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Chromescore is a quest where you, a merc captain called Sillica wilson, are on a mission to locate an artifact called Chromesore. All while fighting monsters, and trying to keep your crew alive in the wastes of Berlin.

Here is the previous thread (Thanks to that anon for archiving it for me): http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive/190538/

Now on with back to the story.
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You scratch your stubble in thought, looking up and down the boarder of The Green Sea. If you were by yourself you could easily scout this area and find a suitable camp site by nightfall. But with a team to think about, you reconsider.

Turning back to Widget you motion for the long range communicator. This time instead of thrusting the head piece into your hand, she gently passes it to you, a look of caution on her face. You take it, thanking her as you wait for the unit to be tuned. A bit of diel turning and switch flicking later, you are put into contact with camp.

“Scout team reporting in. The mission was a success, we have cleared the route of hostiles, and have located the entrance to the forest. We’re coming home.”

You hand the head set back to Widget. This time she snatches it from you hand, a look of awe plastered across her face.

She whispers either to you or herself you can’t tell. “That was so cool.”

Shaking your head you begin walking back in the direction of camp. Widget follows close behind, an aura of excitement radiating from her. You will never understand how someone could switch between emotions so easily.
You watch the sky as the sun slowly descends, you decide that it would be best if you picked up the pace, you want to get as much space between the forest and you before twilight hits.

Waving your hand, you order the team you keep pace. “Move.”

Slowly you increase your speed, stopping when you reach a reasonable speed for cross country. You keep this up for a good while, checking back every now and again to make sure the group is nearby. Unfortunately, your race against the sun was destined to fail, as you watch the sun slowly creep ever closer to the horizon.

Halting your advance, you begin searching for a good place to set up camp. But the place is sparse with cover, the only option that is any good is a tree a short walk back from where you came. If only your masked wasn’t broken, you could have continued on through the night and set up camp in that cottage further on.

Pulling the mask from your bag you inspect it. As far as you can tell, the mask is beyond repair. A large crack zigzagging down the size. Passing through one of the smaller eye pieces.

Before you can place it back in your bag, it is snatched from your hand.

Widget, now manhandling it, questions you. “Is this an all-sight mask? Is it broken? What are the specifications of the lens? How many vision modes does it have?”

Snatching the mask back you answer her question. “Yes, yes, I don’t know and four.”

“Ah, is one of those modes, night vision?”


Widget hops excitedly in place. “Do you need it anymore? Because I can use the left over lenses and vision focuser to rig up Mr. Fizz with a night vision camera!”

‘That’s not a bad idea.’ You think to yourself. But this mask is sentimental to you, it was given to you by your first squad leader, the only person you trusted to lead. Other than the captain, of course.

What should you do?

>Give the mask to Widget, you can use the upgraded drone to push on through the night and make it to the cottage.

>Keep the mask, it is special to you. We will just have to camp at the base of that tree.
>Give the mask to Widget, you can use the upgraded drone to push on through the night and make it to the cottage.
When this mission is over, we can just take it back. Or we keep the casing and only hand over the sensors.

And we can ask the captain to put Widget in our team, so we have the reminder of the first squad leader close by.
It will be some time till we can get someone to repair it anyway.
“How much of the mask do you need?” you ask.

“Like I said, just the lenses and vision focuser. The rest of it is just scrap now anyway.”

You cringe at the last remark. You flip the mask over in your hands. ‘It’s the best thing to do. Staying out in the open will just put us in more danger’ you think to yourself.

Taking one last look at the mask, you reluctantly hand it over. Widget with hyperactive glee instantly pulls a set handful of tool from her belt, and gets to work on the mask. A few minutes later and it is handed back to you, holes in place of the lenses.

“I tried not to damage the casing too much, I could see that you really liked that mask.” Widget says this as she attaches the newly looted components on to her drone.

You say nothing as you place the mask carefully back into your bag. Looking back up, you watch as Widget reactivates the drone. With a small pop and a short fizzling sound, it hovers into the air. You watch as it runs through the configuration routine, the lenses rapidly changing colour, giving the drone its own personal light show. Finally it settles on green, and begins spinning as Widget scans the area.

Passing you the controller she explains what she has done. “OK, so I stripped the lenses and their focusing mechanisms out of your mask and attached them to Mr. Fizz, using one of the spare Short ranged comm beads and a few other left over thingies I managed to make a semi live feed from MR. Fizzes new eyes to my controller. It’s not the best but it’s all I can do right now.”

You watch the small screen as it changes to a lime green image of the scene around you. Every few seconds the screen flickers as the connection update, showing you the most current view from the drone. Passing the controller back you give Widget a small thumbs up, congratulating her.
Now that the vision problem is solves you press on to the cottage. Once night falls you are passed the controller once again, but it is quickly taken back off you when you nearly run Mr. Fizz into the ground. The rest of the journey is spent listening to Widget’s almost unintelligible directions. In the end you were reduced down to a slow march, but at least it was progress.

You arrive at the cottage about a quarter way into the night, but this is hard to tell with the clouds blocking the moon. The team is both tired and hungry when you finally set up camp, Widget instantly collapses on the softest thing she can find and drifts off to sleep. While Detlev and Madlen break out some rations.

You on the other hand are wide awake, this isn’t a good sign. Quickly you search your bag, pulling out a small unmarked pot, shaking it you listen to the contents. A single pill rattles with in. Damn it, you forgot to grab a new pot from Helga before setting out. You had felt it since twilight fell, the need, the hunger that is always there sitting silently in the back of your mind. Doubting yourself you check again, finding only a small vile at the bottom of your bag. Some of the blood you had taken from your fallen comrades. This will surely sate your hunger for a short time, but will easily leave you weak by morning, making it harder to travel.

