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April 2014
31341207High Octane ShadowrunOP plans on running his players through some Payday-styled heists and asks /tg/ for ideas. Features exploding buses, the Umbrella Corporation, and detailed notes on a drone heist.Shadowrun, Payday, High, Octane, Heists, Umbrella, Grand, Theft, Drone2014-04-08 11 
February 2019
3253077Genesis Subsidiary - 1We become an off branch of an Umbrella child company.Key, KeyQM, Umbrella, Bioweapon.2019-02-19 2 
May 2022
84398883practical usage of Umbrella Corporation BOWs and associated technologiesWhat traits would actual weaponized bioengineered monsters require to be practical and how could they be integrated into an actual military?worldbuilding, monsters, military, resident evil, umbrella,2022-05-12 0 
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