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File: snowy day.jpg (13 KB, 300x187)
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The sun is setting on this snowy December day as you park your car. Another long day of work, finally over. You sigh, white mist blowing past the front of your face as you open the door. If someone had told you a few years prior that you’d prove able to not only hold down a steady job but also a homestead, you’d have laughed in their face right then and there.
Let alone settle down with someone.
Trudging through the yard to the front door, you see two sets of footprints in the snow, one much smaller than the other. You see a small snowman piled happily nearby and can’t help but smile as you reach for the door handle. Only, it slides open at your first touch, unlocked. Looks like everyone’s home already. You look in the mirror as you take off your wet coat and call out your wife’s name….
>What is your character’s name and appearance?
>Name of wife?
>Name of his daughter?
Benjamin Abdel, a Congolese refugee.


Welp, no other replies. Gimmie 5 to write,.
I back this up. Legit as fuck.
File: Benjamin.jpg (7 KB, 199x300)
7 KB

“Just the face I wanted to see”, you think to yourself. The familiar, smiling face of Benjamin Abdel greets you back from the mirror. You’d fled the second Congo War as a teenager, your mother and two brothers dying in the brutal, bloodstained conflict. Arriving alone as a teenage refugee in North America, you had little clue as where to go, what to do, and had even less to your name.
Yet, somehow you not only made it, but managed to thrive as well.
“Sarah? I’m home!”
She was that "how". After several years of working long nights and backbreaking labor in odd jobs, you had saved enough to go to college….at least, with financial aid. English had been a second language to you, however, and long hours and little sleep had left you without the means to learn it. In what little time you had to spare, you took to visiting the public library hoping some sort of reference or text could help you when you needed it most. Instead, you’d been visited by an angel in the form of a librarian working there, Sarah.

She had taken it upon herself to help you, having seen you spend countless hours in the strangest times of the night (where you could get off work) in the corner of the public library, alone and reading over sized, archaic volumes. Within months you took to being friends. Within one year you could speak fluently. Within two, you were married.
Nobody responds. Sir.
“Grace! It’s Santa!”
Nothing. SIR.
File: blood trail.jpg (2 KB, 125x250)
2 KB
You start to look around, looking for a telltale sign of your beautiful wife and daughter.... when you see it.
Another set of footprints outside, larger than the other two and leading through the open front door.
The trail of blood leading up the staircase, drop by drop.
Oh god, please no. “SARAH! GRACE!!”
“Not that. Not this, anything but this,” you repeat to yourself as you sprint up the staircase. "Please, God, don't let this be real"
Sharp light assaults your eyes as they slowly creak open and the warm, smooth embrace of a baby grand’s pianissimo tread dances softly about your ears.

As your vision comes to, you are greeted by a somewhat well-lit room, rather dark in palette for your tastes. Bodies flit about in vibrant, yet tastefully modest cocktail dresses like human peacocks, while light banter accompanying them wherever they slink about the padded booths in the joint. In the corner, you see the source of the rather bluesy, quiet tune; a man in a muted, purple sleeveless vest overtop a white oxford dances his lithe fingers across the black and white.


You turn a quick 180 to see a 20-something in similarly dressed fashion as the piano man. His arms are crossed and he looks rather huffy.

“Sir, I assume that will be all to drink tonight? This is a bar, not your motel room.”

The man has a white washcloth to wipe down what looks like a highball gla- Oh that’s right, you’re hammered as shit. On a Wednesday. In that classy bar downtown.

Your thoughts always did get freaky when drunk…

Shit, were you passed out? You definitely could hold your liquor better than that…but the benjamin-shaped streak of drool on the polished wood bar top says differently. Nice job.

The ‘tender is clearly starting to get impatient with the snoozing boozehound at the end of his bar counter (Note: you). This place was classy to keep out people like you after all, in his reasoning.

God, you hated these people…and this place. So Pretentious.

“You can either order or leave.”

>order another drink
>Tip him (walk around, stay)
>Tell him to fuck off (walk around, stay)
>Ignore him entirely, keep looking around the room
>Write in (?)
tip him, ask for a drink of water, pay for that, then leave.

Then look around for stuff to do for next choices.
Wait, what happened?
File: 89HANHgh.gif (693 KB, 339x279)
693 KB
693 KB GIF
Well, you may have just passed out on a bar counter. You kind of deserve having that familiar nightmare for making this much of a fool out of yourself...not to mention the creeping throbbing in the back of your head is escalating to the intensity of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight on repeat. You know the part. You preemptively ask the young man for a drink of water.
God, did you just call him young? He’s like 25….
You hesitate before pulling out cash for a tip, but decide to go through anyway and stack in a little extra for the trouble you put the guy through. You know you should be rationing out your funds, but you can’t help but feel a tad embarrassed. You may have lost your job, but it’d be an eternity before you lost your principles.

At least you managed to restrain yourself, a bit late there though. It’s not like your wife will kick your ass for hopping back on the Daniels-train…

…At least, not anymore.
On that note you decide it’s probably time to head out, but something manages to catch your eye…

>That lady in the corner is strangely dressed
> Did I say that piano man is great? Because he’s great. Also, you think you know him.
>….Wait, was this guy sitting next to me the entire time?
>Maybe this bartender isn’t as bad a kid as I thought. He probably had a bad day too, let’s chat him up.
>These shitty dreams sure never get any better
>Did the bar always have stain glass windows?
>Write in?

