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After taking part in a space battle while onboard his mech, 2nd LT Lazard and Lt colonel Absal, were forced to make planetfall in a rather featureless planet with little more than plants and insects on it, a world where life is still taking its first baby steps out of the primordial goo pool.

Shortly after, however, lt colonel Absal died, leaving Lazard as the sole survivor.

Being utterly alone in an alien rock, the 2nd lieutenant decided to build a bunket around his mech and go into stasis for however long it took for rescue to arrive.

However, 1.3 million years later, a cute redheaded humanoid female managed to break into the bunker and wake him up, just in time to help save a small nearby town from a mob of brutish-looking greenskin humanoids.

After escorting his new friend, Lyann, to the next town to fetch a doctor and coming back with no real problems, Lazard decided to go into the upper atmosphere to eat in peace while scanning the hemisphere for signs of technology.

There was a grand total of 170 internal combustion engines... and that was it.

Once the onboard systems finished analyzing the food, he decided not to eat the ultra poisonous (for him) blue fruit and think on what to do from this point onwards...

"I have noone to go back to. Are humans even a thing, still?"

He took his combat knife (not that a mech pilot was ever expected to use such a thing in combat, but they were still handed out to every soldier) and began peeling and eating the food that the computer had deemed 'safe.'

For the time being, he is using his mech's systems, able to select and track targets through space, to spy down on the town he helped to save.

The doctor. a beauty with long black hair and solid silver eyes, went into the meeting hall to attend to the injured in the greenskin's attack, and has yet to come out.

Lyann, our friend, is taking care of her curious two-wheel vehicle outside of what we assume is her own house. Her tools are confusing, a mix of primitive and... unknown.

Well, such is to be expected when dealing with a completely alien culture.

>Look for the largest, relatively close, population center and head there.
>Go down and talk to Lyann
>Go check on the injured
>Go down and talk to Lyann

"I guess this log isn't really necessary anymore, but I guess I will keep it up for my own future benefit. I guess I am stuck here, if nobody has come for me yet I doubt anyone ever will. I am going to head back down and talk with this humanoid girl Lyann. She seems to be the only one I can communicate with at the moment and have to start somewhere I guess."

Lazard flies back to the surface landing on the edge of town and then makes his way on foot to the last location he seen the girl Lyann.
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4.37 MB GIF

The mech descends slowly, and then heads towards the town's gate.

It looks like the villagers cleaned up the greenskins' bodies.

Speaking of the villagers, they are as impressed as is to be expected by the hulking machine, but most of them seem to be smiling as they look at you.

As you approach Lyann's working spot, she finishes up what she was doing, cleans up her tools with a rag (truly, mechanics are alike in any corner of the galazy, uh?) and closes up her vehicle's engine block with a hand, while storing the rag by pushing it through a cloth loop hanging from her hips.

Once we are at a close enough distance, we open the cockpit and step down from the mech.

>Talk there
>Ask to talk indoors
>Ask to go back to your hangar and talk there
>Ask to talk indoors

"I guess things have calmed down a little bit now? Mind if we go somewhere and talk for a little bit?"

She looks rather cute with the grease stain on her nose. Like a true greasemonkey, she tried wiping her nose and got it dirty, uh?

Ah, she is looking at us while we talk... maybe we need to repeat ourelves.

"Please, let's talk in your house." -we say
"Lazard, alright." -she replies, and wipes her hands clean on her work overalls.

What did she understood out of that? Well, she heads to the door and opens it, then gestures for us to follow.

Guess she did understood us.

As we go in...

>Take your helmet off
>Talk with it on
>Take your helmet off

Lazard takes his helmet off, no reason to leave it on going to have to get used to living on this planet sooner or later. Then follows Lyann inside.

"Lyann home." -she says as she walks in ahead of us.

It is along house, uh? literally, as in, there's a single room but it has been divided into many living spaces.

First off is what you'd call the living room. I don't know much about middle ages stuff, but to be able to afford such a non-vital space must mean she is well off, right?

It's not as if it luxurious either. There's a large dead animal spread on the floor and the furniture all seem heavy and made from biological plant matter... the center table is also made of the same stuff, and has colorless melted sand on top of it, with a pot of baked earth and some colorful plant corpses on it.

Ah, it's truly barbaric, uh?

Next comes a cooking space, followed by what looks like a study space, and finally a second cooking space? except it has a large wooden pot, large enough to cook a person whole. It is placed over a stone base and looks like the heart under it is used often since there's ashes and tinder on it.

"Lazard home" -she says as she gestures a seat to us.

She probably means for us to feel at home, right?
Then she turns around and lets out a little cry.

"...?" -she stares at us with wide-open eyes.

Her eyes look as if they were solid orbs of gold. Most people outside have similar eyes, orbs of solid color, that is.

A few, usually showing off horns and rather exotic skin colors such as blue, neon pink or green, have black sclera and golden irises.

"Lazard, sick?" -she approaches and takes a good look at us.

This girl has no concept of personal space. She smells rather nice.

"I'm alright."
"Lazard alright?"
"You are alright?" -we correct her
"I'm alright?"
"No no." -we gesture to ourselves and repeat "you are alright."
"Ah!" -she lets out a little smile, then winks and leans her head to the side for a moment.

By now we know this is how they nod.

She gestures us to have a seat, and goes to get some water for us.

Uh, it's in molten sand containers... is this clean?

>Drink it. We are from a completely different species, any bacteria won't be able to do shit to us.
>Leave it on the table and start asking things.
>Leave it on the table and start asking things.

She already handed us a fruit that was poisonous to us so better not eat or drink anything without scanning it first.

Lazard takes out a little case from on of his pockets and opens it up takes out a little device that amount to like half of a set of glasses he takes a cable connecting it to it then attaches it at the base of his neck then uses the HUD to access the computer checking the drink and glass.
Uhmm... you could remotely access the comuter on your mech, but i wonder if things you see through your eyes would gets ent as info to it? moreover, enough to make an analysis of stuff at a microbial level? I doubt it, unless you have bionic eyes with the right enhancements.

But for now lets assume you get some very basic info.

'Clean water' and 'glass"

'Clean, uh?' - you take a sip. It tastes like nothing... water's meant to taste of nothing, right?

"Lyann, what's the name of this town? the country? are the injured people going to be alright? what about those 'orcs,' will they come back?"
"Eh? eh? ara?" -she lifts her hands to her shoulders and gestures in a bit of a panic.

Well, she is basically translating alien language with nothing but our wall graffity as a basis to go with, so it can't be helped if our barrage of questions is too much too fast.

"This place. Name?"
"Serd Wedas Town."

We nod.

"Arfaiul" -she says in her musical voice

Is that how she says country, or the name of this country?

"Arf a iul? country name?"
"Alright!" -she says cutely as she winks and leans her head
"Yes" -we correct her

Ah, we spend the rest of the evening talking, and learn the following.

Lyann is really smart. Like, scary smart. She can understand a completely new language and learn a lot of it out of graffity and casual conversation.

The country name is indeed Arfaiul. It is a large country on the temperate region of the continent.

This country is mostly as advanced as medieval china. Ah, you thought I was gonna say Europe, didn't you?

But no, medieval China would be a better comparison. They have plenty of inventions, but most of them are low-tech versions of things.

People like Lyann are called 'cog caster'... well, I'm sure that translation will imrpove over time. They have a off status because while they often come up with useful things, most of the time they are the only ones that can operate those things, or give maintenance to them.

Water pump? great! super useful!
But only its creator Cog Caster, or another Cog Caster just as talented, can operate and maintain it.

Since Cog Casters are extremely rare, they're valuable, but since they often blow themselves up, they're often not allowed into the capital until they're well into their 40s.

As a young Cog Caster, Lyann receives a very small amount of fundings, but she lives well enough out here in the boonies.

Now, a little more about the world itself.


There are many different species of sapient species, which is interesting.

Darwin's law says that you can't have multiple species filling the same niche, so all of the sapients on the planet come from wildly different regions.

By the way, back on Earth, there was a time where several different species of man coexisted, but a massive volcanic eruption seems to have wiped all but one out of existence, and we only barely made it. Immediately after the volcanic eruption, there were less than 10000 people all across the planet.

But, if it hadnt been for that volcanoe, I wonder how we would have gotten along with our fellow sapients?

We would probably had killed them off anyway, wouldn't we? I feel like I shouldn't mention that to the cute girl in front of me. Ever.

Anyway, even now, most sapients tend to linger in their preferred habitats. There's plant-based people who have a really hard time outside of forests, people who need to be constantly on the move, some folks that do really really badly outside of a very small niche region, but are nearly invincible in those regions, and people like Lyann, who are more of an all-around existence.

Of course, this means they are not especially advantaged in any type of terrain, either.

Also, because the peoples tend to stick to small regions, there's nearly no empires and countries tend to have more or less peaceful relationships.

On the other hand, it also means that it is hard for a people from artic areas to send help to neighbors in temeprate regions, and let's not even talk about tropical zones.

Everyone has an attitude of self-sufficiency because of this, and as a result, groups like the 'orcs' that are physically strong and resilient everywhere, feel no need to work or create and mostly assault and pillage the small pockets of civilization they come across.

