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December 2009
7030254Squad Broken: Luke Skywalker Edition/tg/ writefaggots describe the demise of various WH40k Mary Sues at the hands of many characters from all over fandom, including Luke Skywalker, Tintin, and ET.40k, writefaggotry, silliness, tintin, luke skywalker, master chief2009-12-07 8 
June 2015
40411511Halo Quest 1In which we almost blew up the ship, talk to the captain, get a mission, and fix out warthogCollective game, quest, Halo, spartan, master chief, 2015-06-06 3 
40543432Halo Quest 1.5In which Pierre forgets his beloved Hog and saves the shuttle from going boom. We also make Warthog more vroom.Collective game, quest, Halo Quest, spartan, not master chief2015-06-12 1 
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