Get home.
Welcome to what may end up being your own personal quest, sir.
I like donuts. But burritos will suffice.
Ask what time it is first, to determine your next course of action
File: The Lady.jpg (14 KB, 310x472)
14 KB
You decide it’s high time you leave. After all, this will hardly be the last time you see this place.
You manage to both leave some cash for the drinks and leave your seat to start stumbling outside. This balance thing is pretty hard. About 10 feet from the door though, you feel your foot catch on something and you trip headfirst into a nearby table.

Only to be caught midway.

“Having a rough day, I see?” a melodic voice asks.

Turning around, you’re met with the same, strangely dressed woman you had seen a few moments ago from across the room. She has lightly browned skin and a bemused expression. The lady wears what could be described as cloak of deep maroon with head covering, a mix of what you may consider a woman’s hijab and a poncho, which contrasted against the muted palettes of the walls and the shining, pastel vibrancy of the rest of the patrons causes her to stick out a bit like a sore thumb…though you’re not one to talk. But, there is one thing you can’t help but stare at.
She has golden eyes.
“Rough enough to have lost my watch, any chance you’d have the time ma’am?”

“Yeah, it’s half-past time-for-you-to-be-home,” she quips smugly.
Can’t really argue with that. She tells you she’ll help get you a cab.

>Where are you from?
>She has some sort of strange deck of cards on her
>Have we met before?
>Decline her offer for the cab, you got this
>180 around to buy some drinks for two
>write in

Ask about the cards.
File: vellum deck.jpg (66 KB, 736x736)
66 KB
As transfixing as the odd lady is, you can’t help but find your curiosity drawn to what looks to be a deck of cards straddled to her hip.

“Are you some sort of gambler?” you ask, motioning to them.
“Gambling would imply there are fates beyond our control, Benjamin. No, I don’t think you could call what I do gambling.”
You didn’t tell her your name.

But, you manage to catch a closer peek at the cards. They're yellowed and archaic looking, not to mention far thicker than paper. You suspect to think they're made of something like vellum...but that would make them ancient, not to mention worth a fortune.
nobody else interested in participating?
Fortune teller, huh? Go at it

File: Lady 2.jpg (168 KB, 664x900)
168 KB
168 KB JPG
"Fortune teller, huh? Go at it. Tell me my fortune," you say with a smirk. To be honest, you never really sympathized with these types.

You both stop at a table right before the door to the exit, and she sits you down before taking a chair herself. Without so much as a noise, the deck of cards is on the table as well. A little freaky, not going to lie....
What’s a kid doing as a professional fortune teller, let alone doing her business in a bar like this anyway?
"Who says I simply TELL fortunes, Benjamin," she replies with a wide grin, steadily gazing at you all the while.


She begins to draw cards and place them in a row across the table....

roll 5 d78
Rolled 57, 37, 36, 37, 65 = 232 (5d78)

Rolled 77, 62, 78, 54, 54 = 325 (5d78)

>"Who says I simply Tell fortunes, Benjamin"
Aw shit
11, 33, 69, 12, 4 = 129 (5d78)
Welp....doubles in a non-reshuffled deck...
writing, give me a minute
File: card 11.gif (887 B, 168x282)
887 B
887 B GIF
The cards are flipped and revealed, and she passes over each one and comments.

Card 1: Strength
>"Anyone could have seen that," she mutters to herself
Card 2: Ace of Wands
>she smiles
Card 3: The Lovers
>"I think this may be my favorite so far"
Card 4: The Hierophant
>"Now who was this..."
Card 5: Knight of Pentacles (reversed)
>"you need to take better care of yourself, you know. You're falling to pieces"
Card 6: The Fool
>"Are you going somewhere?"
Card 7: The World
>She seems interested now
Card 8: 7 of swords
>Her eyes glare a bit at the card
Card 9: 8 of swords (reversed)
>She immediately looks at you with what you can tell is sadness or pity
Card 10: Judgement
>"So, that's how this ends..."

She begins to collect the cards off the table, when you notice what looks like an extra card under the last one. You point it out to the Lady.


She takes a quick look before moving to put it away, then stops. She double-takes at the card, then looks at you. Her expression is dumbfounded and a bit scared.

Card 11: Blank?
>"It's....this....isn't a part of my deck..."
>"Wait....you can't be him..."

Well, looks like you freaked her out a bit. Your move.

>Write in pls
"My wife is definitely going to hand it to me now"
You think your wife would let you become an alcoholic if she were still alive?
Scratch that
"Yes, I am...YOUR FATHER"
Wait, what? Nuuuuuuuuuu ;-;
Just respond "yes"
....mmmmk, writing something I guess
lol Just "yes". Maybe she'll let someting slip, amongst the confusion and assumptions that arise from just saying "yes".
File: Ace of Wands.jpg (59 KB, 345x600)
59 KB
“How did you…who…,” she stammers before she finally falls silent in a loss for words. Her eyes are staring at the card one minute and you the next.