Furthermore, there appear to be some very dangerous fauna in some regions, to the point where those who dare explore the unknown parts of the world or fight off invading easts are seen as heroes.

Of course, you can't just wait for a hero to come along to save the day, that's why the profession of 'adventurer' is actually a thing in this country, and perhaps in the whole continent if not everywhere on the planet.

An adventurer is a person who will face danger for money, but is different from a mercenary band, that will usually sign up contracts with countries rather than individuals.

By the way, adventurers have seveal classes.
B+... all the way down to E

Once an adventurer reaches A or higher, and assuming they can gather 20 or more people, they can start a mercenary band and receive work from a country.

Ah, speaking of which, what should we do from now on?

>Become an adventurer
>Conquer the country. Peace through superior firepower!
>Become the new town guard
>Become an adventurer

Sounds like a old novel, but we are going to need to make a living. We didn't exactly become a pilot because we are squeamish. Might as well continue doing what we know.

"Well what exactly do you plan on doing now? After all didn't you say you spent months researching my bunker? Now that, that is over what's next for Lyann?"
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"Ah! small phrase, Lazard. Please." -she says as she gestures with her hands again.

We repeat what we just said, in several phrases.

"Ah! Lyann can't research Lazard home?" -she pouts while inflating her cheeks a little bit, like the world's most adorable squirrel.

>No, its not a home, its dangerous
>Ah, sure.
"Ah, Well. I guess I will need to learn to speak your language. I guess we can make a trade? Although I will probably be heading to quite a few dangerous places."

Lazard says it slowly making sure she understands him.
>We would probably had killed them off anyway, wouldn't we?
We did. There's evidence that Neanderthals and other branches survived the Toba event by around 50,000 years.
At least, until they were outcompeted by modern humans.
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I know, thats why I added things like "being weak to different temperatures" to keep the races apart. For example, the ogrefolk (or beastkin) I tailor made with the mutation rules so theyre big and strong, but they take DOUBLE damage from enviromental extreme temperatures, so they absolutely cannot live outside of temperated areas. A desert or a cold area are impossible zones for them despite their +4str and +2 dex +2 con racial bonuses.


"Yes! Lyann teach Lazard, and study!"
"Yes, Lazard, armor, house.Study."

Oh, she means us, our mech, and the garage, right?
I guess its okay?

"Then, you are alright coming with me?"
"Where to?"
"Why? Lyann is cog caster, not adventurer!" -she pauses- "Lyann teaches Lazard, studies Lazard. Lyann is non-fighting."

She probably means non-combatant right? its close enough

Well, its not as if some rogue beast is gonna be so tough our mech will need help. And is not as if this girl could help with things so tough we cant handle them alone from inside a mech.


"I need to become adventurer."
"Uh?" -she asks while looking at us
"How do Lazard become adventurer?"
"Sign up with constable."

Aren't those guys dead? the greenskin killed then, right? I think that, rather than adventurer, she may have meant 'bounty hunter' you know?

"Uhmm... constables.. dead?"
"Alright..." -she says softly- "Wait new one?"

I guess I will have to wait until a new one arrives in town... wait, can't I sign up in the next town?

>Wait in town for a few days
>Sign up in the next town
>Wait in town for a few days

After all need some time to catch up with everything that has gone on sense he woke up.
And speaking of that, its 1:27 am here, so lets stop here for now. We'll hopefully continue tomorrow.
dam it missed out on this one
>Conquer the country. Peace through superior firepower!
i know its a bit late for this buck come guys
but we still do this by hearo wership like the game injustice.
>Wait in town for a few days
but dont wait in the town go back to the hanger and teach/learn Lyann till one shows up your mech shoud be able to let you know when a new one rocks up in town
Good morning. We may probably play SLOWLY through the day. It will be faster at night

>>Wait in town for a few days

>>Conquer the country. Peace through superior firepower!

>but we still do this by hearo wership like the game injustice.
The hero saves the people and becomes king IS a pretty common trope I gues

By the way im still not decided on wether im calling them beastkin or ogrekind, but here's Stella's sheet in the meanwhile. Race name is still in doubt


We let out a rather mighty sigh. Mighty enough Lyann leans in to look at us with some worry.

"I will wait a few days, then."
"Lazard sleep with Lyann, then?"

Ah, I know what this is. It's a pretty obvious comedy routine, right? she means if I will stay here.
I'm not a blushing teenager, I'm not going to misundestand it.

"Sure, I will sleep on the couch if that's alright."
"This time, 'alright' was the proper word."
"Alright. Hard."

There's a knock on the door, and as we turn around, the village elder is there.

"Lyann, dha nusdus reirrr rha'r lud ruailr du fa nula elirr daina ruul, eln rha rdairr laanr du ufaseda ul rayaser nusa fedaialdr. Cuirn irrui fsuyaina rairhd nisailr dha lairhd?" -asks the elder politely
"Yes! ah, I nael, irrar!" -Lyann answers as she gets up

The elder goes away

"Lazard. I, Lyann, help doctor, yes?"
"In this case, 'alright' was correct."
"Yes, alright... hard."
"Sorry about that."

She blinks a little when we get up after her.
Is not like we have anything to do on her house by ourselves.

A little bit later, the problem becomes obvious.

The lady doctor has been working all day, but there's still people in need of care. She dealt with all the critically injured first, but there's plenty that still need care, yet sunlight is running out.

Lyann brings her two-wheeler... i'm gonna call it a bike from now on... close to the meeting hall and starts unscrewing the frontal light, then hangs it inside the meeting hall, with some cables running to the bike.

I see, she's trying to provide light so the doctor can keep working.

Speaking of which...

"Lyann, whu air dhair irruilr nel? whed'r wsulr waidh hair airrar? nuar ha laan nanaiser errairdelsa?" -asks the doctor as she comes closer and looks at us

These people really don't have a concept of personal space, uh?
Ah, she's also a beauty. Her figure is quite attractive, and her pale skin gives her an air of fragility.
She is wearing some rather daring black clothes under her robe, uh?

It is somehow reassuring that doctors in this worl also wear a white robe over their clothes.

"Ha'r dha hasu dhed reyan uis duwl! Affesaldrirr, ha'r llsun e sesa I nu lud cluw ull, hyu-man." -answers Lyann as she comes over and pokes our cheek softly while showing us off to the doctor.

These girls... I'm not a pet you can show off, you know?!

"Hyu-man. Aildasardailr." -the doctor is no less musical. Her face is quite close as she leans in to take a look at us.

Mako's corrected sheet


Ah, she's taking out a little tool to look at our eyes, and bouncing light into it with a little metal mirror.

I get it, she's professionally worried we may be injured. She has a cute frown in her otherwise beautiful face.

She's a nice girl, uh?

"Hair airrar raan du saesd lusnerrirr du rairhd... sel irrui erc hain du reirr "Aaaah" fraera?"
"Fraera means please, right?" -we ask Lyann
"Yes! she wants you to-"
"I think I got it. Aaaah" -we open wide

The pretty doctor stands on tiptoes to look inside our mouth.

"Guun fuirr! Suna dseaidr esa rainaires du ir, eln runa esa nusa raica faerdcail. I'n raica du rdinirr hain waidh daina, fid ha nuarl'd raan du fa ail ainnanaieda laan ull sesa." -she says with a smile as she rubs our cheek and looks inside our mouth.

Ah, she has really soft hands... I mean, bedside manners.

"Mako says Lazard not injured? but Mako wants to examine you again later."
"Mako is her name, right?"
"In this case, it was 'yes' as well."
"Fuuu... Alright."

Lyann goes back out and starts her bike, turning on the lights.

The room is full of slightly injured people, and sleeping people. From Lyann's explanation, Mako has been operating since her arrival almost 10 hours earlier, and now there's only the less dire cases left.

She must be pretty tired, uh? but her bright smile and gentle touch doesn't seems affected. These people must have endless reserves of energy.

An elderly gentleman lits up when the pretty doctor wanders over to him, and talks with her for a bit before she starts examining him.

She talks to him with a polite tone and a smile as she rubs the old man's back and points to the roof while she pulls out something that looks like a gun and presses the muzzle against the old man's leg.

Ah, looks like an antibiotics shot of some kind? for a primitive world, it looks like they have needle-free syringes, uh? that's pretty nice.

The old man doesn't seems to have noticed, either.

The doctor caresses his face and gives him a smile, and carries on.

We can't help but get the impression that there weren't this many injured at first... are they taking advantage that there's a rare doctor in town to have them check their normal ills and aches?

She's really patient, uh?

"Lazard, want food? late." -says Lyann

>Go back to her house and eat something
>Stay here
>Break out a food pill

(I will check the thread in an hour or so)
of cpurse you would do this to me ahah its noe midnight lol
yer or we coukd fuck u and become like vash from trigun?
oh god
i might that we could end up fails soem rolls and end up beening like vash in trigun with the bigest wanted poser and all that
now back to the story
>Go back to her house and eat something
theres narthing we can do here
but if she wants us to sleep over we say not now and head back to the bunker as you we dont really know the people and she the only one that can get in, tell her bring the doc with her tomoorw
File: mecha size.jpg (76 KB, 480x369)
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>>Go back to her house and eat something

We follow Lyann back to her home, and she has us sit in the couch while she cooks.

