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=Thread 9=
You are Delilah, an unfortunate runaway with a strange and terrible affliction. There's plenty of hate and misery twisting inside of you due to the transgressions thrust upon you, but there is still a sliver of hope. Will you find your happiness in the end, or succumb to the evils of the world?

=Important Info=
Story Thus Far (Raw): http://pastebin.com/WnGZwK04 Part 1
http://pastebin.com/eGfGW8jV Part 2
There will, hopefully soon, be a much easier to read version of this, if I stop being lazy.

Quick Glance (SPOILERS); https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wXNWJdAKuqw-btrHDbvSkN5Gj3QhdY28XNKRUXMLHu0/edit#heading=h.8xfgre7nxqty
The quick Who is Who and what Delilah has. Mostly accurate.
Twitter; @Cowboy_Sue
Discord; https://discord.gg/0107qV9kiFDlUH9nY
Chat with me and some of the other players, I also post dumb sketches related to the quest there and answer some questions in a cheeky way.

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You still don't feel the same as you did before. It still feels as if there is a hole in your chest, an all consuming black nothingness.

It...it feels a bit smaller though.

"Dummy..." You rub your teary eyes.

"Going out like that...scaring me..."

You move Buttercup next to Lawrence and get up, grabbing the extra blankets.

"Making...making me think you weren't ever going to come back for me..."

You toss another over Lawrence and lay down the rest next to him.

"And then...then you come back like this...g-giving me a present and then falling asleep."

Heh...you're crying again but you're also smiling. Back into the mess of blankets you dive, but this time you don't want them to swallow you up forever. Lawrence is still cold to the touch, but his louder then usual snoring tells you that he's fine...he should be...right?

You carefully put the ring back into the little black box and pocket it. Tomorrow you will try to find something to loop it around, but for now...

Sharing the miss match of blankets, you wrap your arms around Lawrence's shoulders the best you can. Your hands can't really reach the full length around but it's the best you can do.

If it was up to him, even if you were the only thing to keep him from freezing, Lawrence would still insist on leaving space between the two of you.

But right now, it's not up to him.

You squeeze him close, hoping that what little amount of warmth you can offer is enough.


When you wake up, it's in the same position. There's something warm pressed up against your back...it's Buttercup.

Jeez...it's really warm under all these blankets...

You would toss some of them off, but you don't want to disturb Lawrence either. He's still sleeping, but it looks less like...like he might not wake up and more like his usual self.

There's barely any light filtering into the room, early morning.

You don't feel sleepy...or at least, you don't feel like you want to sleep anymore.

What do you do?
Get up and see if anyone else is up too. If no one is up then search the school for something to tie the ring to until someone is awake.

Love that drawing. It's like a segment from a comic strip.
Lawrence should be fine, right? We should probably let the others know we... sort of are, too.

Let's make sure he's comfortable in the blankets and carefully make our way through the school, see if we can't pick him up a bottle of water.
Stay there until he wakes up. This is nice.
Pick up some water for Lawrence then >>189947
We know what a hangover is.
That goes without saying. Gotta help him nurse that hangover.

That's the least we can do for him.
Oh man...you can smell the alcohol on him.

That's right...John mentioned that he would wake up with a hangover.

That's going to suck so bad.

Uh...water. He's going to need to drink a lot of that, and it would be good if you could grab him something for his stomach. Moving with precise and slow movements, you untangle yourself from Lawrence and the blankets.

You yawn and stretch while walking out of the room. As you open the door you realize this is the first time you've gone up and done anything by yourself in the last few days.

There's a little hesitation in your movements, but you walk out into the cold and dark hall anyways. While the floor is rather dusty you don't fear stepping on anything, so wearing just your socks is fine. You notice a faded and falling down sign on the edge of the archway for the first time. When you squint, you can read the word Cafeteria.

As usual, John is the first person up. You're pretty sure you heard Jessica mention he wakes up at the same time everyday due to his time in the military. Maybe he'll make you something for Lawrence.

Walking up, you can see John is sitting on an overturned bucket, a half peeled orange in his hands. Where did he find one of those? He must like them if he snagged one during the middle of winter. You're about to speak up when you notice that John is starring off at the ground in front of him.

Why does he do that...is it alright to talk to him during that time?

"Um...John...?" He doesn't move. You reach out and place a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright...John...?" This time he closes his eyes and smiles.

"Ah yeah...sorry I am. I didn't mean to scare you Nadia-" As he says that name his eyes snap open.

"Wait...no, you're not...where's Nadia? W-...wait...where's...Denys? Ah no w-wait...I'm not...I'm not over there...h-hold on..." There's a shake through John's body and he fumbles with the orange, dropping it to the ground. It rolls away some and you can only watch as John is struggling with his thoughts, holding his face in his hands.

"Ah..I'm s-sorry...I'm just a little...little uh...confused..." He's trying to hold it together but you aren't too sure if he's doing that well. You pick up his orange for him and try to pass it back but he's still starring off at some unknown sight.

What should you do...

You feel pretty useless, but you finish peeling the orange for John. You hold it out for him till he finally notices, taking it from your hands.

"I uh...I hope I didn't scare you j-just now." John begins to section it into pieces. The sweet smell is drifting off of it and you are given a few slices.

"I really should get ah...checked out. But I guess I'm a little um...a little scared of the results." He pops an orange slice into his mouth and you eat one of your pieces. It's not as good as they are in summer, but you still enjoy it.

"Denys always talked about how he wanted to try one of these, but he never got the cha-...sorry, you don't know what I'm talking about." As John finishes the fruit you can see there is a far off sadness on his face. He melts it away when he jumps up, smiling at you but....it still lingers in his eyes.

"Anyways...I gotta say, I'm a little surprised to see you walking about missy. Need something from ole John?"

"I was hoping that I could get some water and something for Lawrence to eat."

"Ah yeah, he's going to need that. Eric and Sarah managed to snag us a turkey yesterday, I got it out in the snow. It's gonna be tough to cook, but I'll manage somehow, so make sure you're up for that tonight! But for now...these will probably be best." John passes you a box of crackers and a full water bottle. "If he can't keep these down, let us know though."

"Thank you...um...can I ask another thing?" You take the crackers under your arm.

"At your service missy, what do you need?"

"I uh...I got this ring but it's too big for me to wear right now. Do you think I could find something to put it on anywhere? I was thinking about asking Aria."

"Just a chain? Well...hold on. I think I got something."

You follow John to his bag, watching as he digs through it. In his hand he pulls out a...what're they called...dog-tags? But not like...for an actual dog...don't soldiers wear them?

John reaches inside his shirt and pulls out a set that was already around his neck. He takes the tags off the chain from the bag and transfers them over to the one he was already wearing. You can't help but notice the ones around his neck are pretty worn out and dented.

"Here, this should work." John passes the empty chain to you.

"Thank you."

"It's not a problem, let me know if you need anything else, alright?"

You nod and rush back to Lawrence.

Taking the spot next to him, you munch on a crackers as you string up the ring.

Hopefully you'll grow up soon so you can wear it properly.

What do you want to do when Lawrence wakes up?
When he wakes up, we want to tell him how happy we are that he's okay, and how much we love the ring he got for us. Then, we should give him a big hug and chat with him while he has his water abs crackers.

We may not be feeling totally better, but this was a major pick-me-up for us, and we need to shoe Lawrence that he did good.

God knows what he had to go through to get us that ring.
I'll third this, a little bit of normal human interaction will do us some good.
You slip the chain around your neck, the ring hanging on your chest. The smile at the edge of your cheeks is unstoppable as you look down at the gold band. But you can't help but think...

How did Lawrence afford this?

Well...you'll try not to pry him on the matter when he gets up. As you sit there, petting Buttercup, you can't help but think about just...how you are feeling.

There's still that horrible lingering feeling inside of you, that's for sure. And even though you had pushed him away, it felt like what little ground that remained for you to stand on had started to crumble when Lawrence went missing. If he's here though, that means you still have your rock. Even if you don't feel good, even though you still hurt on the inside...

You want him to feel better too.

It's a little boring, waiting for Lawrence to wake up. But it's for the best that he gets as much rest as he needs. You can hear the sounds of people walking out in the hallway, but you won't leave till he's up.

As you begin to play with a restless Buttercup, you feel Lawrence shifting as he rouses.

