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=Thread 10=
You are Delilah, a thirteen year old girl and an unfortunate runaway. While it has not always been this way, life has shown you the harsh and uncaring world that you live in. Due to the actions against you there is enough hate and misery twisting inside that wish to take over.
Will you be able to push through and find happiness, or will you succumb to a treacherous society?

=Important Info=
Story Thus Far (Raw): http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04 Part 1
http://pastebin.com/eGfGW8jV Part 2
There will, hopefully soon, be a much easier to read version of this, if I stop being lazy.

Archievs; http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/qstarchive.html?tags=aCowboyNamedSue
Quick Glance (SPOILERS); https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wXNWJdAKuqw-btrHDbvSkN5Gj3QhdY28XNKRUXMLHu0/edit#heading=h.8xfgre7nxqty
The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.
Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Chat with me and some of the other players, I also post dumb sketches related to the quest there and answer some questions in a cheeky way.
Last Thread:>>189861
Like a grandma kiss?

"Rude!" You can't help but let out your dissatisfaction with his comment.

"I was doing something nice for you and...and you compared it to a granny kiss?"

am grate kisser, yours was boring

"Well if you're so great at it th-then you should show me!"

Lawrence looks away as soon as you say this, and the implication of yours words hit you.

"J-Just kidding...you wouldn't like kissing me. You um...y-you don't like me that way...right?"

You already have an idea to what his answer will be...you're just some girl he's taking care of. Even though you keep trying to call yourself an adult that doesn't make it true. You're more of an inconvenience then a companion, and even if you were somehow good company...that's all you'll be.

It seems like Lawrence is either ignoring the question or didn't hear you. When you glance over you can see he's just staring off at the rest of the room, but there is a discomfort spread across his face.

"You can tell me, it's fine. I should be ready for r-rejections in the future anyways." You smile to make him feel better, but your own words strike you hard anyways. Would you even have the courage to talk to another person like this?

Lawrence finally begins to write, carefully putting down his near illegible words for you. He refuses to look at you when the note is ready.

i like you but not in way yo think

"What do you mean...?"
He starts to write, but you watch as he struggles to come up with the right words. His face looks frustrated, then upset, as he tries and tries again to get his thoughts down. Eventually he just sets the notebook down and his hand comes up to rub his scars instead.

"Want...you...be...happy..." Lawrence's voice is coarser then usual, and you have to lean in to hear each struggling word.


As he's speaking you can still see there is frustration in his actions.


As he thinks about his next words Lawrence's face looks angry and upset, not towards you...but to himself.




It sounds like he's talking to himself rather then you at this point, his voice becoming even rougher and dryer. You can't help but listen .

"Like...like...you...more...then...friend...? Like...a...w-wait...no...? Ah...l-love...you...n-no...l-like you...like...a...like...a...?

As his words become more jumbled and harsh Lawrence looks like he's about to break down again. Being drunk like this isn't helping him with his thoughts, and he only looks scared and confused at this point.

"Stop talking now, you'll hurt yourself." You stand up, stretching a hand out towards him. "You should go to sleep now, and not here. You'll freeze."

Lawrence stares at your hand before getting up, not taking your help. He's wobbly on his feet, and despite trying his best he is not able to walk straight. You come up next to him and wrap his arm around your shoulder, if anything to keep him from crashing. It's obvious that he doesn't want to, but you make him move before he can object.

Down the hall is easy enough, though you were frightened that he would tumble down the holes. The stairs were the hardest, but you force Lawrence to take hold of the rail with his free hand.

You consider taking him to his usual spot, but he might not like waking up hungover surrounded by everyone, especially after the night he's been through. It has quieted down to the usual silence and you walk him carefully to the classroom.
[2/3] whoops

"Okay, you lay down and I'm going to grab you some water." You feel comfortable enough to leave Lawrence in there as you go to fetch him a glass. On the return trip you can hear two voices down the hall, behind the corner.

It sounds like Sam and John...they're discussing something? You can pick out Cecilia's name before you duck into the classroom, hearing their footsteps coming back down. You wait for them to fade before moving down to where Lawrence is laying on his back, arm covering his face.

He's not asleep quite yet but he'll get there soon, you can tell. You're going to stay up till he's asleep...just to make sure he doesn't try to run off and do something stupid. As you sit next to him, you try to think about what he was talking about earlier, but you can't really wrap your head around it. He should be able to explain it when he's sober...right?

Not wanting to think too hard about it, you decide to count to yourself till you hear Lawrence's snoring.

It only takes to the count of 86 and you're sure he's not going to wake up till morning, probably sick to his stomach.

What do you want to do when you wake up?
Make sure Lawrence wakes up as gently as possible. Something's tearing him up inside, but the least we can do is make sure he doesn't feel like he might have done anything... weird.
Seconding. He pretty obviously loves us like a big brother or an uncle or something. Part of him is probably subconsciously replacing Michele with us, but we already kind of know that, and he's still been better to us than almost anyone else has been.
Chances are you're going to end up waking up before Lawrence does, hopefully that means you will be able to ensure he wakes up nicely...well, as nice as he can at this point.
You lay down next to him, and despite not wanting to, leave enough room between the two of you. If he feels weird about what you did in the morning you don't want to feel worse about it...

Closing your eyes, you focus on his slightly irregular breathing, allowing it to lull you to sleep. Today was pretty nice...despite what happened with Lawrence upstairs. Hopefully he will be feel a little better...but you know his grief won't be gone.

If it ever does go away, it will still be a long while.

Before you finally drift off, your mind goes over the other two people in the photo...

It's their parents...right? Do they know about what's happened with their kids? Do they know Michele died or that Lawrence has been homeless? Are they even alive? They didn't look old in the photo...

You dream a short dream that night.

Lost in a sea of faceless people, you push your way through with no destination in mind. Your eyes catch on to someone in the distance, standing out among the innumerable people. In your attempts to approach what looks like the man, you constantly get pushed and accidentally dragged away but the crowd. You continue through though, finally pushing through the last line of people to reach the mystery man.

Instead of a man stands a crying boy, lost and scared. You come up to the boy, kneeling down in front of him. Even though he tries to look away from you, his pain is too much for you to leave alone. You tightly embrace the boy, and though his crying doesn't stop he allows you to do this, a large hand coming around to hug you back-


You wake up to the sound of choking. Immediately you fear that Lawrence is in trouble and race up groggily to your feet. He isn't laying next to you, but instead bent over what was once a cleaning bucket.

"Are...you okay...?"

Lawrence puts a hand out for you to stop coming near him as his chest heaves again.

Ah...he's just sick.

You grab the glass of water you had grabbed earlier and stand by, waiting for his gagging to stop.

It takes some time but Lawrence finally feels confident enough to stand up again, wiping the spit from his mouth. He's thankful for the water you hand over, finishing it all in one go. There's hardly any light coming through the windows, meaning it's probably just a little before sunrise.

"Do you need anything else?"

Lawrence begins to write an answer but his face changes from tired to annoyed as he adds more writing to his note.

Some medicine to settle my stomach.

Sam's out of that though, pretty sure Mabel used it all from the last time she drank.

"Oh...do you need to go buy some?"
Gotta save my money. Only got three bucks

He really did spend all his money on you...there's a sense of guilt on your chest.

"W-Well..." You might finally be able to make something up to him, even though it isn't much.

"If you want um...I can buy you some. I don't mind...but um...but in return, I want to come with you." Even though you owe him a lot more then five bucks, you're still holding it hostage...

It can't be too easy for him...right?

Lawrence is reluctant, but as he grabs his stomach he nods. You're careful to get dressed, not wanting to rouse anyone. It must be a bit before even John is up.

Out the window and onto the sidewalk you go, your path illuminated mostly by the streetlamps. Your breath clouds up in front of you and the occasional snowflake falls...the ground is mostly slush at this point but if it freezes over and snows again it may be like how it was last time. Hopefully not...

You stuff your hands into the jacket pockets, though it really doesn't help much with the chill. The money, knife, and pepper-spray share space in your pant's pockets. It would be nice if you had gloves...or if you could hold his hand. Course you don't try this and stick to warming your hands yourself.

It's a quiet walk, the few buildings you pass still closed and dark. The convenience's lit up lot is welcoming, as is the heater inside. You let Lawrence pick out whichever stomach settler he wants, as soon as he picks it up though he throws it into your hands and rushes to the bathroom.

Poor guy...he's still has to walk back.

You wander the store while you wait for him to return, looking over packaged sweets, especially the cream puffs. They're tempting but that would be a dumb thing to eat for breakfast...


You're holding the stomach settler and a package of cream puffs, waiting for Lawrence to return. You glance out the store window's, noticing the few cars traveling outside. One pulls up to the store's parking lot, but before you can look at what kind of person steps out Lawrence reappears, wiping his mouth and a free hand over his stomach.

Hangovers must really suck...

"Need anything else? We can uh, split these if you want?" You hold up the sweets, but the look on Lawrence's face tells you that those are not the things he wants to see right now.

"Ah sorry...um, you can pick something else to eat if you want. I don't mind."

At the counter, you lay down the medicine, sweets, and one of the premade sandwiches on display. You pay for everything, handing over seven dollars and receiving a bag back.

Back out into the cold you go...

The sun still isn't quite up as you two step out and head back down your way. It's fine though...you don't feel unsafe walking with Lawrence like this.

When he stops to try and puke again you're more worried about him, but he motions for you to hand over something from the bag.

"The medicine? Oh, the sandwich?" You pull it out the plastic wrapped BLT and hand it to him. Lawrence takes it and tosses away the plastic.


He pays no heed to your comment and opens the bread, tomatoes with more green then red and wilted lettuce greeting him. It doesn't really look appetizing...not even the bacon he removes and chews on looks good. Lawrence eats all the meat out before tossing the vegetables, feasting on the bread instead.

"If that's all you wanted I could have just bought you a loaf..." You don't mind really, you just want things between the two of you to be normal. As Lawrence eats his meager breakfast the two of you stand on the cracked sidewalk, a closed insurance building behind a metal gate on the other side.

The headlights of a slowly approaching car come towards you and you shield your eyes...why are their brights on?

"Jerks..." You manage to mutter before Lawrence grabs your hand and sprints down the sidewalk with you in tow.

"H-Hey? What's wrong?"

Of course you're not going to get an answer but you can't stop yourself from asking. The sound of a car speeding up behind you causes your heart to beat quickly.

You're out of breath as the school building approaches but you already know you can't duck inside. Whoever is tailing you will see you enter and then you will be like an animal in a trap.

After the school there are a few more blocks of businesses, all of them closed and empty of course...

You are able to keep up with Lawrence easily, you could outrun him if you needed to. He seems to be struggling though...

The car is relentless, following behind so easily. As you glance back you see the tinted windows are hiding the passengers.

You're yanked into an alley and you can hear in horror as the car comes to a stop and starts turning in. A large fence divides up the space in the center and Lawrence is already tossing you over the top. Your shoes hit the ground with a heavy wet thud.

"Hurry!" Your heart is beating so rapidly as you wait to see Lawrence come up...what if the car gets to him first? What do you do?

You can hear his footsteps backing away from the fence...is he trying to go the other way?

Relief washes over you when you watch the wood shake and Lawrence scramble over the top instead. Running start...

There's no time to congratulate though as you run down the alley again. From the looks of it one of the buildings is the community center, which means that the other buildings is a series of connected stores.

You exit the alley and enter back onto the street. It looks empty, but your heart catches when you see a pair of headlights.

Luckily for you, it's only a cab.

Lawrence quickly waves it down, the car coming to a stop soon enough and opening it's doors for you to enter. You're shoved inside hastily as Lawrence crams himself in too, the man driving up front doesn't seem to concerned though.

"Where do you want to go folks?"
Everything, despite the numbers, are in order.
The plaza, it might be crowded which can help get us away from whoever's chasing us
Resist the urge to live out a spy fantasy and settle for an actual location. It's still early, but the plaza should have people and a few spots to hide if the car was following you.

Or we could go to a nearby diner and wait a bit until people are on the street. Get some coffee in Lawrence or something.
"Plaza!" You spurt out. "Take us to the Plaza! R-Right?"
You turn to Lawrence for confirmation. He nods before looking out of the back window, searching for the car.

"No problem, but I doubt there will be much for you to do there." The cab begins to roll down the empty street, the driver oblivious to the danger you might be in.

"Nothing will be open for another hour or so, and even then some of the shops may have later hours since it's right after Christmas."

"That's fine...that's fine."

The driver is an older man, talking about his family during the entire drive. You feign interest, and if you weren't busy watching for the tailing vehicle you might have been warmer to his stories.

Cars pass by, increasing in number as the sun rises up. It's covered completely by dark clouds though it still gives off enough gray light.

Even if it isn't busy, there should be people...and being on the nicer side of town should help...right?

All too soon you are forced to leave the safety of the taxi, paying the fare before the man gives a smile and wave in his leave. It looks like none of the shops are open yet, but there are a few people walking about on the sidewalks and there are cars scattered all about.

None of them look to be your follower...but what are you supposed to do...maybe sit in the park?

Ah wait, the cafe is opening up it looks like. You take Lawrence's hand and drag him over, the man working the store a bit surprised by already having customers. You claim a table inside, tucked away in the corner.

"Um...coffee helps settle stomachs, right? I think I heard my dad mention that before...I'll grab you one.." You leave Lawrence to sit at the table and go to the counter. There's a list of available drinks and you just...don't understand any of it.

"How may I help you, ma'am?" The man comes around the counter, putting on an apron.

"I uh...I need coffee...I don't know what kind though...it's uh...it's for my friend over there though..." You point over at Lawrence.

"He didn't tell you what kind?"

"He's a bit hungover..."

"Ah, say no more." The man begins to work on the coffee, the smell of the beans grinding is pleasant.

"And would you like one too?"

"I don't know what kind I would like..."

"Well, I'll make you a little sampler cup and then if you like it you can buy one."

You wait as the man works, even though you know coffee tastes bitter the smell of it was always nice. Two mugs are given to you, one with a dark black coffee and the other a much lighter brown color. You pay for Lawrence's and take them back, watchful to not spill any of it. As you set them down you can see Lawrence is scoping out the window, keeping vigilant.

"Do you see anything?" You ask as you take your seat, pushing his mug to him. Lawrence shakes his head and starts to drink his coffee. You take a careful sip of yours, minding to not burn your tongue. Instantly you taste that bitterness but there's also a creamier sweet taste too. The more you drink of it the better it is.

"Do you know who that was?"

Lawrence shakes his head.

"Do...do you think it was that one thing William was talking about?"

You need a note for this answer, and while he writes you notice Lawrence has a strange expression on his face.

I don't think it was anything like the police

It looks like Lawrence possibly wanted to write more but stopped himself from doing so.

"It might be dangerous to go back to the school right away...it might be best if we waited...right? I mean, just for a little bit? We can see if they're still following us..."

Lawrence agrees and you look into your mug.