Ah, it feels oddly homely, doesn't it? if there was a television where we could watch the news while the beautiful redhead cooks for us, it would be truly homely scene.
We could declare mission successful (in life), even!

Actually, isn't there a way we could use this time to learn something? We could access our mech's computer remotely through the wireless chip in the base of our skull, but... it wouldn't teach us anything about this world's races or cultures.

Ah, let's go watch Lyann cook. A soldier should have some basic survival skills, after all.

She changed clothes, uh? well, obviously. She was wearing her work overalls all this while, after all. Now she's wearing a refreshing one piece dress.

Sadly, it isn't a summer dress nor a miniskirt nor anything like that. It is a very simple and casual, long dress which reaches all the way down to her feet.

On the plus side, beautiful birds need not colorful plumage.

Which is to say, pretty girls look prettier in simpler clohes. That0s right, the dress is very simple, but it falls gently down her curves and hugs her figure in a discreetly sensual manner.

She has quite the nice figure, you know? Well, it's not as if it is a surprise. Humanoid aliens are actually rather common as far as we know, but for a race to resemble our own to this degree is amazing!

Then again, its not a perfect match. If we look out to the street, we can see people with bright blue skin and hair, horns and tails, you know?

They live with Lyann's people in a rather peaceful relationship, and while they can't breed with each other, it seems they get along just fine, all the same.

That being said, it seems such couples are rare, since the species tend to go for their own kin... well, I'm sorry that you all look cute and attractive to the brutish me, but ever since humanity saw the stars, we dreamed of traveling there and having sex with whomever lived there, you know?

So says the book of Brannigan!! (13:14)

*cough* Anyway, about Lyann...

She's peeling off some plants before slicing them and adding them to a soup... I have no idea what she's doing. Not because I don't know how to cook, but because I don't know any of the ingredients.

Let's pick up something up...

"Sessud" -she replies
"See seed"
"Sessud!" -she chuckles a little bit

Yep, learning while having fun is the best.

Honestly, I'm a little worried about being poisoned by accident, but I didn't see her use any of that blue plant in the meal, so it should be alright?

>Lets take a tiny sample back to the mech for it to inspect
>It's okay, let's bite into it!
>Lets take a tiny sample back to the mech for it to inspect

"I don't want to sound rude, but I really need to check this thru my systems. Not all of the "fruit?" you gave me earlier was safe for someone like me. Until I find out exactly what kinds of plants and such are safe for me I think I am going to have to check everything."

Lazard tries to explain it slowly so that she understands.
File: 1282626069446.jpg (94 KB, 712x1000)
94 KB

"Eh? eh!?"

Lyann is pretty confused as we explain that the blue fruit was poisonous to us.
She says its a really delicious luxury product that she had been happy to share with us, and apologizes.

No, i's not like you did it with evil intent, so there's no need to apologize. Moreover, I'm happy you don't take offense at me checking your food for poison.

How do I convey these feeling in an easy way?

>Pat her head
>Kiss her forehead
>Wink and lean your head to the side
>Pat her head
>>Wink and lean your head to the side
:) when you do it say its alright
mybe when the doc runs some tests on us she coudl help with the whole what foods would kill us
hmmm we must restart the human race by haveing sex with everything lol could right it that how uor ody works we can have a baby with almost ll the races, couse its stora sounding like they shair some dna with us
we are 999.9% chimpanzee but thankfully all attempts to breed a manpanzee have fauled


We nod at her, and give her a small smooch on her forehead.

"A-aah! Lazard, no eat Lyann!" -she says while looking at us with tearful eyes and holding the spot we kissed with both hands.

Wait, don't tell me, they don't have kisses in this world!? d-does such a world exist!?

"Lazard, calm. Lyann joke" -she says with a smile
"Uh... you got me."

And the result of the food analysis... its safe.

Apparently it was just the one fruit? by the way, we still have it on the mech's cockpit, so lets bring it back to her.

By the time we make it back, however, we find that there's a visitor.
The beautiful doctor lady has dropped by for dinner.

Lyann and her are talking happily, when we come in.

"Ah, O nun lud cluw irrui wasa rdeirrailr waidh Lyann." -she says politely

Side by side, they're both really attractive, uh? it's like looking at some art piece.

"Lyann, it's all safe for me. Also, here's the blue one." -we say as we return the blue fruit to the redhead.
"Alright" -she says softly

The doctor is interested so she asks Lyann about it, then tries repeating it herself.

"Alright?" -she says.

Considering its her first try, her pronunciation is excellent.

Mako (the doctor) is very interested in us, since we are the first of our kind she's ever seen. Conversation is slow, to say the least, since we need Lyann to act as an interpreter and the redhead herself is still learning (super fast) to speak english.

"Doctor wants to know. Can Mako study Lazard?"

So, she wants to stay with us for a bit.

>It'll be useful if a medic knows how to give us emergency treatment, so, sure
>I'd rather keep my human identity a secret.
>It'll be useful if a medic knows how to give us emergency treatment, so, sure

"I don't see why not, as long as its just standard tests nothing to strange I hope? No dissecting or probing."
-Lazard laughs at the last part hoping it comes off as a joke.-
>>It'll be useful if a medic knows how to give us emergency treatment, so, sure
but only if she dsnt tell any one about us beening human/aline
and put that joke in as well
true true about the dna, but if we cant breed good thing we should stilll be able to bang
couse we are humans dick must go in something
File: wet fighter II alpha.jpg (763 KB, 1421x1200)
763 KB
763 KB JPG

Over the next few days, we spend time going around town in case the greenskins come back, often while talking with Lyann, who really wants to try riding inside the cockpit.

She may not care about personal space, but the cockpit is meant for just the one person, you know? Well, we are going around with the cockpit open so we can talk to her without using the speakers.

The rest of the time, we spend learning the language, or on top of Mako's new examination table.

Its a good thing that her bedside manners are truly impeccable, because getting poked and having blood samples taken every day is really tiring.

"Blood tests done. Safe to drink." -she says as she hands us a glass of purple liquid.

She wants us to drink this, right?
Yeah, she's giving us encouragement with both hands...

Its not bad. Not really bitter, nor overly sweet...

She closes the curtains, and... we are glowing.

No, rather, our bones are starting to glow.

"Oooh" -she goes

Don't 'ooooh!' about it! I'm glowing! I mean, my bones are glowing through my flesh! the hell!?

She looks quite calm, through. I guess its what's meant to happen?

"How long?" -we ask
"Ah, big?" -she answers with a little blush

What are you answering to? I want to know how long will I glow!

Well, it's starting to fade already. I guess it is similar to an x-ray.
She looks super interested, though.

"Bones, similar. Not same."

These girls, they're learning english way faster than I am learning 'common' you know?

Finally, one evening, two new constabularies arrive in town, so we can finally sign up as bounty hun- I mean, adventurers.

The two men seem to be in their early thirties, and predictably, ask a lot of questions.

Is not that I dont want to answer them, its just that I can't.
Also, some, I don't want to answer.

In the end, though, with Lyann's help, we managed to sign up as official adventurers.

Good thing too, because we have been leeching at her house for almost a week now.

She doesn't seem to mind at all, but it bothers me.

Well, let's see... jobs, jobs...

>Grayclaw beasts have stopped the mining operations of a nearby mine. There's a large reward for clearing them off.
>A request for escort from the capital to the coast and back. Good money for what looks like a safe work.
>Exploring the northern mountains with a group of miners and keeping beasts off their backs. They promise a part of the profits.
>A request for escort from the capital to the coast and back. Good money for what looks like a safe work.

We need to get some clout in the capital but think still a little too soon.

>Grayclaw beasts have stopped the mining operations of a nearby mine. There's a large reward for clearing them off.

Lets go with this one. Get some money and help the locals.
>>A request for escort from the capital to the coast and back. Good money for what looks like a safe work.
we dont have much ammo left and dont know how many or how strong they are lets just start off small frist, im sure doing it in a mech suit will get peopel talking.
also befor we head out say thanks for leeting us stay here but would like to use the hnager(your base) as well a base/home but she and the doc are wellcome to stay anytime, im sure they would like to learn from the pc in the mech, if we are lucky Lyann can make more ammo or differnt wepaons
File: 1251946112908.jpg (53 KB, 750x600)
53 KB
After checking the books again, realized the mech can have a pretty good melee weapon, btw.

Basically a riot baton, mech-sized

well, looks like 2 votes for escort and one for something else?

Should I toss a coin or does someone wants to change their mind?
File: greyclaw.png (1.53 MB, 801x1048)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB PNG
You know you wanna shoot these guys from on board a mech, am i right?
i wiuld but if any fucks with the suit we cant fix it yet
yes beat stick
would be down for a flamethoower
roll as im not changing my vote
File: machinist aritsu.jpg (59 KB, 564x751)
59 KB
Alright, threw a coin, so we're going to hunt greyclaws in a mining area... don't look at me like that... they're 99% original please do not steal!