"Ah...good morning..." He looks up as you say this, tries to smile, then jumps to his feet and runs towards the corner. You can only watch as he leans his arms against the walls and the sound of dry heaving. Poor guy...probably doesn't have anything to throw up. Lawrence coughs and chokes for while longer before looking back at you, hand at his throat.

"Oh wait, here I got this for you!" You grab the bottle and rush up to Lawrence. He gladly accepts it and downs at least half the bottle right away. There's a moment where he looks like he might get sick again but he manages to push through it.

"You should sit down, I've got some crackers for you too."

At the mention of food, Lawrence's face goes through a mix of wanting to eat but not wanting to throw up. Nonetheless, the two of you sit down in the nest of blankets, Lawrence forcing down the dry crackers.

"I wanted to um...to thank you, for the ring." You point to where it hangs around your neck. "It's too big for now, but I'll make sure to keep it here till I can wear it. When I was looking at it in the store I...I never imagined I would end up owning it...owning something so nice..."

You can barely control it when you throw your arms around Lawrence's neck, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you so much...I...I don't really feel completely better..."

You squeeze him tighter.

"But I promise I'll do my best to."

As you hug him, you can feel Lawrence's hands coming up. There's a pause and hesitation on his part...

But your embrace is returned back to you.

You can't help but laugh a bit as you pull away.

"You...really need a shower."

Lawrence sniffs his shirt and grimaces.

"I don't think there's going to be a lot of places you can go in...maybe a convenience store or something."

There's one I can go to close by. It should still be open on holidays.

Do you want to go with Lawrence to the store or stay here?
I don't know, sounds like a trap for both of us. But we should go with him, we need to get some fresh air
Going out for a bit would also probably do us some good.
We'll come along. Some fresh air will do us good, and we can ask John if he needs anything for the turkey since we could probably pick up a thing or two or the way.
Would any of the others even let us go out after all that? Would Lawrence?

Maybe if someone else came along I guess, but we shouldn't hold our breath, just be willing to accept that they'd want us to stick around until we get back on our feet properly.
Conceded. I was thinking that.

Maybe we could just stay and talk with some of the girls. They'll probably be glad to know we're a bit better.

What if Lawrence disappears again, though...
Hug him and tell him not to disappear again or we'll be really disappointed.
"Can I come with you?" You ask this as Lawrence stands up.

To your utter dismay he shakes his head.

"Uh? Why not?" You jump to your feet, Lawrence slipping on his coat.

I'm not convinced that I'm 100% sobered up yet and I doubt the doc would just let you walk out right now.

"But I...I feel better...it should be fine. I'll be with you,p-plus...plus what if you d-don't..."

What if Lawrence doesn't come back again? You start to bite at your lip, you don't want him to go away again. What...what will you do if he leaves you again and never comes back?

There's a pat on your shoulder and you look back up at Lawrence.

I promise, I'll be back in an hour or so. I'll be smelling a whole lot better too.

"You better...you better come back." Even though you're trying to keep your voice threatening there's worry popping up in your words. You feel Lawrence's hand on your head...is he going to give you another head pa-

You attempting to fixed up your messed up hair as you follow Lawrence to the big room...right, the cafeteria. It's much more lively then earlier, and Buttercup runs up to a just as excited Marilyn. As she picks up the pup, it looks like she's about to say something to Lawrence when she sees that you're standing with him.

"Uhm...are you going somewhere Bunny?" Marilyn speaks like she isn't sure if she should be talking with you.

"Ah n-no, I'm just um...coming out here now cause I feel a bit uh...b-better..." You suddenly feel embarrassed by your previous behavior and want to try and avoid conversation about it.

"Lawrence is just leaving to go get cleaned up. And then he'll be right back...he better be right back." Lawrence shrugs a bit as you say this.

When you look back at Marilyn she's staring at your neck...it kind of makes you feel a bit uncomfortable...especially when she suddenly points at you.

"Is that your wedding ring?"

You struggle for the words to say as Lawrence leaves you with this mess to deal with alone.

"N-no! It's just a g-gift! A...well I guess a Christmas p-present from Lawrence but it's just a ring!"

"He got it for you."


"Just for you."

"Uh huh..."

"He's a guy."


"And you're a girl, right?"

"Of course I am!"

"Then it's a wedding ring."

"N-No! That's not...you can't just call it that!"

Jeez...your face feels like its burning. The corners of Marilyn's mouth begin to curl up as she watches your pain.

"Y'know, we should make a best friend pact."


"Yeah! It's easy, we just share a secret with each other and promise not to tell anyone! You tell me one of yours and I'll tell you one of mine! Maybe I'll tell you who I like if you tell me who you like~" She has a smile as devious as her plan. "

Don't worry, this is a super-duper secret, so I won't tell nobody as long as you don't"

What secret do you want to tell Marilyn?
I'm sexually attracted to women
I veto.
That's a funny way of spelling "vote". All the letters are there, but you seem to have mixed up two of them
>What secret do you want to tell Marilyn?
I still talk to Buttercup like she's my friend even if I know she's not really real.
Does she know about our bunny? If she doesn't, tell her about our bunny. If she does, maybe tell her about how we tried touching ourself in the shower a while back. Both of those seem like secrets a thirteen year old would think are a huge deal.
We can't tell her we like Lawrence, it'd intensify the bullying or she'd find something just as embarrassing to bully us with.

Oh, we talk to Buttercup like she understands us. If we're nervous or just need something off our mind.

That's a funny way of spelling "indeed". All the letters are there, but you seem to have mixed up some of them. Three votes for /u/s!
>says "nope"
>that's a funny way of spelling "open", as in "open your legs Marilyn"

Except is that Delilah is not sexually attracted to anyone. If she tried to get intimate with anyone, her previous experiences would turn her again on a ball of crying noises on the floor.

Just mention that girls are much much nicer than boys. That would do it.

We are on full edgy right now. Our MC is Thirteen years old loli raped pregnant asexual lesbian vampire. We just need to add feminism to that list.
You kneel down, cupping your hand to her ear as you whisper.
"I sometimes uh...I sometimes talk to Buttercup even though she can't talk back..."

"That's not a secret! I see you do that!"

"Well...um...I uh...I have this t-toy rabbit I carry around named Ms Buttons and sometimes I'll talk to her..."

You instantly pull away as Marilyn starts laughing.

"Pfft...what? Does she talk back to you? Do you make her talk back to you?" She has the widest grin on her face and your face continues to heat up.

"S-stop, I don't make her talk back to me! Anyways! Now you! You tell me your secret!"

Marilyn stops laughing enough and motions for you to kneel down.

When she speaks though, there is a strange seriousness to her voice.

"I know my parents aren't coming back."

"Eh? S-Sure they are-"

Marilyn shakes her head, but surprisingly she doesn't look sad.

"Don't tell Pappy, but I know they left me to live with him. I heard them talking about it one night. They didn't want me anymore or something."

You try to figure out what to say but Marilyn continues speaking.

"That's fine though. When I was with them I never got a lot of attention and they left me alone a lot. Pappy loves me though, even if he won't stop telling me all his stories. I'm glad I get to live with him instead. Now remember..."

Marilyn sticks her hand out to you and you grasp it firmly.

"It's our super-duper secret, 'kay?"

"Right, I promise not to tell."

Jeez...poor gi-

"Good, and cause you didn't make it your secret..." Her wide grin returns. "I can let everyone know you're getting married now."


Poor brat...

Marilyn continues to tease you about it while you do your best to refute her claims. You hardly notice as Jessica approaches you.

"Hey...you're up and about?"

Just as you're about to answer her Marilyn chimes in.

"Guess who she's getting married t-"

You quickly cover her mouth before looking up at Jessica.

"Y-yeah...yeah, I'm up."

When you speak you can see a wave of relief run over Jessica's face. Of course she must have been worried sick about you...

"If you wanted, me and the kids are going to set up a tree-"

"You got a tree?"

"Well no, I mean not a tree. It's uh...more like tape on the wall." Jessica holds up a roll of duct-tape. "We're gonna make the shape of a tree though, and then the kids are going to help me decorate it, if you wanted to join in. Ah, you too Marilyn!"

"Okay...sure. That sounds fun."

Jessica looks absolutely ecstatic when you agree and pulls you over to part of the room with a cleared off wall. The three other children are already there, an array of colored paper on the ground around them as they're cutting and drawing on them. On closer inspection, it looks like these will end up being the ornaments.

"Hey, gimme a hand real quick? I just need you to hold this end for me while I put it against the wall." Jessica directs you to push down on part of the tape as she starts to line the wall. It takes a lot of effort, but the two of you manage to make the outline of a tree.