“Yes,” you state simply. God, you’re pretty funny when you want to be.
Surprisingly, it seems you answered a question she was thinking exactly at the same time, because she recoils immediately looking absolutely stunned, nearly falling out of her chair.
God, it’s so easy to mess with these superstitious types. It really never gets old. You’ve had your fun though, time to go. You exit the vaulted doors of the bar and into the….
….the nothingness?
Where the street had been before, there was simply stone steps and empty space. Looking at the door you just opened, it’s far too large and ornate to be the same door to the bar that was there a second ago. You turn around, taking in the sight that greets you. What lies before you looks like the same bar as before in the same manner that the ABC looks like the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Actually, to be honest this place looks exactly like that…a Cathedral. An odd sense of belonging overcomes you as you look upon the polished stone wall, stain glass murals above, and pews stretched in front of you for at least 90 meters.

You went to the Bar, dammit. Not a church.
File: cathedral.jpg (127 KB, 500x334)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
The Cathedral stands in silent reverence before you, the halls hauntingly quiet in comparison to the bar it…previously was? You previously were at? Man, you don’t even know what’s happening anymore, you think as you take a few tentative steps forward on the white marble, which reflects the light from the massive stain glass prominence near the ceiling, 90 meters away at the front of the room.

You take a look across the oak pews and the cathedral white stone aisles between you and where the bar is, or “would” have been before in the setup on the far side of the room. That far area is under a refracted circle of light sourced from the colossal stain glass plane overlooking the entire scene with its single, prismatic eye.

Strangely, there is a single, out-of-place pew (instead of bar stools) placed in front of an extended stone altar (where once there had been a bar). Funnily enough, you can still see some classy booze on, and behind the altar in the shadows

DIBS. God knows you need it after all that’s gone on.

….should you really be swearing in a Church?

You think you see something in the corner near some pews(booths?)…squirming.

Like a...worm? Wasn't there a piano guy sitting there before?

It may be your inebriated imagination though. Hell, maybe this ALL is a drunken reverie? It’d sure be a first.

Maybe you shouldn’t have turned your back from Big Red herself….

Hm, nah.
>Investigate the booze
>Check something?
>Inspect stain glass around the place
>Is The Red Lady still there?
>Let's check out the totally not cosmic horror over there, maybe it's friendly
>Write in?
The stain glass. They tell a story?
File: 8 of swords.jpg (12 KB, 173x300)
12 KB
You take a few steps into the massive structure and look around the ceiling and upper walls at the stain glass windows. There are 10 total with 4 lined on either side of the cathedral and two on the ends, one above you and the other on the far side. Each one is unique.
The first depicts a small dark-skinned child closing the jaws of a beastly lion easily twice its size. Another depicts a woman of angelic beauty and the same dark-skinned man, both naked, below a deity bestowing blessings from above. Yet another depicts a red-cloaked figure adorned in strange symbols, some you can recognize as religious objects familiar to you, with his hands outstretched and drops of blood at his feet. A rather unsettling one depicts the dark-skinned man blindfolded, bound upside down to a sword, and surrounded by an additional 7 swords buried in the ground. Finally, on the far side of the room bodies rise out of coffins and raise their hands towards the open, white sky. Trumpets can be seen playing from the heavens, and fire is approaching from the distance.

It depicts the Apocalypse.
“Beautiful, don’t you agree?” the familiar sing-song voice says from somewhere to your left. The Red Lady is leaning against the marble wall, looking at the same works of art. She has a wistful look about her face.

>write in whatever

I'm turning in for the night after the next post, I have work pretty early. I'll return tomorrow to continue some time between 6-7:30pm
Judgement as in Judgement Day? Ask her question back. "How so?"
Good night. I enjoyed your writing, you're pleasingly literate. Thank you.
File: lovers.jpg (151 KB, 380x594)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
"The card, Judgement...did it mean Judgement Day?" you ask tentatively.

"Yes," her blunt reply echoes through the white halls. "At least, your day of Judgement from what I understand. The fates don't tell even me everything."

"Hunh," you're not quite sure what to say.
"You said you think these are beautiful, how so exactly?" You finally ask.

"Because they're one-of-a-kind, but at the same time they're everything- if I'm to understand correctly," she turns to you, golden eyes piercing you through, "because they're yours and yours alone."

This is getting a bit over your head....

"What was she like," The Red Lady points to the glass of the two people under the deity, "your wife?"

>answer as you please, this is character creation after all....I need to know how to write for benjamin in the future
>rolls will be coming soon, no worries this is a quest after all


I'll be back tomorrow around the same time I started today
File: rider-waite-the-world.jpg (252 KB, 559x925)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
OP is back, going to start writing again at 8pm. Responses to use would be welcome
She had glasses. Librarians must have glasses. They have long hair too, yes. And uh patient. She would also be disapproving of his nightly activities (drinking).
Humm, scratch >>212235
She was kind and patient. With warm grey eyes
complemented by soft eyebrows. She held a reassuring gaze most times, turning patronizing
only when admonishing you for being too reckless. She was enthusiastic about learning and found silent refuge in books. She wore a shapely nose that ran down the length of her firm face, a face that hinted at a sort of toughness tested by time. She was blind. Unfortunately, one does not wear glasses when blind (sobs). And welcome back.
File: photo 1 (6).gif (240 KB, 500x213)
240 KB
240 KB GIF
confirmed best poster, gimmie a quick 2 minutes to revise.
Obvious storydump and plot should only last for a bit longer, then shenanigans and actual quest
File: To be depicted.jpg (64 KB, 618x824)
64 KB
“What was she like, your wife?” The Red Lady quietly asks, pointing to the stained glass across the hall.
“She was patient with me, even in my most hotheaded moments. She was so patient. It was really that quality that I think made us even work together.” Who else would have considered teaching someone who didn’t even speak their first language? “Sarah has…sorry, had…the most beautiful, grey eyes. Every time she would look at you, it just feel so…reassuring. Like she could just see right through to your soul, but refused to judge you regardless.” The irony hits you and you stifle a laugh.