What do you do?

>Take the single pill, surely it will be enough to stem the itch. Or increase it.

>Drink the blood, you will just have to deal with the consequences later.

>Don’t take either, you’ve done this before, you have the will to not feed.
>>Drink the blood, you will just have to deal with the consequences later.
>Take the single pill, surely it will be enough to stem the itch. Or increase it.
Take both. We're returning to camp today, so it shouldn't be a problem.
And then we just have to push through and not give in to the Hunger. You kind of like Midget, would be a shame eating her. The other two, you're not so sure about - maybe... no. No!
do this as both by themslfs wont do the trick for long enguh so mybe tanking both well boast the effect or take them both when you wake up
Holding both the vile and bottle in your hand, you come to the conclusion that taking both would work, right? You’ve never done this before, it was always one or the other. Popping the pill bottle open, you tip it back, dropping the single pill into your mouth, chasing it down with the vile of blood.

You are hit with the usual sense of ecstasy as it rewards you, but it is quickly followed by the need for more. Shit it wasn’t enough to satiate you in the first place, that fight with the giant must have pushed you further than you thought. Hopefully the pill will kick in soon, and take the edge off. The rest is up to you, to stay under control.

You sit in the dark, staring fixedly at the wall, waiting for the pill to take effect. When it does, a pressure that had been building in your head is suddenly released. It is still there but, it has been significantly reduced. Taking a deep breath, you stand, and enter back into the room where the rest of your team has been resting.
Detlev and Madlen are still up, they both look at you with concern on their faces. Not looking over to them you pass by, shading your eyes from the dull lamp. Widget is currently sleeping off to the side, holding on tight to Mr. Fizz, making a quite purring sound.

You sit on a small beam off wood that had collapsed down from the ceiling. The whole time the pair have a silent convocation between themselves, only their faces revealing that fact.

Madlen breaks the silence. "So… where have you been?"

Not wanting to sound suspicious, you tell them the only thing that you would believe. "I was scouting."

This time Detlev replies. "Scouting? I wouldn't call staring at a wall and muttering, scouting." What? Did they see you?

You were sure that you had found a secluded room within the cottage. You query his statement. "What do you mean?"

Detlev continues. “Well after you wondered off with your bag leaving your equipment behind we started to hear noises, so I came to check up on you. When I entered the room you were just crouched down, muttering to yourself about something ‘not being enough’ and ‘hopefully it’ll kick in soon.’, after that I left. I didn’t want to stick around in case you started getting violent.”

Madlen Takes over. “Really we just want to know what was going on. If it’s some sort of drug, we don’t mind, I mean to be honest it’s almost expected of mercs to be drug fuelled murder machines.” She sighs realising what she had just said. “I didn’t mean that- What we are trying to say is that it’s ok to tell us, we rather know, so we can help if something goes wrong. Do you understand?”

You look at them both. It truly does look like they care, but can you tell them the truth? You’ve known people to throw all the care and understanding out the window when they know you real condition.

What shall you tell them?

>Tell them the truth, they’ll understand.

>Tell them what they believe, it’ll be easier.

>Refuse to tell them anything, its best if less people get raped up in your mess.
>>Tell them what they believe, it’ll be easier.
>>Tell them what they believe, it’ll be easier.
It's doubtful that they're as understanding as the captain. Maybe you tell them when you know them better.
The drug addict rationale is something you often used - and in a sense you need pills regularly to stay in top form, so the analogy isn't off by that far.
Sorry about the long wait, PC problems.

You have already told one to many people the truth. This time you’re definite that it will not go your way if you tell them.

So, you decide that it’s best to go with what they already believe. “Combat drugs. I take combat drugs to help me preform in the field. I’ve ran out recently and I’m sure I’ll start feeling the effects of withdrawal soon. Just keep yourselves and Widget away from me if I do, I tend to become aggressive. Also call the medic as soon as you can, or the captain.”

Detlev and Madlen nod, as they have their own privet little convocation in there heads. You wonder if they notice it.

Madlen speaks for the pair. “OK, thank you for telling us. We’ll be sure to do as you wish if it comes to that, and don’t worry, we won’t judge.”

“Thank you, for understanding.” You show them the gratitude that they expect, but you don’t truly mean it.

“It’s the least we can do, helping out a fellow merc and all.”

Standing you thank them again, trying to sound genuine. Then you exit back through the door you came, hiding away from people seems to make the itch easier to bare.
Now back to the good ol' captain.

“Captain, good morning sir!” You are shaken out of your early morning trance, sipping your ration coffee you turn to face the offender who dears to disturb you before you’re ready. It’s one of the injured from yesterday’s attack, now sporting a stylish white band of medical tape around his head.

“Good morning privet, what can I do for you?”

The young boy has a nervous look on his face, you wonder why. “Well, erm… my name is A- Alfonse, and I a- I am your new…”

“Servant? Slave?” you ask mockingly.

The boy is stunned silent. Standing you chuckle to yourself. “Oh, you have got a lot to get used to. How old are you even?”

You stand a good head above him. You watch as he squirms behind his clipboard. “I’m Eig- Eighteen.”

“Liar!” you scold.

“Ok, ok, I’m only fifteen.”

“Huh, really? You’re kinda small”

“I know.”