"What do we do if they are following us though..."

It seems like he's lost on an answer in that regard too.

"Maybe we can stay with grandma...if anything we can hide out in her house for now...plus, I could get my clothes I left there. Oh! And my book! I left it on the nightstand!"

Not a good idea. What if they follow you there?

"Ah...I guess you're right..."

Why does it feel like Lawrence is hiding something from you?

More people shuffle in as you enjoy your coffee, taking your time to finish. It would be rude to stay too much longer, but it does look much safer outside. It's not nearly as busy as when you were here last, but plenty of people fill up the sidewalks. There's no way someone would try to do anything here...right?

You stick close to Lawrence as you guys walk out. It's warmer then when you had first walked out but the sun remains blocked by the blanket of clouds.

"Maybe we should just...hang out in the park for a bit..."

There's benches scattered all over and you decide to claim one of ones further back, a tree blocking you from most of the crowd. The two of you sit in silence of each other, and while you're unsure of what to do it seems like Lawrence is wracking his brain over the different scenarios. The best thing you can do right now is let him think...
"Mommy! Mommy look! It's her!"

There's the sound of a child behind you that you ignore, but you're thrown off guard as the source of the voice runs up to you. It's a young boy, bright eyed and dressed up for the cold.

"Uh...um...c-can I help you-"

The boy is staring at your face before a large smile overtakes his face.

"Timmy! What did I say about running off!" The sound of a woman comes up as the boy is absolutely giddy. You look over at Lawrence, just as confused as he is.

Wait...Timmy...you...do you know that name?


As you look down at the boy again it slowly dawns on you.

Back when you first were on the streets...that little boy you helped...the one who was lost...

His mother runs up, out of breath and dressed up like a woman who should not be running, her heels clicking against the sidewalk.

"Mommy look it's her! I told you! I recognized her hair thingy!" Thee boy, Timmy, points at the lock of hair against your face. So he did get back to his mother then...

"Timmy, what did I tell you about running away like that...” The woman scolds her child lightly before looking up at you.

She's absolutely gorgeous, like someone you would see in a magazine. To your surprise she smiles warmly at you, standing back up straight and proper, Timmy clinging to her skirt.

“Are you the one who found my son?”

It takes a bit to realize she's talking to you, and you only answer after Lawrence nudges you.

“A-Ah! Yes! I-I'm sorry I didn't bring him h-home but I thought it w-would be easier if the police officer handled it...”

“That doesn't matter, I'm just glad he got home safely. You know, I didn't believe him when he said the girl who helped him was over here. You don't know how grateful I am.”

“It's no big deal, um...ma'am. I'm glad he made it home...”

“Listen, I owe you a lot for getting him back. I own a theater here in town, it's on Bell and 7th street. Here' let me give you this...”

The woman takes our a business card and flips it around, writing on the empty space.

“It's a play and a dinner. Usually we're sold out, except for our seats up top. Just show them this at the counter...” She hands you the card and you can see that she wrote something about two VIP seats and then her signature underneath.

“And they will let you in, no problem. You'll get a free show and a nice dinner! We have a play running every night this week till New Years, starting at 6:30. Come by when you like and they'll take you to your seat. You can even bring your friend here-”

The woman glances down at her watch and grabs Timmy's hand.

“Ah, I'm sorry! I need to head off for an appointment now! Just keep that handy! And once again, thanks!”

Before you can even thank her for the offer she walks off with Timmy, leaving you to sit with the business card in hand.

“Jeez...” You feel a bit confused but...this is a good thing...right?

You glance back down to read the signature.

Sharon F-
You can't read the mess of cursive that her last name is...

“Her name is different then the boy's...I think his was...uh..Matters? Mathews?”

Maybe she's divorced or uses her maiden name for the theater.

“Oh, maybe. I wonder if it's a nice play...” You tuck the card away with your cash.

It's about ten in the morning now and you see no signs of the car from earlier.

What do you suggest to do?
it was just three, my bad.
File: Check'em.jpg (8 KB, 224x224)
8 KB
Show Lawrence your sweet gets.
Maybe we should see ifn't we can get Lawrence a different coat, or a cap. If someone's looking for him, they'd try picking him out based on his looks, right?

But we oughta make it back to the school so they don't get worried.
Buy a fake beard/moustache for Lawrence and a wig for us. Then go check on granny.
"You know...it might be smart to hide you a bit better. I mean like, clothing wise. If they're still looking for us them maybe it will throw them off if you're dressed different."

Hopefully this will work despite the fact that Lawrence sticks out where ever he is regardless...you can't hide height, can you?

I doubt we'll be able to find anything here for me.

"That's okay, there might be a thrift store or something nearby, right? We can just look for you another coat or a cap or something. Maybe like...sunglasses. I dunno, something just so you look a little different."

I think there should be one about three blocks down, give or take. If anything it will be another place for us to hide out for a bit

"Alright, that sounds good. I doubt someone would try to do anything weird with so many people around...I hope they wouldn't, I mean."

Just keep an eye out, and let me know if you see anything suspicious. Anything at all, alright?

"Yeah, I will."

As you stand up, you can't help but worry about the feeling in your head again...

You walk while holding on to Lawrence's arm, both to keep yourself as small as possible and to prevent the possibility of getting grabbed. Of course nothing happens during the walk. You pass by people, cars drive by, but none of them attempt to follow you like before.

Maybe you lost them for good...still, to be safe...

The thrift store is pretty nice looking, despite selling second hand stuff. This is probably one of the places the rich kids take their used clothes every year...

It's not too busy at this time, which is for the best. Taking care to make sure no one is following you duck inside.

The rows and rows of clothes are set up on nice shiny racks and even though they're all second hand the selection looks surprisingly nice. You see the men's selection sign and draw Lawrence over.

"Okay...we should try to find you something like a jacket...um lets see..." You start looking through the various clothes hung up.

What do guys like to wear...all these look either boring or...neon. You pull down a windbreaker...bright colors would just make you stand out more...not to mention the fact that something like this wouldn't really suit Lawrence anyways...

Another problem you run into is the sizes. Everything it either a medium or a large, but you're pretty sure he will need an extra-large. Lawrence sits on the bench nearby while you try to find him something. Everything you take down either won't fit him or wouldn't look good on him...even though it's for the sake of hiding you still feel a need for him to at least look a little nice. You're in dismay as you reach the end of the rack...you're never going to find him anything.

"Maybe I missed something...I'll look again..." As you go back down the row, Lawrence stands up and reaches for something on the rack above, much too high for you to properly reach.
He procures a leather coat, a dark brown that nearly looks black. There's lines and creases all along the surface, scratches here and there, though the soft white lining on the inside looks clean. Lawrence takes off his current coat and hands it to you, the material warm from his body. This new jacket is shorter on his body, ending at waist instead of going down towards his legs.

"Is that one fine? If you don't like it I can look again."

Lawrence gestures that it fits and gives you a thumbs up.

Guess he's pretty easy to please...

A he takes off the jacket you can see that he's wearing the shirt you had mended.

"You should go ahead and find a new one of these too since we're here." You say this as you poke at the stitches. Not to mention the fact it will give you a reason to hide in here longer it feels like you are getting the chance to treat Lawrence. Over at the shirts, Lawrence helps you look this time. You scold him when he pulls out another white button up.

"Get something cool! Don't you get tired of wearing the same kind of stuff?"

You watch as he returns the shirt and takes out a dark red flannel button up instead.

"I...okay. Fine. It's a step up, I guess...try it on. Uh, you should maybe look at another pair of pants too. Yours are looking pretty ripped up. Don't give me sass! I'm trying to help you look nice!"

You practically have to push Lawrence to the dressing room, clothes at hand.

"Try them on and then let me see!"

The door closes and you wait outside. It's kind of nice doing something like this...even though the only reason you're here in the first place is because you were being chased. Maybe it was someone being creepy and you guys are just overreacting.

There's the sound of the front door opening and you can hear a man having a conversation with the lady at the counter.

"'Scuse me, I'm looking for a young girl. I think she may have ran in here, she has uh...blonde hair?"

You slam yourself into the dressing room as quickly as you humanly can, pressing your ear against the door. You can't hear them anymore...

The sound of the intercom turning on above startles you but you prepare for the worst.

Samantha? Samantha, please come to the front, your father is looking for you

Oh....oh god...it wasn't for you...duh...

You let out a sigh of relief and look back towards Lawrence, ready to tell him that it's alright.


Hah...that's right...he was in here to change...

He looks more embarrassed then you feel right now, having been stepping half way into the new pants, bright blue boxers the only thing covering his body. You can see that his dark hair is all over his body, making a trail from his chest down to his-
"It uh...it a-appears that I have m-made a mistake h-here."
It appears my slash was forgotten, please not there should be no italics after the intercom announcement.
You quickly cover your eyes and stumble out of the room, your entire body heating up.

When Lawrence comes out you refuse to even look in his general direction.

"Did they uh...d-did they fit...y-you can t-take them t-to the counter and I'll p-pay for them..."
You hand over a twenty to the lady at the counter and wait for Lawrence to change, carrying the old clothes in the bag. As you step outside, despite your aversion to look at him, you feel the need to address something.

"I uh...never expected you to have a tattoo on your shoulder like that..."

Of course Lawrence is recovering from your sudden intrusion, so you decide to drop the subject for now. You think about what to do for a few minutes as you both stand outside the store, watching the passing people.

"I know you said it isn't a good idea but...but I think I should go see my grandma still. She's probably worried about me...I keep running off like this without telling her anything. I need to at least check up on her."

Lawrence looks like he wants to call this a bad idea, but he gives in to your want.

After spending money like this you decide that walking the way there should be fine, but you remain watchful. Any time a dark colored car comes up you freeze up on the inside, yet each one passes by with no trouble.

The temperature has started to drop when you begin to climb up the stairs to your grandmother's house. Lawrence is up close to you as you knock this time, rather then staying down on the lower steps.

"Ah...maybe she's not here then..."

As you say this Lawrence reaches past you and tries the doorknob. To your surprise it swings open, an even colder draft seeping in from inside the dark house. From here you can see a small amount of dust has gathered on the table near the door...by your grandmother's standards that is unacceptable. She hasn't been home?

What do you do?
It's probably pointless, but call out to meemaw. Start looking through the house for any signs. Maybe she had to go somewhere and someone broke in?

As long as she's okay, though...
Investigate thoroughly and look for any clues as to what might've happened to her. Make sure to check for any cars outside or nearby first, grandma told us to watch out. Turn on the heater and make a sandwich or something too
"This...this isn't right..." You take a step in, your hand finding the light switch.
"Grandma? Are you here? Oh god...w-what if she fell..." You rush to her bedroom, the door open already. She's nowhere to be seen but...why are the covers on her bed messed up? Even if she left the bed should have been made...

You go to the kitchen next but it doesn't look like she's anywhere there either. The silver platter that decorates the kitchen table is still there, as is all the silverware. A thief would have surely taken that...right?

Lawrence stands in the living room, looking around.

"I'm going to go check upstairs!" You rush towards the staircase but Lawrence grabs your arm, pulling you back. He goes up first instead, gesturing for you to stay back a few feet. You follow him up, only the sounds of the wooden floor creaking beneath your feet.

You're almost in despair when you see the state of your father's room. It's a mess...well, maybe not to someone who didn't understand what this was to your grandmother. Seeing it even the slightest bit out of place is nerve wrecking. You look around for any other signs and notice something that makes your stomach drop.

The few pictures of you that were in here with your father are missing. You spot the corner of a photo under the bed. When you pull it out you see it has been ripped in half but you're still able to recognize which one it had been.

You were about three or four in this picture and you were being held by your father, you had been wearing a swimsuit at the time.

The part of the photo with you is missing.


You show Lawrence and bite your lip as you keep back tears.

"L-...Lets just keep l-looking for grandma..."

You check the hallway closet and bathroom but there's nothing there. Guest bedroom...just gotta check the guest bedroom...

You let Lawrence open the door first, his arm barring you back from rushing in too soon.

Jesus...it look's like a hurricane came through here...

The blankets and sheets are all messed up...your new clothes on the floor...was someone searching for something?

When Lawrence lets you in you go to the nightstand. You look all over and under the bed but you can't find your book...or the clothes you had been wearing before...not even the underwear is around...

"This...this is...w-weird..." There's a better word you could have used but that's the only one your mind manages to find. You start to shiver, a combination of the cold and fear. Lawrence is focused on looking around the room, as if he isn't as shocked by this are you are.

"C-...Can we turn on the h-heater...I...I think I need a moment..."

Lawrence leads you downstairs and you point him to the thermostat as you collapse on the couch. The throw blanket on the back serves as a means to help you warm yourself for now.

Your head is spinning as Lawrence comes and sits next to you.

"I don't understand...it looks like someone broke it...I mean it's not really weird that grandma would have gone somewhere for a few days but she wouldn't have left the door unlocked. And then there's nothing like...expensive missing. Just...just pictures and my book and...and my clothes..."

Ah dammit...your head is starting to hurt more.

You can hear and smell the old heater kick on but you still shiver. Lawrence gets up and checks out the window, locking the door while he's up.

"Do you see anything out there?"

He shakes his head before sitting back down next to you.

This is all weird...

As you're trying to justify the missing items there is a loud knock at the door.

What do you want to do?
get nana's shotgun and blow the fucker away
wait no, have Lawrence pick you up so you can look out of the peephole and see if it's anyone you know; if not quietly check the back yard to see if we're being surrounded and to make sure we have an escape route in case it's a government rape squad
Seconding. Maybe see if we can slip into the basement and block the door if there's no other escape.
Your heart catches when the echoing knocks reach you. What if it's somebody coming for rob the house again? What if it's just your grandmother locked out of the house?

It would be better for you to look, just in case you can recognize who it is. If it's someone potentially dangerous though...

"Go to grandma's room and look in her night stand drawer." You whisper to Lawrence as you approach the door. "There should be a handgun in there...it's a little old cause it was granddaddy's, but it should work fine..."

Lawrence sneaks off to the bedroom as you tiptoe to the door. As another round of knocks sound you can feel your heart beating like crazy. You stand on your very tiptoes to look through the peephole, Lawrence coming back into the living room.

...there's no one outside?

You back away confused but jump as the door knocks again.

"Mrs Esposito? Are you alright?"

It's a little boy's voice...ah, it must be a neighbor checking in on her. You look back and see the silver gun in Lawrence's hand and you motion for him to hide it before opening the door.

The boy standing on the steps is about your age, looking surprised to see you standing there.

"You're not Mrs. Esposito."

"Ah, no. I'm her granddaughter."

"Where is she at? Granny told me to come check on her cause she didn't show up for the book club meeting yesterday."

"Oh she's um...a-actually I'm not sure. I had a uh...key, to the place and let myself in recently. I'm looking for her too, she might out visiting her cousin or something..."

"Are you sure you're not a thief?"

"Duh! Positive!"