"It's lopsided."

"Marilyn, please. Alright! Now we just gotta make decorations!" Jessica kneels down the children and pulls out some fancy looking and sparkling paper. You sit next to her as she passes out the pages to the kids and Marilyn. She has one sheet left and cuts it in half, giving the other part to you.

"What's this for?"

"This is the special paper, for Christmas wishes!" She talks to you like you're one of the kids and upon seeing your confusion Jessica leans in and whispers in your ear.

"Don't tell the kids, but this is how I know what they want. Just write down anything."

What do you want to write down, and what do you actually write down?

Sorry about no sketches and slow updates, am cleaning house.
Love - Being happy
Safety. Stability. Love.

An early spring.
Seconding this, plus "somebody who I really can marry someday."

Lawrence is more like an uncle, and to be honest, I would much rather see Delilah end up with a boy so she can have a positive intimate relationship with a guy, rather than all of them being negative.
I wish, anon, I really do. The fact that Delilah has found the emotional reinforcement she has in Lawrence makes her luckier than most, though.
Safety and stability in the form of a home she doesn't have to sneak in and out of.
Love from a family.
Actually, let me rephrase that: "I want to fine my prince."

>luckier than most

I disagree. She's only met a small handful of men who haven't hurt her. She's significantly less lucky than most.
What to put down...what is it that you want?

Obviously...you want to feel safe. You don't want to feel like you're going to have to constantly be on the move, running place to place.

But maybe...most of all...what you really want is...

Your hand comes up and grips the ring.

You would...really to have love. And...and just love from family and friends...but for someone to love you back like...well like a lover, you guess. It kinda a funny phrase but you've heard people use it before...

How nice would it be if, one day, you could have a husband?

Would you make a good bride...

Ah that's right, you're supposed to be writing.

Uh...man what should you write...

I wish spring will come soon

That should be fine...

"Man, I thought you would like, ask for shoes or something."

You instinctively cover your words up as you feel Jessica poking around your shoulder.

"Y-You weren't supposed to look!"

"Ah c'mon it's fine. Let's just get these put up now~."

You cut your paper so it looks like an ornament...well it kinda does anyways...and help Jessica tape them onto the wall.

"Sweet, this looks cool!" Jessica is proud of her work.

"Kinda looks lame..."

Jessica pulls on Thompson's ears as he says this, a punishment he is used to but never prepared for. As you try your best not to laugh you notice Lawrence coming back in, John following behind. John must have went with him as he's carrying bags full of...bottles? And Lawrence is carrying a big metal pot...it looks really heavy.

You excuse yourself from the group and head over to the men as Lawrence sets down the pot with a loud thunk.

"Ah...welcome back!" You sound more excited then you mean to. You watch as John sets down the plastic bags and pulls out cooking oil...a whole lot of it.

"What're those for?"

"Ah well, I figured out how I'm gonna cook the turkey!" John says this with a grin and excitement filling his voice.

"I was wondering that...you don't have an oven or anything."

"Don't need one. Plus this'll be a whole lot faster. Here, if you want to lend a hand, we need to get this scrubbed while Law helps me build a fire outside. You want in?"

"Ah, sure, I'll help." He's going to cook the turkey...outside? With a pot?

You help John and Lawrence carry out supplies to the back. There's obviously the stuff you'll need to use for cleaning the pot, but the guys are also carrying out what looks like supplies to start a fire. As you're elbow deep in suds and a sponge in your hand, you can see they must have either bought or found wood to use as fuel.

What do you want to talk about while you work?
That depends very much on your definition of hurting. Many victims wind up going through several relationships with people who either can't or won't understand them.

Many have to deal with family members being uncomfortable with being around them. Losing friends and acquaintances while they recover.
It doesn't depend on my definition at all. Most people don't get raped, most people don't wind up getting physically and sexually abused by unrelated strangers to whom they go for help, and most people have been in enough positive experiences with men to know that they don't have to be wary of men, in general. Delilah has been really unlucky.
Oh jeez, and before I forget.
Tomorrow I gotta head outta town for a while, so no updates during the day!
Small talk about music. Something like The Police or Duran Duran. Bon Jovi.

Passingly mention that it feels nice to... do something.
Maybe music, like Culture Club, Bon Jovi and David Bowie.

I don't think anyone's said Delilah hasn't been unlucky, just that rape victims continue to suffer after the fact from what is best described as emotional neglect.
(Me, no longer on mobile)
I think he and I were arguing two different things, which is just as much my fault.
Or talk about food. Mention how Grandpa almost burned a turkey this one time, but he could never ruin a cotoletta or tiramisu.
It might be nice just to small talk since they seem focused on getting a fire started.

"So um...what kind of music do guys like?" Maybe you guys can discuss some common interests. You aren't really use to doing that with people who aren't girls your age.

"Music huh? Well, Law 'nd me actually like pretty similar stuff, y'know." John is arranging the wood just right, stuffing what looks like laundry lint in the middle. "Cool guys like us listen to rock, lil missy. You like any of that kinda stuff?"

"Like uh...what bands?" You can't recall any sort of rock music...it always sounded too heavy and loud for you. Maybe you'll end up recognizing some of the bands though.

"Ah lets see...Def Leppard, Bon Jovi...ah, White Snake, I'm a big fan of AC/DC." John lights a match and sticks it in the spot where the lint was. Smoke begins to rise up and he starts using a piece of cardboard to fan it.

"I think Law is pretty into that harder stuff, metal and all. Right?"
Lawrence nods and arranges the logs around while John fans.

"Yeah, maybe the missy likes that. Ever heard of ah...what're the names...Metallica? Slayer? Uh what was is....Megadeth?"

Those...aren't Tiffany or Micheal Jackson...

"Sounds...kinda scary, actually."

"If the names scare you then I'm pretty sure actually listening to them would too much for ya to handle." John backs up as he says this, a smolder coming from the sticks. "Alright...is that pot clean?"

"Oh yeah, um...I think so..."

"Good enough!"

You watch, a bit disappointed, as all your elbow grease is made moot when John begins to fill the pot with cooking oil.

"So how are you supposed to cook the turkey this way?" You ask as you start to help him fill the pot with the other bottles of oil.

"Well, we don't got an oven obviously. In the summer I woulda made a dirt oven, where ya bury the meat in the ground with coal. Too cold for that, so instead..." John motions for Lawrence to put the pot over the wood. "We're gonna deep-fry it instead."

You watch as the pot begins to heat up, the oil inside heating up and popping. Lawrence is holding the raw turkey over the pot as John attempts to help him put it in. When the meat hits the oil it spurts and pops all over the place, but they manage to get it in safely...well, mostly safe. You can see a couple red spots on their hands from where the oil hit them.

"Now we gotta wait about an hour...hour and a half." John and Lawrence wash their hands clean while the pot bubbles up, the smell of meat cooking wafting over

Lawrence pulls out his pack of cigarettes, sharing one with John. The two men smoke as you watch the fire.

"So uh...you like to cook a bunch, right?"

"Well, enough. Hate doing the dishes though."

"Yeah...me too."

"Course it gives me somethin' to do. Not as smart as Sam- oh yeah, I think he's gotta make his uh...his trip tomorrow or something."

"You mean to get medicine?"

"Guess you know bout that. Yeah, should be fine for him to get 'em tomorrow."

The medicine...no...don't think about that...

"How're you gonna get it out?"

"Get what out?"

"The turkey."

John is enjoying his smoke when he nearly chokes on his current drag.

"Ah...dammit...how the hell am I gonna get that sonuvabitch out?" John begins wracking his brain for ideas.

"Uh...okay I might...might have to see what I got inside...uh here just..."

He passes you his half smoked cigarette as he climbs back into the school. John pops his head for one last bit of instructions.

"Listen just, if I take too long keep an eye on it, alright? If I take more then uh...30 minutes just...I dunno, take it off the fire or something."

Before you can ask anything else John is back inside.

As you look down at the still lit end of the cigarette, the red brings up the dull pounding at the back of your head...

What do you want to talk to Lawrence about while you wait?
Cute girls.
Ask him where he ran off to, what he was doing all that time. He was getting money together for the ring, wasn't he? No wonder he was so exhausted. He looked almost sick.

Tell him he snores like a big bear. That it's actually... comforting.
This >>192279
Ask him about if he's been with any cute girls
"Um..." You twirl the cigarette in your hand, the ash floating to the ground.