You chuckle again ruffling his hair. “Come on then Jeeves, we have work to do.”

It is early morning. You have received Tag message back a little while after resettling camp in one of the nearby towers. After that everything started to go south, the group of giant humanoids had reached the city and woke nearly every damned predator for miles. You were lucky that the troublesome trio had found such a good hiding spot. But now that everything has nearly settled again, it looks like it won’t be too hard to sneak by any unwanted fights and reach your destination before sun down.

You still have plenty of time before the scheduled time of departure. How do you want to spend it?

>Head out with a hunting team and clear as much of the area as possible.

>Organise a collapsing defence in the rear guard, in case of another incidents with the giants waking predators.

>Or skip the prep and head out now. The sooner we reach the Green Sea the sooner we can rest again.
>>Or skip the prep and head out now. The sooner we reach the Green Sea the sooner we can rest again.
It's not like we can prepare for everything. And what we can do might not be enough... Sometimes it's better to just do it and get it over with. We'll just have to outrun danger from behind. In the forest, walking with the wounded will be slow - better to move earlier than later.

At least we now have the Alfonse boy to fetch stuff and people, relay orders, brew coffee. We'll have more time to do the important things.
>long wait
Slow board qst makes it all relative.

This mission hopefully pays a lot (mercenary troop). It feels like a suicide mission: high risk, high reward.

Very enjoyable story so far!
The best thing to do is to move early and move quickly.

You begin dictating orders to Alfonse, as you walk. "Ok, it's time to move. Tell everyone to pack up and head down to the jeeps. Any injured that are still unable to move will be placed in the centre vehicle, along with Helga. I want Quad in the back. Everyone else is to either grab a seat or walk." Turning back you watch as he finishes scribbling down notes on his clipboard. "You got that, kid?"

"Erm… Yes, sir!" Alfonse scampers off to relay your orders. While you locate Flint.

You find him in the mess area. Gorging on the left over gruel that cook prepared this morning.

As he notices you he looks up and gives you a content smile. “Good morning captain!”

You watch as he instantly goes back to shovelling the slop into his gob. “I’ll never understand how a guy as skinny can eat so much. I mean come on, don’t you normally complain about getting leftovers? But here you are, Cook’s own living trash can.”

The old man wearing the dirty apron nicknamed Cook, comes to Flint’s defence. “Oh, come on Captain, if it weren’t for Flint here we’d still be eating last week’s breakfast!”

You cross your arms. “Is that a fact? To be honest I’m just worried about running out of rations.”

Cook waves a dismissive hand. “Ah, no need to worry Captain, I got plenty of spare rations to keep us goin’. We won’t be running out any time soon.”

Flint lets out a deep blech and throws the now empty bowl onto the table. “Anyway, I’m sure you didn’t come all the way here to chat about my eating habits. What can I do for you, sir?”

“Well, as you know we’re heading out right now. And I want you and that flame turret you concocted set up on the lead jeep a.s.a.p. So jump to it.”

Flint jumps to his feet, and gives you an exaggerated salute, and a gleeful. “Yes, Sir.” Then he sets off with a jolly spring in his step.
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The organisation and packing up of the camp runs smoother than ever now you have you own personal errand boy. Before the sun even begins its approach to midday the convoy is ready and raring to go. And just before you set off Alfonse informs you that he has contacted the scout team, telling them to stay put and that the convoy will be meeting with them on the way to its destination.

Standing atop the ‘command’ jeep, one that you had fitted with a Comms unit and a coffee brewer. You give the order to start the advance. “All right men, move out!”

The convoy makes good time exiting the edges of the city. It all seems to be going excellent until the spotters in the rear jeep, relay a sighting. “A pack of Bulldogs advancing on the convoy from the rear, please advise.”

Damn, just as you think it’s all going to plan something like this has to happen.

Alfonse taps your shoulder. “Excuse me captain, but what’s a Bulldog?”

“It’s a mutated animal, maybe a fucked up experiment, I don’t know. But it’s big, angry, and are sons of bitches to put down.”

Alfonse goes quite again. While you think over what the best course of action to take is.

>Face the beasts head on, our fire power will be able to put them down.

>Order the convoy to put the pedal to the metal, we’re out running these basterds.

> Split the convoy have the lighter vehicles carry on, while the heavier jeeps, along with some of the fire power lead the Bulldogs on a merry chase.
Also, roll a 1d100 with your pick.
Rolled 73 (1d100)

>>Face the beasts head on, our fire power will be able to put them down.
This will only take a second. Gun vs claw - pitiful if it stays at range. Just have people look out for a second attack from another direction.

The convoy can either be the gnu herd that runs away from its enemies or the pack of wolves that rips apart anything that's dumb enough to get close.
Bulldog skulls will adorn the captain's vehicles!
If the vehicles can't be brought deeply into the forest, why not use their mounted guns now - use their ammo before we have to abandon/hide them.
Or can the junior Juggernaut carry a mounted gun (like Vulcan Raven)?
You grin at the idea of mounting a Bulldog head on your Jeep. “Alright, we’re facing them head on. Blast’em away with every gun we’ve got!”

In unison the entire convoy turns to meet the monsters head on. As you order the driver to advance just ahead of the rest of the convoy you call out. “Aim low boys, I want their heads as a trophy!”

You get a chorus of cheers and woops in reply, as engines roar, speeding to meet the pack of beasts head on.

The fight was short, more of a shooting range with extra danger on the side. Before the pack had even rounded the final corner, every merc worth their salt poured fire into the oncoming Bulldogs.