"Alright, Lyann, I am going."
"Where are we going?" -she's getting good at english, uh?
"No, I'm going to hunt some monsters."
"Alright. Where?"
"Mine to the south."
"it's alright, not yes." -we say softly
"Alright." -she smiles

"Lazard adventurer?" -asks Mako from the door.

She's just arriving

"Yes. Work."
"Where to?"
"...ask Lyann."

The doctor gives us a warm smile while crossing her hands on her lap.

Ah, let's hope we see these girls again. They're pretty good girls, right?

"Lazard, lunch." -says Lyann as she hands us a lunch basket

"Uh... I'm not going around the corner, you know? it'll be pretty far."
"That's why, lunch." -she says smiling
"...alright, thanks."

We climb back unto our mech and take off slowly. Once we are at a safe height, we lit up the thrusters and head south.

Of course, our mech is meant to travel through space, so the short distances inside a single kingdom are not a problem.

Which is to say, we are there in under an hour.

>Descend and look for someone to talk to
>>Descend and look for someone to talk to
state who and what we are here from they might freak the fuck out,
also do we know(lared know what we are looking for?) if so use mech to try to look for them
totaly not riged:P
>Descend and look for someone to talk to
File: d20 future mai.jpg (181 KB, 711x1600)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
>>>Descend and look for someone to talk to

We descend to a lower altitude, and search the area with our scans.

Again, good enough to pinpoint targets through space-battle distance, good enough to scan the world around us.

We quickly find a group of humanoids some distance -away- from the mine's site, a bit to the north.

So, we overshot them.
We head to them, and descend near them so they can see our vehicle.

Alright, let's see...
We still have a hard time commnicating, but thanks to Lyann, we are past the 'me tarzan you jane' phase.

Once we land, the miners come out to check what's going on.
Opening the cockpit, we wave at them (we are wearing our helmet) and talk to whomever seems to be in charge.

"The greyclaws made a nest inside the mine and have been tearing apart anyone who comes close. You sure you can handle it alone?" -asks the mine chief
"It's fine. The tunnels are big enough for my... armor, right?"
"Should be, we pull loaded wagons through all the time."

>Head down into the mine
im guseing that we wont be able to fly around
ask if theres any tunnles they need not blown up since it would be easyer just t pull some
ask if they know anything about them like wekneess etc
tunnles on top of them.>Head down into the mine
>Head down into the mine
btw, i fucking love that image, maybe i will somehow introduce another "sci fi" character somehow just so i can use that pic for her...


>>Head down into the mine

Well, we get a map of the mine, and the chief shows us where they think the nest is... right at the bottom of the main shaft, uh? we can't just blow it up without collapsing dozens of tunnels, but at least we know our way around now...

These are a lot of tunnels. Each level of the mine has a main tunnel and side tunnels as the miners kept following the vein.

The upper tunnels are safe to collapse since they have been exhausted, but if we do so to one too many tunnels, the weight is going to collapse the lower ones.

It looks like we are going bug hunting, after all.

Heading into the mine, we immediately see a greyclaw (we assume it is one) in the entrance, probably to keep away intruders.

It is a massive thing with a colorless exoskeleton, many eyes, and thick claws in its upper limbs. Looks like a mix between a dung bettle and a mole.

>Railgun (17 shots left)
>Chaingun (74 shots left)
>Let's shove a shock baton up its ass, if it has one
>Railgun (17 shots left)

At least 1 shot to see how much damage we do. Kind of just gauge its toughness.
but we want to save amo but dont know what god the baton woul be agrist it, thow we should find out stun it then finsh off with a headshoot with us standing on top of it
We hit it on the chest and make a hole the size of a ping pong ball on it, then into the rocks behind it.

The creature takes a step forth, then another... it is staggering, and looks just as wounded as it is confused.

Finally, the sonic boom of our shot hits its ears. Since our ammo is supersonic, the shot hit it before it could hear it.

It focuses its six eyes on us, and starts running at us! that thing has a hole big enough to pass a lemon through, but it's still running, even though liquids keep spilling out of it!

>Shoot again (16 railgun shots remaining)
>Chaingun (74)
>Let's shove the baton into the new arsehole we gave it
>Let's shove the baton into the new arsehole we gave it

Well that's not good...
>>Let's shove the baton into the new arsehole we gave it
but lets raminto it with the sheild to try to knock it of its feet, use the jets to give a very quick speedboast to do this then time to baton a mofo
but yet this is going to be a hard one
are we going to roll for the rest of combate?
Wait nm, I forgot this system has massive damage, so it still needs to make a fortitude save for the damage it took, and its not going to make it, no fucking way.

Let's just say he starts walking towards us and falls dead. There's no fucking way its gonna make a DC44 Fortitude save.

So, typing
well even since it drops dead we shold still stick the baton into it/onit to see how muhc it would have worked on the skin, shit really dont want to be useing the railgun inside the tnnles since the blast and shockave it dose most likey bring the whole thing down
That's right, there's massive damage on d20 future, i keep confusing it with 3.x

nah it would take for fucking ever since we can only make one roll at the time and it takes at least two rolls for each attack, one for the attack and one for the damage roll.

If its ever possible to make a single roll, like when making a save or a skill or ability check, I will ask for a roll, but in combat it would just be unfeasible


The thing stumbles a few steps, starts moving towards us.. and falls flat on its face, purple goo oozing out of its mouth and the wound going through its body.

Alright, so, tough, but not impossibly so.

Just to see the effect, we poke it with the baton and hit the switch.

Its toasty. Smoke comes out of its wound.

Yeah, its probably going to work.
Those huge claws though, are worrying.

Let's head in... and yes, thankfully, the tunnels are large enough for animal-pulled wagons to move through side by side, so they're big enough for our mech..

Uhmm... sadly these things don't appear in our radar...

>Turn on the floodlights
>Turn on enhanced vision (3D modeling of the world. Its similar to darkvision)
>Turn on enhanced vision (3D modeling of the world. Its similar to darkvision)
>Turn on enhanced vision (3D modeling of the world. Its similar to darkvision)
but im worryed since they are not showing up on the rader that they might not show up on the nodleing, thow since they are night things we could use the floodlights to blind them engu ht oget a hit in and it wont give us away, jusyt turn up the voumle on the so we can hear tif anythign is wlaking around sheild up
File: tegaki.png (8 KB, 400x400)
8 KB

>>Turn on enhanced vision (3D modeling of the world. Its similar to darkvision)

Uhmm... there's two more straight ahead, some 80ft and 85ft in the distance, then comes the elevator shaft.

There's also 4 side tunnels... why aren't they showing on the radar? is it because they're organic? birds show on radars...

>Shoot them both with the chaingun (AoE attack, 74 shots left)
>Shoot one with the railgun (16 shots left)
>Let's remember our CqC training and engage these cave demons!
>Shoot them both with the chaingun (AoE attack, 74 shots left)

Have more ammo for it, don't really want to go CqC unless its 1v1
we dont have any more ammo for ether of the guns since we crased landed on this place.
would liek to try to get them away from each other
>Shoot them both with the chaingun (AoE attack, 74 shots left) hoping this stuns them, then jetboast chargeinto the closet one bashing it with the sheild to knock off feet baton the otehr one then turn on the floodlights into both there eyes to blind them, thow the order can be changed, mybe do the floodlights just befor we hit into them
so thats pretty the last chaingun firing we do for now.
but we can stun them long enguh to take them out one by one,>>192458
how fare is the lift? mybe if we stun them then jetpush them into the lift or the hole where it is we can send them down there without wasting both time, ammo and risk just got to do it fast

You ready your chaingun and aim it at the creatures in front of you.

The weapon makes a purely mechanical sound for 1/2 a second as its engine starts, then it starts spewing shells (23 inches long, each weighting half a kilo) at the unsuspecting targets.

Once again, they are hit before they can hear the shots that kill them.

Over and over again, your bullets tear through them, dismembering them and cutting them apart with horrifying ease. Weapons meant for battleships aimed at flesh, chitine and bone...

Well, if there were any more of those things in this level, they surely heard that.

After a few seconds of wait to see if any more would emerge out of the side tunnels, nothing comes.


>Reach for Lyann's lunch basket and have a bite. Killing space bugs feels like old times, and makes us hungry.
>Let's keep going, slowly
forgot about the sound, how many rounds left?50 right?
>Let's keep going, slowly lets head down the lift shaft, even thow i dont liek beening inside a box or if its not there jus tjump down.
>Let's keep going, slowly
there is 730 ROUNDS left but 10 rounds per attack so now 73 shots
73 chaingun and 16 railgun

>>Let's keep going, slowly lets head down the lift shaft, even thow i dont liek beening inside a box or if its not there jus tjump down.

As you approach the lift shaft, you can see three more climbing up towards you!