"What about that guy? He looks like a thief."

"Okay, that's just rude. I'll have you know he's a nice guy."

"Yeah, okay. But he still looks like a guy you see on a 'wanted' poster."

"Listen I don't appreciate you being rude to my friend like tha-"

As you glance past his head towards the street your words catch. The tinted windows are approaching the house.

"Uh...y-you should go home now..."

"I was planning t-, why are you scared?"

"Nothing! You need to go now!" As you try to shut the door the boy pushes his foot between the frame and prevents it from closing.

"Hey now, I'm just trying to see what's going on here for my granny-"

"Jesus, just leave-"

"Don't talk to me like tha-"

"You're going to get us caught!"

"What do you me-"

Before you can continue arguing Lawrence comes up and pulls both of you in, tossing the boy into the living room as he deadbolts the door.

"Hey! What's the big idea!" The boy is peeved as he picks himself up from the floor, Lawrence peering out the window.

"Is it the car?" You ask as you come up beside him, but your answer comes as his face turns grim. "Oh god...what are we going to do..."

"Will one of you tell me what's going on already? Y'know what? Doesn't matter, I'm going home." The boy stomps off towards the door and you pull him back.

"No! No you can't go out now! There's...listen, there's someone out there that we can't let see us-"

"So you are thieves."

"Dammit! Just hold on a minute, would you?"

The boy looks thrown off by your random swearing but it's enough to shut him up.

"Are they coming?"

Lawrence motions that he's still watching and you're holding your breath, waiting for an answer. His hands clench up and he makes sure the door is locked before pushing you and the boy into the kitchen.

"T-They're coming up?"

Lawrence nods and your panic increases.

"Oh god...okay umm...I think we can get out through the backdoor...grandma doesn't have much of a lawn but it should be enough room for us to climb the fence and then we...we need to go to..umm..." You struggle to think when the boy pipes in again.

"You guys are needing a place to hide? I mean, I don't know what's going on but I could show you a hiding place close enough by. Me and my buddies go there all the time and no one has found us yet."

Do you want to go with the boy or hide somewhere else?
Oh dammit it wasn't suppose to say little boy, my bad my bad.
We can't hide in the area. Meemaw said that if a car was over here when we came to visit, we should go in the complete opposite direction.

She seemed really insistent. Almost scared.

If we can just get out and past the fence, we could stick to the bushes and get out of the neighborhood. Get a cab.
Lawrence has a gun so maybe we could just wait and see. If they can get in, they probably shouldn't be trusted, and with the presence of a gun they could be forced to answer us.
Lawrence has a gun, let us try to stand our ground.

Also let us try to hide out at Mr. Faraway's club when we get the chance.
G-guys calm down.
We have to unlock Lawrence's Punisher potential.
I am perfectly calm, can't you see my face?
"No, please shut up."
The boy is shocked at your curtness but you couldn't care less about his feelings. You turn back to Lawrence and point at the gun.
"Do you think you could...I don't like...wave that around? Spook them off?"
"Wait he's got a gun? That's-"
"Quiet! We need to plan!" You shut the boy down again but the jiggle of the door handle makes you choke.
"C-Can you Lawrence? Can you scare them off?"
Lawrence takes a look at the...what's it called...chamber? Where the bullets are? He motions that there are only four inside.
"That should be enough right? They'll get scared off by it or maybe you can like...get the jump on them first or-"
The sound of the door being hit against cuts you off. The boy looks terrified and confused, even more so when he sees Lawrence grip the gun tightly.
"Did you see how many people were there?"
Lawrence holds up three fingers. That's...that's a lot for even him to handle.
"Why don't you guys just run out the back?"
"Shus-...actually y-yeah, let's do that for now." You unlock the backdoor, a few feet of lawn between the house and tall iron fence that blocks grandmother's house from shrubbery that divides up the houses behind it.
Lawrence drags the boy behind him, slamming the door closed and moving a giant stone pot in front. They'll be able to move it with three of them but if anything it will serve as a means to slow them down.
You scale the fence easily enough, careful to watch out for the pointed decorations on the top. The hedges underneath serve as a cushion for your landing, though you do get somewhat tangled up in it. The boy is able to climb up as easily, landing next to you.
Lawrence has begun his ascent up when the backdoor makes a cracking noise, hitting the pot.
You try to keep yourself from screaming as a long shot rings from the house, causing one of the trees behind you to shake as...as the bullet hits it? They shot a gun?
It's more then enough encouragement for Lawrence to scale over the fence and join you on the other side. As he regains his footing another shot rings through the air and you're pulled towards him. You can feel his body flinch as he nearly falls over.
Was he shot?
Before you can investigate he pushes you and the boy down the greenery, towards the end of the block. He seems to be running fine but you notice that Lawrence is gripping his left shoulder tightly.
It...smells nice...
"C-Cab...we need a cab..." You need to focus on getting out of here.
"A taxi? There's usually a few hanging out on uh, well near Jefferson park."
"Where the hell is that?"
"Just a few blocks down, I'll show you!"
The boy is running down the street and you follow, keeping a tight grip on Lawrence's hand.
Even though he said park, you weren't really expecting a playground kind of area full of families and their young children. It's...it's not like those guys would try to do something here, would they?
"Where are the taxis?" You look around desperately. There's plenty of cars but you can't see the bright yellow that you desperately need.
"One should be coming anytime now. You just have to wait a little bit."
Dammit...you look back to assure that you aren't being followed before focusing on Lawrence. Red is seeping from between his fingers and down the back of his hand.
"Was he shot?"
"Probably! Let me take care of this, you just...you just get me a taxi."
"Alright alright, I don't think you're being followed anymore though. My uh...my name is Jeffery, by the way."
"Sorry, I'm too busy making sure my friend is alright."
Why won't he shut up and let you do your thing?
You reach up to look at Lawrence's shoulder but you can see him pull away. It does smell amazing...it's wonderful..but right now...you need to stay focused...
"It's...it's fine. I'll be fine...let me just take a look...just to make sure you're okay..."
He's reluctant, but Lawrence removes his hand and shows you the deep cut his shoulder is sporting. It must have just caught on him but...jeez...
"Ew, there's so much blood..."
"Keep watch will you?!"
"Sorry sorry...um, here though..." Jeffery hands you a handkerchief. "You can use this."
"Uh...thanks..." You take it, making sure it's clean before pressing it up against the wound. It's nothing serious and should stop bleeding pretty soon but...the smell...
As you stand there pressing against his bloodied shoulder you can notice the stares from parents.
"Just leave us alone..." You whisper to yourself, you don't need any more problems right now...
The bleeding comes to a stop, or at least slowed down, and Lawrence takes the duty of holding the impromptu bandage. Ignore the want to lick your fingers clean...you try to wipe them off on your pants but...
"Hey, here's one! One's coming!" Jeffery is excited as he calls down a taxi, having it come to a stop in front of you.
"Thanks and uh..be careful I guess..." You mutter as Lawrence enters the seat first and you follow behind. Jeffery gives you a wave as the cab pulls away.
"And where do you guys need to go?"
Will the school be safe?
Before you have to try and think about a location Lawrence passes a note to the driver.
"Eh, you sure buddy? Alright, you're the customer. Try to uh...not get blood on the seats. Thanks."
Lawrence leans back against the seat, trying to recover from his injury.
"Where are we going?" You whisper to him, trying to keep from smelling him.
By the bridge. There's a warehouse down there we can hide out in for a bit, I know the owner.
"But won't they follow us there?"
I don't think they followed us to your grandmother's. I think they were going there anyways and we happened to be there already.
"How can you be sure?"
Before Christmas I stopped by your grandmother's. The door had been opened and she wasn't around at that time either.
"Why didn't you tell me you went over there?"
Lawrence looks as if he regrets telling you that and tries to think about what to write next.
"It's...it's fine...you can tell me later..."
Jesus...your head is pounding...
You remember the signals Lawrence had taught you before...
You nudge him to gt his attention and bring your hand to your throat, rubbing it like he had shown you.
H u n g r y
Lawrence nods to show he understands.
If you need to, I'll find us somewhere private and let you have it. But it's up to you, don't worry about trying to fix up my shoulder.
Do you want to feed your craving or not?
i don't think we'd be able to control ourselves so it might not be a good idea
Let us feed now, hopefully we can control ourselves.

If we wait until later, we might regret it.
Just a little bit, but he has to promise to stop us. We can't let last time happen again.

We just need to take the edge off. We don't have to feel good, that's not what it's about.
Give him a little succ and see if it makes him feel good. ;)))
"Just a little bit...just let me have a little...e-enough to um...to curb the feeling enough and...and then I can take care of your shoulder too..."
You want to scream yes, of course you want to feed. Part of you does anyhow, the rest of you is scared as hell.

"Just make sure you uh...s-stop me before it gets too bad..."

Lawrence nods and you do your best to resist licking at your fingers. When you look up front you can see the driver is giving you a strange look in the rear view mirror. This must sound suspicious to him...it's for the best if you drop the subject for now.

You close your eyes instead, focusing on the movements of the car. The pain in your head is still there...still persistent...it feels hot...think about something else...try...try counting for now...

The car comes to it's final stop when you reach 954. You pay the driver, noticing you have about $350 left. As the cab speeds off you take a look at the surrounding area. It all feels so...gray. The bridge is quite a ways down but still in walking distance and you can easily see the water from here. It looks chilly but not frozen over. Despite this area being wide and open there's few things occupying space, though they do cover a couple blocks worth of ground. In front of you is a factory, a bottling plant if you remember correctly.

Rather then a road and sidewalk this entire area is practically flat concrete, chain link fences dividing the parking lots from the rest of the 'road'. Lawrence leads you down, keeping close to the fence and past the factory. It doesn't seem like it's running right now, hardly any cars taking the spaces behind the fence.

Down the ways is another building, this one just a large square also fenced in. There's three semi trucks parked outside, but it seems like they are just kept there while not in use. Lawrence leads you in through the drive way, and while he doesn't seem too concerned you can't help but continue to check over your shoulder. What a lonely place...

You walk along the edge of the metal building, passing by several doors. They just look like different entrances, so you have no clue how Lawrence chooses the right one to stop at...oh wait, this one has a number pad. Patiently you wait as Lawrence punches in different numbers, trying out different combinations and failing each time.

You've considered the possibilities of what to do if he can't figure it out when the door is finally swung open. The inside is dark and a draft hits you, but Lawrence insists you walk in. You only take a few careful steps inside as the door closes behind and your hand is grabbed, led through the dark. Your eyes adjust soon enough thanks to an occasional sky light and you can see that the place is filled with large crates and shipping containers, some machinery to move it parked here and there.
Between a wall and a large stack of containers Lawrence leads you, just enough light filtering for you to somewhat see what you're doing. Lawrence slides to the floor, back against the wall and taking a look at his cut. You move to your knees, keeping some distance as he peels away the cloth.

"If you're um...if you're scared to let me do it...that's okay...I'm scared too..."

Lawrence shakes his head and motions for you to move closer. The smell hits you and you do your best to remain calm, though your heart beating so quickly is uncontrollable.

"Ill just do a little bit..I...I won't even s-suck or anything..." As you bring your face closer you can't help but look up at Lawrence, as if to make sure its okay. You're given a nod and you allow your mouth to cover his cut.

It tastes amazing...

Okay but...remember...just...just enough for..for a little bump, that's all.

Your head is met with that dizziness you've learn to adore and your hands come up to hold him in place, ready to get your fill.

No...no, you're not supposed to do that...remember...restraint...

Lawrence pulls your head away, a small amount of blood dripping from your mouth.

Good...you didn't go crazy this time...good job...

It's not the same feeling as when you indulge further, but the buzz you feel pushes away your headache. This...this should be enough for now...

You move to sit next to Lawrence, on the other side of his body and away from any temptations. He recovers his cut and begins to write you a message.

You feel a bit sleepy...

We'll just hang out here for a little bit to make sure they lost us. We can plan what to do for now.

"Can...can I take a nap? Just a little one~"

The heat in your body remains, though now it feels pleasant. A yawn escapes your mouth and you lick the lingering sweetness from your lips.

"I just feel sleepy right now...then afterwards I can be um...be more alert..." You lean up against his body, preferring his warmth over the hard cold wall.

Go ahead, I'll keep watch

Didn't he mention that he knew the owner?

Doesn't matter...you have permission for a nap.

You feel your eyes grow hazy as you stare at the red shipping container in front of you.

"Hey...I just wanted you to know something..."

Your words are just rolling easily from your mouth right now.

What do you want to tell Lawrence?
That he's the best.

Also to take care of the gun, because it meant a lot to papaw.
Tell him he's a handsome devil.
Or >>208793
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I have a confession to make guys. Sue is my waifu. Sue a cute. pls don't bully.
File: 1464467752188.gif (1.87 MB, 1208x860)
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1.87 MB GIF
Sue has a boyfriend.

She's also way overrated, definitely the worst girl of /qst/.
File: 59023851.png (17 KB, 352x431)
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>Sue has a boyfriend.
NTR is my fetish anon. I can make it work.
And your taste a shit.
File: 1462329261897.png (426 KB, 635x640)
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>NTR is my fetish
File: 1464494841760.gif (842 KB, 500x540)
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842 KB GIF
It's easy when you put yourself in the shoes of the bull. Might feel like an asshole later, but at least it's better than the alternative. The thought of being someone's bully and fuck the little shit's mother into submission in front of her sobbing son is one helluva ride.
File: shamecube.gif (496 KB, 250x188)
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You know this used to be a nice thread.

You weren't supposed to sexualize the Sue.
I go for a run and everyone gets weird.

Maybe grandpa wanted to teach us how to shoot when we were old enough, but he passed away before we were.
Hey I woke up from a nap. Teach me to run.
File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 400x400)
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It quickly puts one foot in front of the other or else it gets the hose again.
Guys we need to get another gun for Delilah and plenty of ammo for both Delilah and Lawrence
We will also have to confront the government rape squad at some point, otherwise we'll always be on the run and on the verge of Bad-- end
File: image.jpg (34 KB, 253x218)
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>NTR fags
Everywhere. Cuck or NTR, doesn't matter.
>Vanilla weaklings
File: taxi-driver-1976.jpg (57 KB, 598x275)
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>Enjoying an objectively shit fetish
File: 1461982705183.jpg (101 KB, 513x486)
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>Being this upset about imaginary bitches who are stolen from their lovers
>liking cuckoldry
It feels the same man.
"I wanted you to know that no matter what...you're the best..." You close your eyes, head buzzing.

"And...please take good care of that gun...it was my grandpa's...he even had grandma's name carved into it..."

You fall asleep, your buzzing mind turning into an equally buzzing dream. There's hands covering your body and no matter how much you try you can't push them off. They're grabbing and pulling and tugging and hurting you and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. One of the hands near your thighs is holding something sharp though...a piece of glass. You're more then eager to grab it and slash at the appalling limbs, one by one, till it's only you standing.