The first two were instantly minced, so much for the whole collection but what the hell. The third took a beating but was finally felled by a well-placed rpg. The second to last, managed to either soak up or dodge most of the shots, but was roasted when it came into range of Flint’s patented Scorch-o-matic. The final beast, a scared up, with a black carapace. Had tanked through the enter rain of hell fire your crew had laid down, crunching into the front of your jeep. Calling for drastic measures you load the under-barrel grenade launcher, and line up a shot.

Roll 1d100.
Rolled 3 (1d100)

"You're mine, bastard!" Boom.
Sadly our skull trophy will be damaged... oh well, for the greater good.
no... the dice gods are cruel. We need another player to roll dice!
Vaulting over the jeeps front windscreen you yell at the creature. “You’re mine, bastard!” and with a dull thud the grenade fly’s forth, connecting with the Bulldog.

Unfortunately for you by the time you had fired, the Bulldog was only a few feet away. Both you and the Bulldog are engulfed in the fire of the explosion. Flying back your senses are filled with white hot pain. Your graceful arch through the air is suddenly and solidly ground to a halt when you smash into the front of one of the other jeeps.

Before you black out you take in the scene before you. The jeep is on fire with the driver dead, Alfonse quickly being pulled away as Quad meets the now gory Bulldog is melee. You watch as his hammer clashes against its thick hide. Darkness slowly consumes your vision.

You are met with the image of a tall man, gangly limbs swaying awkwardly from side to side. His face is pale white, in contrast to his well-kept thick black hair. He walks towards you, his large strides ending with a sharp click as his shoes contact with the inviable floor. You try to move, repelled by this figure encroaching upon you. Slowly he bends down, staring deep into you, piercing you.

He gives a mild frown, his voice fluctuating and distorted. “Oh, no, we can’t have you dying just yet, you my friend, are a key player.”

Ever so slowly he places his hand over your face. His long, thin, bony fingers clutching tight. He then shoves your head back, a falling sensation overtakes you, then you eye’s open to a light being shined in your face.

“Sillica! Sillica! Can you hear me? How are you feeling?”

As the light is removed from view and your eyes adjust you see the face of Helga plastered with worry.

How do you feel?

Late update for tonight, sorry I can't run longer.
>How do you feel?
"Never better." We surely just met God who resurrected us and made us His Chosen One. Should we tell our subjects.. er, subordinates... that we're immortal and will lead them to the Promised Lands now? Better not, mortals like them won't understand. Just give Helga a royal smile and ask for some more pain killers - out of habit, not because it really hurts.

>Late update for tonight
Thanks for running it again! Great fun!
lke hamred shit
>Unfortunately for you by the time you had fired
Reminds me of the grenade the captain threw into a room without telling Tag about it beforehand...

Other than that: Only one dead and a damaged jeep for a whole pack of Bulldog monsters. Good deal.
Can't let the rank and file hear us complain too much. Must appear strong.

Should think about a new nickname for us though. Like Immortal Captain, Captain Strong or something - then get Alfonse to spread it. This will surely get our crew to look upon us with adoring eyes - and make them quicker to obey orders.
You smile. “Personally, I feel like hammered shit. But where everyone else is concerned, never better.”

“I think everyone knows how you really feel. A face full of frag grenade, and a collision with a jeep doesn’t leave you in the best state.” Helga glances back. “At first everyone thought you were dead, that was until you started to move again. Your injuries are bad, you have few broken bones, and a lovely burn scar down the side of your face. Lucky that we still have Faxx’s old suit, Atto managed to pry the healing system from it, if it wasn’t for that I don’t think you would have survived much longer.”

You look to your side, a small metal cylinder glowing with a faint blue light.

Helga checks it over. “Unfortunately, it’s damaged so your burns won’t heal fully, but it’s going to leave an interesting scar for sure.”

No wonder you feel great right now. You had heard about the healing systems built into some power suits, you’d even heard of some junkers prying them from abandoned suits and using them to get high, and you can see why too.

Looking back over to Helga you start asking questions. Well it’s they’re like a drunk slurs, but Helga gets the jist of most of them. “Where are we?”

“We are out in the wastes, we met up with the recon team. You’ve only been out for a few hours.”

“What happened after I blacked out?”

“Quad, the insane bastard he is, decided the best thing to do is to hit it with his big ol’ hammer.” She points behind her while she says this. Arching your head you spot Quad sitting in the back ground, looking a little worse for wear.

Helga continues. “After that everyone, shot the thing dead. We did lose another jeep in the process though.”

“How’s Alfonse? I don’t want to lose my errand boy after one day.”

“Oh, he’s fine, if not a little shaken up.”

“Good, boy's tough."

Now that you have most of the information that you need, you decide that it’s time to get up, and back to work.

As you begin to rise, Helga stops you. “Ah, not yet dear, you are still very badly hurt.”

“No, I’m fine.” What is she on about? You feel great!

“No, you’re not, you still need to rest for a few days.”

You try to fight her off, but even though you feel like you can take on and army, your flailing limbs say otherwise.

Dropping back down on to the bed you reluctantly agree to stay put. Suddenly you are struck with an excellent idea, if you can't move around and give orders, just make Alfonse do it!

“Get me Alfonse.” you call out. “I have orders to give!”

Helga shakes her head and leaves. And a short while later both her and Alfonse come into view.

Alfonse looking as nervous as ever asks you what you need. “H- Hello captain, w- what are you orders?”

What are your orders?