"Where did you go...you left without anyone knowing where you went...John uh...John was looking for you..."

And so were you, but you wouldn't tell him that.

I just had to run a few errands is all

Was also doing a favor for a lady

A lady friend? Well...Lawrence is an adult...of course he probably hangs out with other adults when he's not forced to be around you.

Still...why'd it have to be a lady...

"Oh." You hand the notebook back. What kind of ladies does Lawrence like...

"Um...in that case maybe we could talk about uh..." What kind of girls do nice men end up liking anyways?

"Girls...uh I mean like, cute girls, y'know? D-...did you see any uh...cute girls recently?" You look at your feet in an attempt to act coy. Maybe you should have said women instead...

You try to not look like you're awaiting his message too much, careful to keep John's cigarette safe. It's gonna burn out if he doesn't hurry back...

Yeah, I saw a nice looking woman at this one store I went to. She was pretty tall, nice and slim, long dark hair, a good shape to her body.

At this part Lawrence doodled an hourglass shaped woman...her boobies are pretty big...as you feel your ring against your chest you can't help but feel a bit...lacking. Can girl's waists get that tiny? Well...Aria would maybe look like this if her chest was fuller...m-maybe you should work on getting...thinner? Won't that make your whole body skinny though? At least you would be gone of your fatty thighs...oh, you should finish reading.

A bit too much makeup for my liking though, not to mention I'm a bit of a fan of blondes. I doubt I could take her anywhere fun to eat where she wouldn't end up sticking with a salad, that or she would probably make me sit there holding her bags while she was shopping. But other then that I didn't really see any girls that really stood out.

What about his lady friend then? Maybe she wasn't cute...

"You were...out getting money for this ring...weren't you?" You ask this as you pass back his notebook.

"I saw the price tag on this...I doubt you had that much before...Ah! N-no offense or any it's just that...it was pretty pricey...you didn't like...steal it did you?"

I used some hard earned cash for that, thank you very much.

"You must have worked really hard for it...you still look exhausted from last night..."

Anything for a cute lady


Before you can ask, John comes dash out of the door, various tools and clothes in his arm.

"Ah hell it's gonna burn...gimme a hand here Law!"

Lawrence passes you his cigarette and notebook as he follows John.

How are you supposed to balance two of them...

Well...you can probably ignore the taste...

You put Lawrence's cigarette between your lips, trying to balance it without letting it drop or inhaling the smoke. You're watching the guys struggle with hot oil when you feel a burning at your fingers.

Oh damn...John's cigarette..

You drop everything you were holding in instinct...oops...

When you pick up Lawrence's notebook you can see the pages has flipped to one of the last ones. As you're closing it you can't help but skim the words;

I want to-....-Delilah-...-I won't be-...-anymore.

Do you try to read what's inside? Both the guys are preoccupied so you could easily take a look.
We really shouldn't, but maybe just a... tiny peek. Quick one.
This. And look for his v-card while you're at it
You feel a little bad looking at something Lawrence might not want to show you but...you can't but think of the worse scenarios.

Lawrence doesn't want to be something anymore...because of you?

Oh...oh god...what if he means...

Glancing up, you see that John has prepared both Lawrence and himself for the dangerous task. Oven mitts and towels cover their forearms, tongs and knives grasped in their padded grips with a roasting bin set on the ground. John tries to pull up the bird but it splashes back in and both men try to avoid the hot oil.

Just a quick look...

You crack open the book just enough to look at the last sentence...

I want to see Delilah's smile every day so I don't hate myself anymore.

"OH DAMMI-...no wait, we're good...yeah, we're good."

You quickly slam the book and see that John is sticking the bird with a food thermometer.

"And...it's cooked! Hell yeah!" John and Lawrence share a padded high-five and Lawrence picks up the big dish.

"Hah! Nailed it! Now we just need to wait for it to cool and let me cook some of the vegetables, and then we'll have a real feast!" John seems pleased with himself...a lot different then when you first saw him this morning.

You bring up the rear as they bring the turkey in. It smells delicious, hopefully it'll be time soon.

"Ah Law, do me a favor, huh? There's a few fold up tables way down the hall, on the right side of the school. About...uh, four doors down on the left, would ya bring 'em?"

You can't help but think about what you read in the notebook...

Do you want to help Lawrence or find someone else to talk to?
Keep helping out Law, we can at least hold some doors or something. Maybe ask him if we're the... cute lady he mentioned.
Support, ask if we can help look for his V-card also
"I'll help you, I can at least like...hold open the door or something, right?"
Lawrence nods and you follow behind him closely. The hallway is freezing compared to the cafeteria, but with your sweater on it's not as bad. It's still cold as heck, but it could be worse.

In the classroom you can see a stack of folding tables against the wall. Even though you don't really need to, you keep the door propped open as Lawrence picks the tables up and sets them outside the door. They're pretty big...even though you want to help you are secretly glad he's doing all the heavy lifting.

After the third table Lawrence has to stop, propping his back against the wall. He must be sore, or maybe he's still tired from yesterday.

Ah...you're head is starting to hurt more...maybe it's cause you're moving around today...? Let's see...focus on something else...

"So um..that uh...that cute lady you were doing the favor for..."

You're standing next to Lawrence, back to the wall, your hands shoved in your pocket. Ah...your face is heating up...

You look away from him, as if you are just glancing down the hall.

"So uh...who was it..."

You await the sound of writing but instead feel a slight tug on your chain. You look down to see Lawrence lightly holding the ring in his fingers till you notice, letting it drop back down.

No way...

"I'm a uh..." You scratch at your cheek, feeling a bit...excited?

"I'm a cute lady?" You're expecting Lawrence to either bully you or just shrug off, but instead you get a note.

Cute enough

Your head is reeling a bit. First lovely now cute...

Well cute enough but...

Has anyone else ever called you that? Well like...your dad and grandparents...but this is different...right?

Wait...does cute mean he's flattering you or is he calling you that because you're young? Dang it...why is this stuff tricky...

As you're trying to wrap your head around the situation another note is handed to you.

I don't want you to think this is just a Christmas present. I really owed you something nice in general.

Did he owe you...?

What for?

"Ah w-well then..." You decide to act cool, to be a bully for once.

"In that case...where's my real present for Christmas?" You sound haughty as you speak, but you don't really mean to sound selfish. You just want to try and get back to normal, to not feel so weird.

Of course you expect a snarky comment back, but Lawrence's note throws you off a bit.

Honestly, I owe you the world at this point. I can't make any promises for sure unfortunately, I'm just one guy. But if there's anything you want just ask and I'll do my best to give it to you

Lawrence is looking away as you read this, lighting up another cigarette. Does he do that as a nervous habit...

It's kind of a corny note...but anything? It might be nice to bully him for this, but at the same time you can tell he means it.

What do you want to ask Lawrence to give you?
Last update for tonight!
L-Let's just ask him to stay around and keep being himself. He doesn't need to give us anything more than what he already does every day.
Just the emotional comfort he has been up to now. Though... maybe we could sleep without that space between us tonight, that'd be nice.

A k-k-kiss!~
Beyond lewd!
Completed sketch
>"I'm a uh..." You scratch at your cheek, feeling a bit...excited?

>"I'm a cute lady?"