And, for whatever reason it may be, you are overcame with shame. You grasp the glass tighter as you begin to sob. It's not fair...you don't want to be hurt but you also don't want to hurt people...why do they make you do bad things...

The broken hands begin to move from their spot on the ground again, ready to come back for you. There's no fighting spirit left in you though, and you're prepared for the worst as one begins to creep back to you.

It never touches you though, and instead there's the feeling of warmth as a coat is draped around your shoulders.


You try to, but instead of shame there is a sense of guilt.



When you wake up there are drying tears at the corner of your eyes. You try to wipe them away before Lawrence can notice, and while your headache is gone there is that terrible feeling of want...

Wait...why did you wake up...you feel like there was a reason...

Where's Lawrence? Weren't you leaning against him?

You shake yourself awake and see that Lawrence is standing, another man in front of him. This guy looks like a...kinda like a punk...

"L~a~w! Y'know, I thought that maybe some raccoon had gotten inside again or something, but it looks like it was just a rat." The way the guy is speaking makes sound like he's being...friendly? Can you really call it that?

"And what's that? Didja bring a little mouse too?"

There's a silence from the man as Lawrence is writing, you get up and cling to the back of his coat, hiding away from the man.

"Hey now, I'm not mad you're in here! Well I mean, I'll have ta change up the pass code again, but it's good to see ya! I expected to see your face in the obituaries instead of back at work!"

Jeez...why does everyone say that...

Wait, Lawrence use to work here?

"Uh huh, well c'mon, let's go to my office instead, do a little catching up. Maybe I can take a better look at your little mouse inside too- Whoa man, watch the death glare, I'm just joking."

You cling to Lawrence tighter when you hear him say this but it sounds like this guy is the only one here...and Lawrence felt it was safe enough to hide here...

He does seem reluctant to follow the guy but does so anyways, keeping you in tow. The office is only half-built, and it seems to have been like that for a while. A desk, TV, phone, and filing cabinet take up space in the wire exposed walls. There are folding chairs inside, which the man flops down into.

"C'mon man, sit down. Whaddya think I'm goin' do? Pull a knife on ya?" He laughs and you feel like his 'joke' was maybe not a joke at one point.

Lawrence takes a seat, awkwardly fitting into the lawn chair. You take the seat by him that will put the most distance between you and the guy.

"Hey there, name's Frankie, 'n you are?"

"I uh...m-my name is um...B-Bunny..." You still feel like it's best to hide your real name for now.

"So you're not a little mouse but a bunny huh? That's cool, bunny's cute. Don't suppose you're named after the magazine- Hey Law, c'mon, lighten up! You should be glad to have such a cute girl clinging to ya! Though I am judging you for being a cradle robber." The guy laughs again and you do your best to not look at him.

Frankie reaches behind his desk and pulls out a six pack, tugging a can off and throwing it to Lawrence before taking one for himself.

"They're not cold and taste like piss but hey, beer is beer." Frankie pops open his can and begins to drink while Lawrence just holds on to his.

"Hey Law, don't be a pussy! Drink man! We're celebratin' the fact that you came back!"

It feels less like a celebration and more akin to a threat...Lawrence ends up opening his can up and taking a drink. It's just a beer at least...right?

"Cool cool...now lemme guess what you've been up to...still homeless I bet. Find yer sis? Or did the cute Bunny over there distract ya from that?"

This guy is pretty crude...Lawrence isn't taking too well to it either.

"I don't blame ya, that girl you gots sittin' over there is pretty cute, but I'd give her a few years man, at least wait till she's legal. You of all guys don't need the cops on ya anymore then you've already had. Speakin' of, gotten arrested lately?"

Lawrence shakes his head, and you can see he's denting the can from how hard he's holding it.

"Shockin'. Ya know, the way you left this place broke my heart man. But maybe you don't wanna talk about it in front of the girly." A grin comes across his face as Frankie leans in close to whisper to Lawrence. You're unable to hear what was said but Lawrence grabs Frankie up by his collar and hoists him up in the air, beer falling to the floor.

"Chill man! It's just a joke! Jesus fuckin' Christ!"

Lawrence struggles to show restraint but ultimately lets the guy back down. Frankie rubs at his throat as he regains his composure.

"See man...this is why you still haven't lost it...you're a fuckin' freak sometimes ya know?"
You stand up behind Lawrence, worried about how this whole thing may go. It's worrying when Frankie makes eye contact with you and smiles.

"Hey cutie, if you ever get tired of this spaz I always got room at my place."

The look of disgust that spreads across your face makes the man laugh and Lawrence grabs your hand, leading you out of the room.

"Good to see ya, Law. Hopefully the next time you drop by you don't fuck things up before you leave. Again."

You're lead out of the office and warehouse and back outside. It seems to be early afternoon now, snow lightly falling. Lawrence doesn't stop walking away from the concrete lot and past the point where regular road returns. You don't say anything either, though he is holding your hand a bit tighter then normal. The bridge begins to approach and he doesn't stop walking till you are at the very edge. The sidewalk allows for people to look over at the water and continues on down the bridge and to the connecting other side. Plenty of cars are coming and going at this point, either leaving or entering the city.

Lawrence leans over the metal railing, lighting up a cigarette.

It looks like he regrets taking you over there...

What do you want to talk about?
>Law and Delilah can't handle the bants
Ask about your background with Frankie.
Ask him what happened between Frankie and him. Besides, he thought it was safe, right? He couldn't have known that that... creepy fucker would be there.

Why was he even so intent on provoking Lawrence. That was way too deliberate.

... and why does everyone seem surprised when Lawrence isn't dead.
Even though he still looks peeved, you're much too curious about what has just happened to let it go.

"Who was that guy? Why was he such a...such a sleaze?"

The cigarette is gripped tightly in Lawrence's mouth as he starts to write an explanation for you, blowing the smoke out the other corner of his mouth without needing to stop.

He's a guy I used to work for occasionally. Real fucking jerk but I kept hanging out with him for some reason. His dad owned the shipping company and he recently took it over if I remember correctly.
I'm sorry you had to experience that, I thought he had cooled down a bit, turns out I was wrong. He's the type of guy who thinks you can just make those kind of comments at people and it doesn't matter since he's just 'joking'. Real immature asshole, I think he was an only kid growing up and a spoiled brat at that.

"I um...I know it's probably a touchy subject but...what happened with you two?"

I use to do odd jobs for him but at one point he invited me to hang out with his group. They're all pieces of work, but they most they do is act like an inconvenience and bother women at clubs. Frankie always hard a snarky comment to give but then there were these times when he would act completely different, like he could be a good guy if he didn't hang out with a group of jerks. I guess I was desperate for friends that I could forgive his general behavior for those few moments of kindness.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but...but it seems like people keep expecting you to turn up dead...why?"

Lawrence finishes his cigarette before writing. It takes him a quite a bit this time, each word making your anxiety over the answer grow.

William is a good guy, I should have stuck around him. But at that point in my life I was just in this hole and just stuck to all the negative things around me instead. I think it made me dig myself deeper into those feelings and it felt like there was no escape.

One night, I was hanging out with Frankie and his boys out at this park no one pays attention to anymore. Course everyone was getting smashed and so was I. One guy brings out his gun, just to show it off. He left it on the table and ended up forgetting it when he left. I thought everyone had gone and I picked up the gun and decided, for whatever reason right there that I was going to shoot myself.

I had the barrel against my head, just kind of standing there with it, when Frankie had came back. I think it took him almost two hours, but that guy managed to talk me down and get the gun back. He must have told one of his buddies what had happened and the word about me being suicidal began to spread. I'm not sure if I actually would have gone through it right there but the idea that everyone around me thought I was going to do it was too much.

At work one day I came in drunk, and even though he's an ass and keeps beer in the office that was a big no no for Frankie. He chewed my ass out in front of everyone and I just had all this anger and pain building up. Knocked him flat on his back and gave him a shiner before running out. I tried to mention that I was going to cool off at the bridge but you know how my voice is. I think everyone heard me say bridge and they all assumed that I was just going to end it right there.

Jeez...what are you supposed to say to that...

"W-Why did he keep egging you on like that though?"

I don't think he understands where the line should be, he used to be better though. I think hanging out with the wrong crowd has just skewed his perception on things.

It could also be the fact that the he worked so hard on convincing me to not blow my brains out, that when he thought I left to jump it left a bitter taste in his mouth.

Just like Lawrence's blood does...

You look over at the bridge, watching the passing cars.

"You mentioned that you were going to jump from there before...but why the bridge?" Such a callous question but you can't stop the words from slipping out.

Lawrence looks over at the bridge, a distant and depressed look on his face.

"If...I could...choose...where to...die...I...want it...to...be...somewhere...pretty...like...the...bridge..."

You think back to the painting of the girl, how the water looked welcoming.

It's a horrifying thought.

What do you want to say?
I'm more surprised that literally everyone is a rapist or wants to kill us

don't die. let's go home now
We're glad he didn't. Just... everything that could have happened to us if he wasn't around.

... even if he did scare the Hell out of us.

Let's get homeward, though.
"I'm really glad you didn't do it...if you weren't around I can't even imagine the situation I would be in right now..."

Ah...that sounded pretty selfish, didn't it?

"I mean I'm glad you're alive aside from that too, you know? It's sad to think someone would be sad enough to kill themselves..."

Lawrence looks over as you say this, a lingering sorrow in his eyes.

"Even though you should work on how you meet c-cute girls like me. That was pretty scary, being chased by a guy the size of a bear. You need to m-meet a nice girl like me with something like a bouquet of flowers." You do your best to look mature and sweet as you say this, but when you look back at Lawrence he's looking away, trying to hide his snickering.

"I think I deserve something nice like that..." You say this as you puff your cheek out. You're glad to have changed the subject though.


"A nice big bouquet, full of some nice beautiful flowers." You pick up the subject again as you begin to walk to a bus station, gesturing at the size you would like.
"With um...roses, those are nice. Red ones! Those kind suit a cute lady...right?"

Lawrence shrugs and you puff your cheek out again.

"You're not very good at being a gentlemen, are you? No wonder you thought chasing down a poor helpless girl like myself was a good choice." Even though you keep trying to act prissy it's obvious that's what it is, an act. At the bus station you two await for the next one to come and Lawrence has out his notebook. From the way his pen is moving it looks like he's drawing rather then writing. It only takes him a minute or two before he shows you the doodle.

"...those are awful looking flowers."

I thought they were a good match for you

Lawrence tries to push the paper with the flower doodles into your hands, all the while you're trying to push them back. You manage to call him every variation of a jerk that you know. Eventually you take the paper and fold it up neatly, sticking it in your pocket.

"It would uh...it would be rude for a lady to refuse a gift. No matter what poor quality it may be..."

You get your last jab in as the bus rolls up. Once again you sit next to the window, looking out as it drives off. As it makes it's way across town you notice that most of the stuff built near the bridge is considerably newer then the other side of town. Most of the newer stuff seems to be abandoned or closed down, compared to the stuff that has been here forever...if you had to guess, most of that stuff was built before the...what did Sam call it...recession? And then none of the new places could afford to stay open. The bus passes by a line of people waiting outside a church, you're able to catch the words Soup Kitchen before it trails behind.

You really wish you could feed some more...

The rest of the ride you close your eyes in an attempt to block out the feeling.


You guys step off the bus a couple blocks away from the school in order to assure that you aren't leading anyone to your hiding place. Walking down the street, the occasional car passes by none of them look to be the one from earlier. With extra precaution the two of you sneak back into the school. It's fairly quiet, aside from the sound of Cecilia crying.

You can see that John is holding her, Sarah looking over his shoulder.

"-should be back with formula any minute now."

"I'm sorry little miss, you'll get some dinner soon, I promise...poor thing..."

"I guess we need to make sure to keep stocked up on it from now on...it's so expensive though..."

You're broken away from your eavesdropping when Sam approaches, a somber look on his face.

"Lawrence, I need to speak to you for a moment."

It's not about you guys going missing again...is it?

Lawrence nods at him and gestures for you to find something to do for now. You don't like being excluded in conversations but you aren't going to object either...

Aria and Mabel...are they with Claire? That makes sense...

From the conversation it sounds like Eric is out getting...baby formula? Yeah...sounds right.

Marilyn is sitting on the floor with Buttercup while the other kids as they enjoy their presents. Where's Jessica...the old ladies are gone right now too so maybe she's with them? It would make sense that they would need to go out to bathe too.

Your head isn't really hurting right now but that thirst is there...

If you had to guess it's about four in the afternoon now.

What do you do?
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>My series of tubes has been down for two days.
>Miss a whole thread.
Spend some time with Marilyn and the kids, maybe tell them a story about a hare and a bear looking for a plant to cure the bear's bellyache, and then having to run from three black wolves.
Go ask John to get some ammo for granny's gun
When John isn't busy with Cecilia it might be a good idea to ask him if there's any way to get more bullets for grandma's gun, just to be safe. He looks like he's having a hard time quieting the baby though so it may be best to not bother him.

You go over to Marilyn, sitting next to her on the ground.

"So...what's going on over here?" The other three seem not bothered, but the look on Marilyn's face suggests that she know what's going on with Claire.

"Oh, hey." The usual upbeat and sneakiness is missing from Marilyn's voice as she puts Buttercup.

"Stuck on babysitting duty?"


Marilyn seems really upset...did she know Claire well? It must be tough then, knowing how bad her condition is...

"Is there um...anything you want to do?" You feel weird trying to cheer her up...it's usually the other way around, isn't it?

Marilyn merely shrugs, her eyes fixed to the floor. You feel bad...not knowing how to help her out right now.

You look over at the other kids, Clark and Thompson gushing over their new comics.

"Dude...no way! How scary!"

"B-Blood? It eats b-blood?"


"They've got some gross looking comics..." Marilyn chimes in, wrinkling her nose. "It's about some guy like...hunts monsters or something."

"Hey! It's cool! Right now he's hunting this thing that like...eats just blood!" Thompson is quick to defend his reading material, sticking his tongue at her.

"No, that's gross!" Marlin wrinkles her nose more and makes a face back at him.

"Can I see that...?"

"You like comics, Bunny? I dunno if I should let you...they're our special boy c-"

"Y-Yeah! Here!" Clark is quick to hand you the issue they were reading, his face red and Thompson looking like he has just been betrayed.

You take it and flip through the black and white pages. The main character looks like a tough guy, big guns at his sides...he sure does swear a lot...did Jessica check these out properly before giving them to the boys?

Your eyes scan over the words, trying to find the part the boys were talking about.

A creature of the night, stalking it's prey and leaving them dry.

Unable to walk out in the sun...burns at the touch of a crucifix...can't pass rushing water...

None of this sounds like you...

Drinks only the blood of humans, taking pleasure and power from it.

You can't help as your hands begin to shake. The hero is about to confront the thing...what is it going to look like? M-Maybe it won't be that bad...