>Tell everyone to move out! I want to be at the Green Sea before I can walk!

>Tell everyone we are staying put, I want to be the first to enter that damn forest.

>Tell everyone to hold tight, my brother’s coming to save us! Then promptly pass out.

>Write in.
>Tell everyone to move out! I want to be at the Green Sea before I can walk!
To go or not to go... the captain can't move and we're down two jeeps. We can't just freeze with indecision though. We'll be fit to walk when we have to ditch the jeeps in the forest.
Our mercenaries will become twitchy if ordered to stay put for too long. To Victory!
A rucksack for carrying the healing system, some time and drugs from Helga will make the forest trek possible - can always have Quad carry us.
“Alfonse, tell everyone to pack up and move out! I want to be at the Green Sea before I can walk!”

Alfonse gives you a quick salute, and Helga mutters something about ‘that not being difficult’ or whatever. Then he quickly leaves, while Helga begins to pack up her equipment around you.

Since you are grounded you decide that the best way to pass time is to sleep. You were sure that the decision was aided by whatever Helga had jabbed into your leg a few moments ago, and you slowly drift off into a dreamless sleep.

Once you rise from your drug induced slumber you notice that you have been moved again. This time you are in the medical tent, a dim lantern lighting the room. Checking yourself over, you notice that you are more under control of your arms than before. Hoisting yourself into a seated position, you take a good look at your right arm. A deep red scar has been left by the explosion of the grenade, it curls around your arm in a strange pattern. It feels like leather, odd to touch.

Now that you have checked out your battle scar, you attempt to get out of bed. Shifting your legs over the side of the bed you slowly edge yourself off. To your surprise you don’t collapse into a heap on the floor.

‘Helga always makes such a big fuss about things.’ You think to yourself.

Grabbing hold of the handle to the instrument table that holds the healing unit, you move to exit the tent. Brushing past the cloth divider, you step out. It’s getting dark, the sun lowering towards the horizon. You hear, the sound of music and laughter coming from one of the larger tents in the camp, the one with the bright lights.

Slowly and awkwardly you shuffle towards the tent. As you reach the entrance, the smell of cooking meat hits your nose. You suddenly realise that you are starving. Stumbling forwards you bat the divider out of your way.

The room instantly goes from loud merriment, to silence. Everyone is staring at you, most with a look of sudden shock.

Litwick’s cigarette drops from his mouth, he is the first to speak. “Bloody hell!”

What do you say in response?
>What do you say in response?
"True, I looked better before. Now, where's my beer and steak? And play that music!" Then we sit down to get our food.
We sleep a bit and suddenly our troop begin to celebrate?
We also check with Tag about our current status. Do we have a perimeter watch set up? Did we actually forget to appoint a second-in-command?
>I want to be at the Green Sea before I can walk
Rub your healing prowess in Helga's face. Or is it the healing system thing?
"True, I looked better before. Now, where's my beer and steak? And play that music!"

The room erupts with the sound of cheers, and the music starts back up. Moving through the crowd of revelry, you move to sit at the largest table. A plate has already been set up for you, Cook quickly shovels some food on to it and gives you a thumbs up. As you take your place at the head seat, a metal chair with Captain scratched onto the back, you dig in. The food is delicious, not the steak that you ordered, but delicious all the same.

After a few good mouthfuls of food you, begin to pay attention to the people around you. All of them, Tag, Atto, Helga, Quad and Alfonse are all staring at you.

Stopping, you ask them what’s wrong. “What, is there something on my face?”

When you say this, Quad lets out a little smirk, then looks at something that he suddenly finds very interesting off in the distance.

Helga shaking her head, calls Widget over. “Widget, come here. And bring your drone.”

“The one with the camera?”

“Yes the one with the camera. Why would the captain need the other one?”

Why would you even need the first one? But before you can ask the question, you are blinded by a sudden flash of light. As you clear your eyes, you are handed the controller. Looking at the screen you see yourself, but the right side of your face is red raw, the blast must have got you pretty good.

Atto speaks up. “I think it looks cool. It’s got a shape to it, looks like one of those birds from the fairy stories.” Everyone gives him a strange look. “Oh, you know, big ass fiery bird, rises from the ashes and all that bullshit.”

Alfonse interjects. “Oh, you mean a phoenix?”

“Yeah, that’s it! A phoenix… Hey that’d be a good nickname!”

Tag stops him in his tracks. “What are you on about?”

But Atto continues with his idea. “You know, a nickname. She can be called The Phoenix” He swishes his hands in an arc when he says this. “Come on, it’s perfect, she get blasted with a face full ‘o’ fire then lives to tell the tale! It’s so perfect.”

Tag drops his head into his hand. “I can see where Widget gets her enthusiasm from.”

What do you think of this nickname Atto has coined for you?
>What do you think of this nickname Atto has coined for you?
Captain Phoenix? Well, there are worse superhero names. Anyone able to sew that on your uniform?
“Captain Phoenix.” You roll the name around in your mouth. “Well, there are worse superhero names.”

Tag looks at you in disbelief. “What! You can’t be serious. You want a nickname?!”

You give him a dismissive wave. “Oh, come on Tag, nicknames are fun, and they help with morale.”

You point at Alfonse. “I want that sewn to my uniform.”

Alfonse has a confused look on his face. “Er… Y- Yes sir.”

As he quickly goes back to eating his meal, you turn to Helga. “Anyway, what do you think of me now, huh? Looks like I didn’t need that two days of rest you were so adamant I should get.” You say this as you jokingly flex.