File: 1464154218268.png (396 KB, 540x540)
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396 KB PNG
How about a Sony Discman?
Just off this bitch already. Have Lawrence do it then he becomes an excellent serial killer with Delilah ghost helping him cuz she's happy he set her free.
What do you ask from the man willing to give you the world?
It kinda feels like you've been put on the spot...what are you supposed to say to something like that? What would you even want...
Something like a Walkman? Eh...but Lawrence just got you this ring...asking for something like that might make it seem like you're being greedy or don't appreciate it...
"I don't think I could ask you to get me anything really...m-maybe you could finish the drawing?"
You act like I'm not planning on it already
"Ah right right...um...th-then..." Your eyes jump around the place, trying to focus on what to ask of him.
"Um...p-promise me that..." You twist your hands against each other, the smell oftobacco driftingover.
"Promise me that you'll stay around and that you'll keep being the same nice guy you are now..." When you say that last part you can see Lawrence has a slight furrow in his eyebrows and the corner of his mouth droop.
Does he still not think he's a nice man?
Maybe you should change the focus a little bit...
"And maybe you could try letting m-me be a little closer to you..." You try to keep your face from becoming red, but that is obviously failing. Eh...don't let him think you're becoming too flustered...you should still bully him though...he deserves it for being dumb by running off and scaring you like that.
"If...if anything..." Alright, full confidence, you're going to win this time! You turn to face him, forcing a smug grin on your face and putting your full confidence and courage forward.
"You at least owe me a...a Christmas k-kiss!"
Heh, what are you going to do now L-
You feel the hair from your faceget pushed aside and the quick brush of smoky smelling lips against your forehead.
As you stand there confused and red in the face Lawrence has already begun picking up the tables in his arms.
"Wa-wait...what w-was...?"
The only answer you get is a stuck out tongue and Lawrence leaving you behind. Hold on...
You're ready to chase after him but decide to grab the last table for him...
Darn...this is heavy...
You try to run after him, only catching up when Lawrence has stopped to drop off the tables by John.
"Ah nice job Law, figured these would be nicer then eatin' from the ground." John is examining one of the tables when you drop yours off. He looks at your face and laughs a bit.
"Damn Law, look at her! Was she the one doing all the hard work? Keep slackin' around and she'll take over as our strongman."
You practically throw the table to the ground. Are you really this weak or are the tables that heavy...ah...ignore the sudden surge of your head...it's cause you were working hard...right...?
"Well, thanks for bringing these up. Everything's bout ready, so just hang tight for like half an hour then we'll eat. You two been a great help today."
"It's uh..n-no problem John..."
Calm down...it's fine...he just did that to bully you...didn't he...?
Of course he did, don't be dumb. Boys have been kissing girls to make fun of them since kindergarten...you watched it happen to one of your friends...
Your heart is beating so fast...but...but so is the pounding in your head...
Just calm down...is that the baby crying...? It looks like that Sarah lady has her...
Why does listening to the crying make your head hurt more...
Don't focus on that...focus on something else...l-like what? The fact that your face is still bright red?
What do you want to do while you wait for the food to be ready?
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB

Also, reminder that I have to be gone most of the day!
Find a private room with a mirror, strip to our underpants, and see if we can pinpoint which of our features make us a cute lady. Spend some time striking poses. We feel good about our appearance for the first time in, like, ever. Take advantage of that.
Hum Christmas carols to yourself and think about the last time you had a comfy Christmas. Become uncomfortable whenever somebody mentions the Nativity or the Virgin Mary, especially since she was also likely a teenager when she got pregnant.
Go find something to drink? Hydration's supposed to help with headaches.

Keep on ignoring the fact that we need blood again and are probably going to end up eating the baby or something.
Maybe ask Sam if he has an aspirin or something. It's probably just because we're moving around so much, right? Definitely. Has to be. An... episode would put a damper on the mood.

Only if anons are being complete psychopaths again in the misbelief that Delilah is an actual super-powered vampire.
wew lad
voting for this i guess
Sam seems like a clever enough dude to figure something out however temporary it might be.
Close our eyes for a second, our head is probably hurting so much because we haven't really had good nutrition or proper hydration for days. Once we get a real voluntary meal down we'll probably feel a lot better, but if we're still...hungry afterwards we could try and get some more pig's blood from the butcher.
"I n-need to go get some um...a-aspirin..." You quickly excuse yourself from Lawrence, hoping that your fluster isn't noticeable. You do want to see if some painkillers would help your pain...hopefully it's just a normal headache...

You pray that it is.

Sam is more then willing to give you the medication. He seems relieved to see you walking around and needing something just so...normal. You'll make sure to eat and drink plenty during supper, and then...then hopefully your pain will be gone.

You really don't want to have to eat pig's blood again...or your [i]usual[/i] option...

Closing your eyes, you wash down the two pills with a glass of water, feeling them travel down your throat. Now you need to wait for them to work their magic...

Darn...your face is still burning up...you can't let Lawrence know that he made you feel like this...

Still...you're a cute lady?


In the bathroom, you lock yourself in. If anyone knocks you'll let them in but for now...

You stare at yourself in the dark and dusty mirror.

What part of you is cute?

You closely examine your face.

Ah...your nose isn't really small and cute like the girls in the photos...your skin is a weird tanned color...and you don't have those bright blue eyes...if anything yours are a dull gray...

If it's not your face then maybe it's your body?

You step back in attempt to look over your figure, but you can't manage to find anything admirable about yourself...


Even though it's freezing, you remove your sweater. The chill of the ring brings goosebumps to where it falls on your skin as you attempt to scope out your body.

Eh...you don't really have good aspects here...

You remember the body that Lawrence drew...you don't have that figure do you?

Your pants join your shirt on the sink counter. Your hands travel down your ribs to your waist...

You don't have a tiny waist...you pout a bit as you notice your ability to pinch the skin in your hands.

How disappointing...are you fat? You aren't really big but...you're certainly not as skinny as some girls get...your hips widen quite a bit too. And your stupid thighs...

As your eyes all on your chest again you can understand the lady part...well...kinda. You don't feel like a full grown lady yet...but where does the cute part come from?

Ah...you really wish you knew...


It's freezing standing here in your underwear...

As you get dressed, you begin to think back to a previous Christmas...back when your father was alive...

It had been a good morning...but something your parents fought about ended up ruining it...

[b]What was their argument about?[/b]

Mini update, gotta drive back three hours
Something about how we have a disorder. Dad knew some people who might be able to help and mom didn't want us to be some guinea pig.

Which was all quite silly at the time because we weren't sick.
It's not like you weren't use to your parents squabbling, but they would at least put an effort to act civil with one another during holidays.

How old were you that one Christmas...maybe...six? Wasn't that the Christmas before dad died? The morning had gone well, you rushed down to open your presents and then the three of you were supposed to go to your grandmother's house for dinner. You were trying on your dress for that evening, the dress was extremely beautiful from what you can remember. Dad had gotten it for you...which is...kinda weird actually...dad was terrible at choosing that kind of stuff...

Not that it mattered to you. It was just nice to look over how cute you looked in it. You were pretty excited to go see grandmother too, but your mood became hampered when the familiar sounds of a heated argument raised up from your parents room. You did your best to ignore them, working on your long blonde hair in the mirror. Your brush got tangled up in your locks though, and you couldn't take it out yourself. Even though you didn't want to get between them, you would need your mother's help. As you approached the cracked door of their bedroom, you couldn't help but notice that their argument was about you. It was in your interest to at least hang around and see what it could be about...what if you were in trouble? Did they know that you secretly got up to watch that movie on TV last night?

"-...and it's completely safe."

"No, no I do NOT want my daughter to just...just be some sort of medical guinea pig!"

"Denise, please, just hear me out. I know some really good doctors that co-"

"No, you know some...some creeps, I don't want them doing God knows what to Delilah!"

"Come on woman, what do you think they're going to do? If anything, they'll be fixing the burden you gave her!"

"Burden? I...I d-didn't-"

"Oh no, you're right. Delilah is just sick with a cold and it will blow over without us doing anything!"

You remember thinking how weird it was...you weren't sick...what were they talking about? Boy, did that get your mother upset though. She pushed your father out of the room, locking him out. That Christmas ended with the two of you going to grandmother's alone and with dad sleeping on the couch.

After dad died...Christmas was just another time where you had a break from school...ah...don't think about it too much...your headache will never go away...

As you're pulling on your sweater there's a loud jangling of the doorknob. Right...shoot, right. There's other people here. You carry your shoes in hand as you open the door.

"Gottago!" Lisa runs in frantically, claiming a stall right away. You decide to give her some privacy and walk back down the hall. Jessica runs up, the look of hunting on her face. You point towards the restroom and she thanks you before running off to Lisa.

Down the hall you walk, shoes in hand. The food smells great...hopefully it'll help you feel better...

You pass by one of the closed classrooms and feel a bit of a drop in your stomach. Claire is still sick...she's behind that door...you do hope she gets better...she does have a baby to take care of.


No no...it's okay...just enjoy today...give yourself a moment to collect yourself...

John calls out for everyone, announcing that the food is ready.
Yeah...yeah this is fine.

You enter the room to see that the folding tables have been set up and cleaned, a mismatch of chairs set up all around. It's surprising to see the amount of food and drink set out too. They must really have been preparing for this.

You take an empty spot, a paper plate and bent fork laid out in front of you already. The food is done, but it looks like they are getting everything set into bowls and plates to be set out. There are empty seats on either side of you. Hopefully Lawrence knows that you want him on one side...maybe Jessica will take the ot-

As you're thinking about this Sarah takes the chair to your left, her husband Eric on the other side of her. Ah...right, they were the ones to get the turkey. You haven't really spoken to them before so you feel a little bit shy. Trying to keep your focus on the plate in front of you, it's a surprise to hear the woman next to you speak up.