“Did I miss the joke,” Red cocks her head, confused.

“She was blind, Red, but she always wore glasses. I couldn’t help but tease her for looking like such a stereotypical bookworm type,” you can’t help but chuckle thinking about the first time you had done so and how flustered she had gotten in response. Apparently they had been her father’s. She had always said how he’d toughened her up, made her into the woman she was.
“Wow, sounds like you were quite smitten,” the Red Lady smiles out, “she sure doesn’t sound like the type to approve of that drinking habit of yours.”
“She….probably wouldn’t. But there are more than a few things she doesn’t know. She’s been gone for a while now.”
“Gone? Where did she- oh,” The Red Lady stops, seeing the look on your face. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize…..”
An awkward pause. Something catches in your throat.

The chapel stands silently in vigil to your thoughts, the memory of Sarah.
“What happened to her?” Red finally asks.
“….it was about twenty years ago, she had apparently tried to stop someone who had broken into the house. It didn’t end so well for her. They never figured out what happened to my daughter.” Little Grace…she had had her mother’s warm eyes and shapely nose. Grace’s disappearance was probably the straw that broke you, led you to drink.

>End the conversation, walk further into the cathedral inspecting the pews and architecture
>Look for any sort of stairways or branching halls, this place is huge
>Ask Red about this place
>Approach the far end, where the odd-pew-out sits in front of the bar altar. It looks like there are a few statues there as well.
>Can you explain what the Fortune you gave me was, Red?
>Who are you anyway?
>Explore that squirming (?), black corner near the organ, where the piano man would have been
>Go outside?
>Do you know this cathedral from somewhere?
>How did you get here anyway?
>Write in, etc etc.
Begin with
>Do you know this cathedral from somewhere?
Proceed to
>Approach the far end, where the odd-pew-out sits in front of the bar altar. It looks like there are a few statues there as well
File: stained glass 6.jpg (530 KB, 1280x960)
530 KB
530 KB JPG
Turning from the Red Lady, you take another look at the cathedral. Strangely, you get a sense of déjà vu, as if this isn’t the first time you’ve set foot in this castle of white marble and bibles.
But you aren’t religious.
At least, not anymore.

Besides, no amount of alcohol could cause you to forget a place like this. Although….

You pass by pews as you continue on to the far end of the room. You swear you remember having been here before, reading a book. Another ragged flash of a memory crosses you, a shotgun and 9 hooded figures. A raven. The Red Lady. Fire?

Yeah, you don’t think these things ever happened. Strange, then, it would seem these halls are filled with foreign memories. If you were a betting man you’d say this spotless place has been frequented before, but all evidence around you would point otherwise.
Reaching the other side, you take a look at the pew. There are 9 books tucked inside a small shelf inside its front. The altar is stone and still has some classy bottles on it from when it was still a bar, funnily enough. It looks like it’s hollow, and backless. The statues are seemingly carved into the far wall itself. The light from the stain glass above illuminates the ground around you in a myriad of reds, oranges, yellows, whites, and greens.
>Check something (What?)
>Ask the Red Lady something (?)
>Write in
>It looks like it’s hollow, and backless.
Check the altar.
File: Remi 1100, 12 gauge.jpg (3 KB, 300x200)
3 KB
Looks like the bartender was packing some heat
File: 1.jpg (21 KB, 400x324)
21 KB
take the shotgun?
When spooked, acquire more gun
Oh my god wut
Uh... Are you all owed to have guns in a church?
File: 3HpiFi0.gif (1.99 MB, 375x375)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
who knows? You could at least say it's worth a shot though
You'll have plenty gun

>Benjamin acquired "Shotgun"! Item was added to inventory.
>Pastebin of inventory is being made

>What do?
>Ask the red lady if it's ok we just grabbed this shotgun
Check out the books. We have a "ragged memory" of reading a book.
File: Just a book.jpg (29 KB, 200x192)
29 KB
You hold up the shotgun above your head and call out to the Red Lady walking over, “Hey Red, is it cool if I take this?”

Her face scrunches up and she gives you a dirty eye, “Yeah, sure….you do know how to fire one of those, right?” You give her a dirty look. “Whatever, just don’t go pointing it at me,” she sighs heavily.

You decided to take a look at one of the nine books in the pew. Each one is identically bound with an unmarked leather-brown cover. They resemble bibles without any sort of religious symbols or markings. From first glance, all of them are virtually indistinguishable from each other. Well, looks like you can’t be picky.