As you turn the page your eyes fall upon the horrid blood sucker.

It's tall, eyes and cheeks sunken in. Long horrible fangs extend from it's mouth, blood dripping from it's maw and claws. Pale white skin stretched too tightly across it's bones, it's nose merely two gashes. A young and beautiful girl hangs from it's grips, her throat ripped out and draining to the ground. If anything, this monster looks more like a terrible snake then a person.

You are quick to hand back the comic, trying to hide your shivers.
That's not you...right?
"What's wrong? You look sick..." Marilyn questions your sudden paleness and you do your best to downplay it.
"N-Nothing it just...was really gross..."
"Yeah, I mean it eats blood! How disgusting!"
Your head is starting to hurt again...
You can't help but sit in silence with Marilyn, watching the kids enjoy themselves.
"Claire might die..." Marilyn speaks softly, barely above a whisper.
"I...I know..."
"She was always so nice to me...I..." She buries her head into her drawn up knees, arms wrapped around her legs.
"I...I never t-told her but...sometimes when I h-hung out with her I...I liked to p-pretend she'swhat having a g-good mom was like..." Her voice sounds like she's on the verge of tears...a grieving sorrow. "I shouldn't b-be the one crying...I g-got to hang out with her like that b-but...but her actual daughter m-might not..."
Marilyn is trying her best to keep from bursting into tears, sniffling and attempting to keep her voice strong.
"She could still be okay, it's just that she needs to go to a real hospital for a bit...they'll fix her."
"Are...are you sure? P-Pappy couldn't do it..."
"Yeah! Your grandad is smart and all, that's why he's going to get her to a place with a lot of fancy machines and stuff to help make her better! Then when she comes back you can show her that you'll be a good big sister to Cecilia."
You smile but as Marilyn raises her head you can see she's got a frown tugging on her face.
"I...I was jealous when the baby was born. I didn't want her to have it...I thought after she was born that Iwould be replaced...that Claire would rather be with her r-real daughter...I thought she got sick because I...I hoped the baby wouldn't be here..." Her hands clutch hard against her knees. "I know it's dumb to think that...that cause I felt like that she would get sick but..."
"That's...kind of normal, right? I mean, I never had any brother or sisters but my friend, Allison? I remember how scared she was when her little brother was born. She swore her parents would send her off to an orphanage or something cause they would like him better. She'd even planned to run away but then he was born and she just...became this really nice big sister." You smile at her again as Marilyn wipes her tears away. "So if you want to make Claire happy, be like a big sister to Cecilia. I doubt she would just push you away."
You have no clue if this is true but you can see that your words at least have softened Marilyn's sorrow.
"So um...w-where's your husband at..." She puts on a smile, though you let her have it as she continues to dry her face.
"He's helping Sam...we uh, we got these invitations for this super cool play and dinner that we can go to, they're even those top boxes."
"How'd you get those?"
"Um...by being nice, I guess."
"I uh..I k-know I keep c-calling him your boyfriend but um..." Marilyn seems a bit shy about asking this.
"Are you two really like...that, you know?"
P-.. probably not. It's a nice thought, though; someone loving us like that even though we're... broken. Someone we can lean and rely on when everything's falling apart.

Plus, he's like twice our age, so it'd probably be weird.
We wish. :'(

Not to mention how handsome he is.
L-like what? Y-yea he's my friend and he just so happens to be a boy. T-that doesn't mean anything you big fat bully!
know Marylin is fat in my head canon. Thank you anon.

Also, wheres the yuri?
Your face is turning red as you think about how to answer this.
"I...don't think we are...he's my friend and he's a b-boy but uh...I d-don't think he would be like...my boyfriend."
"Why not?"
"Well I mean like...he probably just sees me as like...like a younger sister or something..." Why does it hurt your chest when you say that?
"Would you want him to be that? Your boyfriend?"
"I um...I don't k-know...i-it could be nice but I don't think I would b-be a good partner...not to mention he's like...twice my age...he probably sees me as some little kid still. He would want someone closer to his age...a real woman and n-not just some stupid kid..."
"You're not a kid though! You're like, almost an adult!"
"I'm only going to be fourteen in a few weeks...that's...that's still too young for him..."
The more you think about it, the more your chest tightens. How nice would it be if you could just...just have him? Someone who already understood what you were going through...who was understanding of all it. Someone you could rely on whenever you needed it, someone to help pick up all the broken pieces for you.
It's selfish though, to want to have him stuck to you just because you're scared to find anyone else. Why should he have to deal with your pain forever? He's done more then enough to help you already...
To have him do something like...like love you through all of that too is too much...
And it hurts you so bad.
Your chest is tight and it...it feels like your heart might shatter further...
But that's to be expected. Anything more is just...just stupid.
"That's a shame..." Marilyn murmurs, bringing you out of your sour thoughts.
"W-What is?"
"I don't think Law has had a lot of good things happen to him...but sometimes he will tell Pappy or one of the others something about you and he just has this smile on his face. It's not a big one but he looks happy...I don't think he gets to do that often. When you were...were 'sick'...he was so sad...like when he first showed up to Good Hope." Marilyn scratches at Buttercup's head as she speaks. "I want him to be happy too...he always looks so lonely..."
She looks over at you and smiles, a nice genuine warm one.
"I think you can make him happy still. Maybe he'll wait for you to grow up, and then it'll be okay for you to get married."
"He'd still be older then me though."
"Yeah but then you'll be an adult too!"
"B-But he would have to like me like that...I couldn't like force him to marry me...i-if I waned to marry him, I mean..."
"Make him learn to like you! You said he's like...helped you before and stuff yeah? Then he's like your...your prince! But don't let him fall in love with another girl first or else I'll have to use a magic knife to make him love you."
"The knife was supposed to kill the prince so the mermaid didn't turn into sea foam..."
"Oh. Well, mine will be different. I'm like...like the master of love!"
"Who said so?"
"Me...and Buttercup. That's enough to qualify me. Now to be a good princess fishlady thing, you gotta find a prince to get married to and you have to make Lawrence happy. Or do both at the same time, but they both have to get done or...or um..."
"I'll turn into sea foam?"
"Worse! You'll uh...you'll have to get married to Clark, and he stinks."
"H-Hey that's not tr-"
"Hush you. Those are the rules, so says me!" Marilyn waves her hands about as she says this.
"You know, I thought you were too old for this kinda stuff..."
"Never too old to make true love happen!" Marilyn's cheeks tug up as her usual smirk comes across her face.
"Then maybe when I tell everyone he's your husband it'll be for real, not that it will stop me from telling them anyways~"
You continue to hang out with the kids, seeing from across the room that Lawrence is carrying Claire wrapped up in a blanket, Sam close behind. They head out of the school, Mabel and Aria coming back from the room Claire was in...they looked exhausted. They must have been helping the entire time you were gone.
Shortly after they leave Eric comes back and Cecilia's cries aresubsided. You feel bad for her...what if she never gets to see her mom again? A hand drifts down to your stomach as you think about this.
You stay with the kids till Jessica comes back, the old ladies thanking her for taking them. She excuses herself from them and rushes over to you.
"You're back! I always get so scared when you leave like that, you know."
"Sorry we just um..s-saw someone suspicious and took the long way around..."
"You saw something like that too? Man...Aria and Mabel first and now you...how creepy..."
"You're telling me..."
"Did you um...hear about what's going on...?"
"With...? Yeah...yeah I heard..."
"It's so sad..."Jessica looks over to where John is bottle feeding the baby. "I think we will be able to handle her for now but...man...we don't even have a birth certificate for her yet...ah, we shouldn't talk about awful stuff like that."
"Yeah...did you realize how violent those comics you gave the boys are?"
"What? Here lemme take a look..." Jessica slips the one from Thompson's hand and flips through it, the reaction on her face speaking for her.
"Oh...oh god...w-why is the spine bent like that..."
The boys protest heavily as the rest of the comics are confiscated, whining about how it's not fair to take back their presents. Jessica is trying to explain to them how she doesn't care if it's fair or not and that they are much too young to be reading something like this. It looks like Marilyn enjoys seeing them in pain like that...
Even though it's not really, it almost feels normal again.
It's late at night, Lawrence and Sam are still not back yet. You finally move back in the room with everyone else, bringing along the plethora of blankets and making yourself a cozy nest. Still...you don't like sleeping alone...
Buttercup comes up to you, burrowing herself into the blankets. You follow in, wrapping yourself up tight. Laying there you can hear Cecilia's crying starting up but they are soon taken care of. For someone without a family, John is pretty good at caring for the baby. When you asked him when the other two might return during dinner John assured you that they will be fine and that it could take them till morning. It makes you feel a bit better but not by much, especially as you lay there trying to sleep.
No matter how much you try the feeling of wanting and thirst is just a bit too much...enough to make your mind jump all over the place and preventing you from getting any shut eye. There's a growing heat in your chest too...this is all awful...you want to sleep but just can't...
What do you do to try and help you fall asleep?
last update till morning, see ya!
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> Del going full tsundere over a drawing of flowers.

I guess we fought the Law and the Law won.
Think about the comic and try to suppress these feelings, you heard the boys, monster that eats blood! Is there a way of keeping you from hurting others?
Gotta say, as someone who has been against Lawrence and Delilah getting together, these last couple scenes very slightly sold me on the idea. They genuinely have chemistry together, and it's cute.

Hell, maybe something happening somewhere down the line wouldn't be so bad.
Imagine being somewhere else. Somewhere we're content.

Imagine being in the forest or at a lake; the chirping and fluttering birds and wind through the trees, the smell of pine and moss, the brilliant palette of autumn.
You think back to the comics, to the horrible monster you saw. It ate blood...it hurt people...

You don't want to be anything like that. You can still be a person...right? Fight these urges and not become something that needs to be hunted down...

Even though you want to push the urges back they still linger.

You squeeze yourself for comfort.

Maybe you can ignore the feelings and then...then you won't become a monster like in the comic.

What a depression notion...having to convince yourself to ignore this need for blood...

Buttercup snuggles up closer to your body and you decide to shift your thinking to something else, something nicer.

You close your eyes and try to think of more pleasant thoughts. It might not be the beach your father promised but your thoughts drift to a lake, one you went to before when you were itty-bitty. The gray sky and pine trees that loomed over you, their dark green needles blanketing the ground. The way the wind gently blew through the branches and the sounds of birds chirping, the crisp fresh taste of the cold air.

It would be so nice to go back to that.

Back to when you didn't have this buzzing in your head...


You awake to the smell of breakfast burning. Sitting up you can see John is doing his best to handle the pancakes while also trying to balance Cecilia in his other arm.

"Here, lemme take her."

"I...alright, that's probably the best." John seems a little reluctant to pass the baby to a groggy Jessica, but returns back to his cooking anyways. It doesn't look too late in the morning, about 8:30 maybe. As you get up you can see Lawrence is asleep in his spot, still wearing his coat and shoes.

"You're gonna get your stuff dirty..." You mumble as you walk over and kneel down, tugging his boots off. When did they end up coming back?

You toss a blanket over his body and leave him to sleep, going over to John. A stack of pancakes are being to build up on a platter as you watch him work.

"Here to grab somethin' to eat missy?"

You nod and John points at you to grab a plate. As you hold it out you're given a nice amount of the freshly made pancakes, just a bit of steam coming from the top.

"There should be a bottle of syrup over in the boxes back there, if you're needing to sweeten them up." John continues to work as you locate the bottle, drizzling just the right amount on top and locating a clean fork.

"She's a cute kid, ain't she?" John speaks up over the sizzle of batter.

"The b-...Cecilia?"

"Yeah. Only a couple of days old and I just know she's gonna turn out a cutie, like her mom." John's face softens at the mention of Claire. "Well, no need to get sad over that right now...enjoy breakfast miss."

You thank him and carry your plate, Aria begins to flag you down.

"Hey Bunny." She yawns and stretches as you come over, it looks like she just woke up.

"Hey, where's Mabel?"

"Oh, she actually had a shift today with Sarah."

"Oh yeah, she works at that cafe too, right?"

"Yep! Not very often but she can still pick up hours occasionally."

You take a seat next to Aria as she begins to comb her long hair.

"Anyways! I was asking you to come over here cause I was going to take Marilyn and Lisa to shower, want to tag along?"

"Sure, I probably stink right now..."

"Cool cool." Aria looks pretty tired still. She must have had her hands full helping with Claire. "After that we can visit those two at the cafe for lunch."

"Will that be okay?"

"Yeah! Well, so long as the owner doesn't hear you call Mabel my girlfriend, it should be fine. Mabel doesn't like her but I think she's a sweet old lady, if a little conservative..."

"Ah, I got ya." Kinda.

You eat your breakfast with Aria and talk about the ticket to the play you got.

"That's so cool! Are you going to take Lawrence?"

"Well...I would like to..."

"I think I've heard of this place before, pretty fancy. You'll need to dress nice."

"Ah well, I have those clothes you gave me-"

"Those? No no, you need to wear like, a real dress! I'll look to see what I have! Ooh and then I can do your hair and-"


"When were you planning on going to it anyways?"
W-when I'm old enough to be Lawrence's girlfriend maybe
Maybe later today, if Lawrence is willing and able. If no one needs his immediate help with anything.

Sooner rather than later, anyway.
Maybe for lunch, if Lawrence is awake and isn't needed for chores.
Ask her about kissing~
Sure, that might be cute.
"Today...as long as he's not busy again. It seems like he gets pulled away to help with stuff a lot...I mean, as long as he wants to go too. I don't want to force him..."
"I'm sure he'll be fine with going. They've already...well, you know...taken care of Claire...I doubt they'll need his muscles for anything else today."

You finish your breakfast and put away your dishes, dressing for the weather outside. Jessica fastens Lisa's coat for her, instructing her to behave as Marilyn says goodbye to Sam. Aria is bundled up, and despite all her layers she still looks well dressed...you feel a little dumpy next to her.

"Alright guys, we should be back in an hour or so!" Aria announces the group leaving as you step out. There's some fresh snow on the ground but nothing too hazardous. As you trek through the snow you notice Lisa is having some trouble as it comes up much higher on her body. You bend down and let her hop onto your back, her hands grasping your shoulders tightly.

"Aw, look how cute you two are~" Aria gushes at the sight of you carrying her.

"When's my turn to get carried?" Marilyn asks as she jumps over a patch of ice.

"When you become a whole lot smaller..." You keep a firm grip on Lisa's body. She isn't all that heavy but you have to watch how you step to keep your balance. Marilyn looks disappointed at your answer...she probably did want to get carried.

Aria takes you to the community center that you had gone to the first time, though this time it is filled up with more people. This makes it easier to slip past the front desk and sneak back to the shower room. This also means you have to wait for your turn to shower.

You take spots on the benches, the steam from the running water warming up the whole room. It's pleasant but it becomes somewhat stuffy...you feel the need to remove your coat. Even then you still feel hot...but you doubt that heat is from the warm...at least your head isn't hurting too bad...