“What are you on about? You’ve been out of it for two days already, and by the way you stumbled in here. I think you could use another.”

What, two whole days? You snap your attention back to Tag. “Sitrep, now!”

Everyone but Tag is thrown by your sudden change in tone. “We are currently camping outside the entrance to the Green Sea, an automated perimeter has been established, thanks you Widget and Atto’s work on the detection pylons. The surrounding area has been thoroughly searched and cleared of any hostiles. And we still have a two man patrol route on rotation. Captain, please relax, you scar is throbbing.”

You place a hand on your face, feeling the pulse of blood rushing in your head. “Ok, Ok, I’m calm, I knew I put you in second command for a reason.”

“Actually, Atto’s second in command.”


Atto cuts in. “Yeah, Alfonse checked the records after you passed out, turns out you had put me in secondary command because Tag is classed as a scout.”

“Wow, Ok, good job then Atto, didn’t know you had it in you.”

Atto goes back to eating mumbling about your last comment.

After a short silence in reaction to your previous outburst of angry captain voice, the table begins to start relaxing again.

Taking a good chug of beer, you ask the question that has been plaguing you since you spotted the tent. “Anyway, what’s this all about? I take a nap and all of a suddenly the whole crew celebrates?”

Helga laughs. “Oh, that was Widgets Idea, once we had moved and finally set up camp, the whole crew seemed a bit down. After your second day of rest everyone started to get a bit twitchy, well more so then usual anyway. So today Widget decided that what everybody needed was a big party to celebrate your upcoming recovery.”

“Huh, smart kid.”

You finish the rest of your meal, continuing small talk among your crewmates. Once you polish off the last morsel of food, you decide it’s best to make a move.

What do you want to do?

>Stick around the party, interact with your subordinates.

>Go check out the forest, couldn’t your knowing what you are walking into.

>Hit the hay, you’ve had enough of partying tonight.
>>Hit the hay, you’ve had enough of partying tonight.
People feel better without their boss hanging around. Make the rounds for only a short while to compliment Atto, Tag, Midget and others - pat on the back, good at holding the fort, proud of them (typical captain morale speak). Then hit the sack. We can start the next day.
And then we can plow throught the forest, shoot monsters, get the artifact, return to home base and be welcomed as heroes - at least the captain should be, the grunts can bath in her limelight too.
“All right, I’m bushed. Good job everyone, I’ll be seeing you in the morning. Oh, and Alfonse, Tell everyone that we have an early start, and that anyone that sleeps in with be on the front line in the morning. Can’t let you all have too much fun now can I? Otherwise I’d be a lousy captain.”

Everyone groans as you laugh stepping away from the table. You quickly locate Widget and thank her for the morale boost. Then you head back to your tent and head to bed.

The next morning you are woken by sounds of activity outside. Getting dressed, placing that healing unit inside a rucksack, and grabbing your gun, you step out into the morning sun. Looking around it seems like Alfonse took your little joke to heart, not a single tent is left standing, and the jeeps are lined up ready to move out.

As you watch your crew with pride, Alfonse steps up. “Good morning Captain, everything is packed and we are ready to move out on your orders, just like you asked.”

You let out a whistle. “Where have you been all my life? If you could pull this stunt every day, I don’t think I could let you leave my command ever again.”

Alfonse blushes. “T- Thank you, sir.”

You walk down to where the jeeps are waiting for you. Mounting the newly promoted command jeep, you take up the handset and flick the loud speaker switch. “All right men, it’s time to move out!”

There is a confirming cheer as the crew rushes the jeeps, they saddle up and move out.

After the order to move you are handed a bottle of painkillers by Alfonse. “Take two every four hours, no more than six a day though.”

You take the bottle and flip the lid, Ignoring Alfonse’s sound advice you down a few pills. ‘Nothing better than free painkillers in the morning.’ you think to yourself.
The journey down the carved path is smooth and clear, not a single hostile in sight. Why does that put you on edge? Soon you reach the end of the road, it ending in a messy barricade. The giant labour machine that they used to carve a path through the forest what partially crushed, vines and plant life entangled around it, the remnants of its crew long since gone. Your crew start dismounting the jeeps to get a closer look at the scene.

A short while later Atto calls you over. Meeting up with him, you watch as he begins scribbling something on a notepad, while Widget excitedly bounces around him.

“What’s the problem Atto?” you ask.

“Ha! There is no problem at all! In fact this is a wondrous discovery.”

“OK, then what is this wondrous discovery of yours?”

Atto finishes his diagram, and proceeds to shove it in your face while giving his explanation. “Well, this labour machine isn’t as totalled as we originally thought. Turns out that only a few engine components have been damaged. Now, here’s the good part. If we and Widget can cannibalise one of the jeeps, then we can get this baby moving again!”

That is an interesting idea. But would it be a good one?

What do you do?

>Cannibalise the jeep, if we can get this thing working then it will make the journey much quicker.

>Cannibalise the jeep, but don’t use the machine, if we can get it back to the city the people will pay stupid amounts of money for this thing.

>leave it, we have lost enough jeeps as it is, the machine will just have to stay here.

Last post for tonight. I'll start up again tomorrow. Oh, and one other thing. What do actually think of this quest? And give me feedback, too, if you'd like.
>>Cannibalise the jeep, if we can get this thing working then it will make the journey much quicker.
If it can make a path, we don't have to leave the jeeps so soon - the men won't get that tired then. Do we have enough fuel though? And we're not loath to make use of a new toy.

