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March 2013
23433290Unweddable PrincessesOP asks for a series of hilariously unmarriable princesses for his Kingmaker campaign. /tg/ delivers.Princess, politics, status, marrying into power, daaw, Pathfinder Kingmaker2013-03-01 21 
February 2015
38116799Status Quo QuestIn which a Hero decides to assassinate the demon lord and makes friends with orcs.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-02-17 11 
38251124Status Quo Quest 2Kobolds are cute, and we finally reach the Free City.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-02-24 7 
March 2015
38565257Status Quo Quest 3In which a deal is struck, a devil is saved, and a fight is had.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-03-12 7 
38744527Status Quo Quest 4In which we take an unusual detour on the way to our bath, and bear our paranoia for all to see.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-03-20 5 
April 2015
39028315Status Quo Quest 5In which we smell smoke and negotiate for grain.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-04-02 5 
39449267Status Quo Quest Thread 7In which we relax, briefly.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-04-23 6 
May 2015
39843362Status Quo Quest Thread 8In which we go to bed.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-05-10 3 
40160317Status Quo Quest Thread 9In which we loot bodies and find more questions.Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-05-26 3 
June 2015
40414882Status Quo Quest Thread 10Interlude: In the Halls of Darkness, Pt1 Cake of MysteryCollective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-06-12 4 
40707484Status Quo Quest Thread 11In the Halls of ExpositionCollective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-06-22 3 
July 2015
41290793Status Quo Quest Thread 12In which the party begins!Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord, Status Quo Quest2015-07-19 3 
January 2016
44628812State of the 1d4chanWikifag makes his more-or-less-annual status thread, getting some praise and whining.1d4chan, archive, status, Wikifag2016-01-08 24 
January 2017
992305Status Quo Quest Thread 13In the Halls of Exposition, Part 4Status Quo Quest, Collective Game, Hero, Demon Lord2017-01-03 1 
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