Lisa insists on sitting on your lap, wanting to play with your hair.

"It's fluffy!" She says as she combs her fingers through your blonde locks.

A shower stall opens soon enough and you guys let Marilyn go in first. With her gone you feel a bit more comfortable with asking Aria...

"How do you become a good kisser?"


"Uh I mean..." You feel the blood rush up to your face now that the question is out in the open. "I just...wanted to know how to like...kiss good and stuff...i-is that weird to ask?"

"Nah, it's fine to ask. Have you kissed a boy before?"

There are memories of those awful kisses that you didn't want, the ones you weren't wanting to participate in...but you know what she means right now.

"Um...t-twice. But I was told that it was like he was kissing an old lady..." You puff your cheek out at the memory.

"Guess it was just a peck then?"

"I...yeah? How're you supposed to like...improve on that? Don't you just press you l-lips together?"

"Well I mean, you can but then it's like I said, more of a peck. Ah jeez, I don't know if I should explain this to you...um, well most people get better with practice and that's the best advice I can offer you..."

"You can tell me, I don't mind."

Aria looks like she shouldn't, but you give her the best puppy eyes you can.

"I...I...alright...I'll give you some tips. Don't tell anyone I told you...especially Mabel. She'll tease me 'bout it. Anyways...to be a good kisser? You really want to make sure the person you're kissing wants to be kissed, first of all. I mean there's spontaneous kisses sure but you still want the person you're kissing to be into it, into you. Uh lets see...watch out bout knocking your noses or teeth together by accident, that sucks. Try to keep your lips like...well not wet but not dry either, make sense? Oh and watch where you put your hands! Shoulders and neck are usually pretty good, a hand on their cheek or back of the head if they let you is nice too-"

"Why...do you have to watch out for teeth?"

"Cause when you decide to slip some t-...decide to kiss when you're married. Then you can do uh...adult kisses..." Aria had really been into telling you about kissing, even though a lot of it didn't make complete sense yet. Course she may been a little too into it by the way she had to stop herself just now...

"I'm a good kisser!" Lisa pipes up. "Look!"

Lisa grabs your cheeks and gives you a big kiss on the lips, giggling as she does.

"See? I'm a very good kisser!"

"A-Ah...you uh...sure are..."

Does it count as a kiss from a girl if she's only four? Aria giggles at the scene before scolding Lisa about kissing people without permission. Another shower opens up and you take it, entering the stall quickly.

As you stand there with the warm water hitting you, there's still that lingering want.
Keep trying to ignore it...you've been doing pretty good so far...
Focus on something else...

What do you think about instead?
Our second not!date with Lawrence.
Just think about how nice it will be to go see a play with Lawrence...it'll be like he's taking you on a date...or is it more like you're taking him on a date? Why are you calling it a date? You're just taking a friend to a play and dinner...wait...isn't that what a date it? Or...no...wait, yes...no...

What if he says no? Whatever you do...don't act upset about it...he might might just want to stay home for once...what if he doesn't want to go at all then? Do you even want to go to the play? Well...yeah you do...free nice dinner and all...but you can't go by yourself...who would you ask to go with instead then? Jessica maybe but...does that make a date too then? And what if she says no too? Oh god, you will just have to keep asking different people and get turned down...what if no one wants to go with you? You'll be sitting in the box with two dinners crying-

Oh, you should shower while thinking too...duh...

You scrub yourself clean and step out. Marilyn has already started to get dressed and it looks like Aria and Lisa are showering now. As you put your bra on Marilyn speaks up.

"So Bunny..."


"Lawrence doesn't like the way you kiss, huh?"

You never realized how difficult it is to try and silence a person while also trying to clip your bra in place. Aria looks a bit shocked when she steps out with Lisa only to see you only half dressed and pulling on Marilyn's ears while she grins maniacally.

"Um...we're behaving..."

"No we're not."

"Q-Quiet Marilyn..."


You have a much easier time sneaking out of the community center this time, no police officer in sight. Aria talks about all the different things she can do with your hair and face while you try to talk her down to keeping it simple. Marilyn can't help to butt in and mention about having you dressed up to impress your 'man'. If you weren't carrying Lisa on your back again you would have cuffed her...

During the walk you can't help but keep an eye out for any cars again...what are you supposed to do if you see the same one though?

Aria stops in front of a building...oh, it's the cafe.
Right, right she mentioned stopping here for lunch. She peers through the window, waving excitedly inside before shuffling the three of you in. There are people but it's not exactly busy at this moment. Aria directs you to one of the larger booths in the back corner, having you all slide in before going to the counter. Soon enough you see Sarah pop out...it's weird seeing her dressed so...bright? It doesn't really suit her dark makeup or teased hair though...

Mabel comes up too and seems to be talking to Aria, a sudden look of disgruntle coming over her face before she goes to take care of another table. Sarah walks back with Aria, sliding into the booth.

"Why's Mabel not coming?" Aria looks annoyed at the answer and Sarah answers for her.

"She forgot the missus was coming and took her break early. That's fine though, means we will get extra special service." Sarah is smacking her gum as she says this, looking at her painted nails.

"I even told her specifically before she left..."

"Guess she got too hungry. Anyways, hope you guys are fine with sandwiches and soups. The owner usually lets us take the left overs and 'expired' ones for our breaks without charge. Nothing wrong with em of course, but we can't give em to customers."

Mabel comes over a few minutes later with a platter covered in assorted sandwiches and bowls balanced ever so carefully.

"Eheh...s-sorry babe..." Mabel offers a sheepish apology as Aria looks away, nose in the air.

"Well, enjoy anyways. Gotta keep working..."

"Hope you know we don't tip." Sarah gives a wicked grin that Mabel returns with a raspberry before running back to her duties.

You enjoy tomato soup with a ham and cheese sandwich, getting the chance to talk with Sarah. She tells you that she learnt bass through self-teaching in high school and college, though she did learn piano as a child. It seems like her break is short though, as only ten minutes passes before she leaps up.

"Welp, back to the grindstone. Try not to stay too mad at the lady, I'll give her plenty of hell for ya."

"Pfft...alright, thanks for lunch Sarah."


The rest of you finish lunch before moving out. While eating you notice that the cafe is pretty small compared to how it looks on the outside, when you mention this Aria states that the other part of the building serves as the home for the owners. That might explain how it seems so...cozy? Like you are eating at someone's house rather then at a restaurant. Aria leaves a tip anyways as you help Lisa button her coat back up again.

As soon as you step back out you miss the warmth of the cafe. Carry Lisa at least helps to trap what little heat you have between you though...

Still, you are relieved to finally arrive at the school, stomping your boots free of snow just inside and leaving them to dry. Buttercup runs up begging to be help, which you readily comply. As she showers you with affection you can see Lawrence is up and eating lunch.

"Find out for sure when you're going to go and I'll help fix you up for it." Aria mentions in passing as she starts to take Lisa back over to Jessica.

How do you want to ask Lawrence to go with you to the play?
Just casually mention that you have an extra ticket to a play and maybe he'd like to go see it, no big deal
Blush uncontrollably and spaghetti all over the floor
Try to be coy and casually ask if he'd wanna go catch that dinner and show we were offered. Struggle because we actually are shy about it rather than pretending.
You prepare yourself, smoothing down your hair and clothes as you remove your jacket, setting Buttercup down to run off. You feel nervous asking him for some reason...you really shouldn't, you're only wanting to go to the play.

Just act calm...collected...cool. You keep getting called a lady, act like one.

You walk up to Lawrence, hands behind your back as you try to act nonchalant. He gives you a quick greeting as he continues to eat his pasta, a magazine in his lap...it's just about cars or something...


One word in and your voice cracks.

You're the epitome of cool and calm, Delilah.

You clear your voice and try again.

"Hey, I was hoping if um...if you w-wanted to..." As you're prepared to ask him you feel your face grow a bright red and you twiddle our fingers, twisting about as try to focus on your words.

"That uh...that lady who gave m-me the tickets yesterday...well I mean the card with like...her permission or whatever on the back...well I mean you know, you were there...uh it's a p-play...well I mean, a dinner and a play...I c-can have a uh...another person there with me and I'd r-rather not like...sit there alone...I would look like a loser if I did that...so I was uh...h-hoping...well I mean, just I wanted to know if uh...if y-you wanted to be my second person...er, ticket or uh...you know, whatever...if you wanted to go with me t-tonight."

You're absolutely burning up as the answer is handed back to you.

Nah. Plays are dumb

It feels like an arrow right through the heart.

No, it's okay, you prepared yourself for this. Just someone else like Jessica. Just ask someone else-

When Lawrence looks back up from his food, noodles dangling out of his mouth, he nearly chokes when he sees your pitiful face. You try as hard as you can to accept it, to play it off as cool.

"T-That's o-o-okay-"

It is not okay.

He quickly scribbles down another note for you, trying to finish chewing the food in his mouth.

I was kidding. I'll go with you.

Well...now you feel even more embarrassed about close to tears now.

"Oh...oh um, in that case g-great. M-...Make sure you dress nicely!" You turn and walk away quickly to hide your shameful face.

Nailed it.

You all but run over to Aria.


"So you're going tonight?"

You nod quickly, a mix of fear and excitement.

"When's it start?"

"I uh...I think 6:30...?"

"I think if you take a taxi there it'll take you maybe an hour...what time is it now?"

"Uh...uh I think it's um...one? That sounds about right..."

"So you are going on a date~?" Marilyn pops in, Buttercup in her arms and a grin on her face.

"N-Not a date just a show and dinner-"

"Sounds like a date~"

"She's kinda right."

"N-Not you too Aria..."

"Hey, I think it's cute! Like you're practicing for a real one!" Aria clasps her hands together, the look of pure joy in her eyes.

"But lets do the best part! Getting ready!"

"Th-This early?"

"Well yeah, you wanna make it on time. We gotta try different colors on you, mess with your hair, make sure it goes with your clothes...the whole package!"

"Marilyn, wanna help?"
"Of course~"

In only a little bit Marilyn stands behind you, brushing out your hair as Aria looks through her makeup collection.

What do you want to talk about as they help you get ready?
How 2 date
Why does Johnny Quest look so down?
Because I haven't done any hand stretches and my wrist is trying to kill me so I didn't fix the picture cause I was too sore ;_;
How does dating go, anyway. What'd be expected of us and what we should expect. If there's something we should or shouldn't do.

Get worried ifn't people might think Lawrence is a... if they wont find it weird that Lawrence and us are there together. We don't look related, and the age gap is visible.
Sorry bout the long wait, trying to get a sketch done to go along with this one.
"Aria...what are dates like? N-Not that this is one-"
There's a tug on your hair when you add the last part.

"Dates? Well I mean, there's lots of different ones y'know. Lotta crummy ones too...but I mean, they should be fun for the most part."

"Is there like...anything specific you need to do for them?"

"Well, enjoy yourself. That should be you're top priority, cause if it turns out you don't like your date then at least you had a fun night out, free dinner, whatever. As for like, the guy? Hmm..."

Aria tilts your chin up as she begins applying eyeliner.

"Well, usually you want to find out about each other, see if you guys are gonna be a good match. See what he likes, tell him stuff you like. Maybe what you're looking for in a partner. Let's see...make sure you smile and laugh, not too much of course. Just enough to the guy knows what a cute girl you are."

It actually feels relaxing to have her work on your face, and when she isn't tugging it's nice to have Marilyn brush your hair too.

"Make sure you talk with each other a bunch, find out what you want, all that. If you like the guy enough then hold hands during the date, but don't kiss him at all during it! Make him earn it! If you like him enough then you can let him have a kiss at the end of the date. Then you can see about any other dates."

"Oh so that's how it works..." You hear Marilyn say, the brush traversing down your hair.

"What about the guy? What is he supposed to do?"

"Be a gentleman. Open the doors for you, pull out your chair, compliment you, pay for dinner, that sort of thing."

"You don't split it?"

"Well, if you actually like the guy then you do. If not then just pretend to enjoy yourself and get a free dinner...er...d-don't actually do that though..."

"Her hair is all brushed!"

"Great, let's see what I can do with it..." Aria and Marilyn change places, your hair being pulled up by Aria.

"Huh, she actually made you look a bit older..."

"N-Not too old...right?"

"Nah, you look like a grownup."

"Well, maybe not quite an adult, but it helps make you look mature." Aria adds in, fixing the part in your hair.

"Um...d-...do you think people make like at us funny? If I'm taking Lawrence to this? I know he's older then me and we don't really look related..."

You can hear Aria think about this, bobby-pins sliding into your bangs.

"Well...maybe you'll get a few prudish looks here and there. You two are just going to see a play though, I don't see why it would be a big deal. It's not like this is an actual date or anything..."

Marilyn's grin spreads wide at this and you shush her before she can speak.
[1/a fukkin lot]
"If anyone bothers to ask, then just tell them the truth. That you're with a friend. And if they still pester you then just tell 'em to mind their own business. You shouldn't worry bout that and just focus on having fun tonight. I know those box seats are fun." The majority of your hair is pulled back and you're freed from her grasp.

"There, now we should find you something to wear and complete this..."
Aria digs through her numerous clothes, Marilyn at her side to help.

"This isn't a good one for her figure..."

"Won't she freeze in this one? There's barely any fabric!"

"Ooh how about thi-....oh, oh god no. That's for my date nights...I just need to tuck that away..."

"What bout that one Aria? It'll make her look all ~mature~ 'n stuff."

"Yeah...yeah, alright. Let's get her in it. We can use...ah...these. These shoes will work."

Before you can get a look at the clothes you're dragged off to change, Aria and Marilyn waiting outside.

You struggle to dress quickly while making sure to keep the fabric unwrinkled...wait where does this go...right here and then this goes here...ah...how are you supposed to get the back...?

"I think I need help..."

The two girls rush into the bathroom to help, eager to see how you look in the dress.

"Oh, oh no you can't wear your bra with that! The straps will show! Plus, it's got a builtin one."

"Are you sure that's fine? I would feel a bit weird not having one..."

"Yes yes yes, it's fine! Take it off then I can fix you up."

You carefully remove your bra from the dress, holding up the dress's cups around your chest. Aria comes around and ties up the strings that cross up your back and closes the back. It takes a little getting use to, but you're fairly confident that the front will stay up now.

"Won't she get cold in that?"

"I have a shawl she can wear till she gets there."

"Okay-Oh! The shoes! Put on the shoes Bunny!"

"Eh...b-but..." You look down at the black heels set before you. "I've never walked in these kind before..."

"It'll be fine! You'll need to learn sometime!"

With the way Aria and Marilyn are staring you feel pressured to put on the daunting shoes, wobbling a little as you stand up straight in them. They're not as bad as you thought they would be...till you take your first step anyways.

"I d-don't think I can wear these..."

"It'll be fine, watch. Marilyn, hold her hand and we'll practice in the hallway."