>Last post for tonight. I'll start up again tomorrow. [...] What do actually think of this quest? And give me feedback, too, if you'd like.
Thanks for this adventure!
I still enjoy it and I don't really know why it doesn't attract some more players.
The story isn't heavy on numbers and it works well for me. The background develops naturally.
>>Cannibalise the jeep, if we can get this thing working then it will make the journey much quicker.
we then can seal it any ways when we are doen with it, or could keep it and add guns and stuff to it make a makesift apc? im enjoy it so fare sucks that the dice gods have made as lose peopel and oten face blown up but hay thats part of the fun keep it up
"That's a great idea Atto. But there's just one thing."

"And what's that Cap?"

"Where are you going to get the fuel for this thing?"

"Ah, fuck!" Atto throws his pad on the ground. "You're god damn right, I bet this thing has been dry for years."

There is a sudden thud as Widget grinds to a halt in front of you both. "Hey, what about that power armour that you pulled the healing unit from? It’s a mark two right? That thing has a humongous power cell. Those things are used to run almost every piece of old tech ever! Well, all the old world tech I’ve seen anyway.”

Atto stands there is silence, then a big grin spreads across his face. “Widget, you my girl, are a bloody genius.”

He snatches up his notepad and turns to you. “Sir, we’ll have this thing running within a couple hours.”

Widget shoots off back to one of the jeeps, but you stop Atto, quickly pitching in your own idea. “Hey, this thing looks rather sturdy, any chance is strapping a few guns to this thing? I’ve always wanted my own personal APC.”

Atto’s eyes begin to water. He grabs your shirt, his voice shaking with joy. “Captain, now I know why I decided to follow you. This will be the best APC you have ever seen in your entire life, I’ll give it the works! Gun’s on guns, auto lock guided missiles…”

He wonders off as he continues his rant. You’re sure that you don’t have most of the things that he is intending to install on the machine, but when that things running again, it’s going to be a beast of an APC. The first hour passes quickly, you help pull the machine from its resting place, along with the rest of the crew. But when it gets down to the technical stuff you all quietly disperse.

Looks like you’ve got a while till they’ll be done. What do you want to do?

>Arrange a plan for the journey though the Green Sea, you are sure that the machine will definetly attract attention.

>Maybe do a little hunting, get some revenge on the wildlife for fucking you your face.

>You hear a few men planning on setting up a little ‘Friendly’ fighting ring, nothing too painful, just a good scrap, along with some betting of course.
>You hear a few men planning on setting up a little ‘Friendly’ fighting ring, nothing too painful, just a good scrap, along with some betting of course.
The Super-APC will attract some attention, but we'll just have to push through. No sense in overplanning. Maybe most critters will just run away after hearing and seeing that monster of a machine.
Set up rotating perimeter duty and let the bets begin. The captain participates, of course.
>revenge on the wildlife
The new scars makes you look fiercer. Considering our main audience is mercenaries: That's a big plus.
And the law of nature, survival of the strongest, is right up our alley. No revenge against some mutant animals is needed.
After a little bit of captaining and setting up the perimeter, you finally let the crew relax. Almost instantly a ring materialises, made up of some spare rope. And along with that one of the jeeps is transformed into a make shift bookies by Grub, Eckard and Litwick.

As the first fight begins you grab a seat and join in with the merriment. Most of the fights are short, a few punches here and a couple of kicks there, after that at least one of the two opponents tend to give up. That is until Tag and Detlev are shoved into the ring.

Over the ruckus of the crowed you hear Grub begins announcing the fight over the loud speaker. “Ladies and gentlemen! Time for what you have all been waiting for, these two men, of excellent fighting condition, are going to square off. Who will win? The agile and swift. Erm… Tag?! Or the Strong and powerful, Detlev the voiceless?

Place your bets now, as the fight is about to begin!

Who do you bet on?



>Neither, I think it’s best to stop this now. Don’t want this getting too out of hand.
He caught a giant.
After this fight, it's bedtime for the troops. Don't want the people getting the wrong idea about exploration missions after all. It can't be all fun being away from HQ. Of course, Atto and co have to continue their work - they can sleep when it's done.
We want to try out that Super-APC, so we can be the top of the food chain around the Green Sea.
You wave Alfonse over. Slowly he makes his way towards you while reading something. Finally when he reaches you he closes a folder. “Hello Captain, what do you need?” He seems calm, too calm.

“Place a bet on Tag for me. This healing unit is heavy, and I don’t want to go drag it over there.”

“Ok, will do captain.” He gives you a nod and leave to place the bet for you.

A few minutes later and the fight begins. Tag unclips his camo cloak and passes it to a member of the crowd. Calm and collected he lowers into a fighting position. Meanwhile Detlev circles his arms and throws a few practice punches.

Then Eckard rings the bell, by smacking the butt of his rifle off one of Cooks pots. They close the gap between each other, fists raised. Detlev throws the first punch, and Tag deftly ducks under it, jabbing him in the side. Recovering quickly Detlev moves for a haymaker, catching Tag as he attempts to move behind.

The fight continues on for a good while, they even had to split it into rounds. Each round leaves both men looking more battered and exhausted, but nothing that they couldn’t recover from. At the fifth round Tag calls for the match to be stopped.

Standing he announces to the crowed. “That’s it I’m done for today. Detlev you win, good fight.”

Detlev looks shocked at Tags sudden show of defeat. Calling out to him via Madlen, he shows his intent. “Come on Tag, you can’t stop the fight now! Not until one of you goes down, we all want to see who the better fighter is. Come on, it’s all in good fun, I’ll even buy you a couple of rounds when we hit the next checkpoint what you say?”