>Roll 1d9, each corresponds to a book. I’ll take one roll per poster for this.
Rolled 3 (1d9)

File: Yule.jpg (382 KB, 900x870)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
Opening the unmarked book, you see the first few pages have neither a title nor an author. You start flipping through the pages when you abruptly begin seeing ink. The first page you stop on has a strange crest on it. Sifting through the other pages, you see that while most have similar runic inscriptions a few have discernible pictures: a giant tree, ravens, wolves, and what looks like winged angels with spears and shields
You get the feeling this connects together with something. You take a peek at the third statue against the wall. You think you can make out a tall man wearing a hood and eyepatch in the stone.
Uh... examine the statue?
Yeah, examination time.
File: statue 3.jpg (20 KB, 242x300)
20 KB
You walk up to the third statue and examine it up close. A bearded, one-eyed man stares back at you with eyes of white marble. He stands on some sort of chiseled horse, his arm raised to the skies. Something about the horse strikes you as odd, but you can’t put a finger on what exactly-

Yeah, that horse has a few too many legs.

“Red, care to explain?” You call over your shoulder.
“Are you telling me Sarah never had you touch any norse mythology all that time you spent reading together?” she calls back incredulously.

>Other books/statues? (Roll 1d9)
>Red, any chance you want to finally explain why you brought me here?
>Uh, shoot the statue?
>What kind of church is this anyway, Red?
>Write in (I take just about anything, part of the reason for descriptive writing)
Oh shits. Thats Odin on (I think) Sleipner, son of Loki.
So uh... Ravens are Odins sacred animals. Fenris for the wolves, the angels are valkyries. And the tree, of ckursr in Yggdrassil. Can we just shoot red? Ask her whats up.
of course, is*
Wait. Oh crud, Ragnarok? Thats the judgement described? Nice job QM. Didnt see this coming.
Someone's getting the idea of where things are going here.

>Shoot Red
You sure?
>Ask her what's up
QM lied, brb in 10 or so
No, but I want to shoot something :(
Back, just making pastebin info to dump later. More shooting shall be incorporated into future writing...speaking of which,
File: 7 0f swords.jpg (27 KB, 300x521)
27 KB
“Red….” You start to call out
“Yeeeeeees?” She answers from right next to you. Apparently she’d caught up, but that didn’t make the surprise any less…..well, surprising.
“When were you going to tell me we were in some sort of Viking church? I think I can recognize a statue of Odin when I see one.”
She blinks. “Never, actually, because it’s not,” she gestures to the other statues lined in a row from the Nordic deity. Unlike the books, each one is different.
“The Muses, in all their glory….well,” she shuffles her feet a bit, “not all their glory. After all, they’re not exactly here in the flesh, but-“
Did she just say IN THE FLESH?
Wait, wait, wait on for a second there, cowgirl.
Red stops abruptly, her eyes widened incredulously at the finger shushing her mouth.
“Don’t tell me you’re saying ODIN IS REAL”
To her credit, she doesn’t. Instead, she glares at you until you realize your finger is still cutting her off. You give an apologetic shrug and let her continue.
“Yes actually, I am. There are others too. The MUSES, mankind’s legendary figures, guardians and patrons of humanity’s most treasured virtues.
Or actually, there were others. Things are kind of complicated right now. Also if you shush me again, I’ll set you on fire.”
“Things are out of place across history, the Muses were made to not exist by unknown forces I don’t even understand fully. It’s up to you to you-“she pulls out the blank card, “-to make things right again.”
“Also,” she turns to you fully, looking you in the eye, “reviving these Muses could change things. They could get your daughter and wife back, Benjamin. They could probably make it never happen in the first place.”
>Test out the gun on the empty bottles, having Red throw them to make it like skeet shooting
>Ask more (what?)
>So, who are you exactly?
>Is it just me, or is the corner getting darker?
>Write ins galore
>So, who are you exactly?
Muses as in Greek mythology?
>So, who are you exactly?
>Is it just me, or is the corner getting darker?
Can we shoot the dark corner?
File: stained glass 1.jpg (32 KB, 236x353)
32 KB

"So, who are you exactly?" You eye her cautiously. You actually suspect this girl could sprout wings any moment at this rate.

"Me? Let's just say I'm just your patron for now, Benjamin. You can call me," she smiles teasingly, "The Red Lady."

Real creative there, Red.

>Can we shoot the dark corner?
Roll 1d20

>Muses as in Greek mythology
Greek muses are simply inspirations for artists. These ones are inspiration for humanity and patrons of abstract virtues. Among the nine are legendary figures, like Odin, wielding equally legendary weaponry.

I'll write up a response to rolls tomorrow, calling it a night for now. I'll be back at the same time as before!
File: 1418875599258.gif (706 KB, 390x293)
706 KB
706 KB GIF
Also worth mentioning....
as the quest progresses, you'll be able to summon muses you've freed to aid you in battles or situations. Alternatively, you can also just use their weapons.
Thank you again QM
We get to summon the king of the realm of the gods? Wut.
File: photo 3 (5).gif (407 KB, 245x184)
407 KB
407 KB GIF
QM is back, post any replies, write-ins, or suggestions and I'll begin writing at 7:30pm
Rolled 9 (1d20)

Aren't we supposed to roll a d20 now?
Yup, my mistake for not making that clear. Roll 1d20, DC is 10. I'll take rolls after this post
File: 1387158540114.jpg (18 KB, 366x380)
18 KB
Well, looks like I'll have to take that roll anyway.

File: Well then.jpg (37 KB, 393x576)
37 KB
As you’re talking with Red, you can’t help but get the odd sensation that something is off…

Remembering her warning from earlier, you decide you very much like not being crispy and instead motion her to stop for a minute. The Cathedral is almost entirely silent as you look to and fro, your senses strung tensely enough that you can almost feel the anxiety about you.
But then you hear it, the soft, rhythmic scratching of something walking on stone or tile. It’s coming from far back, behind you and the Red Lady from the far side of the room.
Red gives a curious expression after a few moments and you point to the abnormally shadowed corner from earlier. From here, you think you can see….something moving, a figure in the dark.