"M'lady~" Marilyn teases you as she holds out her palm, which you take firmly in fear of falling. Aria leads you out to the hall, letting you take slow baby steps. The click of the heels sound so loud, like you're the only thing around...

You feel embarrassed to have Aria instruct you how to walk up and down the floor way, needing to hold Marilyn's hand the entire time. The fifth time down you feel confident enough to try walking alone, managing to make it without falling...though you do have to take an occasional shaky step.
"Great! You've got the hang of it!"

"W-What about the snow?"

"I'm sure Law wouldn't mind picking you up above it all~" Marilyn has her tongue poking out as she says this, Aria giving a smile. Does she realize how much the younger girl bullies you...?

"Alright! You probably need to head out now! Go see if Lawrence is ready!" Aria pushes you ahead as you enter the cafeteria. You feel pretty shy but locate Lawrence....

Taking a nap, his magazine covering his face...

"Get up! You're not ready are you? We'll b-be late!" You kneel down and shake him awake, which takes some effort. When Lawrence manages to sit up he looks groggy and confused.

"The play! You need to get dressed for the play!" You feel bad for scolding but...you went through all this to go with him. Lawrence stares at you before standing up, taking out another one of his button-ups, sniffing it, then changing into it in front of you.

"Is...is that all you're going to do...?"

Lawrence seals his answer by putting on his new coat. You see that he did a hasty patch job to the corner and wiped away the blood. He must see the slight annoyance on your face as he thumbs his chin, showing off his trimmed up beard for you.

"I...okay. You know what? It's fine. L-Let's go now."

When you look back at the hallway you can see Aria and Marilyn peeking around, watching you.

You hope none of that was too embarrassing...

Outside you try to step carefully, but you aren't prepared for you heel to catch on the ledge. You manage to catch yourself before falling...that would have been awful. It's a bit of a longer trek for you, having to look for the shallowest part of the snow to walk. Lawrence is already at the fence waiting for you as you're tiptoeing around the slush.

"Sorry...sorry about the wait..."

Lawrence shrugs at the apology and you attempt to keep yourself collected, walking tall and...well you wouldn't really call it confident, but close enough. You're freezing by the time a cab is hailed and despite wanting to rush in you make sure to slide into the seat as dainty as possible. You feel too shy in the moment to try and talk to Lawrence so you watch out the window instead. The theater in on the nicer part of town, closer to grandmother's neighborhood. The buildings you begin to pass as the taxi gets closer are grander and much older then a lot of the places you pass. The street you step out on is even brick paved rather then asphalt or concrete, the slush having been cleaned away so only white clear snow remains on trees and parts of the road instead. Several nice cars pass up and down the road and the theater is easy enough to spot. A tall building, white with a large sign up front with gold letters. A large ornate window takes up the space behind the sign, several lights lining the entry way. People stand outside, waiting entry.

Grande Theater

Creative name...
You go up and wait in the line with Lawrence, doing your best to not shiver. It doesn't take long before you're at the entry, a man in a tuxedo standing way.

"Tickets please."

"Oh we don't have-"

"I'm afraid we're sold out, if you don't already have tickets then we can't let you in."

"Oh...no but wait, I have this..." You start to reach inside your top, where you have your cash stored but quickly turn around to shield yourself as you try to find the card. Maybe you should have asked for a purse...

"Um..h-here you do..." You pass the card to the appalled man, who takes it anyways.

"This is just a card, ma'am."

"T-Turn it around..." You're becoming more flustered by the situation, you're sure the people behind you are staring...

The man does turn it around and though he has the snootiest look he reads it all the way through and sighs.

"Alright, this is the Madame's signature alright. Go on in and to the left, someone should escort you to one of the boxes."

"T-Thank you..." You take back the card, thankful to be out of his sights. You feel weird, leading Lawrence in. Even though you're dressed up nicely and he....well, he doesn't look entirely like a hobo, you still feel out of place. Deep red carpet lines the floor as you find where you're supposed to go, a tall and winding staircase with a marble rail. Another man stands in place, barring entry.

You hand him the card with a shaky hand, worried about the same treatment from earlier.

"A friend of hers, eh? Well ma'am, if you go up the stairs and go through the fourth door we should have a vacancy." This guy is much warmer as he hands you back the card.

"Oh, thank you very much." He nods in acceptance to your thanks and moves aside to let you up.

Oh jeez...you should have practiced walking up stairs...

You hold to the guard rail for dear life, knees shaking. The edge of the heel catches on at one point and you're ready to fall to your knees. Lawrence manages to catch you before you can, saving yourself from any potential bruises.

With extra care you manage to make it to the top floor with no further mishaps. Servers are walking up and down the hall as you find the correct door, swinging it open to see a balcony seat, a table set up with four spots. You notice Lawrence takes the spot furthest from the edge...that's right...he doesn't like heights. You decide on the spot next to him, getting a clear view of the stage. Below you are rows of seats, most of them filled up with a buzzing crowd. You're amazed by the fact that you're above them like this...it feels a bit unreal.
File: Spoiler Image (96 KB, 569x740)
96 KB

You're broken out of your trance as the door swings open, one of the servers handing you a short menu. She stands there smiling as you look at the selection...there's only like...five things on here...

"I'll um...I'll take the uh...chicken..." You would try to pronounce the words in front of it but you don't want to embarrass yourself further tonight. She nods and writes down what you would like and turns to Lawrence, who points at...you think that means steak.

"Alright, and what would you like to drink?" She directs this back at you...ah...what would they have?
"C-Can I just have uh...do you have any juice...?"

The woman looks a bit thrown off by the request but thinks about it and nods.

"I believe we have apple, is that fine?"

"Yeah! I mean...yes."

"Alright, it should be here before the play tonight starts."

You thank her as she leaves, just you and Lawrence sitting at the table.

Okay...time to be mature and cool...

What do you want to talk about?
Messy as FUCK sketch
Ask if he's ever been to something like this before. Dinner theater. Use the opportunity to learn about Lawrence as a... person instead of just our guardian angel and handsome devil.

Maybe get the story behind his tattoo.

Maybe we should get a tattoo. That'd be cool, right?

Ask him about shit IDK
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914 KB
914 KB GIF
Ask if Lawrence has seen Les Miserables.

Now I'm sure everyone things I want to see Delilah portrayed as Cosette, but on the contrary, I'm hoping for a sketch of Lawrence as Jean Valjean with the men of Good Hope manning the barricades as the French army mounts the initial assault.

Holy shit Sue come on now, when are we gonna fight the death squads?
Compliment him on taking care of the beard overrunning his neck, his jaw is much better defined.

Ask him about his chub.
Plenty of girls need them starting at age 10 silly goose
I dont have it in inventory cause I, out of everything, thought it would be weird to list.
"Um so...have you been to something like this before? A dinner-theater? It's a lot fancier then I thought it would be." You figured it would be good to try and talk to Lawrence about things not about...well, just about everything you guys have been through the past few days.

I was never really into this kinda stuff. I helped with a play once in school but they just needed me as a stage hand. I don't think I even stuck around to see the actual play's opening.

"Right...you don't like to be in the center of attention, right?"

He nods and the door swings open again, the food brought before you. Your much too fancy chicken is set before you, as is a piece of cheesecake and your juice.

"Ah, thank you!" It looks pretty amazing though, even though you were never a fan the green beans on the side smell just as delicious, a white sauce drizzled over everything. If you remember it was called...Holiday sauce? No...not spelled like that...well, whatever. It's here now. The steak set down in front of Lawrence looks and smells just as amazing too, a cherry topping his piece of cheesecake...aw...it looks like yours is missing...

"Oh and sir, this was waiting for you too. It seems like our owner graciously had this reserved for you." From the cart the server pulls out a bucket of ice with a bottle inside, leaving it on the table with a glass. "If there is anything else you need, we will have someone waiting at the end of the hall. The play should start in fifteen minutes, please enjoy."

The door is swung shut and you look back at Lawrence, who already has the bottle in his hands. You can make out the letters CHAMP- from the label.

"...you shouldn't drink."

The cork is popped off. You snatch his glass and hold it away, near the edge.

"You have water, drink that! Or see if they have like...soda or something here instead..."

The bottle remains in Lawrence's hands as he looks you in the eyes.

He wouldn't...

"You wouldn't..."

Lawrence would.

You watch in defeat as the bottle comes up to his mouth, drinking from it directly.

"Augh! You're the...the w-worst!" You hand back the glass in frustration, Lawrence wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

Ah...that's not proper of you...try to remain proper...

Lawrence pours himself a glass this time, returning the bottle to the bucket as you begin to cut into your food.

"Um...anyways...I was wondering...what's that tattoo on your shoulder?" You take a bite of chicken. It's good, it really is but there's an...off sort of aftertaste to it...is it the sauce?

It's something I ended up getting up while I was working between William and Frankie. I remember seeing this family crest of some sort somewhere, I think it was Celtic? I was like, 16 when I drew it from memory so it's probably way off from the original design, but I just thought it would be so damn cool to have it cause there was this wolf in the middle. One night I was drunk with Frankie and he convinced me to get a tattoo. Pretty dumb idea on my part but I didn't know any better at that time. Went into the parlor, drew up the design on a napkin and let the guy do his work. Could have turned out much worse.

"You should show it to me better next time...i-if you don't mind anyways..." You try the green beans next. They're not your favorite but these taste pretty good...more appealing then the chicken is right now...why...

"Um...I like how you trimmed up." You gesture at your chin and neck. "It makes you look a lot tidier, and like...your jaw looks more uh...defined."

Almost considered going clean shaven
"No, don't do that! You should leave some of it...it uh...it makes you look kinda sorta manly..." You look away as you say this, trying to play off the compliment without it seeming too awkward.

"So...did the tattoo hurt? Oh well...I guess you were drunk when you got it...I wonder if I should get one too...w-would that be cool?"

Lawrence nods as he takes a bite into his steak...it smells pretty good even though its...rare? It looks rare.

"You'll have to design me one then." Finishing your vegetables, you look forward to the cheesecake.

Still...you wish yours had a piece of fruit too...

Lawrence is still chowing down on the steak and you, ever so slowly and ever so sneakily, push your fork at his dessert. The cherry is skewered as you bring it back, but you're caught in the act.

"Uh...heh...can I have it?"

You never thought you would fight a grown man for a little piece of fruit.

"C'mooooon....lemme have it!" You're desperate to keep it away from his outreached hands, leaning far across the table and trying to push him back.
"Lemme have your cherry! Mine's gone!"

You want it, dammit.

"Just lemme have your cherry-"

As you say this the lights outside dim down and a spot light focuses on stage. Even though no one can see up here you both get back into proper seating positions, as if you weren't like children fighting over something as dumb as a piece of fruit.

You still have it though...

You pop it into your mouth and stick your tongue at him.

"Stole your cherry~"


A man comes out on stage and introduces the play, The Man of La Mancha. You watch intensely as it starts up, excited as you have never heard of this story before.
It's a musical, a story within a story. The main character is a prisoner, telling the story of an older man, Don Quixote, who is a retired but delusional man trying to become a knight. You laugh when he tries to fight the windmill and fails horribly. There's a woman who acts pretty rude to him, but she helps him out at one point and he pledges his loyalty to her and calls her by a name much nicer then her own. She doesn't believe that she deserves such a nice name...oh...she's a whore...no wonder she's always upset...

You feel a bit strange when the woman is dragged off stage by soldiers at one point...they don't say it explicitly but you know they hurt her...both by beating her and...and...how sad...

You have to look away during this part, Lawrence placing a comforting hand on your shoulder. You try to not let this damper your mood further and go back to paying attention to what is happening on stage.

Don Quixote tries to tell her that she will have vengeance by his hand but she pushes him away...more upset now that she has been shown a good life that she can not have. Don Quixote then has his fantastical delusions broken by a doctor trying to fix him but...he doesn't look any happier to be fixed...he falls into a coma even...

All the nice people from the play gather around his bed, trying to rouse him. It takes the girl to come back and wake him, he does not remember any of his time as a 'knight'. She sings to him a song while thanking him for showing her a better life, and he rises back up ready to be Don Quixote again. But he ends up dying before he can continue his adventure, prior injuries ending his life short...

The play ends with the man who has been telling this story going to trial, given a not guilty verdict.

What a sad but sweet ending...it seems like a lot of the characters ending off better even though Don Quixote is dead...

You clap and cheer as the actors come on stage, taking their bow. The lead comes back on stage with a bouquet of flowers, speaking to the audience once again.

"And now, if you would, give a hand to the house's owner and director! Ms Sharron Faraway!"

You cheer and clap loudly as she comes on stage, accepting the flowers and giving a bow to the audience.

"I thank all of you for coming down this evening! This is my dear brother's favorite play, and so it is a gift from me to him. I love you, Albert!" You notice that she's waving at box just a few rooms down from you. The patrons down below are starting to shuffle out, it might be best to let them exit first.

The play is over, what do you want to do?
Also, my wrist is trying to kill me and La Mancha is too complex for the space I have to write so go read the synposis or something
>Stole your cherry
is this foreshadowing
we've gotta go say hi to al!
... Faraway? Albert Faraway? We have to try and catch him! Lawrence has to meet him!

It's been... so long since we met him. Will he even recognize us like this?

Would he even remember?
Make vicious love with Lawrence inside of our private box
And hold Lawrence's hand like Aria said.
As you stand up you piece together the name she just said.

Albert Faraway

He's the owner of the Queen Bee's...the one who opened his doors to you...

Lawrence is more then alarmed as you scramble past him, ripping the door open. Is he still here? You look up and down the hall, a slew of serves and guests walking past.

Ah what does he look like....slicked back and shiny hair...that tiny mustache...where was she waving at? A few rooms down...

You push past the servers but you're not entirely sure what room it was...what if he already left?

"-was absolutely wonderful, thank you."

That's his voice, isn't it? You can see a man talking to a waiter, his back towards you. Lawrence catches up as you stare at the man in front of you, a look of confusion and exasperation on his face.

Would this guy even recognize you? How long has it been since you were last there...a few weeks...would he even care?

"Mr. Faraway?"

The man turns and looks back, confused at his name being called.

"May I help you, ma'am?"

He doesn't recognize you...of course not, you were only there for a night.

You...were also much dumpy then, your hair was longer too.

"Do you remember me? My name is Delilah, I'm the-"

"Girl from the alley." Faraway's eyes light up as clicks it all together. "Yes, yes I remember you. I don't usually get girls your age around. I was worried since you hadn't returned but at the same time I hoped that meant you were doing well."

"Ah, well...I'm uh...I'm actually still on the street...I'm only here because your...your sister? The lady on the stage, she gave me tickets here because I helped her out."

"Were you the one that returned my nephew?"

"K-Kinda, I mean, just to the police but-"

"Amazing. Absolutely amazing, she had been worried sick, I still remember her phone call telling me that Timothy was missing. It's awful, but she was frightened about never seeing her son again." Faraway takes your hand and gives it a good but gentle shake.