>Retreat as far as we can and ready the chaingun
>Wait for them to arrive. They are coming with some distance between them so we can take them 1 by 1 if we dispatch them quickly enough.
ok i miss read and rembered that wrong lol still im stingy with the guns,

>Wait for them to arrive. They are coming with some distance between them so we can take them 1 by 1 if we dispatch them quickly enough.
if they are just climp start up in a line we could just wait from them to get close then baton them in the face one by one makigng them fall down to there deaths, lest noise, save ammo and we can do the whoole this is spatra and kick it in the face down the hole
>Wait for them to arrive. They are coming with some distance between them so we can take them 1 by 1 if we dispatch them quickly enough.

because why not.
File: red hair.jpg (395 KB, 640x960)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
>>Wait for them to arrive. They are coming with some distance between them so we can take them 1 by 1 if we dispatch them quickly enough.

As they approach, we extend the shock baton from our left wrist... tis' a shame there's no 'snik!' sound...

The first of the greyclaws comes at us just to get stabbed in the mouth. The baton automatically fries it, and it falls down dead unto the depths of the mine.

The next horror climbs the front wall, then leaps at us, but the baton is waiting for it, and as it tries to grab it so it can grab us, it activates and fries this brute as well!

The final greyclaw gets the stick in the gut, but amazingly, this one is tough enough to take the shock, and quickly proceeds to swipe its masive claws at us!

There's a teeth-clencling noise as its massive claws drag over our mech's surface in its attempt to rip it apart, but thankfully the armor holds fast!

>Just jolt it again
>Try and shake it (roll 1d20 for drive skill)
>Try to wrestle it (roll 1d20)
>Just jolt it again
Rolled 17 (1d20)

turn on the floodlights right in its ugle face to couse it to let go and fall backwards.
do i have to roll since im not fighting?

You swing the baton and hit the thing on the back with it, shocking it again, yet it continues to attack you despite the scorched marks on its back!

Its claws cause a horrid noise as it tries to tear your mech apart unsuccessfully. Its jaws find nowhere soft to bite at!

Again, you try and hit it with the baton, but it moves around on top of you and you miss it!

It tries to tear at the back of your mech, still to no avail!

Moving back, you try to squish it between the wall and your mech, but it doesn't seems to have any effect.

Finally, you manage to shove the baton in its open jaws, and you could somehow swear you saw anger and then resignation in the thing's eyes before the baton went off again and shocked it from the inside out, finally killing the thing!

It falls to the floor, dead. For all its rage, it barely managed to scratch the paint.[/i]

"Ah... it scratched the paint, fuck"

Looking down into the shaft, it looks empty now.

>Go all the way down
>Go down to the next level
>Go down to the next level
the job is to kill off all of them so web better make sure we get them, dont want any coming from behind.
also im i a bit too slow or do ou not like my ideas senpi:(
sorry saw your message too late, i was almost done with the post.

Anyway, blinding it is not a bad idea

A little bit of you being too slow, a little bit of me being slow to type, so when i saw your post, mine was almost done and i didnt felt like wasting all that work
>Go down to the next level
i knew it ol when im here looking it narthign happes but then the scound i leave to do somethign bamm lol it happenes.
yer blinding i was thinking off cousr there living in a dark tunnle so there eyes wont to ready/handle really bright, suden light and if there really close it can stun, get them off us, use t to make them fall in a hole or something or use to to draw them into a fight/ambush
yer i dont want you to to have to redo the part if its that close. thow im surpesd more people arnt in here
>>Go down to the next level

Rather than risking the elevator with our mech's weight, we simply hover down slowly to the next level.

Of course, first we make sure there's no more bugs in the shaft.

As soon as we reach the next level, we see two more bugs some 50ft into the tunnel.

>Shoot them with the chaingun (73 shots remaining)
>Charge them
>Charge them

So far they have been unable to even scratch us will up in our grill so lets play whack-a-mole
File: d20 future ren.jpg (281 KB, 667x800)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
well its a very slow quest that moves at an irregular pace after all.
yer but that last one was able to take the baton and we wore only illing them becouse we had the high ground and wore making them fall down to there deaths not a fan of just rusing in
>Other make a noise to draw them over to us/charge at us then back up to the shaft ldge wait for them to jump on us flashbang them then jet up wards letting them fall downwards/ or jump on top and kick them down wards to the next lvl landing on top of them
true true but its a cool setting and all that jazzz thow you tend to be on when soem of the biger quest are happening so they probs take people away, i enjoy it
>So far they have been unable to even scratch us will up in our grill so lets play whack-a-mole

You charge the creatures!
As you approach, they notice you, and ready to attack, yet by then you are already on top of them!

The first one dies instantly, but the second one is a fighter! it swings and manages to do more than scratch the paint, though the damage is literally minimal, nonetheless.

Once it finally goes down after several hits with the baton, we see that two more are coming our way, just 70ft away!

>More CqC fury!
also could we put the pics into the quest lore like there pics of people(the 2 girls we know) and of drawings/ poen pics we had on the mechs pc? just something to add
>More CqC fury!
File: 1459128802871.jpg (68 KB, 613x599)
68 KB
>>More CqC fury!
blood for the blood god
could we use the chaingun to rip there faces of? like dont fire it just spool it up and stab it into there face as both the roteing and heat build up should misse them up
Sorry I think I didnt get your meaning, could you retype it more carefully please? im almost blind and not a native english speaker so its hard for me to understand if you dont take care on your posts.

>>More CqC fury!

>could we use the chaingun to rip there faces of? like dont fire it just spool it up and stab it into there face as both the roteing and heat build up should misse them up

The chaingun is a ranged weapon, not a cqc weapon.

Rolling and Typing.
yer sorry
how to say this, the pics are nice and we could use them in the quest as some are pics of people we meet ad the others cold be pics(fabing pics) we saved befor the big sleep and they could be in the lore if that makes more sinse.
i know was just tying to think outside the box
We come out of that fight with some very light damage, and a dead, fried bug stuck on top of the mech which we just can't reach and pull away with the mech's arms.

It seems to be in a blindspot, somehow.

Let's wait until we are out and safely away before opening the cockpit and trying to dislodge it.

How did it got stuck there? well...

The first bug took a hit but kept on kicking, and suddenly we were flanked.

Thankfully, our armor resisted with little problem, though we did take a little bit of damage.

The first to die was the last to arrive. A solid hit to the head, and it fell dead on the spot.

The next one was the one that resisted our first attack, but by then it had already climbed on top of us, and it somehow got stuck there.

We rammed the baton in the face of the last bug, and cooked it, but they did manage to put some deep scratches on our mech.

Uhmm... with all this noise, you'd think anything else on the floor would have come running, but either they didnt' notice, which seems extremely unlikely, or we're alone on the level.

>Check room by room
>Go down
>Check room by room

quest is to clear them all need to check everywhere.
>>Go down
down down the bugs are falling down, next time we should jsut shoot them got alot more to kill and the sound would draw more to us which can/could be both good and bad

Let's stop here for today guys. My eyes hurt and that means i -HAVETO- go to sleep, sorry.

Let's try and continue tomorrow, if possible
instend of checkign each room as that would take ages y not just make a very loud noise to draw them to use? hit your sheild argest the wall?
i know we got to clear the mout we really need to get down and kill the nest fast as the more time we take more likey the ywill be more preped for us and taek more damge to the mech as we alredy got some, cut the head of the beast and the rest will ether run away or be easy, can go purging latter im sure they can handle only a few but sicne theres a nest there fucked
allgood thanks
get dat sleep
File: high tech drone faery.jpg (105 KB, 534x800)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
Good morning


You start moving through the floor while banging your shield against the metal rails on the floor, and successfully draw forth the remaining grayclaws on the floor.

Its a bit of a surprise though, as two of them emerge from the ground beneath you and attack you from below!

Their initial attack succeeds in pulling your legs into the ground, and as you try to get out, they start swinging at you from the side and from behind.


Their claws make a loud metallic noise as they clash against your mech's armor, managing to deal at least some damage, but your mech is a vehicle, not a living being, so it has no issue turning 360° at the hips, facing them regardless.

The unnatural move startles them slightly, but they try and keep attacking regardless.

One of them seems to have used some strange energy of a similar type to what you have seen this world's inhabitants employ before, but your mech is unaffected.

It dies while you wonder what it was trying to do. You smack it on the head with the shock baton and fry its head.

(Confusing Gaze. It was using confusing gaze, but you can't confuse a mech and you are not watching things through a porthold but through a monitor connected to tiny cameras all over your mech so you are unaffected by gaze attacks anyway)

The other charges you, but as large as these creatures are, they are nowhere nearly as heavy as your mech is, and the effect is similar to a child trying to tackle an adult. You ram the rod into its side a couple of times while it tries to grapple you, and it falls dead where it was.

On the plus side, that knocked the one that was stuck on top of you, loose. On the bad side, now you are thoroughly stuck on the ground yourself.

Roll 1d20 for a drive check to try and get free. Need a 12 or more.
Rolled 5 (1d20)

Rolled 7 + 17 (1d20 + 17)


Uhmm our MC has +17 to drive, so nm, just needed NOT A 1.

You pull out your mech from the hard tunnel's floor just in time for you to see three more grayclaws running at you after climbing up the mine shaft!

