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December 2007
905035ITT the best villain quotesDelicious quotes.quotes, villain2007-12-16 5 
March 2008
1358502Another Epic Moments and Quotes ThreadNuff Said.Quotes Epic2008-03-18 0 
1374705Great quotes you delivered while playing the villain.Anonymous shows that villains can have some great linesBBEG, quotes2008-03-21 -3 
June 2009
4968874Back and forth/tg/-related quotes and short writings are translated to Japanese and back again, thoroughly annihilating any chance of them ever making sense. The results are hilarious.language, quotes, hilarity2009-06-23 6 
July 2009
5183071James the wandererA request for quotes for an endless source of advice, sarcasm, and kobold prostitutes. Yeah, I went there.James the wanderer, quotes2009-07-17 26 
February 2010
8236197Eclipse Phase in the Mass Effect Universe, Part IIDiscretion is the better part of not getting your face eaten off by nanomachines.Eclipse Phase, Transhumanity, Mass Effect,TITANS,Protheans,Air Quotes 2010-02-23 29 
March 2010
8363639Eclipse Phase in the Mass Effect UniverseSome follow up to the Eclipse Phase in the Mass Effect Universe series. Interesting theories emerge about the possible follow up to contagonist's writefaggotry. Eclipse Phase, Transhumanity, Mass Effect,TITANS,Batarian Specter,finger quotes, Reapers2010-03-03 6 
8381512Eclipse Phase in the Mass Effect Universe PartVThe speculation continues. Much more is talked on the actual status of the System Alliance and its effectiveness. Thread slightly de-railed over accusations of Transhumans being Mary-sues. Also Quarian fapfiction pasta.Eclipse Phase, Transhumanity, Mass Effect,TITANS,Mary Sue,finger quotes, fapfiction2010-03-04 5 
December 2010
13259637Alternate History Quotes/tg/ ponders what various historic quotes would be like in Alternate history timelines.alternate history, quotes, histrorical2010-12-23 5 
January 2011
13488330Cartoon VoicesThe thread begins with the king of the hill cast explaining their days in the 40k universe staying remarkably true to character, it goes on to various famous cartoon videogame, tv, and movie characters doing likewise, including adaptations of many Disney songs.Cartoon in my voice quotes 40k tv videogames movies characters songs singing2011-01-12 20 
July 2011
15450652In-game quotesGreat PC one-liners, storytime, and more.quotes, storytime2011-07-03 10 
October 2011
16690346Paladin QuotesPaladin, Paladin far from home. A collection of Quotes for the good and the righteous.Paladin, Quotes2011-10-21 10 
January 2012
17682282/tg/ related quotesEverybody uses site, which changes a word from a famous quote into what user provided, hilaruty ensuesquotes2012-01-26 8 
March 2012
18254146PC's say the darndest thingsepic quotes from many different games involving the crazy shit PC's sayPC's quotes awesome epic funny duke nukem critical success call of cthulhu diablerie vampires2012-03-08 11 
July 2012
20085862Magic: the Gathering Manga DiscussedAnon starts a thread about a Magic: the Gathering manga. /tg/ takes the ball and runs with it, turning it into over-the-top shounen with dramatic Commander summoning, Eldrazi BBEGs, and other Yugioh-esque shenanigans.Magic: the Gathering, manga, anime, EDH, quotes, awesome2012-07-29 6 
October 2012
21295980A Grand and Glorious Hippopotamus"The only thing we have to fear is hippos"-FDRQuotes, funny, hippos, joke2012-10-26 14 
March 2013
23494921Scenes from a HatHi, I'm Drew Carey, and I'll be your host for tonight.Humor, Quotes, Meta, Drew Carey2013-03-04 26 
February 2014
30227970Lines your PC's have actually said at the table./tg/ compiles a list of memorable and humorous lines from their campaigns. A plethora of evidence that PC's take ethics/logic with a pinch of salt.Humour, Quotes, PC2014-02-14 23 
August 2014
33786075PC QuotesFunny and memorable quotes from PCsQuotes PCs Funny2014-08-01 4 
April 2015
39118735Quotes from Your Game"You're holding something already." "I have teeth."quote, quotes2015-04-05 13 
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