“What are you pointing at?” Red finally asks.
“There something moving in the corner, Red. I can hear it.” Red looks concerned now.
“Benjamin, what are you talking about there isn’t anything there…”
“Look, I know it’s dark, but if you look closely-“
“Dark? It’s lit just fine, there’s nothing there but the wall.”

Well, you’ll take that as your cue to shoot. Cocking the Remington and bracing the stock into your shoulder, you fire.

>Rolled 9: Failure
The bullet stops meters away from your intended target in midair. A vine-like growth, rooted in the blotted shadows, had sprouted without warning, catching the slug in the middle of its trajectory. The scratching stops and silence once again blankets the room.
“Benjamin why did your bullet just stop and float…?” Red asks, a tinge of panic coloring her voice.
Before you can say anything else, it starts.
A deep, rasping roar begins to echo about the room. You can hear it clear as day, unlike the scratching from earlier. Looking over at the muted terror on Red’s face, you can tell she heard that one.

>So Red, any way to get out of here?
>Battle Plan?
>How are you in a fight, Red?
>Write ins, ask anything now

Charge in. It's time your past is put to use.
Holy acorns.
>How are you in a fight, Red?

>Battle Plan
>Stay on the defense until more information is obtained. NO NOT CHARGE >>215474
Angry shadow-plant > lion
Remember that Roll of 9 and DC 10?
You don't need to charge, it will
Relevant pastebin info (Combat and Magic):

catch all rules for combat as well as entire magic spell/tier list

TLDR: Roll 1d100 in combat, the more you beat DC's and opposing scores, the better the outcome. Smart tactics, skills, and use of magic give you bonuses to rolls.
>Stay and fight
>Red's abilities

What does our Benjamin know?
Im thinking Red should startup with a smokescreen followed by a fireball. Benji can just shoot again, I suppose.
This is assuming friendlies can see through the smokescreen. QM confirm?
File: Beast Tenebrous.jpg (822 KB, 1032x1200)
822 KB
822 KB JPG
“If you’ve got some sort of ace up your sleeve, Red, now’s the time to tell me,” you yell over the growing screech. Subtlety is without a doubt out of the question now. Red doesn’t answer.
“Red c’mon, give me something here,” you call out to the motionless girl behind you as you load shells into the beast of a gun. The screeching continues to scale larger in volume, you don’t think your eardrums can take much more of this. With a flash of movement, you’ve cocked the shotgun and fired off another two slugs in rapid succession.
The creature doesn’t even bother stopping them this time around as two black tentacles of shadow erupting from the walls in a blur, swatting the approaching bullets away. Two blasts echo across the room as chunks of the adjacent cathedral wall are blown apart from the impact of the rounds.

The screeching reaches a peak and your eyes begin to blur, when you suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder. The Red Lady stands side by side with you. Expressionless, she reaches over and grabs the barrel of your gun with a white-knuckled grip.

The shadows across the cathedral seemingly detach from the wall with an audible ‘pop’, and begin to rapidly expand across the floor. A mass of inky black immediately begins to leap across the expansive gap between the two of you, nimbly avoiding the pews.
You’re about to yell at Red when you notice the metal barrel of the shotgun is glowing red-hot and is now steaming. Red removes her vicegrip on the weapon and answers your unvoiced question…
“I got your back, Ben.”
>Red used Flame Weapon, the shotgun now launches Dragon’s Breath rounds!

>Write in the battle plan
>The pews can be used as a source of cover, let’s keep something in between us and that thing at all times
>Backs up against the wall, keep to the sides of the room. Hopefully we can goad it into charging the solid surfaces…as long as it isn’t too smart
>Keep moving, this beast can’t catch us no matter what
>We need elevation, look for some sort of stairs or platform
>Charge it right back
>Look for an escape route

>Battle theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As_6W2FqXo0

Benjamin doesn't know any magic as of yet. Depending on your responses/what you asked earlier, you could have learned a single spell.

Caster can see through smokescreen, QM confirms.

Also, my apologies on the writing times. QM went looking for some beer mid-paragraph
QM forgiven.
>Red uses Smokescreen
>Look for an escape route
>The pews can be used as a source of cover, let’s keep something in between us and that thing at all times
>We need elevation, look for some sort of stairs or platform
when possible
It's the best time of the day yet again, post any replies and QM begins writing at 7:30. QM also has no work tomorrow, so I'll be up for a while.

^ got this so far, will begin writing it if no others
Roll 2d20
First is for smokescreen/evasion, second for implementing the plan
Rolled 7, 12 = 19 (2d20)

File: Tenebrous4.jpg (17 KB, 600x337)
17 KB
Oh hey, just walked back. Good timing for me.

“Red, give us some time!” You shout out, just as the Red Lady whips in front of you.
“I still can’t see it Benjamin, you need to point it out!”

The monster is now more than halfway across the room, bounding across the floor in agile leaps and bounds. Behind him you see shadows oozing across the floor like thick water, but it’s far outpaced by the beast.