>CqC fury it is
"I really didn't expect there to be this many of these things in here." Lazard says to himself

>CqC fury it is
As they use the strange energy against your mech, your curiosity is piqued on what exactly do they think would happen.

Your shock rod goes straight through the head of one of them, killing it instantly, while the second gets lucky and manages to actually tear a somewhat deep cut on the side of your mech's torso.

Slamming it back with the shield and shoving the baton in its mouth before squeezing the shock triggers feels extraordinarily sattisfying.

The last one rams against you but hits the shield with its head. Your weight vs its inertia? it almost breaks its own skull while trying to knock you over.

The result is that one of them managed to create a long cut on the side of the mech's armor, but it didn't compromise any vital systems.

>Descend to the last floor
>Go back to give time to your smart armor to repair itself
>Descend to the last floor

Lets do this! LEROOOOYYYYY!!
The bottom of the shaft spreads into several tunnels going to the south, as the vein is thickest at that depth and direction.

This also means that the bottom of the shaft is a large space where you can move with ease, where plenty of metal rails are on the floor for the wagons that carry the ore to the elevator, and in fact, many of thsoe wagons are still there, some of them still full of ore, since the miners had to run away when the greyclaws invades.

Speaking of which, you can see a small pile of eggs the size of watermelons against a side of the cavern, in a depression on the wall that has been clearly not dug by the miners.

As you look around, you notice one of the boulders moving, and then realize it is a truly, horrifyingly large greyclaw beast, easily head and shoulders taller than your mech!

It must be the queen. As it roars, your 3D mapping of the floor picks up approaching bugs from the tunnels to the side, four of them!

>Railgun the bitch
>Move into a side tunnel and CqC the 'little' ones first, then deal with the queen.
File: tegaki.png (9 KB, 400x400)
9 KB

My drawing skills are awesome (for a blind person)

"Now we are getting somewhere."

Lazard says as he readies his chaingun.
Do you want to shoot the queen or wait for them to swarm you and shoot them, or what?
take some hits to the queen by herself first, little guys haven't really bothered me to much more worried what the queen might do :P
Once again, your chaingun starts spinning its barrels before it actually opens fire, then the trail of shells creates lines of fire heading towards your target at supersonic speeds.

The shells hit the queen before the gun's roar can be felt.

Cutting through her shell in almost a dozen different spots, it looks as if you filled her with holes the size of ping pong balls before making just as many craters in the wall behind her and tearing some of the eggs apart, but thw queen just stumbles back as if in surprise, then charges you at truly horrific speed!

Its claws manage to create deep gashes in your shield and right mech's arm, but as you retreat and open fire on her again, the chaingun roars as its bullets tear through the queen's massive head, leaving nothing but a hole in its place and finally sending it down to the grave.

A truly horrid monster.

Once the queen is out, you just have to deal with the 'lesser horrors' in the mine.

They swarm towards you from both sides.

>Retreat into the tunnel and wait for them to line up, then shoot them all

After the queen its dead Lazard moves back into a chock point and readies his biri biri baton.
File: 1256800598999.jpg (511 KB, 823x1200)
511 KB
511 KB JPG
You just enjoy it because i do the rolls. Do you know how many rolls go into handling 4 monsters each with 3 attacks, plus your attack as well? its a lot of work you know? I wish you would just retreat and shoot them all when they line up... ah, neverming im just complaining but i guess rolling the dice is fun too, hold on...


Despite their numbers, they can't pull you down or knock you down to the floor, and your baton takes them out one at the time almost with a hit each.

Two of them manage to get under your shield and grapple you, but your mech's muscles don't even notice, and you look like an adult with two children hanging from his arms while beating two more with a stick... honestly, it looks as if you are bullying them, you know?

After a few moments, all of them are dead, one of them with its head crushed, but most of them having been cooked from the inside out thanks to your electric rod.

Checking the rest of the tunnels just to make sure, you convince yourself that there really are no more of these bugs left, smash the eggs, and ascend back to the surface. All together, the grayclaw extermination took you a little under an hour.


Seeing you return with plenty of deep gashes in your 'armor,' the mine chief asks you about it, but its hard to communicate with him...

It takes you longer to explain to him that they are dead, than it took you to kill them, but once the man sends someone to check your story and it proves true, he's truly stunned.

It's hard to communicate, but he hands you a small bag with metal disks... oh, you have seen Lyann using these around town, these are coins, right?

How colorful.

Thank the chief...

>And linger around to give time to your armor to repair itself, then head back to Serd Wedas town. Have lunch while waiting
>And head to the capital
>And linger around to give time to your armor to repair itself, then head back to Serd Wedas town. Have lunch while waiting

except wait to do repairs till we get back. once we are back we can just run repairs till its completely repairs.

You thank the chief for the money again, and climb back unto the cockpit before making your way to Serd Wedas.

The trip takes you another hour, and its still quite early by the time you arrive.

Ah, the town is as you left it.

Well, it's been just about 4-5 hours, but somehow it feels a lot longer than that. You realize with a little smile, its growing into an important place for you.

You maneuver the mech on top of Lyann's house, and descend on the backyard.

The villagers look up for a moment, then continue with their own activities, by now quite used to the sight. Stepping down from the cockpit, you head into the house.

"Lazard, welcome home." -says Lyann as she sees you come in.

The beautiful redhead is working on something on the kitchen table. Her overalls are hanging down around hwe waist while she uses a pair of precission goggles to help her as she handles tiny cogs and sprockets with a pair of tweezers.

She looks up at you. Ah, she has a little grease stain on the tip of her nose.

"I'm home."


Let's stop there for now, its 2am here
By the way

You have leveled up!
You have leveled up!

May I suggest you spend 2 ranks to learn to read/write and speak common?
y yes sir you may il take that as wee need to be able to talk to people.
but dammit its like people dont even know tactics and just ran around punching things fml now the mech is damge(even thow it can salf repair) the suits amrmo as we found out isnt going to save us and or take all the hits in the world without geting damge. whish i noticed this earlyer.
show them the bag or moenys(we think it is) and ask them about it
Since we still have Lyann's lunch basket, we invite her out for a picnic.

The world may be primitive, but it has its plus sides. The scenery is wild and unpoluted.

"Why?" -she asks
"Why what?"
"Why eat outside? table is comfortable."

I guess such things are wasted on someone who is completely used to them?

>Insist it will be nice
>How about we invite the doctor as well?
>Fine, let's eat home...
>Insist it will be nice

"...alright." -she agrees

That's how we are walking outside of town, heading towards a nearby hill.

Just in case, by 'walking' I mean 'riding on the mech' and by walking, i mean 'the mech is walking'.

Well, cuddling in the small cockpit with a redheaded beauty of golden eyes is already nice, you know?

Why is the seat lying back? it always bothered us. Right now, though, it makes perfect sense, you know?

The seat is that way so you can have a cute passenger lay down on top of you, of course.

"Ah, so many data." -she says as she looks around, fascinated

Yeah, this one doesn't feel the least bit romantic, she's just overwhelmed by the many screens and controls.

"You mean screens?"
"Data" -she points at the screens

Well, she's not wrong...

"That is a screen. It shows data."
"Screen. Oh, rssaal!"
"Rsaal" -she corrects us

She opens her mouth and presses her tongue's tip against the back of her upper teeth. It looks clean and bright. Pretty cute.

"Rsaal. Screen."
"..." -she gives us a look

File: cute mechanic.jpg (68 KB, 564x902)
68 KB

"Rssaal" -she says softly, and pouts a little


We finally arrive to the top of the hill, so we stop the mech and open the cockpit. She easily hops down to the grass(?), and we descend to join her while carrying the basket.

"These plants. Not poison, right?"
"Does that mean they are safe?"
"Lazard, mean!"

Ah, I guess we should avoid using 'alright' whenever it could be confused with 'yes' from now on.

Sadly, there's no custom of white picnic blanket with red grid on this world. The basket looks surprisingly similar to what we sometime saw on old holovids, but I guess the shape is utilitarian enough it would be universal. Just something with a handle which you can use to carry stuff.

We have fun learning the names of things with her, and then talk a bit about our world and hers.

She explains to us that she wants to study our mech, and have us tell her about our home.


>It's fine, isn't it?
>Maybe I should lock some sensitive data... even though its 1.2 million years old military data
>I don't think we should let her do that. Her civilization should develop at its own pace
>Maybe I should lock some sensitive data... even though its 1.2 million years old military data
and also lock anything showing civilian techs so she doesnt get a funny ideas

Wait if military is locked away and civilian is locked away, what's left?

Seems like good music for the thread

Oh you mean tech. So you are locking all tech? how are you doing that in a simple way while leaving art available? I mean, even a romance flic movie would have cars and whatnot on it. I think its just too hard a thing to do.

So, want to just tell her not to check your database?
>Maybe I should lock some sensitive data... even though its 1.2 million years old military data

Guess we'll go with >>206402 so this keeps moving.


"Really?" -she asks with sparkling eyes. Honestly, she looks as if she was shining from the inside out
"Yes!" -she hugs you

The next few days are quite nice. She teaches us the language and asks about the things she finds in our computer.