"I doubt my sister would have continued on if her boy was gone."

Jeez...they act like you rescued him from a wolf or something...all you did was take him to a police officer...

As you think about how to respond Faraway's eye glance from you to behind you.

"Ah, and who is this gentleman?"

"My uh, my friend. Lawrence."

"Good evening." Faraway greets him with a firm handshake, which Lawrence returns with no less confusion.

"Has he been helping you?"

"Yes, so much."

"I'm glad. He's a handsome fellow."

"Ye-" Wait did he just call him handsome?

"Listen, I'm sorry about cutting this short but there's an overnight snowstorm warning. How are you getting back?"

"Well I thought about a bus to save on cash...I didn't realize the weather was going to get bad..."

"It should be fine in the morning, but they're worried about the streets freezing over with sleet tonight. The buses might be shut down early, last year they had trouble with one of them tipping over during a route."

"Oh jeez...we'll have to like...walk or something...I should have brought something other then heels..." You bite your lip thinking about how dreadful the walk is going to be. Even if Lawrence carries you it's going to be something terrible...

"Well, if you don't mind waiting a little bit for me to talk with Sharron, then I can give you a ride. I have my own car. And actually, if you don't mind I only live about ten minutes away, in the Abernathy Apartments. I have a guestroom if you wanted to go back in the morning instead."

Would you rather try to go back to the school or stay the night at Faraway's apartment?
fuckin do it
(stay at his apartment, i mean)
Mmyes? Seems like it'd be better than to risk getting caught unaware by a snowstorm and us or Lawrence breaking our tailbone.

Plus it's really cold out and we're not at all dressed for that.
Okay, but please don't molest Lawrence because he's our beau.
>"M'lady~" Marilyn teases you
Marilyn confirmed as a fat fedora-wearing neckbeard. On another note, Delilah could have practiced kissing with Jessica.

Also, I think Delilah would be a very good cherry thief.

Stay with Faraway.

>practiced kissing with Jessica
The flesh-eating disease wouldn't be practice, though.
"Actually, if you don't mind both of staying then at your apartment would be nice."

"Excellent, if you would wait in the lobby for me then? I will meet you down there when I'm done and have the car pulled up front." Faraway walks to the end of the hallway and, to your surprise, pushes into the wall and swinging a false door open leading down to a stairway. He waves at you as he descends inside, the door remaining back into it's inconspicuous position. If you had to guess it leads to the stage but...that was a big strange.

"Guess we'll wait downstairs."

When you look up at Lawrence he's just lost on the entire thing.

"Ah! Right you don't know who that is. Well I don't really either...ah...that sounds weird...b-but! He's a nice man! When I was first out on the streets I was in his alley and he gave me permission to stay the nights there. His place is only open on Friday and Saturday, it's a uh...a gentleman's club? Do you know what those are?"

Lawrence stares down at you ready to answer, but decides to abstain. In doing so you pretty much confirm that he does, in fact, know what a gentleman's club is. You'll grill him later on that.

You think back to what Aria said as you begin to walk to the stairwell. You've done it before so it should be fine now, right? Just reach out and take his hand-

"You brought the champagne?"

Lawrence shrugs and nods, but then holds out his free hand to you.

At first you give him a bit of a pouty face before letting him take your hand, leading you down the stairs. You take extra care to not trip or wobble too much on the way down, an extraordinary feat for you at the moment.

The entrance hall is full of a thinning crowd, many of those who seem to be waiting for the valet to pull their rides forward. To keep out of the way you both stand somewhat awkwardly in the corner, watching the groups of people leaving. The majority of them look to be older folks, ones that would be around your grandmother's age. There's an occasional kid or young adult but they seem rare and spread out.

You don't really speak to him, but you're glad that Lawrence is still holding your hand. If anything it keeps you from feeling alone, even in the silence.

Most of the guests have left, leaving workers to clean up the area as you wait. Faraway finally emerges again, talking to one of the workers. Once the other man walks off he speaks to the valet who leaves to fetch the vehicle. You drag Lawrence to the front doors where Faraway stands, a smile on his face.

"There you are, so sorry about the wait. My sister was always a chatter box. Funny, she likes talking but never has the time for it."

"It's not a problem, thank you so much for this."

"No no, don't thank me. I'm sorry for not extending more help to you before, but it's hard to do so nowadays."

"How so?"

"Ah well-" Before he continue the valet comes back in, returning the keys to his hands. "Let's get on the road and I'll try to explain to you then."
Faraway ushers you outside, a dark blue and shiny sedan waiting. You don't know cars well but it looks like a Mercury.

"Sorry about this dear, but you should take the backseat. There wouldn't be near enough leg room for your tall friend here. It'd be best for him to take front seat."

"Oh, yeah. Of course." Faraway smiles as he walks round and takes his place behind the driver wheel. You slide into the back, moving to take up the middle and buckling in. The car wiggles about when Lawrence ducks up front...how long has it been since you were in a car last? The heater feels nice already as Faraway pulls out, turning down the brick street.

"Um...as you were saying earlier?"

"Hm? Oh, right right. You see so many of those in need, and it's hard to not constantly extend a hang out to them. There are times when those with a bleeding heart for the needy are...well...bled out, so to speak. It's easy for a person to fall down the ladder, much harder to climb back up. Some people will do whatever it takes to get help, even if that means less then...respectable ways. In other words, you give an inch they take a foot kind of deal."

You sort of understand...but you also don't. You look out the window, seeing that you are passing the transition between the business blocks and into the residential. It differs from your grandmother's neighbor as it looks like things are more compact here...they're apartments but they look like extremely nice apartments. Every street lamp works, you don't see any bums hanging about...it just all looks so clean.

"Man of few words, eh Lawrence? That's fine, the mysterious and brooding type are always nice."

...he's not hitting on him is he?


Better not be...not on Lawrence anyways...

Faraway turns the car inside a parking garage, an apartment complex connected. He leads you inside, soft lights and warm air leading the way down the carpeted hallways. It looks like someone actually cleans the place up rather then letting the dirt and muck collect...

As the door is unlocked, apartment 206, you can see that it's actual wood and not the cheap stuff that chips easily.

"And welcome to my home." Faraway swings the door open, allowing you both to walk in. It's not huge, but certainly large enough for one person. The kitchen and living room are connected, a halfway wall dividing them, two doors on the left and right side of the room. It looks nice but there's not really much inside, the walls and furniture are fairly white. There is the occasional bright color with paintings and decor...it feels kind of like you walked into an art exhibit. A large clock without numbers ticks away at the wall, if you're reading it correctly then it's a bit past ten.

Faraway removes his heavy coat, placing it on a rack by the door.

"Now, it is a bit past my bedtime, unfortunately."

...doesn't he work all night on the weekends though?

You want to ask that but decide it can wait till morning.
"So, those two doors on the left? The first one is the guest room, the other is the guest bathroom. I don't have much here for food, but there is plenty fruit in the bowl and you can at least get yourself something to drink." Faraway yawns loudly as he heads over to the right doors, opening one up to reveal a closet. He takes out a pile of blankets and hands them over to Lawrence.

"Now, don't hesitate to knock if you need anything."

...was there emphasis on that last word? You can't really tell...

"I can assume you two will be able to handle your own sleeping arrangements?"

"Ah, y-yes."

"Excellent. If you need to the couch is doable as a sleeping place, but the guest room is much warmer since the vent is in there. Now, I hope to see you in the morning."

You nod and Faraway retreats into his bedroom, leaving you and Lawrence standing in the living room.

"I uh...I took him for a night owl...he must really stick to his schedule though..." You turn to open the guestroom. It's much cozier then the living room is, a wooden bed and dresser inside. It weirdly has a cabin feel to it...

"Oh...oh darn it...I don't have anything to change into. I hope Aria won't be mad at me sleeping in her dress..."

It's going to be extremely uncomfortable to though...maybe you should have tried to head back to the school...

If you don't mind, I can let you wear my undershirt.

"I don't suppose you'd have any spare pants?"

Lawrence shakes his head and you sigh. Still...it would probably be smart to not sleep in this...it's hard enough to walk around in...

"Okay, um let me get this off...stand outside...w-wait before you do though um..." You turn your back to Lawrence, your hands already holding the front up. "Will you untie me? The knot is too high for me..."

Lawrence pulls the strings loose, and you keep a steady grip as the fabric becomes loose around your body. He unbuttons his shirt and pulls off the gray undershirt, laying it on the bed before exiting the room. You carefully slip the dress off, hanging it over the dresser as flat as you can. The shirt he left behind is warm...but much much too big. When you let it hang the neck comes down and exposes more of your chest then you'd like. You do your best to pull it down in the back to make up for it. Luckily the size means it comes down and covers your underwear, for the most part anyways. Still, you feel pretty exposed...

You crawl into bed, making sure the soft comforter covers your body before you call Lawrence back in.

"Thanks for the shirt, I'll give it back in the morning."

He nods at you before arranging the spare blankets on the ground, taking a spare pillow and tossing it down with them.

What do you want to do before you sleep?
Last update for the night, see you guys later!
Tell Lawrence it would be more comfortable to sleep in the bed with us. It's not like we haven't slept together before
Offer him a smile for the... not!date.

He doesn't have to sleep on the floor, we could scoot over. We can even have a blanket between us so it wouldn't be weird, right?
Wasn't it just a blood thing? Also Marylin could have helped tho.

We could also have tried kissing Lisa, but... I don't feel like I have to explain that.

Steal Law's cherry.
Blood, semen, and vaginal fluids, but would you be willing to risk Jess having a cavity?
Wait, what if Jessica just has AIDS and we've been dealing with the 1980's horrific understanding of "gay cancer"?

There a TV in the guestroom? TV is always good for having something to discuss. It also helps wind you down for sleep.

Mention your Mom's favorite musical was Evita, but you've never seen it.

I've seen a good amount of stuff on Broadway and I just want to talk about that now, but /lit/'s definitely the wrong place. For those of you wondering, no The Book of Mormon is not overrated, go and see it while everyone's trying to sell organs for Hamilton tickets.
Bower has 10/10 taste.
>that text
Please don't make him a dick. He's a bro man. A bro.
Is he really going to try and sleep on the floor? You've shared a bed before...maybe he's a bit worried since you're only in the undershirt and panties? Well when you think about it that way...but still...you had to sleep alone last night and you would rather not do it again.

...you're sounding kind of spoiled.

"You can sleep in the bed with me, I don't mind sharing space." You grin as you say this, trying to look welcoming.

Lawrence shakes his head, mouthing the words 'I'm-good'.

"You've slept in the same bed with me before...why not tonight?" The voice that comes out is much softer and pitiful then you had expected from yourself, sounding like a child rather then adult you keep boasting yourself as.

Your pitiful nature must have worked, as Lawrence grimaces somewhat but sits on the edge of the bed, removing his shoes before swinging his legs over top the covers. The blanket divides you but having him close is nice enough.

"I um...I liked the play tonight...even if it was kinda sad at the end...thanks for going with me." There's a small grin on your face as you say this. "Grandma used to love going to these kinda things with grandpa, I think they took me once but I was so little I got bored and probably fell asleep. Still, grandma said those were her favorite dates."

There's a silence that follows the word that makes you feel uncomfortable.

"...was tonight a date...?"

It looks like Lawrence had been anticipating the question, as he quickly writes down an answer.

Was just the two of us going to an event together, like when girls going on a shopping date. When you hang out with friends you just call it a date sometimes.

"I mean, I've heard girls say that but never guys when they hang out with each other..."

Good point, but guys are just weird about words like that.

"I don't think I've heard about a girl and guy going out and calling it a date unless they were...like...a thing too..."

As he thinks about what to write, it appears you have somewhat stumped Lawrence.

Then it's just an outing. Something fun for friends to do. A guy hanging out with a girl doesn't make it romantic automatically.

"Hm..." You hum your dissatisfaction with the answer. The sounds of the alarm clock set on the dresser fill the empty space, long minutes slipping by. The pillow beneath your head is incredibly soft, the bed feels nice, the blanket keep you warm, yet you feel so uncomfortable.

"Would you have called it a date..." Your voice is low and soft again, as if the words were meant to be thoughts heard by you alone.

"...if I were older?"

You don't look at Lawrence's face when you say this, opting to keep your eyes fixated on the floral pattern of the bedspread. The longer you go without an answer the more your chest tightens up. That question put him on the spot, you know it did. He's got to think of the best way to let you down, to reject you in a way to keep you from crying.

"You can tell me the truth, I won't be upset..." As you say this Lawrence's body shifts, facing away from you and sitting on the edge of the bed with his head in his hands.

The sound of the clock ticking feels like a calm before a storm.
He really doesn't want to hurt your feelings...

"If...were...older..." His voice is shaking, coughing to try and clear it the best he can.


"I-It's alrigh-"

"If...older...t-then...maybe...be alright...not alright...now...though...not okay...to do now..." His shoulders begin to match his voice. "Sorry...s-sorry...don't...hate me...p-please...I'm...I'm j-just...con-fused..."

You sit up as he says this, pulling the hair out of your face.

"What do you mean confused?"

"Don't want...to hurt...you...r-really don't...n-not that...kind of...guy..."

"I know that..."

"But don't...know what...this is...don't want to be...bad man..."

You wrap your arms around him, pressed up against his back.

"You're not a bad man...you should stop calling yourself that..." You whisper. This is all confusing for you though...

"What...did...you want...this to...be?"

"I...I don't know for sure either..." Your squeeze him as you say this. "I would like to have gone on a date like this...something fun with a nice guy...but I like being your friend...I don't want you to not be my friend..."

"I wouldn't...stop...being that..."

The sound of ticking between thoughts again, your face pressed up against his shoulder as you feel him breathe. It's warm, having your cheek pressed against the bare skin of his back. You look up to his shoulder, seeing the black insignia from before. Black twisting and weaving lines inside a shield, the feint shape of a wolf behind it. It looks no bigger then your palm...you would compare it to your hand but you're scared to let go.

"Delilah..." He forces your name out in one go...it's strange hearing him say it.


"What...do you...want? Want...from...me?"
"I think I just want love from you."
Then maybe elaborate that we aren't sure what sort of love it might by end up as, but we pretty obviously love him by this point. Also, point out that we understand why he's hesitant, and that we don't blame him for it. Moving at all quickly would probably be uncomfortable for us.
Happiness? Affection? Love? God, we don't even know, do we...

We don't want... 'that', we just want Lawrence. Is that weird? Maybe some day when the memories don't hurt so much, but... right now we just want him to not push us away. To not be uncomfortable about sleeping with us. To not feel bad about his feelings even if it's because he's... excited, because he wouldn't try anything.
This. Hell, it's kind of flattering to know that he gets excited about us. It makes us feel like a cute lady. We're not tryibg to discourage those kinds of thoughts. We know he wouldn't do anything to make us uncomfortable or to hurt us, and that's why we feel so comfortable around him.
I-I want you to hold me...

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