“It’s coming from your 12, Red!”
>Rolled 7, Failure
Red immediately throws her arms at a 45 degree angle downward and acrid, heavy smoke billows out the front sleeves of her robe. The cloud is hardly formed though and barely envelops the pair of you before the creature is upon you. You dive to the side, barely avoiding the monster as it sails past and skids into the wall with a screech. You scramble across the floor, looking for cover or elevation.
>Rolled 12, First Degree Success.
There are more than enough pews littering the main annex of the church, but you wonder how effective they could be against the demon’s brute force- Better than nothing, at the very least.
Looking up, you manage to spot several overhanging balconies, pulpits of some sort. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to assume they’re joined. Luckily enough, one is just close enough to you. However, there isn’t enough time for both you and the Red Lady to climb up, one will most likely have to help toss the other up if you’re to scale the height in the short time you have.

Who will take the second-floor?
>Benjamin, with the shotgun and some distance he can do some serious damage
>Red, she can cast support magic and distract the creature from a safer range
>Stay together
The Black Shadow screeches yet again, going for a full charge. The pool of shadow continues to coat the floor in a slow, methodical pace. It has expanded half-way across the room…you’re not sure what it would do to you.
>What do once split? (1d100 and write in pls)
>Escape route? (1d20)
2nd. Can we learn a spell first?
File: wizarrrd.jpg (59 KB, 465x619)
59 KB
1st: it's a thing, you'll see

2nd: My mistake,
Any two Tier 1's of your choice
Okay, So if Benji learns Tier 1: Air Force or Emit Froce on the ground. Can he clear the ground and land on the balcony after helping up Red? And how effective would Tier 1 Earth Petrogaurd and Tier 1 Wood Escutcheon be aganist an angry jumping shadow-plant?
Okay, so Benji learns Tier 1: Air Force or Emit Force and uses it on the ground.*
File: 1512_1241_390.jpg (39 KB, 390x512)
39 KB
Emit force does exactly what it sounds like, but it is limited in it's magnitude of force. He could definitely make breathing room and use it to help jump.

Petroguard will gather soil and rock into a loose wall or block, you can't really control shape or density there.

Escutcheon will literally grow a solid wooden sleeve to use as a shield.

Individually, they probably wouldn't help much, but used together they could be effective.
Okay, final question. Can angry plant jump after Benji and Red to the balcony?
File: photo 4 (2).gif (2.36 MB, 162x191)
2.36 MB
2.36 MB GIF
>Emit force is a projectile, force is centered around the character. Think Dark Souls if you've played it
Yep, though not immediately. The approaching floor-shadows have to do with that.
What happens if we attack the floor shadows? Is that a cheat question? (sorry, I was wrong, these are the last 2 questions)
File: Blatant.jpg (45 KB, 680x510)
45 KB
you'd have to figure that one out
Rolled 80 (1d100)

Sobs. Well then Ill take Emit Force.
>Red, she can cast support magic and distract the creature from a safer range
>Red uses Fireball in front of angry plant, at the shadows on the floor.
>Benji uses Emit Force aganist the ground and onto the balcony.
Just to be clear, Benji helps Red up first
>Dat 80 doe
Fear me.
File: 1431832595829.gif (313 KB, 195x210)
313 KB
313 KB GIF
also you get two spells
>back to writing
File: FIRE.jpg (166 KB, 1920x1080)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
>Benji learned emit force,
“Hope you’re ready!”
“Ready for wha-“ Red cuts herself off with an audible peep as you grab her around the waist.
“UP YOU GO!” You grunt, using both combined momentum and your own strength to toss the gal up to the balcony edge, where she manages to grasp the stone, steady herself, and climb onto the platform.
Just as Tenebrous, the Black Shadow, launches at you in a tackle, screeching in hungry glee like a predator who has finally finished playing with its prey.
>Rolled 80, DC 60 (2 Degrees of Success)
You’re not going down yet, no sir. It’ll be another cold day in hell before this overgrown plant manages to make a meal out of you. You instinctively drop, crumbling to the floor and Tenebrous soars through the air where your head had been only milliseconds prior, it’s lengthy underbelly and torso entirely exposed as its outstretched arms failed to grasp you entirely.

You wind up what you meant to be a punch, but as you follow through a wave of pure force is expelled from your fist and slams into the leaping boss. With a tragic cry it truly goes flying, tumbling head over heels in midair. “Red, above us!”
>Tenebrous 3/4

“PULL!” you hear from the balcony above you. As you swivel on the spot, you see a fireball launch over the railing on the balcony, meeting the monster’s trajectory and exploding against its helpless body. Out of the cloud of smoke and debris you see it get launched all the way across the room, where it lands brutally on the floor with a crunch and slides into the wall.
>Tenebrous 2/4
The shadows have encroached across the floor during this entire time, however; the massive pool of rolling darkness almost resembles and expanding lagoon as it burbles next to the battered form of Tenebrous. The creature rights itself against with a few creaks and cracks from its protesting form, before it dips its ugly head directly into the dark tide…followed by its entire body. A ripple spreads from where it had entered and practically vanished. You hear gurgling as the floor continues to be enveloped.
>Use? (What)
>Find an escape route?
>Battle Plan?
Balcony, get away from the tide.
>Red uses fireball on the floor?
File: Tenebrous 5.jpg (334 KB, 1280x1957)
334 KB
334 KB JPG
Rolled 96 (1d100)