One day, she asks for our help.

"Lazard, I need gold and copper." -she comes out while we are cleaning our guns and says so all of a sudden.
"Oh, coins!" -she goes out just as fst as she came in.

When we check on her, she's a bundle of activity as she seems to be setting up a little furnace.

I wonder if she wants to make ceramics?

However, that evening, we see her melting down some gold coins, then pouring it down unto a wooden plate in very, very thin lines...

She's... that's a circuit board, right?

She checks her PDA for a minute, then continues. Her bright red hair is pulled up and rolled into a bun high behind her head.

The furnace heat seems to soak the area in waves, distorting the air.

Well, you don't need that much heat to work with gold, at all. I wonder if it's for the copper?

"Hello, I have come play." -says Mako as she appears from the street, leaning over the small fence on Lyann's garden.

The doctor usually has the mornings free, unless there's an emergency. Right now, she's wearing a long, casual long dress with thick wooden high heels.
Her long black hair is floating freely in the breeze behind her.

'Ah, this one is also learning the language a lot faster than I am.' -we think for a bit as we look at her

"Hello, I come play." -she repeats
"Yes, yes, welcome." -we say as we head over to open the gate

She is quite interested in our world's medical knowledge, but needs us or Lyann to translate most of it, and needs to access our mech's cockpit to read it in the first place.

"Lazard, want play with me?" -she asks

Mako needs our help buying medical supplies in the next town, so she wants us to fly her there and back.

>Sure, sounds important
>I'm not a transport service
>Sure, sounds important

"Lyann, I am going to take Mako to get some medical supplies."
File: sexy back.jpg (272 KB, 600x800)
272 KB
272 KB JPG

"Alright." -she says, looking up from what she's doing.- "Ah, bring dry ham."
"Dry ham... got it."

We head over to the backyard and help Mako get inside. Honestly, a summer dress isn't the best for riding in such a machine... well, as the wind picks up and plays with her long skirt, we have no complains.

Peerless white

"Ah! Do not look!" -she says as she tries to push down her skirt with a hand, and holds from the stair with the other
"Just hurry."

She gets apple red, but does so.

We strap ourselves to the seat as usual and instruct her to lie on top of us... how come neither Lyann nor Mako seem to weight anything at all? Also, while she was bothered by the wind, she seems just fine with the closeness as the cockpit closes.

These girls, they really have no concept of personal space, uh?

We check systems and take off. Since Mako is on top of us, its a bit hard to maneuver. We adjust her position a bit so she's not on the way, and she somehow ends resting fully on top of us with her face against our chest.

Ah, her hair smells really nice. Its a different scent from Lyann, though.

According to her instructions, we need to head to the shore, to a 'large' city there. It'll be about 20 minutes since its roughly 350km away.

Indeed, if it wasn't for us, she would have to wait a couple of weeks for the next caravan to arrive.

Along the way, we see forests and plains, but it all appears to be wilderness with no trace of civilization.

Some gigantic animals are grazing at the edge of the forest. Its a bit interesting how they peel away tree branches for food.

"You alright?" -we ask the pretty doctor while looking down at her
"Yes, than you."
"Thank you." -we correct her
"Thank you."

She smiles and presses her head on our chest again, seemingly completely relaxed.

Taking a look at her, her soft dress clings naturally to her body. We remember having seen Lyann wearing some sort of very light undergarments before, but they would be noticeable with the doctor's dress... naked under the dress? she is at least wearing peerless white panties, though.

"Lazard?" -she looks up at us with a curious expression
"Ah, I'm going to land near the city, then we will have to walk there."

The ocean comes into view, and soon the city as well. It is quite the large town, with some 3 floor buildings, but the tallest structure is the surrounding wall.

The buildings near the dock are almost all warehouses, it seems.


We land the mech half a mile from the city, in the middle of a light tree grove, then climb down first with our laser ridle slung over our shoulder, and help Mako down as well.

"Oof! fast!" -she says with a smile as we receive her on the ground
"Thank you."

The grove looks isolated enough, so we leave and start walking towards the city.

"That, aeful?" -she points to our rifle
"Weapon. Laser rifle."

That sounds a lot like awful... I guess its appropriate.

Uhmm is she okay, walking in those shoes?

She seems okay, I guess.

The city appears soon. The wall looks quite impressive from the ground. There's a lot of traffic at the door, and the guards seem to be checking people more or less randomly.

A development where one of them stops us and wants to grope the beautiful doctor, or we get in trouble over our weapon... didn't happen.

We get into the city with little incident.

Come think of it, what do we do if we get separated from Mako?

>Try and set a place to meet
>Just hold her hand and dont let go
>Try and set a place to meet

"If we separate, let us meet back at the suit by dark. ok?"
File: angel_sprites.jpg (105 KB, 580x305)
105 KB
105 KB JPG

"My armor."
"Not doors?" -she points at the city doors.
"a-Alright." -she says, slightly worried

We go around the city with her, and have fun teaching different words to each other. Of course, many things have no equivalent in our language.

After a while, she goes into a strangely marked shop. Inside, there's plenty of pots in wood, clay or glass.

As Mako talks with the clerk, we look around...

>Buy some random stuff in tiny doses for our mech to analyze
>Don't touch this stuff
>Buy some random stuff in tiny doses for our mech to analyze

because, why the hell not.
File: CoD vs Tera.jpg (1.72 MB, 1920x1080)
1.72 MB
1.72 MB JPG
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxTeN6yWGj0 we must master the guitar


We buy some little bits of this and that, taking care to label them by their local names and Sample 1, Sample 2, etc before storing them away.

Ah, it looks like Mako is also done with her shopping. We should buy that dryed ham Lyann wanted us to before returning.

Then an unexpected problem. There's several types of meats.

"Bird?" -we ask while looking at the different meats
"Discairr" -says Mako kindly
"Red meat?"
"Fues" -she points at one, and then another- "Naas."

The doctor looks really cute as she teaches us, but it doesn't really helps.

Let's take the dark red one... I guess.

We haven't even scratched the funds we got from cleaning the mine, but... we should get a regular source of income, right?

Well, right now we are adventurers... oh right.

Let's check the local constabulary office for work

"We alright?" -she probably means if we are done, right?
"No. Almost."
"Do you know where the constabulary is in this city?"
"...?" -I guess she doesn't

She looks around to the left and the right. You can almost see the ??? symbols floating over her head. Ah, other people are also looking at her with warm eyes.

Right, she's quite beautiful.

"Wait." -she walks over to an armed man. I guess she decided to ask to an adventuer

"I know." -she says when she comes back- "This way."

We follow her, and find the following jobs.

>Special: Help herd a pack of whurrirr nennudh
>E+: Bring fine northern exotic woods to the carpentry workshop suirrer ruunr. No limit to how many times it can be done.
>E: Gather white wuryar pelts.
>E+: Bring fine northern exotic woods to the carpentry workshop suirrer ruunr. No limit to how many times it can be done.

but ask Mako what whurrirr nennudh and wuryar are.
File: dat jacket.jpg (206 KB, 810x1080)
206 KB
206 KB JPG

"Whurrirr nennudh? big! very big."
"No." -she says- "Very big."

She lifts her hands and spreads them apart, trying to represent something truly big. Standing on tiptoes with her arms apart and a smile, she looks very cute.

"Very big." -we say
"Yes. Very big."

"And wuryar?"
"Not too big?" -she asks
"No. Not too big."
"...okay. And?" -we gesture for her to go on
"Big mouth." -she makes 'jaw's with both hands and 'chomps' on the air before us.

So, they're something like rats, or wolves? maybe lizards...
Alright, when possible, let's try and learn what one looks like.

For now, let's take Mako back home. The ingredients may actually be urgent for someone's medicines.

That's why, we lead Mako back to the tree glade and help her back up into the cockpit.

"Are you ready?" -we ask her as she lays down on us
"Yes. Ready."

Having stored things on our storage compartment (by the way, its about the size of a normal vehicle's trunk), we head back home.

"You armor is very fast." -she says softly
"Your armor."
"Your armor." -she repeats

She yawns softly

Seriously, you feel safe enough to fall asleep? you're alone with a guy several miles up, you know?

Hey, hey... she seriously fell asleep.

Let's shake her a little bit.. sleeping. If we brush her hair... still sleeping.

Her hair is super soft and light.

We make the trip back, and land down in Lyann's backyard... let's try and aim for the same area every time, alright? let's not ruing her entire yard with our multiton war machine stomping around.

"Mako. We are home." -we shake her softly
"Home?" -she asks softly as she wakes up and looks around
"Yes, wake up."
"Uhh... warm. Lazard is warm to sleep."

Is that so? well, I think Lyann and Mako's body temperature is slightly lower than our own... oh, I actually wanna check that...

Our mech's computer says that indeed, Mako is at 35.8° C

So, their body temperature is indeed lower than our own, uh?

"Wake up..."

File: monk.png (607 KB, 660x1196)
607 KB
607 KB PNG

We help Mako down, and go greet Lyann together.

The redhead is wearing a pair of smoked glasses as she welds something.

