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March 2011
14374990Magical BurstOP said... "So, the guy that translated Maid RPG watched Puella Magi Madoka Magica, liked it, and used it as inspiration for an RPG, Magical Burst." And as it was written, it was done.puella magi madoka magica, loli, magical girl, mahou shoujo, despair, horror, magic, wishes, dark, maid rpg, anime, manga, weeaboo2011-03-29 1 
May 2013
24573876Japanese and other foreign gamesDiscussion about various Japanese and other foreign games of /tg/ related nature. And some official localization input.Meikyuu Kingdom, Make You Kingdom, Golden Sky Stories, Yuyake Koyake, Night Wizard, Tenra Bansho Zero, Nechronica, Touhou Danmaku Yuugi Flowers, Maid RPG, Sword World, Ryuutama, Red Dragon, Record of Lodoss War, Double Cross, Shinobigami, Japanese gaming, Japanese TRPGs2013-05-06 10 
September 2013
27186819Desert Island Maid Quest IXThe Vampire is freed, we take a rest and we pot-shot a shoggothDIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-13 2 
27221405Desert Island Maid Quest - XThe Chosen One returns home and discovers it riddled with traps.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-15 1 
27285036Desert Island Maid Quest - XIWe beat a vampire in sparring and have a breakthrough with our head maid. The morning brings new clothes and a sunken space ship. A rescue mission is mounted.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-18 1 
27334483Desert Island Maid Quest XIIFirst we scuba, then we STALKER, then we Space Hulk. A night of terrible rolls makes us want off the MaidQuest ride.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game 2013-09-21 -2 
27367067Desert Island Maid Quest - XIIIPretty good shots you made here chosen one. The space hulk is cleared of xenos and the warp threat ended. The emperor is pleased.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-23 1 
27406431Desert Island Maid Quest - XIVWe escape the imploding wreck with minimal harm, discover a lost treasure and diffuse a blowout. Short session.DIMQ, Desert Island Maid Quest, Maid RPG, Collective Game2013-09-25 0 
February 2016
45537638Maid RPG Storytime/tg/ shares its ridiculous experiences with Maid RPG. Stories are shared, characters are rolled, settings are written, maids are posted.maid rpg, storytime, military, ramping a btr off a drawbridge2016-02-23 29 
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