with moss are scattered at different points. Large faded banners can be found on the cathedral walls in the distance.

"This was probably beautiful back in its day" Tealah muses.

On your way to the other chapel, a handful of hollows are encountered individually. Obviously, they are not a threat. You arrive at a closed door on the side of the chapel "west" of the looted map.

Bacon Bits draws his Chaos Blade while Greg taps you on the shoulder, "Be careful."

>(Dragon Shit and Bacon Bits) Rush in through the door, weapons drawn
>(Tealah and Gurhen) Find an alternate entrance and sneak in
>(Greg and Jagermanjensen) Walk through the doorway and immediately clear the room
>(Smitty Werben) Write in
>>(Tealah and Gurhen) Find an alternate entrance and sneak in

Oh shit, are they officially joining the Wild Bunch?
See >>213860
But they're still not top billing unless you're planning to make a new picture.
Well I sure wish I could, but I didn't draw the OP pic. Anyway, is >>220808 your input or were you just asking?
Nah it's my real vote.
Update will be at next thread, estimated to be tomorrow (4-6pm, +8GMT)

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