"Lyann, we're back."
"Welcome home."
"What are you building?"

"Thelc irrui nus ruelailr Lazard du na. Ha saerrirr air wesn du rraaf ul."
"I cluw, sairhd? wairr irrui rdeirr llus naillas?"
"Nu, I heya wusc. Thelc irrui."

Uh... from what little of their language we've gotten, they said something like "Lazard is bed." "Eat him?" and "No, I am a busy bee."

...we suspect we still need to learn a fair bit more of their language.

>Help Lyann
>Escort Mako to her home/clinic
>Go get northern wood
>Go get northern wood

"Well I can't let you girls do all the work, I better do some myself."
File: 182.jpg (233 KB, 512x648)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Nighty. See you tomorrow, God willing
sorry 'bout that,i passed out
what would have remained is entertainment, various slice of life documents, history, lots of stuff with deeper tech information just omitted from it kinda like censoring.>>206368
I apologize beforehand, I dont know the names of all the elements in english. Spanish is my 1st language, so im not adding the names of some for risk of making a retarded looking mistake.


Mako leaves, since she needs to go and prepare several medicines now that she has the ingredients.

"Lazard. Help test radio." -says Lyann
"So that's what you were doing. Alright."
"Alright" -she says in that lovable musical tone of hers

That's why, you are inside the coclpit while its computer searches several wavelenghts for Lyann's radio.

"zzzkzkz... azard? zkzkzkzzz- ear Lyann?"

"Just barely, but I hear you."

Rather than go into a comedy routing where we both shout at each other through the radio, we lean out of the cockpit and speak to her normally.

"Alright! need antenna."
"That it does. I am going out and will be back for dinner."
"Again? you forgot dryd ham?"
"No... it's in the kitchen table. It's something else."
"Step back a little bit so I can take off."
"What are you taking?"
"No, I mean... step back a little bit."

We take off and head towards the northern region. The mech has already made a fairly good map of the region, so we head with little worry towards a city close to a large forest in the north.

Well, even if we call it a city, it's much smaller than a 'town' back home.

Ah, the mech has finished analizing the samples we got earlier...

Ag ...silver
C ...coal
Cu ..copper
Unknown 1
K ...potasium
Na ..sodium
Pb ...lead
S ...sulfur
Unknown 2
Unknown 3
Unknown 4

Four unknown elements in a pool of 11 samples... even if it is a different planet, that's a lot.

For now let's handle them all as if they were toxic. We are an army pilot, not an engineer so we don't really know if they aren't.

Well, now that the computer has identified some, I'm sure Lyann can start making a database with their local names and use that info in her research.

Well, I wonder what can you do with silver powder, that it would be for sale at a chemist's shop...


>Land near the city
>Land directly near a sawhouse
>Land some distance away
>Land some distance away

Don't want to spook the natives to bad.
Landing some distance away, and heading into town, you notice a group of tall two-legged creatures running on the field.

They look somewhere between reptiles and birds, with light briwn feathers over their body, and bright, blue blue-green feathers for tails. Their legs are thick and rather than muscular, they look quite solid, almost as if they were pure bone.

They are running in a seemingly random pattern, but all together, much like how birds fly together or fish stick to each other.

While you watch, you notice a large (yet still 1/2 the size of the 'birds') white-furred beast with a blue face running after them.

>Shoot the blue-faced creature with your laser rifle
>Ignore it

wait and see, don't want to start a fight without the mecha just incase I can't finish the fight.

The white beast screeches loudly at the 'birds' several times, while running back and forth around the flock.

After a while, you notice some humanoids riding very tall blue beasts that look as if they were completely bald. The mounts musculature is quite impressive, and it looks like they are stronger than faster...

Oh, it looks like not shooting the 'sheperd dog' was the right decision after all.

The flock runs away, steered by the sounds of the white, blue-faced 'dog' and the riders on their blue beasts.

With no further incident, you make it to the city gates.

"What brings you here?" -asks the guard at the door. Looks like they have little to no traffic here, so they have no issue doing a proper job of stopping and interrogating you.

>I came to buy wood
>I'm an adventurer
>I'm an adventurer

"That's an exotic gun. You're a musketeer?"

The guard is talking about our laser rifle.. I guess that would mean he's technically correct, right?

The guard is wearing a blue, white and red uniform that somehow feels very old fashioned despite being rather new and in excellent conditions.

If we were a fan of the period, we would probably know it as a musketeer uniform. He is carrying a wheel-lock pistol and rifle, as well as a thin sword. Hiw colleagues, whom are standing nearby talking to each other, are outfitted in the same manner.

Those guns look really primitive, but their muzzles look real thick. Being shot with one of those things would be awful, right?

I mean, just thinking that they shoot lead spheres the size of their weapon muzzles... ugh

Well, it's not as if we are in any rush to learn what it feels like to be stabbed with a sword, either.

>Yes, I am a ranged type
>I honestly fight wearing armor, but I believe I look to intimidating on it so I left it behind.
>Yes, I am a ranged type

"Alright, any sidearms?"
"No, just my gun."
"It's not a wheel lock, uh? must be hard, having to use an old model."
"...I agree." -it must be hard indeed

"Uhm.. your eyes are unusual, you are not from around here, are you?"

Most of the guards seem to have visible animal traits and somewhat similar eyes to our own, but the ones that look the most humans have solid-color eyes similar to Lyann. There's also the 'devil-looking' types with carying skin tones, horns and tails, but their eyes have black eclera and gold or red irises.

"That's right, I come from way up."
"I see. Alright, I guess I would have heard of such a man being in the wanted list. You may go in."

Ah, our common language is getting better every day!

The town is mostly 1 and 2 floor buildings in white wood. Where should we go to purchase wood, and how are we going to take it back to the mech?

We go in, looking around. Well, we took a look from on high with our mech sensors, so we know there seems to be a sawhouse and warehouse district to the east, which is why we are heading in that general direction.

The streets are made with cobbled round stones and pressed dirt. There's wagons and pedestrians moving about, sharing the streets peacefully.

Our mech did not detect any engines in town.

After a while, we arrive at what looks like a busy warehouse, and approach a tall man with dark red skin, fine clothes and elegantly thin horns pointing up and back.

"How can I help you?"
"I want to buy exotic woods."

The man pauses for a moment, then looks around.

"How will you pay? Do you need delivry. Where to?"

>Just outside of town
>Deliver it to Rerd Wedas, to the house of Lyann Rairhd Fsailras."
>Just outside of town

"Alright then, how much do you want?"

By the way I realized I should have included the prices

>100lbs. DC1
>1000lbs DC10
>40000lbs DC35 (you get a discount)
>Other (varies)
>1000lbs DC10

...you are gonna have to do 3 round trips, you know?


"Alright, but why outside of town?"
"I have transportation there."
"Oh. Alright then. I guess I'll charge you as if it was a local delivery then."
"Many gratitudes." -yeah we still dont know how to best say thanks in common

The horned man has the workers load and steer a wagon, and we head outside of town after about 20 minutes.

We ask them to lower the boards outside of town, and pay them.

Once they leave, we go get our mech.

We can't fly with all this weight... guess we'll have to make several trips.

First trip to the coastal city - 20 minutes
Return to the north - 40 minutes
Second trip - 60 minutes
Return - 80 minutes
Last trip - 100 minutes

Well, now that we have the boards outside of the coastal city, we need to go into town and rent a wagon, then deliver the wood to the Suirrer Ruunr carpentry workshop.

Altogether, it took a little over two hours before we could finally go back 'home'.

"zzkzkzard, hello?"
"Lyann, you installed the antenna?" -we ask while getting ready to go back.
"Yes! it is- oh no!"

The communication gets cut.

Spoilers make great separators
Your Wealth Bonus is now +15
You are considered Affluent
They really do

In a hurry, we start the mech and fly back.
Are the orcs back!?
Some unknown creature?!

As we approach the town, we keep calling her over on the radio, but there's no answer.

Fearing the worst, we quickly break the sound barrier and find... no great obvious crisis. The town looks fine.

As we land, we run into the house. When we open the door, we let out a thick cloud of black smoke, and find Lyann crouching down while she cries in front of the wooden stove.

"Lyann, what happened!?"
"I made a hole through my beloved cooking pot!" -she cries in common. Well, she probably said something like 'favorite' but we don't really know that much common yet

-sigh- "Don't scare me like that."
"Fuuu... " -she complains softly from her spot on the kitchen floor.

She has a big tear hanging from each eye. Its a little endearing.

"I'm home."
"Ah! welcome home!" -she says all of a sudden, and gives you a little smile.

In the end, we introduced her to sandwiches thanks to the dryed ham we brought her earlier.

I've seen milk, I wonder if I could make some cheese? this ham sandwich is in dire need of an upgrade.

"Lazard" -she says
"Tasty." -she smiles while nibbling on the sandwich

>Let's take it easy tomorrow and help Lyann with the radio
>Let's look for our own place to rent tomorrow
>Let's try and make cheese

Lets spend the next few days building us a house and uprgrading the village in general, we could use the mecha and make a crude wall around the village and build a house using the same technic we used to make our bunker.

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