"You're Bunny, right?"

Looking up to make eye contact with her, you nod. Her voice sounded so nice, but her face...it looks so...serious? Scary? Well not like in an ugly way just...just like she would be a mean person to talk to.

"Well, you might already know this, but my name is Sarah. That's my husband, Eric."

Eric gives you a much more friendly look and a wave which you return back.

"So how old are you?"

"Me? Ah well...I...I turn fourteen in January..."

"Ah, nice nice." You notice that Sarah's hair look a little off...like...like it's too black for hair. Does she dye it? She wears a lot of eyeliner too, but not in the way that Aria does. If anything...she looks the exact opposite of Aria.

"Long John Silver here better have cooked that turkey well, Eric had to fight off two old ladies to get it." Did she paint her nails black?

"Honey, I didn't fight them-"

"They were foaming at the mouth to get that bird! I thought I was going to have to come in and rescue you from them!"

Compared to his wife, Eric looks a lot more...clean? Well, not that she's dirty really...straight-edged? Does that make sense? Like...he looks like he would fit into an office setting while Sarah looks like she belongs on the cover of an album that comes with a parental warning sticker.

"Um...w-well thanks for getting the turkey...I think it'll be good...I kinda helped make it..." You decide to speak up, gaining the couple's attention.

"Great, hopefully that means John didn't get a chance to go overboard with the seasoning."

"Eric, you're from Louisiana. There's no such thing as too much seasoning for you."


Sarah tides him over with a quick peck to the lips. She must bully him like that often...Marilyn didn't learn that from her...did she? At least Sarah seems nice enough to give him something sweet in return for the bullying...

"Alright folks!" John calls out above the tables, Lawrence finally plopping down in the empty chair next to you, free of his duties.

"Now I know it isn't a whole lot...or professionally made...in fact I think I might have burnt the rolls...no, I definitely burnt the rolls...just pull off the bottoms before you eat...ah, sorry! Getting off track! Anyways, since Edward isn't here to do it, I'll choose someone to lead a quick grace, then we can eat!" John scans over everyone, as his eyes pass over your side of the table you try to look as inconspicuous as possible. Lawrence has a bit of a smug grin when he sees you squirming....stupid jerk...

Sarah is not handling the pressure any better then you are. You can see that she is practically melting in her seat, attempting to make herself as small as possible.


Eric on the other hand looks like he would be excited to get picked.

"Lesse...and the lucky person will be-" John stops mid-choice and looks down at his leg. Lisa is tugging on his pants, motioning for him to bend down. She whispers to him and is immediately picked up, her small body easily hoisted up to John's shoulder.

"Well, it was a tough choice, but I think Lisa will be the best for the job! Take it away sweety."

" Okay! Um...everyone close your eyes!"

Hands in your lap, you bow your head slightly and shut your eyes.

"Okay okay...um...thank you God for dinner and for Jesus and um..." Lisa sounds excited to lead the procession, even though she doesn't know what exactly she needs to be saying.

"Thank you for uh...everyone here! Everyone is nice and I love them and um...um...psst...what else should I say?" Despite her whispering the last part her voice is very audible. John gives her a quiet hint and she finished her speech.

"Oh! And please take care of everyone and let next Christmas be even better! Amen!"

Everyone gives Lisa a round of applause as she grins, proud of her achievement.

The food is passed around, apple cider poured out in a glass for you. With everyone here and talking it's loud but in a pleasant way.

What would you like to talk about while you eat?
Try being social, pry Sarah and Eric. They seem... unconventional. Maybe they're bonded by experience like Lawrence and us.

... except no one's worried Eric's doing... weird things to Sarah.
Bond with Sarah.
It seems we may have a thing or two in common.
Since you haven't before, it seems like a good idea to talk to the couple. Besides, Lawrence is busy talking to John. If anything you could figure out how they got together...they really do seem like a world apart. And not like how Mabel and Aria are either...those two are different but it works together for them. With these two it just seems like they were forced together.

"So um...h-how did you two meet?" You ask this while cutting up your turkey. Eric is doing the same, smiling like he's excited to tell the story. Sarah, on the other hand, is tearing at the meat with her fingers and talking between chewing.

"Went to college together. This dork ended up falling for my girlish charms, head over heels, that kinda stuff."

"Well...I did fall. That's cause she tripped me down the stairs..." Eric eats with his back straight, fork held in his hand with dignity. You feel like Sarah could, at any moment, lean back and prop her feet on the table though.

"Told you, that was an accident! I was still getting use to my boots man. Besides, it worked, look at this..." Sarah licks her fingers clean before showing off her left hand. A diamond shines back at you from her ring finger.

"Shoulda seen him. Six months into dating and he thinks that was long enough to propose. Told him no, but he was persistent. Took a whole 'nother month of him asking, but man, I couldn't say no to that cute face anymore."

"That's uh...really sweet."

"Mama nearly had a heart attack when she saw my bride though." Eric pushes into the conversation, Sarah taking the time to enjoy her meat.

"Whole family got packed up to come and see the wedding! Course they were...well, not so much disappointed but..." Eric thinks about the words to use when Sarah decides to finish it for him.

"Long story short, the soul choir wasn't expecting tall dark and edgy to be standing at the alter."

"Soul choir..."

You try not to laugh, it really is like someone took two people and announced them as husband and wife. Despite their clashing though, they really do seem like they love each other.

"I hope this doesn't seem too like...weird or rude but um...why'd you choose Sarah? I mean like...how'd you know you loved her?"

"I dunno. At first she use to scare the heck outta me, let me tell you. But then I began to spend more time with her, and even her creepiness was pretty cute...er, endearing I guess is a better word. I just liked to hang out with her, wanted to see her all the time, all that jazz. I knew I wanted her to by my special one...even though her music does scare me a bit..."
"I told you muffin, I'm gonna make it big. You just watch." Sarah lowers the last of the turkey in her mouth, speaking as she chews.

"Me n the band are gonna make it big, then you can become my trophy husband."

"You're in a band?"

"Sure am. I'm the bass and support vocals. Course I'm not doing that full time, still gotta waitress at that crummy cafe but hey, gotta start somewhere."

"What's the name of your band?"

"Uh...Eric told me it's not appropriate to say in front of children."

"That's cause it's not!"

"Hey man, they gonna hear that word eventually."

"I hope you don't have that attitude around our kids..."

"Man, our kids are gonna be kick-ass...oops, sorry. Our kids are gonna be uh...cool."
You listen to the two of them banter again. Despite their arguing, they end it with a kiss and they're all good again. Their arguing is nothing like your parents use to do...

It takes forever for everyone to finish eating, but it's nice. You talk more with Sarah as she tells you about the big plans for her and the band, Eric having to stop her from saying the supposedly vulgar name. Even if she doesn't seem like it, Sarah is pretty nice if not a bit..rough. Eric is definitely nice but obviously...is it rude to call him dorky?

Once the food is finished and you feel stuffed, you help to take care of the clean up and dishes. John is appreciative of the help, going into it with plenty of energy.

Unfortunately, both of you run out of steam half way through and John resigns to let the remaining ones to soak, even though you're positive that they don't need to. You're extra sure of this when you see that Mabel has whipped up eggnog that John practically pounces on. You've never tried it before, but you're willing to now. You come up to where she has set up a large pot and cups to hand out.

"Uh uh chick." Mabel says as she holds the next cup out of your hands.

"Why not?"

"This is for grownups only." She ends her sentence with a swig of the full cup.

"Jesus...how much rum did you put in..." You can see Aria has tried hers, tongue sticking out and a grimace on her face.

"Enough~ Anyways, you want something to drink, then cider is the way for you."

You're a bit disappointed that you didn't get to try the eggnog, but maybe you can ask Lawrence for a taste. Where is he anyways...?

You feel like you've been awfully clingy to him though...maybe he just needs a little bit of space from you. Jessica walks behind you, carrying some wrapped up presents in her hands.

"Hey, wanna give me a hand with these?" You take some of the load from her hands. There's nothing big inside, in fact most of them look to be like books.

"Got these for the kids, gonna let them open them now. They're going to be so excited~"

"You were able to buy them presents?"

