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July 2014
33067876Periodic Table of DragonsThread where OP asks about dragon colors and a discussion about elemental dragons takes placeScience, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-01 22 
33112739Periodic Table of Dragons 2More element dragons.Science, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-02 10 
33162816Periodic Table of Dragons 4More dragons are invented.Science, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-03 3 
33187512Periodic Table of Dragons 5Worldbuilding, some more dragonsScience, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-04 3 
33226839Periodic Table of Dragons 6More dragons, worldbuilding and talk of the non-dragon bestiaryScience, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-07 3 
33270324Periodic Table of Dragons 7Nearly all dragons done now, heavy-duty worldbuilding in storeScience, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-10 2 
33310725Periodic Table of Dragons 8Thread moves slowly because people are sick or working overtimeScience, Dragons, elements, periodic table2014-07-11 2 
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