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October 2019
3876049Mega Mercs: Operation Booty CallIn world that is familiar but different, a group of mercenaries must seize a set of oil rigs from desert pirates.Collective Game, Cognis, tacticool, mega mercs, mercs, mech, tanks2019-10-24 0 
April 2020
4176981Mega Mercs: Operation High TowerMercs launch a sneak attack on a costal defence unit.Collective Game, cognis, tacticool, mega mercs, mercs, mech, tanks2020-04-16 0 
May 2020
4214597Mega Mercs: Operation Low CastleI simple job to reinforce the client turns into a desparate base defence.Collective Game, cognis, tacticool, mega mercs, mercs, mech, tanks2020-05-04 0 
May 2021
4764403Mega Mercs Skirmish: Overdue Halloween Special1A down on their luck merc group gets sent into a radioactive wasteland.Mega Mercs, Cognis, mecha, tacticool, Collective Game, skirmish2021-05-05 1 
June 2021
4843141Mega Mercs Skirmish: Overdue Halloween Special 3The mercs storm an abandoned satellite comms facility with an autonomous defence grid.Mega Mercs, cognis, mecha, tacticool, Collective Game, skirmish2021-06-08 0 
November 2022
5467881Mega Mercs: Operation Dust BunnyYOLO!Collective Game, skirmish, cognis, tacticool, mega mercs, mecha, tanks2022-11-30 -1 
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