"Pfft no I didn't buy 'em. Found them in the dumpster behind a school and decided to get creative. Got some socks and clothes for them too, those were handouts from the Salvation Army. Gonna save those for later though."
You and Jessica carry the presents to where the kids and Marilyn are sitting, their eyes covered with their hands.
"Alright...now you can look!"
As Jessica gives them permission to look, joy fills their eyes. Lisa and Clark scramble up for them and Jessica has to keep them at distance with her leg.

"Hold on hold on, gotta divide these up first..."

You help her divide the presents up, looking for the name she sprawled onto each one in marker. The kids are bouncing in their spots, ready to rip them open. The paper is no match for them once Jessica gives them permission.

"Aw sweet, comic books!" Clark and Thompson are in awe at the paperback issues they received while Lisa is looking through her new coloring book, a pack of crayons also in her hands. Marilyn is looking at herself in a small hand mirror, adjusting her bow. Even though they aren't anything grand, the kids are more then pleased to have received anything at all. You're a little surprised to see a small present handed over to you by Lisa.

"Is for you! Me 'n Jessica 'n Clark found it!" Lisa explains as you take the gift, Clark's face becoming a bright red as he hides behind his comic.

You carefully unwrap it and see that it's a hairband, a cute decoration on the side.

"We figured you would like something to keep the hair out of your fa-"

"Do I wear it like this?" You slip it on, arranging your hair around it, the usual lock falling back against your forehead.

"Well...it looks cute on you anyways."

"Ah but..I didn't get you anything..."

"S'alright. Just remember my birthday in February and we'll call it even~"

You hang out with Jessica for a bit, letting Lisa show you all of the cute pictures she wants to color. It feels like an hour has passed and you notice that Lawrence is still missing...and that John, Mabel, and Eric can and should not be allowed to sing along with the Christmas station. From across the room you can see Sarah giving you a look begging for it to stop. You laugh a bit as Eric boldly tries to show off to Sarah...the eggnog must have really loosened him up.
But still...where's Lawrence? You feel like he would have at least joined in on the eggnog...even Sam is drinking with them.

"Eh? You used up the second bottle already? Mabel you have to show some restraint..."

"N-No way! I uh..I didn't use it...I think...yeah...no wait...yeah no. It should be here! I didn't even open it!" Mabel tries to defend herself, but you doubt she would be able to do so sober.

"Hey, Bunny..." You look over at Marilyn and feel fear strike you when you see her grin.
"What is it...?"

"It's Christmas, shouldn't you be spending it with your boyfriend?"

"I told you-"

"Ah! My bad! H~u~s~b~a~n~d" Marilyn's voice get singsongy as she taunts you with the last part and you attempt to get her to stop.

"She's right..." Jessica murmurs.

"Not you too..." Did you lose your ally?

"No I mean, where is Lawrence? He's been gone for a while, but I don't think he left outside. Maybe he's sick?"

"Ah, I'll go check on him."

"Like a good w~i~f-"

You quickly jump to your feet and walk away before Mabel can finish her sentence. Even though you are moving away, you can still hear her snickering...

But she's right...where is Lawrence?

You check the first classroom but see that it's empty....

Why would he be upstairs though?

Taking a flashlight, you go up to the second floor. It's freezing up here...why would he be up here alone? By now, you know which room to go straight to. Still...why are you creeping like you are sneaking up on him?

The door is open just enough for you to peer in...

As expected, Lawrence is inside. He's sitting on the floor, back to you. His head is in his hands...looks like he found Mabel's missing rum. You're ready to go in but you can see that, also on the floor, is the photo...

The one of him and Michele.

What do you do?
Knock on the door so he knows we're here, pretend like we haven't seen anything.
Knock on the door and ask if he's in there. If we can come in.
You would feel bad just leaving here in to wallow in his own sorrow. Knocking, you swing the door open more and allow your presence to be seen.

"Hey...I've been looking for you." Try to play it cool, you don't want to make him feel any worse then he does already. Lawrence barely acknowledges you and just reaches for the rum.

"Can I come in?" You have to wait as Lawrence drinks from the bottle, a bit concerned by how much alcohol he packs down. The bottle is set down with a loud thud and it's as if you were forgotten.

Maybe against better judgement, you decide to walk over to Lawrence. You try to avoid looking at the photo, if only to avoid the feeling of guilt that would come from seeing the faces there.

"We've uh...missed you downstairs..." You're standing next to Lawrence, trying to read the face buried in his palms. It's really cold up here...

You touch a hand to his shoulder...he's warm though.

He reaches for the rum again, and from what little light you have it's obvious his eyes are red and his cheeks were wet.

"Are you sure you should be drinking so much? So soon again I mean? I don't want you to hurt yourself..."

Lawrence only halfheartedly smirks before drowning himself in rum. Just from the way he's holding himself, it looks like this stuff is really getting to him...it may be hard to get him down the stairs. In the silence you can vaguely hear the fun commotion on the first floor. But right now...right now you need to be here.

You sit next to Lawrence on the floor, the bitter smell mixed with spices drifting over from his breath.

This will be the first Christmas without his sister...well...the first one where she was actually gone...he probably thought he would be able to find Michele and spend this year with her instead..

Ah...no...don't think about it...

You should probably try to get Lawrence's mind on something else too...

What do you do?
File: tegaki.png (11 KB, 400x400)
11 KB
Also, since I'm working on the apartment, here's a one month anniversary doodle.
"Everybody's been asking about you, ya know. Everybody wants you to come spend Christmas with us. But if you don't want to, I can spend Christmas up here with you; at least until you feel better. Does that sound okay?"
Give a big long XXXmas kiss. Make him think about you instead of something sad
File: STOP.png (560 KB, 800x900)
560 KB
560 KB PNG
It's time to STOP.
File: 1460972193314.png (319 KB, 602x598)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
Hold his hand, maybe we can take his mind off the rum if he has something else to hold on to.

Try some small talk. John pulling off that turkey quite well. The chill up here. Maybe if there's anything he's been wanting for Christmas that we could get him...
Offer to make him feel good like back at the motel.
A-anon pls.
"Well...as long as you don't mind...then can I sit with you?"
It's disheartening to have Lawrence respond with a drink. If you were a lot bigger, or if he was a lot smaller, you would consider trying to take it away from him. You take your seat next to him anyways, the bottle of rum between the two of you. It might be a bit of a silly idea but...

You put your hand over his...maybe it will at least discourage him from drinking more? Maybe not...well...at least he isn't pulling away from you.

"John really managed to cook a turkey without an oven...I was surprised..." Maybe talking about something unrelated to all this will help him.

"But I guess he's used to rigging stuff up like that, huh?"

Lawrence is looking down at the ground. Just...keep going...

"I never thought you could cook a turkey like that, but it turned out pretty good." You can't help but shiver a bit.

"It's uh...it's pretty cold up here...isn't it? I think I can see my breath!" You blow on your free hand, your other one kept warm against Lawrence's.

Still nothing...

Lawrence reaches over for the rum with his other hand, and out of instinct you move the bottle away.

"I don't think it would be good for you if you kept drinking..." You hold it back as Lawrence begins to reach for it. He's not even looking at you, he's just trying to drink away his sorrow...you don't want him to get hurt though...

You hide the bottle beneath your sweater, the cold glass sending goosebumps through your body. When Lawrence fails to locate the rum by touch, he finally looks over at you. He just seems so lost, like he doesn't know what he should be doing right now. The feeling you have is almost like pity but it's much closer to...concern?

"I'm not letting you have any more." You try to make sure your voice is firm but not scolding. With nothing else to shift his anguish onto, Lawrence looks even more broken. Maybe it's from the realization of how much he was depending on the bottle, but the man just collapses into his hands again. Is he embarrassed?

You feel uncomfortable...you're not sure what to do...


While Lawrence isn't look you slide the bottle behind your body and move to kneel in front of him. Dark eyes are just starring aimlessly at the scratched up wooden floor. It's awful seeing him this way...

Ack...what are you supposed to do? This is kind of thing is so much different then if one of your friends were sad...how are you supposed to cheer up a guy like this?

You think back to Sarah and Eric from earlier...how she always quelled him when he got upset at what she said...

This isn't the same as that...Lawrence is in an emotional pain while Eric was simply being bullied...

But...if there's a small chance...

You put your much smaller hands against Lawrence's cheeks, pulling his head up to look at you. His eyes are teary and ready to flow over, and while he does for a moment it's obvious that he doesn't want to make any kind of eye contact.

That's okay though, you don't need him to look at you.