“Sorry Detlev, but I can’t continue. Maybe next time.” Somethings off, but you are not sure what. Maybe he just thinks that Detlev isn’t worth his time.

As Tag tries to leave he is quickly pushed back by the crowed. Many of them being the ones that had bet on him. He try again to leave but once again fails.

Finally he faces Detlev and raises his firsts. “Fine, one more round.”

This is strange but not uncommon for Tag, leaving a social event early, maybe this push is good for him.

What do you do?

>Let the fight continue, it’ll be fun to see what happens.

>Stop the fight, if someone doesn’t want to continue they don’t have to.
>>Let the fight continue, it’ll be fun to see what happens.
Call Helga over and whisper for her to prepare some drugs for Tag's condition. That's probably the reason for his reluctance, right? But we still want to get a win out of this - money does truly corrupt...
And it's not like Tag is a baby who couldn't stop this if he really wanted to.
You’ll let this continue, but not without some sort of safety net. Calling Helga over you instruct her to ready something for Tag’s condition. Helga only now paying attention to the fight, has a look of worry on her face. Nodding she returns back to the medical jeep and prepares what she needs.

The fight continues. Once again they clash in the middle, thankfully the ‘Friendliness’ of the fight stays intact. But this suddenly changes when Tag catches him on the nose with an uppercut that seemed all too real. At first when Tag realises this, he attempts to apologise. But is stopped in his tracks when Detlev places a bloody hand on his shoulder to steady himself.

Tag freezes, the look of control on his face draining away. Gripping Detlev’s arm, he tries to fight it. No one except you and Helga notice this. Helga tries to push past the ring of mercs chanting and whooping, but is stopped in her tracks unable to move the mass of bodies.

As you rise from your seat, Tag finally snaps. Tightening his grip on Detlev’s arm, he tosses him to the ground with an effortless flip. As this happens the Crowd finally parts enough for Helga to pass through. Running over to him, she attempts to hit him with some sort of syringe. But Tag just nocks her away, sending her to the ground.

The group just stands in stunned silence. Shocked by Tag’s sudden lack of control and composure.

You have to do something.

Unhooking yourself from the healing unit and jumping down from the jeep you were spectating from you push past the crowd, and into the circle.

Calling out to him in your best officer voice you attempt to get him under control. “Alright Tag, that’s enough. This stops here.”

Tag snaps his head towards you. And replies in a tone you have never heard before. As if someone else is talking with his voice. “No!”

He charges towards Detlev, with lightning speed. You charge forward too, intercepting him before he can get to Detlev. You force him away and prepare for a fight.

Since these idiots are too dumb to snap out of there shocked trance. And it’s kind of your fault for overestimating Tag’s control of the situation, you guess it’s up to you to stop him.

Roll 1d100
Rolled 74 (1d100)

Knock him out!
At least now we know that he becomes a berserker after seeing blood. Can we use that deliberately?
The next time anyone grumbles, we can make Tag look at them funny to get them back in line. Our new boogey man - really convenient.
Tag leaps forward onto you, forcing you to the ground. You move your arms up into a defensive position. But the punches that you expect don’t come. Instead he begins to claw at your arms, drawing blood. As he pushes your arms back he moves to bite you. This gives you enough room to plant a good kick into his chest. Forcing him off, you rise back to your feet.

Assessing him, you take in the difference in posture and attitude he has than when he was fighting before. He’s akin to an animal, hunched over, and swaying side to side.

Rushing forward he attempts to force you to ground again, but this time your read for it. Fainting back, you counter attack, your fist connecting with his stumbling body. He may be stronger when he is like this, but his control and skill fly out the window. Recovering from your hit, he attempts to claw at your face, flailing wildly. Once again his attacks are powerful but wild, easy for you to manoeuvre around. Planting a kick on his back you send him tumbling forward.

This time he stays down, heaving and retching. Stepping forward you go to restrain him, but as you close the distance his act stops. Whirling around, he tackles you to the ground. Quickly and forcefully he pins your arms down. Savouring the moment he slowly reaches towards you.

Panicking you look around for a way to get out of this. To your left you spot the syringe that Helga was carrying, but it’s too far to reach. You struggle to break free, but to no avail. Looking back up at him you watch as he opens his mouth, a thick saliva, dripping down. There’s only one thing you can do. You head butt him, hard. There’s a sick crunch as you connect with his nose. He reels back in pain, realising your arms to cover his face.

Taking your chance you grab the syringe and plant it in his thigh squeezing the plunger. He stops, his arms falling to his side as he collapses on top of you. Pushing him off you stand, checking over your injuries. Your arms are bloody and your back is sore, but other than that, you’ve fine.

Looking around you see that the crowd is still stood shock still. You’re pissed off, and in lots of pain. And these morons are too stupid to help.

What do you say?

Last update tonight, wish I could run for longer but I just don't have the time. Next post will be in a new thread tomorrow.
>What do you say?
"I'm amazing, nothing new. That betting money is mine. Now, help me up and get Helga. Now!"
It's better to have the crew not think about having a bloodthirsty Tag in their midst. He will have to get it under control - blood is not uncommon in this line of work.

>Last update tonight...
Works well for me.
Thanks for the effort! I appreciate it!
>That betting money is
"That betting money is confiscated." sounds better and more official...
When Tag wakes up, shout at him to be more responsible. He was just lucky that you're stronger than him.
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