2d100 pls
Rolled 80, 23 = 103 (2d100)

For clarification, Benji gets to the balcony.
>96 wut
not with that roll, he isn't
RIP Benji the Congolese refugee
File: benji 4.jpg (6 KB, 300x168)
6 KB
>Rolled 80, DC 40 (2 degrees of success)
“Red, burn away the floor?”
“What? Why what’s there?” There are multiple ripples throughout the lagoon of shadow.
“Just do it, quick!” You call out, exasperated. To her credit, she definitely does it.
A volley of fireballs blasts out from above you, aimed haphazardly about the floor in the cathedral. On impact the shadows combust and burn away rapidly like dried leaves, leaving nothing but embers floating in the air. Wide swathes of the territory are scorched away entirely with only slight burn marks left on the resurfaced marble flooring.
While successful, there are still more than a few patches about. As you hustle over to the nearest balcony you see a black mass dive from one patch to other, spending mere seconds at most in the air as it swims among the inky blots amid the floor.
You prep another blast of force to emit and propel yourself like a rocket up to the overhanging platform
>23 versus 96, complete failure
Tendrils whip from the nearest puddle and ensnare your arms, followed by your torso and legs. Without so much as a pause, they constrict you with brutal strength and flick you effortlessly several dozen meters, fully away from Red and some degree of safety. You’ve landed on your stomach with a heavy slam, knocking the breath entirely out of you. Your shotgun clatters a few feet away….and then you notice that while you’re on a patch of marble tiling you’re deep into opposing territory- entirely surrounded by the marsh-like shadows like an island. You start to notice ripples in the surface of the shadowed floor around you.
>Benji (3/4)
>Game plan?
>duck and roll motherfucker
>activate plot armor
What does Tier 1: Water Water Skate do?
^ Dont do this
Just the question please
File: Benjamin1.jpg (8 KB, 225x300)
8 KB
allows you to skate across the surface of water like Jesus with some sick wheelies.
If there is no water around, it isn't useful. If there is, it will give you huge bonuses. You can create water later, but for now it's benefits are pretty circumstancial
Alright, can we use Emit Froce aganist a wall or the floor again to clear the tide? Is that possible?
When I mean clear, I mean fly over
roll that 1d100 bb, DC 60
Rolled 65 (1d100)

Woah. Hold on a second. Where's the rat? Where's the boar? Where's the slime? What hero starts his/her story with
>>219689 < this?
;-; roll
File: Deck o' cards.jpg (60 KB, 650x592)
60 KB

With a huff you flip back onto your feet and take a few steps running start to your jump. With a some strain you manage to throw your fist mid jump and clear the swelling tide in a somersault-like fashion. God-timing too, because just as your feet left the ground the massive jaws of the predato,Tenebrous, surafced and struck the empty air where your legs had been just a moment ago.

It bellows in frustration as you land on your feet several paces away.

"Ben, catch!" something hits you on the side of the head with a solid 'thump' before slapping to the ground. Your face kind of stings now....
You look at your feet.

It's the Tarot Deck.

>Draw a card? (1d78)
>Get the shotgun, still augmented and not only closer than before but now safely obtainable
>Tell Red to (What?)
>Do (what)?
>Go (where?)
>Attack? (1d100)
Rolled 16 (1d78)

Would Norsemen/Scandinavians call Red a shaman?
>Draw a card
Fuck me and my trust in fictional characters
>Rolled 16

As you draw the card, you see two oily, jagged hands burst from the shadows and pull the rest of its body along and onto the marble floor.

The ground beneath you rumbles.

The beast, Tenebrous, gives a final bellow and charges.

Then the entire floor collapses.

Where once there was an immaculate cathedral floor of white marble and tile, now the entire area had cracked and compress in places. The floor beneath you shudders and you are suddenly rocketed towards the ceiling, wind whistling by your ears before you abruptly stop with a jolt.

You see a flash of movement around you and a minute later receive what felt like a punch to the gut...except all over your body.

You get off your butt and look around you.
The ground had swollen and a massive protrusion of stone and tile had erupted from the floor with you at it's top- nearly 25 feet off the ground.

You look at your arms and chest....they're...armored? It's like you're covered by some sort of segmented shell of stone.

Tenebrous is at the bottom of your vantage point, looking frustrated and confused.

Yeah, these tarot cards are pretty sweet.
>Tell Red to (What?)
>Do (what)?
>Go (where?)
>Attack with shotgun? (1d100 +10)
Rolled 95 (1d100)

>Tell to Red
Sorry I doubted you. I love you.
>Red uses fireball
>Benji retrieves and uses the shotgun
File: th.jpg (3 KB, 160x90)
3 KB
yeah lets just cut to the chase, you 100% just beat that boss.
I'll post the result immediately when I wake up in the morning bud, then it's onto your first muse and/or new thread.

Night bruh
Duces man. Thanks again.
Earlier you said we can ony learn 2 spells per thread. Can we learn our 2nd spell before you end this thread?
sure, claim it

my bad about not posting this morning, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Namely, I woke up at 4:30 pm. I knew I was feeling off, but not "Let's sleep for roughly 17 hours" off
File: thread.gif (602 KB, 320x213)
602 KB
602 KB GIF
take your spell, I'll mark it down and record it in the pastebin for the start of the new thread sunday night
No problem QM, and thank you

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