And just like you've seen in the movies, like you've seen all the couples do, like what your mom and dad use to do when they still somewhat loved each other, you follow their actions and press your lips against his. It's merely a mimic of what you've seen others do, unsure of how to do this properly, but maybe it will be good enough.

Even though you're only pressing up against him, the strong smell of rum fills your nose, it almost makes you feel dizzy...

Lawrence's hand comes up to your shoulder and you pull away, your face a bright red. You're not sure what you're going to see on his face, but hopefully it's not sadness...

You are pushed away from him instead, Lawrence doing his best to shuffle back. As you try to figure out what just happened he's trying to stand, looking away from you, hand over his face. He's standing up as if he wants to leave but he's long too far from being sober enough to accomplish this. He resigns to leaning against the wall for support, the hand holding him up shaking somewhat.

What do you do?
So... when does Lawrence get 3D-maneuver gear?
Pour out the rest of the rum so he can't drink anymore. Tell him that getting drunk won't bring his sister back, nothing can. He should try to be happy because that's what his sister would want for him
Admit we shouldn't have done that. That it was too much. We just want him to feel better.

It's hard seeing him in pain like this and... knowing there's nothing we can do to make him happy like he's made us. Knowing we can't return in kind all the good he's done for us.

B-but that's Mabel's rum, anon.
Mom's drinking never brought dad back, instead forcing her into a constant misery of wondering what she could have done different.

We prefer remembering dad by the good times instead of wondering what we could have changed.

Supporting. Maybe before the above.
Apologize? And express frustration that we can't help him be happy like he's helped us.
Oh, DAMMIT. Formatting is a little messed up, had to transfer it to a different program. Let me fix up.
"Lawrence..." You stand up, taking careful steps towards him. He refuses to look over at you, and it's unclear if he's trying not to get sick or fall to the ground crying or a combination of both.

"That...that wasn't a good move on my part...I'm sorry about that..."
You continue walking near him, watching out for any sudden movements on his part, but it seems like only his shoulders are heaving.

"I know you miss your sister..." Are you even allowed to say this to him, after what happened with Michele? You push that out of mind and focus on your task instead

"It tears you apart on the inside c-cause it feels like there's nothing you can do now..." You hope your words don't sound too harsh, you've never had to do something like this before.

"My mom was the same way after dad died...she would never stop drinking. And because of that I...I don't think she ever got better on the inside. Mom never tried to handle her sadness any other way and like...this hole that dad's death left inside her just...it continued to grow and grow and I think it ended up swallowing her...but you're not like her. You can keep going...do better by Michele. Try to remember the good things about her that you remember and try to work on being a...being the good man you are..." You're wringing your hands

constantly as you talk, but you try to keep your words focused.
After your dad died, you felt terrible about it too. And even if he wasn't quite the perfect father that you remembered...you tried to get past it by thinking of the good things he did.

You watch as Lawrence manages to let out a violent but near silent sob and collapses to his knees. Crying about it is fine...isn't it? He's supporting himself up with his hand against the floor instead now, his entire body shaking. His other hand comes up towards his throat, grabbing at where his scars would be. It is painful for him to cry like this? Your throat hurts pretty bad whenever you've cried your eyes out, you can't imagine what it's like for him.

You're not sure if this is the right thing to do or not...you've never really seen men cry. They never do in the movies and you can't remember you father ever doing it...do you approach them the same way you do girls?

If anything...it would be better to try then not to.
You go to your knees to be at even level with Lawrence, a hand on his shoulder. He doesn't react any differently to your touch but you decide to hold it there anyways before moving on. You can see the tears rolling down his face and splattering to the floor, you can also see he is in absolute grief. You wait as he continues letting it out, the minutes passing as the tears begin to slow down. Hopefully this isn't too weird...you bring your hand to the back of his neck to pat and pet his hair. It almost feels like your a mother comforting a child...
Eventually Lawrence sits back up, a sleeve coming to his face to wipe away the wetness. You rest your hands in your lap as you let him clean himself up, though it doesn't really do much.

He's still obviously sad, it would be strange if he simply got over something like this, but now he doesn't look like he's in absolute despair. You both sit against the wall as he tries to light a cigarette. Even though he's no longer in tears, his hands are shaking like crazy.

"Ah, here let me..." You take the cigarette and lighter from his hands. Even though you don't really like the taste, you don't mind helping him out. You grip the cigarette between your lips and, after a few tries, manage to flick the lighter on. You've seen them do this enough...should be easy.

Eh...holding the flame against the end won't do it...oh, you need to breathe in. You do so carefully, attempting to keep the smoke out of your lungs. Your failure is obvious as you pass it back to him, coughing and trying to clear your chest. Lawrence does his best to enjoy the nicotine when you notice him searching his pockets. He tries to stand when you spot his notebook laying across the room.

"No, you sit still. I'll grab it." You don't want him to fall over, but you also don't want to risk him seeing the rum bottle again. As you pick up the book, you see the photo is still on the ground. You carefully slip it between the pages before handing it back to Lawrence, taking your seat next to him again. You wait to read his sloppy writing.

T han yu

"It's okay...I really want to be able to help you too. You always help me after all and I just...just never do a good job at repaying the favors."

Your face heats up as you remembered what you had done just a few moments earlier.

"I'm so sorry about...about k-kissing you...I just...was being dumb. It always seemed to help the adults feel better so I thought m-maybe it would help you...but I guess you need to like the other person that's kissing you..."

There's an uncomfortable silence that follows and you keep your eyes at your feet, wriggling your toes around in your socks.

"I hope that um...one day you can find someone who can kiss you like that and make you feel better..."

Do you really though?

...how selfish of you.

You're such a mess, who wants to pick up after that? A bunch of broken pieces thrown to the floor, ready to be thrown away...

Don't get sad, you need to be here for Lawrence, not the other way around for once.

You're handed another messy note before you can think about this much more.

i doubt it at this point ill be luky if a girl dosent cal the cops on me for walkin g to close her on teh sidewalk

He's really having trouble writing well, but it seems like he's trying to do this in good humor. There's a angry looking monster face drawn at the end of the note.

"They shouldn't do that, you're too nice. M-Maybe they're actually scared of me..." You makes claws with your hands and make your best monster snarl, but if anything you sound closer to a kitten.
i think its my looks im not really the kind of guy you see in posters and on commercials
"I don't think you're ugly-...I mean, if that's what you're talking about. I've seen people much uglier." Smooth.
then mayb theyre scared cause i look lik a bum
"You don't look like a-...well, when you're washed up and if you trimmed up your beard just a little bit then they wouldn't think that."
shuld get rid of beard?
"No don't get rid of it!"
good, need it to look cool
When you look over after reading this Lawrence is stroking him chin, as if for you to admire his facial hair. Even though he's smiling, there's still those obvious signs of him crying.
"Is that why you grow it?"
to look manly
"Ah, I see. Well maybe it's for the best that you don't have a lot of women crawling over you. It would make it harder for you to help me out...and it might make them jealous seeing you hanging out with such a c-cute girl..." You smile at this last part, trying to own up to the comments you have received.
You feel a bit foolish...
they think i was babysit
"I'm not that little! I'll remind you that I got called a very cute lady earlier."
was only 'cute lady'
"D-Doesn't matter! You still said lady! That means I'm like an adult then!" You cross your arms and try to look mature, but it comes off as snooty.
"You don't b-buy just cute ladies nice rings! You buy them for very cute ladies!"
then mayb i should return it
You instinctively grab the ring in your hand and turn away from him.
"N-No give-backs! It's mine now buddy!"
Lawrence is snickering at your overreaction, it seems like he's starting to feel...well, at least act better.
if your a lady tehn you ned to work on kissing
"E-Excuse me?"
was awful kiss like kiss from granma not from cute lady
That jerk is bullying you again...
What do you do?
>was awful kiss like kiss from granma not from cute lady
wow rude
Yeah? Well maybe if he's such an expert he should teach us! Ha!

We probably should consider getting him downstairs, too. Somehow. If not to join the others, then at least to make sure he doesn't fall asleep in the cold up here and get sick.
>was awful kiss like kiss from granma not from cute lady

You should probably comfort him and confirm that his discomfort with the situation proves he's not a pedophile. That love doesn't have to be about being a girlfriend and boyfriend, but it's something that can be shared a brother and sister in a different context. He shouldn't feel bad about it I guess, he's only obeying older sibling instinct.
Seconding. This is a good chance to hopefully out that fear to rest.
sorry bout wait,

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